Joseph Price Diary


Wind N W Whitefrost pleasant day at Meeting in Morn & afternoon a man from Philadelphia Preachd in our School house I know not what Society he belongs to but I Beleive him to be a Christain Christian & Zealous man took tea with him at Yerkes’s, I feel humble & that I out ought to reform from my Evel ways

23rd Wind S W & a very remarkable fine day, Tom Miller here & dredged the water out the well near 2 f deep & line one blast near 1 foot It Shatterd the wall So that Miller would not venter in again, over at pike got illegible per illegible, Loyd Jones after me that old Archey was dead a black man from the Hutson family brought up with Robt Holland from 8 or 9 years old been at T. Prices Several Years He was taken this day week in Evening with aplexeese apoplexy & dyed about 1 OC to day about my age 63 yrs. I home & went in well & at T.P– took measure of old Arch So home Evening Miller off–

12 Mo- 24th. 1816 wind S & amost remarkable heavy white frost & wonderfull fine day P. Lower here soon begun the Coffin for Old Arch & finished about 1 O’C took it down I we Interd him after 3 OC- I at T. Price’s took tea, then to Isaac Price’s they Cuting up hogs, very good fat 1 qt of whiskey 25 Cents–

25th wind S. foggy soft morning froze not any, & reamarable remarkable warm day Sun Shin’d most part at I.Hauses to Look at pumps 1 mug bear 12½ for Lower & G. Gin home to dinner Chicken pye after at Meeting at School house one Nathan Tompkins a Methadist formily, but asort free Christain I think avery Zealous good man– George Bridson preach & prayd wounder how powerful He was Yerkes treated them & me to a dish of Coffee So I home He was to hold meeting at Church School house, had a Large Meeting “Church School house” probably means schoolhouse at St.Paul’s Church.

26th Wind S no frost warm day over at pike drew the pump up & Searchd plug every knot put it in no better 2 m. Bear & 6 Meals 1 pint wisy. Starn & Westi Weist their till 8 OC A Heston their

12 Mo. 27th 1816 wind S no frost with yerkes & I Price at Doct Anderson about the Road Mill Creek Road at G. Weist, He Raising the water out of his well by a rope home to dinner Felix Washer here to Look at doct.‘s well Evening at Store Sent a hide to Jos. Georges 61 lb very warm boys halling wood in their Shirt Sleaves warmer than many days in Augt.

28th Wind W. & froze the Ground prety Cool & windy till noon then S & much warmer– Jesse Lower & Self at pike Cut & hall a tree to make a bottom tree for the new pump we Cant finde the Leek in the other, Colbert hunted all day almost but no Luck, J. Jones hunted but did not Succeed, promises to Come in the 31st & recommend us to wait– Total Expences 50 Cts besides 6 Meals So home Cloudy

29th Wind S W over Cast not froze any Pawlin Got 1 B. Potatoes not at meeting snow a Little wind West & Read red at Sun Set at Thompson all the afternoon

30th Wind N W & froze prety hard very Clear fine morn pleasant day for work Felix here at well I at the School Thompson & self drawing a mortgage from McDorman & Judgement to Job Evans Tompson dined here 5 words crossed out and illegible Jos. Evans here I with him at Yerkes Esqr Young did not Come

12 Mo. 31st 1816 Wind S by Little W. Large white frost Felix here & blue 2 Blast in doct‘s well At Smith Got a long auger they made a bad out Black Jess here to dinner we off to pike he hunt’d for Leak in pump but did not finde it 1 qt Whisy 25- Evening Like the Mo. of May the vulgar fireing good deal about to drive the old year off