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About The Lower Merion Historical Society

Thus on November 3, 1949, the Main Lines Times noted the first meeting of the Lower Merion Historical Society. Ninety community residents—about three times more than expected—showed up; most had to stand throughout the meeting.

Over the following 70 years, the Society has gathered and preserved thousands of books, maps, photographs, and artifacts that tell the stories of our people and communities. Scores of neighbors have donated their possessions, time, and money to this cause. Hundreds of volunteers have provided educational programs to the public. Thousands of students, residents, and scholars have worked with the Society’s extensive resources, in person and online. The Lower Merion Historical Society is a vital force in preserving and sharing the rich heritage of Lower Merion and Narberth.

Our Mission

The Lower Merion Historical Society is an organization dedicated to “Preserving Our Past for the Future.” This is accomplished by stewardship of local history, education of the community, preservation of historic resources, and outreach to promote awareness of the cultural heritage of the Township of Lower Merion and the Borough of Narberth.

Our Standards and Ethics Statement

The Lower Merion Historical Society is a member in good standing of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), and as such, the Executive Board of the Lower Merion Historical Society (LMHS) commits to making AASLH’s industry ethics and practice standards its own.

AASLH is a national membership organization of individuals, agencies, and organizations acting in the public trust, engaged in the practice of history, and representing a variety of disciplines and professions. The Association expects its members to abide by the ethical and performance standards adopted by all appropriate discipline-based and professional organizations. LMHS commits to the ethical statements and related professional standards and best practices provided for the guidance of all members of AASLH.

Officers and Directors

Effective April 30, 2023

President: Kate Jiggins
Vice President: Erin Betley
Treasurer: Craig Whitney
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Tasker
Recording Secretary: Kim Andrews

Class of 2024: Chad Henneberry, Elizabeth Laurent, Craig Whitney
Class of 2025: Kate Jiggins, Dennis Montagna, Scott Reynolds
Class of 2026: Kim Andrews, Jamie Singer, Brad Upp

Left to right Rear: Craig Whitney, Brad Upp, Scott Reynolds, Kim Andrews, Linda Tasker, Chad Henneberry, Dennis Montagna, Elizabeth Laurent, Jamie Singer. Front Erin Betley, Kate Jiggins

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