Joseph Price Diary


January 1st Wind S.W. & white frost and very fine day, Saml. Evans here all night & till 12 OClock to day, Colecting tax, very Dull new Years, had a rost Goos Evening all Quiet Atkenson Disbury Walter & Self Spent the Evening

2nd Wind S W and very fine Morn Whitefrost & Smokey Mr Drake and I in town, about the Lease Got Bates to Draw them So home

January 3rd 1802 Wind. Severall wagons here being first–

4 Wind S E & very hard rain at the Mill begun to saw, Hagy Come and we begun to Lay the tax at all day wind W Evening & Cleard high wind, Hagy all night

5th Wind N.W. & Clear prety Cold Young Hagy & Self Laying tax McClenechan, Zell & Bryson they Playd Cards &c, Young Stayed till 4 OClock in Morn, I Layd down about 2 hours then up. Gave Enoch warning to move

6th Wind very fine day Young Came about 10 OC- Stuck very Close all day Laying tax work at night did not Get Dun we had an Irish wedding Young married them & Got 2 Dollars Cernelius, to Molly Gollever. Young Stayd all night,–

7 Wind S.W & Giveing Day we finished taxing about noon, they off after Dinner & I about home

Jany. 8th 1802 Wind S W. and off to town prety Soon Meet Drake & Signd the Leass. Meet Charles Bevans Administarters administrators Hugh Knox & I off to & Charles home Spent 11s10½ Knox paid Dinner

9th Wind N W & fineday at home all Day Isaac Sawd alittle

10th wind N W. & high wind being first day at home all day 1 wagon

11th Wind N W & Cold froze hard Thomas Robeson dead at his funeral in the Afternoon Spent 11d at Streapers, so home

12th. Wind N W & very high and Cold 6 or 7 of us Mending dam Hugh Knox & 2 hands Cart & 3 horses helping made it very Good I Gave them 2 Bottles Whis

13th. Wind W & prety fine day Disbury over at Enoch for hay 860 lb afternoon at home Rees Price & a nomber here

Janyary January 14th 1802 Wind S W & alittle rain about noon, I up at Thomas Robeson’s widow, Left Executors with Alley Roberts at Streapers Spent 1s4½ Hagy meet their we where to Arbritate arbitrate between Jon. Miller & Krickbaum, but Miller did not appear So home

15th Wind S. & aremarkable warm day, Set off about Sun rise for Graney Latch; Wife in Labour Soon back hung on all day & nothing done–I about home

16 Wind S W in Morning interlined;”but Got to, N W & blue up Cold” Sleep up Stairs by myself up soon. Over with Titus Yerkes at Mothers then up to Humphreys place Jane Selling him hickory wood home about Evening at Streapers Society day back old Woman hanging on & nothing Done

17 Wind N & Very high very Cold Lay on the Table in stove room Call about 3 OC. in in repeated Morning to See a young Son

January 17th 1802

Prety Cold Sleep on Table Last night Grany Latch, Sarah Roberts & Sister Jane here Last Evening. They Call’d me up about 3 OC. this morning to See my young son Bornd about 2 OC. fine Child with agood Deal of Hair on his head this is the first day of week- 6 or 8 wagons here all night & till Evening to day, I set off to Alley Roberts, About Thomas Robesons affairs, back about 9 OC nigth night fine Evening Finance & John Evans & others here–Stayd prety Late

18th Wind N.W. & fine day about home till noon, then at Hagys and at John Righters took them to Thomas Robesons widows to Prais appraise finishd alittle after Candle Light, She gave us agood Dish Coffee, & sent Robenhood tavern So Called & Got agallon Cider, not drank any since Soon in fall, very scarse. Some Came to town from York they sell it at 7½ Dollars per Barrel

Jany 19th 1802 Wind S W & warm again at the mill sawd one Cut up to Dinner prevented Gooing again by Comer & Gooers anumber of Wagoners & others So many Lodgers that I had to lay on my Cloke on the floor Last night

20th Wind W White frost fine day about home all day Except at Rees Price’s in the Evening he gone to town I soon back 6 or 7 Wagons here to bed about 10 OC–

21st Wind East & over Cast and begun to rain about 9 OC & had very wett day Zell & number here all day. old Mr Righnhart here in Evening Stay’d all night I not out house further than the pump prety Great fresh.

22nd Wind N.W. & prety high begun to freze about day Light frost & very fine day off very soon with John Rinehart to Algernon Roberts, about Sidle affairs back to Breakfast, then at Sawing finish one Log– amaising fine day after Such in margin:”23rd” a fall of rain very remarkable Winter after every Storm the Wind Get to South and Get warm–

Jany. 24th 1802 Wind East in Morn & the Look of Snow, Spit alittle then Got Smokey & Evening Cleard off fine, at Sunset, Hagy & I meet at Widow Warners Jont. Robesons Old place to Settle between them, Damages Done on the Place Could not Get them at it, But they Seemd to be in good State of Minde. Rather think they will Settle it freindly, Eat Supper their a Supurb one to be Shure for Such Poor People, Home about 11 OC—

25th Wind & Prety fine day Several Wagons here at home–

26th. Wind S W & fine day

27 Wind Sawing alittle fine time Whether

28 Wind W & fine day Hagy here to town paid Knox 20 D 75 Cents infull of all Demands

29 Wind S.W & fine day–

30 Wind N E & very fine day off very Soon to Hagys to Regilate the tax Commonissoners commissioners would not take it because we did not set the price to the Land, at it till afternight, Young Came in Evening home about 11 OC

January 31st Wind N W fine Clear day. Drake Down here I wanted to be off, from the Place he got in Great Rage went over to see the Old house, but would not give me any thing for that, under a Great Troble amost too much for me, John Evans here with alittle mare to Run

Feby 1st Wind S.E and over Cast Sett off to Pyets to See the Race they went to forks Road they Run & Evans Got Beet, Raind hard when they Run I home about Dusk Rees Price & wife here on a visit–

2nd Wind Sawing abig Log for Paul Jones afternoon about home after

3 Wind N W high & Cold at Mothers & Morris’s Bout 5 B Cloverseed at 8 D 75 Cents Morris * Got 3B, Walter 1 B. & Self 1 B.- in margin, apparently what the asterisk called attention to:”nigth (sic) of 3 Bittle Brout. Constable & 3 men Came Took John Evans & Toms mare great time”

4 Wind W & prety Cold, at Mothers Rees Price & Jonathan Walters Praising Brot Johns property

5th Wind N.W & very Cold Set off afoot to Robesons & Warners McClenechans so home about Sunset

6th. Wind N W & very hard frost off with Rees Price to Mark off Logs, Eat Dinner their home before night pickel & Speck–

February 7th 1802 Wind S.W. & fine day being first day Transcribe John Price’s Inventory Yerkis & Wife, Enoch Jones & wife here I home allday–

8th Wind W. & very fine day tho hard froze in morn, off for Court at Alley Roberts then up to Court, John’s Widow & I took aletter of Administration, Rees Price & Jont Walters Bondsmen for us 3 D 19 Cents Exspences 4 Dollars for Dinner & Club Jane Paid half & I half I Paid 1s10½ ferry Spring Mill– home about 8 OC–

9th Wind S W & fine day off to Court about Thomas Robersons Robeson’s Affairs– Exspences, 9s4 home after night–

10th wind S W & very fineday Got 3 B Clover Seeds at 8 Dolrs. & 50 Cent per B. David Roberts got 2 B. & Mothers got 1 B. 8 D 50 C at Mothers took little George on Poney JP’s son, born July 4, 1799 11th Wind S W or rather South & very Remarkable fine Sowd near apeck of Clover Seed in the New Orchard, hard froze hard in morn Disbury Malling rails wind South & begun to Snow about 8 OC- at night

12th Wind S.W. & Snow about 4 I. deep Several wagons here, Set off to Winters & Righters to Get them to Meet at Streapers to prove Robeson’s Will, Drank Coffee at McClenechans, Meet Bill Lewis & several others, with 2 foxes one alive the Other Dead Spent 2 Bowls Toddy 3s9 at Kuglors with them

February 13th 1802 Wind S & very foggy Snow all gone to day or nearly so, set off to town Soon Bout 2 Turkies 14s6 two fish 13s1½ Beef 9s4 27½ lb Chees 27s6, Dinner &c 6s– Up to Streapers the Recorder & probate of Wills meet us & Granted Letters of Admn. to Alley Roberts & me on T Robeson Est Society day Also home about Dark very warm Cleard off

14th Wind S.W. & avery remarkable warm day Several Wagons here being first day at home all day Except in Evening at old Molly Streapers, David Roberts Mother and Sister Jane & Sarah Roberts here

15th Wind W & very fine Clear day about noon to town Bout 4 ½ G Maderey wine at 3 Dollars, 3 G. Holland Gin 33s9 12 half Pint tumblers 5s7½ 8 Pints 6s– 2 Salt sellers 2s 18 Wine Glasses 9s– hamm 19s2½ 2 Barrels Beer 12 Dollars So home–

16th wind S W very reMarkable fine day Bill Lewis Let a fox out here that ketch Last 6 day in the snow

Feby. 16th 1802

propable probably 100 people here Let him goo about 11 OC. & seen him no More most of the dogs Mist the Entry by the People runing ahead, & retternd here then over the Pike & Down to Darby & so to Match Mash marsh Calld Tinecum & thir there Lost I home about 4 OC– I followd no further than Darby Crick Such a rabble perhaps never Colected quarreling & a little fighting. Made not so much by the Eating as it Cost me, remember this & never have another, for their is great disorder up till one OC– all Cleard off & very Still 6 or 7 wagons here, I Layd on floor & in margin:”17th” Caut a great Cold, up to Widow Robesons about her Vandue Drank tea with MacClenechan so home a number wagons here

18 Wind N W & very high and Cold froze very hard, not well Sore throat or side of neck, at John Leadoms Vendue Jacob Zells hores horse fell in pike & broke his arm & hurt his horse very much

19th Wind W & been very Cold night & Morning but Moderrated agood deal in the Course of day, at home unwell keep house allday Felix & Disbury Sawing abig Chusnut tree in new Orchard

Febry. 20th. 1802 Wind South in morn unpleasant but Warm from yesterday morning, Felix & Disbury halld the Stack hay I bout of Jacob Jones afternoon Borrowd Mothers horse (mine run away) & at Streapers McClenechans & Zells puting up advertisement for Thomas Robeson’s Vandue Zell Got a very bad fractor one bone Broke in 3 Places home after dark Spent 5½ at Streapers

21 Wind S.W and very fine day till noon then over Cast but Still warm 7 wagons here being first day I home all day Joe Walter at Bittles wifes Burial, up till near 11 OC– wind Got East & begun to Snow alittle

22nd Wind East and Snowing about 3 I deep in Morn, keep Snowing all day & Blowing & very Cold perhaps not a More Dredfull Storm of Snow & wind been here this the lanes Runing N E to S W full to top David Roberts here inviting to Silas Jones wifes Burial thought he never was out in Worst time Snow drove till Could not See any illegible

Feby 23rd 1802 Wind N.W. & Clear & Cold very Cold Set off to Torrence’s on a Jury to Value Saml. Jones Est. my Eye froze a great lump of Ice twice before I Got to Buck, Pollard a Lawyer & Baker in Carriage Gooing their also, bad time to Get their Broke through by Curwens I had to Dare the way, 4 fences 4 Gates & 1 Bars Irivd I arrived at Last Sherriff had Great Difficulty to Cross Schuylkill, but Valued it at 1336L 13s9d So home Gulph Road; the Carriage Stalld &c had a hard time to Get them out John Elliot Wm Henderson along

24th Wind S. & warm day off Disbury & I to town with ½ Cord wood Got 4 Dollars 11 pence then Bout 450 Sap pine 6 D 75, 200 white pine 3 Dollars 60 C. So home after dark 32 lb Beef 15s- paid Knox 13D 87½ Cents for wine– 2 pair Shoes 8s– over Cast & Dark bought a Sheep Bell 3s–tyd to the Leader & Lost it before we got home

February 25th 1802 wind East & Raind all day but not hard at the dam Yerkes halling Ice, at David Roberts & Robert Roberts & Wife & Child their Came Down in slay, Dined their Great Slaying about town 23 and 24 tho very bad the 24th working at brest alittle in afternoon–

26th Wind N. amost N E at the Mill sawing all day, a little Drisel all day amost Disbury & Felix Cut ½ Cord wood & David Roberts halld it up, in order for town perhaps 12 Wagons here 13 or 14 to supper

27th Wind Right East and Disagreeable Gale with Smart Rain, Abnor Evans here to Dinner, then off. to Thomas Robersons Vandue, Sold partley all the Widow Bout most, very Cold & Disagreeable home about Dark– poorest Sail Ever seen

28th Wind East & afine Small Snow falling a Miseretime most Dreadfull time Jarvis here to Dinner, then set off to Alley Roberts, about Robesons affairs Jarvis along most Tremendous Roads, between here & Streapers being first day only one wagon here

March 29th Wind N E. & Drissely day offto Vendue house Several people takeing their 1st Goods away Dined at McClenechans then at widow Savages & so see Little Zell at Kuglars Pint Cider

March the 2nd. 1802 Wind N.E. & weting very fast & Remarkable foggy Bout ¼ Veal 21½ lb at 7d per 12s6 2 lb butter 3s9, two Doz Eggs 2s4- Disbury & Porter shuveling the yard Isaac sawing I at Mill, Do. Doctor McClain here to see the Childern Got the Itch or some bad Scurmatic Compt. at, at repeated Mother Mays with Do. broke the Cap of her keen knee, then to Claphamson with a Bushel Cloverseed he pd 8 Dolr for it & paid me 21s for hair he Got of Rees & Jont Thomas, back & Calld at Mothers, wind Seem to freshen up from S.W. & the Stars appeard. the first time since the 23rd Animal hair was used in plaster for walls and ceilings.

3. Wind N.W. & Like to be Clear Sun Shind the first time I Seen it Since the 24th at the Mill I sawing at Streapers Geting the Saw Grin’d Raind prety Smart from S. west all the afternoon about home the remainder of Day–

4th Wind N W & very high & prety Cold set off to Norris town Stopt at Curwen’s Din’d at Norristown put advertisement Robesons place 11s3 Dinner & ½ Gin & Oats 3s3 ferry 1s10½ at Gail jail 1s10½ & Brush their, home about dark

5th Wind S W & fine day off to town Disbury along with wagon ½ Cord wood 4 D Bout 50 Rails 4 Dollars, 2000 illegible 35s- so home

March the 6th 1802 Wind W. in Morn and abutifull morn Owen Jones & Jonathan here in the Carriage I over with Jont. & Dined with them on Cold Cut & Drank a glass or two of wine Come up a shower from West prety Smart blue violent & Cleard off, I back & Set off to Get Peter Jones the Plasterer to Come to work tool 8d So home before dark–

7th Wind N W & froze hard & very Cold at home all day being first day 2 Drovers here from Myers town & 2 Wagons here Bargain with Finance for a pair Boots I to Give him my Red Shorte shirt

8th Wind N.W. and froze very hard up soon Stage here spent not the Driver of the old Line upper part Got kill the 7th the Wheel Run off. he pitch down & it Run over him & he Died in afew Minutes, he was very spunkey & Drove hard to out Doo the other Line, they say he would kill all the horse before he would be out Dun, Isaac sawing, Disbury Cuting wood &c, I about house & at Mill busy all day dooing nothing; fine day, Goldtrap, Schoolmaster at Merion here to Dinner & Capt Jones Brotherinlaw Dined here also– paid 6 Dollars to one Walker for a pair Leather Breeches, he fetch them up from town–

March the 9th 1802 Wind S most East and over Cast up Soon, Stage here spent not, more troble than profit– Disbury halling Dung Sand &c&c Peter Jones here after breakfast to Plaster I tumbling about hardly no where to begin

10th wind S W & fine day But high wind Willy Moor here makeing Morter, Disbury here I to Jos. George’s to get hair 12 B. at–

11th. Wind S W & very fine day. Set off to town about 7 OC. Summond by Esqr Garrigus about a fray between one Dave Bowhannon a Carter and one Russel he the carter fetch them in awagon up to my house & their he throwd them out & Broke their Goods the Esqr made him pay 15 Dollars & 20s- Cost, I had very Little to say for I Did not see any Broke but bedstids, I Bout. 5 lb nails 5s- 1000 Lath 18s9 Reckening at Elliots 2s9½ paid pike for Zells team 3s home about 2 OC- had Walters mare David Roberts my horse to Goo to monthly meeting Plasters Layd all the Sealing in big Room up Stairs Mr Drake & Lady here

March 12th 1802 wind Near East & Raining alittle Several here Settled & off they went.– at Mothers killing Bull, wet prety fast all day & hard rain in night Bout aside of Bull at 25s per Hundred, weighed 300 lbs very thin Jones & man Lath’d & Layd part Sealing in Stove Room. Several Wagons here Evening but all whent on not one all night–

13 Wind West & Clear fine Morn up Soon Stage hear SpentGin– about home till noon work alittle at Mantel Mr Curwin Calld & went to Society at Streapers Settled the Treasurers Acct find fined absent members &c and adjournd, Spent not so home

14th Wind N.W. & fine day 6 Wagons here all day being first day a number people here all day at home all day

15. Wind W & white frost, Dam most froze over Disbury & I Set off to McClenechans Got ½ ton of hay home about 4 OC Dady Stackhouse & another horseman here all night I at home all Evening

16 Wind S W & Whitefrost fine day Disbury Making fence from the Sheds along through the Edge of Grove

March 16th 1802

afternoon up to See Jacob Zell he had done brave with the fractor in his Arm, but went to Mill & a good deal out was taken first day morn with simtoms of the Lock Jaw a Great tremer on his nerves very bad indeed when I went up, he was much alarmd, himself I Calm’d him agood deal be by telling him that he was not so dangerous & he Got More reconcile’d, the Doct Gave him agreat Sweet sweat, & medicen that Gave a passage I home after dark but 3 Wagons here

17th. Wind S W & fine day, Adam Gott here trying to Settle about his Leas, Jont Jones here I with him to his Place & up to Zells to see him He much Better I home to Dinner McClenechan Holstein here I with Mac to Streapers. Lent Mack 3 Dollars to pay Ockford for fulling apeice Cloth, home from Streapers 17 Wagons here all night, 15 Eat supper 2 qts tea 1s6 and two qts Coffee 1s10½

18th wind S.W. & a most butifull Morning & a remarkable warm day, wagoners Driveing without their Coats I at home all day making up fence about the Garden, &c &c. a number people here Drake sent peach plumtrees &c here to plant, David Roberts & wife here Evening Little Israel Thomas with a marbelstone Got fast by the dam had 16 horses to it but had to leve it

March 19th 1802 Wind West & Look Cloudy Like for Spring Showers but no rain to day; at home mending fence &c &c till noon then Set off to Clover sow Cloverseed at old Place; but meet Able Thomas’s team Stalld at or near the Dam So Stade & sowd not any Seed, at Mothers Borrowd 60 Dollars of her & I am to Give abond for it– So back–

20th Wind W. in Morn but Got N E and raind about noon & Wet till night then hail & Snow, I to town, Bout white Lead 28s 3 G. Oyl 25s Black paint 7s6 yellow 3s3 Litterige-11d- Lock 10s- 5 Boults 11s9 36 lb Beef 16s10½ Dinner & horse 3s9 Set off about 2 for Yerkes’s our township meeting I Got very Wet Spoilt my new Leather breaches amost, Large Meeting about 80 voters, Hugh Knox & Hugh Torrence supervisors Bill Carter & John Horn Constable Benj Brooke, Wm Hagy Wm Stadleman & J Price Settlers Reckening 1s10½ per peice very Cold & Snowing Paid big Billy 17 Dollars for 32 Gallons Whiskey Paid Meconkey 14 Dollars for 105 B Lime halld by Zell, Paid Nonemaker 4½ Dollars for Plastering 2 years agoo he Plastered 4 Rooms & Stair Case the Demo’s attempted to turn Knox out but mist it. Knox much Pleas’d that they mist it

March 21st 1802 Wind N White frost but fine day being first day, afternoon at Abnor Evans to Look him sell to the sell Robesons Place Stopt at Phillips 1 mug Beer 11d Gate 5½ home all quiet

22nd wind S W White frost & very fine day at home Sawing till most Night at home all day Plasters Came again for Second Coat

23rd Wind S W & Whitefrost, Felix & Disbury making fence & I Puting Bolts &c on then Alley Roberts Calld & we off to sell Robeson Place, Sold the Fisherry for 133 Dollars and the farm for 32 Dollars per Acre Limestone Bout in at 29 Dollars home by Streapers Spent 5½ so home

24th Wind East & over Cast & got rain bef about noon prety Smart halld 1 Log with Poney & Jont. Walters horse for to saw for Rails– about home afternoon Plasters at work

25 Wind N W & very Cold, Set off to town Paid 6 Dollars for Beer & Returnd 2 Barrels 3 Dollars paid 6½ Dollars for a Barrel Cider to Fleming, Locks Boults &c 3¼ Dollars, Glass 2s11, Got 2 Dollrs of one Fleming, from Green Being that I Trusted him for feed Last Christmas was a year horse & 1 Mug Beer 2s9- 3 mugs at Red Lion so home about Dark, Broke all my Glass

March 26 Wind East and over Cast & very Cold Disbury Felix Isaac Franks & I Sowd apeice in wood that I have Rye in and the far feild No. 4 with Clover seed it begun to snow before noon and snowd very fast till about 9 OC at night Coverd the Ground about 2 Inches at Adam Gotts Vandue Bout old Size scythe 11d Bottle Jug 7d Cloddy Set as Everwas had a Great Squad here Let them fidale fiddle? a Little while they Got to Quarreling then Broke them up & away

27th Wind West & prety fine Morn the Snow run away almost all about home all Day, a number here Gotts Irish here, Jont Jones & Owen house full all day, put one Lock on all day A Tunis Irish Andee & John Grimes gooing fight to with Gotts Irish I Got very wroth with them up till near 12 OClock, very wrong & affects my nerves to Get in a passion

28th Wind N.W. & very Cool. at home till Evening then Up to Get John Elliot to survay Robesons place & at Curwens to Get McKrays Brushes to paint, home about 10 OClock Finance, Enoch Jones, Connelly & J Walter & Self, Sat up till 12 OC-

April March 29th 1802 Wind West & perty fine day McKray begun to Paint, Robert Plastering finished the Long Room I at home all day. and much Destresst in Mind about Renting my house for school–

30th Wind S W & Like for rain, Keep up off to town about 12 OC. Bought 7 Lights Glass 4s1- Got 25 Dollars out Bank from John Wilson to pay Bridsons Dower 16 lb Beef at 5½ d 7s6 Gave Leatherman 15s- towards makeing a Coat Dinner 2s4 horse 11d- 5 lb Tobacco 7s6- 3 lb yallow Oker 2s3 So home about Dusk

31st Wind S W & pleasant at home Stoping holes helping Painter Plaster & Plaster finishd yester and today blue washed, the Room Down Stairs viz Back Room Down– Note the names of the Rooms, the hall or Enterance I Call the Nation, the South Corner Washington, the West Corner Adams, the North Corner Jefferson blot because it’s for all sorts the people, East Corner Penkerin Pickering it Stedfast and Plain, the big Room Congress the White Room Seneat Senate, the Chimney Room, I Call Ross because he was the Better kind of people’s Choyse, North Corner I call McKane


because it is as unfinished as his Brain, the Little Room where Isaac Dwell I Call I Call Mr C. Thompson because because repeated I have been Disapointed as was Mr Thomson in Get it Compleated

April 1st Very fine day About home all in Disorder Give up Moveing. awoman Came in Last night, was pregnant, and went to bed, this Morning found her in avery Convulted convulsed state, Sent for Grany Latch, sd She had no simptoms of Labour Sent for Doct. none come Latch home Evening I at Alley Roberts Smart shower Laid on floor to watch the Woman

2nd Wind S W & warm up to Robesons to See them Survay the place we sold to Sheets then of at Young‘s to see who we are to Make a deed for the Shad fishery Back by Streapers so home

3rd Wind S.W & raind in Morn our troop Meet at Hitners I not their Meet at Streapers to settle the Town ships Acct. had a fresh Shad & supper Did not Get away till after Midnight Long Seage I had all to state & Make the Entrys Drank 2 or 3 Bottles, Joind for one & Bread & Chees, the Recking paid by the County was 6 Dollars. the highest perhaps Ever was in the town

April the 4th being first day a number people their took about 3 Dolrs Gravel Finance Joe & Felix Whasher Phillip White & Disbury old Wm Green Brandy toddy & wine till near 4 Oc in Morn I up all the While, went to bed about 4 OC

5th Wind W. & fine day David Roberts & Jont Walters teams helping me to Move, & Zells Cart & 1 horse Gave Zells Son about or Near ½ Dollar Got over before Night halld 2 Loads apeice I much Destress’d in Mind the Lord, is Great and Mercifull to me, in supporting me Under Such await, the Lord have Mercy on me asinner all seem Malloncolley Contract aprety heavy Debt, & not much Prospect of Working through it here viz at Locust hill all the world against me for Renting to Drake, for they say he has no Money and tiptoe with afortune Left him in England that he Cant Command not Rested well, at night

6th Wind, back to Penns Hill all Gloomey Willey Moor & Wife attending the Sick woman, Mr Drake Sent word not come till the woman’s Movd, at Adam Gotts vendue Bout not, as Soon as I went they Set the place up Walter Bout it for 36L

April 7th 1802 Wind I forgot at Penns Hill Meet the Painter him & Drakes son, his son told me that his Father Sent word that he would not Come till the Woman Was Gone Nor the Rent Should not Commence till then I Got in a Great Rage & said If he had told me that before I would not have amovd attall & that I would Give him 100 D the Painter & I up to Kuglars 3 half pints wine I paid 5s7½ home to Dinner off for Youngs Esqr Meet him & turnd back to Yerkes’s Jarvis & the Painter Quarreld the Painter off to town with my horse without Leave, back about 8 OClock at Night with an Irishman for his Second, Come and Lodg with me, I alittle Gay

8 Wind N.W fine Morn Painter up Soon & prevaild with me to Goo to McClenechans ther he Borrowd his Pistols as we Came Back over took Jarvis told him that the matter has become serious he had his Second, & Desired him to be Calm & Prudent which he appeard to Stand firm, I Stopt at Rees Price’s alittle while by the time I Came up, they had Settled Jarvis had acknowledg his Error & it was Mutually Settled, the Painter off with his Second to town

April 9th 1802 Wind S by E over at Penns hill John at work at Garret. I Cuting Logs or Posts for Garden & halld them up Rees Price after me to Cover his Spring house home to Dinner begun to Rain very Smart all afternoon & night Sowd near ½ B Clover Seed in the meadow over the swamp–

10th Wind N W & fine Clear Morn. off to town Got a new Coat pd. John Leatherman 3½ Dollars for Makeing bout 2 lb nails 2s6 pair shoes for Jim 7s6 Dinner & pint beer 4s2½ horse & Gin 1s2 Look at the horse & Militia Exercising a while then home and meet the Society at Streapers, quarreld with Phillip or at Least told Bill Gravel not to strike him but take him and Cowskin him

11th. Wind N W. & prety Cool off to Penns Hill at Coglars pint Beer 5½ & 3 half Pints Maderia had with the Painter afew days agoo paid 5s7½ then at Elliots for him to run the Line over at Robesons, at the Robinhood so Calld. to Young to tell him he must meet us at Streapers to pay for the Shad Fishery at Jon Robesons to inform of Runing the Line again home before night

12. Wind W & fine day at the Wm. Penn and at Jon. Jones put in 24 Lights then to Dinner & over at Wm Penn Drake move in today hewing Post for garden

April 13th 1802 Wind N E and very wetday over at Saw Mill hall 14 Posts to Barrack & Felix & I made the omission I hewd & he bore’d I home to Dinner then back took Dinner for John & Tommy

14 Wind N W. & Cleard off over at Penns Hill hewing posts & home to Dinner we was to Arbitrate with Gott but his man not Come so off to sawmill repairing part that broke

15th Wind N. & Raw and Cold at Mill Got David Roberts Oxen & halld 2 small Logs back & up to Peter May he Raising barn; then at Robeson, Elliot Runing the line about the spring that we had attended to when we run it before home by May‘s they finished Raising I Drank tea their then home

16 Wind N.W. and Cold Ice on a Barrel water very Disagreeably Cold all day over & took up the pails pales along the lane & turnd them up by the Kuglers for the back side of the Garden, & made a post & Rail fence where we took the pails from this Post was Chesnut out of woods Quite Green & some white Oak Quite Green & planted 8 solid Chesnut nearly Quite dry omission a feild Ruff old Chesnut from Bowman these along the End next house I home by Mothers Drank tea their Ann & George we home

17th Wind N & very smart frost & Ice, Set off about 10 OC meet the troop at Hitners Dined their & Club 5s1½- 1 Jin Sling after Muster 11d we Joind Capt Kanada troop & Capt Sheets & Capt Norneys

April 17

Musketree paraded a good Deal Cross at Spring Mill 11d ferry & 11d for Drink Lent Jarvis 7s6 & he paid my ferriage 11d Drank tea at Jarvis So home about 8 OClock at Night- begun to rain about Dusk but not hard–

18th Wind South and Over Cast but Little rain. Jacob Morris & Jarvis here this Morning Soft warm morning, being first day. Rhuben Morgan Set off Wales 14th by the way of York I at home Except walk to Morris’s then back all Calm not Like Penn’s Hill no bits Coming in no Traveling on this Road–

19th Wind N & over Cast. rather Cool to be Pleasant Got aquipt Isaac Thomas & I off Meet at Elliots he Treated us to Cold Cut we fed & drunk what we Like I Last that Come almost, & off we March Meet the Regiment in Holstein Feild Escorted the General in front of the Regiment his horses flew the Ground, he had a poor Vew pulled his hat 2 or 3 times but had to Case & Cling to his horse, I had the Honour (If their was any) to ride by his side, we rested 15 Minutes then at it again & I beleive we where more than 3 hours Under Arms agreat Number Ladys & other spectators we Saluted the General as he Stood Quarter Master provided for us in the feild a great plenty General

and feild Officers & Ladies protoock partook apast repast with us Raisd 10 Dollars for Trumpetters & what we had at Elliots & 6 B Oats we paid 1 Dollar 25 Cent per man I Spent 11d at Bird 1s6 at Torrence’s 11d at Buck so home about 10 OC prety much Fateiged Ride so Seldom, one of our Troopers Peter Wise Got throwd form from his horse a 7 day 17th not at Parade, and was killd on the Spot-

20th. Wind W. hewing Posts for Garden at pike Disbury Plowing over the pike on the halfs for Oats I about all day

21st. Wind S W & fine day over at pike puting Garden fence till noon then home Got 73 Dollars of Mother which make 50L that I Give abond for Jarvis here up with him to get his Father to Consent to Meet the troop

22nd Wind N & prety Cool up alittle after midnight. Started at 2 OClock Down for Isaac Thomas, back to Buck about 4 OC Morgan & Eliot Breakfasted at Richard Roberts, Norristown half after 7 OC Mounted at 8 OC General Swain along first advanst Gard I alongside of General Rested 15 minutes at trap Trappe water horses off again, to Capt Hawns 10 miles further fed & watered & Rested near 1 hour

April 22 1802 then Started for the feild about 4 Miles, halted till the Regiment was Ready then Conducted the Regiment General in front of the Regiment & then took Post on the Left, then post the Defile &c & Discharged we rode to atavern about ½ Mile, their Calld Rool Roll & Got alittle Drink, then Mounted & Gave them 2 Good fire’s & back to Capt Hawns, Dinner & Club 7s6 per man, Left the Genl. & 6 or 8 men their we off about Sun Set 10 Miles to Trap where we Got Supper & staid all night

23 wind W & abutifull day Club 7s6 per horsler 11d, Started about 6 OC- arivd at Norristown Breakfast &c 4s6 per– Torrences Gin 1s10½ so arivd home about omission after aride of above 70 Miles the horse did not feed well none of the way Total I Exspended on this Exspade escapade ran blot 1L 11s7d– 4 D. 20 C & Bout apair Gloves of Elliot & Morgan 3s9 & ¼ Powder 1s- total 5s

April 24th. 1802 Wind S by W over Cast in Morn but Cleard Off fine day, halld Posts & Rail to the pike to fence along the road after Borrow’d Rees Price’s Oxen and halld 2 logs for Pails for Drakes Garden & fetch back aload boards for Rees Spent 1s10 at Streapers McClenechan & Ben Tunis along home

25th Wind S W & very warm fine day first Day Krickbaum overseer of the Poor & I to See the woman that fell sick when I was at the Wm. Penn, Mentioned in Memors She is amost able to travel back to Dinner, afternoon Drakes Painter & I up to Esqr Youngs he Young fell over their & badly hurt in bed Promis’s to be Down in a day or two to Settle for the Fisherry he Bout. of Robesons Est. back Evening–

26th Wind S in fore Part of day & very warm but blue up Evening very Cold been a few drops of Rain wind Got north paid for Cloth for Coat 2L19s- sheoses shoesfor George 4s2 Sugar 5s3 horse 1s10½ Boards 500 feet 3L 10s

April 27th 1802 Wind N & very Cool day off with one Lippencot to try to Make up School & at Elliots to Get him make a new Draft for Robesons Survay Spent at buck 1s10½ at Streapers 11d- so home Got a Dish tea out all day, Discharged Isaac gave him 4 Dors.

28th Wind N. & very Cool John begining at Shetters, Disbury & I off to Hugh Roberts Quarry for a stept Stone of Thoms. Webb 4½ Dollars back to Drakes Left it for turn pike house

29th Wind S E & begun to rain about 10 OC wind Got to omission & very Raw & Cold asawd all day Little Thomas & I, Evening I up to Elliots to Get the Survay very wet & Dark Coming home

30th Wind W. & avery fine day Sawing Pails for garden finished & Put alog for D Roberts on Stay till Dark Spent pint beer at Yerkes’s—

May the 1st Set off to town meet Alley Roberts at the Lawyers Dinner &c 5s7½ Bout not any thing Horse & foot on Parade, King Tamenys Day

May 2nd 1802 Wind N.W. & very Cold Large White frost, Disbury took horse & Cart & Got 45 Shad from Jacob Johnsons Krickbaum & I to See the Sick Woman that Layd in with me, home to Dinner Dined on Rost Pig Bout of Enoch Drake’s Painter here at Streapers he treated to 2 mugs beer. Doct Tunis here alittle While Evening I to home all Day Except at above

3 Wind about West Prety fine day Rather Cool Morn, over at Mill Sawing Joists for David Roberts & at Walters & Drakes Atkenson Makeing frontispeice, Sawd hard in afternoon– Disbury Plowing for Corn

4th. Wind S by W. at times up Soon & Sawing not home till 2 OC. never Broke bread till then, Sawing Joists for D Roberts sawd 855 feet from yesterday noon till to Day till noon Esqr Young here to Dinner Come up a very Great thunder Gust with hail & much Wind & very heavy Rain for a fue Minutes made the Dam Run over Much, meet at Streapers Frances Sheets paid 1000 Dollars towards first payment for Robesons Place Bout of Roberts & me

May 5th 1802 Wind N W and omission Morn Dam Runing over Strong Sawing very soon & all day, I at pike Sowd 12 quarts Cloverseed & 8 qts timothe timothy seeds over the pike in Lot & Atkenson Raisd the Frontispeice at pike I & him Give it painting

6th Wind W. & fineday put on a very Large White Oak Log 18 feet, took Disbury & Felix up to Gotts as Witness paid Adam 50 Dollars for his Will of the house & Lot he Livd in he had no writen Lease he sd. he was to have 7 years & we sd. but 5 years, he has been but 4 years, Got an Irish family in with him & he Married the Daughter he been Idle & Drinking all the winter

7th Wind N. & Cool off to Sawing very Soon back about 11 OC to breakfast then at the Mill throwd off the Log boards & road up to the Taylor Marker, meet Zell & Drink too much Gin Spent 3s9

8th. W S W over at Mill home before noon over at Bias Millers Got 32 Shad he had fetch up, Cleand & Salted them Down Righters, Got 18 Shad of Bias home about 10 OC at night Disbury along

May 9th 1802 Wind N W & fine day being first, began to Clean our 18 Shad Thomas Cochron, here wanted me Come & write his sister’s Will after breakfast up their, Stayd and Dined, took the heads of will then home all Quiet in our town Paul Jones and others heare, I Coppyd over Will So bed

10th Wind W fine day at Mill Sawd, Sawd till about 3 OC– home Got Dinner then up with the will to Cochrons, She Signd it Drank tea & So home–

11. Wind N E Part Day Misted alittle in Morn over at Mill Saw 3 Cuts Ned Armstrong Come up & put up Step Stone at Pike of I Got of T Webb free stone price 4½ Dollars Sun Shind about noon J. Walter Mothers & myself, washed Sheep, Gravel Felix, Disbury & we or me? Ned washed

May 11th 1802

had 3 Pints Whiskey, they Complaind of Cold very much, at Mothers Got a bowl hot Toddy then they Came home with me and I Made them 2 Bowls, made their harts Glad & away they went

12th Wind N E, & very wet Morn Boild 3 Eggs & off to Mill by Sun Rise, & Sawd all day very hard, Near 800 feet, not home till after Dark very hard days work

13th Wind W. & fine Morn up soon and to Mill took Small bitt Rye bread & Eat it about 1 OC– Drind drink nor Eat no More Till about 6 OC Got so weak in my knees that I had to Come home & Eat Much & Drank tea with Lippens, Disbury plowing Drakes potato peice–

14th Wind N W & Cloudy & rather Cool at the mill before Sun rise, Got Cut bread and Chees, & nothing Else till about 6 OC Cut 1 Log in boards the Last of the floor board & put 1 on 3 feet 2 over for Door frames, Disbury begun to hill Dung Borrowd Zells blind Mare

May 15th 1802 wind N W & fine pleasant day Rather Cool at the Mill Soon funished finished the big Log 469 feet afternoon Sheard my Sheep 9 one Lost finish before night

16 wind E and begun to Rain about 8 OC in morn, & raind all day Prety Smart or hard at home all day only Rees Price’s woods to Look at alog and at Yerkes’s mug Beer 11d. being first day,—

17th Wind S by W. Sawing till noon then up to Gulf to See B. Brooke at the request of George Jerret about a Dispute between him and Bicken, Calld to See Jarvis as I Came home Some unhappy Dispute between him & wife Shee she old St. Clairs Daughter Brought up without Business, and Jarvis not of Fortin to keep her up In high Life and she has to work, I think is a great Cause of her Complaint they have 2 fine Sons, & She Like to have another Child, home about Dark Several Showers through the day

18th Wind N & very Cold for the Season Several Showers in day, at mill after Breakfast, and Sawd till night without Eating or Drinking–

May the 19th 1802 in ornate calligraphy at top of page “J.PRICE” 19th wind N Cold Sawing all day Little George went with me afternoon, Got my boots from Finances old pair he mended, Felix & Disbury halling Dung. Sawd 11 Joyst 16/9 3 by 10- & found my old Ewe that I Lost– Small rain to day

20th wind. N W Cleard off & air very Cool Sawd till noon then Alley & I at Robesons & Torberts to get them to witness the Deed, home about Dark– —

21st w.S W & Rain a light shower Sawing all day. hard at it

22 Wind N E Wet in forenoon & avery Great rain afternoon Sawing all day no Dinner nor Breakfast But a peice Rye bread–

23rd Wind N W. & Cool tho over Cast Antoney Tunis, & my Bay horse & Cart Down at Johnsons for Herren herring Last night Got 500 for Me Cleaning them this Morn then with Brooke to Bickens being first day

May 24th 1802 Wind S.W & fine day at the Mill Sawing all Day for Rees Price at Jot. Walters Evening & Sold Gotts Leas to him I gave 40 D & he Give me 50 for 3 years–

25th Wind S W & warm Set off to town Bout Pannelboards at ferry 20s at Elliots then up to the Races at Harts Laid one Dollar & Lost remember never Lay again the first time I Ever Layd money Dined with Elliot & others on Jarmintown Pike Road, 7s6. Stopt at falls fish &c 3s9– So home a little Gay bad way

26th Wind W. off to Mill with Jot. Jones to Look 2 words illegible Evening at Yerkus’s illegible

27th illegible at Mill Sawing finishd the illegible floor–

28 illegible Sawing all day

29th illegible Sawing all day a great Rain Last night

30 Wind W. & prety fine Day being first day Jarvis here meeting time the Overseers meet here in afternoon at Jacob Morris’s with them to See If take a woman and Child

May 30th 1802

in Evening at Jacob Zells to Look a Cow & at Stadlemans 1 Jill Wine 5½– so home

31st Wind– off very soon to Michals & Bout. a Cow without horns for 21 Dollars a Calf with her I suppose very old at Mill after Sawing

June 1st. Sawing all Day Dropt two 2/4 Dollars in the Saw Dust never found them reMember never take money to Mill & I so poor for Cash make it a Great Loss

2nd Wind S W & fine day Off to Mill & Sawd till 8 or 9 OC. then to town Got 54L from Mifflin Est. Due Jacob Griffith’s Est. B.bought two peices Nankean 15s- paid for newspaper 30s home Evening

3rd Sawing all Day–

4. at Do Do

5 Wind — Disbury & Connelly help in with a Large Log, made 740 feet paid Jones 20 D for Plastering paid Jacob 5 D. Smith work

June 6th 1802 Wind S W & fine day, being first day Set off to Sl. Gibsons him & Mother Came to the pike & I mist them I Dined their & Stayd till most night then home Spent 5½–

7th Wind S W at the Mill home to Dinner Stayd with Jarvis at Streapers a Good peace his wife Left him & he half Crasey Sawd till night amost– heavy Rain Evening

8th Wind N W fine Morn at Sawing & marking Logs for J Jones– from 5 OC in Morn till 8 OC P M– Sawing all day

9th Wind N W most Like Settled whether this Good While afternoon thunder & Like for rain Sawing home to Dinner Zell their pig from old Sow very fine very illegible bad Lax, I Drink So much water

10th Wind– and over Cast up prety Soon illegible Disordered in my Bowels John Connelly went away in Morn of the illegible to Ashtons, I at Mill & with Zells team halling Logs for Jont. Jones Sawd till near Sun set not any Dinner illegible

June 11th- 1802 Wind S.W & foggy Morn and I Dare say it will be awarm day at the Mill Sawd finish’d Rees Price’s 3 floors of Joists & begun on Jont Jones home to Dinner Enoculated 12 Cherry trees with may dukes, back to Mill again

12th Wind S.W and warm day at Sawing till noon, then met the Society at Streapers, & the Overseers of Poor to Lay tax County not out therefore did not doo it–

13th Wind S W very warm being first day morning, Settled with Will Moore and with John Connelly fell 25L 8s3d in Johns debt after noon Jacob Morris’s wagon & Enoch & wife & I & wife & 3 Children all and Yerkus & wife to Paul Jones’s above 30 people their from town & Country Came up Just as we Got home a Great Gust of wind Rain & much Lightening

June 14th 1802 Wind N W. & remarkable Cool up Soon, Benjamin Tunis here soon to make a saw Gate or frame I Saw’d one of Jones’s Logs 369 feet. David Roberts Planting Potatoes after full moon Dutch Idiea idea; Little Tommy helping Dilbury Disbury to plow in old feild for Buck wheat, 1 qt Whiskey 7s6 Recd a Certifycate for 5 Shears in the Bridge Company, for Which I have paid 50 Dollars Viz 10 Dollars is a Share Never be much in my day, But the object was to have a permanent Bridge, it is at present a floating one of Logs which is Liable to be taken away at Every fresh

15th Wind N. West & fine Clear Cool morn up soon & Breakfasted and off to mill Tunis along to finish the frame, took out the Crank & up to Hoskins Got it Cut the Stroke was near 12 I and made it 9 I. it will of Consequence take Less force to turn it paid 15s for Cuting and 5 Dolrs for old acct home at Sunset Tunis along

16th Wind W. & Cool at Mill put up the Crank & illegible Got alog on and saw one Cut bad out for we mist Geting the Right hang

17th Wind head Leaked dug it & Rambd it in & Got it Stopt Tunis finishd Some little Jobing & I Sawing made avery bad out Cannot get the Right hang fought & Swore to be Shore last 5 or 6 words illegible

June the 18th 1802 Wind South over Cast Like for Rain but keep off Sawing & fighting the Mill Cannot Saw Strait Cut 272 Scaffel boards for J Jones old Virginna Will Cuting Clover feild

June 19th Wind S.E. 3 or 4 Light Showers & Clear again so Like all day Sawing till about 3 OClock then home Shavd & Cleand myself & stayd about home

20th Wind S W & warm day, being first day went to Meeting; was brought to Remember my youthfull day when I Used to be there & to see how many had Gone to be Seen no Moore then was sencibly over Come with a Sermon & prayer of Woman by the Name of Foulk I Humble to See the Nothingness of the Titles and Bobbles baubles of the World it was a watering time with me Lord Grant me Grace to make it a Lasting and Remarkable time for me, for it Cannot be Long before I must go from hence to Eternity rest of line illegible

June 20th 1802

afternoon went over to Isaac Bonds from their to Buck to see Hoskins ½ Pint wine 1s2 So home, about Dusk

21 Wind S W. & warm day Old Will finished Mowing Clover feild I Spreading & Rakeing, and at Mothers helpt to Rake & Cock Mothers Meadow Disbury along. Drank tea their & then back about Sun Set & Cocked a Good Sight of my Clover till Dark we work then home

22nd Wind– very foggy warm Day I dair Say, and it was so for true finished Cocking the remainder of the Clover and Geard up the Blind Mare & Poney in the Cart & hall 2 Loads before Dinner and 3 afternoon 100 Cocks, very warm the 3 Loads had Like to been too Many for me fetching up at End of barn; Galded galled so that I could hardly walk, Lippens heated the Tire twice for my Log Carriage & mist geting it on; a new Wheel & Shafet shaft

June 23rd 1802 Wind S W and very warm Righted up the big Barrack and begun to hall hay 2 Loads before dinner and 2 after Come up a light Shower here but a great one above the Buck & Smart this Side. I up to Eliots Store Bout a pair Shoes 12s- nankeen 7s3 so home Smart Shower Just as I Got home Jacob Zell & Bowman Painter Left, 2½ Dozen of Little Pearch perch for me John Connel Cleand them

24th Wind East and Over Cast up soon at sawmill Put Lippens Logg on floated it and turnd it Down then home to Dinner afternoon helping to Cock hay at Mothers, Come up a fine Shower, had 5 Mowers after the rain Cut the Lot up here by Streapers I home, Cleard off –soon

June the 25th 1802 Wind N & Cool at the Mill Sawd then back & helping to hall hay at Mothers, home and up to Zell to Get him to hall Logs for Jones, mist Seeing him, Bout. 5½d of Cakes at old Molleys ½ Pint Methelin at Kouglars 8½ so home, the horse Started at the Dog I suppose for he Barked after, and throwd me the Saddle turnd hurt me agood Deal But I recoverd & got home Rather dull hay day

26th Wind W. fine Cool Morn Lippen’s wife Brought forth a Daughter this morn; woman women Busing busy all night almost I at the Mill the Stay broke Loose over the Little illegible hunted my Sheep found 12 Six Gone put them 12 in Orchard, afternoon at Mothers helpt them at hay, & helpt Jont. Walter with one Load Swamp Meadow. he Mowd it on Shears, Got it all to stack

27th Wind S W & warm, at Meeting killd alittle black Lamb twin of black Ews– back in Morn & had a potpye, afternoon at Disbury J. Walters & name illegible & so home Supt at Enoch Jones’s on Strawberry and Milk he got them at his fathers

June 28th 1802 Wind W. & fine Day, Felix, Gravel, Disbury & Willy Moore Mowing the Tanyard Meadow it took them till night not above 3 acres, I at Mothers helping to hall in, & Cock all the Lott up here, for them, and Let my meadow Lay,– Very trying and Troblesome to Carry on farming owing to Scarcity of hands, and their Impertinance; they think it a favour that they Come to you and paying 5s7½ per day, and perhaps they do not do half so much (However they do not near so much) as when they Got 2s6 per a great Splutter about Reapers, praseing & Makeing them promis. more than once the harvest is great & Labourers few perhaps never Greater Crops of Grass & the prospect of Grain as Great, we ougth ought to be thankfull to the Lord for his Manyfold Blessing Joseph Walter took my Mare to Old Supperior & paid 15s-

June 29th 1802 Wind W– — Been a Shower in Night & over Cast this Morn at Mill Zells team halling Logs for Jnt. Jones, I back & helpt to hall the hay that was in Lot up here Jont. Walter helping allso 2 Loads, home to Dinner on asnapping Torkle, Pearson here & we Begun to Racke hay Come up a prety Smart Shower Did us up for to day, I off & Sawd till night, Except up with Jones to Look at Log

30th Wind N W & fine hay day, up Soon & Sawd 5 or 6 Cuts then home & Spread hay & turnd &c afternoon Porter, Brison, Evans & Abe Tunis helping Got it all Racked but apeice below the yd. & Cock agood much of it

July the 1st Wind S.E. foggy Sun Shined and Spread the hay Cloudy & Raind before noon at Mother’s help to hall one Load hay their Last, then Back & Cock most all ours, afternoon Cleard off & hall 4 Small Loads & Racke’d the Remainder

July 2nd 1802 Wind S W. & very foggy, Morris 15 or 16 Reapers Cleard off about 11 OClock, Spread out the hay, afternoon turnd & halld 2 Loads Disbury old Will & Foolish Bill helpt had one Load More fitt Come a prety hard Shower thunder & hard wind, nothing More Dun

3rd Wind N W & aprety fine morn Sister Rebecca, gooing to Market Gave her 2 Dollars to buy for boy Son George’s birthday is the next day. wrote this & set off for J Walters to Reap, over Cast all Day nearby thunder in Morn & Light rain Evening, Reap 58 Doz Wheat very good Reap 27 Do.Rye Reap 17 Doz per man tho we had a shocker, home about Dusk I Reap & held out all Day

4th.Wind N & over Cast Morn being first day, at home & spread out a few Cocks of hay Got it Dry and Cock it up, at Yerkes, with Jarvis a little while

5th wind E and for rain Disbury over & halld 2 Loads of hay then over to pike halld the hay

from Uncles Robert Holland’s and Stack it Disbury mowd it on the Shares Raind prety Smart before we Got it up then Sun Shind out, home and hall a Little Load, in the tanyard and then Come on avery hard Shower from Near East, avery wet time

6th Wind S E & over Cast foggy Morn Got Breakfast & went over to pike Reap my Rye; Raind alittle in Morn & prety Smart in Evening finished before Dinner at pike after a small peice in the new land, then over to Walters Reap 4 throughs Rain & so home– Wm Gravel, J. Walter, Felix Washer James Disbury, Enoch Jones, Finance, Willy Moor, Henry Gordon, B. Robeson & Self Reap, Charles Bevan & Jos Walter Gatherd had but 96 Dozen in total 4 qt Whisy. & 2 qt Rum,

7th Wind S.E & Dull Morn & Wet only fog 10 and sometimes 12 of us Reaping at Mothers Gravel Lead hard days work I Stuck to them Tite all day, not quite finished–

July 8th 1802 Wind S over Cast till noon then Cleard off fine Afternoon, Over at Mill Put alog on then at David Roberts he had 16 or 18 hands Reaping Dine’d their then home & Rake & bound Wheat and Rye at Mothers that Porter Cradled yesterday home Evening had Cucomber & tea of our owne Growing

9th Wind S.E. & over Cast At Enoch Jones’s he Lives in my Shop, had 18 or 20 hands Reaping Rain about 8 OC- Shock the Rye in Meadow, Layd by perhaps ½ houre then Reap 2 Short throughs in Orchart orchard then Came avery hard Shower from West & Raind about 1 hour Reap none till after 10 OC- Broke to West & had avery fine afternoon, but we did not finish. Sold 4 Pigs to Owen Jones for 7s6 per- Sup with Enoch, he gave us a Drink Punch I Reap none Shock &c &c

July 10th Wind N.W. and Remarkable fine Morn, very Pleasing, for their is agood Deal Grain that was Cut begun to Grow mildewed I tended viz opened & Examined Mine has keep very well, & Spread hay below the yard that has been in Cock above aweek & Cut near 2 week it is keep better than I Exspected, Cock it up in afternoon & Reap one through and Shock at Morris’s very Charming day Porter & Will finished at Mothers Viz their Wheat, great Crops has not been such Crops of Wheat in perhaps this 20 years, never Since the fly Came. Last year was favourable to Mill

July 11th Wind N.W & very fine Morn, walk being first day, Got Cloudy Like Showers about Geard up the Waggon, & set off to pike Got Disbury & Felix and halld 79 Doz- all I had their, put it in the Stable then Came to new land & fetch 17 Doz- to the old barn Locust hill, being my total 1 qt Whiskey From Kuglar 1s4½ had or Gave the Boys Drink of Milk punch and Supper & so Ended my harvest

July 12th 1802 Wind N W and remarkable Cool & fine day at pike Disbury Plowing Corn David Roberts a little While they Reaping most Charming Crop of wheat then to Saw Mill & Sawd one Log for Jont. Jones 348 feet at Mothers Got Dinner Pearson Came their I Lent him 2s4 out of 6s- all the Money I had he so pressing He gooin off to Look Work, poor Distrest Creatour help to Rais the Barracks at Mothers, Jont Walter & Will hall all the Wheat & one Load Rye So Ended to Day Pearson here all night

13th Wind N W & very fineday Breakfasted at home then to Rees Price’s he had 6 hands I Reap till noon then at Morris’s Schuylkill place he had 10 or 12 Reapers, Felix Give out Drunk–

July 13th 1802

Back to Rees’s about 4 OClock & Reap till night Sup & so home Tamzen Roberts their been up the North River with her Sister this 2 years

14th Wind N W & very fine day Disbury and I at Mothers, Reap about ½ Acre Rye in Meadow Jonathan & Will finishd halling & We Reaping Dined their- then Disbury & I took Wagon & went to Morris’s halld 4 Loads Rye very warm he Gave Disbury ¼ Rye Meal & he fonished finished Reaping all at home I Reap Some Evening Got as Much As 6 or 8 hands will Reap at Pearsons old place

15th Wind West & fine harvest time Enoch Jones beginning to hall in his Grain Tommy at Morris’s Reaping they finishd at Schuylkill, I at Jont Walters for plains, afternoon at Saw mill butted a Large Log & put it on John Connel begun frames for Jones

July 15th 1802

Drake paid the 100L being half the 200L Bond & Judgement; Delightfull harvest Whether Rees price finished Reaping to Day

16th Wind– & very foggy Morning Horse Broke in Meadow I fear Done Some Damage to Enochs Grain, on Enquiring find they not Done much off to Mill J Jones their agood While, Sawing a large White Oak Log for him E Jones Got all his Grain in that was Cut, apeice Wheat in Meadow not Reap, Paid old Will 15s for mowing Clover feild, Enoculated 2 Stocks harvest Plums a very fine Luscious plum; Went in Dam & took a swim Cool & Cleand me & I Sleep fine–

July 17th 1802 Wind I know not Look like for rain over Cast, up Soon, Stump tail cow Got a fine Calf. Jos Wilson here Driveing Cow & Calf to town, Enoch Treated me with ashugar Dram & So, I off to Mill & finished Jones Log Cut it up in window & Door frames for his barn then to Dinner and halld in the hay from below the tanyard been Cock up Ever since this day week & Cut 19th Day this has been very fine no rain till to day 3 or 4 Light Scuds So busy at harvest did not attend to hay 1 qt Whiskey, 1s6

18th Wind N W. & very warm, John blot Morgan Pawling, a young man that came to Mothers the day we Reap and been at Morris’s & about here he Gave me about 10 Dollars to keep when he first Came he Call for it I Left it with Mother Down with him to Get it

July 18th 1802

Mother Gome to Meeting; I had to Give him anote so Settled it, I paid him 5s7½ for one days Reaping & Jane paid one days Come Late but he Bate rebated 11d. back to Dinner & found out that he was a Son of John Pawling, the family I am very well acquainted with tho not so much with his father he was in pett at home, & Came off, Only Son and the old fellow very Rich– afternoon at Alley Roberts he very Ill the Doctor their & blooded him back Enoch Jones along Got Caught in avery Smart Shower of Rain we had Got as far as Morris’s hill when it Came on, Got very wet–

19th Wind East & over Cast a very Smart Shower about 6 OC morn– then held up all day, Disbury Willy Moore & Felix & Self Got 2 Carts & halld & spread 120 or 30 Bushels Lime at turnpike & Movd the Necessary, Drake Gave 1 Dollar

July 20th 1802 Wind S W & very warm day Sawing Boards for J. Jones Broke the Stay over the Goudgon gudgeon took the Bed Stone out & turnd it, McKnight here wanted me to be his Bail to Conrad Goodman he haveing Sued him–

21st Wind S W & very hot finished the Mill & sawd one Cut Tommy Sawd afternoon I at Jones Mordica Davis the Mason their to under take, at McClenechans, at the Robinhood Spent 11d. then to Esqr Youngs he not at home, I back after night

22nd Wind S & very hot at Saw Mill 2 Cuts at J Walters, Eate Dinner at Mothers home & went to See Alley Roberts he Got a good Deal Better So home about Dusk

July 23rd 1802 Wind S W & warm Morn up Soon & Down to See Isaac Thomas he Been Sick all harvest almost, Rather Better Calld at Morris’s Mother Lemon very Ill not been Exspected to Live this many weeks. The Fever in town is Much Abated, their has been 10 or More Died with it at Mothers Settled with Willy for Harvesting paid him 14 Dollars

July 23rd

over at the pike & help Disbury to Sow near 4 B Buck Wheat then back, at Mothers Eat Dinner their Came a fine Little rain, with Good Deal thunder, Just above & about the Buck it was avery Great Rain tore & washt the turn pike run over it at Zells very much

24th Wind S. by W at the Mill putt on a large Log, thunder by 9 or 10 O’Clock & I here hear they had avery Great shower Lasted 2 hours in town we none afternoon 3 or 4 Light but Reviveing Showers up to Jones. he up to Buck & I to Hortons he paid me 13 Dollars for Sawing Got Bulleyrock Shad & Bout 6 lb Sugar 3 lb Coffee 11s3 Spent at Buck 2s9½ then Down Zell along to widows, 2s9½ their so home dark, Drake paid me 75 Dollars ¼ Rent to Day, it Goos as fast as it Comes

25th.Wind S.W warm, at Dam, Swimming the horses so back being first day, Jarvis & Morris here I walk with Morris home Drank some Whisy. Toddy with (a light Shower) so home

26th Wind S E Cloudy & Several Showers through the day, Sawing, broke Cogs & went on very bad home and got aglass toddy at Streapers

July 27th 1802 Wind S. and Raind about Day. Sun Shun alittle & Raind again, At Rees Prices about his Cider Works, back to Breakfast off to Mill & Sawing Came up about noon prety Smart Shower I Saw on till about 4 O’C then home by Mothers & Got Dinner. so home Enoculated 3 Cherry trees before the door, & sent for 1 qt Whiskey

28 Wind— & foggy Morn at Mill Sawd asmall Log for Rees Price, Jumpt in Dam and took a little Swim with Clothes all on, home to Dinner then with Jonathan Jones to Bickens & Krickbaums to Look Mordica Davis to build his Barn thens thence Lewellin Youngs, at Abraham Foremans with a Razor, home with Jones to Supper & Drank 2 Glasses Wine; old Pearson Drov to Last Extremety almost, by his owne Crookedness, Cannot get a days work of any kind a very Good Mason, but Got to Drink made him Crasy almost attimes, he sayd he had not a bit of bread or Meat, nor any Eatable when he Left home for his wife & 2 or 3 Childern, been Could not do the Least thing to make a penny, plead so much for ½ Dollar that I Gave it to him tho I so poor & have assisted him Several time & Gave him work when, no person would, he behavd so bad Last fall when he Built my Sheds that I thought I must Give him up, the poor Creator is so humbled that I feel much for him, and will try to Get him a job–

July 29th Wind S W very warm at the Mill Mending it Zells team halling Logs for Jones, I at Rees’s Set John to Make a Crib for Press Cider over at Mill & Jones woods to Look out Timber Came up in Evening a smart Shower, Detain’d me till Dusk. So home Disbury plowing till noon in Meadow then Plowing potatoes, Spent 3d for Bacco

30th.Wind S W & foggy this Morn, I feel Some Simtoms of the Gout in my feet amost Extraordinary thing naterly very thin But arose from Drinking wine Last fall year for Common & the winter Beer, I am Convinst I have had Simtoms & Eating Stake & high Season Sauce and Lived a Santering sauntering or easy habbit, the Lord give me fortitude to resist the Temtation of Drink– sawing till near Night Then Disbury Tommy Felix Joe Evans & Self Pulling flax at Pike Sent for 1 qt Whiskey of Kuglar 1s4½ home after dusk

31st.Wind S W & warm day, Set off for town by Alley Roberts he has been very Ill but Rather Better, Got 100 Dollars, A Check Drake Gave me of John Wilsons, and another of Thomas’s for 59L 18s in Pennsylvania Bank that I Got, Bout. Shoes 7s6, Screws 5s9 Watch 15s- Tobacco 3s4, Eliots oats &c 3s1 horsler 5½d. Roads 11d. ferry & pike 8 Cents So home

Augt. 1st 1802 Wind S W & warm, being first day not at Meeting, Come on about noon Smart Rain from S.W. Rain for an hour Cleard off. Jos Walter & Self at Sawmill At Kuglars, Spent 11d. & 1 qt Whis when we pulld flax up for Zell Meet him at Greentree Widow Warners a new Tavern, on alot part of the 10 Mileplace we ust to Call it Spent 11¼d . So back Durty walk, Cloudy to Sun Setting

2 Wind All about Great Commotion in the Clouds Runing Different ways thunder soon in Morn, & begun to rain about 10 OC from N. & a Great rain all the day Sometimes very heavy the Greatest fresh this Summer here I Sawing all day hard; Earnt near 4 Dollars Sawd near 600 feet begun Late Whet the Saw, paid Yerkus 26s3 for Whisy. had Mowing & Reaping & 2s9 for Whis to day Willy begun to Mowd the Clover feild No.1 Felix Cuting Oats at pike, the Greatest Oats I Ever Seen, I think 4 feet high Great Deal of it Down

Augt. 3rd. 1802 Wind about North I think & overCast up Soon in Order for Sawing Plenty of Cherrys yet, on Some trees a Great fruit year a Blessed Season for Grain Grass &c. Felix & Disbury Cuting oats with naked Size scythes horse very lame Got old Mare. & road over with Bottle whisy. to pike, I up to Jones’s Layd out his Barn, then up to Zells, to Get Gravel to Split Lath, Stopt at Greentree Spent 11d So home

4th Wind W & fine day Felix & Disbury & Tommy & self Tying Oats all day, 1 qt of Whis 1s4½–

5th Wind N.W at the Oats tying & halling finished had above 100 Dozen, Some dogs had Wounded one of my Ews & Eat part of thigh tho not dead died about 10 OC- I and John at Rees puting up his Ciderworks, Jont Supplees Wife Buried at Merion yd. with Consumtion been Long Ill, Great alarm in town yellow fever Broke out their, Shot Lion at the old Sheep but not killd him

6 Wind W. up Soon found my Sheep Scaterd dogs been again kill one sheep below Bowmans wounded 3 Moore 2 of them will dye, I off to town with Polly Yerkus in Chair Bout oyl 9s- one Gallon 14 lb White Lead 15s6, Literage 11¼d files Chisels &c 11s3., 35 lb Lath Nails at 1s2 per 60 lb 10d at 11d per

August, 6th 1802

½ lb Powder 2s9½ Dinner at Elliots 3s9 horse &c. 2s11 horsler 5½ Ferry 1s2 pike 7d So home about 5 OC. Come on a Smart Rain from S E Raind above an hour, Disbury Got the Clover feild Cock up

7th Wind S.W. two or 3 dogs here after Sheep followd John Leadoms home & Shot him Isaac Roberts Bitch we think was another but not Sufficient Proof, & Enoch Jones dog was another that killd my Sheep; at Jones Barn Shot a bird home to Dinner, then at Mothers hired a negro man at 7 D per Month Meet the Society illegible Yerkes s, Spent 2d So home

8th Wind S W & fine day, tho Several thunder Gust about but very Little here, Meeting While at Alley Roberts he very Ill, home to Dinner aveal Potpye, after up to Youngs found him at Tavern at Spring Mill Jarvis along he treated to 3 Glass’s I had no Money but 5½ back and Drank tea with Jarvis, he read anumber of Letters from StClear St.Clair, Jarvis’s father-in-law &c. home & watching dogs that killd Sheep, David Roberts people Shot several times, kill a big Dog of John Colberts

Augt 9th 1802 Wind S.W and very hot, tending to Clover hay Will Mowd for 11s3 feild No.1 at Jones Barn 2 Masons Come Felix & Disbury diging foundation I back Got Jone’s wagon & 1 horse Disbury Come & halld in the Clover & made a stack, old Rinehart here

10th. Wind S W & very warm day, at Alley Roberts in Morn he rather Better Got up Poney & Movd Tools & window & door frames to Jones Barn, and help Zells Team to hall one Large Log, to Mill, home to Dinner then up to Jones & Raisd 2 Doorframes Court, So busy I Could not Get up to Norristown

11th. Wind S. & Light Shower in Morn Breakfast soon & up to Jones, finished & Rais the two big barn Doorframes. 12 feet by 10 feet Clear heavy Raising Sent Dinner to us, the first days Carpenters Work I Done agreat while

12th Wind S. & asmart Shower about Sun rise, & A very hard rain till about noon then Broke off; the Greatest fresh in the Crick this Sommer Sawing big Log of J.Jones

Augt. 13th. 1802 Wind N W & fine Cool morn at Jones work at barn till noon then up to Torrence’s Laying Road tax with Knox Drank tea at town Exspence home about 10 OC–

14th W. N W fine day at Jones till noon then toping my Stack of Clover it had took watter throwd up a Great heap of it put it up again Evening at Markers the Taylor Get him to make a little Coattee Stop at Kuglars Spent 11d So back Jos Walter along, Tobacco made me very Sick puke very much–

15th. Wind S W & over Cast inpart, after brea in Morn Sawd 3 Cuts of Joice joists for Jones, then up to Zells to Look Gravel to Split Lath back & Dined about 12 OC- and Set off to Darby to Benjn Davis Burial, Son of Uncle Lewis Davis, very Clever young man in good Repute in Phila. But went off with the British which was his Downfall, away many years Been back 7 or 8 years keep School Sometimes Since, he Came back, a Greart great Number people at the funeral, Drank tea at Jos Davis so home

Augt. 16th 1802 Wind W & fine Day warm at Jones’s Barn Got Ready for Raising Joist at work their myself, Evening Jont Jones payd me 100 Dollars on acct. So home–

17th Wind S W & very warm Raisd the Middle posts Entieties &c. at Jones, their all day. Bout 3 pints Whis. in Order to Get the Masons to help us to Rais, & Jones Gave us a qt.

18th- W. N W tho over Cast in Morn very warm after it Cleard Carried 38 Joists, 3 by 9 made my Shoulder very Sore, not been used to it of Late, at work all day, paid John Connelly 6 Dollars for Work, Bill Roads keep Tavern at forks of the Road, Killd a man with a Baonet, Some quarrel about price of Pint Gin, he Livd 3 or 4 days, he put to Gail

August 19th 1802 Wind N.W. been a prety Light Shower Last Evening fine Morn at the mill Sawing for Jones & Cut down atree for Lath, fine Rain with Some hail at noon, Evening at Knox paid Hannah James 100L & 12L 10 Intrest I Borrowd & She Lent it to Loyd Jones home after dark–

20th Wind– foggy morn Old will Begining to Split Lath for Plastering my Garret I Saw Several Cuts & finished alog for J Jones Sent it up & Raised the upper Enterties, then at Humphreys Mill Knowls Took my yearlin Calf at Buck for hinges paid old Marker for makeing two Coattees 22s6 at Kuglars 11d for Gin So home

21st W. in W & fine day Cuting Lath Stuff till noon then off to Look my Sheep found them at McClenechans Sent for Pint Rum 1s4½ Layd on floor to watch the dogs from Sheep

August 22nd 1802 Being first day Wind S W & very fine anumber People at Meeting from City anumber about the Neighbour hood that has movd out, tho the fever very favourable, Dose not Rage much I at home all day Reading the history of american Revolution by Ramsey–

23rd. Wind S W and warm day halling boards & Lath to pike Plasters begun to Lath the Garret, John & I puting up Strips Petitions &c, 1 Pint Rum 1s4½

24th Wind S.W. warm at Jones at Work at barn till noon after at ferry for boards 378 feet at 13s6 per 6 D 80 C Morris Wagon home afternight Spent 1s4½ & So–

25 Wind S W & avery Remarkable warm day, halld 1300 Lath Will made, to pike then at Jones Barn frame plates &c 1 qt 1s4½, thunder Gust in Evening at a Distance none here tho Exspected it from appearance

August 26th. 1802– wind– S W & very warm day at Jones, work at Barn till noon frameing Plates Rafters not sawd Masons no Lime Broke off afternoon at Griff Smiths for my Heifer Been away from the 10th of July, been with his Cow Ever Since, they Bouth Run off from him & he followed them 7 Miles above Norristown, he had advertised her & I never heard of her till 23rd. I Gave him 15s- Spent to treat him &c 3s9 So the little Beast Cost me 18s9 but She is fine Calf & was very Glad to Get her in margin:”paid Bill Lewis & wife 15s- for a Table”

27th Wind– & very foggy morn & hot day I dare say it was so at work at Pike house Raind before noon Got wet Comeing to Dinner the Lath men their Grate rain in night much thunder & Lightening

28th Wind S.W & very warm off to Henry Lawrenc’s Burial at Spring feild, he 81 years old Bornd the same year as Father. Bornd in 1721 Jacob Jones & wife at Burial Rode hores back horseback he 94 & wife nearly as old they say

August 29th 1802 wind S W & warm at Meeting at Jesse Roberts afternoon to Look for Lime drank tea their, 2 showers and a Great Storm in Evening of Wind & Rain very Dark much Lightening Got home Just as it began to Drop hard Ride to keep before it, Spent 5½ at Buck, 3 Cents pike

30th Wind W fine day at Jones Barn Layd out Rafters then Atkenson Came and I off to Leverings to Look Scantling. Disbury began to plow Clover feild No1 for Winter Grain I have mowd it twice

31st. Wind S W & over Cast in part but no rain Sun Set Red, at work at Jones Barn Warm to day

Septr. 1st. Wind S.W. work at Jones Barn framing the Ridgpole, Stuck to it all day; very warm, Cloudy in afternoon,–1 qt Whis from Kuglars, the Mason Come Back & Got nearly Ready to Rais– —

2nd Wind N W and amost perditious Chainge in the Air been a lighte Shower in the night the fire quite agreeable, Breakfasted very Soon & off to Jones, Got Ready & Begun to Rais about 11 OC- & finished about 3 OC above 50 People their he Gave us avery hansome treat viz Dinner Punch &c &c. &c- home before Sun Set– Spent the Evening by the fireside very agreeable to the fealing

Sept the 3rd. 1802 Wind N. Clear & Cool up soon as Usual. Disbury & Self halling Sand to pike & Slabs &c home Spent 11d. at Morris Evening Jarvis & Enoch along

4th. Wind N & very Cool John Conel at work at pike I mending plow & Disbury plowing Clover feild afternoon at Society had Lax and very much unwell Drank about ¼ Jill Rum, Drank Milk & Cider at noon that Sweeld swelled me up—

5th Wind N & very Cold made a fire in Stove rather Better, Gardener & wife here to Dinner, at Rees’s With Gardner before Dinner Evening Road to Alley Roberts So spent the day

6th W. N W & very Cool at pike finish the Carpenters work for the Plasterers Disbury throwd a board on my foot that Crippled me much Disbury pick aload of apples & made Cider,

7th Wind W. & Cool Willey Moore Makeing Morter Plaster Garret at work at Jones barn Dined with Jones

Sept 8th 1802 Wind. W & Cool Morn at pike took a funnel to Willey he at Morter, work at Jones Barn home to Dinner then at Jacob Johnsons in haverford he Raising Log barn home at 9 OC at night perhaps 30 people their

9th Wind– Gravel & Washer Mowing, I to Jones barn back to Dinner, after Rack hay, J Walter helpt alittle 2 qts Whisy.. prety good Grog for Strength

10th Wind W & warm day Gravel & Washer finishd mowing. I at hay all day Little Will help some & Will a Little in Evening 1 qt Whisy. & 2 qts Rum from Molly Deans about as Strong as Good Grog they drank

11th Wind S W & fine hay day Work it till noon then Meet at Yerkus’s & Layd a road tax B Brook Torrance Hugh Knox & Self had 2 Bowls of Porter Sangerree & Dish of tea 14s- the town paid for it home about Dusk–

12th Wind S W. & very Warm Set off about 1? to Eliots at Buck 5½ paid Elliot & Morgan illegible of Prowls Order & Got a Rect. at illegible Elliots 1s7½ Drank tea their Holstein Hughes & number their

Sept 13th 1802 Wind S W & warm day hald & Stack all I had in the Meadow, Except Some weads, 1 Pint Rum 1s4½ Disbury & Tom helpt, Moses James Come prentice

14th Wind S W & very hot at Work at Jones Barn, till noon then at George Ashtons to Look at his new house Supurb house

15 Wind S & fine morn up about 5 OC & Sent Tom to Market with pairs pears Dull 1s4½ half peck I at Jones Seting Cornish &c

16th wind S W & warm day work at Jones barn Lent Ben Tunis my Gray horse to Goo to Willmington, he not much to be Depended on, make it a point not to Lend a horse to man that wont G or Cant Govern himself, he is one of those If he is Set Gooing

17th Wind S W & warm Sun Shun & a rainbow very soon at Jones Come asmart Gust with one very hard Clap, and many others not so neigh nigh, broke off So as make out the day at Jones Barn hard Rain Evening

18 Wind S W, & Rain in Morn but fine day work at Barn, a democrat meeting at Streapers Elected 3 Committee men Young Stadleman & G Jerret Brave fellows, John & I Calld Evening all Gone Spent 11d & so home–

September 19th 1802 Wind S E & very wet till noon not so wet but did not Clear, at Meeting afternoon John Evans here paid him 5s7½ for tailings of Rye Got of him Last Spring at Jacob Morris’s Drank tea their

20th Wind S W & work at Jones barn thunder in Evening & Rain not much here

21 Wind S W & perty pretty high at Jones Shingling Peter Jones plastering I at Drake’s Evening very hard Shower & Raind all night

22 Wind S E & Rainey day at turnpike & Whet the saw & put a log on, afternoon about house all at play or nothing

23 Wind E Wet & Cold heavy Rain Morn at Hannah Ellis’s Burial widow of Thoms. Ellis dead Many years a near relation of Fathers, went with Enoch in Morris’s Wagon, as we Came by Enochs he lives in my Shop a hen on the hog penn Crowd 3 times Like a Cock; Spent 11d at Yerkes So, a depression of Sperrets Seems to over Shadow me owing to Dull wether or other Cause, my Depravity perhaps

September 24th 1802 Wind N. & wet forenoon at pike Jones plastering. hald a Small Load of Sand, home to Dinner, after Connel John Connelly 2 Boys & Disbury picking appel in New Orchard, & Ground near 2 Loads, old H. Gorden’s Son, Returnd after a Absent of near 7 years, Press aboard a British Ship of force and many visitudes vicissitudes of fortune, and returnd in Low State as to Worldly Affairs, the Lord Give mee Grace, that I may see the many Transgressions, & work out the follies of youth–

25 Wind N W. & fine Clear Morn with a light White frost, at Mothers about Cyder Dinner then at pike & Jones Drank tea with the Ladies & Drank Some Whiskey with J Jones & so home after Dark–

26th Wind W & fine Morn being first day not at Meeting at Torrences & Judge Jones for to see a news paper home at Dark–

27th Wind W & fine day Shingleing at Jones Barn, & at Drakes Jones finish’d plastering Garret, Madden him about his Democracy, he off home it Cost me about 50 Dollars besides the boards & Carpenters work

September 28th 1802 Wind N fine day Shingleing till noon then up to Jacob Zells, to Get his Acct of Lime & Dung halling to Drakes John & Moses finished Shingleing the Barn

Interlined:”29 at Jones work at Barn”

30th. Wind W fineday 2 Carts Disbury Loading Dung hall 18 Loads on feild No.1 mowd two Crops & plowd it up

October 1st Wind S W and fine day Sowd one Bushel of Red Chaff wheat Bout of Judg Jones price blank in No1 one plowing Mowd twice before Bad plowd the Ground so hard afternoon at the Robenhood to See Young Spent Glass Rum toddy on trust then to See the widow Robeson So home

2nd Wind N W & fine morning up soon About home till noon then at township Election, for Inspector Jont Walter Beat the Democrats, Spent 3s9–

3 Wind S W & fine day at home all day being first day–

4 Wd S W & fine day Bill Young & John Lippens wrasild for 4 Dollars Young won–

4 Oct 1802

I Meet the Troop at Hitners above 30 Meet, Elected 6 New Members Spent 8s4½ So much for trooping

5th. Wind W. a light frost, at Jones Barn, and Owens Barn Geting boards Lost my knife & Red Chalk So home, & at Morris Evening

6th Wind S W. Went with Robeson to Stadlemans & Yerkus s & McCleneghans Mill & Seen him Jont Robeson put Advertisement up about the Settlement of Elizabeth Roberts Est. at Youngs Spent 11d and Lent Jont 5½ to buy Tobacco Young not at home back about Dark

7th Wind S.W and very fine warm day Husking Corn at Drakes that was broke down by Plowing. David Roberts Got a young Daughter yesterday Morn Old Mother Lemons Morris Mother in law Died about 3 OC- this afternoon I their Drank tea, I not one penny Left Spent all

October 8th 1802 A Light fog very Still morn bad night rest Dreaming & Scearing. Drank 5 dishes Strong tea Query If it Dont prevent from sleeping. begun to thrash buck wheat Hannah James here to Dun me for Intrest Money, I Got none; waht what a Disagreeable situation, to be Dun’d & not means to pay.–

9th Wind S. heavy due to See them at buck wheat & at Jones Barn & Dined with Jones, then home & at Mother L Sarah Lemons Burial Morris’s wifes Mother old Woman Buried at Thomas Davids old place under the Locust trees, to be taken up & put in Vault not now finished back and Meet the Society Elected Drake a member So home

10th Wind S.W. & warm at omission till noon then at Alley Roberts being first day

11th Fine day Went by Buck & meet the Troop at Hitners, 38 Meet paraded much, Spent 11s3 their 1s10½ at ferry, So home by Buck Late 11 OC Spent not Eat B Chees bread & cheese

October 12th 1802 Wind S. over Cast in part few drops of Rain afternoon off to Election not Large one, the federal Runs them hard Spent 11s3 home by Buck, Drink not, Eate B & Chees, got very bad piles, had a fine Lively time, home about 10 C- at night an Irishman Lives at Buck & negro Porter fought at Greentree whiteman Beat the negro. Spent not their nor Drink So home, put up 3 Advertisements Viz Bird Torrences & Yerkes’s Loyd Jones, Benjn Tunis & Jos. Walter Can Testify to it–

13th Wind S W fine day, Sowd 1½ B Rye in Clover hay Disbury Harrowd it over to Jones Barn, and heapt the Buck wheat at Ready for Cleaning

14 Wind S W very warm, Borrowd David Roberts fann & Cleand the Buck wheat 37 B. the hole Disbury got 12 B. Jane & I Got 21 B & 4 B paid J Walter that I Borrow Rain Evening

October 15th Wind E & over Cast heavy fog, (a Smart Shower went alittle above us yesterday Evening) Set off to town, not been thir Since the fever begun or beginning of it Got 20 D. of Wilson Drake’s Order Dinner &c 5s7½ horsler 5½ Gimblets 27 Cents halters 25 Cents 4 lb Tobacco 6s–

16 Wind E. mending fence & Rain about 10 OC. afternoon very heavy Rain Great fresh, at Colberts he very Sick, at Hoskins horse Shod, Spent 11d & paid 15s- for smith work, Home at Dark, St Clair Sued Jarvis with Sherreff, I Enterd in bond for Do Jarvis appearance at Court 40L Sherreff Advertised McClenechan goods & Chattle but he says he can pay & Layd me under the obligation to take them advertisements Down

17 Wind– at Meeting Morning afternoon at omission with Jarvis to See his father in Blockley, about St Clears Suite the old Man Ript & Swore Dredfully Remember not to Interfere with any Jarvis affairs again

October 18th 1802 Wind S W & fine day Set off to See Colonel Hendersons Redgment the DemoCrat Troop meet them & part of German troop 43 total, was insulted by Colonel Beck But he Ask my Pardon and it was all over, Spent 7s6 Dined with the Troop they paid for me

19th Wind N W & fine Clear Morn & Day Set off about Sun rise Got Breakfast at Buck; Spent 1s6 Randevoused at StClair, Eat a Cutt, at Winters 3s9 then to feild at Tysons, had a Cut provided infeild Number protook with us Trumpettor & Dinner 5s7½ at Darrows 1s10½ at Evans Staid all night 1:75 Cents at Warners & Kuglars 1s10½ So home

20 in Morning I must aroade 20 Miles to feild then Musterd 47 Troopers Munuverd a good much hard on the horse total this Expedition 28s1. I doubt if it has any Good tendanceey to take men from home, and as all war proceed from a Wrong Sperrit I think it best to have not any thing to Doo with it, it is not a Christain Christian part– in margin: “wind East & Rain”

October 21st 1802 Wind S.E & over Cast Cleard off at noon very fine at Jones Fore & afternoon at home makeing Doorframe for Drake’s Necessary Evening the Politicks of this Country Disstracts us much, they Run high, the parties are Distinguishd by Democrats & federal the Demo Set I beleive not to be right they have Reprobated the Charracter of the Great Washington, & all vertuis Men they Distract our Country & I beleive them wrong, but the Lord knows If we ware were Christains & what we ought to be, this all would be wright, we are so depraved that we are almost Ripe for any thing but what we are

22nd Wind W & fine took at Jones till noon at work after Makeing Necessary Doorframe for drake–

23 Wind N W & Cool, up Soon & finished the Doorframe took it Over & Got omission for 2 window frames for Do work at them all day, at Yerkus’s Evening Spent 1s4½ So home

October 24th 1802 Wind W being first day B. Tunis & I Raisd & propt the wheel at sawmill in Order to Rebuild a wall home to Dinner then at Isaac Thomas he been Sick drank tea their so home

25 Wind N W & Light frost, Set off to town to old Saml Jarvis’s Burial, had Livd up here with his Nephew, Saml. very intemperet Shortened his days by it he died at Tavern at the New Market interd in freinds yard 4th Street, the fever alarming Great many new Cases Write’s wife, afirst Cosen of ours Buried this morn with it, a wounderfull Large Woman I went not about town, Bout 2 yd Kasemer at 8s4 per 16s8, at Elliots 1s8 Yerkus & I off home to Dinner up to Bickens to Settle a dispute between McClenechan & one B. McFeeland Mac not their so home

26th Wind N W. & Large white frost at Jones at work Dined with Jones, then home and off to Coopertown, Buck 11¼ at Bickin Settled between Mac & Feelan, so home about 10 OC begun to rain from East

October 27 wind E & Rain about home till noon then after at Jones barn

28 Wind N W & fine Clear day hanging Barn doors at Jones, all day

29 Mending Hannah Price’s bedstids in morn sick head Ake, Got better & at Jones help John Holget to Measure the Mason Work, at J. Walters so home Holgate Stayd all night,

30 Wind N W & prety Cool off Soon a Rabbit hunting Yerkes 2 Hoffmans Tom Price MacClenechan & self Got 7 Rabbits 2 Squarrels & 3 Pateredgs I killd none nor they Gave me none I felt hurt for they Gave Mac Equal Shear, & he had no Gun Isaac & Israel Thomas Gave me 2 & Ben Tunis Gave me one that he took from Bowmans that I feela Remorse at Excepting, & am determened to make him Satisfaction for it Spent 3s9 for supper &c

Octor. 31st 1802 Wind S E & Smart Rain till noon nearly, at Meeting, after at David Roberts Alley Roberts & wife & Yerkus & wife their Drank tea their So home in Evening over Cast with thunder & Lightening

Novr 1st W N W high & Cold Smart Shower in night blue a Herrican Broke 10 or 12 trees in long woods next the turnpike has not been Such a Gust of wind along time Set off for town by Alley Roberts very Cold with Snow Showers from W Got 59 Dollars of John Wilson Drakes order, Bout 4 yds Cloth at 4s- 16s- Boot Legs 9s4½ Sugar 6 lb 5s5 at Elliots 9s ferry 4d pike 3 Cents So home Richard Roberts along paid Yerkes 23s10 &c– So

2nd Wind N W. & very Cold, Ice perhaps ½ Inch thick, at the Barn till noon then up to Gulph at B Brooke’s with Yerkus’s about a mare he Exchange’d for a horse the mare provd not sound but I beleive they will Settle it freindly, I paid Nathan Brook for ¾ & 6 quarter augers 7s6 to be Deliver’d on the 6th Drank tea their home about 9 OClock at night

November 3rd 1802 Wind N W and Cold morn, at the barn till noon then at & about home, paid Jacob Jones 5 Dollars for the Grass in his Swamp Meadow, he has Rode & Rode for this Money & always Mist finding me, he is above 90 years or in his 90th year, not Shure, & as keen for world as Ever If not more so his Nasty Swamp, he Sent to me to mow it I hardly Expected he Charge me any thing, & he ask me 8 Dollars & I think I would not give 8 If he had made & fetch it to the house, it made a little dung, but it was so bad I never Chargd the Wagoners any thing for it a smart Snow on the Roof’s of the houses, but soon went, Cloudy most pt. of the day–

4th Wind N W & Cold morn & Raw day old Charles Jarvis here & Gave me 40 Dolrs to pay St Clair for a horse Saml Jarvis Bot. of him & Since Sued for, Sett off & Got Dinner at Hagy’s about 12 OC then off to White Marsh Justian Sheets Tavern then amile & ½ further

Nov 4th

and viewd & Measurd aline in dispute between one Lawer and the Heirs of Kaleb Emblin, Stayd as Long as we Could See then back to Sheets Got Supper & Stayd all night. very Calm

5th. Wind W & avery Large white & Black frost up Soon & Breakfastd off to the Line keep very Busy till near 2 OC then we where were Satisfy’d 5 Jury men & 2 Survayors Jimy Henderson, Holstain Hagy Davis & Self, back Got Dinner Sherref pd all, I paid 1s6 Sheoing shoeing my horse & 1s10½ for wine at Snyders Sup at Hagys & so home about 8 O’C Ask alone of 80 Dollars of Hagy but he wavd it & would not Lend it

6th Wind, N W & fine Morn off to Buck Smith Shop pd Kuglar for Whiskey had when Plastering 7s6 home to Dinner then meet the Society paid 7s6 their Jarvis behavd very Rude & I Got Angrey

November 6th

& was Gooing to turn him out of the Room he Came Back in Evening & we talk it Over & made it up I think. old Rinehart from near PottsGrove here all night. I Some what Trobled about 30L I owe one Green he gooing to Ireland & wants it & I not Gott it

7th Wind W & very fine day off to one David Powls funeral, he killd with a Cart & one horse in it, was found by R Peters man quite dead, no person Seen how it happened, they say he was avery Cival Cival Sober man, been moving his Landlord in, Buried at Baptist yard ridge Roxborough Baptist Church cemetery, I home to Dinner & Dined on a Barbicued pig Got from Enoch Jones at home all or remainder of day, my Spirrets very much Depresst, 1 qt whisy 1s6 So

8th Wind S.W very fine day off to Jacob Zells Borrowd 80 Dollars to pay E Green money I Borrowd in 93 and Lent it Young. I been paying Intrest Ever since and only Got 2 years of him & now, Gives himself no uneasyness about it Remember keep my money & my freind hereafter, for now I must sue him & have his Curses perhaps for Ever

Nov 9th 1802 Wind W & fine day Set off to Court, Yerkus along paid E Evans 9L 3s for Sidles Tickets he Bout., paid Chapman 4 Do Sidles Acct. Elisha Evans paid 6 Dollars 40, Cents for a prize ticket of 8 Dol I Drew in Perkiomin Bridge Lottery & I have another of 15 Dolrs. and 2 of McClenechans of 8 Dors. Each that I Left with Evans he put them in a plus Pocket Book, Dine’d with they the Judges 8s- horse &c 2s10½ So home by Spring Mill ferriage 12 Cents, number wagons with wheat their 9s6 per Bushel fine Moonlight

10th Wind N W very fine Jos Walter and Self up to Court had him to prove I put 3 advertisements up for the settlement of Thomas Robesons (deceasd) Est. Dinner & horses & 1 pint Bear which was all I Spent only at Dinner was 18s9 so much for a Contry Court

and the settlement, or Executorship of an Estate that did not have anough to pay a Judgment of 32L furneral funeral Exspences & Cost of Settlement in office & the widow Got nothing, home with Judge Jones & Drank tea with him he avery weak Ignorant man I Seen him asleep on the Bench when they where were trying a Negro Girl for Seting ahouse on fire, the State Aterney aStateing the Case & Reading, presed onto, where it was death, but now hard Labour, She was ajudge’d 4 years & 1 year to the Cells, home about 9 OC

11th. wind W by N & avery fine day at Owen Jones making Corn Crib 7 feet wide 14 Long & 8 feet high, with out Dinner, went Late, the people takeing in Corn we had Viz Drake had half, & Disbury & Self the other half had Most 9 Cart Loads to our Share, perhaps 70 or 80 Bushels, Good Crop

November 12th 1802 wind N fine Clear day prety Cool off to Jones at work at Crib Tomy fetch Dinner to us Owen Gave me 2 Drinks of Whiskey Grog. Days Short & not get much Done Drank tea with Jonathan Jones, he Clever

13th Wind N & Prety Cool at Jones at work all day the Crib Dinner fetch to Moses & self, ½ Glas toddy at Yerkus had a Great spar with wife because I Stay’d tea Last night at Jones’s did not Come home Sooner, take care of hogs, & She Eternally Obbrading me about my poverty. or Somthing or other; Remmember my Dear- to Make your Equals; If Superior their Looking down & If inferior or below you they Ever Jallous that your Sliteing them, or that you would perfer prefer Sombody Else, the Lord knows I have a nough to try me with an Illnaturd Illitered woman–

November 14th 1802 Wind W & fineday being first day at home till noon then to See Jont Walter he has been very Ill with Spiting blood & Rather Better Little George & Horatio along back Evening

15th Wind N & Large frost up to Jones Soon at work Cant get on fast Enough Pint Beer Evening at Yerkes s 5½

16th Wind S & over Cast & Raind alittle at Jones at work he Cleaver but Quear Enoch made a Coffin for widow Torbert Wm Torberts Mother old woman, Buried her at Henderson yard upper Merion my Children dear beware of the Bobles & vanities, of this world, Donot Suffer yourselves to be Lead away, by aspiring after titles or poparality, those things have hurt my Serious attention toward my futer welfare, they are all vanity & vexation, aman out ought minde his own Business & make his peace with his Maker, & habittuate himself to do Good while young

17th 1802 at work at Jones Corn Crib

18th wind– up at Jones work at Corn Crib of frame 8 by 14

19th Wind N W & Cool at work at Jones Yerkes up with my horse the Overseer of the Poor took Andrew Walker, for Geting Fulertons Dumb Girl with Child I overtook them at McCleneghans him & I went bail for his appearance next morning & he run away before 10 O’C & Mac Come Down & told Me–

20th wind N W & Cold off soon to Mac & then to Youngs had the woman Examined, & then off to town Advertised him & heard of him in town home about 11 OC Eat Supper & fed & layd by Stove

21 Wind N W fineday Started about day to Bittles & road up to the Boot on west Chester Road

21st 1802

had a perditious ride after Andrew Walker, near Sunset at Sign of Ship Road home after about 20 miles Mc. Nearly Dun over & I much Feteaged,–

22nd Wind S.W and a smart rain Wind Got to West & Cleard off in Evening at Jones at work all day

23rd Wind N W & fine day at Jones at work, Evening with Krickbaum Jones & Jerret along. So Settle’d with Do.ctor McClain, he Charged 20 Dollars for that vile woman that fell in with us Last April, & took 16½ I Spent 1s10½ & so home

24 Wind W. & a most remarkable fine day finished Jones Crib & put Lock on Jonts . Barn afternoon at Saw Mill & Makeing hog pen Jacob Zell here & Spent the Evening fine time for taken Corn

November 25th 1802 Wind N W & fine day put the hogs up 5 in number & then over to pike & took down asawd Log house I built for smith Shop & halld one Load here for Carpenters shop Got a pair half Boots Finance made had Rees Price’s Oxen

26 Wind S E & over Cast up soon & at Rees price’s to Borrow his Oxen & halld the remainder of the shop at Streapers to see McClenechan about Sending aletter to a Uncle of Andrew Walker on Juniatee river Drank too much beer Gave me head ake it Raind in forenoon spent 1s10½

27th Wind N W Prety Cold at the Mill morning after at Jacob Zells Drank tea with him & bargain for Cow 22 Dollars beef Cow

Nov 28th 1802 Wind N W & Cooll morn being first day at home all Day Hoskins one James Carr & Jarvis here I at Yerkes’ in Evening

29th.Wind N.W & hard froze the Dam Froze all over, Felix & Disbury Quarrying Stone to Mend the road over the Dam

30th Wind N W & Large frost, at the Quarry & Mothers & Morris’s Evening Jos Walter went to horse race on the Island at Norristown over Cast & raind in Evening Wet Night

December 1st– Wind N E been a wet & hard rain till noon then abaited & Cleard in Evening afternoon at Jarvis’s, & Hagys Drank tea & a Good Dish of Sasages, then up to Mordica Davis’s to Get him work at Mill So home about 9 OC the first Night we put up the horses been fine fall

December 2nd 1802 Wind N W & prety Cold Set off to town Got 50 Dollars of Jont Jones & paid it to John Connel Bout 3 yds fustin Sickset for Georges Coat & Trowsers the first Ever had at 21s this is the Effect of Matrimoney, & I am hard run Viz very Poor for Cash

3rd. wind S W Large whitefrost & Dam froze all over halling Stone to Mend the road over that mud hole on West Side dam, at Meeting a Stranger a Woman prety Great in the Ministre their gave us alector very fine day onCommon fine

4th Wind S W & very fine but not so Clear And fine as yesterday about home till near noon then set off to see widow Britson pd her 8 Dollars part of Dower, then at widow warners turnpike to see a race, but they boggled & made none of acc’t Give me remors for Gooing & Entering into some Disputes on politicks

December 5th 1802 Being first day & wind N E and a very wet day Constant tho not Violent Evening at Yerkes Drank tea their he very Neighberly & kind a well Disposed Good Inclin’d man of Good Morrals, I feel inclin’d to Cultivate his freindship; I feel hurt with some disputes with Jos Griffee on Politic tho nothing Like Quarreling happened, The Lord keep me from Exstreem of all kinds I should take a resolution not to take a Glass of Sperrits of any kind for the Least Elate’s me & make’s me high & Say more of politics than I which wish tho no person Can Charge me with intemperance, yet I beleive it would be Right in me to take none, without it was a Glass wine by Chance

6th. Wind N W. halld Sills for shop &c blot killd a Cow Bout of Jacob Zell for 22 Dollars weighed 395 hide 58 and Tallow viz gut fatt 30 lb very good But too high Stands me interlined:”30 lb” in 4d a pound I suppose after at ferry Bout 500 feet Boards at 12s- per Isaac Price halld them up, Down in Coffer dam at ferry that they made to Build apearin a pier In margin; “I suppose 10 feet up”

1802 December 7th wind N W & perty Cold Laying foundation of Shop Owen Jones Sent for me him & Jonathan at their place Jont Got water in his Well 46 feet Deep home in Evening– Drank a Glass wine or 2–

8 Wind N W & perty Cold, off about 12 OC to Sherriff Sale of McGee’s Lot, Near Old Roberts I bout it for 412 Dollars 5 Acres & Log house & Shop, home with Judge Jones, Drank tea &c up their Jonathan Jones their we plaid till near 1 OC. in morn then I home

9th Wind very Cold morn, Mosus & I Raisd the Shop Tom & Disbury halling wood

10th Wind N W very Cold morn Felix & Disbury begun to thrash my Rye at pike I their most part not well pleasd with Drake hall so many Rails Treat Brison Glass

11th Wind S. & very raw, & snowd near ½ Inch Deep over & Cleand the Rye 8½ B Sent it to mill I home to Dinner & pottering Shop Sun Shun out very fine alittle while Dunwoody Buried at Haverford to day, Keep tavern in town Got to Drink & troblesom at times, his wife Lock him up he attempted to get out at window fell & broke his

Leg perhaps 3 days agoo it Mortifyed & killd him, he had Indorsed for Joe Miller & Speculated on back Lands himself, Got inCombered & was hard press, was the Cause they Say of Derangement, or the Cause of his Drinking, which of Course was the Cause of all his other Misfourtains & the Loss of Life– he was Concernd in Line of Stages, & was they the first that run through in a day. Alas he is no More–

12th Wind N W. and prety Cold at home till noon then up to Mordicai Davis to Get him Mason at Saw Mill at Robinhood so Calld Spent Bear 11¼d so home Enoch & I at Mothers for Copper vat, up 8 OC- at night first day

13th Wind N W prety fine day killing hogs 5 of them one weighed 233, 220, 196, 170, 162 total 981– Enoch kill 3 one 293, 288 — Yerkus 2 fine ones Felix & Disbury help me & we all help Each other Lost pint wine on wager on weight of hogs Raisd the roof on the shop, 2 qts whis 3s–

14 Wind S. & over Cast Mordica Davis here at Saw mill, to build awall Got to Rain about 10 OC & very hard till near night, broke a window in stare way, blue a violent gust at midnight

December 15th 1802 Wind N W froze prety hard but fine day Mordica Davis building the Dry wall at mill I & boys tending him Stones wet yet not so Cold as to be very Disagreeable finished about 2 OC- home & begun to wall the window frame in the Woman very Busy about (hog kill) Sassages &c Set up till midnight, Come up amost violent Storm of wind Blue a herican Fan a woman of Colur & 3 Childern Lived in Streapers house Got Sceared and Came up here about 2 OC

16th Wind N W verry high & perditious Cold, keep house all day Except walk up to Jarvis with Mordica Davis & measured the mason work of Small house, Ice froze to my Eye gooing their, Jarvis much Stude home Evening

17th Wind W and pearsing Morning But not so Cold after awhile as yesterday, at the Mill throwd out a great many Leaves from Race Jon Leadom Buried a Child perhaps 2 years afternoon about home Cuting wood &c Evening Pint Beer 5½- Enoch Bout my old Mare 60 Dollars to pay this month Schuylkill froze over at Levering & firm in tide water & much Ice in Delevar Delaware

December 18th 1802 Wind N.E. & very Like for snow Every appearance of a Crop, begun about 9 OC 2 Smart Shower or perhaps 3 Wind to South Got more Calm & Cleard very fine about 2 OC- Give alittle in Sun the snow all away, halld 3 Loads of wood, & Felix helpt to Split, so halld him 2 Loads, I was told to day, that aman walk over Schuylkill on the Ice a perditious Drove of Cattle down in Evening perhaps 500 the man says he brought them from Kentuckey I dare Say the first Come Country Delevar froze over in two nights So that vessels was block up Viz Could not Go out, Took horses over on Ice at Spring Mill

19th- At home all day being first day Except Stadlemans in Evening

20. Wind S W & agiveing day at work at Necessary house roof for Drake & Yerkes halling Ice I help to beat

21st Yerkes has 5 teams halling Ice I help to beat in the Ice house wind S & thawing day & Rain

December 22nd 1802 Wind S E Raw & alittle Rain up the pike & Measurd McGowans house, Hortons & McCurdies house Done by M. Davis Spent 1s4½ So home at night–

23rd Wind S.E put Drakes Roof of Necessary & took over & put it on, Raind prety Smart to Day

24th Wind N W & Cleard Set off for town Nails, hinges & Latch for Necessary 6s1 & Dinner &c 7s interlined:” for Dinner & I so poor Give me some reflection in paying” prety Cold Roads very Roff

25 Wind West & Rather Giveing day, at Sawmill & Stopt a hole in Race Christ afternoon at home Boys all away

26 wind S.W. & Giving day at Meeting & Dined with Lippens turkey & fish at home the Remainder

27th Wind S foggy & over Cast till noon then Cleard off very warm at Rees Price’s killing hogs Disbury & Felix poting Cherry trees, &c

Decembr. 27th 1802

killd 10 hogs at Rees’s weighed 2587 lb met Zell & Kuglar at Yerkus’s Spent 11d So home

28th Wind S by W & avery fineday Sun Shun a good part, So warm that I Sat all the Evening & wrote till near 10 OC. without fire at Morris’s & Yerkus’s alittle while in afternoon Spent not Boys & I makeing Ledg doors for Turnpike frost nearly all out wind about W. afternight Blue hard with rain, I Exspect Cold to Morrow

29th Wind North & wet Morn tho not so Cold as I prognosticated Raind much till omission then Look for Clearing at Mothers She poorly or not well back to Yerkus s Drank tea their & spent Pint Beer so home–

30th Wind N E & over Cast & begun to Snow about 11 OC with Jane to Look at her Tenants & with Bill Lewis at the request of Elizabeth Conrad & gave John Bare warning to Move away, Disagreeable day home at Yerkus s spent ½ Glass Rum Toddy 5½ & So–

31st Wind West & fine day off at noon to buck to See the Stage horses Sold Spent Dinner & ½ Pint wine & Glass gin toddy at Green tree spent not so home Joe Walter along