Joseph Price Diary


January 1st 1827 wind N W Cloudy Cold day Let out a fox at Castner a pet 8 or 10 dogs their they ketch him derectly they did not Give him 10 minutes Start I Spent 3 fips with unfinished

2nd wind N W most remarkabel remarkable windy Cold day I about home all day I. Price hear here Castner halling Ice Joe at pike at Printz killing his hogs

January the 3rd 1827 Wind W. very red to sun rise & Cloudy but keep up no thaw to day I at L. Jones’s and at Meeting at thee the big School the Academy they Propose Building another house & makeing this a Boarding School I Back before night

4th Wind S W rather plensanter pleasanter thawd Some at John Whitemans vendue & at Pike Got much Colder Evening

5th Wind W hard frost but Pleasant day, at McClenechans Got no money at John Matheys & at Widow Elliotts & so home Spent 1 fip at Buck

6 wind S W hard frost but a pleasant day thawd Some I in Slay at pike at John Whitemans He not pay me back & meet the Society

7 Wind W Clear hard frost at T- Price’s not at Meeting not well bad Cold at Reading

8 Wind N by E over Cast hard frost Got to rain about noon & had avery wet omission till after night & froze to the trees at I Prices awhile

9 wind E & over Cast & been alittle Snow & in night & to day wet all day thawd much

January the 9th 1827

wind N.E Snow Showers & rain all day, roads Covered with water, thawd, but did not take the Snow only the rain made the fresh at the pike melasses molasses paper & Bacco 60 Cents

10th wind N E & over Cast no Sun Shine no rain Little Snow not Seen the Sun this year

11th Wind N hear the dam over Cast froze but Little but Cold disagreeable day no Sun Shine remarkable time I with Cochran at pike 2 fips so back

12th Wind E. & overCast been a Snow in the night Jos. & Ann to market Potatoes &c very Wet very Grate great rain at Grave yard Wm no last name; may be Mathews Buried his wife about noon Small funear funeral So wet I dined with T. Price

13 Wind W not froze very much Snow Showers from W. not much from W blue up Evening & Sun Showd I at pike

14 Wind N W & fine Clear Cold morn I at T- Price’s alittle while Reading Doct Rush bad Cold not at Meeting thawd Some Little

January 15th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cold day hard frost E P Walters Jos. & Self Set off in dearborn for Norris arivd about 10 OC- Cut my note in Bank to 20 drs paid 2dr 25 Cts horse Gin & oysters 62 Cts newspaper 100 Cts Coppy of Rees Prices Will 100 Cts ferry 12½ Cents Court Calld in at 2 OC- we home about Sun Sett

16 wind N W been a little Snow Shower in Night hard frost & Most Cold day Jos. & D Jones tharshing I at Pike ½ G Whisy. & 2 fips Gin at Jane Prices

17th Wind N W a wonderfull Cold hard frost the Coldest night frost this winter in house Jos. & D Jones thrashing

18 Wind N W Clear Cold Morn I about home all day Adam Got my Mare to goo for Iron I over to T Prices to get Bags they Cleand up 19 Bushels wheat very Cold day

January 19th 1827 wind N W very Cold morn & day, Snow Shower about noon Castner halling Ice D. Jones & Jos. helping T & I Price I Spent 3 fips Prices halling

20th Wind N W very Cold hard frost & prety Clear I at T. Price’s Got a little over the Bay all Idle to day not the Least thaw this 3 day

21 Wind N W Clear Cold morn remarkable hard frost thee the roads as fine all the frost Got up till they all dusty It froze in thee house this 3 nights harder than I Ever remember I not at Meeting very Cold day old McClenechan here

22 Wind N.W over Cast & very Cold day hard frost Snow Shower about noon I about home only at School & T Prices D Jones tharshing

23 Wind about N E & Cloudy all day but no Snow nor rain not so could cold as 3 or 4 days back I at Obes & pike J. Huffmans wife confined yesterday 22 Ned Lobbs Son hear to dinner in margin: “Snow Shower”

Jany 24th 1827 Wind N W very Cold hard frost David Jones & Jos. Cleand the Last of our wheat Obe help to Carry it up & Got about 1 Bushel of tayings tailings and paid me 150 Cents Jos. took 5 B. to Leadoms Mill

26 Wind N Still Clear Cold Morn & hard frost thawd Some in the Sun Obe here put Ax handle in & Jos. & him Cut 3 trees down for fire wood I at pike

26 Wind N W Cloudy taughed thawed more than in 3 or 4 days I at home till noon then at vandue of Uriah Sangthours ?, Bout 6 Chairs at 26 Cents per 156 Cents home before night Jos & Obe Cuting wood Spent 1 fip

27 Wind S W Still Clear Morn but alarge white frost rather a giving day & thaugh thaw much at Loyd Jones’s we settled & He paid me for his Prentices Coffin

January 28th 1827 Wind S W foggy thawing morn & thawing repeated pleasant not at Meeting at T. Prices Blue up Evening

29th Wind N.W & hard frost & Cold the Snow all Gone & Ice off the feilds & roads wind S after noon & E Evening & over Cast little Snow & hail with rain after night I at pike meet 3 bucks Broke the Carriage I help to tye it up 2 Lawyers & Doctor one a dashing blade He dady dander me up I told him no Such a word in the Bible He as bad as fish women fishwife He found out who I was made many apoliyges Said He Seen me 100 times I got so thin that he did not know me treated me all Ended

30 Wind S E & wet morn & day Obe & Jos tharshing Oats with horses I about home all day back & knees bad

31 Wind N E & very Great rain till noon then Wind W & blue off & blue wondorfull hard till 9 OC then Star Light

Januy 31

& wind fell Obe & Jos Cleand 23 B oats & Jos halld 2 Loads of wood, I at pike Got flamel flannel for Under Shirt So–

February 1st Wind N W Clear hard frost Obe & Jos. finishd tharsing threshing & Cleand the Oats I after noon at J Leverings & Paul Jones to Look pay for Wassons Coffin Got none so home

2nd Wind E overCast & begun to Snow by 9 OC- & keep at till Evening Wind Got S E & Got warmer Snow near 2 In I at Printz & Huffmans Gin 1 fip meet T- Pratt He treated to Small Glass

3rd Wind S W & over Cast & thawing morn & Giving day Jos. & Wm helping Vaughn to Clean Oats I their awhile & meet the Society froze Evening

4th Wind N W Clear frosty morn & over Cast all day not at Meeting at T- Price’s I Reading & at home all day only at Castners was a Snow Shower in night

5 Wind E over Cast & Snowing & misting foggy morn but began to rain Smart till noon but not Cleard out thawd all day

February 6th 1827 Wind W & Cloudy & thawing not froze any Snow all gone off Cloudy thawing day, I wrote to T Widow? widow repeat & Her Petition to the Free Masons Left at Castner at Jane Prices She pd me for Son Rees’s Coffin 9 drs I at pike 2 fips back Richard Roberts hear all night the Baptis preacher from Blockley held meeting at the School house fine Zealous Young man had a Great Effect on me The Lord Give me Grace

7 Wind N & over Cast froz Some Clear off Sun Shine not seen It this several days, afternoon at Bias Millers I paid him 775 Cents I ow him Intrest on 50 dr note I paid off Last April

8 Wind S & W & Clear off & fine thawing day blue up in Evening from W. I at Jane Walters & Huffman Smoke herren herring & Gin 20 Cts So home

9th Wind W froze prety Smart & over Cast afternoon Snow Shower in Evening Rain I at Benneys & pike Obe along 2 fips

Feby 10th 1827 Wind N W rain night Snow all gone, Obe Sip & Jos. & Wm Cuting Olders alders in Sawmill Meadow ½ G Whiskey

11th Wind N W Snow Shower in night hard frost not at Our Meeting afternoon at Horatio Jones Meeting at the Church at I. Prices

12 Wind N W very wind Great great wind yester afternoon & all night hard frosty & windy day Obe & G Printz Cuting & Clearing Saw Mill Meadow

13 Wind S W Cloudy Could cold day Obe & Printz Clearing my Sawmillmeadow I ½ G whiskey

14 Wind N very red to Sun rise very fine rather modertate moderate day we Cuting at Sawmill meadow I with them Obe & son helping I at pike 1 fip

15 Wind E & over Cast & Spitting Snow Soon in morn & Snowd till it Coverd the Ground then rain hard Allin & Self in dear born Allen is the current schoolmaster

15 February 1827

at Widow Elliotts vendue Spent 2 fips for oysters home before night Got over the bay

16 Wind W Calm most Clear not froze any & remarkable pleasant day I at Arrison vandue Bout not 2 fips Oysters one for Wm Hagy & Gave Jos 2 fips so home

17th Wind N W Cloudy & froze prety Smart but a giving thawind thawing day. Jacob Latchs house burnt down ketch in the Carpentery Shop & burnt all the whole dwelling Down the logs all A fier afire when I went Saved all his furniture but the hole of the house Burnt down Afternoon at pike & Jane Prices So home pleasant thawing day

18 Wind S W fine Clear frosty morn I at Meeting Silent meeting after at T & Isaac Prices Reading W. Penns & Richardsons Journal, rather Giving day

19 Wind N W very high windy night & this morn most most repeated wonderfull winday windy Jos. & Obe Cuting wood, I at pike 1 fip–

February 20th 1827 Wind S W fine Clear Pleasant day I off to Hagys Wells Young Esqr & at Horns to Look for Vaughn not their at McClenechan no Moneys at Keetches vandue Bout. Several Small articulars articles So home

21st Wind S W & over cast Obe here all night Ann very unwell Swelld face I off to widow Elliotts vendue Bout. not one horse half Blood Sold for 430 drs a Colt 2 yrs past 140 drs oysters & Gin 3 fips home by pike Little Scud of rain

22 wind N W Clear windy Morn but very fine afternoon Printz Obe & Jos. Sawing & Spliting wood I at pike Gin 1 fip So So

23 Wind S W over Cast Calm but Cleard off very pleasant afternoon warm I at the woods & Printz & Jos. Sawing wood I off at Wm Hagys at Holloways to Look Sope soap Stone He not at home at Kentys meet him & advised him to apply for to Get his road Layd out Meet him & Becker at Castner

February 24th 1827 wind S E over Cast & rain & remarkable rainey day not froze any I at Smiths Adam & McCaver hear here He gave Adam an oreder order on me for 392

25 Wind N E Cloudy wet morn & dull day no frost nor Sun Shine I at our Meeting afternoon at School house Baptis Preacher from Blockley I beleiv a Good Religious man Give us a good preach in margin: “new moon 25 after noon”

26 wind S W very foggy dark morn no frost Cleard off & we Seen the Sun held up all day I at pike Huffman paid me 5 dollars I at T- Price’s took Little Cuder cider Isaac’s wife hear here

27 Wind N & over Cast Got E & Misting damp Cloudy day frost Coming out at pike paper & ½ Glass & 1 Jill Whis to Steve 25 Cts Sibley repairing trunk at dam

28 Wind S & most remarkable foggy morn & Misting at times Seen the Sun a few minnets frog Crying Evening & raind alittle in margin: “28, Rach(el) Says heard the frogs”

March 1st Wind N & over Cast & rain no frost Got N E & wet Cold disagreeable Day I off about 11 OC- to Widow Horns & Her Sons Vendue held up till we Got their wet after I home 4 OC- widow of John Horn deadied dead or died in Mans prime of life

March 2nd 1827 Wind N & Cloudy but Cleard off fine day Smith & Bright Cut 101 Post my wood for Doct Printz Obe Jos. & Obes son Sawing Bolts for Me ½ day Gave Obe 1 fip at Pike

3 Wind N W prety Clear froz Some I off on the Little Gray for Norris town paid to Bank 219 Cents horse & Brandy & Oysters & horsler 29 Cts pike 8 Cts Hagys 3 fips ferry 5 So home about 4 OC Holgate Gave me an order on Prince Printz for $4

4th wind N W Smart frost & over Cast I at Meeting Silent after at T- Prices Saml Gibson here in Evening

5 Wind N W Large white frost & pool or ponn pond froze all over Gibson here all night & Set off for Norristown Lidia & Wm at market Obe & George in margin: “6” Prince here Soon & begun a Coffin for Judge Peters old Gardener been with him 43 Years Hesson we finished about half 11 OC- Prince & I off in Wagon Got their about 1 OC- & Started ½ after 2 OC- & interd him in the Baptis yard So home at 5 OC- Cloudy Misting afternoon

7 wind S Cloudy foggy damp Morn but wind N W & blue off fine by noon off to Town with T- Price Bout. mutton 50 Cts fish 18 Cts Raizins 75 Brandy & wine 3 fips Sprigs & pump nails 45 Cts Sprig in alls ? &c 25 Cts

March 8th 1827 Wind N W Clear frosty Morn at pike ½ Bl Cloverseed 325 Cents & 2 fips at Castner paid James Wilson 8 drs I Borrowd of him Last May He would not take no Intrest paid Keich 71 Cents I Bought at his vendue at Toms Prices took some whisy. home Great oyster Supper at Castners about 50 Eate Supper I not at it

9th Wind N & Over Cast no frost frogs Crying Last Evening Jos. Halling Loads Potatoes for widow Evans towards Grub town I at pike 2 fips afternoon about home

10th wind S & Cloudy Soft Morn Peve peewee heard this morn G. Printz here helping to put horses to Shave Oak Shingles &c I 1 fip afternoon Spliting Bolts I at Society Spent 1 fip

11th wind S Soft Still morn no frost I at our meeting morn & after at Schoolhouse Baptis preacher from Blockley Religious man I think Heard the Peevee & the bees flying I at T- Price’s & read after

12 wind S E & overCast & Got to rain before noon & keep at it till night Saml Gibson here all day drawing my Accts against Jane Price & Jane Walter pint W 1 fip Printz here at Shingles

March 13th 1827 Wind N W high Clear Morn & very windy day S Gibson here all night went to Jane Prices & Jane Walters Stated my acct between them & me I with to Jane Walrs & Gave her my note for unfinished

14th Wind W. fine Clear Cool morn but soon over Cast Obe Printz & Steve at Shingles I at pike & Got 1 qt wiskey for them Got to Snow fast wonderfull 3 words illegible begun to snow very much At pike 1 qt for the Men & 1 Evening at Castners 12½ paid

15 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn the feilds all Coverd with Snow but all Gone before night I at Widow Righters Vendue Bout a Wagon Screw for 80 Cts Oysters & Brandy 12½ Cts So home

16 Wind N W Printz & Steve here at Shingles Township Election for overseers Road & Cunstables constables ½ day Each planted Caloback ? below wall Sow 13 pigs about noon 2 lines illegible Printz & Steve ½ day at Shingles

17 Wind S W fine Soft morn Printz here at Shingles about ½ day then off to help Jacob to Get wood

March 18th 1827 Wind S E & over Cast & begun to rain by noon at Meeting Ann Paschal here to dinner & at our Meeting but She Silent

17 apparently a correction Printz about ¾ of day at Shingles

19 wind W. Some heavy Clouds & weting at times all day black Clouds Dannel Daniel Warner here killing a Calf 3 fips Spent

20th Wind N W Clear frosty Morn Ann & William off to market I off to Old Matheys Vandue Bought not Spent 2 fips So home before night

21st Wind N W Clear frosty morn I at Widow Evans She moving I back at Hoffmans

in margin: “22” at D Humphreys at Hestons and R Peters Gave me a Check on Bank for his old Gardenners Coffin 4 words illegible So home over the Bay Jos at the Moving

23 wind N W fine Clear Morn not hard frost I at Hagys vendue Bot. flays Scyoths scythes Collars 30 Cents Clear windy day

March 24 1827 wind N W Clear Still morn froze Some I off to town Got 8 dr Bank Check of R Peters for his old Gardeners Coffin Bout ⅛ Lottery ticket 62½ horse &c 25 Cts ferriage & pike 9 Elliot & Hansel 15 Cts total omission So home before night pleasant

25 Wind S. by E fine morn no frost Ketch a peewee in the Garret at School house a Baptis meeting I at T Price’s & at pike

26 Wind S & overCast very foggy but Cleard off by noon 5 off of Us Bruning burning Brush in Ruff Meadow 2 qts Whisy-

27 Wind S fine Calm Clear Morn but very windy day & in the night I off to See If McClenechan Could Sell his Land but did not Sell I at Kuglers to here hear how Charles had Got but no better only Got more Calm at Huffmans Spent 2 fips, So in margin: “frogs very Lively”

28 Wind W & rain in morn but then Cleard off a very windy day I at Huffmans He in town I to Gate & at omission to See Helembold but Came Back to Huffmans Spent 3 fips & Give poor man illegible

March 29th 1827 Wind N W Calm Clear Morn prety Clear windy day I off afternoon pike & at Helembolds paper Mill to See Huffman to Get Money none; up Haverford Stop at new tavern at the County Line road 1 fip Meet with Genl. Davis son so home by pike–

30th. Wind N Clear Cool Morn froze Some about home all day Except at T- Price Evening He Sent me aload apple tree Brush E P W Got my mare to Colecting

31st Wind S W Soft Calm morn but Cloudy, I at pike fore & after noon home to dinner, the willow out in Leaves & apricock in Blosom after at pike He pd me 60 drs on acct of rent Borrowd 100 drs of Isaac Huffman Gives my note

April 1st Wind N E Morn Cleard off fine day I not at Meeting at widow Evans & at pike Sundries 14 Cts

2nd wind W fine Still clear morn & a remarkable fine day at Hagys & at flack flat rock Bridge Holloway moved their took dinner with him so home–

April 3rd 1827 Wind S W very fine Calm morn & Pleasant day at Andersons paid him 60 drs paid Levering 95 drs on to Huffmans So home 1 fip Gave a bond 100 drs 4 Wind S W & a very fine day I at pike & back to dinner 2 fips about home after a dog of Adams bit me Smart in the arm

5 W- S over Cast Soft Spring Like morn Got rain before noon very Grate rain I at G- Printz moving & at James Jones’s Vandue Got very omission Huffman along

6th Wind S W very foggy dark but Cleard off fine day I at George Hansels & paid me 750 for Abe Tunis’s wifes Coffin

7th Wind N W fine pleasant though Windy day I at pike 1 fip meet with Printz & Gravel home to Dinner Our Society day I off to Buck & to See a negro Woman that was dead, & to See Wilfongs Lotory lottery Rebecca drive 1 fip

8 wind W & Cloudy Morn but fine day I at Meeting had two Inglish freinds made a great omission for us

April 9th 1827 Wind E & S E boys moved Rach & her man to my pike house very wet afternoon Isaac Hansels wife Buried here, poor woman hung herself in the Barn I at the yard & helpt to put her in the Grave

10th W W fine Still Clear Soft Morn & very fine warm day Obe & Prince helping to make a nice Coffin & we took it down after night I not well hung top back at 10 OC- I at pike for nails Prince along

11th Wind S & remarkable foggy morn & warm day Tom Price & I attended the Burial in my wagon & Carried the corpse to our yard meet at 2 OC- Evening made a little Box for a Still Born Child of Comforts & Buried It after night

12th Wind S by W & over Cast been alittle thunder Shower in night Cloudy windy day I at Obes & at pike after at John Leverings to See if he would saw me Some lath did not See him so home Blar Blair McClenechan Cant hall

13 Wind N W Clear Cool morn but fine day Rather Colder 3 words obliterated paid Egbert 25 Cts I owed him took dinner 2 words illegible Jos Clark paid me for his Childs Coffin at Youngs He better at Hallowells Cakes &c 5 Cts dined at MacClenechans

April 14th 1827 Wind N W Still Clear morn & very fine day I at pike 2 fips home to dinner Boy at Gardenner I at Casterners Castners 4 of them Settleing township Acct John Morgan treated & gave me Cherry Grafts I Garfted grafted one at Adams

15 Wind E very foggy dark morn & Got rain Soon & rain till most noon W- N W high wind & black Clouds & much Cooler at Meeting morn & afternoon Baptis man their

16. Wind N E & wet morn & windy Cool day W– N W & blue off planted potatoes in Shop yard at T Prices He been at Court not well Got off

17 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn Light White frost & Ice Jos & Prince Planted Potatoes at Pike 1 Qt 10 Cts

18th Wind N W Cool Clear Morn & Cold day T. Price & I in Chair off to Norristown I paid 18 drs & took my note T Price Lent me 4 drs Oystirs oysters & Gin & horse 50 Cts home before night

19 Wind W Colld cold Clear day Boys & Printz open the dikes below the tanyard I at the pike 2 fips not well to day I not over the Bay but deprest

April 20th 1827 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & pleasant day G- Printz & Boys Spliting Rails 1 qt Whisy 13 Cents Poor Black Ceaser hear here Evening Humphreys Ceaser He say from the acct they Give above 90 yrs.

21 Wind E & over Cast Printz here Soon to Split rails about 2 words illegible wet in morn & in Evening I at Mac & Princes to Look money got none at Hagys & flat rock So home Evening at Castner John Mathews their Come from assembley

22 Wind N Cold Clear morn but pleasant day I at pike meeting while pint Gin 1 fip at T & Isaac Price’s

23 wind S E very red to Sun rise rain in Evening I heard our 2 Ewes Alfred harrowd the Corn Ground J & Jos maken fence I at Jane Prices for Sheep Sheres & at Castners 2 fips

24 Wind E very foggy wet morn as dark a day as I beleive as I have Seen got rain about noon very great rain Evening at the pike Spent 1 fip at Obes

25 wind N W high windy morn & remarkable Cold I at pike blue down two Gaps our Lane fence I at Isaac Prices He puting up Pail pale fence

April 26th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cool morn Lite frost windy Cool day I at Isaac Prices I Gripeing & back bad 3 fips

27 Wind N & Cool Clear Lite white frost but wind S & very pleasant day I at Obes his wife deliverd of young Daughter I at pike 1 Jill Blackberry wine 28 wind S E & over Cast Jos. up Soon & took the Dearborn & Gin mare to E P W for them to go to town Got rain by 6 OC- & very Smart heavy till noon then fine Sun Shine I after the Cows & at Huffmams 1½ Jill of Black Berry wine so at Castners Spent not

29 Wind N & W fine morn but over Cast & very Cool for the Season my Son Wm Come home Last Evening He Prentice about Darby to a Carpenter I at our meeting in morn after at the School house the Baptis from Blockley their had a humbleing time with me I believe him to be in the right Sperrit

30th Wind N Cool Cloudy morn & Cold day few drops of rain now & then at the pike 1 Jill Black Berry wine took Little negro to his mother Lost 3 of my fine pigs Stole no doubt

May 1st Wind N W most remarkable Cold windy Morn & day that I recolect with Lite Showers rain in afternoon It Blue allmost Herrican

2nd Wind N W & Cloudy windy Cold morn till noon then Got more Pleasant Boys & I at at repeated pike halld rails & axeltrees home meet Saml Young & Dan Shubert & Capt Matheys & Stayd a good time

May the 3rd 1827 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn but Cleard off the warmest day this Long while I Pottering about till noon then for Cows at the pike 1 Jill Blackberry wine at T. Prices to Look Seed Corn

4th Wind N Still Clear Cool morn Lite White frost pleasant day Boys planted my Corn I at pike & at T Price’s He planting potatoes Heard a Wipper Will for the first

5th wind S by W Clear Lite frost I off to Mc Mack McClenechans for Money none at Youngs at Saml Youngs not See him at widow Righters at Nelley Jones So home no Cash not a Cent Society day I meet them the first Gin or Sperrit I have taken for week illegible word in margin

6 Wind S & fine warm day warmest this Spring I think I not at meeting Edwd Lobb here to dinner at T. Prices awhile

7th Wind N. & wet morn not so hard but fine reviveing rain but very Raw Cold day Cleard off about 3 OC Musterday for Poor Militia mere boys Ewe you Call roll & off a school of vice Corrupting & taken from their work perhaps Spend 25 or 50 Cts & Learn not–

8 wind N W Clear white frosty morn Cold windy day, at pike ½ Jill B- 1 fip not well Gripeing afternoon Jos. & I at Righters for

May 8th 1827

my hand Screw & at Hagys for dutch Scyth & at flat rock Tavern 1 Glass 2 fips So home

9th wind N W windy Cool day Boys making fence Between Ben & my orchard his part I pike 1 J 1 fip not well So home

10th Wind near E. & over Cast & Got rain soon in morn & avery wet day Obe help to take Sprouts off Potatoes D. Warner here killd a Calf for Us

11 wind N W prety Clear Cool morn I up Soon & Seen part of the Clips eclipse on the moon at T. Price’s He at the Cherrin cherries? I home Got illegible at the turnpike Got 10 drs that S Gibson Gave me due from ant Jane Ann Bought 2 yrd of Cloth for me 6 dr 50 Cts I took it up to the Taylors & I on to Huffmans pint Gin 1 fip So home

12 Wind N Still Clear Cool morn Little white frost & very high windy day over at pike & E P Walters He planting Corn John & Jos their 2 fips After at Toms Prices Cyder & at Castner 1 fip Seen Lawyer Catterays very Cool in Evening

13 Wind N Still Clear morn Got warmer no frost I beleivd but had thawd I not at Meeting after at pike 3 fips had a Great Gripeing 3 or 4 Girls here to tea I took tea at Castners took repeated

May 14th 1827 Wind S W very fine warm day Ned Walters men & cart & 2 horses & Obe helping Us to hall dung & Planted our Potatoes- 3 qt Whiskey

15 wind S W Cloudy morn but fine warm day Jos plowing for Obe I at pike 2 fips He planting his Potatoes John helping

16 Wind S by W Calm Still morn & fine day I at pike Tom Price & Great No. of them fenceing up my old Dam Tom & I had a great Spar

17 wind S W fine warm day Obe & I made a Coffin for Brookfeilds Son 4/6 Inches & took it down I not well

18 Wind N.W. I attended the Burial to Our yard No Chairs & people I at pike 2 Jills Blackberry wine So

19th wind N here the dam Clear Cool morn prety fine day no rain very dusty Boys Pottering Garden I at home not well pint Cyder one fip So

20th Wind S W & very wet morn fine Cool morn at Meeting afternoon at School Sun Setting fine not well in mind

21st Wind S E & wet morn & over Cast & wet at times all day no Sun Shine

22 Wind E & rainey morn many Showers till noon wind S & rather Broke off Seen the Sun boys halld 1 Load of wood I at T Prices

May 23rd 1827 Wind N very foggy morn dark morn no rain Sun Shine now & then wind S & warm vegetation fine to day I at pike pint Cyder at Jane Walters John & Jos their helping hall dung for Potatoes

24 wind E & a Most remarkable foggy morn I off to See S Wynn If He buy my Colt, at Stadlemans pint Cyder 3 Cts after at pike pint Cyder Boys at E P W halling dung

25 wind N W Cool morn but a fine warm day boys work on the road I pottering till noon, after at thee the taylors & at Huffman pint Cyder back & knees bad

26 Wind S W fine Calm warm morn & fine pleasant day boys till noon at E.P.W planting Potatoes Sheff Here & Cut my Colt young Wyn not very visible after He Sheff was gone the boys Said one of the Clamps was Lost & bleeding much Jos off for Sheff He Come & found all was Right Great alarm one qt Rum 20 Cents

27 wind S & very foggy morn but fine warm day I at home all day Not at Meeting Sheaff here & took the Clamps off Colt

28th wind S W foggy morn Cloudy but no rain I off to Macks at Esqr Youngs at Rees Harrys & at Vaughns Got 100 Cents on to vandue at Esqr Elliotts Housel household Goods &c & oyster vendor poor Widow selling all from here to Kuglers paid 8 Cents I owd 2 before 3 fips oysters 1 fip so home

May 29th 1827 Wind W & N by E Some time Over Cast & Some Little Springles of rain but in Evening the Sun Shind out very fine at Levering Looking for Lath Benney Price & a great Parteiy party washing Sheep I at pike at E P W He unwell

30th Wind N heard the flat Rock Dam Clear Cold morn I Reading in morn Got so Cold went & made a firer fire very heavy due dew fetch the Cows & horses & at pike hunting my Bull back to dinner, turn in water in Meadow &c

31 wind W fine Clear Cool morn & day I at pike 1 fip Abe Carrier here to dinner Jos harrowing Corn & potatoes fine thunder Gust in the Evening not heavy

June 1st Wind N Cool Clear morn remarkable Cold day windy Cold day several words illegible

2 Wind N W very Cold Clear morn but fine day Jos at Obes I at pike & at agriculter Society

3rd wind N W Still Clear Cool morn but over Cast about noon at Jane Price’s forenoon after at Meeting at School house walk to Isaac & T. Prices So home to tea

At top of next page: “1827 April 27 Hugh Henry Dr to 9 lb of muttin at”. Recycled for entries for June 1827.

June 4th wind E & wet morn & wet till noon then fine Benney planting Potatoes Jos & John helping I at pike 2 fips not well Gripeing & Lacks

5 wind N Clear Cool morn very Pleasant warm day Obe Here ½ day mending my harrow I at pike pint Gin

6 Wind W fine Clear morn I off to See E Lobb at Heston village He got Ague, on to Gibsons Got dinner on to Darby went to Cosen parker that was now Widow Pusey first Cosen She very fat & Crecke creaky had not Seen this 20 years I think back to Garrigus Wm & his Boys their so on for home Spent 28 Cents — Boy Mowing Lott below Barn The reference to “William & his Boys” means JP’s son William, an apprentice of a carpenter in the Darby area. The “Boys” are the other apprentices or employees.

7th Wind N Cloudy morn & over Cast till noon J & Jos finishd mowing my Lott below the Bran barn I at pike 1 qt wiskey 12 Cts at home Dinner 3 words illegible about puting up a Stone on the Line

8th wind N by E & amisting morn but Cleard off about noon & Spread out our hay or Grass John Gibson & wife here & Ann Paschals daughter here

9 Wind S W foggy Morn but fine hay day Got 1 Load from pike & all in from Barn Lott

At the bottom of a page of duplicate April entries: “Omit(t)ed from May 20 to June 10th”

10th very fine Clear hay day Boys Mowing the Swamp by tan yard

11 wind W Still Clear morn a fine hay day boys mowd Some in morn after Spreading hay & halld Some in at pike His man mowing Lott for the Cherreys 2 qt W 25 Cts

No entry for June 12.

13 Wind S W & fine Clear Morn & fine hay day I at pike ½ Gal

June 14 1827 wind S W finishd mowing apeice in meadow then at pike & halld 4 Loads all from pike Huffman made it for the Cherreys Obe here mowd & at hay Adam help Some

15 Wind S W been fine Shower in night but Cleard Spread & Cock up 2 Small loads in Meadow Adam help John help Obe to mow his Lott

16th Wind W 5 or 6 of workers mowd my Back feild fine Crop on It

17 wind W Little rain but Cleard off I at Meeting at Schoolhouse

18 Wind W very fine hay day all at Spreading & Rakeing Obe & Pennick helping

19 Wind S W foggy morn but fine hay day Smith Came with his Cart & we Got 12 Loads in 6 ton all back feild in 11 Loads

20 Wind S & Cloudy Boys John Jos & Ned till near noon I at pike ½ G- Whisy. Cut all my meadow down, Morris McClenegen McCleneghan here Just returnd been away perhaps these two years, to the South

21 Wind S over Cast wet at times Light Showers & Sun Shine now & then Evening a great thunder Gust & Great Wind

June the 22nd 1827 wind S Come up about 5 OC- a great Shower thunder Lasted till noon Ann & Cathering Catherine at Market, over Cast wind Got to W & blue off most a herican in Evening & most remarkable Cold I off at 2 OC- and attended the funeral of Jonathan Ellis to Haverford He old Bachalor fat fleshaman fleshy man dyed with 2 or 3 days Complaint He Left avery hansome property

23 Wind N W or W Clear Cold morn fine hay day we finished hay harvest but Geting one Load in

24 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & pleasant day not at meeting Jos & self afternoon at Benjn Hollands Burial to Baptis yard He Dyed very Sudden Eating Breakfast & fell from Chare dead He Been a temperate man as to drink

25 Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn & few drops of rain but fine hay day halld 2 loads in my Last at Huffmans & E P Walters halld all their was dry 1 qt. whis 10 Cents so Ended my hay

26 Wind S & wet morn Broke off till about 5 OC- then a thunder Gust from W at B Price’s He 3 or 4 Mowers

27 Wind S by W & over Cast Smart thunder Gust in the Night I at I.Prices He Got much hay or Grass out

June 28th 1827 Wind S & over Cast & rain in Morn then thunder in Morn to W 2 first days of moon 3 wet put these 3 off & mind the 3 next Viz 27, 28 & 29 23 & 24 no hay day wet at times 28 dull till noon then fine Apparently some weather lore.

29 Wind W fine Clear pleasant hay day Jos at Benney Price halling John & Alfred halling hay for E P Walters I at pike

30th Wind W, fine Clear hayday I at Benneys & Ned Walters Tom Price finishd his hay Jos Price at Jane Price John at Ned P Walters at hay all day

July 1st wind W fine Clear morn & warm fine day at meeting in forenoom & the Schoolhouse meeting afternoon Baptist I think Regilos religious Zealous man

2nd Wind S W fine hay day only a thunder Gust Evening I at Benneys & Tom Prices They Cuting Orchard Grass

3 wind S W & Cloudy morn but fine hay day I at T. & Benney Prices & pike Boys not well So Holladay I in desepation dissipation

4th wind S W & over Cast Obe & I making a Small Coffin for Gaunts Child took it down before noon this the declaration of Independence of Independence repeated in 1776 in the year 1777 I in Camp as private Soldier 50 years agoo

July 4th 1827

attended the funeral to Our yard thunder Gust to N Come on about 5 OC. most thunder to N & South & a very Great rain the most thunder I think I heard

5 Wind W fine Clear Cold morn my Reaping day 7 & 8 hands at times Cut all my Rye but not all my wheat Come up a gust from west Stops Us about 5 OC

6th Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn Boys at Charles Smith Reaping I Pottering at Smiths &c

7th Wind S W & very Great rain till about 8 OC then fell off very fine I at meeting & at Tom & Isaac Prices & at my Grain feild It very wet at Jane Prices

8 Wind E in morn foggy Cloudy morn

9 wind S W fine day Boys at Huffmans Reaping I two words illegible halld 11 doz wheat but not aney any from the feild not any person to help they out ought to Get wheat in

10 wind E & Cloudy morn Adams harvest day Adam Cuting the Wheat Crop I halld perhaps 20 doz

11th Wind S & over Cast & a smart rain from S halld one Load of wheat

July 12th 1827 wind S by W Boys help Benny till noon then halld all the wheat & 3 Loads of Rye Smart thunder Gust one to N & one to S E

13 Wind W Jos. halld & Cradel cradled for Benney T & I Price turnd & Got all the harvest in & we Got all in & help ant Jane to hall I pottering about from 1 feild to another

14 wind S W Jos halling for Adam John at Jane‘s they finished Cuting & Got all in T & I Price halld all in very Great thunder Gust Evening

15 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & very fine day; not at Meeting at ant Jane Prices afternoon at pike ½ G– 1 fip all harvest dun here

16 Wind N & Cloudy morn & thunder to S W & raind by 7 OC- Smart rain; then Cleard off very warm & fine for Harvesting Boys Santering doing nothing I at pike Got a hat 350 Cts Spent 1 fip

17 Wind N W fine Clear morn Seen 5 Colored people from Meriland 3 women & 2 Males free hunting work they first that Started they the Government or people are got in the Spirret of Leting them free– Boys Cut & halld 2 Loads wood I at pike Gin 1 fip

July 18 Wind W fine harvest day Tom Price & 4 Cradelers Cut Jane Prices oats I their with them

19 wind N fine morn fine day my Birthday I at freinds Meeting at Benney Price’s Boys Cut Oats W Iholt Echolt help Some

20th Wind S E fine day thunder Gust in Evening to W not but a few drops here Boys tyd & halld in about half my oats I at Bennys & at Tom Prices He got all his oats in & part of Isaacs

21st Wind N & over Cast & Cloudy boys tyd my oats & Got in making alittle Coffin for a Child at Rock factory at T. Prices & at the pike for wisy. soon boys away

22 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn Obe & Printz hear here to make a little Coffin 2 f Long I did not ask Printz meet him in Evening Sd He Come to help I am done my Eyes & minde all dun the Lord have mercy on a poor Sinner Got dun about 9 OC & Jos & I attended the funeral about 2 OC-

23 Wind S E & over Cast John helping Benny to tye & hall in his Oats they finish’d I at pike Gin 2 fips fetch the Cows

24 wind S & Cloudy morn & little rain I Benneys awhile

No entry for July 25.

July 26th 1827 wind S E & rain in morn But fine after Tom & Isaac Price off for Sea Shore I at Jane Prices they Mowing the feild by road

27 Wind W fine Clear morn & very fine day mowing 2 words illegible at Jane Prices & they halling hay I over the Bay went for the cows Jos not well

28 Wind N W fine Clear Still morn I away with the Cows & at pike Spent 3 Cents & Ginner bread gingerbread 1 Cent afternoon at Benneys halld all his hay had Cut in the barley feild Boys took holloday

29 Wind W Still Clear Morn Johnson Vaughn here from Widow Evens Evans I not at Meeting at Benneys & Castners

30th wind W fine Clear morn & day I at Doctr Andersons & Leverings Kuglers & pike

31 Wind N W fine Clear Still Morn Jos plowing Oats Stuble I Potter about Benney 4 black men mowing his Garlic feild

August 1st fine pleasant day Jos & I off in the Chair to Norristown horse dinner & pike &c Cost me 100 Cts Jim Elliot Supeney me not any thing done

August 2 1827 Wind S W prety fine day a few drops from W not Stop hay halling my boys Got all the Barn Lott in I helping to Cock &c

3rd wind S by W over Cast Bill & boys making Lott fence very fine hay day we Got all in today that was Cut Jos in town for Rachels man back by noon I at Society a Little while Holston told us Esqr Conrad was dead & to be Buried to day I Seen him on the 1st & Shuck shook hands He Got fit of ague & Some took him home

4th Wind N very Still Clear fine day but dry I at Meeting afternoon at Schoolhouse very Religious fine man I think & beleive

5 Wind W fine Clear Morn & warm day Boys & Ned Hennery Henry mowing my Swamp Grass Meadow

6 Wind N W fine morn the dust in roads 3 or 4 I deep remarkable dry time Boys Got all Swamp Grass in 22 Loads I at the pike ½ G- Snap or whisy. 20 Cents

Entries from 7th to 10th missing

August 11th 1827 Wind W till Evening most Charming Shower much Lightening & thunder at distant distance

12 had two fine showers in night & fine till near 12 OC- I at Meeting not any thing only a few scuds Since the 5 July remarkabell remarkable drying time we doubted of Potatoes & Corn Busk Bucks County in papers Says from one Bushel Corn to 5 illegible

13 Wind W very fine Pleasant day Boys & Self Potter Jos at mill Borrowd 3 B- Rye of Smith

14th Wind W fine Pleasant day dug our Early Potatoes Adam Hansel & Self in the Chair at Wm Righters Burial to the Church Adam hoop the Chear chair wheels

15 wind S been alittle rain in night but fine morn I about home at I Prices He unwell

16 Wind S by E Jos & Ann in Chare to Enoch Jones wife Burial at Grave yard & Richard Georges Child Buried all at our Yard in margin: “fine Shower Evenimg”

August 17th 1827 wind N by E over Cast a fine Shower much thunder & Lightening Evening & Shower in night Jos. in town for Jim for a load Water Millions melons &c I at pike for Turnip Seed & Gin Got home at noon, Note the rain & thunder was on the Evening of 16th over Cast Cloudy not the Sun to day Jos. & Adam Hansel off to marsh afishing with Dearborn & two words illegible from Delever Delaware I at Isaac Price’s He no better

18 wind E & over Cast Little or few drops of rain in Morn Cloudy all day but no rain Jos & Adam not home to day at 6 OC- E P W my mare & Chair to Phila I Idle all day at I. Prices to See him Rather Better Adam & Jos. home about 9 OC- at night with about 5 or 6 doz of yallow yellow Catfish & few Rockfish most 2 days there fishing

19 Wind S W very Cloudy morn & fine Little Shower in Morn I at our Meeting after at T. Prices & to See Isaac

20 Wind S & a fine Little Shower in Morn but none after much Lightining lightning Evening I to See I. Price He rather Better afternoon at Hestons Mill at Edw. Higs Meeting a great Good man He held meeting from 3 OC- till after 6 OC- powerfull so versed in the Scripter I much Effected by him

21 wind W & fine Pleasant morn & Cloudy day but no rain I at pike 1 qt of Black Berry wine Boys Cuting

Olders alders in Saw Mill Meadow Ned Heny Helping them at I- Prices He Better

22nd Wind N W & fine Clear Cool Morn Boys finish’d Cuting olders by noon after at pike dug Jos Potatoes poor Crop

23 Wind N W Clear Cool morn & fine day Boys halling dung I at pike & to See Obe He unwell I at the School to here hear a blind Man Lector lecture on Grammer grammar

24th wind W Cool Still morn & pleasant day Boys finishd Halling dung & 4 Loads from Adams Ned Heny. help I off afternoon to Burial off of Widow Wilson Jos Georges Mother Buried her in the family yard about 4 OC- so I home by pike Taylor treated me to Small Glass meet Doct MacCleneghan at Kuglars He Treated me to ½ Glass

25 Wind N W Cloudy all day but no rain Boys finishd halling dung I at Obes & to See I. Price He much Better

26 Wind E & wet morn & fine rain in night & heavy Showers till night I at meeting & Evening at T. Prices Watson their

27 wind N E & over Cast a Shower about day & 2 or 3 Small Showers Wind N & Seen the Sun before noon 2 or 3 times Cleard off very omission about 5 OC- I at pike for Tobacco very Calm Clear Evening at I. Prices He Much Better T.P at Norris

August 28th 1827 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & pleasant day Boys Cuting wood I about home at Isaac & Tom Prices Lent Tom horse to goo to Market

29th Wind W fine Cool morn but Cloudy day Boys halling wood I at Isaac & Tom Prices W Eholt hear here doing not nothing no rain in margin: “July 29 Jim the horsler (at General Wayne) Lent me 50 Cents 31st Lent a fip & 2 fips”

30th Wind W rather Cloudy but fine warm day no rain Bill Eholt & Jack Spreading dung Ned Henry throw a Kinf knife at Jos. & Stuck in his hip took a good omission pluck it out He a Cripple with it Master Allen schoolmaster here to dinner I to See I Price He not so well bed all day Doct Brookfeild Calld to See Jos.

31 Wind W foggy morn fine warm day Ann at Market no plowing Jos same & John on the run I at the pike & at Obes He not well no work this two weeks I at I. P He Better

September the 1st 1827 Wind W fine Still Clear Morn fine day no rain Sent for Obe & we made a Coffin for Crosleys Child 3 feet Long made most of it 3 words illegible I not in So find 1 illegible

2nd wind S W foggy morn & warm day Obe & I took down to Crosley a little Coffin & put Child in so back by 10 OC- & went to See I Price home to dinner then Set off & attend the Burial to our yard Wm along

September the 3rd 1827 Wind W fineStill Clear Morn & very fine warm day Siles Jones & his nephew from S America Great illegible John plowing Jos. Still Cripeling I at pike 1 qt Gin 12½ Cents

4 Wind N W fine Cool Morn & day I off money hunting Got none dined at McClenechans on to Hagys at flat Rock Tavern ½ Glass So home

5th Wind N W John Plowing Bill Eholt & Alfread & Self Toping corn I at pike 1 qt W 12½ Cents

6 Wind W Little Cloudy but fine day Boys Toping & tying Corn tops I at pike & fetch 1 qt after at Tom Price & meet 2 young men treated to small G Sperrit I at Isacc Price He no better

7 wind S W over Cast Ann off to market dutch Cows Calf I Pottering illegible Bill Egbert Shocking Corn Stocks Johnson Vaughn Cleaning Rye & took Load over to the Widow Evans I Got Gay

8 wind N Cool Cloudy morn & day Bill Eholt & John Striping Corn at pike 1 qt whis 10 Cts 10 Cents repeated I pottering about

9 wind N W Cool foggy Morn fine Pleasant day I at our Meeting Silent I to hear how Isaac was no better at Benney Prices been Sinking his well Got about foot water

September 10th 1827 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day I off to Righters vendue So round by Hagys He not at home by Mac Got no money I poor of Cash

11th Wind W fine morn & day Sip & John Striping Corn Jos at pike Bill Smith & his men drew out the pump & wall well dry I their awhile Bill Eholt put his Shoulder out Jos. went for Doct Brookfeild But young Leadom Came & put it in

12 Wind N W Cool Clear morn & fine pleasant day at pike they drew up my Pomp pump at illegible & drew up much wall John & Sip Striping Corn

13 wind W fine day Sip & John tyd the blades & halld them in I at pike 4 men at the well the pump men at Jane Prices

14 Wind S Cloudy foggy morn but blue off at pike 4 of them at the well the water Come in Prety Strong I paid Castner 100 Cents pump men finished Benneys pump & Said they Come & Splice mine but did not I their fore & afternoon

15 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & very fine windy day I at pike 4 men at the well blue blast not much Effect I illegible him & illegible

September 16th 1827 Wind W Clear Cool morn & fine day at I Prices He Better at Jane Prices She Better I not at meeting I high all day I am deprest owing to my Curcomstanceys I at T. Price’s not at Meeting

17 Wind N W fine Clear Morn & day I at pike fore & after noon 4 Men walling the well water about 3 f

18 wind S E Cloudy & rain about Sun rise & most remarkable wet day I at the pike Some of men work but too rainy after at T. Prices & at the funeral of factory worker at Crossley factory– very fine rain bow in morn after wet day

19th Wind N W Cloudy day I at pike 4 men at the well Walling rain in Evening I there fore & afternoon Steve hewd 4 Joysts for well

20th Wind N W but wet morn & Cloudy day I to See I. Price I think rather Better afternoon at pike 3 men at wall ½ day Richardson Came about 4 OC-

21 Wind W Cloudy dull day at well no well workers their at Kelleys to Look for them not illegible their so I home at noon illegible pump men they not at Kelleys so I home I at pike no men at work I pint 12½ Cts repetitious and scrawled

22 wind N W & Cloudy morn & day at pike & halld 2 Little Loads Sand for wall

September 23rd 1827 Wind W fine Cool morn but Cloudy day I at our meeting days & night Equal Length Rais at 6 OC- & Set at 6 O’C- after went to See Isaac Price He in Poor way

24 Wind N Cool Clear day Benny Price says frost John their Toping Corn I their morn & afternoon at flat Rock Tavern at at repeated Sale by the Sherref of Hugh R. Wards Land but put off I spent 1 fip meet Felix Washer & told me his Brother Jos was dead & to be Buried to morrow 9 OC- He has been at Buck Tavern Miller‘s perhaps this 6 or 8 years as a farmer

25 wind S & Soft Cloudy morn & fine windy day but no rain I off 9 OC- to Millers Buck to the Burial off of Jos. Washer Brother of Felix only taken on the 23rd with fitts dyed at 8 O’C on the 23 along aquants acquaintance He has been at Miller this 8 or 9 years Intempret but honest & Clever or Miller would not keep him home to dinner about home after

26th Wind N W fine Cool day Wm Smith Cleand Adams Well He give 1 qut Whisy. after pike Got over the Bay 1 qt Gin 12½ Cents

27. wind N W very fine Clear pleasant day no frost I pottering about at Pike so back

28 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn Ann to Market this our Township Election for Inspector &c no meeting illegible

September 29th 1827 Wind N & over Cast but pleasant day no rain I at pike all rest of line illegible D. Jones & John thrashing Rye & Cleand it

30 wind W. fine Clear Cool morn & fine pleasant day Vaughn hear here from the welsh Woman been at pike meeting while I to See I. Price He they think rather better Townsend Coopper & wife here Robert Yerkes hear here 1 pint

October the 1st wind N & Cloudy morn & N E & misting afternoon Sow about 3 pecks? of Rye in meadow I at I. Price for Seed Wheat He no better

2nd Wind N & wet morn & Cloudy day I at pike to See E P Walter He & wife unwell I home to dinner boys Sowd & harrowd 1½ Bushel Wheat that I Got of Isaac Price in Oats Stubel in Meadow

3rd Wind S dull wet morn to W & Cleard till thunder Gust S & W & raind hear I at pike & Hestons to See If He Splice the pump He not home John & Jos halld wood for E.P. Walters & Got apples at my pike Lott, about 2 B- Not 2 B- in my orchard Last year I think I might made 3 Barrels

October 4th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cool morn Little white frost

5 Wind W. over Cast but no rain I pottering about

6 wind W fine day for work boys at Ned Walters halling dung & Cuting weeds in our Potatoes 6 ? wind S W & blue up asmart rain in morn from S to S West & fine day diging Potatoes I dead? in treaspass trespass

7th Wind N W Still Clear white frosty morn & pleasant day I to See I Price afternoon at meeting at Schoolhouse very humble Religious (two of them) good men

8 wind S Cloudy morn Lite white frost but held up from rain Jos in town for oysters for Jim the horsler at Castners for the Election John at Huffmans diging Potatoes I at the pike

9 Wind S W & wet morn & dull day our General Election day Small I there off & on all day Spent not thee the Judges treated me 11½ for Oysters most windy wet night that I heard a long time

10 Wind S by W very Great Shower & windy in the morn, Cleard off before noon I at Kuglars to Look for Timothy Seed I at Huffman

11th Wind N W Clear white frosty Morn & Cloudyd up too wet to dig Potatoes at Tom Prices & about home

October 12 1827 wind N by E white frost Cloudy day I with McClenechan at pike Huffmans back to dinner rainny afternoon I got over the bay

13 Wind N & Cloudy morn & day Richard Roberts & G- McClenechan Seize on C Smith horses Cows &c for rent I went Bail for 20 days that he will be forthcoming

14 Wind N & Cloudy N E & very wet day I at Our Meeting & at the Schoolhouse heard of Rebecca George‘s death Spoke off of in Meeting Burial tomorrow at 9 OC

15 Wind W & blue off Pleasant day Ann & I attended the Burial to Our yard She was a perticular favourright of mine I built a house & work their much Jos George‘s Mother Amos George‘s Widow I at I. Price much better Titus Yerkes up to his Tenent Castner about his Building the General Wayne made no Stay Calld to See Mary & off home

16 Wind N Clear Cool morn Seen no frost Boys & Cart on the road I pottering with all nearly I to See Isaac Price He much Better Sarah brave & fetch in 4 fine Stroberry as If in the Stroberry Season I treat the Rodemen 1 pint

17 Wind N Clear frosty morn & froze fine Clear Cool day I off to widow Kuglars for Timothy Seed 75 Cts for peck at Huffmans, Gave a Brother Mason 25 Cts pint Gin 1 fip

October 18th 1827 Wind N W Lite frost pleasant day, Huffman Sent 2 hands afternoon & finishd diging our Potatoes

19 Wind S W prety fine day John & Jos. helping Huffman at Potatoes I about home & at Benneys

20 Wind S by W alite white frost Jos Gone aguning & John at Huffmans I about home & at our Meeting appointed Meeting for a man from Washington the Greatest preacher I think I haver have ever Heard in true Sperrit

21 wind S W & S E over Cast Seen Sun at times I at meeting morning & at the Schoolhouse Baptis from Blockley Great Good man I think Gracious in the Sperrit

22 Wind E & very wet & Windy morn and remarkable wet day all about home nothing to be done

23 Wind S & Little rain now & then blue off before noon & remarkabel remarkable high Winday windy day I walk to T- Prices He Pulling Corn Isaac Better I walk to Jacob Latches & pay him my tax $5.60 & 2..23 Cents for John & Jos dog 25

24 wind S W Cloudy Cold windy day, I at pike pump man their & Got it in finished John their

25 Wind N W Cold Clear Morn misty windy day Little hail Shower I at pike the pump man off we Lay the Joysts walled them in

October 26th 1827 Wind N W & remarkable Windy Cold day Several Little Snow Showers I off for Keans board yard paid him old Bill of 8 drs & 7 drs for Shingles 600 for kitchen for pike I Spent 15 Cents, so home before night Boys Tharshing Heston Sowd the feild below the Tavern along the road with wheat Harrowing it with how hoe Harrow without plowing

27 Wind N W Cold Clear morn my Son Wm & 3 others up aguning John & Jos along I at pike Eate dinner their after at T Price for Tobacco He Bout for me & at the argriculture Society our Election day

28 Wind W Fine Calm morn I at Our Meeting Ann Paschal at meeting & dined here I at home after

29 Wind W fine day for Business I at pike Obe & Steve there begun to Shinkel shingle the kitchen my knees gave out Rach Seen me & Benney help me home

30 Wind W no frost very windy day wind S & Cloudy I at pike Obe & Steve at pike Shingleing Jos plowing Potatoe Ground & pulling Corn I very Crecke creaky my knees

31 Wind illegible & Cloudy morn I at pike Goodman Shingleing pike kitchen

November 1st 1827 Wind N Cold Morn Ice the first I Seen this fall I Sent for 200 Shingle To finish my kitchen I at the pike Alfred with & boys husking Corn

2nd Wind N & frozed Ice & great white frost Jos halling boards &c for Adam from pike I about home till noon then at Charles Smith Mac was gooing to Sell all his Stock but they made a Crompromis compromise and did not Sell I very Glad He Sober Industrious man

3 Wind S. & Cloudy morn but no rain I at pike boy Carry our Corn Got 10 dr from Huffman

4th wind S & Cloudy morn & rain soon in morn but very Little I not at Meeting Great many people at School house meeting

5 wind N W Cool Windy Clear day Boys & Obe pulling Corn

6th wind N fine Calm Clear morn Large white frost & Ice Boys husk all our Corn Last night & Carried it up & tharsh the nubbins Obe help half a day Got rain in Evening

7 Wind N & been a very wet night & wet morn & day heavy rain at times all day not fit for any Business I about home all day

November the 8 1827 Wind W by S Cloudy & alittle wet in morn but after fine day Boys tharshing oats

9th Wind N W a smart Shower from W about day after Cleard off high wind Ann off to market Jos to Mill 4 B Corn 5 B Oats I at pike Boys Cuting wood & halld 2 one horse Loads

10th Wind N W high windy John help Adam about his omission Jos in town for Oysters for Jim for his wife at General Wayne at pike

11th wind N over Cast Cold Ice plenty I not at Meeting walk to See Isaac Prices family He road rode out 3 of them Sick I at Tom’s He gone

12 wind N E & Cloudy morn but hold up Boys diging Potatoes Obe & I at the Buck & at the Sale of Nelly Stulls Lott by by repeated Anderson Executor to her Estate Sold It for 315 drs

13 Wind blank & wet morn & till noon then N W & Cleard off I at home all day Boys or Jos at pike with the Cart to hall Little wood for Rach

14 wind N W & blue very hard the most high windy Storm I think I every ever remember held all day Clear sun Shine all day Obe & boys to falls a lady illegible at the omission treat them pint whisy wind fell at Sun Set

November 15th 1827 Wind N W Clear Cold morn Ice plenty Boys Cuting wood I at home all day

16 wind W prety fine day Boys & Obe Cuting wood I at pike two fips for Boys & self

17 Wind W Cloudy Ice plenty & a fine Pleasant day Obe & John Spliting wood Jos halling I at pike 1 fip & Stub Raches man for a illegible Cart

18th Wind W Cold morn Ice plenty & Cool day I took dose of oyl been Costtive not Stool for 3 day of Course not at Meeting at T Prices alittle while a Great Baptis Meeting in the Schoolhouse I about home

19th Wind N W windy Cold day Ice plenty Jos plowing & Sowing Obes Rey rye I off to pike & at Taylors & at Black Phillips to Get him to kill my Bull

20 wind N Cloudy Cold morn & Cold day hard frost Jos plowd & Sowd Henrys Lott I at Isaac Price’s twice to Borrow his Winless windlass to hoist my Bull John Pottering feeding hogs &c

November 21st 1827 Wind W Still Prety Clear morn but hard frost & Cold day Phillip & Boys killd my Bull ½ G. Whisy 12 Cents

22 wind W Calm Cold morn & Cold day alittle Scud of Snow Boys pulld & top my turnups turnips

23 wind N W Cold Clear windy day hard frost Boys tharshing wheat I at Benny Prices & at home

24 wind W Cold Clear morn & windy day I off to Adams Grow Adam Grow’s Schoolmate about 74 years old to his funeral to the dutch Church prety good no of People the Last of the Male family of the males in the family I home to dinner after at T Prices to See how poork pork Sold Got drink Cyder So home

25 Wind W Cloudy Cold morn & day at T. Prices to See If he would go to Rees Harrys wifes Burial to morrow then at meeting at School very Good Sermon by one Hall

26 Wind N Cold hard frost & Cold day I at T. Prices & about home Jos took a log to Whiteman for Cart Body

27 W. N & Cold Clear Morn Hard frost I at Isaac Price they all Better I at the Docters Doctor’s not home

28 wind N W Still Clear Cold morn boys Sawing wood C- Smith help us to kill 2 hogs weighd 136 lb illegible

November 29th 1827 Wind S E & very wet day all day Nothing to be done I home all day–

30th wind E very wet foggy morn & been very wet night the first rain for 2 weeks a Studdy steady hard frost all the time Ann & Alfred off to market has had 2 small porkers about 130 lb Sold them for about 450 pr very wet till near Sun Set Wind N W & Cleard off Jos & John thrashen Rye

December 1st Wind N.W rather Cloudy but Calm no rain to day froze Ice plenty Meet the argricultr Society but few there Judg Peters their

2 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & fine day not at Meeting with Sibley to Look at Some trees & at pike Tobacco 4 Cents after at Isaac Price & T. Prices

3 Wind W White frost & Plenty Ice Boys halld Smiths hogs or E Walters in a mistake for his & halld wood to turnpike for Rach wood repeated about noon the wind to S- & over Cast & rain I at pike & at C Smiths to Send Neds hogs home but had Started before I Got their

4 Wind S W Soft Cloudy morn & rain afternoon my hog killing day 7 very fine Obe & Charles Smith help

5 wind N E Cloudy & wet morn & day nothing dun I home all day Boys Cut the hogs Ann Sold Some 150 for 150 per 450 per 175

December 6th 1827 wind S E wet foggy morn & wet day perhaps as foggy dark day as I remember I about home boys & Smith take E P Walter’s hog home Been at Smith Some time a bore boar when he went their

7 Wind S E very foggy wet morn & wet day not Seen the sun this 3 days Jos halld a Log to Whitemans Gum Log 13 feet Long I to the pike 1 pint 6½ Cents Gin 6½ Cents Jos halld white Logs for Shafts

8 Wind E by S Cloudy wet morn Jos off with Jim to town to Get a Stove for him a wet foggy dark day So wet nothing dun I at home all day only at Castners Spent not

9 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn but wind more W Seen the Sun about 2 OC- this first time this 6 days I thinke think I at Meeting morn & T Prices after Tasted no Sperrits to day & hope I never will to Excess Cloudy Evening & I might say all only Seen the Sun amongst Clouds

10th. Wind N Sun Shind at Raising foggy & a rainney day afternoon at T- Price He killing hogs 8 fine Jos & John about sawing wood in the woods

11 Wind S & Cloudy Morn H. Henry killd 2 hogs one 299 lb & 253 about 16 months old

December 12 1827 Wind N W Clear Icey morn & fine Clear Cold day I at pike Bought Stuff for a Coat two lines overwritten & later rewritten: ” I at pike met with Ned Price & treated to a glass Bot Stuff for a Coat So home Jos & John at woods”

13 Wind N W Cold Clear Icey morn Jos to move 6 Smiths overwritten & illegible Mother & Ann off for illegible I off to pike at Obe He not home Left word for him to Come to make a Sash for Rach

14 Wind W very Large white frost & Ice & remarkable fog Obe here & fited up a sash for Rach Boys Cuting wood I over with at pike qt W for Boys at Rach with Obe took ½ Jill Got over the bay the Boys Come for me

15 Wind S E & overCast & wet morn & wet now & then all day Boys boys repeated afternoon to Mend Hoffmans Ice dam wet did not much I about home all day

16 Wind N E overCast & wet Day I at the schoolhouse meeting Blockley Baptis a man in Grace I feel

17 Wind N E & wet morn & Day Boys halld one Load wood So wet Stopt I about home all day Reading Testament

18 Wind N E foggy wet morn & Cloudy dapm damp misting at times day two weeks wet Every day not I think the Sun nor Stars– that is not Seen them

December 19th 1827 Wind N & overCast but no rain Seen sun for about 5 nimutes Boys Cuting wood Straing Wether, I about house not well Body nor Mind Ann & one Castners Girls in town bad Roads

20 Wind N Seen the Sun at rising for 4 or 5 minutes then overCast, Ice this Morn, No Clear to day boys at Hoffmans Dam forenoon after Cut & put up ½ Cord hickory wood, I at meeting & after at pike & to Show the boys trees 2 yds muslin

21 Wind N W & blue up very high windy morn & Cloudy day Boys helping Charles Smith kill Hogs I their awhile after at the Taylors To get him make A Coat, then at Huffmans pint Ginn

22 wind N & Snowing Just Coverd Ground & wet Jos. halld ½ Cord to Castner of Hickory wood I about home all day

23 Wind N W fine Cold Clear day & hard frost at Meeting forenoon after at home Ned Heston & wife & nine or ten young woman at tea I fell felt humble & Low

24. wind N and Little E Got to snow soon in morn fine Shower but Cover the Ground, Adam killd 4 hogs Castner kill 2 very fine Still no snow before noon W. N & Giveing hard frost

25 Wind N Cloudy Still Soft morn but no rain Christmas day no work all play I at home

26 wind N W Cloudy morn no rain Boys & Cart & 2 horses on the road for Sibley at I Prices he killd 6 fine hogs

27 Wind E. & over Cast hail alittle in morn Jos halling wood & Got rain before noon Smart heavy rain I said predicted Snow

December 28th 1827 Wind rainney Got N W & blue off fine & Clear before 10 OC- Boys tharshing Jim here I with to turn pike to Show him Some trees to Cut at E P Walters to here hear how Lid was Spent 13 Cents at Castners pd him 100 Cents for Whiskey Jim pd me 2 drs for rent I Got over bay

29 Wind N W Cloudy morn Cloudy all day but no rain meet the argiculter Society old Judg Peters their only 10 meet in his 84 year

30th Wind W fine morn & hard frost Sun Shind alittle while then Cloudy Cool day I at our Meeting Ann Gibson Paschal preach’d alittle very good She & her Son dined here afternoon at Schoolhouse Meeting Blockley man

31 Wind W Cloudy Still morn hard frost but rather Cleard off Steve here I treated him meet John Mathews & Lowrey at the Tavern treated to ½ Glass They the Bobeys boobies fireing away the Old Year Rownd about