Joseph Price Diary


Jany 1st 1819 Wind W froze prety hard Yerkes & T Price with me and Gave Ditweler Notice to move, at E Walters Gave him notice to Warn Prest & Hause out home & meet at flat Rock to Settle Acct. Spent not home 8 OC-

2nd Wind N W froze hard off to town thawd much pd Jones 2.48 Bout on trust again 5 dols worth


Gross of Screws 65 Cents horse &c 25 Cts ferry 4 pike 5 Ludwicks 12½ Kean for Boards 7:81–

3rd Wind N E over Cast & begun to Snow about 10 OC & keep at it Smart till night not at Meeting at Yerkes Evening Spent 12½ Cent Came for a Coffin for Old Harvey an old Inglishman been here many Years Sent for Wilday & Steve heard off of it & Came I Layd out bottom & Quit

4th Wind W fine Clear morn up Soon Cut the Bottom out sides & Lined a set tops Wilday & Steve work hard I off about 9 OC on road Jury from Gulph Crick along Schuylkill most blot to Sweeds ford Layd out the road & Sign the omission retternd dined Dined at Jos. Williams old place at the Exspence of J. Jones & Shafer who has purchasd it Yerkes T. Ames T Price J Elliott & Self home by Pike in order to warn Hause out

January the 5th 1819 Wind W fine morn tho hard froze at pike Hause Says If I request it He will move I told him I hope If we found it would not be Our Intrest that He Staid He would move He said He would & I need not mention notice him off at 11 OC- & dined with Capt Towers Yerkes along on a fine turkey Brooks would not dine with us Drank some Ginn with him back to Yerkes 1G 122/3 home & Sup on mush & millk milk the turkey too rich turnd & Lost it all thawd prety much to day over Cast Evening Wind S

6th Wind S W & Cleard off Snow Shower in Night Just Coverd the Steps not ¼ of Inch at Yerkes Morn 6½ Cents, the Smoke hangs in Coloms halld Walnut Board from School house to Shop, hewd Some at Isaac Prices he begun a well at Doct.

7th wind S W hard frost but fine Clear Still morning at the Shop Cuting out a buearow bureau for O Wilday at pike afternoon So–

January the 8th 1819 Wind N E Yerkes & I off to Phila in my Chare I had but 50 Cents Bout Boards of Keanes, Dined with John Humes I paid 37½ Cents So home Evening begun to sown Snow about 12 OC- very Smart till near night none after–

9th Wind S by W Snow about or near 2 Inches Potering about at Hauses forenoon after Meet the Society Pleasant time over Cast but no Snow nor hale rain

10th Wind S & over Cast foggy at Meeting fore noon after Wm Parmer a Methodis man held Meeting in Schoolhouse much Effected with his Preaching

11th Wind S & very foggy day & giveing at home till noon after at turnpike 12 Cts

January the 12th 1819 wind W. prety hard frost fine day for the Season thawd good much in day off about 9 O’Clock to devide Bartle Righters Est between his two Sons Wm Stadleman Jont Jones & self John Elliot Survayor we run round it & Cut off two Lotts of 7 Acres Each with the Buildings which we beleive is Equal to the remaining 19 Acres but Left it with them to Consult amongst themselves

13 Wind N W very remarkable Calm Clear night Last & hard frost but very fine day thawd much in Sun at Hauses with mare to hall durt, but fetch her back no hands to Load, Stadleman their for John P Millers road tax his Tenant Ellex was to pay Hause paid it for him afternoon Cleand the Last of my wheat 7 B. & 19½ Last week 26½ I hope will Last me till harvest

1 Mo. 14th 1819 Wind N W hard frost & prety Cold day Yerkus & I over at Chestnut hill at George Jerrets I at John Hagys they Let out a fox & soon lost him Haus & Bill Lewis their with 2 or 3 dogs we Got a Glass Gooing & one Comeing back I Spent 6 Cts for Oysters & ferriage & 12½ for Tobacco home fore night it was on Ridge road

15th Wind S & E hard froze rather unpleasant at Hauses mending Janes Cart & halling dirt from Quarry Spent 25 Cent Come up from S. about 8 OC. at night snow & Shower of rain Lasted but few minutes Cleard off

16 Wind N Calm pleasant froze the rain on Boards & Grass Like Large white frost most remarkable fine day thawd much at home till omission then at Hauses Spent 25 Cts Took the saw to E Walters John Came up with Rees & Benny

1 Mo. 17th 1819 Wind S W froze prety hard but very fine Still Clear morn at Meeting George & John here to dinner at the Doct alittle while Evening Reading after Tompson high

18th Wind S & moderate thawing day Little Wm. & I off with the wagon to Abraham Carriers to get it mended they finished about dusk & off Set for home prety dark Spent at Taylors 3 pints

19th wind S. and Red to sun rise froze very Little If any not any one Wells here to Get a Coffin for Brooks Child 2/6 Long I fell to work & made it myself out Mehoganey finishd it Evening at Yerkes Pint bear Capt Towers & Peter Walover their Chated the Evening with them

20th Wind S & very foggy not froze any Wonderfull winter weather took Coffin to factory back to dinner Geard up the wagon & attended the Burial to our yard Carried 2 women & back to house blot

1 Mo. 21st 1819 Wind S over Cast no rain nor froze any Laying out fence along Morris’s Line Felix & Tom yesterday & to day makeing fence frost nearly out Could plant Stakes South Side no frost north Little frost at Hauses Spent 12½ Cents

22 Wind S over Cast not froze nor no rain tho Cloudy near a week over at pike Got the Chears wheel hoopd Tom & Felix halling durt Great time Isaac Roberts sued Godfrey Lanehoff for Cuting his daughters hair He paid him 15 Do & Cost 250 Cts

23rd very foggy Morn & day no frost not Seen the Sun Since the 19 then did Shun not Shine out Felix & Tom Makeing fence over Cast all day Settle with A. Carrier Doct Anderson here his horse broke Loose at Yerkes Capt Towers their

24 Wind S & very foggy dark Morn no frost the fog fell from the trees Like a rain at Meeting dull & heavy afternoon John Humes at Yerkes

1st Mo- 24th 1819

I at Yerkes John Humes He sent for Me Vandue Master appointed by Governor He very much deprest in Mind Very unhappy his Brotherinlaw went off & Left him I Sat up with him till 3 OC- very Little Sleep Gave him 2 doses of Oyl had afine Stull about mid night alite rain after dark Begun to blow about 9 OC from W heavy gale Black Clouds about 10 O’C & seen Stars not Seen any Since the 18th in Evening Say 7 days nor the sun for 5 days very Rare or uncoming uncommon for our Climint climate Sat up most all night 25 Wind N W fine Clear Morn & froze alittle about bare a boy I at I Prices for windless windlass &c. Geard up wagon to take Humes to town but his Brother Came up & took him home I at Pike pint bear 6 Cts

26 Wind N W Clear & hard frost but fine day about at Yerkes & I at Joe Evans & at Brooks at Tom price to Look for augers

27. Wind W fine day froze prety hard Richardson here we pulld up the pump & took augers to Smith at pike bear & Gin 10 Cts boy halld Stocks

1 Mo 28th 1819 Wind S W very fine day Richardson at well, I with John Leadom at A. Hestons about McDermons affairs Heston & Self Bondmans for Bill McDorman & Leadom as admins Road without a great Coat quite Pleasant blue up Evening

29th. Wind W. froze Prety hard A.R. at well finished 5 holes He quit about 3 OC- I afternoon at Bickens He Signd his Est to assignees to Yerkes & G. Jerret we took an Inventery of his Papers &c &c took Coffee so home Yerkes treated to a Glass

30th Wind S.W. in Morn been a Snow Shower in night & morn rain & hail had Sleated Cleard off About noon most remarkable warm afternoon it Like Spring I at pike I have Seen many disagreeable days in May wonderfull Jany.

31st Wind N W Rather Colder at Meeting morn after at Yerkes makeing Sheep Orders & at Tom Price took tea home Loyd Jones very freindly

February 1st. 1819 Wind W froze not much A.R. here at well Set off 5 Blast did much Execution & 3 after did much I home all day, Yerkes off to Poor house

2nd Wind W. in Morn white frost very Little Ice, got S. by W. & amost remarkable warm day Boys hall Board from McClenechans Mill for hog house Board for floor hog house I pottering till noon after at pike

3rd Wind W by S Richardson at well made 2 Blasts tore the wall much so that I think it not Safe to Let him work in agreed to tare up the wall he off at noon I off to Joshua Humphreys Back to Hauses Spent 3 fifts fips & Cut my illegible their The fip or five penny bit, a Spanish silver coin worth about 6½ Cents,circulated in U.S. prior to 1857.

4th Wind S W very Warm rode to Town without a great Coat So warm I got in a presperation Rideing 2 pints 50, dinner & horse 68 Cts ferry 4 Cts pike 5 Cts Pughs 12½ Cents in margin: “Som plowing the 4”

2 Mo- 5th 1819 Wind S in morn & had a fine Little rain in night & morn wind N W about 8 OC- & Clearing off at pike forenoon after at Buck Constable the Smith their Jos. Prest Broke up must go to Gaile, after Joshua Humphreys & at Ned Humphreys to See What He will take for his Place

6th Wind N E froze Some rather unpleasant Richardson & boy & Obe Wilday Tom & self drawing the wall out of Doct Well 2 qts Whiskey 40 Cents draw it All out near 40 perch– before night–

7th Wind S by W over Cast & damp at Meeting afternoon Schoolhouse Parmer Methodist preache’d

8th. Wind S very foggy & been a wet night & wet till noon tho fine Lite rain but more than we have had this 6 Mo- at one time I think. A. Richardson John Holland & T Price all at work at Doct Well I off with Stadleman meet J. Jones & Elliott at Kuglars deviding Bartle Righters Est

2 Mo- 9th 1819 Wind S & remarkable foggy heavy Cloudy morn Sun Shind out afternoon very fine Cloudy & foggy Evening at pike, with augers A R & John Holland Blowing Docts Well Tom Sometimes at Yerkes Evening 1 pt Bear in margin: ” Frogs Crying”

10th Wind S then S W foggy morn been alite Shower in night I at pike with augers & the pairing pumps Back afternoon Ben Fiss here A. Richardson & J. H at well Toms Price help to Blow 2 Blasts after night, I attending to well in margin: “Frogs this morn”

11th Wind W no frost very fine morn But very windey day A R & J.H Blue 8 Blasts did not much A R off about 4 OC Thos Price Blue 2 Blasts after night 1 qt. of T. Y & 4 from Castners

12th Wind N E & over Cast Spit Snow Soon in morn got at it in Earnest at noon A R J. H & T Price at well Blue Several Blast not much quit at noon Snowd so fast at Yerkes a While

13 Wind N E & Still fine hail or Round Snow Crust on snow

afternoon Snowd very fast till 9 OC- then Cleard I at pike Paul Jones their in Slay I rode home with him Bad gooing Ground not froze any

14 Wind W froze prety Smart dam froze all over fine Clear warm day thawd good deal makeing a Coffin for Robesons wife English woman Obidia help took it up in Slay Nomber Slays at Meeting home about dusk at T.Price

15 Wind S got S W read red to Sun rise & begun to rain about 9 OC- off to attend the Burial at Methodist yard wet disagreeable day home about 2 OC- 5 Sleighs at Burial Cleard Evening thawing off house at 10 OC- Snow Settled much

16th Wind N W froze about ¼ of Inch on tub water Clear fine day A.R Tom & Willday at work at well Blue 6 Blasts 1 G. Whisy. from Castners not so much thaw to day. Several Slays but bad gooing Cloudy at Sun Set

Feby 17th 1819 Wind N snowing fast gaind about 1 Inch at pike with Yerkes afternoon at Brooks Got 2½ yds at 112½ per yd 2..81 for Pantiloons

18 Wind N W & amost wonderfull windy Cold day

19 Wind N W prety fine day Rees Ned Price & Self off in Slay at Sheets Robesons war office Nelly Jones s at Esqr Youngs appointed men between Sheets & Self D Anderson J Elliott & Sam Stern at Torrences 12½ at J Wilsons at Elliotts sup their so home 10 OC-

20th Wind S W Snow Shower in night not much & Spit Snow thaw a good deal dun up Slaying A R & Tom at well I their at Hauses Evening Spent 12½ Cts

21 Wind N. over cast Cleard off after not at Meeting at Wm. Tunis s to Get Pantaloon made

22 Wind S W fine thawd much makeing Coffin for Rebecca Ward Thomas Pascal Buried to day maried my Neas

2 Mo- 23rd 1819 Wind W prety hard frost but Pleasant day attend the Burial from Soap Stone Quarrey to our yard, afternoon at Hauses Got 2 dollars, at Ned & Joshua Humphreys took tea at J.H so home at night bad gooing

24th Wind N W hard frost I off for town Ann with me as far as Pughs She to Lobbs & I to town Got 2,43 2.43 Cents of Lodwick on Acct. of McLenefees Est. on Bout 2 pair Stockings 186 cents whiten 50 Cts Butt hinges 10 pr horse &c 37½ horsler 6¼ hatt 400 Cts ferriage 12½ pike 12½ Cts Bear 6 Cts pike 2nd gate 9 Cents home after dark in margin: “Pleasant day fine appe(a)rance in Evening”

25th Wind N E & prety hard froze & over Cast begun to Snow by 8 OC- to rain by 10 OC- I off at 10 OC- to Wm Thomas at Jont Jones wedding to Wm Thomas daughter the widow McClenechan her former husband threw from a horse & killd the Seremoney preformd performed by Esqr Job Roberts at 12 OC had a very Pleasant

Pleasant Time about 25 of us two of Poultney’s daughters their from Phila one of them a fine Wittey Cheirfull Young Woman I call’d her my female Buck, J Jones behaved with Coolness & propriety Modest in his dress his Deportmant very pleasant & Gentlemanly adopted & Suituable suitable to his time of Life his Bride a butifull fine woman & from public fame a very prudent & Gracefull woman I Got into a Vaine of Levity unbecoming my time of Life but I Left the natural man up & felt all the Life of my Juveline juvenile days I hope I was not Rude or vulgar very wet day Got to Snow about 5 OC as I Left their, most violent from W Came on with Isaac Roberts & wife they in Carriage they Broke down about Owen Jones, had avery disagreeable time, had to take wife & Jane Tunis in my omission & took them to Mary Tunis with much difelculty we Got Carriage their He left his wife their & Carriage & Rode a horse home almost spoilt my hat & Shoes

2 Mo- 26th 1819 Wind N W & Snowing violent has Gaind in night about 7 Inch & drifted much very windy day quit Snowing 10 OC- Cloudy day

27th wind W hard frost but thawd Some roads very Sloppy hanging a door in Entry & dresser afternoon in Loyd Jones’s Slay to Buck meet the Horse Company 25 meet Sup their 125 Cts a man ¼ payment 25 Cts all I had home in Ben & Rees’s Slay I was Chairman for the day Elected J Jones prest A Levering Treasr & G. F Curwen Secty

28 Wind W prety fine day at Meeting Stranger preacher very powerfull preacher Great nomber of Slays & very Large Gethering gathering

March 1st Wind S by W over cast & warm rain by 8 OC & Little Snow wet till Evening Sun Shind at Setting & Cleard

2nd Wind W & hard frost & Cold day Obidia & Self makeing a Coffin for John Roberts daughter 3 f 10 Long finished & took it down & put her in Tom Price Sent his in margin: “Team to brake the Meeting Lane”

March 3rd 1819 Wind N W & very Cold night & Cold morn froze very hard perhaps as cold a night as we had this Winter off about 9 OC & attended the Burial at our yard Serveral several Slays & Chairs great No of people afternoon at Jones to See him & his new wife He a tetch of Goute Doct along

4th Wind E by S & begun to Snow by 7 OC very fast for on till until 10 OC- wind S W & Cleard off warm Pleasant afternoon at Judge Jones & Dined their above 20 of wedding Guest Viz J Jones & wife W Thomas & Girls J Humphreys & Girls & others-

5th Wind N & froze prety hard but fine Clear Morn wind S & thawd much afternoon at Kuglars on Business on a note of Sheets to me on Robesons Ets Est He purchased Anderson Elliot & Starn it Cost me 28 Cents & Sheets 28 Cts did nothing

6th Wind S Shower in night & Lite this Morn no frost Cleard off very warm at Jane Walters She better Spent 12½ Meet the Society paid 1 Cent we over run the bar allowance

7th wind N W Clear froze alittle wind E & over Cast at meeting fore & after noon Parmer at school house

8 Wind E & raining Smart till 10 OC had Snowd near 2, Inches thawd much though over Cast till most Evening at Ditwiler & Tom Prices He Cut his foot

9th wind N froze Some Ditweller here & Settled pd Lee Smith 10 dr