Joseph Price Diary


January 1st 1825 Wind S W no frost but began to rain about noon Enoch Price Steve Goodman & Self Gave Fan May Reeds Notice to Move we on to Huffmans with omission to Warn Ben Yunt out dined their & Spent 12½ Cts he paid me 450 Cts for wood home & meet the Society 5 Cents Great Blough after night and N W

2nd Wind N W high Cold morn, Snow about 2 Inches sticking to the trees very hard wind tho thawd alittle sun side of Roofs at meeting afternoon at T. Prices

3rd Wind N W Cold Clear morn hard frost I at T. Prices to kill Bull He wicked 741 lb & I Layd bet 715 home to dinner 741 lb Set up drink last line illegible

3 lines illegible except for “very Cold”

4th 5 lines scrawled & illegible except for “Mac… here all night I better Mack He Back to dinner & I with (at) Mathews Spent not fine Calm day” The following is in improved handwriting, perhaps written later: “Jos. halld wood I Spent the day with G. MackClenechan Isaac Price team for Boards for Rees Price”

5th Wind N Clear white frosty morning Jos. Holland here Cuting Cherry wood Jos. & John I with them then at pike Bout 2 yrd. flanel for Draws 75 Cents, at Mathey for Supper

6 Wind N W fine Clear Cold morn hard frost Boys Choping Cherry trees along the Line they only induce hogs or pigs to Tresspass Joe Holland here Loyd Jones here & at Mats. he treated to ½ Glass Whet the Cross saw &c

7th Wind N E & Cloudy hard frost I off to town with Matheys his Dearborn Rule 37½ Cts Cumpress compass & Line 22 Cts Brass hinges 75 Cts 3 Small G- & oysters 30 Cts Pike & Gin 20 Cts Bacco 18½ So home

8 Wind E & Cloudy & mistie alittle Got S & thawd Some boys halling wood, I at Rees at I Price’s & Thomas’s at Mathey’s Spent 1 fip meet Kinsey He treated ½ G- meet I. Matheys & others

9th wind S W thawing off house very fine at T. Prices not at Meeting after at home blue up Evening N W

10th wind N Clear hard frost but Pleansant pleasant day at pike & at Rees’s He killd hogs

January 11th 1825 Wind W Clear Calm morn hard frost J. Holland at work I at T Price’s Tamzen Roberts that was & her Nephew Trimbel from N river their Spent 1 fip I Lost 12½ Cts & Got over the bay

12th wind N W Clear frosty morn Holland & John Tharshing Rye I at Rees’s, & at pike John Holland Blowing Cherry Logs pint Fayet & Bottle & Whiskey 18½ Cents

13th wind N E Clear in morn But over Cast Like snow but illegible down & Snowd then wind S W & thawd & giving day I at Rees’s Holland blue some Cherry Logs I thought Snow but no snow

14 Wind N E & over Cast & rain at T Price’s took alittle drink So home to dinner Rees their most wonderful N E Storm so I said Snow none Came Cold N.E. Rain John & Jos. off with Joe Holland been 7 days Cuting wood &c Boreing about a note I gave Young is not for tools that I or George bought at Youngs for 65 drs Tom say E P Walters never Settled for omission I at Rees Price’s T. Price their Cuting up his hogs I about home after

15 Wind S W & Warm Clear Morn not froze any, wonderfull winter Snow gone out of feilds not well back bad Wm Matheys’s Mother died this Morn

I at Matheys & He Said his Mother was dead I at Rees Prices to See Carpenters Spent 12½ Cents as warm as May almost Richard Jones paid me 42 dolrs for his Fathers Coffin & horses & their Bill was 43 & 12½ Cents

16th Wind S Soft Giving Cloudy morn not froze any John Adams paid me 6 dolrs for Roremans Coffin I not at meeting at Isaac Price’s He not at home I back Reading Elwood

17 Wind S W warm foggy Morn not froze not any, off about 8 OC- to Wm- Matheys mothers Burial Great Concourse of Persons their She an old Woman Got Burnt 5 or 6 weeks agoo T & Isaac Price & Self their home not at H. Gates meeting home to dinner blue up about 10 OC- a very pleasant day– Spent 1 fip & treated Joe Evans to a jill whiskey blue Cold H. Gates is Horatio Gates Jones, pastor of Lower Merion Baptist Church.

18 Wind N W hard frost Cloudy But Sun Shind at times & thawd prety much Jos. off to Burial of Clayton the dearborn maker at Heston Vill took him to Abbiton Abington 12 or 14 miles I at the falls & Isaac Roberts He paid me 5 Dols for his Childs Coffin I home in Evening

19 Adam & self in Town Spent 31 Cents horse &c

Jany 20th 1825 Wind N W. & fine Clear white frostey morn & most Pleasant day Obe & I Self repeated made a Coffin for a Collard colored Child at Henry Cardy 3 feet Long He paid me 3 drs the Woman belong to Blockley Township He treated to Glass I took dear born attended to pike & Buried to our yard Rachel went with me, at Rees Evening Rachel is a black woman servant at JP’s.

21st. Wind S W & over cast A fine day I off to widow armstrong She not at home or Shee would give Me the illegible to Savages at Hagy & at Ketleys meet my 2 Woman Rawlens & Armstrong but no money Holgate’s wife pd me 2 dollars So home–

22 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn hard frost I at Rees 4 Carpenters at work at Isaac Price’s his Charly horse Got his thiy thigh broke Spent 3 fip

23 Wind N & over Cast very windy night & morn hard frost Gault pd me 5 dolrs for his Sons Coffin yesterday not at meeting at Tom Price’s very Cold

24 Wind N W & very Cold windy morn Tom Price G- Latch & Self off for norris town in my dearborn by flat rock T & Latch paid pike gooing & for me back Stop at Hagys G.. T pd Soon to Norris fine Clear day & moderated much

page of original missing

January 31st 1825 Wind S W Large white frost & froze not very hard, a wonderfull winter so far at T.P. & R Prices with Jos Adam & T. Price helping Rees to Cut wood I at pike 1 G- 1 fip So back viewing in new meadow to make a dam for Ice, Lost 2 fips

February 1st. Wind N E & over Cast all of us with horse & Cart helping to make a dam in sawmill meadow Rain in Evening but began to Snow & Coverd the Ground by 10 O’C- I at Rees’s T. Price’s team aload for Rees’s to ferry He Isaac & Toms teams halling dung from town

2nd Wind N E & had Snowd 9 Inches deep hung to trees much it Snowd Little all day & Got Clold cold & froze all day I at Toms Prices & at Matheys 1 Jill wine 12½ Cts

3rd wind N W & over Cast & Cold morn & disagreeable day I at Mathey one pint Bear meet Horn & Haygy illegible & Bill Being maried to Richard Daughter meet Hagy Treating to 2 or 3 Gassen glasses of Jin Handwriting and style deteriorating, 2 words illegible and took 3 or 3½ Glasses 2 lines remaining illegible except: “saw mill & took… 9 Cents so home Cold disagreeable day”

4th Wind N W & hard frost Adam & I off to Hestons Ville Hestonville, in region of N. 52nd Street, Philadelphia, today to Lobb to turn a pump box He not well or he would turn it back by Jess Thomas’s Got 6 B. Rye home & on to School & Got Heston to turn It at Leverings Mill Back & Got the Box my Boy Got the Slay from Pike & went Slaying Broke it Back & Side all not fitt to run thawd fine in sun

February 5th 1825 Wind W by S hard frost but fine day thawd fine in Sun Joe had two Princes Printzes & John Smith Slaying Last night & broke the Slay to day them & Obe Mending & repairing it 4 of them & took them arideing Evening I at Kuglars the Constable advertised Coulters horses &c a debt of Doct. Anderson’s but Cooper Seized all by Sherref for rent & they had to Send the property Back no Sale Sherreft sherrif to Sell on 10th Spent 25 Cents So home Kugler owd me 50 Cts & ows me 1 fip yet Paid Sheaff 25 Cts for Splaying spaying 2 pigs

6th Wind S W amost remarkable fine Morn begun to thaw by 9 O’C- in sun I at Meeting after geard up the Charley Slay & Ann & Little Beck Rebecca, 7 year old daughter & Allen to David Roberts I Left them & went to Ned Walters & at Huffmans ½ G- 1 fip back to D.R. & got Rebecca so home wind S & thawd very much Roads in mear mere Slush Slaying dun in the pike & roads

7th Wind S W fine morn froze prety hard but thawing day Matheys 3 teams halling Ice Phillip Lower here him & I Got the Dear born & went Hagys & Bickin to See Phil‘s Son so home at dusk

8 Wind W & hail & rain And Snowd but broke off at noon I at T.P. A Carrier here with him at Matys Lower my mare & up to D Bickens after walk to town 1 qt 12½ Cts

February the 9th 1825 Wind E & hard frost but no Snow at Tom Price’s & pottering about

10th W.S W. over Cast Giving day Jos. halling Ice for Huffman I at Sherreff Sale of Charles Coulters Property Coopers Suite suit for rent Spent 7 Cents Got Tipsey not much

11th W— S W Smokey morn Like a thaw & begun to rain Sent Printz my Dutch mare I at Isaac 3 or 4 lines illegible, but apparently rewritten later: “thaws much at Isaac Prices took too much whiskey pd 3 drs for 15 Bushels of Oats 20 Cts per B”

12 Wind S. very foggy thawing morn I feel a great remorse for drinking So much I hope I Shall take up the Cross & refrain from the reched wretched habbit at I Price’s his Coult colt no better I Back Reed up to Mays Lott It Sold for 1000 Dollars Tobacco & Gin 12½ Cents

13 Wind S very foggy warm morn Martin Wise at T Price He Cleaning their Clock Ant Janes down their afternoon Blue up alittle Cooler

14 Wind S W not froze any all Snow Gone Except Some drifts very fine day at Ant Janes twice & at I Prices

15 Wind E & Snowing but much thawd as fast as fell almost Soft time

2nd Month the 16th 1825 Wind S W Soft morn & very Little frost at Rees’s Benney much Better took a little drink So home Jos. Sat up with Benney Last night J. Printz to Settle his Fathers Acct for work at Cooppers I owe him 210 Cents & He owes Hoffmans 220 Cts for the 2nd mearsure’s measure for his work

17 W— S by W Large white frost & very foggy Soon took frost Cloudy I rode to See Benney afternoon at T. Ames He paid me 5 drs for Edd Armstrongs Coffin his widows order at W Hagys his Leg Better thunder to W. & Come up Smart rain & hail wind W & Cleard off fine by 9 OC-

18 Wind N W fine Clear Morn froze very Little & a pleasant day at Rees Price I off home & at Wm Mathey & at T. Price’s sold a ton of Hay to Matheys Spent 1 fip amost remarkable warm day meet Esqr Elliot at Matheys Benney Got well help to kill a Calf

19th wind S by W most remarkable fine warm day Obe here for Cart to fetch his meat to Smoke Jos. along He Stayd & help to hang the Stable door on the Out Side pint whisy. I walk to T. Price’s froze but very Little in margin: “Bees flying Many (illegible) with honey”

20th Wind N E Over Cast & Windy Cold day at Meeting after M- pint Bear 1 fip ½ G- begun to Snow & blough in Evening John & Jos away Will & I fed It raind & haild & froze as fast as fell

21st W N E & hail & rain Snow near 1 Inch & all Ice under froze to trees fences &c thawing wet & snow all day & rain I at T.P a great fox Chase from Near the ferry not ketch him

February the 22nd 1825 Wind N by W & thawing all night & rain & Snowing day, wonderfull time this is the 3 day, Obe John Smith & self makeing a Coffin for Jonathan Robeson the Black Smith been an industrious man in his day He Struct with Palsry palsey about 79 or 80 years I think amost wonderful Bad roads no frost in ground

23 Wind by W over Cast & Snow now & then rather Broke off in Evening Obe & Smith here all night and finished the Coffin & Obe & I took it & put him in & Screwd the pine part Up Cleard off by 8 OC- very Calm bad roads in margin: “this the 4 day of thaw & Cloudy no Sun”

24th wind N morn then S W a large White frost & a most delightfull day Like Ma Jos off in dearborn & I on horse back and attended the Burial of my old Freind to our or Friends Yard a great Concourse of People I feel much Deprest for many aride him & I had together they say in his 80 year he has had 2 Wifes 4 Childer by first & 2 by the 2nd first Williams the 2nd Lives afternoon at Notes Widows Vendue, at T. Cochrons old Place now Brades’s No- their Bout not

25th Wind S Cloudy Smokey Morn Large white frost but soft giving day very Cloudy Evening I at Huffmans He paid me 10 dollar Beer 12 Cts so home at M Spent not

26 Wind S E & over Cast froze very Little begun to rain Snow about 9 OC- from N E Cold keep at Some all day meet the Society agriculter Judge Peters attend tho such whether weather 8 or 10 meet Changeable fecikel fickle winter Bad roads

February the 27th 1825 wind N E & Snowing It has Gaind 2 Inches in night thawd Some at Meeting Snowd all day Seen the moon about 9 OC

28th Wind N W & Clear Sharp Morn froze prety Smart Cloudy awhile then the wind W by S thawd most wonderfull afternoon I at Pike to Get Ben Yunt to Clean my ditch at Pike He begun derect the most wondefull Roads for wet & muddy Every horse track water Pint of Bear 1 fip

March 1st 1825 wind N W. fine Clear Pleasant Day tho froze Prety smart, Ann & Pugh from school & Self off in Carriage to Phila Bad roads I Bout 12 yds of Linnen for my wagon 3 drs Oyle 40 Cts Sprigs 22 Cts horse & horsler 31½ Cts Bear &c 6¼ Cents 2 yds Cloth 6 dr on trust of I Jones ferriage & pike 21 Cts took Coffee with P. Hansel so home Gave Ann 3 drs & Left Her in town

2nd Wind N W very Little frost I at Tom Prices & Rees s at pike Cyder 6¼ at Edw Walters so back boys tharsh

3rd Wind N & over Cast No frost I off at T.P. He along to pike Rees & E P Walters running out my Lott below the road at pike Spent 37½ Cents So home 2 pint Cyder for Self

4th wind N E & over Cast Cloudy all day without rain or Snow no frost at I & T Price’s Spent 12½ Cents Raw Cold afternoon Sent for me to take the Measure of Isaac Roberts wife to make a Coffin Sent word

5 wind N by W & S by W rain Prety smart then broke off so as to See the Sun then Cloudy up & raind Evening took the Coffin down & put her in Obe along

March 6th 1825 Wind N W Like to Clear rather Raw high wind not froze in tub but a pleasant day in the hole attended the funeral at 9 OC- & interd here her in our Merion yard a great Nomber of People & 2 Public Freinds very good time in Meeting B 12½ afternoon Tom & Rees Price’s & so home

7th wind N W fine Still Clear morn not froze any not much I off with Enoch Jones’s Herse to his home then at Keans Board yard, at J. Elliots at Sorbber about Curtain for my Wagon tobacco 20 Cts Spent 12½ Cents so home Cloudy afternoon Sun Set fine & Clear I hope fine day tomw

8 Wind E & wet Morn & wet till noon thunder Gust from west not Cleard Matheys & Self up to W. Ketch’s vandue Bout a tub 31 Cts & oysters 6¼ Cts

9 wind N by W & wet morn thunder in night wet till noon I off to Robeson & Hagy’s So home Evening Spent 1 fip

10th wind w fine Clear morn froze Some fine Clear day at Isaac Roberts about alegacy from Thoms Robesons Est to Abigal Miller Got no Information his Father & I was Executors after at Pike pint Cyder 4 Cts on to Starns & Stanleys paid him omission drs Calld to see McClevis He movd to P. Mays Lott He Bought it at 1000 drs in margin: “frogs Crying”

11 W. N W Clear Cool Morn froze Prety Smart I off to D Bickens & Hagys & Little Prest with my Coat & Isaac Ellis 2 words illegible & Spent 1 fip at Stanley Store with Mac & Savadge at T Prices He high seen & heard a Peeve peewee

March 12th 1825 Wind S W very fine Calm Morn been a thunder Gust in night not froze any Jos & Self took the wagon to Sorbers to Get Curtin on it Jos home & I to town fish 14 Cts horse &c 25 Cents Elliots 12 Cts ferriage & pike 8 Cts went to See Lawyer Smith He thinks must pay Robeson 20L Old Robeson Left to his Grand daughter Abigal it above 20 years agoo

13 Wind S W Clear warm Morn not froze any. I not at meeting at Rees & Tom Price’s after after repeated at I Prices He not at home Spent 12½ Cents I at Toms

14th Wind N heard the flat Rock dam Set Joe to plow our Sod I at pike Pleasant not so warm as yesterday But a very Pleasant day man fetch me 25 Bushels of Oats, at 20 Cents I meet Helambolt & John Mathews & took too much with them so home 1 pint Gin at pike 6¼ C so home

15 wind N W & Calm Clear morn up Soon Peewee very Chearfull I at T. Prices he not up so home 1 fip heard the Peewee this morn very fine Borrow T. Prices plow & so finished my feild at T Prices He was up Got a fall & hurt Better I up not well as I ought to be illegible my head Shavd Poor writing, rambling style, too much to drink again.

16th wind S W Pleasant day Jos. Plowing I at Rees & Thoms. Prices Spent the day very Idle Jos finish back feild & took T.P plow home I Pottering about Rain in morn & over Cast & very wet afternoon I at T Price’s & then Isaac’s the Peewee very Chearfull this morning

March 17th 1825 Wind S W very foggy warm morn agreat rain in night with thunder & Lightening 2 words illegible fine day I off to Isaac Roberts says I illegible being illegible for his Father as Executor to F Morris Est at I Roberts & Spent 1 fip at falls on to Crossley He paid me for Wells 2 drs for wells repeated So home Spent 1 fip at Matheys so home 2 words crossed out & illegible

18 Wind W over Cast no frost & fine day our Election day for Constables & Road men & Schoolmen Spent 3 fips van buskerk paid by the hands of an Englishman 6 drs & I Gave a receipt in full for James Greens Coffin

19th Wind W Little white frost but fine day I off to Mac McClenechans at Robesons He paid me 9 drs for his Fathers Coffin at Hagys home by Leverings so at T.P

20 Wind S W fine morn not froze any I at T. Price’s & at Rees’s not at Meeting invited or spoke of Burial of Sarah Jones the widow of Nathan Jones who moved to Juneattee & Dyed She to be Buried at Darby She was sister to Saml Gibson apracot out in Blosom in Blosom repeated Benjn Lobb here to Dinner Beer 12½ Cents

21st Wind N over Cast & unpleasant tho no Ice, But in the hole not so unpleasant Isaac Roberts here to Get a Roff box to put in Grave for Tom Trals Mother inlaw Sucan Susan Thomas went to See Obe He sore thumb & not Come Platts move her to his house in a mehogamy Coffin took measure

22. wind N W froze Ice I made the Case & attended the funeral to our yard

March 23rd 1825 Wind N Ice Large white frost Set off on the Gin mare for Norristown flat Rock bridge & up the pike pd 8 pike pd Bank 10 drs 41 Cents Dinner horse &c 50 Cts at Webs 64 Ctsat Hagys 12½ ferry 8 Cts Sowers for paper 100 Cents & so on home before sun Set

24 Wind S by W & over Cast my 2 Sows illegible & Lap Ear has 25 pigs this morn I was at the pike several lines scrawled & illegible home to dinner Jim Holland here at Posts

25th Wind E & over Cast & wet & Cold day Obe helpt put molding on my wagon 1 qt wisy 12½ Cents at T Prices & Rees Price’s

26 Wind N E Cold high wind at Society & at T Prices & pottering about wet Cold day

27 wind W & very windy Black flying Clouds not at Meeting no Ice at T. P & at W. Mathey

28 Wind N W windy Cool morn Ice plenty at Jos George’s for thong Leather at Garrets for Coffin money Got none at Levering’s at T. Price’s so home Rees Price help to kill a Calf

29 Wind N Cold Clear morn froze Prety hard I off to Hagys Dined with him on to Ames on to Vandue of old Esqr Thomsons Goods the Secretary of Congress so Long, his Nephew made the sale he dead Senpt spent 3 fips, So home fine at noon

30 Wind S E & over Cast & Got rain soon wet day I at pike whisy & bacco 16 Cents Spade 87 Cents So wet Holland off

31st Wind W fine morn next line illegible

Gap to April 19

April 19th 1825 Wind Cold Over Cast Lite rain Evening I Pottering about home Back and knees bad

20th wind N. here hear the dam Cold disagreeable day I at T- Prices to See his Barn at his Lower place 5 Masons at work I about home Sold W Matheys 53 Battens of Straw

21st W N Clear Cold Morn plenty Ice ¼ of Inch thick I fear killd all the fruite Ice till noon Jos harrowing Corn Ground hoe harrow I at Rees & at T. Price’s Building took Little drink

22nd Wind S & Cloudy but no rain I off on the Colt for the first time to Isaac Roberts about Robesons affairs Johns daughter Abigal wants 20L Left to Her Father by her Grandfather Gave the papers to Isaac home & at T. Prices home

23 Wind W Cool morn but pleasant day off to Phia with Rees in dearborn Bout files 50 Cts 2 Shad 20 Cts Exspences 37½ Cts to G- Streaper 12½ Cts So home Isaac took my Papers and went to the Lawyer He thinks he Gave it

24th Wind S by E & rather Cloudy But held up, pleasant day I at Rees to See his Colt & at Loyd Jones & T Prices Barn Spent 2 fips–

25 Wind N by W & over Cast & raind alittle Rather Cleard off fine afternoon at pike 12½ Cts at T Prices Barn my 2 boys & 2 horses mending road at Rees’s halling Stones their

April 26th 1825 Wind S by W & very foggy Soft morn Jos. off Soon with my Wagon to Phila. to move Hannah Zell to H. Bowmans Ann & Miss Pugh Matheys horse & my dearborn to town 2 fips at M- I road the Colt to Stillwagons She pd me 4 drs for old Fathers Coffin I back a little rain about noon soon quit

27th Wind S & Little rain in morn Cleard off fine before noon fine & pleasant I over at pike boys diging Garden I put 2 Shoats in Cart 1 qt 12½ Cents

28th Wind E & bugun began to rain about 5 OC- & wet prety fine till about 10 OC then abated, tho over Cast David Roberts daughter maried to day to one Wm Hanes from Goshen way Great Colection at our Meeting held up fine for them

29 Wind S by E & very dark foggy morn I up before 5 OC- & fine rain till near noon fine afternoon I at pike & at David Roberts to See the Bride but mist took a Glass wine so home at M- 1 fip

30th wind N W Clear Coll cool morn & Lite white frost & very high windy day at pike at Society no meet I took Little too much Gin John & I had a great Spar He went off with Rees to ferry fishing & we were halling dung

May 1st. 1825 Wind N W Clear Cool Morn old Huntly Lived at Jerry Warders Place Buried to day at our yard I at Meeting had Preaching Jos & Tom Evans here I took them to Matheys treat them to ½ Whis 12½ Cts walk with Neighbour Rickart all the way to Her home had a smart hail Shower as we went moon Lite fine

2nd Wind N Clear Cool morn Lite white frost but windy Cool day I Spliting Staves for a ladder 1 qt Whisy 12½ Cts Musterday for Militia a School of vice no Muster in time of Peace American Const. all Prime & Load make man a Soldier in 2 or 3 weeks I Learnt more in 2 weeks than 2 Years being at Camp being well drilld at Mats. a fine Company of Vollenteers they March to Stadlemans one other Militia Meet at Hoffmans

3 wind S W & over Cast Ann at Market but remarkable Cold day & over Cast but no rain 5 scrawled lines follow with a few words legible: “on the property… Every… to be Burying in their grounds I told James the most grateful amongst them”

4th wind N Coold cool morn frost

5 wind N & Cool dry time we finished Plantin Corn

May 6th 1825 wind N Coold frosty Morn Jos. Plowing for Ant Jane for Corn I pottering about not well went to See them twice

7 Wind N W Cool Clear Morn & Lite white frost Let my dam out in the Roff meadows Jill of wine & Egg so boys halling rails to repair fences they Settleing Supervisors Acct I their Jontn Miller Been at ferry Got 150 Shad at 15 dolrs. per Gave me one & treated me to small Glass Jos. Wilson here to Get a Coffin for Esqr Curwin I got Bottom & head & foot went to Toms Barn to Get Printz & Obe to help to morrow, the warmest day this Spring

8th Wind S by E & pleasantest morn this Spring Obe & Printz attended Soon & fell to work Got done before 12 OC- I off with it & we put him in So home Spent 25 Cts for Obe & Printz

9th Wind W Clear Cool morn frost plenty Joe & self off about 7 OC & attend Esqr Burial to Baptis yard He about 76 years old back about 2 OC- met old Mac at M He treated to Whiskey I Got pint Bear

10th W. S by W very foggy morn

Page missing; gap to May 14

May 14th 1825 Wind N & over Cast few drops of rain soon in morn wonderfull time this 5 or 6 weeks, no rain, I Pottering at T. Prices one lb Tobacco 18 Cts Bear 6 blot Jos. Plowing for Rees, Clear warm day

15 Wind N W Clear Cool morn white frost plenty I not at Meeting at Rees’s & Toms Price’s Meeting while after at General Wayn meet with Mac McClenechan 12½ Cents so home for dinner Spent the day very Idol idle

16 Wind E very foggy morn I makeing a short Ladder at Tom Price’s, John Plowing at Obe & Rees

17th Wind S E fine rain in night & wet Morn till noon Smart Showers I at T.P. his illegible Jobing at Rakes &c & held up after noon but fine Shower after night Ann at Market Butter 3 fips & 15 Cents 1 Gill Wine

18 Wind W foggy fine Morn & fine day Ground so wet as to plow fine Jos- plowing Obes Lott I pottering about Struct about 100 feet Boards Got at Levering & Greest my harness at Rees took too much whiskey

19 Wind S W very red to sun rise & Cloudy to S W & a few drops now & then but a fine day in the hole Reed up to Get witness between him & May I with at Conrads & Tunis’s

20 Wind S W fine day I took Conrad & Phill Flower to town & attended the Reference & had to stay all night Cost 115 Cents

May 21st 1825 Wind S W Cloudy & few drops of rain Boys planting Potatoes I home from town about 8 OC at pike Bout 3 yds for trowes trousers fine afternoon Spent 1 fip

22 Wind N in morn Cool morn but pleasant at meeting Ann Paskel Paschal here to dinner I at T. Price’s He had Swarm of Bees & Rees had 3 Swarms none Came here at T. Prices I their–

23rd Wind N Cool Clear Morn sold 1 pig for 100 Cents & took 4 off I at Tom & Isaac & Rees Isaac planting Potatoes

24 Wind W Cool morn George Mack McClenechan Lodge with us I seen him at Matheys He Treated to 2 or 3 small Glasses– Joe Plowing Henry Lot I took too many Small Glasses with Mac Santering & did nothing all day

25 Wind W & Cloudy warm day but no rain I at Jacob Printz to get witness Fan & Reeds law suit 1 qt. W 12½ back & at Rees’s they Planting Corn fine thunder Gust in Evening

26 Wind N W & remarkable Windy Cool morn Rees Price & I off to Norris I Sheard my Note 658 Cents Reduced to 50 dollars & dinner &c 50 Cents so home by M Roberts’s

May 27th 1825 Wind w & fine Cool Morn & pleasant day I Pottering mending my Gate Saml Gibson Here all night him & I at Isaac Price’s to his Barn & spring house &c &c I at pike Sold 2 trees to I. Levering for 1150 Cents I Spent in hole 25 Cts

28 Wind W Cool Clear Morn & warm day mending big Gate put in a Bottom rail & meet the Society Spent 1 fip

29 Wind W Cool dry morn but pleasant day not at meeting at Isaac Price’s with Siles Jones his dearborn afternoon at T. Price meet with Major blank who was Major of the Batalion of Norris when I was Major on this Side of Schuylkill; when we went to pike they Tom & Rees to buy Sugar & illegible they treated blot Spent 2 fips so home

30th Wind S & Cloudy but no rain Jos harrowin Corn I their twice & make a illegible for the Pigs at Spring at Rees s Sheep Shearing day

31st Wind S by E over Cast no rain at noon I at Cornfeild Jos. harrowing I at Rees, at Matheys Mary Paid an Irishman for Pattern for Patulloons pantaloons 431 Cents & I got a receipt in full– Bought them at McClenechan 2 yrs agoo Spent 2 fips few drops of rain afternoon

June the 1st Wind S & over Cast & begun to rain about noon very Small Lite rain I Pottering about Steve here makeing Sash I at pike 25 Cts for Steve & Self fetch the Cows

June the 2nd 1825 Wind W. Skye to W I fear it will Clear not near anough of rain no rain to day I off to Jos Hases to Give him illegible note He Chargd it for me I on to Egbert Store for Trimens for my coat for Little Prest Taylor on to Vaughns no Cash on to Saml Youngs He paid 6 drs Intrest home by Huffmans Spent 3 fips Rees Price & Obe & my 2 boys mowd my Clover feild 4 of them by by repeated 6 OC I dined with Saml Young did not drink any thing to day

3rd Wind N. Cool morn over Cast all day did not any at hay I made a yoke for my dutch mare at Obes he Planted his Potatoes, at pike 2 Jills wine 12½ Cts fetch the Cows

4 Wind N E Cloudy Morn & begun to rain soon in morning & wind & rain & Cold most tremendous Storm had not such a herican in March I beleive So Cold had to go to the fire Spent 12½ not well Recd a letter from Post man Phila that He had Sent a letter for me to Norristown for me repeated I was gooing but so wet went not So Cold Matheys had fire for the people

5th Wind N E & rainney morn & Cold high wind raind till night wind Evening Got to W I at T. Price’s so back & reading & at meeting I felt much deprest on reflecting how I had neghlected neglected the one thing neadfull viz to make my Peace

6 Wind S W & fine Clear morn & warm day I off for Norristown on Little mare for a letter they said was their for me I got it was aletter with 20 drs in I Sent my Son George He never Got Sent to Washington & as a dead Letter pd 25 Cts Postage dinner &c &c 62½ Cents So home before night

June the 7th 1825 Wind W fine Clear Calm morn & very warm day at our hay Rake it all up with horse rake Reed & 2 men up at Matheys want me to hunt up witness about Peter Mays Est. between him & fann Fan May one qt Gin & Glass 25 Cents

8th Wind W fine Cool Clear morn & fine hay day I at pike 1 qt Ginn 12½ Cts for Heelley mowing my pike Lott to Phillip Flowers to See If He knowd how Long Peter May keep his Bed home to dinner then at Printz & at Bares &c & up to Nelley Jones So home found no person will say how Long

9th Wind S W warm day William & I made a Coffin for a Child near the war office 2/4 Long flat Lid I Say 3 drs John & Joe at pike at hay Paid old Tom Collard 450 Cts Intrest I off with the Coffin about 12 OC- and interd in Bickens yard after at turnpike Boys their hall 2 Loads in JP made no entry for the 10th ; later he makes two for the 24th

11th Wind S W Warm day all hands at pike Spread turnd &c the hay & Got all in 7 Loads 3 ton at Least & 4 qt W the Britest Surcel circle round the Sun I Ever Seen far off Scurel circle near Hard Storm Jack & Steve had a fray Bill in the Bottom I got up & Struct Jack

12 Wind W- Still warm morn not at Meeting at T.Prices Great Pony their halling hay McCay & Rice & one Cooper their from Phila I at Camp with Rices Father

June 13th 1825 Wind S W fine hay day Rees & my Boys mowing my Lott below the Barn I Pottering about E.P.W Got all his hay in from the Lott Old road, we Spread none to day Late when we begun one G-allon W 50 Cts

14 Wind N fine Clear Morn & warm day the depety deputy Sherrif form from West Chester Came to take me to Court as a witness between B. Jones Extr Jos.Jones, I off with by Siders Eagle on pike from their to Sugartown & on to General Greens Tavern So on to West Chester about 4 OC- Court ajournd not Calld Stayd all night at first Tavern I meet

15 Wind W Pleasant Morn but warm day Court at 9 OC- I attend at 10 OC- Gave in my Evidence by 12 OC- not well Back and knees bad & Could hardly walk Exspences the 2 day 87½ Andersons Pills 18½ Cts then my horse Breakfast Supper & horse 100 Cts J Woolman paid He Summon me I set off about 12 OC- got home after sun set so Jamb could hardly ride

16 Wind W over cast in part till noon then fine hay made much we make & halld all in the wood Lott in old orchard Obe help & they halld his in

17 Wind W fine Cool Clear morn & fine hay day boys & Obe mowing I at hay we halld 3 Loads in out the meadow

June 18th 1825 Wind S W & Cloudy morn & begun to rain by 9 OC- Got one Load hay in then a fine rain & keep at till noon ½ G- W & wet till night Rees Mowd the old Garlic feild then mowd Some for me 5 or 6 Loads off them

19th Wind S W & over Cast & warm Like rain but Cleard off I not at Meeting Reading Mingu Mungo Parks, walk to Corn feild at Janes & at T- Price’s & at G Wanes I Price at hay

20 Wind N by E very Calm Still Morn but afine hay day boys mowd Some then halld all in that they Mowd 6 & 7 day 4 Loads Rack & Sip help to rake Rees with horse Rake most all his feild Self at hay

21st Wind W I at hay Boys mowd Some & 2 Loads in help Rees to hall in one

22 W. W fine hay day Got in 2 Loads Loads repeated & help Rees

23 Wind N W heard the dam Got 4 Loads in the Last of my hay

24 wind N E & over Cast blot about, Ann off to market Adams wife along

June 24

Wind N E & over cast Little rain, boys at plowing Corn I their & to See Isaac Price He very Ill John & Jos. Plowing Corn down to See I. Price thunder to west & rain about 4 O’C- I Potter about did much

25 Wind S W but rain I to See Isaac Tomme Price at his Orchard I taken very Ill within Bowels & Brest took Anderson’s Pills & oyle vomited fine 2 or 3 times & threw up much Boyle bile thunder Gust Evening very Little here one Below heavy I rather better

26 wind W by N. very Pleasant day fine hay day Thos Price haying tho first day I walk to See Isaac He much Better Porter 1 fip I Reading Wm. Penn & pike? & Barkleys Apoligey all three Great men in the Spirital Baptis I not well & felt my nothingness as a Christain Christian fellt all my Condemnation as a poor Sinner God Give me Grace as a poor Sinner, I have Benn in habbiteyd habitude of Takeing too much Ginn at which I Shall take up the Cross & follow Pawl & the aposcles & refrain –I hope

June the 27th 1825 wind N Morn then Got S, but fine day Ann & I in dear Born to Burial of my Perticular freind John Wilson of Philadelphia, who had Been in N. Amecarn American Bank from the first Establishment as Long as He was Capable of It my Brother Edw & George Simpsons Son Got hired about the same time He was a Father So Study steady & Capable He quit Bank 5 or 6 years ago & resided with his Brothers widow He Suffer not for on the day died He Came to Breakfast on 24th in Morn of 25th at 6 OC- died in his 82nd year a great Good man as a scouller scholar they interd him in his Brothers Familyes Ground we home by 2 OC- I very unwell Boys at Rees’s

28 Wind S & over Cast we about 10 OC- had a very Great thunder & heavy Shower then rather Cleard prety fine wind W- afternoon Jos. at Mill 5½ B Rye

29 Wind N fine Clear Cool morn here hear the dam bad omium omen my Reaping day 5 or 7 of them Cut all my wheat & all of the Rye that was Ripe Benny Price & old Tom Shock all nearly not there only Pottering, fine day not so hot

30th Wind S by E & flying Clouds my Back prety bad the Boys Reaping at Tom Price I their twice to See them & Isaac Price’s Reed & wife here to tea from Phila

July the 1st 1825 Wind S W & over Cast But held up Pleasant day for Reaping I at John Conrads to Get his wife to goo to town about Fan Mays & Reeds Acct She would not goo, I set off for town about 4 OC- arivd about 6 O’C- meet the arbitrators about 8 O’C- did nothing I beleive I back; to Yerkes no supper pint Cyder 1 fip to Bed at 11 OC- Sleep Little

2nd Wind. E & over Cast took a dish Coffee horse 50 Cts tobacco 3 fips Cyder & wine & horsler 25 Cts off for home at 7 OC- ferry pike 8 Cts 2 Jills wine 12½ Cents So home boys hall 3 Loads Rye in raind & Stopt halling not heavy rain Sun Shind at Setg.

3 wind S & wet Morn & till noon not heavy, afternoon no rain but big Drops Wind W. & Sun Went down fine I at Meeting & walk to T- Price’s J Printz treated to Bottle Porter I Reading most of the day Vincent on the Judgements

4th Wind W. fine Cool prety Clear morn this this repeated aniversity of Indipendence 49 yr this time 48 years ago in 1777 I was in Camp Jersey. They keep kept it up as a great day being the first aniversity of Independence

5 Wind W Sun up fine but foggy to S Cleard off about omission & Great thunder Gust at noon But Cleard off & they Reap afternoon I walk to Ned Walters & Hoffmans his Reaping day at Isaac & Tom Prices all at harvest

July the 6th 1825 Wind N here hear the dam Cool Clear Morn but Wind Got S W & over Cast but no rain finish’d my Rye & Got all in about noon boys halling for Huffman, I rode their 2 Jills o wine

7th Wind N W over Cast Looks Like raine rain till noon then Cleard off & sun Shind & fine afternoon I at meeting in Morn after at Doct Brookfeild Wm- & E Henry halld 6 Load of Wheat & 1 of Rye for him So home Rees Price had 4 Cradelers Cut all his by 5 OC- had all Tom & Isaac Price’s hands

8 Wind N hear the Dam fine Clear Cool morn & fine Clear warm harvest day, John, Jos. Wilm at the Doct. finished Reaping his 27 doz & halld it in I their & Rake & bound it dined their home & road to Huffmans He Got all in

9th Wind S W warm Over Cast but blue off before 10 OC- fine warm harvest day Rees plowing Corn till near noon & halld his Rye in Tom- help had an invitation to attend the funeral of Saml Right at Coopertown to dutch Church to morrow 1 OC- His Mother & I was first Cosens 2 Sisters Childern He was a fine fellow a wheel wright but he fell succumbed to intemperance

July the 10th 1825 wind S W & very warm day I Meeting morning Sister Rebecca & I Set off to Saml Rights Burial meet it above Lions attend to dutch Church Stopt at Huffmans 2 Jills wine 12½

11th Wind S by W fine Still Clear Morning & a remarkable warm day Jos. Plowing Potatoes for Obe & Corn John their 2 plows

12 At pike ½ G. B. Great Lax so home to dinner afternoon at Obes at Mathey 2 fips

13 Wind S W very warm day Cloudy & not so warm as yesterday I whet my Pannel Saw boys halld Some rails & Load of wood Porter 6 Cts. I at Tom Price’s & pottering

14 wind N E no rain warm day Sent for me Ann Jones was dead I up & took Mesuer measure back & Layd the Bottom & Sides Obe here & fell to I off to town for Mehoganey for Lid Ned Henry along 12 f 2 drs Tobacco 18 ferriage & pike 12 Cts Gin & wine 25. home about 5 OC- & fell to work Obe had Got Side nearly done & moulding on

July 15th 1825 Wind E over Cast but Cleard warm day Obe here all night up Soon & finished Coffin about 9 OC- well finish’d & took it up & put here her in Quite Large, back to dinner attended at 4 OC- Started at 5 OC- & interd Her in our old yard by the Side of Her Brother Jonathan Jones went to T- Price’s Mathew Roberts & Jonathan Roberts the Great Congress man, had much Conversation with him we all took tea their so home

16th Wind S W prety Clear warm Morn & day made a Coffin for Child at Rock factory 3 F Long Obe help went down & took Meashure, & took it down & put her in So home Evening Spent 25 Cts Obe & Self Gave Ned Henry 50 Cts

17 Wind N W very Still Clear morn & very warm dry time Bill took Ann & Ester Price to Jacob Hagys in Dear Born I at T Price’s before meeting afternoon attended the funeral to our yard from Rock factory, at Matheys 1 fip Gin very warm day

18 Wind S W. Clear warm dry time & very warm day Jos. & self at pike Porter 1 fip & marking off a poplar tree 2 Logs at Mathews 1 fip

July the 19th 1825 Wind S W & very warm dry time almost hot Tom & Isaac‘s men Came & help Jos. to my Oats then Cut Rees’s down & off to tye for Thoms Price I Got 1 Gallon Whsy. & Rees took it they had but one drink at mine I took Some with them my Birthday 72 yrs & Spent it Bad. Pottering about

20th wind S W dry warm morn & Might Say hot I at T. Price’s & harvest Oast oats my boys got dun by noon I home want them to tye mine, Great Crops of Oats, as well as wheat Rye &c Tyd all mine & halld it in Obe & I makeing Coffin for Felix Washers Son Got it done & took down & put him in

21st Wind S W very warm day the boys helping Rees & pottering after night they Came here for a Coffin for old wells who they found dyed out with his Jug of Whiskey

22 Wind S W & dry & warm Sent for Obe & we fell to work & finished by 11 OC & took it down & put him in 22 Inches Shoulder & 6 f. Long too big had Swelld much Buried afternoon at our yard

July 23rd 1825 Wind S W & remarkable Still & dry morn & warm day but more wind than some days I at Jane Prices & Cornfeild Small B- Porter 1 fip Our Agricr day Paul Jones & I a Great Spar about their Resolve of Meeting to not Lett any members of the Society or Others be Buried in their Ground without an order they are mere artocrats autocrats “Their ground” refers to the burial ground of Merion Meeting.

24 Wind S W & Rainbow at sun rise & a fine Little Shower at 6 OC- overCast till noon but no rain of Consequence Ned Walter mowing his Lott I off at war office & at Grows ½ G- over the Bridge & down the Canel canal at Matsons but no money at Rinshers 2 Small G- 12½ So back over Jones’s ford So home

No entry for 25th

26th Wind N & fine Cool morn & pleasant day Bias Miller here to Get aCoffin for Jesse Hansels Child William & I fell to work & finished by 12 OC- 2/5 Long & we attended the Burial to Blockley Baptis yard, Spent 1 fip at T- Price Evening Boys mowd my Millet far feild Ben Ewert mowd my Turn Pike Lott

27 Wind N W fine Cool Clear morn I off to pike Hannah Huffman Lent Me 5 doll. I on to Norristown to Shear my note 54 drs paid 6 drs 50 Cts. & 4 qts oats & small G- 3 fips so on for home at Capeman 1 fip & 1 at Matheys so home

July 28th 1825 Wind S W warm dry time I at pike ½ G. one fip boys Rakeing the Millit millet poor Crop not a Cart Load I pottering about not well Richard Jones here Broke his Carriage Shaft Adam mended it He off about sunset I at Mathey 1 fip

29th Wind N by W. no rain all appearance of dry not so hot fine brease Boys mowd a little grass in Lott not worth Cuting John helping Adam Joe off afternoon at Rees Prices I Pottering not very well

30th Wind S foggy morn no Paster pasture all burnt up all most our Cows fell off about a lb apeice Paster dun I at pike 5 lb of 6 peny nails Spent 2 fips home to dinner Boys got my Millet out the Meadow this morn afternoon at Rees’s quarrying Alfred & I tending Cows in Millet Stuble & at Matheys

31 Wind S W Some flying Clouds one line faint & illegible two OClock not So much this 4 or 5 weeks, Cleard off I walk to Thos. Price’s him & Rees Rode out Steve Goodman here to Get a Coffin for David Hunter in his 90 year Respectable Colord man Steve & I begun it Got the Bottom & head & foot on so quit, 1 Jill wine 1 fip

August the 1st 1825 Wind S W fine Clear warm day Steve & Obe Came & we finished the Coffin & took up & put in before dinner & attended at 4 OC- & interd him at Dutch Church yard So home Doct Anderson here to See If I will take 1000 dollars of him on Intrest

2nd Wind S W & over Cast been a fine rain about or before day till 5 OC- I off about 8 OC. to Doct Andersons about money not at home I on to See A. Levering Been at Sea Shore & Just returnd not agree with him at Taylors Seen 3 words illegible been at the shore meet Rees & Tom Price gooing to meeting the Jury to Valuing the damages for road from Gulf road to pike they meet at Buck & I stady stayd dined with them they valued at 45 dolrs Rees Paid all a very fine Shower from W at the Buck I their back in Evening, they valued the damages 45 drs

3 Wind W fine Calm Clear morn & fine day at Isaac Prices & at Pike 2 fips & line illegible He been at the Shore all Prety Chearfull

4 Wind S W Jos Plowing Oats Stuble I at Pike to See J. Huffman He been at Shore did not agree with him much

August 4th 1825

Edw. Lobb & I off in dearborn to Poorhouse to See his son Jos. has been their 3 or 4 years heard He was Like to dye but He was prety brave Tayloring E. Lobb paid home by the Trap Trappe about dusk I Got a great pain in my kNees & back & neck

5 Wind S.W. Clear warm day about home all day very Sore & beet with dearborn back &c & I at pike Calld to See Obe He up all the week I back Person Came to Get a Coffin for widow Rutters Son Thomas then Judg Jones for a Mehogamy If I had it if not a neat Walnut, to be their by 12 OC- Sent for Obe Said He be here by day

6th Wind S W. warm prety Clear day I & Jos up Soon & fell to work no Obe Sent Jim for him He had Set off I Got the figits fidgets Sent off for Steve Wm found him Knox’s He on we hard at it finish about 11 OC- & Jos & I Set off with it arivd ½ after 12 OC took & Put him in very fine 7 Carriages Several meet our yard Started 4 OC- & interd about 6 O’C 7th Wind S W not at Meeting at T.Price’s I reading most all day Jesse Hersey Book A man here from near west Chester a tanner a relation of Grows took dinner & fed his horse He off to Latches the farmer Latch married his Cosen Grow, quear Soft fellow but doo much at Taning they well off

August 8th 1825 Wind S Clear Cool morn a gust to N & a few drops here Last Evening not wet a hankercheif remarkable warm day at E.P.W & Pike pint wine 25 Cents Doct. Anderson here to See If I take 1000 Dolrs of him I agreed to take it Gave E P Walters an order for 200 drs. to pay old Tom

9th Wind S W I off Soon to Doct. Anderson’s He & I off to Elliotts & I Give a Judgment Bond for a 1000 drs back with him & He Gave me 800 dr & 200 He pd E P.W on my Order, I home & Left the money back & Meet the Survayers on O. Jones Est. at Taylors & Kuglers so back to T- Prices, & took tea J. Thompson along I Got alittle up & am ashamed of It very fine thunder Gust at Elliots, very Little here, Little Scud in Evening while on Line

10th Wind W. Cool Clear Morn up Soon Warm day remarkable Dry time on us no blot nor Potatoes dug our Early ones to day not much Prety fine illegible but so few I at Rees’s Isaac Price halling Stone for Rees’s Spent 3 fips Wm. up to Sarah Rutters at Judg Jones’s paid him for Rutters Coffin 8 drs I at T. Prices

11th wind E & over Cast & rain fine Lite rain till noon I at Paul Jones s at Siles’s at flat rock went to Look the Surveyors wet they off I home for dinner then attended Jacob Grows funeral to dutch Church at pike 1 fip so home

12 Wind N W Cool morn & warm day off to Rickarts at Wm Hagys on to Judg Jones’s at Torrences 1 fip at G Curwens He Gone to Sea Shore She paid me 9 drs for Her Father inlaws Coffin I on to Leverings dined their So home Hagy their

August 13th 1825 Wind S. Cool morn wind Got S W. & blue much Great hopes of rain took the Cows to Rough Meadow & at pike & at Rees s So home to dinner afternoon at T- Price at turn pike Gin 1 fip at Welsh woman & Neighbour Morris Paid Welsh woman 50 Cent for one Bushel of Corn porter 6½ Cents Looks Prety heavy to W. hope rain none Came

14 Wind W alittle Scud of rain about noon thunder to West It went off I at Meeting after at T. Prices at Wayne 2 Jill wine 12½ Cents reading most of day New moon to day

15 Wind S.W & a remarkable warm day at Rees Prices Laying out his Gang way home by T. Price’s took a drink So home their in afternoon Got alittle blue I hompe hope never again

16 wind N Clear warm Morn 1 fip Gin off to Pike at Shanks Balor at Stadlemans So home at Rees’s He Gone to Court Masons at Gangway Spent 3 fips, a very fine Shower about dusk till run, but only an illegible Gust More than we had along time

17th Wind S & over Cast hopes for wet day at I Price to Lay out his yard & at Rees’s his Masons their at Gang Way their afternoon David & his Journey man quarreld & because Rees would turn illegible He Left the Job tho He had the Barn & under took the Gang way what had to do with him & his man, fine Rain afternoon

Augt. 18th 1825 Wind E by N & illegible wet morn till omission not heavy but a fine mordert moderate rain afternoon not much but over Cast I off with Silas Jones in his dearborn to Levis’s Paper Mill, where Wm is Superintendt Jur William Levis that was He dead & It sold to a man in Phila Calld to See Saml Levis widow who I Built a house for & other work Siles treated to a small Glass home

19th Wind E & over Cast raind in night & a Wet day not heavy Soaking rain at T. Price’s He with me in dearborn to Paul Jones’s paid him 459 drs & 50 Cents, this money He advance’d for Doct house that Nearly Rund ruined me I Gave it out & He Came & Said He Build it I told I Give Lease till all was paid, but when finish’d I must Give abond for 425 dr & I think the well Cost 400 drs & 100 dr I Got of Balor for boards in the hole Cost me above 1000 drs & rents for 50 drs. & well dry

20th Wind S E & been a wet night & like a wet day I over at pike qt Bottle & qt Gin 25 Cents Smart rain all forenoon nearly, home to Dinner a very wet afternoon the heaviest rain this 3 days wind still East at T. Prices two heavy Showers after dark & wet night

21 wind N E & wet in morn but no rain after I not at Meeting at T.P fore & afternoon not home

22nd wind N by E but See Sky to S & N very Cool no rain Last night nor none in morning so fine day I with the Boys & Huffmans negro Cuting down 2 white oaks forenoon at Huffmans He with to Balors pd him 50 drs & my note for 12 drs

August 23rd 1825 wind N Morn N W & a very fine Clear Pleasant day I at Rees Price’s whole Partey filling up his Gangway Mason at work at it Jos. harrowing Oats Stubble, ½ G 1 fip Isaac & Tom Price helping Rees I there in afternoon quarrying Stone &c, Ann Paid me 10 drs for Ann Jones Coffin & Shee pd L Jones I owd for Cloth for my Coate 6 drs. I met with omission He sent for me Got over the Bay at Rees & at Tom Prices up all the day

24 Wind N W very fine Clear Cool morn McClenechan sent for to Matheys He in a rip been to Phila had 4 or 5 Glasses Gin put me off my Gard

25 wind N W fine Clear day boys halling dung had Ned Walters horse I sick not well at pike for qt Whis

26 Wind N fine pleasant morn boys at dung Pleasant day I Pottering at Rees Price’s He & his men diging a ditch below the dam I at T. Prices 2 qt. Whisy G. Streaper here 2 days Loading dung Spent not

27 wind N fine Calm Still morn fine day Boys finished halling dung

28 Wind S by W fine day not at Meeting at T. Price’s alittle while Got a drink So home Evening at Matheys Spent not

29 Wind S by W raind alittle about day Irish John & my Boys & Benney Price quarrying for me for turn pike Piaza after about home I with them 1 G.allon Whisy 40 Cents Got Plenty out for me I think

30 wind about west fine Pleasant day John Jos. & Wm on the omission our road I with them most all day Ann at Market 3 drakes with her they been tow two or 3 day Henry not well

August 31st 1825 Wind N W foggy soft morn Wind S W & wind up & not So warm as Exspected I at Stadlemans at Bias Millers not See him at J. Levering at T. Prices so home afternoon at the Feild Boys Spreading dung Rees halling dung for Tom Price Street dung

Septem-ber 1st Wind N very Cool morn but fine day Ann & Self off to Germantown to See & pay Wm Stadleman 208 drs & took up my Bond & ow him 30 drs on a note yet; went to See Charles Wister & Doct. Bensyl took Some Brandy with them ferriage at the falls 25 Cts Gin 12½ Cents so home

2 Wind N fine Cool morn & day Black flying Clouds Streaper & boys Plowing Cuting White Oak top afternoon all 3 of them at Blairs McClenechan’s helping to Clean his Race I Mending my Gate &c in margin: “Spread dung on 2nd”

3 Wind S.W. the above out ought be on the 3rd 2nd Boys & Streaper Spreading dung & Plowing I at pike Spent 12½ Cts at T. P- We had in Evening a very fine Shower for alittle while Broke off & Seen Rainbow this was the 3 I at T. Price

4 Wind N W Clear Cold morn Mary Paschal & one Brooks here & went to Meeting I went also She Gave alittle Sermon I at Isaac Prices & at Matheys

September 5th 1825 Wind N. Cold I say frost I beleive I Pottering till noon after at John Leverings to Get McClenechans Bill, He turning his Grice grist mill into a factory at Loyd Jones’s He has Masons Building a Chear & Cart house Jos. Plowing John & Streaper tharshing Rye

6th Wind S W fine Clear Cool Morn Mary & Wm off to Market Butter & 2 qtrs of mutton very fine fat pleasant day, I at pike 1 qt 12½ Cts Our Old Tom here helping Jos halling wood

7 Wind S & over Cast but no rain all hands toping & tying Corn fodder Benney & man help

8 wind N W been little Shower about day over Cast & Little rain afternoon boys Toping & tying fodder & illegible I in dissipation at pike 1 qt whisy & ½ G B 18 Cents meet Doct Wilson at Matheys He Treated the Doct. & me to Brandy He Married Doct Vanleers widow He’s a Conel colonel &c

9 wind N W Clear & remarkable Cool morn & white frost Tab says; Mary my Mary at Walters Mary Walters very Ill Boys & I tying Corn I Idleing about I at Rees Price’s Boys got dun Corn I in Evening at Matheys

Sepr 10th 1825 wind N W. Cold Clear Morn but no frost Small Glass 1 fip so they Buried old Phillip White at the Church in 98 year they Say a German by Birth I think I at Walters to See how Mary is She very bad no hopes of her

11 wind N W Clear Cool Morn Little white frost not so Cold as yesterday I not at Meeting at I Price’s home dinner after him & Rees & I at Walters Mary very Low at pike Spent 1 fip so home at Ant Janes

12 Wind S.W. Cool morn but prety fine day rather over Cast I at Hagy to See If they had any Lime they have a kill kiln Just burnt out on to flat Rock tavern Spent 1 fip So home to Dinner at T.P. he not well Boys at Rees Pricemowing Matson Meadow I their & fetch the Cows

13 Wind S W Like rain in morn blue off a fine day for hay I about home T. Yerkes & Phillip Lower up from Philadelphia gooing to make Some repairs at Matheys

14 Wind blank fine Warm day at Wms Hagy’s to Look for Lime they have a kill Just Burnt Jos up with the Cart & 2 horses Loaded 20 Bushels Stalld on the hill turnd to Bickens road, Jos Run over the Bank Could not get up, off home Got omission of Isaac Price’s horses unloaded all & they would Pull it up Left the Cart at home had not Been for a tree we Should Gone over the Bank 25 or 30 feet Cearless careless trick

September 15th 1825 Wind S W fine day up soon Got Toms Price & Rees & my boys off we went for Lime T.P took 2 of his horses and Soon got it up & Jos Got it to pike 1 qt W 12½ I Pottering about home–

16 Wind E by S very foggy morn & Got to rain prety Soon had fine rain till noon thunder to E abated till about 5 OC- then a heavy Shower I at pike & E P Walters Boys their halling dung home Got Prety Wet Boys home about 8 OC at dark we had a Great rain for along time the heavyest all day

17th Wind N & over Cast not Like Clear Phillip Lower & R.Yerkes Repares at Matheys I off to pike See John Levering & Sold him 4 white oke oak tres for 18 dollars Spent 1 fip home dinner afternoon up to Taylors to Look for John Goodman to hew, at Kuglers a democrat Meeting to nominate inspector &c I Calld to See them did not vote Come up agreat Shower from West & I Got very wet Spent 1 fip So home–

18th wind N by W fine Clear Cool Morn Lent August my Colt I at Meeting had agreat Sermon by one Hicks, that had a wonderfull Effect on me, I hope I never will forget Lord Jeses Jesus have Mercey on a sinner after Reading most afternoon 1 Jill wine 1 fip Mary at Walters Siting up with Mary I Slept by Self not rested well

Sept 19th 1825 Wind N W. very fine pleasant day I Spreading my Corn Blades Great time with Volenteer Companys Going to Celebrate or keep up the annivesey anniversary of the Maseycree massacre at Paoley of Wayns By Men By the British on the 20 of September 1777 by G. Gray no flint General so Calld for did all by Bayonet rode to pike Rees & our Boys their

20 Wind W very fine warm day at Pike Boys & Self Cuting white oaks for Sleepers for Piaza at pike after they halld the Corn blades in I at T- Price’s Phillip Lower been puting a fasting fastener on his Barn door Then He off haveing finished for Yerkes, Great Parade for Peola Citizen & Soldiers

21st Wind N E & over Cast Cloudy all day Smart rain after night I at pike 2 Jills wine 12½ Cts Cut down 2 Trees in Orchard wood for pike Jos Plowing

22 wind S E & over Cast till noon then Sun Shine no rain I at meeting after at pike 2 Jills of wine treated Lower to ½ G of Brandy & He off to town

23 wind S & very foggy morn & over Cast Little rain in morn & Great rain or Shower from 4 OC- till after night I out & Sowd near 1 B. Rye Got very wet Come from S then vear veer to W. but that Shower keep to N.W of Us

September the 24th Wind N W. fine day though Black flying Clouds very warm when the Sun Shind out Jos. Benny Price & Self halld 5 trees to pike for Piaza afternoon meet the Society

25 wind N Cold morn & Cloudy till noon then fine wind W I at Meeting after at pike 12½ Cts J Huffman paid 5 Dollars

26 Wind N W Cloudy all day rain Evening John Huffman & self in my dearborn & my Mare off to Norristown over the bridge Paid 5 drs 40 Cents at Bank Sheard my note to 43 drs. oysters 12½ Cents wine 12½ Cents dinner & horse 50 Cts total 87 Cts. Crost at Spring Mill Huffman pd all treated to Small Glass first Gin I Took & at Matheys he treated to ½ Glass

27 Wind N & over Cast hard Shower in night Cloudy till noon then fine Boys & Self Sawing Logs at the pike wine &c 3 fips at T. P for a horse to hall Sleepers to morrow Jur Mac treated me to ½ Glass

28 Wind N Clear Cold morn I at T & I Price’s for horse & Chair & we halld 2 Chesnut Saplins to pike for Joysts & white oak to Saw mill, Obe & I begun a Coffin for Boy at Rock factory

No entry for 29th

Sept 30th 1825 wind N W very fine pleasant day Wm. & I off & attended the funeral to our yard afternoon attended the Election for Inspecter & Assessor Rees Inspector & James Jones Sessor I spent 1 fip

Octr 1st Wind S W fine Still Clear Morn & very fine warm day boys halling Stone to pike I with them & up to Taylors Bought peck of Timothey Seed 87½ Cents ½ G 6 Cts at Kuglers ½ G- too much made me Tipsey

2nd Wind S W. remarkable fine morn & remarkable fine day not at Meeting at Isaac Prices & at pike Spent 1 fip

3 Wind S W very fine day John Goodman Hewing & Huffmans negro my Sleepers for Piaza I at Taylors 1 peck of Timothey Seed 87½ Cents Got it home Boy halling dung from Huffmans

4th Wind S & remarkable warm & weting blot & wet day Boy halld Some of blot Huffman & I at Phillips to Get him to Sow my Timoseed

5th Wind N fine Clear Morn & fine day Boys halld 3 loads of dung from Taylors I got Huffmans horse & went up to Taylors his Negro been Straing strange Grind Stone & hoe &c from Robert He went & servd him He run Levi Lukens & I had a spar

October the 6th 1825 wind S W fine Calm Clear Morn & very fine day I at Pike Boys halling dung Goodman hewing for Piaza their hallding hauling dung 2 Loads from Taylor Great parade Militia at Stadlemans

7th Wind S W very fine day at the pike Boys Spreading dung Peter & Rees‘s man help Meet Lowrey & Lawyer Fredley at Matheys I at T P & quarreld with Padet ? Committed myself drink too much

8 wind N W fine Clear Morn at pike Spent 1 fip but before 10 OC- got to be most Smokey day perhaps we Seen this time of year & had a illegible small the Sun to be seen through Joe Plowing I at pike Spent 2 fips I at pike repeated & at Rees & T. Price’s took alittle drink T & Rees Came from town

9th Wind N & remarkable Smokey morn & Smokey day I not at Meeting at T.P He not at home, at Matheys awhile & reading Testament

10 Wind blot very Smokey morn, & wet alittle at noon Sowd 2 B Rye in far feild Rees & Benney Sowd It Jos harrow It Huffman & I off in Dearborn to Board yard to Get Boards Turnpike & Gin 25 Cents

11th Wind S & wet morn our Election day But Cleard off about noon fine afternoon Smart Election against Convention near two to one I Spent 12½ Cents Richard Roberts took Supper & Lodged with Me

October 12th 1825 Wind E & over Cast with Richd Roberts at Matheys Spent 12½ Cts at pike Layd out the Pillars Steve their Cuting the floor Boards I off to Kelleys Chapel for Mason Got none back to pike ¼ G. 3 Cents Boys halld all the Corn fodder in Kelly’s Chapel is today’s St.Denis Church in Havertown.

13 Wind S by E & over Cast Some times see the Sun, Boys hall 2 Loads of Stone & one of Sand for turnpike Steve their working Boards we home to dinner afternoon I their

14th Wind W fine day I at pike no masons I at Leverings to Look Mason & at pike Boys mending fence &c Steve their at Boards & I at Jane Walters, Ant Rebecca at Monthly Meeting at Radnor in margin: “14 She taken sick It was 13th She at meeting”

15 Wind W Fine day 2 Mason at pike Build Pears piers for Joysts I their all day, Boys dug the foundations Ant Rebecca taken very Ill Last Evening very Bad to day

16th Wind S W fine day at Meeting Docts opperated on ant Becca & She dyed about 4 OC- I their She Liv’d about 2 hours after operation

17th wind S W Steve & Obe made Coffin for Sister Rebecca Price & took it down & put Her in I along, not 2 days Sick about 66 years old woman of Strong mind & memory

18 wind N by omission & remarkable Cold windy day meet at 10 OC- interd her in friends yard forenoon there & dined No- their Printz & Obe & T. Price attended to Burial

October 19th 1825 wind N W Cold windy day Ice plenty Boys halld Scantling to pike after diging Potatoes I along

20 Wind W Still Cloudy morn but rain much warmer Boys finish diging Potatoes I at meeting & about house most all day– paid Goodman 2 drs for Work

21 Wind W & very windy day Jos harrowd & Plowd & sowd the Potatoe Ground 3 pecks Rye I at ant Janes Rees at Potatoes

22 Wind N W Clear Sharp Morn Ice I about till noon Meet the agraciety Agricultural Society Good number Meet Judg Peters &c &c drank not anything but Beer

23 Wind N W Cool day about 9 OC- Last night Rickard Came for a Coffin for a Man Dyed at H Grows a Boarder from Phila Sent for Obe Jos. went He gone to Bed to be or to meet at 2 OC- to Morrow for the funeral

24th Obe Came Soon We fell to work Phillip Lower here & help Us & we finished before 12 O’C- Got Dinner & Obe & Jos. Set off in Waggon & I horse back to flat rock & interd him at the dutch Church yard we back at Sun Set

25 Wind W by N I at pike 2 Goodmans at work at Piaza I their all day Pint wine 25 Cents Whisy for men 10 Cts Boys halling Corn to Barn in the husk

Octor 25th 1825

Wind W Still white frosty Morn 2 Goodmans at pike I their all day Layd the Joysts & Raise the Plate Printz their

26 Wind W Printz & John Goodman at pike Steve & I makeing Coffin for Ridgleys Child 2/8 Long Steve off Sick I attended the Burial to our yard, at the pike awhile Old Will Dead I their & took his measure

27 Wind S by E over Cast been a little rain in Night G. Printz here helping to make Wills Coffin we finished about 11 OC- & took it over to pike & put him in a flat Lid 5/7 Long 1/5 Shoulders 12 I deep He has been in this Neighbourhood 25 or perhaps 30 years from Old Vergina pint Beer 6¼ took it Over forenoon & meet at 3 OC- & interd him in our yard heavy rain in Evening

28 Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn I over at pike no Carpenters So I Back & Got dinner & off to MacClenechans to Look Lath Mare run away I walk home at Matheys blot

29 wind N & froze alittle wonderfull Raw day I off to Phila by Leverings Got in about 12 OClock Paid for Mehogamy 2 drs Screws hinges 87½ Sprigs 15 Spectacles 50 Cts Kean on acct. of Boards 10 drs 2 Jill wine & horse 37½ Cents

October 30th 1825 Wind N Cold Ice & Large white frost but prety fine day I at Meeting had a great Sermon by Some Stranger young man I reading all the afternoon almost my Boys away yesterday & to day Poor Boys they Gone fell John not at home 2 day & 1 night

31 Wind S Still fine morn & pleasant tho over Cast I at pike to See illegible their Poor Creater no Carpenter their Boys plowing potatoes for Obe He high did nothing

November 1st 1825 W & over Cast Mary & Ann off to market I at pike Printz & Goodman their at Piaza rain Evening very Little Boy youngest son Alfred finished Obe Potatoes & Sowd it with Rye & halld Lime from pike

2nd wind W fine Clear Cool morn Ice Plenty on the dam at the pike Set the men to Shingle Steve Come at noon Printz at T. Price’s I at Tom Evening

3 Wind W fine day Hansel fetch up 600 Shingles & they Layd them I their most all day-

4th Wind W Cool Morn I at pike blot & Goodman at work I at Smiths to Look for Barbary Fishburn about Her attending Court back & Got dinner at pike again & at Jane Walters Mary very bad & heard in Evening She was dead had 6 or 8 & husk all our Corn at Walters from noon Mary bad & dyed about Sun Set been bad about 12 Months

November 5th 1825 Wind S W & Large White frost & Ice I over at Walters took Measure of Mary & Got G. Printz & begun the Coffin Sent for Obe He Came about 11 OC- & we finished about 3 OC- & took it over They forgot the winding Sheet So back, Some person fetch it up & Jos. took over at night

6th Wind N W. very fine Calm morn Obe & I at Walters & put Mary in Coffin & Screwd the hind Part up took Breakfast &c home & went to Meeting after at Grave Yard to Look a place for the Grave Got Liberty of Jesse George to Bury Her in old yard Walters Row 1 fip Gin

7th Wind N about foggy Soft morn Saml. Gibson hear here all night Came up to Walters Left his horse & walk here H Henry begun the Grave in Walter’s Row we Got the Carriage & dearborn, & Set off to the Burial about 8 OC- we Started at 11 OC & Interd her Mary Walter in Merion yard Back to the house & dine’d, Great No- of Carriages & horse & foot No- dined their

8 Wind S W Large white frost & fine pleasant day I off to pike Printz finished Piaza & off I at Conrad & Tunis for their omission No- attending blot on to Grows gave him my Acct a Coffin for man that dyed their Grow’s tavern at Flat Rock He refused to take It we Spard Gin 2 fips So home T P filling his Gang way

November 9th 1825 Wind W. & over Cast but Cleard Boy tharshing Corn & Rye I at Isaac Price’s He Cleaning his dam

10 Wind N Cool Clear Morn white frost & Ice Wm & I off to Phila. to See Reed Hunted his Laywer lawyer till too Late for me to do any thing Tobacco 20 Cts horse &c 25 Cts Gin 3 fips dined at Yerkes paid not home at dusk ferriage & pike 20 Cts

11th Wind N White frost & Ice plenty I at pike 2 fips Looking boards Evening at Tom Price filling gangway at his Barn

12th Wind N white frost & Ice Boys at Rees’s huskin Corn I at pike 2 Jills Wine so home

13 Wind N W fine Clear Morn Cool Ice & White frost Obe & I making Coffin for Marsena Alloway begun at 11 OC- finished at or about 4 OC- Tom Price had 12 Sheep destroyd by dogs

14 Wind S & very wet morn till about 10 OC- Wind W & Cleard off Will & I off with Coffin Buried our yard SHe above 80 years

November 15 1825 Wind S by W very fine Morn tho Ice & white frost I whet 2 saws & at T Price’s He was to Give me Side of his Mutton killd by dogs Boys halling wood I at Toms Wynn Cuting up his Sheep 12 killd by dogs or destroyd Hert hurt me much of it

16 Wind N W fine Pleasant day tho a little Shower in night Wm & I at pike & Steve Goodman white washed our Piaza Roof home to dine 2 G 12½ I about home till noon Evening at T Prices He Sold or gave his killd Sheep away He Sent me Several Peices

17 Wind S W & overCast but no rain I off to Ben Hollands to the Burial of Son Jonathan Wilmong made the Coffin I turnd Back from Store so home meet John Matheys & stayd with him awhile after at pike 4 fips

18th Wind N W very high & Cold Whet the Saw at pike Got very Gay Boys Cuting wood

19 Wind N W Cold Clear Morn

Novr 19th 1825

Hard frost at I Prices & about home till noon 3 lines illegible after meet the Society Great No. Meet Election day

20 Wind N W Cold Cloudy morn at Meeting Evening at Jane Price’s Saml Gibson their & came & Lodg with Me

21 Wind W & fine Gibson & Self over at Jane Walters & Silas Jones & Isaac Price prased appraised her Personal property Mary Walter’s & Sister Rebecca‘s Property Rees admintr. to her Est. Gibson & Jane Walters Executors to Mary Walters Est

22 Wind N W all of Us up to Norristown Provd the Prasement & Mary’s will Spent 4 fips & Sister Rebecca’s Property I took Sister Jane & Arther in my Carriage Gibson took Kitty in his Chare Rees Siles & I Price in dearborn

November 23rd 1825 Wind W Large white frost Still Clear morn Boys Got Rees Benney & Hansel & Boy killd 5 hogs for me & 2 for Adam 4 qts 40 Cents

24 Wind W & over Cast no rain fine Pleasant day at I Prices He killd his Bull 835 lb at pike, Huffman at Court home &c & afternoon at pike Got one B Salt & one G.allon molases & Salt peter so Boys Cut up the hogs

25 Wind N fine Still Morn Boys Cuting wood warmer I off to pike 12 Cents 2 lines illegible here helping Ann

26 Wind W frost very fine day I up with Starn about Ellis’s will I not Calld But they proved the will, Son George had to Clear off It Cost me about 50 Cents paid Hugh Henry two dollars on acct-

27 Wind N W Great white frost but fine day Set off to Pike Meeting time 1 fip home to dinner I Price & wife here we walk to Jane Prices home to tea

November 28 1825 wind N W Great White frost but fine day I at pike Back to dinner at T- Price’s helping to make a windles windlass He diging a well in his Barn yard, took Coffee So home

29 Wind W Great white frost but a most delightful day at his windless for well till noon then at Capt Rickers & Fishers about a Coffin made for a man dyed at Henry Grows so back Evening

30 Wind N & over Cast no frost Cloudy with rain at pike Settled with Steve Goodman & Huffman pd him Steve 4 drs for me, so home Boys helping widow & Alleson to kill horse I at T Prices to see his well Got water & begun to wall

December the 1st wind S E & foggy warm morn had a fine Little rain in night foggy day I off to Jos Stadlemans Burial to Church amost no- of Carriages perhaps I Ever Seen at a funeral in Matheys dearborn Adam along I at T. Prices got Cyder

2nd wind W & over Cast but no rain till Evening Spent very Little Money down to See Lobb Old road

December the 3rd 1825 Wind N W & over Cast but blue off about noon then over Cast I off to Lobbs He 2 words illegible their I to home dinner 2 lines illegible

4th Wind N W Cloudy but no rain to day but Some Last night not at Meeting at T- Prices He not at home Gone for pump Man at Darby pd Streaper 1 fip Reading Wm Penns illegible Quakers

5 wind W froze very hard one line illegible Rees & Self off to Abe Lewis Burial at Haverford Calld to See Jos. Davis & Calld on Jim Milton so home drink 3 Small Glasses

6th Wind W Cold Clear Morn pleasant day at T Prices He killing 12 hogs I at pike 1 fip Boys Sawing wood

7 Wind W hard frost Clear Cold day at Isaac Price’s He killd 11 hogs very fine Sold 4 for 5 drs per hundred He took to factory 4 I there a Little while

December 8 1825 Wind S W very windy night home in Evening Got up before day & Got a drink Water was taken with a Severe Chilly Spell & bad all my hips knees & sick stomack & bowals Sent for Doctor about day He Gave me Caster Oyl & work me prety much sick all day I rather alarmd

9th Wind S W & Little rain in morn then Sun Shind & prety fine I much Better walk as far as Mathews I reading Jesse Kersey most all day

10th Wind W. Cloudy I about home Jos. took the wagon to Carry Hoffmans Child to Baptis yard with his dead Child Ann their George Grow & Isaac Price Came to See me Doctor Calld

11th Wind N W Cold day being first day at home all day 3 young woman from School dined here & 6 & Doct Erwin took tea here I not so well quite my mind depresst

12th Wind N W hard frost & Cold Cloudy day no thaw I home much deprest Boys helping Henry to kill hogs & after at Ben Yunts to help him I Reading all day almost

13 Wind N W hard frost Clear & Windy Cold day froze in house I walk to Mathey’s Bear 1 fip not been so far since 10th

December 14th 1825 wind W. hard frost pleasant day to what yesterday was I whet the wood Saw Boys helping Alleson to kill hogs pint Cyder my Rhumatis rather Better

15 Wind W rather warmer Jane Price killing hogs I at home only at I. Price’s for a Book

16 wind S W fine Pleasant morn sun Shind awhile over Cast before noon & foggy weting Evening I walk to Pike pint Cyder back to dinner the wind not 12 hours this 4 or 5 weeks I think N W & W Cold Spell

17 Wind So Still I Cant tell where very foggy warm morn Like May almost no wind at noon, Society day they dining Geart great No. it is their annual day Election for Officers, most remarkable dark day at M- did not dine

18 Wind S W rather Soft day at Meeting rather a heavy time with me, reading most of day meet George M Potts at Maty. took apint Cyder So home Rain in Evening but not much, wind Got West at night in margin: “Paid George Printz foure dollars for work at pike”

19 Wind W prety not much frost Boys killing hogs at Widow Evans

Decr 19th 1825

Wind W. Evening & fine Still Evening I at T. Prices Sun not back I reading most all day I much deprest in mind for my many Transgressions

20 Wind W froze been Snow Showers in night but very fine Clear day Boys at Rees’s well I walk to J. Hufmans Bout. Stuff for Pantaloons 3¼ yd 92½ Cent wine 12½ Cts So home Calld to See the well

21st wind N W hard frost & Cold day Obe & boys Sawing wood & Spliting I at pike Jill wine 6¼ Cents much deprest for my many trangression home Evening at T. P to Show him his Boys Jess’s indenters indenture He got a year to Stay So back about 9 O’C

22 Wind N W & very Cloudy & hard froze I at T.P. he not at home at Matheys my Back & knees better But destresst much in mind

23 Wind N W hard frost but Cold Clear day rather warmer in afternoon I at Toms. & Isaac Prices to Chaing Spectacles but they had none They had none repeated

24 Wind S.W. hard frost but Smokey this Morn not so Cold Boys hall Ice for Huffman I over their 2 Jill wine so back

25 Wind S by W & Got rain Soon in morn at Meeting this Chistmus day raind till about 1 OClock

December 26th 1825 Wind N W Clear & hard frost and snow about ½ In Just Coverd the Ground, Adam killd 2 hogs one He Got from McClenechans I about home Reading all day Troubled in mind for many Evils

27 Wind W by S hard frost windy day Cold rather More Calm Evening I at T- Price’s He kill his Bull weighed 829 lb I Layd none didn’t bet home pint Cyder 1 fip Reading most of the day Jos. & Wilm tharshing

28th Wind S froze prety Smart but Got warm remarkable Clear & thawd much, took away most of snow The Bees flying like Spring Titus Yerkes up & gave Wm Matheys notice to move from his Tavern one Evans & I witness to it & I put the notice in desk Yerkes Gave 2 pints Cyder

29 Wind E then N E & misting Morn & wet day but not heavy I at Meeting W Matheys two teams halling Ice from Thomas’s dam, McClenechans & Wilsons teams my Boys helping pd. Allison 50 Cts for a pup Cyder 1 fip blot

30 Wind N by E been a wet night & very wet day I Reading most of day at M- 2 pints Cyder Boys all Idle

December 31st. 1825 Wind N W & been Wet night & misting morning but wind W & the Sun Shind by noon but black blustering Clouds, I at pike Edwd & Huffman Gave a notice to Obe to move off off repeated from the house He now occupyds occupies & Likewise Gave Ben Hurst notice to move off from turnpike house Dined at pike & Spent 3 fips so home Great with the Booleys bullies firing away the old year at it all night almost or Quite I bad Cold