Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 1805 Wind S W Large white frost Over Cast no thaw Cold, had rost turky Titus & S. Jarvis dined with us Cider & 2 mugs of bear all the Drinkable Liquid illegible work in house till noon John Geiger’s father here Several others here so I did not Get out till omission; Evening at Yerkus, he framing 3 frams to board Ice house, to keep Ice from walls home to Lost 1s10½ out my pocket Cant tell how wrote warning for Lippens neglected Giving it him wind near South & begun to Snow about 8 OC- I prophecyed rain, but the wind must Got round, & Snowd till morning very Could cold

January 2nd. 1804 1805 Wind N W & Cleard off the Snow about 8 Inches deep Lite & dry Snow the deepest this Winter being a Study steady hard frost Ever since the 9th December at work in new house & Got up the Slay Got a Cart tire of Loyd Jones weighing 21 lb neat & Got Ellis to Splice it to the old Iron so Shod one Sd. of the Slay Could not Get the Gears hunted up in time So went ahorse back to Gibson Jones Vendue, Saml Gibson & Wm Hill Admrs. I bought Churn 32 s- 4 pair of 15 Light Shetters at 6s3 per 25s- Gross home about Dusk, at Yerkus a While Spent not

3rd Wind N.W. Cold tho Give a little to day, Got up Bully & Set off Widow Goodmans in order to be her Bail for Letter of Adminstration But Miller Sent word he Could not Goo I Back at Widow wrote warnings for 3 of her Tennants, Geard up Slay Yerkus 1 horse I Bully took fanny, Lippens & wife Yerkes & Self 5 of us & went to Gibson Jones vandue Bout. not, home Evening tore off one Side of the Shoeing on Slay

4th Wind N W been a Snow Shower about mid night & blue up most Tremendouse Cold up about 1 O’C– hung about till day Archey Geard up Slay & went for Sister Rebecca, & Polly her & I Sett off to market Molley had 4 Turkeys Got 7s6 for one 5s7½ for the rest Cold beyond bareing allmost

January 4th- 1805

a most wonderfull Cold I have not felt any thing Like it This Winter 1 Gallon Oyl 10s- Sprigs 3s9 Chalk line 8d, 12 fish 2s9½ Reckening 8s5 horsler 1s4½ ferry 20 Cents passd over the new permenent bridge Grand peice of workmanship, Gave Mary 3 Dollars 10 Cents, Home about sun Set, very Cold but Stod stood it home without Stoping the wind not so high as morn Polly, Molly and Mary are the same person, JP’s wife. In margin: “Delevar froze up the Succeeding night viz 5 was fast”

5th Wind N W Sharp Morn been Light Shower in night Got the Shoeing on the Slay fore noon after Yerkes Self in Slay up to Warn Banderman & Walter Amos to Move, up to Esqr Curwen to be quallifyd as Assistant Assessor back about 7 OC Spent 5½d So; drank tea with Curwen Moses back Last Night been away Ever since Christmas

6th Wind N W Clear & very Cold, at home till noon Jarvis Dined here on apeice Rost beef Cosin H Price sent us, Jarvis & I at Yerkus Spent 11¼ Hannah & Sarah Price Spent the afternoon interlined: “fine Slaying boys took Fanny & Childer(n) as far as Michals & Polly Deans”

7th Wind S.E & not so Cold begun to rain before night & frez agreat sleit, prety fine in morn I at Mothers & Showing Disbury where to Chop wood, at Yerkus a little while Hagy & wife Jon Robeson & wife in Slays their

January 8th 1805

Wind W. & avery fine day but great Sleite on Snow & trees very Slippery walking, Set off about 10 OC- Set off & meet Conrad Goodmans widow at Buck Jont. Miller her & I Sett off to Norris town, She took a letter of admsr. out Miller & I went her Bondsmen, Cost $3..29 Cents, Dined their Miller paid his 5s1- She paid herself & mine 7s6, at ferry I paid 25 Cent for self & 12½ for her Miller pd his own 25 C- & 12½ for her, him & I Got pint wine 3s9 I paid 25 Cents So Down to Torrences Miller treated Glass Gin 11¼ So home about dark, very remarkable fine day thawd more than it has this 3 or 4 weeks, tho So fine in Sun out the wind tho I seen the pipes of Ice hanging to the trees as we Came home & wagons driveing through Norris town the Sd. faceing Sun & most all thawd & North Sd. froze or all Glassd with Ice on their Covers, Cloudy at Sun Seting & begun to Snow & Sleet by 10 OC- at night then to rain in margin: “Billy Tunis here Makeing Big John a Jacket–“

9th Wind E & heavy rain in night & till near noon, wind Got near W. tho not Cleard off, nomber Slayds Gooin home from Market very Sloppy much water in Some places I Laying out Stairs &c all day, alittle while at Yerkus Spent 5½ fetch an order for veiw view of a bridge at John Righters paid 2 reversed dollar sign which I desired him to Give me Cr for

January 9th 1805

after night I think the wind Got about W & Came on a smart rain, I Shur thought it Clear now But I beleive I It hardly Stopt, but keep on till it Got to East & raind all night I think, or when I woke it was at it

10th Wind N.E & raining but very soon hail with it, & very soon to Snow & hail, So it keep on all day Snow violent fast Some time after with all hail, at this Moment whilst writeing very fast 8 OC– been hanging the door new house put Lock Latch &c &c. & Layd out other work for boys, Moses begun to Go to School

11th Wind N W & prety Cold froze hard & the hail 6 or 7 I. deep & so beat together that it would bair a man. at Yerkus’s him & I begun a Sled I did not doo much at it. Yerkus Runners & wood, I tryd up the Studs Jarvis was their very Cleaver very Bad Gooing such a Crust on the Snow

12th Wind S.W. & avery fineday Felix here & him & I went in Orchard woods & Chopt wood Till noon Arch halld Poney Could Scarctly work the Empty Cart afternoon Meet the Society at Yerkus he finished his Sled & halld one Load

January 13th 1805 Wind S. & very Smokey & been alittle Snow & alittle mist in Morn, wind Got to West about noon & Cleard off prety Cold, at Meeting afternoon Jacob Morris in Slay & him Yerkus & Self Rode up to Lainhoof, Got 2 G- Gin So back to Jacob Morris, then Sent the Sleigh for Mary, & So Spent the afternoon after Dark Jont Jones in Judges Sleigh to See If I would goo to Morrow with him to morrow repeated to Cleavers Got up Morris Sleigh & Rode home with Jnt. Jones Stayd but alittle While, so down to J M & fetch Mary & Child home in margin: “Seen a nomber of Robbins Chirping in Yerkus orchard”

14 Wind N W & Clear & Cold. Jones Sent his horses down interlined: “put them in my Slay” & so off with him to Judge Jones we then Dine their then off to Eliot & Cleavers Jonathan went to pay him for Lime then to John Eliots king from Prusha & Staid all night had agreat time hole Gunt jaunt Cost me 15s- he Treated to Supper & Breakfast, Col Henderson & Eliot Judg & Jont. Jones playd till 2 or 3 OC in morn bad habbit Eat illegible in margin: “Rosted an Ox on the River hole (whole) today is Said”

15th Wind S.E. & snowing Smartly & keep at it till afternoon Left Elliots about about repeated 10 OC arivd at Judge’s about 12 OC Stayd & Dined, then off Jont. Come home with Me & then took my Sleigh with him home

January 16th. 1805 Wind E in morn after S E over Cast all day in Evening Sun Shun out, helpt Yerkus to repair the Ice house, Zell & Morris begun to hall Zell 4 Loads & Morris 4, Arch help to brake, I help to Cut & Get it out, It is Viz the Ice is 13 I. thick Solid fine Ice I drove the horses & Carts on & turnd Loaded them oak wood 8 & 9 Dollars a Cord Hickerry 11 to 12 Dollars at Mothers in Evening, alittle while So home

17th Wind W. but Cloudy yet, Cleard off before noon very fine thawd off houses much to day and all night have not had Such afine warm day this 6 or 7 week perhaps wind South, helping take out Ice till noon after about Ice house &c Zell team 7 Loads Morris s 7 do. Able Thomas 5 Small Cart Loads without sd. boards, I on Gray bearback’d & road to Jont Jones to Look for Sleigh, & Borrowd 2 Book on Jackcomism Jacobinism Jont Gone to Elliots with the Sleigh Nancy & Nancaro her Sister, had aperternity a paternity conference with Witeman about his daughter, that had a Molatto Child, advised him to be Calm & Reprove moderately & Reclame by reasonable means, & not to take it to hart So much in margin: “total Loads Ice 31 perhaps 1200 cubical feet”

18 Wind S. & begun to rain about day wasted the Snow much, Evening wind N W & Cleard off. Yerkus Got Poney & Sleigh, & Saltbag & Andrew went to her Fathers Polly Saltbag’s tho raind very fast at work in new house most of of repeated day Zell halld 2 Load Ice Thomas 2 Load

January 19th 1805 Wind N W & very Cold & freezing hard not quite bare a Cord of wood, but would in Evening, froze so hard all day wind prety high Snow Shower from W. begun before I went to bed about 11 OC- I dare say 1 Inch deep If it had not drifted soo, Nomber Sleighs runing from Market good Slaying again at work at new house begun the Garret Stairs, & help John Giger with his Mantle to Goo up Stairs, at Yerkus’s Spent 11d with Doct. Eaton & Jarvis & J,. Morris; Gave Tommy 5 Dollars to pay Polly Dean Grocerys he returnd with her acct. 2L 6s9d So not money anough Ballance due her 9s3 It is amaising what one’s Grocery Bill will amount in a year If one Could keep a Count for If you only omit paying for alittle while how it runs up this bill begun the 7 of Sept, & I dare Say the we have pd her more Cash then than the above & bought more in town than the amount of her acct. Since the time had Cr their say 20 Dollars for 4 months would be 60 a yr But I am very Clear it must amount to 100 D, for Lukcerys that we ought not teach, for I well remember the time when we Livd on milk &c, at Fathers we used not Drink tea &c nor I never used to breakfasted on such Slip Slop till I was at Amos George’s I forget the year & I was so faint before dinner that my knees knok

January 20th 1805 wind S E & more mild Red to Sun Set rise & over Cast begun to Snow about 9 OC- & Continued thill till about 2 OC then wind to West & Seemd to brake off, Yerkus & Wife & I to town to old Jos. Ogden Burial 84 years old but they had Come Gone or Started we put up at Tumblesons 8 qt oats & a Glass of Gin, Left town about 4 OC went with Bully & Yerkus’s mare in 50 Minutes, home about dusk Snow Gaind near 2 Inches, Polly or Widow Roberts widow of Thomas Roberts, nee Cochron A Zell & B Tunis fetch her here in Slay She Stayd all night they had overturnd her in Slay 11 OC- at night wind South. & & repeated Snowing prety fast & very Still Spent 47½ Cent

21 Wind N E Snowing very much Geard up yerkes mare & Bully & took Mary Roberts to her Father T. Cochron Seem to brake off alittle I Seen the Sun we back by 12 OC- begun to Snow & blow very much Driffed drifted Greatly Broke off & Star Light at omission blue hard about 12 I, deep & a most Perditious Stormmy afternoon & very Could cold in Evening 1 qt whis & pint bear 26 Cents

January 22nd 1805 Wind N W & very Cold the pump froze so hard had to Get Iron bar to breake it, it has not been so froze up this winter theirfore it appears to be the Coldest night this winter, & the laines Laying E and W impassable nearly with the drifting as the high as the fences did not turn out till 12 OC- at Yerkes Got Stays put to the Sleigh, after dinner put the black Colt & poney in Sleigh Yerkes Lippens & Self drove then to Stadlemans back & drove up to Widow Warners Spent 1s10½ back & Calld at Lainhoofs John Evans along & paid for that, at Yerkes Got 4 qts Mulld Cider 5s7 & 2 Glasses I had before we went Viz one before we at Went to Stadlemans & one before we went to Widows, all at Yerkes very Cold day, our Road not much broke pike nicely broke, the Colt behaved very fine So much Incouraged that I intend to keep her at it Lippens Got on her & She road well

23rd Wind N W. prety Sharp Morn but about noon wind Got S W & warmer thawd alittle in town Polly Roberts Came on horseback from her Fathers, & I Got Yerkus Mare Geard up her & Bully in Sleigh & took her to town Lippens, Ann & George a great treat for them, She Treated them & us very Libberal Gave me 7s6, I Bought overhalls 32s6 Yerkus home with us he down with Jarvis

January 24th 1805 Wind S.W. Like for a pleasant day, put the Colt & Poney in Sleigh I rode to Mothers Yerkus drove them to Bevans woods to Buy Some wood then back put Jont. Walters horse dick & Bully in Sleigh & took Jane Walter JP’s sister Jane Price & 2 Sons brother John’s widow & sons & my wife to Saml. Gibsons, went to forks of Road & ba the by roads not Passable they all advise Dined their, Left their about Sun Set Came by or in the pike at McElvains So home took the 2 Janes to Mothers & fetch Walters horse back Spent 5½ & paid Gibson 13s6 for Amos Ellis a Grind Stone he Bout. at Gibson Jones Vendue but 2s3 Left of all my Money (Bout George Boots 6s1½- Glass for Clock 6s- for horses yesterday 3s9 Drank Coffee with Widow Roberts yesterday Lamps Lit before we Left town) over Cast in Viz today Evening & begun to rain before we went to bed it thawd more today than it has perhaps this 3 or 4 weeks Except one night with rain in margin: “S. Gibson Jane(‘s) 2 boys & me walkd over the Ice opposite Gibsons to See that mos(s) was surrounded by Buttenwood they (the) water fetch the Seeds & they Grew their they say”

25th Wind South up about 5 OC raining & droping off the house all night this will Stike up Sleighing & so very foggy I think would not See a man at 200 yd put poney & Colt in Sleigh Yerkus along In Order to take Jane Walter home & brake the Colt but it was meeting day so She would not goo Yerkus & I rode to Willy Moors to Get him Cut wood back by widow Goodmans, & down the old Road. J Righter & G. Grow waiting for me to begin to assess, we at it, dinner &c 3s9 So Earnt 7s6 & made a saving of 3s9 we are allowd one dollar per day

January 25th. 1805

we sat at Yerkus it raind Smart in Morn & Continued till about noon thawing very much rather till night tho it Cleard off in Evening wind west but very Calm all the Last Snow Gone down to the Ice & hale

26th Wind N.W & very Calm froze but very Little very Slippery hardly any giving, but Givd so much before night that the Ice in roads Got So Soft as Snow almost, Several Sleighs at Yerkus in Evening, Say they drag in some places, Righter, Grow & I meet about 10, O’C- at Yerkus’s Stuck Close all day finished about Sun Set, Got over Cast in Evening & by 8 O’C begun to Snow very wet, Dinner &c 3s9 per peice our total Expences for 2 days 22s6

27th Wind N. & Snowing yet it is about 6 I. deep & the trees So Loaded that they Can Scarsly bare the burthen, one barreck head broke down with the Burthen; being first day at home Jarvis hear to dinner walk to Yerkus s with him & old Morris, B Tunis their Spent not it Snowing all day– wet heavy Snow pack tite, very Calm no wind not much reading all day the Jackolins of France I dare say the Snow near 12 I. deep, this the 25 or 26 Snow that I have noted Since the 26 of October & I dare say I have mist Some Light Showers, Their is not been Such a Close hard winter Since 1780, it has been a Cold winter time Ever since the 9 of December, the Sheep and fouls &c &c depend on the barn, I dare say the Sheep has not been to Look for any grass this 3 or 4 weeks

January 28th 1805 Wind N by E and Snowing as fast as yesterday hard at it indeed, Wind perty pretty high Colder than yesterday no thaw, Seen the Sun about 12 OC- but Snowd on till about 4 OC the Sun Shind out at Seting & abaited Snowing been at it near 48 hours It Drifted much to day Lanes full, dreadfull to See so much I measurd in Several places but not in woods it drove up so that hard to Determin the depth but think it is 15 or 16 Inches on a level, very Calm 7 OC. P M & very black Cloud to West more Snow or a burst of wind it will not Clear to Stand so Calm– work some in new house after dinner reading feeding Sheep hens &c & at Yerkus’s Spent not

29 Wind N W. Sun Shined very fine at Geting up, but soon went to bed, over Cast I thought snow Shower but now Came as I Seen in Evening black Clouds & blue a hurrican almost, it was prety Cold all day at work at Stairs &c Levering here for poor tax I not in blast Morris & Jarvis took me from work I down with to Morris’s all the town out of wood, Some little traveling & one Sleigh runing not a track yesterday–

30th Wind N W. but fell Calm almost, a Cold Night but avery fine day Seen blue birds they Chirping very Lively, & a Robin near the barn I wonder If they think winter is over I fear they miss it for the Rrobins robins tryd it 2 weeks agoo afternoon in Slay wife & 4 Childern at

January 30th 1805

at repeated David Roberts Left them their Natn. Lewis, in Sleigh at Jont Jones & at buck took my ax to Hoskins to be Steald the Lanes so full we Could not Get to Jont. Walters, So went to David Roberts

31st Wind. S W & very fine day Titus I Lent my Gray horse & & repeated Slay & he & wife went to See his wife Mother above Jinken Town he Alows 48 Miles Gooing & Coming, at work house till noon Evening took horse, & went to See Drake & Jont. Jones, Sup with him So home in margin: “Titus Says 50 hands Clearing road above the Rising Sun (at York road never) heard of the Like in this part of the Country”

February 1st Wind S W & fine day geard up poney & the Colt & went to Lakes his wife dead & was to be Buried in town to day, went up with Ann & George for Jont. Jones, he along Left Childern at Mother May we Down to funeral house they Stayd so Long we Set off & Calld to See Hannah Williams at E Georges then round the turn pike up to J Jones Dined their then him & I to Elliots, back to Miller Drank 1 Glass Toddy, I am to pay, then Down the old road, Got badly myerd not been a track from Millers the Buck to John Goodman place Since the snow fell tho it quit aweek agoo, a little horse track from Lainhoofs to Colberts

Frebruary February 2nd 1805 Wind N W & blue up Cold in night & froze hard Jones down in my Sleigh his horses (he took it up Last night) & off we went to town, I Got 42.64 of Wickof & of Watmough 47.89 Cents bouth drakes orders, Bout 3¼ yd nap Cloth for setout surtout 53s9- nails 3 lb 3s9 Gimblets 3s9 tea 1lb 11s3 2 lb Coffee 5s- 3lb 10 py.penny Sugar 2s6 at Elliots 3s9- Dined at John Wisters he & wife very Cleaver & Very Easy in their adress She very Cleaver indeed, out to Hestons Number their Wayn Atley Eliot Morgan & Morgan J Jones we Got in a foolish Excess of Drinking Madaria I Got very foolish for Little Set me so & Cannot Stand bumpers & to mend the matter must Goo to Yerkus & Expose myself their was Thomas Mey their repeated O the remors of Concious conscience What I did Suffer in mind & boddy, the Lord protect me from Such Debauchary or rather Excess, it is so Scandilous that I hope never Get in it again– in margin: “paid Richard Roberts 9 dollars Shorts &c” “Shorts” are a by-product of wheat milling, e.g. bran etc.

3rd Wind N.W. & very Cold being first day at home J Jones & Eliot Morgan &c &c their & Sent for me, I drank alittle brandy with them O I very unwell & So Ashamed of my self that I Could Run away & hide myself in margin: ” Little Snow to day”

4 February 1805 Wind N W & a very Cold day, I Somewhat Better to day, George Grow here with the Assestment assessment book we had made Some misstakes, Titus & J Morris up to Hendersons Hughes, Roberts &c to Get them to Come & vew Righters Creek for abridge, and been alittle Shower of Snow Last night & a light Shower and to day– I at work alittle in new house, but so Cold that the boys think it was Cold as any day, I Spent 5½ at Yerkus, very Little Traveling, Except a few wood teams & not above 4 or 5 on our Road, 12 dolrs 50 C. for hickory it has Snowd 29 or 30 times this winter

5th Wind N.W. & a very Cold morning Geard up Bully & Yerkes Mare in Sleigh & Titus Jont. Jones & I off to Jos. Pauls Burial of at Spring Mill, went by Robeson & Youngs & up Schuylkill & Crosst over on the Ice Slay & horses oposit Spring Mill I dare Say it would bare Cord of wood I think this is the 3 time it Shet been illegible up their this Winter, & has never drove out at the ferry, it all Lays Jamb up below Spring & above the falls accompanied the Corps to Plymouth Meeting Jones Hagy & Self Come to Hitners Tavern & fed our horses one Glass Gin I Spent 11¼ Dined at the funeral house So home fetch Jones down to J Morris’s then took him back, we made no Stay but home– Cold day– in margin: “The old man they Say was 79 years old or about”

February 6th. 1805 Wind S.W and a very fine day white frost in Morn, Sun Shind Out very fine & thawd agood much, about the new house till noon then put Bully & Morris s Sleigh & his horse, He & his Wife & I & Wife & Jacob Hoffmans wife went to Enoch Jones, Drank tea their J Morris & I went & drank a Glass Gin with Mother Leech I paid 11¼. So back home Yerkus Got Poney & my Sleigh & went to to repeated town to Buy, for Jury & Society Cloudy in Evening went by Supplees Mill

7th Wind East, & has haild & Snowd perhaps 1 or 2 I. But now Raining & very fast much fell till noon, then Broke off tho not Cleard up, about 10 OC Begun a Coffin for Old Fredreck Grow died very Sudden drop down dead at the door he was 82 yrs Old, Been here 44 or 45 yers years Bout his first purchase in 1760 for 2L 16s- per Acre I dare Say it now fetch 60 Dollars per perhaps more, & he has made a good deal of Money their he was awell Read German Left 4 sons & one Girl, he had when he begun but had 50L & Recken he has Left his Childern property worth 10 or 1200L apeice. all that the Cash that Gets in their hands is Struck out of Surcilation all most, for they do their own Smith work wheelwright Do Live to themselves

Feby. 8th 1805 Wind S W & foggy in morn Cleard fine warm then over Cast before night Looks like Snow think Snow Shower & blow off Borrowd J M. Wagon poney & Bully & took the Coffin up & Buryed him at dutch Church. Sent the wagon home by Gigur & Got in Stadlemans wagon & went to Grows to Dine very heavy gooing for wagons the Snow brakes through & very deep yet number Sleighs their Stadleman fetch me back in his carrage, so Ended Daddy Grow, he Stood plum in Society & from Information died a Christain Christian— which may be the fate & Character of all pray I–

9th Wind W by N & prety Cold froze prety hard, thawd Some in Midday, took horse & rode up to Jarvis about Sibley’s Rye Davis tharshing thrashing but half done, back & afternoon Meet the Society & had adinner their 13 Members Meet very good dinner Oysters fish &c &c Cost one dollar 87½ Cents per man, & 20 cents I Paid for oats so total 2..7½ Cents, Mary & Childern up to Colberts in Sleigh Tommy took the Sleigh & fetch Drake Over, we broke up about 8 OC & took Jont Jones & Drake in my Sleigh home Stayd & supt at J. Jones then took Drake home his wife a young daughter Last Evening. Tom & I Got home 11 O Clock

February 10th 1805 Wind S.W fine at Sun rise but Got over Cast not so pleasant thawd Some, Titus & I Geard his mare & Bullyrock in Sleigh & took Colonl. Johnson home, he haveing Stayd all night, he one of Society, went by Alley Roberts, his wife brought to bed Yesterday prevented him attending the Society. This has far Serpassd any winter I have Ever remembered for Snow & Studdy Sleighing & think it Set in the 9 Decr. I think their was Some Colder days in 1780 & roads keep good no thaw perhaps 3 or 4 wheeks weeks but not so much Snow nor Lasted So Long afternoon, at Yerkus awhile Spent 5½ back to tea number Sleighs Passing & repassing– paid J Rowlin $5..75 Cents County tax & 80 cents for Brot Edwards Est. & paid him $8 wages I owd his daughter Peggy– total 14:55 and half Eagle Gave my wife, I am Miserable poor for Cash offen So poor I Cannot pay my Just debts, which much Distress’s me Most over Comes me Read two or 3 Chapters in Bible so to bed JP’s designation of dollars and cents varies but the meaning is usually clear.

11th Wind S by W & avery fine day, Geard up the Sled & took Jarvis fann for winnowing, Cleand 15 B Rye at Sibley then took it to Lee Smith he agreed to Give 10s- per B. but must Make at 60 lb, it weighed 48 so held out but 12 Bushels– Spent 5½

February 12th 1805 Wind S W. & very fine morn froze but very Little up Soon makeing Coffin for Enoch Davis finished it & Set off about 11 OC- to meet at one; I unscrewd & put him in, & Set off to Esqr Youngs, Got a warrent out for Widow Sibley against her Negro, the funeral people waiting for me, Screwd him up & Set off in haste, interd him in the old yd near the Mulberry tree, wind N W. towards noon, & Cool air but Clear & Snow run much, had Morris’s Wagon, very Bad Gooing– Spent at Yerkus 12½ Cents with J. Jones Hagy Young Righter &c &c So Ended the the days funeral of old Enoch in a Good old age about 82 tho he had been an intemperat man but his Porverty poverty added to Long Givity George Grow Commonly Called Crow Rode with me in wagon, the hooks of the Seat bouth Broke off & I had to Set on the fore End, the Old Surperstitious superstitious would think this abad omiom omen, but this age has almost Got over those Superstitious notions, Seen plenty Robbins yester & to day

February 13th 1805 Wind S & avery butifull morn about the new house till noon & Cleaning the Last of my Rye 7 Bushels & 6 I had before Is all my Crop & that very Light had perhaps 60 Do. & had but 13 B. it was in new orchard, but I Suppose the hens Eat half of it from first till Last afternoon alittle hale & 2 or 3 little Scuds of rain at Old widow Sibleys about her negro at Jarvis, So home Spent 11¼ Little Joseph the Young Son put his finger in the Candle & Burnt it till it Caused a great blister Child is 6 months old.

14th Wind S & Raind alittle in night, Got very foggy, & Got to rain hard Several smart Showers, More than we had this Good while the Snow & rain made a great flood– afternoon wind Got West & blue heavy tho keep Cloudy till about Sun Set, the Sun Shun out Butifull & Wind fell Jarvis & man here Spent 11¼ to treat Grean, afternight blue hard & froze hard

15th Wind N.W. & prety Cold, Schuylkill broke up & Drove as far as Peter’s Island & broke a illegible through at the new Bridge & took the old one off, but Most of the Ice Lay from the falls, Downwards did not much damage took Morris’s Cabbin off but not hurt his fence

February 15

Savage the Constable Came Down & took Sibleys Negro, for threatening to kill the old woman Esqr Young promis’d to Come but did not I Stayd all the afternoon waiting for him. Sent the Constable Set off with the negro to Sibleys Spent not, paid the Constable for Wm Fulerton one Dollar Militia fines, Old Evans keeping it up drinking all the week at Yerkus’s Cold Evening & hard frezing work in new house till noon then at Yerkes–

16th Wind N W & a very Cold Morning & froze very hard, the pump So froze as to fly out of the top, Got up my horse & went to Widow Sibleys, Meet Esqr Young & Hagy & Savage the Constable, She Sold her Right to the negro boy to Hagy for 20 Dollars & he pay Constable a dollar dined at Jarvis’s then he down to Yerkes Spent 11¼ So home, it is avery Cold day thawd none, the feilds has Got very bare but Lains very full my Sheep Got ataste of Grass & Stayd away all night Black Ewe Got 2 Lambs to Day one black the other White, Jacob Morris’ black Ewe Got 3 two white one black the same Ewe 2 yrs. agoo had 4

February 17th. 1805 Wind N.W. & Cold Clear thawd but very little pump nossel froze up flue out at top, being first day at Meeting, afternoon at Yerkus J. Morris along Spent 5½, the Sheep out Got their nose to Ground found them in Widows feild, Viz 3 Missing, Schuylkill Sticks fast below the falls, it will be Strong again If it keeps So Cold– Jacob Zell took his wife back been parted 2 yrs. perhaps, She Bowman Old Evans very Sick to day he keep it up all Last week Brandy Brandy O Though Thou Destroyer of Man What a pitty thou was Ever invented for the Destruction of Man, Lord protect me from the Excessive Use of it, Lord I pray thee protect my Little one’s from this Abominable Evil & Everything that is any wise Contrary to will, O Lord Enable me to be Examplary before them, & so Order that I may bring them up in the paths of Religion & Virtue that they may Glorify thy Great Mame Name

18th Wind N W & Cold Air Stay Cold in morn tho thawd Some in Mid day, Clear healthy wether, at work Some in new house before noon whent to Look for the 3 Ews that did not Come found in my back feild at Mothers a while, Mother prety Stout about 74 yrs old back to Dinner afternoon puting a Rail round the Garret Stairs Evening at Yerkus he been to town in Chair Got the news papers, Spent not, so home

February 19th 1805 Wind S.W. and Moderated Much Clear & fine till noon then Over Cast. Warmer out a doors than in the new house without firer work in new house all day alittle, fitted in 2 front Shetters, Guyger finish’d A Tunis falling table begun yesterday at noon & Tom been a day at it before J Morris & I at Yerkus, Spent 5½d So Ended this Day Evening Wind S.W & snowd Smartly I beleive this is the 30th Snow we have had of all Sorts not Shure perhaps 29 but those Notes will Show, Moses at School yet Flint had Poney to hall wood-

20th Wind S W. & Cloudy a While then Sun Shind very fine thawd agood deal, Evening over Cast again; I at work in New house hung 2 pair Shetters & Cut Shelvs for old Toms Cupboard Spent 5½ to Day for bear, John Evans here making me a Surtout, halld alittle wood–

21st Wind N W all day & Clear fine day thawd in the Sun, hung the & Lined the back Door & Sundries about home all day, young Ewe Got a Lamb, at J Morris Looking 3 Sheep but when I Got home they had Got before mee me, wood Sells high yet, at 8 Do. Oak hickory 12 Dollars wind high in Evening N W & Got Colder

February 22nd 1805 Wind N W & froze hard prety Sharp Morn, Davis here to Get me to Clean the rye at Sibleys, at Morris for bags Got none, home & Breakfasted & Sent Arch & Tommy, to Sibleys to help to Cleane Borrow 6 Bags of Rees Price, I off their on Bulley Cleand the Rye 21 B. & near 1 Cleaning, Dined at Jarvis on Crout & Spect, he Dronk drunk in bed, Borrowd his Oxen & took the Rye to Lee Smith– Sold 17 Bushels & peck Made by weight 15 Bushels the old widow Sibley Got 3 B½ & near peck total to pay for thrashing 21 Bushels, the Rye Light this year weighed 52 lb Bare, Lee paid me for 27 B. at 10s–13L 10 & I owd him for 100 lb wheatflower 40s3½ I Back with Rees Price’s Bags Drank some tea & Whiskey So home about Dusk So Spent this day in the Service of Sibleys Est. because I was so weak as to Admrs. on the Est– Spent not to day a novelty they will Say–the Delevar Delaware a driveing I Price Says to day, the Ice whereing away by Degrees at ferry, their fears of the new bridge is removd on acct of Ice, Some so timed timid as to Get insurd at 2½ per Cent

February 23rd 1805 Wind S & over Cast, Cold & Disagreeable about new house till noon then took horse & went to See Bevans woods he has Sold they have Cut near 30 Acres Down, 4 or 5 of them Speccalating on it Buy from him for 2 Dors Sold for 4 hickory 4 Dol & Sell for 6 Dolrs on the Ground he a poor Stupid Creater if he had work it Right he might made 18 or 20 hundred Dolrs in stead he hires a man at 1 Dolr pr Day to oversee & he has 2 Dolrs Every Cord he Gets Cut besds. was their Ever a greater peice of fraud– It was his duty as an honest man to Make the Best for his imployer he has took one Pyot as a bailley for him, & they Say that Raschal has won at Cards or Some other Gambleing 100 Dors. & he so drunk he Could Scarcely Stand, Stupid rech wretch, & when Sober he is almost mean

24th Wind S W. prety fine day thawing Slowly. the Snow Stands it, weres wears it hard, at Meeting fore noon, after at Jont Walters, to Look for Bevan Drank tea their so home

February 25th 1805 Wind S W & fine day thawd good much in Sun but no Southerly fog to work it off the Delaware Drives up & down, not Clear for Shippin, Ice in Schuylkill has wore away & Gone off very quiet, without damage Great fears for the new bridge many got Inshured, geard up Bully & poney & halld 2 Loads wood from far woods, after at work at new house

26th Wind S W, Flint Clearing a peice in Orchard, I at Morris s hanging his Celler door afternoon at Lakes vandue, Bout 2 hores horse Currey Come comb &c 3s6, Wm. Warner Lent me 9d to pay for them I told him perhaps I Should never pay him If it might fall in way to illegible him Spent 11d. at Stadlemans Hagy Bout alittle Canada horse of Stadleman With his Gears at 76 Dolrs mear poney big price I think black Ewe 2 Lambs one black the other white She would not owne black one So it died

27 Wind N.E. white frost & over Cast, begun the Celler Stairs, and begun Rais’d one Step Giger at them, afternoon with Little John, all round Rees Price feild & at the house Drank tea their hunting a Ewe that went off first day they purchased a Large bay horse with Baw? face Crooked Legs of one Singer at Gulph 115 dollars, Say very good worker

February 27th 1805

Wind E. & raind & Snowd after night Arch Braking flax all day over fire not much thaw to day, Spent 5½ & paid Savage Constable one dollar 6 Cents Moses’s Militia fines for one day, he attended all the rest

28th Wind N E & Snow ½ Inch deep Coverd the Ground; over Cast & Rain & unpleasant Snowd in Evening again very Little at work in New house pind up Shetters Giger finished Celler Stairs at Yerkes’s a Little while, big Ewe Bout. of Sibley Lamb out in Snow Last night or yesterday found her this Morn Lamb Stout It is wonderfull how Such a young Creater Could Stand Such a roff rough night

March the 1st. 1805 Wind N W Clear & prety hard frost up soon before day read some then out fed the Sheep & turnd them out, hanging Shetters &c till noon then Set off to Hagy’s Markley & Lewn. Llewellyn Young their, Drank Coffee, then Got into his Parlor & drank Sperrit Toddy till mid night Markley off with me, but would not Stay with me went on to town, Struck up old Young Great time

2nd Wind N.W froze prety hard. a large white frost my handsome white Ewe Got 2 Lanbs this Morn She owned one & the other She would not about all day Cuting or Sawing Cogs nothing Exstraordinary happengng happening to Day Spent 5½

March 3rd. 1805 Wind S W & very fine day after breakfast Set off to old Elix Soleys’ Burial 82 years old been blind 8 or 10 yrs. but prety Stout Came from Old England Bromaginn Birmingham, when a boy Servd his time with Jont. Humphreys Father Used to Say knew him. When aboy Stopt at buck Spent 11¼ So home to Dinner after at Morris’s he up with me & Drank tea then back with him, & Spent Evening one Mason here wanting me to Go to town with this him he wants to buy Jarvis’s place Addam Grow here to Get me to help prais his Fathers Personal Estate

4 Wind S W. Smart frost, but fine day after breakfast up to Grow apraising finish praising about Sun Set, the Old Woman throwd out 1200 Dolrs. that they had in Chest & Most Every person acquainted with them thinks they had as much more, Old Woman keep all the money in his time & I supose She Concluded to keep Some Still, She was so fraid of paper money or wan for want of faith in her fellow Creaturs, that she would not Let any on Intrest

March the 5th 1805 Wind S.W. & froze prety hard & Large white frost, but verry fine day, Set off about 10 OC to Town with Grow to take their Money to Bank, Sold 600 Old Dollars to Clem Bittle a Noterry republic & Broker for 9 Dollars Advance Viz 1½ per Cent Got a Check for it on U S. bank drew the Money, then went to Elliots & Dined; then took the 1200 Drs & Deposited it in U.S. bank in Geroge George Grows name as Admr. to Fredreck Grow; Calld to See Jarvis he rather Illnaturd & which wisht his Son dead, off Left him he is Said to be a Great Lyer, which is a most abominable thing. Depreciates aman in Eyes of Every Gentle man Bout. Sheos shoes for Ann & George at 10s- a pair for tom 10s3½ Gross Screws 6s6 at Eliots 11¼ at ferry 11¼ Grow paid for my Dinner &c about 5s- then offerd me the 3 part of 9 D or Any Share that we Got advanct but I whish not Reap where I have not Sowd so refused to receivd any thing but my Expences, home about Dark, Grow paid me for his fathers Coffin 8 Dols. in margin: “Loyd Jones here & Settled with & paid me 9s6 being in full of all Demands”

March 6th 1805 Wind S.W. fine morn wind Got to E & over Cast about noon & blue little high & black Clouds, they are very Sturing about the worffs the River Broke about the 26th. vessel up & out perhaps 28, The Ice went off So Calm for, thaw Such a quantity without any Damage to the bridge, & Likewise delaware by degrees at work at Celler Checks &c. Mary in Market had 8 Cupple fouls Sold at 5s7½ a Cupple for one pair, & 4s- 3s9 &c- Eggs 11¼ Dozen Butter 1s10½– Spent 5½ at Yerkus today Wind S by E Evening & begun to rain, raind & haild very heavy about 12 OC- & wind highh high, many of the Lains hardly Passable for snow yet

7th Wind S.W. & foggy frogs Crying & peevee Crying & Robbins Singing, Cleard off very pleasant warm day, drove my hogs to the back woods the first time this 3 months they been out, pinning up door or any Distance from the house. Set off to Widow Goodmans Vandue, Stopt at Jon Jones. Dined their on a Deleware Rock fish at Vandue awhile then at Lanehoofs and at Jones’s drank tea their, So home–

8th Wind S W Spring Like no frost, very warm about the new house till noon, then at Saw Mill & David Roberts & Widows. Yerkus along, frogs Crying Like spring Lite thunder & a very fine Shower

March the 9th 1805 Wind S.W. & very fine day, at work & about the new house till noon then meet the Society, paid 2 Dolrs. fines &c home to tea Antoney Zell Drank tea here–

10th Wind N.E. & over Cast & Prety Cool to what it was 2 or 3 day agoo, Set off for Meeting meet McColy in Chair went with him to McClenechans Dined their then back, home to tea–

11th Wind S W & raind in Morn & night after breakfast on Bully bare back to Able Thomas, to See If we Should Come to work Mosses Moses free to day all three went to work at Able I at Vandoons vandue at McClenechans place Back & Joind Yerkus for Glass Drink 5½– back to tea

12th Wind N W & froze prety hard off Soon to Able Thomas s Cut out Mantle & Back to Meeting, two woman freinds, Sary Matson & hannah Tremble Sary Gave us a prety good Serment & very Good prayer- at E. George in order to Make abill for abarn Spit Snow to day; unpleasant very Clear as I Came home

March 13th 1805 Wind N. & has Snowd till the Ground Looks white, wind N.W prety Soon & Cold, after Such warm day time as was Last week, Lent Disbury 2 Drs.35 Cents to pay for pig he bought at vendue– Smart Snow Shower about noon & 2 or 3 beside through the day, Got the widows wagon & 2 horses & halld plank from Mill to Make Cogwheel, afternoon up to Horskins Got my pitching Ax he had to Steel paid him 15d- Charge 7s6 for Ax & one on Acct Spent 5½ at Buck Calld to See J. Zell he unwell Cold Evening & wind high blue hard

14 Wind N.W. Clear & Cold froze hard Snow not all Gone out of the Lanes yet, but Can pass along very well with wagon none but a good wad in Lane between here & Mothers yet after breakfast at Able Thomas, about ¾ of day hung the front & Middle doors Dinner & Supper their, So home prety Cold the pump froz at the Nossel this Morn

March 15th. 1805 Wind S W prety fine day with Tom Soley, at Jacob Jones Meadow Bout ¼ of a stack of him, Got one Little Jag perhaps 500 lb Jont. Jones he with me at Able Thomas’s & Rebecca George’s & Drakes, then I home with him drank tea their Stayd till near 10 OC So home we walk’d all that Round, paid Titus 5s for ½ doz. files, Bout 5½ lb Beef at 2s6 So, Tom Came from Ables afternoon

16th Wind S.W & very fine day triming apple trees till noon, in Morn at Rees Prices to breakfast & Easd his front door, after at Township Meeting Elected Constable Georg Savage & Georg McClenechan Supervisors Titus Yerkes John Horn 4 Settlers Self one & I Assistant to poor Overseer of Poor Spent 25 Cents So home

17th Wind S W & very fine warm day not very well Caut Cold bones ake at Rees in morn at Jarvis’s afternoon & at Rees again Mary & the young boy their Charles Bevan & one Yarnal here all night, Bevan Married of to Lippencut near Shameney Neshaminy Crick Bucks County being first day

March 18th 1805 Wind S W & very fine warm day all Birds frogs Like Spring at and about home till noon then took Little George & went to Able Thomas, Two boys at work their Arch & Tom, at John Holgets Got 52 appletrees I home & at Yerkus with Saml Jarvis Sold his old place for 16L10s per Acre he been to town to Advertise his Stock, he very much pleasd that his Father Recd him So kindly

19th Wind S W & very warm till noon wind Got N E, with Rees Price to Look at Tommy Georgs & Stadlemans Barns, he is gooing to Build one Back, and took Washer Arch & went to pike planted 52 apple trees below the pike Joining Hollands Lot Got no Dinner, home about Sun Set 4 Plasterers bengun begun freinds house to lath

20th. Wind S W & fine day up Soon in Morn Yerkus along Hannah Tunis Antoney & Richard Tunis’s Mother died last night took her Measure Sent for the boys & Set them to make the Coffin

March 21st. 1805 Wind S.W. & raind a little Shower about Sun rise then Cleard to a very fine day, took the Coffin to Antoney Tunis’s, put the Old woman in & home to breakfast & made a roof rough Coffin & the Lid double’d with 2 Inch boards fixt it in grave, about with the Plasterer after dinner Got J Morris’s Wagon & Tom Molley & I to Burial, I Screwd her up & So Carried her down in the Wagon to Merion yd. I Bought 20 B Shorts & Yerkus 10 B. of Shorts Came from R Roberts Mill for 2s4 per B. I Paid the man half Eagle 5 Dollars to pay the rest to Morrow, Evening at R Jones Got perhaps 3 lb Lath Nails anough for them to finish Lathing, So pesterd about the house

22 Wind N. & very Cold the Morter so froz in Large heap that it bore me up Strong about with the frets, Yerkus & Lippens help me Cut down a White Oak for arms for Cog wheel, then at the Widows Settled with Ch. Lintz for 2 years Rent to the Widow he pd her 97..20 Cents being in full to the first of April 1805 back to Dinr Yerkes Mare Bully & Poney in Log Carriage & took the Log for Cogwheel to Levering Tom & Yerkus with it I to Able Thomas to See the boys Jarvis whent along back to Supper Morris s ketch 2 Shad

March 23rd 1805 Wind N & raw froze prety hard, about with the plasters till noon then up to Roremans vendue and at F Sheets Recd 24.95 Cents for things Bout at Sibleys Vendue, at J Sibleys Got 65.D 50 Cents of him for Sundries he Bout. home in Evening

24th. Wind N & Raw Large white frost, Charles Bevan & his wife he Married a few days a young woman from Shameney the name of Lippencut very decent behavd Girl at Meeting after at Jont Walters & at Jos Cars to Look at the place for his spring house back Evening in margin: “Recd 10 dollars from J Jones his Sister Subscription to frends (friends) house”

25 Wind, S W & fine day, about house till omission then Bevan took his wife to Walters & him & I at Aron Johnsons Vendue Bout a Set plow Chains 1 D 75 or 80 Cents home Evening

26 Wind S.W. & 2 or 3 Light Showers, through the day, Went to town with & In Jont Jones Carrage, Bought Shoes for Big John 1 D 25 2000 Sprigs & 3 awls 7s6– Calavan peas 12½ Cents belection ? plane 75 Cents 2 Glases at Elliots 25 Cents Dined at Rutters with J. Jones his Brotherinlaws & fresh Shad at Yerkus with Jones Spent 11¼ So in margin: “5 lb nails 3s9”

27 Wind N E Raw & Cold over Cast all day John Lippens Movd out & went to where Enoch Lives used to Live afternoon went to Hagy’s he Got tusling with his blot fell & Broke 4 Ribs he is in prety Good Sperrits But very Sore Cant Lay Down as I Came home Light to South & one to East

March 28th. 1805 Wind N E & Cold Rain prety Smart till about noon but not so as to Make a fresh Jacob Morris here Soon in Morn & I went with him to take Rudolph Sibleys wifes Measure for a Coffin died about 2, O’C this Morn been Lingering with a Sort of waste or Consumtion all winter, perhaps about 35 years Left 4 Childern She was very resind resigned & Whisth wished for death died very penetant & quite resind, Sent for Moses & John to A. Thomas & Set them to work at Coffin. J Disbury & I Sowd the feild next to Meadow No 2 with Cloverseed raind Smart all the time Some Say too Late others time Enough finishd the Coffin alittle before Night, at the widows dined their, to See what terms Shee will Let Disbury Stay their–

29th Wind Still about E over Cast & Cold up soon about 3 OC- made a bill Scantling for R. Price’s Barn, then took the Coffin to Rudolph Sibleys back to breakfast & after at Do & put her in at Mothers & Got Brother Edwards Sulkey Wheels & put them under the herse Got it Readey, went to funeral house then Jonathan Jones & I Set off to Saml. Evan’s vendue he Selling off to Goo to the very N. part of New York State near the River St. Lawrence, Back & Calld at Judge Jones Jos. Hoskins Jont. Jones, L. Pawling & Doct. blank from Norris town Drank tea, then to play, till 2 OC– I off home and Jos Hoskins, all the Rest Stayd all night, wee had avery agreeable time,– about Mid night Snowd or haild as I Started to Come home I had a very Dark Ride but Got Safe So–So

March the 30th 1805 Wind N E & awet day at Yerkus Spent 5½d about 12 OC- Set off to Jos. Walters Vendue Calld for Jont. Walter Bout. a number of things, Bittle Bought his Est. for 1240 dollars Jos. Gave 1000 & Built a frame on, it is a butifull Lott, very wet Evening Spent 1s4½ at Bittles So home– about dark apair Blankets he gave 16 dollars new Sold for 18 Dolrs Such is the Conduct of men Lost a Rattan Cain that was Josephs–

31st Wind N.E. & wet after Long fare fair Long foul, it has been rather a dry time Spring Rather backward, turnd perhaps 20 Sheep out my Cloverfeild. at Yerkes 5½d Gin at Meeting, Silent Meeting, Edw George paid me 113 Dollars & 10 Dollars I Got of Jones on acct. of Sisters Subscribtion which made 123 dollars & 382 Recd before & say saving 050 $50 makes totall 555 Dolrs. begun after meeting to make a Coffin for Walter Amos Moses help I promisd him 87 Cents finished it before night Moses John & Self up with I walk but Rode poney back

April 1st Wind S W & fine day figed fidget about till 10 OC- then off to funeral Buried in our Strangers yard, after to Jarvis vendue Bout Sundries to the amount 52s10½ home a Committee of freinds meet a little Jarsey man to Rent the house to make Coffins, But he Got discourage & give it up he stayd all night–

2nd Wind S W & fine day, at Rees’s marking Logs up to Lees to See him to Saw for Rees Prices’s barn Bargain & back Dined with Jarvis at Yerkus, then up to Jarvis

April 3rd 1805 Wind S W fine day Sticking boards awhile then went to Meeting, English Woman preach & Niklos Wall preached a good much afternoon, after at Sheets & at Jont Jones, so home

4th Wind N. & Cool morn but fine day up to Jarvis Bought 2 loads hay 4 Dols Horn & Constable & Rowland Brout Henry Bowman up their on his way to Jail for Exempt fine, I went Bail for the money & sent him back Bowman, a conscientious objector, refused to pay the tax exempting him from service in the Militia. went on Got 3 little Loads of hay Spent 1s4½ Great time with Jarvis high life this Mason that bought the place Lent or Rented it the place to one Spikeman, Saml. would not Let him in he Stayd at Wilsons all night & to day Rented Morris place & movd off near Righters ferry–The left side mid-section of this entry has the Lord’s Prayer written in fine script in circular form, starting at the outer edge and finishing in the center.

5th Wind E & over Cast, Rees Price Bout of Sam’l Jarvis, his Oxen yoke at 40 Dollars & paid me I at Rees’ Marking Logs for his barn & puting alock Springhouse Loft back to dinner, afternoon at George Coulter Got 12s9 things he Bout. at Vendue at Sibleys Spent 11¼, Peter Jones & 3 hands at work Raind about 3 OC- keep at it After- till near Morn

6th. Wind N.W. at Hagy’s with Yerkus Over Cast a Gust with Smart Smart repeated rain & hail as we Came to Yerkus afternoon Society day & meet to Settle the Overseers ofpoor & Roads Acct.– Stadleman Torrance & Self Young never Came Supper &c 5..50 Cents poor overseer paid

April the 7th 1805 Wind N.W. & Cool at Rees Price’s Borrowd his family Wagon & Set off to Saml Gibsons Dined their then fetch’d Mother home Come by forks road paid 4½ Cents at pike 5½d for Gin & 5½d for Cakes so home about Sunset paid Gibson 2..24 Cents for Yerkes things he Bout at Gibsons Vendue paid 4 Shetters I Bout 25s- 4 pair venition Venetian blinds 28s- Churn 32s- totall $11:33⅓

8th Wind N W Cool Air 4 Plasters back E. Lobb Came & begun my Cog wheel I at Robesons & to See Young meet him at Owen Roberts old place him & Tacy Jones their Settleing between her & the Tennant Chated till 8 OC- then home She Smart woman but bears a bad Charracter they say will Cuckile cuckold her husband–

9th Wind N.W agreat Shower of Rain & wind More wind than rain Some hail but not much– afternoon at Lee Smith about Rees Bill then to Peter Wallower he owd 7s6 Bout at Sibleys Vendue, took it out in paper he behav’d verry Polite Wallower has a paper mill. home about dark Shower or Light Rain as I Came Rode Jarvis’s old horse–

April 10th 1805 Wind. N. by W. and very harsh and Cold Lobb here at work at Cog wheel I off to Able Thomas at work at Stairs till near night, then home–

11th. Wind W. & prety fine day at home till noon about hou helping Get pins &c then off to Hageys, his Son Jacob Moving his wife to Schuylkill house about Sibleys pl Convers with Hagey about Sibleys affairs & drank Some Sperrits & water with home So back, meet Doctor Hideric at Jarvis old place he has Bought it at near 17L 15 per Acre, I think it avery great price for it is avery poor place, & I fear the Doct. will be much Disapointed I was Interduced to him & Yerkus Insisted on me taking a dish of Coffee with him & the Doct. So Sup with him at Titus s he appears & bore the Charracter of aman of information Spent 11d.–

April 12th- 1805 Wind S W & fine day the first day I drawd my omission this Spring at work, Spliting Pins for Cogg Wheel, Rees Prices boys Broke the Bolt of my Carrage with 3 Logs on; I up with them help to unload & Load them again, back by Rees s Got Drink Cider So home all that way Viz up near Wilsons without my Coat so it has been a fine day Evening on an Arbitration between Thomas Amos & Joe Prawl the first I Servd on Since or under 100 Dollar Ack Act which Directs the Referrees to be Quallifyed–

13th Wind S.W. and a butifull day Warm Set off about 9 OC- to Hageys from there to Thomas Shepperds paid him $150 due him from Sibleys Est. then up to Norristown & fild my acct in Office & they Gave me 3 advertisement to put up in Neighborhood they allowd 48 D. Commission & I pd 9..83 Cents William Hagy Gave me a Dollar because he Could not Goo along to I Spent Dinner &c 5s5. So Started back & arivd about 8 OC- Horse Ill with Coff

April 14th. 1805 Wind S W & remarkable fine day about with Rees price through his wood, Dined at home not at Meeting to day afternoon Makeing a Coffin for Bambridg Child died with Small pox Innoculated by Doct. Eaton, It Got the Lock Jaw which they say dose Somtime happen, Doct. Davis here & Enoculated my Little Son Joseph he did it 6 or 8 days agoo & he mist, with him at Nobles & A Thomas & Titus & I put 3 Advertisements up one at Stadlemans & 1 at Yerkus & 1 at meeting house; We home at Dark the two Doct. Meet & had a sharp Spar

15th Wind S W. & fine day. finished the Coffin & took it down before Dinner, back to Dinner, Jont. Jones here a while & Henry Pugh afternoon attended the Burial to the Church Grave yd then or after Calld at Jont. Jones’s Drank tea & Spent the Evening So– home

16th. Wind S.W & Cool morn white frost, at Rees Price in morn, & in Evening their again Mark off 10 trees to hew for his Barn, at Able Thomas to See how the boys Come on & Got a ton plaster 27 Bushels, at Charles Bevan Cut out window frames for his Spring house

April 17th 1805 Wind W. & Cool & drye Mason Came this Morn to begin Rees’s Barn After breakfast Down & help to Square & Lay out the Division walls, Set John & Tom to Make Door & window frames for Bevan I at Rees afternoon, at Rees Price again hunting window frame Scantling Jont Jones here at Yerkus with him Spent 11¼ back in Evening

18th Wind S W & fine day very warm but dry at Rees. Set Tom to work & then back & Shaved; Saml W Jarvis Gave Bias Hoffman one Dollar to Shoot his old horse that they have had or he has had this 20 yrs. & he says he belong to the french Armey when they were here in the Revolutionary war & I think that was 1781 when they went away no doubt but it is very old he Says 35 years Great Murmers amongst the people interlined: “of our vilage about his killing the horse” almost ready to rais protest violently, Yerkus Jarvis & Self went to town afternoon, I Bout Locks hinges &c &c for freinds about or near 7 Dollars, paid at Tumblesons for horses &c 5s7½ & ferry 18 Cents So home about Dark–

19th Wind S W & Smokey Like day at Rees in Morn & Sowd all that part of meadow from Gate to the new orchard & dam & hickory tree Moses & tom at Rees John in Shop for Bevan John & I Sow with plaster ⅔ of the peice by Tanyard that’s Got Rye in In the Evening Cok Crowd in Evening Token rain

20th Wind N in Morn & Cool, at David Roberts in Morn to Look at his barn, after at Rees Price Cut out window frames, back & whet 2 Saw, dinner & then meet the Overseers poor & 5 assistants & agree to Send 3 of our poor to Bettering house in the City & other regulation Doct Hiderick their agreeable fellow– in margin: “fine Lite rain this afternoon”

April 21st 1805 Wind in Morn I thought W, up very Soon Moon Shun I off about day & Sowd about 1½ bushels plaster the Remainder of Rye in Meadow, wind Got South & Come up 2 Showers before 7 OC- with thunder Lippins & Arch went for Shad, Came back about 7 O Clock Got a hundred, I am to have half- Lippens bout a Cow a few days agoo She Calf’d yesterday & Cast her bag put it up Evening & died this Morn & Left a fine Calf Cleand 50 Shad. thundered to East & Came up about or few minutes before 10 OC- a great Shower of hail & rain it Lasted about 10 Minuts thundered many times after hail Shower, but not near it was alarming Shower of hail & very great of rain it Came from E no doubt but it has done much damage to the fruit trees, they being full in blossom not at Meeting, raind till about 1 OC- then Cleard up prety fine tho Cool, Evening at Mothers & at Jont. Jones’s Drank tea their back Dark

22 Wind N W & Cool high wind, John & I at Bevans Laying floor Joyst, Back to Dinner after at Rees’s and at Yerkus the Constable had Seased on Bowmans horse & Cart & it was to be sold to day, I went bail for the Money & sent it home, he pleads Concious conscience. & would not pay it Militia fines Spent 11¼

April 23rd. 1805- Wind N W Remarkable Cool, prevaild with Titus to take Bowmans horse & Cart home, he was well pleasd to Get it, I at Rees Price Superintending the Mason & Carpenters, in Morn up with Doct. Hideric at Jarvis old farm & put a lock on for him, he & his man their Sowing Cloverseed

24 Wind N W & Cool at Rees Prices work & Supperingtending the Masons, I illegible began this afternoon Moses & Tom their–

25th- Wind N W & Cool air & a Shower after noon; at Rees boys their I backwards & forwards all day

26th Wind N W. Cool day & Chaingable about noon Came on N W of Snow & Rain & hail, at Crows Grows, with Alley Roberts W Stadleman W Hagy John Elliot aviewing a division of the Land in order to Devide it in 5 Equal Shares did not Goo into avaluetion but to meet this day week again paid Hagy 20 D. part of his Commission on Sibleys Est. home after night

April 27th. 1805 Wind N W Cool Day at Rees’s at Work alittle at Some Masons not make much progress

28th Wind N W Cool at not at Meeting, Mary Levis Sary Price & Sary Levis at our house I down to Rees- first day

29th Wind W. at Rees’s Leveling Joysts &c Moses & Tom hewing

30 Wind W Cool at Rees framing the side of barn floor Saml Evans here about his tax I Spard Moses; had a Jury to See If County will build a bridg at Righters Mill they said they would Recommend us 300 Dollars

May 1 Wind N & Still Cool at Rees at work at the sides of barn Dan Hagy here to Get me to Make a Coffin for Malk Quins Child, Sent Moses to make the Coffin John to Bevans to put on his upper Joists So Spent the day Tom & I at Rees

May the 2nd 1805 Wind S W. & 2 or 3 smart Showers before 7 OC. Got up Bully & Set off with the Coffin by Hagys over Schuylkill Got their about 9 OC. went over in Cannew, back home about 2 OC- Got dinner & at Rees’s awhile then off to Walter Amos’s Widows Bill Lewis & I appraisd his things back after dark

4 3th rd Wind S W & fine day, at Rees Prices very Soon breakfasted their, & Raisd 4 Posts & ties on the sd of barn floor than back & up to Grows deviding the place in 5 Shares did not finish home in Evening, Moses & tom off about 10 OC- to Charles Bevan to frame & Rais his Rafters–

4 Wind S.W & over Cast in Morn Lobb & Jesse finished the Cog wheel I at the Mill helping all day, hard rain about 5 OC- with thunder keep at all night, wind Got N E

5 Wind N.W. & very Cool Cleard off about 8 OC- Hagy here. I off with him to B Tunis

May 5th 1805

Concerning his Krickbaums Dam Back to Dinner, after I off with intention to Get Jont Jones to Go With me to Krickbaum, he had Company I off to G. Jerret, he & I off to Krickbaums about his daming the water he Seem well disposd, then to Hagys to inform him, he appeard Glad I home after dark

6th Wind N.W. high & Cold Set off about 11 OC- by the buck to Norris town Meet the troop above 30 Meet, paraded awhile, Spent Club of wine 25 Cents Dinner & horse 60 Cents at ferry 25 Cents at Widow Warners 25 Cents She treated me with Supper So home Cold–

7th Wind N W & white frost at Rees Prices till 10 OClock, then Set off with McClenechan to See the Race purse of 100 Guineys Ridgway Mare & Bonds horse first Councel Enterd horse took the blot first heat & Ridgway Give it up, So had but one heat for it I Spent 11¼ for Gin 11¼ for Gooin to feild & 1 Cent turn pike Gate & 6 Cents ferry Got a ¼ Shad at Morris ferry & So home about 5 OC- A great Concourse of people a great Lost to the Community to take so many people from their imploy & tend to Dissipation–

May the 8th 1805 Wind N E & over Cast at Rees Soon home to breakfast, at work their at the plates home to Dinner begun to rain & keep at it all the afternoon & all night, Saml Garret Buried his Son a young man Grown, Supplee made the Coffin

9th Wind S.E & wisseled Like winter before I Got up & Raind 2 Showers about 5 O’Clock in Morn, I not Rested well heavy Dreams about Sundries, John & I off to Able Thomas work their all day, Cleard off before noon had the appearance of hard Gust but bore to the N. about Sweeds ford hard rain & much hail I have heard, home in Evening

10th.interlined: “the most vegitateing day we have had” Wind S W & fine Morn at Rees Price’s framing plates for the Roof Arch Sowing plaster in Meadow & on the rye feild fine Still day, Sun Set fine & I pronounced a fine day to Morrow

11th Wind S E & over Cast & Raind before breakfast a lite Shower at Rees s Got the ties & plates to Gether very smart Shower about 10 OC- At Rees’s after dinner & Layd out a pair Rafters for the boys then meet the Society, Spent 5½ & drank some Gin with J Jones & J Balort Saml. Jarvis in pett at Yerkus so Came & Lodge with me Causd a sharp Desertation between me & wife

May April 12th 1805 Wind S.W. & Rather Cloudy, been a smart Shower about day up soon greesd apair Boots that fell to me of Joseph Walters being part of his wearing apperrel Devided between his 3 Sisters, he was the Orniment of the family Cleaver fellow more understanding than the Common run of Country young men without an Edication John Guygers Father here & Bound him for 3 years 7 months & 12 days I off to Jont. Jones, he Set off to the Judges I followed on to McClenechans Dined their then he along to Lewellen Youngs & Rees Harrys hard rain for above an hour then abaited & Set off to Saml Evans, with an Order of Youngs on him for 14 Dollars So on home about dark Spent 4 qts oats & a Glass 25 Cents

13th Wind N W. & very Cool at Rees’s Soon & Work till about 11 OC- then home Edw Heston hear here a good & great Constitutionist, I at widow Sibleys & at Drakes & Jont Jones Spent 11d Drank tea at Jones home about 10 OC–

May 14th 1805 Wind N W fine day but Cool I off to Court Titus along to prove that 3 Advertisements was put up Giveing notice that the Acct. of Rhudolph Sibleys Estate where were Exhibited in the Registers office for Settlement Got it Done or Settled, Dinner & Club & horse 8s- half Glass Gin 5½ ferriage 12½ Cents So home about dark Yerkes Rode my Gray Coult up, Borrowd 2 D of J Morris

15th Wind N Cold & over Cast & begun to rain about 10 OC- & keep at it till night with Some Intervils, Cold Easterly Rain & wind at Rees Price’s till noon begun to ra blot Raising Enterties over barn floor, afternoon at Jont. Jones & Felix home at dark, Spent 11d at Yerkus’s paid Murry 9s4½ for Makeing me apair Shoes, Got but about 8d Left- So,

16th Wind N E– wet in Morn Muster’d Felix Disbury Moses, John, Tom & Self, poney & Cart & went to work at the Race & dam put Log on the tumbling place & filld up from the Old quarry 1 qt Whiskey 20 Cents. Lite rain Some times

17th Wind N E & very heavy rain all night nearly Raind in Morn but not hard broke off about noon Felix Disbury Tommy & Self at Dam all day Yerkus helpt me to Level & prop the old Mill 2 pints Wh.

May the 18th. 1805 Wind N W Cool fine Morn at Rees Prices a while, then Tom & I at Mill Makeing Some Repairs on the ways & put 4 new Joists S Jarvis till noon, Tom at Haverford for my Saddle & I off to black horse to meet a Committee from blockley Concerning old Hans Miley Respecting his residence he want Some assistance his wife Rachel been Long unable to work Spent Stadleman Treated to 2 Mugs Cider

19th Wind N. W. Could heard Rummel falls Roare plain, at the dam & Sawmill– Robert Holland Set off to town yesterday on his way to Boston to his Son inlaws Disbury had poney & my Cart & took him down I Settled with him He Gave me a Rect. for a Legacy father Left him of 5L I paid him 8 Dollars Rent I owd him & 1 Dollar I Gave him, so I Settled with him afternoon at Church aman Preached in English, after at Drakes Borrowd 3 Dollrs of David Roberts & Drank tea their

May 20th. 1805 Wind S by W & hasey & Sun Soon in bed, Set off about 8 OC- by widow Warners Spent 1s4½ then to buck Geatherd up Thomas Warner & Hoskins, Spent 11¼d Torrences & on and Meet the Troop at Hittners Mustered 43 or 44 Troopers a Small Ridgment the Artilery Company meet us & fired Several times– & Dinner &c Cost per man 3s9 for Daniel St Clear provided for us Elected 3 new Members, was Dischaged about 5 OC- begun to rain & raind very hard till we Got to Spring Mill & Moderately all way home Got home about 9 OC- very darke Spent in the hole 1 Dolr. 25 Cents So Ended the feild day with a Spoilt pair of Leather Breaches I am advanced

21st Wind S W. over Cast the Sun Shun out before 7 OC- at Rees Prices & at Mill bout Log that Layd at Mill of D Roberts 2 D 50 Cents put it on Sawd one cut Come on a hard shower with high Wind from S W home in Evening Spent pint Cider & Jill Brandy at Yerkus Jonathan Jones & David Roberts

May 22nd 1805 Wind S.W. fine day no rain I think Felix begun to Mark out for Indian Corn Middle No3, Clover Nearly Run out a most perditious Sward of Blue Grass, If I have a Crop on this I Conclud their Goo no use in Meles? ariseing, the Ground paid Bill preest 5s7½ for augers & owe him 1 Do. 25 yet Hugh Ward after his School Money the head or Water at Saw Mill tore or washd much before we Got it Stop Disbury Makeing fence in old orched orchard

23rd Wind S W & fine day at Rees with the boys, at Saw Mill Disbury begun to plant Corn Felix finished markin out & begun to plant before noon, I off William Warners to Get David Banbridge & John Evans to help us to Rais Rees Price’s barn & at Supplees to Get Ben Tunis & at Jacob Balors & at David Roberts to Get Nathan Lewis So home about dark

24 Wind S W & fine day at Rees Prices B Tunis along soon Eat Breakfast their Colected about 20 with the Mason & begun to Rais Run the tyes up gangway on Rowlers & went on very fine Got the Ridge Pole up & then went to dinner about 2 OClock–

May 24th 1805 Finish’d about 5 OClock had a good pig perhaps 30 Weight apple Whiskey plenty, Tunis & Banbridge Came up & Drank tea with me They all prety Gay & Good plight–

25th Wind W. & Cool Morn but fine day up Soon & at Rees Prices Stayd the Rafters & Back to Breakfast, will Joine the Corn & will finish to day, Old Will & Solomon at it yesterday, a Great Sod of blue Grass Clover run out, so Mark’d out one way tedious planting- finished by 12 OClock & afternoon, went down to Long Rock afishing Caut none Boys Caut 7 or 8, hunting two yews ewes I Bout at Sibleys vendue that has Run off– Back in Evening

26th Wind S.W & fine warm day being first day at Yerkus Washers & Rees Price’s meeting while at home all the afternoon Got Reading the History of the Amr. Revolution till 11 OC–

27 Wind S W & warm day halld 3 Logs to Mill & afternoon we washed the widows Sheep & ours, Disbury Virginia Will Tom & Self went in after I went with Jonathan Jones to Jacob Balors to Bind Whitemans daughter Sallys yellow Child to one Murray a very deason decent Blackman back with Jones & Sup with him & Stayd till near 11 OC then home

May 28th 1805 Wind S W & fine warm day tho very Cool in morn at Saw Mill afternoon at Rees’s barn & pottering about– not very well; the old man blind tryd his Reaping Meshean but it would not answer See June 22

29 Wind W. by S & over Cast & light rain at Sawing, afternoon Shearing Sheep 2 or 3 Light Showers Sheard 9 Sheep 2 I have Lost of them I Bought at Sibley & lamb

30 Wind N W. & very Cool morn & Evening over at Saw Mill awhile and afternoon at Grows Vendue Clark clerk for them& Bout. 2 Cow Chains 40 Cents forked Chain 27 Cents old Saw 25 Cents old Chair- 6 Cents Drank tea their So home very Cool

31st Wind N.W & Large white frost, over at Saw Mill Sawd 2 Cuts home to Dinner after helping Yerkus to frame Sd. of barn floor for old Evans barn–

June the 1st. Wind N & very Cool illegible morn but a pleasant day Set off to town to buy Shingles for Rees Price bout 10000 at McIlVains at 24 Dollars per a pair Shoes for big & Little John 1..75 nails 25 Cents knife & plow Line 25 cents 2 lb & 3 lb Shugar 1 3 Cents meaning? Dinner 87½ Cents

June 1st 1805

Receiv’d of Drake 10 Dollars on acct of Rent he paid it to me in town ferriage 4 Cents Gate 6 Cents, treated Isaac Price to Gin 12½ Cents

2nd Wind N & over Cast being first day up prety Soon off to Rees Price– after at Meeting. home to Dinner Recd. an Invatation to Dine at Jont. Jone’s Jones’s but did not goo till afternoon he not at home, so back & Drank tea at Mothers home & Read a good While–

3rd Wind S W & warm day I at Saw Mill & Saw 2 Cuts home & Rigd up my little wagon the first time I had it to Goo this 3 years had broke the hind wheels & never Got them made till this Spring halld 2 Loads broad Rails from Saw Mill with Bully & poney S Jarvis here in Evening I with at Yerkus’s he at Court Suprim Court I summond but had but about ½ dollar in Cash So did not Goo, tu too poor of Cash

June the 4th 1805 Wind S. by W off very soon to Becca Georges to See If She was Ready to put up her Cornish by Stadleman’s home Jarvis along home to Breakfast after Geard up poney in Cart & took the Cornish &c down & Stayd with the boys till after dinner then home & took the Cart & hall durt to Mend the dam, Sent a load Slabs Come up avery hard Shower from South with hail & Smart thunder it was agust of rain ketch Little George Little John & Jarvis between here & Saw Mill I think the Childern & I had not a dry thread on us Cleard & Red Sun Shun out Clear at Seting Spent 11d with Jarvis at Yerkus

June the 5th Wind N W & very fine Clear Morn up Soon off to Saw mill & Brought home the horses & geard up & palcd placed the Joists blot to Evans barn, Sold one old Ewe to Bueker for 15s- 2 Lambs for 25s- & he paid

June the 5th 1805

Geard up & Loaded the Joists on & post & Sill & took to Evans’s barn help Yerkus to Rais them, then back about 12 OC- Dinner & took the horses & begun to plow the Corn, a good many hills not Come up Scratch many & the Corn Dry & not Started owing to it being So Slitely Coverd & the Ground so drye, at the far End of the feild Great much of it this way, I Should Like to Notice how it turns out– Borrowd 3 Dollars of Jarvis & two Dollars Some time agoo

6th Wind S W & very warm about noon plowing before breakfast & all day disbury help me with the widows horses & plow, very Stiff Sod & I avery bad plow wurreys me much, Rudolph Sibley planting his Corn over & Jacobson plowing for him very hot about 3 OC- Titus has had my young Mare 2 days plowing

7th. Wind N E & misting Lite this Morn off after Breakfast went & finished plowing the Corn feild Except Cleaning out the furrows my plow so bad that I Cantnot cannot do it well home & mark out for pumpkins in old orchard finished about 5 OC- then about home Shaved & Read

8 Wind E & Smart rain this Morn about 10 OClock Set off by J Jones’s & meet the Jury at George Savages to value his Lot of 26 acres

June the 8th 1805

Viz George Savages deceased Lot 9 Childern the Jury was John Jones Esqr. Saml Henderson John Elliot (king)King of Prussia Matthias Holstein George W. Holstein, George McClenechan, Jont Jones, Titus Yerkus, John Taylor John Elliot (Storekeeper) John Markley & Jos. Price, the Sherriff Wm. Henderson we Valued it at 55 Dollars per acre $1430, Dine’d at Yerkus’s I think his Charge for dinner was 16 Dollars besides the Sherriff bill, it is very Expencesive haveing a Sherriff Jury, the Society Meet to day, at Yerkus it wett very fast all the while we where their & as we Came to Yerkus’s & asmart rain about dusk– 5½ worth of Tobacco

9th Wind Still Continues E & over Cast at Meeting afternoon at Jacob Morris Jarvis along, home to tea Jont Walter here walk with to See Mother, back & to Sloop alittle rain at times

10th Wind S W. Seen a rainbow Soon in Morn a Shower before noon & Smart one in Evening forenoon old Will help me to Mend the Posts & railfence between No.3 & 4 finished about noon after halld 2 Loads for pumkins Took the horses to feild No4, I went Mothers & Got Some pumpkin seeds in margin: “In Morn at Rees Prices making (marking?) Logs”

June 11th 1805 Wind N W & Cleard off Remarkable Cool at Rees Prices till omission Late breakfast helping Streighting 2 Rafters Moses their I home halld 4 Loads dung for pumpkins, part old Oarcherd then planted them on dung & halld 4 Loads of Sand & Covered them with a large Shover shovel full to the hills, it is a stiff Loam; put Boiling water, on the seed, made them Sweel swell put it on the Night before finished before night & Santered about

12th Wind N W. Cool at Rees to Breakfast Striping Roof off the old Barn & Lathing work alittle at new barn till nails Come then returnd to Old one & most Lath one Side

13th Wind S W & very fine hayday at Rees Price’s at work finish’d Lathing & begun to shingle Stud prety Cleaver, very hot to day

14 Wind S W. & very warm Sweat till most blind, at Rees’s Shingleing about 9 OC Isaac Warner Came to Get a Coffin for Ben Hollands Daughter young woman perhaps 18 yrs old, took the small pox in the natural way & Dyed, I & Tom home & dash’d at Coffin & finish’d about 4 OC- & took up, over Cast & Like & Some Little rain home about dark Moses & John Shingleing

15th 1805 Wind S W. and over Cast in Morn but Cleard off about or before noon; up to attend to the funeral. home about 12 OC Spent 12½C afternoon at Rees s Lathing his new barn Jont. Jones here & Drank tea here Saml. Jarvis here to Lodg; thunder to North & Cane came on agreat Shower & the Most uncommon thunder & Lightening Sat up till about 12 OClock to See, how it Came up, fine but not such a fresh in margin: “helping to Lath new barn”

16th Wind S by W. & fine day but agreat Gust from N. afternoon at Meeting after at Morris, So about &c &c–

17th. Wind S W E Lathing at Rees new new repeated barn, a Lite Shower, finished Lathing I home about Sun Set–

18th Wind E in Morn at Rees Cuting out Bargeboards their to breakfast then home Got up the horses & Disbury & I halld 19 Loads dung in Orchard for Potatoes very hot & Shower about at a distance a Scud at here at Mothers Got pompkins Seeds

June 19th 1805 Wind S W & avery warm Clear day off Soon Stript back Side R Price’s old barn Moses Tom & Self John Sick Lath & begun to Shingle Layd near 500 Shingles Mother to See them I drank tea but no Supper, Hugh Ward their to Dun me for School Money I none for him

20th. Wind S W & very warm day finish Shingleing Price’s old barn & put up barge boards at new one

21st Wind S.W. & a remarkable warm day at Price’s Shingleing–

22nd Wind S.W. & Exstream hot Spread about 15 Loads of dung before brakefast breakfast & Tom & I planted about 5 B potatoes afternoon begun a Coffin for John horns Daughter 9 or 10 years old at the dam & bathed, awhile at Yerkus with Jarvis & the Blind man one Ecrod an Ingenious Inglishman & great Democrat Violent Equality man, Been Blind from a Child, Great Philosopher & Macanick–

June 23rd 1805 Wind S E thundered Soon in Morn & Raind 2 or 3 Smart Showers before 11 OC- then Cleard off very hot raind in afternoon at a little distance but not any here, I up soon & finish’d the Coffin about 11 O’C- & set off about 12 arivd about 1 OC- Left the house about 3 OC & arivd at grave yd dutch Church about half after 4 OC- so Interd her & I home & went down to See John Evans the Taylor he in a great drinkin Spell & I fear it will kill him for he onfortunately Lays at Michael Echolts at a house of Evans & they Conclude they must Give all he wants & So keep him supplyed with Whiskey–

24th Wind S E & over Cast till afternoon little Mist in Morn Felix & Gill mowing for me I harrowing Corn no hay day mowd as far as Rye & part Spring head or what used to be the dam; Evening at Drakes & J Walters Drake promisd to Let me have 15 Dollars to Morrow So I home after night, Drank tea at Jont Walters

June 25th 1805 Wind S W & fine hay day warm Down with Yerkus took the Wagon & Rafters, & Raisd old Evans barn he in a Great Drinking frolick been at it this 3 or 4 weeks with very Little intermition, now almost dead, he Lays at Echolt raisd the barn & Eat Dinner So home to hay Spread but Little of it. Titus Came & Rake While I went to See if Stadleman, would take old Evans to Save his Life I Say he Got up his Chair & we went for him Yerkus & Morris was omission Yerkus Expected him but he preferd Gooin to Stadleman So put him in Morris’s wagon & took at night their– So home & have not herad heard or seen him Since

26th Wind S W & alovly day for hay I at it by self Spread all out that was not Spread yesterday & John Giger Come back been away Sick & help me Got it all Raked

June 27th 1805 Wind W & a superfine day Gravel Washer & Gill Mowing Tom George Streaper Tending the hay Got all fitt to go in & Cock it up that they mowd the 24th I at Mothers to Get their wagon but I home with out it. Cock it up in fine order not a drop of rain on it

28th Wind S W & very fine warm hay day, Got widows wagon & halld 5 Loads in good order then Sent horses home, & Racke all up that B Bill Gill Mowd yesterday, John & Moses finished at Rees & help to Rake it up in windrows–

29th Wind S W & avery fine day for hay Lent Yerkus poney & he took aload Shingles to Even’s Evans barn in Morris s Wagon he Sent it back & I got it & his Mare & halld 2 Loads of Swamp hay & begun a Stack & hall 1 Load Good hay in Barrack then R Sibley Got the wagon, & we then went & Racked & Cock’d the blot hay & in good Cocks & trust till 2nd day Gravel Felix & Gill finished Mowing alittle peice below the yd they Left–

June 29th 1805

they had been Mowing Jont. Walters Lott that his wife JP’s sister Jane has dureing Life, George Streaper Tom & Self at hay put it up before Sun Set, Came on a fine Little Shower most Layd the dust I alarmd for fear of Much, Stack open only 2 Loads on it, Made the mowers a Drink milk punch & off they went

30th Wind W & fine day or Morn at Meeting, Dind on apeice of beef Got Rees Price 12 lb part aheiffer 15 months old, that a horse or Somthing Else had broke her Leg So he had to kill her very nice beef, he Sd. he would not Charge anything for it, afternoon at Stadlemans, Yerkus & Jarvis along Michal Echolt Sent for Me about Some dispute between him & Old partner Old John Evans is Like to recrute He is much Better Back & Drank tea at Jacob Morris’s So home Light Showers at distance

July 1st. Wind N.W Morn, up soon & Got Morris wagon Bully & poney & begun to hall hay 4 Loads of very good & 3 not so good put 1 in barn 2 in Barrack & 4 on Stack, put 3 on Stack went for the Last Load & when got back

July 1st 1805

the Stack had fell at Last all the 3 Loads we had put on to day dread full to behold, for John Giger & I had most wore down with pitching & hot Sun before, Luckily Moses had Come from Rees & Joind us, I took rails & Made a bottom Joining the old one & we Layd too to in Ernest & made asort Rick of it & Got dun about or before Sun Set, Come up at almost dark asmart Shower with Large drops Lasted 10 or 15 Minutes I had walk’d to See Rees Price barn how they had filld the durt to Get in, they had halld 4 or 5 Loads of hay in it for the first, I back & Jarvis treated with Glass at Yerkus’s

2nd Wind S W all 3 of my Boys off to Reap at Jacob Morris’s nay all the town almost is gone he had 26 hands. I harrowing my Corn hot day it fateages me much the Sod not Rotted & very Roof rough quit Little before night & went to Morris s but they had Quit Reap all that was Ripe

July the 3rd 1805 Wind S W. Very warm day I begun with Bully horse to Run afurrow Round the Corn Disbury plowing the widows Moses Giger & Tom all at Jacob Zells Reaping Say he had 40 hands

4th Wind S W & very warm day up Soon & took poney & finished harrowing the Corn home about 11 OCloak Shaved & Shirted & went to Yerkus’s Capt Holgets Inventry infantry Meet & I dine’d with them 5s7½ per Man, Joseph Evan their Just Returnd from Sea been out Ever since Last fall treated him Glass 11¼d. Bottle wine 3s9 after dinner about 30 of us Dine’d, all Good Nature & Civility provaild, Jarvis Lent me 62½ Cents, home about Sun Set this is the Anniversity of Independency

5th Wind S W & very warm dry time Moses Giger Tom & Casper Goodman & Aquila Mc Vaugh Came about 10 OC & Self Reap my Rye 54 Dozen a little wheat not Ripe J Jones here Spent 5½ with him finished about 5 OC went to dam & bathed in margin: “1 qt whis & Jug Cider”

July 6th 1805 Wind old way warm indeed all Boys at Charles Nobles at Reaping old Will & I planted barpost & made up the fence And devided the orchard afternoon Meet the Society at Yerkus one qt. apple Whiskey 2s4½ pd not good Got word of old Rachel Miley death

7th Wind S W & Excessive warm up very soon & begun Mileys Coffin about 7 Oc- they Came for one for Jos. Amos Got Mosses Moses & John Lippens to help & we Got them dun about 1 O’Clock Sent Tom & herse with Mileys & I took Amos before me to his Mothers at Conrad Goodmans place as was Lippen along then I back & down to Old Mileys Started & interd her Tom & herse off for Amos both Buryed at Merion strangers yd near 30 Infantry from Phila Drest in uniform & Bayonets & two fiffers at the funeral


they Carried him in herse & to Grave playd the dead March when Started to the turn pike & playd to the Grave from the School house, they march in procession before the Corpse all the Way, Manuverd agood deal at Yerkus & took drink Got in their Carriages & Some ahorse back & off they went about Sun Set, very unnecessary & uncommon parade in the Contry, & I think not Right but unsufferable at freinds yd If they provide aplace for Strangers & they make use of it they ought to in some degree Comply with their Rules & decorom, I know no Society that provide yards for any but their Congregation, theirfore freinds are intitled to Great Cr. for their Attention to those people & their Rules & Regulations out ought to be fully Complyed with–

July the 8th 1805 Wind S W warm beyond any thing I felt I beleive, I up Soon Runing furrows Round the Corn Boys Reaping at Rees Prices, the first of his begining, got so hot I Could not Stand it or however I did not try it in afternoon J Jones Calld I went to Yerkus he Treated with Spirrits & water–

9th Wind W & fine brease up soon & finished the one furrow round the Corn & harrowd the potatoes before noon Disbury Got poney & Cart & took alive Calf of his to town, Jacob Morris, Jarvis & I at Stadlemans I to Get John Evans to make me a Coatee, I Spent a Glass at Yerkus & they had one apeice at Stadlemans

10th Wind S W dry & warm but not so hot as some days over Cast afternoon Like for Rain but Cleard off without any at the Widows in Morn killd a Calf, She had about 10 Reapers Cut all Rye in this feild Joining the Road I their to breakfast Dinner & Supper Geard up poney in Cart George Streaper & I halld 19 Doz I had in Meadow & put it in Yerkus’s Barn, then back & help them to Shock

July the 11th. 1805 Wind S.W. fine Clear & Cool in Morn than some 2 or 3 days back; at Rees Price’s Shockin Charles & I put up 180 doz. wheat & 28 doz Rye, Dined their Drink Cider & water, very Little whiskey, Isaac behavd very improdent to his Father, which is unpardonable in a Child to a Parent;– Isaac is second son of Rees, born 1775.

12th Wind S W & very warm day at Mothers soon back to breakfast, took the Cows to feild then at Mothers to Reap all day or till we finished hers & 18 doz of wheat of mine Grew in meadow & some in feild No. 2 then back to Mothers & finished Shocking before Sun Set 8 of us

13th. Wind S W. & very warm morning Yerkus & I Set off about 8 OC- with Bully Rock in Chair to town Got in about 10 OC. very hot, went to See John Wilson about Brot Edwds affairs in Georgia, Bout 2 knives one for George & John, 2 doz cocumirs cucumbers 25 Cents ferry 12½ Cents horsler 6 Cents Spent 19 Cents had but one dollar when I went, Brought home 25 Cents Clouded up about 3 OC- prety hard thunder & blue prety much waited agood while but it went to East & Rain very Little in town Come on, very Little Scud on us about the Gate, arivd home George & John bouth very Ill with Vomitting & purging about dark Come on a very fine Lite Shower, then appeard to brake to west been very dry time

July 14th 1805 Wind E in morn Come on about day avery fine Shower & appears as If it might Continue but before 10 OClock broke off to West & had a warm day at Meeting afternoon at Morris’s drank tea their or Coffee Rather, Jarvis along

15th Wind S W & foggy morn & very warm day Cows Got out yard took Bulley & went by David Roberts’s & J Walters found them near the pike home, & halld in my wheat Crop 17 Dozen & put it in Yerkes’s barn, then Jarvis & I Set off, to See his Childern on Marshal Road at one Smiths, Stopt at one Baldens Tavern on West Chester road, Glass Rum & water at Hestons another Glass, at Edward George he pd me 39 Dollars 9 Cents on acct of the house I built for them Merion Meeting, off & Stopt at black horse a Glass Spirrets & water, Saml. paid all home about 10 O‘Clock Jarvis Lay on floor

16th Wind S.W. foggy morn & warm day Gooing to plow pumpkins but Ellis not Returnd poney so had to postpone about Joh 10 O’Clock John Eswine Came to bespeak a Coffin for Frederick Bickins wife She was the Mother of George Jarret laid at it in Earnest Tom & John Sick had to do the most myself, paid Moses 30 Dollars & he went off I do not intend haveing him again

July 16th 1805

for he takes all the ready Money I Can Get for Carpentering almost for I almost in debt to Every body, finished the Coffin by 6 OClock Took it on Bully Tom along to Bickens She was a pert Smart Chearfull old Woman has been the Cause of uneasiness between Bickens former Childern of first marriage, George Jerret her Son Married Bickens daughter & He Livd their with, & his former Sons Could Get no footing it is said He wishd to Let his mill to his Son but Shee & George would not this Second Marriage has bad Concequences often, & Should be proceeded to with caution

17th Wind, S W & fine brease to day tho Exstream warm about the hills, Set off about 8 OC to attend to the Burial Left the house about ½ after 9 OC & Cross’d Hagys ford & then along by Livesley Mill to Biggers town Church, their they treated to wine & Cakes. Strong gave poney 8 qts oats I paid 1s10½ for Spent 11¼ at Sign of Friggate on Ridge Road 4 Cents pike Gate 25 Cent ferriage 25 Cents at Yerkus’s total 91½ Cents, home by 5 O’C- they treated too much for a furnal funeral, Tommy drove the herse, very hot Ruff Road for Chair Titus & I in his Chair & his little Mare She performd wonderfull indeed I walk up the hills, & Sweeat sweat wonderfull much

July 18th 1805 Wind S W dry & hot A. Tunis Splayd spayed 3 Sow pigs 1 qt whiskey to treat him 20 Cents & 25 Cents for Cuting them Disbury plowing the Corn Tommy & I made the fence up between the Meadow & Stublefeild, & also between the Cornfeild at Yerkus meet with Ward had a little Spar

19th. Wind S W & warm day plowd my potatoes forenoon, Meet Jont Jones at Yerkus’s he treated to Glass punch Yerkus & I Joind for Glass, had a beef Stake for Dinner after Polly & I to See Jont Walter he very Ill, I at Jont Jones s & him & I walk to See Kuglars I treated to 2 Glasses of Gin 25 Cents Some people runing horses back to Walters & Drank tea then home. this is my bearth day 52 years old. the Lord have Mercy on me–

20th. Wind W & fine Cool morn up prety Soon and Got Yerkus Chair put poney in & took Benthal a woman we rented a room up Stairs to, to town & She Gave me a Dollar to pay the Expences put her down at one Nixsons in Market Street waited for her till Sun Set then She Came

July 20th 1805 I bought Screws 5s6 Gloves 4s2 ancean nankeen? 6s3 book for John 5½, ammons 2s- Recken at Elliots 7s- ferry 11¼ pike 7d. 1 Jill wine 8d two ½ Glass Gin 11¼ So we got home about 10 O’C. broke a bottle of whiskey in the Chair bottom, Spent 11d at Mr Phillips forks road, we had a great time acomeing home for She had a young man Coming up with her I walk & Let him Ride Some times– paid H Ward 5..50 Cents

21st Wind W. & fine Cool morn wonderfull dry this first day morn Breakfasted on Cucumber bout yesterday 5 yellow Ones for 5½ If green tho small 3 for 5½ the dry Spell Causes them to be so dear– not at meeting at Yerkus’s Spent 11¼ after Jarvis & I walk down to Stadlemans he treated to Glass so home to tea dry & hot–

22nd Wind S W at Rees Price’s in morn Breakfasted their then home & try’d to plow the pumkins but so hard & dry mist missed it or Gave it up, Most remarkable dry time meet with McClenechan at wheel wright Shop & he treated too to 3 bowls punch with Ice in, afternoon walk with Jarvis to Near Crickbaums he went I Stayd in the Road till Came back, then home

23 Wind S W Cool morn & warm day, John & Tom & I off & begun Rees Price’s Barn doors &c I about ¾ of day Jont Jones Sent for me to Yerkus’s- So not back to work again he treated to Glass punch he a very Neighbourly man movd from town & Settled amongst us

July the 24th 1805 Wind old Course as Tom Says & dry off to Rees’s very soon, & boarded over the barn door &c Solomon finished Cuting Oats & Disbury & old will Will finished tying had 101 doz. & better warm day hung on till Sunset

25th Wind S W & fine Cool morn but hot dry day a few drops of Rain about Sunrise off to Price’s begun to board the doors of barn John Taylor Came about 10 O’Clock to Get a Coffin for John Thomas near Youngs, a man perhaps about 40 yrs. was a very Sober Industerous man, begun a few years ago to farm Bout aplace of 40 acres, Built Barn & house on it & was makeing out very well but had Some decay or Consumtion or some waste was very low about a year agoo Dyed this Morn, broke off from Rees Price’s & begun the Coffin finished about 4 OC Drove the hogs horses &c in the oats Stuble & at Yerkus Jarvis prety high– Insisted on me gooing to take Share of Glass punch–

26th. Wind S.W. by W. up Soon breakfasted I Set off about 6 OC- with the Coffin got up about 8 O’C- or half after, went to See Esqr Young back Screwd up & took the Corps to Haverford Yard W home to Dinner

July 26thhh 1805

afternoon at Morris’s he not Come from Jersey back at Rees Price’s barn Come up about 5 OClock 2 fine Showers from West not so much this long while Run along the Road, Spent 12½ Cents at Yerkus’s, Michal Smith paid for me at Kuglars 12½ Cents, that I intend to return, whe as we went to the burial

27th Wind West & very fine Cool morning & pleasant day at Rees Price’s finish’d the barn door, afternoon Meet Jacob Balort & Henry Pugh Both overseers of the poor, And Layd a poor tax, of 14 Cents in Every 100 Dolrs Viz Rais’d or Layd about 450 Dollars, & had 208 dolrs from Last year, it Cost us Better than 600 Dollars Last year, We had a dish of Tea at 25 Cents pr. & drink 75 Cents Viz one Dollar & 50 Cents, the town paid for I paid none

28th Wind S W & very fine day at Meeting in Morn, afternoon at Benjn Smiths & widow Goodmans paid her 19 Dollrs & 12½ Cents that Esqr Holgate Left hear for her 4 of her family very Sick with afever, at Jont Walters he very Ill with a Coff &c

July 29th 1805 Wind S W dry & prety hot makeing Coffin for one Johnsons Child part Soley Breed, at Meeting appointed Meeting for a man from Bucks County, he had but Little to Say, but one James Wilson held forth wonderfull, agreat man in the Ministree afternoon took the Coffin over & went to Richard Drakes he paid me 35 Dors. the full amount of April quarter at Walters he Rather Better So home in Evening

30th Wind old Course Dry & hot went to Johnsons Screwd up the Coffin & went with them as far as Buck they interd in Wildays yd. I off to Tompsons School house to Meeting James Wilson preachd, he was very Extencive & Long, a young Methodist preach after him very well to be Shure inlarged on Every Subject

July 30th 1805

home to Dinner after up to Jont Jones John & Tom their Laying barn floor Jarvis went along work none back in Evening–

31st Wind W hot & dry at Jones after breakfast, Dined their then home to make a Coffin for David Hunters Mother woman about 90 years a jerman. Jont Jones home with pint Rum 25 Cents at Yerkus with him Glass punch 25 Cents R Roberts & Jos Walker from Jersey here & Drank a little Spirrets So off to town

July August 1st Wind S. & a fine Little Light Rain not so much as to Lay the dust Isaac Roberts here to Get a Coffin for Isaac Warner Died With a wenn in his throat been Growing this 30 yrs–and upperwars upwards, finish Hunters & took it up & Buried her at Church Dutch home to Dinner

August July 1st 1805

then work at a Coffin for Widow Goodmans daughter by Conrad Goodman, 8 or 9 yrs old died with the flux it is sd said but 3 more of the family Lays Ill the Doctr Says with an Epedimic fever finish that & took it over & Buried it at Church back & work at Isaac Warners then Came another about 2 ft 6 Long for one Gardners Child died at Michal Hoffmans She was a Hoffman most finished Warners Buried 2 to day & most made 2 more

2nd Wind S W warm day finish Warners & Set off about 7 OC 6 ft 9 Long & 1 ft 6 at Shoulders Brought him our yd & Interd him I home took Dinner & finished Gardners Childs & took up about 2 OC & interd him at our yd Strangers

August 2nd

That is 5 we made this week & had 4 Come or was work at in one day it Seems to be a great Mortality, yet they thin Seem So not so alarming for they all Seem almost blind Lame or old age or smothing something not Epedimic Spent to day 1s4½ & paid Yerkus 6s1penny Rum &c had before the feilds burning up in margin: “Gardner paid for his Coffin 2 D 50 Cents”

3rd Wind I know not where very Calm & foggy morn, Cleard off before noon tho thundered in Morn. Cuting Suckers from out of Turnip peice & Spreading dung. afternoon at Grows, about a devision of their Lands between 4 Sons & one Daughter, we agreed all to So that they have only to release to Each other thunder & a fine rain in Evening Borrowd a Coat & so home about dusk

4th Wind mostly W. Some appearance of rain, but Cleard off before noon at J Morris s in Morn not at Meeting in Morn afternoon at Thompsons Meeting Horatio Jones, a baptist preachd a good much Got 2 or 3 Cherries at Morris fresh & fine

August 5th 1805 Wind W. Clear dry day up Soon Sent the boys to Jonat. Jones to finish barnfloor I Stayd breakfast Set off was over taken to Come back Make a Coffin for Ben Hollands Child perhaps 9 months old set off again Meet Lewis Knox to Get a Coffin for Hannah Amos, then Came Jos. Proll to Get one made for David Hunters wife So 3 Measures Came within half of hourer hour of one another Sent George Streaper for the boys & I Layd to work in Good Earnest Got Saml Dorman to help, finished Amos s & Interd her in our Strangers yd. about 6 OC- then at the others Work till 10 O’Clock

6th Wind W. & a warm dry time The Effects of that Little Shower appears to be Exhaild Set off about 8 OC with the 2 Coffins took hunter Holland & put the Corps in Then off to Hunters, Tom had unscrewd that back to Hollands Screwd that up & they Started I back to Hunters Screwd that & interd her at Church Hollands at our yd old one Spent 25 Cents

July Augt. 7th Wind S W. warm day finished Stringfellows Coffin (Died at Peter Wallowers) a paper Maker He was a very Industrous Sober man a Wife & 2 Childern he died with a decay or Consumtion, Set off between 12 & one OClock waited till 4 then inturd intered him in Bickens yd– We have made & Interd 9 Since the 30th of July viz 9 days had 2 or 3 a day all but 3 about & above the Mill Crik Spent 11¼ to day apeice of Beef of Woner 56 Cents 9 lb at 6 Cents per; very Good home about 6 OC- Spent 5½ so Ended

8 Wind S W & a little drissel this Morn but Soon blue off & prety warm, off to Jont. Jones’s the boys their finishd Laying barnfloor, Dined their the Ladys Gone to Monthly meeting Jont. home with me at Yerkus’s him & Ecrod a great dispute on Government Matters I very Calm & not interdfier’d Spent not went to bed Supperless, observd noo difference in morning perhaps best without any

July August 9th 1805 Wind S.W warm day afterbreakfast at Drakes pike boys Laying barn floor Jarvis & I at Kuglars, Glass toddy 12½ Cent on trust, then by Owen Jones. he Gone to town, So home to Dinner after at J Morris’s & Richard Jones to See for money for building freinds house Come up a fine Little rain not so as to run, Drank tea their then home paid Moses 20 Dollars & still owe him 35s– paid Titus Yerkus Roberts 5 Dol on acct of Shad yesterday

10th Wind– fine damp Viz moist with Little Shower, Bias Hoffman Calld me up about day. & off we Set aSquirrel hunting went all the way to Spring Mill road above Judge Jones & Got but 3, Seen 7 & treed perhaps 15, I back by or between 1 & 2 OC- Got Dinner & Set off help to Rais aSawmill for Jont Miller on Havards or Knights place below

Augt 10th

Humphreys Grice grist Mill he Got half that Estate by his Wife was a Havard her sheir share was 300 Acres & agreat proportion of woodland very Good he Gave us a Cut of Gammon Chees Brandy &c– David Roberts & I home with Jones, Drank tea &c So home

11th. Wind S W. & very warm Dry at Meeting morn & afternoon at Mothers Drank tea Widow Amos here to Dinner withe with her at the Widow Price paid her 11 Dollars Rent So home

12 Wind S W, very warm at the widows helping to hall hay out the Swamp meadow, very wet Swamp the horses Every Load but one, Evening at Able Thomas to Look at Stairs he wants alter’d Jarvis along–

August 13th 1805 Wind S W over Cast in Morn then Clear about home till noon halling Ashes &c for Turnips Felix helping Got 3 Little Loads from where they hoop Wheels & one from after Lye afternoon at Able Thomas, pulld down stairs home Evening at Yerkus’s Colonel Johnson their Gooing to Start to Morrow Spent 11¼ Gin Little Zell

14 Wind S W & a lite Shower about Sun rise & over Cast but Cleard before noon, Sowd about ½ Jill turnipseeds without harrow or brusing bruising after at Zells A Thomas work all day Yerkus & the Colonel Set off about 8 O’C- for to Look at Some back Lands about Tobeys Crick headwaters of Allegany Say 280 Miles in margin: “Recf 16 Dollars of Able Thomas”

Augt. 15th 1805 Wind S in Morn & alittle Scud of rain but oft it is so lite it not Seen Clear & wind S W before noon the paster pasture feilds Look Like December to appearance burnt up, they tell me for 3 feet deep their is not the Least appearance of Moister moisture, I think I never Seen Such a bad appearance of a crop of Indian Corn, I think their has not been any rain to Soak the Ground Since the beginning of June all hay time & harvest was Remarkable fine Clear whether for that work, at Able Thomas, finished before night drank adish of tea with his Elizabeth whom Was aschool mate, & So home & begun a Coffin for Cornilious Scantlings Child, the Sun Setting Clear & like for dry–

16th Wind W & finished the Coffin & took it up he Lives on Bicken place Come on about 10 OC- alittle Shower from W Soon over had a Methodist preacher held forth much, Set off about 11 OC & arivd at the yd about omission in Radnor

August 16th 1805

Calld at Buck Spent 12½ Cents & paid him for ½ B. Cloverseed 6 Dollars So home about 3 OC hung on till Evening then at Rees Price’s his daughter Molly that Married Levis their very poorly She has got a fine daughter, back & to bed we say–

17th Wind N W & Clear dry time Set off for town Calld E Georges he paid me 100 Dollars on acct of Freinds house on to town pd McIlvains 57..50 Cents for Lumboard lumber, Bout. 10 lb nails 1000 sprigs $1.50 Big John & Little George’s Shoes 2 Dors. 6 lb Tobacco $1- 2 plain bits Compersses & & repeated 1 doz hinges & Screws 10s4½ Dinner horse &c 94 Cents at watkins 6 Cents, to Richard George $6 interlined: “for hatt had Some time”– ferry 4 Cents Gate 3 Cents Pugh 6 Cents Peter Jones for Plastering freinds house 15 Dors, Meet him on Georges hill & paid him total Layd or paid away today $75..52; Some alarm of fever a young man of the Name Bickum from down town interd in freinds yd. he was Carried in a Coach and drove by a negro another Carriage 2 men & one woman I suppose to be the parents, was Sd. he died with fever

August 18th 1805 Wind N.W. & warm at Meeting forenoon Loyd Jones, Sent me word 2 Ewes & 2 Lambs was in his feild, that I bought at Sibleys & had went off before the Shearing time Tom, Morris Andrew & Lippins boy Self, George & Little John Sett off to Look them found them & brought them home & I put hopples hobbles on the 2 old ones, Evening at Rees Price’s. So Spent this first day Great destress– Concerning my Involvle involved Situation, Got in debt & have not the means to Meet them, it Easy to Contract debts but requires Industre & OEconimy to Surmount them, And I have Got in thee the way of dooing Every boddys business & neglect my own– man ought mind his own

19th Wind old way & all appearance of dry at Felix to Get him to Come & mow home & at Rees Price’s Gave him abill for hinges & whet 2 Saws, then home to Dinner– Sent Tommy to paul Jones with 26 Dollars on acct of Intrest & part Principal of 125 Dollars I Owe him– I am much Trobled in mind most more than I Can Bare I am so dun’d tho they they repeated are very modest with, but I see the prospect so dull to meet all the Demands that it weighs heavy on me , tho I dare be bold to say my Landed Est. would Sell for 10000 Dollars

yet I am Depending between farming & Carpentering that dont Drive on Either Right, Stopt at Yerkes the Blind man Ecrod attacted me on Pollitics which I avaded as much as Possible, for Every Common Ability in the Republic think they must be dably dabbling in it, therefore Set all aflote & want to be any thing but what they are,– Designing men keep us in a Continual foment, all their ame is Some Office & the popolas populace Guld by them & when they are fixt their ame Dune done; they the mad Leavelers Levellers are Done with McKane because he will not run all the Length they wish, & have Put up one Snyder a dutchman that has not the necessary quallifycation for it but will be a Mear Creature for them makes agreat Stur all parties have revived & party Sperrits Very high

20th Wind S W hot & dry up soon at Able Thomas, to Send for boards for his Shetters & 150 for Self home to Breakfast felix amowing I about at Rees’s to See how John Come on he puting up Studs Rakeing a little hay, the meadows burnt up–

21st 1805 Wind S W. & very warm & Drye about home Stoping the hogs froming from Comeing up the yd- & Cuting out Able Thomas’s Shetters Juner Junior Able brought them up & 150 feet for me– Raked & Cock all the hay Felix mowd hoppeled anew my Run away Sheep & Ear Marked the 2 Lambs– So Ended this Days Pilgramage

22 Wind S W Clear & hot the Theomitter Stood at 93 Degrees to day first mention of a thermometer Felix Mowing I forenoon makeing hog troff out Plank after Racking hay &c for the Cows Lawyer Attley here in Morn; not well pleasd I had not Colected Some fees for him–

23rd Wind S W & Clear & hot Fellix & Disbury Mowing here, Bill Tunis here Making me a pair Breaches I down with James Jones to take the Measure of Osmand Henbey’s wife to Make aCoffin for her She was Brout to bed or Delevered a fine Living Child this Morn & dyed very Sudden before 10 OC- home to Dinner & dasht at the Coffin Got the Ridge Spriggd before dark

August 24th 1805 wind S W & foggy up soon & finished the Coffin Pollished it & I Set off about 9 OC- & Waited their for Winding Sheet help her in the Coffin, home to Dinner Drest & back Tommey along agreat number of people interd her in our yard about 4 OC- Felix & Disbury halld all my hay in & Cleand out the well, Disbury down perhaps above hour up & down again over Come with the Trancion transition from Exstream heat to Cold. that it was with Diffulcity difficulty we Got him out, after he died away to all appearance, which Alarmed us very much but after a few perhaps 2 minuts Some appearance of Life Rub &c &c. he Came too to so as to vomit but Continued Ill all night, Got him in a great presparation by Steeping his feet in hot Water & alarge quantity of bed Close’s on him

25- Wind S W & all things derange with me Cows & horses in meadow, a wicked hog that has got a habit of Geting in Morris Corn in this morn, which Gives me much uneasiness, that my animals Should damage any Neighbour, but their not apt to think so

August 25th 1805

Disbury much Recoverd, tho very feeble yet, Set off before noon & walk home I at Meeting William Ashley & another man preach’d a good much for us afternoon at home Except at Yerkus a little while with B. Tunis & Jarvis they Treated, I home a great hunt for one of my hogs, found him under the Barn floor fast. Got him Loos, & he not hurt in margin: “Settled with Lacinda Benthall we rented aroom for 2 months She paid 4..63 Cents for Sundries & gave anote for $20 Rent So She is to goo off”

26th Wind S W & vareing veering, Over Cast most part afternoon very hot before, Come up a few Drops rain about noon, about 3 OC- thundered prety much to W. & had a prety Little Shower run off the Eaves prety Smart. Layd the dust, Able Thomas, Said it Raind about the Gulf very hard for about one hour the Shower Seemd to bare that way but I am in hopes it will Get in the way of rain, I at Mothers & at Yerkus with Zell at Rees Price’s Cuting out or measuring awindow to make a shetter A Thomas put my Colt in his team for Marvel behavd prety well

August 27th 1805 Wind S.W & Clear prety warm about home till noon halld a load wood & a load of weeds &c mint &c out the meadow on dung hill, Giger at J Zells & fetchd 2 boards of A. Thomas & a Grind Stone & Crank I Lent Several years agoo to Garret one fever year he & boys was their, afternoon at Kuglars Spent 5½ & 11¼ I owe before, At the widow Warners Spent 11¼ paid the Doct. 50 Cents for Medican to Giger, paid old man for 2 Water Millions 50 Cents So went my money, at John Colbert he Some thought of taking Freinds house opposit us; Big John Evans took up anegro for a run away, but the Committee for the Abolution of Slaverry Got a state’s warrent for him, had he not Got Security they would put him to Gail, So he was very Glad to Get off, I boild him much about it & Sd they Servd him Right, aman that will keep his fellow Creature in Bondage is not fitt for a republic & badly crospond corresponds with the American Charracter

August 28th 1805 wind E & over Cast & begun to rain about 7 OC- Rain till run alittle off the Eaves I fear it will not Last Long but rain 2 fine Showers before noon till run very Strong along the road Cut a drain to turn it in new orchard another in Meadow Got wet to the Skin afternoon a fine Shower, Jarvis & I puting up the Electrfying Machein in freinds house tryd it but Could not make it doo Still unlike Clearing– If it had a Come about amonth or 6 week ago it would made Crops of Corn but too Late to restore them, but will help fall Paster

29th Wind S E & over Cast, Got the plows & things ready to plow, Sun Shun at times but Cloud up & had 2 Smart Showers before noon & about noon, Jarvis & I at our Electricity but did not Git it to bare drest to Goo to Mother Sibleys but Come from W. avery Great Shower & Lasted perhaps best part of an hour So Give out in Evening sun Shind & like for Clear day tomorrow went to Rees Prices to See his or hear how his daughter Molly Levis was, She much Better today

August 30th 1805 Wind N W & Cool fresh air Up & Got the horses ready for plowing but did not begin till after breakfast, John Colbert here wanting to take freinds house, I off to plow & plowd till about 11 O’C- then turnd out & went to Meeting 2 Woman preached, I beleive I was in a poor State of mind Left to Self Not in astate to receive that Unction till very near the Close, then felt much of my Infermities, home to Dinner, Lacinda Benthall, the Woman upstairs & three 4 Childern moved to or near Oxford Church, one of her Childern born heare a Son She Chall’d called William provided her husband agreed, he Seafaring man & now in S. Carolinia, She a fine Looking woman– but has her fibles foibles afternoon from 4 OC plowing the oats Stuble in new orchard No 1 it has been so dry that Could not plow it, but now has Soak it plow deep & in some places rather wet, Jarvis walk back & forwards all the afternoon, he treated to Glass Sperrits at Yerkus home Got Supper & wrote this

August the 31st 1805 when it comes so Conclude I wrote it the Evening before- Wind about W. & over Cast very read red to Sun rise & very Brite rainbow, hunt for horses they Broke out the Meadow tho not been their only 3 or 4 night they are very Breache brash found them or they had Just turnd out of Sister Jane’s Corn done Some damage which is very Disagreeable to me & and Ingerry to her, Geard them up & drove them titely in the plough till about 12 OClock then home to Dinner beef Stake 5⅔ pr lb, then drest & meet the Society, at Yerkus, Raind a few drops in morn & after at 2 OC- & looks as If it might be more, Evening Sun Shind appeard to Clear off-

September 1st 1805 Wind S W & over Cast & raind very prety till near 10 OC- Cleard off avery fine day, at Meeting, Jont. Jones insisted on me So much that I Consented he walk home with me I put on a shirt So up & Dined with him, after he & I walk up to Elliots Store Drank some punch & tea their then back by Jones & home about 9 OC- I much poverty Struck no Cash–

Septr. 2nd 1805 Wind N W & a fine day, Lent poney to Joe Evans to hall Stone they building ahouse near their quarry for their Mother, no plowing, I at Rees Price’s the Mason Come & begun the Spring house back & Layd out a grave for Silas Supplee, dyed with the yellow ferver fever in town the 28th for a load of Rags in Lower End of town where the fever Rainges & he Sickend before he Got home & dyed first day night 3 days, Disbury dug it & they interd him about 5 OC- John at work at Rees Price I their 2 or 3 times

3rd Wind S W fine day, plowd alittle while Disbury Came & plowd Felix Cuting Briers, Solomon tharshing I at Morris s, Jarvis & I at widow Sibleys, fetch old Rhudolphs Sibley Whearing apperel, in order to Devide them between the Childern Titus Yerkus arivd home about 6 OC from his Journey been 3 weeks to Morrow

September the 4th 1805 Wind S. & got west, & Cleard about noon foggy & raind or Driseled alittle Tom & I at Jacob Morris place where Moyers Lives puting Post & Sawd Rails in order to pail a garden in, Wroght prety hard & put up but 11 pannel the Ground is So dry & hard after Get 5 or 6 Inches down that you Can Scearsly Get them dug with abar or any thing home, & Eat Supper at Morris’s-

5th Wind S.W. & warm day at Rees Price help to Make a small window & Set 2 of them Masons gooin up fast, Lay out the Rafters John & Tom framing them, Silas Jones Jur. here & Charges my dog Lion with killing Sheep yesterday, & to day he was agiving Chase again, it is very Exstroarny that he would be at this time of Life he must be 5 or 6 years old Bout. of a turnpike fellow. he a very good dog for a farm, Tommy Shot him–So Ended. or dyed in disgrace, after Living in good report all his days before this unhappy affair but he made an acquaintance with a bitch on Loyd Jones Place which brought him to this untimely End

Sept. 6. 1805 Wind S W. & a warm day at Rees Price soon Eat breakfast their, put the Joist on Springhouse, & Lay out a window boys made, for Gable End I home Titus & I off about 4 OC to Spend the Evening with Jont. Jones, at Kuglars, awhile back & drank tea at Jonathan’s the Ladies been at Brecks, I as Poor as Job’s Turkey not a Cent, It is too bad, Solomon tharsh’d 19 doz. Rye Grew in meadow & Cleand 11 Bushels it is very fine Rye

7th Wind S W. & avery warm day burning bryers &c in no.1 where Felix is plowing till noon then or after at Rees s Raising the Rafters on Spring house, after whent to house & drank Some whiskey & tea their then home in Evening Felix finished plowing the oats Stubl Geting very dry & hard again–

8 Wind S W Clear & Look Like dry at Meeting Rost beef for Dinner after noon at Old Bickins to See George Jerrets, about Hagys & Krickbaum Dam being too high Drank Coffee their Jarvis along–

Sept. 9th 1805 Wind S E & Cloudy but Clear off without rain at Jacob Morris s Tom too makeing a door & Window frame finished before night, at Rees’s barn to hang a Shetter Homes Came for me to Goo on a dispute between him & Esqr. Young I refused which Displeased Homes much Young very high I did not Like the Carrecter of Huston Youngs man nor knew not a thing about Bryson, So refused

10th Wind S W at Rees s in Morn about alighten lightning rod at Smith Shop, then off to to repeated Jacob Morris place Holgate their begun a necessary & tennenting rails for his Garden, at Yerkus meet Jonathan Jones their Stayd till after dark. not well Caught Cold bones feel Sore & ake

11th Wind S E Cloudy but it will Goo off agood deal out of Order up soon at Prices but Work none to day help up with Lightening rods, their 2 or 3 times, Drink no Spirrets to Day. took 5 Andersons pill & drank toast & water, Steep my feet in hot water drank Camomile tea & off to bed with my Suitute surtout on & Coverd with bed Clothes Got agreat Sweat

September 12th 1805 Wind S W & warm dry time boys at Rees I their in Morn to Direct them home to breakfast home to breakfast phrase repeated, the Pills have gave me 2 or 3 Stools & Sweating has removed the pains out of my bones in agood degree but feal feel faint & Sweet sweat much Sturd about all day not Eat perhaps above an ounce alittle apple dumpeling not So well in Evening Eat not any thing drank camomile tea & to bed Sweet much Peggy Tolbert here a most Exstravagant Talker Sick Stummick last Evening

13th Wind E & over Cast & raind prety Little mist in morn Soon Several Light Showers all day with intervils I at Rees Jacob Morris’s Measureing the Old house in order to Make an Estamate of the Expence of Raising it up to other End home to Dinner Lent Titus Yerkus one Bushel Rye yesterday & he begun to Sow on Antoney Levering Lot part of Doct Smith place I at home all the afternoon makeing Estamate for J Morris Stood out & Got my feet Damp in Evening with F. Sheets then Sat & wrote till near 9 OC feet very Cold & went to bed with them so and along time before I Could get warm tho much Clothes on, four in night that I receivd a return back & bones acking

September 14th 1805 Wind N E or E & raind very hard about day Continued all day at intervals Tom & I Sett off with the Cows & Sheep after breakfast & was Caught in 2 hard ones it Run much, the wind Got to South & the Sun Shind few Minutes but soon Come on another shower & so on till Evening but not hard, after dark Stars plenty, took a dose of Salts at gooing to bed

15 Wind I know not Sun Shun at Riseing but appears now Cloudy 7 O’C- my Salts work me about day only one stool yet had 6 through the day not well, at home not at Meeting afternoon at Felix to Look him to work Jarvis along Eate moore to day than I have 3 or 4 days

16th Wind S W. & warm day at Rees with the boys, Esqr Young Down to Quallify Jacob Morris to or Concerning Sibleys Viz that the old Woman, refused to to repeated Sign an Article between her & Childern Morris at Yerkus & I Down with Morris to his place Holget at work, back & at Rees’s to See the boys Shingleing Springhouse

17th Sept. 1805 Wind E. and raind before 7 OC- Felix Came to harrow, but raind so till noon did not Smart Shower about 1 OC had no more Cleard I Sowd near 2 Bushels of Rye in new Orchard next to feild No.2 & harrowed it not but once Viz Broke up the oats Stuble sometime

18th. Wind S.W. & over Cast alittle rain in Morn much thunder at a distance to the South in afternoon but no rain, Felix harrow the remainder of feild by noon then Geard up the Cart Bully before went the first Load Prety well, the next Give it up would not Pull any twist himself out of his Gears, had to turn him out he useed used to work very Gentle it is over now

19th Wind.blank Like for fine day put the Cart boddy on the wagon Wheels geard up bully & Poney & hall away old Will helpt afternoon Jarvis & I at widow Sibleys Jacob Sibley had taken the place at the praisment & advertised to Sell it to day but the Old woman pertest’d against the Sail So they put it off without Trying back in Evening fine day very warm

Sept. 20th 1805 Wind S W & Warmaday at Morris in morn McClenechans Son Jacob dead begun a Walnut Coffin for it, about 12 OC- Come Orders to Make a Mehoginey Coffin took Bully out the wagon & Set off for the Boards, Calld at John Supplees he had none fitt Sett off to town Got 13 feet for 14s1 of Williams next yard to the Gail took them before on the horse Left one peice at McIlVains, Gallopd home with the remainder & Got the Sd. naild too Spent 11¼ & 7 Cents ferry & pike Felix & will halling dung Got the widows horse

21st Wind S W fine day finished the Coffin & Set off about half after 8 OC- Left their about 10 OC- & deposited it in Morris’s vault Thomas Davids old place I Rode in the Carriage with them & held it back to Dinner with them & Stayd Coffee their then home So Spent the day with them Old John Supplee of Blockley Buried this afternoon, about 70 I Should think dyed with Gravel, was very bad & sufferd much the Doct by an Instrument drove near a Gallon from him at twice he Left agood Estate amongst 5 Childern

22nd 1805 Wind W & fine Cool day at Meeting in Morn afternoon up to the Methodist Meeting Calld the Camp meeting, they had Broke up before I Got their Spent 1s4½ at buck So home-

23 Wind W & fine day Old Will Tom & I halling dung to No.1 had Rees Price’s horse–

24 Wind N W very Cool fine morn Borrowd the Widows old Mare & finished halling dung by noon Tom & I will not hear Jonathan Jones & I at Alley Roberts I at Saml. Garrets to Dun him for his Wife’s Coffin Made 7 or 8 years agoo he not pay– & drank tea at Edward Georges home after dark–

25th Wind N W fine day John Tom & Self at Jacob Morris at work at his Necessary I home alittle before night with Jarvis

Sept. 26th 1805 Wind S W & a prety Lite Shower about day & thunder & Raind about 9 OC- off Soon At Morris at work at Garden fence & necessary John & Tom along Sent for me at noon Rees Price’s Grand Child Levis dead home after dinner & went to Rees, Thomas Amos here to Get a Coffin for a Journeyman of his that movd out the 21st, begun & Got the Sd put on & the Lid Cut out then quitt about 9 OC–

27 Wind S W & over Cast all day a most but Raind but very Little up Soon & finishd the big Coffin Set off before 10 OC & took to Amos paper Mill or Little above it on his place, Screwd it up & Set off home Left them to Bury him Came by Widow Goodmans, home to Dinner then finished Levis Child about 3 Months old took it down about 3 OC– made a Mehogany Coffin Interd it in our yard in margin: “Recd 8 Dolrs for Jos Amos Coffin”

Sept. 28th 1805 Wind N E & Rainney day & very Cold & Unpleasant, Set the boys to finish Tom’s Cupboard, I at Morris’s Chaing’d 50 Mails nails? with him afternoon Meet at Yerkus’s to Elect Inspector, the Dispute is now between Snyder & McKain the old Governor the Jackobins want to Chainge or alter the Constitution McKane is opposed Snyder a poor Dutch man that will answer their perpose & is thought by people acquainted with him that he has not the nerve to Stand them but will be a Mear Creater to the party, however he has not the Quallifycations Requesit for a Governer, we put up horn & they put up Torrance for Inspectors, our Side Run me for assessor & they Grow, they Beat us 3 votes it is the first time we I ever Miscarried in any thing they Set me up for at thee the Election of Ross & McKean I beat them 2 for one tho they used all their Influence, perhaps it is wright it d gs, disapointment is Good for us If we take it Right but it is not Degrading to me for I Care not, for I have been an assistant assessor this 20 years almost

Sept. 29th 1805 Wind N E Cold & wet Hagy Jones & 5 or 6 of us Drand 4 or 5 Bolws bowls of punch Last night that makes me feel unplesant Cost me 75 Cents Last Evening, not at Meeting, at home Except a little while at Yerkus s Set off to goo Rees Price, but it raind So went No further back to tea

30th Wind W. & fine day Tom went to Bones’s on Penns old Place & fetch a broad tale Ram he Lent me, Cape of Good hope Breed Imported by Judge Peters; I at David Evans to Square his Spring house, George along Stopt at David Roberts I home to Dinner afternoon at Yerkus Jont Jones & Rutter Brotherinlaw to Jones Col. Johnson their, I Spent 1s10½ & pint Brandy 1s10½ Colonel Came & Lodge with me I drank Coffee with Yerkus

October 1st.. Wind N W Cool Colonel up soon & off to Yerkus I off to Morris’s & down to his place at work at his necessary home in Evening, Little Jos. & John Ill with Coff–

October 2nd 1805 Wind N.W. & prety Cool up Soon Geard & gee up the horses & begun to polw plow, plowd hard Tommy begun yesterday plowing the dung in new Orchard, at Yerkus Spent 5½ Doct Hyderick here Jarvis & I up their in Evening wants me to under take to Shingle his house home about 12 OC over Cast & blue up a shower of rain

3rd Wind N W & Cool & fine fore part but over Cast about noon & Raind in afternoon & Seemd to Clear at Sun Set plowing all day not quite finish boy at Morris s

4th Wind N W & Cool Tom finished plowing I off with the widow Goodman to Esqr Curwen Doct Eaton Sued her for 18L 13s8d good could? not dispute his bill he had 54 visits besides Medican I home about 3 OC Jones & Rutter here with them at Yerkus

October 5th 1805 Wind N W frost plenty this morn up & Sowd 2 Bushel Rye & 1 B. & peck of wheat mixd with better than a peck of Rye Sowd it very thick in the upper end of new orchard harrowd it Lenght length ways one Strok & harrowd 3 Lands Each Side Cross the Middle Left one harrowing Sowd in the hole whole to day 3 B & 12 qt. not quite ½ B but prety near it afternoon tom harrowed it afternoon making a Coffin for Mowrys Child Stilld Bornd & meet the Society Doct Davis here Drank tea Says his Bill for Enoculating 2 Childern 35s- with the Cow Pox I at Society after he went off Judge Peters & 7 or 8 of them their, Spent not Mr Jarvis & Evans a great Dispute on politicks but Ended without a duel a warm party Speirret spirit up McKain & Snyder for Governor the Jacobins has Left McKain & taken Snyder he will be their Creater–

October the 6th 1805 Wind N W & Several Shower in morning & Cold took the Coffin to Mowreys before breakfast back to breakfast & waited till they Came then went to Church yd & Interd it back & went to Our Meeting had a Silent one at home makeing a bill of Repairs for Jacob Morris Old house to Dickenson at Yerkus s, Jarvis here along while in Evening very Sober

7th Wind N Clear & Cold Large white frost up Soon, very Great frost killd buckwheat potatoes tops &c over at David Evans & put a floor of Joysts on his Spring house, Eat Dinner their at McCoys Jarvis along treated aglass Brandy home before night

8th Wind N W Large frost fine day off about 9 OC- for Election Voted for McKane Governor Assembley Cad Evans, Saml Miles, Saml Rees & Hallman, Dinner & Club 7s6 ferriage &c 25 Cents Jarvis Lent me 25 Cents David Roberts Lent me 7s6 home about 9 OC at night

October 9th 1805 Wind W & fine day Tom & I at David Evans put afloor of Joist on his spring house Dined their Jarvis their went to McCalls Jarvis Treated to 2 Glass brandy Little Jacob Zell along hired him for a month If Stayd 3 Months Give him 18 Dollars If but one give him more? home before night

10th Wind S W & over Cast in Morn a little rain John & I at Morris hanging Gates necessary finished home about 4 OC Mowrey paid me 2 Dollars for his Childs Coffin paid Yerkus 25 Cents for pint Brandy, & Jarvis 25 Cents he Lent me Election day Election as far as Come to hand has Run in favour of McKane, Yurkes & old Ecrod hang their Countinences Cleard off before noon very fine quite warm- we Breakfasted & Dined at Morris’s

October 11th 1805 Wind S W & fine day about home in morn makeing an Estamate of a Stable for freinds, an appointed meeting 2 Womans & 2 men preachd one Parker Father to the Carpenter that’s Gooing to Marry Paul Jones daughter preach’d Excelent indeed afternoon Over to Bevan’s woods to Look at wood Bout of Lippens for drake him & Jarvis along, at McCalls Spent 5½ at Balorts to prevent him takeing tax G.Grow Colected at Election in order to Let people vote, Little Zell Came this Evening to begin his month–

12th Wind S W & very fine warm day Maken a Coffin for Henry White at Yerkus’s Laying Road tax, Evening up with the Coffin above the buck very dark few drops of Rain

13th Wind W. & Rather Cool but a very fine day attended the funeral to the Church at Jont Jones to Dinner up to buck with him then back & drank tea at Jont Jones’s So home after dark

October 14th. 1805 Wind N W White frost Goot got bully & prepaird for Muster Set off about 11 OC- Stopt at Morgans Eat Dinner their off to Norris town about 3 OC musterd but 27th 27? Spent pint wine 3s9 Oats &c &c 87½ C total 1 D 37½ home about 10 OC- at night.– fine day, & pleasant

15th Wind S W & avery fine Soft morn & very pleasant day, John at Righters bridge with Titus I at Morris’s Borrowd 10 Dollars of Rudolph Sibley & paid John Thomas 10 Dollars Able Thomas & him along they are on their way to Canada, falls of Niagara where Jesse Thomas Lives, Little Zell back to day thrashing yesterday muttering Jacob Morris s Men begun to pull Corn Lippin Jarvis & I at McCoys Tavern & at David Evans Gate I Spent 11¼ at Yerkus

16th Wind S W & warm & wet morn, Raind all day by Showers but not hard I at Rees Prices for my Riddle to Clean Rye; home to Dinner, Hannah Price paid me 3 Dors for Levis Childs Coffin– afternoon Cleand 3 Bushels Rye & killd a Ewe lamb very good, at Yerkus’s spent 12½ Cents, Jarvis along Raind prety Smart Afternight

October 17th 1805 Wind N.W. & prety fine not Cleard off yet but Look Like it ½ after 6 in morn, Cleard off before noon, very fine after breakfast boys & I over to David Evans framing Rafters & puting on Joists, home to Dinner, boys Got Dinner their I back in afternoon, Paul Jones’s daughter Jane Married to day to Thomas Parker, Chester County man, at Merion Meeting, an appointed meeting for the purposes. Spent at McCouys 12½ Cents

18 Wind N W & high wind & prety Cool John finishing Shingle Rees springhouse, I Stoping up dam Jack & Tom husking Corn, I off about 12 OC to Drakes to Show him wood bought on Bevans place for him, after to See Griffee Davis he Struck with palsey back by Lainhoofs Spent 5½

October 19th 1805 Wind N W. after breakfast at David Evans’s Raising his Rafters all 3 of us, home to dine after halld in the Corn 2 Small one horse Loads, not above 10 B. my hole Crop, Never had so poor a Crop it was a very Stiff Sod & I did not tease it Sufficient with the harrow & plowd it in the Edge of harvest it Shovd the Sod from the Rutes they Layd bare & the Long drought knok it up & then the rains Could not Rais it

20th Wind W & fine day up to Dot Hedricks Jarvis along he not their So back to Dinner on aleg of Lamb at home all afternoon being first day

21 Wind N. & over Cast & Raind a light Shower Soon in Morn & a Little Misting all day all our Men Gone to Muster near the Sweeds ford, very dark at night I about house Getting my Accutorments Ready for our parade to Morrow freind Ecrod & Jarvis here till 8 or 9 OC- about improveing the Electeriseing meshean–

October 22nd 1805 Wind N E & heavy Rain before day & Continued till 12 OC- then Clear off fine, it was So wet that I did not Goo to Muster Spent 11¼ at Yerkus & 11¼ at McCaws fetch home the Sheep–

23 Wind S W fine day boys gethered the rest of my Corn & afternoon diging potatoes, very fine but the hogs had Ruted & Got much of them

24th Wind N. Seemd warm in morn but begun to Rain by Sun rise I at Morris s about some work for him back to dinner it Got very Cold & wind Got most west & Came up avery Great Snow Shower the first this fall Spent 11¼ at Yerkus, it Snowd for an hour, about one OC- Cleard off very fine, Hagy here all the afternoon almost sent for pint Brandy 25 Cents Gravel here for me to Goo to Widows Got in pet & went off Cause I Could not Goo with him Directly, at Yerkus Hagy & Zell their Stayd till 8 OC- an Election dispute about 9 OC- blue very hard & Got very Cold. I spent not

October 25th 1805 Wind N W & the puddles all froze over & the Ground froze prety hard very Severe for so Soon, with Jacob Morris to his place hanging Celler door &c back & dined with him home & took horse in Order to See Hagy, but Resolution weak & Curioussity Great gave way & went to See a race between John Evans Mare & Lotzenberges do. Evans beat, Spent 1s4½ home with Jont. Jones, & Sup So home

26th Wind E & wet in Morn after Sun made weak appearance off to George Jerret he paid me for his Mothers Coffin 9 Dollars he with me to Krickbaums, try to Settle between him & Hagy, at Hagys Drank Coffee their & he agreed to Leave it to Men John Jones his man I to Let Krickbaum know, Come on aviolent N W Shower of Snow till it Coverd the Ground, home about 9 OClock winter appearance

27 Wind N W Snow on the Roofs & on the Grass Cold & Disagreeable begun a Coffin for Cammels Child Danl. St Clair Sent for me to Yerkus & I with him to See Jarvis Childern at Jonathan Jones so home illegible

28th 1805 Wind W. & fine day tho Cool Air finishd the Coffin & took down back to Dinner Enoch Davis Came Came repeated to build the Oven at freinds house I down to burial house & back to Strangers yd. here John Righter & I at Yerkes Spent 5½ So Spent this day–

29th Wind W & prety fine boys & I at David Evans Lathing his Spring house, I home to Dinner, then back with boys Dinner & at David Roberts Little John A Price with Stayd till School broke & paid the Mistress 15s- Viz 2 Dollars So home Enoch at work at the oven

30th Wind S W & over Cast till near noon then beat off, I at home help to Make Morter &c for Oven after noon Meet on an arbrotation between one Doct. Eaton & widow Goodman, the Doct provd his bargain with her husband Conrad therefore he obtaind his Sum– Spent Supper 1s10½

October 31st 1805 Wind W. & fine tho over Cast till near noon at David Evans with the boys Shingleing a gutter behind the Chimney Benjamin Tunis Came for me to Goo to Hagys on a Dispute between him & Krickbaum about the Dam Krickbaum did not meet Dined at Hagy’s & Supt. he behavd very Noble– John Jones Gulph their one of the men home about 10 OClock I very Calm–

November the 1st. Wind S.W. & very foggy boys off to Evans, I off for the Sheep & Caut one & kill black Ewe very good afternoon Set Jacob to Dig up some apple trees I at Yerkes they puting up a Steem meschean Spent 11¼ at Yerkus meet Krickbaum he very willing to Refer his & Hagys Dispute to Men a very fine afternoon Indian Summer tho rather Soon I thought put up my hogs today too soon but they get in the widows Corn not Remedey

November the 2nd 1805 Wind S W. & Sun appeard in Morn but Soon Cloudy, warm & pleasant, at the Widows Borrow’d her Cart & old Boold blood? mare & halld aload of wood & 20 dozen of oats to thrash for hogs, Jarvis Treated with a Glass Yerkus at work at his Steem rather Ye Eckrods Steem works, afternoon Meet the Society at Yerkus’s paid 15s- on acct of fines &c home after dark, Eckrod Late or within 2 or 3 years from England mean old Jacobin Mere Leveler Says all Should be in the hands of the people

3rd Wind S W & Very fine day John Wilson here in morn I at Jonathan Jones dined their Jarvis along home about 3 OC- & So I Spent the first day, Judge & his wife Came after dinner

4th Wind S W & a remarkable fine day made a swingle tree afternoon at Mothers Borrowd a load of aminition & a gun & Shot 2 ducks in the dam, at David Evans boys Laying floors; Jarvis & I at McCoys, then home,

5th Wind, W. & fine day, about home boys makein Sash &c in shop Jackie tharshing oats, at Yerkes; illegible Sent 19½ B. oats to Mill for hogs John helping Yerkus at Evans barn

November 6th. 1805 Wind W & fine day; Rees Krickbaum brought my Wagon from Doct. Hedricks behind his, the Doct had Borrowd it Some days agoo, Ben Tunis him & I had Rode up to Hagys him & Krickbaum was to arbitrate about the water, but Hagy had Sued, mist seeing Hagy back Spent 25 Cents at Yerkes, down with Ben & spent 12½ Cents at Stadleman after I went to Edw. Georges with a bill of astable for freinds, drank tea their home about 9 OC

7th Wind N E overcast Rain & Cold about till noon John helping Yerkus at Evans Barn afternoon at Widow Amos Vendue Bout. abrier hook a lock Chain & hopples at Jont Jones drank tea their So

8th Wind N E. & over Cast no rain very raw & unpleasant, Jake plowing potatoe Ground, about home Except at Rudolph Sibleys he Sick & at Morris afternoon Jones along

9th Wind N E. & Cold Sun Shun a little Jarvis & I at Lewis Hansel for hay for Jos. Bonds Coffin no got it at McCoys Spent 12½ Cents afternoon about home begun to rain in Evening

November the 10th 1805 Being first day at Meeting woman Preacher their very Great in the Ministree Titus & I at Balorts & McCoys–

11th Wind N W fine day makeing a Coffin for David Davis, tho all 3 of us was at David Evans till noon

12th Wind N.W. & perty pretty Cool finished the Coffin & Sent the boys home with it I put my young Mare in Morris wagon & Balort his mare & took Sal Davis to Norris town it Court, Got there about 2 OC Got 2 Majistrates & had her Examined & they Gave us an order on Haverford. Balor pd. all, home about 8 OC- at Night Spent 1 Glass at Yerkus, he has been 2 days at Court, the first Jury that has been Drawd, they theCommissioners & Sherriff, put as Many in Wheel as will be Sufficient for the year then they draw, and they Can Serve but once in the year, those that Come out first is not Chanced again

13th Wind W & fine day off to David Evans, took Tom & went to E. George’s Making window frames &c. home in Evening Stopt at Stadlemans about school

Novr 14th Wind S.W. and over Cast Rode down to E. George very soon work very close & home in Evening Meet on his way home from Niagara– John Thomas been away 30 days

15 Wind E. & had raind in Night & Raind all day at times Evening Raind & blue up Stayd all night at E. Georges

16th Wind N W & Cool tho fine day work till noon then home & meet at School house & turnd out old Brison & agreed to take one of Rittenhouse’s J Zell Come & Run his Mare against Poney & Beat him Spent 3s9–

17th Wind N W & prety Cool Saml Gibson & his Sister Sary Jones here from Juniattee I not at meeting about home all day,

18th Wind N W & prety Cool help Jake to kill our Cow Bout of Michal with a Calf for 24 D She weighed 424 lb, boys work in Shop for E. George

19th Wind & a prety fine day, at David Evans till about 3 OC- then home, Rittenhouse here Looking for School walk off with him to Staldemans Stadlemans he Stayd all night very dark & begun to rain

20th Wind E & a wet day took aride in afternoon & Got Several Schoollars scholars home about Dark Rittenhouse Got tea with us & stayd all night here

Novr 21st 1805 Wind N W & a remarkable fine day froze none at Rees Price’s Borrowd alittle Glue finished Neddy Georges work blot I took the Sash down drank tea their home about 8 OC- Stadleman & Rittenhouse about & made up 36 & ½ Schollars So he begins next Second day, Received a Card to Dine with Jonathan Jones, but Could not Goo, Jacob Zell & Poney work on the Roads Viz my Dam & Road by Mothers

22 Wind E & overcast & Raind Soon in morn & till noon, off Soon to E Georges hanging Shetters Sash & altering a Cupboard, fine Evening Stayd all night & Glass’d 21 Lights Stayd all night repeated

23 Wind S W fine white frosttey Morn very pleasant till noon over Cast after work their till night Got a dish tea their then walk home

24rdth Wind E & Rainney Morn & a good deal fell in Night, at Mothers meeting while, Foolish Bill had fitt yesterday morn after Rebecca went to Market & fell in the fire & burnt his face head & Shoulder badly, he Look Ill indeed found a flask full Cherry bounce

November 24rdth 1805

home to Dinner Rost beef, not at Meeting afternoon at Yerkus awhile & at Rees Prices took down the heads of his will, very dark & Muddy Borrowd a Candle & Lanthorn

25th Wind W fine day off to Edw Georges first at David Evans with tom to Cut a door in his Counting house arrivd at E George about Dinner, home in Evening– E G killd 2 hogs & beef to Day

26 Wind S.W. & fine day John & I at E.G. John Made 2 Cupboard doors, I at home at night, Left John

27 Wind S.W. & Whitefrost, up before day & off to town with Rees Price wife & Isaac Breakfasted with or at Richard Tunis then at Bates’s Bout 500 Sprigs 18 Cents 1 lb of Cotton 25 Cents, pint bear 6 Cents ½ Glass 6 Cents home alittle after sunset

28 Wind S W. Whitefrost & remarkable fine day off after breakfast to E Georges work till between 3 & 4. then at Mother Leech a Election their for Senator in the Room place of one Gamble Resignd Spent 12½ Cents for Bear with Saml Gibson all the Cash Gone home after dark–

29 Wind S W fine to be Shure over Cast a little & a rainbow to the North– at Ed Georges after breakfast & their all day fetch home most of the tools tho Some Little to be done yet

November 30th 1805 this and next 2 pages very faint ink Wind S W & fine day Boys begun at the Little Stable for freinds yesterday and at it to day Edward George up about 11 OC & off with him to See Benjamin Hall Barn Jont. Jones along Edw paid all pike, we returnd about 3 OC- I off & meet the Society & we Dined their 16 of us Viz Judge Peters Judge Jones, Col. Johnson, Esqr Curwen Esqr Breck Brooke? Jont Jones, Jont Miller, Alley Roberts, Gavin Hamilton, Jos. Hoskins De haven Claphamson John Rowlan Drake David Roberts & Joseph Price Dined on fish oysters pig &c &c well servd & good wine we paid Rather too dear for whisel?, 2 Dollars 50 Cents per man Drake fell & hurt his knee & finger I home with him or after him & tyd up his finger & back about 10 OC

December 1st Wind N W & very high & prety Cool Meeting while at Mothers Bill on the mend afternoon Jarvis & I at E Georges Geard up his Carriage & we went with him to Saml Gibson to Look at his barn Drank Coffee their then back to Edw & so home about 9 OC- much Displeasd with Jarvis for illegible him Self

December 2nd 1805 Wind W. & fine day, at work with the boys at the Stable till noon then at Constable Sale at Yerkus’s of Cornelious Goods for rent owd Bickens Bout Cart Sadle hames blind halter &c for 35 Cents Spent 5½d

3rd Wind S W & avery fine day illegible this Morn up about 4 OC & prepaird to kill hogs, Disbury Isaac Price, Solomon & Ellis, We kill 5 hogs they weighed 1122 lb Viz one 248 lb. 244 lb, 220 lb 215 & 195 lb Jacob Morris kill 11 hogs not one So heavy as Mine 243 his heavyest, at Yerkus, & at Mothers Bill prety Bad yet, back about 9 OC-

4th Wind S W Large white frost, off to town, Bout 12 Light Glass 8s- one B. Salt 9s- 1 lb Salte peter 3s- paid $6..46 Cents for Tom Robesons Land Sold for the Direct tax, St Clear Lent me 5 Do trust Eliots Dinner, 3s9 half pint wine 2s4 oats 9¼ ½ pint wine I pd 2s3 Gin 9d Botherd about the Land, did not much J Morris Sold 100 B oats 6 Dors Gave Morris’s boy 6 Cents for halling my Salt & intend Give him 50 for halling Shingles. ferry 4 C pike 14 Cents pd for wagon

December 5th Wind S W & Soft fine morn raind a little in Night & over Cast till noon very warm I Cut up 2 hogs this Morn then off to E Georges hung a door & Case’d a door frame & Sundry jobs Strong ½ day Got a Rect. for Cureing pork &c Viz 4 Gallons Water 2 oz salt peter 1½lb Brown Shugar & 6 lb Salt Boyl them & Scim it till no more arises then put it on the meat in a tite vessel, paid 1s4½ for aboult for Edw. George, home about 8 OC- & Salted down my hogs, Rather Sprinkel it down for I intend to Use the pickel in margin: “Admiral Pokoke Rect. for Beef porke &c.”

6th Wind S W & for a word illegible run over the moon, very warm, the man movd to Freinds house Last Evening, 5 or 6 hands very Merry their tho not the Breading to invite any of us over I over & put in 7 pains of Glass that’s been broke 4 Yerkus must pay for they being broke after he had the house Smart rain about noon Cloudy all day Smart Shower after dark it has been Remarkable warm to day & yesterday

December the 7th 1805 Wind N.W. & a most butifull Calm Clear Morn, not froze any, up about 5 OClock made afirer fire John Tom & I at Davi Evans I Laying or Maken a Stept lader Jacob Morris along him & I at McCoys & home to Dinner boys also boys their all day afternoon I down with Titus to Near Richard Jones, Yerkus Building an acudox aqueduct or Conduit over or in the Road back Evening feed the Cows &c Jacob Zell at Muster or a Meeting of Holgates Company, not a illegible heard of old John McDormants death he went off 5th day Evening & was found seventh day afternoon dead on Bill Smith Land, on or near the path from Smiths to Dormants, they say his Neck was broke or Dislocated, it appeard they say that he fell off the fence & his head under his Breast on his knees & toes sunk in the Ground, he was in Likker, they it is Sd

8th Wind N W. high not very Cold froze Little or Scarsely any, begun the Coffin for McDormant & finished it in omission about sunset took it over & put him in it was 6 ft 9 and 18½ Inches over hung at Shoulders being first day & one John Simpson preached at our Meeting

December 9th 1805 Wind N.W. & forez froze a little very windy Set off about 9 OC & attended the funeral James Simson & wife requested to have Meeting at Haverford he being interd their, We had a Great Sermon to be Shure it was a Waterry time I hope it will be a Lasting & ablessed time for me never was my hart So Effected it be hot or Melted down, home & Eat some Dinner then at Rees Prices, Examined a Will he has been Geting wrote Calld at Yerkus Coln. Johnson & blind Echrod a great Disertation on Politic

10th Wind N W & froze prety hard fine Clear day a little Cooler than Last week off about 11 OC- to E Georges about Laying out abarn, home in Evening pint of bear at Stadlemans– E G Sent the remainder of boards for Stable Last Evening, boys at them today, did nothing Could not fix on aplace for the barn

11th Wind N.W. a Cool Morn dam froze over the hardest frost this winter, Rees Price here in morn, off about 10 OClock to E Georges to fix on his barn, Tommy George & James Jones their Consulted Eat a very Good Dinner, & Stopt where

December 11th. 1805

where repeated we were yesterday & nothing done, Drank tea their, & Stayd till 8 OC- then home not so Cold as the Morn, Titus makeing a Conduet over amud hole below Rees’s new house boys board & begun to Shingle the Meeting Stable, Zell & Felix Cuting wood

12th Wind N.W & White frost froze prety hard but a remarkable fine day Clear & fine roads, boys Shingleing I about home Up to Yerkes bridg putting up the Stove in Lippens Room So Call’d Jacob Morris & Jont. Jones here at Yerkes with them, Spent not, made use of a rash Expression today Respecting our Girl which I felt a remorse for, hompe hope in God not to Erace that Meekness & nothingness of Self I have Experrenced this few days. not one blot penny to turn my self with tho Heir & Gravel here after triffels I owe them, My Poverty Effects my Spirrets, perhaps Good for futer future happiness tho greating to my present feelings– my hams not Cover’d with pickel made 4 Gallons more to day with 8 lb Salt & 2 ounces of Salt peter & no shugar, put in on on in Evening

December 13th. 1805 Wind S.W, & White frost avery warm day boys finished Shingled freinds Stable after at Jacob Morris’s puting boards on his old kitchen, afternoon Glueing E Georges Table 3 Joints; McClenechan Jarvis & J Morris here awhile, Do McClenechan & I at the Schoolhouse the Master Isaac Rittenhouse treated to Glass Gin home to Tea Amos Ellis’s wife delever’d of a daughter 3 Sons before George Latch’s wife delevered also of a daughter, She a weak or Unhelthy woman & Lost Several–

14th Wind S. & overcast warm begun to rain about sun rise Several fine Little Showers before noon after Cleard off Calm & warm made Mall heavy mallet, fixt up pipe Stove finished E Georges Table walk to Mothers to see Disbury’s Wife She in poor way hipt or Sterricke hypochondriacal or hysterical tryd to Rouse her, Drank tea at Mothers So home at Dark Lighten’d as I Came warm & Calm Lightened very much, & they say thunder Some but I heard none; Boys work at necessary

December 15th 1805 Wind W & avery fine day being first day McClenechan paid Me 8 Dollars for his Child Mehoganey Coffin, Not at Meeting afternoon at Mothers Charles Bevan’s? Motherinlaw & wife their; Drank tea their so home

16th Wind N W & froze prety hard Cold Air to day, off in morn Meet Judge Peters at E George to Lay out abarn, fixt on a place at Last dine their So home about 3 OC- old Daniel Lawrence Buried to day at havorford aged 86 yr. Born in 1718/19 2 years older than father, one of the Last of the old Stock in Havorford 17th Wind N W. prety Cool, but very fine day off to Norris town with widow McDormont went her & Sons Bondsman John Leadom the other they treated to Dinner &c I Spent 6 Cents & paid Sowers the printer for his Herrald 5 Dollars before & So discontinued taken them, home about Dark, Got an order form from Wells to pay Recd back 6 D 46 Cents for Thomas Robeson Est.

18th Wind S W & avery Large white frost, & fine day Set off about 10 OC- to town, Bout 1 doz Glass 8s- for School

December 18th 1805 Bout. 1¾ of Cloth of Enoch Price at $4..50 per on trust total $7..87½, one lb tea 50 Cents, at Eliots old score & new one $1..12½- quills 37½- Richard Jones paid me $30 on acct freinds house, Cox would not pay me the Money Back I payd for Thomas Robesons Direct tax, Lamps Lighted before I Left town, Stopt at E. Georges & Supt, home about 9 OClock pleasant Evening–

19th. Wind S W & Soft been white frost, but mealowed mellowed before day & melted before Sun Rise Makeing puty putty, E George & Richd Jones here viewing their Friends house & fence & E G at Rees Price’s Barn to vew view his barn he gooing to build viewing for information, afternoon at Rees Price’s With the Masons Measureing his barn & Spring house 561½ perches at 3s-& 4 Dolrs for turning 8 arches over the doors, & 7s6 for Laying 3 harths in new house, after Jont Jones here & spent the remainder of the afternoon with him Told Jacob Zell his month was out & I Could not keep him any Longer, paid him half Eagle $5 & he went off– Jarvis & Jacob Morris here with Jones Walk to Yerkes’s Meet Eliot & Hoskins been at vendue at the ferry of the old floating bridge &c &c

December the 20th 1805 Wind S.W. & a most remarkable fine day with Jacob Morris to Goo to Peter Otts about a deed for a 1¼ of Acre of Land he Bout of him he not at home, at Michal Eholts about an Old Clock Case he wants Repaird back to Morris Dutch Dan killing a beef Cow for him to take to Market to morrow home to Dinner afternoon about home

21st Wind W. & afine day no frost this 3 or 4 nights, forenoon Glassing the School Viz put 9 Lights of Glass I found the putty, the Master help me finished before noon, they where were 8d per Light at Noon George McClenechan was here walk up with him to Lainhoofs about his Road that Lainhoof has Stopt, he has promised to open it Next week Viz abars next to road & back sd fence to be throwd open, & by the first day of April to have the fence made & Give a road 20 feet wide, Yerkus & I home by the widow Conrads, She Signd a Notice to her soninlaw John Bare to Leave her Lot So home Isaac Bond paid me 16 Dolrs for Mother Intrest

December 22nd 1805 Wind S W. & Very fine no frost this Morn at Meeting, afternoon at Mothers & Felex Felix back to tea no rain this Long time

23thrd wind high this Morn from W. thought it was gooing to be Cold, but was over Cast all day going work a Chaing of wether I beleive, up to Conrads to goo with Titus warn John Bare off at the request of Betty Conrad Titus at work on the roads he Got Silas Jones with him & Servd it before I went, him & I went to Jonathan Jones he anumber of men killing 8 hogs weighed 1045, nice young porke Stayd & dined with him Yerkis also, Disbury Choping wood Tommy halling. paid Solomon 15s- for Cuting oats Jarvis 3s9 he Gooing to Esqr Curwens, I home before night Freind Ecrod & Jarvis here Tryd the Electerrisein machein but did not perform much Saml Jarvis high, John Giger begun to goo to school to day–

December 24th 1805 Wind E & raind, a good deal in Night till it run, & at it Several hard Showers and one heavy one about 12 OC- Some little hail with it, at Rees Price’s helpt to kill 8 hogs hraviest 295 lb kill under the Cart house, bad Geting out the pen otherwise we did prety well finish about 3 OC- weighing & Carrying down home & Rowld alarge appletree Log 6 ft 2 inches Diameter Circumferance one End & 7 ft 4 at the other about 2 feet through Jacob Zell John Giger Tom Robeson & Bill McDormant & Self Got it in blue up & Cleard off

25th Wind N W & froze Ice about ¼ of Inch in a hogshead of water black Clouds about day & blue hard alittle Snow Shower in night or this Morn about home till noon Cleand & plastered up the open Stove treated Jarvis to a Glass before Dinner, after went up with Jarvis to 10 Mile Stone treated him with a Glass at Lainhoofs off he Started from the 10 Mile Stone to walk to the 5, I Lay’d him a bottle of wine he Could not doo it in

December 25th Christmas so Calld

hour he walk first mile about or rather Less than 14 minutes half way in 31 minutes Last mile in 11½ munites minutes he performd in 61½ minutes Lost it by a minute & a half If it had not been for the rain for he had to Cross the road several times or he would a done it Easy, he walk very well, we went up the pike to McCoys their Treated him to 2 Glasses he no Cash, So home & he treated to 2 mugs bear, the wine I forgive, he walk the 10 Mile Since dinner, I dare Say Last Spring when he Come to Yerkus’s, he Could not walk 4 miles & Question If above 3 Miles

26th Wind N.W. & froze prety hard Large white frost, down to Mothers Disbury killd his 2 hogs & widow’s hog I home Derect John Evans Come to Macke make me a Coat, I Mending old Real for Jos. George & pottering about Cold in the air not thawd any in omission J McDermont pd me 8½ Dollars for a Coffin

December 27th 1805 Wind N W & froze prety hard Dam froze all over. about home till noon then at Mothers & Showing Disbury where to Cut wood, & at Jont Jones, he and Pattty Patty Gone to town, only Ann at home wanted him to go Elliots to Morrow with me home to tea Wheat flower ¼ & half ¼ one dollar 75 Cent; Tommy halld 2 Loads a Wood I Jointed Jos Georges Table Ready for Glassing. paid Little Zell 1 Dollar

28th Wind E & Rainny Morn & day John Evans finished my coat about 2 OC so Late I Give out gooing to Elliots & it was so wet or I would gone after, I at Yerkus’s to Meet the Society none meet but me till dusk then Jos Hoskins Calld I home about dusk to Tea Spent a 11¼ that the Society must acct. for–

29th Wind N.W. & very high most a herican Cleard only black flying Clouds with a Shower of rain, at Meeting pd old will 15s & 7s6 before for work, Spent 12½ Oats at home Reading the Encyclopedia– been a great rain Schuylkill very high

30th Wind W & over Cast. till noon Cleard off pleasant, at E. Georges Laying out his barn, & puting furniture on his Desk, 2 lb nails for freinds Stable 2s6- Spent 5½ at Stadlemans, home about 10 OC-

December 31st. 1805 Wind. N W. & very Cold blue up in Night & froze very hard the Coldest day this Winter, but not Equal to 10th of December 1804 nor no way Equal to 4th of Jany. 1805 at the Widow Price’s Settleing with Gravel Money Brot John Borrowd She paid 44..31 Cents in full of all demands afternoon Titus & I up & Servd Notice to Jacob Zell to Move from the place at the request of Jane Price he not at home Left it with his daughter Calld at warners I Spent 12½ Cents, Call at Jont. Jones he Gone to town Seen Sisters Drank alittle Brandy, back to Titus Spent 1s10½ So home it Cost me 2s9 to Serve this notice widow ought to pay it.