Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 1826 Wind E & over Cast & rain Soon in Morn Smart Little Shower and Wet all day wind W Evening & Snow Shower frost nearly out If not quite roads & Ground very wet I such bad Cold not at Meeting

2nd Wind W & hard froze but no rain & Sun Shind prety much at times blue up & over Cast after night Cold at home only at Mathey 2 pts Cyder

3rd Wind W. froze prety hard but thawd Some to day I at Matheys 2 pints Cyder Settled with Sibley County tax for 1824 & Roads for 1823 & 24 pd 10 drs Boys tharshing wheat Joe & John I much deprest in mind

January 4th 1826 Wind N W very hard frost & very high wind at times & now & then fine Sun Shind at Jane Price’s Disposeing of Sister Rebecca’s property by privet private Sale of the heirs Saml Gibson & his two Childern their Jane Walter & Jane or Rees Price & Self the 4 Heirs we Sold them Rees & Jane Walters & Gibsons 2 Childern bought all I Bout but one dollars worth all Settled very friendly–

5 Wind N W & a very hard frost & Cold Clear Morn I at Meeting after at home & at Mathey pint Cyder & one afternoon 2 fips up & Reading till 10 OC-

6 Wind W & very hard frost but fine day thawd alittle in Sun over Cast afternoon I with Jos. Evans to Measure a pile of Stone back to dinner after at pike Cyder 1 fip & ¼ lb. Tea 30 Cents so home

7th Wind S by W been a little rain in night & frozed Slipperry, raind alittle about 8 or 9 OC- then Sun Shined boys halling Ice for Huffman I their & dined with them afternoon over Cast about 9 OC- at night Star Light 2 pints Cyder 10 Cent at pike

January the 8th 1826 Wind S & most remarkable foggy warm Morn, not froze any, smart rain in night I at Meeting the most remarkable foggy day without rain I recolect all day frost most all out

9th Wind S by W very foggy Soft Morn no rain all night nor to day So foggy Could not See the Spring house all day hardly 100 yds any Direction after night Cleard alittle to west so we seen the moon Little while then Cloudy over

10th Wind W. very Cloudy but Clear in some places & held up a fine warm day Bees flying Like Spring G- Printz at pike He rented my house below the pike where Ben Yunt is for 30 drs I bought 1 qt. Oyl & 2 J wine pint Cyder 17 Ct

11th Wind S by E. & over Cast & Got to rain by 10 OC- not froze any Raw unpleasant day pd Wynns boy 1 dr & ¾ drs to Pedlar woman Cleard off in Evening & fine Rain bow fine pleasant night

12th Wind W froze Some & very fine day I greasing harness & took C. Jones Gig to Huffmans He is to pay Me 20 drs. 2 pts Cyder 10 Cts.

January 13th 1826 Wind W froze some fine Still Pleasant morn & pleasant day I off to Charles Jones about Margerey Alleys Coffin He not at home at Felix Washers at Grows no money at Hagys He Clever took alittle Sperrit Toddy with him first Sperrit I tasted above a month

14th wind S & over Cast & rain alittle I walk to Jane Prices their man Broke my Dear Born Pint Cyder 1 fip Cleard off warm not froze any, at W Matheys

15 Wind W no frost Black frying flying Clouds rain in Night & Little this Morn Broke off afternoon I at Meeting rather dull after at Thoms Price Got drink Cyder & tea & home & read W Penn

16 Wind N W & Cold frosty morn & Cold day I afternoon at Huffmans to try to Settle 2 pints Cyder 10 Cts–

17th Wind N W Cold Clear morn hard frost Obe & I at pike they Come after Us to make a Coffin for Archalbel Archibald Minus John Smith & Obe Got at it & Got all done but Spriging the Lid 1 qt W 12½

18 Wind W. Still frosty morn Obe Come Late Billy & I Sprig the Lid Obe help to Oyle we geard up & set off with the Coffin Got their about 1 OC & interd along the Road along Holgates Line Back at sunset

January 19th 1826 Wind W. Large white frost but fine pleasant day Obe & I at Huffmans altering the bar I 2 Jills Wine & 1 pint Cyder & dined their at Jane Walters

20 wind N & over Cast hard frost Obe & Self at pike Obe finished the Barr bar front I dined their Like Snow but Blue off Evening

21st Wind W Cold hard frost Clear day about home till noon then Meet the Society E P Walters up the tree they kick up a Spar about him & I think they turn him out

22nd Wind E very Calm & Red to Sun Rise froze prety hard white frost at Meeting fine afternoon I about home only at T Price He not home so I home feeld humble

23 wind N E morn Large White frost then S & after N & over Cast I at pike 4 J of wine not well

23 wind N E After in Evening paid Jim Holland 3 drs He said I owd him for fence makeing

24 Wind W & Snowing Smartly Got ½ G. Brandy Such a Gripeing not had a dram in morning above a month took ½ G Brandy for Lax

January 24th 1826 Snowd till about omission then Cleard off thawd fine till Evening froze fine at Matheys He very unwell I drawing of the Coffins Obe help

25 Wind N W Clear Cold day hard frost no thaw Clear at Matheys took Little for my Lack Lax very bad & Bad Cold & Coff

26 Wind N W hard frost & Cold Clear day no thaw Snow Sticks tuff It was about 2 I. deep & not thawd blot yet at T Price’s He not at home I bad blot with Lacks or pain in Bowels blot

27 Wind E & Cloudy Soft Giving day Jos. off to hall Ben White Load of wood I in woods & at Huffman’s Borrow’d dollar to Give Ben they did not Come their I Got 2 Small Glasses Brandy home by Jane Prices & T Prices

28 Wind S very foggy Soft morn Jos Lost Cart & horses went off from Hadenton Village Wm. off to hunt them and found at one Millers Balors new house He Got them in the Evening & put them to hay Haverford road Hansels Gate

29 wind S by W very foggy morn all frozen to trees Like a Snow; Evening all Star & wind I think W Snow all gone out the feilds, I not at Meeting my Lacks & Cough so bad I did not Goo

January 30th 1826 Wind N E & over Cast & hard frost & begun to Snow by 8 O’C- & keep at till about 4 OC- wind Got to West & blue off & Sun Shind Snow about 3 Inches Wm- & I down in dearborn to Esqr Lintle about G- Savadges affares He accusd of attacking a woman & abusing her She did not? Come & we did not Settle it at Elliots Spent 3 fips Elliot 1 Glass at Youngs Gate 8 Cents so home

31 Wind N W Clear Cold day hard frost I about home only at T Prices Rees their to Show me agreement between Jont Jones Executor & his Mother about some tree on the Line not Settled I Spent 2 fips

Feby 1st wind N & over Cast hard frost prety fine day I at pike to Show Huffman Trees for Posts Spent 3 fips

2nd Wind S E very foggy morn & snowd alittle in night over Cast all day I at Matheys G McClenechan their I Spent 1 fip I home George McClenechan in Slay & John Wagoner at Mathews 2 Slays their

3 Wind S by E very foggy morning froze very Little Straing winter I at pike 2 fips Jos. Come for me I at T & Isaac Prices & about home

4 Wind W fine Clear Pleasant day thawd prety much I about home at T- Price & Matheys meet there in Evening with Several my freinds Spent 1 fip

February 5th 1826 wind S W & very red to Sun rise & over Cast not well not at meeting at T Prices & Rees Price’s Got Gay Poor Creator

6th Wind N W fine Still Clear morn Jos drove a dearborn for Robeson I at pike Spent 2 fips & at blot Paid Winns 50 Cents at T- Price’s Got alittle Gay

7th Wind S by W Got to rain Prety Soon Sent for Obe to make a Coffin for Negro Woman at Paul Jones’s Spring Mill finished about noon Obe & Jos. attended they had Paul Jones & tyd his Sisters horse & He the horse hung himself flat Lid top It Got to be very foggy afternoon

8 Wind W & Cleard off very Windy I very unwell took 2 doses of Salts work me prety much I walk to Matheys 2 fip Brandy A. Levering & I Settled Beef & 25 dr & a note of mine 104 drs

9th Wind W Calm Clear hard frost this Morn a wonderfull Pleasant warm day Doct. Calld to See me & Left me Some Medecin I very unwell at Matheys Spent 2 fips meet Samuel Young thaw much to day

Feby the 10th 1826 Wind S & over Cast & Got rain & a wet thawing day keep house all day unwell

11th Wind S by W very foggy dark morn Obe here helping make a Coffin for Some Woman at Loyd Jones’s house they Got done about one OC- & they took it down but did not put her in had a qt Gin I out in wet much

12 wind W fine Clear morn not froze but very Little Obe & Jos off & attended the funeral to our yard Got up about 10 O’C Buried before Meeting I walk to the yard Jos. attended the Burial of Henry Grow from flat Rock to dutch Church He keep Tavern there Been Sick but 4 or 5 days, & one Isaac Thomas Buried at Youngs yard by Holgates so 3 funerals to day in the neighbourhood to day a man from Phila a preacher had a sitting at Matheys I their a man in Grace I think I heare him when He had a sitting at Henrys I much deprest not well in margin: “Blue Bird & Robens”

13th wind W very Still Clear morn froze Prety hard but very fine day Rode to pike pint Beer at Jane Walters Old Tom Sick

February 14th 1826 Wind N in Morn then S W & a heavy fog before 12 OC- West & blue up & Cleard Jos & I in woods marking Logs & at pike Spent 2 fips ¼ Mtton 50 Cts of Wynn muton mutton 50 Cts

15 wind N W hard frost Clear morn prety Cold but Pleasant day thawd prety fine I at T Price He not at home I back ½ Pint Bear at 12½ Cents I very Crechey creaky Posting up acct Jos. & Obe Sawing Rails & pail pale Logs

16 Wind E in morn & over Cast Got W & Got Smokey overCast all day Some thaw Boy & Obe Cut 5 trees at the Grove for rails I walk their 1 Jill wine 1 fip & 1 qt wine 37½ Cnt

17 Wind N & Cloudy Been a Shower of rain & Snow in night & 2 or 3 to day afternoon blue off wind W I walk to pike 2 pints Cyder So home

18th Wind N W hard frost Cold day but prety fine no Snow pottering about home till noon Meet the Society Old Judge Peters their tho so Cold 12 Members meet I took a drink of Beer

19 Wind N W Still Clear morn hard frost at Meeting Robert Yerkes & Kentucke man up in afternoon at Matheys with Robert Reading Portfoloe portfolio Sun Set fine or very red to W over Cast after night

February 20th 1826 Wind E & hail & very Wet Morn & froze to trees &c Slippery walking afternoon Jos.& Self in dearborn up to Rawlins & at Steels vendue at Sheets place Jont Miller treated me to 1 fip of Stued Oysters, Got no money of none of them wind N, no rain afternoon

21 Wind E foggy Soft morn most wonderfull fog not froze Hardly dry water in horse track not froze but had haild & froze to trees & ground but raind so hard that it thawd all off by noon & thawd the face of the Ground about 2 I- & Cleard up from W afternoon very Calm & Clear I at M- pint Beer 1 fip I trying to form my Will the Lord forgive me a Sinner, Potatoes 112 Cts per B & wheat 90 Cents Corn 62½ Cts per I at pike Isaac & Ben Yunt their Spliting rails in Grove I home Evening at M- Jill wine 1 fip

22 Wind N W very Windy night but Got by omission a fine day I at pike Jos. halling wood thawd prety much in Sun Ike & Ben at pike Spliting Rails a man from Downingtown after negro 11 OC-

illegible they Ketch him in Coopers barn & took him back 1 mug Cyder 10 Cents a Great Oyster Supper at Matheys. 47 Sup their I not their

23 Wind S by E Smokey morn & fine thawing day Boys & I at pike & Ike & Ben Yunt at Rails & Post home to dinner afternoon their at Rails 2 pints Cyder 10 Cts

24 wind S. & over Cast not froze but very Little warm day bees flying Like Spring Boys halling Posts at pike afternoon Spliting Rails I at pike wine 2 fips so–

25th wind S & Cloudy warm Morn not froze any wonderfull winter quite warm Boys Railspliting I at the Church to meet John Wagoners son Burial Several fine Showers from S W Cleard off before 4 OC fine & Calm I at Maty. T Price Treated me to pint Beer so

26 wind N W no frost fine Morn at Meeting afternoon at T. Price’s & at Rees Price’s

27 Wind S E & over Cast no frost But misting Cold day I off to town about Johnson & Vaughens Law Suite horse &c 37½ Spectacles illegible ferry & pike 8 Cents

1826 February 28th Wind W & wet morn & rain Raw unpleasant day at Jane Prices for Fathers day Book She would not Let me have It we Spard much I told her I was very Sorry for the Spar afternoon at the Buck they Sold old Horsler John’s Lot 5 Acres for 750 drs Kelley Bought it

March 1st wind E & wet morn very remarkable time for open winter bad roads I at T. Price’s He in the woods & at Matys ½ G Brandy 1 fip wet day but not very heavy rain this the 3 day wet Raw unpleasant N & NE wind no out door work

2nd Wind N E & wet day but not heavy Jos. & Self off to town in dearborn on Johnson & vaughns trial Cost me 13 fips & 50 Cts to Jos. the 4 day wet

3 wind N W & over Cast I seen the Sun through the Clouds no Sun Shine remarkable bad roads no traveling on our old road about home all day Spent Beer 1 fip

March 4th 1826 Wind E foggy & wetting alittle the foggyest & dark day I think I recolect to have Seen I at pike pint Beer 1 fip at Mathy. T Amos treated me to ½ glass Gin He very stirring Industrious paper Maker He Give bread to as many as all of them nearly on Mill Crick make much or most all the Bank paper; thunder to N & to S Several It warm till unpleasant in Stove rome room; no rain Since Morn but alittle Shower Stars to be Seen frogs Crying bad roads

5 Wind E & very foggy dark morn very foggy Sun Shind out fine afternoon first time for 7 day I at Meeting after at Thoms Price’s agreed to have Oyster Supper at Huffmans 3 ½ Pint Bear 9 Cents

6 Wind N.E & over Cast I at Bowmans Soon in morn about Georg Savages trial He said He goo to town & He would Let Us know when Mathys must Come to town I at pike pint Cyder 5 Cents Boys in the woods I at Castners Vendue Bot Blind halter

March the 7th 1826 wind E over Cast & been Wet night & wet this Morn I had a bad Spell before day Like a Colock & great Pain in Bowel at M- Pint Beer 1 fip I Better this is the 9 day rain & over Cast

8 Wind N E foggy morn wet night Last & a dull foggy Misting day I pike 20 Cts Knox & I at Hestons Tavern to Bind Isaac Ellis’s son to a Showmaker shoemaker back to home

9 wind N by W foggy Cloudy morn this is the 10 or 11 day rain & no sun Shine but a Little while one day no frost & bad roads very dull till noon then broke off & the Sun Shined out fine which was very Pleaseing to our Sperrits to see our new Sun in margin: “heavy Showers & blough night”

10 wind N W & fine Cheerfull warm morn Peeve peewee very Chearfull, I a bad Spell Pain in my Bowels & Stummock Like Colick this is in Conciquence of taken 2 or 3 Small Glasses Gin & Goonig going on the damp Ground took 7 Pills they work me prety much I took pint Beer & I Better Smart Shower from west & blue up a fine rainbow Shephard delight in margin: ” Frogs very lively”

March 11th 1826 Wind N.W. Clear Cool Morn no frost prety fine but rather Haysey to W. or Cloudy I about home not well at M Pint Beer Sent Wm. to Rock factory for money Got none

12 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn no frost roads drying fine; a little Ice but a fine day no rain at Meeting had 3 Short Sermons I walk to T Price’s & at Matheys

13 Wind S Clear Cool but no Ice or frost as I could find I off to twown town on horse back about Savadges tryal not Come on so home in Evening horse Beer 25 Cts oysters 12½ Cts ferriage 6 pike 9 Cts

14 Wind N & Cool morn & Cold day I at pike at Taylors at Buck Miller Gave me dinner at Vendue at C Jone’s house at M Tunis’s Spent 9 Cents at M so home

15th Wind W & Ice & Large White frost prety Clear Sharp morn & unpleasant day, I off to town in the Dear Born took Clarks wife witness on G. Savadges tryal I Examined about 5 OC- Jury Cleard Savadge horse & Beer & horsler 44 Cts ferriage & pike 20 Cents So home fetch Clark & his wife up to Matheys Smart Shower 10 OC night of Rain

March 16th 1826 Wind W. Clear pleasant but a remarkable windy day blue the Dust on pike so that I Coold could not See 100 yards Some times, I with John Leadom at Esqr Elliots wanted me to Settle with Charles Jones I told him He Give 50 drs. I Give him up the vandue Paper, I off to George Wilsons about Brother Edw. Back lands His Uncle had all the papers & had never actued acted back to Huffmans pint Beer 6 Cents So home at the Wane the General Wayne ½ pint Beer 3 Cts

17. Wind N W Cold Smart frost Ice plenty this Partrick St. Patrick’s day in Morn I at Pike Smith & John & Jos run a post & rail fence & divided the Corn feild, I at township Election for Supervisors & Constables &c I & McClenechan Judges 1 Mug Beer 12½ Cts Oysters 6 Cts so home 9 O’C

18th Wind N E Cloudy froze prety hard & begun to Snow at noon & keep at it till night, & all night I think meet the Agrocity Agricultural Society 15 or 16 meet E. P. Walter resind resigned as Secretary took Beer & Got portfolio So home

19 Wind N by E & misting or raining Snow about 2 Inches deep & illegible Crust & very Cold a misting weting all day at times took the Crust off prety much

March the 20th 1826 Wind N E & very foggy dark morn, Soft Giving not froze most remarkable foggy dark day with Misting till about 5 OC then much thundering & Lighning at first N to W then from E to S much thunder & Several Smart Showers of rain I at James Wilsons vandue-

21 Wind N W froze Ice & windy Cool morn Black flying Clouds & Cold till noon after much Pleasanter at pike & dined their after at Vendue at Pratts place Sold Several Cows, at M- pint Beer 1 fip

22 Wind W over Cast & froze Ice but Still morn wind W fine at times then Cleard up Gravel here Spliting Pails pales 700 before night Jos & Wm & Self Sow ½ B Clover Seed & 2 B. orchard Grass I at pike pint Beer 1 qt wis for Men

23 Wind E & sun very red not froze Ann Paschal & her Son here She at Meeting I at Meeting also after at Pike pint Beer 1 fip Boys Cuting Corn Stocks Bout Silk hanckercheif 75 Cents so home no rain

24 Wind S & Soft Cloudy Morn wind S E & very high & blue much fence down & much in Evening Baptist Preacher from Blockley had Meeting in School house few their so very wet good Zealous man I think great rain

March 25th 1826 Wind N W. Cool windy morn & windy Cold day E P Walters in town with the dearborn I Calld on Reed & Cyders Seiders? & Price about Brothers back Lands Bout Shad 25 Cts & mullet fish 6½ Bear 6½ Cts at Yerkes 6½ Cts & ferriage 12½ Cts Ned pd pike at Stadlemans 6½ Cts & Bought a Muley Bull for 8 dollars

26 Wind N W Cold prety Clear morn froze prety hard Ice & Ground froze, Ice in the Cask at noon, at Anthoney Levering funeral I went to the house they Buried at the Ridge I home at Ant Janes to See John Holland Sick

27 wind N W very Cold Clear morn hard frost Ice much paid Stophel Linch 10 Dollars I owd him, meet old Hughes’s son at M now Lives above Frankford they used to live at Havered Haverford fine Looking young man said He been vollint volunteer Keslers Burial at New town a man that dug my well at turnpike So the Human family Goo one after the other other repeated I off to Thoberns Vendue Bought not Capt Stadleman treated to mug off at Mats. I at Jane Price’s & John Holland very Unwell Been a very Cold day for this Season of the year

March 28th 1826 Wind E Clear Cold Morn Ice plenty after wind S W fine till Evening then a fine Shower, boys halld the Pails home I at pike & at Taylors & Settle with him for Clover Seed & wagon He Bout. at Charles Jones Sale but I fell in debt 4 drs Back & calld to Rees & Holland William Matheys took his Horse to Jersey Salom Salem on Shears for Season

29 wind W & over Cast Smokey but Cleard off Jos. Moveing Allison to Thourbins Place I with as far as T- Price their heard John Holland was dead their & took his measure & Bill & I begun the Coffin Sent for Obe He Sick Sent for Printz got none Jacob Printz Come next morning

30 wind N W Clear Cool morn no Ice but windy day Printz & Steve Goodman Came finished the Coffin & took it down & put him in forenoon so home to dinner- after Buried old John Holland in the Strangers Ground I walk to see Rees & went to Thoms Prices To Get him Goo their

31 Wind N W Clear Cold morn Ice hard or Plenty I had word Rees dyed Last Evening about 9 O’C I their & took his Measure Sent for Jacob Printz & Steve Came & we made Coffin hung top & took down & put him in & Screwd it up hind part

April 1st 1826 Wind N & hard frost Ice much Clear morn poor Rees well & Chearfull first day Evening & 26 taken on 27th & departed this life on the 30th I off & measure him 18 I fine Stout young man about 24 years old, his Mother owns 600 perhaps 700 acres near the Buck & not a Child but one a naturn natural Child, Rees was Born in Wed lock went off with 4 or 5 days Illness, I their in morn and at pike pint Beer 1 fip Obe Rather Better very Sirious a Morbius that John Holland & him Should Bouth goo off within 3 days of Each other & Rees was as well on the 26th as Uselal usual taken on the 27th & dyed on the 30th

2nd Wind W no Ice pleasant fore noon after Cloudy morn, I attended the funeral of Poor Rees very Grate nor. of Peopol to frends yard I attended meeting & at house dined there

3rd Wind N. over Cast & unpleasant Morn but a mine fine? afternoon Went to turnpike George Printz moved to my Loghouse at pike at Huffmans 1 Pint Beer Titus Yerkes here to See Matheys Doct Anderson Calld for his Intrest

April the 4th 1826 Wind W. fine Clear Cool morn Mathey move off to day to Rigde Ridge road, Castner moved to Yerkes where Matheys moved from at the Sign General Wain Jos. Gone to hall Printz hay to pike I attended till Castner Came up took a Little Gin So home One Ration & one More Moore Married Lincort daughter & dined with Us I Got Gay too high JP wrote the above when he was “too high”; very scrawled.

5 wind S W & Over Cast Like and begun to rain about noon I at pike & Huffman pd Me 43 drs in full for Rent & Stoor store acc &c So Settled to the first of April 1826 I Bear 12½ I at Castners tavern Spent 12 Cents veal of Levering 52½ Cents So

6th Wind N & Cloudy & Several Showers before noon I at T Price’s He bad with a Cold- after at Helembods Vendue things Sold well one horse 79 drs. I home

7 Wind N foggy Cloudy Morn & windy Cold day Wm & I made alittle Coffin for a Child at Pratts House & took it down Calld to See Bowman Paid pump man 125 Cts for Repairing Pump & quart of whisy. So goos the Cash

April the 8th 1826 Wind N W Still Clear frosty morn plenty Ice & unpleasant I off to attend to Brual burial But they did not have Leave to Burial bury it in our yard I off to Sibleys He said the Grave would be available to morrow morning at Dutch Church I Back & went & told them home & went to See Thos Price He unwell

9 Wind S & over Cast & rain’d Little Scud but held up till night wind more W I at Church & Buried the Little Child from Pratts place after at Thomas Price’s He Better ½ Pint Beer at Castner wet raind Smart after Night I think the frogs very Chearfull

10th Wind N very wet morn & been hail & Sleet, & about 10 OC- had a most Great Snow from N & N W till it Coverd the ground on the Grass keep at till near night alarming time 11th Wind N W Clear Cold morn & hard frost Been a Shower of Snow in night for in Road it melted as it fell this morn it was Coverd, this 1st April Old Stile Calendar, Snow on N. Side all day my Cask had Ice ¾ of Inch thick at night I at Jane Price’s & T. Price’s & at Widow Morris’s try to Buy a lott for Grave yard Spent 3 Cents Beer

12 Wind N & Clear Cold hard frost Ice & Snow along the fences & N.S I at McClenechans & Doct. Andersons and paid him 40 drs Intrest at Kuglers & Huffman Spent 1 fip took Coffee at pike So home

April 13th. 1826 Wind S by E Large white frost & Ice hard frost wonderfull Cold Spell I Settled with Adam Hansel for one years rent & Recd payment in work & Cash in full T. & Isaac Price took Jane & Benney Price to Norris to prove Rees Price’s will I at Fiss s Vendue old Woman died few days agoo Bout 4 Chairs for 18 Cents & Oysters & Ginn 2 fips so home wind E & very Cold & disagreel–

14 Wind S & over Cast no Ice & frogs Crying Wm. off to Market with Butter & Eggs Butter 25 Cents per I Pottering about noon at Pike pint Beer 2 fips at Jane Price Walters She Gitten Better Her son Ned on the run high had agreat Spar with him at Huffmans I home perhaps I never felt Such disagreeabel disagreeable Cold S wind as has been this 2 day frogs very Chearfull in Evening

15 Wind S & very foggy dark Morn no Ice & Cloudy day without rain I at pike & fetch my Chears chairs &c I Bout at Fiss s vandue Sold my doughtroff to Hoffman Gave 20 Cts He give me 25 meet the Society at Carstner Castner 16 members Pleasant afternoon Judge Peters their Elected Jos. Treasel Secretary I Spent 1 fip

16 Wind S & very foggy Soft morn no frost fine Little Shower Cleard off I at Doct. Brookfeild to See Erwin

April 17th 1826 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn I off to Norris town with Stadleman & Castner on the Little Mare dinner horse &c 50 Ct. ferriage 3 fips at Harry 3 fips so home at pike 1 fip I Imployd B Evans Lawyer about Rees Codicel codicil E P Walters paid him 5 dolrs., warm afternoon Rewritten: “April 17th 1826 at Court Imployd B Evans to Enter a Cabit (caveat) against Rees Price Codicil or Will E.P Walter paid five dollars”

18 wind W fine Calm morn I off in dearborn took Huffman for Norris town Enter a Cabit against Rees Price will, Esqr Elliot & John my Bonds Taylor my Securitor If Cost to pay the Cort court Dinner & horse one dollar & ferry 25 Cts Harrys ferry & Gin 25 Cts at Righters 1 fip total 150 Cts Rewritten: “18 I up & Enterd the Cabit Esqr Elliot & John Taylor Enterd my Bail or Security”

19th Wind W very fine day off to town to Reed about Peter Mays Est. for Witness horse & old Score & new 46 Cts Oysters 12½ ferriage 4 Cts Elliots 12½ Cts total 75 Cts so home Back bad

20 Wind W. Cool flying black Clouds & cool day I off to Saml Gibsons Got in Dearborn & I fetch him up with me to him to administer to Sister Rebecca Est. I Bout 2 dozen Herren & Hickery I had forty Cents & Spent 12½ Cents Gibson gave me Shad Rewritten: “20th Wind N & Large white frost Cold Saml Gibson & I at Norristown Court over Got a Letter of administrat(i)on for on Sister Rebecca Est. He paid 5 drs”

April 21st 1826 Wind N & a large white frost Gibson & I Set off in my Dearborn for Norristown before Sun rise & Got a letter of Administration for Saml Gibson for Sister Rebecca Estate Spent 5 fips home to dinner 12 OC- Wm & I makeing alittle Coffin Child at Turn Pike Pikeats Child– Samuel Gibson paid Evans 5 dollars So Cold my hands was omission or ake & I shook Like a fit of ague–

22 Wind N W very Cold disagreea ble & a snow Shower for about 10 minutes, I took the Little Coffin to turnpike Pyots Child back to dinner Spent 1 fip afternoon attended the Burial to Baptis Yard Spent 1 mug of Beer so back Wm McDorman Says at Rock factory Plenty Ice on the dam yesterday morn

23rd Wind N W Windy Cool morn I at Meeting Silent after at Castner & reading Simth Smith of Phila here the Sun Set fine & wind fell seems fine

24th Wind N & white frost but Cloudy from S by E & a soft day at or about illegible Dan Warner here to kill a Claf calf 1 qt 10 Cents so goos on Warner Charged 37½ Cents

April 25th 1826 Wind W & over Cast Ann & Wm. off to Market a Calf up at 3 OC- I off to Tobias To Millers paid him 50 dollars that I owd him on a note & Gave him my note for 7 drs & 75 Cent Intrest, over at falls on to Wm Matheys dined their & pint of Beer took no pay feryage ferriage & drink 3 fips so home did not find widow Matson

26th Wind S & wet morn over Cast but rain after 10 O’C- I about home all day they fetch one old Wills Son Bill from Frankford to Bury here I went to Morris to Get Leave to Bury him in her feild & Consented old Will Been dead many years He was a Slave to my Father Born & Raisd in the family A honest trusty man his Brother Thomas is alive yet older than Will I not well hurt my Back

27th Wind E foggy Cloudy Still Morn But to in morn began to rain before noon Great rain till Evening it has wet the Ground fine I about home only at Isaac Prices & Castner 2 fips Ned P. Walters off to Phila. to Get Married to Citty Kitty Brookfeild Doct. Sister; Padick along Poor Creator fell by Bacco

28 Wind S E & blue off very fine till about noon then wind E & over Cast I off to McClenechan’s for Money Got none on to Wm Penn Hoffman’s tavern 2 ½ Glasses 12½ Cent home meet Blair at Castners He treated to ½ Glass but no money–

April 29th 1826 Wind S E very foggy damp Morn I about home fixting fixing Gates &c &c afternoon at I. Price’s & at Castner E P Walter, R Harris, Pechen Settleing the Overseers of Roads Accts I Supt with them had a most superb Supper Shad Buckwheat Cakes &c &c

30th Wind N & Clear fine morn veal Cuttels A very fine Rain from W Evening with thunder & Lightening the Sun Shind at Setting Good omian omen

30th Wind N & fine Clear Cool morn all nater nature Looks Gay I at Meeting fine whirlwind about 2 OC- Lewis Scathorn Used to Say Sign of Warm none in Winter walk to Obes & pike Huffman not well in Bed Beer 1 fip very fine warm afternoon Obe high

May the 1st. Saint Tameneys day say Indian wind W Heavy Clouds to W. Adam Calld Mary up about day his wife Sent out, I off to John Leadoms He gone to town Seen Charles Jones, Gave him His acct, pint Beer 1 fip So home Dinner afternoon the Militia Meet at Castner above 100 coold called role roll & dismist what a folly & Loss to Society they might a Ernt earned 25 Cents a man & not a Cent goos to the treasurrey & coruping corrupting the morrals & manners of them

2nd Wind S by W & overCast but amost warm day I off & paid Conrad & wife 3:25 witness money & 3:75 Cts to Barbary Fishbirn Witness Money Reed & Fanny May & Mary Tunis 1.73 Cents

May the 3rd 1826 Wind S fine Soft Growing Morn I off to Phila. to See Reed Give him Barbary, Mary Tunis & Conrads Recet for witness money for attending Court between Reed & Fanny May Cost me horse oysters drink ferry & pike Tobac &c &c 66 Cents So home back very Bad few big drops of rain Grass Looks Gay

4th Wind S W very fine warm morn & fine day I Pottering about house Back very bad, Boys mending fence

5 Wind W. Cloudy to West Alittle Scud of rain then Cleard off very fine warm day I & Wm. hanging front Gate I at pike pint of Bear 1 fip with D Humphreys at Castner He treated Wm Mathey over here to day

6th Wind W Clear Cool morn & very Cool pleasant day I at home till noon then at Abram- Hestons with my acct. for Coffins I have had Plaster Expenses not Settle up the pike to Huffmans E P Walters fetch his wife home, Jos Markeing out for Corn Beer &c 2 fips in margin: ” New moon the 6th “

7th Wind W & white frost Clear Still morn I at Meeting heavy Low time we after Reading Richardson Journal which made me humble I felt Great Condemnations for my many transgretions transgressions, walk to Adams & took a little drink was wrong

8 Wind N W & high Cool wind black flying Clouds no rain Boys planting Corn dung Clay side in the hills I walk to pike 2 Jills of wine so home Huffman Sold Potatoes for 125 per Bushel

9 Wind S E & over Cast & raind in Morn & Evening a fine Lite rain we halling Rails at Pike 1 qt 10 Cents

May the 10th 1826 wind South & overcast & wet in Morn & wet till noon but not much, Boys & Self making Line fence between D Roberts Turnpike Black Jobe help 1 qt whisy 10 Cents fine afternoon wind W. Evening

11th Wind N Cool Clear Morn heard the Bell of the Canell canal they Buried Math Queens wife Yesterday one of John Righters daughters Came to See her daughter on the Ridge took Sick & dyed their they Lived about Downingtown, & William Holloways Wife Buried to day both in Our yard I at the Burial most wonderfull many Chairs &c &c had a fine Sermon over the Grave afternoon at John Leadoms and at Osbin’s money hunting got none Jos. plowing for Jobe

12th Wind W Clear Cool morn but fine day with S W brease I at E P Walters afternoon at Isaac Price’s took his horse home I gave him a rub about his Conduct about Rees’s will &c

13 Wind S Clear Cool Morn & fine day off to See Isaac Price wash Sheep Tom Price & I over to illegible to Matsons no money Spent 2 Small Glasses 12 Cts ferriage illegible Cts so home our Society day I meet them Tom Price & I had a great Spar on poor Rees will He Said was illegible to make a Will

May the 14th, 1826 Wind N hear the dam fine Pleasant Morn & the warmest day this Spring I at Meeting Ann Paschal preach for Us after at pike 2 fips Gin

15th Wind S W. Still warm morn & warm day & dry I Pike afternoon with Castner at Starn to Settle about illegible Righters Est So home I fell 175 Cts in debt I not pay Boys Mending fences

16 Wind N Still haysey morn & warm day & dry, made a Gate at Spring house & hung It

17 Wind S by W warm day I at pike after at fence Jos. plowing for Henry

18 wind N Cool Clear Morn Boy halling dung for Potatoes I at pike Huffman Planting Potatoes; dry

19th wind N Clear Cool morn Boys halld 5 Loads dung from Adam’s for Potatoes Rach & Self Cuting I at pike awhile very smokey day no rain

20th Wind S & warm day I about home till noon then off to Rock factory at Arrisons at Esqr Youngs at Vaughns at McClenechans money hunting Got none, so home Benj Price all my Boys along washing Sheep

21st Wind S W Soft Smokey morn & had alittle Shower of rain with Lightning & Several Claps of thunder one near about 6 OC- morn E Lobb here not at Meeting after E P Walters Lobb along

May the 22nd 1826 Wind S & over Cast foggy morn & warm day had a smart thunder Gust to the N we got a little of it & one went to South heavy Darby & over the ferry they say boys Planting potatoes Dan Warner here killing Calf

23 Wind W fine Cool morn Ann & Wm off to Market Ann Drake along I at Pike Boys their Mending fence afternoon to See George Grow He very unwell He old man about 75

24 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn Boy Gooing E P Walters to hall dung I at pike 1 qt of Oile; planting Corn over Wm & Self

25th Wind E & over Cast but no rain all day took Cows & at turnpike Spent not Jonh John & Jos halling for E P Walter After noon Steve Goodman & I at omission got 4 dollars for a Coffin for a man mans wifes Coffin and to See John Roberts mill on Thomas Davis run as we Used to Call It back blot

26th Wind N & foggy or Smokey Morn heard the Conell Bell very Plain took the Cows away & at the pike & to See widow Jones’s new Barn Sibley on our old roade with 20 hands I for Cows & at pike Huffman Paid John Goodman for Me 125 Cents at Piaza

27th Wind S W Smokey Dry morn I at pike & Ned Walters John & Wm their Planting Potatoes Jos. halld 2 Loads wood

May 28th 1826 Wind S W & Cloudy but no rain Jos & Self in dearborn at Wm Hollowells Son Burial to our yard, most Remarkable dusty roads most Blind one No.of people had Meeting & had Good Sermon name of Comfort from Primose I beleive very Windy, Dusty not See illegible had Little rain big with hail Evening

29 wind N W Clear & very Cool windy Morn so Cold I went to fire remarkable time as to no rain I mending Cooper horse & ladder & at the pike John Jos. & freid friend Planting for E P Walter Got pint Cyder at pike Gripe me much

30 Wind N remarkabel Cool morn had uneasy nights rest Ann & Wm- off to Market with Butter & pig I about house all day John at Huffmans Jos & Self halling Brush after at Spring house warm Mid day Dry

31st wind S by W Clear Cool morn no rain Jos harrowing Corn I at home all day Evening at Tom Prices to help to Unscrew bed Stids

June 1st Wind N heare the dam got S W soon & rain alittle not wet a hon hankercheif warm Cleard off boy halling Stone & made a brake break in the road by Smith Shop I at home helping them

2nd Wind S red to Sun rise & rain Bow in morn Sheppards warning

June the 2nd 1826

wind S very warm afternoon at the Buck at Esqr Elliots & at War office & Bought Stuff for a Coat 250 Cts He allowd in full man Building one house after another, Spent 12½ Cent & Got not a penney So home at Sun set

3rd Wind S remarkable Still warm morn no rain boys Geting their Sithz scythes reading ready for Mowing &c I off to See G. Grow He very Sick Cant Speak Cant Last but a few days, Calld at McClever Taylor to Get him to make a Coat at Linch’s Come up alittle Shower with 2 or 3 very near Claps of thunder at the pike So home Come up a fine Shower in Evening Layd dust fine Sun Shind all the while had in the night 2 fine Showers till it run fine Puddles at Castners in margin: “Seen the first Liteing flys”

4th. wind S fine Clear pleasant Morn nature Looks Gay not So much rain this 3 Months I think It has wet in Garden 3 or 4 Inches McClever Say was at Rees Prices the night He died very deranged and further Says T Price & Rees was at there house & Called Rees back & told him that no Person have his daughter Esther but him; I at Meeting had a very fine discourse by Some Women afternoon at G- Latches to here Plumer Preach, a Great man much to Say Come up alittle Shower but soon over

5th Wind N Fine Cool morn but wind soon E. & over Cast I at pike Bout Stuff for trowses trousers 3 yds 100 Cents

June the 5th 1826

John & Jos halling & Planted Hugh Henrys Potatoes & halld Obes dung Come up in omission avery fine rain till it Run More than we had this 6 Months I think

6th Wind S and Cloudy Growing day I pottering Planted pumpkin & Cucomberseed afternoon at Hestons to try to Settle with him He Ill natured & not Settle; my Freind George Grow dead & to be Buried to Morrow John & Jos. halling dung for George Prince Printz

7 Wind S very foggy Close warm Morn & day but no rain here I at G. Grows Burial at the Dutch Church Large no of People had much Preaching one Baker from Germantown, I at pike Boys Planting Potatoes for Printz & for Obe ½ day at Each Obe high

8th wind S W fine warm hay day, Boys mowd the old Orchard Lite Crop I whetting my Saw &c till noon then at McClevers Taylor with Stuff to make me a Coat & to See widow Jones’s barn Mason & Carpenters at work fetch the Cows so home

9th wind N W fine Pleasant Morn hered heard the factory bell Says N wind I mending my horse rake & Boys hall all the hay in they Mowd the illegible& hall Orchard Grass that take Little drying Bill Eacholt here & help ½ day to hall in hay I at Home helping or derecting

June the 10th 1826 Wind N Cool fine Morn hered the factory bell Jos John & Bill Echolt illegible I at Pike 4 qts Whisy. Bill Echolt Mowing very warm day 3 of them Mowing Orchard & Meadow I Pottering about all day E P W Got my Gin Mare to take his wife to Jersey He Better attend to his farm

11th Wind S W fine Still Clear Morn & warm day Not at Meeting turnd a little of my Grass Phillip Mores Son & two more Men here afternoon & Kinseys Son & daughter here Acquants acquaintances of Ann’s So Spent day Reading & with the visitors

12th Wind N fine Clear Cool Morn & fine hay day we Rake’d & halld all the wood Lott & Meadow this Side of Cow Lane in 3 Loads & halld 1 Load for H. Henry Grave yard Last year halld 4 Loads from wood Lott

13th Wind N Cold Clear morn Wm & Ann at Market John & Jos mowing the meadow I Pottering at hay

14th Wind N W very Cool Clear morn & Warm day Great time for makeing hay but little to make we halling out the Meadow only 4 Loads very Poor the Swamp nearly as good as usely usual I helping all day

June the 15th 1826 wind N.W Cool Clear morn fine for making hay If we had any to make but upland or banks are very Small Boys & Bill Echolt mowd my orchard & turnpike Lott I over their

16th Wind N E Boys & Bill at pike finishd Mowing & Spread it out back & halld the all the Orchard hay in 3 Loads then at the pike & Cock it up a fine Little rain Layd the dust I at pike & Showd Printz a tree for his Celler Jambs Got T- Price’s horse Rake & Rake the hay up all up Soon

17th Wind N E & over Cast Boys at pike fetch a small Jag of hay I meet the Society 10 or 12 Meet I Stayd Little while So home

18 wind E & Got rain Soon in Morn fine rain, Jos. Evans here Soon in Morn to Get a Coffin for his Mother dyed Last Evening Sent for Obe & G Printz I very unwell I Layd out the Bottom & finish’d they they finished about 4 OC- very fine wet day not very heavy so as to make a fresh

19th Wind S by E wet morn & not much till about noon then we had from S a very fine Shower prety heavey till Run then I Seen the Sun & Little Sky after about 3 OC- thunder to South & W and Came on a fine rain a heavy Gust Lasted about 1½ hours then most Clear

June 19th 1826

Wind E but the rain Seemd to Come S W, we not had such a fresh Some Say this two years I say not Last Summer nor winter before nor Since the Summer before when it took away the turnpike Bridge at or near the 5 Mile Stone the oats has been Suffering & Grass with the droth drought

20th Wind about N had raind in Night & over Cast Little wet in morn then Sun Shind & Seemd to Clear thunder to W & wet after night Boys at Smith mowing I road to pike the hay their did not tetch it to day–

21st Wind E by N & over Cast & only a Little misting E P Walter pottering at his hay but no hay day made none Boys Runing furrows to Corn Raind in Evening Little I walk to See my winter Grain much of wheat & Rye Laying down with the rain

22nd Wind E by N & wet morn & Cloudy Misting at times all day with E.P. Walter at Esqr Elliots, went Bail for him in two notes for about 45 dollars Each Payable in 6 Months, Calld at Blare Blair McClenechans dunning him for 60 drs for the Mare I Sold him, back to dinner

23 Wind E & rain in Morn & Misting at times at pike to Look at my hay If in Cock Bottom & round Edges most Rotten Middleing prety fine; this is 8 day Since Cut wind been to E ever Since over Cast & rain, Ann & Alfred at Market Butter 25 Cent per & 23 Ct per lb & 20 Cent per lb

June the 24th 1826 Wind N E & most remarkable foggy morn but no rain Cleard off prety fine afternoon; Spread out the hay at pike & Got it in prety dry & halld it in only one Load & one this day week 2 Loads in hole & Last year had 7 Loads 3 toon ton this bare one toon Such dry time

25 Wind S by W been a great thunder Gust in night, till it Run & washt some Sun Shind about noon a little while then thunder to S & raind Lite rain all afternoon thunder Gust keep to S.E. E P Walter Spread & Cock up his hay in old road Lott being first day I at Meeting; Evening about 6 OC- came on from S a very Great Shower it Lasted most one hour & Run on road Strong

26 Wind S & rainey morn & keep at it till 10 O’C- very Great wind & rain the Greatest Storm I Seen this Long time Equal to a Equalnocal equinoxial storm Cleard by noon E.P.W Spread out his hay turnd & Cock it up Our Boys help him & Smith at their hay I at I- Prices He Busey at hay took tea their

27 Wind W Cool Clear Still Morn but Clouded to west & give Just a few drops of rain about noon Old Tom & I help I P to Spread and Racke it & He took a load before noon Wm Loaded one for him John & Jos helping Charles Smith & hall hay in

June the 28th 1826 wind W. fine Still Clear Morn & very Cool John & Jos. up to Matson ford to Reap for Smith I at Norris town Cut my note to 30 drs Calld to the reapers So home about Sun Set ferriage horse &c 50 Cents

29th Wind W. fine in fore noon my Reaping day had about 8 Reapers Cut all down but Come up a Shower about noon made too wet to tye E P W Cradled not tye any of It we Got very Wet agreat Shower with much thunder

30th Wind S W & Cloudy most all day, turnd all our wheat & Rye & opend Some of the Shocks Got prety dry & hall 3 Loads in

July 1st wind S W and Cloudy but held up no rain I Opend all our Rye & wheat & the boys halld it I at pike Huffman Cut his Grane the 29th fine Little Crop but would not hall any in to day says too Green at E P W He Cradleing his wheat I Spard Printz & Bill Echolt 5 of them to hall 2 Loads of my Rye they ought to gone & help Ned

2nd Wind N heard the flat Rock dam Cloudy to W. but held no rain I not at Meeting about home took with tea with Adam at T Price’s in morn home all day Except at Casterns Castners Spent not thunder to South but no rain here

July the 3rd. 1826 Wind N fine Still morn Cloudy but no rain by noon Printz & Obe makeing Coffin for Godfrey Deal’s Mother we finishd 10 OC- I waited till near 12 OC- for Obes wife & Obe & her to Come in David Roberts Chair, boy of Godfreys Come & told they had a Coffin made in town I had Geard up & Ready to Start put the horses away & went to T. Prices then at Widow Evans to See her Reapers my Boys their at Castners awhile

4th Wind S & over Cast this day in 76 Independance decleard 50 years agoo this day in 77 I at Camp in Jersey Came to Phia few days after the 4th the first Celebration it is a great day in Phila I at pike & at E P. W Rake & help to hall in his Wheat

5th Wind N E I about home Allison here to Cut his Crop at Morris place I there to See them Come on a great rain about noon & wet after

6 wind N. fine harvest day I at Jane Prices her Reaping day at E P W He Cuting his wheat

July 6th 1826

home to dinner heard a great report took & went to Powder Mill, & the rolling or graining Mill had blue up & killd one Man & mill destroyd so back It was blue up Last fall been nearly all Winter & Spring Rebuilding & now Gone again

7th Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & harvest day I at Ned Walters & at Jane Prices Got dun Cuting & they halld all in I Poor Annimarl animal falling fallen man

8th Wind S W & warm day I Pike at Obe’s at Arrisons feild they got dun Cuting his Wheat & Rye 3 Cradles

9th Wind N W fine Cool Clear morn Arrison Come & hall 4 Loads in Last of his Crop at McClenechans Place I help to Gether Some I walk to Isaac & Tom Price’s Tamsin Roberts that was their I had not Seen her this many years She weres wears well

10th Wind W fine Cool morn but warm day at Isaac & T-Price’s to Get their horse Rake Isaac Raked his Stuble Got 2 Wagon Loads I at Pike & at E P Walters & Pottering about

July 11th 1826 Wind S W pleasant morn but warm day Jos. Rack’d my Stuble Sent my Mealey Bull to George McClenechan Jur. till fall He must Give me 12 drs or return him in fall two words illegible or pay I at pike Benney Price 3 men mowing we Got 2 Smart Cart Loads of Rakeing perhaps 4 Acres–

12th Wind S W fine Calm morn foggy & warm day I at Jane Prices they at hay Wm. their Racking with the horse racke at I. Prices his wife very Unwell after at pike for winnowing Fann Cleand up the Rakeings 2½ Bushels

13th Wind S W Very foggy morn & warm Come on about 5 OC- afternoon a very heavy Gust much thunder & Lightning I at Ben Price’s & at I P his wife Better

14 Wind N W over Cast I at I Prices in morn to here hear how Sarah was & at Benneys Wm & Self making a Coffin for John Wells Child about 3 feet Got dun before night Boys horse racking Arrisons Stubel, no rain

15 Wind N W Clear Cool morn &warm day I off at 7 OC- & attended the Burial of John Wells Child to Our yard on or at Stillwagoners Place near Youngs Returnd about 12 OC- only 6 or 7 attended very warm He told me to Call in about 3 months & He try to pay Spent 1 fip so– afternoon at pike & meet the Society at Castner Boys halld in Arrison Rakeings & illegible it out most 5 B– 13 Haverford men been at falls on fish party

July 16th 1826 wind S W over Cast being first day not well So not at Meeting warm Heavy thunder Gust went to N only a few drops here, Mary Yerkes & son Richard here to tea back Eveng– I at Castners Cyder 1 fip

17th Wind S over Cast to W. been Little rain in night & thunder & Shower in morn Soon, I at I. Price Sarah much Better I after at Joe Roberts to Look for Streaper He off I on to Obe Come on a Smart thunder Gust I had to Stay at Obes till over Lasted amost an hour I think so home & at Castner Pint Cyder 1 fip

18th Wind S W fine pleasant Morn & day I pottering about makeing a bolt & watering horses & Cows John & Jos. at E P W William at Jane Price Benny Price took Drake Girls & Lid & our Little Rebecca to Saml Gibsons Kingsessing in margin: “18 heard the fall Cricket first”

19 Wind N heare the dam fine pleasant morn my Bearth day 73 years old one year Older & I fear no Better, this time 49 years ago in 77 in Jersey as a private Soldier, home 3 or 4 days after this the first aniversity of Independence I at Pike at E Walters at Jane Price at I. Prices at Castners

20th Wind S W fine hay day Benj Price 4 Mowers over cast but no rain I there Danal Daniel Warner kill our Calf

July 21st 1826 Wind S W & Cloudy morn but pleasant warm day Ann at Market I at pike & pottering about at I Price Sarah much Better

22 Wind N herare hear the dam fine Clear Cool morn very fine day I at Joe Roberts Boys broke his windows yesterday & Esq Elliot wrote me a line to tell them to Settle it & they Got Glass & Repaird the damages & settled it 23 Wind S W warm day I not at Meeting at I. Prices & at T-Price Stadlemans daughter & Several here to Tea I reading Wm Penn no Cross no Crown

24 Wind N here the flat Rock dam fine Cool morn & I Latch at Jacob Latches to See If He Goo to Norristown to See the procession in Consiquence consequence of the death of Adams & Jefferson death of them Both on the 4th of July been Presedent & at the dececlaration declaration of Independance in 76 Both Great States men

25th Wind N fine Cool Clear morn & pleasant day I off for Norris town to See the procession on account of the death of Adams & Jefferson a great Colection of People, I went to Church & fine discourse by Henry Clay and wonderful Prayer by old man from Phila It unmand me Spent 25 Dined with Lower He married the Woman ownd the Bird in hand when I was Major I used to dine their she a widow illegible Roberts Bout a ¼ Ticket 125 Cts lottery ticket

July 26th 1826 wind N very fine Clear Cool morn & pleasant day Boys Cuting Oats I at pike E P W marking the Line fence on his Line I back to dinner I Stop them from Cuting thought It not Ripe had Cut above half

27 Wind N W fine Cool Clear Morn Boys helping Vaughn to Cut Oats I at pike & at Heatches Son Burial at Church He Fell down a well & was killd

28 Wind N fine pleasant day Boys & Vaughn finished Cuting my Oats I at Taylors Gave him Linsays Summons to attend Court I at Hoffman 1 fip so home

29th Wind N fine Clear pleasant day 5 words illegible We tyd up our Oats & halld 3 Loads in 2 qt W

30 Wind N W Still warm day at Meeting & at T Price’s & at Doct Brookfeild his Mother their very Ill not Exspected to Live till morn Sent for My Woman, I Got some Eye Water so home

31 Wind W fine warm day John & Jos. helping to tye & hall Oats for Widow Evans I at Benneys Tom & Isaac Price & Smith makeing the gangway

August 1st 1826 wind S W wet or raind in morn till 9 or 10 O’C then Cleard halld in 2 Loads Oats the Last & halld 2 Loads of Millit for Obe I at Jane Prices Tom & I. Price & 2 Carts & all their Boys filling thee the Ghan way gangway at Janes Got it so as to drive in I their twice–

2nd Wind N W Cool morn & fine day for hay Oats &c my Boys mowd the Lott below the Barn I at Jane Price’s & pottering about a boy Tom Ellis a Mason work at Grave Yard wall Got high Said had heard Some thing I said disrespectful of the Ellises I Said that I never had I done all I Could for them He said I was a lier & dam Lier I hit him 2 Strokes with my fist & 2 with my Stick so He unfinished

3rd wind N fine Cool Clear Morn I took the Cows & at pike & 1 fip we Spread the Grass in Lott below the Barn John help Vaughn to hall all his Oats & He Came & help to Rake hay John Gibson & wife here to dinner

4th Wind W fine Still Clear Morn & fine hay day Got all Lott by Corn in 4 Loads 1 horse Benny Got all his Oats in

5th Wind N fine Clear Cool morn & very fine day Sent for Obe & Printz to help to make Brookfeilds mothers Coffin finished by 4 O’Clock & took it down

August 6th 1826 Wind E & over Cast up Soon & fetch the horses & Cows & attended to Doctor Brookfeild Mothers Burial at Friends yard wet Little rain till about 11 O’C not heavy rather Cleard off in afternoon walk to Isaac & Thoms Price’s Large no- people at the Burial I at Meeting a while Silent, very warm afternoon

7th Wind N & over Cast but no rain Cleard off warm, I off to Macks McCleneghans Hollands Holgate Esqr Young money hunting Got none Spent 2 fips on omission for Esqr Ecroth meet him at Torrences on to Buck & so home

8 wind W & fine rainey Morn but Cleard off I makeing a Spout at Spring house Jos- plowing Oats Stubble I at pike & D Roberts to See If He paid me for Pyats Childs Coffin not yet

9 Wind N Cool Clear Morn but warm day I pottering till noon off to John Leadoms for Money 20 drs Got none on to Buck Borrowd 25 drs Spent 2 fips So home Jos. Plowing John & Wm Mowing the wood Lott poor in margin: “9 I heard the Catey dids for the first”

10 Wind N W Cool day over Cast Jos finished Oats Stubel plowing & Got all the hay out the Lott in I at Toms & Isaac Price they at hay fine rain Evening

11th Wind E & over Cast Mary had avery Bad night vomiting &c Wm off to Market wet day I Sett off for ferry so wet turnd back

August 12th 1826 Wind E & wet Morn & till after noon Paddock & Self in dear born to Phila paid Keain Kean 30 drs for Lombar lumber qt Oile 45 Cts Horse &c 25 Cts ferry & pike 20 Cts turnips 6¼ Cts Horsler 6¼ Cents Meet the Society at Castner

13th Wind W. fine day no rain warm I at meeting had a fine discourse by a woman from Phila. afternoon at Isaac Price’s halld 2 Loads of hay & Raked the rest I at home to tea Reading Wm Penn no Cross no Crown which I omission in his Sperrit

14 Wind E & Cloudy Morn & Broke off about noon remarkable warm off to Esqr Elliots to Sue John Leadom & to Sue Blair, pay for my Mare at J Millers Spent 1 fip so home by about 1 OC- after at Walters & Hoffmans fine rain Evening E P Walter & I had a Spar that I very Sorry for I walk to Castner

15 Wind E foggy morn & over Cast most all day & thunder Gust to South we none here we at hay Rake & Cocke it all up Got Wilsons horse Rake

16 Wind E & over Cast so Calm not a leaf moves so Still We Spread out our hay & it dryed prety well E P W at his & halld one Load in Got all away

17 Wind N over Cast but blue off fine afternoon for hay Saml Gibson here & Settled Sister Rebecca acct with me Say I owe the Est 500 drs

18 wind N here the factory Bell at pike Got 2 Loads in all their was

August 19th 1826 wind N W fine warm day Boys mowing the meadow as far as tanyard Rake none nor Spread out any

20 Wind N W in morn not at Meeting at T- Price’s George McCoy & wife their Come up afternoon Great thunder Gust more rain in the same time this Summer & more thunder It floated our Spring & took all Milk & Cream

21 Wind S W thunder in Morn & Came on a great thunder Gust by 8 OC- & over Cast all day & thunder to S E I at pike Huffman pd me 25 drs I paid D Roberts for 3 drs for his man not pay Obe he high so home no hay day

22nd Wind N windy Cool morn & fine Pleasant hay day Boys Got all in I had Cut I off to Norris Paid 3 drs & 30 at Bank Dinner & horse 50 Cts ferriage & Gin 14 Cts

23rd wind N W fine pleasant Clear day I at Pike 2 fips & about home Boys mowing at welsh womans

24 Wind N W fine pleasant day Boys at Widow Evans mowing I at I. Price’s He returnd from the Sea Shore

25 Wind W warm day Boys at Widow Evans mowing I at Buck paid Miller 25 drs I Borrowd of him

26 wind S W & over Cast been alittle Shower before day but Cleard off pleasant day I Pottering about doing nothing of Consequence

August 27th Wind S by E over Cast & had a fine Shower about 2 OC- I at Meeting had a public freind very Zealous preacher for our Salvation Reading Wm Penn no Cross no Crown-

28 wind N by W over Cast been a fine rain in night or this morn Cleard off about noon Boys at Widows helping at hay I at pike & E P W I felt a great distress at my Livetay levity

29th wind N.W fine Cool Clear morn I about home most all day only at T- Prices & to See boys at Widow Evans they Got all hay in

30th Wind W fine Cool morn & fine Boys & Vaughn & horse widow Evans man & horse helping to hall dung for me I not well walk to pike 1 Gill wine

31st wind N W fine day Boys & Vaughn halling dung at home afternoon halld 5 Loads from Huffmans I rode over & at Jane Walters had Long talk with her

September the 1st wind W & over Cast been a Smart rain about midnight I off on arubion Arabian to Norris town Court, Stop or withdrew the Cavid caveat to the Codicel codicil to Rees Price’s will & Spoke to Pawlin to Push Esqr Young for my Debt & Potts for A Coppy of Rees s will & Codicel

September the 1st 1826

Exspence at Norris on acct of the Will Dinner horse & 1 Jill 50 Cts. Beer 4 Ct pike ferriage &c 31 Cents had only 2 Gills wine no Sperrits so home

2nd Wind S E & amost remarkable foggy morn, & warm day thunder Gust all round but none here I at A Leverings with a petition against Conel canal & Rail roads to Legaslator back Spent not Boys finished halling dung & at E P W halld durt

3rd Wind S & very foggy morn & warm day at Meeting & after at John Horns Burial at the Church He perhaps 50 years went off with a few days Sickness Stout active Honest man I beleive I had a Long acquaintance with him I think their was as Great a no. of People as attended as I Ever seen Horatio Jones Gave Us avery Great Sermon

4 Wind S by E fine day I at widow Evans Borrowd 3 B. Rye Boys Spreading dung I in afternoon went to Mill with the Rye Stopt at to Tom Price’s He halling dung two teams, Come up about 5 OC- avery Great rain & much thunder from S W & heavy after dark from S

5th Wind S W & Cloudy but no rain Boys finished Spreading dung I Pike Jill wine 6½ Cents at T Prices to Send for Tobacco

September 6th 1826 Wind N heard the factory Bell Still Clear Cool Morn Boys picking apples I Pottering about home Gooing hang Grind Stone at Neigr neighbor Morris’s to help out with a stove Obe Laying floor in old Smoke house that was

7th Wind N very Cool Cloudy Morn Jos Plowing John & Wm Grinding apples at E P Walters I at pike & at David Roberts He pd me 3 drs for Pyats Childs Coffin So home wine 2 fips

8th Wind N & N W Cool Cloudy Morn off with Ann to market pigs & pares pears Sold 3 pigs for 75 Cts per, pair pears 3 fips ½ peck, I Bout white Lead 14 lb & whiteing 2 drs oyl ½ G. oyl repeated 42 Cent Testament 25 Cts Brush 25 Cts Exspences 62½ Cts total 3 dr 54 Cents fine Clear afternoon

9th wind N W & fine Clear pleasant day Jos Evens Evans paid for his Mothers Coffin Last Evening I off to George Wilsons to See him about Brother Edwards Will Woman wants to Clame ½ his Back Lands which I think She has no Right too to Back & Meet the Argriculter Society but few Meet 7 I beleivd believe

10th Wind W fine pleasant Clear day Jacob Balor here Soon morning to See If I would make a Coffin for Edward George He died about mid night I agreed to make It & Sent off for Obe & Printz & we finished before night & took it down & put him in & Screwd it up Printz along being first day

September 11th 1826 Wind w fine Still Clear morn & warm day attended the funeral of Edward George my worthey freind & Companion in our young days Interd him freinds Yard Merion perhaps the Greatest no- of Carriages I Ever seen at a funeral I was much affected & humbled– the Lord have mercy on me I which wish I could dye Like him above 90 Carriages in margin: “He about 82”

12th Wind N E & very foggy Still morn Cloudy dull day no hay day Springel rain about noon, I hanging Grind Stone & Geting hoop poles meet with my old freind B. Brooks from Gulph I had not Seen him this Long time He widover widower & Got in habbit of Staying at home dose does nothing He very Rich or very Independent

13 Wind N W I off to Phila in Order too to see G. Wilson about Brother Edwards will He did not Come I Bout Brass hinges 112 Cents horsler horse &c 31 Cts Barber & wine 12½ oysters 6 Cts ferry & pike 6 Cts home & attended the funeral of Capt Rickart daughter died with the decentary dysentery a young woman they Say about 18 yrs Buried our yard

14 Wind S W & most remarkable foggy morn Cleard very warm afternoon thunder Gust but not very heavy here & very fine Shower after night at 9 OC- boy toping Corn &c I Shaving hoops &c &c

15 Wind N very Cool Clear Morn Jos off with wagon & 3 horses to Gulph for Walnut Boards

Septr- 15th 1826

John Wm- & Self Stripping Corn Jos. returnd with the Boards Broke the Axeltree Borrow Wagoners wagon

16th wind N W very Cool morn very red to Sun rise no rain nor bloe Wm Sticken Warnet walnut Boards & Striping & tying Corn & they Cut down by to the Ground the Peice next to the woods

17 Wind N Cool morn & day I at our Meeting, afternoon at dutch Church to Hear Horatio Jones Preach

18 Wind E & W over Cast & Smart rain from 9 OC till noon & a Shower Evening at pike to take my Sheep to Hufman Hoffman’s Ram & Got 16 pains of Glass Obe & John along

19th wind blank & wet morn heavy rain till near noon broke off Look fine at Sun Set Ann & Alfred at market Butter 28 & 25 Cts per I over at pike for my fann Jos. & Obe tharsh 14 dozen near 7 B.

20th Wind N W & over Cast but no rain Jos Harrowing Obe & John helping Vaughn to Cut Corn I at home all day only at Castter Castner

21 Wind W fine pleasant morn & day Boy halld 2 Loads apples to Ned Walter & ground them I at Meeting after at pike

Septr. 22nd 1826 Wind W very fine Calm Clear I at work Gateman Come to Get a Coffin for Hughe Jones from Carrilona Carolina Judge Jones son a mehogany mahogany Coffin & Carriages from Phila Off about 12 OC- & Spoke the Coffin He finished about 6 OC- Stayd all night I Lodge at Yerkes dinner- supper & Breakfast & horse 75 Cents

23 went about 8 OC- Got the Coffin & at home about 12 before 12 OC Coffin 20 drs herse 5 OC took it up in my wagon Jonson Vaughn along & Son Wm put him in & screwd up hind End so back

24 wind N. very foggy Cloudy misting morn the Carriage up before 7 OC- He fed at Castner & man Breakfasted & dined with Me I off with him in his Carriage & attended the Burial to Radner Church we back to Castner & He fed in morn & now 8 qt oats I must pay & gave him 50 C for pike & ferriage oats 25 Cents very wet afternoon Cold Disagreeable I Spent near 3 days about It

25 Wind N Misting Cloudy Cold morn & day I Pottering about Thomas Ameys Calld to See Me He been Several years in the Ohioh Ohio State I at Castner treated him He was a fine young man but He fell at the pike 1 qt Gin so back

Septr 26th 1826 Wind N E wet Cold morn Ann off to market I about home only at pike blots & smears near noon I about home

27th wind N E Cloudy damp day wet afternoon

28 wind S W & dark Cloudy day Sun Shin’d now & then I at pike Bought second hand hat 150 Cents 1 Glass 12½ Cents Two very heavy Showers Evening walk to Pike to Look Lost Lamb Wm Streaper here here repeated on his way to town from Lancester Lancaster County at Meeting wet Cloudy & misting at times 2 Smart Showers in morn Boys & Self took our Sheep to pike & Got the Lost Lamb

29th Wind N W Clear Cool morn but Pleasant day Boys & I diging Potatoes in Shop Lott very fine, at the township Election Inspector & assessor Latch & Sam Young assessor Spent 1 fip, Small Election

30 Wind S Calm Clear Morn all off to dig Potatoes Obe Rash & Self at It hard dug about or Near 80 B 4 Cart Loads fine Crop

October the 1st 1826 Wind S W very read red at Sun rise but held up a pleasant day at meeting & at T- Price’s awhile New moon this morn 10 OC-

2nd W. S fine Pleasant day I off to Phila. Summond as witness Between Wm. Streaper & Isaac Roberts defendant did not Come on Cost me near 100 Cts

3 W S W alittle Shower about day fine after Jos. Plowing I off to J Millers the Buck Got 1 Bushel of wheat 125 Cts at Esqr Elliots to Get an Order for Joe Roberts & his wife to Send to poor house

4 W. N W Cool Clear Morn & fine day I at pike Jos. & Wm. plowing overseer of Poor movde moved Jos. Roberts & wife from our town to Blockley I at T. Price’s He Sowd his Wheat & Rye & Timothy Seed

5th Wind W. fine warm day we or Self & John Sowd 2 B- wheat 1 B Bowman‘s & 1 of Jont Miller at 125 Cts & 3½ B- Rye Jos harrowd after at Castners meet T. Lower & T. Ames at T. Prices with Lower Got over the Bay

October 6th 1826 Wind S W Still Clear Morn & warm day I at the Church George Lowers wife to be Buried their Jos helping Obe to dig Potatoes I about home

7th wind S & most remarkable foggy morn Obe here Soon to help the Boys to get wood & halld the Corn fodder in I at Stadlemans to Look to Buy 3 or 4 Sheep but they where were Sold I home

8 Wind N & most remarkable windy Morn Frailey here Soon to Get a Coffin for Sarah Roberts Joe Roberts wife finishd at noon not at Meeting Samuel Smith Capt William Smith Son Samuel Buried to day dyed very Sunden sudden well at work and found dead at the Stable door I at Tom Prices Lowrey & Markley Election Leaving?

October 9th 1826 wind N Still Clear white frost morn the first I have Seen this fall but Pleasant day Jos. & Self off with Sarah Roberts to Tom Roberts & fetch & Buried her in our yard Joe Draws 96 drs as a spenchen pension the Blockley people have taken them into their town & Buried her I at T. Price’s to omission Some Tickets Jos. help Vaughn to kill a hog & Came & help to kill a Shote for us for Market about 80 lb

10th Wind N Clear Cool white frosty Morn this our Election for this State Pennsylvania Hagy here at noon I with him at Election He Treated to 25 Cts oyter oysters I Spent 12½ Cents very small Electn illegible line

11th Wind N E over Cast but no rain till afternight Jos. halld one Cord of wood for Hastons & halld 2 Loads Corn I Pottering about Spent 1 fip

12 W. N & N E & very wet morn but held up without rain Benney Price & self at Buck to See the Chattle cattle Show wonderfull no of people their Cost me 25 Cents

October 13th 1826 Wind N & over Cast Little rain in morn but held up afternoon Prety fine I off to Buck to See the Argraculter Show Chattle Show &c horses &c Razor 37½ Cents Jos 25 Exspences 25 Cts–

14 Wind N prety fine Clear day & pleasant day I at pike ½ Glass, I Back & meet the Society at Castner; Boys all away Judg Peters & 10; or dozen meet

15 Wind S W foggy Soft morn & very Pleasant warm day I at Meeting, at T- Prices A Little while back to reading Edr Lobb here He Complaining with ague Ann home Evening from Jermantown been at my old Freind Stadleman been their most all Last week

16th W. S Cloudy dull morn been a little Shower in night but held up a pleasant day Wm Matheys here to get his Horse Shod Jos Sow the illegible Lott by the Shop with Yerkes wheat about 1 peck

October 17th 1826 Wind N W fine pleasant day we pulld off our Corn that was topt I Pottering & helping Obe hear here all hands helping widow to husk Hers in the afternoon & at night 1 qt 10 Cts

No entry for October 18.

19 W. N fine Calm Clear morn & held up without rain We finishd husking our Corn & Got in all the rest Cut off by the Ground I at old Moors vendue & Silas Jones His Child dead I took Measure of it Calld at I Price’s to Invite them to the Burial at 2 OC- to Morrow

20 Wind N by E very wet morn Wm. & I begun the Coffin Coffin repeated 2 f Long Obe Came & help at the Lid finished by noon I attended the furnal funeral Tom Price along wet disagreeable afternoon Interd him in frends yard Obe here helping to husk Corn

21st Wind N E very foggy morn & wet day I about home all day

1826 October 22 wind N.W Cleard off high wind at Meeting afternoon at dutch Church to here Horatio Jones Preach at Huffman Got Shoes

23 Wind N high Clear Morn & prety fine day boys picking apples & grinding at E.P.W. I turnd the Corn fodder &c & at Jane Prices to See Benney

24 wind N very high windy day I off to William McDormants Burial at Baptis yard Blockley & at Phila drs paid for Hugh Jones’s Coffin 20 for the Carriage 4? dr Exspences 37½ Cents So home at night

25 Wind N W Cold Clear morn Plenty of Ice the first this fall Steve Goodman here Soon to Get a Coffin for John Whiteman; & we begun it & finishd & took it up, He a school mate about my age Sober honest mechanic wheel wright

26 wind N hear the dam no Ice I up & put my old freind in the Coffin home by pike Spent 1 fip Bought a Chair for 20 drs man fetch it here from Germantown

October 27th 1826 Wind N Clear Cool morn White frost no Ice as I Seen I off & attended the Burial to the Church they Carried him on a bearer- 8 of them 4 at a time at Huffmans dined their &c 2 fips after at John Leverings to Look for Scantling to mend Barrack

28 wind S. frost Ice, Got to rain about noon & wet till night Jos. went to Leverings Got 6 peices Scantling to mend Barrack at pike & 1 board I at T Price’s they halling Corn from the feild in husks

29 Wind N in Morn very Smokey or foggy & much warmer Sun Shind alittle while over Cast at meeting I very much deprest Come up about 8 OC- at night thunder Gust

30th wind N W & blue very hard till noon I off by flat rock bridge to Peter Rittenhouses Burial to Germantown meet at one OC- had a Great Sermon in dutch home by the falls T. Roberts wife & Saml. Smiths widow along in Chair

Oct. 31st at Georg Hansel with order of Abe Tunis on him for his wifes Coffin Got no money Says keep the order till April

November 1st 1826 Wind S by W high hard wind & begun to rain about noon, over Cast all day no rain afternoon I at Norris town paid Bank 524 Cents Sheerd my note to 22 dollars paid B Evans Lawyer 5 drs & 5 dolrs. before for Entering a Cavit caveat against Rees Prices Codicle codicil to his will I whithdrew withdrew It paid Printer 100 Cts dinner &c 110 Cts

2 wind S remarkable warm foggy day over at pike 2 fips at pike after Printz Raisd his old barrack, I at Baltis Whitemans to Get him to make axeltree home the most remarkable foggy dark day I do think I ever Recolect It remarkable

3rd wind N W & fine Calm morn & pleasant day Boys Guning I about home till noon over at pike Spent 2 fips home Read till omission, Ann at Paul Jones his Daughter Married to one Fry of Germantown yesterday & Doct Erwin to a young Woman from Phila & Rebecca Jones to Walker from Valie Valley Great Joining in the holy Bonds of Matrimoney

November 4th 1826 Wind N Cool white frosty morn Wind S. awhile and then N E & got to Snow about noon & Snowd very fast till about 4 Oc- It about 1 Inch on the Plank & most Coverd the Ground It melted so much my Son John fetch home from Pike with his Leg Broke playing with John Thomas an Idiot, poor fellow; Doct Brookfeild Irvin Erwin & Leadom all 3 hear & Set it

5th Wind N & wet Morn raind in night Snow all Gone in feilds Raw cold day I at meeting at Isaac Price’s a little while after noon & reading

6th Wind N E over Cast & Little rain in morn Some dogs kill 2 of my Sheep & wounded the other two very fine & fat Doct. here to See John He much Easier wet afternoon

7th wind W & Over Cast & blue off a fine Pleasant day I at Whitemans to get an axeltree in Cart at pike Seen a young alligator from Georgia two of them alive paid one fip & 2 Jills wine 2 fips So home

8 wind W fine Clear Cool Morn no frost high whind wind till morn then fine I at pike with the paint wine 2 fips

November 9th 1826 Wind W fine Calm Clear Morn but Large White frost & Ice plenty over at pike to Show Job trees to Cut at Widow Smiths vendue Castner treated Me to 2 Jills vine wine at pike

10th Wind S W fine Pleasant day I with Ann to Market Tobacco 3 fips Turpentine 25 Cts oats &c 37½ Cents dull market

11 Wind W fine pleasant Morn white frost, Boys helping E P. Walter to dig Potatoes I at pike with Some turinpine turpentine Spent 1 fip So back to dinner after Meet the Society

12 Wind S W fine Clear Still morn & fine day at Meeting after at Dot Brookfeilds & Reading Wm Penns no Cross no Crown

13 wind W froze but fine day Boys at E P Walters at diging Potatoes Ann & I at Jos Thomas’s wifes Burial at Haverford yard She went to Quartily meeting this week day week & dyed in Philada- fine Respectable woman

November 14th 1826 Wind S W frosty morn & held up fine day no rain Boys on the road I at pike qt oyl

15th wind S & overCast fine no rain Vaughn & Smith killd my Muley Cow weighd 544 I Committed my self over the Bay

16 Wind S Calm Still morn no frost I Pottering about Saml Gibson to Settle Soft warm day I at Castner 1 fip

17th Wind S & begun to rain by 5 O’C- wet till noon Ann off to Market Settled with Gibson Gave him 3 bonds for 524 one to Jane Walter 224 one to John Gibson 150 to Ann Paschal 150 drs wet all day Ann Got 25 Cts Butter 50 Cents Potatoes

18 Wind N W very Windy Morn but a pleasant day in hole- halling Leaves in hog pen & with illegible happening for me illegible a tomb &c

19 Wind N W Clear & Sharp Morn Ice Plenty I at Meeting after at pike Gin 2 fips Got a white hat Second handed

November 20th 1826 wind N W Clear Sharp Morn prety hard frost I off to Obe He killing 3 hogs very fine at Hoffmans killd 4 hogs very Good took Gin with illegible home to Dinner very fine day W to S W & pleasant afternoon I about home after

21st Wind N Clear Ice plenty I off to Youngs at Widow Mines’s She paid me 3 dollars on to Judg Jones’s Got my Cane at McClenechans no Money Spent 2 fips so home

22 wind S E & overCast Smart frost I at pike 1 fip- a pair Shoes home to dinner Meet Crawford Gave him acct for John Holland Coffin He one of the Derectors Poor house at Bowmans & at Doctr

24 Wind N fine Little Snow full Inch deep wind N W fine day Printz helping to make a Coffin for a Man at Paul Jones‘s house Printz & Jos attended the funeral I not well at Loyd Jones treated to small Glass Printz & Jos. attended the Burial to our yard

1826 November 23thrd Wind N this day out ought be the 23rd I Pottering about Raisd 1 qt Whisy. Silas Jones here in Evening to Get a Coffin for a man at Paul Jones Place a Carpenter Sent for Obe He Sick not come Sent for Printz morn 24th he & Wm made It I not well-

25 Wind S W frost & Ice plenty Huffman Repairing dam to Get Ice I their awhile fine Soft Given giving day Jos. & Cart their afternoon omission & over Cast S wind then E & like for rain

26 Wind E & Been wet night & overCast morn & very heavy rain in Showers till Evening Sun Shind & blue off I at Meeting a woman from Phila Gave us a good advice, I at T Prices He been at Court Last week

27 Wind N W Clear frosty Morn Ice Boys halling leaves to hogpen I Pottering Reading paid omission last 2 dolrs her he? Lent Me & 1 dr on Acct

28th wind N W Clear frosty morn & windy Cold day I meet Jacob Sibley at Jane Price’s with a measure for Coffin for Mary Whiteman

Novr 28th 1826

Sent for Printz to help to make a Coffin for John Whitemans Sister we Got Sides on & Lid Cut out, & begun a small one for Silas Jones’s Sister Supplees Grand Child Still born

29 wind N W frosty Morn Printz hear here Soon & finishd Whitemans & him & Self took it up I back & attended in the Chair below or at or near the factory at Flat Rock and interd it our yard about 4 OC

30 Wind S W Soft morn no frost very pleasant day I at Meeting after at pike Jos. halld wood & a poplar Log I along 1 fip Helembold here after night to Get Coffin for Loyd Jones Prentis apprentice Got hurt by wrassling Sent for Printz to Come in morn

December wind W fine Calm morn & day Printz Come & we fell to work & Got it 1st made & took it down in Evening & put him in Carried it the coffin down I walk with them

2nd Wind N W Clear Cold morn & Clear day attend the funeral to our yard & at Tom Prices Several their illegible Rabits for 25 Cents

December 3rd 1826 Wind N Clear Cold morn hard frost Ice Plenty I at I Prices & at Meeting at T Prices & back to Tea & Reading all Evening

4th wind N E over Cast but Clear fine day 4 or 5 of them killing 7 hogs for Me I at T. & I Prices to Get Me to A referance between Doct. Leadom & the ares heirs

the 5th Isaac Price & I Set off at noon to Doctr Leadoms at Plymouth Stayd all night He treated us well

the 6th Wind N W Doct & Us Set off to Bucks County Cross roads 20 Miles from Phila. as Witness between Doct Leadmon Leadom & the Heirs of his Father I was Bound for Edw Price to Leadom & Gave him my note for 500 drs & Isaac Price pd It & took my note up We Left their before Sun Set & Came by falls & Got home before 10 OC- 20 miles Cost me 50 Cents Doct paid all Rest

7 Wind S by W very foggy Soft morn & fine warm day at T Price’s He killing a beef Cow 575 lb I at pike 2 fips Jos at Whitemans Got axeltree in Cart I very Crecke creaky

8th Wind W Soft Cloudy morn off to Hagys to Get roads 4 words illegible

9th December 1826 Wind W Soft Cloudy morn I off to Hagys Wells & McClenechans money hunting Got none this yesterday, I at E P Walters He killd 5 fine hogs Spent 2 fips at pike after meet the Society only 9 meet rain

10 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn froze hard at Meeting our freind from Long island here Illius Elias Hicks In the Sperritsul spiritual Grace & another Hicks held forth much Great Geatherring no Less than 350 persons Great man in thee the regenerality regeneration Exepts accepts man I Poor Creature Creater in Heathen Baptism tho felt my natur natural natural nature small poor indeed Unfortunately this passage, like many of the past three months, is in very faded ink and hard to decipher.

11th wind S prety Calm day at Adams He killing 2 hogs & illegible very fine Morn white frost I up they killd blank Hogs by sun rise I up after they kill Hogs & Cow prety fine. I home to dinner or to dinner repeated I Price here to get pound nails I got none over Cast, I at Tom & Isaac Price’s with a peticion petition against Canells canals

December 13th 1826 Wind S W over Cast I about home till noon then at pike 1 fip blue Hugh Henry kill 2 hogs

14 Wind N W fine day at I. Prices He killd 10 hogs fine 2 weighd 300 apeice I at T. Prices Evening

15 Wind S W fine Still Clear Morn at T. Prices he killd 9 hogs weighd 2419 lb Job & Jos. cleand 12 B- Rye took 6 to Mill I Pottering about at T Price &c

16 Wind S W Soft morn no frost I about home till noon then at the Buck to hear when my Respected Freind Esqr Elliot was to Be Buried they Buried old Carpenter Uesed used to Board or Stay at Millers He was found out dead Esqr Elliot to morrow to Morning Meet at 9 OClock in margin: ” bees flying very heavey”

17 Wind S W Soft morn no frost I off to the Burial Started about 10 O’C Interd at Havierd Haverford freinds yd. very Great Convers concourse of People near 100 Carriages of all Sorts, & as Many or more than 100 hores horse people, I home to Dinner, not very well

18 Wind W fine till noon then Snow from N Coverd the Ground Benney kill 9 hogs 1800 weigh weight very Good

December 19th 1826 Wind N W frosty Cold morn Snow about 1 Inch, at Castner killd 2 fine hogs I their awhile Meet Loyd Jones treated to ½ Glass afternoon at pike & at the dutch Church at the Burial of one of Heasen Smiths daughters She Got deraingd & dyed in oilspitle hospital & they fetch her up to bury Several Snow Showers Cold

20th Wind N W Clear Cold Morn hard frost drawing out acct. till noon Jos. & Job finish the Rye & Cleand it I at Tom Price’s He high

21 wind W & Cloudy Cold morn & day I at pike forenoon After begun a box to put in Grave for T. Pratts daughter wife & down to Pratts to take the Measure of the Coffin She dyed in Philada

22 wind W & hard frost fine morn But Cloudy Up about noon & Cold I attend the Burial with my Wagon & Carried the Corpse to our yard Made the Box & we help to put it in Our yd Jos George Spoke or Invited Us to Burial of old School Mate David Zell He Eat Breakfast at 8 OC- & drop down dead before 10 OC- afternoon at pike Jobe Cuting wood for Jos.

December 23 1826 Wind N W hard frost Cold Clarid cleared up about noon I wheting Saw &c afternoon at pike ½ G 1 fip & to See Jobe Choping wood

24 Wind N W Clear very hard frost & Cold morn I off & attended David Zells Burial to our yard went to John Mathews at Tompsons old Place Mathews Married his Daughter afternoon at T. Price’s

25 Wind N W most remarkable Cold hard frosty Morn Clear Cold day at Pike Steve along back to Dinner at T- Price’s this Christmas day all no work

26 wind S W & Snowey morn Cold & Snowd till noon then rain after noon & thawd much I at Pike home Evening & Got to freeze

27 Wind N W Cloudy Cold morn Snow Shower from W & over Cast & very Cold I at John Robert’s He had a road Jury to Lay out a road by his mill I took a Glass wine or 2 with him So home

28 Wind N W very hard frost Cold Clear morn no snow though a very Cold day about home all day

December 29th 1826 Wind N W Cold day fine Little Snow Cover Ground no thaw Jos helping Huffman to hall Ice about 6 I thick I at T Prices & Jane Prices they killing beef at pike See them halling Ice

30 wind N W Snowney snowy morn & in night near 2 I deep I about home very Cold day I about home repeated

31 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn Cleard off about noon & fine thawd much had not thawd for 3 days Back at Meeting