Joseph Price Diary


Jany.1st..1797 Wind West & fine day being first day at home all Day Except alittle While Evening at Streapers, Good Deal indisposd, took Several of Andersons pills work prety Much Drank Some dittonny tea to bed—

Jany.2nd Wind N.W & very Cold haveing blue upin night, killd the two Sows, over to pike Split Lath Mordica Davis begun to plaster, Rudolph Sibley Tending him I home & meet at School house being our Monthly Day, I am much Better this afternoon paid old Will 7s6 on acct- paid Solomon 15s- on Acct pd. Bill Streaper 4L 12s11½d in full for Beef viz 6s6 he owd for wool & 30s Zell owd for Calf the Rest in Cash I paid over at Ben Spliting at Streapers Lost ½ pint with Zell 1s2 perhaps much pleasanter this Evening

January 3rd. 1796 1797 new page Wind N.E. in morn Got South.& W Evening begun to Snow in morn, over at pike help to make Mortar boys makeing doors. I home to Dinner. J Supplee here set my Clock to Goo, Down to black horse to Consult Elect a Committee to Consult on ways & Means to Build a Bridge over Schuyklill Schuylkill, had about 30 people their Chose by Writing Ballot Saml. Holstein uper Merion Claphanson Blockley & I myslef myself from Lowr. Merion Spent 11d apeice So home-

4th wind N.W & prety Cold took up the Gun over to pike & Widow Rights to hunt Money Got none Dined at Jonathan Walters, home & Down to Black horse pd 1s9 for wine Got Careys Geography out the Library So home —The library of the Blockley and Merion Society for Promoting Agriculture and Rural Economy, JP’s “Society” that meets at Stadleman’s Black Horse.

5th.Windy & very Cold Set off to Darby to meet the Commitee from 15 Townships, agreed to petition the Assemble Assembly, Dinner &c 7s apeice, 11d at bell home by Bill Lewis Claphanson along spent 1s2 their So home Blue Bell Tavern at 74th & Woodland.

6th Wind S W thawd more to Day than it has done this good while alittle Sloppy where the sun Shun up to Curwens Dined their then up to Spread Eagle to Measure pike house one Baugh did the work. Spent not he paid all So home about 9 OC- night

Jany. 7th 97 Wind N. West & very Cold Indeed Cuting Ice, it froze so my Coat hair hat, appeard Like a Cake of Ice owing to Splash flying on us, afternoon meet the Society Spent 4½d back to Streapers, poor business with overseer of the poor Esqr Young would Sup their Cost me 2s9½ So home Halld 4 Wagon Loads my horse & wagon

8 Wind N W & very Cold Still, at Meeting, afternoon at Mothers & pike, Antoney Tunis along Spent 11¼ at Streapers Bob Roberts & N Jones Jur. from Juniatie Mug Bear 11¼ So home—

9th Wind N W Clear & Cold, about home till noon, afternoon at David Roberts, Robert Roberts with me to warn Bevan out of the place at Darby Crick. Calld on Jesse Ellis he along gave him anotice & told him must pay 18L a year, from their to Griffee Davids to Look for money, Got none thence to Keasley to Get him Sink well Deeper, at Aaron Johnsons So back to Bens Spent 11¼, home about 9 OC at night– In margin: “10th Cuting Ice till noon afternoon at home Claphamson here about the Bridge”

11th Wind in Morn N E but soon got S E & begun to rain before noon, had avery hard rain all the afternoon have not had So much this Long time; Halling Ice for Streapers & Self house we built between us, Bob Roberts with two pair Oxen & I had my 2 horses in Morris’s wagon, & my Oxen in my own Waggon we halld 4 Loads apeice & Bob 5 from my Dam, Got verry wet, Raind so hard that we hald but 1 Load after Dinner Settle with Jacob Zell, paid him 26s3d for 1½ Bushl of Wheat 18s8 tax, County, and he paid me 60s for his fathers Coffin—

January 12th 1797 Wind N.W. & rather Cold, the water run much & seem to thaw more than it has this 2 Month perhaps With Brot John at Sturges & Quil McVaugh then up to Curwens Dined & Drank tea their he paid me 8 Dollars for Measuring Several Bridges & pike houses & six Dollars for work on his own acct So Settled up to this date, back after night at Bens ½ Gill 5½d So home 9 OC night

13th Wind about West & frosed prety hard over to mill Cuting the Ice off the wheel. Got it Loos the frost hove the Grown ground, the Water run much out at head & through the wall of Mill Some fears for fraid it would wash it Down it was froze in pennStok a tube or trough carrying water to water wheel Quite Sollid it happend not to be Quite Sollid in trunk had Great Labour to Rais the Gate & punching with the Bar intrunk Got the water on & wore it away finely So that in the Evening Got wheel Started B Tunis & I Cut 3 Logs for plank for Stable floor & halld 2 Logs for Rafters & Joysts for Streapers Ice house Dine at Capt.Ben Tunis & Spent 3 pints of Bear 1s4½– & Treated the Capt. with Glass Sperrits & water 11¼– So home Evening Polly Streaper my Mare to town– this has been aremarkable fine warm Day–in margin:”½ barrel flower 18s9″

January the 14th 1797 wind S.E and begun to rain about 10 OClock very Smart freshet Run over dam Much, wind got to West Evening & raind no More Tunis & I halld Clay & Ramd the head then hall 3 Logs for planks Got very wet, Ben Bavan paid me at Tunis 24L for 2 years Rent, home Dined at Tunis, home Evening Supt; & at Streapers 1 yd Tobacco 3d & Chat with Polly till near 11 OClock home, Recd. aletter from John Wilson Informing that he Got a letter from Brot. Edward Dated 27 December at Savanah Georgia illegible had a roff passage but was well—

15th wind West & frozed alittle Last night fine day, at Meeting morning, George McClenachan here, I walk with him to Morris’s Drank tea their & so back R.Roberts here him & I to Pratts to See Christopher Hussey, Stayd till near 9 OC Chating with Benjn. Stokes, he from Jersey he Rents the farm Christopher the Tanyard, Christopher not at home So we back–

16th Wind W Light frost alittle snow Shower in night not Coverd Ground. Christopher here to breakfast Invited me to his Weding to be on the 24th I over to Mill begun to Saw, Stoping Leak in Dam, boys Covering Mill I up to Bens Spent 11d. Got no Dinner home at night

17th- Wind, Jacob & I stoping leak in dam & Race afternoon meet Hugh Knox & John Roberts at prince of Wales to Value some Timber taken for the use of Road from Owen Jones place Spent Bear 11d-

January 18th. 1797 Wind E & snowing till about noon then Cleard off very fine warm, about 2 I. Snow, put alarge Log on Mill Got Dinner at David Roberts at Tunis home & Down to Edw. Georges about Wynns & Warners Acct. Stop at Lewis Spent 5½d So home about 10 OC-

19th Wind about West & had Snowd about 1 I Deep Sawing & down to get Kirk to Sink the well he Came up got the winless windlass Ready & buckets hung prety Cold, Loyd Jones & wife at Bens I pint of bear 5½d a Grog for Kirk 11¼, So home

20th Wind About W. Snowd in Night about 1 I. over to Sawmill Stopt a leak in head & up to Bens Down in Well till noon then home and Claphanson here to Dinner him & I to Bittle Tavern in Haverford about the Bridge Chose a Committee to attend at the the Committee of the house Spent 2s11 So home prety Cold

21st.Wind N E & Snowing had Snowd about 6 I. Deep the bigest this winter by farre Misted alittle & made asmall Crust Snowd Evening & at Night at pike in the well all day Got to very hard tite rock prety Good Spring appeard in the Middle Cleand it out & left it home to Supper

January 22nd 1797 wind N W & Cleard off very fine Snow not above 6 I Deep Got my Slay Down & hunted up the Gears afternoon went John Supplees Jurs. Sister Becky Pol Streaper Polly Walter & Nathan Jones Junr. along home by Ben Tunis Spent 11d.

23rd Wind W. & prety fine day at Work in Shop till noon, over to Jacob Jones to Look for wood for School house Jill wine 7d Ben Tunis My Slay & horses to town

24th.Wind W & athawing Day, Got up Slay & Polly Streaper & Self Joe Griffee to Drive us to town at Christopher Hussys Weding Married by Esqr Servass at one Chapmans hatter, Polly Rhudolph Daughter of Jos. Roudolph’s & young Zell formly formerly of Bucks County & us where were all the Single people their the Bride name was Grubb from below Chester we all Came up & Supt at Tunis olld place, where Christopher Lives home about 12 OClock at Night In margin:”Bout whip 22s6 Gloves 4s2 ½, at Eliots 6s2″

25th Wind N W & froze prety hard Geard up Slay & took Polly Streaper & went to Christophers Bob Roberts & Jos. George Got a Slay 10 of us in two Slays up to Buck. Drank 2 Qt. muld wine, so down pike home & Dine with Christopher Spent 4s

Jany. 26th 1797 wind S W & thawd much Seen plenty of Robins & heard a Bluebird, Over to Tunis’s & home to Dinner about Shop Evening meet Alley Roberts at Streapers about the Estate a Certain Boy a young Lad Grandson to Old Conrad Sheets at Streap out of his head Sat up till Near 3 OClock to watch him his name Samuel Studycorn—

27th. Wind South & thawd off the house all night & much to Day, Geard up 4 pair Oxen & one horse to Goodmans for abuttonwood Log I Bout of him, had many trials to Get it on the Carriage but faild had to Cut it in two. So home with the butt Widow Amos here, Evening to See Christopher & wife, Carried Poll Streaper home & so back to bed, Elizabeth Amos here her daughter poorley Soar throat

28th Wind S W & afine SpringLike Morn amaising warm for while, Cloudy afternoon & Rather Cooler halld a load of Clay & ramb the head then up to Dam trying to Stop aleak in Middle, the Water broke under the Log in the tumbleing place hald Load of Stone & Throwd in it it in, all day working at & about it Curwin dined here– a perditious flow of Water accationed by the thaw, two Showers in Night Violent for a few Minuts the Snow Most Gone, at Tunis’s in Evening So home Got 3 Dollars Market Money pd Harden 7s6 for makeing Shoes, pd B Tunis 7s6 I Borrowd to pay Kirk for Sinking well Deeper–

January 29th 1797 Wind S.W. & very fine morn over to Tunis’s for Lime to put in head, had a good Effect home to Breakfast, After took Straw & put in two holes in Dam, & went to Saw, 10 plank 15 I wide 15/6 Long. Sawd Several Cuts in 25 & 24 Minutes at Ben & Spent 5½ Sawd till after Sun Set. then home this was first Day Black Cloud Evening & blue up

30th Wind N W & prety Cold froze hard 2 boys Tunis & Jacob & self filling in two places Broke in dam Horatio Sawing plank for my pike Stable Tunis afternoon the Oxen halling wood for himself I there in Evening So home to Sup– Moderated much in Evening

31st Wind S.E & very red to Sunset sunrise Cloudy & begun to hail before noon Got to Snow then rain afternoon prety Smart Sun appeard in Evening aSawing Ratio & Self at Bob Roberts Old Kerk finish diging awell for him in field 28 feet deep, Dined at B Tunis’s then Sawd till sunset Bob home with me to Tea ½ tobacco 11¼d

February 1st 1797 Wind N E & overCast & raind all day froze on trees &c. Nearly as fast as it fell Sawing Rafters for Ice house & Lath. at Bens Spent 11¼ home to Dinner & Back to Sawing plenty water home Evening & at Streapers pint bear no pay offerd it 1s4 D. would not take it– home very heavy & Sleepy. Polly Walter & I had a spar at Breakfast, about Little Jinni mere noncens, She flew mighty much & I up in a Minute

February Wind N W. & Cleard off very fine, heavy Gust of Wind in Night, & Rain,

2nd fine Morn after breakfast at dam, Smart freshet & made a great breach in tombleing place took all away we put in the other day & agood More, I In Great fuss Tunis arivd I set the Saw agooin, Jacob Got up horses & Carts, all hands halling Clay & wet & work it very fine prety well Stopt by Night Esqr Young with us a good While He gooing to Marry, Polly Rusel to one Watkin son of Evan Watkin–

3rd. Wind W & fine day halling Stoney Stuff from from repeated old Quarry to Lay over the Clay, Tunis Halling wood for himself Sleepers for Stalls I up the Mill at Tunis Evening for the Oxen halld home Rafters for Icehouse—

Frebruary February 4th 1796 1797 Wind N W. & froze almost hard Enough to bear a horse set off before Sun rise to town Breakfasted at Eliots, Got 3 Encyclopedia for Society Lock & Glass paper 3s9 segars 1s10½ Tobacco 10d at Eliots 6s2 ferry 4d heard of 3 Saws of mine at Warners that was Stole out of the Shop Last Night & found in Warners barn Side of uper & 3 Calfskins they belong’d to Jon Thomas my yard tanyard, up with Linsey Coats as far as B Tunis’s on pike treated him to Glass Jinn Toddy home Cut of Dinner & Down to Black hores Horse Meet Society, 3 Qt. Oats 9d home about 8 OC Night– S—- with M–

5th Wind S W & avery remarkable fine day, R.Roberts & I over to plymouth Meeting at one Pierces, R- had Business with, back by one Henry Streapers that has abond against A Streapers Est..Who I Desired to Come forward If he Intended we must pay it, Dined at Hitners, 4s7½ per peice R paid all I 11¼d ferriage & R 11¼ gooing Call at Jacob Lukens & Got a Glass of wine or two, a good 13 or 14 Boat Loads of flower at Righters ferry, & the Ice only went off the 3rd. Good Deal Driving this Day, home about 8 OClock at Night—

Freby. 6th.- 1797 Wind S E & rain prety Soon Several Light Showers & Misting all day Evening Cleard off very bad Riding frost out much over to Bittles tavern to Meet the Bridge Committee, Spent 2s9¾ home about 9 OC– not froze

7th Wind N W. & has froze So hard as almost bare a Loaded Wagon Wheting Sawing and put on a Button wood Log 3 feet over at butt I got of Goodman, Slabed it to 2 feet & then Sawd 5 five Inch plank & it will make another 4 I one, at B T. paid pint bear 5½d So home pd John Hughes 3L 5s for Lime had Last fall, he Dined with me, 1 Qt. of Brandy from Streapers 4s– Dear poor Stuff

8th Wind West & froze prety hard but avery fine day, throwd off the plank of the Button wood & put a log of Rees’s on for Boards–halld 5 Loads of Stone for Well & 5 Sleepers for Stable floor Evening at Claphamson’s to Inform him that the Bridge Committee is to Meet in town toMorrow, at W Lewis’s a Little While Spent not; Spent 11d at Ben’s Dill Cuting Rail timber

9th wind W.. fine Morn but froze prety hard at Phila meet the Committee & Signd a petition to Assemby, praying to Grant alotery & asubscription

February 9th 97

Dined together the Committee 4s10– Bout 3 Rules 7s1½ paid for 2½ yd of Cloth, that I Got of Henry Thomas Sometime agoo, 4L 13s9d a pair of Stockens Becca Got their 13s6– at Eliots 2s9¾ ferry 4d. Lewis Bear beer at Lewis’s 11¼d So home,

10th. Wind S E. & begun to rain about 8 OClock a Great Rain Indeed, Sawing & Watching the Dam broke a hole at tumbleing place, Drue thee the Gate this Sd home about 4 OC very Wet Wind Got to North Evening blue & raind hard, at Streapers Spent 5½d

11th Wind N W & prety high till noon then abated fine day halld 3 Loads Clay or Earth to Mend Dam & halld 2 Loads of Stones to Lay under the joysts in pike Stable afternoon helping to Lay them– — —

12th. Wind S W & aremarkeble fine day. at Meeting, afternoon at David Roberts & Bens, at Streapers Drank tea their Spent 5½d, So home Read a while & to bed

13. Wind S.E. & over Cast Up to Court with W Stadleman Crossd at Sweeds ford in Boat by a Rope arivd about 11 OC after dinner panneled the Grand Jury B Brooke our foreman, one bill against a negroman for Steeling a Gould watch, 4 against Stores for Selling Licker by Small Measure— In margin:”Rees Price plowing two plows”

February 13th 97

raind about noon but not very hard, 12 of us in Evening with Sherreff Condemed two tracks, of Land, that we thought would not pay the Debt in 7 years, Sleep at Davis’s Esqr Brook & I together, Dark wet night poor night Sleep

14th Wind Near East & Rain, Breakfasted, & meet the Jury, Stadleman & 2 More with myself fined ½ pint wine for being 3 or 4 Minutes after the time adjourn’d two Last night, had 6 Colts? Accord. to Custom 6 pints of Wine & Brooke 1 pinte for it being the first time he was foreman Got discharge after Dinner we dined at Sherreffs as a jury 8s5½ per man, my Bill at Davis horse Supper Breakfast & ½ Gill of Ginn 18s4 the fine ½ pint of wine 2s4,– horsler 5½ ferry 1s10½ total 1L 11s15d it Smokes the packet for being a Grand Juryer, W. Stadleman & I Got home about 7 OC very bad Rideing

15th Wind N E amost Snowd about ½ I Deep At Saw mill & Bens about Noon N W & broke off wind prety high, at Rees Price’s Ruth Thomson their at Streapers, Christopher & wife & wife’s Brother & Sister their pint wine 2s4 so home

16th Wind N W prety high froze hard, at Bill Lewis’s Let abag fox out I Comeing home heard them Coming by Hoffmans, fell in & followd them amost to Darby Crick turnd back, they Ketch him below Wests we Let out a bitch fox & ketch a Dog, supposd to have Raisd him by Jacob Johnsons Spent 2s8

February 17th. 1797 Wind S E & over Cast rain Evening Mordica Davis here Walling Well, the Second time have sunk it 7 or 8 feet Since Last August & has but 2/6 water now I Down & Laded all the water very wet & Cold

18 Wind Got to W & Cleard off Good Deal rain in Night Walling well, pd Tresler 5s6 being full for Shumaking Spent. for wine 2s9¾ home Evening–

19th Wind S W & Large white frost Settle with Jacob. owe him 16L 12s1½d pd him 24s– Intrest on a 20L Note, he agrees to Stay again at 10L 10s at Meeting & home all the Afternoon— fine day

20 Wind S E Morn & rain Got to West before noon & Cleard, Mordica Walling Well, Rees Price plowing with 2 plows, Sawd a little While morning Nehemiah Evans at the Mill, W. Cochron at Bens, Spent 2 Glasses Brandy apeice we had a Great Political Dispute, he is a fine harty fellow, Robert home with us Drank Coffee & Wilm. Cochron Staid all Night

21st. Wind West, & Prety fine day till wind S E & overcast & Spit alittle Snow Walling the Well most finishd it Evening Down to See Nehemiah Evans, he Had a Stroke of the Polsey, Last Night about 9 or 10 OC–

21st February 1797 very Violent indeed, Never opend his Eyes nor Spoke But His Wife aske him if he new her & he said Yeas, Sucy, I Stayd till about 9 OC home, Dark bad rideing. Smart Rain Night

22nd Wind W & Cleard off prety soon gooing to Mill, met B Tunis told me Nehemiah Evans dyed this Morning about 7 OC– over at the pike Gate N0 2 where he died, he has been Gate keeper about 2 years, & Gave the Board much Satisfaction or More proper they were much pleasd with him, he was a remarkable fat illegible Short man about 5 feet 4 I. short Neck, weigh’d about 220 he Told Robert Roberts a few Days agoo that was his weight, him & I was very Intimate I Can remember him as Long almost as any Body perhaps, he was avery Jolly Chearfull person; was with me at the Mill the 20th till most noon as Chearful as Ever, a very Serious warning for us I hope to Lord it may not Easyly be Eras’d from my mind (23rd Buried him in our yd.

23 avery Great Concourse of people; makeing a Coffin for John Jones papermakers Child Rees Price’s people plowing the Coffin 22½ Ins. over the Shoulders & 14 I. Deep, Viz Evans’s

24rd th Wind S in Morn, soon to West & Cleard off wind prety, Springlike Morn almost, Raind in in repeated morning Set off about 7 OC. with Coffin to Jones’s below Darby arivd about 10 OC. Got Something Eat & Drink & Left their about 11 OC arivd

February 24rdth 1797

at Merion yard about 2 OC. they Caryed the Child in a Light wagon, Got Dinner at home & at Dam Jacob mending a hole in the Lower Side at Bens old Nat the neger huntsman from Gloster to See me Treated him ½ pint Brandy, Down to Gate No 2 Got all the toll Money that Nehemiah Evans had Receivd Since he Sent it in, home by the Dam Dark walk Joe & John Evans along —M—

24th 25th-dating wrong since the 22nd and partially corrected Wind N W & hard froze Down to the Lamb Lewis’s turnd out a bag fox, Rode with them to Righters I back to town, paid West 20 Dolrs. old Acct. 4½ Dols. boards Got to Day funerture for Bearows 22s6 oil 1 Qt. 2s6 Expences at Eliot 6s6 perhaps back to Lewis’s fox hunters their old Nat throwd out negro John throwd & the fox Lost had 14 Cupple of Dogs– bad Day for Runing

26 Wind West & Raw unpleasant, Sundry people here in Morning. Over to Esqr Linseys to meet Bill Cochron, hee he Married to Jane Cochron Dined their & then to Curwens home about 10 OClock

27th Wind W Dill here Makeing the fence from Streapers Lott up this way I at the mill & at Bens (Sawing) Evening at Gate No . 2 to See Grimes home, so home

28th Wind W. & prety fine over to Bens to Meet Curwen walk with him as far as Gate back & Sawing Joyst Jos George halld 2 Logs put one on—

March the 1st. 1797 Wind N W & Cold, after breakfast at Johns Lewelling Young their he with me Mill & B Tunis, Meet Curwen gooing from town told us that Charles Noble is appointed Gate keeper at No. 2 & Bill Streaper No.3 & Antoney Tunis turnd out back & Got Dinner at Johns, then to Mill Robert Roberts halld 2 Logs, & Evening up to Curwens Robert Bondsman for Noble at Buck ½ pint wine 1s3 So home about 12 OC Stayd all night with Robert had David’s horse

2nd Wind N E White frost & hard froze Sawing all day Logs Jos George, over Cast begun to Snow in Evening. home to Tea to bed very soon

3rd Wind N.W Snow near 4 I. deep up to buck for ½ Bushel of Clover Seed 4½ Dollars & ½ B for John Spent mug bear 11d Stopt at Bens Dined their at Sawmill Evening at Streapers 6½d Spent, home to Tea, the Snow almost Gone Surprising how it went, paid Rudolph Sibley 10s for work.

4th Wind S.W Raw over to Mill whet the Saw & put the Logs on fine afternoon forgs frogs Crying at David Roberts Set off for Ned George, Meet John Thompson Turnd back with him, he has been to Jamaca Just Returned Springfield John is a Survayor

March 5th 1797 Wind N W & fine Morn, Thompson Breakfasted here I at Meeting, R. Roberts Dined here R Tunis hear, Jos. George here Roberts George & Self up to buck Spent 2s6 Wine, home by Ben Tunis they treated with pint Wine, So home I Came, very windy & Cold, had a Letter from Brot. Ned St Mary Georgia

6th Wind N W & wind very high all night & all this day over Sawmill, the Race So full of Leaves that we Could not Saw at David Roberts made a box for pitman Crank to work in, meet at School house to Elect Trustees Silas Jones Algernon Roberts Able Thomas David Roberts & Self Elected, at old Michal Herses Vandue, Bout old oak Table with 2 Leaves for 3s9, one old Chear that they Say was Thomas David’s for 1s10½ a Chain for 1s8 So home Evening at Streapers awhile Spent not

7th Wind S.E Very Cold not very high work till noon to Get the Leaves out Race a great Job up to Bens 11¼d home to Dinner back & finished Jos Georges Logs. Down to pike Gate No. 2 Meet the people Coming from old Bonds vandue Said it was over Back to Bens Mug bear 11¼ So home wrote this before Supper & so—

March the 8th 1797 Wind, at Sawmill Cuting Joysts for Ben, aframe for Wm Durnal, made 22 Joysts & 2 peices 6 by 6 Wind N W- & high Race full again of Leaves

9th Wind N W & Cold at Sawmill till noon, afternoon at Widow Roberts Viz Richard Roberts widow Vandue Bout 5 Wine Glasses at 1s3 home by Edward Georeg George he not at home, up to Lewis Spent 1s–up to Stadlemans 1s So home– wind high in Night

10th. Wind N W prety fine Set off for town Dine at R Tunis, Bout. Nails & Glue 6s10½, Reckening at Eliots 3s9 watch key at 11¼ So home at Lewis 4d SL. W. M—-

11th Wind S E & begun to Snow about 6 OC- Morn & Continued till noon 2 I deep, at Sawmill morn. after Meet the Society at Black horse Spent not home at Streapers Chated polly til about 10 OC-

12. Wind S W appearence of fine day in Morn But over Cast & Dull. over to Dam & Bens, home to Dinner Gibson Jones here to Dinner being first Day Drank Coffee at Streapers John Supplee & wife their, Chated Moll till near 11 OC kissd her Cheak twice So home Jill wine 7d–

13 Wind S W & snow almost Gone Sawing till noon Spent 11d. old Jacob Jones here to get Polly Walter to Cut his hare, he told me he was near 84 years old Rides, Mount & dismount Quite Brisk very light on foot

March 13th 1797

Sent the herse to Carry James Worrel to town he Died Last night Edw. Williams here to Borrowd it Hugh Knox here Polly Robeson John’s Widow here wants me to be Gardiein for her Daughter here all night overCast Like for rain but give none

14th. Wind S. & overCast Alittle Miste more Clear afternoon & very fine & Warm frogs Crying very fine Seen a peaVee peewee, up Soon & went to John Witeman to Look at white oaks of Jones I want to Buy at Mill finishd Lath for John & put a Rafter Log on, after at Bens Gill Wine 5½d Down pike to Edw. Georges about Warners & Wynns acct.. Did not finish it Ned had some fears that Wynns acct. was not Just home about 10 OC-

15 Wind N E & like for Rain Driseled alittle overCast all Day, & Raw & Cold by yesterday at Bens treated John Dernal to a Grog 11¼d Dill finishing the fence from Streapers up planted a larg Chusnut post Grew above the Shop, & a White oak Cut 17 feet above the butt been Cut down 3 or 4 years & bark Sap rotten, it is a large Gate on the old Road to the Barn Butts of them Both in the Ground Sawing all Day

March 16th 1797 Wind, S.E & overCast all Day Sawing poplar planks for Robert put up a fence from barn to wall

17 wind South & 2 or 3 fine Showers about noon Sawing all day, Except a little while at peter Mays Vandue Drank tea their at mill Set a Cut & so home—

18th Wind S W & very foggy or misty Set off for town about 5 OC- Bought furniture for Desk 18s– 2pair of But hinges 1s2 two cupboard Locks 3s4 two Rasors 6s- paid for Gazett Hall & Sellers 15s- Eliots Breakfast & horse 3s9 boy 5½ up to Lewis they Let out a fox Rode with them by the pike & home they Ketch him on Spring mill hills Down to Lewis & Dine With them 5s7½– Meet at Streapers, twonship township Meeting McClenechan & Jonathn. Thomas Elected Constable, Hugh Knox & Wilm. Colflesh Supervisor of high Ways, 24 Voters alarge meeting Spent 11¼ apeice, paid 11¼ for Robert So home thunder to West about noon & alittle rain In margin: “Peice fustain 12s”

19th Wind N W & prety high & Cold all Day Tom Roberts here from town Walk to Rees’s Dined their Back, Jacob Zell, John Wilson Sent for me to Streapers, to Drink some porter, Back to tea paid Gott 7 Dollars for Work 1 Qt Brandy 3s9 paid Michal Herse 7s things Bout Vandue

March 20th 1796 1797 Wind West froze hard Last Night & prety Cold to Day, at Sawmill, at Bens, at Streapers Peggy Roberts paid me 8 Dolrs. for her husbands Richard Roberts Coffin

21 Wind S W & rather pleasanter at sawmill till omission Grafted 4 aprecots in plum Stock & planted 7 plumtrees Evening put a Log on Sawmill—

22 Wind S E & Rain before day mending Gardin fence & over at Sawmill home to Dinner McClenechan J Morris & Self over to Bens from there to Lewis’s thout thought they had Let out a fox but they had turnd him it Raind so fast. Spent 2s6 & home before night Mac Drank Coffee with us fine Rainey Evening

23rd Wind N W & Cleard off. up to Buck Jill wine 7d Curwen. Dinner Jones Esqr paid him 16 Dollars for Doct. Shippin In the road beyond the Schoolhouse Curwen & wife & Jones wife where were by, & I had an Acct of 4L 1s3d. Shippin was 9L 19s6d So over paid him 1s9 At Jos. Wilsons Consulting about his Stable home about Day Light takeing his illegible Curwen paid me 11s3 for Measureing pike house at Downins Downingtown —–

24 W S W & prety Large whitefrost at Mill before Sun rise, home to breakfast back to Mill at Bens pint Sider 4d begun to rain very Rainy afternoon Sawd till Dark no Dinner pint Sider Streapers

March 25th 1797 wind N.W hard Rain in Night Dam Runing over, Sawing before Sun rise, home to Breakfast Horatio Sawing Set off to town Bout. Crosscut Saw 24s- 3 files 4s6 Chisels 2s5 Recking at Eliots 1s11 So home

26th.Wind S W fine morn white frost abeing first day meeting while at Mill & Bens home to Dinner Dam Runing Over, afternoon at Morris’s Drink tea their him & I. at Nehemiah Evans Widows Cold windy home—

27th. Wind S E Raind in Night & this Morn, Sawing very soon, home to Breakfast, then up with Bill Streaper & family to pike Gate No 3- when we Got their Before we had time to unload their Came up amost Violent Gust of Rain & hail & thunder (but not so near) as I most Ever Seen for the Moment it Lasted home by mill, Down to Stokes’s help them to Load wagons home, Jacob Drunk & not Got things Ready for to Start tomorrow I much out of temper with him, John Thompson here all night.

28th.Wind N W. & very Cool Disagreeable Day Down to Stoke with the horses & Brout. the wagon up by Sunrise Breakfasted and set off with the Moveing, near Pennels forge Middletown

March 28th 97

a violent Bad Road & along way all most of them too heavy Loaded for the Distance Got their about 2 OClock, unloaded & Left their about 4 OC– got home about 8 OC– Jacob Broke End of his axeltree & wheel run off, Got aspike & nail at Black horse Tavern & fixt it so as it Came home, Spent 3s3½–

29 Wind N W & avery Cold morn Ice all over the Pond & ground froze’d prety much, at Sawmill Whet the Saw at Bens Mug Sider 8d home to Dinner, at David Zells Vandue, Bout. not home Rub’d up a Crosscut Saw that I Bout in town, Eat supper & went for bed.

30 Wind, N.W. not very warm at Sawmill, Down to Jesse Lesters. Got 7½ Dollars for a Coffin for his Brotr. Borrowd Roberts horse Calld at Latitia’s Tavern Dredfull hole Spent 11d illegible word home to Dinner & up to Walter Amos (Humphrey’s) place helping to rais a Barn 36 by 20 Logs home Evening to bed we Goo, Saml. Jarvis here along time away

31st Wind S E overCast all Day with Showers at Sawmill put on a Large Ruff Log for Jon. Thomas afternoon, at David Jones, & Edw. Georges Drank tea their & So home Spent not. Bill Lewis had a Vandue at Lamb to Day not their Robert Roberts along

April 1st 1797 W N W & fine day at Mill & at Bens the Boys their helping to frame a house for Durnal afternoon Meet at Streapers to Settle the poor & Road Overseers Acct., their, till Eleven OClock

2nd. Wind N W. & Whitefrost & Ground froze alittle not at Meeting, at Streapers with Holget Spent 1s2. at Morris’s, Tommy Roberts walk from town, & back afternoon, Our Irish Schoolmaster Treated Me to pint Wine,—

3rd Wind South & very remarkable fine day Cut & halld 2 Logs for Lath, begun to Saw, at Bens boys their helping to frame Durnals house afternoon Meet at the School house warnd our Irishman to Look out or Leave the Schoole Alley Roberts & Self was all that Meet, Mug Sider 8d so home

4th. Wind upon the South (as the dutchman says) & avery fine day about a Oxyoke till noon Claphamson here to Dinner up to Jarvis’s to put up abed Stids. back at omission 6d for sider Ned George along some business about Wynn & Warner– Jacob Sowing plaster

5th.Wind S & avery warm day Smart thunder Gust (not very hard rain here. Righting the fore Bay at Dam & Sawing afternoon Settle with Sanders for Mason Work pd him 35 D. Jacob Sowd the Remainder of 4 Bushels in Middle feild, Polly Bridson here Wants Me to pay her Mother 8L, odds & I have overpaid her aredy

6th Wind S. Wind, S W. & fine day over at Sawmill

April 6th 1797

and at Mothers, & up to widow Morgans & at Curwins & back to pike Gate & at Ben Tunis’s & so home-

7th Wind N E & rain at Sawmill & at Bens put a big Log of John’s on home to Dinner & & repeated Sawing till Most Night home by Streapers pint Sider 5d. Settling John’s poor Acct

8th Wind N E. Set off about 6 OClock Got in about ½ after 7 begun to rain & rain very much till night, Bout 12 lb omission for John 14s– Breakfasted at Eliots 2s4 Ginn 1s4½ horse 9d Boy 5½d ferry 4d Gate 3 Cents home before 2 OC- Got Dinner & at Blackhorse Society day, Claphamson & Self all that meet Drink apint wine & Adjournd Till the next Stated meeting

9 Wind N W & fine Clear fresh Morn over to Sawmill put on Log Whet Saw & Cutt 7 Cuts & home & went to Meeting not any to Eate since Dinner yesterday prety Good appitite to Dinner to Day afternoon at Streapers Holget treated to mug sider 10d at Rees Price’s so home—

April 10th 1797 Wind N W & Cold Ground froze prety hard & Ice over the poons ponds, at Rees in Morn, Makeing Coffin for Bill Johnsons grandmother Dunn with Thompson Runing Runing repeated aline between David Roberts & me I Dined at David Roberts home in Evening, Spent mug bear at Tunis’s 11d

11th Wind N W & very Large white frost & alittle Ice Set off with the Coffin before Sunrise, Left the house at 9 OC arivd at Graveyard (about 5 Miles above Norristown) about 3 OC interd & stopt at Arche Durra’s Tavern & fed & Eat & Drink at 5s- apeice for 9 of us 45s- so on to ferry 3s9 I paid ther for 2 horses, at Buck mug abear 11d So home about 9 OC. after a distance of about 36 or 37 Miles to Inter an old woman above 86 years old in a pool of Water almost, or mere mud & Stones water in the Grave & the dirt mear Morter– full of Stone–

12th Wind S W & fine day hallin Logs & sawing Evening at E Georges finishd Warners & Wynns accounts, home Late at Night

13th Wind N.E. & Rain, Sawing for David Roberts till afternoon Meet the Trustees of Merion School, and warn the Master to leave the School at Streapers wine 9d. So home

14th wind N W & fine day halld 2 logs put one on for Lath work at Window frame till noon for Curwen at Jonathan Walters in Evening

April 15th 1797 wind S W. over Cast begun to rain before night Set off with Jarvis about 7 OC. went by Righters ferry to Esqr Pryors in Whitemarsh he Summond by blot Sands Daughter for, keeping house for him, Dined at a tavern 9s4 Jarvis pd. 7s6 of it I 1s10½ from there to Job Roberts Treasurer County owd me for work at the Bridge, he had no Money, home by Hitners Spent 11¼d, & 5½ for Jinn & 5½ to boy Rode Youngs ford very Deep, Drank Coffee at Jarvis & so home

16th Wind N E & a very Great rain At the Dam & David Roberts, Balor here to Get a Coffin for David George been Long poorly, walk to Bens ½ Gill 5½d, to Get him help to make the Coffin

17th.Wind N W. Cold Ice, Clear, Ben Come Begun & finishd the Coffin by Noon after running the line between John & me Viz Cuting off what Father left me, Evening took the Coffin Down & stayd till 10 OC- home all gone to bed,- 1 Qt Rum of Ben 3s-. Cloudy to west Evening

18th Wind N E by north, begun to rain about midnight morning Snowing very fast, Set off to Burial few people, a most perditious Snowy Day the like perhaps NEver Seen here afternoon at Sawmill & Bens Snowd most violently & Geatherd on the Ground

April 19th 1797 Wind N. Cold & Snowing very fast Yet amost Dredfull time to appearance, peach Cherry & apple amost illegible Out in Blossom, Quit Snowing about 9 OClock Sun Shun out a little while wind North high & Clouds wild, 3 or 4 Showers afternoon from West Snow & rain put on apoplar Logs 22/6 Long & sawd till night without Dinner, David Roberts had a Rodney Colt today from his Darlin Mare as he Calls her, apears as If it would frez all before it

Apr. 20 Wind West & prety fine no frost Cloudy & soft all night plenty of Snow around fences in Morn & I seen Some at noon, I have not a dout If it had not Melted As it fell but it would been 2 feet deep Sawing framing Rafter for Curwen Joe was omission, & at Bens Maken fence Spent mug bear with Curwen 11¼d John Moore at Sawmill, Great brag, he is Got a little Mill too been Sawing Mehogeny—

21st. Wind N. Rather Cold but no Ice nor frost, at Mill & halling rails old Mare to fence Bens Garden Spent 3 pints of Bear & Got Dinner with Ben home Evening at David Zells Got 10 lb Beef 7s6 Shanks 1s4½ so home &—– bad night rest perplext

22nd wind West & whitefrost Butifull morn But got Cloudy, whet Saw & at Bens pint bear 5½ Gave Partrick Patrick 3s9, being a ballance due for ditching home to Dinner, afternoon up to buck Jont. Miller Settled for Carpenters work of his house

22nd 1797

home by Mothers Griffeth David paid 300 Dollars on acct of abond for 200 pounds very Dark home

23. Wind N E & Very wet morn being first day. about home Holget here to Dinner, afternoon at David Roberts Drank Coffee their So home

24 wind E & over Cast & rain Sawing about mill &c all day;

25 Wind E & rain Great Shower from West & Cleard up, Sawing in Morn after Makeing a Coffin for Humphreys old Nanny perhaps 90 years old B Tunis helping Evening put a log on Mill 3 feet 1 Inch over– —

26 Wind N W & fine day Set off with Coffin to Ceasors above the buck, Negro Man Preached, Named Richard Allen a very Great preacher of or Belonging to Methodis, afternoon put alog on Mill 3/1 In. over belonging to Jont. Thomas turnpike, made 8 3feet 9 of 10 I Joysts 15/6 Long

27 Wind N W fineday finished Sawing big Log & put on another Down to Schuylkill Got 2 Shad of of repeated Titus Roberts & 2 Some time agoo paid 7s6 Viz 1s10½ per Shad home

28 wind S W. fine warm day Set off to town Dined at Tomy. Roberts’s bout Sprigs 4s6 Screws 6s6 politle political Censor 1s10½ at Eliots 1s10½ horsler 9d. ferry 8d Pol Streaper along. Stadlemans 1s2 home Evening.

April 29th 1797 Wind S.W & fine day, at Bens Sawmill puting on alog of Charles Bear, afternoon at James Sturges Settleing at the Buck Rcd 50L 5s6d in full for Carpenters work thunder to W. & very dark Raind Smart, Glass bear & oats 1s3– very hard Rain up Country Schuylkill bank high,

30 Wind S E & overCast Rain in Evening & very warm Buried a Child of Dan Bear perhaps 12 ours old made Coffin in Morn & buryed it before Noon, afternoon Borrowd R Roberts horse & set off to W. Thomas about Jonathan & Rees affairs keep on to bird in hand Tavern raind hard ½ after ten Starlight, but soon to rain again and Great Deal fell Stayd all night Supt on Trout ketch by Clampherd from Phila

May 1st wind S W & alittle drissel paid Reckening 6s9 boy 9d over to Norristown Got Judgment Enter and Execution Enterd to Sherriff before 8 OClock Breakfast & oats &c &c 5s3 ferry 11d. Down to B Tunis by noon pint Cider 4d Evening at Ally Roberts, about our School, home & to bed we goo–

2nd Wind N W & fine day at & about home till Evening then at Ally Roberts about the Schoolmaster that is wanting to Come, forgot at Able Thomas in morn about the same, afternoon Bill Thomas & Sherriff Pugh, here & seizd on all Stock &c of Rees & Jonathan Thomas, my Judgment 90L 10s J. Evans 266L 19s4d, W Thomas 175L, John Thomas 75L all of us Got the Start of Evans of Course he will be the Loser If any

May 3rd 1797 Wind S W & fine day Set off to town Christopher Hussy here to Examin tanyard Ground Bark &c Bill Thomas & Jonathan Down I about home all Day over as far as Sawmill & so–

May 4rdth Wind S Warm day Set off for town Calld on R. Roberts & Borrowd his horse Bout. Oile 2s9 Qt. Recking at Elliots 5s6 Dinner &c &c home Evening

5th Wind S W Halld awarnet Log from terther Side Hoffmans Bout of Rees Price afternoon at Bens Boy their Makeing Rack Come on in Evening very hard rain & Continued till towards midnight from W

6th Wind N W & fine Morn off Soon to Mill Dam broke a Small hole 4 Cart Loads to fill it, If the Rain had Continued till Morn it would Ruined me allmost, Melded mended the hole & Sawd Staves for Rack & halld them up afternoon meet at Streapers about Rees & Jonathan Thomas affairs. this was Society Day find fined 1s I Dare Say Spent not—

7 Wind N & fine Cool day at Meeting Isaac Potts gave us a good Sermont at home all day after

8 Wind old Corse & Cold frost on illegible they say at Mill Wheting before sun rise Sent for me Coffin for John Goodman up to B Tunis for him to help me home & begun & finishd it before Night & took home

May the 8th

Put him in Coffin the old mare went off with the herse & Got home Safe by her Self

9th Wind N W Set off to town Soon, to See Abbet & Barns, & other Credittors of Rees & Jonathan Bout. Lock & 2 Bolts for pike Stable 10s– Buckels 7s6 at Elliots 1s4 was Down to See the frigget, home to Dinner after at John Goodmans Burial So home–

10th Wind N W & fine day up to Cort Gave Lawyer 5 Dollars Reckening at Davis 7s6 horse at ferry 3s– So Down to Streapers mug sider 10d–

11th Wind S W & fine Warmday Barking with several hands 12 Trees 2 Qt whiskey 3s9-

12 Wind S W and Little rain Soon in Morn Got to N.W & Cleard Barking all Day 12 Trees–

13th. Wind N.W. & very Cool hanging Gate by David Roberts Wheting Saw &c &c Evening Ally Roberts here to Meet School Master Bill Thomas & Evans & I Enterd into Articles blot with Christopher to finish the Stock in yard of Jonathan Thomas’s the School Master & Nathan Jones here all night

14th Wind N & Cold day with the Master at Able Thomas & Algernon Roberts agreed to try him I home to Dinner afternoon John Wilson here & ½ Dozen people I beleiv 1 Qt Brandy 3s9, being first day

May 15th 1797 Wind S W & warm Over at Bens, hewing Gate posts for Gate to Goo to the pike from Sawmill planted it & made fence &c. &c. they say Whitefrost this Morn, Old John Roberts Says So

16th. Wind N. & Cool Down with Robert Taylor Irishman to Ally Roberts, he is Got a Girl with Child, & wants to Make Satisfaction to town Borrowd Jacob Morris’s Mare, home & Got Dinner & up to John Goodmans Widows’ praising the Est. home Evening the yankey School Master here all night

17th. Wind N W not very Warm about with the School Master forenoon Walk after Rode up Mill & round by Loyd Jones &c home Evening, Drank Coffee with Loyd Jones, Left my Inkcorn their—

18 Wind S E & overCast up Soon & over to Susanna Evans back to breakfast; after halld Samll small Log for boards, afternoon marking out for Corn at pike Tunis, finished planting Corn in new Orchard No.1—

19. Wind S W & overCast. Down Soon in Morn at Christophers one Daniel a tanner Lives in Shop Gooing to kill Wife or threatened her much I talk to him much he very Stout sent for Justice, he then begun to knuckle & they Let him goo, at Mill Cut Briers &c at pike Jacob Marking out for Corn their Drank Coffee with Polly Tunis so home, had some serious talk with M.W. Joe May Mending Rails

20th Wind S E & overCast & rain very Light at times put in a Large Log of Johns for fellow (it was this morn I was at Christophers & not yesterday;) afternoon washed sheep 7 of them Joe Griffee & self, after David Roberts Come to Wash his help us after Sawd 2 Cuts & went up to Ben Tunis so home Elizabeth Amos here all night

May 21st 1797 Wind West & very fine Morn our Yankey School Master here to Breakfast, our Neighbour Thomas at Peter May place here, at Meeting had a very Serious time Gave James Jones a note with 12L for Intrest afternoon up to Cochron’s McClenechan their a Great Dispute on Politicks Great Deal of thunder & a Light Shower as I went & one in Evening as I Came home

22nd.Wind N.W. & very fine Morn at Schoolhouse after Sawmill Sawd Large Log of John & put one on for Jonathan Walter & planting Corn at pike mixt plaster with 30 Rows rest with incomplete

23rd Wind W & fine day at Mill & finish planting Corn at Bens, afternoon at home Sister Jane hear Sherreff & Saml. Holstein here to tea, Sheard my Sheep 7 of them

24 Wind N.W. Been a fine Shower in Night at Mill hall Load Boards to Bens & 6 Joysts & help John to hall the plank in Dam after fetch a load bark to Yard and Spent 1s4½ Sturgis Give me 7 potatoes

25 Wind W. & Little Cool planted this day my 7 potatoes in Garden Got of James Sturges, Jacob Halling Bark, I over at Susanna Evans Praising with Ally Roberts, her Late Husbands Nehemiah Evans property. home about 4 OClock, & helpt to Stack bark

26th.Wind N W & prety Cool over to Saw Mill forenoon at B Tunis’s, hinted to John I am Gooing to be Married, Jill Wine 5½ Glass Bear 5½ So home to Dinner, afternoon up to Esqr. Youngs Acquainted him of Intention of Gooing to be Married—-

May 27th 1797 Wind S & prety high halld 2 Loads of Bark before Dinner, Spent mug bear, afternoon at Pearsons & falls Spent 1s10½ & 2s9 for 2 Dozn. Catfish, Come on a thunder Gust Great deal of Lightning & pretty Clever Little shower, home before dark had Catfish to Supper– So to bed—

28th wind N W & very high & Cool, 4 to Breakfast Extra & so almost Every Day, Jacob Down to Phin Roberts for 8 Shad this is the first day of the week, paid Griffeth from Cuckel town 5 Dollars for hats all the Money I had I at home Except alittle While at Tunis Mug Bear 12½ Cents– & at Morris’s to see If they Board our Master–

29th.Wind about West & fine Morn over to feild my Mare Got a fine whiteface horse Colt, almost black I think it will be a Gray Got by Mat. Jones’s Gray horse Superior, I think She had the horse there about 27 or 28 Shee went Just about a year—

30th Wind W & fine Day at Mill & Tunis, Afternoon at Esqr Youngs at Wilson, & Curwen So home, In Evening

31st. Wind W & fine Cool day over at Bens after in town Bout 1 Gallon Sperrits 11s3- pad Lock for pike 5s7½ Stock lock 3s9, Muster mustard 11d Lost it out of my pocket 2s for horse & Wine 4d ferry 3 Cent pike So home

June 1st Wind S.W. & amost Serein Morn & fine day, over at Bens; Back to Dinner. Began to Make Abraham Walters Coffin, Young, McClenachan & Jacob Morris & Self to falls to Eat Catfish & punch 6s9d peice I paid for Young back and Lewelling Young Married Polly Walter & Me— B Tunis present

June 2nd 1797 Wind East & raind over & whet the Saw at Bens Glass punch 1s6 Loyd Jones along Dine with B T home Got up the hearse & took the Coffin up Raind very hard, all the way up & down—

3rd Wind S W & very warm up to Burial & Back to Dinner, afternoon at Mill & tunis & at Jarvis Drank tea, very disagreeable feelings of Mind & body. the Lord keep Suport my mind under the many trials, Society day not their

4th Wind S.W & fine day at home Write or Coppying Nehemiahs Inventory, afternoon at B Tunis George McClenechan their, Drank to Much Wine home to tea & away to bed

5th wind N W been a fine rain in Night, over to Mill Horatio Sawing at B.T. home to Dinner A Roberts hear Meet at School. home—

6th Wind W & warm up to Mill Joe Sawing Eaves of Bridge I Gave my Mare McClenechans horse 1 B. Screening 3s8 home to Dinner turnd all the Clover & at B.T. So home

7th Wind S W & fine day at the Mill put alog on at B T Gill wine 6d. planted about 5 B potatoes & hall a Load Rafters to Streapers & one Load of Clover in, Barns a Currier from town here to tea & School Master Tea Also—

June the 8th 1797 Wind I forgot. halld the remainder of Clover in and after halling rails at pike Spent pint bear, home noon

9 4 or 5 words illegible halld 5 Logs Capt.Ben Tunis helpt

10th. Wind S.W and Warm day at the Mill Whet the Saw & put alog on back Measurd 2 Loads of Bark Barns the Currier heir here to Dinner walk with him to see John Evans about Some Leather he owns of Jonathan & Rees’s Measurd 2 Loads of Bark– Evening a light Shower Evening repeated

11th Wind S W & fine day. being first day W Cochron to Breakfast, Tom Roberts here to Dinner afternoon Evans, Roberts & Self at B Tunis & at Sawmill home Drank tea & So to bed we Goo-

12th Wind S W & very fine day over to Mill put on a Log halld plates for Streapers Shed at B Tunis to Get him over, to hew a plate for Streapers Shed, Raisd plates I helpt to Pile Bark Yankey Master here to tea– a Light Shower about noon Sun Shun all the while

13. Wind S W. and fair offer for a warm day over to Whet Saw, & on with Log at B Tunis pint Bear 5½d so home to Dinner Joe Cuting Rafters for Streapers at the Mill &c &c

14th. wind N W & fine day at Mill & at Capt. home to Dinner, Mended Streapers pump, Sherriff Down to Sell all the Stock in yard Rees & Jonathans I got a Cut of Dinner & opened the sales, Sold Cheifly all Supt at Streapers, So home I Bout almost Everything for to tan out for us Judgment Cr. credit Bid 800 Dollars at a Lick

June 15th 1797 Wind S W & over Cast Raind 3 or 4 Showers before noon up with Widow Evans & Widow Goodman, Martin Miller along to Norristown to take out Letters of Adminisstrators. Dined their Back Smart Shower put in at Bird in hand. ½ pint wine the Widows paid all, home about sunset

16th Wind S W & over Cast but no rain to speak of at the Mill at B. Tunis. after dinner killd a Calf then at Jacob Zells. & Back—

17th Wind N.W & Cool in Morn Set off to town Joe Walter along, Bought not Dinner &c 6s3, Come up about 3 OC verry heavy rain Lasted 20 or 30 Minutes Set off home ferry & pike 7d home to tea

18 Wind N W & fine day at home till Evening over at B Tunis, So home

19 W N & fine Cool day at Capt. with the Oxen he halling oats from Bill Smiths put on a Log Horatio Sawing afternoon up to Collfleshs to see If he had any tax Money I have a Demand against the County

20th 1797 Wind West & fine Morn, Cloudyed up from West & avery fine rain in afternoon halling Logs for a Little house I am Gooing to put at Sawmill. Cut & hall 4 then Rain so hard Quit Spent ½ pint wine 11¼d

21st Wind N.W. & fine Coold cool Day over at Mill Whet the Saw & put a Log on at the Capt.. afternoon split about 50 Cogs, Mother went by me but Did not Speak, my mind much Trobled at Uneasiness that I Should Give her The Trobles that we give her when we ought to be a Comfort. the reflection of my Conduct at this time of Life is almost more than I Can bear, Lord have Mercy on me, & I pray God that my Conduct May Merit the Countiness countenance of the Rrighteous & the forgiveness of my God & freinds—

22nd Wind W. Jacob plowing the feild No.2 for Buck wheat very hard bad plowing I at Mill Sawing Logs for a house at Mill Horatio Driveing plow

23. wind S W & over Cast, Raind alittle in night, & a light Shower about 11 OC- & another about 2 OC prety Cleaver at mill till night, Got 10 Dollars of Jarvis 6 I lent him & 4 for sawing, Got 6 Dollars of Jonathan Thomas for sawing–

June 24th 97

Wind N.W & fine Day Rode my Mare to ferry Walk from their to town bout. 16 Bed Screws 9s- tea 7s6. Coffee & Sugar 4s10 Eliots Dinner 3s4 ferry 2s6 pike 3 Cents ½ pint wine in town 11d

25th. Wind S W & fine warm day walk to Saw mill & Bens home to Dinner no body to Dinner after the School Master & I to Tunis’s spent 11d So home being first day

26th Wind S W & warm at saw mill Mordica Davis here to pint point, afternoon halld a load of Sand & made abed of pinting Morter, Jos. Wilson got my Oxen to hall hay at pearson’s place I had to Borrowd Jont. Walters, Had a search after John’s Bare John Bare but Could not find him, Gott begun to Mow

27th Wind S W & very warm day Gott Mowing & an Inglishman at the Mill put on a Log, home at hay not very well pleasd with my Mowers their Lasey Rack & Cock a good Deal in afternoon

28th W. old Course over at Bens, Raisd a summer house & home & at hay. Drank 3 or 4 Glasses wine with Pearson & Bob Roberts, at hay afternoon Robert Holland helpt a While, Evening at Morris’s Old Leamon Died about 8 OClock

29 W.S.W. & very warm day, Sent over for B Tunis & begun the Coffin for old Daddy Leamon finish by Dinner Tunis help at hay then Evening took Coffin Down & put him in. I had to Sit up by my Self all night. no boddy their. I Sat & sleep in Room with the Corps Christophers Wife & wifes Sister here

June 30th 1797 Wind S W & like to be avery warm day Drank a little Mint Water Morris & home to Breakfast Got up hearse, Ben Tunis Rode Old Sorrel & I Morris’s Mare Set off with the Corps to Oxford Church about 3 or 4 Miles above frankford Set off a little after 8 OC & arivd alittle after 12 OC– Stop at What Used to be Armitages Tavern old York road fed horses & Drank Some Wine & Water Morris pd all there & ferry to home About 5 OC- Streapers Ned & Jacob halld 5 Loads hay, fine hay time

July 1st. Wind S. fine day for hay, a light Shower about sunseting very Light, Seem to goo above Gott here mowing 1½ Day an Englishman 4½ Day & 1 makeing hay Sollomon 2 day mowing & 1 at hay, Ned ½ D. mowing & 1½ at hay Jacob & Solomon halld 5 Loads Englishman & I Rake. Gave Nathan Hussy 2s6 or promised to help them for his Rakeing the Swamp below the Yd. I beleve he did it about 2½ hours, about 4 Loads out & all Dry, If had not Been for the Burial I Should Got it all in this week I had a remarkable fine week–

Jy. 2nd Wind S. foggy Morn but Soon Cleard off very warm being first day I Could not work at hay home Reading. the Lord Enable me to be Good which is my Great Desire I have had a trying time on Some Accts.

July 2nd 1797

George McClenechan & I walk to Bens. Drank some Ice punch 1s10½ Old Evans Come home very Drunk—

3rd. Wind S W & a very warmday. finished halling in my hay at home; & Rake Some hay in John’s swampt. paid 3 Dol. & 3 Qt whiskey for Mowing the swamp, begun this day week. fine time as Ever I seen for hay, had no rain on mine Except a few drops sevenday Evening & that was all in Cock—

4th Wind N W. & Colder than yesterday overCast Great part of Day, Rake’d hay till About 1 OC– then over to B Tunis 6 or 7 of us Dine their; Spent the afternoon being the anniversity of Independency, Spent 11s3. home in Evening Little Saml. Jarvis behaved avery Mean part. at Settling the Bill. Smith & 2 or 3 threw down a Dollar & half Jarvis put 5s10½ in small & a dollar he said when Counted Money it Lacked near a Dollar he Stod stood to it put 11s9 McClenechan, say I Can Account for it you Jarvis put Down this small Money & not any Dollar, he Look much Confused Sd said I thout I had But Did not Attempt to Right it, Loyd Jones put Down a dollar with Sperrit McClenechan Say You owe Jones a Dollar. It was very ungentlemanly Act But he’s gilty many Dirty thing of that kind

July 5th 1797 Wind W & fine warm day halld all the hay & Stack it in the Meadow John’s Swamp an Inglishman by the Name of Henry Swaley Lately Come in helping topt the Stack at home soo Ended the hay & this day—

6th Wind S W & very warm Reaping my Rye 29 Doz. Tunis the Englishman & Self & Horatio pull some flax. So spent this day–

7th.Wind W. over at Ben Tunis Makeing a frame for Curwen home to Dinner very unwell at Morris in Evening a light Shower Jacob plowing Corn

8 Wind E Several 2 or 3 Light showers this Morn Cleard off afternoon Sawing till noon after at Fredr. Sheets’s Bout 1 peice Nankean 7s6 no Money So home to tea had 2 Cucumbers Came from Andrew Smiths Shott 2 black Birds & flicker–

9th. Wind N W. & fine & Cool in Morn but Warm day being first Day, found a torkle yesterday with Brother Edwards Name mark 1770, he Look healthey & Chearfull as If he Might Live 27 years More afternoon Walk to Tunis & drank a Glass punch home to tea our Yankey Master here to tea

July 10th 1797 W. S.W. & fine warm Clear day, halld my Rye 29 Dozen all my Crop, over at Morris my Englishman at Morris’s hleping helping, Morris pd me 7 Dollars for old Leamons Coffin, at Hoffmans he Reaping Thomas Roberts here to Dinner, John Evans abottle this Morn & prety Drunk. over to pike & Back to tea. Rees & Hannah Price here & David Roberts & Charles Noble here to tea

July Wind West & fine, (was a little before day avery fine thunder Gusdt, Several heavy

11th Claps it Moistened the fryable Ground very nice,) it was Clear in morn Soon, then Come up a Little fog but soon Cleard off Henry; (Streapers Ned,) B Tunis & Self Reaping my wheat Horatio, old Jacob in afternoon dun before Night 33 Dozen all my Crop, Destroyd by the fly, what they had Left was avery fine Grain I prety bad with the piles, tho reap till done

12th Wind, S.W. & warmday, Mordica here apinting pike Stable, over to pike Whet the Mill Saw, home to Dinner helping Brot. John to Shok, he reaping field by the Meetinghouse, Old Evans keeping it up all this week

13th Wind W. & very warm day halld my wheat in very soon then Over to pike hall Stones & Coverd well, made a box for it fishd in dam but caut none wash myself So home

14th Wind S.W at Mill Horatio Sawing helpt B Tunis to hall 2 Loads of Stone he Building a little house for Milk at End of Barn halld a small Load of wood

July 15th 1797 Wind S W & very warm Morn & Dry. Set off for town by Garrets & Jacob Johnsons, money hunting Got none, Dine at Eliots 7s6– whith with Nehemiah Evans widow at pike Office Got 195 Dol. being wages &c due him Come about 6 OC a very Great thunder Gust. Coverd 4 Street from seller door to Door very fine rain up here, it Lasted about ¾ of an hour Left town as Soon as it abated Got home about 9 OClock—

16th. Wind S W & fine pleasant day being first day walk to Tunis’s after Dinner School Master along Spent 1s10½ So back to tea.–

17th Wind S & overCast, over to Morris’s for 3 Bush. of Buck wheat — Over to pike halld 6 Loads of Lime that was about the Building on the Buckwheat Ground & sowd near 3 Bushels, & harrowd it almost all, A little rain about noon, then Cleard off

18th Wind W & afoggy morn & very warm day finish Harrowing Sawd off a log put it on & begun to Saw, at the Capt ½ Jill & home again in margin:”Sowd 2 B buckwheat–“

19th Wind S.W. up Soon & pulld our flax by breakfast old Will Jacob & Rashe Horatio, after at sawmill Dradg dragd with Oxen Rafters plank & all John Roberts Joysts up in the woods & Stuck at Capt. ½ Gill 5½

July 19th. 1797

Killd my young Goate very fat & prety good Eating this my Bearth Day, 44 years old and a young Wife, very Straing, man is Sometimes Left to himself, for want of watchfullness, the Lord knows whats best I am so hurt that I am Almost ashamed to Show my face She is so very pregnant and only 6 or 7 weeks Married, the Lord keep me righteous & turn my mind to prepair for the Kingdom to Come

20th Wind S W & very warm & Dry, over to Mill took the gun along Shot a bird or 2 at B. Tunis Spent 5½d home to Dinner Robert Holland movd hear afternoon Sawing Horatio at home, Joe Walter along. Roald a large log off the Skids. home to tea Schoolmaster to tea– —

21st Wind S W hot & Dry a man diging ditch from yd. through the Bottom to road, over to Mill Rowld the Log Back with the Oxen, T. Roberts & Wife here, Meet Dot. Shippin in Road, up to Sheets Money hunting Got none So home—

22nd Wind S W Warmday Widow Evans here Soon Morn paid me 15 D. for John Roberts on Acct Sawing I paid her 20 Dollars that I had Borrowd of Nehemiah before his Death, with her to town, about paying a Mortgage off. Spent 3s1 ferry 4d Bear 5½, pike 3 Cents Black horse 11¼d so home to tea overCast Evening few Drops of rain on the road—

July 23rd. 1797 Wind S E & over Cast a light Shower in morn up Soon & over at pike Bottle Sperrits 3s-took Tunis 3 Lemmons I gave 11¼d for, old Jacob out all Night prety Drunk Concearnd for fear he had Got some Accident, but he was Got home before me had peice of Rost beef & Line loin? of the Goat Rosted for Dinner Come up from west a fine rain Run along the road Lasted perhaps blot 2 hours (A Tunis & School Master here to tea) no thunder it has been very remarkable Dry it give’s us Joy to See it rain

24th. Wind S W & fine Day fine rain about 3 OC– perhaps ½ hour. Makeing fence from pike barns to woods to Save the buck wheat finished the fence before night

25 Wind S W. paid Henry an Inglish man 2½ Doll for aditch below tanyd. tanyard & 3 Dollars for Reaping &c &c at the Mill a Sawing &c–

26th Wind SW at Mill Sawing & Clearing turnip patch two or 3 Light Showers, not any thing Extra toDay– David Roberts at the Mill a good While– at Jacob Zells

27th Wind S W & warm day at mill & work at turnip patch burning Brush– Bled the Calf this Morn at David Zells to Borrow Money to pay Bridson

28 Wind S W & warm at Mill & Clearing for turnips till omission then killd, a Calf. Evening at Mill & B Tunis. A Tunis along Come avery Great Shower Little

July 29th. 1797 Wind N W & fine Day Rees Price A Tunis & Self Guning kill not but 3 birds & Rabit at Loyd Jones Dined their on fish at Streapers 1s4½ So home to tea–

30th Wind N W. & fine day being first day not to Meeting Evening at B Tunis’s Gill wine 6d So home & to bed we goo–

31st Wind S W & warm day Down to town bout 2 Sets of bedpins 3s9, two lb nails 2s4 paper 5½d Recken at Eliots 5s1 horsler 5½ wine 11¼ ferry 8d So home–

Augt. 1st Wind about East & rain about noon at the Mill, Sawing Sary Bridson here paid her 70 Dollars part of her Legacy afternoon at Tunis old place it was to be sold by Sherraff put off Spent 2s9– so home to a bill from Saml. Gibson to Saw

2nd Wind E Several Light Showers through the Day. Set off to E Georges he undertook half the Bill for Gibson I meet Gibson & told him we try to Saw it back to Black horse Spent 7d wine Smart rain afternoon at Mill took the Saw to Hoffmans & Got it Gumbed Spent 11¼ at Streapers

August 3rd 1797 Wind E & Smart rain Whet the Millsaw before breakfast & drest up the fender post &c, Tunis helping put on a big Log for John sawd away, to Tunis ½ Jill Rum Smart rain afternoon, & very fine rainney Night

4th at Mill very Soon Saw 4 Cuts before Breakfast Broke Cog out, up to Capt. to Get him, Got a bitt of Breakfast their, Rain smart, finish the big Log & put another on about Noon Come on a thundergust from N.W & Continued one after another till night Raisd or Made the Greatest Inundation that I have seen at the Dam Run over almost End to End, We Drew all the tronks trunks & Cut a 6 feet trench by the Chesnut tree, it Broke Several holes on the Lower Sd.down the Logs it took about or near 100 Loads to repair it. out in the rain wet to skin I Exspected it all to goo

5th Wind prety much to W. two or 3 Light Showers in the day. had 8 or 10 hands at work at Dam all Day, 3 Quarts of Whiskey 5s7½ been a great fresh Done agreat Deal of Damage on Mill Crick, John Righter Says it was not so high as this time two years by 18 Inches But the Bigeste Ever he Seen Except that, I think it was bigger than this time 2 years at my Dam, Society day fined—

6th Wind S W & Several Light Showers in the day, at Mill Morn, afternoon at Tunis & Walter Amos’s John & Tunis along Looking for Logs for to Saw home to tea, Polly Streaper here– Spent not– Capt turnd Crazy Ned out & kick him old villan Drawd his Nife on me no provocation

August 7th- 1797 Wind W. & fine Day at Mill halld two White oak Logs 11 f Long finish John’s big log, Meet at School house our Monthly Meeting Day

8th-Wind S.E & Wet fore Noon & Light Scud afternoon, at Mill all Day Put on White Oak Log; & Sawd till night at Tunis- ½ Gill Cherry

9th Wind S W & fine Clear Warmday at Saw Mill & Bens John Holland Sawd 3 Cuts Tunis & I at Rees’s puting asill in his Sider works, Evening I up to See Jacob & old Will Cuting Logs at Walter Amos’s

10th Wind N W & fine Clear Day, David Roberts halling 3 Logs from B Humphreys place I sawing all Day no Dinner till after Sun Set. Conrad Goodman Married, to Widow Amos to Day.

11th Wind W & fine pleasant Day Down to Phila paid Sary Bridson Daughter Sarah 100 Dollars & 70 before being part of her Legacy, Wine &c 2s1½ horsler 11¼d ferry 4d pike 3 Cents. Dined at T. Roberts at Ned Georges the back Wall of his Mill Like to fall, It alarms him much

12th. Wind S.E been a fine Light Shower in Night, at Mill Soon Sawd till Breakfast time home & Jacob Sawd Tommy Roberts, here all night very poorly in Night & this Morn, Got Better & went town afternoon in margin: “Sowd turnip seeds”

August 13th 1797 Wind E been avery Great Shower in Night tore a prety Great Breach in my Race tho the Dam was Reduced Very Low Last Night off very Soon to pearsons illegible Borrowd 50 Dollars of him to pay Bridson Back to breakfast overCast & very Like for more rain, alight Shower at noon, David Evans & Taylor Nehemiah’s Brot here at home all Day

14th. Wind N W. & fine Cool Day Curwen here to town With him, Dropt a Little book & Deed out of my Pocket, Whinns Little Girl found the Book & Christophers Girl the Deed, Cost 6s6 Reward Never Lost any paper before as I recolect Dinner &c 6s9, Subscribe for Porcipine paper. pd 15s– for 6 Months paid West for Boards 15 Dollars so home

15th Wind N W Cool Morn David Evans & I up to Cort pd one Dollar for Tunis Licence & one for Streaper I owd her 7s6 So it is pd- Recking at Davis’s 13s1½ bird Bird in Hand Tavern 6d Recd 66 ½ Dollars of County for work &c at Bridg home about Dark–

16th. Wind S W & prety warm day tho Cooll cool in Morn at Mill very Soon Sawing at Tunis Spent ½ Glass Cut & halld a White oak Log Jacob prety Gay & I much out of humer–

August 17th 1797 Wind S.W over at mill before sunrise Shifd shifted off 8 12 I Joyst off repeated Mill & put a White Oak Log on Whet the Saw & up home to Breakfast, David Roberts halling Logs from Humphreys Land 5 Logs at 3 Loads Ben with him 2 Loads & Self one, Dark when we Got back Jacob Mending Dam Got Drunk by noon, Little so before breakfast, We Quarreld very much & off he went I am very sorry he went off as I know not where to Get another, but he had been here Long Enouff for he was Drunk very near half his time Spent at Tunis’s 2s9 to Day, old Evans Taylor has not Ben Sober Since the Evening of the 11th Inst. Giv him abroad side this Morning, & so has keep Conceald to Day, he was very Sensable of his Error & made Great Concessions & I Soon Moderated I play the hero with them to Day, & will Clear the house of them all Except they reform with David Roberts halling Logs from Humphreys place near the Buck Tunis 2 Loads & I One in Evening

18th Wind S.W & a Little Shower about noon not at Mill till after breakfast, Sawing all day after water very Low, Sowd the turnip peice that I Left the 12th of them Come up Spent 5½d Broke a Cog out the Wheel

Augt. 19th 1797 Wind S W very heavy thunder & Smart Gust in night, up to Alloways to Inquir about Sarah Bridson husband Down to town paid Sarah 20 Dollars & put her off because her husband has the right to it Dinner &c 5s7½ paid West 8L 0s2d for Shingles &c that Curwen Got. Curwen Gave me 20 Dol. of it Jonathan Jones Came up with me the family movd out for fear of the yeallow fever nomber of familys moveing out, not very much alarmd in the hart of City tho very bad in South Work Southwark, a light Shower in town in afternoon, home about Dark–

20th. Wind S W & fine day at and about home all Day. being first day, McClenechan here afternoon at Rees Prices with School Master

21st Wind W. Sawing all Day at Tunis’s John hall aload of Joysts up to Linches– paid Hoffman 10 Dol for smith work–

22nd Wind S W at Mill overCast Come up a very heavy Shower about 9 OC– Lasted about 1½ hour with small Intervils Loaded 12 white Oak Joists Jacob Hawld before Got out the woods, Borrowd apair Oxen of David Roberts & went then brave, 1s10½ pike Gate No.2, took below Penns Seat for one Breck’s I went with Jacob below Line road, back at Bens ½ Jill & then put Log on, & sawd away water plenty Smart Shower this Afternoon

Augt 23rd 1797 Wind S W. Jacob & I halld 2 Logs white oak out of my feild No 4 Samuel Gibson at Mill at David Roberts Drank tea their Sawing all day

24th Wind– David Roberts hall 20 Joists to Brecks & Jacob 24 Short one’s, at & about mill all Day

25th Wind S W & A great rain in afternoon the most tremendeous flood at Georges Run, my Dam Was not mudy the Shower Came by Saw Mill & along by house not any at 9 milestone Bonds of Consequence nor the dust not Layd in town I their Could see the Shower to right but Got none of it Could not Cross Georges Run with safty went up the pike, In agreat Scear about my Dam Run Down as soon as I come home to my Surprise it was not Runing over Bout 2 sawfiles 5s7½ Dinner &c 5s9– 1 lb tea 7s6 one bl lb Coffee 2s–2 lb Shugar 2s4 ferry 4d pike 3 Cents

26th Wind W & athunder Gust in the Morning, at Mill till noon afternoon at Streapers helping to Lay Road tax Spent not

27th Wind N W & fine day being first day Sawd 1 Cut & home & went to Meeting. afternoon Saw 3 Cuts, then up to B Tunis to Get him to help to Make Margret Jones Coffin Begun it & Got the sd. on

28 Wind N W. & Cool morn finnishd the Coffin & took down by 12 OC. Dined their (James Jones’s) & Buried her in afternoon Merion Yd. She was in her 86 year American Born has made to Meeting this sommer horseback, Struck with Palsey 6 or 7 week agoo– Large Concorse of people

August 29th 1797 wind N W & Cool morn, at Christophers to try to buy some logs of him at the mill & Tunis Jill wine 6d. Great alarm about the fever in City Richard Tunis & family Movd out to Day John Ives Brot. inlaw to B Tunis Movd out to Day to Bens they all say the fever is not much in hart of City but the Dread of 93’s Mortality make them can move all that Can move, very distressing times on the poor, at mill all afternoon

30th. Wind S E thunder soon in Morn & smart Shower about 7 OC. makeing a Coffin kil for a Carter killd by Wagon Loaded with Iron, went to Get on shafts being in Licker fell Run over him Died about one hour after, John Edge’s team Buried him before Dinner at Church killd on pike between 7 & 8 Milestone, Lay at Peter Trueler’s afternoon Makeing Gideing poll & Laying out house for R. Holland– spent 1s4½ So it goo’s

31st wind S W & warm day making boards & pole for Log Carriage Tunis helping. Esqr Young Come to Mill at Streapers Spent 11¼, so home our Jersey master back from Jersey

Sept 1 Wind S E in part very warm prety Smart Shower about noon at Mill & halling a Log from pike & one from Walter Amos’s Drank tea with John Eives at Ben Tunis him & wife out their on Acct. of the fever

2nd. Wind N W & warm tho a fine brease at Mill Sawing & at Tunis. Jont Jones their afternoon meet the Society at Stadlemans Spent 3s9–

Sept 3 1797 3rd wind N W & fine day at home being first Day afternoon, up to Charles Bears to Get him Cut Logs at Tunis their Jonat. Jones their Glass punch so home to tea

4th Wind S W & warm, My Wife begun to Complain about Day, up prety Soon & sent for Mother Set off for Hannah Moor Shee at Amos Pennegers, his wife not Consent for her Comeing So home, my wife Still bad 12 OC Got Neighbour Morris to go for Moor again the omission not Deliverd of Course She did not Come about 2 OC. Ant Holland Deliverd Polly of Girl & She Like to Do Well, Cross written:”21 Augt Sowd Turnips”

5th Wind N W & Cool Morn up to Bears soon he gooing to Mow, so Log Cuting put off at Walters & Knox’s Store home to Dinner at Mill at home till Night

6. Wind N W & Cool, up to Set Bare to Cut Logs near the Buck, Back to Mill & from their to town About Bridson affair, Disorder Still prevailing I Beleive near half the houses Shet up Dinner &c 5s5½ Boards of Britton 22s6 ferry 4d pike 3d. so home Got 28s9 of Christain Christian Millers Widow Intrest for John Evans Gave her Recept for Evans—

September 7th. 1797 wind N W and Cool and a light Shower Last Evening Set off with Jacob to hall alog from Humphreys Land near Buck halld one Sent that Fredrick Sheets was dead, Dined at Tunis in Compy. with Jont Jones Philada. (Drove by fever) McClenechan Young & Loyd Jones, & John Eives Dine’d with Stayd till night Club one dollar & Quarter per peice, a little gay very rong nobegun the Coffin never Gilty of such a Delay before and hope to the God of all Mercy I may never Doo so again

Sept. 8th Wind N.W & fine Cool morn up Soon begun the Coffin Tunis & John Ives over Soon & helpt Got Done about 10 OC. & took itup before 12 OC– back to Dinner & up again about 2 OC– Lead the herse & Buryed him in freinds yd. Merion Because his father & Mother was Interd their, after funerall walk to Hugh Knox 2 lb Coffee & 3 lb Sugar 7s6 So home

9th Wind N W off to hall Logs from Humphreys place hall 2 then home Dinner, whet the Mill Saw & put on alog home Evening Jont. Jones at Mill

10th. Wind old Course (old Tom says). being first day at Meeting a woman freind preach’d along illegible time & pray fine Woman– Evening walk to Christopher Hussy’s Morris along, back & Read awhile

11th Wind N W. & Cool Morn at Morris’s Soon about his Sider works poor Sider year no apples of Consiquence then, at Mill Sent a load of Scantling to Gibson at Tunis Jones their afternoon at Bares 4 Irishmen begun to Quarry Stone

September 12th 1797 Wind N W. Dry & Cool. halling Logs Tunis & Self halld 3 Loads 4 Logs John’s Land near the Buck. Treated Tunis 4 Grogs for helping

13th Wind W. & Still Cool Morning but warm in Day the fever Still Increases in the City at Mill put on alog & back to Meeting one Zacharia Thares Preach’d old Man. afternoon, Richard Perkens here an Inglishman that boards at Curwens, Walk with him pike at Tunis’s Jont Jones, & David Jones their, this David is a first Cosen to my Wife, was Interd-uced to him Married one of John Huges Sisters they Say a very Clever fellow, in Business in town Jacob toping Corn ½ barrel Rye Meal 12s6 ½ pint Brandy 1s10–

14 Wind S W and avery warm day at mill morn, afternoon at Sherrefs vandue Nickelson’s place Tunis’s that was, one Mark Ward Bought it for 2600L, had 4 Mowers, Dill, Henry. Arch & John’s Jim till noon, Jacob & B Holland Rakeing hay Bouth prety well in unfinished

15 Wind South and Rainny Morning over Cast all Day, but no Rain of Concequince at mill & Tunis’s home to Dinner, at Rees Dooing a little Job at barn home at the yd. tanyard Christopher & Prat then walk to old Roremans to Get a Girl to nurse Polly, Alse Alice Cant Stay no longer

Sept. 16th 1797 Wind. W. & Prety fine hay day put alog on Mill at Tunis Toms. Roberts home with me to Dinner after with him at Morris’s back & Raked & Cokd all the hay we had Mowd, Jacob & I a Violent Quarrel yesterday he Drunk two days Runing & Neglected the hay, made me very angrey, we made it up—

17th Wind N W fine Clear Morning at Meeting Dined on Rost beef &c. afternoon Loyd Jones & Wife Enoch & Wife Jane Walter & Jane Price here Christopher & Wife here, Evening Enoch Thompson here Drank some Cherry & Chatted a good while, Read till Late then to bed I went. Some person fired apistol at Streapers alarmd me, but find he only wanted to Rais the family, afellow that boarded their been out–

18th. Wind S E & over Cast a little rain in Morn at Mill halld 2 Logs from pike that was on Carriage Next halling hay two or 3 days Got the Wagon to hall hay but Raind so fast that it Got too wet over to Mill with Jacob Zell. to hall alog Rain very smart, wet to the Skin, home to Dinner afternoon posting up the Minutes of Society I had not been their for 3 months they had got much behind a very hard rain from N W. with thunder Lasted about one houre the Dam full this Morn & Runing over 19th, it has not run over since the Great rain when I was in town & had to go up pike it was so high on the old Road.

19th Wind N W high & Cold for the Season at Beef market 14 lbs Shank 9s1 at Mill Whet the Saw & begun a large Log. back & at hay hall 2 Loads in Read history till Late

20th 1797 Wind N W at Mill before Sun rise Back to Breakfast & halld all the hay in that was Mowd & fit at Mill Sent aload Scantling for Lintles &c to Saml. Gibsons Down with them Jacob & I at Ned George’s home to tea, Spent 11d at Hansel’s—

21st. Wind very Calm N W. Enoch here to Make Sash over to pike halld ahickory log for blot David Roberts Gave me home to Dinner up to Jont Robesons B. Tunis along went to Settle abond of old Betty Roberts walk their, Drank tea their so home Read prety late then to bed, a little Shower in Evening–

22nd Wind S W & over Cast and alight rain over to Mill, put alog on &c &c home to Dinner at Mill afternoon Sawing &c &c

23rd Wind N W fine day at Mill Whet the saw & put a log on. home to breakfast Christopher here about Renting My place Down with John’s Wagon to get Shilling shingling 1800 at 16 Dollars per 1000 Got of Britton at ferry Spent 11d. at hansels

24th. Wind W being first day Borrowd 30 Dollars of Jont Walter to pay Mordica Davis afternoon Tunis & I up to Siders to See their Sawmill Spent 7s6 Got 3 Dollars of Jont. Miller for Edges Carters Coffin Miller was tavern keeper at the Buck.

25th Sept 1797 wind W. at Mill & at Tunis him & I Got Morris’s Wagon went to town 51 feet pineboards 17s4 Putty 6 lb 4s6 Dinner & oats 4s6- ferry 1s6 pike 2s2 Black horse 11s- So home the town Looks very Malincoly I think ¾ of the houses in Market street Shut up & the fever Rather increasing 52 Died in 48 hours, a great nomber of the poor in tents near the ferry finished my hay–

26th Wind N W black & Shower from W Cleard up Cold, all the forenoon taken up in weighing Leather Sold to Christopher & Settleing with Robesons about Betty Roberts Est. at Mill aSawing & at Tunis Afternoon

27th. Wind N W & very Cool no frost here but at Mill Sawing blot home to Dinner Christopher & Gilpin at Mill afternoon begun a Coffin for Susanah Thomas A Niece of Lewis Thomas over at Mill turnd Down a log at Bens home to Tea Christopher & I Drew Articles for the place he to have it for 5 years– the tanyard

28th Wind S W & warm in Sun very finishd the Coffin & took it Down & put her in it Screwd her up, Some think she died with yellow fever others say she died by over heating at a dancing party

28 Spt. 1797

back & over to Jacob Bares, uneasiness between him that his Land lord has give Liberty to Build a house on the Land, I went to See the Leas back to Dinner attended the funeral at freinds yd Evening at Rees Price’s Ruth Thomson & Hannah Price here to tea Spent the Evening their Enoch Thomson Back & Read prety Late History England

29th Wind W. Enoch Jones & Horatio took Curwens Sash home I help B Tunis to hall 2 Loads of omission Bought of Morris for the Stage horses keep at his house, afternoon Gilpin Christopher’s and Wife, (Run from fever here on a visit) Lidia Hussy along at home all afternoon Jacob Halling pompkins blank Loads not a very Great Crop from the promising appearance about harvest I Beleve the very heavy Showers hurt them the Ground Rather Low–

30th Wind.S W & read at Sun rise Got to East afternoon & very Like for rain begun in Nigth night. at Saw Mill forenoon after Meet the Society at Stadlemans 7 Members Meet, home to tea Read prety Late & to bed, the Nurse here yet

October 1st. 1797 Wind Right East & very wet, (Constant rain) till Near Night Cleard to West Evening, at Meeting morning illegible 4 or 5 afternoon Dam Runing over very Much Wm. Jones a boarder at John‘s up here Drank Some Spirrets & water

2nd. Wind N.W & Very pleasant day at Saw Mill a little after brake of Day Saw till about 9 OC then Horatio Came I up to B Tunis &c Cradled Buckwheat home to Dinner. & meet at School house, the Nures nurse Rachel Roreman went home Polly Brave– paid the Nurse 3 Dollars for 2 weeks

3rd Wind N.W & very fine day at Mill Morn afternoon Robert Roberts & I up to Curwens put in 67 Lights of Glass finishd about 7 OC Drank Coffey & so home, no Money had to get trust at gate

4th. Wind N W & asmart Shower about Sun rise & blue Violent very high wind all day and night, made a littel little Coffin & took it home Evening

5 Wind N W & wind fell & now prety pleasant over at pike puting up Buck wheat the wind blue it all Down, afternoon at at repeated the Burial Isaac Roberts Child Quite Young Just Born, after Burial up to Linches for Cornish cornice plains, & at Buck for bridle bits Tunis along treated to Brandy home by Tunis

October 6th 1797 Wind W & very fine Day finished Cuting buck wheat I & Tunis hall 2 Logs one off Johns Land & the other abutten wood, from Goodmans, afternoon up to buck & at Cochrons, Jonathan Jones & Enoch Thomas along at McClenechans & at Jones, Stade till 10 OC– Drink some wine

7th. Wind S W & asoft Morning at the Mill & at pike Cuting Logs, home to Dinner, then halld 1 Load of Cornfother corn fodder, then at Streapers to Chuse Inspector Recking 1s4½ pr, Jacob finishd Cuting my Corn down, very dry for so yearly early in the Season

8th wind S.W & Soft morn been a little rain in night, unloaded a Waggon of Corn foder at Meeting home all the afternoon, fine afternoon

9th at Mill S W Shower pretty Soon Loaded the Light Carriage with 16 Joyst 21 f Long 3 by 10 Jacob off at David Jones hill broke the Wheel back & Loaded the Log Carriage with 15 More & Sent him off Got their safe Tunis & I makeing a Coffin for young Peter Otts Child finished it & took it home at black horse 5½ so home

10th Wind N W & prety Cold at Tunis very Soon & at Mill home & Set off to Election Dinner &c &c 11s9 home about 9 OC. at Night Tunis attended Burial, he up to Election

11th Oct. 1797 Wind N W & white frost over to Mill & Down to help to Load the joysts that was Left on the road, at Edw. George to Get him to Saw an adition Bill for Gibson. home & at Mill Sawing Logs at the pike Christopher here about the Lease, Insist on me to find him some fire Wood– which I refuse

12th. Wind N.W. & frost over to pike thrashing buck Wheat John Holland Henry & Tunis, finishd Jonathan Jones & Enoch Thompson & I Got in wine party, made me very Sick Eate Some Supper Enoch home with me, I again Resolv never to Get so again it is a most Rediculous practice, I am Shure it is not from alove of it or any Inclination to Get Drunk but Jones would make us Drink bumper & I avery Weak head, but he was as bad & Run off Enoch as Stout was last, Drank a pint after I give up, it is abominable & too Low for a man or Gentleman–

13th wind W. & avery Large white frost at my Buckwheat at home 3 men thrashing I Halling, all day fine day for thrashing

October 14th. 1797 Wind S E & overCast all day Except Some Small Intervails. at the Buckwheat & finishd very tuff thrashing Meet at Black horse, to Raise Money for poor of City Occationed by fever it is very bad Deaths about 20 for 24 hours at T Georges & Alley Roberts he Give 15 Dollars. I home & at Rees Price’s, he Gave not So home

15th Wind N W & fine day, set off with a petition for to make Curwen Justice of peace, up to Gulf Dine at John Jones, Spent 1s2 at bird in hand, Drank tea at Esqr Brooks at Judge Jone’s Jones’s & at T Cochron So home

16th Wind W. & fine day at Mill in Morn over at the Governer’s Thomas Mifflin with a petition he not at home at Jarmintown to Look for him, Charles Biddle Came down on perpose to go with me, I did not over take him nor see him. Crossd at Righters 5½ Crossd Back at falls 11¼d oats 1s– Brandy at Cutwalts 11¼d Down & meet one George Budd at Brittons up with him to James Jones, Collecting for City poor

17th October 1797 Wind N W white frost over to Knox’s Quarry Measurd Stone Quarried for me by Gott & Company 363 perch at 1s3 pr. Butted alog & put it on Evening at Streapers Enoch Thomson their no stay

18th Wind N W & fine Morn after breakfast at Alley Roberts & at Governor Mifflin’s with a petition to Request him to Make Curwen a Justiss bact back to T. Georges he paid me for Davids Coffin 3L & for scantling 5s7½ & 20 Dollers for poor of City home to Dinner, Afternoon at Hagy’s & Sundry places to Colect for the poor Cityzens Affect by the fever, or have been put out Business on Acct of it’s provailance I Raised 118 Dols. yesterday to Day, home to supper–

19th Wind N.W & whitefrost over at David Roberts with my Colt to Paster but Jumpt out & would not Stay, up to Spring mill in order to Meet the Batalion then meet Coln. Pugh who Said none meet, turn back & at Sherreffs Sail of Tunis’s old Place One George Bud Bout. for 1860L General beleivd he Bout. for Pratts, Sold a nomber of things, R. Roberts bout a Cart & Sold it to Henry Pratt for 24 D & Give but 20 I Bout a wheel Barrow & pair Chains for 17s–

October 20th 1797 Wind N. & Read to Sun Rise over at Mill very Soon home to breakfast, Set off to town about to pay Sarah Bridson the Remainder of her Legacy, Dine with John Wilson (Spent for horse & Gill 1s10½) Got 36L of Wilson Brot. Edw. Money to pay as above, wind Got to East about noon & begun to rain about 4 OC home before night, the City Asumes a livlier appearance many people movd in & the fever Some what abated Seen two Letters from Brot. Edw. dated in August 10. & Sept. he very harty

21st Wind East & wet day at Mothers Soon Wrote a releas Set off to town & paid Larkam 40L 5s8½d his Legacy by Wife Dinner &c 5s7½ horsler 11¼ So back black horse about poor subscription, home about Dusk, Cleand my Buckwheat 65½ Bushels 2 Bushel & near a half Sowing, & 35½ at pike that is 101 Bus. from Less than 5 B. Sowing B. Tunis half at pike & prety good Cropt

23 Octr. 1797 Wind N W a little white frost very fine morn at Able & Jesse Thomas for the Money Subscrib for the poor Citizens,Sent 248 D. 62 Cents by Charles Biddle that I Colected, James Jones Bud & Biddle Colected near as much so we made up about or near 500 Dollars I at Mill & about Mill Solomon finishd my Wheat 13 Busls my hole Crop Spent 11d

24th Wind N E & over Cast begun to rain before noon had a very Great rain Run over Dam very much Halld 4 Log to Mill at mill By Sun rise whet the Saw & sawed 200 feet wind to W Evening Rain Smart & Cleard up in night

25 wind N W & fine day Seen plenty Ice over the puddles. at Mill before Breakfast not home till Dinner hall the scantling that was up the hill & saw 475 f Lath at 6s6 per hundred 30s10½. Enoch Thomson moved to town, the Citizens General gooing Back thee the fever almost abated T. Roberts here, walk to Morris with him at noon after at Mill till night gave Jacob 15s9. he movd Thomas Gilpin, to town from Tunis Curriers Shop–

26th Wind NW & very fine Jacob halld 2 Loads of scantling to Brecks I at & about the Mill all day Had about 12 hands husking Corn

27th 1797 Wind NW & white frost in morning Carring? at Corn till Breakfast, then to Edw Georges & to Brecks Building, Back to Black horse Dinner 1s10½ S Gibson & a fine young Englishman along begun a Coffin for Chapmans Wife at Brigs Old place finished husking my Corn a fine Crop

28th Wind N W tho OverCast & alittle Shower from W Cleard afternoon finish Coffin & took it over & Buried about 4 OC. young Woman Died With first Child, home & Down to Society fined 1 shilling So home again–

29th Wind N W & fine day not at Meeting afternoon Polly & I at Mothers back Evening

30 Wind old Corse & fine day at Mill morning afternoon at Widow Goodmans Vandue Young McClenechan at Tunis & Streapers Spent 3s9 very follish foolish thing to be spending

31st Wind N W. & fine day at Tunis & Mill at David Roberts Bought a Cow of him for 22 Dollars; Went & got Antoney Tunis to kill the Heiffers Calf wt 20 lb a Quarter–

Novr.1st Wind N W & fine warm day over at mill Sent 2000 f Lath to Brecks Bill & Andrew Smith kill the Cow Tunis & I Bout of David She turnd out prety good Polly in Market

November 2 1797 wind N W & very fine Set off to town home by Gibson Give me an order on Breck for the Bill of Scantling E George & I Sawd Sowd 4 Bushels Rye in no 1 Corn Cut off harrowd in

3rd. Wind W & very fine Tunis Made a Coffin for Bill Bartle an Irish man him & I up with it & Buried him at Merion yd. afternoon aRabbit hunting Got none

4th Wind S Diging potatoes Raind about noon so hard that we had to Quit after at Schoolhouse puting in Glass–

5th Wind S Rather a wet Day Several showers from West afternoon I at Meeting afternoon at home Christopher hear—

6. Wind N W & a fine day Set off to hall Logs for Uncles house Sent for to make a Coffin for David Grow B Tunis & Joe Holland helpt. finished it & took it up & put him in, I meet at School alittle while being our Monthly day a shower from west Evening

7th Wind N W & prety hard frost Ice plenty the Coldest Night this fall up to Bury Grow at Church home by 1 OC– Eat Dinner & set off to town Bout sprigs 4s9 Screws 5s Line 10d Chalk 1s4½ nails 2s large blot oil 2s4 So

home John Jones Gulph Calld & Drank tea here on his way home from town

8 Wind N W hard frost, Makeing Coffin for Elizabeth Evans, (Mother of Nehemiah) it is Said She’s above 90 yrs been a widow above 40 years, finish’d Coffin & Tunis took it Down to Fraleys, where she died been their about 2 weeks, I sawing Evening signd alease to Christopher Hussy of my Place & Tanyard for 5 years– at 45L per year– Qt Brandy 3s9– Master Blackman & B. Tunis Witnessed it

9th Wind S W & Smokey & prety warm Set off to funeral Led the Herse up to Merion yd myself, very respectable as to No at the Burial at the Mill afternoon Drank tea at David Roberts & pd him 22 Dollars for a Cow Tunis & I Bout. Tunis Give me his Share With takeing out his share of the hide

10th Wind N.W fine Cleard & Cold at Mill Lansed a geathering on John’s Horses Sholder at Bens, afternoon at Edw Georges Setteld the Bill we Sawd in pardener ship for Breck, I Recd 74L 7s7d he sawd most he had 84L 14s. at Stadlemans pd him for a Cold Dinner had in Compy. with Gibson & an Inglishman Some time agoo pint aBear 5½ so home afternoon Cloudy

11th November 1797 Wind S.E and overCast Set off to town to See Benjn Brookes Comission as Justice to the Governor, he Got in Sembly Assembly so resind resigned begun to rain before noon & very wet afternoon Bout 2 files 4s8 home before Dark– Dinner horse &c 4s9– boy 5½ ferry 4d

12th Wind S E & very wet till about 3 OC Mrs Curwen here on her way home from town Dine’d with us, then I Rode home with her Drink tea their So home at Meeting being first day Cleard off Evening

13th Wind S W & very fine day at Mill & at pike Aaron Smith begun to Wall a seller for Robert Holland, Rees Price at Mill, to Gett me Come their his son blot Got in a Great Rage Swore at his father dredfull & Run about with the ax, he his Mother very apprehensive that If his father had Come in way he would have killd him, got a horse & up to Withemans Whitemans for Cart took ax with him, took his Chest & all his Duds & off he Set to town Little Tom with him to bring the horse back I Sawing & at Ben’s home to Tea— Rees Price, JP’s first cousin had five sons: Edward, Isaac, Thomas, Enoch, and Charles.

14th Wind N W a rain bow Soon in Morn & a light Shower Cleard off by Noon, up to Court Dinner & Club 7s9 pint bear 6d boy 5½ ferriage 1s10½ 5½ Club their, at Streapers paid her Licences & Tunis & Stadlemans

November 15th 1797 wind N W & Cold after breakfast at Lititia Thomas to Talk to her for halling Rails & Cuting wood off the Land that’s Left to her Brother David Evans, at pike Mason at work freezes finis Sawing walnut Logs at Bens Robert Roberts along Evening

16th. Wind N. & very Cold frozed Long pipes to the Water Wheel in Middle day & Sun Shineing on it finish Walnut Log by noon afternoon Widow Ellis here I mended a Schoolhouse bench Evening at Streapers 5½ pint bear, overCast Evening.

17th. Wind. N E & overCast begun to Snow before 8 OClock & soon Coverd Grownd ground, Bout ¼ Powder 1s10½ over to D Roberts Robert & I aRabbit hunting I shot at two but killd none Spent 1s4½. Capt. Give us a beef Stake, the Dam & Race froze over Got to Rain & Sleat, home before night. & Down to Rees Price’s home to tea one’s hand would stick to pump handle & Latch of Door, the Ground froze so as to Bare a loaded Wagon, I Dont think I ever seen so seveer aspell this time year, the snow about 1 I Deep

18th- Wind N W & fine Clear Cold Morn the Snow run off the house, but freezd in Shade at Rees to Breakfast put in 7 or 8 Light of Glass So home made a gate in front yard. & put up the hogs Gave Jacob 10 Drs. Got 10 D for Dan Green for Quarrying Stone J. Thomas Smith bill Brought in 15L 19s9d wounderfull

November 19th 1797

Wind N W a little Shower in Morn fine afternoon up to John Curwens took his Commission of Justice of the peace Sent to me by Charles Biddle from the Govenor I Interest myself much to Get it for him Jones & his wife their Drank tea their & so home being first day

20th. Wind N W & Cold over to Sawmill whet the saw & Cut the Wheel Loose it was amaising to see the Quantity of Ice put a log of Knox’s on for Lath– then up to pike helping to Lay the Bottom Log of Uncle’s house, Spent ½ Gallon Bear So home Evening

21st. Wind N E & asnowing about noon rain’d alittle Raising Hollands house Several hands. Got all up but the plates & 2 End Logs Rain Evening again. the Snow about ½ Inch Deep walk over the Dam at noon on the Ice.

22 Wind N E & very Sleety this morning wet Cold Day, making Coffin for old Betty Cammel a sister to Arche Watson they suppose her near or about 80 years old Born in the kingdom of Ireland Evening two Smart Showers over at mill & Bens, Horatio Sawing–

23rd Wind N E & a Wet night & very wet morning & Day Set off with Coffin about ½ after 7 OClock Got very wet Left their half after 10 OC & Buried her in Merion yd. Spent ½ pint Chery 1s10½

November 23rd 1797

home to Dinner after at Mill whet the Saw & put on a Large Log for D. Roberts, up With David & Drank tea their, very Dark & hard rain Comeing home, very cold rain and Sevear spell, forst forced to tied up & feed all the Cattle from 16th it will make a Long winter I fear Got 4 Dolrs. of Ott for his Child Coffin pd. Poll Streaper ¼ Powder & Qt. Whiskey had the 20th,

24th Wind N W & Cleard off prety Cold over to Mill very soon, the Race a prety Great freeze? by the fresh Last Light night up B Tunis Got Solomon Humphreys to work at Race, I Sawing & at Tunis Moris’s he killing Beef B Tunis 1s2 over with Tunis Morris at Tunis’s & after at Mill Sawing till night prety Cold–

25th. Wind N W. & prety Cold Set off Soon to town, Bought a new hat of Lewis Walker 6 Dollars files 2s4, Dined at Thomas Roberts, horse &c 2s4 ferry 4 pike 3d, over Cast Evening Bout for Society Ramseys history American Revolution Meet the Society paid 16s Fines & Quartily payments our Election Day, R Peters President J Curwen Vice J Price Secretary & A Roberts Treasurer Ben Garrigue meet us for the first time

26th 1797 November Wind N W Clear & froze very hard Set off with hearse to Loyd Jones, his Little perntice apprentice Boy Dead B Tunis Made the Coffin yesterday & took it their Last Night from my Shop, his Death was Accationed by a thorn Runing in his foot, which Brought on a Lock Jaw or Lock all over him Loyd said he Could put his hand under his head & Rais him up Like a stick, his Joints all stiff, the Doctor Call in at Late hour tried Blisters &c but to no Effect Buried him at Little yd Merion I home with hearse & not at Meeting (first day) at home all the afternoon McClenechan R Roberts Christopher & others here, the Dam Bare to Day

27th Wind N W & very Cold Morn hand Stuck to pump handle this Morn fine out of wind in sun but frozed all Day in Shade Sawing & at Bens before noon pint Bear 5½ afternoon Sawing old blot at Mill he talk me much about pike Business &c Evening meet Pearson at Streapers pint Bear 5½d ½ Bacco 1s4 a pair of Milld Gloves 3s– home to tea Malcum Guns Daughter heir here or begun at 5s Day per week in margin:”Christopher 20 Dolrs on acct.”

November 28th 1797 Wind N W & Clear & Cold Sawing & up to Holland boys hewing plates at pike pint Bear 5½d John Sutherland their he keep School at Church, very Drunken Silley fellow home to Dinner then Sawing till near sun Set up to Bens McClenechan their playd many fiets? with Sutherland Squirting Brandy in his Eyes &c &c. D & R Roberts; Mc home with them Stayd all night. I homeabout 9 OC–

29th Wind S W in morn & over Cast Got to N.W. & had 2 or 3 Showers of Snow & blue up very Cold Sawing Lath all day, Except up to Bens for paper mugabear with Pearson, Evening with Pearson at Streapers Spent 11d So home to tea John Evans & I aprety Great Spar, I Let Loose at him Like thunder he sd said not much, he Spread a report that I was not Married, only keep her as a Harlot- all the a true proverb the worst sd. of man when he’s Married, & best when he Dies.

30th Wind N W & Cold hand Stick to pump handle the water wheel all Coverd with Ice, whet the Saw & Cuting Log for Uncle‘s Rafters up to Bens Smith & Several their spent 5½ back to Mill So home Evening. Horatio Sawing afternoon

December 1st 1797 Wind N W. & Cold Day at mill put on alog for boards whet the Saw up to Bens Got Dinner & meet with McClenechan Spent 11½ Evening at Streapers 2 mugs bear 1s10½ Church & our Schoolmaster had a Great Caper two great Cowards our Master throwd Stones had Like to Set us all by the hair I in the fray struck Hoffman, which I was very Sorry for home about 10 OC–

2nd Wind S E had haild & Raind froze & very Slippe. over to Mill & Sawing all Day &c overCast all Day a little Rain Evening

3rd Wind N E & overCast no Rain till night then Raind allnight but not hard no fresh, not at Meeting afternoon Makeing a Coffin for Jonathan Suplee’s bound Boy, Sent for Qt. Whiskey pd for it Joe Holland helpt me

4th Wind N W prety Soon & two or 3 Snow showers Sleet very Slippee & very high Cold wind Set off with Coffin & Back & Buried him before Dinner afternoon up to McClenechans Sherif Sail of one third place Mc Bout. Sherriff & L Young home with me Staid allnight

December 5th 1797 Wind N W & most Confounded Could cold frozed up the ron run & the Mill fast but Got it Loos before noon Sawing Lath for Peter May, afternoon Claphomson here & I not out the house I Dare Say Schuylkill fast I heard it was at Spring Mill and at the Bridge it was before these two Cold nights

6th Wind this Morn near S.W rather more W. been a very hard Night of frost, but much pleasanter than it was yesterday, at the mill Sawing Lath, the water wheel a most Solid with Ice between some of the Arms, Got very wet Knocking the Ice off, up to B Tunis me hat frozed all over with Ice, the air very very Pearcing. Holland’s boys work at house frameing Rafters Spent pint bear 5½d Home to tea–

7th. Wind S.W. & overCast all day Raw & unpleasant but not so freasing as has been killd my Cow bout of M Streaper B Tunis helpt had 37 lb Gut fatt at Mill Sawing poplar log for D Roberts at B Tunis Got my Paper back to Dinner afternoon Raising plates Hollands house in margin:”Red to Sun Set”

December 8th 1797

Wind S W & a prety pleasant day & Clear till noon then over Cast & Snowd till Coverd the Ground, up to Curwens took my Bill of Sawing & Carpenters 9L Recd. 3L, 6L he had pd me before, Dranktea their home Meet David & Jacob Zell at Tunis Spent 1s10½ so home

9th Wind W & Cleard off in Night prety Cold not Equal to it has been sawing till noon then meet Goucher & Mosess Will at Leach’s on a Dispute about a job of Carpenters work they agreed, Moses to pay the Cost & Goucher to pay the Contract 17 Dollars So home I, Molly been at Market–

10th Wind N W. & high & Cold at Meeting in Evening at Rees Prices Molly their Back Soon, a frenchman preachd today in our meeting & another Man–

11th Wind S W & not as Cold asawing & at B Tunis they Shingling Hollands house at Streapers Evening pint Bear wanted Molly to Change a 20 Dollar Note She Could Not Lent me 10 Dol Read till near 12 OC night history of England–

Decr. 12th 1797 Wind S W very Read to sun rise overCast all day but no rain nor Snow Set off to Curwens then to Norristown Got 8 D- that I pd for Stadlemans tavern Licence Got John Survaying instruments that I took to Rittenhouse to be Repaird Dinner & half pint wine 3s5 ferry & oats at the ford 1s10½ Beer at Torren’s 11d. So home afternight– 2½ Do. to B R Rittenhouse

13th Wind S W & fine Warm Day thawed a Good Deal more than it has Since the 14 of Novr halld 3 Logs had D Roberts to help to hall 2 afternoon Sawing window Case stuff for J Walter pint Baer beer at Streepers 5½ so home to tea pd Molly 10 Dollars I Borrowd–

14th Wind S W & not froze any Last night at Person Pearson very soon to Get him to Build uncle’s Chimney he Lame not Come at the Mill sawing for J Walter very fine no illegible day

15 Wind S W & overCast. begun to Rain in morn Several Smart Showers through the Day but not any flod

December 15th 1797

of Consequence, did not Run over the Dam the frost Comes out much South Wind asawing all Day at B Tunis pint Bear 5½

16th Wind N W & Cleard off froze some but not very hard, up Soon & finishd Becca Georges teatable that I had to Glue this is 3 time I am not Ceartain it will Stand yet– over to Mill Sawing all Day, alog 24 feet for alog house for Self. Sawd till near Dark at Mothers Johns Wife Lying in Got a young son, home & Reading Smolit’s history Englind

17th Wind N W & prety fine day. being first day not Meeting at home, Evening at Morris’s & Christopher Hussy his Wife Brought to bed with a Daughter, Back to Tea Read a while & to Slope we goo. —

18th Wind N.W & fine morn tho froze hard wind Raisd & froze all Day at Mill Set Jacob to Saw And at J Walters helping to kill his hogs back to Dinner, afternoon makeing a table for to Scourer Leather on Evening puting handles to 2 knives that the Smith at Streapers Shop made for me pint Bear 5½– Got very Could cold Evening & freezing hard–

19th December 1797 Wind N W & Prety Cold Morn wind fell & prety fine day kild 7 hogs wt. about 1000 pound afternoon with Pearrson at Hollands house Laying out Chimney 1 Mug Beer 11¼d So home

20th Wind S W. & more Moderate at Mill Whet the Saw then Pearson Come & begun the Chimney, Went to Bares place a newhouse built for Pearsons illegible helping them all Day about the Chimney over Cast all Day, Come up a Snow Shower from West about 8 OC. at night & blue very hard & Got Most violent Cold, Cuting up the hogs

21st. Wind N W & high Pearson’s boy here to mason but so Cold went off at the Mill Gott it Loose & sawd a little, at Tunis ½ Jill Whiskey 2d. So home to Dinner at Morris’s Repairing his pomp pump then him & I up to McClenechans & I at Sheets took my Acct in back to Jarvis Drank Coffee their, so home very Cold Indeed paid 10s6 for 1½ B Salt & 3s9 for 2 Qts. Whiskey when i kild hogs

22nd December 1797– Wind N W. & violent Cold Set off to Mill Cut Ice & Drew the water on & Work till noon then home to Dinner back & work till most night but Did not get the Wheel Round tho got it Loos owing to Quantity of Ice on one side of it home & Salted down our hogs, Supp on mush & Milk, Delavar Delaware froze over again it had Broke with the thaw, this is the 2nd time. Schilkill Schuylkill has been fast at Righters ferry from the first it broke up above but Stopt before it Got to Righters

23rd Wind N W & very Cold pomp froze so as to Run over the top. Joe Holland & I over to Bens Bear 11¼d Mill froze more Ice than yesterday therefore Did not attempt to Cut it Loose Back, to Dinner after wrighting &c. & Stoping A leake in Dam, at Mothers at Streapers pint Sider 5½ So home & read till 10 OC then to bed we Goo–

24th Wind W & Rather appears to Mederate moderate a little Smokey, perhaps 20 boys Sceating on Dam Master & I at Tunis aGlass Toddy 11¼ Gave old Neddy 5½ for a Dram

December 25th. 1797 Wind S W & overCast not so Cold over to Ben Tunis helping him to kill 4 hogs Dined their on Turky Christmasday So Call, a little hale & Sleite, at Mill it froze up very much

26th Wind S W fine Morn over Cast about noon & Smart Rain after Helping David Roberts to kill hogs 10 from one Litter weighed 3100– afternoon Cuting Ice off the Wheel Got Wet & great Swiet sweat home to Dinner at Mill Evening about a light night Shower of Snow & Wind to N W.

27th. Wind N W & very Cold & froze violent over to Mill Jacob along Cut the Wheel Loose & Jacob Sawing Streapers Cuting & halling Ice from Dam Tunis home with me to Dinner afternoon Back to Mill & up to Tunis’s Jonathan Ellis their to Get me goo with his Mother to Get his fathers Will provd mug of Bear 11¼d I. Abrahams & Cornac their old turnpike acquaints acquaintances Chated with them perhaps an hour home–

28th Wind N W Got my mare Shod at Streapers detaind till 8 OC. Set off to

Decemb. 28th 1797

to repeated Widow Ellis’s & from thence to Chester arivd & provd the Will Davis Bevan prothonoter prothonotary. Jacob Humphreys the Witness to will & Jacob Bary had to go to one Esqr Price to prove Bary’s hand wrighting. he Said it would not Do for Jacob to Do it tho he Seen him Sign & willing to affirm he must have two Got Dinner &c 2s9 apeice oats & Drink made it 15s6 off & Stop at Darby fed oats 1s6 Drink 1s10– the Widow payd home about 9 OC– at night Very Cold Tunis my horses & Oxen halling Ice

29th. Wind N W Clear & Cold over to Mill Cut Loos & set Jacob to Saw, I at Mothers John Gave me 24 Dol. on Edws act. to pay Bridson home to Dinner John Roberts here to Dinner home all the afternoon Tunis & Holland begun to make Cog Wheel for to Double Gear my Mill

30th Wind near S.W. Large White frost Set off to Widow Bridson paid her 24 Dols on Acct. of her Dower at Widow Sheets She Gave me an order on Jarvis for 13L some odd home to Dinner & Meet the Society– at Stadlemans

December 31st 1797 Wind S W & very fine day, at omission Jarvis here Meeting time with him at Morris’s home to Dinner afternoon at Jarvis’s Drank tea & so home– very Clear & Great Circle Round the Moon & Raind by midnight