Joseph Price Diary


April 24th 1820 Wind S warm day Set Jos to plow I over to pike meet Richardson & up to Kuglars Got a note Changed & pd Richardson 6 drs. in full of his Bill, at Coopers Warner & Obe Obadiah Wilday at work their Cooper & self at Store I Bout 10 lb. nails 100 Cent back and Eat Supper with Cooper

25th Wind S W warm off at Coopers him & I at Molly Evans vandue I home Obe along & made a Coffin for Brook’s Child He had a daughter several words interlined and illegible except for “to day.” Perhaps a reference to the death of another Brooks child on January 19, 1819.

26. Wind W. took Coffin down so back Meet Reed & Bicken & Vies & Jont Jones at Mays about the old mans will dine their home & attend the Burial after Walker & I up to Jonathan Jones took tea So home

27. Wind S E & over Cast off to David Roberts Got 350 lb hay on to Coopers Back home Bicken & Read here & dined with Us off with them to Mays Robeson & Thomas Price Prais’d old Mays goods Back & got my Chare & Thoms Prices omission & up to Jont Jones’s & got a bond blot of Mays So back to Robeson had blot a very fine rain with 2 words illegible or blot Showers–

28 Wind N W & fine Cleard off rather Cool off in Chair took Read, Mays soninlaw to town Bout 28 lb nails for Cooper, paid Reid 4 drs. paid dinner & horse 75 Cents ferry & Bear 12½ Cts Got the Bill of measurement house & Barn Gave Blair McClenechan order on Hailey for 10 drs for his sons Coffin to pay for Boards

April 29 1820 wind N.W. black Cloudy & rather Cool Cleared off about noon over Cast after Wind E all day at pike at Cooper at Gillchrist Tobacco 12½ at Kuglars at Hoffmans 12½ Cts Holland Cuting Trees for rails Jos. Harrowing Corn Ground I presst much by Isaac Roberts to Indorse at Bank for 40 dollars at Doct & Robeson a little while Evening

30th Wind N fine Clear but Cool morn pleasant mid day at Meeting Edw Price my Nephew up & back to town Rees & Benjn Price paid him 300 dollars & he Deposited a bond of Jane Price’s with me for 700 dollars for Collection He Sets off for Georgia tomorrow Morning Isaac Price here to Tea I walk with him & walk about his farm He has Sold 30 ton of hay abov He Got above 700 drs for it I very deprest read awhile & to bed, they Say frost Edward Price is the son of JP’s cousin Rees, deceased.

May the 1st- Wind N hear the dam very Cool morn Edw. P Walter here with his wagon him & I off to forks of road for boards Got 1069 feet & 1 plank 56 feet for Cooper ½ G & Bear at Eliots 12½ pughs bear 12½ So home by noon at Obes He & Holland Sawing posts back & went to See the Militia Muster & Stadlemans Company Great Collection of Rabble Spent 12½ Cts for Oysters Cake & Bear Lent John Holland 6¼ Cents paid Obe 12½ Cents

2 Wind N. high Cold wind I unwell. off to pike & at Cooper Obe their makeing troff for well Sent for me John Righter Jr. dead

May 2nd 1820

I home & begun the Coffin Obe Came about 2 OC- & we got it dun Cool dry time very Cool in Evening pint whis & ½ pint Bear

3rd Wind N W Large White frost Cool Morn too Cool for vegatation no grass yet fitt to turn out livestock but I out of hay & been forst to turn out above a week amost remarkable dry & Cool Spring off in Morning with the Coffin & put him in had a good deal Conversation with the Old John Righter & wife He very old Born the Same day & year as General Washington 1732 retains his faculties remarkable his hearing &c He fell this winter which has prevented him from walking as He was very active before & Used to much Exercize been a very hard worker in his young days he must be in his 88 year Back to dinner & Set off ½ after 12 OC and attend the Burial to Baptist yard Great No- of Carriages & horse & foot at Taylors ½ Glass Hoffmans so home wind most S by E & Cloudy in Evening

4th wind S.E. prety warm Clear day very dusty dry, Cold time I off to pike home to dinner after at Coopers at widow Fiss to Look money none at Sibleys at Kuglars Gave her a bill for a Coffin for Downingtown Carter kill for with Wagon back & Sup at Hoffmans so home–

5 Wind S E & blue much & broken black Clouds I off to Wm. Dills Dehavons Young Esqr at flatt Rock Grow Young along Look Like rain But none Comes Meet Agle & Signd his Petition for Road down to Crick to Leverings Schuylkill

May April 6th 1820 Wind S E & Cleard off been a few big drops of rain in night Clouded up before noon Like rain, and begun about 5 o’Clock from omission tho thunderd to West, a gust went to north I beleive Just raind So as to run off the Roofs over at pike Settled with old Printz Carpenter work at Coopers house 112 drs Coming to him Obe’s work at Measurment Came to 108 drs besides his days work ½ G Gin Home George & John my sons here & Robert Yerkes they from Phila

7th Wind N E Cloud Sun Shind out soon but rather over Cast I hope the rain not over, but seems it did not rain after bed time, Like rain all day but none Came, at Meeting George John & Robert Yerkes dined, at the Doct awhile Wm Dills Girls here at Tea I walk to Isaac Prices to See his Mother Back read awhile so to bed when night & it was Star Light–

8th Wind E & over Cast one would Expect rain but it is such a dry time Seems it Cant get at it. John off very Soon for Phila afoot I off to pike McElverany & others not at Copper Cooper Senpt spent 6½ Cts so home to dinner Cleard off a fine warm day Jos Harrowing the Corn Ground Holland diging 12 O’C- in my feild, poor wike weak man I am I affternoon afternoon at Coopers, Obe their He omission before Night I took their Coffey their so home 3 Cents at Hoofmans Hoffmans a Small Shower 5 OC- Sun Set fine Holland helping Benney at Rails

9th Wind N W Clear Cool morning Begun to mark out for Corn, I at Coopers made a Bill for his Carriage house Eate dinner their then at Humphreys mill & at Joshua Humphreys took 3 or 4 Glasses of wine then on to Millers the Buck He treated us to whiskey. Gave him the Bill meet Jont. Jones their Cooper along we had a long walk–

May April the 10th 1820 Wind W fine morn not so Cold as yesterday walk to T. Price back to Breakfast & planting Corn Benjn Price & man help Obe & Holland we got done by noon 1 Peck of Corn from B & Rees Prices pint whis to treat them so, very Stiff sod & rather Ruff not rotted plowd this Spring afternoon at Pike at Sibleys at Fiss’ Got 950 Cts. at Taylors at Finances at Kuglers 12½ Cents at Robesons Sheets paid me 5 drs.–

11th Wind S W. fine Morn off Cuting Logs Edw P Walter his 4 horses halld 2 Logs from Back woods Obe & Holland Sawd them home & Got 2 Logs Orchard woods E W took them all to MacClenechans woods perhaps JP meant “mill”?, afternoon attended Peter Mays vendue, or on his Property I Bought anumber of articles Robeson Cryd the vendue Read & Bicking Execrs had a most Charming rain Evening

12. Wind S.W. & amost violent great Shower about day blue off from West fine Clear high wind — after before 7 OC– I beleive we not had So much rain at one time this 12 months amost Charming rain from dusk till after 10 OC- warm Study rain not So violent Robeson & Self up to Vandue house back & up to Savades Savages the Sherreff tryd to Sell his place went to 1500 drs not Sold back to war office two to Robesons Got 1 qt Brandy so home

May 13th 1820 Wind S W fine day or morn off for Norristown arivd about 12 OC Crosst at Spring Mill Seen Pawlin & Ross about the Law Sute of the 10 acre Lott of E. Prices dinner & horse & boy 62½ Cts Webs 6¼ Cts ferry 18½ Cts, Kuglars 6 Cts & She paid me 7 dollars for Tinneys Coffin the Carter killd by the wagon fip at Robesons So home had 2 Great Wind blazes at Norris & here with Large hail but not much rain–in margin: “Near where wind blue down trees & fences about us here Seen no damages anywhere Else”

14 Wind W. Cool morn & fine Little Shower from W Lasted about 10 Minits walk with Evan Evans to pike He prety well up had money Got 2 Bottles Cyder 4 G. Eggnog 2½ pints whis & 1 Glass Brandy He said I owd him for helping makeing a Coffin and I gave him 50 Cts He allowd full pay of all demands So home to Dinner not at Meeting at Robeson up with Doct. to Jonathan Jones his wife bad Breast

15th Wind W very Cool morn fine pleasant day Cut up or off a walnut tree in Doct Lott after plowd for Potatoes then off to pike & at Coopers put 2 Bolts on Stable doors & Stay backs to 6 Shetters Obe put them on then dined with Cooper & on to pike 1 J. Whisy 6 Cts Obe Came to Doct. & put up a petition partition for horse Stalls

May 16th 1820 Wind N. wet morn over cast & weting all day not much very Cold & disagreeable at pike Mending fence between E P Walters & my Land dined at J. Hoofmans after at E.P. Walters back qt Whis 12½ Cents So home Court time Robeson gone up–

17th Wind N Cold & Wet Morn & wet day Set off with Isaac Price in his Chair for Norristown Stop at Bird ½ Glass 6½ Adams trial & McClenechans did not Come on, dinner 50 Cts horse & 1 Glass 25 Ct. Bacco 6 Cts Torrences 6 Cts total 90 Cents Cake 5 Cent home at dusk Cold wet not havey heavy but Soaking rain 18th Wind Seen the sun & rainbow in Morning about 6 OC. tho Shower all day

18 Wind N W. Seen the Sun in morn but Soon to bed & over Cast after & Several Little Showers through the day at the pike Smith Shop pint Whis for Evans He hewing post home to dinner & posting up my Accts against Cooper at the Doct. & at Robesons ½ pint Bear paid John Atmore 5 dollars for Splicing pump at pike in full pd him 5 dollars in winter paid H Henry 5 drs on acct of Shoemakeing killd a Calf paid 50 Cents on acct to Obe Wilday Gave Ketchs boy 50 Cents towards buying a Cow his dyd this Spring

19th. Wind old Course N & wet morn Smart Shower about 6 O’C- & hard rain till about 11 OC- abated till about 4 OC. then Smart rain till Evening wind Still N I do not recolect Such rain from N did not Even Get N E I think & beleive We had not so much rain this 2 years at one time

May 19th 1820

off to Edw. Walters & Got him to Coppy my Acct. against H. Cooper for building my his house & barn We finished about 5 OC- & walk to H. Coopers & took tea Back to Wm- Penn tobacco 5 Cents ½ G 6 Cts. Mary & Jos. in town to market with Veal & Butter not returned at 8 O’C- nor did not Come to day

20th Wind old Course N & over Cast & W & S W, & misting now & then Lite Scuds Seen the Sun 2 or 3 times as it appeard, I at Pike Smith Shop Got Richardson to Sign a receipt for work at Coopers, home to dinner, then Came Prest to Get a Coffin for Adam Lutzenburgs Son a young man about 21 Yrs Killd in a well for above the Buck He sinking it for John at the Buck the Rope Broke & Bucket of Stone fell & killd him dead, Sent for Obe & we fell to work & nearly finished, Seen a Star to west & the moon appeard with a Small Circle I Calculated on a Clear day to morrow in margin: “two rain Bows Sign of Showerey weather”

21st. Wind W. in Morn finished the Coffin over Cast Like wet a little Soon in morn we Set off with the Coffin about 9 O’C- Jos. Obe & Self Got as far as Church & then Came on from S. but Shifted to near West a Great Shower wet & Spoilt the Polish of the Coffin, on and arivd at Adam Lutzenburg & put him in, it was Quite Large it was 20 I Shoulders head 9½ foot 8 I. Jos & Self home to dinner half after 12 O’C took dinner & back again we where were most too Late Great no of People their, we had a very hard Shower as Jos & Self Came Back before 12 OC- we attended the Burial to dutch Church

May 21st. 1820

had a very Smart Shower at the Grave yard Just as we Lett him down so home & had a very heavy Shower derect after we got home from Nearly West after every Gust it Look Lite but never Seen the Sun to day their has been much rain this Spell Soked the ground finely but not so heavy as to wash much Red at Sun Setting Simpson symptom of Clearing than any Evening Since 15th Been rain every day viz 6 days rain Every day we are a poor Murmering Set Complaining of dry & Cold Spring, now of rain–

22nd. Wind N. & Cleard off very Cool had a Shower in the night or toward Morn I off about 8 OC- for Norris Supened subpoenaed on Jurry jury Stopt at Harreys Spring Mill ferry paid him for twice Crossing & 2 Small Glasses 25 on to norris too Late for Call of Jury a great tryal of Conel canal Company & Thoborn a factory man whose mill they had drowned by their dam they had 4 Lawyers thee the Great Little man John Sargent that made such a speech on Mesurey Missouri Compromise Business in Congress I Santered about till dinner Dined appeald to the Court to Get Excused & they Granted it I a pain in back & a pain or soreness on my Left kidney, dinner 50 Cts horse & small Glass 18¾ Cents Cakes 3 Cts Tobacco 10 Cts total 125 Cent with 6 Cts at the Buck Coming home; had a fine Shower at Norris in margin: “Ketch a torkle with J. H John Holland on it dated I think it was 1782 all the appearance of old age”

23 wind N W fine Clear Cool morn & fine day the only day Since this day week without rain, wind S & S W. very warm before noon then the wind freshend up & pleasant I at Jacob Sibley, helping to frame his Barn & at the Buck to Borrow 40, or 50 dollars to pay Printz got none

May the 24th 1820 Wind N.W. & fine Clear Cool morning. Looks Like Settled weather I off to pike & Sibleys helping to frame his Barn Come up at noon avery fine rain with thunder to West finished nearly all But Rafters Smart Shower in Evening I at Coopers to Look Money, Get none took tea with them, at Hoofman & at Robeson He gone to Norris & not returnd in margin: “John Conrad there dutch almanack Says Such weather as to day will be all the year I think he Says”

25th Wind N. & a Smart Shower in morn before 6 OC- & Cool & yesterday so very warm before noon Jos halling dung for Potatoes I at pike Borrowd 75 Cents of Hoffman & Gave it to Printz & 25 Cents made 1 dollar I Back & went with Hoofman to falls He 4blot Shad I got 2 for 25 Spent 1 fip So home had a Shad for Supper, at Robesons Loyd treated to a glass so home red to Sun set been a Clear pleasant day after 8 OC- in margin: “Ketch a torkel with R.H on it dated 1784 36 years old”

26 Wind S E & weting in Morn avery rain Great great rain till ten OC- viz rain heavy Indeed over Cast all day pottering about till noon then off to help Jacob Sibley to raise his Barn and a frame Stone Stable big wet in Evening only 8 hands at Lutzenburg a little while took Supper

27 Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn up soon Holland off Let dog in house He bark & scrash’d so I had to get up at Robeson He Lent me 5 drs to pay for my Little Bull I am to pay him 8 dollars for him a fine Smart Little beast Jos. Geard up the 3 horses & we halld 2 Loads of Scantling & Lath from Sawmill Some for Doct.‘s Piazza, Bout veal from Levering 16¾ lb 1 dollar, afternoon at the Buck meet the horse Company only 12 Meet Garrigus in Chair I Staid a while So walk back Calld at Hoffmans 1 fip the Last Cent ½ glass

May 28th 1820 Wind S W fine Clear Cool morn no rain to day George & John & R. Yerkes here I at meeting at Doct alittle E. Tompson & E. Price along Capt. Rickard wife & daughter here I Sent them above Wilsons

29th. Wind S been a little Shower in Night flying Clouds but no rain to day at noon Obe & Self at Coopers overhalld his Scantling for Coach house fined find it their Ground Chisels &c perparetory for to morrow home to Dinner He said not a word about Cash tho I ask’d him a day or two agoo I off falls to Look fish Come up a Smart Shower from S W fine rainbow Spent Glass at Mendinghalls Got the Grant of 50 Shad in Morning If Epley Say If I dont get them He treat So home

30th Wind. S W fine Clear Morn Jos. off with Cart for to Look for Shad Got none I off to Coopers Obe their Soon we begun to frame his Carriage house got most got done framing I dined & Sup their, Come up about 6, OC- a very great blow but only a fue drops of rain we work till dusk, took tea off Stopt at at repeated Hoffmans not in house off Obe along very dark & begun to rain at Obes very great Shower from West very dark abated I on Come on another when I got in meadow a Still heavyer rain till I got home I got very wet after Come on a third more violent the heaviest we had this Spell & keep on one after the other till after 10 OC- & I beleive It raind all night remarkable Curcil round the Sun I think I never Seen Such a large one 1 qt whis of Hoffman for Holland, Jos halld aload of Scantling from McClenechans Saw Mill for pails pales gates &c &c —

May June the 31st 1820 Wind E & very wet morn & Continued till noon then wind about N Cool & very Like rain I at pike & E P Walters He posting up my Acct against Cooper Eat dinner their Glass Gin at Hoffman E.W. up with me So home not any money amongst any of them It has been a great rain not so much in the same time this 2 years I beleve

June 1st; Wind N W fine Clear Cool morn but warm in midday off at Coopers finish’d framing & Raisd his Carriage house Steve Goodman help me

2nd Wind W & fine Cool morn & fine day tho over Cast afternoon but no rain at pike at E.P. Walters home to dinner finished halling dung for Potatoes I at Sheets’s at new Store at Savadges Great Possey their drinking at De havans war Office no Money amongst them back at Robesons ½ Glass 6¼

3rd Wind N.W. been a little Shower in Night Morris McClenechan Got 100 other evening at 3 fips per 100 I off with J Hoffman to town in his Dearborn Borrowd one dollar of Doct Brookfeild Bout 1 qt of oyl 25 Cents Dinner 25 Ct, got 6 dollars of Saml Young Gave my Son John 6 dollars paid ferriage 12½ Cts paid pike 25 Cts in margin: “12½ tole”, Spent not a Cent in town Bought 15 lb of Beef of R.Bradent at 6½ Cent per 15 fips So home about 5 O’Clock over Cast Like rain but no rain to day only 25 Cents Brout home poor as illegible Jos. Planting and Plowing for Potatoes for Obe they finished near ½ acre

June 3rd 1820

I Seen plenty of Cherreys in Market & plenty of Straberreys Mary Yerkes Says their was Cherreys & I think She Said Straberreys this day week which was the 27 of May I remember when a boy of them Cherreys on the 27 May fair for our old Sal a negro woman of my Fathers always went to Spring fair the 27 of May & mother or Some of the family Gave her Sum penneys to Buy Cakes &c &c I took one of her old Coppers that She had got from Some of the Childern & told her to buy me apenney of Cherrey & she did so thinking it was my penney but it was a Swindleing trick or Yankey trick that has prest my mind as that I Never Can Erase from my memory It was adishonest act that I must Condemn myself I suppose I was not above 8 or 9 years old yet it has made Such an impressing on me that it Gives me remorse Ever since

4th Wind S W very fine morn Set off for Shad & herren herring no run of Herren Got 100 Shad at 12½ per viz 12½ drs per hundred Got 100 blot Gave me took 25 Shad to Obe & 25 to Printz at 312 Cent per Holland & G. Streaper help to Clean them Thomas Tompson here to dinner I walk with him to pike I did not Get any thing to drink Thompson off in Stage for Philadelphia I home & at T. Prices back & reading the Spectator, a Great omission Corrected the Morrals & Manners of the nations of that day

June the 5th 1820 Wind S E fine Morn blots at planting Potatoes planted Better than ½ acre 6 B. from Rees Prices about peck from I & T Prices Messensort, fine Lite Shower about noon & another afternoon at Isaac Price’s Evening Obe & son help Joe & Holland help him blot the 3rd with plow & halld his dung the day before ½ day & Better than ½ a day planting So must not Charge him

6th Wind, S W fine warm day I off to Coppers Coopers Raisd the Rafters & Lathd home Evening Good ½ day Obe 1 day

7th Wind S warm day off very Soon by Hoffmans & up to Sibleys help to Lath till noon Got dun then to Cooppers Coopers Boarding his Carrage house Obe all day, to blot at H— Spent 2 half Glasses 12½ Cents So home Great Circle round the Sun never Seen Such a Large one but once before then Came a Great rain next day

8th Wind S by W off Soon to Breakfast Obe & I finished Shingling his Carriage house Little after dinner say ½ day then at Lewis Knoxs help to put Sills under his old Barn took Supper So on to Coopers & home by Hoofmans very warm fine day most hot on Roof

9 Wind most N. here hear the dam at Flat Rock off to pike Obe Sick I Back to dinner off & took the Mare to Taylors forders? horse Spent 2 fips So home in Evening prety warm day

June the 10th 1820 Wind S W. & very warm day off to Coopers Obe along, Cut out the doors for Carrage house I put up the Rabit Strips rabbet, a groove at edge of a board off for home about 10 OC- Jill wine So home to dinner Cooper here went to Robesons a vendue their wagon & Cart for Sale & nomber trowses trousers & hats & Handkercheifs &c no of people their Young B. West their to See Me Spent 1 fip & Gave Evan 12½ Cents home

11th Wind E & over Cast Jos. off with the Cart to get Herren for Obe He got 300 at 25 Cts begun to rain soon & very smart rain 11 & 12 OC- then fetch Jont Thomas He that married Latitia Evans She been ded many years He maried a widow in Phila. made out prety well He died their & fetch him & Buried in Friends Yd. I attend at the Grave yard about 1 OC- It wet much whilest in yard a number of Carriages their, Showerry in afternoon at Doct & at Robesons in Evening

12th Wind E & wet morn E. Tompson here Soon Holland & G. Streaper prety high by sun rise I over at pike Gave Evan Evans 12½ Cent Spent 12½ Cent wind E misting & Some very heavy heavy repeated Showers accepted an order from G Printz for work at Coopers In favour of John Colter & put my name on the Bill or order I am a poor Creater went to Settle with Hoffman for Hause rent but not nerve to attack him tho I know He Recd 1000 drs. Lottery money He receivd this day week & He ingaged to pay the Ballance of Hauses rent meet Saml Starn He & I took aglass together So home Evening very foggy Like Brake up in Spring I am much Deprest & in debt Hoffman has succeeded Hause as tenant at JP’s William Penn Inn.

June the 13th 1820 Wind about S very Calm Cloudy morn & much warmer, wind Shifted to S.W. and a very Great Shower before 7 OC- & Cleard off before noon very fine pleasant day Fulerton here & help Holland to Split Brad broad rails I at pike & at Coopers 2 qts whiskey for Fulerton & Holland So home Lintz Bore’d me hard for Money

14th Wind N W. & very fine Pleasant morning & very warm day, Jos halling rails to pike; Wm. Fulerton pinting painting or pointing I off to Coopers hanging doors to his Carriage house, &c dined & up their I ½ day Strong

15 Wind W. & very fine pleasant morn & remarkable pleasant day tho over Cast now & then at the pike to See If Hoffman Could raise 100 drs for me He promised to goo to town with & pay me He haveing his Money in Bank & had no Blank Checks I home & got up the mare & went to Capt. Towers a Road Jurey to veiw to Lay out roads from his Factoreys to Loyd Jones s or Leverings road & the same Jury to view and Lay out a road from Levering Mill to flat rock bridge Dined with Capt. Towers & took alittle Brandy so

16th Wind N.W. fine Clear Morn & Been a fine Shower in Night, J. Hoffman & Self off in my Chare to town He paid me 120 drs on Hauses Acct. I paid Tom Taylors Bill for work 82.47 Cents to one Hatton who had my Settlement Tom Sold it Bout Hat 100 Cts one for Jos 12½ Cts; dinner & horse 100 Cts orrigins oranges & Cakes 10 Cts peas 12½ Cents

June 16th 1820

Mutton 40 Cts 5 Cents lb for a leg ferriage 12½ Cts Elliots 6¼ Cts pike 12½ so home Obe made a Coffin for old man at falls– —

17th Wind E & over Cast Been a lite Shower in night but Cleard off fine warm day I about plastering Corn &c, till 11 OC then Set off with the Coffin to falls arivd & put him in Santered about Bout 1 fips of Cakes & Eat 4 had no dinner, over the Bridge Bout 12½ Cts Wirer wire to ring my hogs 2 Cents for ferriage or Bridgway, Got ½ G. at 5½d Prest them much to move about 4 OC Got started interd the old man in freinds yard provided for Strangers Spent 4 Cent at J. Robes then meet the Society argriculter son John up

18th Wind N W very fine pleasant morn rather Cool I off Christophers Lintz Christopher Lintz’s & paid him 22 dollars in full for 10 years Intrest on abond of 100 drs back to Dinner being first day George W E Price here & Dined on Leg of Mutton, Reading walk to Doct

19th Wind S E & very fine Clear Cool morn off to Coopers He gone to town Jos. Harrowing Potatoes they begining to Come up He meet me at Pike & we Sawd two Cuts & Split 10 axel trees so home to Dinner then meet the Supervisors of the road & help to Lay a road tax Layd about 1200 dollars; they pd Supper 6 of us 31 Cents per viz 96 Cents ? & 4½ pints 100 so home after 9 O’C- fine moon Lite Evening

20th Wind S W fine Clear Cool morn but hot mid day plowing awhile at Coopers back to dinner, off to J Righters De havans, at Sheets so home Spent 15 Cts & got no money of them

June 21st 1820 wind W. & fine Clear Morn fine pleasant day over at Coopers & at Hoofmans Got one Gallon Whiskey for 40 Cents, back to dinner Cooper here him & I at T Prices to Look at his Spring house, at Owen Jones’s & Jonathan Jones & I at Hooffmans Sup their so home

22nd Wind S.W. & fine warm hay day Son George John Holland & Wm. Prest boy here Mowing In new Orchard very Excelent fine Crop of Timothy & Clover at pike & at Coopers home to dinner Rakeing hay heavy thunder to west one Gust went N the other to S about none here at Robesons Evening

23rd. Wind W & S by W. & very Smokey Like Spring till noon wind freshen’d up & Cleard it off Obe & Self fell to make a Coffin for Israel Morris’s wife at Meeting 18th & well & taken Ill yesterday morning & a Corps this Shows the uncertainty of our Stay here we finished about 5 O’C- & I took it down Holland Prest boy & the Little boys Spread & rake the hay Obe help a little while E Tompson here nearly all day high as Bacous Bacchus Swaring & Laughing &c

24th Wind N in morn heard the dam it Got S or S W & very warm day Scearsly a breath of wind Smokey in Evening I off about 9 OC- at I Morris’s & Screwd up the part of Lid of Coffin, so back to E.P. Walters & home to dinner, off about 2 OC- & attended the Burial to Haverford yard, amost wonderful Concours of Carrages & People had 3 Sermons home about Sun Set- I forgot to take 2 screws put me in wonderfull fret or scear in margin: “Boys halld 5 Loads hay”

June the 25th 1820 Wind S & Smokey Like If it was over Cast Stillwagon Came after night Last Even to get a Coffin for John McGee fell off a load of hay the 21st & died the 24th. Evening up before 3 OC- Calld up John Holland & sent him for Obe my Son & I off to Shop Cut out Bottom & head & foot, by Candle Lite Obe arivd & we fell to work & finished by 9 OC- very Roof Stuff but made a good Ridge Smooth Coffin, I got ready & Started with Coffin ½ after ten O’C- Obe home very warm I got their about 12 O’C- Dined their He poor man I know Great no. foot people & few horse Horatio Jones Gave them Short preach we Started about 3 OC & arivd at Radner Church about 5 O’C- Come on a Smart thunder Gust & lasted perhaps 2 hours however till near Sun Set It wet prety Smart in yd. when we Let it down I returnd about sun down much fet tierd tired

26 wind N W fine Cool morn but a fine warm day I at pike morn planted 2 Rows of Callavan pees, after noon at Joshua Humphreys Measuring his Barn took tea with them back to pike I had Hoffmans mare ½ Glass so home

27 Wind S W Cloudy morn but Cleard fine hay day I over with Jos. & plowd awhile at pike for Coulter back & makeing hay G. Price Holland & Nelson mowing in the Meadow Yerkes & blank here They been to See Rhudolph about the rent of the tavern in town say Yerkes will Stay without He Lowers

June 28th 1820 wind N W. fine Clear Cool morn but warm day Holland & George Mowing till noon then Rakeing hay Good deal fitt to Come in but halld none, I at pike for 1 G Whisy. I at hay all day not quite finishd the meadow George Excelent mower, I think the Crops not heavy as Some Seasons, at the Doct Evening

29th Wind S W very heavy due Clear warm morn & warm day finished mowing & halld 8 Loads in I at hay all day

30th Wind N fine Clear morn & very fine hay day the Inglishmen would Say a very hot day I say the hotest day this Season at Whitmans Measureing the Mason work of his house back by pike George Mowing the turnpike Lott home & help to hall 4 Loads of hay & finished the meadow Evan Evans help one Load & part of another & then run got over the Bay, George & Holland help to halld the Last Load we had 12 Loads out the meadow one Small I might Say 6 ton & 5 out orchard

July 1st Wind N. in morn & S after Holland & Evan & Self at pike finish’d mowind mowing the Botton Bottom George Lift & Spread & Raked & hall 2 Loads in wonderfull fine time for hay makeing the Ground so dry & so hot that If we get it Cut it makes without troule

2nd Wind E in Morn then S fine day at Meeting after at Robeson paid

him 5 dollars I had Borrowd of him to pay for a Bull I Bout. & I paid him 150 before I owd him 106 Cts for trowses & Suspenders I Bout at his vandue & He ows me 44 Cts thunder to west but no rain here

3rd Wind, S by E & over Cast all day very warm but no rain at pike & at Coopers, Looking out trees to Lay in Spring to Build on back to pike & so home, Ann & Self at Abraham Carriers & Jesse Gigers to Get walnut Boards, at Buck paid 3 fips had ½ G & 1 Glass Some time agoo Holland & George mow at pike & halld it home small Jag the Last dun

4th wind S W & very foggy morn I Hause here all night been up the Country for a horse George Jos & Self at Black Bens for Load of hay perhaps 8 or 10 hundred home & drest & over at pike Stadlemans Company meet & dined their 56 dined in Grove Citizen & the Soldiers I dined with them dinner & Club at 100 Cents I Spent a fip beside home Evening Loyd treated to Porter & gin so heady Stuff

5 Wind S very warm day I vomiting & Lax very bad got Better & off to Coopers they not ready so back to pike took a Little dinner & some Gin Hoffman Reaping Rye–

6th wind S Clear warm day over at pike for my Ax back & Cut a tree for Doct. piazza Obe along Joe plowing amongst the Corn John Hofman Reaping his Crop 9 Reapers & two men Mowing his Rye Stuble Came up from the Stuble of Last years Crop doth not recolect so much a Crop from Stubble

July the 6ht 1820

Wind S W afternoon & thunder to West I hope a Gust not any & very read at Sun Set afternoon at Hoffmans helping Shock Isaac Hoffman & I Shock about 150 He had 160 dozen He Bout of Hause at 360 dollars & He had from Last year’s Stuble never Sowd 24 dozn I Cant acct how the Seed did not perrish We not had such a remarkable dry Season perhaps this 50 Years but the Stubble of Last year has General produced ½ a Crop

7th Wind S Clear & dry morn, off after breakfast at Coopers put hewd Logs foundation of his Springhouse, Obe & Steve help, Come up a fine Little Shower Cooper paid me 100 I paid Printz 10 dr Steve 10 & Lost 10 dr So home I much hurt at my lossing 10 dr at this destressing time for I owe som to the Carpenters Gave Obes son 5 drs-

8th Wind S E in morn & Cloudy till noon on my Reapind reaping day they muster about 8 or 10 hands & we fell too to Rees & Ben & Negro Came after breakfast negro got the negro & went off would not Come to dinner Cleard off at noon; we finished about Sun Set had about 100 dozn Rye & 86 or 87 wheat they drank about 1 qt. per Man with Commers & Gooers we musterd with the Boys &c all of our town above 20 in Evening all Ended Clever

July 9th 1820 wind S by W foggy or hasey morn warm day at meeting at home all day Son John & Robert Yerkes up in Chair much thunder to N. & N.E. & to S W but no rain here a gust both sides of Us & much Litening after night–

10th Wind S W morn & Cloudy Come up a little Scud of rain off 6 OC- I at pike & back Got Obe along it Cleard off & we fell too to & halld in 124 doz. Rye & 37 of wheat Obe behaved well & we work very hard Thomson here & help with 3 or 4 Loads Got prety well up & fell off the Cart in Barn But Escape’d without hurt–

11. Wind S.E flying Cloudey clouds but very warm day, I off to Obe’s him & I at Coopers made a Door frame for Spring house & Cut out 2 window frames & a door frame Obe Sick did not do much, we Set the door frame So back to Pike 1 Jill whisy 12½ Cents home about 5 OC- & took horse for Buck paid Blair McClenechan five dollars & took up a Note of Blair’s to Miller of 11 drs Spent 12½ Cents So home G. Smith here in Evening to Get a Coffin for Wm. Smiths Mother

12th Wind S by W Sent for Obe George Price & I Begun & Obe Came & we fell too to & finished by ½ after 11 OC- I Sett off ½ after 12 OC- arivd ½ — one Oc- Attended the funeral to dutch Church, had a great & Effecting discourse in the Church & at the Grave Little man from Phila wonderfull Little man preach’d Like a freind without a book

13th Wind S hot & dry day off by Sun rise to Coopers Made 2 windows & door frames & Mortised the plates one hole day work faithfully–

July 14th 1820 Wind S E morn thunder to S & W by 7 OC off to Coopers Come up before 9 OC- with much thunder a very hard or heavy rain wash’t & run much and a number fine Showers till 5 OC- amost reviving rain had not so Much this many weeks, back to pike paid Supper Super? 27:50 Cents Printz’s order Spent 1 fip So home Sun Shind very fine at Seting

15th Wind N W fine Cool morn Some what Cloudy but in hole fine harvest day Jos. Plowing for buck wheat I at pike & Obe Makeing a gate & put a Stop on the Roof under the Coppis coppice to turn the water from falling on the door, at Coopers for groveing grooving Plains to make a spout dined their back to pike Come up about 6 O’C a great Blow, & appearance of great Shower but it went off none here, one Gallon whisy 44 Cts widow Price finished her harvest to day

16 Wind W fine Clear morn thunder to S W in fore part & thunder to W. but no rain here not at Meeting made a bill for Bldg the major work of addition to a barn for Joshua Humphreys 106 perch4/10 not at Meeting Little Rebecca 3 year old daughter & I at Isaac Price Yerkes up I walk up with him at Robeson He got a glass at the Doct alittle while, we Last night killd a Large black & white dog that has been Pestering Us several times George Shot him not dead our pup fought him & Stopt him till we killd him I Cut his throught throatTitus Yerkes and his family have moved to the city to keep tavern there, renting their former place, today’s General Wayne, to Robeson.

July 17th 1820 Wind S W very warm Clear day off after breakfast at Cooppers Coopers put the Joysts on his Spring house & framed the Rafters, done before night Sibley & Fulerton puting up fence at pike Obe with me at Coopers ¾ of Day Each

18th Wind S W very warm day pottering about till noon then off to Dehavens McClenechan & Several others they raisd a quart & their they Set & drink; I off Hugh R. Wards Gave him aprety Close Lecter But no money from any of them made Mac Come off home

19th Wind S & over Cast & very hot day no rain tho Some appearance at times I off after breakfast to Coopers Obe along & we Carried thee the Plates & Rafters above the Barn & raise’d them had to wait for the Mason along while He not up we Spent more tham ½ day their– this my Bearthday 67 years old & not much Better tho the time fast approaching when I must Leave this world of Bussel & render Acct of deeds done here the Lord have Mercy on me a poor Sinner– been a fine lite Shower about midnight most Layd dust

20th Wind S W over Cast up about day Come up a little about 5 OC no rain fine morn & warm day Steve Goodman Came with a measure for a Coffin for the widow Kuglar old Woman 75, Yrs then Came Evan Jones for a Coffin for Nippes’s Son 3/2 long Obe Came & Steve Staid we fell to work & finished both by 3 O’C & I took Nippes’s up & Steve & Obe took Kuglars I came round to Kuglars so home

July the 21st 1820 Wind S very Calm but Cloudy Come up about 5 OC. morn a lite Shower perhaps might wet through a Shirt I off to Bury Nippes’s Child, Sun Shind very hot about 10 OC Set off for Baptis Yd. Come before we got their prety smart rain took Corps in the Meetinghouse Horatio Jones, the Pastor held forth much it abated & we Interd as we Just Buried it there Come a great Shower it abated & I Set off for Kuglars dine’d their home & Got the wagon, Back Just as Setting off Come up a Shower Great drops detaind us a good While off & interd the old widow Kuglar I back to the house & took wagon to the Church took Some others to house Come up Just as we got to the house the Greatest Shower perhaps I ever Seen, it to S & it Came up & meet one from W & wind Shifted to W. & hard thunder many Claps I had to Sit in wagon to hold the horses they were so fraid of thunder wagon leak & I got very Wet, it was wonderfull Shower indeed; took Coffee so off for home 7 of us in & broke down the wagon; but Got home Safe,–

22nd wind N.W. & fine Clear Cool morn I off for Coopers Obe along very hot about noon we Lathing Spring house hard at it all day Spent 12½ Cents so home at after Sunt set sunset the Mason finish’d Gable about noon

23 Wind W. Morn fine Coold cool day Abe Carrier & young Giger here John & Jos & Richard Yerkes up from town I not at Meeting; Evening at Tom Prices He got Badley hert Jumping a Chair Gave John A. Price 4 dollars

24 Wind. off to Coopers Soon finished Shingling Spring house Obe help 1 day

25 Wind S W warm day tho fine Cool morn Sowd 5 pecks of Buck wheat, then off to Coopers at doors &c

July 26th 1820 Wind S W. warm day off to Coopers Soon Sow 1 B. Buckwheat for him & Layd the upper floor & fitted in doors & ¾ of day So home paid old Will 5 dollar on acct a Little Scud of rain in Evening

27 Wind S. Cloudy to W fine Little Shower before day Just layd the dust but fine for the Buckwheat I off to Coopers after breakfast hung 2 doors & made Shetter about half day fine little rain afternoon Obe & I off before night Coulter not finished Rendering between Joyst or we Should finish the Springhouse by noon Nearly 1 Jill whiskey 6 Cts Young Hastons about dark here to Get a Coffin Debra Hansel George’s widow attended a meeting schoolhouse Sort of free Baptis Bout one his Books 25 Cts

28th Wind about S over Cast, Sent George for Obe about day & we all 3 fell to work at the Coffin 22 I. wide & 6/3 Long Looks very Stout we begun about 5 OC- & finished Just at 10 OC very good smooth Coffin & George & Obe Set off derect to Lay floor in Coopers Spring house I off after 12 OC- with the Coffin waited till 5 OC- then Buried her at Baptis yard at Pughs Spent a Glass 12½ Cents Man paid 8 dollars for a Coffin for a little Frenchman Betsey Roberts’s Soninlaw, F Sheets paid me 5 dollars on acct. of money I paid for him– we had 2 or 3 Little Showers afternoon

29 Wind S.W. a fine Little Shower in night I heard it & Look out window had fine Little do- about 5 OC- when I got up George & Self off to Phila Smart Shower before we got pike & a very Smart Shower in town about 12 OC- Bout oyl & turpentine 62½ Cts paid John for Chairs &c 419, paid R. George for hats 10 Drs

July 29th. 1820

paid John 5 drs Cucumbers 32 for ten Cents 3 for a Cent or better Bout a handsaw 150 ½ doz files 50 C- horsler 12½Cts ferry 12½ pike 12½ Cts at Bush’s 12½ at Pughes 3 fips had a Glass Yesterday at Burial in margin: “James Henry ketch one of these insects that Came at the ha(r)vest that makes a Croking noise without a stop a green Colour about 1 Inch with wings Like a Catadid & Long Legs”

30 Wind S & over Cast fine Shower about day George & Self fall to work about 6 OC- to make a Coffin for a Negro Child at the Benovelent School the Lower Merion Academy in Cynwyd 3/5 Long dun about ½ after 9 OC- smooth Ridge walnut Coffin a Very Great Shower about 11 OC- as the people went to Meeting had a very Great Sermon by Herman Hains I think was his name I in poor State of mind to receive it a very onCommon hard Shower about 2 OC- I Got up the Chair & took Coffin down & attended the Burial of the Negro Child Our yd. Jones’s Sermon made a very fine prayer at house & sung plasm psalm it has Singing a great Effect on me humbles me much, walk to Robeson He a great No. of Boarders men Woman & Childern Several Showers after noon Sun Shun Just at Setting

31st Wind S & Cloudy then Broke off & very hot a Small Shower about noon at Coopers put handle to his Spring house door Eat dinner their then with T. Tompson at John Taylors to try to Get him a school at Church Spent 25 Cents back to Kuglars & Hoffmans Tompson & one Seamore home with Me Supt

Augt 1st Wind W fine Cool morn at Robeson paid Tomsn 75 Cents for pair Shoes Cochron made for his daughter too big took them for Alfred at I & T. Price to See Hannah Price about her Will She is Satisfyd with it She very feeble, Obe & I at work at Doct. Piaza Came from W. about 5 OC- 2 very heavy Showers, rainbow at Sun Set