Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 1817 Wind S very Large white frost, Jess here Felix here after breakfast we put the docts. pump in, 1 qt Whisy. they over to pike to See the pump not any thing done Lower along I off to flat rock to Settle the Treasurers a/c we recievd about 200 drs this year on 11200 drs Capital about 2 pr Loyd Jones paid my Club 6¼ Cts Back Sup at T. Prices so home

2nd Wind S & Large white frost & amost butifull warm day, paid my derect tax at Yerkes s 8:62 Cents. 112 Cents E Prices heirs tax over at pike 12 Cts & Spent 14 at Yerkes He treated me to my dinner on a fine turkey I at pike Jess & Phillip at the pump Stile Got a new bottom tree he had 6 Meals paid 10 drs for I Hause host at Wm Penn his Licence

January the 3rd 1817 Wind S & avery Large white frost and most Butifull warm day their was Colder days Last August I beleive than Several days this week at pike put the pump in, It no better Loses water Still, we been at this 3 w.eeks most Every day one or the other Searching & trying 3 pints whis & board &c will make it a dear pump begun to rain about 8 OC- Evening I home R Lewis & 2 others at pike with 12 or 14 hounds Rabit hunting got one

4. Wind S warm very wet morning Jess & Phillip here from pike heavy rain till noon Cleard off before night & Sun Shind out begun to blow hard I made a Mall & at Yerkes’s 1 G. 12½

5 wind N W froze perty hard very hard wind fell about day & very fine day thawd much at Meeting after at pike to See how the pump was bad yet Jesse their he here Breakfast & Dinner Supper & here all 7 day Saturday at Board

6th wind S & Large white frost pleasant thawing all day over Cast afternoon at pike till noon, Jess Pawlin & Lower Drew up pump & pitch’d it in order to Stop the Leak; took a little dinner & Got 1 qt whiskey, I off to Jont Jones’s He & I off to flat rock Bridge Elected Loyd Jones President George Smith Treasurer, derectors J. Jones Wm Hagy Jacob Hagy, Jon Blume Jacob Hagy Henry Grow & Jos Price Spent 12½ Cents

1st Mo the 7th 1817 Wind S & very Little frost. very warm day for the Season I intended to plow But had to go to pike about the wells their; the new one Leaked took 2 peices up Pawlin made a pot of hot pitch & lave it all over blot Evening John took the windless windlass & poles over to pike in order to draw up the pump at Barn, it most dry But Richardson blot I at J. Jones & Jane Walters they killing hogs the Best I have Seen this Season 4 I think will weigh near 1000 they have Cured the pump with the Great Coat of hot pitch-

8th Wind S W fine morn very little frost Plowing prety omission till about 11 OC- then at Meeting English woman Public Freind fine woman & Kimber gave us a graet great Sermon blue Colder about 2 OC I off to Grants at T. Roberts & to See Dite Looking Coffin money Got none So home, moderated much Red & fine at Sun Seting George Plowing afternoon, it is aremarkable Spell of fine wether to Last so Long

9th Wind S W morn & froze prety hard Set off for Edw Georges Meet him gooing to monthly Meeting Got the bill & turnd back & rode to pike got in my wagon with Rees & Rebecca & ant Jane & went to Radnor meeting 2 Emminent women Preachers from Vermount & the English freind their–Rees Lent me 87½ Cents to buy Gloves S E wind & over Cast & snowd & haild a Little home at dark

Jany 10th 1817 wind W. little white frost froze none & Clear morn off to pike & at Haverford Meeting Vermont Freinds & the English Woman their Jill wine at I H pd Cloudy & much Colder afternoon Ben & Rees Price plowing no frost to hinder Ben & Rees are JP’s nephews, sons of deceased brother John and Jane Humphrey Price.

11th. Wind N W high & very Cold froze very hard Coldest day this winter, I off to bird of in hand on road Jury, J. Jones. J. Elliot, P. Pechin H.Pugh T. Price & J. Price 4 agreed, & 2 Rejected ½ lb tobacco of P. Gilchrist home about 8 OC- & very Cold, had good fair fare, dinner

12th. Wind N W. hard frost froze from falls to A. Leverings at Meeting afternoon about home meditateing

13th Wind W. White frost much warmer to day, at Isaac Prices puting Sills under his old Stillhouse all day over Cast in Evening at T. Prices awhile so home

14 Wind N W Large white frost Snow Shower Evan Evans Says I at I Prices awhile Sent for to pike pump faild again drew pump up at barn Richardson drew water out not above 10 Inches in it I home Evening Jess their 3 Jills wine

15 Wind S W white frost Sharp in Morn but avery remarkable pleasant day over at pike Richardson diging well deeper I up with Jont. Jones dined their on Boyld fowl pork & Pigsnecks Yerkes 3 Cents halling Ice near 3 Inches thick George & 2 horses and one of T Price’s old Bob

January 16th 1817 Wind in morn E sun shind at riseing Cloudyed up & Snowd Smart Coverd the Ground wind N then S W & Sun Shind before noon Snow all gone before 2 OC over at pike Got about or near 2 feet deep give up the water Came in so strong & agreed to put the Pump in Jacob Morris along home to dinner Judg Jones & wife Jont Jones & sister Ann dineing at the Doct. I had an invitation but did not attend, Yerkes 3 Carts halld 10 Loads of Ice to day & 20 Loads yesterday Stadlemans 2 Carts George & our 2 horses & Tom Prices old bob afternoon at C Thompsons for wood for T. Yerkes I at home Evening at Doct

17th Wind S.E. ple Rather Raw over at pike filling about the well & made Jess Raise the nossel nozzle 9 I. the pump so Short back to Dinner Phillip Jacob Morris & Self in my wagon to the falls took 40 yrds. of Cloth to be fulld Litening & heavy thunder & smart Shower from S & thunder to west & Smart rain then blue up hard & Smart Snow Shower Coverd the ground in margin: “never had Such hard thunder in winter”

18th Wind N W. Cle Snowd alittle blue off very Cold indeed, Seen 2 men walking over Ice at falls the 17th. It Froze over the night 11th from falls to Long Rock at Yerkes s we Enterd the Settlement in the Book of Supervisors It had been neglected afternoon at pike Got mare Shod Spent 12½ Cts so home

19th Wind N W very & very Cold at meeting afternoon meeting in school house very great Sermon Methodis preacher I & Childern reading–

Jany 20th 1817 Wind W. in morn then S over Cast not so Cold as yesterday to See John Evans He very Lame at Stadlemans put advertisement their one Yerkes one I Hauses Wershings Settlement in office afternoon at Yerkes meet L. Jones, G. Smith, J Bloom Jacob Hagy & Self on flat Rock Business Settled the Treasurers A/c so– George W Price & 2 horses halling Ice for I. Hause over Cast Evening

21st Wind W. & over Cast Like snow but the wind wrong way I say Snow Shower & blow off Titus Yerkus very Ill George & 2 horses halling Ice for Hause I over their till 3 OC from 12 OC- Snow Shower very Lite about 4 OC & blue off before Sunset prety Cold 1 Glass at I Hauses 12½ Cts

22nd Wind N.W. Cold day hard frost about home till one OC- up to the Doct. He & his wife & his wife‘s Sister in his Gig up to Judge Jones I along ahorse back & dined their, very hansom plain dinner Jont Jones Sister Ann & Susan Foulk & Methias Holsteins daughter made the party drank 5 or 6 Glasses Choice wine so home

23rd Wind N by E begun to Snow about 11 OC and keep at it till night very hard fine bottom I about home Reading Mary at Yerkes Evening He much Better–

24th Wind E. & Snowing alittle it had haild & it raind alittle Iceticles to trees & great Crust bad gooing Snow near 9 Inches deep

Jany. 24th wind S about & Cleard off before noon Georg with Edw Walters on the Sled to town with 20 B Potatoes John & I Rode over to pike thawd, the Slaying in pike most over Slushe, Blue rather Colder I Hause paid me 3 drs for Barrel Cyder & I Spent Jill wine & Glass before 25 Cts

25th Wind W. & froze prety hard good Slaying no thaw of Consequence Meet the Society 19 Members present all in Slay almost Evening Reading Paul’s Letters & doct Sent for me Jont Jones their been at Store in Slay, Eat Supper with the doct. turkey & fresh venison Rode in Slay with J. Jones to Yerkes’s Stayd with him all night, & their all night Last night Mary Yerkes most wore down with Tavern & Nursing She went in another Room, in order to rest Yerkes Rested Both nights pretty well I Sleep prety well only up once Each night

26th. Wind N & Snowing prety fast it very Still no wind the Snow sticks to Trees not at Meeting in Morn afternoon at meeting in School house Tompkins Methodist quit Snowing at noon blue up Cold & drifted the Snow that fell to day it fell deeper than 1 Inch prety Cold at night & high wind 3 of Enoch Jones’s Childern here Several Slay at Yerkes’s

27th Wind N.W. & Cold day, I Stateing Jos Campl account as Guardeain to him Jacob Morris here at Yerkes Spent 6 Cts with him afternoon with Jont Jones in his Slay at the falls, at Jos Garrity

to Get him to Enter Satisfaction on Mortgage Stadlemans son & daughter here for Ann to goo aSlaying with them She went

28th Wind N W & blue much in night it was as Frezeing night as this winter I think at pike Got Gin mare Shod behind ½ G.lass 6 Cts at Ant Janes they killd 2 hogs one of them above omission afternoon Got Rees & Bens Slay took 5 of my Childern & Richard Yerkes & Rees Price to Edw Lobbs I on to John Hall West Chester road to Get him to Cry Yerkes’s vendue Spent 1 Mug bear 12½ Cents so home–

29th. Wind E. & over Cast not so Cold as yesterday Jim Cooper here & begun to thrash Rye at home till noon J Morris & Self at Yerkes He treated to Glass He much Better After at Jont Jones He at Judges, I spent hour or more with Ann Jones took som good Ginn off to I. Hauses, Jacob Grow & wife their Spent 6 Cts & Lost 25 Cts Bout knife & wafers & tape 50 Cts begun to Snow about dark

30th Wind N.W. & Clear morn Snow better than 3 I. deep hung to trees but Soon fell it was very Lite & dry in morn up at Doct. in Morn with Jacob Morris in his Slay at Jont Jones & Hauses home & dined with doct. Esqr Curwen & Son George their He Just returnd from West Indias Indies we got high Spent 12½ Cents at I Hauses

31st Wind S W fine Clear Morn but hard frost very Little thaw to day, at Yerkes Spent 6¼ I at Yerkes afternoon arainging his articles for his vandue to Morrow Hause’s man here to get my mare Colt to go up Country they drive over Schuylkill at Levering & Swede ford falls &c

Feby the 1st Wind S.W & very fine rather Smokey & warmer than any day since this day week, I at Titus Yerkes attending his vendue on his Smith tools, the Managers of turn flat Rockbridge meet at Yerkes dine their 5 of us at 1 dolrs. per man at doct. Sup their after suping at Yerkes s Dull Sail sale, good Slaying

2 Monh 2nd 1817 wind S by W & thawd a good deal to day at Meeting in Morn Strange woman Preachd afternoon 2 Methodis Men Preachd in School house they here & took Coffee their horses here Snow alittle about 8 or 9 OC at night

3rd Wind N W & hard frost & high wind Cold Snowd near ½ Inche Last Night & blue up Cooper here tharshing I Hause here on Sled to draw an article between him & one Healy for a team very Cold frezing day dined & Sup their & McCoy there & home with me

4th Wind N W & very Sharp Cold in Morn & Several paople Say the Coldest day this winter froze more in house than any day this winter at Yerkes with J. Morris He Got a Glass Cooper finished tharshing the Wheat 20 B. from 51 dozen poor Gooing wheat 3 dolrs B few days agoo Corn from 125 Cts to 150 Cts Oats 65 Cts to 75 Cts Barley 112, a remarkable time no Corn no Buck wheat to be had in the neighbourhood at any Price mine all gone & Oats gone too

5th Wind N W & very Cold day Jane Price Jane Walters Ben Price & Jack & Self in Slay to Jesse davis 81 yrs & his wife 84 at Jos. Davis’s Abraham Lewis’s about A. Walters Est. Mary Pancost Buried yesterday first Cosen but never sent us any word Lower made a Coffin for Rudolph Bears wife

6th Wind N W hard frost Cold day attend Burial & Lower at Church grave too Little detaind us much, at Leadoms vandue oats &c 37½ Cts

2 Mot. 7th 1817 Wind W by S thawd so much to day as Little Puddles in road when it Lay fare to Sun and out of the wind not in shade at the Store Stuff for overhalls 281 Cts at McCoy back Settled with G. Hansel Road tax &c fell 2 drs. in his due Settled with Lower 24 Coffins & other work at omission & 7 dolrs. helping at pump & I fell 713 Cts in his due–

8th Wind W. Red to sun rise and over Cast, the most moderate morn had since the thunder gust on the 17th of Last month it the most thundergust hard thunder I ever heard in winter Smart Shower from S Like Spring wind to W & a Smart Shower with hard thunder, then blue up a Smart Snow Shower at Yerkes bear 12½ at doct. he very Ill Stayd till 10 OC- Last Evening Been great Slaying 2 weeks, no rain Since the thunder Gust, Doct Better this morn down to See John Hoffman He very Ill last night Better at noon to day Geard up my 2 mares & Ben & Rees’s Slay Mary Yerkes my Mary & Sister Rebecca off to Capt Rickets He Bout Hydricks Place Come from Chester County Bad Slaying thawd much to day up to See doct He worst Stayd till near 11 OC-

9th Wind N Snowing prety Smart till near noon gaind near 3 Inches up to here hear from doct. He bad Sent to town for doct. T. Price went in Slay I not at Meeting George Grow here to get a Coffin for Rhudolph Bears Colflesh s wife at Yerkes with Hagy & Robeson 1 M Bear the Snow gaind near 3 Inches wind W, begun to freze

Feby. 10th 1807 wind W. froze prety much & prety fine till noon then blue up very Cold Snow drifted very much Lower & I finished the Coffin & took it up in Yerkes s Cart very Cold put her in so home Most froze

11th Wind N W & very Cold morn & day attended the Burial to dutch Church above 40 Slays their & they Say fine Slaying again at Hauses 2 Glasses 25 Cts Nathan Lewis & Cad Jones, home doct much Better

12th Wind N Clouddy to Sun rise Got East Smart Snow Shower from there & then from W. & Cleard off about noon & blue up Cold & Clear in Evening with Lower in Cart & Poney for Some things Matter give him at Yerkes pd Evan Jones 120 Cts of his Brot Owens & 62½ to Godfrey Deil Pawlins order George got 10 drs. from John Grant for his Fatherinlaws Coffin, Spent 12½ at I. H & 5 Cts at Yerkes Good Slaying Still 19th day; at doct Evening he not So well to day–

13th Wind N W at Doct in morn He rather Better Stateing Some a/c afternoon at Tom Price & at Yerkes Evening Spent not they trashing threshing wheat with horses

Febry 14th. 1817 Wind N.W. fine Clear fine Slaying at the Doct. & about home, Supose to be the Coldest Morning this winter & some Say the Coldest 7 year–

15 Wind N Cold morn with E.P. Walter & Ben Price in their Slay in town Bout flannal &c. & fetch Mary Walter back with us Cold day no thaw– Edward Price Walter is JP’s nephew; Mary Walter his niece, children of Jane Price Walter and deceased Jonathan Walter

16th. Wind N W fine Clear day tho Cold not at Meeting with the Doct. till near noon after meeting at school house

17th. Wind N. over Cast & begun to Snow about 8 OC- E.P. Walter Mary Walter Rees Price & Tytus Yerkes in their Slay & I in Loyd Jones & John Roberts’ Slay to Norris town- Quit Snowing about noon tho not Cleard Raind after night a Little I dine’d at Jesse Roberts Sup not 1 pt Cyder & ½ Glass Brandy Stayd all night–

18 Wind N not so very Cold smart snow Shower I on 2 Jurys yester day Evening for Assney ? found Gilty, thawd Some to day Calld on 2 Jurys to day one not on the other in Common pleas on 2 Lotts in Pottstown I was Chaneld challenged so I got off had to Santer about all day dine & Breakfast at J. Roberts & supper–

19 Wind N. froze Some prety good Slaying yet at Norris Santering about Answering to my name & nothing to doo at Jale 2 or 3 times Sam More their for debt dined &c at Roberts’s

February 20th 1817 Wind E & thawd agood deal to day the Same Jurry on yet about the Lotts between one Peter Richards & Culp the great trial between White marsh & Springfeild about trout rone run was Given Against Springfeild I suppose Cost them 1000 dollars & the Bridge was might been Built for 40, or 50 dolrs. So man suffers his passion to get up & runs in Error

21st. Wind E. by S. & thawing off the houses in morn & smokey, Judg Jones for home Major Holstein geard up his Slay to take him Judge Markley & Jones agreed to discharge Me & Sent up for Me to goo home with Jones I paid Jesse Roberts 360 Cts & my wages for 4 dollars, & off I went with Judge Jones Meet his Slay near the bird in hand So Chainge Slays Wm Holstein drove us till we meet Judges He turnd back we arivd at Judges about half after 10 OC- I Stayd & dined, then He sent his Slay with me & Rebecca Rutter to Jont Jones & from their home I was very glad to get home, I had the Rheumatics in my neck all the while & in my knees, I never will attend a travers traverse jury again

21st. 1817 thawd much to day & raind Smartly afternight, we got on Prety well in Slay been good Slaying from 24th Jany. to the 19th Say 26 days good, & 2 not so good The Sheep never Got to the Ground for 29 days & Schuylkill has been Shet for 36 days

22nd wind S. by little W. & fine Clear morn wind full S & the Snow run much about noon, made a great Rise in dam, thee the Butchers Roasted an Ox on deliver Delaware River to day & wonderfull Concourse of people people on the Ice It is said they have drove Slays from Trentown to Wilminton, & on Schuylkill from Reading to Pottstown & near to Norris I at I. Hauses, ½ G 6 Cts meet the Society–

23 Wind W. Clear & froze a little; been hard frost, a well at W. & A Georges above 20 f deep froze over & John Evans s that was at McCoys Store froze over about 20 feet deep tho was perhaps not above 12 I.of Water in it & great Quantities of Potatoes froze they say the Coldest this many years I Seen an Acct. in papers that it Froze Ice 1 Inch thick in floridia Florida in a barrel the hardest frost was about 10 to 15th not well pain in Neck not at Meeting at doct Evening not so much thaw to day Colder Evening

24 Wind N E & very high Snowd much in night & fast this morn Schuylkill drove as far as falls on Peters Island yester day, I saw Published that an Ox was Roasted on delever 22nd Feby. 1780 I recolect it

2 Mo 24th 1817 it was a very hard Long frost & they have never Venterd to roast an Ox on River Since till this Year as I recolect, I heard the Bluebirds & Robins Very Lively Yesterday, But they are all aback to day, for I do not recolect Sush such a day of Snow & wind to Continue So long Last night inpt. in part all day without any intermission blue violent Quite alarming neighther man nor Beast turnd out not a Creater on our road Except 2 or 3 School Boys, the Snow drifted much, my Rumatic in neck bad It Blue & snowd till near Midnight

25th Wind N W & prety Clear & Cold the Snow about 10 or 12 Inches deep in woods the Lanes from N E to S.W full as high as fences in many places no Passing with Carriage Jont. Jones here in his Slay I up to doctr with him at Yerkes 12½ bear &c Lower & George makeing a Coffin for one Shafers Child below Hastons Schuylkill only broke up from Esqr Youngs & Lodg on Peters’s Island

26th Wind. W hard frost but fine day thawd Some in Sun Lower & George attended the Burial to Baptis yd Blockley, then Back to dinner & their other Child dead So we made a Coffin for it my neck Better I about home all day, only at T- Yerkes Evening Spent not

26th 2 Mo- 1817 George went for Slay He had to go through old Orchard & meadow &c & ant Janes Feild Snow 3 & 4 feet along the Lane not much in feilds that Layd high Black Clouds to Sun Sett I think Snow Shower and wind & Blow

27. wind S E & has Snowd about 1 I & now in Morn hail & Sort rain raind hard & Smoke fell to Ground abated after noon & thawd prety much Lower & George Price in Slay with the Coffin & Buried it at Baptis yard Blockley– I about home not well

28th wind S.W. Thaw good much well at Yerkes forenoon & dined their Rost foule John Bare here to get me to Serve on a refferance between him & McClenechan about damagages damages about halling dung He hall away We in margin: “Mar 1st” awarded 5 dolrs. Bare to pay Mac Back to I. Hauses Soon, Levering Leadom & John Hall & 10 more of Us Sup on Oysters & fish at Hauses 2 or 3 Carters, & 3 Irich Irish from Powder Mill, had a quarrel, they took a whip From a negro Carter, one snapt a pistol at a Carter, twice they took it from him 2 of them Came to our Room I Stub them, how they dare Came to any privet Room, one then Said He been Rob of his Pistol I was told He was the fellow Snap the Pistol, He & 2 more had been at Mill & they musterd 15 in the whole they went all through the house to Look for the Carters did not finde them went off about 12 O’C in margin: “we met at Kuglars John Young & Rickets”

March 1st 1817 In the Morning I made a Coffin then afternoon went on the Refferance & then Came back at dusk & Supt at Hauses, I Home about 1 OC- morning

2nd Wind Lite Snow thaw froze prety hard, Geard up Slay & attended the Burial Bowmans Child at our yard Zell’s Row about 10 OC- we Started Buried before meeting Meet I. Hauses Son Sam meet at Yerkes’s Said I must Raise the neighbours & Come over the Irish & Carters was fighting, J. Balor & his Son Tommy Came up in a Slay and I insisted on his gooing with as He was Constable of the town, He agreed, we went found the house deserted by the family & Carters 3 or 4 of them in woods near Colberts the windows in front & Lower Storry all but one Stave in the Stove throwd over full of Live Coles inside door stove in we Seen 14 of the rioters 11 of them Came up to us, Some very bluddy for the Carters had playd their part on 5 or 6 of them but they got rainforst reinforced & they had to Clear off, they Justifyd their Conduct said what was the house to his head & showd the Cuts, We went to Esqr Curwens & Got warrents back to Hauses

& I Suppose 30, or 40 Musterd & Stayd till morning

3rd Wind W & Smart frost white & black we Started about day 2 Cunstables constables & perhaps 40 men & advance’d to their houses, we Got 14 of them & Sent them to Norris town. Kelley, Toush 2 of the worst we mist, they off not to be found

4th Wind S W. we Started for Norris perhaps 20 of us had them Examined before Potts Esqr had 12 of Gilty, one Baild out it Cost me 2 dollars & day before & night at Taylors & Torrances 100 Cents we returnd in Evening after atiresome time for me I not well my Little mare in Slay one of the Carters Hauses wife & Mary Gill in Slay Bad Slaying this is the Last of the Slayings

5th Wind S W Snow run much I off to Pike number their all on wing to ketch Kelly & Tuch old Ceasar their to get me to make a Coffin for old Sealey black Woman I home & begun Charles Leadom help me & George finish’d before night I not well

6 Wind S.W. I off about 8 OC with Coffin above the Buck & Buried her in our yard home to dinner after at Hauses & at Jont Jones Doctor along

March 7th 1817 Wind S by W thawd prety much Lower & I over at pike & at Jont. Jones to Get boards to mend or repair the Sash up to Isaac Warner to get his Boy to help, at Taylors The Red Lion Inn, corner Greenfield and Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, John Taylor was host. Spent 25 Cts I at Weist, appeald to him If Kelley had gave himself up, He said He Beleivd He had He was prepairing to do it, He said He had a Clair Estate, & his wife & Childern Signifying that He Could not goo off I back to Hauses Richardson & Leadom & Self Eat Supper their,

8th Wind N.W. froze prety hard Yerkes & I off for town my wagon I Bout ½ Box 10 x 12 Glass 7.25 ½ Box 8 x 10 Glass 750 cents Whiting 100 cents total 15..75, & 12½ Cts for to take them to Tavern Licherage literature 10 Cts. ferryage &c 48 Cts pike 12½ Cts mutton 62½ Shank & Shin 50 Cts Small G. 6 Yerkes paid horses & drink- 75 So home by Pike Lower Leadom & Warners boy Repaird the Sash & Glassed 15 Lights delevar Delaware yet fast frozen

9th Wind S W very fine day Lower & Self makeing Coffin for old Wm Ward, dyed very Suden at John Wells’s we finished about 4 OC- & took it up road very bad back & took Coffee with Yerkes Spent 12½ Cts

March the 10th. 1817 Wind E & begun to rain about day & very heavy fog & hard rain till about rain 9 OC- at the Doct. very remarkable fine Evening & as Starlight till 10 OC tho rain this Morn Deleware fast on the 8th & Crossing on Ice with their Boats & men walking on Ice pushing Boats Schuylkill moved to day & Jamb at middle ferry Viz on the 8th it has been fast Ever Since the 19th of January that is 47 days it has been fast & delewar nearly as along long— no winter till the 17th of Januy. after a very hard thundergust one Shower from S & one from West & Snow Shower after Cold Since I off at 1 OC- & attended Burial of Wm Ward at our yard Spent at Yerkes 6 cents So home very foggy or Smokey I hardly think we Could See man & horse above 100 yds. Wind W. at noon Evening most S & fog heavy about 8 OC- at night very dark heavy Blow I was doutfull Snow

11th Wind W. Calm & no Snow no frost fine to what I Expected, I off to I. Hause Mending Sash & Glassing Spent 12½ Cents & pint Whisy. to the workman home in Evening Rather Colder heard Peeve peewee this Morn

3 Mo- 12th 1817 Wind N. & froze prety hard & over Cast, Like Snow or hail I at home at Docts. till noon after meet Saml Young & Abram Lewis about Abraham Walters Est. did not much agreed to meet on the 31st of this month at Buck Young paid all ½ P. B & ½ P Gin begun to Snow about Sun Set Jont Jones David Roberts & John Reiand & Jacob Morris their wind N E-

13 Wind N E Snow near 1 I deep keep Snowing all day with few Intermittions I over at Colberts to Get him Cut wood after at I Hauses, number of People their they Lett out a fox he made a prety good run but they took on the ground 18 of us dined their Lower George & Self at home to make a Coffin for a Coffin for a repeated man dyed at John Taylors He was about an Seem not so bad in morn but was dead by 3 OC- we begun at or about 4 OC & finished by 8 OC & took it up put him in and home by Hauses Spent 18 Cts so home about 12 OC- midnight in margin: “Lower went with the Corps above downing town”

14 Wind N E & Snowing it was not 2 I deep Yerkes Says it only begun about 5 OC- in Eranst earnest I at Yerkes Spent 6 Cts at Doct afternoon George & Self in Slay to George Mill & at Hestons Tavern pint Bear & Gin 12½ Cts home paid Jim Cooper 50 Cts.

March 14th 1817 it has been very Snowing day– I think it has gaind 6 or 7 Inches to day prety drifted much Schuylkill & Delaware broke up the 11th been navagation Stopt 49 days an onCommon uncommon time for us for we had no Winter till the 18th Jany after the thundergust on the Evening of 17th

15 Wind N.W. Seen the sun this morn quit snowing in Evening 6 or 7 I deep I off with doct. in his Slay to Hauses their to buck then to Curwens back to Buck Got dinner at Taylors Gin at Jont Jones’s home with doct. at Loyd Jones, at John Hoffmans back with doct. at Wm Smith, He got horse of Smith & at Wm Rights, back & we at Jacob Wilfongs at Dails s tavern Spent 6 Cts all the money I had home & took supper with doct So home Jos. Evans here, Snow gone almost, the Slaying dun almost.

16 wind W. froze Some fine Morning thawd some not so much as yester day not at Meeting at Yerkes Spent not I much destresst about my sons

17 Wind S E froze the dam all over over Cast at Smith Shop Got young mare Shod back to dinner Edw. & I up to John Wilsons to have some talk about omission Edw took tea Calld to See John Taylor he very Ill bad roads begun to rain

March 18th 1817 Wind S foggy been wet night Snow gone much wind West before noon & pleasant thawd much to day, Dolly Lower here no wood nor flower, George & I at Hauses Got my Cart & his horse & Poney & took her about ¼ of wood & Gave her 2 dolrs.Cash & 14 lb wheat flower, Lower not back yet, George & Self killd Calf Heard Pewee to day & plenty Robins yesterday, Snow off in the fields Generally Carrier gave me 5 drs on account

19th Wind N W Cold Little snow Showers from west, Mary & George in market I afternoon at John Evans, meet Loyd Jones, at Latches & Yerkes’s with him He treated to 2 Glasses & Yerkes treated to Supper So home froze

20th Wind N W hard frost & high wind I at Meeting Jesse George dined with me him & I & Willy George at Isaac James vandue at buck Spent not at J. Taylors He Better, at I. Hauses So home Cold

21st Wind N W. hard frost Ponn pond froze over Clear morn & fine day at doct. at Storewith Yerkes ½ lb Tobacco 25 pottering about till noon after at town Election Supervisors Wm Stadleman & Jont Robeson, Holdgate & Jacob Grow highest for Constable I and Holdgate Judges

March 22nd 1817 Wind S by W. fine morn white frost & froze Some but the most moderate morn & Like Spring we have had T Yerkes & I off to war office ½ G. Titus paid on to Youngs found him at Spring Mill ferry Glass & ½ Yerkes paid, I on by Gulf Yerkes also, I on to Sign of the fox pike Got poor dinner I Hause paid, was on a referance between him & one Million, none of them attended, Stayd till 4 OC- then off Stopt at Taylors, He up & better, at I. Hauses so home

23rd. Wind S W fine morn froze alittle overcast most all day at Meeting & at Doct. Loyd Jones here Evening wind E Evening & rain at Yerkes pt. B. 6½ frogs Crying

24 Wind S W foggy morn & warm day I off by Wm Penn Got Mare Shoes fastend on pike gate 4½ Cts on to Jehu Moors to See John Amos, on to Hipples & at Halls at E. Lobbs at falls to See fullers, at Mowers to Look at Walnut boards begun to rain in Evening Great Banks of Snow yet in Sellers lain & Otts to Righters ferry Bad passing yet. the frogs very Lively this Evening Spent 7 Cts & Hipple owes me 4 Cts So home in /margin: “Seen Sheldrake plowing 2 plows”

25 Wind N been wet night & over Cast & wet day T. Price here for me to Slate their A/c as Executors to their Fathers Est. Rees Price, JP’s first cousin, died in 1816. Hauses boy for me to See Taylor It is sd the Irish is to Come out to morrow I off to Taylors back & Sup with T P

T. Price Loyd Jones their ready to goo up to Court with me to morrow wet Evening Spent 35 Cts

26th Wind E heavy fogg & rain in morn Loyd Jones & I Set off about 7 OC. for Norris I Led my Mare to Taylor for Richardson we on Rope broke at ferry had to go in small boats, Whailing & Lawyer had the Irish all out, but would not goo their Bail so all back Gave Pawlin $5 drs. paid 3 drs for Walters Guardean to Pawlin & 2 to Clark clerk say 5 total dinner &c 75 Cts. ferry 50 Cts. 150 for F Washer, John Roberts here about 11 OC- to Get a Coffin for, George Weist–

27th Wind S.W. & prety hard froz I off soon in Yerkes Cart & poney for boards, Cost 5 drs. ferry 50 Cts back about 12 OC- Lower & us fell to work & finnish Coffin & took it put him in young man amost perhaps 46 yrs very Sober Cleaver a Little while back but got wrong & got to drink this winter Got drunken fits only the 24th Last 2nd day in Evening & died in Evening of 26th I had a frendship for him, I have Seen him in many Companeys, I have Seen him prudent & Sober, But His mind Got disturb by or for Some Reason not to be accounted for, in margin: “Zells plowing”

March 28th 1817 Wind S W fine day attended the funeral at Dutch Church had a very fine Sermon By one Myers from Phila home about 2 OC- home afternoon

29th. Wind N W hard frost pond froze over, G. Streaper my 2 boys & Cart & 2 horrs horses mending dam I at Pike Got young mare Shod home to dinner at dam after meet the Society

30th Wind S prety fine I off to Mowers Bout Some Walnut boards paid him 5 drs He gooing to Cattowissy Bout Land their for 24 drs per acre George made a Coffin for F. Bittles Child I took the Wagon & attended Burial to Church

31st Wind N.E. & Snowing very fast near ½ Inch deep nearly off about 9 OC to Hugh R Wards & on to Buck Settleing Abraham Lewis & Samuel Young, I dined their Spent not Cleard off by noon very fine & warm, home about 9 OC–

April 1st. Wind S. no frost prety fine made a mall at Smith Shop meet Jont Jones, Spent 12½ So home in Evening at Yerkes Sup with him on fish Spent not

2nd Wind S.W fine day George plowing I at John Eliotts at Buck & Taylors Spent 12½ So home

April 3rd 1817 Wind S very fine day George plowing I & John Makeing Coffin for Black Georges Son 9, or 10 yrs old took it up & Buried him in our yd. Spent not at Morris’s old man very Ill did not See him Yerkes’s Sup their so home–

4th Wind N. froze Some, at Yerkes Settleing between him & John Streaper after at Loyd Jones I. Hause their him & I off to Norris to See Pawlin Dinner horses & ½ Glass 150 Cts Hause paid all, I Gave horsler 12½ at ferry I Paid 12½ Cts at Buck 6 Cts. Sup at Hause’s So home at 9 OC

5 Wind S E white frost whet 3 Saws & at Jacob Morris’s He very Ill I So over Come I did not Speak to him, was Coming away he says Sit down & Cald called Myers to draw Some Cyder, I back & dined at Doct. on fresh Shad back to Morris He very Ill gooing Yerkes & I Stayd all the afternoon & all night about 2 OC- in morn old man departed this Life for an Everlasting one in margin: “of 26”

6th wind N by E I home about day fed & geard up the wagon & set off for town Joseph along Bought mehogany for Jacob Morris 5 dr negro 25 Cts for to goo with me to man that owned the yard ferry 25 Stewards 12 Cts for Gin 22 at pike home about 9 OC

April 6th 1817 Stayd & help to Lay out my Whorthey & Respected Freind Jacob Morris He departed about 2 OC. in Morn, I home about 4 OC- Geard up the wagon & off about 5.OC to town for Mehogany boards for a Coffin for my Estd. freind & Neighbour paid 5 dors. back home ½ after 9 OC- Nathan Lewis & Self fell to work finnishd about 5 OC- took it down & put him in quite Large I beleive he was Enterd his 77 year Wind S Evening & very fine rain & warm

7th Wind S. & Little rain & the most wounderfull alteration in the face of Nater nature Viz Vegatation the grain & Grass, it is wounder how it Shows I attended the fun off soon at pike & got my wagon wheel mended back by 9 OC- & attended the funeral Carried in my wagon to Baptis Meeting Gates Jones Gave us a very good hansom pertinent discourse; Lower Merion Baptist Church’s Pastor Horatio Gates Jones I dined at John Elliot’s after at Buck Settled all matters Between L Young & the Heirs of A- Walters agreeable to his will wind S W & very warm fine day

April 8th, 1817 Wind S W fine day about home all day Little rain afternoon Yerkes Set off to Susquehanna I Lent him 100 drs of Amoses Money Evening on a reference between Bill Hayse & Fred Bittle brought Hays 8 dolrs. in debt So home

9th Wind S. by W. and Little rain & then Clear Sowd Plaster & Clover Seed, in No 3 only where it was dungd & on the wheat old Orchard, McClenechan here Planted Willows before the door & at the Doctors old Will Spliting rails I Gave Ann 10 D. She pd. McCoys

10th Wind W. fine day John Harrowing for Oats I Pottering about till noon then at Isaac Price & at Smith Shop, at Widow Goodman & so home after dark

11th Wind N & remarkable Change in the aire Ice as thick as window Glass fine Clear Sunshine day. I off to town Bout Gross screws 75 Glass paper paid 125 Cts. Screw & hinges 93 Cts. horse & 1 G. 50 dinner 45 ferry 4 Cts, ferry pike 5 Cts, home at night

12th Wind N & plenty of Ice on the Puddles our Troff froze all over, very Pleasant till noon then blue Raw, Sowd about7 B oats & peck of flaxseed George harrowing afternoon J. Elliott, Richardson, Mathews & Self Settleing Supervisors acct. Sup their So home about 10’OC O’C pd Tom Miller yesterday 20 drs. on acct. of Docts well

April 13th 1817 wind N.W. Cool air but no Ice I beleive, being first day John Wilson here about Edw Price Business He home & I to Meeting afternoon at Yerkeses, Georg McCoy & wife here paying a visit–

14th Wind W. no frost fine day Borrowd T. Prices old Bob & went for Boards Bout of Mower, paid Ann Robeson 5. dolrs Intrest on a 100 Dolr note, back & made a Coffin for Bill McDormans Child took it home & Buried in Baptis Yard Blockley Meet at Hansels tavern on Referance Old George treated to my Supper so home

15 Wind about E rather Cool to be pleasant but no frost, pleasant day I pottering begun a box for Doct‘s well at Tom prices Eat dinner & went to the woods to See Leverings team hall a Shaft for Rittenhouse, afternoon at I Hauses & at Jones’s He Ill with Rhumatics ½ Glass B at Yerkes’s I very bad Cold

16th Wind S fine soft morn, Got a load of Oat Straw of T. Price paid Mordica Davis’s boy 12 drs.12½ Cts. yester day George & Self begun to Cover the well Hansbury here to Get a Coffin for Jos. Hagy, Sent for Lower to finish the well William JP’s seven year old son & Self off to town for boards

4 Mo. 16th 1817 Bought two Setts of Mehogany boards 9 drs. 2 pints bear 12½ ferry 25 Cts pike 22 Cts Oysters 12½ Cts total Expences 72 Cts. back about Sunset, the First time Wm. Penn Price was in town warm in town

17th Wind W. high wind in morn Got Calm & warm day Lower & Self, fell to work at Coffin & finish’d about 3 OC. & took it home & put him in took Coffee So home about Dusk He was a very fine Sober Young man about 32 years, aviolent Sperrit & not been taught to Govern it, which I beleive was illegible thee the Cause of his decay perhaps & I think it was 3 yrs the 4th of July Last, his Father & him was Invited to a party, & one Griffith Insulted his Father much, Jos. tho a lite man Got in aviolent Passion & attack’d him but they intervened —-blows, & was nothing Serious happened But next Morning A blood vessel broke & He voyed voided much blood, His Father told me that He beleivd it was in Conciquence of his Passion & Exertion and He has never been well Since, He had frequent Bleedings Since & has been bad all Winter He died very resignd, & with Great Confidence that He had made his Election Shure

April 18th 1817 Wind N & most remarkable Change in the Air plenty of white frost, Set off about 7 OC- & attended the funeral to Germantown Prespertarian yard, had a pertinent Sermon back to Hagy’s Dined their a great number of people their He made a will & made an Equal division amongst his 4 Little girls, It was a remarkable Cold day the people Complaind as much as winter almost I home about dusk I was much Affected with the Acct his Father gave, He say he sent for them all even the girls out of the mill took Leave of them; then Says He Layd him Self down & Say to his Father do I Lay Right to dye, Oyes & died off without a strugel old mans tears flowd plentifully which much over Come Me

19 Wind N W & plenty of Ice, Cold day Doct‘s well Lost water I to T. Prices Got the pump hook & drew the Boxes & put the pump to work road to pike George plowing for Old Will, back to Dinner, after at old saw mill halld a shaft home for arowler, at Yerkes pint Bear 6½ Cts.

20th Wind S. been alitle little rain foggy but plenty of white frost & froze alittle on fences Evan Calld me up & I gave him 62½ to buy me some Shad Bout 2 for 75 Cts I paid him 12½ Cts Since Got 1 of Pawlin for 37½ Cts. 7½ lb

4 Mo. 20th 1817

at Meeting Yearly meeting in Phila after at T.P & I Prices drank tea with Isaac so home Cold unpleasant

21st Wind W white frost pick Stone out old Orchard at pike Split & halld 19 illegible trees to the dam out the Tree blue up Tom Price Got the Butt & Got it Sawd made 7 or 8, afternoon Sawd down a lumberdee poplar by the back door, that I planted, Got the Sprig of R. Tunis, I do not recolect the Year it was about 2 feet over

22nd. Wind N W Large white frost at Price’s for my Saw, Triming apple trees Cherry trees out in Blosoms apples Some out most out very dry no rain this Long time Oats 70 per B Colbert pd me 850 Rent & 750 in work after at Jacob Johnson to Look for fish, home about 9 OC- at night

23rd Wind S by W George & Self off about 5 OC- to Johnsons & I Got 60 Shad for 15 dolrs. too dear I remembr when they Sold for 25 shillings & now 25 dollrs. Cleand the Shad & I at Bill Hagys Store turnpike ½ B. Cow Salt 50 Cts peck of fine salt 30 Cts Bacco 25 old Soldier 6 Cts Spent 12½ So home at Yerkes & at T. Thompsons very fine warm day very dry & dusty

24th wind E & Cloudy been fine rain in night not had so much many weeks Lite rain now & then through the day old Will mending fence

4 Mo. 24th 1817

I at Jane Price’s had a smart Spar with Her pottering about home afternoon very fine Shower about 9 OC- paid a man 50 Cts for Clock

25th Wind N E in Morn partly Clear Got Edw. Walters Cart to haul Edw Price’s Chests & him & I off to town He gooing to Sanvana Savannah Georgia Dinner his & mine & horses &c 106 Cts horsler 12½ Rule 87½ paid Edw. 20 dollars hard ferry & pike & at Stewards 25 Cts home in Evening very fine Clear pleasant day

26th Wind W. two fine Little Showers from W. before noon & 2 after with thunder I begun to Mark out for Corn in orchard Old Wine here about 9 OC- to get a Coffin for David Evans perhaps 85 yrs old I Set George to plow I home Sent for Lower, & I begun Lower Came about 12 OC & we finished about 5 OC- & took it over & put him in at Hauses gooing & Comeing 2 mugs bear 25 Cts so I much tired–

27th Wind N W. rather Cold, at oats feild & at T Prices to tell Evan his Uncle was to be Buried to day 9,OC 9 O’C illegible Eat breakfast & Sett off attended the Burial Great number of people at our yard afternoon at Yerkes Edw Price & one Boyd their Doct. & wife here Evening

28th wind N W & Large Whitefrost Hugh Henry says the Ground froze but I Seen no Ice, at J Jones at I Hauses 1 Gill 12½ & pint Bear 6¼ Got 9 B. Corn at 125

4 Mo. 29 1817 Wind N W no frost but very Cold Begun to work at Meeting Sheds John Evans & Self; at T.Prices for tools we made about half a day Got a load of Oats Straw of T. Price It was very warm in mid day

30th Wind W. fine Clearmorn plenty of white frost but very fine day John Evans & self at Meeting Sheds ½ day after I at I. Hauses took Irons & at J Jones

May the 1st. Wind S fine Soft morning H Henry Sowing Plaster in his Lott Some french & Some Noviscotia J Evans Lower & Self ½ day Each at Meeting Sheds Lower & Self in Evening at Hauses Leathering pumps Sup so home

2nd Wind S E Over Cast off Soon to Hauses meet Lower & Leatherd the pump at Barn Breakfasted their & so back & at work at Sheds all day Lower & George & Self Evening at Isaac Price’s they Blowing Rocks in Meadow one Blast went off & hurt Joe Evans peperd his face & tore his finger I took Supper with I.P. & so home

3rd. Wind S. by E & very fine warm day at work at Sheds framed the ridge pole Lower George Self till noon then Polly Yerkes Ann & Self in my wagon at Capt. Towers wife’s Burial in town Stopt at ahouse in Chesnut Street & interd her in Arch Corner of 5 Street I not a penny M Yerkes Lent me 29 Cents

May 3rd. 1817

I got 6 qts oats & ½ Glass at Dblot on trust, the horses run off with John from Yerkes up to Docts. I Meet them tryed to Stop them but had to Give way, It was very Luckey they did no damage but Broke one trace we arivd in town about 4 OC- & the Procession Moved at 5 OC- interd her & off for home arivd about dusk

4th Wind S. fine due but not Likely for rain, up prety Soon not at Meeting, Saml.Jarvis from Poorhouse dine here at Yerkes pint Cyder G. McCoy here walk to Docts with him Back read Some & to bed

5 Wind E at Sheds Lower & George I with Hause to where L Jones is Building his Barn He not their so Back, Jont Jones here afternoon at the Doct. with him & Yerkes’s work very Little to day tryd to plow but did not Succeed, Sent Coulter to Shop wind afternoon N.W fresh no rain

6th Wind S E & very foggy broke off very warm plowing for Corn till 11 OC- few drops of rain fine Shower in town; afternoon at Harveys Vandue Bout. Easey Charre Phillip Lower one day at Sheds George ½ day; at. George plowing for Corn Ground so dry & hard I hard time to make out

May 7th 1817 Wind S by W. fine day Little rain afternoon Sent for P. Lower in morn & begun a Coffin for Henry Stillwagon, I off to See Loyd Jones about this Irish fray 2 Lawyers was to Meet to day to here hear the Evidence Sent after Me to make a Coffin for Wm Thomas’s wife Amey I much alarmd, the Measure 2/1½ Shoulders Hips 2/7, no boards I thought Large Enough overhalld & undertook but had to Splice the Lids, Bottom 2/5 & head 15 I. foot 13 I. Sides deep ⅓. Lid 17 I wide She weighed 310 lb a year agoo No Less or Liteer lighter now, dyed with bulk almost Sent George with Stillwagoner, Lower & I finished Ameys, & took it up Several Showers & very dark before we got up had to Call & Get a Lanthorn & Lite put her in it might been 6 I. Less in hips Left the wagon & road home 2 or 3 Smart Showers before I Got home 12 O’C-

8 Wind Got N E in morn & Little rain got N W & Cleard off before noon, fine after attended Stillwagons funeral Phillip Led the herse I at Jones & at Hauses meet Loyd Jones about the Lawyers home George & Self off to Thomas Burial I under Great anciety for fear my Carriage would not bare her, I put Blocks on Bottom & put her in & Started at 3 OC- & arived at Radner yard Safe without accidence interd her back to Taylors Meet L. Jones & J Jones

May 9th 1817 Wind N W fine Clear Morn rather Cool but no frost pleasant day without my Coat most of the day George Marking for Corn I pottering about house, afternoon with Molly Thomson Enoch‘s Sister at T Prices & Isaac Prices, very oneasy uneasy about Enoch & Offerd to pay for his board I must Call at Edw Thomsons

10th Wind W. very Cool morn at Yerkes Meet Isaac Moor had Long talk no frost as I Seen harrowing for Corn, at pike Smith Shop back to Yerkes Balor Sold Stray horse that Came to Jacob Morris’s on 31st of Jany for 34 drs. Blair McClenechan Bout. him Isaac Hause & I at War office to Colect Evidence Spent 12½ Cents home

11th Wind N Cool morning few drops rain from West at Meeting dined on Leg of Stuft Veal, at Tomy. Price He very Ill with a gethering in the palm of his hand, back & with the Doct. their this Evening– again at T. Prices

12th. Wind N by W. very Clear Cool morn I off for Norris John Taylor & Starn in the Chair for Norristown dinner & 1 Glass 62½ paid for 14 Supenes subpoenas 2.44 Taylor paid my dinner 62 Cts. I paid for horse & ferriage 25 Cts at Ramseys so home by Taylors about sun set

13 Wind N & very Cold Lite frost I up Soon for Isaac Price he Say Ice I at Godfry Deals about the Lott Line

13th May 1817

Wind north Cold day, I off with Jacob Balor at George Grows, at Flat Rock Tavern Glass 12½ Cts. at Hugh Wards for money Got none at war Office Served Supenys on 3 of them ½ Glass 6 Cts. so home at Doct & at T. Price he very bad with his hand, From a bruse on the Inside

14th Wind S & over Cast & raining Lower here Soon off to Jont Jones for Stones for Meeting Sheds back & begun to put the Posts up Jont Jones & Loyd Jones here Cleard off about noon at T. Prices Little Easier Young & I Horn at Yerkes.

15th Wind N Cool morn help to rais 2 Posts Got Titus’s Mare blot & off to Randel Evans dined at Joseph Hoskins, on to Paoli ½ Glass meet Randle took Some Brandy, pike 5 Cents at Well’s 18½ Cents with Doct at Black Fanns So home about 10 OC-

16 Wind N very Large whitefrost wrote my name on aboard Clover all white Isaac Price Says Ice I helping at Sheds Raising Rafters &c. E Tompson help Loyd Jones paid 6 dors for old Seals Coffin pint whisy. owed for Raising

17th Wind E fine day Cool morning I off to town Bout. Sprigs & nails 100 Cts horse 62½ & 1 Glass ferry 5 pike 6 So home Edw Thompson Gave me Check for 100 drs

18 Wind N E over Cast & Cool Edw George Calld & Sent me down to Measure David Bambridge He dyed this morning at work 16th had pain in his thigh turnd to Mortification

May 18th 1817

fell to work & finished the Coffin before night, being first day Lower help–

19th Wind N whitefrost up to Norristown Court, to prosecute the Powder men, Dinner & horse 82 Cts Gave Roberts 5 dollars home at night

20th. Wind N W Cool morning warm in day off in morning Soon Stayd all night interlined: “up with Taylor in (chair)”, no tryal on but Sent the Bills to Grand Jury home with Jont Jones in his Chair Large frost illegible Following is Xd out: “wind N Cool frost of(f) very Soon John Roberts my mare on to Taylors Breakfasted their Got on first hor(s)e & John Shaw rode my Mare nothing dun to day my 2 horse up one at ferry”

21st Wind N.W. at Norristown all night at Norris Great many witniss their of ours nothing done home Chair with Jont Jones in Chair Slept Last blot night at Jesse Roberts

22 Wind N W Cool morn off Soon Got Young mare back feild & up to Hauses & Taylors Got Breakfast John Roberts my Jin Mare & Shaw Rode my Colt & I in Chare with Taylor, all arivd their tryall Come on afternoon. Shaw road my Mare away in Evening other Mare at Sweeds ford I Stayd all night JP is apparently reconstructing his days at Court and has made some errors in sequence of events.

23rd May 1817 Wind N W. Sleep on floor, bad nights rest not well hard day many witness Examined, I amongst the rest, Some of them gave a good Evidence others made out bad Loyd Jones Stuck to well Lodge with old Paul Jones in same bed at Roberts s few drops 24 Wind of rain to day

24 Wind W. got through our witness & Court Broke up at noon I home with Jont Jones took tea with him so home at dusk

25th wind S E over Cast & wet day off after Breakfast at Nathan Lewis after him to Silas Jones’s I dined their Silas Nathan & I at I Hauses Printz Lower & Lewis Valued the damages done by the riotters to pike house to 75 drs fine modertate moderate rain in Evening

26th Wind W fine Clear day. off Soon to Taylors we off for Court, Printz Lower & Lewis up to Esqr. Curwens to Quallify to praismt up to Court, their all night Dinr & Supper

27 Wind W. attended Court all day nothing very Exstray extraordinary hippend happened to day, Jury out in Evening & out all night, I home in Evening 3 words crossed out and illegible

28 Wind E. Wet off soon overtook Taylor Boy took my mare & went for John Roberts I in Chaire Boy Rode my horse & Roberts & him up wet afternoon & fine rain till mid night I Stay all night Boy road my mare home

May 29th 1817 wind N.E. this the wet day & not the 28 I up this morning to Court, Stayd all day & night the Jury on Dehavans Cause Came in about 12 OC-

30th wind N & over Cast but Cleard off prety Soon Court meet & fetch Kelly in for Sult assault and Baterry I very Sick of Court

31st wind N.W. up soon had Taylors tryal on Jury out before noon Returnd about 4 OC Brought Some Gilty Court Broke up My Bill 41..16 Cts paid 25 dollars owe16 drs. home in Evening

June the 1st Wind N. very Cool day attended Wm Tunis’s Childs Burial at our yd not at Meeting at Yerkes afternoon took Coffee Loyd Jones & wife, Tom Price & wife their at Doct in Evening so–

2nd Wind E & over Cast Broke off till Evening Little rain off with Blair McClenechan to town with about his Stray horse one Shuster Clamed him & provd him & paid blair 25 dolrs I Spent 76 Cts

3 Wind S over Cast & misting up Soon & most E rain all day, at Isaac & T. Prices Stateing their Fathers acct against his Childern breakfasted & dine with Tom & took tea so home in Evening

June the 4th 1817 Wind E & been very wet night hard Shower about 5 OC- this morning & Several till noon Seen the Sun wind S much warmer than yesterday & sev over Cast & rain afternoon over Cast in Evening Gave Evan Evans & Harry 50 Cents to Cut down a Chesnut tree in Meeting Feild, at Pike to Get A Carriers acct Hollands Lott after at Isaac Prices took tea & home Bout a Cow & Calf for 1150 Cents very poor but a good Likely Calf Bored her had the hollow horn–

5 Wind S.W. & remarkable fine vegitating morning very warm flying (watering) Clouds Sent the Last of our Wheat to mill 5½ B. afternoon high winds Locust very Numerous & musical work about half day at Sheds

6 Wind N.W fine Pleasant day Lower & I at work at Sheds till near 4 OC- then at Meeting a man from the E their, Little Yarnal their, wonderfull Gift I think in the true Sperrit, preach’d with Great Power–

7th Wind S W. fine warm day work not much at Sheds at Smith Shop, back & went to falls with I. Hause Bout. 50 Catfish 62½ Cents Spent a Glass 12½ Cents Got 27 yds of the fuller 8..70 Cents I Hause pd 7.25 for me & I pd 25 So I ow him 1..20 Cts. home about dusk

June the 8th. 1817 Wind N W rather Cool but pleasant Clear morning & very pleasant day not at Meeting at home all day Except at Doct in Evening took tea

9th Wind E over Cast & begun to rain about 6 O’C- I drest to goo to our poor house with A. Carrier, raind so hard give up very Smart rain, begun too Soon to Last long, it will be like the old woman‘s dance, as the Old Proverb says but It did not hold good this time for it raind all day fine indeed

Entries from June 10 through July 4 are in very faint ink.

10th Wind S.W. & Cloudy Locust very Chearfull & plenty begin to double Lower & I glued Morris’s table Leaf I at pike for Spouthook Spent 12½ very heavy Shower from W. with Some hale. no hale here then at Sheds fine Shower in Evening from west & then Cleard off G. 12½

11th Wind N W & very high & Cool this day 12 months heavy frost Old Leeman had about 30 hands on our Road yesterday I planting Corn over & hunting Grubs afternoon at Jont Jones’s for Grooving plane Lower Shingling for Yerkes

12 Wind west Cool Clear Alfred JP’s fifth and youngest son & Self took old Cow to feild & at pike home afternoon at Taylor & Gillchrist paid him 152½ Cts Spent 18 Cts So home George & John on roads on illegible road & Haverford Locust very Lively to day

June the 13th 1817 Wind S W. warm day at work at Meeting Sheds, Lower also Jack on roads Spent 37½ Cts George plowd a heavy peice in Meadow Lent Blair McClenechan my Jin Mare to go to Market

14th Wind S. Little foggy in Morn & warm day, Pawlin begun to Mow the old orchard we finishd the Meeting Sheds & afternoon at the Buck & Taylors & Smith Shop 2 qrts Whiskey 50 Cts. the first I have had Since Last fall

15th Wind S & S W over Cast Little rain wind N & blue up Cool not at Meeting Evening at Isaac Price’s Child Ill

16 Wind N & very remarkable Cool Pawlin & Streaper mowing feild Nomber 4 Clover not very Stout boys & Self working at hay in old orchard Got it Rake’d up–

17 Wind S.W. Some flying Clouds Like rain but none Pawlin & Streaper finished No.4 mowing Pauling & George & Self halld old Orchard in 10 Loads about 3 tuns

18th Wind S foggy morn & over Cast boys Cock all the hay Pawlin help I at Hause‘s & Taylors & buck & drink too much Calld at Finances So home

June 19th 1817 Wind S & Little rain about 9 OC Cleard off in afternoon John Taylor & Self in his Chair to Norris Dinner 100 Cts ferry 25, drink 37½, Jesse Roberts 5 on old Acct 50 Cts to Taylor

20th wind S W Great due at pike 1 qt Whisy Spread out hay & got 7 Loads in Tompson Stillwell Self hung on boy halld on till most dark Shower to N–

21st Wind S by W. off about 9 Oc- to F Bickens & measurd the Plastering work done by Miller afternoon at Hagy vandue on Jos property Bout Ropes at 68 Cts 2 Hoghds. 54 Cts 2 at 58 Cts motto at 6 Cts. a very heavy thunder Gust about noon great wind & Little hail hard & Longer Shower in Evening mare went off walk home Lower along bad walk

22nd Wind S.W. warm much Cloudy but no rain, I at Loyd Jones about Camel affairs dine their & so home Spent 6 Cts. at T. Price’s Evan Evans very Ill home– Ann & George out at Jane Walters all night

June the 23rd 1817 Wind in Morn S fine thunder gust about day, wind Got West by 7, O’C & rather Cleard off, I at I. Price. Sawd off their Bulls horns it is said Will Cure them from Jumping Cut them till He bleed much Breakfasted at Toms Price’s So home & wrote a refunding bond for Joe Campble at pike 1 qt Whisy harrowing Corn, & plowing illegible

24th Wind, N.W very Cool morn George plowing between the Corn Negro dick Mowing Meadow John tryd & George try after finished plowing I at pike & look for Cows they broke in Morris’s field

25 Wind S.W Cloudy at times, George Harrowing black George & Dick Mowing boys Thomson & Self at hay I at pike my Wallut fell off & broke my qrt. bottle ½ Gallon too heavy for it ½ G. Whiskey

26th Wind S E over Cast & begun to rain by 8 OC- Several fine Showers in the day & aviolent rain in Evening hard for than an hour or More & wet moderately all night I think I heard it often, Dick & George mowing between Showers, I at pike Smith Shop Reparing up a plow

June 27th 1817 Wind, S W Coludy cloudy Some hopes it will Clear, had word Soon in Morn to Make a Coffin for John Curwen a fine young man been Ill 2 or 3 years I was building a barn for his Father at his Birth in year 1786 so 31 yrs old Sent for Lower & we begun it & finished it & Lower & I took it up made one for Bambridges widows Son about 6 yrs old his Mother went to Market & he Got at the whiskey Bottle & drank to Such Excess that He dyed in a few hours, tho they had Midical medical aid, we Buried his Father about 3 weeks ago who was a very intemperat man also

28th Wind W very fine day I & Little Joe off & attended Curwens Burial at Baptist yard very affecting Seen, & H. Jones Gave us very approate appropriate Short Sermon over grave home to Dinner & attended Bambridge Child to dutch Church home & Rake hay, boys got 6 Loads in & more Later at Yerkes He Lame & Complain

29th Wind E & Cloudy to W Sun Shind very fine in morn, wind more S & begun to rain about 10 OClock Smart about as meeting broke halld 4 Loads of hay in first day

June 29th 1817

I do not make practice of working on first day, I was attending 2 Burials yesterday, prevented us Get what was fitt yesterday much rain after night, I Spent Evening with Yerkes He very Lame with knee

30th Wind N W very Clear Cool morn, fine day for hay we Spread & Got 7 Small Cart Loads in & Left 10 Cocks out not dry 1 qt whisy I wrok work hard Geting very Stiff

July the 1st. Wind N & Clear & Cool Morn, up Soon & at I Prices helping to Cut their Big Legd Boar Great Ruff annimal I not Like the Breed much too Gross John & Joe & Self geard up the wagon & went to Wm Hagys for 4 Hogshead I Bot at vendue & He paid me for his sons Coffin 20 drs. & I pd him 184 Cents, home to dinner halld alittle Load of hay so made a finish At pike for plow Spent 16 Cts & help A Carrier to Rake hay

2nd. Wind W fine Clear morn & fine hay day begun to forrow’d furrow the Corn & plowed the Potatoes, afternoon Mary Yerkes Ann & Self in Carriage to town Widow Odgdens Burial Bot nails 62 Cents horse 37½ Whip 31 Cts ferry 12½ Gin 12½ So home about 10 OC

July the 3rd 1817 Wind W fine Clear Cool morn but prov’d alittle Hasey not so drying as Some days, over at pike 1 qt Whis afternoon at Tom Price back & meet Edw Price & Tom & Isaac at Yerkes they made Some Essays towards Settleing their Fathers Legacy Left Edw but did not Get forward I sup with Tom So home Edw Said he would date his Acct far anough back

4th Wind E foggy morn & warm day Set off at 9 OC to William Hagy, his Son Jacob & Self Set off for Hauses Tavern between the 21 & 22 Mile Stone on Scippack roard road to a township or a County Meeting preparitory to the Ensuing Election Great anciety respecting the Election of Governor Finley & Heister are the Men we or Our Meeting favor Heister nights? dinner & 87 Cts 2 ferrys 20 Cts Supper & Gin 62½ Cents So home about 2 OC- next morn high Party at Norris

5th Wind S W fine warm hay day been very fine hay week, I at pike forenoon after at Evan Smith to Look for Ann Amos to nurse my wife ½ Glass at Taylors Sup at Jont Jones’s

July 6th 1817 Wind S W foggy morn at Yerkes ½ G 6 Cts warm till noon after a very fine thunder gust till run Smart not Long Lasted, I at Meeting Silent, at T Prices they at hay till it raind then 4 of them Tom at their head paraded to Salt their Chattle cattle in the Meadow as If they did it out of a goster gesture in defiance of Law and Order one with his red Shirt & Could not keep Study steady all in their working apperal poor Creaters, they think of nothing but geting or heaping up treasure–

7th Wind. S W Cloudy & few drops of rain soon in Morn Cleard & very hott runing forrows to Corn the Sod part in new Orchard and very grassey & too wet rather very bad gooing I worried much pint of ail ale at pike Eat Supper Spent 12½ for porter

8th Wind S W Cloudy & Smart rain before noon I begun to plant Corn but raind had to quit, Sun Shine then 2 or 3 Showers afternoon, Hause Sent for plow I had went to 5 dollrs. Expence on it I not pleased with his Sending for it at Yerkes Edw.Price & wife their at Tom Prices took Supper their Enoculated Several Cherry trees

9th Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine hay day I at pike & Alfred back George plowing Corn I at Yerkes’s made one Sheep order for Doct Anderson

July 10th 1817 wind N.E. & fine Cool morn George Plowing head Lands for Buckwheat Got 1½ Bushels of John Roberts which I Paid 3 dollars I well remember when It Sold for 2s6 & 3s per I Sowd 1 B & peck Some between the Corn & the head Lands & harrowd it well before & after Sowing then at pike I Hause got the Last of his hay in 1 Porter 12½ Cents

11th Wind N.E. & over Cast and a Little rain Soon, George off to reap for Edw. Walter Sarah Price Came up Last Evening She been indisposed some time Sarah is a daughter of JP’s deceased cousin Rees. John off to E. Walters to Reap Jos- & Self Runing forrows to Corn in Meadow begun to rain Smartly about 12 O’Clock not a locust to be heard yesterday nor to day I at pike and at J Taylors & Gilchrist Bout whip for Jos- 56. Cts Tobacco 25 Cts Spent 6. Cents Ink Powder 25 Cts So Several fine Showers in afternoon

12th. Wind S. foggy & Dull appearance for Reaping I was gooing to Reap to day Little wheat & Little Rye in old orchard, If dose not Clear I not Reap Broke off toward noon E Walter & Ben & Rees & my Boys Reap all in old Orchard

July the 13th 1817 wind N W Cloudy to W & raind prety Smart before 6 OC- in M.orning Several Little Showers & Cloudy all day Red to Sun Set not at Meeting home all day Except at Yerkes a little while

14th Wind N W fine Clear Cool Morn up Soon Georg Plowd the Corn in meadow & sowd 1 peck Buck wheat in meadow then halld in the Wheat & Rye out of the old orchard 47 doz or 48 doz Lower help

15 Wind N W fine Clear harvest day, Black Dick here all night He sick in morn Been prety drunk no work till near noon, Edw Walter Ben & Rees Price Lower & my Boys I Reap till noon prety hard we Got dun about 5 OC- E W & Dick Cradled, good as far as I dung the poor soil

16th Wind N W & fine pleasant day I at Pratts Measurd the Seller back & geard up the wagon & went with Jane Walters & Sarah Price to widow Wilsons to See John Wilson dined & took tea their home at dark So–

17th Wind N W fine Cool morn very fine harvest time off to Jane Walters they Reaping I Stayd till noon after Hause Geard up his Wagon & halld in 40 doz Rye all my Big Rye

July 18th 1817 Wind S.W. fine Clear morn Tom & I Price Reaping Yesterday fine Crops & Delightfull harvest Weather, Jane Price Reaping I their awhile home to Dinner, John & Thomson & I halld 40 doz Rye my last So finish’d I at Jane Price She finished Reaping, has 9, 10 & 11 Reapers at times Price boys Reaping to day also

19th Wind. S. & foggy morn & warm day; at T. & I. Prices they 14 hands Reaping very fine Crop of Rye in their Potatoe patch they finished Reaping Jane Price finished halling, 2 Little Showers about noon & few drops in Evening wind W Cleard off Evening at Hauses He treated to Glass Bowl porter Sangerree, I Spent Glass Brandy my Birth day, Potterd & Spent it not as I ought to do–

20th Wind W fine refreshing morn the Ground alittle moistened & the air fine & Serene Gray & Canaday Set off Soon for Phila to Start for Niargra Niagara Yerkes treated to glass I at Meeting Young Woman name of White up from town to See Sarah Price I about home all day

two Lite Showers afternoon with thunder, heavyer to South & one to west I think or N about

21st. Wind N. Cloudy, I off in wagon with Mary White & Sarah Price to ferry, Mary town Sarah & I Back by the falls Mary Gave Me 25 Cts, Spent 6 Cts. home to dinner after at flat Rock with Yerkes & his Boarding woman 5 of them & his wife my horses & wagon & their Cart Spent 12½ Cts So home 2 or 3 Little Sprinkels of rain, Mary Mason & Sarah Price here Boys pulling flax Bowman finished Reaping

22. Wind S W very foggy morn & warm day ashower to South Boys Halling Stuff out old Shop I Pottering about till noon after at pike & at Jonathan Jones’s took tea with Ann Jones He gone to Norristown, Gave Lower 2 orders one on Ward & 1 on Holdgate

23rd Wind W fine day boys Cleand out dung in hog pen & took it to the feild I afternoon at Smith Shop Got Litening Rods Hook together Spent 12½ Cents So home, Lower Got my horse & went Esqr Youngs paid him for Grow 15 drs. Got 5 dollars from Holgate on my order did not See Ward I Gave him one dollar He prety High

July the 24th 1817 Wind N. & Cloudy at Yerkus pd 12½ him & I over to See his Mother Raind by the time we got about half way say 11OC very Smart. Stop at Stevens tavern Moorstown hour & ½ nearly Spent 25 Cts oats &c dined at Yurkes Mothers Coffee & ham turnd for home about 5 OC raind all the way from Cressom home but not so hard as in morning, Spent 12½ at Mason, at Cressom Germantown road & Lost 10 Cents mare Blunderd & I drew it out with my hand I dare Say it is 15 miles pd 1 blot Cts. toll in margin: “never Seen Such havick with the Locust as on Edge hill young Chestnuts & Scrub oaks been Cut down & grew up again”

25 Wind N E & fine Clear Morn heard Robesons dam, wind then E token of a Chaing very Little rain after dark at Yerkes Little Gin pd him 25 Cts on Acct. I pottering about, afternoon at Pike Got 44 lb of flower of Hause bag & all I supose the Bag 2 lb Larg Twild bag– cover up durt

26th Wind N.W. pleasant Cool Clear Morn fine day turnd the flax & halld it in I up Taylors Spent 6 Cents & Bout. Soap 12½ Cts at Hauses they gone to mash marsh fishing I home to dinner meet the Society, Club 12½ Cents So home

27th Wind W. warm Sun Cool in house at meeting afternoon G McCoy at Hauses porter 12½ Cts So home. N. Lewis their

July 28th 1817 Wind N W. fine morn Mowing old orchard I at Hause Taylors War Office, at H. R. Wards & John Elliots 6 Cts. at Taylors 12½ at War office

29th Wind S W. fine day Boys at hay I put 2 Enter ties in Barn along the sides of Barn floor 1 qt W. 25 Cts.

30th Wind S & over Cast but Cleard off with Rain G. Streaper & boys at hay & halld all the old orchard in a grand Crop nearly Equal to first I at pike Got a note from Fisher Jailor it was necessary to Come to Norris about the Bill of Cost for Prosecuteing the Irish I Started at 12 OC- by Spring Mill pay Ferriage 18½ on to Norris; 6 qt oats 31 Cts Tobacco 25 Cts paid ferry man 6½ Cts old a/c Cross at ford for home 6½ at Bird my Clumsey mare fell down near the Gulph & hurt me much in mouth & neck, in my rideing I never had Such a hurt

31st. Wind S E warm day pottering about at T. Price’s He gone to See Shore seashore Got a drink Cyder back at the Doctr.

August the 1st Wind W. been Little rain Last Evening much thunder off to John Righters Joe Jones war office 12½ Cts dined their at Esqr Curwens order for Hannah Roberts

August the 2nd 1817 Wind S W foggy morn & warm day dug our Early Potatoes afternoon at Hause’s meet Levi Pawlin & John Elliot, up to Kuglars Doct Brookfeild pulld a foretooth for me the Last I had & got but 4 teeth Left 1 G. 12½ on to Taylors ½ G 6 Cts at Gillchrist a pair Shoes 175 Cts. so home–

3rd Wind S very foggy Morning & raind by 10 OC- very Small not Layd dust Scearsly Paul Jones & John Levering here Meeting while Prest me much to go to Cape May with them to Start on 5th but I declind my wife in a delicate pregnency & I neigher neither money nor Close fitt to go poor Creatur I have made a poor out as to the welth of things of this world, a fine Little Shower in Evening I at John Righter about Moveing Hannah Roberts to poor house, The old man appears Strong & his faculties wonderfull his hearing surpriseing in his 85 year Ride & walk about as Stout as many at 60

4 Wind S W. fine day Sowd Turnip Seeds in Shop Lain where we had Potatoes dug them the 2nd had very fine one’s Bled the Ann’s Calf old Thomas here and we help him to kill the Calf I off to pike with Francis Sheets about 2 Stray horses I Spent ½ Glass 6 Cts home with doct. very great Blow & very fine Shower & one about midnight

August 5th 1817 Wind about S by W. Been amost Charming rain in night not Cleard Ann’s Calf was very fine weighed 105 lb & 17 lb of hide at 10 Cents per lb 6 weeks old George Got 15 dolrs of William Thomas for his wife’s Coffin George Curwen paid 20 drs for his Brother John’s Coffin Cleard off very fine day George Streaper & P Lower & Boys & Self tyd all the Oats in afternoon 2 qts. Whisy. 50 Cents Tom Price & Loyd Jones home from Sea Shore Lenard Shoester to Dinner about his Mothers Est. wants me to advertise

6th Wind N.W very Clear Cool morn & fine day hall’d all the Oats by noon 70 doz. I over at Hauses back to dinner afternoon John took the young mare I walk their & Give her the big Horse Hauses Europus took blot tea with Mother Hause, Spent not

7th Wind S. been Lite Shower in night & Several through the day I at Meeting, Smart one about noon mare the horse in morn again, afternoon Lower & I at Hauses 1 Jill 6½ I on to Jont Jones’s took tea Ann in town G. McCoy their him & I home dusk in margin: “heard the fall Cricket”

8th Wind S Little W, blue fresh Little rain about day & Several Small Showers through the day I at war office Spent 7½ Several their Esqr Young & others

August 9th 1817 Wind S very great rain before day & this Morn I intended to goo to town but so very wet, two of the Irish from Gaol jail here with a letter from P Markley that the Governer had Pardoned them & requesting them Me to Come up on the 11th I at Hauses & Taylor Spent not, Sup at W Holloways So home most Cleard Great rain & very heavy wind

10th Wind N W & very fine day I at meeting afternoon at Hauses & Lowers Spent 6½ So home Owen & Jont Jones here I at J. Jones or by their He not their So home

11th Wind E & begun to rain about 8 OC- & keep at all day without the Least intermission or Stop I think Such a day of rain I hardly Ever remember A Currier & Rees Thomas & Self. Taylor in his Chair up to Norris town about the Irish the governor has pardon them we wanted to Secure the Cost & damages. home at dark wet to the Skin, Spent 2 dolrs. & paid 4 drs order of Guardean for Amoses Childern

August 12th 1817 Wind N but wet all night & this Morning wetting Some Seem’d to Clear blot off about 5 OC- very Smart Shower from West George & Self made a Coffin 6 feet Long for old John Matthews Grand daughter pint Whisy. 12½ Cts. Bout. Doctrs. Calf for 5 dollars to rais, Clear Evening

13 Wind N W. & fine vegitateing morn, at T.Y. ½ Glass 6 Cts Set off about 10 OC- with the Coffin & arrivd about 11 OC- very much Puterfyed Purge much put her in & Screwd her up dined their & Started about 4 OC- & went by C. Thompson house Harriton through his feilds & interd her at Baptis yard ½ Glass at Taylors 6 Cts So home about Sun Set

14th Wind S W, prety fine & Farmers very Busy at oats Some growd & much Lost Sheds So, that not Cut Beat down forst to Mow it with the Size scythe I at flat Rock Hagy trying to Sell his Son Jos. wood Land Sold none Spent 25 at Hause, Smart Shower in Evening.

15 Wind W & Some time over Cast but no rain fine Evening at Edw Georges helping to Move a Barrack & put on a Roof the wind blue off; home at night

August 16th 1817 Wind S W & very warm I intended to Goo to town with Yerkes But my Woman was much Complaining & requested me not to goo, I went & requested the doct. to give me his Route for house calls that day But He was So obligeing As to Come & See the Situation & bled my wife & He attended till one OClock When She was delivered of afine Female Child, this is wonderfull my Wife 47 years old & myself 64 the 19 of Last month; this is the Concequence of Leaveing Matremoney to A late date Shure to Leave Early Orphans to the Mercsy of Some freind went for Katy Hofman all over by 2 OC- got Thomas Price’s Chair & off for the nerse nurse at Charles Thomson home about dark, Nancy Amos

17th Wind S W very warm, not at Meeting walk Round the Cornfeild & reading all day Ant Jane Walter here all day, I at Yerkes in Evening E Tomson Got a qrt Whisy. on my Acct I paid for it but I will not Submit to Such Liberties

Augt. 17th 1817

very Smart thundergust about 4 OC- Cleard off in Evening & air rather Cooler & more pleasant, wife brave

18th Wind N.W. pleasant morn, from appearance I might Suppose Some what Settled but in a wet time all appearances fail & in a dry time Recta reversa, so when We poor Creators with all our knowledge the Doct remark to me that all the Births He had to attend to for perhaps 9 or 10 Mo. has been in the day time & out of my Eight their is but two or 3 that has happened in day & He says fewer Births Since 1817 than has happened in the Same Length of time for this 4 years & he supposes next year to be the prolific year

19th- Wind S warm day Set off to town, Bought Muslin 6,25 $6.25, two hats 50 Cts horse &c 50 Cts Hoffman 75 Cts for Shewing mare Chees 125 Cts ferry 25. So home Up Haverford road as far as Knox’s with Joshua Humphreys at Hauses 12½ Cents

20th Wind S by W off after breakfast to Edw. Georges, Helping to put a plate & other repairs on the Old barn at turnpike, home in Evening Up pike Glass at Oldwines ½ G at Hauses, so home warm very warm few drops rain Evening

21st Wind S not so hot as yesterday morning portering pottering about getting wood &c after noon at Hauses for fann winnowing fan and at Jont Jones He gone to Court Doct their He home with me

August the 22thnd 1817 Wind W fine Cool Clear Morning & fine day I with Horatio Jones & Elliot Runing my Line & Round part of Morris’s Land below or South of Darby road that he Left to his Daughter back to dinner then makeing fence George Streaper & George Price Mowing in Meadow

23 Wind S. warm day boys mowing I at Thomas Pratts He Raising the Rafters of a new house near the old Barn I dined their He had 4 Great Singers from Philadelphia & others, He treated us very Hansomely punch &c I home

24th Wind N. & remarkable Cold Smart Shower in the night from West, & blue so Cold one was Glad to goo to the fire, Lower here & we made a Coffin for I. Warners Child ¾ 3 feet 4 inches Long dined & George & Self took up & interd him at dutch Church it was so Cold that I went in Sun on the South Sd of the house till they were ready to move nearly perhaps never a more sudden Chaing

25th Wind N & very Cold hunted for frost but did not finde any at the house till noon then at Jones’s & blot then flat Rock Bridge Spent not blot Tobacco 5 Cents so home

August 26th 1817 Wind S W & very fine Morn & very heavy due no frost moderated much Attend’d to hay & Got 8 small Cart Loads in all that was Cut, very fine hay day

27th Wind W very fine hay day John harrowing Oats Stuble George helping Edw. Walters at his hay in the Lott by us I & Little Alfred took the Cows & went to pike afternoon pottering about home Hannah & Saray Price here paying visit

28th Wind about North heard Rummels falls, fine day warm fine hay time, I off at Hauses Got 25. Cts paid Kuglar 18. Cts I owed her 12 & Spent 6 on to Taylors Spent 6 Cts Meet Doct Brookfeild on to John Elliotts took Some Brandy on to Lindsey to See If He will take George prentice He dont want So home about 9 OC

29th Wind N. & over Cast but Cleard off Wheting Saws &c afternoon at Jacob Hagys at J. Righters & Wallower & Lees Smith with I Hause I Poor as a Church Mouse as they Say

30th wind S W very fine warm day I off with I. Hause in his Chair to town he Lent me 100 Cents I over in Horse or team boat to Jersey Expeld propelled with 9 horses; two Large boats Lasht together & work a large Cog wheel like in Wallowers water wheel in between the boat

Augst 30th 1817

paid 6 Cents passage Eat 6 Cents oysters & 1 Cake 1 Cents I think their was 40 Jersey wagons & Chairs at first on Lower ferry & nearly as Many at 2 other ferries all or nearly Market people they drive their Some in Evening & Some in morning put their horses to hay 12½ for Each horse in morn & 25 Cents If all night It is wonderfull what a supply Comes from Jersey to Phila Market we back to R Lewis & Sup on Cat fish 40 Cts I paid 25 Cents & Hause paid the Rest home about Dark

31st Wind. N. fine Little Shower about 10 OC- Last Evening my Nurse sent for Last Evening by Joe Supers wife She very Ill, only been 2 weeks here very fine industerous woman It Cost me 89 Cents yesterday with an old turnpike debt I owd of 13 Cents so Lived very saveing only Supper work me up I Bout 5 Cents of Sasagaes sausages & 12½ of Oysters, 6 Cts in Jersey & 6 at horse market I Sleep up Stairs nurse Gone I off about 10 OClock for Haverford meeting ½ Jill wine John Elliott did not Meet agreeable to promis Seen Abraham Lewis He agree to Meet Me at Elliotts 3 day the 2nd of September I Back and dined at Hauses on Chicken pott pye home Several here Jacob Hoffmans wife & others

September the 1st 1817 Wind N in Morn fine pleasant fine day Well man here to Sink the Docts. well I at pike for auger & at I. Price’s for tools

2nd. Wind S W fine Clear day prety warm, about home till noon then at John Elliott Settled all matters with Abe Lewis as Exect. to A. Walters Est Spent 6 Cts. They gave 175 Cts for my Troble & 4 dollrs. I paid for appointment of Guardians. so home

3rd Wind S W. foggy & warm day Well man at work I pottering with till noon then with doct. Mason at Esqr Youngs his Boy Jim’s Mother Summinds him Says He has Abused him put it off till the 8th at Yerkes’s we on to Spring Mill ferry & went to See the Spring; Stopt at Thomas Livzely He a Child very Ill with fitts Doc+t gave it adose for wirms home by Judge Jones, So home took Coffee with the Doctor about 10 OC-

4th Wind W by S Well man at work poor out I their till noon then at Kuglars on a referance between Isaac Warner & prentice tea at J.J So I came home

5 Wind S W fine day attending to well make a very poor out Pawlin Mowing Boys finished halling dung by noon I attending to Well man & dung &c

September 6th 1817 Wind W. fine day Boys at hay I about the well & at I Hauses the well man Give out Blowing & agrees to sink a hole in Middle

7th Wind W. over to Isaac Hauses & him & I set off about 10 OClock for our poor house to his place Stop at J Elliots G. Gin Hause paid on to blank above the Valey forge fed & got Sort of Dinner on by french Crick Nail works Crost Schuylkill about 2 Miles above & arivd at poor house Left my papers, on to one blank He treated to Some whis a Jolley old horse Cutler which He prides much, & In his Son a Doct here we recrosst Schuylkill, aroff road to ahalf Brother of Isaac, he has ahansom farm on to one Custers tavern Glass Gin on to one Capt. Millers Brotherin law to Isaac, very hostabele hospitable prety well informd Gentlely man here we Staid all night Sup with him I very unwell in night vomit & Lacks, in margin; “8th” Started without Breakfast on to pugh town Calld at astore ½ pint wine & 3 Eggs for which I paid 14½ Cent, a violent Finley Democrat candidate for Governor, said to be favored by Irish tho a dutchman, Pugh town has about ½ doz; houses in about ½ Mile 2 Stores no Tavern, one old Saw & 1 Grist Mill avery Rude Crockit crooked road & very Stoney in part

8th 1817 very fine Pleasant day Our horse Lost 3 of his Shoes, bore to the South out of our way to one Ludwick Tavern on a new Turn pike from Warrin on the Lancaster pike up to Church town & their took breakfast very Good fair fare– Smith away so no horse Shod the most wonderfull Stoney hilly road from Pughtown I Ever traveled & dare Say never was a Chair on it before I paid 50 Hause 37½ total 87½ for B & ½ Pint whis & oats soon to blank & got our horse Shod, this is the Best & hansomest farm I have Seen I believe Since I Left home He is on a branch of Brandywine hansom Stream He say He can make 100 Acres of watered Meadow He has a very Butifull Large Quantity now, & many fine fatt Bullock from their to Rhudolph Harleys a very fine persevereing man, oyl Mill Spining Meshean, & most wonderfull improvements Hansom Dewlings dwellings, Barn Saw mill &c about ½ Mile; from Hauses farm, I View it a very Butifull elavated Situation & the Soil nateral very Good tho prety Stoney but the most of it Arable Eat Some very fine water Millions & took tea with the Tenent, returnd to Harlens & Lodge

8th Septr. 1817

very unwell Somthing Like a Cramp or Colic in my Bowels & Stummick, I Somwhat alarmd Harlens wife fine woman a daughter of old Rinehart a Stanch Federal, made me Camamile Tea hot water to Bathe my feet Gave me Allowas Alloway’s pill Got a fine Sweat

9th Wind S W up Soon, & my pills had the desired Effect 5 or 6 Stools took Bearkfast breakfast 3 dishes tea & Cake I. Hause Concluded to Stay & Try to Sell his farm, I left their in his Gig about blot OC- & his gray horse Stop at Red Lion & took a Jill wine 8 Miles 12½ Cents. on to old White horse old Lancaster road at Jos Peirces Jill wine & 4 qts oats 25 Cents So Started about 1 OC- came Eagle 2 qts Oats Jill wine 12½ Cents arivd at Hauses about 5 OC home about 6 OC- Rather fateagued Total 114 Cent

10th Wind S W very foggy morn & warm day well man at work Churn auger at pike Get auger Sharpened Bout 200 pickel Coucubers cucumbers for 62½ Cent & 1 qt whisy, 20 Cents

11th Wind S very warm day boys halld in 2 Loads hay George mowd, well man Got his auger fast did not Loose till 11 OC

I off afternoon at Hagys about Election, took tea their So home

12th Wind S foggy Morn & very warm day. Set off to Jont Jones’s & Elliotts Esqr Youngs H R Wards & Wm Hagys about County Meeting & hunting Money got none Sup at Hagys & so home thunder to north few drops of rain very great Shower in Philadelphia

13th Wind N & avery great alteration in air I Set off about 9 OC- for Wentz tavern on County Meeting Paul Jones Meet Me at Spring Mill we dined their 75 Cts. horse &c 25, prety Large Meeting Great Stir for Governor Federal & Old School for Hester illegible Demos for Finley J. Jones Elliott &c Viz 8 from Merion home by Norristown home about 11 OC- very Cold Wind N by E I was unpleasant Cold

14th. Wind N E over Cast very Cool not at Meeting Reading the death of Able, at the Doctr begun to rain Evening Cant get at it much

15th Wind N.E. very Raw & unpleasant day at blot Isaac Price’s put a board over his bulls Eyes, with Ditweler Looking trees for Rails at Hauses Meet with Doct. Hydrick gooing to western world Spent 12 Cts

16th I mist with Hause at ferry So home at noon wet fore noon

Septr. 17th 1817 Wind S W. fine pleasant day Evan Evans & Self & boys Spreading dung George plowing 1 q Whisy & ½ lb omission 45 Cents of McCoy; at the Doct.

18th Wind N W. been a lite Shower in night, Cock Crowd gooing to bed Shure to raise with head wet our Coacks cocks Crowd & tell took perticular Notice, but Could not, discover the Least sign of rain But so it was ashower in Night Pottering mending fence &c George went with 3 horses for Lime, Hagy here. 1 qt. Wiskey

19th wind Pottering about N W very fine Morning & Butifull day George home about noon with 30 B Lime from Cleaver at 22 Cts per

20th Wind W & fine pleasant day I at pike got 30 lb of flower of Hause Started ½ after 12 OC- for Hauses tavern 5 Miles above Norris got their before 3 OC- prety Large Colection but did nothing but agreed to Meet on the 29th instant Sup at Norris 37½- Cents Mare fell in Schuylkill & wet me much Stopt at Hagys got a drink

Sept 21st 1817 Wind N W fine Clear pleasant day I with Jos Prest & son at pike He wants rent the Lott & Smith Shop dined with Hause at the Church a man from Jermantown to preach, Parmir not their I home

22nd Wind E overcast Several Showers tho not heavy Spreading dung till noon George plowing, I at Hauses ½ G. Whiy. on to Taylors our town meeting near 30 Meet Self in Chair Jont. Jones Secretary appointed Balor inspector & Pechin Assessor with a proviso If the Democrats will give us assessor we will take up their inspector If they will not compromise we will try our Strength P. Lower Lent me 50 Cent & we Spent 12½ Cts. per man took a little Gin So home appointed 14 Committeemen & adjournd, Young & Amos Old School went home before we gott to Business

23rd Wind S. & very warm morn Clouded up & rain about noon I at T. Prices they halling dung I dined with Docts on ayoung Goose half East Indiane very nice took little peach brandy so home up to Jones’s in margin: “for Lower”

1817. September 24th wind S E & wet I pottering about George plowing wet till very near noon Lower & Self makeing a Coffin for Joel Supplee finished by noon & Took it down & Buried him Baptis vaught vault, probably at Blockley Baptist Meeting Spent 12½ C

25 wind N.W. Cool but no frost at Spring Mill Tavern with the Doct. Little Gin Mint So home to Dinner at I Prices they at the dung halling I took tea at Isaac Tamsin Roberts that was Ruth Thomas & daughter & Several others their

26 Wind W Cool morn fine day Saml Roads hear for a Coffin for John Lites Daughter went for Lower We fell to work after 11 O’C & finished before night John Harrowing George Cut the Buckwheat I at Prices Evening

27th Wind S W. very fine day Set off about 7 OC- & attended the Burial at Wildays yard home about 2 OC- Spent 12½ Cents at I & T Prices Settled a bond of T Prices So home Evening Smart thunder Gust from W.

1817 September the 28th Wind N W fine Clear Cool day at Meeting a Short Sermon by one Kite from Phila Reading all the afternoon Except walk with I. Price to his woods & at Tom Prices awhile

29th Wind N.W. up soon Hunted for frost but found none tho felt Cold enough so Cold Last Evening it silencesed silenced the Catydids, I help to hall dung till noom Wm Smith here to dun me for 30 dolrs- I had not it, Grant here to dun me for his wife’s Legacy I had put it out & Cant get it Carter & his Fatherinlaw- John Lite here & pd me for his Viz Carters wifes Coffin 9 Dolrs But I took but 8 Dollrs I after at John Whitemans & Measurd the Mason work of his house at Jont Jones’s & took Little sup of drink So home rather Cool to be plt pleasant

30th Wind W fine day boys halling dung I at T Prices Got 65 drs 41 Cent Robesons money at Hagys pd Grant 60 drs his wifes Legacy at Gillchrist ¼ wheat flower 160 Cents pd blot 3 pair Shoes

October the 1st 1817 wind N E & wet morning at Prices got a full blood ram to run with my Ews, Cleard off about noon I put in 3 Lights of Glass at T.Price’s very troublesom boy tharshing seed wheat Sary Price Gone to Jane Walters I at the Doct. Eat a dutch herren herring

2nd Wind N. plenty of frost wrote my name on a board in frost Boys & Self Diging Potatoes dug 15 Rows, 3 Cart Loads besides about 5 of Scotch Gray I say 40 Bushels, & halld them home Lower here but did not help

3rd Wind N W prety cold off very soon at the Potatoes dug 3 Loads & finished by moon noon I at the town Ship Election 163 voters the Demos beat us 22 for Inspector & 14 for assessor the Great Strife for Governor Hester & Finley Irish & Hester German, But all Calm got word John Evans had departed this Life

4th Wind W. I think frost up soon & took horse for John Evans, meet Lower, said they had agreed to bury at 2 OC turnd back & begun the Coffin, finished & took it down & interd in freinds yard Merion

after with Yerkes & Constable at Sculper’s Vandue Jacob Morris’s Executors seize on his property for Rent no persons But Yerkes Blair McClenechan & Constable Holgate; their, Blair Bout all John Evans Carpenter work many days & help me to make a Number of Coffins I never would wish a More Industris man Good honest hart, He got a fall Last fall made a Cripple of him in one of his knees which Render him unfit for Business He got discoraged & took to whisy. He was on the 22nd at our town Meeting in good Sperrets He got some Bowel Complaint & quit whisy. Sent for Doct 3 days after but too Late Got deranged & Sperrets nor medicin Could restore him, He has left 3 Childern & young widow, He was at at repeated one of the neighbours on the 28th as well as usual Got word that Hannah Roberts Long not long to live Hannah so Calld Ant to Jont Robeson now no doubt above 90 yrs old must make this Coffin to Morrow when it Comes, & Bury next day

5 Wind S W fine Sent for Lower being first day made small Coffin for a Child at Curwens one Robeson an Inglishman

Oct. 5th 1817

Left Lower & George to finish Hannah’s & I attended the Burial of the Child at Baptis Yd- & then meet Lower & George at Robeson’s & put the old Woman in So home

6th Wind W. fine morn attended the funeral in our Yd. afternoon set George to plow I burning Potato pops tops? at Hauses & at Gillchrists with Hause ½ lb tobacco 25 Cts- Back to Hauses Sup their so home very dark & Lite rain–

7th Wind W. in Morn like for a fine day, Got South, I off for Thos. Lewis’s Burial afirst Cosen our Mothers was Sisters begun to rain about 10 O’C Just as I got their, & most violent Shower about 11 O’C- till 12 OC- at the moment as the funeral was Starting. I Left my horse at the house & got in the Chear with Isaac Price Just as we arivd at grave yard wind got west & blue the most violent gale with rain many turnd the back of the Chairs to the wind & Stood Still I was apprehensive it would up set the Chairs Interd him in Springfeild yard

Returnd back to the house dined & returnd home at dusk it Cleard off, afternoon very pleasant rather Cool, warm in morn

8th Wind W. & frost I think boys toping Corn I Mending Old Table, at Hauses 1 Jill Gin at Shop for pig rings–

9th Wind W fine Clear morn & no frost, at Hauses for my Fann Cleand up seed wheat then tharsh Buck wheat Great Commotions about Governor Secretary N B Bileion has Come out against Finley & infavour of Hester Ruth Thomson & daughter here paying a visit Loyd Jones here with newspaper all pull for Governor few drops of rain Evening

10th Wind West & Large white frost up soon Sent for Harrow to Hauses, gooing to Sow wheat Susanna Evans here all night Sowd 3 B. & 3 pecks in No.2- plowd 3 times Since the oats & dung Litely harrowd it one way only the way it was plowd 2 Lands Sowd thin, finish’d tharshing Buck wheat had but 6 Bushls. Sowd 1½ B. I Gave 150 Cents for their was 2 or 3 hot days kill the Blossom It is a precarious Crop Sun or frost of Late destroyd it

October 11th 1817 Wind N W & Large white frost & very fine Clear Cool morn & very pleasant day boys tying Corn fodder, I help some then makeing a Coffin for a Child at the falls factory man Evening at pike Hause had 10 person diging potatoes He says he will have 400 B off about 1½ Acre they turn out well planted on Sod If they the dry Spell had not Come so Soon their would been great Crops, but If they the Sky was to fall we ketch Larks, we ought not Mermer

12th Wind S W. foggy or Smokey no frost. took the Coffin to falls home to dinner then back & attended the Burial to our Yd. Spent 1 G. 12½ Cts & man paid Me 3 dollars & 1 dolr for the Grave He Left in Polly Yerkes hands

13th Wind S W fine day Lower & Self makeing a Coffin for Peter Gaskill son & we took up in Evening put him in He very Stout young man 6/10 Long the Coffin & 20 I wide. He purged much Home about 10 OC-

October 14th 1817 Wind N E & very wet till noon then Cleard off I up & Little Joseph Left the wagon their Last Evening The horses Started & hook in Wheel Barrow & over Set the wagon without doing any damage interd him at Baptis Yd Back fetch Peter May to Election then went for Bowman He would not Come I off for Old West Thay they both voted, & I took them home, so back & went to the Election Got high off my Gard & Quarreled with McClenechan has give me Great remorse

15. Went to See Abraham Carrier move he was gone fell into disipation again I hope If I get well never will Commit myself again fine day

16 Wind N E & wet till noon Raw & Cold, at Hauses & widow Wilson they want me to goo to pitt Pittsburgh? Give it out Spent 3 Cents

October 17th 1817 Wind N W very Raw Cold morn Large White frost & Ice over the troff I over to Get Colbert to Cut wood at Hauses, Abraham took the Last of his Hay & Straw & his Stock tub & old Iron home to dinner, Lower here him & I at Hauses no Smith Come Spent 1 G-

18 Wind N W over Cast been alittle rain in night but Cleard off a fine Pleasant day Evan Evans put a handle in a new Axe I bought of Andee Lindsey I got of him for 3 dollars; afternoon at the Society Spent 3 Cents only 9 Members Meet they agreed to dine on the 5th of November at Titus Yerkes I Still feel Low I paid Evans 18 Cents for handle

19th Wind S in morn W. after I off with I Hause to Phila. Cross Deliver Delaware in horse Boat to Camdon pd 25 Cents for Crossing & 8 Cents for Cakes on from there to Buck Tavern 5 miles on to Woodberry 3 miles prety Little Village from their Mantu Mantua Crick to William Coopers, we Crosst Little Timber & big Timber Cricks, Haus Got his Gray horse & Left Coopers Mare that he had brought to his Stallion old Peet we returnd a new road nearby the river very poor Country

Octr. 19.

Scrub Oakes & pine, no improvements Except here & their, nor will the Contree allow it poor sandy or Swampy tide runing up every Little gut, we arivd at Camdun after sun Set got in team boat propell’d by 9 or 10 horses two Large boats fastened together & the wheel between them & as owers oars work’d by alarge Spur wheel, the horses on deck under Cover & raild in worke in a Circle whoes whose diamiter about 22 feet perhaps, we on to upper ferry, feed my mare 12 Cents I paid tole in Jersey 12½ Cents & 25 Cents ferriage total 83 Cents I think we road 38, or 40 miles home before 9 OC- at night

20th Wind W. white frost husking Corn Boys pulling & halling I afternoon at pike, Sent for me to make a Coffin for Benjn Smith, a wheel write a young man Dyed with the Collect Colic Lower & I fell to work about 4 OC- hard

21st Wind S W very fine day no frost up soon & fell to & finished ½ after 10 OC- & Started about 12 OC arivd about 1,OC & Eat dinner their Started at 2 OC- & interd him at dutch Church very Stout man Coffin 21 I. Shoulders at Hauses Prest has begun to work at Smithing Carrier old Shop gone off to Guirger Geiger town I home at dusk Spent ½ G 6 cents

1817 10th Month 22nd Wind S.W. foggy morn Cleard off very fine day, boys; holling hulling Corn, I at T. Prices pottering Glued a table Leaf and at I Hauses Supt on Catfish & Buckwheat Cakes, so home Thompson & Pawlin their

23rd Wind S W amost remarkable warm Clear day, with Lower to Show him how to Shingle with Oak Shingles, Bored & tended him till noon at I Hauses, 25 Oysters 18 Cents he pd for them was all the dinner, back to Lower, bored Some home by T. Prices Eat Supper their they Spreading dung & plowing their Potato ground

24th Wind S W very Great fog Like a Little Shower At Meeting a publick freind, & awoman freind after at Jones Spring house to See how Lower came on, at Nathan Lewis Evans to Look pay for his Fathers Coffin back to Hauses Spent not

25 Wind N E & wet Morn, Husking Corn Last Evening much Better Crop than Last year, Some Soft Nubings I finished a table & over the Sherriff was over Servd a writ on Isaac Hause in my name and I Cant think what it is for it must be on acct of the riotters I went his Bail to appear at Court on the 17 of November

October the 26th 1817 Wind N E & wet been wet night & rather a drisseling day at Isaac Prices Bout 2 walnut trees 32 dollars, after at Meeting & Spent the afternoon at Doct Masons home & Read the testament

27th Wind N E foggy & Cloudy & Little wet at Hauses & Smith Shop home & up to Buck Capt Holsteins & Capt Smiths troops meet at Buck Smith from Delawar old Chester Spent not George Cut down a Chesnut by Shop

28th. Wind W & very fine pleasant day over at pike Got 10 dolrs. of Colbert 6 of Hause to pay R. Steel 3 drs of Hause Steel would not take 2 Willimton & 1 Somerset so paid him 13 drs & I ow him 337

29th Wind N W. & hard frost ground froze prety hard Ice plenty off with Doct Mason, to Spring Mill, He their to See Thomas Livesleys Child They would not follow his Regemin & He gave his wife a good Lecter & so quit them afternoon over at pike got my Ligten lightning rods So home Hause Gave me 3 or 4 dozen Catfish & a pan Rockfish Rebecca Finance here with Ann, at Yerkes

30th wind W very fine day Got Evan & Thompson & Cut 2 walnut trees Bout of Isaac Price

Octor 30th 1817

we sawd one down & Chopt the other down, Evans & I Chopt it Evening T. Yerkes & his wife & self in Evening at T Prices & witness his Mother Hannah Price’s will & She insisted on me take & keep it to read it If I thought it proper at her death, or to prove it first but not to give it up till it was proved So home & finished the Last of our Corn

31st Wind N E & over Cast no frost- begun to rain about noon George plowd & Sowd Henrys Lott with Rye I over at Hauses He & I at Gillchrist for Oil Spent Glass at Taylors & 1 at Hauses ½ lb tobacco 25 Cts home & at T Price’s to tell him I will Get Oyl

November the 1st Wind N E wet night & very wet Morning & very great rain all day I at Smith Shop got Mall ring welded Spent a Glass with P. Lower so home to dinner afternoon made a Mall at Doct. & at Yerkes alittle while

2nd. Wind W Clearing off at Meeting afternoon at Doct a little Reading & till ½ at 9 OC.- until half past nine Polly Yerkes here a while Boys at Dutch Church

November 3rd- Wind N W & fine day about home drawing Dots. pump boxes &c at Isaac Price Gave him a bill for a necessary &c they picking winter apples boys Carrying corn to Shop John at Gillchrist & Got 5 Gallons of Linseed Oyl for Thomas Price I owd him

4th Wind W & avery fine day at pike Got my young Mare Shod all round Jont Jones their home to dinner after at Jont Jones in order to goo to J. Elliotts He no horse So back in Evening Peter Gaskill their, Kimber their Plastering Boys halld a little wood–

5th Wind N W Large white frost & small Ice I at Yerkes He treated to Little gin, at McCoys Store back Splitting posts by the Shop Evening at pike pint Bear So home amost delightfull day quite warm Widow Morris’s people diging potatoes in Shirt Sleeves & Warner Shingleing at Morris’s in Shirt Sleaves

6th Wind S very Large white frost & Little forze froze Clouded up about noon & begun to rain by 3 OC- & very Smart Showers in Evening G.W McCoy & I at war office pd him 12½ Cts, So Round to I. Hauses

November the 7th 1817 wind S W & Clear’d off very warm & Calm Like Spring a lite fog the Boys Cut 3 apple trees down in old orchard Give McCoy 2. orders one on J Young for 14 Drs & one on Ward for 13 drs I did not Colect 1 dollar yesterday at I Hauses paid him 9 Cents for bear &c it a most remarkable warm day afternoon Thompson & G Streaper & Evan Evans help to Cut 3 Cuts in a Walnut Log tree Bout of Isaac Price treat them to a pint whisy & pint Bear for Self 19 Cents

8th Wind S Cloudy morn & Lite rain at Yerkes Treated Evan & Self 12½ Cts. raind alittle in forenoon very fine warm off to I Hauses He & I at A. Carriers above the Buck round by Jno. Elliotts on to Haus’s Sup their so home Met with one Brinton Delaver County He has a Judgment against Hause for 500L. He says his Judgment is not above 3000 Dollrs

9th Wind S W & very remarkable fine warm day at Meeting after about home reading

10th Wind S. & very red to Sun rise & raind before 8 OC- Yerkes & I off for poor house on to Bull To Elliots Glass 12½ Yerkes paid

Novr 10th 1817

on to Bull above the valey forge fed 37½ Cents Yerkes paid I gave the boy 6 Cents on to Buckwalts oppisit the poor house. I Gave a man 12½ Cents to Show Us the ford or Ride before arivd to poorhouse about 1 Oclock dined Yerkes took his Seat as one of the Directors I view about & presented my Act. I finde bad Cistem their they have Charged Paid for R Holland as out door poor 124 drs. & my Acct. for the hole time was but 98 drs. & I never recd. but 40 drs. they have drew 26 drs. as out door poor & He was in the poor house great vilianly proceeding Stayd all night we were Entertaind very hansom, at the County Exspence

11th Wind S & very foggy morn up Soon Got Breakfast & they arrangd Some act. So off about 10 OC- Stopt at Markleys Tavern fed & 2 Glasses & 2 qts oat 50 Cts Yerkes paid all walk to Jesse Beans about Some Business to inquir If any orders of mine was amongst Markleys papers on to Norris Dinner at Webs Yerkes paid I pd 25 Cents & Lent me 5 drs I gave

Novr 11th 1817

Gave paid 5 dolrs to Jesse Roberts on Acctt of Expenses Witness against Riotters on to ferry Spring Mill I pd 25 Cts on to Hagys So home 7 OC-

12 Wind S W & very foggy warm morn Breakfasted on Suckers present of Mary Mason’s off to pike informd Hause that Joseph Pearce has Servd him & not Joseph Price as I read it & I went his Bail in abond home to Dinner Evening at Isaac Price’s he walling his well took up the wall & Sunk it about 3 feet it had Got nearly dry took tea So home very dark & prety hard blow from West with rain dark

13th Wind N W & a remarkable fine Calm Morn & very fine day no frost at home till noon after at falls, they Erecting a very hansom bridge Van illegible arcitect on, the Arch above & the road goos Level a butifull improvd plan, the first aCain one fell twice, so done

November 14th 1817 Wind N W fine day whitefrost off after breakfast at Shafers & Bill McCoys at Peter Hansils He pd me for Benjn Smiths Coffin 10 dollars Spent 6 Cts at Pughs, on to Nathan Evans He pd me 10 dolrs for his Fathers Coffin at I Hauses Spent 6 Cts. So home

15 Wind S E & rainey morn at Yerkes pd him 5 drs. He Lent me at Norris town & 25 Cents on acct. for Gin not much rain afternoon, at Hauses & Jont Jones’s Society day & their Annual dinner, & Election Peters presendent Curwen vice Breank Secretary & E.P Walter assistint Secy. only 11 Dined & Peters Spoke for 20 Dinners, Dinner 100 Cents Club 175 total 275 & Yerkes was not paid first Cost I beleive they had made such provision I dare say & think their was a great plenty for 30 men of Kean keen Appetites

November 16th 1817 Wind N W Cool morn but no frost, at I Price & Yerkes’s in Morn at Meeting after about home at Doct. alittle while & reading no Cross no Crown I felt meek & humble & Condemd that I have not Been more Cearfull careful that I not keep my Childern to the one thing needfull to adore their Maker

17 Wind N E & hail about day & then rain a Cold wet day about home till noon after at Hauses H Henry killd a Cow He Bought of widow Morris for 26 drs & She weighed 540 lb very fine interlined: “at I Hauses”

18th Wind S & much warmer been a very wet night & morning wind S warmer than yesterday Wind N W & blue Colder & Cleard off after night, at T Price Evening Reading till 9 OC-

19 Wind N W Clear Cool day off about 9 OC- for Norris Crosst at Spring Mill high fresh on to Norris Yerkes along Hause pd my dinner horse & Glass 31 Cents Glass at Wells 12½ Cts at Yerkes 12½ Tobacco 6 Cts 56 Cts total so home at dark- froze prety hard

Novr 20th 1817 Wind N.W. & hard frost Henrys pool froze all over raw day at Meeting had a man from Carrolina Mantian mansion,– prety emminet man, perhaps as I fear I was not in a frame of feelings mind to receive it for He was not so powerfull as Some I have felt, amost Serious & awfull Sircumstanc circumstance happen’d, As Able Thomas & his wife was Comeing to Meetg. in Chear, up the hill below the Doct his observd wife Seen the horse not goo right or goo too fast till got up to Chair before then Slackened She Look at him her husband & the rains reins was drop & He Leaning back dead, & they Say never Breath’d nor Sturd, Several people before & behind they took him home try to bleed him but to no Effect Sent me the Measur & I begun the Coffin Sent For Phillip but He work not

21st Wind S E & over Cast & Snowd alittle in morn but keep off after only anuff to Say it did Snow Lower & Self finished the Coffin at omission took it down & put him in 18 I. Shoulder 9 I. head

November 22nd 1817 Wind S W fine morn been rain in night foggy & froze the fogs take with frost Yerkes & I off to town Bout Screws 70 Cts 100 1¼ Sprigs 50 Cts 100 Inch 40 Cts horse &c 37 Cts ferriage 2 Cts pike 3½ Yerkes paid gooing 3 yrs flannel 100 Cts Cloth 3 yrs 12 drs 75 on trust dined with Edw Price Spent 6 Cts So home

23 Wind N W & prety hard froze George & I off in wagon and attended the Burial at 9 OC- Buried him in our yd at 11 OC- He has been dead 72 Ours hours, & no Swelling nor purge He was perfect as If Just dead He was about 72 or 73 years old, a most wonderfull Concoures concourse of people 52 Chairs & Carriages I not at meeting afternoon with Doct. Mason at Judge Peters He very Cleaver 74 years old got fine daughter, Sarah Supt with the Doct so home

24th Wind N.W. & very hard frost off at T. Prices put in 1 pain glass He halld 2 Walnut Logs for me I Bought of I Price 16 drs. with him to Lees Sawmill His dogs put up a Rabbit & put it in a tree & Then Caut it Raw Cold day very Little thaw to day

Novr 25th. 1817 Wind W froze prety hard off at Thomas Price’s helping to pull Corn George along, Sent for me about 11 OC I home a Coffin to make for Thomas Humphreys wife near 86 yys old Got out the Bottom & head & foot on walk with Jont. Jones to McCoys Store then home with him & Call on Lower to help me on to I Hauses Sup their So home about 9 OC thaw prety much to day

26 Wind W. froze prety hard but very pleasant day Lower & Self finished the Coffin about 3 OC- & took it up above the Buck on Turnpike back & Calld at Taylors Spent 25 Cents So home about 7 OClock–

27 Wind W. Large white frost very pleasant day pottering about 12 OC- & attended the Burial to Haverford & interd her, I dine at the house at Hauses pint Bear 6 Cents so home

28th wind W. whitefrost fine Morning & very fine day at I Price’s they put in a new pump made of walnut afternoon Stopping Chimney in Room

29 Wind S W very fine day Evan & Self hewing Girder for I Price ¾ of a day treated Evan 1 Jill 6 Cents

30th Wind W Cloudy no frost blot at Meeting afternoon Blair McClenechan George Alfred & self in my wagon at Sm. Gibson for Elecariseing Meshean very pleasant warm home about dark

Decr 1st wind W a lite frost at I Price’s soon & put agender? in Cart house at the School at Examination after at I Prices finished Cart house

December the 2nd 1817 Wind S no frost pleasant morning husking Corn at T. Prices home about 12 OC- Last night finished at T. Prices They have a great Crop Boys halld two Loads of wood begun to rain by 10 OC Smart Showers Showing Colbert trees to Cut at pike pint bear 6 Cts home at Yerkes Evening Wind Shifted to W & blue up Smart Shower & Cleard off very black

3rd. Wind N.W. & froze too hard to plow prety Clear, Black Clouds at noon I say say repeated Snow & their Come up 4 or 5 violent Showers of Snow from West till it Coverd the ground & blue hard, & prety Cold whet a Saw & Slit out Stuff for a pair Shetters at Yerkes Hause treated to Mug Bear I home & went to See the Doct. George Curwen their He paid me for Robesons Childs Coffin 3 drs. I took supper with Mary Mason & Curwen & Doct Road away wind fell after Sun Set & very Calm

4th Wind N W & very hard frost dam froze all over, boys halld the apple tree wood out the Orchard Self & William & Alfred at meeting afternoon at pike 1 M Cyder so back overCast in Evening & Calm–

5th Wind N Cleard off & hard frost at work at Cart Body Lower here Gave him an order on Colflesh for 9 dollars I over to pike

6th. Wind N.W prety fine Clear day

December 6th 1817

Wind N W White frost I at work at Cart Lower here to get the Boys to hall wood no gears So put it off Evening at Doct. Sup their So home & read the read repeated history of Last war

7th wind S W fine pleasant day at Meeting at Yerkes He off to poor house Thos Thompson along–

8th Wind S. W white frost fine day off with I Price to Look wood for his Necessary breakfasted their potering about at Sundries

9th wind S W very fine pleasant day kill 3 hogs E Walters B Price old Tom, G. Streaper & mySelf & boys heaviest 225 total 613 lb so spent the day

10 Wind S by W fine day Evan & Self off soon at I Prices hewing for his necessary finished home & Ground the Chisels & rung 8 hogs–

11th Wind E over Cast all day damp at I P. at work Steven Goodman for me to make a Coffin for nerse Child Rachel Right had at John Goodmans Steve help finish’d it & Buried it Evening at Church Call at Hauses Spent 12½ Cts

12th December 1817 Wind S by E wet morning & heavy rain till noon and over Cast all day Evan Evans here soon Got him to Lay out my Cart boddy, he work at it all day I at Shetters George in Lite wagon to mill so wet a great noise about a peice published in the Balance about Titus Yerkes turning democrat Mary very wroth

13th Wind North morn & Cleard off wind got S & very remarkable warm day T Price Plowing Evan & Self work at Cart. Afternoon Doct & Self at Judge Peters & at the falls Rode over the new Bridge Just finished on a new plan very hansom susspend by arches above & the floor Level at Watkins Tavern Doct & Some of them Server several & Watkins Got to play Bilards billiards & drink wine Cost me 100 Cents all I had home about 12 OC- very dark Doct Carried a Lanthorn & Candle all the way Lite done very well I keep behind him–

14 wind S warm & wet morning & overCast All day mockkey mucky damp day at Meeting dined with the Doct on wild duck home at Yerkes’s drink of Cyder He treated

15 Wind S E. been a very great night of rain very heavy Showers & wet till noon the wind N W & Smart Snow Shower Yerkes & Self off in my wagon his horse & my young mare to town & Got 2 Women out the Alms house that belong to our County Started with them about 12 OC- from town wet & Sloppy roads, Got on above Robeson Righters hill our fore wheel give out one fellow felly, the rim of a spoked wheel fell out

15th December 1817

on we went very Slow till we got to Wonders tavern about 7 M from town, their fed I thought our Jant jaunt was over, but Yerkes determind to take them one of them was Exspected to be Confined Every hour almost He Yerkes hired a Chair of woner Wonder, and He went to I. Youngs Tavern at the 8 Mile, one Kenvis Carried one of them in his Chair their & I road up their hired another Chair & I put my Young mare in, never in before, and off we Started on to Norris town Stopt & fed & Got Somthing to Eate, Started about Sun Set for Poor house 12 Miles roads very omission turnpike very roff, arivd at Percaomy Perkiomen Coustys tavern at 6 OC- Glass Gin 12½ first I paid He advised us to go by Trap Trappe, on we went & arivd their between 7 & 8 OC- hard time we must drove 36 miles, 25 to Trap & 3 from their & near 8 from our house to town Got a good dish of Coffey our horses put up, & Spent the Evening very agreeable with Barr & wife She a very fine manageing woman all things in their place, we almost forgot the toils & fatiage fatigue we had Sat up till about 10 OC- to bed had a very good nights Sleep

16th. Wind N W in Morn & hard frost had a very Great Snow Shower their yesterday Roofs Coverd & fences &c took a Charming Breakfast

Decr 16th 1817

at the County’s Exspence & Started about 8 OC- gave the old man a poor 12½ Cts. so on to Deweses in the Trap on pike to See about the Borers, Spent 12½ Cts Soon for Norris arivd about 1 O’C- fed and took dinner 125 Cts I pd. Capt. Mathews troop Meet & dined at Webs He Sent for me to take a glass of wine Yerkes their we took 3 or 4 Glasses & off for home I Left my Chair at Youngs T.Y pd 150 Cts. for it on to Wonners He Charge 100 & mug Bear 12½ I pd. Got up our Broken Wagon Chaind & tyd off not to the falls before hoop off & down we Where were, run on Spokes till they give out, what to be done. Godfrey Deil along, tye a rail under the fore Wheel & to End of Wagon that would not do no purchas to keep it up down it goos We’ll make it says G. Deil, we take the hind wheels & put them before & rail the hind one, the Little fellow & Yerkes fell to & got them on, with Great Difficulty to get Lince linch pin in, but Succeed and on we went about 50 yds. down goes our rail, we Soon procured another Stout one, & refited, Crost the new bridge at falls & arived at home with wrong End before without any further accidents my Exspence 293 Cts. in margin: “begun to Snow from South by 10 OC & Snow till about two then pleasant”

December 17th, 1817 Wind W. & hard frost, but thawd much in Mid day Evan Evans at work at Cart I helping & at Yerkes Witness to a Lease He gave one Cox for his place at Susquehannah at T. Price He in town Isaac at Norris, Evening at Jont. Jones to get Lower to work took tea So home Sun Set very fine

18th Wind most S & very red to Sun rise very Large white frost & froze prety hard I down with I Price & Sup at T. Prices & got work at Stavely for his Chattle cattle in his upper Stable Enoch Price help me, no Lower took Coffee Evening & so home George halld walnut boards from Lee Smiths the tree I got of Isaac Price over Cast all day & begun to rain at dusk Evan at work at Cart

19 Wind W. & Cleard off Lower & Self at Tom Price’s at work Snow Shower from west heavy one got very Cold

20th. Wind N W & Snow Showers from W. & very high wind & very cold afternoon Lower & Self at T Price’s at work, I quit about 4 OC- and meet the Society

21st. Wind N W very hard frost & very high wind & most remarkable Cold at Meeting dine’d with the Doct Jont Jones & Doct Leadom was to Come did not

1817 December 22nd wind N W Sharp morning killd 3 hogs weighed 534 kill 2 for Yerkes 368 one for Dot Mason 207 E Walters Ben Price, Pawlin Evan Evans Yerkes & George Streaper Yerkes found i.e. supplied the Liquor moderated much

23rd Wind W. hard frost but a pleasant day much warmer Schuylkill froze up & the Delever Navagation Stopt; Yerkes halling Ice with I & T Prices team I at I. Prices they killing the Bull I at I Hauses turnpike He in town mist Seeing him S.pent 12½ Cts Yerkes Stop Lower & me from gooing to I Price’s to hall Ice

24th Wind S E red sun & soon to bed Evan & Yerkes finished my Cart body, Got T.Prices old horse & George halld Ice & Prices team & finished filld the house Ice 4 Inches thick I Cut up Docts hog Broke some Ice with Paul Jones at Hauses to try to Buy dung 1 B. Salt 100 Cents

25th Wind S very wet morning warm at Meeting afternoon about home George McCoy here this Christmus day Evan on the run

26 Wind S W very fine day Lower & Self at Isaac Price’s at work at necessary they Blowing Rocks

December 27th 1817 wind W froze so as to bare omission fine day at I. Prices at work all day

28 Wind W. fine modert moderate day at Meeting Lukens 2 daughters here to dinner & Mary Walters I at home all day

29th W. S. over cast misting at times at Price & Lower at work very muddy & dark Evening.

29th 30th Wind S E & rain about day & weting all day but not very hard Lower & self at T Prices at work

31 wind W & Cleard off very Calm no frost Swapt a young heffer with I & T. Price for a Beef Cow She weighed 407 lb 56 lb gut fat & 53 lb hide at the Doct puting up his drum & Stoping Chimneys dined their then at I Prices back & over at pike Hauses pint Bear so home Lower at prices finished Little house