Joseph Price Diary


January 1st 1828 Wind N W & Over Cast Still Cold Morn, Sun Last Evening the Second time Since the new moon I think, Adam a great time Shueing shoeing horse Yerkes up I at the Tavern with him he treated to ½ Glass Jos. & I at pike to Give Obe notice to move & negro Jim also over bay

2nd wind S & remarkabel remarkable foggy morn & rain very wet all day Boys Cleaning Stables I at Castners 2 or 3 times J Hughes treated me ½ G

3 Wind W Sun Shind at Raising a rain bow Soft morning no frost Cloudy day last line illegible

January 4 1827 1828 Wind S E Soft Cloudy morn & over Cast till noon then the sunshind I at pike ½ G- 1 fip afternoon Over Cast again & at Gaunts to Look for money Got none

5 Wind S & very Soft foggy morn & foggy day Charles Jones Buried his Son that had the Pith of Back hurt about 3 years agoo never walk It Said He hurt it by Jumping He has sufferd much back pain Jos. & Ann in Chair I at Grave yard very damp on them I at Castners Spent not Seen the Sun awhile but Cloudy Up Soon very foggy & Cloudy

6th wind S very foggy Soft morn no frost I at Meeting in morning was to have meeting at School house so wet not Come very Great wet all the afternoon thick fogg very dark night till moon Got up 1 fip

7th wind w very foggy Soft morn & foggy Cloudy day Jos & Alfred at mill morn after in woods I afternoon at an Election for Presentdent president & managers for flat Rock Bridge rode road Jury their on a road from Bridge up Hagys hollow much shorter route than one from the Bridg I voted & So home before night Jury from upper Merion

January 8th 1828 wind N & over Cast & begun to Snow about 9 OC- & keep at it till night fine not above an Inch fine Star Light night for N & W not Seen Such a Star Light perhaps this above a month & think not 2 months

9 wind E & over cast Seen the Sun at rising Crossley Buried his Sister Terry made the Coffin I attended the Graveyard afternoon at pike boys Cuting wood over Cast all day I think snow

10th Wind N & Cloudy day Snowd in night near 2 Inches froze not very hard NO Sun Shin’d I about house not well bad Cold only at T- Price’s boys & Obe Sawing & Spliting wood

11th Wind old Course N & W by E very foggy Cloudy all day no frost I about home all day Ann Paschal hear a little while Sold Her my bay Colt for 80 drs. Jos halld one Cord of Hickory wood to McCrever 6 drs

12 Wind N very foggy Cloudy morn no frost remarkable day Seen the Sun through the Clouds about 3 OC very foggy Still and darke Evening Roads very Bad Garlick & Rye Growing much

13th Wind W by S very foggy dark morn Wind W & Seen the sun Shine about 2 OC- very fine till most night the first time we had much Sun this 7 or 8 weeks & Starlight I at Meeting morn & afternoon at the Schoolhouse Meeting Baptis man no frost

January 14th 1828 wind S by E Clear to Sun rise but very Cloudy to W & N & S Still morn no Ice & dull Cloudy day & wet in Evening Boys killing Calf

15 West W & Clear fine morn not any frost N W prety high wind G- Printz here to Leather my Pomp pump I at home all day Boys about house Ann in Market with a Calf home before night bad roads

16 Wind E & over Cast & rain in morn & wet day at times & wet in night night repeated I to pike tobacco & paper 40 Cts Jos. for Iron for Adam to ferry 2 horses

17 Wind N W Cloudy most all day but no rain Sun Shind at gooing down G. Printz Repairing door & Sundry Jobs I with him Gave him 1 Jill Whisy Boys tharshing oats with horses we not had so fine a day for work this week

18 Wind S W fine Clear Cool morn Ice the Clearest Sun Shining day we had Since or before Decr Came in boy Cleaning Oats & fetch the Cart from Whitemans I pint of Cyder 5 Cents Sarah George & pegey Peggy Wilday & T- George to See my Wife

19th Wind S E & over Cast & begun to rain Soon in Morn & keep at it till noon then wind W by N & Cleard off prety Clever Sun Shind fine

January 20th 1828 Wind N W & windy frosty morn Clear not had Such a morn this 7 or 8 weeks I at our Meeting in Morn & at School house afternoon a baptis Mary very Ill

21st Wind N W Clear frosty high windy Morn & Cold day froze hard I about home all day only at Castners Boys Idleing

22 Wind N W Still Cold morn hard frost I with Old Casaday to Look at Morris’s Place want to rent But Levi Lukens had Rented It I with at the pike He treated to pint Cyder I home Boys Trashing threshing wheat Been Cold day

23 wind E & has Snowd in night ½ Inch Wind Got N W Soon & Cloudy Cold day Blue off Evening Moon & Star Light Boys Cleaning wheat & sent to Mill I at home

24 Wind N W Clear Cold morn hard frost Boys halld 4 Loads of wood I about home all day, our neighbour Arrison that Livd at Morris’s place 2 years Just by Us, is Buried to day So Cold did not Venter venture Go horseback no horse to go in Chair Lent the Mare to Addam & presst him to Goo

25 wind E. & over Cast & begun to rain about noon prety Smart Boys & Self about home all day no moon to be Seen

26th Wind S W & very foggy Giving morn Cleard off & very fine Clear Soft day Like May at argricul Society I Spent not

27 Wind N & very Cold heavy rainney day Mary no Better

January 28th 1828 Wind N W Clear windy morn & day froze in Shade all day I at pike & at Obes Boys Cuting wood Short for fire places

29th wind W & N W Cold Clear morn & windy day boys tharshing with horses I at Tom Prices alittle while

30th wind W. Still prety Clear morn prety hard frost but held up fine day Boys finished tharshing Oats & Cleand 21 B.

31 Wind S W & over Cast but no rain frost prety hard I at our meeting Samuel Gibson heree here & paid me for my Colt Sold to his daughter $80

February 1st Wind E & Cloudy wet morn but not much rain I at Jane Prices Old Tom & Sip very unwell

2nd Wind S W & over Cast no frost Heavy Cloudy Wet day but not heard hard but no Sun Boys Cut wood till noon then too wet

3 Wind S W most remarkable Cloudy foggy morn & day but no frost nor rain the Sun Shind at Setting & moon & Stars to be Seen I at Meeting in morn Mary no Better Abr Carrier here

4 wind S W & very foggy morn no frost but blue off prety fine day Jos Begun to plow Sod feild No.3 plows fine Bees flying I Seen a fish worm about ½ out very Small one I at pike Settled Sibley Road tax He fell in debt about 50 Cts He paid JP’s sons had worked on the roads in lieu of road tax.

February 5th 1828 Wind Cloudy & wet morn & Cloudy day Sun Shind a few Minutes no frost I at T Price’s & at Benneys Old Tom Better Sip very Bad Jos Sent Wm- to Darby, Mary no Better weaker

6 Wind S W very foggy Still morn & wet all day at times Jos plowd till noon too wet, I at home Widow Nancarrow dead Sister of Owen & Jont Jones to be Buried to morrow

7 Wind S & Cloudy wet morn, our Poor Black Sip dead to Burry bury to day sent for G- Printz & Obe Came & We made him a flat Lid Walnut Coffin & Buried him in our yard he died at Jane Price’s Get not any thing for It the coffin

8 Wind N W fine Still Clear morn no frost Jos. Plowing Negro & John tharshing

9th Wind S W Still Cloudy morn & rain before noon & dull day Boys help Whiteman to Cut a tree I pottering about house all day

10 wind S W Cloudy wet morn & Cloudy windy day I at our meeting Mary no Better, Charles Jones’s wife of Norris town Buried to day Loyd Jones’s daughter

11th wind N W Clear Cool morn Ice & windy day Boys halling wood

12 Wind N W Cloudy Cold but fine day Jos & James tharshing wheat

has crossed out heading for January 28 13th February wind S W Clear white frosty morn & Ice plenty Clear windy day Jos & Jim finish’d tharshing all the wheat I at pike

14th Wind N E Cloudy Morn & windy Cloudy day Boys Cleand the wheat & went to Mill I at pike to See what Hoffman was gooing or Stay or not as tenant of JP’s William Penn Tavern He Bought a Lott

15 wind E & over Cast hail & Sleeted in night & wet & thawd Some all day

16th Wind N Still Cloudy morn not froze hard It most remarkable fine Giving day Melted all the Ice off the trees Roofs & boys Cuting wood I at T. Prices Sent G- Prince their to make a bearer for Me

17 Wind W fine Clear Whitey white frost morn froze & very fine warm day the bees flying & frogs Crying Like Spring

18 wind N E or near E & over Cast by 6 OC- & avery wet day Jos & I in town attend Court- nothing Came on Bout Screws Spectels spectacles 46 Cts oyl 46 Cts at Yerkes 30 Cts pike 12 Cts ferriage 12 Cts so very very wet very Smart rain afternoon

19 wind S W prety Clear Calm but Got N W N W repeated & winday windy flying Clouds windy day no rain

February 20th 1828 Wind S W prety Calm morn froze Some Ice Get from S W 2 words illegible Sun & wind several words illegible Jos plowing Sod wonderfull winter no Snow for Slaying

21 Wind S W & wet morn wind W & broke off Yerkes here Buried his daughter Jos & I drest and attended the Burial very fine afternoon wind W Yerkus at Burial & here awhile

22 wind W Still Clear morn Blue up winday windy prety Cool frogs Crying Mary no Better Boy Sawing wood I at pike & ½ Glass 9 Cts

23 Wind W Clear fine morn Little Ice Jos. Plowing Sod I Meet the Agraculter Society at Castner A Hansel in town & fetch my Oyl Bottle that I Left at Yerkes’s Mary no Better

24 Wind E & wet morn & day till night then blue off I not well not at meeting Mary no better

25 Wind N W windy morn & very windy day Boys naught I at home only at Castners not well

26 W. N W Clear frosty morn fine but after W Got S by W & over Cast Boys not well no work & I very Creeckey with Back knees & Bowels no Stool for 3 or 4 days

February 27th 1828 wind S by E most Remarkable foggy morn & wet in night most Stormey Windy day from S with rain but not heavy I remember Mary very bad they much alarmd She departed this Life about 10 OC- at night, Castner wife here Adam Hansel & wife here at the time

28th wind N W Cold windy morn Serious time poor Mary Lying a Corpse 3 or 4 women all night & here to day prepareing a dinner for to Morrow Old Wilson to town for necessarys & Several out inviting to the funeral to morrow 2 OC-

29 Wind W & Cloudy windy day neighbours & Hansel hear all night that is Last night & to day providing dinner &c for the funeral people a great Converse concourse of people meet & we Started at 3 OC- & interd in our yard Ann Paschal preachd alittle at the Grave, I think not more then than 40 took tea or Coffee, Wind fell in Evening pleasanter

March 1st Wind W. fine Still Clear frosty Morn & Clear fine day I & all at home Wm- at home or here I at Castner put the Bearer that we Carried my Mary on in Sheds at Meeting

on sheet partly used for other records March the 2nd 1828 Wind N E & over Cast & begun to Snow Soon in Morn Cover the Ground Light Scud but got rain by 9 OC- a great rain till night I at meeting

3 Wind N W fine pleasant day all at home

4 W N W fine Clear frosty morn

March blot out of paper

19th white frost very fine day

20th do. do. & ditto

21 Wind N W fine Clear day Apricot out in Blosom Willows out in Leaves 10 days back

22 Wind N W Clear frosty morn meet the argricultar Society Judg Peters their in his 84 year

23 wind S E & Cloudy Still morn & wet afternoon I at meeting Wm & Masters Son up with him

24 wind S W foggy Cloudy morn held up no rain I at T.Prices tea took with Hannah Henry W. West

25 wind N W fine Clear morn Ann off to Market & Alfred Butter 21 Cts Potatoes 50 Cts 2 fine Shad for 37 Cents apeice for two at Tavern 1 pint Cyder 5 Cts boys Sawing Rails

26 wind N W Clear fine morn & day boys Spliting rails I road rode to pike 1 qt wine & 4 Cts Tobacco

27 wind E very foggy morn no rain I with Castner at widow Kuglars vandue J Miller treated ½ pint Bear & Isaac Roberts to ½ pint

28 Wind E foggy wet morn but held up Smith & Boys Spliting Rails at H Henrys vendue Sold all off

March 28th 1828

Settled with Adam Hansel & fell 7 drs out my 50 drs

29 wind E foggy Morn I road to to repeated pike to See Boys at rails afternoon about home at Morris s to Look for pigs

30 Wind E & avery foggy Morn & very heavy thunder Gust from N W John Gibson & wife here at meeting Great meeting at School house Baptis I not their They viz Gibson arrived Just as the Gust Come

31st wind S W Cloudy morn Smith & boys at pike put up 4 pannel of fence I Road their Got rain they quit home to dinner rain & Snowd

April 1st wind N W Clear frosty morn but fine day Enoch Jones moveing to freinds Lott Hugh Henry has Livd there this many years & dug graves Paul Jones here waiting for them I Pottering about with them Jos. George here to draw my will

2nd Wind S Clear white frosty morn I at pike Smith & Boys finishd Post rail fence by noon home to dinner I walk to I Prices Jos George here in Evening I Better

April 3rd 1828 Wind S & over Cast but held up I at Meeting after pottering about Boys in Garden Saml. Gibson here all night

4th Wind E Snow Soon in morn & till most noon the biggest Snow this winter but wind W & raind & thawd & all gone before night I at Castner awhile Samuel Gibson off before dinner

5 Wind W Clear Icey morn Jos off to town with Potatoes wind W & Cold Shower from W now not Long prety after afternoon 4 off of them Settling supervisor of the road and poor acct I paid Castner 1 dolr. took alittle Gin

6 Wind S by W Cloudy frosty morn Icey Wind got N W & Spit alittle Snow I at meeting in morn Baptis at School house I not their at Castner Pint Cyder 1 fip Cold Evening

7 Wind N W Clear Cold Icey morn Jos. off with dearborn to move widow Printz over Schuylkill I at T. Price’s he not at home Isaac wifes hear here paying a visit Paul Jones hear & lent me 100 drs

8 wind N W fine Still Clear morn & Little Snow Shower Jos to Printz Moving again John & I at Huffmans paid him for Brother 107 drs He pd me 90 drs. Rent I pd Doct Anderson 60 drs Intrest So home Ann at Market with Calf

April 9th 1828 wind N W Still Clear Cool morn & fine day Jos Plowing for Oats I about home all day

10th Wind S W. Cool morn & frosty morn John & I at Bowmans for 2 pigs that Left their for me by Huntleys a great Breed 2$ I at T. Prices for Cyder for the rhumatis Jos finished plowing for Oats very windy day Cloudy– but wind Evening W no rain

11th wind N W fine Clear Cool morn paid Castner 12 drs Boy Sowd about 5 B Oats afternoon at pike Spent 12½ Cents at E P Walters meet Wm Gravel & He treated 2 or 3 times & I had treated to Glass & ½ I Got 1 Glass & ½ pint whisy 6½ Cts So home but it illegible on my freinds?

12 Wind N W prety till noon then Cloudy I very Creecky about home all day Cloudy Evening Jos off to See the welch Welsh woman

13 Wind S E & wet morn & wet day first day not at meeting at Castners Got alittle Gin Gave John 50 Cts Got to hail & Snow at night

14 Wind N over Cast it Snowd & hail it Coverd the roofs & along large blot very Cold Snowd all day 4 or 5 Inches deep not Such a snow this winter

April 15th 1828 wind N W Clear fine winter Morn & Snow 4 or 5 In deep about noon thawd & nearly Cleard the feilds Jos home about noon from Welch woman I about home Idle day

16 Wind N heard the dam Clear Cool morn Ice & Snow about the fences I over at E P Walters & at J Huffmans his wife Confind to an other daughter not such a thawing day as yester day– Boys Cut & halld 2 Loads wood

17th Wind S W Clear Still morn till near noon then over Cast Jos halling Rails & Stakes then harrowd Potatoes Enoch Jones & I at Benneys Got to Rain Evening

18 Wind N E very Cloudy N E to E & rain till then noon near near noon then Cleard off & very fine afternoon

19 Wind W Cloudy Soft morn & dull day Jos Harrowing Corn Ground plowd in winter Sod Ground I about house only at Castner 1 Pint Cyder 6 Cents Got to hail & rain

20 wind N E been a great night of wind & Storm as I remember at this season April & a wet windy morn & day Great thunder Gust to South I at meeting & Castner 3 words illegible

21 Wind S W I thought Clear, but Come a Scud from W. I at Paul & Silas Jones they Sign my will as Witness

April 22nd 1828 Wind N W Black Clouds & Cool morn & day I rode to See Jacob Latch He has Been very Ill but He rather Better yester and to day I back to dinner & went Isaac & Tom Price’s Jos halld wood for Huffman & harrowd a lott at pike for Oats

23 wind N W Cloudy Cool morn & windy day Settled with Hugh Henry & fell 22:76 in his debt for Shumaking paid him 22 drs After walk to Jane Prices a rainbow at sun rise

24 wind N W after noon Cloudy few drops of rain I at Meeting, after at pike Tobacco &c 12½ Cts So Enoch Jones makeing Mehoganey Coffin He for boards Home & Got on prety well

25 wind N E & over Cast Cloudy day & rain at times about home Enoch Buryed blot‘s daughter I at pike to See my negro for rent Spent &c &c Tobacco 12½ Cents So home

26 Wind S E and over Cast rain now & then wet day & Great thunder Gust after night at the Society Adam my Mare in town Got me 2 Shad & 1 lb Tobacco

27 wind N. Sun Shind at rising I blot at our meeting afternoon at Schoolhouse Hall a Baptis preachd

April 28th 1828 wind W fine Clear morn Little white frost in Henry Lott I think fine windy driing drying day I at pike Spent 1 fip Huffman at Norristown Boys on the Roads

29 Wind W & very Cloudy morn but held up Jos in town for Adam John on the roads I at pike Spent 1 fip paid Henry 2 drs Warner 50 Cts Castner 50

30 wind N E & rain Soon in morn & Cloudy H. Henry & family Started for New Orlanes to pitt then down the River 300-400 hundred repeated miles We all their to See them Start

May 1st Wind – W Cloudy Cool morn & Cloudy day no rain Boys at fence Alfred harrowing Spent 12½ Cents

2 wind N E very wet morn Ann off to Market & wet day nothing to be done outdoors Cut Seed Potatoes

3 Wind N E most foggy dark morn & wet day about 5 OC Come from S a great Shower with much thunder

4 wind W fine Clear morn & fine day at our meeting & at the School house Baptis man Boys all away

5 Wind W. fine Clear Cool morn & day Molitia militia day I to See them 6 Cents Boys diging Garden till noon then mustering

May the 6th 1828 wind N E & over Cast & few dorps drops of rain Soon after N W very fine Cool day Jos harrow Corn Ground with how hoe harrow David Roberts harrow I went with him to pike Got wine 12½ Cents so home

7 Wind N W very fine day illegible Great Lightening to N E & N W & few Claps of hard thunder in N West Jos finishd how harrow Corn Ground I over with to pike took D R‘s harrow home I very unwell back &c Got ½ B Salt for Sheep & Cattle

8 Wind N Clear windy Cold morn but fine day for work Jos harrowing Corn Ground

9th Wind W Clear Cool morn & fine day I pottering about keens knees & back bad Jos marking for Corn I Shelling Seed Corn & at pike to See Huffman He not home so I home Kitike Kitty & Ann paying A visit at Huffmans fine Evening

10th Wind W fine Cool morn & fine day Obe & A. Hansel help to plant our Corn & finishd by noon then Cleand out the Spring house Gutter &c 1 qt 12½ Cents

11th Wind W very foggy morn & fine day I at Meeting Alley Roberts widow buried here from Phila up at 12 OC

May 12th 1828 wind S E very foggy dark Morn but held all day up Jos Plowing for Obe I at I Price’s Give Wm 50 Cents first & Jos 50 Cents

13 Wind blank & Cloudy Morn & day Ann off to Market, Jos illegible C. Smith & John washing Sheep I have 5 & He 3 E. Jones took me down in his wagon to Look at them Got mug Cyder 9 Cents

14 Wind N. & very Cold prety fine in the hole Jon on the road at pike Spent 2 Jill vine wine Huffman at Corn

15th Wind N W fine day Boys on the road I at pike & at Obes Davey Jones diging Garden

16 Wind N W very fine day in the hole, Cool Morn warm day Boys mending fence till noon after planting Corn for Benney I at home David Jones finish’d Garden

17 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn Jos Sowd Obes Oats & Smith & John Sheard our Sheep 3 for him 5 for me 1 qt whis, had very fine Shower with thunder Evening

May 18 1828 wind W very fine morn been a great rain in Night windy Cool day I meeting in Morn a great Gethering at the School house Baptis their from Blockley

19 Wind N Cloudy Cool morn but held up for work I at I & T. Prices try to Get horse

20 Wind W & foggy morn but held up Adam & Ann in town for Shad Jos & J Huffman Cart & mare & one horse here halling dung for our Potatoes Got dun Ann Bot 50 Shad for 4 drs

21 wind E & wet morn Jos off to Huffmans to plow for him I had a pint of wisy and took too much a poor falling man I am this was yester day Got rain about noon & Cold N E

22 Wind W fine day Jos at pike for Huffman

23 Wind W fine day planted our Potatoes Huffman Sent us 2 hands they Got finished before night

24 Wind W fine Morn John & Jos helping to plant I very bad with my back & nees at H blot

May 25th 1828 wind N W high Wind I not well not at meeting a great one at Blockley Baptiseing Ann & Castner Girls off there not home till dusk

26 W N W & Cloudy wet morn I over at my Corn & Clover feilds then with I Roberts to Look for their Row in Gravd grave yard John Leadoms wife dead & to be Buried to morrow Cloudy cloudy day I not well John at Smiths halling dung & planting potatoes I their awhile Smart rain from N E afternoon then Seemd to brake off in a Great thunder Gust Evening

27 Wind N W Cool windy day John Leadom Buried his wife at our Yrd I at Obes & pike Spent 1 fip & paid 100 Cts & paid D Jones 50 Cts Got 2 Sizes scythes 2 drs.50 So home John along

28 wind W fine Clear Cool morn but got over Cast David Jones & John halld 2 Jags of wood I with them Jos not well

29 wind W & fine Clear Cool morn but Cloudy day John Harrowing with harrow and part time with the how harrow Spent 1 fip Whisy

May 30th 1828 Wind S W foggy Cloudy morn fine Shower Last Evening Lent my Mare & dearborn to E.P Walters wife to goo to market John harrowing Corn

31 Wind N W & wet morn John harrowing Corn I about home pint Cyder 1 fip Benney & Ned Walter Washing Sheep Great party of them windy Cold day Shower Evening

June the 1st W- N W Cool Clear morn & Pleasant day at meeting & after meeting Schoolhouse one Hall preached

2nd Wind W fine Morn & day Smith boy & our Boys Obe my horse & Cart & Alfred halld his Obe’s dung & John plowd his Ground & planted his Potatoes Jos. & 3 of them mowing Lott & above half the feild

3 Wind S W over Cast & Smart Shower rain by 6 O’C- poor hay time wet till noon then they musterd & Cut down the remainder of the feild

June the 4th 1828 Wind W very foggy Cloudy morn & dull day till noon then prety Boys mowd old Orchard I at pike & got 4 qts Whisy

5 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn all at hay E P Walters here with horse rake 1 G whisy

6 Wind N W fine morn fine hay day Got all No4 in 6 Loads 3 ton at Least

7 Wind S W Cloudy & been a great Shower before day with thunder no hay morn broke off about noon so Spread out the hay in Orchard We Hall all in I at pike bacco & wine 12½ Cts Obe & Enoch here at fence and at the hay Halld all in

8 wind N W fine day at Meeting forenoon & after at Schoolhouse A Battis Baptist from Ridge Roxborough Baptist Church

9th W N W illegible Boys mowing Obe & Enoch illegible

10th Wind N no hay day John Mowing for Obe Ann at market I at pike Jim mowd my Lott there

June 11 wind N W Boys & Obe at hay in meadow Got 1 Load then Shower & Stopt Us JP is confused about dates and makes a number of changes without successfully straightening out the record.

12 W Wind very foggy & Smart rain heavy with hard thunder afternoon prety fine no hay

12 W S W Obe ½ day Cuting wood

13 W S W & Cloudy day Obe ½ day at hay Got 2 Loads inn in

14 W N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine hay day halld our Meadow 4 Loads & 2 from turn pike negro mowd it for Cherreys Tom & Isaac halld in & Several of others did also tho a first day we halld 2 or 3 Loads from pike I opposed it

14th halld 3 Loads from Last Evening & morning & Obes been on first day

15 Moggy muggy not Clear day till omission I John & Obe & Smith boy in meadow

16 Obe herar here at hay

17 Obe hear ½ at halling then a great thunder Gust all out below the tan yd 4 Loads out Meadow

June the 18 wind N W Obe & Boys at mowing farfeild

19th Obe at hay or mowing

20 & 21 Obe & Boys

22 being first day no work

Julyne 24 Cloudy day but Cleard off to a prety hay day halld 3 Loads Obe ½ day went to G Printz ½ day

25th W S W very foggy Cloudy morn but Cleard off fine hay day Obe & my boys at hay Halld 2 Loads in two Great thunders Gust thunder gusts one from N W & from Nor E not heave heavy but wind Got E & fetch Some Scud on us Rain bow but we got all our farfeild in had a great Crop I more hay than Last year first & Second Crop

28 W S W very foggy & rain in morn but fine day for hay

29 W– W very fine morn & fine wind I at School meeting till about 4 OC- home more thunder than I heard in one Gust & Great rain

June the 30th 1828 Wind W fine pleasant morn but 3 or 4 omission from W with Showers Cloudy day John Roberts & Isaac Reaping day So many Showers they tyd none

July the 1st wind W very foggy dark Morn but fine day

2nd my Reaping day had 10 hands boys made up so as To make 10 Some Got done by noon & they Cut Enoch Jones’s

July 3 wind N W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day Got all my Rye & Wheat in Obe here & help

4th W N W & a fine harvest day my hollow day holiday the 4th of July the Boys at Huffmans I at home at Whis all day T Price Reaping

5 W N W fine Cool Clear Morn Boys helping Obe to Reap & Hall his Rye to our barn

6 Wind N W fine Clear day I not well at home all day not at meeting

7 W N W fine fine Clear Cool Morn Boys harrowing Corn

July the 8 1828 Wind S W till noon Boys harrowing fine till noon then we had a great thunder Gust much Rain Come over Broke in Evening

9 wind west Cool Clear morn & prety fine harvest day Tom & Jane finished all theirs

10 Wind S W over Cast but no rain Boys halld 2 Loads wood

11th Wind S W & over Cast but Cleard with a Small Scud of rain

12 Wind N W Clear Cool morn but warm after after repeated harvest day for Congress all the boys Guning

13 Wind S W Cool over Cast morn & two heavy Showers before noon Cloudy day I at our Meeting afternoon at Baptis Meeting School house at Castner Spent not

14 Wind S W very foggy Cloudy morn Alfred halld a little wood for Rachel turnpike had Evening Great thunder Gust Lasted along while

15 Wind S Cloudy dull morn but no rain only in Morn but remarkabel remarkable Still no wind but a fine day to work Ann at Market & Boys doing not anything of acct

July 16th 1828 Wind S E Cloudy & grate great rain in Evening Obe Cleand his Rey rye not much done to day

17 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn Blue off a prety fine day John in dearborn took me for a ride at the Church to See how omission with wall Huffman pd me 6 dr for post &c &c

18 wind N fine Cool Clear morn & day Jos for load of Cole coal Sea Cole for Adams Stove John & Obe ? picked up Oats & had no Cradle Jos & Obe afternoon made poor out of it

19 Wind S by W fine Cool Clear Morn & fine day Lukens & Obe helping to Cut my oats much down Meet the Society they finished Cutting my oats

20 Wind S W fine Cool Clear Morn but a heavy Shower in Evening I not at Meeting Ann off in dearborn took Alfread Alfred to Gibsons & Left him their I frade afraid He not Long, he was spelte spoilt here

21 wind W fine Cool Clear morn & fine day Boys & Obe Cuting Oats at turn pike I adoing nothing Spent 1 fip Jim paid me $2

July 21st 1828

William up & sick to day Ann took the Chair & sent William part home Joe off with Lukens at Coopers

22 Wind S W very Cloudy morn wet at times thunder Gust to the S we a little of It no Oats tying day & 1 qt W for boys Obe here

23 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day boys & Obe tyd & halld two small loads of Oats I at feild

24 W N W fine Clear morn finish tying my oats at home & Got in one Load from turn pike I not well

25 Wind N W & fine Cool Clear Morn boys & Obe at pike Got all the Oats home after they off to pike nothing dun

26 Wind W fine Morn & day blot Boys took holladay I Castners 2 Small Gin 12½ Cents thunder Gust in Evening wind to N we none of it

27 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day I at our meeting after E. Jones He treated to Brandy

28 wind W Cloudy Morn Little rain but fine day I at T Prices Jos begun to plow oats Stuble

July 29th 1828 Wind N & Cloudy Morn but no rain Jos plowing oats Stubel I pottering about not fit for anything

30 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn I about home fit for no work Jos finished the oats Stuble Gave Gave repeated Jon 12 to buy a quart Whisy

31 Wind N W. fine Clear Cool morn Cloudy day no rain I was at Meeting morn Jo=s at pike plowing his Oats Lott Jon about the house

August the 1st Wind W fine Cool morn & fine day tho Cloudy Evening Joss mowing pike Lott Jon. at Obes & mowd my Clover Lott Shop I not unfinished

2nd Wind W fine Cool Clear morn & rather a fine day though Clouday cloudy Jos mowing pike Lott Jon raken & halld in the Shop Lott Small jag

3 Wind N by W Cloudy morn & day no rain till in the night then a great rain & thunder & wind I at home all day only at Castners

4 Wind N by E & Great Shower in the morn about 4 OC- & heavy one in night Wet Shower a day I & John at turn pike illegible Gin 1 fip & Jack 1 G. Whiskey near Evening

August 5th 1828 Wind N E & very wet morn Ann off to Market wet till about 5 OC- then a very fine Evening

6 Wind N fine & Clear to N & W but Cloudy all the rest no hay day boys at pike turn & Cock hay up

7 Wind N & Cloudy morn but held up no rain & they at the turnpike hay in

8 Wind N W & held up boys Got Obes hay & oats in

9th wind N & a fine Cool morn & fine day Ned Walters got all in from Lott by Us two prety Stout Loads I at Castners William here to dinner to See me G Streaper, here Has been down all Summer Titus keep him at his Building factory

10th Wind W foggy dark morn a lite thunder Gust from W I not at Meeting Wm & Alfred up Wm home Evening

11 Wind S W Cloudy Cool morn & a little Shower from W in the afternoon Boys illegible wood Streaper illegible

August the 12th 1828 wind N W fine warm day Boys Pertened pretend to mow afternoon they off Got Streaper off Gave him 13 Cts & 2 drinks off of whiskey He off

13 Wind N W fine Clear morn & day Jos begun to mow in Meadow David Jones here Evening & mowd

14 wind S W & very foggy morn a dull hay day Boys & David Jones mowing a blow & Shower Evening not heavy

15 Wind W & avery fine morn & fine day Boys & David mowing

16 Wind N W fine hay day boys & D Jones Got 3 Loads in all on this Side Cow Lane

17 wind W Cool prety fine morn & fine day I not at our meeting nor School Meeting the Blockley man up

18 Wind S W fine Cool Clear morn Boy rather up 2 Loades loads & halld them in

19 Wind N W fine Cool Clear morn A Hansel mowd the remainder of Meadow Jos help Got done

20 W N W Got 2 Load in one for him one I took one He would Buy It

August 21st 1828 Wind W fine Cool Clear day Boys pottering about did not nought only Churnd &c I Stude stood a qt whisy to pitch a load of hay off David Jones hear

22 wind W Cool Clyde cloudy morn but no rain Ann & Rebecca at Market Boys halld 1 Load of wood 2 Burials Capt Holgates daughter the other a Child of Wells

23 Wind N W Cool foggy morn but pleasant day Boys no work only Joe went to mill had word of the death of Judg Peters to move from his home at 4 OC- to take him to Philadelphia I think to be Interd till to morrow 10 OC- it was advertised in apaper of Phila

24 Wind W Clear Still morn & fine day I not at meeting but fell took 4 small Galses glasses

25 Wind W fine Still Clear morn & day Boys doing not & I worse than that Spent 9 Cts

26 wind W Cloudy to W & all round Jos harrow oats Ground after at illegible Jones burial old Neley Son by the war office so Called Buried at Battis Baptist yard my Son Wm up not well

August 27th 1828 Wind blot W fine Clear blot warm day Obe marked blot he along Jos blot Cows &c heavey Creeck with knees

28 Wind N W fine day Joe went for the dearborn to Castners John 4 words illegible I Knees bad Benney Price very Ill & his Mother also

29 Wind W very fine morn Ann off to market Jos off with dearborn for negro Jim Jack & I at not we heared old Esq Young dead in 84th year they Say dead repeated Enoch maken the Coffin poor old Man He was illegible fall illegible Some thing poor Creaters we Are If we can make peace with our God then we Get to Happiness for Ever

30th wind W fine Still Clear Morn & fine day boys hollowday would not hall dung

31 wind W most wonderfull foggy morn Old Esqr Young Buried to day I not at Meeting Wm has 4 of his acquats acquaintances here to dinner a great baptis Meeting at the new School they Say to be this afternoon

September the 1st 1828 wind S W. fine Clear morn & apleasant day fine Lite rain thunder Ann took to Samuel Gibson Alfread Boys as bad a Idol

2nd Wind N E & wet morn & a wet day all day with heavy Showers Boys at meadow all day very keetchy in back & keens knees

3rd Wind N & wet night Last & wet day hard Showers with Some time not so hard about 3 OClock very heavy one from N E with thunder Wind N & N E very hard Showers hard wet day in the hole Boys no work having no wood

4 wind W tho a wet morn Wm Shaved me prety well very wet day nothing done I at Castner for the paper &c ½ G my Back & knees very bad

5 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day Boys Cuting wood my Back & knees very bad not well

6 Wind N W fine Clear morn Boys halld 2 Loads wood I Bad my back & keens knees I Reading all day

September 7th 1828 wind N Cool Cloudy morn Poor Benney dyed Last Evening Poor John Price had a bad fitt this morn fell in road Enoch Jones made Benneys Coffin it down none of us at meeting

8 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn I went with Ann Paschal took me in to Burial house of Poor Benney & Samuel Gibson fetch me up to Grave yard I Stayd at meeting till they Buried him then Jos fetch me home in the Chare Ann walkd

9th Wind N & Cloudy Little rain Ann off to Market home about 12 OC- rest of line overwritten & illegible very wet afternoon from N brake off at Sun Set I walk to Castners 3 Cts my keens knees bad

10 Wind W & a fine Clear Cool morn Jos halling dung David Jones helping John illegible George Streaper here on a run and I not able to walk fine day for W

September 11th wind N W & very fine day Boys & D halling dung

12th Wind N W, Cool Clear morn Boys & D Jones halling dung

13 W N W fine Clear Cool Day D Jones & Boys halling Dung my Back very Bad Could not walk

14 wind N W fine day Boy & D Jones halling dung I very bad with back

15 Wind N W & fine day

Joseph Price died on September 18, 1828, age 75.