Joseph Price Diary


January 1st.1801 Wind N W & Cloudy anomber of wagons Started this morn, killd a pig had him to Dinner, no Stranger to Dinner but a nomber here Comeing & Gooing

January the 2nd 1801 Wind N. & Snowd alittle Last night not ½ I deep, Set off to Buck Spent 1s10½ at Stophels Millers Bout 22 Bushels Oats at 2s9 at Thomas Cochrons Bout 1 Hogshead of Cider 10 Dollar Bout 50 Rye batts of Jacob Sibley 15s— home about Dark— Drank Rather mich much Cherry

3rd Wind N. & Remarkable Cold froz Schuylkill over above the Bridg to the upper ferry so Cold that a Great Lump of Ice was froze to my Eye after I got to Elliots I pulld it off & Showd it to Coln. Willin So very Cold one Could Scarce stir out, Bout Chees 25 lb for 25s- 3 Small Rockfish for 3s9 viz 6d per lb 6 Tumblers for 4s8 Reckening at Elliots 5s6 home about Sunset, overCast before 10 OC

4th Wind N E & over Cast Snowd about 2 I. deep but abaited when I Got up first, but Like for more Cold & windy this first day at home all Day

5 Wind N.W & Raind in night and froze then a Snow Shower from West, very high wind in morn & blue the Snow much; up to Brooks house on turnpike, the Sherreff and 12 men was valueing it by order of Court; they all Down to my house to Dinner hole Bill 10 Dolr the Sherref Paid & perhaps they Spent 2 D more McCleneghan & wife here in Slay, tho poor Sledging—

January 6th 1801 Wind W. & not so Cold at home all Day— Roads fine— flower 10½ Dol per Barrel—

7th Wind S E and over Cast in part in Evening very wet Several wagons here Zekel Rambow here Bot 4 B Indian Meal at 5s per Bushel

8th Wind Got N W & Cleard off prety Cool

9 W. N W. Clear— at home all Day

10 & 11 Wind S.W. and Over Cast Cold Cato in town with wagon Jacob Johnson & Several other here & Jacob here all night one Boyd & a Wagoner here all night & first day till Evening then he off I at home all day Many corrections on dates through the 15th

12th. Wind N W. and Prety fine Cato & I Settled he fell in my Debt

13 Wind W & fine wheather at home Ben Tunis here Making Shingles

14 wind W & Prety Moderate Shavd a few Shingles &c Ned Armstrong here

15 Wind S W. & Shavd a few shingles over at John’s to Get Black Will to finish the Shingles Raind Several hard Showers home afternoon at Lewis Hansels, a Girl their big with child Like to be Troblesome, wind N W & begin’s to Freze at Streapers, Jill wine So home—

January 16th 1801 Wind N. West & Prety Cold at home not Doing much Sundry people here 4 or 5 Ladies in a Coach, I beleive women of the town Eat Dinner, Got 17s6 of them

17th Wind N W fine day not very Cold tho high prety big Wind about house till afternoon then over to Pyets Tavern his son Got a Girl with Childe She Says that Charges to our Township I overseer Spent 2s4 So home by Little after night several wagons here—

18th Wind S W fine day 7 Wagons here till Evening being first day a Great Nomber of People here John Wilson &c not time to Dress myself hardly—

19th Wind South. and over Cast begins to rain about 10 OC. & had a very wet Day, off to town Bout Beef 16 lb at 8d 10s8 Shoes for Ann 5s— paid Knox 20 Dollars, oil mint 1s10½ Cakes 5 Cents Dinner &c at Elliots 87 Cents So home very wet, killd my black hog old Will so Calld About 18 or 19 Months old weighed 379 lb 4 Drafts, 3 killd before weighed 609 988 total

January 20th 1801 Wind N W & aviolent Snow Shower begun before day & Continued till about 10 O’Clock perhaps 2 I deep very high Wind & Cold frezing very hard

21st Wind N.W and Very Cold Day thawd alittle in Midday Benjn. Tunis Shingled one sd of the Shop him & I at Hugh Knox’s I Baureing boring Shingles &c &c Bridge Down and Great Crowd at bouth ferries— hard frost

22nd Wind N W & very Could cold, at Lewis Hansels, to Get a Girl that big by Pyot to Meet hear James Pyot & his Son meet her & they agreed, his son is to pay 24 Dollars for her Lying-in & 75 Cent per week for 7 years— a number of People here

23 Wind N & over Cast this Morning Several Wagons here, Cold Cleard off about noon seemd fine up the Buck To Get the Colt Shod paid Hoskins 9s— being infull of all Acct Spent 2s4 In Company with Jos. Hoskins avery Clever fellow Lives in Radnor, Over Cast in Evening & begun to Snow about 10 OC—

24th Wind N. & over Cast Snow about 1 Inch Mist or Raind alittle ashower snow about noon Meet the Society at Streapers

January 24th 1801

few Members attended Cald Roll fine Absent Members, & Drank some Wine & Bear & Spent 3d. and adjournd, So home

25th Wind S W & thawd some little Morgan & Hoskins & Elliot &c here in slay tho very Light Snow Evening Lloyd Jones & 4 others Stay here till near 12 OC— Jacob Zell (Jockey) Came When they Started in his Slay make 7 in hole and such a feud Shows the Spirret of Slaying Zell

26th Wind about W a little Shower Snow in Morn Set off to Old Chester Court to hunt the records for Lewis’s old Deed & get the new one recorded Dinner horse &c 9s2- on the road oats—11d

27th Wind S W. and fine warm day about house. halling wood &c. &c. all day

Jany 28th 1801 Wind S E & over Cast Set off to town about 12 OC Raind before I Got a Mile & wet very much all day, Bout 35 lb Beef at 20s— files for Mill 5s— Crackers 3s9 Dinner & 1 Jill Wine & Pint Bear and 4 qt. Oats at Black horse 4s3 ferry & pike 12½d home very wett aChimney Sweep here very Troblesom—

29th Wind Got to W & avery hard Shower & high wind & Cleard about noon had to Let out the Dam the fresh so Great

30th Wind N W & fine day begun to dig Ice house & fill the Old Seller Felix Henry Cato & Self very hard Diging made bad Speed—

31st.Wind N.W & windy & Cold at the Ice hole till noon then with Curwen and Torrence at Knox’s to Get Jane Piot to Sware a Childe She is Pregnant with She did to one Alloway Mason at Laynhoofs to Sweare another she did to a Molatto Fellow, so I home 5 or 6 Wagons here and Sundry others Gravel &c &c &c—

February 1st- 1801 Wind N W and fine day 8 Wagons here 5 Started before night going up & 3 Staid till morning a number of People here keep me Busy almost

2nd Wind S.E & Snowing very fast but still perhaps 1 Inch, deep wrote this by Lamp Light fraid it rains before night. Snowd till noon; about 3 I. Deep very Moderate Promisd Davis to goo a foxhunting

3rd Wind S W up before 3 OC- Davis here him and I off to valley forge fox hunting Raisd one & Run him good while & he hold holed in sink hole Could not Get him, I Bout one a fox of Richardsons Boys they ketch the Day before for 4 Dollars, we were at Spread Eagle before day & the hills by Sun Rise nearly, Several their before us, back and at Elliots old Road Spent 4s8 & so home by Dark Number Wagons here; warm about noon, wind South Snow all Gone before night the feild Clear Sun Shun Like Spring

February 4th 1801 Wind N W. froze Prety hard over Cast & Snow shower from W Got N. by E & Sleeted after Dark, about home at work at Ice house all Day— number of Neighbours & Travelors here

5 Wind N W and Great Sleet on trees &c (at Work at Ice house with the boys) wind S.W. & Sleete run off before noon, Simon Lutzenberge, old Davis & I Set off to ferry to hunt afox Pett keep in Phila., Davis & I Some high words about the hunt, I and several others went over in 2nd street above Calowhill to one Baker tavern keeper that had the fox Spent 3s9 their & Brought the fox to ferry & Let him out poor hunt Indeed spent 3s9 more profitable, So home afternight

6th Wind N.W. and find fine day off to Curwen Esqr. to Meet a Molato fellow that aWhite Got a woman with Child, Settld it & home he Gave us 50L with Surety to Indemnify the town

7th Wind S W Sloppy roads, off to town Jos illegible Walter along Bout- Rownd of Beef 36 lb at 7d, 2 Turkeys at 2½ Dollars, 2 Rock fish at 7s6 &c &c. Roads very Sloppy home before night

February 8th. 1801- Wind S W and fine day 7 or 8 Wagons Here all day. January and one Evans from City Dined here, Omitted Charging them for 1 Pint Wine, full house all Day—

9th Wind about West and avery fine day off to town, Bout. veal fish &c for the hunt to Morrow, Glass’s & Dishes 33s6— half a dozen Rush Bottom Chairs. 6 Dollars 6 Bow Backs Chairs 8½ Dollars Crackers 11s3 Recken for Oats & Wine Bear &c 4s4 Henry in with Cart & home about Dark—

10th Wind N. Snow shower in Night ½ I Deep very Cold & froze hard, a Great Number of People Gatherd to See the hunt Let the fox out at 11 O’Clock Gave him 12 Minutes Start and Let out the Dogs, a nomber horsemen he Made a good Run for 12 Miles at Least I think Dogs head up & Run by winding him, I Beleav for no horse man Could keep up, Dogs made not one out I farely out of Chase never heard the Dogs after the start, Keep to the Right, up to Sorrel Horse near Radnor Meeting then Down to Cooppertown he was Caut over Darby Crick near Burns’s

Feby. 11th 1801 Wind N E and Snowing up Last night till 3 O’C- & this morn at 6 OC 5 Wagons and a number of the Hunters here all night, a Roff Sette, never hold another I think Stormey time abated before noon Good Sleding but bad sleighing James Disbury I. Ellis & Both their Wives here in slay & 2 Vaughan & 4 Woman here on Sledg Stayd till mid Night, up very soon

12th Wind N W fine Shun sun Shine Morn. & before noon Got to Snow very much & keep at it till in and Cold day about house all Day & over Cast in the Night then Cleard

13th Wind N E & Shun Sun shun out and fine Morn then Cloudy & Snow before noon Adam & Phillip Litzenberg their Mothers and wives here on sledg’s about their here till 2 OC— I at home all day Slays & sleds Runing

14 Wind N.W. and very Cold, Snow about 6 I Deep Good Sledging on the turnpike about home till noon, after at Black horse & Alley Roberts, then home about Darke 6 Wagons here all night—

15th Wind N.W. and very Cold, Clear day, a number Wagon here, Old Paul & young Paul Jones and their wives here & Drank tea John Evans & his 2 Brother here, singelar Creatures

February 16th 1801 Wind West and Large White frost very quiet Morning no Traveling as yet 8 O’Clock Got a young Lamb & one yesterday morn from the Sheep I Got of McCleneghan thawd agood deal in places, put my Slegd sledge or Slay together, so many people here did not Slay any.

17th Wind South and over Cast thawd much afternoon raind, Hugh Knox & I Round about trying to make a school for Maddin again at Church, but faild, Pearson and Phelix and Cato at work at Ice house Spent 11d. at Buck So home 12 or 14 Wagons here all night warm night

18th Wind N E prety soon & Cold snow almost all gone, a very wet day till afternight, at the Dam Evening (and Streapers Spent 11d) Great fresh tore agreat hole at Mill, Pearson here work none only 2 Wagon’s here this Evening

19th. Wind N W & fine Still morn Cleard off about 10 O’C Last night avery Remarkable fine day no frost Rodes verry muddy Widow Goodman here Settle her acct.

February 20th 1801 Wind W. and very Pleasant day froze very littel little, Pearson Felix B Gill & Self work at Ice hole, finish diging near 14 feet deep, through avery Stoney place, Got about half Stone anough to Wall it I beleive. Cato Gone to Drive a wagon of Hamiltons home, about 40 milestone;

21st Wind N W. Whitefrost & perty hard freeze 7 or 8 Wagons here up till near one OC tho all Gone before I Got up but one Pearson begun to Wall the Ice house, & wall near a fourth, about home all day— one wagon from Little York here—

22 Wind S W and a very Butifull day 12 Wagons here this morn 10 People Breakfasted here & 5 Supper Last night & 5 Sup this Evening being first day Stayd all day I took near 30 Dollars, one man paid for 2 teams 72s3 I Busy all day

23rd Wind N W morn & prety hard frost up at 12 OC. & then at 4 OC Settled all off before Sun rise Pearson walling the Ice hole I about house all day Sundrey Wagons here-

24 Wind S E & over Cast up Soon & Settled with number of Wagons & off they went

February 25th- 1801 wind S.W. & fine day, about Walling Ice house; 8 or 10 wagons here, Flower 10 Dolrs & ¾ per Barrel 1L 39s4d per Barrel the Wagoners Driveing in their Shirt Sleaves Viz without their Coats, alight Rain but Cleard off again

26th. Wind S.W. & remarkable fine day, Pearson at walling, 16 wagons here all night, I at Trexler & Lanhoff about about a woman that belongs to the town that is with Child, Spent 11d at Kuglar, 11d. Bought of Conrad Goodman 3 White Oaks one Large black Oak & one Small poplar, for 20 Dollars & one 8 of a Dollar paid him 11¼d so home

27th Wind S.W & Cloudy a few Drops rain, wind to West & blue off, a little Cooler but very fine day 5 here to Breakfast Nancy Sick Wife not Well & as Cross as Hell paid Spencer 6 Dollars for abarrel of Bear he Sent here, had D. Roberts oxen halling Stone for Ice house I at Laynhoof, about that woman that’s with Child, she would not Sign Obligating herself to Stay a year & ½ in margin: “Frogs aCrying at Conrad Goodman’s Swamp this Evening.”

February 28th 1801 Wind West froze a little but a fine Morn— Got Supper for 6 Wagoners at 11 O’C Last night and a Quarrel with wife about Indulging the Wagoners old David Evans from Phila here been measuring Owen Jones house; Set off to town Round of Beef at 6d per lb aline loin at 7d per lb, total 19s11 Settled with Hall & Sellers for News Paper & paid off 16s3 Bout 2 Quares quires paper 11d 3 Jills Wine & 4 qt. Oats 2s4 ferry 4d pike 8½d home before darke & went after 12 OC. Pearson finish‘d Walling Ice house 16 f Deep—

March 1st. Wind S.W. and fine day, 8 or 10 wagons here all day, 11 Eat Breakfast here, one Gentleman Dined & 2 Eat Supper, I home all Day. Cato Set off for Lancester with Wagoners, very Glad he is Gone for he was not Good for much first day, very quiet Evening

March the 2nd 1801 Wind S E and raining 2 wagons Started this Morn for town, Light rain Stoping Leak at Sawmill & Whet the saw and begun to Saw, not Sawd any perhaps this 6 or 8 weeks, afternoon Set off for Paul Jone’s Got to School house. Come up avery hard Gust of rain & wind hail & 8 or 10 very heavy Claps of thunder, from West, so Great arain, as run over the Dam & tore a large hole I came home after Gooing to Moris’s alittle Sundry Wagons here.—

3rd Wind S.W and avery fine warm day Set off about noon to E. Jones Bout. 1 Tun hay 6L I Suppose to be about the Current price at Paul Jone’s Settled 2 years Intrest on 200 Dollar Bond of Mine, at Sundry places Colecting poor tax home after dark Eat Dinner at Molly Streapers Gratis

4th Wind N W & Butifull day, this is the day the New Presedent Jefferson is to take his Seat, Great Rejoisting amongst the Democrats, Ox Rosted hole by the Butchers in or near the City. McCleneghans Company had their feast at Sheets Mill I their alittle While in Evening, Drank some wine at Mac owne house alittle Stude 23 Men lay here on the floore about 20 Wagons here

March the 5th. 1801 Wind N E Cold and Unpleasant day froze prety hard. Pearson Walling a Wall behind the shop to Convey the Cinder &c. at home all day Evening near 30 Wagon’s here, their was 32 Men for I Counted them after they Lay down 12 Eat supper,— & Sold- Several quarts of Coffee. begun to Snow about 9 O’C and Snowd very much before 12 O’C up till near 12 O’C— then to bed—

6th Wind N.E. and Raining very fast & very Cold, very hard night on the horses all out but 5 teams Settled with a number of them & off they Set about day, and Some Stayd till 8 O’C I beleive the Wetest day perhaps I Ever seen, it keep raining without intermission till 10 OC. at night & I suppose till 12 O’C—

7th Wind N.W. Clear & Calm not froze any Sett off to town, Got Presedent Jeffersons Speach Grand thing, Bout. Beef 10 lb at 5½d per lb. undertook to Saw 1000 of scantling, Paid R. Holland 10s3 that he had overpaid me for a Butcher horse &c at Elliots 5s7½, home about Dusk

March 8th. 1801 wind S.W. and fineday 10 or 12 Wagons here all day; being first day at home all day,—

9th. Wind S W and hard forze froze in Morn but thawd & fine day halling dung from before the door on the Peice below the new Orchard that I Lime’d & had Buckwheat Last fall Felix & Bill Gill helping D Roberts oxen

10th Wind S W & fine day halling Dung till noon then at Leanhoff Vandue Bot. Looking Glass 12s3 two Pails 5s8 old Cage 9d table 2s7 home Evening several 12 or 14 here Wagones wagons

11th Wind West fine day Several showers from West Some hail Several travelers home till noon then up to Morgans for my Saw Cuting Logs at Goodmans, Smart Shower in Evening with hail, 25 or 30 Wagons here the Womans Got 22 Suppers & Several suppers quarts of Coffee

12 Wind S W. up before day Settle with a number very Busy Several Showers

March 12th 1801

through the day Many Wagons here Evening 12 suppers besides quarts of Coffee

13th Wind S.W. fine day about Collecting Poor tax & warning Krickbaum, that I will return him Overseer of Poor

14th W.W. & Prety fine day about home all day Several Wagons here Evening

15th Wind — 7 Wagons here all day being first day. about home Pleasant day

16 Wind S W. & fine day Horatio & I at T. Cockron for Cider 2 of John’s horses & 1 Jont Walter Dined at G. McCleneghan home About Dark, Got 5 Plumbtrees of Cochron & Planted them along the Gardain fence along the Lain to Saw Mill

17th Wind S W & very fine day Felix & I sawing Log at Goodmans Old Green helpt to Saw, David Roberts Halld 5 Logs, Raind Evening Prety Smart

18 Wind N E & been avery Wet Night and a remarkable wet day, perhaps as much rain as has fell at one time run over the Dam from End to End tho the far Gate was Drawn, did a Great deal of Damage to it 5 Wagons here & put up on acct of Rain

March 19th 1801 Wind W & fine day, Mending the Race at Mill till noon Dam tore Prety much, Got the forebay Stopt and went to James Disbury’s Vendue Bought alittle Poney horse for 34 Dollars 4 years old this Oat harvest So home Evening

20 Wind N W. up Soon at the Mill Put on D. Roberts Log. & Saw till Breakfast then Horatio finishd it I went to John Evans Vendue Bout not, Some Light Showers, home

21st Wind N E & over Cast all day but no Rain of Conciquence Sawing in till morning, then meet the Society and town ship Meeting Elected suppervisors Constable Spent 2s4 had 77 Voters— Great Rabble their—

22nd Wind N W & prety fine day but one Wagon here all day 3 or 4 in Evening at David Roberts in Evening till 8 O’C perhaps being first day

March 23 Wind W. & fine day Whet the saw & begun to Saw, Isaac Came & begun to Saw I off to hunt Poor tax Lifted above 20 Dollars

24 Wind N. & prety Cold froze a little Set off to town Got 12 Dollars of Susannah Jones for Sawing Bout fustin for Horatio 17s6 Beef 4s9 Dinner &c 6s6 fustian, a coarse cotton & linen cloth

25 Wind N E & over Cast Set off for Norristown to Return Poor Overseers & Returnd Jont Walter, & David So I am off Servd my year Dinner &c 4s8 ferry 1s10½, Meet at Holstein about our troop; Coln. Porter meet us and have Determind to Interrest himself with the Governor in Our favour Spent their 1s10½ Torrence & I Started about Dark for home begun to Snow Coverd the Ground before we got to Gulph So that it made Light Riding, home about 10′ O Clock O’Clock

26 Wind E & Snowing & thawing this Morn over Cast Snow & rain Sloppey Day up at John Ives he Moving to town—

27. Wind Wind repeated N W. & Cool Snow all Gone about home till noon then at Myers Paid that Girld girl for Pyot 6 Dollars Spent ½ Pint wine at Streapers

28 Wind N W & fresh Cold air Set off for town Bout Beef & home at Dark

29th March 1801 Wind N E and very remarkable Snowey day till noon then Wet 9 Wagons here all day & till Seconday Morn

30th Wind N W & Cleard off at Sawmill Horatio & I Sawing all day Cuting Bill for Billey Bell I at Hitners Business of Troop

31st Wind N.W. & fine Horatio & I Sawing for Bell at all day—

April fool day I know not which away, Israel Davis Moveing I Their alittle while then Sawing till omission then at Jarvis & So & So Colecting poor tax Got none, home at Dark

2nd Wind N W and very fine day Roberts Davids David Roberts team halling Logs 4 from Goodmans Swamp & 4 of Our woods, at Zells Evening Borrowd his old horse to plow.—

3rs Wind S W & very fine day Good fryday So Calld; my Mare folded foaled a Black mare. Colt Got by a horse of Keep at John Elliots Calld Independance it will be Gray without Doubt, Set off to town with Horatio he took it very hard to Stay when I Came away

April 4th. 1801 Wind S E & over Cast at home all day thee the Committee Meet here to Settle the supervisors & overseers of the Poor’s acct. I had the Most of it to Doo tho I was Poor Overseer they Eate Supper & Stayd Till 12 OC at night waiting for the Moon so very Dark—

5th What they Call Easter Sunday had a very quiet day I at home all day. only alittle While at David Roberts

6th Wind N.W. & Prety fine day, Sawing old Isaac & I about & at Mill at omission Bot 1 B. Cloverseed for 7 Dolrs. 25 Cents Sold ½ B. to Knox for 3 D. 75 Cents

7th Wind S.W. and Over Cast— about home Zell was to halld Logs but not Come Several wagons here begun to rain Evening Raind all night

8 Wind N.E. & very Wet till noon then blue off, prety Great fresh Isaac Saw afternoon

April 9th 1801 Wind N.W. & Clear fineday Zells team here halling Logs, halld 13 yellow pine Good days work

10th Wind N W & very Cold Morn froze the Ground prety hard Set off to town very high Wind & I was very Cold Gooing to town home Evening Spent 75-Cents

11th Wind N W & plenty of Ice & Ground froze hard Set off to Hitners to Meet the Troop, meet about 30 of us & Exercised agood Deal & Balloted 3 two Members Spent in hole 1 D 18 Cents Came to Morgans Store & Playd all fares for ½ Pint wine I think I did not or have not playd 15 or 18 years— it is bad Habbit

12th Wind N W Prety Cold being first day at home all Day. 4 Wagons here all day—

April 13th 1801 Wind N W. & Prety Cold Set off to town with a load of Joysts for Billey Bell Jont Walter halld them I walk in Paid paid repeated James Disbury 12 D 12 Cent the Ballance due him for his horse Bout Beef & 1 Shad

14th Wind S W & fine day at & about home sowd 4 B½ Bag Oats Bot of Bowman at 3s9 per & obscured by large blot & burnt Some Brush obscured Setteled with Saml obscured & Jont Walter for their obscured Haverford Place— James obscured 8 Dollars for his son

15th. Wind S W & fine Morning loaded 28 Joyst on Hugh Knox wagon & sent it to town, I at home only in Evening. at Myers paid Pyot Woman 8 Dollars, Spent 6 Cents at Streapers

16 Wind N.W. at Judg Jones’s wife Buried at Radnor Church the Herse Axeltree Broke Down, they took in the Carrage

April 17th 1801 Wind S E & Rain in Morning and till noon; Set off to town Lewis Knox took 27 Joyst to Bell Bout Saddle at 13 Dollars Brest Plates 7s6 & fore Peice & nose 8s6 So home Evening most reviveing Showers we had this Spring

18th Wind N W & a very fine day, Meet the troop at Hitners traind a good Deal & Elected Saml. Jarvis a Member home about dark Spent in hole 116 Cents—

19th Wind S. by E. & over Cast part of day 1 Wagon here all day being first day at home all day— trumpetter here

20th Wind N E. and Raind Set off meet troop at bird, Joind the Regiment & traind near 2 hours wet to the Skin & very Cold Shuk Like a Leaf Dind in Hughes barn, home before dark— Drank about 2 Jill Wine most of them went to the King of Prussia Tavern I Slipt off home—

April 21st. 1801 wind N E and very Cold day at Able Thomas’s to Look hay at Isaac & John Thomas for do Enoch Jones Jarvis’s he Gave me a Quantity of Garden Seeds over Cast home at Dark

22 Wind N E & Snowing & Raining & freezing very Disagreeable Morning 3 Wagons here 2 of them there their horses out most froze to appearance Snow Layd till afternoon a Great Quantity fell at home all Day—

23 Wind N.E & Misting all day hall 2 Loads hay from Able Thomas’s about 1 ton for 3L 10— Evening up to Buck, 1 Bushel flaxseed 7s6 Spent 2 Mugs bear 1s10— not Seen the sun Since the 19th— very Smart Rain Evening

24 Wind N E very wet night, & all day 12 or 14 wagons here Zells team here halld 3 Loads Scantling for town to the pike— very wet Drew the gate at Dam & Let it Run

April 25th 1801 wind N E Morning and Cloudy wind Got Round Sun Shun out, the first time I Seen it from the 19th. Smart Rain from West about noon, Sowd about 12 qts. Clover Seed on the peice along the Road in new Orchard, Meet the Society at Streapers Susanah Evans Evans Bound her son John to Gibson Jones, and Evan to John Lippins Wheel Wright I filld up the Indentures, so home

26th Wind N W & like for Clear day Rittenhouse & George W. Holstein & a young man from Virginia here to Breakfast, I up to Buck with them So home, afternoon at home fine day

27th Wind S.W. & fine day Clearing hedge & Sawing with Isaac halld one little Log with D. Roberts Oxen

28. wind S W & fine day Loaded Zells & Knox’s teams with Scantling for town I with them

The next entry is on May 10.

May 10th Wind North Ptrety pretty fine day at home all day being first day

11th Wind S W and Over Cast in Part Set off for Norristown with John Goodmans’ widow, Meet her at Zells, Horskins Geting his horse’s tail Set Dinner & &c 7s6 ferry 1s10½ home Evening

12th W blot S. off to Norristown again. on the Jury finish about noon Spent Dinner & Club 7s6 horse &c 2s boye 6d home after night took Sick accation by hart burn till it Made me vomit and Last night the same way, Drank nothing but wine & not much of that-

13th wind S W & fine day Sawing Log for David Roberts & Sundry things

14 Wind S W & fine day Sawing till noon then about house Several wagons here

15 Wind N W up very Soon Harrowing below the Pike for Lime then Jesse Roberts Deliverd 35 B. Lime I up to buck Got my horse shod pd. Horskins 4s6— Drank ½ Pint Wine 1s2 So home

16th. wind S W. & warm fine day Sawing till noon, then went to Look my Sheep

May 17th 1801 Wind N W & quite Cool being first day 2 one wagons here, one of the Mares that was in the stable folded foaled here after noon at McClenechans to hunt my Sheep found them & Drove them home Spent Glass wine Sangerree at Strear.

18th. Wind N.W. Cool & Dry Sawing most all day at Knox Evening to Get him hall Lime would not Lewis Jones here to buy my Colt for afreind of his Ask me If I’ll take 180 Dollars—

19th Wind N.W. Cool morn but warm day Jonathan Walter & I made ateam & off we sett to Hughes kill kiln & halld 35 B- which make 105 I put on the Little feild below the pike it Come high 1s1 at kill

20th Wind N W warm day halled 2 Barrels water & Slack slake the the repeated Lime to help to Spread it & Phelix began to harrow no Corn Planted up to Zells & buck Spent 7d. at Streapers 5½d

21st. Wind S.W. & very warm day marking out for Corn till noon then Felix Came he had Been for Shad very dry & hot

22nd wind S W & very hot & Roads wounderfull Dusty, Set off to town Bout 2¼ yards Cassmer 45s two peices Nancean 17s6. knit over halls 30s- Shoes for self and Ann 15s— Reckening at Elliots 4s11½ boy 5½ ferry so home Evening—

May 23rd 1801 Wind S W & two or 3 thunder Showers in fore noon Cleard off after helpt to Plant Corn below the Pike finish’d a Little before night, I Meet the Society at Streapers pd fines & ¼ payt. 12s— Recd 4 D. 24 Cents from Judge Jones my Share of 6 tickets we bott in Company Viz in Perkiomey bridg Lottery, Viz Jones, Brook Claphamson Algernon Roberts & Self, I down about Myers Look the Cows mist finding them home by Stadlemans ½ Pint wine

24th wind S.Wt. and Several fine Showers about home all day being first day at D. Roberts Evening

25 Wind S W. & fine Morning two or 3 thunder Gust in afternoon, Pearson here walling Seller windows,—

26th Wind N.W. & Clear & Cool, Pearson at work, halld one Load hay perhaps 10 unidentified symbol from Able Thomas’s yesterday Phelix helping Johns to make the Line fence between us—

May 27th 1801 wind N.W and Remarkable Cold White frost at Jont Walters Barn till after Sun Rise, at home all day makeing frames for Windows

28th Wind N.W. & Cool Pearson here at work & I helping about the frames &c &c—

29th Wind S W & fine day at Knox’s quarrey Got ten Stones for Seller windows back sd. house finish Pearson at noon Phelix & I at Conrad Goodmans Cuting White Oak trees I Bout afternoon at McCleneghans to Look my Sheep found them in his feild fetch them home

30th Wind S.W fine day washe’d the Sheep in Morning in the Dam then I went to falls Got 50 Catfish for 5s- home went with the Cart to Titus Roberts for Shad, Phelix along Stayd all night Got 29 Shad all they Ketch

May 31st 1801 Wind S W & very warm, Left the fishing place about Sun Rise So home at 7 OC. Clean’d the fish. (4 Wagons here all day) I to bed & Sleep till Dinner Evening up to Zells for my Poney horse so back— very fine Shower. A Great Gust of wind & Rain in Sight & hearing but Light here, blue a herrican about a mile to the west. a reviveing Rain

June 1st. Wind S.W. & a very fine thunder Gust in Night and fine Shower tis Morn about Sun Rise. 4 Wagons 2 Gone before day & 2 here Still David Roberts begins to Mow Over at D. Roberts, Hogs ruted the Corn got Angerd at them and Ringd them about home

2nd Wind— fine day Over at Morris Looking for the horses back and begun to hall Dung for Potatoes in Old feild number Wagons here—

3rd Wind N.W. & fine day Set off to town Settled with the turn Bridge Company & we have 27 Dollars to pay 5 Dollars Intrest for not paying as they was due

June the 4th 1801 wind W & fine day Lost the horses did not finde them till Noon Evening at Sam Jarvis for Poor tax home Evening Several Wagons here

5th Wind S W. fine Shower about day & Light one’s after, Cleard off by 10 O’C- and high Wind halling dirt or Dung to Corn Phelix helping all Day

6 Wind N W & very Cool morn Number Wagons here Sold 7B Oats 7 half ¼ hay— took perhaps 10 or 12 Dollars halling Dung to Corn

7th Wind N W and Cool Morn 6 Wagons here all day being first day, Jos. May Dyed at Jon. Walters he up Soon in Morning made a firer fire fed the hogs &c & before 8 OC was a Corps he was very fond of Drink supposed to be in Licker, from his behavior for he was a singing a few minutes before he Died

June 8th 1801 Wind N.W. & over Cast part of day halling dung to Corn Solomon with us I at home all day, in Evening hunting the Cows not finde them 3 Wagons here, one horse man

9th Wind N. & Cool morn Halling dung to Corn, I about helping all day Solomon here helping—

10th Wind Planting Potatoes till noon then out of Potatoes, Planted 12 Rows Early Whites, I up to Buck Got Colter blade or disc on plow Sharpend Spent at Buck 3s9 so home

11th Wind W. & Dry & hot Got perhaps 5 B Potatoes at John’s Price John Price’s Planted them & Pumpkins & Cocumbers cucumbers finishd

12 Wind S W & alittle Raine in Morn begun to Plow the Corn at home all Day 2 Gentlemen here in Chare Dinner &c 2 Dollars Plow but Little in afternoon—

13th. Wind W & fine day Plowing till noon then up Buck Got mare Shod 1s4½ on an arbratation arbitration between McClenechan & Ruben Lewis— home about 12 OC

May June 14th 1801 Wind N.W. & Cool not very well being first day at home only Rode up to Goodmans to Look at Fenance’s Sheep

15th. Wind W. Plowing till near noon the Corn then fenceing the Potatoe Peice a light Shower in Evening—

16th Wind N W. & fine morning at Knowls to Look for Oats, Watkins at Mill Bout some at 3s3 home & Down to Gibson Jones’s to buy Boards, 1000 feet, Come afine Shower tho Light to Do much, Spent 5½ & 5½ Gates home about Sun sett

17th. Wind about west & omission but Cloudy this morn, 2 horsemen Lodgers I at Smith Shop & Geting pitchforke handels old Mat Jones, McCleneghan & Mathias Holstein here pitch quates quoits Jones & Mac—

18th. Wind S W. & fine warmday I about home till Evening then up to Morgans & Eliot Store Bout. 4 Rakes 5s7½ So home

June the 19th 1801— Wind S W- & very warm day Mowing John Price’s Swamp Meadow on the halfs Phelix; Gravel; Bill Gill Isaac Sunlender Isaac Frank & Self, Got Done before night & helpt to Cock a good heap of it

20th. Wind S.West & fine hay day, James Disbury Edward Gill Isaac Franks helping to hay & halling to the Stack Swampt the horse the first Load & made abad out, Cock it all So home about Sunset Horskins, John & Isaac Thomas & a number of young Lads here had a Race Horskins & Levi Warners horses, Some Little Despute but Soon Passd Over—

21st Wind W & fine warm day being first day, one Wagon here all day at home Evening at Black Horse & Streapers- Mary Streaper was Married the 18th Viz Last 5 day, to one Titus Yerkes a Great Baptist, keeps a Great team to hall Marvel Stone marble perhaps not 3 Months since he first Come over this sd. side of the river the sd. said Molly Streapers father died in 92 & She keep She & I Administerd to the Est, very poor then but She keep the Tavern, & when we sold it She bought it for 405L & has Conducted her self with agreat Deal of Credit & Repututation reputation Ever Since & keep her Step Mother & 3 (and part of the time 4 ) Childern Schoold them &c &c I was afreind to her & assisted all that I Could perhaps this is Mentioned in My Minites minutes I Keep her Company many long time our Love was Mutial but fate Decreed— I was Takin other Ways

22nd wind S.W. & a Great hay day Got David Roberts Oxen, Edw Gill & Indian Isaac helpt Built 2 Stacks in the meadow finish before night & halld 3 Loads out the Lot below the pike illegible hard

23 Wind S. by W. & very warm Harrowing Corn with one horse till noon then at Jont. Robeson Junr Burial at Streapers 2 Glass punch 3s9 So home about Sunsett

24th Wind S.W. fine morn, over Cast & alittle rain, Little it was Phelix and Isaac Franks Mowing Jacob Jones Meadow, I Am to Give 40s for it, Corse Stuff Old Gorden Little Drunk him & I a Great Spar but it Blue off Mack was here & staid till near 12 OC at night then off—

25 Wind N W. & Cool Morn, but hot aknoff about noon Gorden Boy & I Spread Rack’d & Cock all the hay in Jones’s Meadow finished before Sun Set

June 26th 1801 wind S W warm day Phelix Bill Gill Isaac Franks Mowing Sawmill Meadow and finished all I had, Jim Disbury Gorden & Self Stack Jones’s Meadow in John’s meadow by one of the other Stacks Come on a fine Little Shower Evening

27th Wind S W. warm. a Little rain in town, Bout. Cheese 18¼lb at 1s4½ pr 27s2 Lemmons 2s9 Reckening 9s4 Subscribe 7s6 to Gate No. 2 for my tole till new years 1802, paid Knox 8 Dollars old score So home about 9 OC— Disbury Felix & Isaac Rack & Cock all my hay

28 Wind S W & very hott being first day Levi Pawlin here drank some wine went before Dinner, I went Over to MacClenighans to Dine Jarvis, Madden, John Elliot Jur. Georg Jarret & self was their home before Night

29th wind S W very warm Jacob Morris sent for me his Tennant Run off & Left his farm, two men his acquaintance Down about it home at noon begun to hall hay Got Stalld Borrowd D. Roberts horse & halld 2 Loads very hot

June 30th 1801 wind S.W. & very hot halld two Loads hay (all I had) by noon, about 3 OC- Came on a fine Shower from the South, will help the Corn, but too Light for the Oats I think Jacob Morris Reaping Rye, David Roberts Reaping Wheat. Brot.John Reaping Rye Antoney Tunis helping me to kill Stump Tail Calf, morning help to Cut D. Roberts horse very hot Day—

July 1st 1801 Wind S W foggy morn & warm day, had Felix B.Gill, Quill McVaw Isaac Franks, 3 of Waltons Boys (Poor Reapers) James Disbury & Self. Reap 70 Dozen Rye & 9 Doz. Wheat all my Crop Long before Night Charge me 3s9 per peice, paid Waldon’s, after at the Dam Washing Made all their harts Glad—

2nd Wind S & foggy Morn, but avery warm day, begun to Run forrows furrows round Corn, at D Roberts, Dined their, he Reaping wheat very fine Crop, home & at Lewellin Youngs, Stayd till very late talking him at his Barn home at midnight—

July 3rd 1801 Wind S W & very warm till noon then a very fine Shower at Rees Price’s helping to Shock had 12 Reapers & 2 Cradlers Reap & Shock after Rain home about Dark Come on Just as I Got in a violent thunder Gust with a tremendous puff of Wind, a Greater fall of Rain perhaps this 3 Months for we was almost burnt out, oats Indian Corn &c &c not much above a span Long, 3 Wagons & 3 or 4 Lodgers here

4th wind N W & Remarkable Cool Plowd the head Land in Corn feild below the Road, then set off to town meet the Solderry soldiery in the street Celebrating the Anniversity of Independencey of america Spent 2 Jills wine 11d. Dinner 3s9 Oats 9d 2 Padlocks 6s- Lemmons 1s10½ Stirrups 3s Shoes for Ann 3s11d three tumblers 2s9 tole & ferry 7d so home a Nomber along

July 5th 1801 Wind N.W & remarkable Change in the air at home till Evening then at Mothers old Jacob very Ill & at Stadlemans Gave my Mare the horse Calld the Sceptic 18s9d single leep Spent 2s- & so home one Mr Maden & Firnance along home after Dark— wrote three Days Journal & So to bed prety Soon

6th wind N W & fine Cool Morning Pearson here all night David Roberts Reaping Rye before the doore I halling in my Rye 70 Doz & 9 of wheat Got Stalld Several times finished before night a french Gentleman Left his Lady & 2 Little Girls to board here and another is to Come to Morrow at 10 Dollars per Week Pearson here all night 1 Wagon here

7th Wind N W & fine Morn begun to run Round the Corn till noon then a while with David Roberts Reapers, James Manes a little Mason Drole Little man thinks very vain thinks himself a Great Critic, Bold Irishman formlely formerly Live’d in Jersey. a mere puff He Sitting by, told him I’ll put him in my Journal & Read it to him in margin:”When a little Gay he Says Stop a wee”

July 8th 1801 Wind N.W & fine Cool Morn & warm day Plowing Corn forenoon, after Looking up my Sheep at McClenechan home about Dark 6 Wagons here Do McCleneghan here—

9th Wind W. fine Morn & plowing My Corn till noon fine Shower about 4 OC- Millwright Jon. Roberts here after the Rain at illegible Pearsons old place the man that Rented it one Sidle had parted from his wife Some time agoo, had a Girl by the name Mary Gun, keep house for him She Maried an Irishman named Cauden, she would not Sleep with him for 3 or 4 days then Beded with him, but in about aweek after Sidle & her took 2 horses and one of his former wife’s Childern & off they went Leaving all his Somer work Stock & &c &c very Strange infatuation

10th Wind Nor West and fine day. at Kougler to Look for Beef back & killd alamb weigh’d 9 lb per Qr. had 2¼ lb whool wool I Sheard off before kild, Loyd & Paul Jone’s Left me 4 Squirrels, they killd, 7 from home here

July 11th 1801 Wind. S.W & very warm one Neail from Burlington, Uncle to Charles Bevan here to Breakfast, the Est Bevans owes him Money, I off to town Bout Beef 13 lb at 10d Limes &c 3s4. Horse &c 2s9 Dinner at Elliots 3s9 Porter 9s— Stop at Hestons 11d My horse in Sulkey first time—

12th Wind S W warm day number of People here took 4 or 5 D. at home all day being first day— Nancy here

13 Wind East all forenoon Great hopes of Rain but none Come at home all Day helping David Zell & Jont. Walter to Lay Poor tax, Felix Cut my Oats the big oats Got of Bowman—

14 Wind N W or West & Clear & no appearance of Rain, Sowd about 1 Peck of Buckwheat in Corn feild head Land &c &c tyd up my oats 33 Doz

15. Wind West & fine day, Cloudy about noon but no Rain, afternoon Colecting Poor tax Widow Evans 2 D. 37 Cents Schoiler? 25 Cents at Loyd Jones, Jarvis’s & so home

July 16th 1801 Wind W. halld my 33 doz oats in after noon Came on a fine Shower, tho not Enough to Soke the Ground, yet will revive the Corn after at Hoskins Geting horse Shod, Stopt at Jont. Jones’s Stayd till near ten OC- then home

17th Wind S W & Cool wore my Cloth Coat to town & not any too Warm Bout. & paid for 12 lb Beef & he went off before I Came back 8s½d Bout 10 lb of a woman 6s8 hankercheif 7s— Elliots Dinner &c 5s6 So home about Sun Set— hare Powder &c 3s9

18 Wind N W & very fine day off to Norris town Meet the troop 37 of us performd many Munuvers & Dined in Court house Drank a good Deal of Maderia Wine 1 Dollar & 75 per man & we Made up 4 Dollars for trumpetter I home about 10 OC. at night—

19th Wind W being first day & my birthday 48 years old, & no refermation I seem no Better at home all day 2 wagons here & no people &c &c

July 20th 180l wind S. & very dry warm day begun to work alittle at hand Rail of Stairs Evening at Buck to Leave 33 Dollars 33 Cents their that Peter Rambow Gave me to Give Miller tavern keeper at Buck— Zell Treated Me to Glass wine Sangerree home

21st. Wind E & alittle Driseling Great hopes of a rain 3 Wagons & a number of Irish & others here— up Soon Settled with them, begun to Rain in Earnast before noon, right East Settled Rain. very hard Showers afternoon Went to Streapers & Myers Dutch Daniels ¼ veal 18½ lb ¼ Lamb 7 lb totall 14s. Spent 2s5 so home very hard rain Dam Running Over prety Much 2 french here Guning so whet Got none

22nd Wind N E and a very hard Shower about Day up Soon and at mill, Meli Gave me 4 fine Cucumbers so back to Breakfast no Damage done to Mill begun to work at Stairs at the Mill to See it again all well

23 Wind N W very warm Felix & I Cuting alog in David Roberts Land Poplar Blue’d down, afternoon David halld it old Isaac Sawing felix Plowd a peace for Buck wheat by Hollands Garden

24th Wind West fine day at the Mill helpt on with the Log then went to Meeting one man & 3 woman Preached— home

July 25th 1801 Wind near East & fine Light Rain till near noon then went to Germantown to Doct. Bensel for Brot. John, his Intemperance has Brought on an Debelitation of the Nervs, Dined with the Doct. Calld on Doct. Smith and for Poor tax & pay for makeing 1000 oak Shingles and he mob me Like an Oysterman Ordered me out of the house &c &c Spent ferryage 11d Punch & oats 2s7½ at falls 1s4 boy 4d so home at John’s Got 12 D 25 Cents of Rudolph Sibley for Draws chest of drawers he Bout at Constable Sale

26 Wind N W & most remarkable Cold for this Season at home all Day Poor day in the Tavern way, being first day—

27th Wind N W & Cool Sow 1 B. & 2 qrts of Buckwheat in Hollands Lott, one Peace Plowd the 23rd. the other one the 14th & 15th afternoon Plowd my Potatoes, one Madden & I playd Jos Walter & Barney Maccy at Quats quoits for Pint Wine & they Beat us—

July 28th 1801 Wind N W Cool Morn but prety warm day, Made up a team & went to Samuel Gibsons & Got 1118 feet White Pine Boards. Gibson Jones Property, Part of a Raft he Bout. Got home about Sunset then at Dutch Daniels ¼ veal 16½ lb & ¼ Mutton 9¼ lb number Welshmans here & 3 wagons—

Interlined:”29th Went to town Bout not but Releas from John”

30th Wind East & over Cast Like for Rain but none Came, Plowing in Garden for turnips, & At the Mill &c, Isaac Sawing poor out water So Low— the French Family Movd to town—

31thst. wind East, Cloudy, 3 Wagons here up Soon Settled & off they went, very hot Plowd another Peice in garden at home all Day, Madden & Barney here from town on their way to Pitt.

Augst 1 Wind W. & warm work at hand Rail Stairs & &c Come on aviolent Gust of Wind Succeeded by a very fine Raine perhaps ½ hour, Cleard off, I over to Pyots Tavern A horse Race their, Spent 1s10½ so home

Augt 2nd 1801 Wind S W. & over Cast Several smart Showers afternoon one wagon here all Day I home all day being first day— Little traveling to Day

3rd Wind W & fine Day Felix, James Disbury & Self Clearing a turnip peice after tyd up the remainder of Oats old Isaac Sawd 30 Lath two Men in Chear from Buck County on their way to West Chester freinds one of them verry Sencible Smart man—

4th Wind S W & alight Scud of Rain before Sun rise the men Staid Breakfast Reckening 12s paid & off they I Sowd turnipseed in garden dung and Limed, Black & old Davis here with Beef Bout 11 lb 7s2 after at Lippens to forbid them to Sell wood, Got the Last of my Oats in Got very dark & hard rain

5th Wind N E & very wet hard rain till noon More rain than has fell Since april Iron wagon broke axeltree Lippins put it omission by noon Disbury Felix & I Cut 7 Logs in Goodmans woods perhaps 3 hours work

August 6th 1801 Wind S W. & fine day Felix aplowing a peice new land for turnips, Done before ten OC. afternoon had David Roberts Oxen & Walters horse So halld 2 Logs from Goodmans

7th Wind S W. & fine Morning Henry halld dung in Garden I Harrowd it well & sow’d turnips Seed mixt with Brimstone about home all day Isaac sawing in afternoon,—

8. Wind S W. warm day, Harrowd the new peice for turnips, B. Brooke John Jones, John Taylor Hugh Knox here Laying Road Tax till near dark I at home all day Pit Wagon here. rather a poor day in tavern way—

9th Wind— foggy Morn & Rain prety Smart Shower in Evening, 2 wagons here, 2 Chairs here to Tea, being first day at home all day

10th Wind S.W. Warm day, Smart Rain afternoon Set off to Court Titus Yerkus along, Enterd for Licence 11s10½ then Calld on Grand Jury Pass’d 2 Bills Broke up & I home all the way about 9 O C at Night— Recking 7s6 boy 5½

August 11th 1801 wind S W & very warm off for Court Got up before 10 OC- whent through Several bills but not done Dined as a Jury, I went with Mathias Holstein to the ford & Staid all night

12th Wind near West & raind very Smart in morning for a long while back to Court, meet & whent through all the Business before Dinner, Sherreff Gave a dinner to the Judges Lawyers & Jury near 40 in all, wine in abundance, up to Court Got Discharged & Settled Jury bill for yesterday 11s3 per man, and 3s9 for horse at Davis s Spent 5½ at bird, 5½ at Torrence’s Horsler 11d total dureing Court 24s10 Great tax on me for I am offen up—

13th Wind N W & fine Cool morn meet Rynhart at Morris’s he has Got Algn. Roberts Stadleman & Me appointed auditors to Jacob Sidles Property he Run off, Back to Dinner after Sowd turnipseeds in peice of new Land & Racked raked them in pd Watkins for oats 3s3 per rye 8 per Indian Corn 5s pr totall 2L 11s1½d

August 14th 1801 Wind N W & fine day Jacob Zells team halld 8 Logs from Goodmans Land White Oak & Poplar So Spent the day Phelix ½ Plowing & ½ Cuting Logs Disbury ½ Day Cuting—

15th Wind S W and Over Cast & Raind Prety fine about noon & most all afternoon & Night but Light no fresh, went a little Round Guning but Got nothing afternoon Knox & Taylor finishing Laying Road tax 1 Wagon here

16th Wind N W & Clear & fine day 2 Wagons Came to Day Enoch Thomson here & a number of people took about 7 Dollars, Hugh Knox wife & Coopers wife here, the road very Lively to day— Ann at Church with Patty the first time most 4 years Old, may the Lord Keep her in the Path of virtue is my fervant prayer

August 17th 1801 Wind S W and warm day Cut log for lath and made 2 Malls at Buck Smith Shop and &c &c &c Felix Plowing

18th Wind S W. and very warm day, Felix & Disbury Spliting Rails I off to town John Roberts & John Price Gooing to Cape May by Land, with them to take Passage Bout 2 Pair Shoes 11s8 hat for Boy 4s4 nails & Plain Bitts 4s10 Lemmons 1s6 horse &c 3s9 home about 8 OC Cracy John Boyd here mad man most Got fine farm in Picqeay

19th Wind S W & remarkable warm day at Sundry halling Plank helping Felix & Disbury to Split Rails &c &c &c.

20th Wind S W & warm day till noon then Come a very fine Shower hard Run over the dam strong Planing Sash for front door &c &c at Owen Jones he movd to new house

21st Wind Got to West & very Smart Shower afterday Water Plenty to saw this Morn up Soon at Mill Looking tree for Lath Cut one made 2 Logs 12 feet Long Got David Roberts Oxen & halld them Isaac Sawing Strong about house all remainder of day

22nd Wind S W & warm day Put ax helve? Jon. Lewellin & George Rees here Rees wants to Rent my Tavern they Dined here, & up to Buck Smith Shop then meet the Society pd. fines & ¼ payments 6s- so home—

August 23rd 1801 Wind N W after awhile Come up from N. about 4 OClock in Morning amost Violent fall of Rain from the North that perhaps Ever fell in So Short atime perhaps it Lasted near ½ an hour hard & near 2 hours Smart rain, with a Great deal Lightening but no hard thunder near it Run over the Dam from side to side perhaps did me near 20 D. Damage at Dam & flooded the Meadows, broke Gouchers Dam to the Bottom, I no know not how far it Extended but to Philadelphia up the Road near the same Distance I off to Abner Evans to Get him to Sell Sidles Goods on the 29th full house afternoon, took about 7 Dollars

24th Wind N W & fine Cool Morn 6 hunters in hackney Coach Stopt & Drank & went on to Eagle— Felix Henry Isaac Boy & Self all day 2 Carts mending dam I Evening at J. Zells to get him hall Lime Come up Smart Rain about 9 OC— rain till about 12 OC

25 Wind S.W. & Cleard off, made a Great fresh near as Great as first day & run over the dam from sd- to sd. and took nearly all the durt we put in yesterday Isaac & 3 of us work all day at it

Augt. 26th 1801 Wind N W. & fine Cool day, Disbury Felix Isaac Henry, (Atkenson ½ day) & Self mending Dam all day & not near finished but Raisd the far sd prety high—

27 Wind N W & remarkable Cold halld 5 Logs on the dam & Potterd about all day Evening at Jarvis’s & Enoch Jones’s to Buy hay

28th Wind N W. & Cool Clear Morn, at work at Sash front door &c. Henry filling old Seller, paid Jacob Zell 3 Dollars for halling Lime Settle with Bill Gill for 17½ days at Ice house & 2½ Mowing & Reaping paid him 7s6 being the Balance due him Tom Ellis here refused him Drink he very Roth & off he went he has been keeping it up perhaps 6 or 7 weeks

29 Wind N W Clear Cool Morn up Soon Settled with some Lodgers &c very warm about noon, Rynhart & Abnor Evans here to Dinner— then off to Vandue on Jacob Sidles Goods & being appointed one of the auditors with 2 more by Court to Sell, Solde Cow & Calf for 31 Dollars small one two, Cows that had Calfed in Spring for 24 Dolrs. & 25 D &c Sold till 8 Oc. at night & finishd, I Bout of Sundries 34s Rinehart & 3 others Came & Staid all night with me— near 12 OC before I Got to bed

Augt 30th 1801 Wind S W & Pleasant day 3 wagons here all Day & 2 Started in morning at home all Day Bout 1 barrel flower at 10 Dollars ½ B. onions 3s9 & so & so—

31thst Wind S W Warm day off to Vendue house & Settled with a number (all but two) & they paid for what they Bot. I home to Dinner. afternoon about work in house-

Sept.1 Wind S W & very warm day at work at Sash &c at home all day—

2nd wind old Course & remarkable hot at Sash & Mending head at Mill &c

3. Wind— very hot work at Sash front door Disbury under took Lot to mow for 5s7½ very bad flooded,

4th Wind— hot beyond any time this Summer work at Sash & at Gate No.2 to Level Seller, they gooing to move it. back to Breakfast— Great Lightening to S. but no Rain here

5th Wind East in part & over Cast no hay Day Cock mine up & Let it by be, finishd the Sash for front tedious Jobb— Atkinson here all the week 5½ days Come after breakfast Seconday & quit about between 3 & 4 a on sevenday— Jacob Zell halling Stone for Pike house No. here in Evening

Sept. 6th 1801 Wind East & over Cast 2 wagons here, one of them Sleep on his horse Last night and Run against the pump & Broke the Box for Puting Meat &c. a Gentleman Lodger here Lives towards Goshen near where one Garret was killd by one Rees, the Story is. that the fresh took Rails & timber from Rees & Lodge them with Garret, Rees Came with his team to hall them Garret forbid him he persisted Garret Shovd or Struck him Some sd with his Cane (he old man near 70 years the other a young Stout fellow.) Rees took his Stick or some sd. a lath or Rail & Struck him Down & Gave him 2 Stroke More so sd., broke his Scull, he walk home & Exspired in afew hours, Rees is Run for it, there was Ill will or unhappy Difference between the families before—General Swain two Hendersons with him him, at home all day.—

7th Wind old Course and very hot about home till noon with McCleneghan to his house Lett out his fish dam & Caute about omission Catfish & some Suckers, Drank tea & Eat fish with with repeated him fetch 10 home,—

8 Wind old Course & very hot work with Disbury & Felix begun to Quarry Stone for Studs yesterday, I up to Buck to Get my horse Shod Borrowd Hoskins horse at Torrence to get him turn Banesters

September 9th 1801 Wind S W & very warm at work at Mantle for Back Room Went to Meeting Strange Preacher their McCleneghan at Meeting & home with me to Dinner, Lewellin Young & Brown here also— we Pitch Quates &c they Stayd till Sunset I did not anything afternoon Pillchrist keeps Store in Cooppertown took his horse out to feed, 5 Irish men Came in & by Some Means they took a bundle of Muslin &c. to the value of 3L 19s8d & off, he mist after Starting back & followd them Felix & Disbury, overtook 3 of them Searched them but they had it not, the other 2 Men was not to be had, they gave up & Came back, bold fellows to attempt it at Midday— two Irish in Chare Lodg here Calld me before 2 OC to Start again

9th repeated Wind S W & warm very, I at work as above Atkinson at work Jos Walter took my horse. Got him Shod Disbury & Atkinson had a great Quarrel because do. Atkinson Talk about Adam Got Sore Leg when he was at Breakfast,—

Sept. 10th Wind N W. and avery Remarkable Change in the Air I Put on Great Coat & it felt very agreeable, Atkinson on the omission & I work but very little at the Quarry twice Cut out some Stuff for Mantle

11th Wind N. & very Cool up Soon no Traveling remarkable Dull week for our Trade & Smart Duning dunning one for I paid 12L 3s4d for Oats Beef & turning Stairposts Last Fall to one hart in town he here to day 17s4, It seemd as If they all Combind to Dash this week, work some in house & at quarrey

12th Wind N W & very Cool morning harrowd the oats Stubble &c, Atkinson Whet 2 Saws, on the run, I all the afternoon Posting up Atkinsons acct, Jont. & Owen Jones, here a good While, 3 wagons here all night & several Lodgers

13 Wind N.E. & very Cool afternoon over Cast, one wagoner Adam had 5 B oats 11s3 Reckening at home all day Paid Jos. Washer 22s6 for oats

14 Wind East & over Cast Bout 2 Loads hay of Enoch Jones took it out meadow about 32 symbol? afternoon at Lewellin Youngs paid 10L 19s10d for Ben Tunis Kuglars Sued for Young allowed me 20 D of one that I Lente him in 1796

Sept. 15th 1801 Wind N E & Rain begun about Midnight prety Smart in Morn & hard shower afternoon Isaac Henry & Self Mending hole at Sawmill went out to Gun Shot at Flicker & Mist hard rain Whilst out home & Stayd, all Quiet. Smart rain in night

16th Wind N near East Sun Shun seem’d to be Clear in Morn but over Cast before noon & wet alittle Settled with Goodman Conrad Conrad Goodman & owd him 25s- Walter Felix & Disbury Shooting birds then went off for Squirrels; kill 2 or 3 back receivd a letter from Overseers Blockley, that man Sick in their town that they think belongs to us—

17 Wind— fine day about till noon Afternoon at Jesse Hortons new store & buck McClenechan along Spent 1s4½ Home about 10 OC

18 Wind S W & fine Pleasant day off to town along with Benjn Brooke in his Chare, Got 12 Dollars that Madden Jos. Walter, & I Drew Price Oxford Lower Dublin Lottery 4 Tickets 20 D & we Got 4 apeice so much for Gambling Crackers 7s5 Dinner &c 7s- Stopt to see the Bridg they Building a peer in the water. Comeing on prety fine now But meet some Difficulty to keep water out JP refers to Market Street Bridge.

Sept 19th 1801 wind S.W & fine day finished Shingleing the Shop over the way, the Rest was Shingled Last Spring. Atkinson help me to finish it, afternoon at Buck Spent 2s4, home by Streapers John Thomas along, home about Dark

20th Wind N.W & fine Cool day being first day 2 wagons here & Sundry people here at home all day

21thst. Wind W & fine Disbury plowing new Land over against Johns I Settled with Henry Gorden, he been here near two years as Horsler &c&c Sencible fellow & Seen better times held a Commission in our Army Drinks hard poor old man Loth to Goo—

22 Wind old Course fine day John Porter a Negro Man Come this Morn to begin month at 6 Dollars I at helping to hall Dung Disbury & Porter Loading I Driveing— Prety Shower in Night

23 Wind W & fine day men at halling dung & I at work at house Atkinson here

Sept. 24th 1801 Wind S W & warm, at work at house, afternoon at D. Roberts for Rye Got none home and went to Watkins paid him 2 Dors. for 2 B. Rye, Run my gray Colt against his horse he beat me a Little, home and Hagy & McClenechan here & Stayd till 12 OC at night—

25 Wind N W & fine day at Work in house till noon then at Balors for 2 Ropes 3s- at the Gate Going to Move it, Spent 11d at Phillips So home Jos. Walter along—

26th Wind N.E. and Mock Sun Disbury begun to top Corn over Cast & Begun to rain before noon and Got very wet and Cold, at work at Mantle all day Disbury Got near ¼ wood Atkinson no Good to Day

September 27th. 1801 wind N W & Cold they say frost but I Seen none first day afternoon at Streapers Wm Hoskins along 1 Bottle Porter 1s10½ at James Winters to Look for Pearson to Mason along with Hoskins to Buck ½ Pint wine 1s4 So home, Disbury Harrowing in the Rye. 2½ Bushels in new Orchard

28th Wind N West & very Cool morn but Seen no frost along with David Roberts, at Aron Johnsons Quarry to Look a Stone for front door, home about Dark Disbury tying Cornfodder & halling Rye to Davids Pearson Came about noon to begin the Sheds

29 Wind W Diging foundation for Sheds halld one Load Sand (they, town Carpenter) moveing turnpike house Pearson at Work, Old Will thrashing Rye, he mad because he had to wait till we Eat went off without his Breakfast & allso his Dinner Ill old Negro-

30th Wind— & fine day halling Sand and Sending about 9 B. Rye to Mill had J Walters horse Disbury finished thrashing Rye & Cleand it & went to Mill with it halld one Load Sand, I over to See Isaac Thomas he is Got in Pett & they say would not meet the troop, back Dark & like for Rain

October 1st. Wind S E & over Cast begun to rain halld sand. Raind till noon tho not hard afternoon prety fine I wheeling Stone Makeing Morter &c

2nd wind S.W. over Cast morn But Cleard off afine warm day, halld 3 Loads Stones from Walters Quarry. & throwd Down the Milk house Tunis Built against Stable, Pearson at work all Day

October 3rd 1801 Wind S E and begun to rain about Day & Several Smart Showers in Morning Jacob Johnson here all night breakfast & supper old Solomon here all night Isaac Franks, Pearson. all hanging on John Atkinson Carpentering, all the week. and made 2 half days. Horrid fellow Raind till 12 OC. then I Sett off and Meet the Troop at Hittners. near 30 meet Great Disputation & Murmers about the red & Blue Cockade, Recommended by the Governor & from him by General Swain home about Midnight

4th wind N W & prety Cool at home all day a nomber people here being first day,

5th Wind N West & fine day halling Stone till noon then sent for to Brother John Old Jacob Griffith died about oen one OClock. Been about 3 years Bed riddin with the Palsey, Lived with me 7 or 8 years, old Bilson aSchool Master been in this Neighbourhood Eversince he Came from Ireland, Been on the town about omission years Died yesterday & at his Burial to day at Harrisons yard home by McClenechans & Streapers Spent 5½ then home about Dark

October 6th 1801 Wind N W & fine day Over at Grave yard to fix on place to Bury Jacob, then home halld 3 Loads Stone Broke the Axeltree of Little Cart, Got J Walters after at Jacob’s Burial 1 qt Gin & 3 pints Whis So home Grate Race at Jarmintown or rather at Harts

7th wind N W & very fine day Disbury Halling Stone I work alittle at Breast McClenechan here Evening. Jacob Zell here from Race & 4 others Blue? Henry here with oysters they keep it up till 3 OC in Morn-

8 Wind W & fine day up very Soon Got no Sleep 24 hours I was up without Layindown Viz from 3 in Morn till 3 in Morn again up soon again helping to hall Sand Carpentering alittle &c 5 Dutchman & 4 Womans here Mid with Wagons Spent 4 Bowls Cherry Bowns bounce Great for Wagoners Gentleman Lodger took 3 Dollars from the 10 monthly meeting & Joseph George to Pass his Second time to Morrow to one of the Mellions in valley— he went up to Day to Meeting in preparation for marriage

9th Wind N W & very Calm & Large whitefrost the the repeated first I have Seen this Fall up at 4 OC & Settled with the Waggoners and helping Pearson at Morter Stones &c. the vergina Virginia Men Came this Evening for their horses,

10th Wind S.W. & Littel little over Cast in Morn But provd to be fineday Started about 5 OC- to Meet the Troop Horskins John Morgan & I went together to Springhouse Tavern Christain Christian Dulls tavern keeper

October 10th 1801

there Meet above 30 Started from their to Kirks Tavern in Horsham Township within ¼ Mile Buck County line, their Meet Buck County Troop Commanded by Capt Williot Paraded the two troops together, I Gave up the Comd. to Capt. Wilot so Late in the Day made a Short parade Oure troop Dined at Kirks for 7s6 per Man with 4 qt Oats, a nomber of visitors & 5 Dollars to trumpetters made it up to 11s3 per Man one or two Complain’d of the Charge, but there was agreat Deal of Liquir Drank treated all the Bucks’s County Troop that would Drink, Christain Dull no Good at trade Every man was to pay for what he Got he sent for me that the Recking was not Made up by almost 4 Dolrs. Pawling Hittner and Self paid 7s6 apeice & Settled it I Cannot think their was aman in the Troop but what would pay for What he Got, But no Disputeing with Tavernkeepers-

Octo 10th 1801

Left Kirks about Dusk & arivd at Dulls Cad Evans Tyson & some others meet had a Conferance about Members for Assembly & Senitor Porter for that Unanimous Davis Conrad Shide & Henderson for Assembly Started about 7 OC at Night for home Crossed at Spring Mill and Arivd at Oen one OC. in morn of the 11th very much fetige to be Shure rode above 40 Miles perhaps 50

11 Wind N W fine day being first day at home all day, tired a heap—

12th Wind S W. & fine day halling Stone Sand &c &c Pearson not here at home all Day

13th Wind S.W. & aremarkable fine day Drest & set off about 8 OC. for Norristown to Election, Great Division amongst the Democrats, I Voted for Davis Henderson Markley & Conrad Porter for Senetor Dinner &c 6s6 at the Bird in Morn 11d Cakes 3d Total 7s8 home about 8 OC at night

Octor. 14 Wind East in Morn begun to rain made but Little, at work at mantle Evening at Jarvis’s to tell his wife to Get Ready her Brot. Daniel to take her to Ball at Siters back— the first time I went through Jones new gates & by Owens new house

15th wind— about home Tending Masons &c &c Macleneghan Zell Pearson & Pearson & Mac a Great Quarrel I up till about 12 OC

16 Wind W prety fine Pearson in bad Order I at home all day

17 W.W. & very pleasant Little rain from the W Meet the Society at Streapers Spent 5½ so home

18 Wind N. & Very high fore noon Geting Chesnuts Jacob Morris here to Dinner I rode with him to his Schuylkill place & Anty. Levering & at Streapers Spent 1s3½ So home Horskins along John Garret here all night Jont Jones Spent the Evening here, I Sneesd much took a Cold

19th W N W Cold & high halling Stone &c &c all day Adam Gott Married an Irish Girl Batalion day for my old Batalion

October 20th 1801 Wind W. & very Pleasant day Set off about 9 OC to Meet Coln. Wents Regiment Escorted General Swain to the feild with my Troop 47 Troopers General & Coln. Behaved very Polite to us Some Doubts Whether they would Receiv us as the Governor through Partey Spirret has Recommended Red & Blue Cockcade & the Genl. Repeated the request but we Refused to Ware it nevertheless we ware treated with Great Attention I had the Honour of Rideing on the Right of the Genl. on the revew of the Regement regiment & then took the Right of the Regiment & Divided the Troop on the Right & Left Wings— had a Rashing ration in the feild it & Trumpettor Cost 3s9 per Man & I Spent Oats &c besides 5s3 Got home about 12 O’C— Rode about 18 Miles up & Back besides the Parade propable probable 6 or 8 there about 40 in hole

21st W. S W & fine day I very sore & not well with Cold. Pearson & an Irishman work at Sheds I not doing much to day

22 Wind S W fine day Got Jont Walters horse & hall Stone all day, Except Some Little intervils John Hughes here to meet his wife

23 Wind & Wether very fine halling Stone sand &c Felix & Disbury Quarreying McCleneghan here I agreat Scold with Pearson

October 24th 1801 Wind S West & avery fineday Pearson Sturben stubborn I had Charged him with wanting to Quarrel with Mac, for he sat up so Late & I Refused him Drink as there was Ill will & had Spard before I thought wanted to be at it again, but he says he Did not we Settled, and after We made it up so that he is to Come to work again afternoon at Old Molly Streapers Leveling to Drain the Water out of her seller Felix kill a Rabit & 3 Robins Sup on the Birds &c

25 Wind old Course & fine Morn Got Ready & Sett off to Hannah Lewellin’s Burial the widow Lewellin of David Lewellin home to Dinner, after at Owen Jones’s him & Jont walk home with me— John Price Confined to his Roon room to day & Sent to Doc paine in side

26th Wind W. & fine day felix Disbury & Self Diging Potatoes Pearson here I tending him Some

27th. Wind. N.W. & fineday finished diging Potatoes About 50 B in the hole. Evening over to See Brother John he Rather Better he thinks up in Chare, Stayd a good while

28th Wind N. W and very fine day halld Stone & Sand afternoon, Doct. Vanleer been to See John Says he is Better—

29th Wind N W fineday, I off to town Jim with the Cart 1 barrel beer 6D. half Barrel before 3 Dollars 100 Brick 7s6 Crackers 7s6 Quick silver 1s6 Andersons pills 1s10½ Dinner 3s9 oats & 1 J Wine 1s4½ ferry 11d pike 8d. Do oats 15 Cents home late waited for Cart—

30 Wind N W. White frost, Sent for me about Day Brot John was worse off found him Sitting up in bed So bad he Could not Lay talk about a blister on his Side about Drops to make him sleep, took 6 or 8 Spoons of Gruel, I held his head up for perhaps ½ hour While he sleep, he Rousd up, I ask him If he sleep any O Yes a good deal he said, I mentioned If he Could Lay down he turnd himself on his Side, & Laid down perhaps a moment, twitch himself up. I say Cant thee Lay he says No, I helpt him up & supported him & he Died in my hands as where in a minute as it where without a Strugle hardly a Grone but heavy Breath


So Ended the Last Brother I have, Aged 29 years & near 8 Months he was born the 16th March 1772, he was a young man of Great Tallants. I had formd Great Exspectation of his makeing a figer as a statesman; for he was a great Reader & Blessed with the Greatest Memery, that I most Ever knew, but he was always Shy, would not Come forward Assosiated with Low fellows & Contracted a bad habbit of Drinking, that but seen his Error but O Alass when too Late it Debelitated & his hole nerve’s where Long Effected, perhaps for 6 Months before his death throwd into a waste & was or is no more, he seemed to be very humble & Drink not to Excess this summer I have Grate faith that he is Gone happey will receive the reward of the Righteous he had a kind & tender hart-

31 Wind old Course & fineday Several Guners here from town, Got 7 or 8 Rabits I at Mothers & home Backward & forward all day, many Comers & Goers

November 1st 1801 Wind N.W. & alittle Smokey or Cloudy but Cleard off to fine day, attended at Brot’s Late dwelling at 9 OC & from thence to Freinds yard Merion Where he was Interd in present of agreat Concourse of people being on first day, we had Meeting but Silent Nomber Dined their I Stayd till Evening then home, I was affectional very fond of illegible of repeated him, & Sent him to School to Learn Gramer after father’s death, but he was Shy of me on acct of haranging him for his owne Good, If he had been put forward when young So as to raisd an Emmilation in him to Excell, & had an Education, he made agreat Counceller, But his greatest turn was for Phisick or Sergerrey, but father said he must be farmer for which he had no turn nor never made any progress at it, he was very unhappily Married Which Was Great means of his down fall— Tremendous illegible Temper formd a Mistaken notion that She would Concer conquer Extremely Rong for She might Lead him for better as Most Men Lead Better than Drive

November 2nd- 1801 Wind N W & fine day Pearson at work I sawing a Rotten Log for Self at Mothers Evening She very Unwell takeing in night Back & all Quiet—

3rd Wind W. Pearson at Work at Mill till noon then about house, Partric Patrick Sherden Left 50 Dollars here about a Week agoo, Call for it I Spunk about & Got it—

4th Wind N.W. & hard frost Plenty Ice Mortor froze till it would bare a Cart almost Set off to town Got 50 Dollars of Owen Jones for Sawing hunted agood While for a stove ask me 16 to 20 Dollars Dinner 3s9 Oats 11d 1 Jill Wine 5½ ferry 4d pike 8½ So home after dark 6 Wagons here 7 for supper

5th Wind S.W. Smokey & Soft. up Soon Dilbury Disbury at Corn & Felix too Sawing went to Saw but no Water at Mothers Sent Walter to Doct for her Jonathan Jones here Jacob Zell (Long) Got 6 Joysts John Roberts & 5 of Mine & 2 Chesnut posts 10 f Long & 4 by 6 halld 13 Loads of Corn out my 3 Acre Lot below the Pike, I had 100 Bushels, I offerd Felix & Disbury all above 60 B. for pulling & they where very purticular & measurd one Load & Judge by that 8 B. to Load 104 B

November 6th 1801 Wind W & Sawing all day made a poor out, water So Low, at Mothers She very unwell—

7th Wind N W & fine day about home all Day a number here afternoon Jacob Zell laid a wager that Black Willy Moore would Eate ¼ Mutton weighing 9 lb in two hours & he Eat it in one with Ease & offerd to Eat at 10 OC at night 12 Eggs & 1 lb Gammon ham, But I had no Eggs, or I would tryd him

8th Wind N W fine day at home till noon then at Abnor Evan’s & Alley Roberts, & at Mothers She much amiss yet home after Dark Spent 5½d

9th Wind S W & very warm fine day Set off for Court Stopt at Mothers, a low Melting time on me, arivd at Court about 2 OC they Sent out of Court for me and I had to Serve on the Grand Jury; Hagy and I home by Spring Mill—

10th Wind S W over Cast Set off without Breakfast Stopt at Mothers Little Better went by Hagys arivd at Court before ten OC— had Several Bills Dined at Broads Tavern at 7s6 per Man 18 of us & the Sherreff & 2 Constables made 21

November 10th 1801

visitted the Jail & Got Discharged about Sun Set this is 3 Courts runing I have Servd on the Grand Jury first in May then it was Markleys Last Jury & he insisted on me Staying he gave the Court & Jury Entertainment the last day was 3 days then Viz Augt— and this was the first Jury for Wills he Democrat had but 5 federals on home about 9 OC at night raind fine Shower before I Got home paid 12s7½ for horse & Dinner first day 7s6 total 20s6½ in margin: “paid Sowers for Newspaper 7s6 Said the year not quite up”

11th W. N & over Cast but no Rain of Account Sawing all day for J. Zells hoghouse

12th W West & Cleard off after part day Up very soon & Sawd till Breakfast then Zells team halling Logs hald 8 Logs from over the Meadow & 3 from Goodmans 1 Large for ashaft, McClenechan & Rees Price here Evening, 2 Lodgers, no Wagon

13th. Wind N W. & Clear morn up Soon as Usual Sat up till after 12 OC by our Clock but it was too fast ½ or ¾ of hour, Jos Walter & my wife Says their was a heavy Shock of Earth Quake they heard Some time, before the house Shuck windows Chatterd & bed Shook very much I had Got sleep & heard it not, it Happend about 12 OC by the night they think

No.ber- 13th. 1801

it is very Alarming thing, & must been very Heavy. I think I never heard but 2, illegible & one happened when I was a Small boy & the other Since, their was two Shocks at Lancaster Last winter I think both in one Night, at the Mill but Sawd none, after at Mothers, & at Jacob Morris he is Good Deal Unwell home about dark—

14th. Wind W. Several Guners from town I out alittle While Got nothing they Dined here I at Society at Streaper Judg Peters their our Election day, Spent 9d & paid 6s— fines & Quarterly payments, home after Dark Drank 3 or 4 Glasses Maderia

15 Wind S.W 4 Wagons here being first day Spent Strong Took about 12 Dollars— they off Evening Bout 1 barrel flower 8½ & 18

16th Wind S.E & over Cast raind fine Shower in night. I Sawing all day for Jacob Zell

17th. Wind S. & very warm & over Cast Disbury & Isaac Roberts kill a Cow I Bout with a Calf Last Winter for 26 Dollars, Shee weighed 460 lb Good Beef, hide 57 lb I Sawing

18 Wind N W & Cleard off I sawing Disbury for 15 B Lime 15s— he had to Goo to Mores kill kiln— home Late

November 19th 1801 Wind N W & Prety Cold & windy Zell & Gravel &c here Saw none

20th Wind N W & hard frost Sawd 2 Cuts & at David Roberts about home Rest of day

21 Wind N.E. & very Cold Rode David Roberts horse to town, his Rodney Colt, Sold him to Richard Tunis for 180 Dollars I home with David in his wagon, Bout open stove for 16 Dollars, barrel Beer 6 Dollars, Bridge Shears 5 Dollars; Rockfish 5s7½ Crackers 3s9, Dinner &c 7s4, ferry 4d & Smith 1s2 Pint Wine 11d Pike for Davids wagon 22 Cents pike 8d— So home afternight. Snowd very fine all the way Coverd the Ground alittle; by the time Got home—

22nd Wind N E & Snowd prety fast in Morn but abated again about 1 In Deep the first one we had this Season (being the first day of the Week very quiet house—)

23 Wind W & fine day Snow most all gone Laying Loose floore in Garret for a man to Show the art of Ballancing & many Slight of hands &c, very Ingenious, above 100 peopple people in the Room by the money he took 25 Cents per Grown person & half pirce price Childern he took 25 D & 75 Cents, the audance audience much Pleasd with him, We Got 32 Suppers at 3s9, I B.bought 500 Oysters

November 24th 1801 Wind S.W. & Raind prety Smart Several Showers in the Course of the day, perhaps 12 or 14 teen ten hung on all day had Breakfast Oyster Cart here Selling by 5½ bits all day made the Dredfullest dirty house perhaps Ever was Seen, very much Distrest for a gentleman Lodger was here—

25th About house all Day puting up open Stove in the hall Pearson Nomber wagoners at night.— it Smoke much when we got it up

26 wind N & very Cold froze hard, Pearson took Down the Stove & at it again and made a hole in back sd. it Dose better fine day

27th Wind S.W Large White froste & warm day. I Sawing before noon then made a fire of Stove Cole in the open Stove Sat & blue it Got very Sick with Such a headake that I never had Experance before I know not what to Impute the Cause, without it was the Cole, illegible puke Several times Eased the head

28th Wind S W & no frost fine feel very feeble but much Better Pearson Leveling off the Sheds finish the walls

29th Wind N W prety high & Cool but not Cold 4 Wagons here all day being first day afternoon at Thomas Robesons he Sick & want me to make his Will—

November 30th 1801 Wind N W prety Cool, Jont Walter & I off to town with the Wagon, I Bout. 1 barrel Beer 6 D. ½ barrel Samon- 6½ Dollar 200 Brick 15s- Perch & Rockfish 5s7½ meet Wilson & Tunis & Calld on Saml. Price about Edward Price’s Affairs Dined at Elliots 3s9— Lodg at Dunwoodys

December 1st. Wind W & Sharp frost up at 5 OC took Seat in Stage 5s7 Lodging and all, arivd before sun rise Benj. Smith of Haverford Gooing to Lancester to meet the Sembly the first time he Elected for Delaver County, formerly Chester. Jarvis Paid me 30 Dollars on Acct of anote that I mistLayd at Mothers She much Better

2nd. Wind W. Sawing all day Lath for my Sheds, Jos. Walter Bout Stuff for Trowsers of Morgan & Elliot 21s-

3. Wind S W & warm I helping to Kill Cow at Mother till noon then sawing till night Felix & Disbury thrashing out on plank 6 B. & Cleand Rain Evening

December 4th. 1801 Wind W & Cleard off warm Jones been here 3 Day plastering our Lodging Roof finished it off & went away Last night Several wagons & 1 horseman here, I settled with them, then sawing finish Lath Log put on another Felix & Dilbury Disbury tharshing Rye very fine day

5th. Wind S W & warm day no frost Sawing till 3 OC- then about house Sundrie here old hipples here about my Tavern— Snow Shower from South

6 Wind W. & Clear very fine in Morn but Got very Cold & windy before night & froze hard at Sawmill & D Roberts Hipple Stayd all night Come to no bargain he off with Stage

7th Wind N W & Cold morn but & Day Mother very unwell I their & at Susanna Evans & at Mothers Evening She rather Better Several Wagons here

8 Wind S W fine Down at Phillips tame fox hunt of Davis’s no run Lost it Dinner &c &c 10s3½ Gave toward fox— 3s9— so home about 8 OC 14s½

December 9th 1801 Wind — I Sawing &c.

10th Wind S W & fine day Sawing &c for sheds

11th Wind I Saw and about home Thomas Ellis illegible Buried to day

12th Wind N W & prety omission Sawing & over at Society at Streepers

13 wind prety fine day at home all day McCleneghans Dined their and at T Robesons

14 Finance Borrow my horse to town for Leather, Kanady Skeard him off & Left my horse I sawing a little

15 Wind W fine day, off to town to Look my horse Canady gave him up Bought 6 Glass for front door 4s6 3 pains 10 by 12— 2s9 home

16. Wind N E & over Cast killing hogs 5 hogs at home all day—

17 Wind N W & Clear & Cold, Cut up the hogs, then up to Thomas Robeson to Get him to Sign his Will, home after night

18 Wind N W & perty Cold but more warm in the day, at Orphan Court blot Horatio Got myself & his Master Justice to appoint Guardeens Gave Milner 4 Dollars his Mother Gave me the Money & She treated us to Pint Wine, Hatt 6 D, Beef 6s6 horse & Dinner & 1 J Wine 6s1 so—

December 19th 1801 Wind N W & very Cold, poor night, Last I finishing the Breast & Jones finished Plastering our bed Room East Corner Downstairs, Robert Holland up here from town not been perhaps 1½ year—

20th Wind N.W. Clear Cold Morn Set off for Richard Roberts wife’s Burial. but they had Movd her yesterday to her Brothers near Abington where they where Gooing to inter her this day So back I Come being first day— at home all day after

21st. Wind N.W. & Prety Cold Morn Jones here Layd the north omission & finishd at Sawmill & froze prety fast number people here I about home all day Bout 1 B.arrel Gin 5s3 is 8L 13s3d

22 Wind S W Large White frost up soon Bout 7 Dozen Eggs for 7 quarter Dollars 1 Barrel Buckwheat Meal 22s6 about home all day Tood told Enoch I must move to where he Livs, Split Stove wood &c

23rd. Wind S.E up before 5 OC. Rains prety hard 4 Waggons here Started soon Rain till near night, halld 1 Load of wood—

December 24th 1801 Wind N W. Clear and high wind but not very Cold Sawd till noon afternoon about house Stage axeltree broke down by Hollands house; Loaded with Assemblemen Adjournd on acct Christmust very Still Evening not many here

25 Wind S E. in part avery fine day quite warm about home until Evening then up to See Drake about my house had aline loin veal but no turkey, home Several people travelers here & about ½ Dozen neighbours affronted Charles Bevan, by only telling him he did not know how to play Chards cards he prety Gay, all Broke off by 10′OClock

26th Wind N E & Sometimes Look for Snow then Clear Off, Paul Jones here Sold him alog at the Mill Rolld it over, Evening at Mothers till dark John Farer from new Market Shannado County Virginia here Lives near Jos. Scothorn’s

27th Wind S W. & Raind till near noon Several Wagons here & others at home all day— being first day

December 28th 1801 Wind N. E & Raw Cold Snowd alittle before noon off to town with Mr Drake he Goeing to take my house I Demand Security which he says he will give Bout mill file 1s10½ Dinner & horse 4s9 Snowd & frozed hard

29th. Wind N.W. prety Cold tho afine day Snow about 2 I. deep Melted out of the road, afternoon at Thomas Robesons he very Ill, at McClenechan’s Looking my Sheep Esqr Young their Stayd and Drank tea their, then home 15 or so waggoners & Lodgers here to bed after 10 O’Clock beds all full

30th Wind S. white frost but Cleard off very Remarkable warm afternoon, Enoch Jones here all Day, & anumber of people I hanging at home all day, Drake fetch George Davis, Great Englishman here to talk to Me about Renting my house, two Men here besides to take it, atrying time with me to know what to Doo

December 31st 1801 Wind W. and very fine day at home till noon then at Mothers to Dinner, at McCleneghans Got My Sheep Viz 5 Ews & 4 Lambs Drove them home Stopt at Streapers Mug beer 11d. So home Several Wagons here but very Still, not a Gun Shot near but a Great many at a Distance