Joseph Price Diary


January 1st 1806 Wind W. & Got to South before noon, & snowd prety fast towards Evening Got N W & Cleard up Jarvis & I at Widows took a Notice from her to Wm. Gill to move from her pike Lot, at David Roberts, So home Dined on afine turkey, a man the name Cricket an Irishman here & at Widows to Rent her place that Zell Lives on, he dined with us, then back to Widows with him & Enterd into the out Line of a bargain for it & Commit it to paper Jarvis along Hannah Zell their I home before Night Jarvis tea with us

January 2nd 1806 Wind N W. & hard froze the Ground froze Dry Road Dusty, off before breakfast to help to kill hogs kill 10 before 2 OC- begun about 9 OC- Bias Hoffman. P. May, our old Tom, J. Walter he (Ill not much) Disbury, David Roberts, Levi, Vergina Virginia Will & Self, they weighed 2037 lb home to tea, over Cast in Evening & Snowd before 8 OC- only a mear Shower Not Coverd the Ground, it broke off through the day & Sun Shind pleasant but the air was avery Sharp all day

3rd Wind N W. & Clear prety pleasant day the Snow Scearsly to beseen, at Jacob Morris Mending Brake & Cleaning 15 B oats for hogs & Cows, afternoon at Jont Jones & up to Kuglars Spent 11¼d at buck Spent 11d. at Morgan & Eliots Judge Jones, Jont Jones Miller Morgan & Elliot, at play I Lost a dollar with them Walk home about 12 OC Sharp white frost night, I abominate the practice, & think I am Done

January the 4th 1806 Wind N W Large white frost, at Mothers; drew up a memorand between Jane & one Cricket for her place where Jacob Zell Lives, One Shubert here I am on a Refferance between him & his Brothers & Brotherinlaws, he Treated to a pint wine at Yerkus Coln. Johnson their I home to Dinner, hanging the Stable door over the way, at Morris s Ecrod & Jarvis here in the Evening about the Electerriseing Machein Cloudy, blue up I think few drops of rain Cleard before 9 Oc- Eclip’s on the moon about half over the moon

5th Wind. W. & avery fine Moderate Morn being first, Mary at Meeting I at Yerkus pint Beer; at Jacob Morris alittle while quite a warm pleasant day about 10 OC- at night over Cast & Looks Like for Snow Jarvis walk to Rittenhouses paper Mill him & Isaac Rittenhouse home here about 4 OC- Yerkus & wife been to See his Mother home in Evening

January the 6th. 1806 Wind about E Calm & Snowing fast about 3 Inches deep, In Morn, keep at it all day Stuck to the trees, it seem to be warm but did not thaw much, I beleive the Snow was about 6 I. deep tho it was aheavy wet Snow it Got to rain afternight Wind about North,I most opresst at my many transgressions, and incapacity to pay my debpt debts— I at Jacob Morris takeing his bags home, foules not Down to Get fed, the first time the Sheep has Come up for hay, Not at Yerkus to day

7th Wind S.W. about home all day at Yerkus in morn he not very well, Sun Shun alittle while, warm thawd Some Cold over Cast in afternoon & over Cast repeated, kill the Black heiffers Calf very good weighed 16 lb Round Yerkus 1 qtr. Lippens one 15½ SheomakerShoemaker over the way one I Skind it before the Door, & hung it up on the hog pole, it was so warm that I did think it necessary to Get out the wind, Jonathan Alloway, to Settle for Mason work at pike, I fell 10 Dolrs 40 Cents in debpt, paid him 5 Dollars, I am Shure their is a mistake Some where for I did not owe him above half of it

D January 8th 1806 Wind N W & froze hard been alittle Snow Shower in Night Cold day. at Yerkus Spent 11¼, mind opresst, have to boy bouy up under many oppressions, afternoon Jarvis & I at David Roberts to Look for money got none, back in Evening Cold

9th Wind. N. been a smart Snow Shower in night & very Cold hand Stick to pump John Evans Come yesterday & here now makeing Round about for Tommy & Coattee for me out of Cloth of his, George Grow & Adam, here about 10 OClock & Stayd till night I Posting their Admisr Ship on their fathers Esy. Dined here qt whisy. 1s6 did not finish. Cold day tho not out the house all day after they Come

10th Wind S.W. & white frost not near so Cold as yesterday morn, breakfasted & Sett off to George Grows, Stuck too to their Acct. from 10 OC. till dark not out to Make water itself, he offerd me 3 D- accepted not but what I Bought at their Vendue, not a dollar’s worth home about 8 OC- night a Snow shower about dusk from South Wind to W & Clear before 9 OClock

January 11th 1806 Wind W. & prety Cold Sharper than yesterday morn, at Morris’s Got aboard for freinds necessary, put & movd it over on Titus Sledge, then up with him to Jont Jones, he got white Oak for his Slay or Sledge Drank tea with him put 3 advertisements up one at Yerkus s one at A Ellis Smith Shop & one at Meeting house Stable, had a great Quarrel with John Evans, Nehemiahs Son put me off my gard by Saying I give up abond of his Fathers to his uncle David, he attackd me in Such a roof rough manner in the Tavern Get very wrotht wroth, Soon Calm’d down

12th Wind S W & thawing day not at Meeting to day at home all afternoon George Grow & 2 of his Brotherinlaws here, with them to Alley Roberts back & at Yerkus they treated with a Glass or 2 of Toddy been Over Cast all day Red at Sun Sett

13th Wind S W & Soft morn & over Cast broke off very pleasant alittle, Jont Jones Yerkes Self all in town in Jones farm wagon he for boards for slay, paid Enoch 5 Dollars for Cloth I bought of him, Spent 25 Cents 6 ½ lb Tobacco 125 Cents back about 8 OC

13th January 1806

Wind as we Come home Get near E. & begun to Snow & rain Dined with Jont Jones with his Brotherinlaw Rutter on aleg of Mutton, & Corn beef & they had Turkey but I Eat none I preferd the Mutton

14th Wind N E & been weting all night & at it all day tho not so fast thawd till about 3 OC- then froze to the trees forenoon at Rees Price’s took down his will I fetch from town, afternoon at Edw Georges took a bill of his barn Stayd till near 7 OClock Got to hail afternight, & haild violent Meet John Thomas, & Erdge me So much that I give up & went to Hastin Heston’s & he Treated to Glass Gin & fed my horse qt oats their has been some Misunderstanding & apperhensive he would alude to that or I would not agone for it was hailing very fast home about 8 OC-

15th Wind N W & very high wind & Cold, hail 2 or 3 Inches & about 2 Inches Snow, that drove all to the Lanes Jarvis & I off to hunt my Sheep allover Jacob Jones feild found them at Mowers Ice froze to Eyes twice

afternoon put a tung tongue to Yerkus s Sled & potter about treated Sam Jarvis to Glass 12½ Cents qt Whis 20 Cents Evening at Yerkus Noble & John Thomas Swaping horses Dot. Hidreck their Chated awhile so Home to Supper & filld up my Journal 2 or 3 days had omited freezing Could cold old Solomon 1 days board– Schuylkill Stopt at Righters ferry

16th Wind N.W & very Cold Morning all the animals depend upon Man for their support be a very Scearch scarce time with me in the fother fodder way If this Whether holds Long, White frost Yerkus Lippen & John Evans makin sleigh for J. Jones– Rigd up my Slay

17th Wind W & Sharp morn white frost down at Mothers to Get aflame fleam, a lance for opening veins to bleed a Calf, got none Tommey at Rees Price Got a Set Rees made a present of them to me; afternoon kill the Calf & drest it off prety well & Got up the Slay Geard & Sent poney & Sleigh to Mothers, for Rebecca to goo to Market, Jonathan Jones here about his Slay

18th Wind N W. & Cold, at Rees Prices from their with him & Edw Levis to Look at McClenechans paper Mill they have agreed to Give him 2800L pay 1000 Down, for 50 Acres Eat Dinner at Rees’s

January 19th 1806 Wind S.E. & Snowing fast begun in night perhaps 2 I deep keep at it till Sun Setting then Shun out alittle, Over at Bettey Conrads She sent for me to alter her Will, but she so unwell that I sent Jont Jones, we Concluded her unfit, I up with Jones & Dined there, he sent for my Slay his horses & we went Eliots Drank tea their he brought me home afternight & took Slay back–

20th Wind N & over Cast all day meet John Righter Alley Roberts at Yerkus, by order of Court between Christain Christian Shupert & illegible Executrs to his fathers will & his Brother & Brotherinlaws, the Executor did not meet the opposit party did 9 or 10 witness in & all postponed till 7 day 25th I Spent 12½ Cents so home-

January the 21st 1806 Wind N. & over Cast all day, Set off about 10 OC- with Jarvis Lippens Solomon Humphreys in my Sleigh Bully & Weisel, to Norris town to vote for an Assembleman in the Room of Saml. Mills deceased, prety old man, had bore a Commission in Last french war, we federals Voted for Saml Henderson, the high flyers for one Bealore a high flyer, a men Leveler, how it will goo I not know Lent Jarvis 7s6 & pd. his ferriage 5½ pd Solomon 3s9 & 11¼ ferriage Spent in Norris 12½ Cents, Horses at ferry 27½ Cents at widow Warners at Supper 1s10½ Drink 11¼ So home about 8 OC- at night, Raw & Cold as we Came home Isaac Roberts paid me for Isaac Warners Coffin 8 Dollars avery trying time horses Could not hold back Run on them, they kick, Swingle tree get Loss loose, a most trying time, Came home along the County Line & in the pike above the Gate paid 7½ Cents– pikeage–

January 22nd 1806 Wind N E & Snowing prety fast in Morn Gaind about 2 Inches, keep at. prety fast at times till noon, then hail rain & froze to trees, form a hard Crust on Snow Jacob Sibley here about to Get a Coffin for Betty Conrad a widow of Michal Conrad who dyed in December 1776 or perhaps January 1777, I well Remember, it was the time of the flying Camp was gooing home, I think one of them got their to Conrad’s & dyed & he Michal took & a son or two dy’d, it was Calld the Camp fever, they where Said to be very Poor then, the old Woman was a great hand at Spining Cotten She picked up & Bout. 7 or 8 Acres of John Lewis for perhaps 10L Contineltal Continental I think, & has built 2 Loghouses on it perhaps worth or would 6 or 700 Dolrs I think She must be about 80 yr old I think I must remember this 30 yrs & She appeard to Look Old then as now almost, Begun the Coffin about noon work at afternight the first I made in the Dwelling, Shop so open & Cold

January 23rd 1806 Wind N & Snowd & haild & I Beleive rain trees froze over, & Look like winter, the Snow & hail not above 2 I deep this Spell, but it soon broke off to West & Cleard & Sun Shind prety Softened the Snow, & Melted in the road till Slushe, finished the Coffin & took it home before Dinner back to Dinner Shavd, & off to Sibleys Scrud up the Coffin, & attend the Burial, to our Strangers yard So home, Tom at Store for ajug Malases paid Little Zell 15s- for work 1 qt whis 1s6 & Gave George 4½d & Mother or Polly 3s9– Yerkus not Done Jones’s Sleigh yet 22 days for or Counting one hand & will take 3 of them to Morrow, a very great Number of Slays at the Burial About 20 & great Number horse people, poor old woman many or Several of the Ignerant dutch people thought her a which witch, I was aJokeing a dutch painter about her & he went & told her I said She was a withe witch

Januy. 24th 1806 Wind N W. & very high in night froze prety much & Cold this Morn but warmer & thawd agood Deal to day the Sleighing most done in the high ways Gigher Tommy & Self off & Cut & Split wood till noon then the boys halld 5 Loads Yerkus Sledg & little Mare & Poney I fixt wagon Quilers? to Sleigh Geard & put Bulley & Weisel in Sleigh & took Jarvis Giger Ann George & John up to Colberts in Slay he broke his arm about 3 weeks agoo but now on the mend fast– it was a very fine afternoon thawd

25th Wind wind repeated S.W. & very fine at home in morn till ten OClock then down with Rees Price, Edw Levis & wife their, to Give a Definitive answer to McClenechan, Eat Dinner their at Rees & then Levis Rees & I at McCleneghans he down with us to Prices, I up to Yerkus s on an arbitration between the Shuberts, their till after Candle Light, Rees’s Sent for me Down & Witness an article between McClenechan & Rees Price & Levis for his paper Mill

they to Give 2800 pounds 1000L down on the first of April, & the remainder in 5 Equal payments, Yerkus their in Jones s new Slay, I with them to Jones s he not at home we off to Kuglars Spent 1 Glass & lent Lippens 12½ Cents So back to Yerkes So home 11 OC- been a great day with Rees Price they very anchous to Get the Mill for Edwd Levis, Rees Price Signd & executed his Will McClenechan John Thomas from valley, Jehu Tunis, & Self witnessed it So Spent the day in trying to do all the Good in margin: “Giger quit gooing to School”

26th Wind S W & a spring Like day warm at Meeting, afternoon geard up the Slay, took all the family but Ann to Jont Walter Drank tea & so back took the widows 2 Sons along-

27th Wind S.W very fine uncommon day knok Up the Sleighing, Settleing with Bridson about the Lot I Sold him till noon, Afternoon Mending table &c Jos. George in Sleigh here for his table in margin: “Tom begun to go to School”

January 27th 1806

I at home all day Jacob Castner & wife here paying a visit Yerkus filling his Ice house had poney

28th Wind S W & a fine day, Yerkus halling Ice Gave Disbury 25 Cents to help till noon Showing Black Harry where to Cut wood, gave him 2 Hrickory hickory Saplins off my Land & 2 Spanish Oaks on the widows Land help to Get out Ice awhile, then up & Settled between the Widow & Disbury She fell about 10L in his Debt, Eat Dinner their then home Got up horse & Set off with the Widow Goodman, to Look Money Stadleman promised to Let her have 400 D. I Down to E Georges about his barn Drank tea their, & Gave him a new plan with 2 barnfloors, Spent 6 Cents at Black horse so home fine night & frozen very Little

29th Wind S W. & thawd a good Deal tho over Cast Made a new bill for E. George & Cut out a beaurow bureau, & set John to work Looking for the Sheep, found them in one of my feilds, fetch them home down to Jacob Morris’s for to Look the horses home to mush,– Jarvis along Still, he will not Stand Still but follow he will,

30th Wind S.W. & a very remarkable fine day Felix here Choping wood along the hedge of new orchart orchard I Choping with him till near noon Wm Smith Calld me home to Get a Coffin made for Old Barbary Herse his Mother in law about 79 years old Jarmin

January 30th 1806 Layd out the Bottom & Set John Giger to Dress out Lid foot &c I off to Edward George with a second Bill he not at home So I Got back prety soon Spent at Stadlemans 6 Cents & Chated awhile So home in Evening read a while in Prouds history of Pensylvania–

31st Wind W. & apleasant day as to Cold, bad walking or Rideing, the hale hail very tite plenty on the feilds tho it has been thawing all this week, If their had not been any Snow on the Ground to Chill the air it would appeared Like Spring. work at the Coffin finished it about 2 OC- killd one of the Ewes bout at Sibleys, prety Good but not so fat as I Expected Down to Rees Price’s Got the promise of his wagon, Got Ellis to make a bar for one of the bolts, Mary work to finish my Pantaloons till near 12 OC then to bed

Feby 1st. Wind E over Cast & Raind prety Smart till near 10 OC- at times, Got up a little after 3 OC- Rousd John Rebecca Come & John & her has Set off to market, 3 quatrs of Mutten & 2 Turkeys, I off for Rees wagon. Bully & Wesel back put the Coffin in Isaac Price along & off to 11 St between Arch & Race Streets Stayd till about omission Got old Herse & off we Set arivd at Church about 1 OC- Spent 11d & paid 25 Cents ferriage & pike did not Charge

February 1st 1806

I back to Rees Price’s with the wagon then home Got a bite Dinner & down to Yerkus s meet the Society and on an Arbritation arbitration between the Shuberts, Examined 6 or 7 witness & Sat till about 8 OC- Got Supper at their Expence, home took horse & off to See Jont Walter he so Ill they sent for me, he had a faintly or Somthing Likeit he had got over it I Back about 11 OC- to bed about 12 OC- Smut Ewe Got a fine Lamb

2nd Wind about N Rather Colder froze prety smart about bare bear a man at Meeting afternoon at D. Roberts & Walters he appears to be better but I doubt of his Staying Long here, went walk on dam amazeing the Ice Strong I broke in nearly up to my fork, my hands being in my Breaches pockets Drew out a Dollar as I fell & it is Gone below & So Lost & it was Every Cent I had, Some of the Money Isaac Warners Coffin, went on & keep on my wet Close till afternight–

February 3rd 1806 Wind S.E & a little Snow made ground white when I got up only like a Snow shower begun to hail a smart Shower till about omission OC- then turnd to rain & Raind prety Constant till about 12 OC- Smart then Cleard toward Sun Set appeard very fine & prety Calm mending fence between Orchard & Meadow Isaac Price here Down with him Got sum news papers so home Drank tea their, Read papers & so–

4th Wind N W froze nearly Strong to bare omission up Soon Carried 2 tubs of Swill from Yerkes, another 2 year old Ewe Got a fine Lamb in the Orchard woods mended a lock for Rees Price & took down, & put it on Jarvis along home to Dinner, Jacob Morris along with me & Richard Jones to Edward Georges Squard his barn over again, Drank Some brandy & Coffee their, Tommy George their also, Great Possey of us old woman by the Name of Rinehor an antiant Family dead She did Live on the other sd. of Schuylkill below the falls 84 years old, I knew Some of the family it sd- they Settled under the duke of York, before Penn Got the Province– Black Ewe Got alamb in margin: “Paid Titus Roberts 12s5d owd him for Shad”

February the 5th 1806 when it Comes

Wind N W. & prety Cool froze Prety hard white froste, George Grow & Philip Shubert here before Breakfast, about their dispute between them & Brother Christain Shubert Down to Rees Price’s got a board to Make a falling table, after Dinner their to Splice the Cat Gut of their Clock Rees Came for me, Christain Shubert their for me he Sent for Alley Roberts he Came about SunSet, whent on their Business awhile home about 8 OC- Spent not–

6th Wind N W & very Cold & Clear Felix here him & I Sawing Posts, for fence, Got above 40 Post, Some? wood Jarvis along all day nearly, Evening McClenechan here & Stayd till near 9 OC- Sam & him Great dispute on their Lattin, I beleive Neither of them know but of it Littleabout it, Saml alittle high & told some Lys

7th Wind W. & Calm Large white frost, up Soon & posted up my acct against freinds breakfast & no Felix Came– off to woods Met him been geting a barrel of flower 1 3 qr at 52s6 per Barrel work till noon prety hard, afternoon at Yerkus’s, J. Jones their in Evening, Not so Cold as yesterday home Evening Spent Not to Day–

February 8th 1806 Wind S E & over Cast & raind prety Smart before noon, off with John Thomas, to David Latch’s he Promised him to have 500 D. on Intrest, from their to Pughs Tavern, he treated to a dish of Coffee (that is Thomas) back up the turnpike & by David Roberts home Rather Broke off in afternoon & begun to Bloe in Evening & Blue a herrican almost all night; very Stormey Sheep out

9th Wind N W high & Cold, up Soon & off to Look my Sheep found & all 3 of the Lambs alive & noe no new young ones froze hard & Cold Day old Elinor Hover widow of Conrad, Buried at our yard, at the Burial & Let her or help to Let her in Grave, then off to Jont Jones to Dine he Sent a note requesting me So do, after he down with me Jarvis & him walk with to Alley Roberts Gate I their & they off to Black horse & I back about, 9 OClock Drank tea with Alley–

February 10th Wind S W & prety Raw tho thawd agood deal in Mid day halling wood till noon out of the new Orchard, that Felix & I Cut afternoon Jarvis & I Down to James Jones, & took up a bond that I paid off all but 56 shilling in the year 1798 & never Calld for, of 40L I paid it to Joseph Lees with his order back by David Latch & witness a bond of John Thomas to him for 500 Dol a Judgment annext to it, Calld at his Mothers & Sup their then home about 10 O’Clock & wrote 2 or 3 days memorandums up & So to bed I will goo I Expected 29s- of Jones being the Ballance I had against Blockley School for Shingleing flooring &c but he would not pay he Allowd me the 56 Shillings I owd him Intrest on the Bond–

February 11th 1806 Wind W by S & avery fine day Set off for Norris town Calld on George Grow & then by Righters Got him to illegible an award between Christain Shubert Extr. & his Brotherin laws, he had Settled his Fathers Est. & found a ballance in his hands due the Heirs of 1400 Dollars & we found 3000 Dollars in his hands to acct. to the Heirs, arivd about 12 OC- a great Court, oyrer oyer & terminer, one Man to be tryd for killing young weaver, he was taken up on Suspition, but I beleive their is no Possitive proof, provd on affermation that George Grow had Advertised the Settlement or fild his acct. as adm. to his Fathers Est 30 days, Dinner & Club 6s3 & horse 12½ Cents G. Grow paid all for me paid my ferriage 11¼d & Lent me 11¼– Got or stayd at Harrys till 10 OC– home after 11 O’C- Spent 1 Glass Gin 11¼ the one above I borrowd, not a penny in my pocket, Never did I Goo to Court So before I felt the disagreeableness of Such a Situation, It is a great Cross to be poor to a man of reflection but If he has no reflection of bad Conduct but Error in Judgement he ought to bare it

February 12th 1806 Wind S.E & over Cast & Raw Cold air, at home all day Except at Morris s & Yerkus’s alittle while, Jarvis treated with Glass, I at work at a rule Joint for atable, begun to rain alittle while before night, I feel Some what unpleasant today for alittle Dissipation yesterday tho I did not Goo to Excess in any respect–

13th Wind W. & blue up prety Cool tho not froze any, in house over halling My old papers & posting up D Roberts acct. at Morris alittle while Sibley planting Post & Rail fence no frost, John Makeing breakfast Table for any person that will Buy, Negro woman begun Service this Morning

14th Wind S.W. & white frost but soon over Cast & Raw froze nearly bare omission in Morn but Got Sloppy; with one Cricket at the widows he thinks his Bargain too hard for first year So Shee agreed to pay for Lime, afternoon at Felix & alittle while at Rees Price, in Evening in margin: “hail Shower of rain in Evening”

February 15th 1806 Wind S.W. & very fine day about house till noon, Blue birds very Lively at home till dinner, afternoon Jacob Morris & I off to Abnor Evans Vendue of his Tavern So Warm Morris Rode without his Great Coat & Seen a Carter on turn pike driveing in his Shirt Sleaves home by Jont Walters Stopt to See him, home before dark, black Clouds at West after dark blue hard alittle hail & Smart Shower of Rain from W, not Lasted above 15 or 20 Minutes– Spent not a penney for the same reasons that the fox would not Eat the Grapes, Because he Could not Get them So it was with me because I had not it

16th Wind W. & prety Cool tho avery fine day, at Meeting Old Parish preachd home to Dinner after Jarvis Walk to Alley Roberts had a bad Acct of Ben Smith Esqr. that he Got Stupid with Drinking wanted Alley to Go with me their to Get 100L that I was Bound to his Brother John for Jos Walter, for here hear Smith has Got it

February 17th 1806 Wind N E & very Raw & unpleasant froze prety hard, Alley Roberts here about 9 OC- & we Set off to Esqr B. Smiths he acknowledg he had the Money & Said he would pay it, Roberts is gooing to Let Jacob Vaughen have it we went to Biddles mug of bear 12½ Cents then to Vaughen, he had Just Set off to Roberts he & I Came on to the pike I Cross to McClenechan Roberts homee, Rees Price Meet me their we all went to see Old Helembolt If he would Move off he says he Cannot Get a place therefore he Cannot Goo, begun to Snow Coverd the Ground alittle in margin: “this Money I was bound to Roberts for Jos. Walter”

18th Wind S by E & Got foggy & much warmer warmer than yesterday, Cleard off in afternoon, & was Remarkable fine Seen a great No of Robins yesterday at Rees s this morn, afternoon killd my wether bellwether, leader of the flock that I been a feeding this 6 Weeks I beleive he was very good 5½ lb Gut fat, meet Esqr. Brooke at Yerkes’s he wants his Powder Mill road opened agreed to give him 60 Dr

Feby. 18th 1806

Jarvis & I Cut a pine Log off in the Lain Alley Roberts paid me 8 Dollars for Isaac Davis’s Coffin & I paid 10s- Intrest on 8L note of Mine Jacob Sibley pd me by the hands of Tommy 8 D 50 Cents for Betty Conrads Coffin I gave my wife 3½ Dollars of it,–

19th Wind S.W. up Soon over cast & very dark before day, about day Got Star Light Mary Set off to Market with my whether he only weighed 14 lb Round or a litter little more, fine Soft morn & an uncommon day over to Benjn. Smith meet Alley Roberts Esqr Smith paid Roberts 100L that Jos Walter Borrowd & I was bound I had a Judgment Bond to Same? me from it Roberts Cansiled his Bond, & I Gave up mine to Smith, I home by noon Roberts along, but did not Stop afternoon at J Morris’s & in woods to see Felix he Spliting broad rails Frogs Crying very fine at noon & Evening

20th. Wind S W & avery warm day, Sat all Evening in the Room without any fire, the School Master Says they had no fire in the Stove

Feb 20th 1806

at Rees Price’s Marking trees for his Garden, home to Dinner, after hunting for an article Between Edw. Price & Nehemiah Evans; Could not finde it, went to the Woods to See Felex Felix then to Mothers, & their found the papers above very black to West & Came 3 or 4 very Smart Showers till it Run along the road Strong Like April Showers Spent 1 Qt whis Cash today

21st- Wind W. & Rather Cooler but a fine day Getting Ready to go to Town but here Comes a man Lutzingburg to Get a Coffin for David Zells wife So Stop at and Got work at it & finished about 8 OClock at night

22nd Wind S W. & froze alittle off about 8 OC with the Coffin above the buck put her in & back to our yd. Merion interd her & home to Dinner, Spent 12½ Cents after road to See Jont. Walter He very unwell, then meet the overseers of poor & 3 or 4 Assistants agreed to Send Joe Wills & a young woman that Got a Child to Betteringhouse So home to tea Spent 12½ Cents

23 Wind S W and avery fine day at Meeting Evening at Stadlemans about the School, Jontt Jones along

February 24th 1806 Wind S W & a remarkable day at Rees Prices Marking out omission or of Logs for Post Rails &c then off to town Charles Price along, went to Look for Thomas Levis twice mist Seeing him, Bout 4 pair Tablebutts & Screws 3s4 one mill file for Rees Price 25 Cents one for Self 37½, 2000 Sprigs 77½ Cents, nails 50 Cents Dinner & oats 56 Cents Gin 12½ Cents paid for Charles J Price 56 C- horsler 3 Cents Charles pd pike for & ferry 5 Cents mug Cider at Stadlemans I paid 12½ So home, Seen a batt flying Cross the road as I Came home & frogs Crying very fine & Carters with out Coats on Viz Custerd from Gulf oncommon uncommon fine day been Shad in Market Several days agoo they Say for Certain

25th. Wind N.W. & Cooler, John & I at Rees for boards Got, 10 f. pitch pine & payd for 50 feet 7s6, at the house got pay for a file I bout for Isaac Price, home & Geard up Ponney & Weisel, & halld home 30 Posts Rees up & I home with him & Eat Dinner their then home, all the afternoon Rittenhouse & Jarvis about to Make up a School again for 6 Months, 1 qt Yankey Rum from Ward 20 Cents-

February 26th 1806 Wind N W & froze prety hard this morn, hewing Post till noon then Richard Ecrod & Jarvis here Repairin the Electerriseing Machean; Felix making makeing repeated Posts, all day Morris Plowing in margin: “Rittenhouse begun School for 6 month”

27th Wind S W whitefrost helping to hew posts &c till noon then Jarvis and I down to the falls & Got 18 Suckers for 37½ Cents treated Thomson to ½ pint whiskey 6 Cents at Evans’s 12½ Cents So home, he gave me 23 for 1½ doz they have had Suckers this 3 weeks as we Went Morris’s boy & Bowmans man aplowing Peter Otts Weeping Willow out in Leaves as big as a five penneybit, & Some buds of our peach tree nearly blown Jarvis & I had alittle Spar he would not Carry the fish

28 Wind N. & over Cast windy & Cold to what it was yesterday, Snow Shower about noon hewing Posts till noon then Set off to G. Grows helping to State or Settle between them, Doct Hidrecks willow trees look Quite Green blue hard as I Came home & freezing very hard & remarkable Clear about 10 OC-

March the 1st 1806 Wind N.W. & very Cold froze hard & a Snow Shower has been till it has Coverd the Ground, or at Least made it Look quite white a great Change in the Air Carried up 2 tubs of hog wash from Yerkus, he has no hog therefore they save it for us, ¼ of wheat flower of Levering 112½ Cents Geard up Weasel & poney & halld 11 Post to the feild No 4 & a load of wood back then took 10 posts & Load of wood back very Cold & very windy we Quit & Got Dinner then off to Rees Prices McClenechan their burnt the Article between him & Edward Levis, I back to Society Judge Peters their, & 5 of us besides, Spent 23 Cents So home to tea, McClenechan & Jarvis here Sup &c blot Felix Made half a day Cold Evening

2nd Wind N & very Cold morn & day over Cast & Spit a little Snow, at Morris’s Meeting while with Titus afternoon at John Righters & Jont Jones, with Yerkus he want Some of us to view a road between Hagy & Krickbaum, Drank tea at Jones & home about 9 OC- very Depresst in Sperrits So much So that J Jones Observd it– wind blue high & freezing very hard

March the 3rd 1806 Wind N. Calm but very kean air my hand Stuck to the pump handle a token of Sharp morn, Disbury here the 2nd time Since I Settled between him & the Widow he has been in the dumpts David Roberts Sent for Weasel & I sent him my acct against him Jarvis here soon & Got a swig of wisk– 1 qt whis 19 Cents a Large yellow dog here & bit 2 or 3 of Shotes, all the appearance of Madness, Giger Shot him in the Hind parts he Run to Mothers Chased the Gees but bit nothing, Disbury fired at him wounded him in breast then he Got the bill hook & Came up with him & killd him, I nothing but Stones as he Came up to me but I mist him Afternoon Alley Roberts Yerkes & Self up to Hagys to view a Complaint of Krickbaum of his Hagys Stoping a by road by his Cart house, we where of openion there was no Cause of Complaint, Drank alittle Sperrits with him So Yerkes & I off by Jont Jones to McDormont Vandue, it nearly over before we Got their, back & Stopt to See Jont Walter he very feeble Spent 6 cents

March 4th 1804 1806 Wind Near E. & begun to Snow about 6 OC in morn Coverd the Ground Down to Rees Prices Carryed 500 feet Boards in his Barn then back Edw George here Geting a bill for a yard for their house he Dined here it Got warmer in afternoon & Melted Most all the Snow about 8 OC at Night blue from W & nearly Cleard off Spent 1s4½ Made a bill for Castner Shop–

5th Wind N & over Cast & been a snow shower in night Cold & unpleasant, Sun Shind out prety about 8 OC then over Cast & very Cold wind from N. alittle fine Snow afternight about 9 O’C- Seem to brake & the Moon at intervals Bout 1 Barrel flower 1 barrel 3 qr. for 6 Dolrs 50 Cents not been So low this Several years I think Spent 6 Cents at Yerkus’s, about home hanging Breakfast Table Leaves, a good Check to the trees, & vegatation Indian Corn 6s- yet

6th Wind N W & fine Clear Morn then Little Scud of Snow Shower & Sharp white frost, up soon fed & Carried hog wash from Yerkus’s Jarvis not here yesterday not Mist a day this 3 or 4 months & perhaps not this 6 months I dare say, afternoon at Old Lippens Vendue, at Jont Walters he very feeble Drank tea their, then home Jarvis along halld 2 Loads of wood to day

March the 6th 1806

it was afine afternoon Cloudy in Evening & Colder Tamzin Roberts daughter of John Roberts Married to Eli Yarnal, a Public freind of Chester county, they where Married at Market Street Meeting & held their dinner &c at R. Tunis, She must be 48 or 9 years old, they used to Lay her out for Me but fait decreed other ways

7th Wind S W. & a little round Snow in night Set off to Rees Prices to Borrow a horse begun to Snow by 7 OC- & Snow very fast till noon, John Supplee wife & B. Tunis wife in the Sleigh to Meeting a young man from Carolina their & preached very Great, Referd us to the Moniter in our own Concious, and Seek & you Shall find, say man is a free agent & must depend on our own applycation to obtain our Salvation, or to that affect- afternoon at Adam Grows with John Elliot, Makeing afinal Settlement between them of the Personal Estate– Stay till near 9 OC- Spent 12½ Cents Wind blue up about 9 Oc- at night very hard–

March the 8th. 1806 Wind N.W & has froze very hard & avery Cold Day, Set off for town Got in before 10 OC- Bout. 3 lb white Lead 3s9 one qt oyl. Boyld 2s5 Testament for Ann 37½ Cents Wafers 6 Cents Ink Powder 12½ C- Glass for Rebecca George 12 for 8s- 7 by 11½ Glass Gin 6 Cents Dinner & horse 75 Cent horsler 6 Cents, ferriage & pike 7 Cents- Edw George along, Looking Shingles Stop at E G- Got Supper, McClenechan at hunts yd this Side of ferry Rode up to Me I says how are you, he answers how are you Goddam you & further Say I Just herd your Name Mentioned; he much intoxecated, John Evans along & off they road I am much Surprised & Cant Acct for his Conduct, for I am Conscious of never acting any thing but the upright part against or with him; about the purchase of his Mill by Levis, I Acted the very Canded part & Never Incourage them to throw it up the Mill, but that blot it was a valuable Stand & Edw Could make the first payment their was no danger but what he Could work through it, For the Thruth truth I appeal to Rees Price & Family– Got 10 Dollars of Richard Jones on acct of Freinds in margin: “Paid Hugh McIlvain 8 Dolrs. on acct of boards had Last fall”

March the 9th 1806 Wind N.W. & Cold Morn plenty of Snow to be Seen on the N Sides yet today at noon very Little thaw to day, at Meeting Silent, my Sperrits much opresst the Lord knows what is best for me– If I was attentive to the Many Checks & visitations it would be Better for me; Jacob Castner here all the afternoon allmost, at Y Evening at Yerkes alittle while Spent 6 Cents, back to tea Jarvis & Rittenhouse at home to tea been over Schuylkill all night at Rittenhouse Mothers, Hannah Price Sarah & Isaac here alittle while– I feill feel alowness of Sperrits.

10th Wind N W & very Cold air, after breakfast at Rees Price’s Cuting out Doors & Shetter for his Spring house, boys at work I at the house, Jacob Morris along I home to Dinner, John Tolbert here I at able Thomas’s, for Indian Meal & oats for hogs Tom took in morn Got 1 B. of Rye of Able to Grind with the oats, Drank tea their So home 11th Wind N & Raw Cold day at Rees Prices awhile Jont Jones their, I back with him at Morris s to view the place Dickenson wants Sell it afternoon at Edw Georges & Settled with him for the house built for Freinds paid me 38 Dolrs which made 780 D & Insist on me Giving the 20 Dolrs.

12th wind N & Cold at Rees prices & helping Felix page torn off at bottom

March 13th 1806 Wind N Cold & Snow Showers at Rees at work pluging or Corking caulking his pump, afternoon at Jacob Zells with Cricket the man thats Gooing to Move their Spent 25 C- Drank tea with Jont Jones, So home about 9 OC-

14th Wind N. at omission & Snow Shower Call at Rees Prices awhile then home & whet 2 saws & with Jacob Zell to Settle with his Landlady Cold, & Snow after dusk till Coverd the ground my big Sibley Ewe Got 2 Lambs & her yearling Lamb, that was Lambed the 28 February of 1805 Got a fine Lam only 1 year 2 weeks old Such is the Effects of our hot Climet brings annimals to Maturity very soon, So of the human Girl or Woman at 14 think they are fit for marrying at Yerkus with Zell

15 Wind N. & over Cast, at Rees’s in Morn then down with Zell to Camphers Tavern he is about Rentin it, Campher did not Meet him So we back to Dinner then at town Meeting Run Yerkus out & put John Roberts in for Supervisor, Savage Constable Hagy Jont Jones, Jos Robeson & Self Settlers Spent 25 Cents so home–

16th Wind N.W. & froze prety hard Seen Iceticles, 12 or 15 Inches Long hanging to Rocks at Jacob Jones Run, Jacob Morris Jarvis & I walk Meeting while down to Righters ferry & up Schuylkill o round his Lower place & home to Dinner afternoon to See Jont. Walter; & paid Fenance 24 D 70 Cents in margin: several words illegible then “Snow this 16 on n. Sides it has Effectually Stopt vegatation”

March 17th 1806 Wind N. & Cold Day at Rees Prices after breast breakfast home to Dinner, back till & work till near Night, then at Mothers puting alock on a Smoak house door, Cold & over Cast after night, Drank tea their, Mary been at Jont. Walters, She home wiht with me; Cricket here & took Cloverseed to Zells place to Sow.

18th Wind N. & froze prety much up very Soon John Lippens wife brought to bead bed about 2 OC- this Morn of a fine Boy– I at Rees Prices after breakfast, Dined their about ¼ days work & yesterday about ½ day, Cleard off & Sun Shind out very pleasant at Rees barn afternoon, at David Zells Vendue Bought for a plain for 35 Cents & Spent 31 Cents, back & Cauld called at Jont Jones & Drank tea their — home about 10 O‘Clock

19th Wind E. & Snowing when I got up & keep at all Day very fast & Getherd above 2 Inches & very Cold & Disagreeable at work at Rees Price, before Breakfast & work till near night ¾ of day Strong, home before Night Tyd & fed the Cows &c &c hail in Evening–

20th Wind E & hailing this morn it was at it all night I think had not Gether’d much perhaps 2 I. it wasted as it Lay for it thawd off the house in Evening but was froze Some this Morn boy grinding plain bitts so took breakfast before they went, I off about 11 OClock to Colberts Vendue Jarvis along took Dinner their & acted as Clark for their Sale home about Dark Spent 25 Cents

21st Wind S.W. & fine Morn at Rees for Some tools, back to Breakfast Gave Will 25 Cents to Chop wood till noon in orchard, I off & Sowd ½ B. Cloverseed Felix & Disbury help me to Sow Left 2 Rows appletrees next to feild unsown for want of seed. Sent for qt. Whiskey & treated them blot Felix halld wood afternoon I off to Jont Jones, their Interduc’d to Judy Wilson Lately line missing; page torn

March the 22nd 1806 Wind N W & Cold froze prety hard up soon fed Gigher & I off to Jacob Morris to Make a big gate I down to his place to fix his post back to Dinner & finished, his Gate home about 4 OClock, & off to Sibleys meet Jont Jones to Prais Betty Conrads property finished, about Sunset, Drank tea with John Bare So home–

23rd Wind E in Morn Got W before Noon & Cleard pleasant off to Jont. Walters before dinner dined their he very Poorly or Ill Stayd till after night, he wants to make a Will but Seems to be Alarmd at it or Cant make up his mind, as I Came home frogs Crying over Cast, Jont Jones Calld on his way to town

24th Wind N E & very Cold & snowing very fast till near noon, then Sun Shind alittle, tho it Got over Cast afternoon, the Snow was as dry & Light as the Coldest time in winter, at Rees Price at work till noon making a little Gate Dined their went after Breakfast, David Roberts Came to the barn I home with him he Paid me 50 Dollars & I agreed to Give him a Rect in full So we Chaing’d Rects, It was along Standing acct & we Lumpt it– I have Sawd a good Deal for him & he had halld & Done a good Deal for him me, Sent for a pint Brandy 25 Cents, Jont Jones here I at Yerkus with him, Stay awhile Spent not Ecrod & him a great Dish of Politicks So Back after Evening

March 25th 1806 Wind N W & very Cold froze prety hard, Several Snow Showers from W. very Cold air all day, at Rees Price made a half adays work, he signd a Codicil to his Will Gyger & I Witnessed it I work till about 4 OC- then to Jacob Sibleys a vendue on old Betty Conrads Property, Bout not any thing home by Mothers, had a Little Spar with Sister Rebecca– that I was very sorry for afterwards–

26th Wind E & over Cast & had Snowd near 2 I deep a remarkable Cold winter Like time, it had Left off Snowing before I got up, Jacob Morris hear here very soon Gyger off to work before Breakfast, Tom & I Stayd to Get Breakfast at Rees Prices Put up all the 4 Rail fence about the yd. Chesnut Rails Sawd about year & white oak Post a few days off Mill fine Mealow mellow Stick made near or about 30 Posts it took 16 Look very fine in Evening, but Blue up very Cold before 10 OC- & begun to be Cold, the Snow most all went off before night

27th Wind N W, prety high & very Cold Tom Price plowing this Morn his fathers garden at the new house, froze on the top 2 Inches Shuvd before the plow, we begun to put post & Rails Round the Garden, 28 pannel, finishd before night & Naild up pales on one pannel so home to Supper Remarkable Cold & Disagreeable Could hardly Stand it the boys Complaind much, Disbury their 3 or 4 times he prepairing to Move near the 26 Mile on turn pike

March the 28th 1806 wind S. by W. & white frost, & Cloud to west Raw air over Cast till afternoon, then it Seemd to Moderate & Cleard off, in morn back to breakfast Ground my broad ax, & then went to see Disbury Start, went with them to turnpike, so back to Rees & hewd two Large Gate posts to Stand by the road, Bouth topts tops of Trees with a fork in the Ground, Viz top in the Ground, the one with Gate hang to is hard with Some faulty places in, the other a Mellow brach beech tree, both Sap Rotten, the brach one Last Longest I think, John Pail’d 3 sides of the Garden– Evening home & fed Bought Rees Price’s family wagon for 60 Dollars–

29th Wind N in morn then N W. & avery fine day, At Rees awhile fixing gateposts then Back & Meet the Settlers Viz J. Jones Jos Robeson, Wm Hagy & we settled overseers of the road & poor acct Dined their on acct of town 7 Dollars & few Cents Society day did not attend to roll call therefore find fined 1s-

30th Wind S W & avery fine morn being first day at Meeting afternoon Jont Jones here Isaac Rittenhouse Jarvis J. Morris & self, walk down to Righters ferry & Peter Robesons, try for a shad, took 2 halls kitch none, they had Caut 4 Last night so back Jones Drank tea here & I walk as far as his Gate with him, so back & to bed–

March 31st 1806 Wind N W. & a very fine day at Rees very soon hanging Gates breakfast & Dinner their fixt up big gate posts then up with our Jacob Zell to See Little Jockey Jacob Zell, to See If he would Let him have his daughter, that he has had this several years, he would not Let him have her, but promised to Send her home, So we back about sunset,–

April Wind the 1st N W & had blue up prety Cool, off after breakfast to Edwd. Georges, made him a Rafter Level, Dined their then with Jonathan Jones to Dubs’s farm (100 Acres used to be known by) to Look at Cow & Calf, their Jont Walters man overtook me In haste & Informd me that he was dead; I hurried up the pike to his Late dwelling & found Sister Jane in great Troble, he was as well to appearance at Dinner as he had been for some weeks only Seemd to be growing weaker, & before or about 2 OC- was a Corps dyed in his Chair, alterd all of a Sudden & dyed very Sudden, without a strugel, Stayd till 9 or 10 OC- their then home, & so to bed, J Morris men Caut 7 Shad

2nd Wind N & Cold froze Some, up Soon & down to R Price helpt to take down their Bedstids &c &c & move one Load to the new house the Old People, Leaving the old house for Isaac & Tommy & they Moveing to the New one home & begun Jonathans Coffin, then Came Alloway to Get one for Matthew Holgate, a young man perhaps 22 years been but a few days Ill work & Carryed them bouth along finished Jont. & took it home afternight & put him in back about 9 OC- Dined at Rees Price in the new house on a fine pig the first time Ever occupyd as a dwelling

April the 3rd 1806 Wind N. & Smart frost Ice, about noon near S & pleasant then to W. & Cooler, in Evening, up soon & work at Holgates Coffin finished it about 10 OC- off to Attend to Jont. Walters Coffin interd him about 12 OC- Arther Howel & a woman freind preachd over or at the grave alittle I home as soon as Possible & Got alittle dinner & Started about 1 OC for omission with holgates Cofffin, his father much Effected, Left their about 3 & Interd him about 5 OC in old yard Merrion, Spent 5½d So home this Holgate was avery fine young man Say orderly & good Mason

4th Wind N.W. & Rather Cool in morn, at Rees’s at work & breakfasted their then home, had a Sitting with 2 woman freinds thats visiting familys at Meeting & had Sound Docktran Deliverd by 2 woman & Old Parrish, home to Dinner, then Back to Rees hung the fall Table & Painted her doughtrough, home to Tea Henry Pugh Jur along & drank tea he wanting to See the poor book, I over to See Sister Jane She very Cleaver & Calm back Jos. very Bad, tho not dangerous to appearance as Last night–

5th Wind N E. & Raw, took a Cup of Milk & Set off to Edw Georges Tommy, Came about 10 OC- we made 1 door & 2 window frames drank tea their & So home about dark Got 3 ash trees of white bark kind, Giger down about noon to See what to doo, Conrad Krickbaums Mother was dead & wanted a Coffin, I Sent him back to begin it, for the Masons was wanting the frames and Could not goo on for want of them Pint Brandy to treat the doctor yesterday 25 Cents so Jos W. Price my youngest boy very Ill yet–

April 6th 1806 Wind N E. & over Cast & Raw, up soon and finished a Coffin for Conrad Krickbaums Mother Gyger begun yesterday, about 10 OClock & took it up Meeting while being first day, & back to Dinner, then at home Doct Hyderrick here Little Jos Rather Better, tho yet very Ill, Jarvis him & Master Rittenhouse back Drissled alittle in Evening–

7th Wind N E & very Raw begun to Rain alittle after Sun Rise, & Raind Several Smart Showers before noon Set off to Krickbaums to attend the funeral & a Minister one Posny?, preach’d at the house & took her in the Church I off home, Got very wet, Got Dinner & begun a Coffin for Thomas Campble old Bachelor dyed at Loyd Jones he was anephew to the Old Arche & Joe Watsons & Got a Little Land by them, he an Inafensive Creator, Except he was alittle intemperit. pd. Rudolph Sibley 10 Dollars yesterday that I Borrowd of him he would not take any Intrest for it, tho I would rather he had in some respects, because they think one are under too much obligation pd old Will 1 Do 50 Cents work– this is a fine Rain tho Cold things Seem to Look green Spent 1s4½ to day

April the 8th 1806 Wind N by W over Cast & a little drissel in morn high Boisterous wind, Look wilde & Cold, finished the Coffin & took down they appointed to Meet at 2 O’C- interd about 4 OC-, Spent 1s6 treated John Latch to Glass Brandy, for Leading the herse up then home Ecrod & Jarvis been for the doctor- for Little Jos. he not much better, Doct. Calld about 10 O’C- & apply a blister on his Side Cold

9th Wind N W & very Cold morn Ground froze hard & Ice plenty, off about 7 O’C to Edward Georges, Made a door frame & window frame for Spring house, finished about Sun Set off by David Latchs home so Cold no Mason at work Torrence at E.G. begun a pump for his barn well–

10th Wind N W & Cold Ground hard froze Michal Smith Come this Morn begun to work for a year at 100 Dollars & a pair ½ Boots Set him & Felix to mend the orchard fence I & Tom to E George’s Framing Rafters for Springhouse 4 or 5 different times it Snowd a Little before Sun Set Came on a Most violent Snow Shower one Could Scarsly See through it, very Cold as we Came home Borrowd 100 Dollars of David Latch to pay Paul Jones Jos. very Bad yet Doctor here to day again being the 7th time amost dreadfull night of wind & Cold blows a herricane Clear & remarkable Cold, peaches & pairs gone I fear– Got of Latch 11 half Eagles 55 Dollars 25 hard or Silver dollars & 20 Dollars Bank Notes–

April 11th 1806 Wind N W & very Cold hand Stuck to pump Ground froze So they Could not plow Ice hanging to pump at Rees Prices all day, I at work their in Barn, so Cold it was difficulty to Stand it, uncommon Cold perhaps never Such frost at this time a year

12th Wind N W & very Cold hard frost So Cold I would not goo to Rees to Work thought I Could not Stand hanging Doors & Gates &c work at Castners yard afternoon hung Rees Prices big Gate at the road, then meet on a reference between the Heirs of Betty Conrad, some Acct Brought against the Est by John Conrad–

13th Wind N W & hard frost but Moderated alittle at Meeting in Morning Saml Gibson & son here to Dinner, I with them to Mothers Charles Noble paid me 12L Rent for Edw Price’s Lot Bout of Nehemiah Evans Doct here, boy Rather Better two of Nathan Jones Boys at Meeting Viz Samuel & Norris old man dead & they have broke up & their Mother is Coming down

April 14th 1806 Wind W. & Cold Sharp air but Got pleasant in midday begun a Coffin for a Woman died at McKnights, Mosus Down to Georges I down with him or after him made a bench & pick out doorframes, then home & took the Coffin to widow McKnights back after dark, Spent 6 Cents to day

15th Wind E in Morn & Cold Smart Shower of hail before 9 OC- & Raind till noon Smart at times Set off & tended the funeral Small Gethering Buried in freinds yd afternoon at Edw. Georges, to See how they goo on, then By Paul Jones’s paid him 100 Dollars, & gave him a note payable in 20 days for Eleven dollars 85 Cents, drank tea their So home, Clear afternoon

16th Wind S W. & the warmest day this Spring at Rees’s put up pails between the house & garden hung Spring house door &c &c Tommy along home before night & help G. Grow to Regalate his Cessing book Bout a Shad of Lewis Hansel 25 Cents J. Jones & G Grow here to Tea, I walk down to Yerkes with Jones, not well Bones acke feverish Cloudy Like for Rain

April 17th 1804 1806 Wind N W & very high & Cool, been ashower in Night Some where I think it is So Cool, but been no rain here, off to Rees’s made 2 Stable doors & hung 4– & made place to tie up 2 Cows home to Dinner & paid Bill Smith 10 Dollars that Disbury Left for him, paid Amos Ellis 20 Dollars for Smith work; he movd off to Abner Evans old Tavern on old West Chester road, he Bout it at 89 Dolrs per Acre, the afternoon much Pleasanter–

18th Wind W fine Clear Morn but Cool, took a dose of salts Last Evening work me much this Morn my omission feeling bad Sent tom to E George and I followd about 10 OC- Mosus & Tom Gooing on So heavy & Lazey that I had no patience with them So got to work & Sweet sweat much, Eat a Cup of Broth was all I dined on, But felt much Better in Evening, Drank 2 Dishes Coffee, Several freinds at E G. on their way to yearly Meeting Drink no Spirrets, to day which I find to be injourous to any person in afever not my fever much abated to day, Colberts killd the Bell Cows Calf prety good, weighed about 20 lb Rownd

April 19th 1806 Merrion the Wind N W. & prety Cool up about 3 OClock & Rousd up Gyger, & Sent him to Market with the fatted Calf &c I Stayd Breakfast then off to E Georges, Makeing Troughs to carry Water from their his New pump to the Mortar &c Moses & Tom finishd Shingleing, So got Supper and home about dark very Remarkable windy the dust blue along the Turn pike Like a tremendous Snow shower for thickness, till about noon though not a Cloud to be seen, at the time afternoon quite pleasant warmest Evening this Spring I think;

20 Wind S.E fine morn off Soon to See the new post & Rail fence that Felix put up in the Lower End of No 4 & formd a new feild, & at Mothers She Stout for 75 years old, Mended their pump or Repaird the Lower Boor bore Breakfasted their So home; Drest & went to Meeting Had a very great Sermon delivered by one John Hunt from Jersey, a woman a small oration, & old freind Parrash ended the Meeting with a Cleaver Exortation, home Mosus dined with us been here at E Georges for Me at 5s7½ per day, afternoon at Jane Walters, been their but ones once Since Jonathans Death or Rather the Burial back in the Evening, Spent not– over Cast & begun to rain before bed time, from East

Lower Merion April 21st 1806 Wind E & N E all day, been afine Light rain all night & Smart in Morn, Rees Price up & I down with him Put alock on Spring house Loft, & stays to window Shetters alterd Cosen Hannahs Shelf in Celler the Mise perplex her or her vituals, I off took horse to E Georges, the Mason Yost was to begin to day, but the hands have Disapointed him, their is a dull Prospect of them home in Evening Cleard off or not Rain

22 Wind S E & over Cast & alittle rain off to Widow Goodmans, at Kuglars 1½ Glass 6 cents at Crickets & Stophel Linch’s at Hoffman Spoke a new plowshare So home

23rd Wind S W & a very warm fine day, down to Edw Georges, made 2 Jointing benches & naild up 2 Ledge doors, walk down & home in Evening Great Scirkle circle round the moon Come up black Clouds about ½ day I may Charge for to day

24 Wind N W & Cool So that I Rode with a great Coat to E.G at noon 4 Masons begun to day hanging Jacob Morris’s big Gate at his place by Jacob Jones Heard of B.H. Smith death this Evening Sowed ½ B. flaxseed orchard old potatoe ground

Merion Aprail April the 25th 1806– Wind N W and a large whitefrost; afternoon wind South & Cloudy; Eate Breakfast & off to Edw. George’s, 4 Masons dashing on hard Layd 9 Sills for doors I Cuting out window frames &c &c the boys made 3 windows & 2 doorframes, finished; drank a dish of tea & Started for home & Call at Algernon Roberts, So arivd at home about 9 O’C I Calld to See If Benjamin H Smith had made a will for I am Concernd Who will have the Settleing of Jos Walters affairs, Smith was Scencible man had a liberal Edication he was a Grand Son of old Justice Hays I think If I mistake not, had been in the house of Assembley, about 2 years agoo old Governor McKain made a Justice of the peace of him & he was Said to be very Cleaver but he took to Drinking this winter, but Suppose been at Some time Never heard nor Seen any thing of till perhaps 2 or 3 month agoo, peach Brandy was the Sperrits he Cheifly drank, he had fitts took it to Excess, gave him Convultion & took him off the hook & we then never see him more–

26th Wind N E or E & begun to rain about day when I got up had been a light Shower, Came on about Sun rise & keep at it prety heavy till noon Got very wet gooing to Benjn Smiths Burial Started at 11 OC & interd him about 12 OC- at Haverford, home with Jont Jones & dined their, then he & I down to Yerkus s & meet the Society, 5 only meet, I Broke a tumbler which I doo not Remember to have done a long time If ever in a tavern

April 27th 1806 Wind W. & avery fine day a light Shower in afternoon Set out after breakfast to See Esqr Young Meet him at Hagys dined their & Stayd till night, went to see Young about Seizing on Zell for Rent for the Widow, home in evening

28th Wind W. rather Cool off to Edw. Georges by Alley Roberts about his being adminr. to B Smiths Est. intended gone going (to See Little Zell with a letter from Young to him but Niglected it So home) about the Widows Rent

29th Wind W. off prety soon to Edw Georges, at work at barn about 12 OC- Rees Price Calld for me to Goo with him the Widow & Constable to Seize on Little Zells property for rent the 30 days be out to Morrow, then Come to Zell Rees says & I Borrow a horse of Edw George & went with him, to where he Lives, the Widow ordered the Constable Seise, Zell paid her 50 Dolrs. & agreed to Leave the rest between them to Men to submit it to arbitration I Spent 37½ Cents so back to Georges Eat Supper & walk home–

30th Wind N W & very Cool morn up Soon & Down at Georges alittle after Sun rise work all day home Evening Calld at Stadlemans Spent 6 Cents so home sore throat & mouth–

May the 1st 1806 Wind S W. & raind 2 or 3 little Showers soon in Morn after or about noon Cleard off put up two pannel for Castner Freinds house over the way, afternoon, at Rees Price’s put in Glass 5 pains, very Bad too Large Drank tea their so home

2nd Wind N W Clear & Cool off very soon & down to Georges Set 7 window frames the Masons Raisd Scaffels the front sd. & one End, I at it all day viz at Work home in Evening walk home Got so gaulded by walking Back & forward

3rd Wind N & very Cold frost at E Georges, Rode with my Sutute on & keep it on for half an hour after I got their my hands numb by Rideing their onCommon Cold wonderfull Spring not any thing for Cows or horses & no grass Can Raise no Money to buy Corn, at work at the sd of the frames on sd of barn floor till alittle before Sunset then off by Jacob Johnsons & Garrets for to Look for Shad Got none So home about dark Bout ½ B. Oats of George for my horse It got very warm in Mid day work with Coats off hottest this Spring–

4th W Still North & Cool up Soon took awalk to back feilds Childern along little Jos. along most the first he’s been out, he Can Scearsly walk yet nor Get up when down, without help, home & back to Meeting– at Jane Walters, Castner & Jarvis & Moses along Calld at David Roberts along so home & at Jacob Morris’s fine warm afternoon wind got to South

May the 5th 1806 Wind S. & very warm day tho Cool in Morn at work in my shirt all my Jackets off, felt like Summer for we have had no spring, whosoever whatsoever since February at Edw. George’s by Alley Roberts, to See him about Benjn. H Smith affair; framing the sd. of the Barnfloor Moses blot & Gone Gyger Sick, none Left but Tom & Self only 2 Masons at work– ½ B. oats of E G. to day

6th Wind S. & Remarkable Smokey & very warm at E Georges, at work all day Gyger Come Down to day & Begun work Got on brave to day most frame 2 sd to Day, Spent 6 Cents at Black horse, as Came home in Evening very fine warm day ½ B oats for my horse of E G

7th Wind S & Raind before Sun Rise 2 or 3 Little Scuds but no Rain of Conciquence at work at Georges & home in Evening their prety Soon, Sd. of barn floor finished framing & put on 8 Girders

8th Rain or Shower from W in Evening about sun Sett had a half B. oats Rainbow this Evening, Shepperds delight– the proverb in Morn his warning took horse & home Meet James Jones in Georges Lain Chatted With him a While this Monthly Meeting day at Radnor they have agreed to have they the weekly Meeting at Merion on 5 day instead of 6 day, which has been Established this & Stood this 100 years new Masters new Laws, I fear Quakerism Is fell or got Like other Religions into formal worshipers, & Lost Sight of the Meek humble Sperrit illegible Worship

May the 9th 1806 Wind very Chaingable to day vareying oftun up Soon about day, Set off afoot to Edward Georges, fine Moon Shine & Clear I thought Got their at Sun Riseing a fine Rainbow & formd abutifull Arch, & begun to be showery All day one heavy. the Rest Light, Carried Most of the Joysts on & Leveled Some of them, blue almost aherrican in the afternoon & Remarkable Cold, as I Came home Great Light towards Philadelphia–

10th Wind N W Cleard & to the feeling Cold enough for Ice; Begun a Coffin for one Miller at the Youngs & Homes Powder Mill on Mill Crick which was killd by it blowing up yesterday about 2 OC- Supposed to be 2 or 300 lb in the Morters blue the Roof off & damaged the Mill much this is the 3rd time blot Within Less than 2 yrs I think 5 Men killd I made Coffins for 3 & think it is 5 killd, the fire their was afire in town the Light I Seen Light that burnt 29 houses, the Greatest fire that Ever was their, Got Dinner then took the Coffin & took him to the Baptis on the Ridge Roxborough Baptist Church

May 11th 1806 Wind N W. & white frost– walk down to Mothers, at home the Rest of day, Samuel Evans here I was very Glad to See him; he has Movd to the back part of York State near the Hudson River St Lorrence, Says they had a Moderate Winter, I down to Yerkus’s & drank tea their with him, being first day

12th Wind S W. & fine day down to Edw. Georges, Moses & Tom along Leveled off the Joists & Begun the big Door frames, then back with Jont Jones John Whiteman Came on one of Jonathans horses after him to Inform him that Judge Jones was very Ill he prevaild on me to goo up with him to See him, took his horse that Whiteman Rode down & up we went, he had Got Rather Better it was an attack of the goute in the Stomack, back about 12 OC-

13th Wind N.E. at work at Rees Prices after breakfast, makeing troofs troughs, I made about ½ day R. Tunis & Wife their Spent some time with them, drank tea with them So home Soon

14 Wind E Good part of day, & Raind alittle Shower, thunder to West. Evening very Like Rain & wind Strong E. at Edw Georges Raised 2 Large windows in front & two big doorframes & 4 post Sides of barn floors, So home in Evening made about ¾ of a days work interlined: “very warm today about noon & very Cold before night”

15th Wind N.E. in morn Cleard off without Rain at Rees Prices, making Racks &c prety pleasant, about noon windy & Cold towards Evening about a days work to day at Rees

16th Wind N W & asmart white frost the Clover Stiff in the Meadow off after breakfast to Edw Georges put Some ties up & help the boys about window frames I suppose about half a day tho I Short Changed as I did

May the 16th 1806

afternoon at Edward Hasten to Look for Money for Old Cart tyre, I had forgot the wait of it therefore got no pay back to E G. took alittle drink with him off for home

17th Wind N W & prety Cool Morn & warm day, up Soon put a handle on the widows broad Ax, Got Bully Shod, Whent & layd out the Bottom rail between No2 & No.1 or the new Orchard then home about 12 O’C– Borrowd 9d of G W E P son George & Sent for pint Whiskey,in Order to Wash Sheep aman here by the Name of Twonsmin Townsend Thomas With a power of Atorney to Collect Hannay James Money I owd her 2 yrs Intrest on a 100L Bond paid him 16 Dollars Borrowd 10 of Jane Price, Mary Paid Doctor Davis 35s- for Vaxanateing my sons John & Joseph, one of them 2 yrs. agoo the other 1 yr She also pd. Hyderick 6 Dol for attending Little Joseph- all on the 14 viz 3 days back– Thomas & Michal washd our 9 Sheep, I have 9 old Sheep, & 10 Lambs 3 of the Lams I think is of the Broad tail bread breed from aRam that Bones Lent me Last fall I Sent him Last week he Ask 10 Dolrs

18 Wind W & a very fine day, Saml Evans here & Shavd here, he to Meeting & I up to Jones’s Lainhoof taken very Ill & Sent for me & Jones to Make his will Dined at J. Jones then up to Lanehoofs he so much Better did not Sign his Will then to Buck & to Elliots, Back to Jont Jones to Tea Judge & his wife their the Judge has had a severe fitt of the gout he Look much the worse off for it

May the 19th 1806 Wind W. & Raw in Morn but prety fine over Cast or Cloudy or So much So & as not to be hott, Got Equipt & Set off to Hickery town, & Meet the Troop 32 of us & Joind Henderson Paraded till about 2 OC- then the troop off to the Broad Ax Tavern & Dined & fed 75 Cents per, Back to Hickery town Spent Jill wine 6 Cents at Harrys ferriage &c 37 Cents at Thomas where we Musterd 35 Cents, Lent John Thomas 1 Dollar Gave Michal Smith 50 Cents, Joe Jones Paid me 50 Cents part of 2 Dollars I Lent him before I Left the turnpike paid the Trumpetter 18 Cents total Spent to day 2 Dollars So much for Parade, that I Should Layd aside for I am about 6 years over age– Borrowd 3 Dol- of Old Tom

20th Wind N W & warm in Mid day, Ground Broad Ax & Set off to E Georges, Moses & Gyger their I Joind hewing Stiff after rideing Made good half day–Edward Hestons Son paid me 4 Dollars he Got of me 12 Months agoo I think I have no acct. of it home in Evening

21st Wind N.W Cool Mid day warm, alittle Shower at E G So as the Masons Coverd up & went off none here but few drops nothing their to doo any Good, wonderfull dry time home before night Lost about 2 hours good ¾ of a day, home in Evening Spent 18 Cents Jarvis along

22 Wind N. & a remarkable Cold Morn windy off to E G verysoon Laying out the plates &c a good day at work to day home in Evening Rode in Joe Potts Cart treated him Jill 12½ Cents

May 23rd 1806 Wind North & remarkable Cold, off Soon to E. Georges work till about 3 OC- Strong ½ day Cloudy & begun to rain about noon Several Showers in afternoon home in Evening Smart rain after night Michal & Tom with Cart down to Garrets for Herring, Tom Got 25 Shad from Rhudolph Sibley this Morn 25s- they Back about 11 OClock no Herren hard rain very heavy towards day, Tom Planted Corn yesterday & day before in Meadow not finished yet Michal maken fence in woods made one yesterday between No.1 & No2

24th Wind N E Cloudy & wet Bean been a very Great rain all night old Solomon here been Dressing flax finished yesterday, perhaps their never was a More Backward spring hard on winter grain no Grass in Meadow, nor feilds they dusty If horse runs over them the dust will rais, I have a Clover feild has Grown prety well Considering, begun to turn the Cows in yesterday they been out this 3 week but almost hungerd to death I beleive the wind has not blue from the South 24 hours at atime Since February, Cold & dry, It is Generally the Case I observe when the South Wds. blow to the N. along time it all Come back Chilld with they the Canada Snows for along time, it is Like 2 Great Contending armeys always Contending one Charges in & Driveing back one day the other Charges in the next & driveing back, so Contending for victory as it where were but the North has Long been Victorious this time– walk to the Corn feild none Come up at Mothers a While afternoon at Morris Fishing Place, & over to falls Tavern to Look for Henry Whites Widow, Spent 2 Glass Gin 25 Cents ferry 12 Cents, they ketching a few Shad all day made about 100 through the night & day the Crick Raisd alittle but not much. in margin: “Smart rain in the afternoon” and several words illegible

May the 25th. 1806 Wind N E & drissley, being first day, Smart Showers till noon, then Cleard off one of the most delightfull afternoons that, or Equal to any man Ever beheld very warm all things Cheerfull Except very Strong Rye that is much Beaten down Jont Jones here off with at Stadlemans I spent 11 d at Jos Georges he not at home back & up with Jones Drank tea then home

26th Wind S W & fine warm day off Soon to E Georges put the plates &c together & begun to frame the Ridge pole, made a prety Constant days work quit perhaps ½ hour before Sunset Castner their & I walk home with him, Jacob Zell paid me 4 Dollars on acct of his Step Mothers Coffin–

27th Wind N E & Great Chainge in the Air Blue hard in Night Likely Rain Some where, off to E Georges Rode begun to frame Rafters two Boys, I potering Raisd the Endties over Barnfloor &c prety Constant only their Rather Late– bare days work

28 Wind W tho Seem to be Cloudy, but Cleard to a warm day off to E George’s hung on all day at Sundries, warm day paid 25 Cents for 3 Oz of pumkin seeds E.G. Bout them for me in town, drank tea So home after sundown

29th Wind S W, & avery warm day tho partly Cloudy, thunder Gust to West, tho none here off after breakfast to E G at work at Ridgepole made good ½ day, boys finished framing Rafters about noon I Gave them 4 Days to frame them, & they did them in 2½ So got ½ for themselves, 6 Cents for Bacco in margin: “Planted Corn in pompkin Patch Every other Row Corn & pompkins” and several words torn off

May the 30th 1806 Wind S.W. & a fine morn, has been a Chearfull time ever Since the rain 6, 7, & 1st Days warm sun shine Grass thickens in Meadows much most too Late for Cloverfeilds Been a remarkable backward Spring, think their has not been the Like Since the yr-1789 their is Some Notes to that amount in this Dyerry, that was the time I begun to make notes, Planted about ½ the Peice in old orchard with Pumpkins, had no more seed, Some from town & some 2 yrs old from Mothers had 150 hills this Sd townseed, off to Edw. Georges about 10 OC- work till about 6 OC- then Come on Rain, So as Masons to quit, we put 2 Braces in Ridg Pole & took Supper & walk home, sent Tom by Garrets to Loo on Bulleyrock to Look for Herren Raind Lightly

31st W- S. in Morn & been a fine Studdy Rain all night I beleive whenever I Waken’d it was at it So hard about day that I omission our Girl would not goo to Market; about 7 OC- Sun shind and appeard to Clear warm, Rees Price here I down with him & got Pumpkin seeds & drank Some Whiskey with him, his wife Looks Ill, Deprest about the things of this world, I home Shavd Drest & intend gooing to Elliots, blot now near 12 OC- Cloudy to West & Looks Like for a Gust Michal planting Corn over in far feild No.5 a new one I fenced off this Spring– John Thomas Came up & off we set for Elliots arivd their about 3 O’C- did our Business Respecting the fines of the Troop, drank Coffee with Elliot J. Hughes Holstein & John Thomas was all that was their, Several thunder gust bore to the north a lite Sprinkel here, Left their about dark & arivd home about 12 OC- a most Butifull Clear fine Night, Stopt at Widow Warners, I Spent in hole, at Elliots 62½ Cents at Torrences 6 Cents at Lowreys 6 Cents total 75 Cent So much for Trooping, boys fishing made a poor out perhaps a doz. very heavy due & little fog

June the 1st 1806– Wind N W. a most Lovley Clear Morning being first day, the Bees Swarmd I had to hive them & So did not go to Meeting, at home Except at Jacob Morris & Yerkus he been at New Castle Court, I Spent 6 Cents very Smart Shower in Evening, till it Run much. I a fine fresh in Schuylkill made Plenty of Catfish at the falls

2nd Wind W fine day Gyger & I off to Edw. Georges at work Tom down to Saml. Garrets & got 150 herren & Caught 4 Doz Catfish with hook & Line I home in Evening & had Cats for supper Spent 12½ Cents Felix Along fine day all things gay a good days work

3rd. Wind N W took horse & off to Edw Georges made about ¾ of a days work finished framing the Roof Viz ties &c &c– home Evening a fry of Catfish, pint whiskey 9d so blot

4 Wind N W & Remarkable Cold off before breakfast to E.G. Set 9 windows & trimb 2 hay holes, so home after dinner & meet John Taylor & Isaac Roberts Overseers of Poor & Layd a poor tax of 15 Cents in 100 Dollars County 20 Cents so they took three fourths of County Eat Supper their Overseers pd 11s3 So home John Taylor Say Large white frost Could Scrape it off the Rail, he lives over Mill Crick, Kenton at old Lamb place say it was their

June the 5th 1806 Wind W fine day, Gyger & Castner fishing for Catfish Caught 848 at the falls with hoop nets Spent 5½ this Morn at Yerkus, & bout quart whis 20 Cents at & about home all day, Soloman Parks here prevented me gooing to Look Coffin Money, Michal Got Rees Prices old horse & halld dung for Potatoes in the feild No.3– Castner keep 600 Catfish & gave us 213 for Johns Share I Cleand them & Salted them down Little rain & rainbow interlined: “Tom at Balorts Shingling”

6th Wind S W & very warm hotest this Spring Cleand 100 Catfish before breakfast, then off to E G. Made a Circull window frame for Gable End, made ¾ of days work home in Evening Rode down & up interlined: “Gyger & Tom at Balors Shingling his barn”

7th Wind S W foggy & warm day Little Shower in Evening walk Down to E.G before breakfast Leveled for the plates Cut Lintles &c &c– about ¾ of a day Strong Drank tea then walk home Jarvis along, at Yerkus’s Spent 5 Cents & drank tea their,– Gyger in town Tom finished the harrow

8th Wind S W & avery warm day not at Meeting at & about home all day Spent 12 Cents to day, at Yerkus with J. Jones in Evening

9th Wind S.W & warm day Set off to E. George working at two Circular window frames for Gable Ends for E Georges Barn, drove my Short Leg Sow to E G Bore boar Tom Rode the horse down I home in Evening with Jont Jones at Yerkus s Michal with Yerkus for Catfish ½ Day Strong

May June 10th 1806 Wind most East & very foggy, off very Soon to E.G. prepaird to Rais, begun about 9 OC- & finishd alittle before 5 OC- had a very good dinner Punch &c Yerkus & J. Lippins & B Tunis was all that I Ingage to Come, their was about 30 mason in all Judge Peters Hustons & No number not workers, I walk’d home in Evening & so had a very agreeable Raising Except too hot the working Part of them Stuct to it faithfully or we Should not got done till night,

11th Wind S.W foggy morn & hot day, off Soon to Edw George boys along I finished the Circular windows boys got the Barge boards out & begun to Lath, Edward & I in his Chare Down to McElvans to Get Shingles Agreed with them at 19 Dollars drest, Hunts Dressing Shingles with a Mechein turnd by horse George home by Upper ferry their treated me with 2 G. Punch & Catfish he pd all 8s9 So off & walk home from his Gate, Spent 5½ at Black horse, I work none or but but Little While afternoon say ½ day in margin: “½ barrel Rye flower today of E G–“

12th Wind old Course Rode down to E. G not so Soon but made ¾ day’s work Strong Lathing &c, all day Mason finished one Gable & nearly the other, Spent 5½ Gyger Sick all day home in Evening Stadleman got in a quantity of Clover hay, begun to Mow the blank Gyger home,

June 13th 1806 Wind S.E & sun rose & soon to bed Raind Smart Scuds before noon None after walk then to E.G. it Raind so fast Tom & I Came back by 11 OC finishd a Coffin for Frederick Bickens Child about 3 years & illegible old Interd at their Family yard Spent 5½

14th Wind S W & a fine day Down to Jo Edw Georges Gyger & Self & Lath the front Side all but Courses of Lath Tommy helping Michal to Plant Potatoes in feild No3 8 B.& Bout of Jane Walter, Receivd 20 Dollrs of Edw. George & Paid it to Moses James for work he has done their walk down in morn & up in Evening

15th Wind W & fine Cool morn at Felix’s & Mothers in Morn, then at Meeting James Simson their Gave us an Excelent Sermon, that tetch me to a good perpose found a Tortel with R. H I think & dated 1777 & I. H dated 1779, Look Stout & Strong viz 29 years old, Felix found the dollar I Lost in the dam in the winter in winter when I Broke through the Ice he went in Swim & Recolected it, & with a little Scearch found it I drove a stake at time, I thought he might as well hunted for a needel in the hay Stack as the old saying is– at home all the afternoon Except drank tea with Neighbour Castner–

June 16th 1806 ind N W. & alittle Cloudy in the Morn, off to Edw. Georges, finished Lathing & put ut up the Barge boards, John Begun to Shingle, Come on the Eclips about 10 O’C– very large I should think about 4 fifths of the Sun Coverd, it had a Malincolley appearance the Shaddows was so faint & Mornfull, it was very dark for perhaps 10 Minutes I Could Scearsly Edge a Scribe (tho on the highest Scaffel on E G Barn) of a barge board, the Birds Sung much as If thay or as thay doo before a rain or in the Evening or Morn but the hens or fouls took no Notice of it– a full days work to day their was a star Seen in Phila- & at our people Viz Wife &c which Shun very Clearly or from the Darkness, appeard very distinctly, home– home in Evening Walk Down & up

17th Wind N.W & fine Morning up & Caut Bully Started Call at Widow Evans for John Evans, I off to E. Georges & John Came about 9 OC- all of us Joind Shingleing run out of Shingles about noon Layd down the barnfloor Jessey fetch 2600 Shingles from ferry 19 Dollars pr 1000, home in Evening–

18th Wind W. & warm day, off to E. George hard at Shingleing, Felix & Jacob Sibley, Came to E.G- & begun to Mow they undertaken all his Grass illegible by Job, did not make much out this day home in Evening– honest day’s work I think interlined: “no hay day”

19th Wind S by E off to E G- Still Shingleing finished 2 thirds of front & nearly as much of Back been over Cast good much this day Come on in Evening Just at Sun set asmart Shower from W, Eat Supper & Set off for home Got Caut in another Shower from W very hard much Lightening illegible

20th Wind N W. fine Morn (out of Nails) So Stayd & breakfasted at home & Shaved myself, off to E. Georges & Layd all the Shingles before night So Layd the other Barn floor, Made a good ¾ days work & more on a point Just off for home very black to West blue very much &c & some rain not much, the Elemont to East & South much Elumenated with Lightening put in a Black horse in margin: “Spent 5½d”

June the 21st. 1806 Wind N.W. & fine Cool morn, & a most remarkable windy day, I do not recolect the Like at this Season, the Boys finished Shingleing, but they Could Scearsly keep the Shingles or Stand it them selves on acct of the Wind, I down to Georges Soon & make aplace to throw the hay down off the Mows, & Layd Boards over the mows, they begun to hall hay in the new barn about 4 O’C- hall 3 Loads before I Left, Jont. Jones Came down their I off with him about half after 6 O’C-up to Yerkes with him Spent 5½d, & 5½ in Morn at Stadleman, I have Spent this & Last week Gooing & Coming &c. 50 Cents, Lent Jarvis 6 Cents this Morn John Evens been 5 days helping to Shingle &c at Georges this week, tho he Came Late the first day he owed me 3 days we help’d him at Ballors, & now I ow him 2 days

22nd-Wind W, & pleasant morn up Soon & kill a lamb not very good, took the Sheep to back feild & then at Mothers my 3 boys along & Jarvis– not at Meeting first day at home all the afternoon Several people here

23rd Wind S.W & very fine warm hay day off very soon to Edw. Georges, made 3 places to throw hay down, he got a good deal of hay in new barn to day Made not a full days work awhile Looking at the Mowers Felix & Sibley undertook his mowing by Lump we broke off in Evening & Carryed most of tools home

24th Wind S W. & a very warm day ground up the tools & off to Rees Prices prety Soon, Jointin barn floor plank I Jointed 20 & ½ John hewd the Edges, hard honest days work all day at it, not Jointed so much this Several yrs.

25th Wind N.W & much Cooler been a Shower Last Evening off to Rees’s Jointed plank till noon John Laying down I home at noon to Rake hay begun to Rake & Cock Come on about 2 OC- a Smart Little Shower from West Stopt Cocking, it soon Cleard & it dry’d off then we Cock it up Tom & Michal halld in Yesterday all the Clover lot about the Spring house ½ day Strong at R Price’s to day

26th 1806 Wind N W & Great Chainge in the Air off prety Soon to Rees’s Jointed plank &c &c till noon Got all down but one then home to the hay Jarvis help me to Rake, Michal & Tom halld in all that was fit So ½ day Strong at Rees’s fine Cool day to what it was 2 or 3 back

27th Wind N.W. dry & prety warm day down to Rees before Breakfast, altered their big gate put Glass in &c, which I do not Charge for, he being very freindly & kind to me, we in the Greatest habbit of freind Ship I am under Great Obligations for the attention I have Recd from him & Cosen Hannah also If he Could Serve me I am convinst he would do it Chearfully, home about 9 or 10 OC- Spread out all the hay that Michal & Tom mowd yesterday & keep them mowing all day Jarvis & I Spread all out & Rack it & Cock it in the afternoon Jarvis work Strong James Wilson on Wilsons pl John Lewis’s place Reaping today Grain very Soon Ripe this Season–

28th Wind S W fine hay day good deal dry Gyger dun at Rees’s yesterday, him & I geard up Poney & begun to hall, halld 2 Loads then Michal finished Mowing & they halld Jarvis & I Spread out the hole we had & Racke’d it in Broad Windrows before dinner I not very well Eat Scearsly any dinner help to Rake all the Swamp part of Meadow then up drest & Meet the Society, J. Jones here Spent 6 Cents & walk home with Jonathan Jones took a dish of tea, & drank alittle Brandy & So home about 10 OC- Titus had 4 or 5 hands Reaping Rye to day, Some he put in for Antoney Levering on or by Young Otts; the Judge his wife & his Sons wife from Carrolina at Danties, freind Rutter & 2 Childern & Freind Nancarow Sister of Danties all their found a torkle marked with my name on in 93 So 13 yrs old

June 29th 1806– Wind S W, & over Cast & alittle Shower from the South about Sun Rise, my Sheep verry Breechee? all in my Rye this Morn up Soon & drove them in the back feild, I very fond of Sheep Loth to Sell for fear I will not Replace, I poor & money Slippery; 3 or 4 Loads Lay out, I most tempted to hall it tho it is first day, Michal Smith Erdge to hall we joind it & halld 3 Loads all we had Got done about 11 OClock, dined on aline loin of Veal afternoon at Bevans, & McCoys tavern Lippins & Jarvis along Lippins treated at Jacob Balorts paid him 2.70 Cents that Israel Davis Son Left here for Balort; being for hemp Borrowd his County tax Book to Give a Coppy to Sutlif, he wants to Compare it with their Inglish tax, David Roberts, had Reap 18 doz of most Charming wheat Yesterday 28th.–

30th Wind S W. been a fine Shower in the Night & over Cast & foggy, Jacob Morris a Number of hands Reaping, Sun broke out a little about noon, Gyger & I made a flatt Lid Coffin for Osman Henbys Child about 10 Months old, finished before 8 OC,- Gyger to Morris s to Reap, I off with the Coffin, Interd it at freinds yd- Merion before noon, after to See Mick plowing Corn, & at Morris Reapers Gethered Some few Sheaves. then Came up asmart Shower from Near N. about 5 OC- 4 or 5 before night Bias Miller Leader, & keep on through it all, very wild Set, no order Every one for the first out bad work Lippins & Miller had two hard rounds, dodging bite gougin Secriten scratching &c I interfeard & parted them twice & So Got it Ended the fray, thus the Rights of Man no head It got very wett home for my Coat Neighbour Morris Sent for me & I went Back for fear of another fray drank Coffee their, very hard rain above an hour we not had Such arain this 3 Months I dare say Great rain at Dark, yd. of Bacco 3 Cents to Day

July 1st 1806 the Wind E or S.E. & very foggy or Cloudy or Bouth off to J Morris’s Several of the reapers their this Morn off they went to Able Thomas’s I took Little Mint with them then home to breakfast Morris much grain down not tyd. Cleard off or the Sun Shun out before noon & was fine till near Sun down then Came ona very fine rain with much thunder & Onaccountable Sight of Light in the Skye almost a Continual Elumination on allmost Every derrection, it was very Grand & Great, heavy Rumbling thunder not so near in margin: “I at Jane Walters in afternoon”

July 2nd 1806 Wind N W, and avery fine Cool day all our town at Jacob Zells Reaping Micheall yesterday & to day Plowing No. 4 for Buckwheat, the Ground well Soake’d & plows Mellow; Except the Great Sward of Grass makes it Stuff stiff afternoon at Dady Whites to Inquir for his Daughter in law Henrys Widow She ows me for a Coffin at Kuglars Spent 5 Cents, at Mothers drank tea their & home, Borrowd 4 dollars of Little Barney,

3rd Wind N.W. & fine Cool morn Michal off to John Thomas to Reap & Tom & Gyger to David Roberts & I off to plow, in No.4 for Buckwheat plowd 3 Lands till noon after plowd all to about 10 feet in the Last Land then raind So I had to Quit wet to the Skin tho had a Coat on, Come from west, & got to north very Cool no thunder Evening at Kitty doretyes Doherty for Gallon whis 5s- two Jugs 2s4 Silk 5½d, segars 5½d. as Come back Smart Shower; Red to Sun set

4th Wind N.W. & fine Clear Cool morn, had Felix, Abraham, Black George Solomon, Michal, Gyger, Tom & Self, Old Virginia Will & Jarvis Shoking I Reap all day finished about 5 OC- home took a bite & Reap 2 throughs for Morris, one in old Orchard the other in the feild joining the Road, then back to Supper, they all very Clever had but 87 doz. in margin: “had 5 qts whis for my Reaping 6s3-“

5th Wind W. heavy due off Prety Soon to Jane Walters 5 Reap all day & I some times, wet Cut about 90 doz; I away with the Widow Jane Price to Jane See Zell he Reaping his Crop above 20 hands talk to him not to move it off the place, he very Stubbern, gave us no Satisfaction so back to Walters Reap all that was fitt, not very well this afternoon overheated yesterday, hips & bones So Disordered that Can Scearsly Walk I am getting old, must give it up viz Reaping, took a dose of Salts & to bed

6th Wind N.W fine Morn, salts begin to operate; took Remainder in Morn off to Alley Roberts, to Concult Whether atenant had a Right to take Straw off, back to Dinner Spent 6 Cents at Jos. Evans for Gin Not well, afternoon at Rees Prices to See If he would Let me put my Rye in his barn would not give me Leave, Remember that, at home all the Evening

July 7th. 1806 Wind S W & Like for rain about noon Sprinkeld alittle but Cleard off fine after at Rees Prices, Shockin had 16 Reapers & got done, I home to Dinner then their again & sup with them, I put John Evans before & they did avery good days work, they had about 150 doz of wheat very nice & perhaps 250 Rye–

8th Wind about W at Mothers Reaping had 12 hands in Morn fell off to 8 Reap I Reap the greatest part of the day Old Banderman Strophel Linch & Arch Prety Gay Could not hold way, but Linch did Stay & hung out the day in a Crippelin way; Remember Isaac Price did not Send any body but Arch, I dare Say I Reap for him this 25 yrs & never had apenney of them & promised to Send or Nearly Promised so far as I fully Expected them- one good turn deserves another

9th Wind S W & over Cast or Cloudy in part & warm about noon, afternoon Rather Clear, Micheal & I Geard up Poney & Wesil & halld all our Rye in Yerkus’s barn 88 or 89 doz it was very Poor Except where I Put a little dung, afternoon Tom George Jur. here, I at home all Evening Jarvis here been at Rittenhouse’ the Master Ill not fitt to Come over Spent 25 for Brandy 25 for Cider Royal

10th Wind S by W & over Cast Prety Little Shower in Morn between day & Sunrise run off the house, off to Mothers So dull that we did not begin to Reap till after 7 OC had 6 hands & I was Seven Reap 90 Doz 74 of wheat or about it not so Certain from a Roof rough Count, Left about ½ acre So harvest goo on tedious, hands Scearce & Disapoint Michal finished plowing the Remainder for Buck wheat & Run one furrow Round the Corn & begun the two Cleard off very fine in afternoon & Evening Looks for fine wether

11th Wind N in Morn & Cool off to Mothers Michal along with Poney, & Geard up 3 of their horses in wagon to hall Rye, 136 doz had a tedious or fetiguing time they have Spoilt their horses so that had to whit whip & fight them much to hall the Empty wagon, Got it in before night

July the 11th 1806

Abraham Tommy Solomon & Jess finished at Widow Walters Potatoerye 49 doz, & Came to Mothers alittle before Sun Rise & finished her Little wheat, so us 3 familys have don Reaping, Jacob Morris finish’d Reaping & halling in, he has been at it Every day Since the 30 of June 12 days for they halld in all first day which makes 12 days, Some times 3 or 4 hands hung too to the only way, for If he had waited to get hands I know not when he would been done, for they now Seem to be wore out, Mary been in town to Market, Jane Price Gave me a hat of Brother Johns, for my attention to her harvest, I suppose

12th Wind N W up at 3 OClock & wrote up yesterdays Journal & Set off about Sun rise to Mothers geard up 3 horses in Cart & halld about 90 doz. wheat in Barrack & barn & unloaded about 35 doz. Rye, I mowd or Stack it all Got done at or by noon Eat dinner their then home. Michal & Several of them pulling our flax, I have been 8 days Reaping Shockin & Hallin inn this will be the finishin day I think for me, Michal took the Wesil mare to Holgates horse gave her alip this Evening & one in the Morn I Shavd & Shirted at home all the afternoon Wm Hagy here on his way from town & Drank tea with us Spent 11d

13th Wind S.W. up Soon & at home till noon, then Jarvis & I at Bickens, to See George Jarret about Crickbaums & Hagy’s Quarrel about their Water, he at G. Grows followd him their Drank tea at Grows, So home after agreeing With to Meet, at Krickbaums next Morn Spent 11¼ for Gin

14 Wind S W & S up Soon & Yerkus & I off to Hagy Eat Breakfast their wanted him to Nominate arbitrators between him & Krickbaum he did, at Krickbaum Back to Hagys he signd & Back to KrickBaums he with much Reluctance Signd, tho very doughtfull their would be some delays or Advantage taken, we back I dined at Yerkus, after in Evening at E. Georges to Look or see If he was ready for us to Come to Work in margin: “Gent Men I have been above 30 yrs in Militia, Duty & my Domestic Concerns Urdge my Resignation I say duty because I am Co(ns)cious I Cannot Stand the fateegue of a Camp Equal to aman in the Prime of Life therefore I think it my duty to decline & I hope my Resignation will meet your approbation at the same time I hope” (unfinished)

July the 15th 1806 Wind S.W. Ground up plain bitts &c & Set the boys off for E.G. I down at R Price’s he sent for to request me to assist them to Move back to the Old Mansion, his wife Got So Low Sperrited She think She Shall die, If She Dose not goo back, She has been avery Stiring Maniaging woman & Retird Life dose not take with her help them & Dined their then home Sowd Better or about ½ Busl. buck wheat in the far feild No5. Little Island about the Corn, a little amongst the Corn without harrowing, Sowd 2 Bushels in feild No4, been plowd 1st, 2nd & 3 of July, Except the head Lands & 4 or 5 Rounds in one Land next to Morris’s Line was plowd the 10th So the most was Layd 2 weeks & the Last about 5 days, Boys at E George & I made ½ day at Cuting Doors a light Shower their in afternoon not any here to Speak for at the ferry for Boards &c &c. in margin: “It is a misstake I sowd Buck wheat the 17th”

16th Wind S W at E Georges & fine day Sow 2 B Buckt. then off to Rees Price’s moving down again to where he Come from afternoon Sow ½ B. BuckW about home only at Mothers alittle rain here very great Shower down at E.G & below we Little

17th Wind W & warm at E G at the ferry Got Stuff for spouts made about ½ day Rode in Chair with E G back by noon NB this day Should be in place of the 16th & it the 17 then we Should be Right viz my Journal; paid hestons $1.80 for 4 B plaster

18th Wind S W & fine Morn off Soon at E. G painting &c afternoon at Hansels helping him to Draw a lamb or Sheep on Iron to put up for WhetherCok, Come on amost Charming rain raind from about 5 OC- till 10 at night Run Strong in road but not So as to wash much, I got back between or when it Slackend to Georges, Borrowd a Coat So home Raind Smart all the way Charming for my Buckwheat

19th Wind N W very fine day off to E G. put up Part off of Spouts &c, Joseph Canaday paid me one dollar for alittle Coffin Tommy made for his Child, treated him Jill Gin at Stadlemans, he was gooing to Market & pd me near Stadlemans, work till near SunSet then off for home, Spent 5½d make 1s4½ to day This is my Birthday, tho it never accerd till the day after, 53 yrs. Still poor & not Reformd Long Lain that has no turn, I hope to Mend

July 20th 1806 Wind N.W. & fine day being first day after breakfast, at Alley Roberts, to See how B Smith had work Jos. Walters Est. Dined their, then off to Michal Eholts paid 25 dollars for a Cow I Bout of him about Last Chrismass was a year agoo paid Michal 4 dollars on Acct of work, 6 Cents for Bacco at Jos. Evans So home & about home all Evening

21st Wind W & fine Morn, Breakfasted & Set off to Chester their Court, Got a Letter of adminsn- with the will anent to Jos. Walters Est. Jos. Hoskins with me Esqr Hunter & Algernon Roberts Bondsmen for us paid 2..22 Cents for the Letter, Expences $1.80? Cents in Chester & Bittles, 25 Cent, home about 10 O’Clock over Cast & Raind prety Smart Just as I got Home Algernon Roberts home with me or he & I Came together did not get our Business done till after Court adjournd, much fateigd has been some araingment in the Courts for theirs Comes one week Sooner, this Calld Delever County formerly Chester, been Divided for 7 years quart whis 1s4½

22 Wind S near E in Morn & Raind without much intermission till noon, afternoon prety fine, Went over Schuylkill to See Isaac Rittenhouse he that keeps School he very Ill tite trial to Get over I think home about Dark Spent ferry 12½ Cents

23rd. Wind N W & fine day, off to E Georges work prety faithfull put up the Spouts to Conduct the water from the Eves home in Evening Spent 5½d–

24 Wind N W Cool morn but warm day, nailing up Shetters &c & fitting in &c all day Tommey George Set off to Cape May on a party, not quite so faithfull to day Scunting ? & Cuting out doors home in Evening in margin: “Sowd buck wheat in flax Stuble orchard”

25 Wind N W Cool Morn & warm day off Soon hung the Shetters in front, Cut out doors &c begun to put up Back doors, & So potter about Rather Shackeling to day work none after tea say ¾ plenty Mick hall apine Log to E.G. to be sawd, then at the ferry Got 200 f pine boards for Coffin bottoms &c, I home in Evening–

26th Wind S W. warm day at felix at Mothers, back Shubert here off with him above the buck, to arbitrate between widow Coulter & one George Gold, other men did not Come

July 26th 1806

So I off to Elliots & Morgans they Selling off their Stock of Store goods, Bout a pair Sheose shoes $1..25 hankercheif 40 Cents, a pair Strong Shoes Some time agoo $1.67 then off to John Thomas s Vendue at Bittles Store Bout 9 lb Chalk 20 Cents, Supper at Bittles 25 Cents ½ Glass 6 Cents So home paid Black Jess on Edw. Lobb Order $10 I do not Remember the Amount of his Order but I have it somewhere, now Misslayd, I hope it will Come in play

27th Wind W. rather warm & over Cast most of the fore noon up to See Antoney Tunis he very Ill, not survive 24 hours I Beleive, but must bid adue to all Transatory things below– & return to the dust; back to Dinner then geard up Bully & Wesel & took Lippens & Wife & my Do. & Michal to Drive over to See Rittenhouse he very Ill yet, Drank Coffee & Eat Catfish their, then off for home Came by falls Drank 2 Glasses of punch Lippens paid 3s9 I paid ferriage 2s6 So home about Dark, this being first day–

28th Wind S by W rain soon in Morn Sent the boys off to E G. after breakfast I off to E.G. B. Tunis been to See his Brot. Antoney, he not yet dead, but Ill Stop at Stadlemans, hard Shower run much Evening a tremendous Gust much wind & some thunder the Greatest rain this Long time ½ day at E. G– when I Came home heard of the departure of A Tunis, SentMichal Back Direct for the boys to Come home in the Morning Soon I at Mothers to Send by Rebecca for hinges to hang the coffinLid back to bed

29th Wind W & flying Clouds all day, the boys arivd Soon Slapt at the Coffin in Earnest, took a board of Enoch’s for the Lid about 14 feet finished about 2 OC- & Set off, waited a good while for Rebecca Sent Tom to meet her but mist, took a pair of hinges out of the desk & one off the Clock So hung it & off put him in & Started from their about 4 OC–interd him in the old yard in their family Row, he about 50 yrs old, I after funeral up to Jont Jones drank tea their & Chated till 9 OC at night he walk with me to Conrads, I & he very freindly

July 30th 1806 Wind N & N E & over Cast all day off to E. Georges Tom Rode the horse & took ¾ barrel Rye flower home then Come again, I hung 2 Shettters & put a Middle pair on big barn door, after dinner, at Latches put 2 thumb Latches on his Spring house, Drank alittle whiskey, then home, Say ½ day & Tom ½ day

31st Wind N in Morn & Little rain but soon to N W & Clearing off, I at home to breakfast then off to Conrad Krickbaums he Raising a Grise grist Mill Joining his saw Mill 46 by 45 the Greatest Nomber of People I Beleiv I everseen at a raising Counted 58 no doubts but their was 60, Mere Democrat Sheim scheme to Court the Vulgar, but he gave us avery good Dinner & Supper Treated them very well finished about Sun Set got dish Coffee So home

Augt 1st. Wind S.W. off to Georges Soon afoot, hanging doors &c &c fine Rain in Evening & wet night, so wet Stay’d all night the first time Since we begun

2nd Wind S E in Morn & raind very Smart great Shower about Day, wind before 10 OC- to S W & Cleard off fine day, Dined at E G then home & help Horn & J Roberts to Lay a rode tax Same as County 21 Cents in 100 Dolrs amounted above 600 Dollars, Sup at Yerkus’s Spent 5½d & 5½d at Stadlemans Coming 3 Cent Tobacco So

3rd Wind N W fine Cool Clear Morn up Soon walk Round Buck wheat Indian Corn &c before Sun rise Meeting time Yerkus & I up to omission at the Route the Jury has been vewing to alter McCleneghans hill afternoon at Jonathan Jones Spent 12 Cents

4th Wind W by S fine Cool Morn & prety warm day off to E G, Sent for to Make a Coffin for Martin Miller in his 82 year been a Stout harty Jerman Got the Gravel bad that took off on the Cause begun the Coffin, I Drank tea at Yerkes’s Jont. Jones & Sisters their

Augt July 5th 1806 Wind S W & Raind Soon Got W & Cleard off before noon finished the Coffin & Set off at or about 1 OC- waited for the Minister till about 5 OC then took in the Church Did not Buried till Sunset, then home–

6th Wind W. Cool morn & hot in day off to Georges Soon at work at Sundries, Jointing Barn floor

7th at E Georges all 3 of us warm day

8th at Ditto. at work home in Evening home at noon & at Hagy’s to Meet the referrees between him & Krickbaum about their Water- at Bickens back after dark Titus along Spent 6 Cents, Great Shower in Night

9th Wind S.W. & warm day, at Rees Prices & 2 boys makeing Cider beam & Post, I off at noon boys all day I at Tom Soleys on arbitration between Michal Coulters widow & one George Gould Settled it home 11 OC-

10th Wind S W. & fine day took the Light wagon Sister Rebecca widows 2 Sons & my George & John & went to Gibson fetch Mother home in Evening So Mother pd pike

11th wind S W. at Rees Prices put up his Press & Mill home to Dinner, at Yerkes Hagy & Krickbaum’s men Met about their dispute made up their award at David Roberts, then home 12th Wind — at E. Georges at Work home in Evening

13 Wind S W at E Georges at work raind Evening Stayd all night hard rain towards morn

14th wind S W Cleard off fine day at E G all day home in Evenind evening

15 Wind W off to E G. Soon, his Bound Girl Brought to bed with a Molato Child by Saul he run off 2 weeks agoo, home in Evening rather Sick

16th Wind S E & raind soon in Morn & all day at intervals, Bout Cloth for tom 6$15 $6.15 hat for John $4. hinges for Coffin files Lock &c 13s3 at Eliots 7s-

August 17th 1806 Wind S W & very warm being first day finished a Coffin for Widow Campble’s daughter & took home Meeting while before me on the horse put her in & I off to See Hagy, back & Geard up the Wagon & Gyger drove it & Interd her in strangers yd. Hagy & I over to See Sibleys Powder Mill Lott on the Ridge Roxbury

18 Wind I not Recolect at Edw Georges at work home in Evening prety warm

19th Wind S W warm day at work at E George’s

20th S W. wind & Do. at E.G. home in Evening

22nd 21st is omitted Wind do. & Do. at Do. Stayd all night

23rd Do. S E. & begun to rain soon very hard about 10, or 11 O’Clock at work at E Georges he gave me 20 Dollars I off to Meet the Society none their but Self, Bout 2 Millions melons for 12½ Cents

24th Wind N W fine day not at meeting at Morris’s in Evening & Jacob Sibleys & Jont Jones he not well soon back

25th Wind S.W & very warm wrote the conditions of Sale for the Powder Mill Lott, Sibleys Est. off for Hagys, dined their then over & sold it for 306 Dollars to Jacob Sibley he gave 450L for it perhaps 3 or 4 yrs agoo Jury in Neighbourhood praisd it for 600 Drs afew months ago, & now Seemd their was not any person would give a bid home by Hagys drank Tea their & so home

Augt. 26th 1806 Wind N W Echolt here & off we Set for Court Supened as an Evidence between him & Swarer put up at Rambows dinner horse &c 7s3

27th Wind N W Started for Court again Hagy along dinner &c 5s4 Swarer pd this for me

28th Wind W off to E Georges Gyger along made a Cow & hog troof tom down in with Poney & I fetch the boards up Spent 12½ Cent at Stadlemans So home

29th Wind S.W & over Cast all sday but no rain Movd 2 barracks from E G to David Latches, Got 2 peices of Scantling as Long as illegible wide & fastened on the bolsters of log Carriage & turnd the Barracks down on them & Drove them off with horses took & up in a few hours took the Shafts off & put them on their Standing derect without difficulty or damage, Jacob Balort was the Principal in Advising this Mode, I rather of the opinion it would Rack them to peices, but they went wentrepeated Snug

Augt 30th 1806 Wind S W & Warm at R Price’s in Morn home Got horse Shod & off to Jont Jones, & on to Jesse Folks he Jones wanting to buy a horse he Sold, we dined their, then off to Wentz Tavern a County Meeting, a nomber their agreed to Send Conferrees to North hampton to fix on Congress & agreed to have a Meeting on the 27th– so ajournd Spent 75 Cents Got home about 11 OC-

31st wind S W & over Cast & raind a little in morn fine day after was gooing to Meeting But George Simpson Chasher cashier of the Bank U States Calld here & prevented me he gooing to Wilsons Drank tea at Yerkus’s after at blot Felix to Get him to mow being first day

Entries to September 13 are in very poor condition and were not in chronological order. They were microfilmed after entries of April 1807. Some pages were badly torn, others blotted, but they contain material of interest.

Sept.1st Wind S., been very moon Light in Night but over Cast & raind before 6 OC- & keep at with Shower all day, afternoon Several Smart Showers & tho the sun Shind out once it did not Cleare, thundered in Evening at Rees Prices in the Morn Mending his Mill after helping Michal to thrash my flax & page torn

2nd Wind illegible been a very heavy Rain thunder & Lightening about day & looks very heavy yet I two or 3 Loads of hay out I fear I Loose lose I off to E Georges by Jos Georges, informd them Benjamin Sweat a public Freind to be at our Meeting, I back to Meeting Smart Shower as I went, afternoon Michal & Felix & self Mending the dam Rain tore it prety much Last night Michal unwell

3rd Wind W, & prety fine day off soon to E Georges work all day home in Evening Spent 5½ to day & 5½ for Bacco on trust

4th Wind N W fine hay day Jane Walter’s Abraham here all day him & I at the hay Spread & turnd it Got in fine order after at Martin Millers Vandue or his widows vandue, Bout not at Jont Jones drank Tea their Michal very ill,

Sept. the 5th 1806 Wind W fine day Spread flax in Morn then at Meeting Roger Dicks their preachd a good Heap for us, Concernd for our futer happyness, afternoon halld in 4 Loads of good hay Old Will ½ day Felix & Abraham here Mowing & help to hall–

6th Wind N. & got N E tho fine Morn Soon over Cast & turnd out a poor hay day Felix & Abraham Mowing till noon after Rake’d up all that was Mowd yesterday not dun Mowing ½ days work yet for one hand, Mick Still bad at Morris’s his Girl Jane very bad, Some strange fever, pulse Low, toung tongue Eyes breast & head much Effected & Great Simptoms of fever dangerous Simptom & are so, boils at on the Stummock

7th Wind N & alittle drissel Michal fissick works much by purge Doct. Recommend a strong one Last Evening he Slep a little, while this Morris’s Girl bad very much deraingd, at Meeting Silent Meeting at Yerkes a Glass of Gin to Lippens & half a Dollar he Lent me at Rittenhouse’s Burial Isaac Rittenhouse, Schoolmaster, whose burial was probably on Aug. 28 or 29. paid a Glass to John Evans, David Evans paid me $6..50 in full for work, I about home all day at Morris Evening, his girl Jane dead about Little after Sunset sunrise this Morn at the end illegible very much Deranged I not Expected her to goo off So Soon She a very Smart good girl–

8th Wind S W over cast or foggy till noon we maken a Coffin for Morris’s Girl finish by noon good Ridge polished Lid Interd her about 4 O’C at our strangers yard tho they had a volt vault of their own

September the 9th 1806 Wind S W & very foggy I took aride with one Pritzell to try to Make up a school, home about 11 O’Clock then Gyger Tom & I Joind the hay Spred out the Most of it & Cock it up again Jont Jones down with him at Yerkus spent 11¼ then home fine afternoon for hay

10th Wind N W. Cleard off by 10 OClock Except of few Clouds Geard up Poney, & halld 6 Loads of hay in fine day about 4 OC- Set off With Jont Jones to Jacob Jones he through his sister patty had Bout his Jacob’s Meadow by a Joining Mothers Meadow for 200 he interduced the Subject by asking him how Long alease Coulter had, and Uncle Jacob sdd only from year to year Jont. said I will pay thee 100 Dollars & remainder when I get Possession interlined: “or make a deed” he say what need thee be in such a hurry I am not not repeated gooing to run away without Providence took him off, Jont. sd. that was uncertain as to Eighther of us, he say I dont Like to be in hurry but have time, thee may have it in margin: “allude to the Lot” I beleive, Just as we Left he said thee need not be uneasy, thee shall have it & I will send thee word in a few days, I told Jont to ask him If he Should Call or would Let him or send him word he say I will send thee word & off we Came, Stop neighther of them did mention the sum in my presence it was to be but Jontn. told me in the morning; that he Jumpt at the 200 D page torn I Understood Patty offer page torn

11th Wind W & fine hay day breakfast at Jane Walters, helping to hall in hay 3 Loads took dinner, & off to David Roberts Morriss Israel halling a great Stone for apple press Bottom, David & Robert Roberts & Self walk down their & at McCoys I Spent 25 Cents on Robert very Chearfull & Spent 50 I think I behaved not very prudent at or with John Moore, (he is allowd to be a great brag & Lyer) he had disputed atriffeling tavern score I had sent in with a poor tax, that had much offended me for I was Concious it was Just & I boyld him much, but at Last got out of Temper & told him he was the greatest brag & Lyer between here & Guaney, & from some Little Erritation on his sd was gooing to Smote him, But Robert Roberts interfeard but I ask his pardon & told him I was Sorry I had got in apassion, he promised to pay by first day or when I Calld on him So we took a glass Exstra & parted, but with this observation that If Ever I heard he bradg bragd I had ask his pardon through fear or Cowardice that I would kick him or to that Effect but in short we shook hands and all was to be Buried in Oblivion, it has gave me Great remorse, & I pray God to forgive me for I bore him no remorse Malice or Ill will but would doo him any Service that was Consistent with a Christain–

12th Wind S E & over Cast till near Evening helping Jane Walters man to hall Logs from Bevans woods halld 3 then home Cleard off fine Evening at Yerkus’s

13th Wind S E & over Cast till near Evening at Jane Walters helping her man to hall hay & alittle rain

14th Wind S.W. a fine Warm day, at Meeting Jesse Hersey their, preachd along time he is Great Wonderfull I felt Great Condemnation for my many Transgressations afternoon Castner & I to here him at Baptis Meeting in Blockley his Doctrin was Wonderfull to be shure my I never felt Such a time Except once at Haverford by James Wilson, at a funeril on the death of McDormant

15th Wind S W. warm day & fine day off to Haverford Meeting Hersey their held forth equal to any preacher I think I Ever heard I was much affected & great trials & Reasons whether I had turn back than Expose myself to a gaping multitude a waterry time I fear I Gave ofence to Moniter and Stifeld that divine Light or grace within me I ought to be attentive to

16th Wind S W & foggy morn & very warm day Set off Soon to Edw Georges & Gyger also at work all day & stayd all night–

17 wind S W. & a foggy morn been at E Georges all night Tom Came for me to make a Coffin for Enoch Jones Child I home & dash’d at it finished about 11 OC- sent Tom with it & I off to Jane Walters, had oppinted been appointed to Prais Jont Jones & D Roberts where were the appraisers finished before night

Sept 18th 1806 Wind S.W. & warm day took horse & off to E. Georges work at Cowstawls home in Evening with Hagy Spent Glass Sangerree at Stadlemans & paid him 25 Cents I owd

19th Wind S W & a warm day Some days as warm as any this Summer it is allowd at Georges at work one Townsan Thomas their to dun me for Hannah James Intrest, home in Evening

20th Wind W. fine day down at E. Georges till noon then home & Meet the Society paid 3s9 to Society paid Thomas 18 Dollars Intrest for James, Edw George paid me 20 Dollars Widow Thomas pd Tom 8 Dolrs for her sons Coffin F Bicken pd him $3..50 for his Childs Coffin–

21st Wind S W warm J Morris Yerkus & Self Set off to See old Charles Jarvis heard he is very Ill at his son inlaws Gardner in Blockley, when we Got their found him dead, dyed yesterday about 3 OC Back to Dinner, Geard up the Light wagon & we all 3 went to funeral house & accompanyed it near the ferry then turnd home, Come on from the N a great gust of wind & much thunder & Smart rain I beleive nearly all night

22 Wind N. & over Cast with Much Colder air off to Georges, work till noon then G & I off to a vendue at Coltons place name of Readle, Rye Sold at 55 Cents per B wheat good at 103 Cent this time 2 years at 200 Cents

Sept 22nd 1806

Spent at Hestons 25 Cents for wine I have not drank any Speirrets Since the 14 & I hope I Shall refrain totall It has bad Consequence I think right in me to never Drink a Jill of wine at any one time for it alates me So as to put above a level of my natural Disposition tho I am not Counted intemperate & I think I am not, yet it is all a bad habbit, Stayd Georges all night

23 Wind Still N by E & over Cast all day at work at horse Stalls &c home in Evening Jarvis along he has been away Ever since Antoney Tunis was Buried he says his Father has not made any Will

24th Wind E. had raind in Night begun to tye up Corn fodder too damp gave it up & took the Cart & hall the harrow over to feild & wood back after noon at George Grows to Look walnut tree found a Rasbury bush with 6 or 7 fine burys as in June & I Eate them & a Cherry tree with Blosom’s on, begun to rain about noon I a bad Cold & Coff

25th Wind N E & over Cast Misting all day rather heavy in afternoon, Jont Jones & I off in his Chair to Gaven Hambletons dined with him drank Some wine So back about dusk wet night

26th Wind N E. & wet morn off after breakfast to E. Georges at work hanging inside doors &c. Spent Jill wine 5½ & 5½ for bacco & 5½ I owd Jesse George for Bacco he fetch me Some time agoo home in Evening

27th Wind N E in Morn & raind till noon alittle, Got to West & Seen the sun had not Seen it this 4 days not very Certain I Seen it Since first day which would make 5 days it has been very Cloudy all day to day Except for aminute or two Seen Sun Red to West in Evening at Georges all day makeing places for Calfs & moving alarge Shed for a Cart house drank Coffee so home

28th wind N & Cool Morn up prety soon, my Coff and Cold prety bad, Clear day at Meeting afternoon Jarvis & I walk to Krickbaums he paid 8 dollars for his Mothers Coffin & at Hagys drank tea their & alittle Sperrits perhaps aspoonfull So home

29th Wind N. & over Cast up & tryd to take up the flax it so wet with due Left & begun to hall dung, got Titus’s Cart & Chaing illegible every time, after noon it Raind Several Smart Showers turnd out, I not well 1 Jill wine & 50 Cents I owd for Brandy pd to Yerkus

September 30th 1806 Wind N W tho Cloudy & raind all day at intervals, halld aload of wood & then at dung Evening Red to sunset My Sow pig’d 13 Sowpigs She took the bore the 9th of June & pig as above went 3 Mo- 3 weeks viz 16 weeks took 3 off to rais by hand Gave Mary 2 Dollars for beef & Tallow, 12½ Cent to Ann 2 Jills wine 12½ one yester & one to day Michal begun to work yesterday been Sick 4 weeks

October 1st Wind N W & afine day begun to hall dung soon finished at noon, took the Cows to new Meadow in Morn at Felix Rake’d up the flax the Grass Grown 9 I. Long might mow a good Swath very bad taking up Peter Rittenhouse here & took Brothers Clothes away Isaac Rittenhouse, the very ill schoolmaster, died, probably late August. I at Yerkus J. Jones & Mathew Roberts their I & Jones drank tea their Mathew off he wanted to See me to Converse about the Directors for poor house

2nd Wind N.W & fine day Michal & Tom tying up flax & Corn fodder I off with Jont & Owen Jones Charles Wister & Doct. Simons to See the Soap Stone quarry & Jones Minehill Dined at Jones back to Jont Jones So home in Evening Lent Jones Bully & I Road Poney–

3rd Wind S W & Look alittle hasey but blue up before night warm day Spreading dung & Cut alittle buck wheat afternoon at Township we Unanimously Chose Hagy Inspector, but they Beat us for assessor & assistants. Young & Robeson against Hagy & J Jones Beat us 3 votes

4th Wind N W & fine day warm mid day Spread dung & tyd the remainder of Corn fodder, afternoon at J. Jones & at Jane Walters & Charles Bevans back to Jones’s & drank tea their So home Spent 37 1½ Cents yesterday–

5th Wind N W. very fine, tho Cool in Morn not at Meeting afternoon at Mothers & David Roberts, to See If he would goo to Norris town back in Evening Spent 1 Jill Gin 12½ Cents pint of Rum 18½ Do ditto So goo’s my Money

October the 6th 1806 Wind N W. & Cool morn But Warm in day, at Rees Prices borrowd a Cradle Back & Set John & Tom to Cut Buck wheat This is Muster day by Law & I Shall be fine’d I Supose, dresst not in uniform & Set off to Norristown, Lippins John & Joe Evans along as far as Rees Harrys to Meet their Company, viz Holgates arivd at town about 25 Troopers they where were parading Pawlin Commanded they demoo Democrat Troop had 44 in Uniform I Spent 3 half Glass Gin & 3 qt oats along with Hughes Holstein & Morgan Crosst at Sweads ford Calld at Holstein & Got Supper them 3 playd & I keep Count for them till near 12 OC- Got home at 2 OClock, bed &c & Layd till 6 OC

The 7th when the Wind Stood about N W & much Cooler off after breakfast & finished Cuting the far feild No.4 of Buck wheat before noon at Mothers for drink– Michal finished plowing No3 & begun to Sow it Sowd 2 Bushels of Rye, Evening at Jont Jones’s he not at home, Calld at Owens Drank alittle wine & water & Chated agood while then home illegible along

8th Wind S E & more Milder than Last Evening up & finish Sowing No.3 with Rye 3 Bushels, Mick finished harrowing it by noon, Boys puting up Buck up Buckwheat I helping too, at Jones to Consult on Some Matter Respecting the Election pint Rum 18½ ½ Glass Gin 6 Cents tobacco 6 Cents at A Roberts Latches Loyd Jones, Jont. Jones along Electionnering– Boys Picking apples

9th Wind N by E Little Cloudy at times off soon to Hagys about the Election & other Matters breakfasted their home about 11 OC- & at ? Meet Jont. Jones Comeing here put my horses in the Feild & walk down to McCoys to Gett abushel of Wheat to Sow, Drank tea with him So home

10th & Wind N by E. up soon & set the boys to Make Boxes for the Election that is to be held at Yerkes for Lower Merion Michel plowing the Orchard for wheat, down to Richard Jones’s to Praise 6 Hogs that his Negro took up tresspassing of the Widow Thomas, Evening at widow Goodmans & Martin Millers Widow, She gave illegible me no pay for her husbands Coffin rather in bad humour I home–

11th Wind N by E in Evening & raind not much, Michel harrowing the Orchard, much destresst no Cash afternoon Jont Jones & at William Sheaffs for pay for Millers Coffin Drank tea at Wm- Hoskins Married to Esqr Linseys daughter Got a fine young son, his Hoskins Mother & I am first Cosens two Sisters Childern home at 8 Oc at night Raind a little

October the 12th 1806 Wind N E & prety high Smart Shower about day & wind Got to N W & blue hard, overcast all day, at Meeting in Morn Wm. Ashbey preachd agood Lesson to us afternoon at Jane Walters, & at Jont. Jones Lippens along; home after dark & raind very Smart Got wet–

13th. Wind N W. about a smart Shower & Great Wind but Cleard off at John Thomas, & Nobles in order to Spur them up to Election about one OClock Set off for Holmans Tavern to Meet the troop 26 or 27 Meet & Exercised a While then down the pike road to Doct Eatons Drank tea their & home by Righters ferry Jones Now pd him for Light wagon Crossing when we went to Rittenhouses Burial & 6 Cents for to Night Cost me to sally to day 75 Cents home about 8 OC-

14th That fatel day or the date that will determin the fate of the 2 parties or rather 3 parties which Ever fall to day will fall not to rais again hardly in my time the 3 partey & federals have Joind, Jont Jones Wm Stadleman & Lewellin Young Judges Jacob Hagy & Self Clarks all Quallifyd & open the Election about 12 OC- at Yerkes’s the first we ever had their; we finished Counting makeing out the returns about 2 OC- in morn & they Determined our fate for beat us 20 & 21 votes Our hole no. of voters was 266 the Greatest Number we Ever had in our township– in margin: “Sowd ½ B Wheat in Old Orchard”

October 15th 1806 Wind N W & asmall white frost, begun to thrash Buckwheat I helping to hall & at the widow Price’s Sowd 4 B. Wheat Will & I for her in the Little feild, over the dam Spent 5½ to day, up Late Caut alittle omission I fear Sowd ½ Bushel in Orchard which Makes One Bushel I Bout of blank at 11s3 per Bearded they say–much Trobled in Mind my wife & I used 35 Dollars of old Wills Money he Left with her to keep for him & I know not how to Get it

16 Wind N W & Small white frost halling buckwheat awhile Jeremiah Warder here Say I am Elected one of the Commis. to view & purchase a Cite for County Poor house, & he has a place to Sell to Morrow that he thinks will suite I Promis to goo over to Morrow If not any thing happened–at the Widow Goodmans & Jont Jones in Evening–

17th Wind N W very Little frost a little Like omission Change to Sun rise but Cleard off a fine day, Set off in wagon Titus Yerkus Jane Walter & I to Norristown, She took out Letter of Administration Yerkes & I her Bondsman I Spent 2s4 home about 8 OC

October 18th 1806 Wind S W & no frost about here I think very fine pleasant day, finished Cleaning Buck Wheat 65 B. good & Better than 1 Bushel Tailings Moll wife got 40 Dollars of Rees Price & offer to pay old Will he would not take it because it was in Bank notes– Society day 7 meet. Mr Rundle a very Gentlemanly man freindly & Social not very Stout Spent not, Wind E in Evening & Raind

19th Wind N by E in Morn Got near N W before & a very fine afternoon very unwell all day, Drank one dish of Coffee & a little peice of Bucket Cake tho the first we had, no Dinner Ecrod the Blind man Gave me 6 Jellop jalap pills that opperated much, Down at Yerkes in Evening Owen & Jont Jones & Price & Charles Wister, drank Jill of Wine & bitters So home not a Mouthfull for Supper to bed Soon nor no Dinner.

20th Wind N.W. & fine day up Soon not well, Gave out the

notion of Meeting the Rigment owing from my Indisposition Sent Michel my horse Gyger & Tom Cut forks to make a Carthouse tobe Coverd with Bucket Straw I about alittle with them Steemd my feet & to bed Supperless– “Bucket”, a short form of “buckwheat”. See “bucket cake” above.

21st. Wind N & Rain boys after breakfast off to E. Georges & I Rode down & begun to Lay or Joint his 2nd barnfloor I hewd a few Edges of the plank afternoon at Hestons Spent 6 Cents, Gooing to Supplees to See If he would take the Stray Steer but heard the owner had Come for him & paid 15s- so back to Georges after home in Evening interlined: “overCast & Raind about Evening Seem to Clear”

22nd Wind N. & Raw & Cloudy, after Breakfast Down to E Georges & Got on prety well on repeated with the floor home in Evening & meet Yerkes on an arbitration between Doct. Eaton & Doct Hyderick and finished

23rd. Wind N. & Raw & Cloudy as has been this 10 Day I beleive as If a Storm was at hand & Evening broke off at Sun Set, at Mothers Cut 3 bores castrated 3 boars one old fellow back Doct Eaton here; Evening at McCoys to Get Seed Wheat Spent 12½ Cents & 25 I owd him before–

24th Wind N. & Raw & Cloudy off to E Georges movd a Shed for Carthouse & mended Sarah’s beaurow &c &c So finished his barn & Several little Jobs home in Evening Mash or brused my finger which Gave me much pain, bored or Cut a hole through the nail & Let out the Blood & put a Cabbage Leaf on which Releavd me Immediately almost

October 25th 1806 Wind N W. Cloudy alittle in Morn but Cleard off to be the pleasantest day this Good while up Soon put 3 qrts of fish Broin brine to 5 Galls of water & put 1 B. Bearded wheat in it for one hour, Scim all the Garlick &c &c that I Could get then drain it through a Riddle into another tub & mixt about 5 qts of Plaster of paris amongst it & then Sowd it on blank perches, old Orchard without any dung after Gyger whipt the Shelbark tree in meadow Got above 2 Bushels & Got a Cart load of walnuts out of the widows feild Evening Meet on Doct Eaton & Hyderricks affair Eaton did not Come nor Holgate the other arbritrator, Hyderick & A Roberts; Hyderrick Treated Us to a dish of Coffee home about 9 OC- interlined: “all I had I Should Like to aput ½ a Bushel amongst the wheat”

26th Wind W & very fine day, not at Meeting Calculateing Some payments that Eaton had made to Hydrick afternoon at Mothers & at Felix & Jane Walters Drank tea their then home by Jont Jones’s he gone to Valley, Ann Only at home drank alittle brandy with her So home about 8 OClock wind has Got from N at Last

27th Wind W and very fine day Sent Gyger to Able Thomas to work at hanging doors & Mick Tom & Self Joind the Potatoes dug a Cart Load soon very fine, then Come Smith, to Get a Coffin for Moses James, about 22 yrs perhaps 6 months

he Larnt his Trade with me, taken with a fever about 10 days or 2 weeks, a fine Moral & Religious boy & avery good workman, Sober I think I never New him to take a dram but once at harvest, Sent for Gyger & dasht at the Coffin hard, Old Markle, Rittenhouse’s Step Father dine’d here Zekle Roads’s Son dined here also he Summonds me to Meet on a view of a road that his Father is Concernd in near Norristown we finished the Coffin about 10 O’Clock at Night

28th Wind S W. & a very fine day Little frost I think Started with the Coffin about ½ after 7 OC arivd before 9 O’C- Interd him, in Methodist yd- And had a great Sermon, by one of their traveling Bretheren & Moses’s Brother David give us an Exhortation & very Good Prayer, back & dined at Isaac James, the Old man Griffee very Ill It is said with a decay, he has been Intemperate, Moses was his favourite Son of the 3, home at about 4 OC & help to dig Potatoes

29th Wind S.W. & very warm in Morn about 10 or 11 OC- blue windy prety hard, at Able Thomas gave the Bill of hinges &c then to Enoch Jones Raising a barn for a French dutch Gentleman at McConnels place that was Clever frame finished about 4 OC- at Enochs house about a Mile off, & got Dinner about 5 OC- drank Some Sperrits & water through the day, good dinner Turky pig &c &c I Got a dish tea, Seem’d to do me the best, so home by my Self Titus & Lippens in Chair–

October 30th 1806 Wind N E & begun to rain about day & keep at it Moderately all day at Mothers for Barrels then took them to Rees Price’s boy their Grinding apples very weting afternoon at Felix to Get him to Cut wood for drake Spent 5½

31st Wind N & Cloudy & Raw day but no rain till Evening then very little from West, over with the Light Wagon to Chesnut hill to move Doct. Eaton, Jarvis along we dined their, & fecth fetch his wife & Child to her Mothers, Doct Rode over with us Got back about 7 OC-

November the 1st. Wind N.W. Clear & plenty of Ice & frost Ground froze hard, but was a fine day, off to Able Thomas, hanging doors &c home before night. Rube Lewis & Jones after me to Rent drakes house for a tavern but Drake will not goo out with out, or ask me 2000 Dollars, he Can Stay 4 yrs more in defiance of me & he Ruben would not be my mark If I Could Get him out

2nd. Wind N.W. white frost but has Moderated a good deal made afirer in the Stove for the first time this fall not dun diging Potatoes yet, got about 2 Loads out, Shall have about 100 B, Rees Price’s has above 320 B. Jont Jones has near 600, wonderfull Season for Potatoes & indeed has been a profelict prolific Season for fruite & Every thing Grass & all kind of vegatables & fine Crops of Indian Corn & been a fine harvest for Rye & Wheat Wm. Thomas told me that he beleivd he would hall 1500 B. of Potatoes. Viz with what Tom Soley would Rais with on his 7 Stars place Bout of Taylor they fetch 3s- per B. by the Load but they retail them out at about 3s6 & Some Say 3s9 pr, Dined with Jont Jones after him & I walk to Hagys & back by Doct Hydrick drank tea their at J Jones So home–about 8 OC- at night in margin: “finished diging potatoes Some of them froze, them that was p(l)owd Round– had almost 9 Loads I think about 100 B.”

3rd Wind N.W. & Ground froze breakfasted Soon & Set off Call at Jont Jones, and we fell in with Wm Thomas & we all arivd at Zekle Roads about 2 miles above Norristown meet 3 others Switzer one Esqr Johnson & blank on a jury review of a road by Roads mill to turn pike, dind their about 3 OC made up our Returnd return & Left about sunset Calld at Norris alittle while then to Harrys ferry at Spring Mill Call at Judg Jones 2 Glass wine–

November the 3rd 1806

Thence on to Jont Jones Sup with him So home about 11 OC Spent 12½ Cents in Norris 6 Cent ferriage & paid Harry 18½ Cents I owd him ferriage at the Muster days So Much for Road Jurying– been a very fine Pleasant day–

4th. Wind N. by E rather Softer no frost, off after breakfast to Able Thomas hanging Shetters &c Gyger their all day home in Evening Mordica Taylor here to Notify me to attend areference between him & Griff Smith by order of Court–

5th. Wind N W. & very remarkable fine day John all day at Thomas, I at Mothers they had a sick Cow, hollow horn & wirm worm in her tail Cut the tail off & bore’d her horns then to potatoe patch & Sowd about 3 pecks of Rye, then off to Able’s & hung 3 pairs of Shetters, & put in Several Lights of Glass Good ½ day finished at Last been above 2 years Since he begun it, home at dark he remarkable Calm Easy man never out humour Scarsly

6th Wind over Cast went to George Grow & Cut a Walnut tree for Coffin boards 2 Logs then home to Dinner Cut Ceadertrees

& halld them home for a Cart house Raind prety Smart all the afternoon

7th Wind E been a wet night & at it all day, very warm fine rain a little too much, So wet all I did not turn out of the house much at Yerkes alittle while with Jonathan Jones Spent not Except a quart Whiskey 1s6.

8th Wind N W & Cleard off in night high wind, afternoon at Widow Britsons back Meet Doctors Eaton & Hydrick was to been an arbration arbitration between them but the other arbitrators did not Come So home about dark Got word by George Coulter that Betty George was dead & I must Come down to Morrow Morning She died to day about 3 O’C- P.M.

9th Wind W. & fine Morning, but Got over Cast & very Like for rain & did rain alittle in the Evening at work from 11 O’C- till night at old Betty Georges Coffin.

10th Wind N W high Cool & Clear finished the Coffin & put her in & then home to dinner drest & Set off to funeral house Started about 3 OC & interd about

November 10th 1806

4 O Clock at Freinds yd Merion She was about or turnd of 82 years She died at Jacob Jones her Brother who is about 94 yrs & his wife Mary is 86 yrs very agreeable & good compy. Can here & See well & Converse on Matters to appear as well as Ever Old Jacob has Got Prety hard of hearing But Can help them Make Cider & Top Turnips &c. Wonderfull, it is a Curious fact as Related by Jacob that it is the first Burial out the house tho Built about 100 years the ages of the 3 made 262 yrs

11th Wind N W & plenty Ice Cold Morn but fine day off after breakfast to Levering & Paul Jones, to Look Walnut boards & at Pauls to Give him abill for addition to his barn dined their Jarvis along– home afternoon Pottering about–

12th Wind N E red to sunset up Soon Tom Price Came with 4 horses & Mick & him & I went & halld 2 Logs to McClenehans Mill for Coffin boards begun to rain about noon prety smart but Cleard off about Sun set, I up to

Sheets McClenechan Calld me in & Gave me a drink, the first time he has Spoke freindly Since Spring Got it into his head that I broke off the Bargain between him & Rees Price with his Papermill, it was pleasing to me to See him Get over it for it is against my nature to be at Enmity with any, tho it did not give me much Pain, for I was Conscious of acking acting a just part with him Afternoon Alley Roberts Up & Met at School & then meet Doct Hydrick & Eaton but the other arbitrators did not Come So did nothing home about 8 OC- Spent mug bear 12½ Cents

13th Wind S W fine day pottering about house & Sundries Michal Eholt here wanted me to goo to town, about Settleing between him & Swoyer, did not goo prioringaged, after dinner by D Roberts & Jones to Laynhooffs on on repeated a refurence reference between Grif Smith & Mordica Taylor A Roberts & W Hagy the more I am Acquainted with Hagy the Better Opinion I have of his Cander integrity & whish wish to do Right, we sat till about 12 OC- before finished they pd our Suppers &c I treated to 2 Glasses to Jones Curwen &c for proving an inventory of Jane Walters Goods, Chattles &c-

November 14th 1806 Wind S W & very fine day Michal here again wanted me to be his bail to Jacob Zell for 50L which I decline & I make it apoint not to goo bail, If I have the Money to Spare I would Lend it, for If it was Lost it is Gone, but bail might Come on when I was not prepaird & so ruing ruin me or at Least put me to Great inconviniance, theirfore my dear Childern, never Goo Security for your Neigbrs Connections W. Hagy & I Meet at PillChrist on an Arbritation between F Bickens & one Boyle, did not Finished home about 9 OC- Spent 6 Cents to day Pillchrist, Killchrist, Gilchrist are renditions of the same name, probably Gilchrist.

15th Wind N E & a very wet day raind hard Michal Sent his Son to tell me I must Meet his father in town, off I Set Stadleman Geard up his Chair & he & I went in Meet at the Drove yd. near Callowhill St. Calld at Youngs & Homes Store Got 6 lb Coffee ½ lb Tea & 14 lb Chees on acct of the Powder Makers Coffin Settled between Echolt & Swoyer & Michal paid him 185 D 34 Cents & he is to pay the Cost & Swoyer forgave the Intrest Left town at Lamp Liteing

Sup at Stadlemans home about 8 OC- then down to Yerkes’s Meet Jacob Holgate & Algernon Roberts on a dispute between Doc Hydrick & Doct Eaton Made up our award about 2 OC- & made them acquainted with the Contents & so Home, this is the 5 time I been on Abritation & ajusting to Settle between parties this week Most wore out–

16th Wind N W & prety Cold Snow showers all day Small Intervals, about begun a Coffin for Jesse Gygers son our John’s Brother, Tom gone & all the men of the town but Smith & Pawlin I had to Lay too to & work very hard at Coffin finished about 10 OC at Night Tom Came home in Evening & put the Moldings on &c ½ Glass Gin 5½ this is first day-

17th Wind N W & Cloudy & very windy & Could cold Set off the boys with the Coffin ½ 7 OC- & I followd, & put him in Coffin, Echolt along, off from their to Norris town, Meet the Commissioners of the Poorhouse, & agreed to Meet to Morrowd tomorrow, Dinner & horse & horsler 7s6 paid ferriage 12½ Cents ½ G. Sperrits 6 Cents at Harry 18 Cents ferriage

November 18th 1806 Wind N W & froze Some but fine day off about 9 OC- for Norristown Wm Hagy along, Meet the Commissioners & agreed to Meet, the 27th at Center Sqr. took up Taylor & Griff Smiths award, & Jane Walters Inventory provd by J Curwen, dinner & horse 8s- oyster 11d, boy 5½d at Hary’s 11¼ So home about 10 OC- total Exps 10s4 & yesterdays Expences 10s3–a woman Trying Secreting & Murdering her Basterd Child, but did not wait the Ishew interlined: “I herd the 20 that Jury Cleard her”

19th Wind N W fine Clear day but a finer? frost I Seen Ice near ½ Inch thick in the afternoon, at Bowmans Laying bark fill floor, Dine their, near ¾ of a days work home in Evening to Supper–

20 Wind West & Large white frost but fine day off Soon to Bowmans work hard all day & not finish’d Breakfasted Dind & Supt their So home Michal begun to husk the farfeild of Corn, home in Evening & Cut up abeef kill 3 day by Dutch Dan one I Raisd at turn pike weighed 472 lb & hide 62 lb & 40 lb omission Salted with about 2 qts Salt.

21st Wind West & Large white frost off Soon to Bowmans Breakfasted

their finished before noon or about 1 OC Algernon Roberts & Jerry Warder their, Warder Wanting to Sell his place in Montgomery County for a poor house I Elected one of the Commissioners for purchasing a site, he ask 2800L Say Buildings that will accomidate 150 porpers, I home to Dinner, & then Walk up to Fredr. Sheets for to Get Some Cash Got none so home spent at Yerkes 12½ Cents, So home about 7 OC- been a fine day, but been 3 white frosts Cant Last Long Yerkus Got Bully to Go over Schuylkill Bowman paid me 15s- for what I did I was Glad to Get it for I had not a penny I Charged him reasonable Tom & I was 2 days strong 1 Dolr a day was not more than Laberers wages, but I always Err on that sd–

22nd Wind W by S & Large white frost, very fine day at Felix’s he Cuting wood for Drake, home to dinner Meet the overseers of the poor & thee the assistants Concerning the poor, then Meet the Society & Dined their at Yerkus’ our annual Dinner & Election all the Old Officers in again, Dinner & Club $2..50 Cents per man. only 10 Meet out of our 20 we Expected, we had a very agreeable time Judge Peters Surpases any thing for pleasantree I Ever have Meet with. Broke up about 9 OC- all Sober & Clever I must pay for Doct Hydrick on Michals acct 2..50 & on self 1.50 pd 1 dollar

November 23rd 1806 wind E & over Cast & Raind but Light till night Smart Shower after night, but not so as to Run at home all forenoon after at Jont Jones drank tea their, Jarvis along, home after dark being first day not at Meeting

24th Wind N Raw & unpleasant puting in sleapers in Shop; after Got up horse to goo, to Pillchrist, but Jont. Jones & Joe Jones here to get a Certificate that he belongd to Troop, Spent 12½ Cents at Yerkes So back without gooing any further I Somewhat uneasy for fear Gillchrist would sue me, it is not on my own acct but I was a guardeain to Tom Robeson Childern, & their Mother gave an order on me for 16 dollars, & gave it to Franceis Sheets, he owing the Est 100 Do, he has been very Backward, tho pd Gillchrist 10 Dolrs he says on that acct. & Killchrist Gave Cr on acct. of Fretz that he sd. he had Ingaged

25th- Wind N. by E. & over Cast all day not Seen the sun at home till noon drawing out acct &c Tom Borrowd Jane Walters horse & halling Corn that Michal had husk, I off to Killchrist about the order of Sheets, he was very pleasant I Bout a Jacket pattern 1..12½ Cents, then down to Wm Hagys about Bickens & Boyls dispute we got through it, drank tea & some wine with him, he very Cleaver man Except his he’s rather too passionet Left their before 10 OC home about 11 OC- meet Doct Hydrick, Eaton had the Sherreff & seased on his Doct property he Displeasd

26th Wind E & began to rain Soon in Morn & Continued till after 3 OC- very great rain hard showers, not been so much rain this Long time, Cleard & sun shind very fine But Clouds Came up & blue very hard afternight Sent Thomas, to Osman Henby’s, & he paid him for his wife’s Coffin $8 dollars I was very glad for I had not one Cent & have to goo to Meet the Commissioners to Morrow– paid Yerkus for aglass I had yesterday 12½ Cents delivered an article of agreement (between Doct Hydrick & Eaton) that we had when we ware were on their arbitration; to John Righter from whom we had got it I Seal it up & gave it to his made at the door, on the 25, viz yesterday

27th Wind N. & blue hard about day & not Cold no Ice or frost, Sun Shind alittle Set off about 7 OC- Crost at Harry Spring Mill, very Great fresh bank high nearly, off by Hickory town fed horse 3 qts oat 9d ½ Glass Gin 6 Cents on again & arivd at Humfry about 11 OC- Dinner &c at Center Square 1 D 16 Cents back ferriage & 1 Glass Sperrit toddy 25 Cents total Boy at Humfry 6 Cents total Expences 1 Dolr & 63 Cents Besides avery dark Ride home & great dificulty to Get over the Schuylkill– Raind about 10 OC- when I was at Hickory town & all the way to Humphreys alittle I know not when I was So disappointed for I thought it would be snow Shower & Clear

November 28th 1806 Wind S E & Cloudy all day & a raw day Borrowd a horse of Jane Price & one of Isaac & Tommy Price & took a log to Mill & fetch Some of my Walnut boards home & hog feed we had at Mill, had to turn the widows Mare out would not pull, my young mare behavd very bad however we got their & back, after Mending or Leathering pump &c Spent 12½ Cents to day

29th Wind S.E. & very warm & Some Showers Sun Shind alittle while in town but Cloudy up & Raind when I Left town about ½ after 4 Come on to Heston, a number of people their about petition the Legaslator against Hunters I opposed their petion & Stagered agood many of them, home about 9 OC- Bout Boots 8 Dollars of Thomas Amos he owd me for a Coffin, Bout Screws 2s4 hinges & Screws 1s3 qt Bottle 1s- oyl 2s- 1 doz Glass 7s6 horse & dinner 4s8 horsler 5½d ferry 4 Cents pike 3 Cents total 19s8 Tobacco 12½ Heston 12½ total 21s6½ So much for town I Seldom goo but drains much when I do goo

Novr 30th Wind W & like to Clear off, Rain prety Smart about day at Yerkus in Morn at Meeting Ann Mifflin Sarah Harrison & Arther Howel preached for us, at Jacob Morris’s a while fine day–

December Wind N W froze prety hard, Set Michal to Cut the first wood, then Back & the first Cut posts. then home with Jont Jones Dined their & Looking at a place for Road & at McClenechans Drank Cherry Bounce till 10 Oc- then home very Improper thing in margin: “Spent 12½”

2nd Wind N.W. & aprety fine day tho Cold Air potter about, Spent 12½ Cents Evening with John Thomas at Alley Roberts he got his papers that was in Esqr Smiths hands & I got Sum of Jos. Walters papers Drank tea their–

3rd Wind N E & begun to snow after day & Soon Covered the ground & Snowd till noon very hard Gaind 4 Inches I think, then got hail & Sleat, at night blue hard but Still from N E at 10 OC- Lippens Got 2 horses to hall a Load of wood not Come home at 10 OC- much displeas’d at keeping them out, for it was too bad for man or Beast, got to rain in Night & thawd off the house I could here it droping, Tom & I makeing a toung for the wagon 1 qt. Whis 1s4½, very alarming day no wood Tommy Price & Alley Roberts plowing yesterday done for this Season I fear illegible hard rain in night

4th. Wind in Morn S by W. & Still high & overcast tho quit raining, the Snow Settled much Last night Makeing a place in the Currying Shop for poney & Mare & put Bulley in Smoake house, the old Stable was so bad that they were up to the futloock fetlock in wet & dung, David Zell here to Settle I fell 4s. in debt I at home all day

December the 5th 1806 Wind N.W. & prety Clear in fore part, Set off to Jane Walters, tryd to pay Borrow, 16 D to pay GillChrist Widow Robesons Order, that Sheets was to pay at Leanhoffs pd him 25 Cents that I owd him when we was on Taylors & Griffs arbritation I treated J. Jones & D. Roberts for Proving Jane Walters Inventory, She Should pay me agoing by Rights, at Sheets he no Money yet, at Savages for the Laws of Last Cessions sessions, home about 3 OC George Crow here on his way to Bowmans with ahide drank Some whiskey with me, then I off to Mothers to kill a Calf but So Late put off for next week, drank tea then home– the dam froze all over, a snow Shower Evening

6th Wind N W. & Large white frost & very hard froze, bore a horse Except Where it was very Wet Set off about 9 OC. over Righters ferry & by Carrs old Mill & out to Jarmintown turnpike Stopt at Crees’s tavern Chesnut hill to warm Spent 6 Cents on then to Whitemarsh tavern, to inquire the way to Warders place, Spent Gin 6 Cents arivd at Warders about 12 OC none of the committee Came but myself dined with old Jerrey & his Son Jerry on amost Excelent beef Stake– Left their about or after sunset for home, went through 2 turnpike gates gooing & comeing home paid 5 Cents, ferry 12½ Cents total Expences to day 30 Cents that I will Charge to the County it was avery fine day till Evening then Got Cloudy, but before I got home Stars to west & blue off Cold

7th Wind N W & froze very hard, but a Clear pleasant day alittle out the wind heard & Seen yesterday & day before plenty of Robins not very well to day Caut Cold I beleive Michal Sold 10 B. potatoes in town yester day for 4 dolrs. viz 3s- per B at not at Meeting Phillip Shubert here wanting me to assist the widow Coulter to Settle between her & D. Evans Excoutors executors next 7 day, Jont. Jones here walk down with to Yerkus’s Spent 11¼d. he & Eckrod a great dispute on Politics till I was Tyerd, drank tea with Yerkus, Castner & wife Spent the Evening here, Disbury here

8 Wind S W. & prety fine Sun Shind but soon Cloudy; about till noon then Echolt Rode with me to Gillchrist, I paid him 16 dr 80 Cs & 1 dr.12½ Cent for Jacket, the 16..80 was an order of Tom Robesons Widow on me as Gaurdean, Francis Sheets paid me 15 Dollars of it on 7. day the 6th– back to tea Treated Echolt 12½ at night wrote a Bond & Judgment to J.Z. from M. Echolt So to bed about 11 OC– alittle snow,

9th Wind S W. & much warmer in Morn but overCast Set Tommey to make a Wheelbarrow I off to Mothers killd & drest a Calf, 21 lb per ¼ & hide 13½ lb Heffer Calf, home & at Kentons Vandue, bout not, Spent 12½ Cents, so home– seem to Clear to west, thawd in the road good much Got Poney Shod before Sheltons Jonathan Jones Calld & went with me to vendue, Charles Bowen Sold about 12 acres to J Miller for 650 Do

December the 10th 1806 Wind S W. & thawd much roads very Sloppey in Afternoon, Echolt here for a bond & Judgment I wrote for him to Jacob Zell for 150 Dollar he Executed it at Yerkus’s Rees Price & I witnessd it I down with Rees Cosen Hannah very much deprest want Some alterration in his Will dined their, then home & at Kentons Vandue Bout a stump of whip 25 cents & Spent 6 Cents So home spent 6 cents at Yerkus’s

11th Wind N by E & very Cold & begun to Snow about 5 OC- and keep at it all day Cold dry Snow Gaind about 4 Inches, I Cut a hickory Saplin & Shod Yerkus s Sled, that was the greatest part of my days work Spent 6 Cents to day & gave Gorden 5 Cents he prety high, Michal made $4..25 Cents of his 10 B potatoes yesterday so much for farming never sold any before this winter

12th Wind N E & over Cast all day hailing all day & Got to thaw afternight I off after dinner to Look the Sheep found them not, at Washer & J Jones’s drank tea their So home about 8 OC- thawd off the house, Alittle but much froze to the trees this Morn & all day–

13th Wind N W. & Clear but prety Cold Michal halling wood all day Except 2 Loads for Yerkes & fetch the Copper from Mothers I after dinner at Thomas Soleys Settleing between Michal Coulters & the Executors of David Evans Viz Jos. Hoskins & John Elliot, Sup their home about 10 OC- very Cold froze very hard Jont Jones down with his Slay

14 Wind N W. & fine Clear Cold day at home till noon then Geard up the Slay & took all the Childern to Mothers drank tea their So home being first day not at Meeting

15 Wind N W. & avery fine day whitefrost in Morn prepaird & killd 6 hogs Titus Abram from Jane Walters help Lippens a little while Hagy hindered me a While, Jerry Warder here hindered also, Got dun about 2 OC- that is 6 for me & 2 for Yerkus mine weighed 1365 the 2 heaviest Weighd 237 lb apeace they averraged 228 lb apeice Lacking 1 lb 2 qt Whiskey, 33⅓ Cents Rum 1 qt 37½ Jerry Warder treated for Bottle wine he wants us to buy his place for poor house in margin: “Schuylkill froze over at Righters ferry the 14th & they (the) bootman (boatmen) walk over they got the boat in (a)gain 22nd. the navigation of delever (Delaware) Stopt a few days”

December the 16th 1806 Wind N W & Large white frost up prety Soon not very well overheated with the hot water &c &c yesterday off after breakfast to town for Salt 1½ B. $1..50 Cents Glass Gin 12½ Cents salt perter peter 37½ Cents ferry 6 Cents pike 7 Cents 2 potts 62½, fine Salt 25 old Score at Kitteys 14s- home & up to J Jones to See his hogs weighed, 1431 lb 8 of them I got in a Chearfull Mode viz. full of Levity too much so for a man of my age Run old Owen Jones hard he begun it I hard on him about a treat he gave Jonathan & me, viz gave us about 3 Glasses & then told us we got anough & took off the Bottle it Stub him much

17th Wind I know not but a very fine day Cuting & Salting my hogs till noon then begun a Coffin for Charles Nobles Son 2½ years old, I had much Reflection & great Condemnation for my Levity yesterday at Jones thawd in sun

18th Wind N E & had Misted in night & froze to the trees but give toward noon & sun Shind afternoon finished the Coffin & took it home before noon, after dinner put Bully & Wesel in Slay & went to Burial Carried the Corps in the Slay & Interd it in the old yard Tommy and Ann along, after Rode to Kitty Dorertys, & all the Childern & Bot ½ lb peper & 2 lb Shugar Ginger & 1 lb Rice 4s10 Cake & mint Stick 11¼d

19th Wind S.W. and thawd prety much Done for the Sleighing, put a gideing tongue in the Wagon till noon, & Mended Morris’s pump, afternoon at Alley Roberts to talk with him about the poor house Business, & Sundries home before dark, Spent 6 Cents to day Master pd 18..10 Cents board

20th. Wind S W & over Cast at times, but warm Roads very Sloppy, off to town Bout nails 54 Cents Sprigin awls 15 Cents, Stuff for Breaches 2..96 Cents Elliots 70 Cents ferry 4 Cents pike 3 Cents Calld at Warders detaind me much, with him at Lawyer Holloways home about 7 OC–

21st. Wind N W & has froze prety hard Sun got up very fine but got over Cast soon & all day, at Meeting, Silent Good Meeting for me, afternoon alittle while at Morris’s Jont. Jones Sent for me to Yerkus’s Stayd till 7 or 8 OC- Ecrod & him Conversation on different Subject, no Politiks of Course no quarrel Consider both inteligeate intelligent men, I Some what deprest at my worldly Concerns and on my Everlasting prospects, I hopeing and omission & our Saviour, Jesus Christ that I may Reform

22nd Wind S.W & raind in Morn & froze Slippery gooing; it thawd & Sun Shin’d out fine Evening went with Judg Jones & Jont Jones in the Judges Carriage to Stadlemans on a writ of petition or valuation on Lewis Thomas’s deceased Est 55 acres Valued it at 56 dollars per acre, back & up in the carriage to Jont Jones Sup their B. Brooke J. Hughes Judge & wife & Self Spent a very agreeable Evening I walk home about 8 OC- doct Hydrick here pint brandy 25 Cents

December the 23rd 1806 Wind S W & warm giving day help Lippens to Scald his hogs alittle while, Peter Rittenhouse here all day drawing out accts of his Brother Isaac for what time he had keep School here had been 4 Monts. down with him to Yerkus he treated Jarvis & Me to 2 Glass. So I home

24 Wind S W & fine warm day off to Torberts vandue Stopt at Curwens & dined then up to Vendue the place went to 3650L & Torbert bid it in at 3800L he gave 2600L perhaps 3 years agoo illegible he has put up a piaza & improvd the Land &c Some great advance on Real Est. Spent 4 qts &c 28 Cents So home–

25 Wind S W & over Cast in Morn the Sun Shind about noon very warm Seen a boy bearfooted on the Ridge & one without Stockings on york road, Yerkus & I off to See Nathan B Bylieu asembleman assemblyman about the poor house fed & Eat dinner at Moors Tavern on york road 10 qts oats 2s6 two dinners 3s9. Glass of Gin & bear 2s10½ & 3 Cakes 2½ Cents, total 8s3 then off to his Mothers She not at home, off to Bylious he Behavd very well gave us a drink & off to Jinkentown McColleys 6 qts oats 1s6 two Glass Gin 1s10½ horsler 5½ two turnpike gates 5 Cents ferry 11¼d total 5s1 Yerkus Spent ferry & boys 1s4½ So the hole Expences to day is 14s8½– Returnd about 9 OC Road 35 Miles at Least

26th Wind S W & over Cast & several Showers Like April, I am prety Stiff from Riding potering about but too wet to do much at Yerkus & Spent 5½ to day Evening Jacob Morris & I walk to Rees Prices warm Mudy roads begun to blough about 9 OC West

27th Wind N W & froze perhaps bear a hog not more, but not Cold avery fine day from about noon, Michal put poney in the plow & I & him plowd a peice 10 feet Wide& 40 Long in the yard, for to put applepummeys on, he geard up poney in Cart & fetch a large Load from Mothers & Spread them over it then Harrow’d them well & Coverd them with Ceader Brush & I hope they may Grow, I off to Rees Price’s & wrote a Codicil to his will Leaveing his Son Tommy the Lot that Ruth Thomson holds, he has been Long at me, for he thought it was not Equal Isaac had too much I dined their he Rees Went up for Yerkus & he & I Witnessd it, & Yerkus Witnessed his other Codicil made in Spring he Acknowledge his hand & Seal, decleared it as a Codicil to his Will & Yerkus home, & potterd about till night whet hand saw Righter Prest me to goo, to Yerkus, he wanted some talk with me; he treated to glass & I Spent 12½ Cents

28th Wind S W. & Sun Shind ariseing but Cloudyed up & Raind Soon in Morn & was wet till Evening I not very well, not at Meeting, Reading all day J Morris here & S Jarvis all day nearly, begun to blow up about 10 OC– Cold

29th Wind N W & Froze hard nearly bore a loaded wagon, Peter Rittenhouse, along with him to Collect his Brothers School money Dined at G Grows, home about 8 OClock

December 30th 1806 Wind N W & most perditious Cold bore a Cord of wood I veryly beleive, If been snow on the ground been much the Coldest night this Season I have a Notion that it has Froze Equal to any this fall, Recd. a letter from Bensil Last Evening respecting a debt Jarvis owd him, Recd one from John Dickenson by Young Logan offering to Sell his Place for 25L per acre, & if David Roberts would make it as Public as we can that is his Price at Jacob Morris’s to Show Dickenson Letter, after noon he & I at D. Roberts to Consult with him, J. Morris would willingly take all on this Sid. Darby road viz East to road, Drank tea at D. R. & some whis at Jane Walters D.R. & J M along, John Righter paid me $3..50 Cents Ballance for his father in laws McFees Coffin & taken to Middletown

31st Wind N W & very Cold, froze very hard about home all day till noon then at Hestons & Supplees to try to sell Jane Walters wood, meet John & Able Thomas & Isaac Roberts gooing to hunt abuck that was Seen in Thomas Georges woods I went alittle way then off at Stadlemans to Get old Evans to make me apair Breeches, it was So Cold as I Came up the road, I thought I had hardly Ever felt it much keener– Spent at Stadm. 1s4½ at Hestons 5½d