Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 1803 Wind S.W. and very fine day thawd a good much, about home till noon Owen & Jonathan Jones up & Sent for me to Dine with them, up & sat Some with them & Drank Several Glasses oWine, then back & meet the Society. 8 Members Meet Claphamson paid 11d for me Adjournd–

2nd Wind S. and a very fine day Rees Price here in Morn walk with him home & then back & Set off to See Widow Bridson Shee not at home So back had a turkey & Duck Rosted Lippins & wife Dined with us being first day & 2nd of 1803 that we Shall never see again, after we walk to David Roberts very fine & very Like for Rain Cloudy to S. West, after Night wind Got North & began to Snow about 10 O’C

3rd Wind N E & Snow 8 or 9 Inches deep and at it in Morn till near noon, then Cleard fine & warm I off to town about 9 OC- to vote for Managers for bridge Market Street Bridge over Schuylkill, Bot 3 yd of velvet for overhalls 30s9 So home about 2 OC

January 3rd- 1803

that is to Dinner the Bridge has Layd two Courses of Stone, Great Differance of opinion for they have begun on the mud without going to the rock they are 39 feet Down which are is 9 feet below the bed of the River & they say 5 feet to the rock, they were apprehensive If they went down that they the Great pressar of water might Start the piles being no mud to Suport them so it was Carried to beat Small Stone & begin on them I have 5 Shears I do not Coincide with beginning on the mud tho I do not apprehend much Dainger of underminding but it may Settle on Equal unequal— Titus Yerkus & wife, Jarvis & I & wife went aslaying to Buck Titus found Slay & Jarvis horses & we Calld at Widow Warners 3 Bottles Muld Wine. Richard Roberts along Got him at Buck, Eat Supper at Yerkus. I Spent 4s2½ home about 12 OC Prety Good Slaying rather soft under

Jany. 4th 1803 Wind S.W. no Early Start this Morn Titus up & I down to see Jarvis & R Roberts, Drank Coffee or Breakfasted with them then at Mothers helpt them to kill 10 hogs I work hard at them help to Scald the whole done about 2 OC- then home & Set off to See Britson at J. Winters She wanted money, I had to pay her Dower I have none of her’s nor my owne at Yerkus’s Spent 5½ they been in town in slay very bad towards town they say a remarkable fog it appeard to me to be smoke and Conceated ? my Eyes smarted, Some places most dark, then would Get through what was so remarkable the moon Shun & the Sky So Clear, it Settled & froze white frost

5th wind S W & warm Giving day Snow melted, at Mothers Jones and David Roberts to Look for my Sled at Jacob Morris he not well Jane Price Sold 1 lb barrel Cider 4 Dollars

January 6th 1803 wind S. and Snow all Gone Except a Chance Drift, feilds all Bare, Rain & South wind, wind Got Round to W. & Raind & blue a herican for alittle while Cleard before noon Yerkus taken Ill in night I there several time to day

7th Wind N W froze hard & Cold Set off Soon to Righters ferry to fetch Doct. Bensil for Yerkes, Boat Sunk Back, & wemt Down Ogdens house Blockley for one Wherthel he Came afternoon at Bandermans & gave him warning to Move at Zells & the Greentree Spent 11d So home Spent 5½ at Yerkus’s he not much Better–

8 Wind N W and Cold day Phelix and I mending the head at Saw Mill from 10 OC till near Sunset, home & got a dish tea, then to See Titus Stayd till near 10 OC– he Better,–

9th Wind N.W and Cold froze hard being 1st day at home all day Except at Yerkus 2 or 3 times to See how he was Better.

10 Wind S W & very Red to Sun rise & over Cast and Cold at Mothers most all day Settle with Linch at Finance for Leather for pump Felix & Disbury thrashing Rye

January 11th 1803 Wind S W and Prety fine day at Mary Lobbs Burial died at Jacob Lobbs Buried at Merion afternoon at Mothers Setteld with Walter Amos & Banderman for Rent due John Price’s Est Benjamin Harry Came there he and I to Rees Prices he then Came & Lodge with me

12th Wind S E & over Cast & Little rain with Harry to Ben Beavans back to Breakfast then with him up to Youngs & Curwens, fell in with the fox & dogs & Ride alittle Way with them it was Let out at Warners Calld their & Spent 9d So home Benjn. Harry along

13th Wind S & over Cast & the frost Come almost all out, Set off with Benj Harry he Trying to know where an Old woman that fell on their town residences is but her son Benjaman Bevan agreed to keep her so Harry set for home & Young & I Came to Warners

January 14th 1803 Wind East & very wet day at home all day pottering about, not very well

15th Wind W Clear & very Moderate Tunis here Going to do Some Repairs at mill, but agreed to put all new Cogs so Come home to Dinner about home

16 Wind N W & two or 3 Light Showers of Snow & Got prety Cold at Meeting afternoon, at Loyd Jones, So home Evening freezeing very hard–

17th Wind N W. and Cold over Cast & Like for Snow, halling wood out meadow Cherry wood & white oak at Gate & So

18th Wind N W. and very Cold Snow Showers from West Set off for Norristown Crossd at Spring Mill, Mckonkey turnd out fox, but he said but amade it made a poor run, then I Set off to Norris town Got some papers feed my horse 4 qt oats & 3 Glasses 3s9 back to ferry very full of Ice hard passing 4 Reading Boats their will be froze up Came down with the fresh the 15 & 16 Cut of supper 11d ferry 11d two omission 1s10½ total Exspences, 7s6

Jany. 19th 1803 Wind N W & very Cold, about home all day–

20 Wind S W to day Give but very Little Set off with Jacob Morris in his Wagon to town, Got 50 Dollars of J. Wilson Drakes order Bout. 4 Dozen Glass at 23s4½ Dinner 3s9 & Jill Wine 5½ went to See Brothers Edw. Natural daughter the first time I seen her & Shee about 14 years Old he Left her a hansome fortain, so back & Drank tea at Morris s–

21st. Wind Got to West this Morn Snowd near½ Inch in Night Clear & Cold afternoon at Jont. Walters & at Mothers

22nd Wind N W & Cold Set off to town Bout hand Saw 13s6 hinges for drake & handles 8s– Dinner &c 5s7½ at Jos. Warners Burial with Rees Price & Bout 6000 shingles at 6L 7s6 per in the Roff So home

23rd Wind W. & prety Cold no thaw at Meeting And at Yerkus s with Kuglar Gave him abill of work mason work of house 322 perches

Jany. 24th 1803 Wind N W high & Cold, B Tunis here to new Gear the Mill, I off to Leverings mill 5 B Corn & 2½ Rye at Loyd Jones Got 60 Cogs to pay in Cogs again Bout a bound book, the Constitutions of U S. & Different States; about house after

25th Wind S W. & over Cast very few drops rain John Atkenson here hanging Shetters for Drake I over their & halling Log to Make Cogs, Big John Evans here Last night mug Beer & paid it to him he Got a pint, Tunis at work

26th Wind N W Cuting Cold Morn the granmothers, Buten here George & I at Mothers, Ben finished Shanking Cogs & so I Spent the day–

27th Wind S W prety fine Morn Ben here Soon took the Cogs over So much Ice on the wheel that Could not turn it so we gave it up & Came home I over at Drakes Atkinson finished Shetters & garret doors Jury meet & valued Bettie Evans place on turn pike at 1200L too Low I think I was summoned but would not attend–

January 28th 1803 Wind N W & blue up very Cold Atkenson & I at Owen Jones house Measureing or Laying out work Felix Cuting trees for Jont Jones Barn floor plank Dined at Mothers Saml Gibson their afternoon at home

29th Wind W & been avery hard nights frost Disbury & I Cleand out the horse Stable & Got Jont Walters wagon & horse & halled ¾ hickory wood to the road Spent 5½ Dined at Walters they kill a Cow & we had a Good Stake

30th Wind S E & Snowing very hard abated Snowing about 10 OC. & got to rain raind prety Smart till near Sun Set then Cleard off blue up & hard frost, Set off to Buck Dined their & spent 1s10½ Spent the afternoon home in Evening. Poney very Sick with Belley ake or Some thing or other Drench’d him with Oyle & whiskey. I heard to day Madon Dead & Buried Last week with two or 3 days Illness keep School at Church Last winter dyed near Eliots upper Merion

January 31st 1803 wind N W & very Cold froze hard had a black Lam from white Ewe afternoon at Disbury Finance kill his Little hog Got of me about this time 12 Months a pig perhaps 3 Months old, weighed 367¾ prety pig– Got or Borrow’d J Walters old horse to Go to town with wood to Morrow if I Live so Long Spent 5½,

Feby. 1st Wind S W & very fine day walk to town Disbury Drove the team My Gray behavd well Lead all the way from Road’s home spent in ferriage &c near 7s6– 8 Dollars Cord

2nd Wind S. and Got Rain about 8 OC wet Smart for while then nearly Cleard afternoon Raind Prety Smart Bout ton Plaster and Left A Thomas to be Ground 8 Dolrs & 50 C– Spent Dinr & horse &c 5s7½ home about Dark

February 3rd 1803 first page Wind S in Morn & Rain frost Came out perhaps 3 or 4 I. Cleard off before noon & as warm as Spring. About 2 OC Blue a violent Gust of Wind Rain & Snow with Several Claps of thunder it Lasted about 15 Minutes Boarding Shop Round Evening very Cold high wind & hard Freezing very Cold again spent 5½ for Beer– the first time I Seen thunder Gust of Snow Struck a tree by Jacob Johnsons below the falls

4th wind N.W and very Cold about home all day wood 9 Drs- per Cord, Except at Jarvis with Morris. Ice froze to my Eyes

5th Wind N W Cold tho white froste afternoon Meet the Society at Yerkes’s & had supper after Society & wine paid 2 Dollars

February 5th 1803

had a smart Shower from West wind Got to East & raind before 8 Oc- at night so home

6th Wind N E and avery Rainey morn being first day abated about noon at home all day Yerkus & wife here to tea

7th Wind E & over Cast all day but not much rain at Jarvis & at Torberts Youngs & Robesons & at Yerkus’ 1 Pint Beer

8th Wind S W & fine day Mending dam Felix & Disbury & self all day Rather warm

9 Wind N E. and over Cast but off prety Soonat Jont Jones barn makeing fastenings & Halld Stuff to make Door for Owen at Yerkes’s with G McClenn Spent 11¼d So back blue up very Cold

10th Wind N W & very Cold & roads very Roff Yerkes Enoch & I off to town Got 8 Shirts that was made by Sarah Meredith for Brot. Edward I paid 6 Dollars for Makeing, Bout. Oile Stone 7s6

February 10th 1803

3 home made Gimblets at 2s7½ horse & Dinner 5s2½ Got 423 D. 37 Cents Britson Money from John Wilson out Bank ferriage 4d Gate 3 Cents the Ice Broke up the 6th took a bridge they had from the worff to the pear pier away but never Sturd the pears nor Coffer dam

11th Wind S W & fine day Ben Tunis here puting Cogs in Wheel I Got D. Roberts Oxen & halld all the Offil Stuff from the Mill 1 qt of wiskey 1s6 So on we Goo

12th wind S. & over Cast Rain Evening with Rees Price Marking Logs for his omission & Giveing him abill for Roof Springhouse, Torbert & Robert & Alley Roberts Meet at Yerkus s Alley & me Executing deed to Crawford Lime Stone quarry of Robeson they witness to it I Drank tea with Yerkus So home–

13th Wind S E & amost perditious wet day at home all day writeing Reading &c Evening wind W. & Snowd alittle & begun to frez freeze

14 Wind N W not froze hard Enough to bare ahorse, Set offto Norris town as far as Spring Mill Could not Get over so home very bad rideing Eat Dinner with Titus½ Pint Wine & yard Tobacco 1s4½

February 15th 1803 Wind N W froze very hard off by Spring Mill to Norristown Court paid the Sherreff 412 dollars Britsons money for alot of McGees that I Bout at Sherrefs Sail Dinner & Club 7s6 ferry 11d yerkus 11d Gave Pawling 4 D. to Get Guardeans appointed for 4 Robeson Childern most Exstreem bad Rideing & very Cold home about 8 OClock, Drank Coffee at Yerkus’s B Tunis here at Mill

16th Wind N.E & very remarkable Cold at Drakes for Oats I had on the halfs Tunis hewing for J Walter 4 jills Felix & I Cleand the Remainder of outs oats 29 B my Share or half begun to Snow about noon & blue & Snowd Very much

17th. Wind N.E in Morn & Snowd till near noon then Cleard off about home interlined:”Snow drifted much”

18th Wind N W Ben Tunis here at the Mill & Got it to Goo, Saw a Cut or two old Isaac Came in Evening–

19th Wind W & fine day Jacob Sawing I Looking Longs logs for to Saw for J Walter &c &c–

February 20- 1803 Wind S and Rainney Morn first day drest & set off to Meeting but Concluded it too Late So turnd back afternoon at David Roberts J Walter along Drank tea their So home Dark & bad gooing

21st Wind W. over at Mill Cuting Logs &c for J Walters Bill

22 Wind N W & prety fine day at the Mill Felix & I Sawing Logs afternoon heating the hoop of Log Carrage & Lippens & us put it on 1 pint Whis 9d So went the afternoon

23 Wind S W David Roberts halling Logs about ¾ of a day halling 8 Logs John Atkenson begun to Work at Jones Door &c & I halling &c &c

24th Wind S.W at Mill Isaac Sawing I their awhile helping on with Log

25th Wind N.W & prety Cold, at work in shop Some Little, Jarvis here to Dinner, prety Drunk been at meeting very poor State of Mind for Meditation Little George W.E Price & I with Jacob Morris to his house & Drank tea their & Eat some Good Chees, of her own Make

Feby. 26th 1803 Wind, N W & prety Cool at the Sawmill took the Saw out & Cut new holes in it & took the band to Smith and Got it Drest over a new Cold Chisel paid 1s4½ & Spent at black horse 5½ So home to Dinner, took to Mill and put it on then at Quarry Zell halling at Finance to Get Shoes for the Childern Drank alittle whisy. So

27th Wind S W. & fine day at Meeting after at Jacob Morris he their alone they gone to Mill or McCleneghans Morris’s daughter was Mrs. George McCleneghan. home & Reading humes History– —

28th Wind S & over Cast & Raw & unpleasant, been 3 white frosty Morns, I hewd 3 posts? for Drake’s Ice house Evening at Hagys he in Assembly at Lancaster, he is Got prety Moderate I think he is honest & which’s wishes to do that that is write right Rode muddy home about 9 OC & not froze any–

March 1st. Wind blue up from W, had been South & has Snowd perhaps 3 I. deep freezeing hard & bwows blows very Much & Snow drifts much, winter Like day at the Mill till noon

March 2nd 1803 Wind N.W. & very Cold Mill froze hard & Sawd none at Mill a while & at Rees Price’s till afternight Disbury hall me 2 Loads wood & arak a rack of hay & Gave him aload of wood

3rd Wind N W and Cold Morn help Disbury to Load ¾ of wood & he went to town & sold it for 6 Dollars & 5½d & Bout 75 Rails of Peader from ferry 5 dolrs & 55 Cents

4th Wind N W & rather thawing to day help to Load ¾ wood Disbury Down the pike & I home and Got Joe Walters Mare & went to town, Bout 9 Plainbits 6s8 Sash Plains 13s9 5/8 Beed beaded molding 6s6 Dinner & Club illegible Sold the wood for 6 Dolrs. Bout 75 Rails 5 D 55 C So home Stop at Stadlemans Drank tea their–

5th Wind S W at Saw Mill & Raisd a frame over Ice house turnpike afternoon meet Society &c

March 6th 1803 Wind N and prety Cold at home all day being first day I reading H England Hume’s History of England interlined: “and a little snow”

7th Wind N & over cast & Snowing this morn over to Mill Butted alog and Roold rolled it up home to Dinner afternoon at Streapers paid Fany 4 Dollars that James Pyott Gave me for her Sister Spent 1s4½ so home Snowing all day

8th Wind N W & Clear Snow about 2 I deep, I off to Alley Roberts to Get money for Joe Prawl’s wife he run away but 13 D 21 Cents Coming to her from her Grandfathers Legacy afternoon Francis Lee here about abond owing to Fathers Est 158L 113L Intrest onit he says he will pay in April

9th Wind N W Cold Morn but fine day fore noon halling wood, afternoon at Sheets Robesons & Young pint beer 5½ so home about Dark

10th.Wind N W and prety Cold up at Owen Jones with Door &c for his hall I Back about Sun set Atkenson at Work

11th Wind S W Prety fine day, at Mill till noon then wrote some Advertisements for Alloway Evening at O. Jones Spent 11d

March 12th 1803 Wind S. & fine day; off to town Bout an Avelo & 2 Beed face’d 9s4½ Chalk Line Compesses & Rule 5s7½ Watch key 1s10½ Dinner &c & boy 5s7½ at Stadlemans 1s4½ paid 11d of it for Atkenson heard the frogs Crying this Evening Little Like Spring

13 W N W & over Cast heard the Peewee Crying this Morn, first day at home till noon and all day Except at Grave yard & Yerkus, Lon a Negro lad about 25 y Old, one Tunis fread freed old Seals Son Servd his time with D Roberts Buried died very Suden I think in the road his Mother with him Simple & Drank was a good While with R Tunis Since free but Acquainted with negros their & he would not keep him

March 14 1803 Wind S W fine day at the Mill & with the Boys making window frames

15th Wind S & very fine day Cuting out window frames & up with Widows at Zells and at Buck with McClenechan Stayd Late

16th wind W & fine day at Rees Price & at Owen Jones about Some work, Pegions flying much

17th Wind W makeing new hedBlock &c at Mill

18 fine day at the Mill & planting Willow trees at Drakes

19th W. S W. Planting pair pear plum & willow trees about the house afternoon Meet the township Meeting 84 Voters Constable Supervisors & Settlers I Elected one Some Strife

20. Wind S.E. & begun to rain very Smart till noon Selling white oaks to Whiteman and at Zells

March 21st 1803 wind N W & rather Cooler at Mill till noon then at Alloways Vendue Bout aCow for 3L 13s6d Grind stone 1s7 tar pot 1s– so home–

22. Wind N W & prety Cool at Mill till near noon, & Cuting window frames, at Rees, Great Light to South Evening

23rd Wind S E & begun to rain Soon in morn Got More East & Snow very fast before noon If it had not Melted at would been 6 or 8 Inches Deep very Cold & Disagreeable at work in Shop at O. Jones Bline blind to Go over his hall door-

24 Wind N W & Clear & Cold froze Good Deal about home till noon then at the Sale of what we Used to Call Nehemiah Evans or Betty Evans 40 Acres on turn pike they keep Tavern it has allways been a poor one, it Sold for 1290 pound a great price poor Land & no wood, David Roberts bout it, he mad for Tavern

March 25th 1803 Wind N W & very Cold to what it has been, my Woman Quarreld with Indian Isaac so Calld, my Sawer about him being Lowsey, & I payd him 3 Dollars & away he went, I and Tom went to Sawing

26th Wind S W. White & black frost Viz Ice plenty at Mill Sawing till noon on St Pratric Patrick’s Day the 17th Cutwalt ketch one Shad, at falls & Righter ketch 4 about 18 or 19th it appeard Like Spring then but winter Like now, Sheets meet us & paid 800 in Notes of Bradfords payable at 90 Day & Some at Greater Sight. I Spent Beer 11d– over Cast & Little rain very Cold–

27th Wind N W Raw unpleasant day at home till afternoon Set off to S. Gibson very Cold being first day, much Pleased with Life of Coln Gardner upon his turning Christain Christian Lent me by David Evans wife, at Gibson all Night Sister Polly prety much Deranged. tho prety Calm paid Isaac Franks 3 D. for Sawing he Lousy & turnd him off–

March 28th 1803 Wind N W Eat Breakfast at Gibsons and Set off to town, Bout files 6s6½ Tobacco 1s6 horse &c 1s2½ Eat & Drank with Jont Jones & he Came out with me, Iceticles hanging to the Bridge in Morn & at noon when we Came out the Arms of water wheel Loaded with Ice in afternoon, very remarkable Cold, Spent 11d at Yerkus’s–

29th Wind N & Cold & froze much, at the Mill Sawing all day Joists for Rees Price Spring house

30th Wind Got S W Cold morn froze tho prety fineday, Sawing Lath for Jos Walter, planted a Nomber of Willows on the dam, Reading the life of Conl Gardner, a Good Christain, about the beginning of 1739. &c & felt in a Good state of Minde the Lord preserve me & keep Stedfast to the Christains duty, much distrurbed disturbed with the reflection of my wife, who is frequent reflecting & abraiding upbraiding me on things that happend befor I was married

March the 31st 1803 Wind N. & frost. at the Mill Sawing till omission then up to hagys he been at assembly all Winter made me Assessor I want to be off, Drank tea their & spent the Evening

April 1st. Wind N W & fine day Sawing aWhile, afternoon at Hagys & Youngs Spent 11d- So home

2nd. Wind S W fine day finishing O Jones Blind & afternoon Meet the Society, & Supt with Yerkus on a Schuylkill Shad So home–

3rd Wind S W & prety fine day at Meeting two preachers; at home all the afternoon

4th Wind– Sawing & planting 25 Locust trees in the woods above Saw Mill & Several butten Wood trees at pike Evening Writeing Article agreement between C Bevan & J. Leadom, he Bout. 60 Acres of Land of Bevan at 45 Dollars per–

5 Wind. S. & Little Rain tho soon Cleard Disbury to Mill & Got 4 Butten trees planted at pike, I at Jones’s with the Blind, back had Some freinds Society of Friends visitors visiting familys had agood deal Good Advice

April 6th 1803 Wind N & Cool Morn at Owen Jones finishing blind & put the fastenings on Jont. Jones Barn, afternoon took a Little ride in Assesing business Spent 1s4- with Hagy at Stadlemans

7th Wind N & Quite Cool Morn at the Mill till noon then took a Ride Able Thomas’s & perhaps dozen places takeing County Rates home about 10 OC. Spent 5½

8 Wind N.W. and prety fine till noon Come up a thunder Guts gust not much Rain but hard thunder & a number of Claps Round about Alley Roberts & up Schuylkill Takeing rates

9th Wind N W & very Cold day Assessing along by Hagys Youngs &c Got Dinner at Saml Evans thence to Torrence Settleing township Acct Viz Overseers poor & Roads near 12 OC. at night when we Got Done, So home about one OC- Spent not town paid

April 10th 1803 being first day at Yerkus’s Spent Mugbear 11d prety fine day at home Not well Caut Cold–

11th Wind– at the Mill Sawing &c Sowd½ B flaxseed by the tanyard Got of Loyd Jones at Easter

12th Wind S W & very fine warm day at Rees Price’s he sent the Carriage to the Mill,& David halld 4 Logs for Jont Jones to Mill I am to pay him Spent½ Jill Brandy I dare Say I have not Bout½ J, Brandy this 3 or 4 years, yesterday at Jont. Jones Measurd apile of Stone 192 perch Jones’s Mason begun his house to day– Militia Men Meet to Chuse an Ensign Chose Kuglar in Lue of Hoffman Resignd–

13th Wind S W. & fine day David Roberts & Zells teams Halling Jos Walters frame to west Chester road near Bittles I Sawing all day off & on–

14th Wind S.W. & fine day Set off assessing at Great Number places, Jones Cochrons the 2 only Places that ask me to Drink home about Dark, sowd near½ B flaxseed before Sun rise Got of A- Roberts

April 15th 1803 Wind N by E & over Cast out & Sowd about 2 B plaster in new land about 4½ Busl. in Middle feild No.3 perhaps 3 Acres the Clover Most killd & Run out 2½ B. in Mead over sd of tanyd, begun to rain about 12 OC- Raind prety smart all afternoon w.wind Got N. & very Cold before night. at Yerkus he in some Difficulty his Crs.creditors Pushing hard for their money But made a Compromise & allow him to sell it, Dreadfull thing to be at the Mercy of an Austeer Crd so Little feeling for one another that we Exolt exult at the Destress of fellow Creatures my Dear Childern be ware of Contracting debts, Intrest is very Devowering Goos on night & day, I know the feeling I involvd myself in order to realise my Est. by Building, but I hope With the Blessing of God to work through before you are able to peruse these Lines

16th Wind north & Snow on Roofs fences &c very Cold Snow froze to trees fences &c over to Mill sawd 610 f Lath & put another Log on Left Tommy to saw & I home to Dinner Snowing all day at Intervils very disagreeable day as to Cold–

April 17th 1803 wind N. & Snowing very fast at 5 OC in Morn when I Got up, the Ground all Coverd, off Soon to Jacob Morris & Got 1 Bushel Corn 4s6 to feed hens & Little for my Gray horse for I have Got out of Grain, this is first day Morn, at home all day

18th Wind– Set off to uper End of the town Thompson, Gulph &c assesing all day interlined:”Dined at Curwens- he very kind fed my (horse)”

19th Wind– at Mill Sawing

20th Wind– prity fine day out Sessing at Rees prices work Springhouse

21st wind– fine at Raising Rafters on Springhouse

22 Sawing & about with felix Sowing plaster

23 wind S.W & fine at R. Price begun to shingle his Spring house

24 W. S.W Yerkus & I in Chair to Lobbs for Jos Walter he fell at Raising his store & got badly hurt but he Came with us afternoon rain Smart at Drakes Evening

April 25th 1803 Wind N E & very wet day I off to Hagys & Several places taken Rates &c

26 Wind N over Cast & some at Mill Sawing

27 William Hagy here him & I Rateing Stock & Occupation &c Jarvis here Doct Davis Enoculated Little John

28 Wind W & fine day at Rees Price’s finished Shingleing & Layd the floor in Springhouse

29th. Wind & fine day about Assessing & & repeated Sawing &c–

30 Wind S W fine day off With the assessing book to Norristown none appeald But G McClenechan, Dinner 3s5 over on the Island to Look at the Race horse Spent in whole 5s7½

May the 1st 1803 Wind S W & fine day prety Shower in afternoon & Great thunder Gust in night, first day about home all day

2nd Wind N W & very Cool Set off about 12 OC & meet the troop at Norris town paraded on the Island paid 7s6 fine for one day I mist & 3s9 Exspences home all the way very Cold blot alone

3rd. W N. west & very Cold frost plenty at work at building up the wall in tale Race, it fell down Edw Armstrong building it; I over at Cressem to See Jont Yerkus he Gooing up the Delever Delaware 150 Miles to a sawmill Grice Mill &– home through Germantown very Cold interlined:”Bout abook 1s6 ferry 1s10½″

4th Wind N & a very Large White frost they Say Ice kill Bush Beans & potato tops & more straing killd agreat deal of the Clover in apeace of new Land it was about 4 I. high & it killd or made a good Deal of the Leavs wither up, Disbury & I Barking 5 trees, & Ned finished the tail Race wall I at Jont Walters

May the 5th 1803 Wind East & very rainney till noon then Cleard off at work atail Race A while then home, afternoon at Hugh Knox with Charles Bevan try to Settle with him as Guardean to Charles Knox has got Sowerd with Charles & would not Give up the papers nor Settle, home Evening

6th Wind. S.W. very fine Felix & Disbury Cleaning out tail race till noon then they where were abarking two or 3 Spanish oak trees Doc Davis here with him at Amos Ellis’s Enoculated his Child the 3rd time with the Kine or Cow pox he did our Little John twice but he has taken it he thinks, this is a wonderfull Discovery, for there is but Light fever & no pox but the Inflamation of the Arme & that Triffleing, stayd till 9 OC with the Doct & McClenechan & Drank some Brandy he Set off for home, it blue very much & very Cold from North this Evening– I Spent 11d. and paid Finance 7 Dollars & Gave him anote for 38 D being 2 years Rent on my own in Reality for I did most at the house &c but I Let Holland have it his Life time Ant was alive then —Jane, JP’s father’s sister, married to Robert Holland

7th wind N & Very Cold Ice over the puddles and in the horse troff I See a Cake of Ice at or near 9 O’C near ¼ of Inch thick it killd Leaves of trees the Cherry tho prety Large was kill & fell off

May the 7th 1803

about 10 O’C set off to town Rode without a Coat but very Raw & Cold Coming home, Paid Richard George 6 Dollars for hat for self & 6s6½ for wool hat for Mosus Chisel 2s- Mill file 2s9 Ink powder 11¼d 25 Quills 1s10½ Tobacco 1s8. Dinner & pint Beer & 3 qts oats 4s11½ ferry 4 Cents Gate 3 Cent horsler 3 C home about Dark, very Cold Cloudy to West

8th wind N.E & Snowing most violent when I Got up, & keep at it till about 10 OC. It was between 2 & 3 I deep, broke the Lombardy trees appltres apple trees, pair trees bent down, broke many of the Limbs, it thawd off fast but Some to be seen till Evening. Made two Bottles of Ink out the Snow Water kitch’d from the Eves of house at 12 OC-; perhaps their never was such another Snow Storm so Late in this part of the Country, I remember one the 4th of May I beleive in perhaps 1773 or 74 but not so much Snow, & Run off Sooner, but killd most of the fruit & Leaves of trees &c;- had alarming appearance this Morn to See the Contrast, the Grass & Leaves so Green & the snow so white Interwoven to Gether I taken a good Deal aMiss this Morn head ake & pain in bones & Side Got Rather better before noon, Jacob Morris here, we apprehend much damage on the Strong or forward Rye, first day

9th Wind N W. and perditious Large white frost & Ice, pleasant in Middle of the day, fetch a fleke flake of Snow as big as nearly the palm of my hand at 3 OClock afternoon that Lay on Straw

May 9th 1803

under an appletree, went to Ally Roberts, Seen Snow along the fence of Bowmans Gooing towards Roberts Late in the afternoon & I dare Say it Lay till 10th, Sawing very bad pain in side

10th Wind W. & white frost, my fingers ake with the Cold now wrighting by the fire, avery remarkable Cold time Ground froze, at Rees Price’s Laying out Chimneys &c till 10 OC- home Got Ready & set off for Norristown Court Jarvis along, Court time their 3 OC paid Yerkus’s Tavern Licence, 8 Dol 70 C his money my Deed for McGee Lot 7s6 A Roberts Deed to be Recorded one D. 30 Cents his money, Lent Jarvis 1s10½ paid for him 1s10½ Spent oats Snack &c &c 4s8 horsler 5½d So home Some Better than yesterday

11th Wind S W to day & very Pleasant the white frost Large this Morn at Rees’s till Breakfast then to Saw Mill, off to Jos. Georges, Meet R Peters, James Jones, A Roberts

May 11th. 1803

Wm. Warner, John Thomas, John Hall & self made 7 to Devide Hannah Williams old Place into 8 Equal Shares, & one of them to Value it belonging to 8 Childern of Amos George deceas’d Valued it at 76 Dolrs. per Acre nearly 62 Acres at 4700 Dollars Much Cander & openness provaild with the Jury–

12 Wind W. & fine day at Rees Prices Building he has but 2 Masons– refers to the Price House on Montgomery Avenue, Narberth

13th Wind W. at Rees’s framing Lower floor Joists &c

14 Wind S.W. at Rees till noon then at Jos. Georges, Meet the Jury but Did not finish,

15 Being first day with Titus Roberts at Rees’s to get Liberty to Bury old John Davis Schuylkill in old grave yard afternoon at Jont. Jones Building Spent 11d- Yerkus along–

16 Wind W & fine day warm at Work at Rees most all the Men gone to Meet the Regiment

17 Wind– & fine day warm at Work at Rees till noon then up to Get my horse shod to Buck- – Wm Hoskins

May 18th 1803 Wind S.W. & very fine day rather over Cast, Set off about 6 OC by Buck Rousd the Troopers & paraded at Spring house Tavern fed their the General meet us; I paid½ pint Brandy 1s10½ Egg nog 1s4½ oats 9d Bread & Chees 1s10½ at Pigeon town 1s10½ in the feild we had our Rations Cost 7s6 the Lieut & me the rest paid 5s7½ & Gave the Boy 8d for holding my horse, we Musterd in Mands feild, Behavd very well, to us Left the feild about Sun Set & I dare say it 15 or 16 Miles home, Stopt at Broad Ax Spent 11d. at McKouncas Ferry & mug Cider 1s10½ as we went Spent 11d at ferry, home about 12 OC Came Round by Buck Jesse Roberts Got his Lip Cut through by Makeing Charge, Gave a negro 8d for holding my horse total 17s– & one Dollar paid Wm Hoskins– so much for Parade

19th Wind S W & warm day, at Rees Prices set 2 Celler Windows & 5 Centers for Chimneys work till near night pint Cider at Yerkus, Jarvis their–

May 20th 1803 Wind S W & over Cast & Little Scud in Morn but Cleard off afternoon a shower with thunder at a distance at Rees’s till noon then at Mill finished alog that was on & whet the Saw & got alarge white oak most on but so heavy hurt my back & Left it at Mothers awhile–

21. Wind N W. & the Air Quite Cool up soon and at Rees Sett 2 Celler windows then home to breakfast and went off to Jont. Jones’s Raising of his house, finished about 2 OC had a very good Dinner & Drank Several Glasses of Medary wine So home in Evening

22nd Wind N.W. & Cool morning Hugh Knox here Soon to inform me that he had taken up part of Charles Bevans Land, as Vacant & Layd a Warrent on it and the Deputy Survayor is to Come to Morrow & Request my Attendance this Knox at death of this Lads Father Erdge himself to be Guardean to the boy & made great pretentions to the Boys Intrest & much Erdge me to be one also which I refused but when at Court through the boy & the Attorney’s Influance I Gave up to Serve but had nothing to do with it Except Advising & On Some Extraordinary Cases, this Monster declared that he had nothing in vew but to Serve the boy, & Said they had more Land than their writings Calld for & his wHole desire was to Save it for boy

May 22nd 1803

now by this means he has Got all the papers in his hands, and Arnold Benedict Arnold Like is the first that Makes a pray or attempt to take it up as Vacant, Such is the Depravity in this age that we know not who to trust, their has been so Many Breeches of Integerety or fidelity that it is hard to know who to trust, the Lord keep me from betraying my trust, & from Coveting my Neighbors Ox or Ass– Evening at Alley Roberts, he not at home, his Brother John an Old & Great freind of Mine very unwell; a little rain as I Come home few Drops

23 Wind N Rather Cool over Cast but no Rain at Rees Prices till noon, home to Dinner afternoon at Knox, Saml Rees, the Survayor of this district their Laying his warrents, Back & at Alley Roberts about Yerkus’s affairs & Some other Matters home about 10 OC & very Dark & Little rain,

24th Wind East all day at Rees Price’s till noon then home Shearing my Sheep 8 I have & blot Lambs, drank tea at Yerkus’s & at Walters to See C- Bevans; prety Smart rain in afternoon

25. Wind E fine Drisley Morn & Light Showers all day put on a large log of J. Jones & Sawd Some, at home, Felix & Will & Gordon planting Corn

May 26th 1803 Wind N W & Clear but Cool at Rees Price’s begin to Lay the Lower floor of Joists Charles Bevan Came Back from Bolington Burlington to day, and Wanted me to go to town with him, I Could not Goo– —

27th Wind N & very Cool indeed, at Rees’s till about 11 OC. the Sett off to town with Charles Bevan went to Lawyer about the Land, But Knox has all the papers & we are much in dark about the Business Bout George apair Shoes 4s- Dinner &c 4s8–

28 Wind N W & Still Cool at Rees s Till noon then Mett the Society at Streapers. Balloted Jonathan Jones a Member, &c.-

29th wind N Cool morn but fine day Borrowd Rees Prices Wagon & took Mother & Jane’s 2 Sons & Ann & George to Gibsons, very pleasing treat to them, fetch Rebecca Back with us

30th Wind E appeard to be afine Morn but Got to Rain before noon & several Light showers, I at Rees till near noon then at Yerkus s, Meet a Committee of his Assignnees, they think must Sell his wifes property here Drank Coffee their So home in Evening

May 31st 1803 Wind S.W. & very warm at Rees till noon and at Saw Mill put Jones Large white oak Log on & Sawd 2 Cuts then home Got dinner & went to acquaint Jarret & Brook of Titus Yerkus’s Situation, that his property did not pay his debts at Cressem & wish’d them to Come forward, with their Claims Drank Coffee with Brook he very kind & Cleaver home about 10 OC–night

June 1st Wind S W & very warm, at Rees till noon then off to Cressem, Swoyers tavern Meet Yerkus’s Credittors, they agreed to Release this property, be Content with what they had Got, Lands they Bout at 36L per Acre the Assignees Sold for 8L made a great Sacrifice of the house & 43 Acres, Sold it for 1010L tho the man that Bought was allowed to Go to 1400, but they did not know that been a thundergust in night

2nd wind N W & Cooler at Rees all day Setting window frames &c–

3rd Wind S- Fine morn but Raind before noon tom & I sawing Evening at Knox for Beavans papers, agreed to Give them at Last, but Said it was too Late he Could not finde them as they had some of them out & did not Like to take a Candle he then told me If he Could get the Land he have it, for always intend to have ahad it

June 4th 1803 Wind S. by near W raind in morn fine Little Showers at Rees’s Got Boards for his Spring house door & Shetters, home to Breakfast & then to Sawing Jones’s big Log back to Rees s Masons gone, home to Dinner, Then with McCleneghan to falls to Get Catfish none to be had went over to Canadas Spent 1s10½ for Glass Punch, then home at Yerkus’s Spent 11 pence So home, a prety Smart Shower with Smart thunder–

5th Wind S by W. & over Cast at Rees Prices framing uper floor home being first day Raind very much meeting while Cleard off afternoon

6th Wind N.W & fine day at Rees Price’s framing uper floor, their all day

7th Wind S W. & fine day at Rees Price’s at work Evening at Hugh Knox for Charles Bevans Papers, got them Viz 13 Instruments of Writeings on Parchments, a Lease to Bond & James one to Bare & one to Benj Tunis and Ann Shrivers Acct against C. Bevans deceasd Est

8th Wind E.– at Rees in Morn rain Soon by 6 ‘OC O’C home Tom & I to Mill Sawing till omission then Meet at Jos. Georges valueing & deviding place held up this afternoon prety fine–

June 9th 1803 — Wind W. & fine day at Rees Price at Work

10th Wind S.W. at Rees in Morn then Back & went to town with Charles Bevan at Millners, & Bates with his papers, Bout apern 3s6, Bacco lb 1s6 Dinner & horse 3s9 horsler 11¼–So home before Night Charles paid 2 half pints wine, & paid my pike & ferry Borrowd 7s6 of Charles.

11th. Wind S W fineday at Mill in Morn & Sawd 2 Cuts home to breakfast then at Rees’s Evening up at Jones new house drank tea with the Ladies, So back

12 Wind S W & very warm day at Meeting afternoon at home Reading history England– Blooddey Mary’s Rain

13th Wind S & Warm at Rees till 3 OC– then at Hastens Heston’s about Jos Georges affairs, Spent 5½ at Stadlemans pumpmaker Jones & J Balor along–

14 Wind S W & very warm at Rees Price’s Laying 2nd floor of Joists, Got them all up but not Leveled, plenty Whiskey–

15 Wind E & over Cast alittle mist finished Leveling Joists & Set 3 front windows & 1 back

June 15th 1803 Wind S E & over Cast till noon then Cleard off at Rees till noon halld 1½ Cord Bark to Jos Georges Disbury– JP starts this page with an error in dating. He sees error on the 28th and changes dates back to the 15th, but still has two entries for the 15th.

16th. Wind– and very warm at Rees part of day at Sawmill finished Jones Log for his Brarn barn

17th Wind– but very Warm at Rees Prices Mason Gooing on finely; felix Plowing the Corn Gorden planting pumkins, Disbury had plow & horse plowing his Garden, I unfinished

18th. Wind S W & very Warm day at Rees’ forenoon, after at Sawmill finished pileing Jones plank at Mothers So home Yerkes Thatch’d one side of his Ice house thunder & alittle Rain to South

19th Wind S W & Warm at Mothers in Morn a Negro Man that has been their near 12 Months was Discovered in the Room where Sister Jane Mother and all of them was Sleeping about day Jane much alarmd I beleive he was attempting to Rob them of Money Jane woke & off he went without Saying a word, tho She haild him he run away from Meriland I dare say he a Stranger heare

June 20th 1803 wind N W. been a shower Last Evening & one in Night & has Cool’d the are air very much, at Rees Price part of the day & Idleing about at work alittle at the Dormants–dormers

21 Wind S.W. & Cool morn but prety warm day at Rees, & work in Shop, Jont Jones paying avisit at Yerkus’s made me Spend the afternoon with him Titus insisted on me Staying we went to Rees’s to Look at house &c

22 Wind. S W & warm day Jacob Morris Titus & Self off to town in Do Morris’s wagon Bout½ Inch auger, 1s4½, Glass punch 1s10½ wine 5½ &c Brought a Nateral Daughter of Brot Edwards, that he allways ownd & he has Left the Bulk of his Est- to up with us fine young woman,– Trust for my Dinner at Elliots 3s

23 Wind S & very warm at Rees prices Lind out Sash for 9 windows so home to Dinner Looking for tree to make Rake handles at Mothers a good part afternoon Hansel halld me bll barrel floower flour from Richard Roberts Gulf 5 Dollars 50 Cents supper fine

June 24th 1803 Wind S W & warm Rees Price & I at Leverings to Look Nails Got none home to Dinner, then at Rees at work prepairing to Rais–

25th. Wind S W & very warm at Rees Price to Breakfast, & Raising the Rafters of the new house by the road, we had above 20 hands, Owen & Jonathan Jones, & Thomas Addams Presedent Adams Son, had avery Good Pig that weighed 81 lb.

26th- Wind S & very hot off to town took Sarah Price, a Natural Daughter of Brot. Edward Price’s She been 3 days & Got home Sick, took George & Ann along the first time George was Ever in town, back by one OC- to Dinner afternoon at Rees Prices R Tunis & Wife & R Tremble & wife their Tremble Lives up the North River 60 Miles above York. So back

27th Wind S W & very warm at Rees awhile boy makeing Dormant windows John Evans begun to Work for me at Rees house– Felix & Gravel & omission mowd apeice Clover in woods thunder & Little Rain

June 28th 1803 Wind S & over cast till noon then Clear, Smart thunder Gust to South & Little here Felex Felix mowing. Is to mow it for 6s per Acre

29 Wind S W & warm day, made three Rakes Set the Garret windows at Rees, & Rakeing hay, Felix & Bill mowing all day, Fine hay time tho very Great Droth on Every thing Else

30. Wind S W & warm day at Leverings Mill for barrel Rye flower on trust hard time, Back and at the hay John Evans & Mosus at Dorman windows afternoon they help to Rake hay, Calld at Loyd Jones to See his house, afternoon at hay Evan Evans help afternoon

July 1st. Wind S W and very hot Got Janes Wagon and one horse Disbury & Titus Yerkus help me to hall hay 5 Loads Good & 3 Small Loads of Swamp at Mothers halld 2 Lite Loads then took aswim in dam, So back I much Gaulded but the water allways Curers cures me Felix finished my mowing

July the 2nd 1803 Wind S W & warm morn Henry & Tommy at the hay I at the Widows Jane, widow of brother John David Roberts Sent his man Gill & Levi & wagon & halld their hay in Matsons Meadow I back to Dinner, & begun to Cock my hay Come up a Light Shower & wet it too much to Cock about 3 OC another prety Smart with much wind Laid the dust very hard Shower in town Meet the Society, & Balloted Young & Ross, a Member, & Breck was proposed by J Curwen, Spent not we ware were under the Limits of the Society, the Treasurer pd

3rd Wind N W & fine Cool day at Meeting and at home all day Reading history of England Elizabeths Raign Mary Queen of Scots presoner 19 years & then beheaded

4th Wind N W tho Clouds Like rain few drops in afternoon, at work at hay, Got it all Rake it all up, we had perhaps 8 tons Titus help with 2 Loads to Day 1 qt Whis from titus, had 7 qt Whis & 5 of Rum at or since I begun hay & finish finish Less than week fine hay time, the Crop not So Great as Last year, tho prety Good, Jacob Zell had 32 Reapers Cut all he had Ripe before night I their in Evening

July 5th 1803 Wind N W fine Cool day Benjn- Tunis, Titus Yerkus & Self makeing Coffin for Jos Bond the Elder, Enoch Jones, has Made coffins this 4 or 5 years, I made none but he Gone to Juniatee his fatherinlaws Morris Reaping with 24 hands I their alittle While Then Yerkus & I took the Coffin up & Walk’d & Led the herse

6th Wind N W & very Cool, up & Buried the Old man viz I went & Screwd him up & Tommy Lead the herse, & Yerkus promis’d to put him in the grave, I off for Gulf Stopt at the Robinhood Young & illegible their on business, Spent 11d- off & Got to Richard Roberts, he raising his House 42 by 36 feet Long, had a Great time Viz Punch, Porter, Brandy, Torkel Supe Pig, Lamb Beeff &c &c &c &c nay Every thing that was Good allmost a Mear Prince of a arepeated fellow, Generous & as Brave as Ceasor; as to his Corage I think it is Equal If not Superior to any mans in Our Troop & I Suppose we have 60, or More I Stayd till about Sunset Saml. Evans & I off, & Got home about 10 OC night, Came very Easy

July the 7th 1803 Wind N.W. & fine Cool Morn Little George & I at J. Walters he 8 or 10 Reapers, I Dined their, work none home before night & killd a very fine Black Lamb Tommy at Walter & Thomas’s Store 3 Gallons Yankey Rum at 5s7 & 2 Gal. Good at 6s4 Great proof, So much for Harvest Borrowd 2s5 of Saml Jarvis yesterday–

8th Wind E & Raind by Sun rise fine Light rain it run off Eves my Reapers Geathered to the No of 16 besides 4 Shockers &c. & about 9 OC begun to Reape at Turnpike Rye Got Done before Night & Reap 2 throughs at Mothers Wm Gravel Tobias Miller, J Lippens Amos Ellis E Evans, Jacob Thomas, J. Disbury R. Sibley, M. James, James Milton Solomon Humphrey, Aquila McVaw J. Evan, J. Finley P.Felix Washer Jos Evans, J Walter C. Bevan & Titus Yerkus Shock Drank 3 Gallons½ Rum 5s7½ per man, besides meat & Drink

July the 9th 1803 Wind S W & warm day at Mothers had 12 Reapers, most part of day I Reap½ day

10th Wind S W & Warm not at Meeting after noon, Yerkus & I at Jarvis’s fine Lite rain only Enough to Lay the dust & not that by night. home Read the history England Queen Elizabeth

11th. Wind S W. Rainbow in Morning atoken of ashower within the day but mist this time for we had now no rain at Rees Price’s Shocking &c all Day he had 24 Reapers, one Cradleer & one to Rake & another to Bind, finished all But a little wheat, the fly had done Great injery to his wheat, had so pressd the Straw by the deposit of their nit that was hardly any of it Standing, the head or Grain of wheat Got up was very Good perhaps near half never Got to head where the Ground is Strong the plant will Recover a small wound, & make a Midling Crop, but wheat being such an unCertain Crop that few in this Neighbourhood venter venture much

July 11th 1803

I Bought 1 Bushel of Judge Jones & sowd it on Clover hay after takeing 2 Crops of Grass, in feild No2, I think about the begining of October (their is a Note of it–in my Memorand) I had 41 Dozen very fine headed wheat, it was agood Length it is Calld the Red Chaff wheat, about ⅔ of it I Spread a lite Coat of Dung Scrap’d up about the barn as atop Dressing & sowd the Wheat & harrowd it in had remaining ⅓ been equal to the ⅔ I dung I should had a great Crop but their was not half as much, Query If Dunging atop is not preferable to plow it down, at Mothers at Rees prices, to appearance they had put double the Quantity of dung & had not half the Desired affect; I had 78½ doz at pike & 35 Doz Rye & 41 Wheat at Locust hill, Drake had½ at the pike

12th W. S W & warm day halld my wheat in 41 doz & 35 Rye, & 68 doz Rye for the Widow very hard thunder, but no rain here but very heavy towards Darby–

13th Wind S.W. warm day Reaping at Mothers 6 of us I Reap all day– wheat much hurt with fly

July 14th 1803 Wind S W. over to Drakes he agreed to divide the Rye in Shock, I halld his in & my Share home, Quill & Will helpt hall 2 Loads Rye & 2 of wheat for widow

15th W. S W & Still very warm halld one Load wheat for Widow, all She had in & went to Drakes, He had Examination of his Scholars I dined their, very Clever Lawyer Atlee here yesterday Colecting old Costs Prothernerters fees, had 6L against me as admr to Streaper Est

16th W. S W hot Tom & Moses Guning I not very Well bad Cold about home all day, at Mothers alittle while

17th W. S.W over Cast in Morn but blue off being first day we refrain from Labour I at home till Yerkus & I at Jont Jones’s Drank tea with him and Girls at A Roberts Come on a Great apperance of a violent Gust, but had but very Light here it went to Right & Left, one or 2 smart Claps, back Evening, very Scorching time

18 Wind N W pleasant. at Rees Price’s begining to Set Cornish. John Evans & tom & Self– Felix furrowing the Corn but too Late to do any Good I fear

July 19th. 1803 Wind S W. Mr Drake paid me 75 Dollars ¼ Rent, at Rees all day, yesterday all the afternoon Laying tax poor tax 759 Dollars 10 persons on the town we are hard presst Road tax worse 1038 Dolrs viz Double the County

20th wind S W warm & Dry off before day with Tommy Price in his Wagon to buy nails &c- Bout for self 2 Sheep Skins for aporns aprons 8s6, Bacco 1s8, Rule & Giblets gimlets 6s6 Chalk Lines 1s8 Shoes for omission4s8 Dinner at 2s9 Spent 5½d home before night–

21st wind S W at work at Rees Lathing &c

22 Do Do at Do — begun at a? Little to Shingle

23 Wind old way Dry & hot at Rees’s Enoch Jones, Came from Juniatee & Take bad in Night, with Billers bilious Colic he was very Bad

24 Wind S.W. very warm Down Meeting at Alley Roberts, Got 400 D of Robesons Childerns money & Tolbert Got it he a gaurdeain with me. afternoon at Righters & Alloways, Come up a Great Rain Made a fresh, not had so much no not half so much this 3 Months, been a remarkable Dry season

July 25- 1803 Wind S W. & wet a Little in morn all Breakfasted at home then at Rees’s work till noon at Dormans after at Roof, Rather Damp

26th Wind S. & over Cast & Light Showers Set 3 Dormans at Rees Price’s house

27th Wind S. by W. Several Showers & 2 prety heavy in Evening Jos. Evans been 3 days plowing Stubble feild No.2, & finished to sow for buckwheat

28th W. S W & fine day at work at Rees paid Polly Yerkes 7s6 on acct–

29th Wind N W & fine Clear warm Day finished Shingleing one Dorman

30th Wind W & fine Morn Peggey to Market I up & got the horse So Stayd & wrote up this Jornal for 4 or 5 days then off to Rees Prices, Shingling Dormants afternoon Meet the Society, & atown Meeting Rebecca George’s daughter Jane Buried Dyed with the Consumtion; paid R. Roberts 5½ Dollars 1 Barrel flower Borrowd 2 B Buckwheat of Jane & sowd it in my Stable feild No.2 about 2¾ Acres So very Late not be much & too Late plowd–

July the 31st- 1803 Wind S. W. & warm, first day at Meeting at home the remainder Come up afine Shower, with hard wind from South about 1 O’Clock at night a fine rain from West, not so very heavy but fine Soaking rain it is alittle remarkable that their has 4 first has repeated been 4 first days Rain one after the other

Augt 1st Wind W & fine day at work at Rees at Dormant windows

2nd Warm day work at Rees Prices

3 Wind S W. warm at Do–

4 Warm at work at Do–

5 at Work at Do fine Shower

6 Wind W & fine day at Work at Rees’s afternoon Meet at School house Spent 1 Jill with D R & G. McCleneghan along home Soon

7th being first day at home till Evening then up to see Jarvis he had a bad fitt preeceeded from Intemperance they Say, fine Rain itt being the 5th first day runing

8th W S W & Rain in Morn, off to town Bout 2 Chisels & 2 Gouge’s 3s9 horse & omission 1s10½

9th Wind S. off to Court at Norris town to Get Sidles Acct Settled, dinner & Club & horse 10s3 at Brades & ferry 2s9– paid 25 Dol tax Saml Evans Book 9 Dollars his & 16 for Self in margin:”very hard rain here”

August 10th 1803 wind S W & fine to day at work at Rees all day 3 of us

11 Wind S W at work at Rees’s till noon then off to Court Got Sidels acct passt & sold my lotterry ticket aprise of 8 D for 4½– so home Spent 7s6 ferry & all Smart rain again home about 10 OC–

12th Wind S W & fine day at work at Rees’s

13 Wind S.W. agreat Shower Evening tarring Rees Roof Boild the Tar & put it on hot a durty Job. Jont Jones Built ahouse & Shingleed shingled but not tard, I which wish those who Live to See this note will make inquirery for the Benefit of Prosterity which will Last best Jone’s Stand in the old feild near the turnpike 2 Rooms in the house & kitchen Joining it Lays to South of Owens Big house–

14th Wind N W & fine morn at Alley Roberts Soon in the Morning to witness John Roberts Will he very poorly– a little hipt or deprest in Spirrets, & thinks he is worse than I beleive he Realy is– home to breakfast, Evening at Jarvis & Stayd till Morning he Ill, accationed by Excess of Drinking & brought on afitt, &c debillitation, & the Doct. Recommend no Sperrits which has such an Affect as Quite Deraing him, mad almost

Augt 15 1803 Wind W fine day at work at Rees Price’s house Jos Evans Plowing Potatoes, Solomon thrash My wheat from one B. Bout of Jones Red Chaff, & 20 B. from the one– the Best Crop or increase I Ever had

16 Wind W fine at Rees till noon then off to Charles Bevan, he Selling 60 Acres Land to John Leadom for 45 Dollars per Acre, Sup at Jont Walters so home Rain the forenoon

17th Wind S W & fine at work at Rees fine day

18th Wind S W thunder in Morn tho Little rain in the omission, at Bevans & finished Laying off the Land for Leadom by noon, Calld at Jont Jones new house So home before night

August 19th 1803– — Wind– at Rees Prices at work all day at Jamb Caseing for front door Banbridg & J Evans working floor-boards–

20th Wind S W & warm day at Rees Price’s Isaac & I Tarr’d the Road Side of new house Jarsey Tarr, only warm, much Thinner than the Back sd. & Seems to Goo in better

21 Wind S W being first day at home all forenoon after at J. Morris’s awhile back & up to Peter Mays, Drank tea their Molley & Child their fine Smart Shower from W this Afternoon

22nd Wind N.W & Cool morn fine day at Rees Prices at Work

23rd Wind N W fine day put all our Lower floor in Sun & I begun to Lay the Kitchen floor, Sawd about 16 Months I have took some pains to Sun &c & hope they will Stand

24th Wind S W Cool Morn & warm Day Charles Bevan Calld on me I off to town with him, about his Land that Knox is taking. Bout 2 files 1s10½ & ferry 8d. & 11¼d for Drink I had but 3s4½ in all, & that Molley Lent me

August 25th 1803 Wind N W & fine Laying floor Strong fine Clear Air, finished Entry floor Evans off to town Gave him 9 Dollars 75 Cents

26th Wind S W & warm day, Evans not back & Banbridg off to John Righters Boys & self at Laying Parlor floor finished about 3 OC– & off I went to Torrance’s, Meet B. Brooke on a referance between Bare & John Atkinson, we soon Settled it, & off I Sett for home about Candle lighting Stop at Yerkus½ Glass Gin 5½ So–

27th W. S W fine Morn & hot day at Rees Price’s Laying floors, Evans Banbridge Mosus 5 of us went on fine till noon then Banbridg Cut his heel & opened an Arterree & bleed beyond Reasonabley, he Stood it much, I much alarmd, Clapt a Cord Round his Leg & applyd Rye meal & Too ?, & Stopt it fainted very dead & Got very Sick before he fainted wanted goo to Stool, & said he must goo we Carried him out fainted as he went As Soon as Come to went to Stool

August 27th 1803

he very sick to be Shure Sent off for Doct immediately, doct arivd. Got up the Cart & took him home at Latches place, the Doct. undrest it & so Maniaged it so as to tie it up without tying the vain & thought it safe he very Sick & Vomited much it is thought & I do beleive If I had not tyed the String & applyed the Rye Meal that he would Bleed to death before the Doct. Could got their, & he Says If an Arterree be Cut Cord hard above it & back & meet the Society & Got a book Spent not–

28th Wind N W. & fine morn up very Soon went to Rees Prices Got 10 Dolr & off to See Bainbridg, Gave him 9 Dollars, So back to Breakfast it not Bleed any, but Paind him much till near Morning but very Easy & Got alittle Sleep about day, & I hope under Godblessing he will Soon do again, At Meeting up & dined with Jont Jones, Judg Jones & wife their drank perhaps½ Doz Glass’s of wine then to see his new house & Drank tea with Owen Jones off at Bittles to See Jos Walter, one Harper knock’d him down for dusting

August 29th 1803 Wind S W & fine day at Rees’s finish’d Lower floor, white oak– Mason pointing

30th Wind S W at Rees all day at work

31 Wind S.W Cool Morn & warm day at work till noon then with Young at Pratts takeing John Roberts Quallifycation Respecting Charles Bevans Land taken by Knox, home Evening Young Drank tea with me–

Sept 1st Wind N E & very Like for Storm very few Drops & Cleard off againg again

2nd Wind S W & fine warm day in town with Charles Bevan about his Dispute with Knox, Danb Banbridg’s Vain Bursted out & bleed they say 2 qts when I Came up, the Doct. was trying to tie? the Arterry he was above an hour before he Accomplished it, the opperation was most Dreadfull for the patient his Crys was Distressing it Seem’d too Much for Nature to Bare almost, I home about 11 OC

3rd Wind N.W. Cool & Clear at Rees till noon Meet at School as Trustee, Down to See T Pratt & Banbridg bouth Better

Sept 4th 1803 W. S W at first day at home only at Morris’s all day.

5th Wind W & fine at work at Rees at work at Stairs foggy Morn Laid a 5 penney bitt that it would not Rain to Day nor to Morrow but it Came afine Little Shower from West, Laid the dust allittle a little

6 Wind N W & Coold the Air much at Rees at work all day Evening kill a Ram Lamb, prety fat– wind blue Like winter & Cold

7th W N W & very Cool they Say frost at Jarvis, at Rees’s all at work

8th Wind N.W & very Cool morn at Rees Prices at work I work at Jamb Case of front door–

9th W. N W & very Cold, frost Isaac Price Says in their Meadow plenty at work at Rees front door Jamb over Cast Like for Rain tho but few drops

10th Wind, S W & more mild at work at Rees’s Isaac fetch 1000 f white pine & 500 feet pitch pine this is 2500 feet that they Bout–

September 12th 1803 Wind S W & fine day at Jont. Jones Laying floor in his barn & Stable, John Lippens & Tommy along all 3 Dine’d their & I Sup their so home at Dark–

11 Note I made a Misstake Enterd 2nd day before first, wind S.W. fine warm day at home reading Meeting while, afternoon Got Rees Price’s Wagon, & took Mother & ned Walter, Rees, Ben, George & Ann to Saml Gibsons Ben is deceased brother John’s older son, Rees his younger. Tommy drove us, Sister Polly in a derainged State yet Poor thing Mother Gave me 11¼d, we Calld at Molly Deans & Got 6d worth Cakes, Banbridg on the mend

13 Wind S.W fine day at Rees’s Carrying up his Garret Stairs Boys Work at Garret floorboards, 2 or 3 Light Showers

14 Wind S W Tommy & I at Jones Got the Barn Sleepers in & Layd 14 plank very warm & work hard, Tom home & fetch Dinner. Some alarm in town of the fever 15 Wind S W Yerkus Tom & Self off to Jones finished by noon so home to Dinner Little George along

Sept. 15th it was very foggy & warm in Morning, at Rees afternoon, Evening 2 or 3 very Smart Showers with thunder–

16th Wind N W. Clear & Cool tho very fine at work at Rees at Stairs

17th Wind N W. & fine at Rees’s. a Democrat meeting at Yerkus s, a very poor Meeting not above 4 or 5 Respectable people their they the rest Journymen paper Makers &c. they to represent this township ina County Conferance, to agree on Assembly men &c. this is Equallity & Wrights of man, this is Democracy. the Bottom Rail Rider the Rabble Bill, If they where were virtus virtuous perhaps the Government might Stand but it never Can Exist under the present– they respect not Merrit but party. they have had the most violent Ignorant Creatours in assembly this 2 yrs perhaps Ever Disgracd any Country If it had not been for Governor McKane McKean that would not pass all their Laws I no know Not what would be Done

Sept 18th. 1803 Wind– at home all day being first Except at Finance in Evening

19th Wind at work at Rees Prices new house

20th.Wind S W & alite Shower or two at work at Rees–

21 Wind W & fine Felix begun to Sow my Rye amongst the Corn

22 at work at Rees Prices all day

23 wind N W & fine day afternoon at Drakes, & at Buck paid Hoskins 10 Dolrs for Smith work & playd Lue & Lost about 4 D the first I Ever Lost & I am bold to Say it is the Last amost Horrid practice home Late at Night

24 Wind — at the Burial of Israel Thomas killd by the fall of the his horse a wild young man it is Said a hog Run aCross the rode & throwd his mare he never Spoke

Sept. 25th 1803 Wind– at home all day I beleive being first day

26th Wind S.W. at Rees Prices at work all day

27th Wind S.W. at work at R Price’s Evening at Walters & Thomas’s Store to Get my Saddle repaird they have a Saddler thier there, paid them 5 Dollars on Acct of Rum at harvest back late 28th Wind I know not. at Rees Prices Felix finished Sowing Cornfeild with Rye, Rees Sowd 7 Bushel of wheat, he Bout off Esqr Linsey:- I at work

29th Wind — at Rees Prices at work at Sundries

30 Wind– at Rees at work hanging front door

Octob. 1 Wind S W fine day at Rees till noon then over at Drakes Looking at pump and puting in Glass, back at town– Election for Inspector- Assessor George Grow Assr and Yerkus Inspector– Spent 1s4½

2nd Wind N W & fine day at Meeting Jos Walter here to Dinner Rost pig at Morris & up with him in wagon Evening (Nothing new) to McClenechans

October 3rd Wind N E And over Cast at Rees’s made part of windless windlass then back, Drest & off to Meet the troop by buck Got to Norris town about omission, Raind Smart before I Got their avery wet Evening, Samuel Rees off with me for home & arivd about 8 OClock Very dark & wet, Oats 9d Club 1s4½

4th Wind N E & very wet till noon then Cleard very fine not had So much this Great while after at J Walters & Carrs, Looking for Charles

5th Wind S, with Samuel Rees to J Walter and put alog on, home & off to Hitner to Meet a County Meeting Agree on assembly Spent 1s10½ & Supper 1s10½ asubscription to defray Expences for Geting tickets printed &c 1s10½ ferry at Spring Mill 5½ Left their after dark & Got home about 10 OClock above 12 miles

6th Wind N.W & fine day S Rees Set off home & I to work at Rees Price’s

7th Wind N W & very fine at Rees at work, Solomon Cuting Buck wheat

October the 8th 1803 at Rees Prices till noon then Meet at Yerkus about the poor spent 11d So home

9th. N.W & fine at Meeting at home the remainder of day,-

10th Wind S & over Cast Sett off about 10 OClock to meet the troop at Pritners Hitners, 34 Meet Spent 3s9- & at Norristown 3s9- So down to Torrence‘s Spent 11¼, & Seen a great fray amongst the Militia foot 2 fights Capt Holgate & Young & Fling & Horn, did all in my Power to Calm them & Got all of them Broke up, So Eliot & MacClenghan McCleneghan & I off I Stopt at Mac’s & Got abit of Supper– Cleard off fine

11th Wind– & fine day at Rees Prices but work not off to Election the democrats Beat us in County about 200 votes Dinner & Club 7s- horse & wine 1s10- at bird 11¼ So home

October 11th. 1803 Spent 11¼d at the bird, but Small Election the Democrats & Conrad party beat us I fear, tho we beat them at Norris, but that Is Small part of County, we got home about dusk– So Ended out annual Election, to no avail I fear–

12 Wind S W & fine at Rees s at work Spent 1s2 G– Ginn– at Yerkus pd

13 Wind S E & rain till noon Cleard at work at Rees s– house

14 Wind W & fine Morn been ashower in night from West, at Rees s at work all day, at horses for stairs

15 Wind S W & Several Light Showers before noon, Rainbow at Rising of the sun at work till noon at Price’s, then off to town Bout a plain 7s- horse & wine 1s8 ferry 4 C gate 3 Cents, Could not find a trumpetter so home without one noo no report of fever the Democrats Beat us about 200 votes in Montgomery County, So the poor feds fall so will Government be full of Gall

16th Wind N W & Clear Morn first day, Enoch Jones wife Deleverd of a daughter 3 days agoo at Meeting a woman freind Gave us 2 Lectors & a prayer I was much Effected & a good humble time with me, afternoon at John Atkensons, Owen Jones along at Buck he treated me–

October 17th- 1803 Wind N W Been a Light Shower in Night fine Morn, but Blue up a hurrican after & very Cool flying Clouds, Meet Hendersons Regiment, with our troop 46 of us, all went on prety well had our Ration provided by Quarter Master & Oats at 4s8 per Man & a number of freinds purtook with us, a unhappy Differance between Hittner & Linsey Coats, they fought Hittner Came off Best or victorious it was or did Originate with some dealings of Hitner with a Brother in Law of Hughes, that was Derainged, that he Hittner took Great Advantage of & Refused to Right. I am afraid it broke up the troop Hitner is Rich and purseproud & violent without much Proudence, Violent in Politicks, & of Course So in all his actions had a Little spar with Rees Jones, at Yerkus s but we Righted all before we parted another version of events of October 17th 1803 Wind N W & Little rain about Day Drest, and off by Buck & Meet the troop at Seven Stars, & 46 of us Joind the Regement by Saml. Henderson had avery Good Parade & Dinner in the feild at 4s8 per man, Oats Plenty inCluded in Bill paid 5s7½ at ferry, 1s4½ at Yerkus I very Calm only at Yerkus s Rees Jones Maddened me alittle tho all Ended Calm it blue a herrican all day almost & Cold

18th Wind N.W & Cold , at Rees after breakfast, John Evans horse trod on & Lame’d him so he Cannot work

19th Wind N W & white frost first I Seen this fall tho they Say was Some 3 or 4 Weeks Back, at Rees Price’s at work

20th Wind N.W. Cold at Rees’s at work only Moses & Self

21st wind N E & Like for Rain but Cleard off with very Little at Rees s

22nd Wind N W & Cool morn at Rees till noon then at widow Robesons & back to meet the Society Spent not

23 Wind N W & Smart frost, afternoon at Jont Walters, being first day. had 30½ B. Buckwheat Sowd in Stubble the 30th day of July 3 B. Sowd

Oct. 24th 1803 Wind N W alarge white frost upsoon & at Rees Price’s at work at stairs Jont Thomas Paid me 25½ Dollars for Sawing due near 7 years–

25th Wind W fine day Dry at Rees till noon, then off to Hagy’s (Sup their) to Look for one Sturn a Carpenter Spent 2 Jills wine 11d- So home

26th Wind.S.W foggy morn & warm day off to town Bout 1300 feet blot boards for Rees Price 39 D 47 Cents in town Bout. 3 plains 21s- Sheous shoes for George 3s9 half Glass 5½ Dinner at Elliots 3s9 Oats 9d wine 5½d Boy 4 Cents ferry blot pike 3 Cents So home, Mist Geting Money on Drakes acct. Billington dead, with the fever that I had the draft on. & Jarvis’s order MKalerker would not Except of. So I home without any very Little or no Acct of the fever

27th 1803 Wind N W at Rees Prices, did not do much the Glassers Puting in the Glass, at J Jones’s new house

28th at work at Rees put up Door frames Studs &c– very foggy morn

29th wind S W & foggy but blue off & Clear afternoon work till night

30th-Wind N.W. & prety Cool day at Meeting & at omission up to buck to See If Miller would Go to Court Respecting Jos Walters Business asult assault & blows

31st Wind N W & white frost but no Ice has been this fall that I have Seen or heard– at Work at Rees Price’s all day

Novr. 1st Wind N W frost & prety Cool Set off about Sunrise to old Chester Court one Harper had beat & abused Jos. Walter said he Dusted him in Carriage he was fined 20 Dollars & Court Charges which made near 40 D Spent about 7s6 Dined their 3s9. Sup at Bittles so home

2nd Wind S W fine day at Rees awhile then help to Dig potatoes had 50, or 60 Bushels very Large but thin in Ground

November 3rd 1903 Wind S W fine day killd Stumptail Cow very good Beef perhaps 50 lb gutfat dug potatoes awhile & at John Atkensons for Stair Case plain Spent 11d So home

4th Wind S W at Rees Price’s at Work all day

5 Wind S.E & over Cast & Raind about noon at Lewellings Young dun him for Money I Lent him 80 Dollars in 93 but fair promises but no Money very dark & wet. Stopt at Yerkus s he Treated me to bear so home

6th wind N E & wet day Set off to Fulertons wifes Burial, She bore a very Good Charactor, he a Worthless Drunken fellow. Buried at Wiledays private yard, Stopt at Buck paid for 2 Glass Gin Toddy 1s10½ Yerkus & Evan Evans along home to Dinner afternoon at home, Evening Smart Rain from N W & Cleard about 10 O’C Recd 53 Dollars of Drake

7th Wind N W Clear & Cold, Sent 35 Dollars by Tommy to Finance that I Borrow in September to pay in 20 days but Could not pay it till now, I after breakfast must Go to Rees’s to work, made a poor Last week

November 7th 1803 Wind N.W. and prety Cold day at Rees Price’s at work after breakfast meet at School house David Roberts Bout anew Stove for School at 27 D Assess’d 5s7½ on Each Subscriber Titus & I went to Alley Roberts to See his Brot John he very Poorly, he very Low, but we did not See him So back Cold

8th. Wind N W Sharp frost Ice plenty at Rees’s, alittle while, then Alley Roberts Sent for me John was dead I dowm their, he wanted me to Send about the neighbourhood & Get the Grave dug. so back at omission Meet the Jury at Yerkus that was on Brooks Road along the Mill Crick, Sup at Yerkus

9. Wind N W & very Could cold went to Rees Price at work alittle finish Stair Posts about½ day, hard frost

10th Wind N W & Cold at Rees in Morn aWhile then at the Burial of John Roberts Millwright, So distinguished avery Good workman

Saveing Sober & Industrious, he has acquired by his trade between 1500 & 2000 pounds, but so miserable that he had not the hart to make use of it. when he give up work he Soon Got hipt or Low Sperrited he had 2 or three natural Childern but I fear he has not Left them any thing If had agot awife he would had somthing to amployd his Mind & he might Livd to Long Life, but he freted & hipt till he brought on a decay, & went off about 56 years old, afternoon meet Sherreff & a Jurry & Supt with them at Yerkus that was vewing adisputed Line Between Brook & Krickbaum the Jurry, Capt Norney Genl. Nicels A. Darrow, Hitner, Lowrey & Cline Brook home & Lodge with me “Hipt”, old usage meant “melancholy” or “depressed”, derived from “hypochondria”.

11th Wind N W very Cold indeed for so soon at Rees at work after breakfast Evening at Yerkus s Spent the Evening with General Nickels Spent not

November 12th 1803 Wind S & Large frost the dam froze over very hard frost, rather more moderate, today at Rees Price all day, Evening Meet McCleneghan & Spent 5½ so home to tea–

13th Wind S W over Cast & Raind Moderate all the afternoon, at Yerkus aWhile & Spent 11¼ Horatio along, being first day, Stor took my horse to Goo for his Clothes & Breakfast & Supper here; “Stor”, the carpenter referred to as “Sturn” on 10/25.

14th Wind N W & fine Moderate Morn put my hogs up & after breakfast at Rees had such apain in my Side below my Shoulder, ketch me Shouldering abag of bran, that I work none all day, very fine warm Day

15th Wind about SE & over Cast in Morn back Rather better at Rees work not John Atkenson at Building home to Dinner with me, I at Rees again, but did not much

16th Wind N W. Set off about 10 OC–for Norristown Summon’d on Jury, it did not Come on Dinner & Club Viz. wine I suppose 8s2 horse 1s10½ one Jill wine 11¼, at Broads 2s9½ Boy 5½ at ferry Gooing 11¼ Total 15s2 So much for Court, Ellis Crofford paid me 31 Dollars for Robeson Shear of Lime quarry

Nov 16th 1803 –

Left Norristown about Dark begun to rain Staid with Richard Roberts Miller avery Clever hospatal hospitable Fellow, he has built a very fine Stone house, & painted the wall with Sperrits of turpentine & then Penceled it out Like Chance walling a very Lively appearance at a small distance but dose not bare a Closer view, I think, Some of it Plasterd So as to Live in it but not Sleep, therefore we Sleep in the Spring house Loft, very Good Birth & I had a good nights Sleep & Rose about 6 OC

the 17th. with wind E. Cold & wet, Breakfasted & set off for home, & arivd before 12 OC- off to Rees, John Atkenson their pertending to work but too much Stude to Make any out home to Dinner & back their again blue up in Evening Cold & Clear–

18th Wind N W & high at Rees Atkinson & I at Stair Struck out Post & Rails, Jont Jones, Calld and made me Come to Yerkus’s Treated me to bear & Ginsling asmart Snow Shower in Evening, with Black Whild wild Clouds & Boisterous wind, the first Snow Shower I have Seen but their was one Last week here they tell me So–

19th Wind, N W & very Cold after breakfast at Rees’s Atkenson also their we sawd out 2 Rails then meet at School paid 7s6 towards anew Stove Spent 1s4½ So home

Novr. 20th 1803 Wind N W Sharp Morn but fine day being first day, at Meeting, much depresst in mind, at J Morris awhile & at Yerkus in Evening awhile;

21st Wind N W fine day at Rees Prices at work after breakfast. Evening at Algernon Roberts Yerkus along appraising John Roberts Millwright property, it amounted to about 7000 Dollars, and 600L Alley owd him that was not to be accounted at his death, he had acquird near 3000 pound by his Occupation, never dealt or Traded any I beleive, a remarkable Industrious Man Saveing man but as Soon as he Got unable to Earn Money Got a Little hip & Conceated he was bad & I beleive brought on his Disorder– waste, If he had A had the Sperrit to injoid the Good of his Labour, I think he might been a harty man, for Many years, but he had not the Sperrit to Enjoy the Sweats sweets of his Labour,

22 Wind & fine at Rees at work½ day after breakfast Gooing their to Dinner but Drake sent for me & paid me 50L part of a bond of 100L I their afternoon

23 Wind N W fine at Rees till near night then Cleaning flax seed 5½ Bushels

November 24th 1803 wind N W & fine day had a little rain about noon, then Clear’d off, in Philadelphia Tommey along with Cart Sold 5½ B flaxseed at 13s9 per Bushel, Bought 2 B Cornsalt 6s3 per B five omission 5s6 per 50 oysters at 25, Cts dinner oats, &c & old Reckening 10s Bout a Lock for Rees at 4 D 50 Cents, Gauges &c 7s- paid Polley Dean $4 for Coating I Bout for Boys This is first instance of JP’s use of dollar sign.

25th at work at Rees’s fine day–

26th Wind N W & fine day at Rees till noon then Meet the Society, our Annual Election, Spent 5½

27 Wind–prety fine day at home all day interlined: “been Buried above a year”

28th Wind N W prety Cool at Rees Price’s after breakfast noon interlined:”in morning helpt to dig up old widow Lemmons & put her in vault”.

29th Wind — at Rees at work in Evening at Drakes his well dry or Nearly so, agreed with to dig another he to dig & I must hall stone to wall & put the pump in, So home Evening.

30th Wind S W. & Rainney Morn, filld pork tub off the Eves in night at Rees’s all day, Torrence their makeing a pump–

Decembr. 1st Wind N W & very high Titus & I with Algernon Roberts, at Norristown to prove John Roberts Will & Praisement, he Treated to our Dinner & Expences, Except a Mug of Bear at Widow Warners 11d. So home about Dark

3nd rd Wind N W & prety Cold, Yerkus & Self up to Bird in hand Tavern, Upper Merion has got a Jury to Devide or Make anew Line between the 2 township wants to Give us Spring Mill hill, & take the Gulf, Viz Make Matson Road the line 3 November

December 4th, 1803 Wind S W & fine day being first day at home all day, Except at J Walters & Disbury & Washers in Evening Get them to help me kill hogs

5 4th Wind S by W killd 7 hogs weighed 985 lb they where thin & Light, J Walter, Lippens & Boy, Disbury, Felix Moses Tom & Self & old Solomon made 8 Dun before Dinner; after Meet at School but 2 their

6 5th Wind S W & very warm at Rees all day, interlined: “only at Drakes dined at Widows” Evening Cut up the hogs & Salted them in margin:”6″ illegible before 9 O’Clock Made pork of them–

7th wind N W. & very fine day at Rees, after Breakfast, paid Peter Jones 10 Dollars for Plastering at pike, home to Dinner.

8th Wind S.E. & over Cast Morris Sent for me, Constable had Bill Fulerton for Getting Peggy Steward Mid Child So say dutch Dined at home back to Rees again Evening they Brought Billy back he chould could Get no bail he agreed to Marry old Young Came with them & they sent for the Girl. we had a Great Wedden, I spent 3s9 with them we had Singing & wine I their after 12 OC a very wet & Dark night, McClenechan & 10 or 12 their

9th Wind W & a butifull day warm & pleasant at Rees all day Evening pint bear home & soon to bed,

Decr. 10th 1803 Wind S W & fine day white frost at Rees after breakfast & work till after Dinner then at turnpike See how they Come on their on repeated with the well diging Gravel & White diging at Drakes–

11th Wind S.W. and Most Remarkable fine till noon as warm as Spring. afternoon, at Widow Warners Lippins along treated me with mug bear, at Buck took Miller his Deed I Brought from Norristown he paid me 1 D 42 Cents I paid Morgan 17 Dolrs. for Bill Robeson I Spent mug bear 11d then to see Fann But Phillip had Come from pittsburgh so releavd her, or She was Said to be Starving. See Dec. 15 it begun to rain before we Gott to buck & raind very hard, till near Midnight Hoskins Lent me a Coat– home about dark & rain very hard after Got home

12th Wind S W & very fine day raind alittle in Morn Tommy & I Cleaning the race Got the water down & Sawd asmall Log in studs for Rees the Mill not Run any this 3 Months and perhaps 4 months, Got very Lopsided– been very dry time

December 13th 1803 Wind S W & towards Evening N W & very high some rain about noon, at Rees Prices, puting up the newel post & String board, Breakfasted & Sup at home & Dine their interlined: “town 8 or 9 new houses burnt Great firer in in (repeated) Sansons Street built by Brick Layers & Carpenters”

14th Wind N W & very high & Cool, tho not froze any, up Soon, Lippens & John Evans & others at a Raffleing Match at Michals, Lippens 2 turkey hens, very bad Custom, they ought not to be allowd off, it is Gambleing & a Corruption of Morrals, at Rees, after Breakfast dined their home to Sup paid P Yerkus pint of wine had at Fulertons Weding & 6 pints bear, 7s6 So home to tea Clear & Cold Evening Disbury took Poney to Goo to Market, 7 O’C P M & not Sent him home yet Not well pleasd Mother May Gave me 15s- in full for Sawing for their Barn; John Evans Came to work about 4 OClock in Evening & went to Rees to Supper

15th Wind S W. & not froze much tho prety Cool at Rees Price’s, at work at stairs Got the Newel & String boards up; Dine’d at Rees & Breakfast & supper at home John Lippens killd his hog weighed 195 lb Old Solomon dug a Grave for Phillips & Fann’s Child Burnt So it died Fann was Born at Fathers a daughter of old Salls, half blood, Spent 4½d pint beer Molly & Molly Yerkus at Jos. Walters Store on West Chester Road, Sup on tea bed 9 OC Smart Shower & wind Got to west

December 16th 1803 Wind S.W & froze not much ashower in Night & avery fine day very pleasant in deed, at Rees at work at Stair at noon with Linch at widows he paid her 32 dollars for Last years Rent we Dine’d their I back to work Got 12 Spikes made at Ellis’s for Rees Stairs, I up for them, So I did not much myself Tommy begun to Go to School yesterday to Hugh R. Ward, So he Distinges distinguishes him self I Broke my Specttekills, I never Recolect to have Seen them Spelt & think they blot at Wright, My eyes so faild that I Cannot make out to Read at night, they have held till I was 50, without failing much

17th Wind N W. & Large whitefrost & Cold but fine day at work at Rees, at Stairs; Horatio Came up from Town, he Prentice to one Justices

18 Wind N.W. & froze prety hard, the dam alite Skim of Ice allover almost first day after breakfast, went to Drakes White has got 30 feet but no Water yet, Call at Jont. Jones’s Saml Starn & Horatio along, Ann & Martha Jones very Clever, Showd us all the house the first time I have been their Since they movd Jont Unwell, but no ways alarming Spent 11¼ at Yerkus’s Jarvis here Little gay but made no stay, I at Yerkus A little while. Spent, home all the afternoon Evening Horatio

19th Wind, N W & prety Cold off to Rees Prices Soon Eat Breakfast Soon & to work at the new house Calld at Yerkus Wm Henderson and McClenechan their Stayed 10 OC. Eat Sasages & Drank Some Toddy with them 3s9 Cut

December 20th 1803 Wind N W & very Cold Morn up Soon offto Rees Price’s helpt to kill 9 hogs weighed 2210 lb the Largest weighd 330 lb finished by 2 OC Stop at Building & Yerkus’s Spent 11¼

21st. Wind N.W. & froze very hard & White frost the dam will bair to Slide, at Jacob Morris s to See them kill his Cross Bull been very surley this Summer but they Got him Roped & one Boyer Struck him down perhaps 6 or 8 Licks before he fell, I off to Rees s till Noon then halld 5 one horse Loads of wood most of it Cherry then off to Drakes to See how the well Come on, no Water yet but hopes they will get it tomorrow, from Some appearance at J Walters to Look at stairs & at Felix Stayd perhaps an hour then home–

22nd Wind N W in Morn hard frost & White frost but it more South & not so Cold to day as 2 days back, at work at Rees s at Stairs all day Except bracd their 4 words illegible stairs Dined their Breakfast & Supper at home Molly at Market Got 15s- for 2 turkeys one asmall hen the Cock weighed 13 lbs Gave her a Dollar all I had Except 100 D note

23rd Wind S E & Rainey day in Morn all asleet & Trees hanging with Iceticles, but Got warmer & melted away at Rees s Evening to See Jont Jones he unwell Raind very hard Evening & Dam Run over much

December 24th 1803 Wind N. & rather omission broke off with Morris to warn A Harden from his place Afternoon Meet the Society had Supper She Charged us 7s6 for Supper, & wine &c 4s3 Judg Peters was very Pleasant & agreeable Remarkable Wittee, I told him How Saml. Evans had most put me in the Notion of Gooing with him to the Mowhauk River, he off hand Says he have a good price for his Land aludeing to my name; he’s allowd to be the greatest punner or off hand Witt in the City, perhaps not very inferior to Ben Johnsons Justo

25th Wind N.E. & avery wet day afternoon perticularly, Christmas day & first day afternoon at, Whites to Look for Well digers & Call to Jont. Jones he unwell tho Better Drank tea their him & two sisters Live in a new house he has built this summer on avery hansom plan, they all very Clever dam all thawd Viz Ice Gone & smart fresh

26th Wind N W & nearly Cleard, a snow About ¾ Inch deep, borrowd Rees Prices well bucket & took it to pike no well digers their Dined at the Widows So Calld Viz Brot. John’s widow then at Rees’s at work½ day Strong snow all Gone

27th Wind S.W. fine day at Rees Morn, then to Meeting had a fine Sermon by Some Strange freind at home to Dinner then to Rees well Digers here for tool to blow in well

December 28th 1803 Wind S W a large white frost & avery Large Circle round the Moon this Morn, a very fine warm day, at Rees’s till noon then with the Widow, up to Zells, & Walter Amos’s & Round her farms near the Buck, Roads very muddy the dam alMost froze over this Morn Tommy took Bias Millers Cupboard home I put on the Locks & hinges &c work very Little for Rees Price to day put one pilaster up was all

29th Wind N W & fine day at Rees at Work Gravel & White their Cant dig no more in well Got Blowing tools at Rees for them, & they blue 2 Little Blasts did not much–

30th Wind N. froze alittle alite Shower Snow in night at Rees put up the half hand Rail at work all day–

31st Wind N & N E Sun Shind awhile then over Cast & raind alittle— at work at Rees price’s till near night Gave John Evans 5 D he & Starn off after dinner, at Yerkus s mugbeer 11½ all Quiet their no firering near, but a Great much at adistance, a very rude vulgar habbit of fireing the Old year away I never understood what it took rise from Star Light & prety Clear about 10 OC.–