Joseph Price Diary


Jany 1st 1818 Wind West very fine morn & day froze most bare horse off to pike. & at Jont Jones’s dine their then off to flat Rock Settle the Treasurers acct. So home had a democrat Meeting at Yerkes had the Germantown Band their Colected all the Boys & Rabble of the neighbourhood their Last Struggle I hope–

January 1st 1818

This parade was to knock down Ferderals Federals but It had not the Effect for the Exspected blot was not above 30 blot & they had to pay the hole Club of 90 dollars Had not been for P. Markley they would been without any Centiment or Life

2nd Wind S.W & most remarkable fine day at Yerkes in morn about home till 11 OC- then at pike dine with Hause Spent 18 Cents then at Jont Jones So home David Roberts man Plowing–

3rd Wind S wet day till Evening then Cleard & Sun Shind & blue hard I about home all day Cut up the Beeff beef & help Evan at Wheels, at Doct Evening Eat Some oysters with him

4th Wind N W hard frost & high wind at Meeting had word of my old School mate Jehu Roberts death of the vallee to be Buried to Morrow aged about 67 He was a Son of that unfortunate man several illegible words sufferd in war 1778 A reference to John Roberts III, hanged for treason. Jehu Roberts had moved to the Great Valley.

January 5th 1818 Wind S E morn I said Snow hard frost but by noon wind South & thawing no snow off to flat Rock Election for Officers, Jont Jones President G W Smick Treasurer Managers John Bloom Jacob Hagy Henry & George Grow John Linket & Jos. Price Loyd Jones who deservd well they out voted the dutch He had all the Care & Management of the Building, ingratitude with Jacob Hagy to his Fathers their Supt so home about 9 OC Spent 25 Cts & Tobacco 6 Cents

6th. Wind S fine day at I Price’s finished nearly his Little house, afternoon at Yerkes to Get my Colt Shod but too Late the Smith was just Confined with a white Swelling Spent 12½ Cents So home

7th Wind S W & frost very fine day about home all day Evan Evans finished one Wheel for Carriage

Jany. 8th 1818 Wind S.W. very remarkable fine warm day at Isaac Prices finished his Necessary or finish hanging his door Lower back & we put 2 Spouts up at his barn & the other at the house, home & Shaved, & went Isaac Prices his Sister Sary Married this Evening to Doct Brookfeild, I Sup with them & took a few glasses of home made wine, home before 10 OC- only a Doct Morgan & Prissey Tunins Tunis? & Self all the Strangers their

9th. Wind N E rather Colder than Yesterday morn & over Cast all day at I & T Price’s home Got up the Cart went to pike for old rails to put on my Lite wagon meet with under Sherrif Robeson He summond me on Jury the 16th next month back & Evan not ready begun to Snow in Evening got illegible I one Boile on my hip & pain Elbows

10th Wind S by E Snow about 1½ Inch deep & giving & Sleated, took the wheels to pike over to Little Jos. George for me to make a Coffin for Tom Balors Child Evan finished the wheels

1 Mo. 11th 1818 Wind W & Snowing Geard up the Wagon put the new mended Wheels on and off to funeral of Balors Child great No- of people their & Strainger preached at Meeting Large congregation at home all afternoon

12th Wind W. Sharp Morning my Boyl very Sore off with Hause to town to Give evidence about Some wine he Undertook to hall to the omission? Near pitt Said it was not the wine & he had tap it &c & they dockt him 177 d Borrowd 1 dr of I. Hause & Bout. 6 Cts Tobacco & Got new Glasses in Spectacles Hause paid all our Exspences 405 Cts So home

13th Wind W Sharp morn had Snowd perhaps ½ Inch & froze very hard I Pottering about Yerkes at poor house Lower at Norris town Evan made Chopping Block for Hannah Price him & self at at repeated pike Spent 15 Cts Prest the Smith very Ill, went to See him so home

14 Wind N W & very hard frost Cooper here tharshing Rye I pottering about all day Spent 12 Cts with Capt Mathews

Jany. 14th. 1818

It thawd Some to day, pd Evan Evans 350 Cts Starn here wanting Some dung from Hause’s Scuhykill Schuylkill froze over Last Night & delever Delaware navagation Stopt at home only at Yerkes’s

15th Wind N W hard frost & very Little thaw walk with Paul Jones to pike He halling dung from their Evan Evans after me to Make a Coffin for Esqr Curwens wife She been Long Complaining an English woman Came here I think in 1785 fine managing occonimist Sent for P Lower & Evan help we fell to work about 11 OC & finished about 8 at night 21½ I wide very Smooth Coffin– the first of Isaac Price’s Boards

16th Wind W read red to Sun rise & Soon to bed over Cast Like Snow Cleard off about noon & thawd good deal off about 7 OC with the Coffin their before any Person Came Started at 11 OC interd her at Baptis yd. paid Ann Amos 4 drs for nursing my wife with Rebecca child born in August Spent 12½

1818 January 17th Wind W. & avery fine Calm morn & rather warm than other ways at Yerkes ½G & one before Gave Jos 75 Cts tobacco & Coffee Thos Humphreys pd me 9 Drs for his wifes Coffin, Lower & Self at Tom Prices put up Spout afternoon meet the Society, pd 2 dollars & owe 187½ at the doct. Evening thawd much

18th Wind S not froze much off with Yerkes to Baptis meeting Horatio Gates Jones preach Mary Curwens funeral Sermon Spent 6 Cents warm thawd much Mary Mason & my Ann in Doct Gig at meeting home to dinner–

19th Wind S E warm Giving day thawd much at pike morn with Paul Jones, afternoon at Isaac Prices they killd 11 hogs weighed 3126 heaviest 466– up to Jont Jones meet the Doct at Jones home with him and took Coffee then with him to Tobias Miller & Loyd Jones’s back about 10 OClock Little rain in margin: “Miller walk over the Ice to day”

20th Wind N W Cleard off not froze any Yerkes here for board to Mend his Cowshed I down ½ Glass Gin

Jany. 20th 1818

I at Isaac Prices took notes for Hannah Price’s will boys Cuting up their hogs She sent for me again, I their & Eate dinner their then on to Esqr Youngs at J. Robesons, war office Spent 12½ Cent. back to Taylors Spent 6 Cts

on to I Hauses 6 Cts So home most remarkable warm day I felt it Colder in August out the wind thawd much Got no money-

21st Wind E over Cast & froze very hard with out any blow at I. Prices made a door over his well to draw the pump finish’d & home before night Jont Robeson pd me 7 dollars for his Ant Hannah’s Coffin Spent 12½ Cts. So home at Doct. & reading

22nd Wind S W. been Little Snow in night Cold or unpleasant till noon then wind S & remarkable pleasant off to pike to Get Colt Shod but did not No shoes home & wrote Hannah Price’s Will took it down & read it to here her, back & read the History of war

23rd Wind N.W blue up in night & froze hard, Sun Shind out pleasant through the day at home till noon afternoon Jont. Jones here He and I at doct. & McCoys back and at Yerkes Spent not-

24th Wind E. Snowd & Sleeted only Cover’d the ground misting & freezing all day afternoon at Buck formimg horse Company to apprehending horse theives–

January 24th 1818

19 Men meet & appointed a Committee of 7 to draw up Rules Club’d 18 Cents a man 3:37C- home about 12 OC–

25th Wind W & Cleard off & a very fine day Melted all the Ice off the trees almost & fences, very pleasant, at Meeting Silent afternoon at Doct & Yerkes alittle while Yerkes off for Poorhouse, I Give Tompson & Evans a great Lector read till 10 OC

26 Wind E & Misting & frezeing in Morn about noon Got to thaw much Whet my saw & wrote advertisement for Casper Goodmans Lott for Sale afternoon at I. Hauses & at J Taylors Spent 12 Cents, home very dark gooing

27th wind w & like to Clear thawing off trees the puddles not froze any wonderfull middle of winter to be so warm off to Jacob Latch’s to Measure his barn J Hoffman did not Come, Francis Sheets after me to make a Coffin for Widow Righter Sent for Phillip & fell to Work I at Doct alittle

28th Wind S E & very wet night & wet day Lower & Self finished the Coffin by 11 OC- Isaac Prices Youngest Child dead Sent for me I down took Measure back & off with Coffin attended the furnal funeral to dutch Church about 68 years old Widow Righter at I Hauses Spent 12½ Cents home & with N Lewis at Yerkes He treated to 2 Glasses

Jany 29th 1818 Wind N W Cleard off in night White frost froze prety hard but very fine day, finished the Coffin & took it down & put the Child in home to dinner after geard up my Wagon & my horse & Carried Some the family & interd it in the same Grave as it is its Grand father it was about 13 Months old been Sickley from its birth I beleive Back to the house & took Coffee

30th Wind N W. Cloudy to sun rise very hard frost & very Cold day off about 8 OC- to Hauses He at west Chester got 50 Cts of Hoffman on to J Taylors He & I off to Norris to try to get money for Our Evidence of the Riotters Got none Markley has Got it but hard to get it from him Ferriage 25 Cents dinner tobacco &c 150 Cts So home about 8 OC- very Cold ride Yerkes arivd from poor house

31st Wind N E & very Cold hard frost and over Cast Like Snow Schuylkill very full of Ice nearly Stopt yesterday I dare say fast this morn So it was, begun to snow about noon from about north most violent & high wind Quit about 8 OC at night not above 3 Inches in woods drifted much I walk to pike & home Docts. boy went to town in Sulkey horse run off & broke it up doct after night to Look for him

February 1st 1818 Wind N Cold morn but to S E & thaw a pleasant day I at Docts. his boy nor horse Came home I Sent for Wolovers daughter dead Got Yerkes to goo to Look for the doct horse found him upper ferry George & I off in wagon to town for Set of Mehogany boards for her Coffin the delawar froze over Last night boards 450 Cts ferriage pike &c 72 Cents- Home about 4 OC- many Slays Runing about town

2nd Wind S by W. froze hard but fine giving day Lower & Self made the Coffin took up by Sun Set So home by dark Mary Mason very Ill

3rd Wind North & very Cold begun to hail about 10 OC- George & self off in wagon about 8 OC- attended the burial, it blue & hail and Sleeted most violent all the way interd her at dutch Church home dinner then up to read Red Lion Taylors Meet Kelley to try to Settle about the damage of my house William Penn Inn on Lancaster Pike, rented by Isaac Hause did nothing rain & hail till mid night

February 4th 1818 wind N W & high wind & Snow perhaps 2 I. very Cold & Clear froze prety hard & Snow drifted, Jacob Latch here to get me to measure his Barn I their about 10 OC- meet Jacob Hoffman the mason & made 483 perch dined & took tea So home Evening thawd very much Struct up the Slaying

5th Wind W froez froze prety hard Little Snow Shower from West & blue off I at Hauses got 50 Cts & ½ Glass up to Taylors He & I at powder Mill & at Dinner Kelleys home by Hauses ½ Glass Got Dinner & Evening at Taylors meet Owen & Kelley they agreed for the damages of the Riot at my house at or on the 1st of March Last Kelley paid me 50 drs & is to Give me 5 drs for Cost & Owen has agreed to pay me 45 dollars 1 Mug bear 12½ Cents So home

6th Wind N W & hard frost & fine day Clear did not thaw so much at Isaac Price’s put a handle to his necessary & put 3 pains of Glass so home pottering about

7th wind S W Sun Shined soon & to bed I off to town at the Bank Got 50 drs Change into 10dr notes paid Isaac Jones 1275 Cents for Cloth Bout some time agoo Cloth for Tompn 85 Cts pattern 65 Cts dinner 62½

2 Mo- 7th 1818

ferriage & pike 9 Cts So home & up to Buck Meet the horse Company for apprehending horse theives adopted the rules & Chosed officers J. Jones Presedent Treasurer Secretary G.F. Curwen we paid 100 Cts Enterance & 25 Cts Exspences So home so home repeated been a remarkable thawing day roads very Sloppy Curwen pd me for his Mothers Coffin 10 drs Elliot pd me 100 Cents for road Jury at Holstein

8th Wind W by S froze prety hard Got Smokey & thawd good deal not at meeting at Doct. He taken very Ill Mary rather Better Evening wind W & blue very Cold & high Wind

9th Wind N W & most remarkable Cold & Windy I at T Prices put in 4 pins panes Glass home & begun Coffin for Carter

10th Wind N W very Cold Lower here Soon finished the Coffin & took it Oldwines

10th Feb 1818

& got a bottom & head and foot out for Margret Knox at Hauses & Knox’s Measured the Corpse She was 16 I & they Sent the Measure 21 I-

11th Wind W. hard frost but not so Cold Lower & I fell too to & finis the Coffin Got Sd on & Lid out I off to the Burial at Church home to dinner finished the Coffin & took it home put her in So home & at Yerkes, Spent not

12th Wind S W. not so Cold thawd a good deal I road over to pike & got the Mare Shod & attended the burial at Church & back & dine’d at Knox’s then home & went to I. Price & his Mother sign’d her Will So home

13th Wind S W. fine morn & pleasant day Widow Morris Sent her Boy Myers for Me, Israel Morris Jos George & John Elliot appointed on a refferance between her & Henry Bowman on aline, She Behaved very pleasant to me I beleive She had not Spoke to me this 5 years, I dined their on avery fine turkey, Bowman had Cut a tree He Said was his it provd to be 12 feet on Morris Land I told them to Complain to Meeting & they appointed men

1818 February the 14th wind E by S & begun to rain in morn Soon & very Smokey & froze Some in morn I at yerkes made out 2 Sheep orders one for Jos Hays & one for Wilday Got very foggy & warm I at I Hauses & at Taylors Casper Goodman put up his house & 7 Acres for Sale it went to 2100 Dollars & He Bid it in at 2500 & tryd it in 3 Lotts but it would not Sell I Spent a Glass Balor & I down to Hauses & I paid a Glass 12½ So home no rain since morn but very foggy & thawd much

15th. Wind W & blue up & froze prety much prety Cold air a wonderfull Climat So Changeable Climat that in 24 hours goes from warm to Severe Cold– at Meeting, afternoon at docts. & Yerkes alittle while He gone to his Mothers very Cold & windy Evening doct. family Better

16 wind N W & most remarkable Cold George Latch & self off for Norristown Court Road as far as Torrence’s most froze got alittle gin & went on to ford arrivd at 12 OC- dine’d & Sup Sent my horse home with I. Hause William Hagy Stayd all night & Sleep with me– Hagy

2 Mo. 17th 1818 Wind N.W. not So Cold as yester day, Santering about not on any Jurry jury, back ake & bad Coff very Erksome

18 Wind N E & begun to Snow about 8 OC- gaind about 2, I & broke off in Evening I on no Jury Still hanking hanging about

19th. Wind S.W. & thawd much today no business for me dine with Charles Jones

20th- Wind N freze Some & Snowd alittle Cleard off warm after Santerd as Usual no Jury for me Breakfast’d and Dined with or at J. Roberts Pecheins Pechin’s Trial went against him

21st wind S W not froze any up soon Court discharged the Jury about 10 OC- Staid & dined paid 8..25 at Roberts’s & 75 Cents for dinner to day, then & Spent perhaps 50 Cts at other taverns then off with Judge Jones in his Carriage & walk from their home frost much out bad walking pd 1738 Cents on riot action

Feby 22nd 1818 Wind S. & rain Little frost Comeing out much hipt by walking not well bad Cold not at Meeting at the Doctors they all blot Geting better at Yerkes pint bear

23 Wind N W Snow Shower in night froze prety hard but over at Edw Walters made a bill for his barn Spent Mug Bear at Hauses wind E. & Snow alittle after night I got bad couf

24th. Wind N E & hailing & Sleeting all day Lower & I Settled I fell 11 drs 64 Cents in debt Layd out Shetters pint bear 6 Cleard off Evening Ann to E Walters Gooing to Market with him Gave Lower order on Hause 450–

25 wind N W. froze hard bad walking all Like Ice trees full of Iceticles did not fall till afternoon it thawd very much Ice most all gone in feilds at Morris Humphreys vandue Sold 47 Acres & new house for 99:50 Cts per acre Loyd & Paul Jones along home Evening Spent not Paul Treated to Mug bear

2 Mo. 26th 1818 Wind N W froze prety hard Clear work in Shop at Shetters & at Isaac & T. Price’s Showing their Mother her will in Evening

27 Wind S W froze prety hard Got the Shetters put together, Protman here to Get me to view abridge Site at Perkoomey Perkiomen Slice’s ford afternoon at Rachel Rights & Hauses pint Cyder So home

28 Wind S & avery fine warm day tho very Roff in morn at E.Lobbs & Supplees for his pay for Joels Coffin got none at McCoys vandue Bout a pitcher & tea cups 75 Cents

March the 1st. Wind S. over Cast a lite Shower in Morn & Several throughout the day at Baptis Meeting Send Wm Thomas & P. Pechin word to meet on the view at Slice’s ford the 4th home by Taylors Cyder 12½ at hauses Spent not so home

2nd Wind S & Smart Shower about day & Several through the day made a Coffin Self & George for T.Webb afternoon at the sale of John Evans Land 22 Acres Loyd Bout it at 76 dollars per acre bad riding– in margin: “Schuylkill Broke up”

March the 3rd 1818 Wind N & Clear froze so as about bare a man but will be very bad gooing for horse Set off ½ after 7 OC- with the Coffin to Youngs & buried him viz Thomas Webb at C Thomson yard home to dinner & went to Jerry Shaws vendue pint bear 6 Cents Basket 45 Cts Casks 130 Cts It took about 12 Miles to Bury old T Webb

4th Wind E and over Cast and begun to rain & hail before noon at it all day very great hail & rain & blue hard I Stuck & put the Shetters together, John at Hauses dung together with Paul Jones & boys helping I at Yerkes pint bear 6 Cts. at Doct in Evening very dark & heavy Gale–

5th Wind N.W. & Clear been a great Snow Shower from S E & got to West it has Coverd the ground about 1 Inch & froze prety hard most very bad gooing Yerkes & I up to McKnights Vandue Bout a hay Knife blot 31 Cents of Simon Lutzenberg He Bout at vandue Yerkes & I home before night Yerkes Treated for aglass, very Cold day & roads not hard enough to bare horses Sink almost ½ Leg deep

6th of March 1818 Wind W froze prety hard roads very bad I off at Hauses & at Powder Mill to Look money got none Back to Hauses Spent 12½ Cts on trust So home in Evening–

7th Wind, W & prety Sharp morn up with doct. to Jont Jones & at Taylor at Peter Gilchrist ½ lb Tobacco, 25 Cts at T. Amies Paper Mill then home dined with Doct. then at McCoys Vandue Bout 2 hats 405 Cts, 2 tin Cups 20, two hankercheifs 40 Cts, 4 almanacks 16 Cts home at Yerkes with Jont Jones & others He treated it was rather pleasant at noon

8th Wind W. fine pleasant day tho froze prety hard in morn Yerkes Gooing to poor house Gave him my acct. for T. Webbs Coffin not at Meeting Eveninge evening at Taylors, to meet Kelley & Owen, thay they not prepaird to Settle pint Cyder & mug of Bear So home fine day but Cool in Evening

9th Wind S W froze prety hard but very fine day Doct. Mason here to tell me He was gooing to Move to town & Brokefeild was to Come their for He had one year in it the lease & I might do as I pleasd after I work at Shetters afternoon Settled with G McCoy & up to Taylors meet Owen & Kelley paid me 45 dors in full for the Riot

10th of March 1818 Wind W. Clear Morn & froze prety hard I at Yerkes he not Come home from Poor house, I panneled Shetters I turn in water over the meadow M’Coys & T. Tompson Spent Cyder 12½ very warm day fine day

11th Wind S W. prety hard frost But pleasant day about home till noon John & I over at pike turning water over, the Bottom & at Jont Jones’s with aletter to P Lower from his Brother in downingtown took alittle Peach brandy with J. Jones & so home

12th Wind about S W prety hard froze in morn but very fine day about 12 OC- Nathan Lewis here to Get a Mehoganey Coffin for Capt Rickets daughter, James Wilson gooing to town with Cart Said He fetch the Boards out I mounted & went on & overtook Wilson over ferry put up at Foxes oats drink & boy 31½ Cents Got the Boards 4 drs & ferry 4 Cts pike for Wilson & Self 12½ home about 5 OC- Lower Got the head & foot on & Cut out & work the Sides Stayd all night to the 13th–

March the 13th 1818 Wind S.W not froze any up Soon Lower in dugeon dudgeon & off for downingtown, George & Self finishd the Coffin by 10 O’C- put the Sides on & work the top & took it Up by 11 O’C- Eate dinner their then home & back again & attended the furnan funeral to our yard the Mother fainted at the house & yard I Yerkes Hagy & Jones there

14th Wind S.W. & over Cast no frost fine day I off to Hastons to Look Plaster at Orange tree dails Haverford Road ½ Glass Brandy & ½ G. at Pughs Gin at Roads’s Look appletrees at Oldwines, at I. Hauses He off to Pitt or Washingtown County home to dinner- Meet the Society Gave them acct. of Locust in 1800 & 1807, Black Cloud to W & blue up hard wind

14th Wind W. much Cooler but no frost at doctrs. Server fetch a Rideing Chair I Bargaind with him Last fall I think, for 50 dollars I did not Exspect to take it the doctr was the Cause of my takeing it, I told him I did not know when I Should pay him at meeting then dined with Paul Jones on part of Show Ox weigh’d 2165 lb the fattest & Largest Ever killd here–

March 15th 1818 Wind N W Blue up in Evening hard & plenty of Ice froze prety hard, went over Schuylkill old Paul & young Paul Jones Yerkes & one Stucker & walk above a mile up Canall above the flat rock bridge Old Paul in his 80 year trip it along Like a man of 50 yrs back & took Coffee with Paul so home

16th Wind N W plenty of Ice & great Change in the air from 2 or 3 days back, raw unpleasant all day Pind up the Shetters afternoon at pike Smith Shop Doct Hydrick Came their Incisted on me treating him I did to 1 Jill Brandy & 3 pints Cyder then would Come home with Me at Yerkes Got no drink up & we got Supper He very gay & E Tompson Exceeded all Swore & went on Stampt Like a deranged man, I very much out of Patitions patience with & He must Look out

17th Wind N W & unpleasant black to west St. Partricks Patrick’s day in morning Cold air about home till noon boy halling wood I at Hauses 1 M Cyder at Jones s & Yerkes so home

March 18th. 1818 Wind N W froze hard Cold & Clear about home till noon at Walter Harris’s Vendue then at War office So Called De havens proprietor on a refferance between Doct Anderson & his hired man throwd a stone & Broke his Colts Leg We award the man to pay 25 drs.& 37½ Cts & He pay the Cost home by J. Taylors Cold Evening

19th Wind N W Still Cool Morn up to Taylors to tell him I would not goo to Norristown had got aletter from P. Markley not to Come till 30th of March, He Ows Us for Witness, in the Case of the riot at the William Penn, the County paid him 189:15 Cts & we Cant Get it from him, It is his Carracter not to pay We heard two great Exsplotions made the windows rattle & houses shake they Say, & Supposed to be powder Mills at Brandewine & we have heard their was 32 Persons killd & broke most all the glass in Wilmington

20th Wind N W. by E Evening about home till noon then breakfasted & Dined with Doct Mason & Charged me 20 drs for his Dirty Shed &c &c tho his time not out for ayear, at Township Election for Supervisors Cunstable &c Stadleman & Mathews Supervisors

March the 21st- 1818 Wind E Unpleasant Morn I off to Jont Jones, in order to view a Site for a bridge at Slices ford He home & would not goo so I home a great pain in my Neck & head at doct, Doct Brookfeild Bout a Cow & Calf for 33 drs very old at Yerkes awhile begun to rain & some hail before night & blue a heavy gail in Night & raind prety Smartly we had no rain Since the 4th viz 20 days, that was rain hail & Snow & been Cold & unpleasant Since

22nd wind N E Unpleasant morn & over Cast & rain afternoon & I beleive all night Not at Meeting unwell with Pain neck & head afternoon begun a Coffin Susanna Garrets Grand Child her Son Jacob Child Live on the other Side of Schuylkill above the falls, Mary Ann Jones & Brother Wm. here to dinner & Stayd all night 23rd Wind E very damp morn & day tho the Sun Shind alittle while G W Price & Self finished the Coffin by 11 OC- & Set off before 12 OC- went over the falls Bridge & went ½ mile up the road above the falls Horatio G. Jones pastor Lower Merion Baptist Church Gave us a very Effecting discours Interd it in our yard about 4 OC- only Child

24th Wind N. But Cleard off. E Thomson & John Holland keep it up drinking by the kitchen fire all night, I gave them a great Lector, I would not Suffer it pound & Stamp & Sware

March 24th 1818

offerd to take Tompson to town been 3 request to Come & see his Mother She Like to dye no He keep so intoxicated he was not fit George Thomas Came for him in his Carriage & made him goo but alase alas when He Got there She was no more back He walk about 11 O’C- at night did not Goo to See her, it had Soberd him I fitted in my Shetters &c afternoon at E.P. Walters Laying out his Barn & at Smith Shop, 2 pts. Cyder

25th Wind N W Clear fine morn the frogs very Chearfull Last Evening Boy got 10 B Plaster of Hestons Toms Price here to get a Box to goo in grave for Ruth Thompson Ruth Price Thompson was a cousin of JP, sister of Rees, Thomas’s father I with Yerkes at M’Coys old Store the Plaster’s their Back & at Yerkes’s A Levering Spent with him 12½ Bear George & Self made a box 2 feet deep & 17 head & 2/4 wide & took it to grave yard at the Doct. did Little Jobs For him very fine day warm

26th Wind N E & raind a Little in Morning then Sun Shin’d & keep off till Evening then raind I sunk the box in the Grave, George put the young mare in the Chare & went as far as Stewards & Meet the Burial 12 Carriages interd her

March 26th 1818

Buried Ruth Thomson in our yard by her son Rees I dined at Thoms Prices the hole funeral procession dine’d their about 70 in the hole, Joseph Pearce Sent for me to come to Yerkes about Hauses bond

27th Wind N E & over cast Cold & froze Sleite sleet & raind in Evening at the Doct. Mason Vendue I bought Several Small Articles Bellows &c He Sold many & all the articles He had for Sail but his horses

28 Wind N by E & Snowing about half Inch deep I Still got pain in head or neck Serveral several Snow Showers through the day at pike at Jont Jones & at John Taylors ½ lb Tobacco & pint Cyder 31 Cts Great Arbitration J Miller & Horn for Wistes Weists Est Spent not Doct & I home Taylors daughter very Bad with Small pox nateral way not as result of inoculation disagreeablely Cold

29th Wind N & hard frost & Cold Taylors Man Call’d me up about 2 OC. in Morn to Get a Coffin for his Taylors daughter George & I fell to work & finishd the Coffin by ½ after 10 OC 4 hours

3 Mo- 29th 1818

finished the Coffin & went to Meeting after took the Coffin up & put her in took tea So home very fine Evening

30th. Wind S by W & overcast & Little rain in morn off to Taylors & attended the Burial to Radner Church Sun Shind about 10 OC- we off then Clouded up & raind Just as we got graveyard & all the way back, Stopt & dined at Taylors, after at Walter Harris’s to View 2 Sheep kill by dogs Cleared & Sun Shind Just at Setting

31st Wind N W & Clear Cool morn I about home till noon had paine in my head, afternoon at I. Hauses He away at Washington County, the Sherriff has advertised his wagon & 3 horses Saml Young paid me 12:50 Intrest

April 1st. Wind N W. & Cool morn plenty Ice Ann & Self in Chair to town Boutght bought 2 files 28 Cents Bout no Cloverseed it was 10 drs. horses &c 50 Cts ferriage & pike 25 Cts

2nd Wind N W prety omission off with John Hoffman at Esqr Youngs war office & Joe Jones’s Got 10 drs of old Schaver Intrest York currency Bad Counterfitt they Say

3rd. Wind S & fine Soft morn & warm day, off in Lite wagon with Doct Mason He moved to town Wilson & Lees teams, & movd Doct Brookfeilds Goods up very fine day warm

April 4th 1818 Wind E by N. & rainey night & very hard rain in Morn & Continued till noon & very dull & over cast afternoon rain at night Thomas Thompson moved to day tho so very wet John took our Lite wagon & movd the women He home & they sent for him to fetch the women to Yerkes’s I walk their & dined with them–

5th Wind N E & wet morn & wet day not at meeting at Doctors & at Yerkes’s alittle while George Came home & went Back to Carreirs Carriers again

6th Wind N & Cloudy unpleasant morn over at Hauses He Came home Last Evening I at Humphreys mill to Look for Bran Got none back then up to Dehavans the “war office” Joe Jones to Look Money & returned a 10 dr. Note I got of Dehavan not Good, at Wm Hagys He at Brades’s Daughters Burial not at home took tea their so home, the Sun Shind out about 5 O’C- prety fine

7th wind N & over Cast begun to plow in Meadow bank for Corn very fine afternoon plowd without my Coat, wonndered me prety much

8th. Wind N. or on that Side white frost Soon but Clouded up & it went off before Sun rise I think; Mary & Yerkes in Chair to town

April 8th 1818

I off to plow not 1 Round Sent for that Sarah Price my Nease Brother Edws. daughter was dead & I must Come to town I off they had bespoke a Coffin, John Wilson meet me & we agreed to Bury her to Morrow at 4 OClock, we off to See to Get a Grave horse &c 43¾ Oyster 25 Cts ferriage & pike 10 Cts at Newlands 12½ Cts total 100 Rain little before night so home

9th Wind N E over Cast & Little wet in morn & all day at times Ann & I off in Chair Lidia & Mary Walters Rees & Benney in my wagon to town and attended the Burial dine’d at Sarahs Mothers Left town at Lamp Liteing Smart Shower Just as we Got home 8 OC- at night 1 doz Glass 96 Cts horse boy &c 44 Cts ferriage & pike 24 Cents– Buried her in Tabernecle yard German Church Reformd between Market & Chesnut in 4 Street

10th wind N. been Smart Shower in night too Cold for vegitation I. Hause hear here him home here I their him & I off to Norris to See the Lawyer dined their I Spent not Hause pd All home about dark did not any thing, our Lawyer not in town unpleasant day

April 11th. 1818 Wind N W & unpleasant at pike Got my mare Shod at Quarry Isaac Hause on to N. Evans & at Oldwine Spent 6 Cts & 4½ pike on to S Smiths try to Stop Money from Hauses on acct of Stone halling home at Yerkes & up with Doct Brookfeild So He movd their goods from Isaac Price’s to my frame Built for Doct Mason He gone to town

12th wind S W raw unpleasant off to I Hauses Got an Order on Evans & Smith at J. Jones Dined their Lawyer Kittery their we Drank 2 B. wine very nice

13th Wind N E prety fine till noon then over Cast rather Cold John Plowing in meadow I off at I Hauses & Taylors & at Jont. Jones took tea Spent 13 Cts home about 9 OClock–

14 Wind N. & Large White frost & black I off about 7 OC- for Norristown Stopt at Bird, Spent 8 Cents, on at Norris about ½ after 9 OC- Jont Jones their half hour before me fed & on to Veiw view Slices ford for a bridge took Some Brandy was offered by Esqr Wagonteller view & back to Norris dine & fed 105 Cent gate 6 Cents Lawyer Henderson 500 Cents

April 15th 1818 Wind N W Large frost & Ice Clear rather Cool day over at E.P. Walters & at I. Hauses Trying to Settle with him Home & with McClenechan He very freindly apperantly & treated I at the Doctors Thomas Price & man trimming the trees at the Doct took Coffee with the Doct —

16th Wind S got W & Cleard off been a fine rain in the Morning the most vegatation this Spring I over at Hause try to Settle & E.P. Walters Cuting out door frames, Spent 12½ Cents at Yerkes with Lees Smith Spt 12½ Cents very Windy in Evening

17 Wind N W Still Clear Cool morning Yerkes & Self at Balors & J. Leadoms to view Sheep killd by dogs on to I Hauses & Settled with him He 221 dollars due for Rent at E P Walters paid Balor 5 dollars on Acct. Spent Not home in Evening Cloudy in Evening few drops rain

April 18th 1818 Wind N W & very high & Cool been a Little Shower in night I off to Jon- Taylors Borrowd Titus’s horse back & dined with Yerkes home then back to Yerkes & Settle the Supervisors acct Society meet they Spit Snow paid Hollowell 3 drs Stadleman 2..50 Road Tax, 12½ Cts at Taylors

19th Wind N W & Spit Snow about 6 OC- Bowman Borrowd the Wagon to goo to town I not well not well repeated not well at Meeting afternoon at Gate no-1. Smith to See If he would Except order of Isaac Hause, at Pughs 6. at Gate No-2 4½ Cts. at Hause 6 Cts so home Cold

20 Wind N.W. & Clear morn & hard frost froze Ice ½ Inch thick at Yerkes 6 Cents most remarkable Cold– I off to Hauses at Jont Jones on to Taylors 12½ Cts back to Spring Mill Tavern meet Holgate He promise to be down in Morn Smart Snow Shower about 5, OC- Evening

21st Wind N. Plenty of Ice & heavy white frost Cloudy in W. & over Cast by 6 OC- in morn at Hauses seizing for rent at I Prices paid him 50 drs 43 He Lent Me to pay Chad Jones fine at T Prices Sawd Botton bottom of his Cart house doors Sup so home

April 22nd 1818 Wind N.W. Ice unpleasant morn T. Steel here about SunRise to Get a Coffin for John Jones’s wife been Struck with Palsey about 10 days agoo, dyed Last night Evan & I fell to Work & finished about 4 OC- at Yerkes Wm Righter paid me 10 dollars for his Mothers Coffin Spent not

23rd Wind N E Large white frost But no Ice over Cast & very disagreeablely Cold Little Joseph & I off before 6 OC- with the Coffin arived about 8 OC- gave us Breakfast attended till 2 OC dined their & Started & Inter’d her at Radner freinds yard home about 6 Spent 25 Cents my feet ake with Cold in wagon

24 Wind N & Cold morn no Ice over at Hauses Sherriff their to Sell his Team, We dined at Hauses walk up to Jont Jones drank 2. Bottles of good wine after drinking Bear & Gin Back to Hauses & I Bout the team for 126 dolrs Spent 25 Cents Oldwine paid me 8 drs for Carters Coffin

April 25th 1818 Wind N W rather Cool but the warmest this Several days off in Chair to town Mary also Screws & plain 2 dolrs. Sprigs 50 Cts Collar 125 horse dinner &c 81 Cents Glass 12½ Cents ferriage & pike 25 Cts Cyder 6 Cents Gave Mary 5 dollars So home at 5 OC

26th Wind S W a fine Little Shower in morning too Little to do any good tho the most vegitation has been this Spring I off with my wagaon & horses to town for Sister Rebecca & Jane & John Wilson, They gone to Meeting so I had to Stay till after Meeting went to See Mason family He gone to Chester I Got Som Bread & Cheese paid 31 Cents for horses & bear so off with my Load of Live Stock J. Wilson paid ferriage & I paid pike 17 Cents So home got a dish of Tea & took the Chair & Carried Wilson near home so back

27th Wind S by W. Saml Young here very Soon & paid me 100 dollars Money due from Abraham Walters Est. I off to Pike Smith Shop on to Wm Righters to value the Est. Jont Jones Wm. Stadleman & myself were the men the Boys agreed on avalueation I off to war office & Wm Holgates So home very dark night, great Rip & Sparring at Duhavans

April 28th 1818 wind S W. prety pleasant morn wind hard about 2 or 3 Lite Showers afternoon Holdgate at Yerkes He advertised I. Hauses goods &c for rent I at Hauses & E. Walters Evan their to hew, home John Gibson JP’s nephew & wife here took Coffee off to I. Price in margin: “Sam Jervis here from poor house gave him 12½ Cts.”

29 Wind N W Clear & Cold Large white frost round Snow Shower about noon black flying Clouds Splitting rales rails in Docts. Lott, J. Pawlin Came by Chance & help John & Jos. halling Rails & halld John Pawlin aload of Brush for helping me to Split Rails, afternoon moveing the Doct. Shop as Mason Calld it, It Stood near the road & Brookfeild got it movd off to the End of the Kitchen Took Coffee with them Yerkes T. Price & Pawlin help to move pint of Bear 6 Cents–

30th Wind N & most remarkable Cold Sam. Jervis here very Soon on his way to Poor house Susannah Evans here all night very windy Cold day the pike It is so dusty almost Blind aperson I at Hauses Spent 12½ Cent at E P Walters squaring Barn at Taylors Borrowd Hauses horse to go to Taylors back & home at Isaac Price’s to See his Barn back to Yerkes & Joind him for a glass at Hauses again in margin: “Lent Yerkes 10 dolrs”

May the 1st. 1818 Wind W. more moderate tho white frost alittle rain from West about 10 OClock then a fine rather warm day Yerkes & Self off for Norristown arived about 10 O’C Arived about 10 O’C- repeated Taylor Gave Me an Order on Lawyer Markley for 61..98 I to pay him As Soon as posible this Witness Money on account of the riot at Isaac Hauses & I was Bound for I. Hause to Jos. Pearce for 125 dollars Spent Dinner & horse &c 75 Cents at Lower Tavern 12½ Cents at Torrences 12½ old Score Sup with Yerkes, & Bear with John Little I Left an Order with J. Hoffman for 55 dollars Hauses order on Samuel Smith turnpike man

2nd Wind S & warmest morning this Spring head or neck acke Come up about noon a fine Little Shower with thunder one very Sharp Clap I off after noon at widow Kuglers on a referrance of Starn & Casper Goodman Jont Jones did not attend we Viz William Smith & Self was Affirmd to try the Cause & ajournd till next Seventh day the 9th Instant pint Cyder 6 Cents at Hauses 12½ He paid me 55 dollars for Pearce in margin: “heavy rain Evening not much this 6 weeks”

May the 3rd 1818 Wind S by E overcast been a very fine rain all night tho not so hard as to wash much, all things Look Lively Vegatation Great for one Night at Meeting 2 Showers in Morn & Several after & Evening from E I very much feel my nothingness & Gilt I hope I Shall be Enable with Strength to reform & work out my Salvation

4th Wind E in morn & raind & high wind Got north & blue hard & Cold I at Spliting posts till noon then at I Hauses told him I would Stop the Sale of his goods for rent, went to Kuglers & took down the Advertisement of the Sale then went to Taylors & from their to war office & Seen Capt Holgate to tell him I had Stopt the Sale He being the Constable Spent apint bear 6, Cts So home before night I did take a little wiskkey whiskey with Robeson & Wood muster day

5th Wind W & very Cool day, boys & self mending fences all along the Line, afternoon John Taylor here & I paid him 55 Cash & and repeated a Coffin for his Child 6 Drs total 61 drs for an Order on on repeated Lawyer Markley after at Hause 4 or 5 Came in order to See the vandue for I had Seize his goods for rent but Stopt it home before night at Doctrs. to here hear how Judge Jones was

May the 6th 1818 Wind W. & Cold morn Great White frost & Ice as thick as Window Glass, plowd Ground froze prety hard, Spit Snow about Sun rise it Shind a few minits & went to bed, Smart rain about 12 OC- then Cleard off & had a pleasant afternoon Little Shower about Sunset, thunder after night to west none near Felix Washer hear puting up fence meetinghouse feild 1 qt Whiskey & ½ Glass 25 Cts–

7th Wind N & very Cold been a thunder-gust in Night Felix & Self at fence till noon I off at Thomas Ames to here hear a Universilest preacher blot Yerkes & wife & Thompson along John Marking out for Corn in Meetinghouse feild Felix at fence all day finished

8th Wind N & Wonderfull Cold But seen no Ice Aquilla here to make fence I marking out for Corn & Cut up Cherry tree in Garlic feild pint bear 6 Cents rain Evening

May 9th 1818 Wind N & very remarkable Cold in morn I Marking out for Corn in Meadow Quilla & John mending fence alomg Morris’s Line ½ day I off to Kuglars Meet Jont Jones & Wm Smith on a referance between Starn & Casper Goodman Settled it & home Stop at Yerkes 12½ Cts the wind Got to South & turnd out to be the pleasants pleasantest day this Spring number of people planting Corn

10th Wind S W. & the warmest night & pleasants morning this Spring Jacob Hoffman my neighbour Calld me up about 2 O’C- to Borrow my horse & Chare to goo for his Motherinlaw 4½ Miles his wife in Labour, Mary over their till near 10 OC. She delivered of Male Child I not at Meeting at Docts meeting time afternoon at T. Price & at Docts Edw Price & wife up at Doct & at T Price I took Coffee at T. Prices So home a few drops of rain in Evening

11th Wind S W fine Little Rain about day Just Laid the dust I off about 7 OC for Norris by Taylors He would not goo I on arived about 10 OC Settled with Markley Jos Pearces Note 125 drs.& Cost 21..38 & Intrest 3..75 Dinner Horse & ½ Glass 75 Cent horsler 12½ Tobacco 25 Ann Webb 2.50

May 11th 1818

at H Torrence 12½ Cts I had Some time agoo with Wm McCoy when I had been at Gulph Looking for van dike Constable Glass Cyder at Taylors 2 Cents at Hauses ½ G- the under Sherffer sheriff their to Seize Little says planted Corn in Meadows in margin: “pd Gillchrist 5 drs”

12 Wind S by W Cloudy most all day but very fine warm day plowing without my Coat, at Hauses in morning plowing & planting Corn Bought 5 hundred of hay of I. Price 5 dollars John Jones Gulf paid 10 drs for his wifes Coffin–

13 Wind E fine thunder gust before day at Hauses He gone up the Country money hunting I home & begun a Coffin for one Hannah Davis daughter of Enoch Davis who was a Schoolmate but Poor Unhappy man hung himself Some 6 or 7 years agoo Sent for Evan to Edward Walters fell to work 21 I Shoulders head 11 I. foot 10 I & 13 I head & 12 I foot deep She was poor Creater had 2 Childern by Jim Jones it is said was 7 Mo- with Child they Say. It Is Supposed She was poisend

14 Wind E & Cloudy but Cleard Sun Shind finishd the Coffin & Set off about 8 O’C above the Buck. Started about 10 OC took her to Baptis yard on Ridge Roxborough Baptist Church only 3 along went over flat Rock bridge Lock both wheels

May the 14th 1818

home by the falls ferriage & ½ Glass 18 Cts meet at Yerkes a Refferance between 2 Inglishmen of the factory 15 or 20 of them their had great time with them Esq Young their to Quallify them we awarded Pickel to pay 34 drs for not performing his Contract home about 12 OC- at night

15th wind E & over Cast all day no rain at Yerkes Esqr Young their in high key I Stayd with till noon after at Wm Smiths to try to Sell Isaac Hauses team to him that I Bout at Sherriffs Sale He would not buy So home by Hause Spent not

16 wind E & over Cast & rather Cool begun to rain about 10 OC- from N E had a heavy hard rain & heavy wind all the afternoon I put in 6 pains of Glass for Doct & attended Society only 4 Members Meet, Doct paid me 75 for the Glass I Paid Evan 50 Cents He makeing a harrow, & axeltree Spent 6 Cents

17th Wind N E Been wet night & over Cast begun to rain about 7 OC- Raw & unpleasant too Cold for vegitation at Meeting Sarah Brookfeild here to tea I Spent the Evening their Cleard off So as the Sun Shind out about 6 O’Clock

18th Wind N & rather Cool Yerkes here Soon for me to make out Sheep orders John Rickard their to get one made out 4 orders

May 18th 1818

the Sun Shind out fine till about 10 O’C- Wind most E & begun to rain about one OClock, I at pike Smith Shop Stakes & rideing fence raind so hard had to give it out about 3 OClock Yerkes at our Court, I at Doctrs & Yerkes treated Jim Holland & Enoch Holgate ½ pint 12½ Cents

19 Wind E been a wet night & at it this Morn George Latch & self off for Norristown by Spring Mill ferry & ½ Glass & old Glass 25 Cents arived about omission We the Jury Meet that viewd Slices Ford for a bridge & divided 3 no bridge & Long & Self a bridge Dinner & horse 93 Cents 2 half Glass & boy 18 Cents Andersons Pills 25 Cts Lent Joe Thomas 100 Cents ferry 12½ Cloudy till noon no rain after a little rain Evening Sun Shind & Jont Jones & Self home from Court about dusk He in Chair bad roads

20th Wind N over Cast & too Cold– Wind got W & Cleard very fine about noon, Edw.P Walters & I in town in Chair, Bout 2 Shovels 162 Cents horse & dinner 50 boy 7 Cents ferriage 12½ Cent Gooding & Smith 12½ Cent pike 12 Cts, at Keans for Boards 436 Cents Rod of Iron 65 Cents total 682 Cents home about 5 OC Cakes 4 total 686 at Yerkes with J. Elliot & Saml Robeson they treated

May the 21st. 1818 Wind N & frost I beleive Clear the first time I Seen the Sun Rise perhaps for 8 or 10 days Cloudy & rain & Cold ever since the 11th then at Norristown It Cleard off to a pleasant day Mending fence Morris’s Line Working without a Coat a great Circle round the Sun about noon a near Storm afternoon at pike Wm. Smith & others their 1 G. 12½

22nd Wind E but fine day boys halling dung from Colberts 6 Loads for potatoes I at Edw. Walters at Hause ½ Glass

23rs Wind E. by S Sun Shun out but soon disapeard Look Like a Chainge; but Cleard off and avery fine warm day warmest day this Season I think I weting whetting my Saw &c afternoon Able James & a young West Inquiring about his ant Mary Mileys affairs took the hogs to the Cloverfeild turnd the horses out Last Evening for the first time at Least one week too Soon the Clover very Small the Season been very Cold– Doct Mason here I with him at John Roberts He went to See his Little daughter & Loyd Jones daughter She been Complaining He asked to attend took Coffee & back I home from Bowmans He to town Mary Tomson Up to Stay with Doct Brookfeild

May 24th. 1818 Wind N E Cool heavy due Cool morn about 8 OClock Steven Goodman & Jacob Sibley Came to Get a Coffin for John Fiss, a Mehogoney one I Layd out the Bottom & Steve fell to work, Here Comes Joe Washer to get a Coffin for Jess. a yallow yellow man that Use to drive team for Jont Miller John geard up the wagon & off Joe & I Set off for town for Boards being first day Meet Williams by Accident & got the Boards his Brother gone to Meeting they Said He would not be Back till ½ after 12 OC -But I Left town ½ after 11 OC & got home before 1 OC- Son George came home & Steve & him been nearly finishd Black Jess s I stript & Layd too to & we nearly finished Both 450 Cents for Boards ferriage 25 pike 22, Gin 12½ Cents Meeting forenoon & afternoon at Merion Some traveling Freind I beleive Large Meeting they Said very fine warm day

May 25th 1818 wind N. Cool morn but Clear warm day we finished Both Coffins and put them in Wagon & Left Fiss’s and put him in went up with Jess’s & put him in back to dinner Geard up Poney in hearse & Steve Goodman off & attend to Black Jess’s Burial at Haverford and I attended Fiss’s at dutch Church T. Yerkes along went Back & took Coffey So back to Yerkes one Glass Gin so home 12½

26th Wind W & fine morning off to Edw P Walters at work at barn the Mason Came at noon Steve & I begun to frame, I at Hauses the Sherreff, their, I home & went to Isaac Price for the Level back &c about ½ day very warm

27th Wind S. very warm day at E.P. Walter at Seting door frames &c till most night Sherreff at Hause again; ½ Glass Come in a great blow with Little rain, & thunder Isaac Roberts went Bail for Hause to appear at August Court ¾ day at E W

28 Wind S, & very fine day with Several fine Showers ploughing for potatoes till 10 OC- ¼ of acre then off to E Walters at work till most night ½ day had a swarm bees & I Shuck them in Pillow Case & hived them one Stung in finger & Sweld beyond any Idiea idea & felt Sore in margin: “very Great Shower in Evening”

May 29th 1818 wind S W. very fine vegatating morning I off Soon to E.P Walters Steve & I wrote wrought prety faithfull to day, Evan Evans & boys planted the remainder of the Potatoes 6 Masons & 3 tenders at E.P. Walters home in Evening ½ Glass at I.H

30th Wind S W fine pleasant day at E.P.W Soon at framing for his barn Masons Got up Stable height & went off at noon I work till near 5 OC home & drest & went to buck Meet the horse Society about 20 meet paid two Quartily payments 25 Cents Each So home wind got East & raind Little Shower Evening

31st Wind S E & very foggy & begun to rain about 10 OClock not at Meeting over the Corn good many grubs at the Doctors Smart Shower about 12 OC & wet afternoon at Yerkes one Bogs & Thompson two teachers their

June 1st. Wind S W over Cast been wet night & wet till noon at pike Spent 12½ too wet to work at E Walters home to dinner at Hestons to Look Plaster back at Doct Paul Jones their Steve Goodman their to Get a Coffin for Hugh Knox–

June the 2nd 1818 wind S over Cast off to town to Buy Boards for the Coffin Bought 2 Setts of mehogany at 9 dollars, Salt 70 Cts ferry & pike 47. & pike before 22 Cents pint Bear & ½ Glass Gin 12½ nails 50 Cent back by 10 OC- Steve & I fell to work finished before night & took It home & put him in back by 11 OC- Clear’d off fine day very warm

3rd wind S warm day attend the funeral to Haverford by back & dined at the house then at E.P. Walters at work Evan & Goodman their

4th Wind S & foggy & Cloudy but Cleard off, warm day off after breakfast at Walters work hard framing home in Evening Steve & Evan their paid Yesterday 25 drs for or part for the Chair paid Lindsey 3 Dolrs for Ax fin Bottle Cyder 18 Ct drank part yesterday & finished the other today

5th Wind S W fine Air but warm day off before Sun Rise to Edw Walters Raising Studs for Joyst & put all on but not Leveled I wrot wrought hard, Evans & Steve Poor hands So Stupid ½ G. morn & ½ in Evening

June the 6th 1818 Wind S W. very warm at E Walters at work thunder gust went to South Evan off at noon Spent 6 Cents at Hauses He been to Chester to See Crage Hung for killing Esqr Hunter–

7th Wind S & fine Clear morning not at meeting Looking at Corn &c afternoon Hugh Henry & Self at Natn. Lewis’s & at Flat Rock Tobacco & Gin 25 Cents Come on a Great thunder Gust more thunder & Lightening than has been this 2 years ketch us before we got to Lewis’s took Coffee & Set off heavy gust ketch us by Yerkes we got home before the heaviest 3 Gust about midnight–

8th Wind W. fine morn but black Clouds & Got to be the most blowing day perditious windy & Cool I at E Walters at work & at Lewis Knox’s appraising the old mans Goods, Finished Eate dinner & back to Walters home in Evening

9th Wind N W & remarkable Cool morning, I off for E.W. work prety Smart all day at framing Sides Barn floor, Owen Jones & Jont Came to See Us Edw.George & Israel Morris their to Get me to Build them necessary Cyder 18½ Cents home Evening very warm after noon, I find Self Geting old

June 11th 1818 Wind S W warm day off before 7 O’C for Norristown Brooke a Inglishman along at Kouglars Knox & I Roberts along to Norris Got a letter of Admr for Hugh Cooper & Lewis Knox on Hugh Knoxs Est Roberts & Self Bonds men Back to Birdinhand viewd the damages of Public road dined their they paid the Exspence home about Sun Set Spent not

10th in margin: “this note ought to be above” Wind S.W very fine morn. I at E P Walters ½ day Boreing a harrow &c home at T.Tomsons to Bore his Cow for hollow horn at Yerkes’s to try to make freinds of T. Miller & D. Sheldrake. Spent not, Shendrake Sheldrake Stuburn Sulkey Dutch

12th Wind S W very warm day off after Breakfast to Edw Walters work Some Stayd till 6 OC Laying out the plates &c back to Hauses Spent 12½ So home at Yerkes’s ½ G 6. Cents thunder Gust to S very Little here

13th Wind S W. & Little Shower about 6 O’C in morn, off 2 men mowing feild No4 John Harrowing Corn I puting up & with the Mowers Several Lite Showers through the day & 2 very heavy with thunder in Evening meet the Society 8 meet, Several detaind with rain till dark Breck 2 Georges O. Jones & Self Sup their I paid not for Supper Club over run 10 Cts per

June 14th 1818 Wind N W fair Cool morn flying Clouds, at Doct. He onwell unwell at Yerkes’s Mathew Roberts their Yerkes Insisted on me takeing Breakfast with them & I did M.R. very Scencable observing man, He sold 300 lb whool wool to Brooke English man at Capt Towers factory full bred Mirina Merino Sheep I at Meeting afternoon at the Doct. & Corn feild at Yerkes alittle while Reading over Cast but no rain

15th Wind. W & over Cast very Cloudy but Cleard off very fine warm day at Edward Walters at work work illegible ½ day or till near Sun Set at framing the plates &c &c at Doct Evening at I Prices Raising ½ day

16th Wind W pleasant Clear day at Edwd. Walters till noon Raising the Side of Barn floor afternoon at home & halld 4 Cart Loads of hay from No.4 mowd the 14th & 15th E.P. Walters Irish boy help 2 days & Titus’s boy 2 days JP seems to have crossed out more than he intended to.

17th Wind S W fine day at E Walters Raisd Sides of Barn floor til noon to day then home & hall 5 Small Loads of hay No4

June 18th 1818 Wind N. & Cloudy & remarkable Cold morn but Cleard off very pleasant day off at E.W. Begun to fram Rafters home before night ¾ of day 2 Men Mowd the Lott at pike a great Crop I am to pay them 250 Cts they find themselves supply own food and liquor John begun to run furrows round the Corn

19th Wind W. Boys & me at pike begun & Spread out the hay alittle Scud of rain morn Spread all out Great Crop at noon Lite Shower Rake about half Come up a Smart Shower too wet to Rake any more Cyder 20 Cents So home at E P W & got my dinner

20th Wind W. & a fine hay day Boys & E Evans at pike Spread & turnd the hay twice & Cock it all up 3 pints whiskey 30 Cts Cyder 18 Cents we all work faithfully E Ws Boy help

21st. Wind N.W fine Cool morning at meeting, afternoon at widow Fiss’s Joshua Humphrey their to Consult with Her how to proceed Concerning the Est home by I Hauses Negro very Sick their Doct their Spent 12½ Cents

June 22nd 1818 Wind W & Sometimes S flying Clouds, halling hay from pike Lott 4 Stout Loads Evan & Steve Goodman help all day almost, 3 qrs Whiskey at hay

23rd Wind S W off at 7 OC. for Norris Smart Shower about 9 OC when I got to Swedes ford Fiss’ widow & 2 Sons & Joshua Humphreys up they all before Me the Widow & son Ben admrs. Tom Fiss & Self Bonds men I home with Humphreys to dinner He with me at Jont & Owen Jones s took tea with Jont Yerkes horse Spent 12½ Cts at T.Y. so home about dark

24th Wind fine Morn at E W at work Smart thunder Gust about 5 OC Evan furrowing Corn in meadow Rakeing hay that James Mowd yester day

25 Wind S W warm day at E Walters framing Rafters &c I Looking Sheep

26 Wind S W warm day Raising his Barn fine Shower Evening

27 Wind W very warm day pottering about at hay & other Matters Gave Evan 25 Cents

June 28th 1818 Wind S W fine Morn but very warm day not at meeting turnd alittle hay at Doct. Took a drink afternoon Yerkes alittle While

29th Wind W. by S been a very warm night & a very hot day at E Walters Morning home to dine Yerkes & Self at Fiss’s Praising their Personal Est. half lb Tobacco 25 Cts. 1 Glass 12½ so home

30th Wind S & fine Clear morn at yard Looking a place to Burey bury John Streaper Dyed in Phia was a fine Little fellow some time back but Got Married, & fell a Sacrofice to Baccous Bacchus I at E Walters & Plowing alittle So home at Yerkes

July 1st. Up Soon to Make a Coffin a young Inglishman Been in only about a week makeing hay for John Levering took drink & whash’d washed his head with Cold water & dyed 2 hours from his first Complaint finishd the Coffin by 12 OC. took it down interd him in our yard Coffin 7/1 Long 21 I Shoulders they Say he was 6/4, his head & toes tetch Each End in margin: “very Stout man not 22 years old”

July the 2nd. 1818 wind W & pleasant day off soon at E. Walters Steve & I Lathing all day Got above half dun home in Evening

3rd Wind S by E a very Smart rain about 5 O’C- & Several before noon over Cast all day but no rain afternoon I at pike home to dinner Yerkes & Self at Fiss’s apraising again had 5 men mowing finished all before night & went to Ellixanders

4th Wind W & N.W very hot when the Sun Shind no rain Steve & Self at E. Walters finished Lathing & begun to Shingle Spent 18 Cts at Hauses we wrote wrought hard a number of young men at I Hauses in Evening Trying to form a vollinteer Compy.

5 Wind W in Morn Look faverable but by 7 OC- wind N E & over Cast & Smokey Look like rain But keep off- at I & T Price’s & Prentoz & at widow Tunis s & took tea So home

6th Wind S.W. few drops of rain in morn I off to Walters Steve & I Shingling ¼ of Roof Boys & Evan at Hay I home in Evening 1 Jill wine Egg 12½ Cent

July 7th 1818 Wind. W. fine morn Steve & I Shingling at E.W Evan Hause & Boys at hay Got 3 Loads in Smart Shower from W Stopt afternoon Stop halling

8th. Wind W. I off at E P W at Shinglen Evan & Boys at Hay got it inf all dry But Came from W. a Smart Shower or they would got all in home Evening Sun shone

9th. Wind S W & very fine hay day Evan & Boys got all in Steve & I finished Shingling Bottle Cyder 18½ Cts.

10th Wind S W very fine day at Walters Layd the Bridgeway & barn floor & they halld in Several Loads of Hay agreat Conveniance & they make Great Spead, to what they would in Stacking for they had Stack all this Several years finished before Night & ½ G. so home

11th Wind N W & very fine Cool morn but amost wonderfull warm day fine Brease till towards Evening pottering about till noon then meet the Society 12 meet Club 12½ Cents a man

11th 1818

Edw Price from Georgia Come up to day

12th Wind S by W the hotest night this Season & most remarkable warm day not at Meeting afternoon at Docts & Hauses 1 Bottle Cyder T & John Thomson their home Evening in margin: “hotest this 20 yrs at 97½ they Say”

13th Wind W fine morning & very warm till noon help to Spread & heap E Walters hay in the Lott & he took one Load before dinner & the other in afternoon I over at Widow Morris’s & help to Shock 14 Reapers Come a Small Shower Stopt the Reapers much thunder & heavy Blow almost a hericane

14th Wind S & over Cast heavy to S W & thunder in Morning But Cleard off without any rain here finished Reaping our wheat before we Eat dinner afternoon Cut Carrier at pike 32 dozen very warm afternoon–

15 Wind W fine day tho warm afternoon all hands at E P Walters finish’d Reaping 70 doz wheat & 30 doz Rye Steve & I home Evening Smokey moon Read red as for dry–

July the 16th. 1818 A.D. Wind S W very warm day Steve Goodman John & Self halld all my Wheat 92 doz by noon then at Jane Price’s E. Walter Wm. Smith & Black George aCradleing poor Rye & Some Wheat, back Evening

17th wind S & overcast most all day Like rain but none Came I off to Jane Price Rakeing & Tying wheat got done before Night & they halld all in I walk to Isaac Hauses He finished Reaping & halld most all his Wheat in took Coffee with Him so home Evening-

18th Wind S E & over cast Like for rain apottering about till noon then Edw Price & Self in Chair at or to See John Wilsons they Reaping & halling in 10, or 12 hands took tea So home about dusk I. & T. Price’s finished Reaping and halld all in Spent 12½ at Taylors

19th Wind S by W. very foggy morn Like alittle Shower the Sun Shind at times & raind a few drops afternoon I at Meeting George Price Jess Giger & Sister here to dinner My Birthday 65 yrs. I did not Recolect till Evening at Doct alittle While

July the 20th 1818 wind S Cloudy & omission & Small or Little rain about 5 O’C- morn at Yerkes Little gin, over to pike to Sow Buckwheat Come up avery hard Shower Just as I got their & 4 or 5 before noon So much & hard we did not Sow the buckwheat Some thunder but not Near Gust to S & to N & hard Showers Muddyed the dam & wash the roads, home to Dinner not had Such a fine rain this 2 Mo- Corn & potatoes Suffering Steady wet all the afternoon

21 Wind S by W & rain in Morn appeard to Break off & Sun Shind out Yerkes & Self Set off for Esqr Youngs Stop at W Hagys, took a drink & on to Esqr Youngs provd Fiss’s inventory Yerkes paid him 25 Cts. off for home Got as far as his Son John’s ¼ of Mile Came up a very Great Rain, about 11 O’C & we Stayd till near one yet raind all the While & it abated Some & off we Sett & it raind all the way but not so hard as it did at first home at 2 OC- Smart Showers Just as we arived 1 G- at Yerkes’s he pd- It made a great flood in Youngs Run, very great flood in Schuylkill yester day illegible the Conell canal dam & did much Damage to their works Raisd 11 feet at Hagy’s & over flowd the Banks & the dam if was finished would been continuing in margin: “dreadfull to the Landholders along Shore”

July 21st 1818

Seen Some grain not Reap & Several fields out Joe Jones I Righters & others, they must been Delatory I think Cleard off about 4, O’C- I off for Fiss’s Stopt at Hause meet Little Rutter Jont Jones Nephew Smart Little Fellow Great disspute on Negro Slavery, 1 Glass & Got one dollar of Hause on to Fiss’s back to Taylors pd him 18½ Cents ½ lb Tobacco of Gillchrist, 25 Cts at Hauses ½ G 6 Cts Eat Supper their so home

22nd wind N.W. fine Clear Cool morning I over to pike Sowd Abes Lott with Buck wheat John Harrow 3 times over Still Roff home to dinner after at Garrets He paid Me 5 drs. for his Brothers Childs Coffin at the falls Tavern Spent 6 Cts. they about Covering the falls Bridge they fishing at Mendinghalls & ketch Several Shad & they say as firm and as fine as in Spring home Evening at the Doct, took a glass so to bed

23rd Wind N W & remarkable Cool but Prety warm in Midday mending fence in Morn afternoon killing Calf Benney Price help me pint gin 18 Cts weighd 21 lb hind Quarters 12½ illegible for hide &c

July 24th 1818th Wind S. & fine morn Mary & Self off Market with Calf Sold at 16 Cts per lb I Bout Sprigs & Nails 78 Cts Hatt 300 Shoes 150, horse & Breakfast 66 Cts Timothy Seed 100 Cts 1½ Glass 18½ Nankeen 270 Cts Boy 10 Cts total 987 Cents Gave Mary 1 Giney guinea 35 shillings viz 4:33⅓ & 5 dolr Note Isaac Hause paid me 65 drs ¼ Rent So pike & Ferry 25 cents a Small Shower in town home about 5 O’C-

25 Wind S W fine pleasant day at pike Sowd about 6 Quarts of Timothey seed on the Bucketwheat buckwheat home to dinner, afternoon at T. Thompson Teacher had his Schollars that Board E. Price Brother John &c Reaping his Oats He prety high He his Brother & E Price & Self at Towers Factory It is wonderfull what He has Built 5 or 6 yrs agoo not the Least improvements on it now has two Great manafactory houses a very Large dwelling 3 Story Springhouse &c home by Thomson took a drink So home

26th Wind N by E in morning & been a very wet night hard rain till 9 or 10 OC- at Meeting Smart Shower about 12 OC after Cleard Sun Shind I took walk round the feild & at I. Prices & at Yerkes pint ail ale 6 Cts

July 27th 1818 wind S W very foggy morn turn out a Clear warm day I over at E.P. Walters Layd out Spouts for Steven Goodman, & make pattern for Spout Irons home afternoon Mowing Oats Edw. Walters Craddleing cradleing my Oats, finished before night at Yerkes Spent 6½ Cents

28th Wind S W very fine day off soon to E.P. Walters puting up Spouts on the front of his Barn home by 3, OC the Boys tying Oats I help pint ale 6 Cents

29th Wind. W. fine very warm day Steve & I made a Coffin for old woman dy’d at the falls in the Row most a stranger walk about about 2 hours before apparently as well as Usual, they ask Me for coffin finish’d about 12 OC attend at 3 OC- Buried about 6 OC- our yard poor family price was 8 & I took but 5 drs they had to raise Subscription Spent 12½ in margin: “29th fall Cricked (crickets) begun there musick”

30th Wind S W very warm day Edw Price & I in town in Chair Bout ½ lb barrel Mackeral 850, Musterd 37½ Lock 31 Cts hinges 150 Cts horse &c 62½ Cents oil 6 Cts, Cucomber 8 for 6 Cts Chees 37½ Cts ferry pike & Ginn 37½ Cts so home about 5. O’C pd 240 discount on 40 drs & 15 Cent on Ellexander note 10 dr note

July the 31st 1818 Wind S by W. & very warm day mending fence & pottering about till noon then up with G. McCoy at Esqr Youngs He Gave a Cain of my Grand Fathers Rees Price s that Brot. John gave him Several years agoo & I Gave him one dolr Calld at Wm Holgates & He pd him McCoy 2136 Cts. a debt of McDormans, Stopt to See Joe Jones thunder Gust to S W, about 2 OC- alittle rain here Evening

Augt 1st Wind N.W. very fine Cool morn but warm day pottering about fence &c &c after and at Hause 1.G. 12½ Cts home to dinner after at I. Prices & Santering about

2nd Wind S W fine Cool morn but hot day at Meeting had a very Good Sirman, after Reading– at Doct. a while Evening–

3rd wind W & fine Cool morn but warm day Son John & Self off to town in Cart Bout for John Jacket 2 drs. Trunk blot 75 & Gave him Gave him repeated 75 total 350 horse &c 50 Cts ferry & pike 12½ Got ½ lb Mackeral 850 pd for before So home

August 4th 1818 Wind W very fine Clear Cool morn but warm day Mason begun a necessary at Meeting house Steve here to make a window frame for it. Jos. & self halling sand water &c put the Joyst on & pottering about all day Ale 6 Cents Gin 12–

6th Wind S.W & Cloudy but Cleard off warm Jos & I off with wagon to ferry for Boards home about 2 OC- Steve Goodman here I mending Chairs geares &c at Doct – pd. 3 drs for boards pike 25 Cts Spent 18½ Cts at the Doct Evening Small Shower Evening

5th Wind W Cool morn but warm day Steve here made 2 window frames for Necessary Mason their Joe halling Sand Stone water Lime &c I helping &c 1 qt whisy. this note Should been above on the 5 & 6 below

7th Wind N.W. & very Cool day Steve & Self at work at necessary at meeting Evening at I Hauses Spent 6 Cts Ben Fiss paid me 10 dollars for his Fathers Coffin I Gave Hause a lector lecture for Burning Rails &c

August the 8th 1818 Wind S W. Cloudy & begun to rain by 10 OC- Steve Shingled the necessary I attended there meet the Society Spent a glass with Joe Thomas & one David Lewis, He went to Saint Maries in Georgia 18 or 19 years agoo, He Broke here but I beleive He has made out well their Came He has fetch 2 Childern very fine rain Evening–

9th Wind E & over Cast been a wet night & at it again by blot OC- & very hard rain till 2 OC & not So hard till after Evening at Meeting one Hicks from Buck’s County, a great preacher here a great man in the Sperrital Gift I think Gave John 100 Cts 31 of it for knife, Spent 12 Cents

10th Wind S E Clear to E Sun Shind and a butifull rain Bow Cloudyed up & raind by 7 OC prety Smart over Cast all day no Sun Shine Steve makeing Shetters for Barn hewing Posts for Meeting till near noon raining Evening

11th Wind S raind prety Smart Shower about 5 O’C- in morn but Cleard off before noon very fine after Steve here hung Shetter at barn & hatch door I at Colberts & pike– porter 12 Cts so home

August 12th. 1818 wind S W very warm day at Knox’s Runing round their place in Order to devid divide it in 3 parts dined & Sup their, thunder & rain after night or Evening Smart Shower till it run Steve at work for Meeting in margin: “Catedids begun their note this Evening the first this Season”

13th Wind W fine pleasant morn prety warm day much Cooler in Evening I off to Knox’s on the Lines found a line tree See block & found it to be mark 100 yrs agoo So Settled the County Line as far as Fiss Line 2 Jills of Wine at I Hause 10, or 12 dined at Knoxs

14 Wind N W & very windy & Cool morn but pleasant day Steve & Self put up the fence at Meeting & som ther to necessary, prety honest day. Thomas the Irish Lad plowing oats Stuble ale &c 12½ Cts

15th Wind W. fine pleasant morn Steve & Self at necessary till noon I with T. Price marking some Logs Come up 2 Small Showers about 12 & 1 OC- Cleard off thunder to West & I Santering the afternoon, Steve off at noon I at Doct Evening

August the 16th 1818 Wind N & over Cast been a little rain in night paid the Irish Tom 250 Cts for this weeks work Viz He plowd very well to what I Exspected – Michal Hoffman Came about 8 OC- for to get a Coffin for old Markers wife Sent Jos off for Steve Goodman & I got out the Bottom & head & foot Steve arived about 11 OC- we fell too & finished about 5 OC & took it to near Esqr Youngs & put her in So home pint gin 18½ & Glass Gin at Yerkes when Back

17th Wind N W very fine Cool Morn Sent Jos. with mare to be Shod & Steve & Self Greasd the wagon and Set off & attended the Burial to dutch Church from Esqr Youngs place near or about 4 Miles So I drove above 16 Miles back to Hauses G. 12½ home about 3 OC- met McClenechan at Yerkes Spent G 12½ walk with Thompson to Hauses 12½

18 Wind N raind alittle in morn Cleard off by noon Pawlin hewing Axeltree I at E P Walters Eate dinner their Spent 25 Cts at Hauses so home plowing awhile at the Doct.

August 19th. 1818 Wind N very Cool Mary & Jos. Off to Market Edward Price Jur & Self off in Chair for Norristown drove through Schuylkill, Spent dinner & horse 200 Cts horsler & Gin 16½ at Yerkes Evening 6 Cents Satifyd Jos Pearce that I Paid Markley 128.75 for the debt I was bound for Hause home at dusk

20th Wind S & over Cast avery heavy rain before noon I on to Knox’s Got wet Tomson did not Come So Back to Hauses Spent 12½ Cts, home & help to put a gate up for the Doct Sarah & Hannah Price here at Yerkes alittle while Spent not

21st Wind S over Cast & warm Cleard off I felt it as hot as in the hot days in June at Edwd. Walters framing the Portico ¾ day home at dark Spent 6 Cents

22nd Wind S W & very warm till omission then the wind Sprung up at E P Waltrs frame Rafters & Raisd them then Steve & Self homee after dinner & made a ledge door & hung it for freinds for at men’s necessary Bout water million 18 Cts in margin: “& 3 (c)antelopes for 20 Cts”

August the 23rd. 1818 wind N. & remarkable Cool fine Clear morn warm in Mid day at Meeting Large gathering a Woman name Ware preach’d alittle ant Jane Walters dined here at Yerkes 1 Jill wine

24th Wind N W Cool morn fine till noon then over Cast few drops of Rain Evening Prety Smart rain I at E Walters Get him to Come & help to hall hay, all out of old Orchard I Got Jill o Wine & Bottle Cyder not very well deprest Some

25 Wind S W up before day moon Shind fine about day Cum up a Smart Shower & Lasted ½ hour– then Cleard off & was a warm day at Knox’s valueing & deviding the place home about 12 OC at Night we devided in 3 parts

26th Wind S E & over Cast but raind none till evening only few drops I off to Walters Shingling his Portico at Barn ¾ of day I Lost with Steve Bottle Cyder Got it at Hauses 18

27. wind blank Cloudy all day halld boards Trusels &c from Meeting house & mended Covering on the wall afternoon at Goodwins & 1 Writes

August 27th

Looking Coffin Money got none Rights has been above 2 yrs He says He paid it to William Smith I gave him the acct & a receit on it so home by Bevans or Henris s & at I Hauses Cyder 18½ Cents Sun Set fine

28 Wind S W & Cloudy Morn but fine day few drops of rain Evening I off to town took Edw Furgenson Bout 2½ yrd Cloth for John at 325 pr Linnen Lininingh lining &c 881 for horse & boy 31½ potatoes 25 Cts Borrowd 5 dolrs of Yerkes home in Evening

29th Wind S E over Cast as Usual but no rain Sun Shine in morn & then to bed been Several mornings but no rain Mark out for dung then at pike, home to dinner Ben Fiss paid me 10 drs in omission for his Fathers Coffin paid Yerkes the 5 drs I Borrowd, Yerkes Tom Price & Self off for Gulf to See Jim Jones He that Lost his Leg with marvel marble Stone fell on it. back to Torrences meet the horse Company paid 25 cents ¼ payment. Stopt at Elliots took Some Supper & Glass or two of wine So home–

Augt 30th 1818 wind about E Cloudy as Usual I do not recolect Such a quear timee Look like rain derect & none Come hogs in Corn after them Got them Washers boy informd me dogs been at Sheep we found 4 killd one alive & much Eaten 2 Missing one not hurt not at Meeting afternoon at T Prices Got 2 Guns He along but seen no dogs at Yerkes Spent 6 Cts Cleard off very fine Evening.

31st Wind S W foggy morn I off to watch the dogs they had Eate 2 nearly all but seen no dogs found the other 2 sheep Both wounded kill the Lamb very fatt Come up Smart Little Shower about omission very warm I off to Hansels to Measure a house Spent 6, Cts & pd Hansel 12½ I owd him Doct along

Septemr 1st. Wind S & over Cast as Usual up Soon to Look for the dogs but Seen none boy halling dung I hunting the wounded Sheep afternoon at Walters at Gillchrist pd him 4 drs & paid for Pawlin 118½ Cents in margin: “Spent 18”

Sepr 2nd 1818 Wind W. & fine Clear Morn & very pleasant day boys at dung I at pike Got James to Mow the Lott home to dinner afternoon at Isaac Prices to See N. Lewis about Melenefees Acct at Wm Tunis about John‘s Coat took Buttons Silk &c at Yerkes’s 1 Glass 12½ Cts

3rd Wind S W fine Clear Cool Morn but very warm in mid day over to pike the Welch man has mowd my Lott Ruben Lewis taken with vomiting & Lacks at Hauses home to dinner Sarah Lobb widow blank & Richard here to dinner I off to Jont Jones & off to Joshua Humphreys with him to Fiss’s to Get him to Settle the Line between them; He Fiss very Ill naturd & Irratable I took tea home 9 O Clock Boy halling dung Tomson very high drew double rations to day

4th September 1818 Wind W very Cool morn & Clear Warm day makeing hay at pike dined at E Walters pint whisy. 12½ home Evening

5th Wind W. Cloudy & foggy morn off to pike Spread out the hay & turnd it Rake it up but raind & wet it before we got it all Cock wet Smart & keep at it

6 Wind E and Cloudy been a wet night & keep at it till noon Sokeing rain I at Meeting Small meeting Edw took John down in Chair to ferry John is leaving home to serve an apprenticeship in Philadelphia. Tom Price & Nathan Lewis here walk with them to their meadow at the Doct took a drink & down with Tom took omission So home

7th Wind N.E and over Cast & Several Showers one Smart about noon Sun Shind now & then Yerkes & Self at flat Rock & at the Conell canal & at Anthoney Leverings widows Vandue over Schuylkill then viewing the Lock where the Canel goo in to Schuylkill 4 Gates 6 feet fall in Each 24 feet

Septr 8th 1818 Wind N here hear their Canel dam Roreing very plain we off to pike Spread & turnd the hay it very wet Got what was in Cock in good order & halld it home Come up avery hard Shower Just as we got in Barn Steve Tom & Edward Rake & Cock nearly all the others before the rain Came I home with the wagon Edw Bill help

9th Wind N & Cloudy in Morn & over Cast all day no haying makeing hay making I mending fence at Meeting yard & wheting whetting a Saw, afternoon at Jont Jones, at J Taylors, Glass 12½– Back to Owen Jones took a glass on to Jonathan took tea with blot 10 or 12 Elliott & wife & others Sun Shind out at Seeting setting very fine few drops of Rain before it sett

September 10th 1818 Wind N W Clear & very Cool fine day Edw & Self at Pike Spread & turnd the hay home to dinner, Got up the Wagon & halld it inn in Evening at Wm. Tunis’s for John’s Clothes not dun at Nathan Lewis Got drink so home

11th Wind N W & very Cool Look for frost Could not be Certain frost but felt Like it very fine day Plowing in new Orchard where the dung had been Spread 4 days too wet Set the Boys to Cut or top Corn & I Strip Some B. Tunis Brought home John’s Coat & Pantyloons at the Docts. took a drink & Lent Poney to Pawlin

12th Wind S W Cloudy Red to Sun rise Cleard off & warm day Ann & I Set off for town about 8 O’C- on by Hestons the Tirer tire of wheel fell off a Negro haild Us or I beleive we Should drove on to pike perhaps not discovered it till we broke down Bout. Peaches 25 Cts potatoes 12½ Cts 5 lb horse &c 25 Cts Gave Ann 50 ferriage & pike 25 Cts in margin: “at Pughs 23 Cents Boy &c”

Sept 12th. 1818

We home about 3 OC- Got dinner & meet the Society 16 members present–

13 wind W fine day off very Soon to Joe Evans to Send Evan to Lobbs to goo with him to Jersey to work at Paper Mill Back to Breakfast at Meeting Richard Eckrod the Blind man Just arivd from England Been away near 2 years Yerkes went to Phila this morning for him Look well a violent democrat when here before at T. Prices, awhile & calld to See Richard He Says He Left a distrest Country I back & reading

14th Wind W Over Cast Came up in night near morning a Smart Gust thunder & much Lightening I was much disapointed it Look So fine in Evening I over at I Hauses Back Boy Spreading dung too wet to plow, at flat rock bridge orderd Some repairs on the road Spent 12½ Owen Jones along, 5 Meet Cleard off warm fine hay day

Sepr 15th 1818 Wind W & very foggy Morn but very warm fine day Plowing dung down, boys Spreading dung

16th. Wind S W warm day Plowing till noon then took Chair Wheel to pike to get the hoop on Smith not well So home without geting it done

17th Wind S & blue prety much ashower Soon in Morn then the Sun Shind out I to plow nearly 2 lands & Tom finish’d Spreading dung, Come on about a 11 OC a very Great Shower at Yerkes He & I at Latches & Stadlemans about John McDormans wife & Childern He had Listed & She in asuffering Condition with her 4 Childern We agreed to Get an order to put her on the Poor List Cloudy & Little wet

18th Wind N E over Cast & weting at times all day I at McDormans to tell her I would get an Order to put on the Poor List back & at meeting traveling freinds there, afternoon at Jos Georges about Some Accts unsettled took tea home after night 8 OC- weting prety fast

19th. Wind N E & been a wet night & very dull Cloudy & weting alittle all day at pike 1 G. at widow Kuglars to Look for Timothy Seed ½ G. on to war office 1 G. on to Esqr Youngs got order McDorman

September 20th 1818 Wind N.W. & Cleard off prety Cool windy afternoon, at Meeting in morn at Yerkes 6 Cts with T. Thomson Jos. at Methodus ¼ Meeting Holgate paid me 744 for Sheep Order instid of 944 I took a 3 dollar Note for 5 dollrs yesterday

21st Wind N W & remarkable Cold, hunted for frost but Seen none, at Taylors Red Lion & got two Bushels of Wheat at 467 Cents back & got 3 B Rye of Hause at Esqr Youngs got an order for McDormans wife & Childern for Some assistance from town Spent 18½ Cent that was on the 19th in margin: “at Yerkes between Amos & Mason”

22 Wind S W fine day at E Walters for Riddle a sieve back & Sowd 2 Bushs wheat in New Orchard, after Makeing Coffin for Dennis Kelleys Child Obidia Wilday help me Little finished 1 pint Whisy. 12½ Cents

23 Wind N W Cool morn but pleasant day off by day to Hauses for Chear Wheel Hoffman hoop it Back Quick Geard up & took the Coffin to Kelleys & from their to town home about 3 OC- at Kuglars

with Yerkes He and others on a referance Between Nathan Evans & Jos. Thomas Spent 6, Cts & paid pike 6 & Cakes 6 Cent Coming from town Eate Supper at Kuglars So home 10 OClock

24 Wind S W. Cool morn Joe harrowing the wheat over I Plowing the remainder of the Dung ground afternoon pint ale 6 Cents–

25th Wind S W Look Like a Chaing but fine day Plowing all day & harrowing & mark out

26 N wind fine but Got Cloudy I Got 1 B wheat of John S. Price weighd 64½ lb I sowd it & Plowd it in 8 illegible Lands Soked ⅓ of it in Cowpiss 3 Lands next the Rye other 6 Land Sowd it dry Evening at pike Buckwheat most fit to Cut Got a Glass

27th Wind N. fine Clear Cool morn & fine day at Meeting had a great Sermon by Thomas Kite I felt his Power perhaps I never was more feeling humbled I Shook all over I thought I must Call aloud the Lord have Mercy on me I was much humbled read Benjn West Life his mission set when a boy as a painter

28 Wind N. & alittle frost It so Lite I Could hardly say frost On the Clover plowing trimming apple trees &c, plowd all above the Potatoes

Septr. 29th 1818 Wind N very Cool Sun no frost Clear dry Sowding sowing Rye 2½ Lands Long ones along Side the wheat Some of it been dung the Short ones above the Tatoes been plowd 3 times & harrowd in no dung Boys Cut Buckwheat all down I back & Mark out the Rye in Lands, Doct Brookfeild Sent for Mary his wife in Labour

30 Wind N no frost about here up Soon to Look for Felix to Mow Doct & I at Yerkes’s Doct Got a fine Boy his wife Layd to his Charge Doct Treated to Glass, I over at pike to Get James to Mow 1 Jill wine 12½ home to dinner after Edw & I in Chare at Wilsons & at Esqr Curwens to Get an Order for McDormans wife & Childern as a poor of County Calld at Elliotts

Octr 1st Wind N & Clear no frost as I Seen James Davis & Tom Mowing I at Pike Meeting afternoon helping toRake hay &c Wilfong here to Get a Coffin for John Sibleys Child Bickens fetch home my family Wagon had it 10 days

October the 2nd 1818 Wind Still N. up very Soon Evan Evans Tom Edw Price & Self Off & Rake or heapd Buck Wheat at Pike home to Breakfast, Evan & self fell to work at Coffin & got dun by noon help to Rake hay & Cock then at Town Election Yerkes Assessor & Joe Thomas Inspector I voted for Horn & Pechen the Federals I off about 3 OC- with Coffin back at Dusk ½ Glass begun to rain about dusk wind East

3rd. Wind E & over Cast & Lite fine misting rain I off about 8 OC to Burial 2 fine Little Showers from S W Sun Shind Several times as we Came at Hauses 12½ Cents So home to dinner Tom Trashing threshing Oats after halld 2 Loads of Corn fodder

4th Wind S E foggy & over Cast Come up about 10 OC- avery Smart Shower from West & blue a herrican amost I said a Clear off but we had alittle Shower about 3 & avery Smart Blough & rain about dusk, Ann & I at Wm Hollawals & at Buck Spent 12½ Cent took Coffee Came up a gust very dark

5th Wind N W & Cool Clear Morn I at widow Kuglars for Timo seed paid 2 drs at Hauses pint whis 12½ Cent Irishman for a Coffin for his Child Steve & I made it in 3 hours & attended

October 6th 1818 Wind N Cloudy poor hay day turnd the Buckwheat & halld all the hay in, Jos. halld Load of wood for Pawlin & the weids weeds Pumpkin patch Edw. & Yerkes & self at flat rock & Canell Spent 25 Cents

7th wind N. & alarge white frost Got 20 drs of Walover for Coffin the 3rd. paid Server 15 drs in full for his Chair Viz 50 drs. on the 5th paid him

8th wind blank diging potatoes I plowd got dung about 40 B the Low Ground poor the Lite part very fine Large so very warm I pulld off Coat & Jacket a warm day

9th. wind S W warm day plowing at pike Buckwheat Stuble finish’d before night dined at E P Walters Boy halld Corn out the Meadow & husk at night

10th Wind S W harrowd Potatoe Ground Tom & I Sorting Corn & Cleand the Buckwheat 4 B. afternoon meet the Society Spent not

11th Wind N W fine morn no frost & very fine day warm at meeting afternoon at home turnd in meadow did not mow ½ of it George & John at home to See us Jos sent John part on his way back to town in margin: “Becca & Finance here”

October 12th 1818 Wind N W very fine day Self Plowing Potatoe peice & peice Joining Lite dressing open fallow Plow 3 times Sowd 1 B & peck on Better than ¾ of acre Boy Picking winter apples at Hauses Evening & at Yerkes alittle while ½ G. 6 Cts

13th Wind N by E Little rain about 5 OC morn fine day after. Sowd Rye at pike back & attended the Election as one of the Judges had 235 voters Democrats Beat Us 58 to 63 votes for Congress & assemble assembly keep us till 12 OC

14 Wind N E & fine Shower in Morn Sowd Timothy Seed at pike home to dinner Great alarm Evan Jones had his horse Stole 1st Class of hores horse Company 19 men warnd by & 16 paraded at Yerkes’s 8 Started we heard that Evan had Got his Track in town 6 of them on to Phila they got the horse & theaf they returnd in Evening as proud as If It they had obtaind Some Great Explite exploit & President Jones Calld for Pint Ginn & Pint Brandy to treat them

October 15th 1818 Wind E Morn Cleard off by noon fine & warm Sowd all the Lower End of Orchard Potato Patch included with Timothy Seed, Boys at Morris’s making Cyder I their helping them the Old Lady very Pleasant Jones, Price & them that went to Town to Prosecute the theif Returnd they got the fellow before the Mare & He was Scent to Gale to Stand his Tryal his name Stellwagon His Father Lives at Wm Hagys He been a Soldier not been back but 5 or 6 weeks from N-

16th Wind S W very fine day warm I at pike & Showing trees for fire wood to Colbert, 1 Glass 6 Cts home Doct. Yerkes & self at the falls to See the Bridge & up the Lock navagation; to flat Rock bridge Spent 18 Cts

17th Wind S by W avery remarkable fine warm day Yerkes & Self at Towers factory him & Brook that rents his Lower Mill at Law we went to try to Settle between them Towers offerd to Leave all Matters in despute to 3 Men which Brook declined He Let men Judge the

Water Loss oweing to Towers Neglecting to repair the dam If We would got Judge the Loss or Leaks in proportion to the Stream & give him a Certifecate then If He Towers Can Settle it why why repeated will omission I refused to goo into it for If He has Got our Judgement, He would gone on to Court & we must dance attendance from one Court to another perhaps this 7 years & I refused unless they would Leave all matters in dispute & Enter into Bonds So we returnd to dinner, Calld on widow McDorman told Her I had Got an Order as a poor or to that Effect & inquird about what She thought it would take to keep her a week She made out estimated 137½ besides fire wood Capt. Towers sd what Ever the men awarded If their was any damages through his neglect or means He would pay it Derect I am Clearly of opinion that all the Leak would run through an 1 Inch hole, I am of Opinion that his defficient not to make so Much as Last Year must be from other Cause than the Leak, afternoon at Hauses pint Cyder, on to Wm. Smiths to See about a note he has against me which He took Hause for 48:62 He paid me 4 drs. for Rights Childs Coffin & 227 Cents poor tax &c against John Moors Est took Whiskey So home

October 18th 1818 Wind N. but very fine pleasant day I Sent for John Pawlin and We fell to work hard to Make a Coffin for John Johnson Son of old Jacob, He Thrashing on 13th & a Corps on the 16th we finished by 3 OC- & I took it down & put him in it was 20 I wide & 6 f Long back at dusk

19th Wind about old Course N up Soon Got mare Shod, & Set off about 7 OC- Left the house about ½ after 9 OC- arivd at Radnor Church about 2 OC- 4½ hours 12 miles at Leest I think, I rode 6 Miles yesterday I suppose yesterday down & up and to day 12 Miles up & down Say 30 Miles in the hole too much for me at 64 yrs Jill wine at Buck 12½ Cent home at 5 OC- took tea & walk to I Prices & Calld at Yerkes Jones preachd very pleasant day– in margin: “white frost the 2nd this Season”

20th Wind N by E and fine morn no frost home to Dinner one Zink Executer to my Nease Sary Price Her Mother Here to Dinner, him & self up to See John Wilson He poorly illegible Cant Lay in bed, at Eliots so home at Sun Set took tea & they off to town; Tom Thrash’d wheat for please Ann

Octr 21st 1818 Wind S by E Cloudy to West no rain Blue up in Evening from West prety Cool I off in E Walters Cart & Bout. 200 Brick 2 dolrs. 3 Small Glasses 18 Cents Leg Muton 35 Cts ferry & pike 16 Cents, home about 4 OC- over at pike to put wagon in Shed & Get Hoffman to repair it. Viz Put Bands on the hobbs

22nd Wind N W Cool Clear Morn & pleasant day, Richardson & boy here Building oven Ben Jones Loyds Son Maried to Tresels daughter at Merion Meeting Great Parade, Stadleman & Latches daughter here to dinner, 1 qt. whisy. 19½ Cts

23rd Wind N W. Cloudy & Cold no Ice when I got up after the troff froze over with a Skim of Ice Blustering Cold day with 2 Little Snow Showers Mason finished the oven & the window in Chimney a 9 Light; over to pike Evening 6 Cents in margin: “first Ice this fall”

24 Wind N W Clear & Cold prety hard White frost very fine Day & pleasant Masons finished a Chimney by noon, viz alterd It in Shop Room we Clearing off Rubbish about the house over at Hauses Got his wagon bed & took his hay Shelves back 1 Glass 12½

Oct 25th 1818 Wind N W very fine morning much Warmer no frost at Meeting morning, afternoon at Meeting at Meeting repeated at Schoolhouse one David Davis a Methodis from Catta Wisa prety Cleaver He Come & took tea with Me I knew him 25 Years agoo He Boarded with the widow Thomas followed Sheomakeing shoemaking, at Yerkes with him to Get his horse

26th Wind W. very fine Pleasant day but very dustey dry time off at 9 OC to Lewis Knox’s 7 of us meet to Devide the Place Doct Anderson, Joshua Humphreys P. Pechen, Jont Jones Jont Miller John Thomson & Self We agreed on a Devision & valueation Knox Gave Us avery Excelent dinner I took 4 or 5 Glass wine So home about 10 OC at night

27th Wind N & Over Cast but soon blue off very high wind it blue the dust that it was difficult to goo against the wind old man gooing from Market Said It almost took Breath It is amost remarkable dry time no rain Since the 14th Lite Shower then Carrying Corn & sorting it & Cut down the Chesnut tree at the Shop & Lineing Shetters & halling wood pint Beer 6 Cts & on trust Gave Thomson 1 qt whiskey to Cut Chuesnut chestnut tree down very Blustering disagreeable day to travel

Oct 28th 1818 wind N. Clear & prety Cold Ice in the troff prety pleasant Jos halling Tom Cuting I at Shetters & halld a log to Mill Blairs Blair McClenaghan’s for Centers

29th Wind N Cold morn but fine day halld the Last of the Corn out of the Old feild I Pottering about at Hauses to Look Money Got none 1 Jill wine 12½ Back Evening Sary Brookfeild & young Son here to tea month out Child is one month old.

30th Wind N hasey or Cloudy to Sun rise plenty of Ice on the Dam after 9 OC- Cleard off prety pleasant day off to Hauses ½ Jill wine 5½d on to Knox’s 7 of Us Meet, to Devide the place we agreed but hard work Doct. Anderson very Stiff not Give 1 Inch Lewis Gave us a very hansome dinner & Glass good wine we valued house Lott 52½ at 90 dlrs No2 at 70 drs 52½ acres No3 60 acres at 45 dollars

31st Wind S & over Cast but Soon Cleard off fine day pottering about till noon then to Phila with Isaac Price to Tom Durnals Burial He was up here Last first day well & work 2 & part of 3 day & Buryed 7 day Spent 20 Cts So home about 9 OC at night

November 1st 1818 Wind S W & over Cast been alite Shower in Night with thunder But Cleared off before noon wind west at Meeting Morning & afternoon David Davis from Cattowissy Preachd in School house after at T. Pratts took tea with him wind got west & blue hard–

in margin; “2nd at Walters & Log from saw mill”

3ndrd Wind N.W. & Cleard off no frost & white frost very Lite wind Got South & pleasant day Yerkes & Steve Goodman & our hands Moveing my old Shop at work with my Coat off Got it in the Barnyard 1 qt Whis & pint of Rum Jont. Jones here a while Steve ½ day Yerkes away aWhile Come Back & we Joind it again–

3 4 wind N. & fine day at Isaac Prices He had 6 Sheep killd by dogs I help to Skin them after at Jont. Jones & dined their Joshua Humphreys dined their then meet at Kuglars about Knox Est. home at 12 OClock

5th Wind W very fine day at moving old Shop Yerkes & ourselves Get it to place hard work

November 6ht. 1818 wind S & W. off to Jesse Davis wifes Burial Catherin Humphreys that was about 90 years old Stopt to See Sister Rebecca a ram had buted her & She is very Lame Leg Sweld much Got Dinner their So home & made a Churn horse pint Bear at Yerkes very warm in fore noon Seen a man walking with his Coat on his Arm & remark’d how warm but begun to rain about 3 OC- had Several lite Shower by Evening & in night

7th Wind N & over Cast a Small Shower before day Cleard off Soon the Winter grain Look as Chearfull Like a Shower in Spring made a pig pen forenoon & meet the Society 21 Members or person dined & 2 absent that Subscribe our dinner & Club 77:50 Each man 3:50, wine 2:50 per Bottle, very Pleasant time Jont. Jones their the first time this Long time all Cleaver & gay But poor Rhudolph He Quite over the Bay intoxicated, Broke up before 10 OC- amost Superb Dinner a great veriety Very hansomly Sett I not in key Drank Sparingly fine Clear moon Light Evening–

November 8th 1818 wind N Clear & prety Cool Little Ice at Yerkes s got ½ G. Gin at Meeting at home all day Except at Docts, Evening

9th Wind N Cold Ice John Mathews here Soon to Get a Coffin for Henry Pugh old man 82 yrs Sent for Steve & begun and finished by Night 2 Masons here to under pin my old Shop for hog house & wagon house I Could not attend to It they & Edw Price & them Raisd it & begun to wall 1 qt wisk 20 Cents pleasant day

10th Wind N W. & prety Cold white frost & Ice but pleasant day I off with the Coffin about 7 OC- met & Started at 10 OC- arivd at our yard about 12 OC- after attending to masons & work at a hog Troff made from wood of Chesnut Growd at the Shop Cloudy at sun set Cock Croweing gooing to bed Little rain about 9 OC- at Night

11th Wind S W & over Cast Sun Shind alittle Got very Cloudy & begun to rain about 2 OC- fine Little Shower I at pike

I tending Masons & work alittle at hog troff at Hauses Evening 1 Glass 12½ Cts Hause Gave me 3 lb & ¼ of Sasages He haveing killd a hog & up with him Tea Buckwheat & Sasages So home I went Bail for Brooks on a writ of Repleve Replevin for his Goods &c Seize for rent by John Towers & He deposited in my hands 200 dollars to Indemnefy my me provided He has to pay the full rent He beleives He has Sesstaind damages from Towers not Complying or fulfiling his agreement agreeable to the Lease

12th Wind N heard the Canell dam very plain Cleard off very fine day fixing the hog troff &c with Jont Jones at Towers & Brooks’s Factorys netheir neither of them at home so back mug bear

13th Wind N W White frost & Ice about the hog penn till noon Got the hogs up, then at Righters place was to be a Constable Sale of Wallovers goods but Ames Sent the Sherreff & Seize the goods & moved them back & Lock them up I on with Doct. Anderson, took alittle drink on to Gillchrist 1 lb Tobacco 50 Cts at Taylors ½ Glass So home very fine day

November 14th 1818 Wind N W very Still Clear morn & pleasant fine day Felix here makeing pen for hogs I hewing Post &c for the yard put the hogs up yesterday 1 qt whiskey 20 Cts

15th Wind S. Little rain Last night & this morn Wind W & Cleard off high wind at Meeting at Yerkes little while

16th Wind W. very fine day Felix here at fence about the Barn yard Little white frost I helping put fence below the wall to hog house afternoon with Jont. Jones at John Jones Gulf’s vandue at Steels Gulf Mills got a drink homemade wine & water Jones T. Price Trasel & Sam Smith & Self at Buck Gin Toddy J.J paid for me Jonathan Miller made me a present of a very hansom Cane with hansom buckhorn head & Silver ferrels & Loop hole Silver I dare Say 3 drs

17th Wind W. no frost Sawing Logs for Pails & rails & halld them home & begun to Rive Some Lent my Cart to McClenachan

11th Month 18th 1818 Wind N in morn Sun up but Soon to bed overcast & begun to rain about 9 OC- & hail, about 12 OC very Smart Snow Shower & rain keep at snow & rain till night, I off to the falls about 11 OC & Bought 10 lb nails for 80 Cents wine Spent a Glass at falls home over at pike for auger Glass Gin 6 Cts

19th Wind W by N fine morning no Ice Little frost on Scantling black to West & began to blough very windy day paild the yard from hog house to yard wall at Trough & made Stepts to Smoke house at the Doctors He picking Pees they in Blosom & good many Pees on them at Yerkes Spent 6 Cents this the governors thanksgiving day

20th Wind N & hard frost Ice & ground froze hard makeing hog Rack to keep them out troff Doct Sent me a bowl of Green pee Supe afternoon at pike & E P Walters Spent 12½ Cents so home up to See the Doct pees If the hard frost had not made them fall But they Where to appearance green & blosom not hurt

November 21st 1818 Wind S W froze Sum but fine day Spliting pails puting up Cabbage Some heads down & some up pulling & Toping Turnips, Old Tom here hooping. I helping him Some with Steve Goodman at Isaac Price

22 Wind W. fine morn moved a big Stone out the womans yard for old Paul Jones to Step on at Meeting after at Paul Jones Edw John & Jos. Settled the dung He Got of Hause it Came to 192..50, Hause Got 70 drs & I Got 122.50 Cts which I paid old Paul 50 drs Intrest & Paul Junr 32.50 Cents

23rd Wind N.W. fine pleasant day hanging Gate at hog house at pike & E Walters home to dinner halling Corn Stocks &c &c

24th Wind W. no Ice pulling Turnips & Buried Some Gave Yerkes 1 B Tom Got 2 B for his Brother 50 Cts Sawing Logs for Boards Ben Price help at pike Spent 12½ hung the Shetter in Chimney Way &#0#038;c &c

November 25th 1818 Wind N W the dam froze half over halling Sleapers for hog house till noon then at Joshua Humphreys’s with him viewd the Line between him & Fiss He has Staked it all the way & I think very Correct from the Block’d tree in Knox’s Line to a Corner Stone in Fiss Line & Corner of Humphreys & Lewellins Land at Fiss’s house Old Woman objected much to his puting up the fence– Ben Fiss went with Us & viewd the Line & Stakes But would not Give his Conscent consent to Settle the Line their or for him to put up the fence Said the other heirs had forbid him if He put it up He must put it at his Own Risk Humpherys Humphreys declaird That if it was not right when they Came to devide or Settle the Est that He would move it & that it Should be no way Binding Calld me to Witness that Benjn was not agreed to it offerd to Leave it to John Thomson or any indifferent person or Survayor

26th Wind S W very pleasant day Rees Price & we halld 2 Logs 1 for them & one for me for Boards, to McClenechans mill fetch the Log Carriage & the Boards for me that Blair Sawd for me in Evening Last Yerkes Holgate & Self at Towers & Brooks, they at variance we went to try to Settle between them Brooks not at home–

November 27th 1818 wind N E & wet morning Cleand 7 B wheat for Mill Joe off with it I pottering about Steps over the wall &c. at the Doct Set my Saw & at Yerkes for his Set

28 Wind N & most N W over Cast Cloudy all day but no rain halling 4 Sleepers for hog house from Colberts at pike man Quarrying in my grove Some appearance of a good Quarry ½ G. back Meet Doct Mason with him at Yerkes after meet the horse Society above 20 meet I paid 25 Cts ¼ payments and 6 Cts Club So home

29th Wind E & wet morning at Yerkes paid him 50 Cts for Doct.‘s annual Dinner I paid him 3 dollars for the Doct before but I owe him my Club 3 :50 dear dining Yerkes & Self at John Towers & Brooks to try to make peace between them dined with Towers on a fine Turkey at home after Broke off in Evening– in margin: “Pugh pd 10 dol(l)ars for his fathers Coffin”

30th Wind N W froze prety hard Lineing Sleepers Tom Chopping in omission I at pike back to dinner after at Yerkes Meet Brooks & Towers they Split & all several words illegible

December 1st 1818 Wind N W & hard froze Steve Goodman here to Get a Coffin for old Weist, He Stayd & we begun a Mehoganey Coffin finished about 4 OC- & Carried it up, & put him in He about 80 years old been a very Tempertate temperate in Eatimg & drinking but we must all goo Doct Anderson their & Lent me his Kane muddy walk in margin: “I paid Henry (for) diging Pughs Grave 2 dolrs”

2nd Wind N W & froze prety hard & over Cast & begun to Snow about 10 OC Tom begun to plow yesterday Set off about 9 OC- & attended the Burial of old freind Weist at the dutch Church one Myers from Phila Gave us a very Pertinet good Sermon adopted to acation occasion home to Dinner very Cold & disagreeable Snowd untill 2 OC- Showed on the Ground in Some places Captain Towers here promised him to go to town to Morrow Evidence between him & Towers Brooks

3rd Wind N W Clear & Cold hard frost Tom plowd too Hard Give it up Towers Sent me word it was not the day I Pottering hewing &c afternoon at N Lewis & J. Jones’s to Hauses so home

December 4th 1818 Wind W by S with frost & Ice pleasant day off for town Calld on Ludwick about an acct of Menelefy affairs He had Charged 20 drs He Left Acct. that Sd. I owed him we went to Esqr Lentner & agreed on men to Settle on to town Bout files 62½ Cts knife 25 Cts Glass paper 20 Cts Smith pd me 50 drs for Johns Board & I paid it to Edw. Prices wife Glass 18 Lights 135 Cts. 1 qt Oyl 35 Cts horse &c 37½ Cts ferry & pike 24

5th Wind S W frost pleasant day at pike & Society Spent 12½ Cts & at Jane Price’s to Examin her Cornish over Cast Evening wind S E. Paul Jones T. Price & N Lewis at Yerkes till near 9 OC-

6th Wind about S W in morn Come up about one OC. this Viz mid night amost violent Gust of Wind & hard Gust of rain with thunder not so Cold as any Ice, but rather disagreeable wind N W at noon & Cold N Lewis & Self at Isaac Roberts to Get Receipts Concerning Melenefys demand against Us at J Leverings & at Nathan Lewis dined with him on good incomplete

12th Mon. 7th 1818 Wind N W & hard frost & black Windy Clouds Tom halling durt I at Jane Prices they killing Cow, Steve here to goo to Shingle Rees & Benneys house too Cold I at pike to Get Hause to hall me aload of Lime He not at home I to Dinner Meet Hause at Yerkes He said He would goo the 9th. I with T. Thompson at Printz to Get him to help to Shingle Jane Prices house at Pike Spent 1 Glass Tompson along

8th Wind S W hard froze but pleasant day Steve Goodman & Self at Jane Price’s Stript part the Roof & begun to Shingle Got 7 Courses up home Evening at Yerkes Great Circle round the moon & blue hard about 10 OC- & Cloudy

9th Wind W prety hard frost Steve & Self & Printz Boys Shingleing at Jane Prices very Pleasant day all 4 of Us at work with out our Coats, Got the front Side most up Sent for me at noon that Margaret Colbert was dead, I went their took measure for Coffin back & Shingling awhile, poor woman has been very Ill all Sommer nay not well this many years Clear day –Rather Cooler

12 Mo- 10th 1818 Wind E by N very Red to Sun rise I say wind or Snow Shower But Neighther prety faiverable day, Steve & I fell to work at M Colberts Coffin finished about 4 OC- Jont. Jones here with him a little while at Docts. & at Yerkes, after Carryed the Coffin home at the old Sawmill house put her in Sarah Roberts & Rebecca gooing to Sit up at her request before She dyed, George & John here my Sons one from town the other from Radner to attend the Burial of their Ant– Printz’s Boys finishd ant Janes roof Be off about noon Rees help Us

11th Wind N E wet morn & froze to fence Sort of Sleit dined at home after in margin: “after the burial” Titus Yerkes & Nathan Lewis in my wagon at Lodwicks Left Melenefy Act. amicable Sute to Titus J. Hoffman & Ralph Peters the award 5..79 Charged to Me instid of 20 dollars He Left an acct in his pocket that I owe him 20 drs. I was Shure we had over paid It Cost me 50 Cts & Nathan 50 & Lodwick 50 Cts

12th Mo the 12th 1818 Wind N W & very Sharp morn it had Snowd Near 1 Inch deep Could Track Rabbits I off at 9 OC- to Kughlars on the Settlement of Knox’s Est they Gave us avery Sumpcous dinner finished after Candle Lite I Spent 6 Cts home 7 OC very Little Thaw to day–

13th Wind N.W. Hard frost rather Cloudy at Meeting a Strainge Preacher from Tenesee prety great Evening at T Prices He up & walk at Doct, Doct with Us at my house his omission Spent the Evening with us, prety Sharp & Cold

14 Wind N W been a little Snow in Night Mary & Joseph at Market with Calf &c I in town, after breakfast Bout a Spaid 100 Cts knife 25 Sprigs 27 Ct. total 150 horse &c 50 Cts oysters 12½ ferriage 8 Cts John Leverings & mine 200 Cents for Salt or gave it to Mary 2B. Salt 150 Cts. went to Town on Towers & Brooks affairs they had a refferance about their Water at factory in margin: “home about 10 OC-“

December 15th 1818 Wind S by W fine Clear day killing hogs Hause T Price Richardson Ben & Rees Price Henry Young Tom & Self kill 7 for me 1575 lb 2 for Yerkes they Sd 498 one for Doct 230 lb one Gallon Whiskey & pint Rum & Yerkes Treated to Bowl hot Toddy very fine Pleasant day on the hole tho froze very hard

16th Wind N W been a Snow Shower in Night & Snowd after day alittle it about 1 I deep Soft morn & Clear day at Hauses pint whisy. Cut up my hogs afternoon & Clean’d off our Boards &c that we had killing & Salted the hogs Evening had but 1147 lbs Last year 428 lb more then than Last year Mary & Tom Salted

17th Wind N W & very hard froze George Lower here Last night about 9 OC- to Get a Coffin for Jos. Jones I Sent Joseph to J Pawlins for him He ingaged Sent for Steve Goodman He in town to Wildays He off Lastly for Evan Joe meet Wilday & Evan I had fell to & they help & finished by 4 OC & Joe & I took it up

December 18th. 1818 Wind N W fine Clear morn hard frost, Joe & I off at 9 OC- & attended the Burial at our yard very Little thaw Schuylkill froze up 14 & 15th the Conel dam froze So that they walk over the 17th Our old road Better than in Summer Beat Smooth– pleasant day out of wind at Hause & J Jones Evening

19th Wind N W Yerkes halling Ice Tom Price’s team & my Joe & Cart I off to Millers mill to Look boards at Hauses & Kuglars ½ Glass at Yerkes Meet Jont Robeson & Grant paid them 10 dollars apeice–

20 Wind W fine Clear day & more moderate than has been this 4 or 5 days Tompson & Self in my Chare at Birdinhand and at Lowreys dine’d with him & took Some Brandy paid horse & Brandy 50 Cts Tomson paid all back to buck 2 Glasses of Gin So home tho 1 Glass at Yerkes’s

21 Wind S by W White frost fine day Yerkes finished halling Ice over to Jont Millers Saw Mill & Got about 300 feet walnut boards at Hauses 1½ G Whisy Samuel Gibson here all night

1818 December 22nd wind S W over Cast but Give more than any day Since the Cold Set in Yerkes Toms Price & Self up to Jos Williams Place that was on Road Jury Spent 6½ Cts home 7 OC- very fine roads better than Summer

23 Wind N & very Cold day the Coldest this Spell Spit Snow at times very read red to Sun Sett I at Hauses the pump at house Gave out plumb it & found above 2 feet water in it at E Walters So Spent the day Ideil idle

24th. Wind N & over Cast & Cold Set off to Goo to Meeting meet Doct Anderson at Yerkes turnd back after at Colberts Vandue at my old Saw Millhouse B He Buried his wife a few days & is selling all off I Bought Sundry Articles to amount about 4 drs

25 Wind W. fine day & hard frost over at pike Glass Gin, at Colberts to Settle or See amount I Bought Sundry People their Felix along Boys halling wood this Chrismast Spent not as we ought to doo– —

26th wind S W & very fine day put my walnut Boards out in sun was Ice & Snow & it dryd them fine

Puting feet under Hannah Prices Choping Box at Colberts for things I Bought & at Hauses ½ P. wine took Supper so home Colbert along Son George & John here from town

27th Wind N W Cold Morn blue up in night a Snow Shower ½ Inch deep about at Meeting Evening at Yerkes took 2 dishes tea

28 Wind S Cold morn had a restless night the nastey tea prevented me from Sleep, fine day Viz till near Evening Cloudy to S W potering about till noon then at Doct Andersons him & I up to Torrences We on a referance between Wm Young Plantif & Jont Marker defendent damages for the Trespass of Heiffer John Taylor also the parties made a Comprimise viz Marker pd Young 3 drs. & Constable Cost 75, & half Expence of the house 37½ Young to pay the Justis & 37½ Cents Expences of the arbritators arbitrators, Doct Wm Parmer & Self Calld at Wilsons when we Came off dark Snowing & Snowd very fast all the way home

29th Wind W Clear & Moderate the Snow near 3 I deep– thawd off the houses mid day I at pike Hause paid me 20 drs on acct rent, out of 195 drs tho he paid Richardson 7 drs on my acct thawd much in old road at Sherif sale of P. Walters property the Place Papermill &c 8150 dollars, Spent 12½ Cts

December 30th 1818 Wind S W raind in morn over at pike back at noon afternoon at Yerkes and T. Prices they kill 13 hogs Great Refferance between Towers & Brooks Wm Parmer Kelly & Yerkes the men

31st Wind S W fine day over at pike Settled the old acct with Hause &c made a Coffin Kellys Child Steve help I took it up to T. Ames & buried at Baptis yard this Should Been the 30th for it was 31st they were at Yerkes’s