Joseph Price Diary


Jan. 1st 1796 Wind N.W. Cleard off no frost at tall all wonderfull up to pike house No.4 & measd. it at Esqr Bartholomew Got 4 Summons so back & settled with John Lewellin Expences at Robeson 7s6 horsler 11d- so got home about 8 OC- at night–

2nd wind S W & fine day at Mothers after up to prince of wales, Laying poor tax & selling an Irishman Closes clothes that died at Streapers, in summer Spent 11d home with McClenechan Eat Tosted Chees & Drank some Brandy

January 3rd 1796 wind S W & rain, at home all day only at Mothers & sawmill, John Roberts millwright here

4th wind S W & very fine day up to Spread Eagle-arbritration arbitration between Curwen & Robert McClenechan, about the road he rather Got the Better of us Stayd all night B Brooke & Dot Shippen

5th wind S W & very Large White frost set off to Paoli, (Gave the boy at Eagle 1s10½ all that I Spent their) up to gate No.4 Back & fed Spent 3s9 So down home Dark night

6th Wind N E. & very wet day at home all day only at Mothers & Streaper Spent 8d Gill wine, got to Snow about 9 OC

7th wind N W & very high frosed some Snow about 2 I Deep at home all day paid Polly Shoester 67 Dollars & paid Jesse Thomas 38s7½; at Streaper Evening spent not T. Roberts & Morris here all forenoon amost TR all the afternoon

8 Wind N W. & prety fine day but Riding not Quite bare at Gate No 2 & from their to town paid Hansel a jill wine had sometime & 1 had to day 11d

8 January 1796

Bought keen knee & Shoe buckels 13s1½ hinges for Tables & Screws 7s10- Screws & sprigs 9s6- Oile 2s- whitening 1s- at play Ticket 7s6, at Elliots 6s2 horsler 1s6 Stayd all night with T Roberts at Tunis’s, he & wife Gone to Vallee Valley

9th wind S W fine Day Eat Brokfast breakfast at Tunis’s Left town about 10 OC ferriage 4d up to Wagoners 11¼d so home Drank tea & went to see Hannah very poorly so back and to bed–

10th Wind N & over Cast– Got this Money 100 Dollars of Jonathan, that I Paid Molly & sundries with. at home all day Evening at Streapers Spent 5d home drank tea & at Mothers to See Hannah very poorly, Starlight as we Came home.–

11th Wind N.E & over Cast begun to Snow about 11 OClock, Call to See Hannah at Gate No 2 & down to Hestons up to Wagoners Spent 1s1 for Wine Snowing Very hard Calld at Old Frees’s Vandue, all his Stock &c &c Got to rain hard Stayd a little While & so home, Got Tea had no dinner wrote this & not much amiss, for a buck 42 years old & near never brought up to wrighting. Laugh where we must be Candid where we Can, but justify the ways of God to man, Wit’s a feather a Cheif arod but an honest Man’s the noblest work of God/ Pope/– paid Jonathan Supplee 4s1½ for Looking at my Clock–

12 wind I forgot but very pleasant day at Gate No 2 & No 1 Dined with A Tunis 2 Qt of Corn at Hansels 9d wine then & before 11d up to Wagoner 5½ so home–

January 13th wind S W fine day up to Curwens (Calld to see Hannah very Low gooing) Dined their he Curwen Came from town so I stayd night not very good Rest Chilly

14 Wind N E & very Rainey off & to buck Settled with Jont Miller for Turn pike work infull He paid me 100 Dollars for Carpenters work Gave me Dinner Eat much Bag puddin & Chine & Turnips Drank ½ Gill Brandy before Dinner & Gill wine & ½ after paid 2s3 oats included, set off for home very wet Calld to See Hannah She Easy & Clear of pain, and Sleep prety Well which she said she Look on a Great Blessing home pain in my forehead not Right very great Chill run all over me to Sleep not so well

15 Wind- Moderate no frost Disagreeable feeling. whole Cistom Deraingd at Streaper Gill wine & Bitters 8d. Eyes much Swelld, afternoon at Frezes Got the Balance of a Note 31s8 & pay for the old mans Coffin home very unwell, Drank Molasses & water plentifully Qt of Butter Milk I dare say, about 9 OC- sent up to Mothers Hannah much worse & not Exspected to Live Polly & Jonathan

15th 1796

went down, Jont Back Said she Got Better, about 12 OClock sent word now was dead about 11 OC I so poorly Dare not venter, Polly said she was very sensible & ask for me, ask for drink Raisd up & put her finger in & said it was too hot they perceivd her fainty Layd her back & Died without a Strugel, or apparent pain A Religious Good Christain Christian her faith was Strong in the Lord, not to be shaken in day of Trial,–

16 Wind N E & a very Great day of snow & some rain a raw Sloppy day, no frost not well Jos Walter & Jake makeing Sisters Coffin I down twice poor thing she was a sheperdest shepherdess to Us, in Good works Robert Roberts Bout me Andersons pill. took two & drank much Camimile Tea till it puke me Strong

17 Wind N E. up soon & had 2 fine Stools begun to Snow, (no frost), all day very much some hail & Little rain Evening Crust on snow

18 Wind S W. & fine warm morn run off Streapers house by 8 OC I think, got Morris Waggon & horses took Mother Ant Holland & Polly & Jane to grave yard Rebecca & I Rode ahores horse back 3 or foure Slays their very bad time mire up to horse’s knees all most had Meeting arther Howel Preachd, home to Dinner & gave a good prayer The Lord preserve me in that State of mind that will be acceptable to him “Ant Holland” is JP’s father’s sister; Jane is JP’s sister married to Jonathan Walter; Polly, his sister Mary, married to Samuel Gibson; Rebecca, an unmarried sister.

January 19th 1796 wind blank at ahome all day & very unwell Sleep none at Night- Colbert here settled pike

20 wind N E hail & rain before noon, went down to Mothers Got 3 or 4 Oisters & Drank some Methigolum & felt Better home & abetter night Sleep, Calld at Streaper a little

21 Wind N W & prety Cold Set off apikeing up to Kanadys pd him & fed &c 1s10 to McClenechans paid him what the Men Awarded him & Dined their, he Treated me very Civil then to Calahans Settled him to Vanleers Settled him & then Rode to Robesons, amost over Come with Cold and pain in back & keens knees very Cold, got a pint of wine mulld & went to bed, had a great sweit Indeed

22nd wind N W & the Coldest Morning this Winter by far, Settled with Robeson, illegible Parker breakfasted & Dined their, owd 7s before hole now 18s9 set off to bare paid Himes & Penington off & set off for home stop a little at Lewellins so gallopt home, but amost Like to Give out before I got home, when home my Back knees & hips ake so most made me faint to bed & Sleept Midlin–

Jany 23 1796 wind S W & warmer Set off for town to Get Oisters for Society W. Warner along, Spent in town 1s3 so back to Society Reckening 6s61½ per peice & oats to my Mare 1s- so home we Came–

24th wind S W & Giving day being first day at home all day, Jos Boggs here about pike business

25 Wind N E & overCast Laying out a house & well on pike & Leveling Race afternoon up to Curwens his wife very poorly Stayd all night, raind

26 wind N W. Discoverd I paid one John Parker too much for Mr Fisher had pd 20 Dol. before Set off to Paoli & sent for him he Acknowledg it and Gave me anote for the Money so turnd for home Spent in hole 7s6 or their abouts, stopt buck fed & warmd very unwell pain in my knees & back Could Scarasly hold to Tide his horse got home about 9 OClock at night–

27th Wind S.E & snowing all day Did not gain 3 Inches at home all day Sorting Rect &c pike

28th Wind S W & prety fine thawing roads very Sloppy home till noon after Gibsons Chaingd Rect or gave up his weekly acct. & one general one, at Gate No 1 & at Stadlemans Spent 1s3 so home geting prety Cold N West wind

January 29th 1796 wind N.W & high & Cold froze hard, B Tunis here my Mind very Uneasy for fraid I have Lost or made some Misstake in pike Money, Prayd to the Lord to Suport my Mind, for I am not Guilty of Imbessiling one penny, the Lord is the Strong Rock; Cast up the hole acct & If I misstake not Shall Come out very Right, my fealings more Easy but never never will I Undertake to handle so much of any Bodys Money again, Got Dinner & set off to Curwens Stopt at Buck Gill wine 7d. at Curwens araingd a Number Rect & Stayd all night his wife very poorly proceeded from a Crust of pye geting in her winepipe windpipe

30th Wind N W & very Cold frozed hard Coldest night this winter, araingd or sorted a number of Rects till about 12 OC Set off Stopt at Buck settled with James Sturges waht what work he did on pike & Retaind 13L 18s4½d towards rent I gave him a Rect for, spent oats & gill of wine 1s5 so home to Dinner– at Streapers spent not Drank Tea their So home & two pike fellows waiting for me paid one his small sum & put the other off, & so to bed we goo

31st. Wind N.West & very Cold Schuylkill so full of Ice Could not Cross at Righters, went to Meeting home to Dinner, at home all day only at Streapers Spent gill of wine 7d. so home & to bed after awhile

February 1st. 1796 Wind N.West & Cold hard frost over to Turnpike roade Keasly Diging a well for Me he is about 10 feet deep home by David Roberts, so home & meet at the School house being our monthly meeting day, so home Got Supper wrote this T Roberts here a good while in Evening

2nd Wind S E & snowing Got warm & thawing Rain in Evening, at Jacob Balors Spoke ordered a Rope for well, at Edw Georges Settled pike he paid Me 6L some odds my owne acct aginst him Gave him a Rect. in full, paid me 9L 9s9d for work done at Blockley Schoolhouse totall 16L 3s6d. he Gave me a Rect. for that he had against pike, Set off to town bought Quart of Oile 2s2, fish 3s9 whent to the Oliers Hotel Curwen & John Wilson along Spent 2s6. had a Cold Relish at 11¼ apeice

3rd Wind N W & Snowd about 1 I deep paid 9s3 Reckoning at Eliot Breakfast Lodging Horse & ½ pint wine dear times, Set off home ferry 4d So up pike & home to Dinner Evening at Streapers & went to Paul Jones with Nancy Jones & Suck Sukey Jones Rob along home about 12 OC- went to Bed–

4th wind N W & Cold froze hard up Bill Lewis Seen them Let out a fox & Spent 11¼ went to Cochrons & then to Curwens, Dined their then up to John Lewellins to Get him to repair the road, 3s4 So back to Curwens Stayd all night–

February 5th 1796 Wind about N. Cold with Large white frost & fine day Set off from Curwens before Sunrise Stopt at Lewis’s Spent 1s6 So home to Breakfast pint of Sider at Streaps after Noon at Well digers & at David Jones & Jos George’s so home to Sup Settled with Phillip Hoffman fell 9L 16s10d in his debt so I write all this after Night

Interlined: “6 at Curwens till noon then met at Streapers to Settle”

7th Wind N W & prety fine at home till noom then went with Poll Streaper to see her Brother Bill to Get him to Goo to Cort he Lives near Springfeild Meeting house Stop to See Uncle Lewis Davis home about 9 OC at Night Cold bad Rideing

8th Wind N Cold & over Cast Set off to Norris town to Court Bill Streaper along to apply for a dividend of his fathers Est Stayd all night.

9 Wind W & a large white frost Stayd Davis’s all night Got our Business done & Dine with the Grand Jury they payd all; Spent in town 17s4½ at the ford for the horses 7s3½ So home by Dusk

10th Wind N E & snowing finely at home all day Got to rain afternoon

11th wind N W & prety fine about home till noon then went to John & Jonathan Walters, he Shot a Duck on the Dam 3 Shoots before he killd it, it is what they Call a Diver Drank tea their & so home, he gave me a recpt for 55 Dollars for Stones that the pikers got

February 12th – 1796

wind N W & prety Cool, Set off by well to Curwen they have got water on the ninth about noon at about 22 feet Deep, up to Curwens Coppyed all my Vouchors, & Came to Buck there Invited by Judge Jonen Jones to Oister Supper his wife along, Shippen & wife, Atley & Ditto, Holstein & wife, Palasco & wife, Hoskins & wife Rich Cochron & self Composd the Party, 14 teen repeat of us, Miller says, Eate 500 Oisters the men paid for their wifes so Cost us 13s6 besides & ½ Dollar I Gave the Girl & horsler Stay all night, pd Keasley 10 dolr for Well

13th. wind N W & prety Cold home & makeing a Coffin for Jacob Ballors Child, Master Massey here Evening Looking over my turnpike acct. find I Bring them 147 Dollars in debt besides my wages 440 Dollars went much releivd from afeare that perhaps I might make some mistake, Tom Roberts Drank tea with us

14th Wind N W & high Massey here Posting my pike acct after Dinner took the Coffin home & Buried at our yard Large funeral for a Child, home all the Evening

Febery 15 1796 Wind N W. & very high & Cold Set off for town paid for Boards 2L 3s Sprigs 4s3 Lock 1s6 Dinner at Eliots &c 5s2 ferry 4d up by Jos. Georges, Stop & Supt their so home about 9 OClock at night

16th. wind N W & frosed prety hard, one Strong a pike Man here went to Wagoners Measure Stone, home to Dinner Curwen along after up to Curwens we Settled our pike acct. they fell in Debt to me wages & all 869 dollars & 88 Cents Stayd all nigth night

17th wind S. froze arose soon & home to Breakfast, after at the well & at Walters paid him 55 Dollars on pike Acct. home by David Roberts afternoon Santered away time & Spent 10D.ollars pd Roberts 3L 5 being full

18 wind East & raind all night & froze to the trees over Cast & Rainey day pd John 250 Dollars for Stone & Rent from Sturges & Barr afternoon maken a Coffin for aman by the name of blank Lester

19 wind S W & prety fine but very bad Roads, took the Coffin home & Wilfong along he went with them to Haverford yard & I set off to Saml Gibson

F. 19th

stayd all Night

20th Wind N W. very hard frost & Roff riding Breakfasted at Samuels & off to town Bought a Chees 15s6 Oysters 15s fish 7s6 ½ Doz. knifes 7s6, hat 37s6, Reckening Eliots 3s9. Set off Meet the Society at Stadlemans; Do Shippin Jones Curwen & Esqr Brooke & R. Cochron Sup with Me on oysters & fish & tosted Chees–

21st About home till noon then up to Shippins & Cochrons, Draink drank Coffee at Cochron & wine with the Doct. so home & to bed

22 Wind– & snowd 2 or 3 Inches deep Ben Tunis over to well Walter Amos help to hist hoist back George Crow here to get a Coffin for John Bare’s wife, went to work till 10 OC then to bed

23 Wind N W & high & froze hard finishd the coffin before noon Set off & Buried her & the Child In the same Coffin at the Church, work at the race Colbert Amos Rees & B Tunis I there till night then home, Spark M Streaper again

24th Wind N W Moderated alittle, Colbert Amos, Sollomon Rees & John (Hoffman ½ Day) at Race I there all Day

February 25th 1796 Wind— at work at Race Jonathan Walter helping Solomon David Roberts, Harden, John for plaster 16 Bushels for me & 24 for himself

26th Wind S. & foggy & thaws much Mordica Davis here walling the well on turnpike I halling Stone from Walters he helping walld about 10 feet of it the first day

27 Wind S- & a little rain Morn work at walling the well Stones so dirty Quit very fine afternoon Like Spring– at home Morris & tom Roberts here

28 Wind S W & fine Morn, Jacob Morris here to get me goo Look for his Ditchman Dutchman Run away Last Night Set off Calld at Righters McClenechans ½ pint wine at Eagle Dined at Paoli; from there to Edges Tavern in Downingtown Stayd all Night Morris pd all 13s4 so back

29 Breakfasted at Warren then to Eliots & from there to Norristown paid 3 Dol. for papers belonging to Streapers Est I spent at ford about 5s- so home we Came & rain all the way amost Spent 1s10½ at Streapers

Feby.29 March the 1st 96

Wind N E. overCast & Spit a little snow Set off to town bought 5 pair Table hinges & sash saw 18s- Recken at Eliots 1s6 so up with Isaac Roberts Burial very Bad Roads, he was taken with a Rupter & Cut in order to return his Gut, but the Doctr Said was Mortified, so he died in few days after he was son of old Phines Roberts, home to Dinner R Tunis with in Afternoon Laying out a house for Peter May in the Lott Bought of us belonging to Streaper Sold by order of orphan Court, at Rees’s & Streaps alittle while, omited Enterd entering on 28th when at Edges Tavern there was dutchman in company who had a Little Crouk Leg Stalian & one Stine, an Irishman from the City finding the dutchman very vain about his horse, & shallow fellow, Indevoured to Rais his vanity offered 350 Doll for his horse but he would not take Less than 400 but we we repeat proposed to Send out, he Chose Morris & Stine me, I proposed to have the 3 man, & took the Irishman genteel fellow, proposed the terms that war were Stine to give 500 D- the Dutchman to trust 3 years & then to return 300 D- the dutch man Stamp with Rage, said he might Ride More as 1000 Miles & here from such a Bargain so Made him pay pint of Madari wine

March 2nd 96 Wind N. & Cold with John to Buck & John Bares Settled Rent with him Spent 7s- at Buck Dinner &c home

3rd Wind N E Rain & hail froze to trees at work in Shop Hanging table for T. Roberts walk to Streapers Spent not

4th Wind N W & Snowd perhaps ½ Inch Tom Roberts Movd to town bad Roads I at work in Shop Young & Righter here Drank some Brandy 1 yd of Bacco 2d

5 Wind S W & froze in Night, Young here to Breakfast, so we went to town, Bought Sundry Iron ware 23s- Newspaper 15s sugar & Coffee 5s1½ Bacco 9d Brandy 45s- Reckening 2s4 ferry Cart & self 1s3 pike 1s6 So home & met A. Roberts & L. Young at Streap to settled between the two Women they awarded the Old Woman 60 Doll very Mad, Spark polly till 3 OC- then to bed-

6th Wind S W & Butifull day R Tunis & Esqr Young here all fore Noon B Tunis too walk to Rees’s & Back to David Roberts paid Hugh Kinley 5 Dollars & three Dollars before made 54 Total for Building dam Lent Esqr Young 20 D in margin: “frogs Crying”

March the 7 Wind about N- Runing Edwards Lot Bout of N. Evans, & at Alley Roberts, home to Dinner afternoon Meet at the Schoolhouse, Spent 11d at Streapers, B Tunis & R Roberts Stayd all night with me begun to snow, paid Jes Thomas 37 Dollars

8th wind N & the snow about 6 Inches deep & very Cold work in shop till noon Robert & I up to Cochrons, Drank Coffee & Call at Keyworths for Polly Streaper & Hannah Jones, Back to Streapers spent Drank a pint of wine Robert paid for it so home freezing hard–

9th wind W. & prety fine work in shop at home all Day, Becca here helping Polly Walter to wash pd Joe May 5 Dollars for work at Dam, harden Harden 4 Doll for Race

10th Wind S W & fine day, up in order to run the Line Survayor did not Come, Spent 1s10½ So up to Curwens Dined their, from their to Sorrel horse Eliots Vandue, Andee Oliver offerd me 120 Dol. for my Mare home with R Cochron David Roberts along & Drank Coffee so home Old Wist Wiest & I spard a good Deal about Humphreys Line the snow most Gone

11th Wind S W froze alittle but fine day at work at Dam all Day John’s Irishman helping

March 12th 1796 Wind S W & very fine day Mordica Davis here & finishd walling well at pike road 1 Qt. Wiskey pd Hugh Knox 15 Dollars for things out of the Store, Evening at Streapers pint of Sider 4½ Spark Molly till 2 OC. so home–

13th. Wind S.W. & Butifull day Lewis Jenney here to Dinner I at home all Day Except alittle While at Streaps Spent 1s2 so home & to bed

14th. Wind S E & overCast Set off for town by Cochrons took Polly Cochron, along, told the family was gooing to Curwens, arivd in town about 5 OClock, hunted up old Tom Roberts, & then aparson, then a license & so Got them Joind as man & wife & went to his house in Second St. above Vine Street, I stayd all night

15 2 Qt timothy seed 2s9, sugar & Coffee 5s- horses at Dunwoodys & one Gill of wine 9s4½, Polly Cochron Gave me a Dollar to pay her horse Gave horsler 3s- so home I Came by 12 OC & Led her horse & sent it home, after at Dam & David Roberts so home- & bed soon not much Sleep Last night Lightening & thunder at a Distance

16th Wind N W & very high raind in Night Storm Ben Tunis here all night put 2 Logs on dam blue the Roof off Spring house two apple trees & Bundance of fence the Most Stormmey day I beleiv I ever seen

March 17th Wind N W & very high Still up to buck in order to run the Line, no survayor Dinner & Club 5s- so home–

18th At Dam till noon at Morris’s he poorley Dick Cochron here set off to town with him Drank tea with T Roberts & wife Sleep with or at R Tunis, Stayd all night–

19th wind N W & prety fine Breakfasted at Pembertons with John Wilson he with me to Cox’s the Lawyers Bought Sundrys 15s- home to Dinner L Young along up to Prince of wales to township meeting Knox & Torrance Supr. Road Jones, Young A. Roberts & Self Settlers Reckening 1s4½ so home–

20th Wind W & fine day at home to Dinner then up to Cochrons paid Ant Betty 20 Dollars Stopt at Georges so home

21 Wind W at Dam &c till Dinner after at Wagoners Vandue Bot a fann winnowing fan 36s- Spent 3s- so home

22 wind N W. at Dam till noon then up to Brigs Vandue Spent 5½ So home

23 Wind N.W at Mill Got it to goo & saw one Log much pleasd Loyd Jones here Drank tea with me Coffin for Joe Watson

March 24 Wind N W & prety Cool took a Coffin for Joe Watson, Brought him up to Little yard, after at Saw Mill it goo’s fine Evening at Keyworths & Whittle, Polly Streaper & sundry girls there Spent the Evening very agreeable tii 11 OC- then home Cold-

25th wind N W dry & Cold at Dam halling durt Mill gooing fine at home all Day Spent 1 Mug Sider 9d-

26th wind N W. still dry at Dam till noon then at tail race Evening at Streapers Miss Keyworth & Several persons their

27th wind N W. fine day at home till noon, then to Silas Jones along with B. Roberts & several others then Back Spark Molley alittle while

28th Wind S.W. & thunder to South Smart Shower from west then Cleard off went to Keyworth’s Vandue Bought 2 Cows for 32 Dol.3s8- back & spent 9d for sider–

March 29th wind N. & fine day Sawing all day Evening went & fetch the Cows home that I Bought Spent 4½ for Sider- Nathan Jones here all night from Juniaty

30th. wind N.W. Dam sprung a leak at work at it till night Jacob Rees self & Horatio

31st wind N.W Cool & dry at Morris’s in Morn up to Buck to Run aline between Miller Lees & B Humphreys place home Evening to Streapers pint Sider 4½ Supt their Spark Polly for the Last time–

April 1st Wind N.W & Cool up to Curwens helping to put his Cart house Roof on Blue off by the wind, I think the Roof was at Least 70 feet Long & Span 20 f & it took plates & all off had to Cut it.- Stayd all night

2nd wind N. Stayd Breakfast at Curwins then to Buck 3 Qt. oats 9d. on the Line again I set off home to Dinner then Meet at Streapers to Settle the overseers poor & Roads acct. Supt their townp. paid 28s & I spent 11d. besides very dark night & a Little Scud of Rain home about 12 OClock at Night

April 3rd 1796 — wind S W & fine day being first day went Meeting while to A Tunis’s about Edwards Lott home to Dinner R Roberts Dined here over to Saw Mill sawd 6 Cuts then home Spent pint of Sider-

4th wind S W & Dry Mending dam till noon then meet at Schoolhouse being our Monthly day after up to Nathan Jones place young Jarvis Movd their at Crows Bought 1 Bushl. Summer wheat 17s- Jarvis Back & stayd all night-

5. Wind N.W. Whitefrost Jarvis Breakfasted here; I at Mill & at Jont Walters, so back to Dinner Burning a hedge & at the Mill at Mothers So home Sowd 1 Bushel summer wheat

6th. Wind S W Smokey & dry up to L. Youngs about a Child of Joe Mileys that is Lay to him & it is Likely to Come on the town young Down with me Dined at McClenechans & Drank a bottle of wine then to Jesse Thomas so home again

7th Wind S W. & warm & dry up to Humphreys runing aline between Owen Roberts Line & Humphreys Dined at W. Lewis’s I home John pd. all at the sawmill- 8th Wind S W. & fine day Cuting Logs. at Walters & D. Roberts at Rees Borrowing Saw. so about home all Day

9th W S.W & fine warm Day halld 5 Logs to mill, Dam sprung a Leak that had Like to been prety serious was not much in morn

Apl. 9-

But increased so much that when we got the Cart & throwd in a load it took off in a moment drawd all three of the Gates, & got 15 Bundles of Straw ramb rammed in & two Carts of dirt & so got it Conkerd, work at it till night Got 4 Shad from town for ⅝ of a dollar B. Tunis here all day, work strong Jacob Makeing Garden

10th wind N W. a little rain before day not Enough to Lay the dust but Chainged the Air much, at Meeting after at Sawmill & well & Nehemiahs Gate, So home to tea John Roberts & B Tunis along

11th. Wind N W & very raw disagreeable runing the Line between Brot. John & Rees Price Evening went to town, Stayd all night at Eliots- Ice plenty

12 wind N W & very Cold Went to see Tom Roberts Breakfasted with him Bought tea Spoons 31s6 Hinges & files 4s4, pd John Warner for afan &c I Bout at Wagoner vandue 39s1 oil 2s6, Reckening 8s2 So home to Dinner ferry 4d pike 3d- at sawmill

13th wind S W & pleasant day at sawmill planted 10 Locust trees at turnpike, & Layd out the house- blot

14 wind S E & prety Little rain Laid the dust Se off for Lancaster fed at Paoli & dine 4s- thence to Downingtown met Mr Curwen went & measurd a pike house Mason work, back to Tavern 2 Smart Showers, Sup & drank 1 Bottle & ½ pint wine Curwen paid all 10s mine was

15. wind S W & fine day warm breakfasted & then Set off measd. a bridge at R. Millers one at Hands past 38 Milestone soon to Humphreys Gate Dined their &c 6s2 Curwen included

April 15th 96

at Boyds Tavern 40 Milestone 11d for Brandy thence to Slaymakers Gate, new part Road, between the 48 & 49 Milestn. thence to Reynolds 52 Milestone very large bridge 5 Arches Crick & Race Calld Lefevers Run it emtys in Picquay near the Tavern stayd all night-

16 Wind N E & raw & smart rain till ten OC- Set off & Calld at Whitmores rain abated Set off to Lancaster Crossed a wooden bridge on Conistoga dined at Lancaster sign of buck one Hagers 10s2 Curwens Included I Paid Rambled about the town & set off for Wrights ferry. Butifull situation Sup on a fresh shad at one Jefferis Samuel Atley set up their Tannery Stayd all night Reckening 17s3 & boy 1s3- I paid Curwin’s Included

17 wind N W. Set off down the river one Scot has built amost Capital still & Millhouse on the Banks went to blue Rock Stopt at an orniary ordinary in order to get Breakfast but full of shad people the woman poor appearance Drank one Eggnog & set off 3 or 4 Butifull farms here the Land Excelant for about ½ Mile back, one Capt. Treat his Settlement on the other shore & 3 Islands that appear very fine, rode through the Contry to Millerstown, about 10 Miles from Wrights their Breakfasted poor Little town, 4s9 Coffee & Shad & Eggs, then Strowld on to South of Lancaster Cross Conistoga (30, or 40 yd. over) to Strawsburg about 2 OC. Got Dinner at one Bares Tavern Butifull Little town & good Land, one Funk a tavernkeeper Came over to see Mr Curwen, the most Gentleman like man of a tavernkeeper I ever seen sencible & showd us his farm which is in high Cultivation

18th of April 1796 Wind N W & fine Morn paid our bill 11s9 apeice & 9d I gave the boy, Mr Curwen & I parted he for Lancaster & I for home Set off about 6 OC Rode on to Gap tavern on New part Road, then turnd to pike at 47 Milesn. Breakfasted at Boyds near 42 Milesn. 2s4 thence to Downings at 30 Milestone Dinner &c 4s8 Measurd Carpenters work of house No.5 thence to Paoli ½ pint wine 2s pence illegible from thence home Rode 50 Miles (Heard of my old freind Griffeth Jones death he departed this Morn Rich old Welshman) So Ended my Grand Route

19th wind S W & warm at the Sawmill till noon then diging sellar at pike, Evening at Streaper Nancy Jones their had a good deal of Conversation with her She Informs me she is Gooing to be Married to Enoch Jones, Spent 1 Jill wine 7d. So home–

20th Wind S W. at the Sawmill, afternoon diging seller paid Will Fishbein Boyers order 3L 6s4d, so home

21st. Wind W. & warm halling Stone till noon then rode with Jarvis with apetition to Congress praying for them to Grant supplys to Carry the Treaty into Effect at Shippins pd him 7 Dollars for takeing needel out G Thomson shoulder & tending a man at Pratts so home

22. wind S W & warm at Sawmill Cuting & halling Logs, paid Antoney Levering 8L 16s9d for sawing &c Jarvis here Spent one mug bear

23 wind N W & Cool morn, up to Jarvis’s, & at Frealers with Petition to Congress Mare Run away follow’d her

April 23rd 96

ketch her at home Rode to Zells Able Thomas’s & pike gate So home to Dinner, after at Jarvis’s & Owen Roberts Robesons & Bond &c &c. with the Petition to be signed. so home Jarvis along & Drank Coffee

24 Wind S E & Little rain first day went to sawmill & sawd till 9 OC. home Jarvis here to goo to Get signers to the Petition set off to Cochrons Dined their, at Jones Brooke Curwens & sundry places several Light Showers, arivd Buck very dark Stayd all night reckoning 10s–

25th Wind N W. & prety Cool morn home & then to town Delivered the Petition to Selgraves One of the Congress, Coffee & tea 5s8 boards had some time agoo 39s6 paid 13L 0s6d for white painr Boards for wetherboarding the frame not yet got 3s9 at Eliots 4d ferry 5½ at Bill lewis’s so home Pratt (sold R. Tunis’s place that Was) for 3000L to Nickleson, Bought it of Tunis for 1500 about 12 Months agoo Home S—- p—-

26th. Wind N W. & whitefrost Meet Curwen in David Jones Meadow to measurd it. back & up to Jarvis their to Buck Spent 5½, then to Kasley to Get him to Clean the Well; Jone’s here Makeing pump for pike road-

27th. Wind S.E. begun to rain about 10 OC At the Mill; Sawing all day that is from 12 OC. till night, 608 feet Lath & 30 feet boards very smart rain afternoon Raisd the run muded muddied it–

28 Wind N W & fine day Kasley Cleaning the well Jones & Tunis boreing the pump I sawing, sawd about 500 f Lath went to Look for Shad, Cool Evening home–

April 29 1896 wind N.W & Cold Set off for Shad about Day, got 41 all they had so home sawing & puting the pump in Quart Snap 2s2. Sawd in the Evening again, paid Jones 7 Dol

30th wind N.W. Geard up the Oxen & halld Stones B Tunis & self afternoon Dresst to Go to take my Mare to Rodney at West Chester David Roberts gave out gooing so I went to sawing again– Drank Coffee at Davids

1796 May 1st wind S W & pleasant day, John Wilson here in morning R Tunis & R Trimble here at Rees’s with them Tunis Dined here Trimble had a fit of ague at & about home all Day first Day

2nd wind W. Sawing awhile then stoping ahole that sprung in dam & halling sand & meet at the school Master absent, only Able Thomas & self appeard so home

3rd. Wind S W warm day pearson here I sawing Drank Coffee at David Roberts B Tunis walling seller– Rees tending masons 4th wind S. pearson here walling seller at pike I tending with Stone &c all Day B Tunis their & Rees tending Morter

5th. wind S & overCast in Great part all Day pearson here I wheeling stone all Day Got ready for the frame–almost JP is building his William Penn tavern on the turnpike.

6th wind S & begun to Rain about 5 OC- Morn asawing alday. Got very wet noo no Roof on the mill but over the saw Run about 23 Cuts at David Roberts Got Glass wine very fine rain

May 7th. 1796 wind S.West & fine day went to town- Dined with T.Roberts bout Gloves 4s6 Nails 79 lb at 9½d 62s6½ brads 50 lb at 9d- 37s6 two cags at 3s9- partrage 1s10 = total 105s8- three paphelts pamphlets Call the Censors illegible porpupines Peter Porcupine’s paper 7s0 on Bound unbound Bloody Bony Napoleon Bonaparte 7s6 Recking at Eliotts 6s6 ferry 4d Turnpike 6d. Brandy 11d. so home B Tunis Raisd the frame at Turnpike–

8th Wind N W & Cool up & Dined at Jarvis’s home Evening–

9th Wind N & cold Morn Down to Alley Roberts home & up to McClenechans to meet the Commisenors Going to Build abridge over the Crick home to Dinner Laying out Rafters for frame & Sawd some at William Lewis’s, Spent 11d- & Jill of wine 7d. so home

10th wind N & Cool- up to Cort Escape’d Serveing on Jury Dinner 7s- horsler 5½d Drink 1s10½ so homewards Sup at W Hagy

11th W. S.W. & fine Morn makeing a little Coffin for Phillip Hoffmans Child, took it home & went over to Germantown to see a horse race 5 started for a purse of 200 Dollars a stallion from Chestertown Meriland took it Polidore throwd his rider suposed he had it

May- 11th 1796

several Light Showers Eate Dinner up at hut 3s9, ½ pint wine 11d Brandy, ferry 11d. 7s6 in hole, back & attended to Burial Tunis & Jacob framing Rafters

12th. Wind N. Little Cool pearson hear at Seller I tending, & after Sawing & mending Breach in Dam

13th Sawing Joysts for May, & Lath for Streapers fine warm Day Tunis & Jacob at Reagons Laying Spring house floor, Monthly Meeting here, B Stokes at Pratts paid 17s6 for an Irishmans Coffin that Dyed at his house Last fall–

14th. Wind S.W. & very warm went to town Bought Gimblets & two plow bits 8s4 Sheepskin apron 2s6 Encyclopedia 20s- Reckening at Eliots 5s6, ferry & pike 7d. Met the Society at Stadlemans fines 1s- paid 7s1 for fines & Quarterly payment the Treasurer paid Me for Encyclopedia 20s- so home

15th wind S & raind soon in Morn Cleard off afternoon at Samuel Gibson, Came up a Smart thunder Gust two Claps near one struck a walnut tree below his Springhouse, paid 3 Cents turnpike & 11d for Brandy home & to bed we goo–

May 16th 1796 Wind S. west & overCast, Stoping hole in dam & halling sand for Masons at turnpike Morris washing Sheep at my dam. Afternoon at Loyd Jones’s about agreeing for his Log Carriage home

17th wind S E & overcast at the pike afternoon begun to rain Set off to Darby, gave my Mare Mat Jones’s horse a gray Call the Superior Spent 1s8 0ats & Brandy, Stopt to see Holstein at Saml.Gibson Eat supper & set off for home Raind very hard all the way Boots much water in–

18th Wind S W. sun shun out & Rainbow very soon Morn Cloudy to West begun to Rain by 7 OC had amost violent smart Rain till about 12 OClock in Evening then abated & appeard to be fine Sawing all Day no Dinner

19th. wind S W Cloudy to West Rainbow soon in Morn Raind before 7 OC. & very heavy till 12 OC had to Draw the gate at Dam, & saw all Day no Dinner. Got very wet Indeed

20th wind N W & fine Sawing halld 3 Logs. Jacob & Rhudolph Sibley Lineing the dam, Jarvis sent for me home before Night–

21st. wind N W & Smart white frost on the bridge at Mothers, Saml. Gibson here went with to Walters back to Breakfast Sawd till ten OC- then went to Meeting a Stranger here from Carolina

May 22nd 1796 wind N W & prety high & Cool at Meeting R Tunis up, at Rees’s & Silas Jones & Jacob Jones about our School Master, ½ pint wine at Streap 1s2. So home Turnd omission in my Clover very fine

23rd. wind S. & high Sawing Joysts for Peter May Ben & Jake wetherboarding the house at turnpike wash’d Sheep in dam John & Rees very drunk very heavy Shower in the Evening a little about noon Horatio Cut the saw against a Log Jacob went for more Shad that I had paid for got them- 3 or 4 words heavily crossed out

24th wind about West & over Cast in Morn Sawing all day; prety fine day at Streapers Spent 1 Gill wine 9d

25 Wind S E & Rain very hard about noon Sawing for May & harrow stuff for Self Sold my Sorrel Colt to Colbert for 30L If he works to pay me Cash but If not to trust him till he get’s him in order to Sell-

26th wind N E Cold & hard rain dam runing over very much, Sawing all day as hard as I Could Run her, Pratts Vandue did not take time to goo too it I was very wet all day noo Cover on the Mill only over the saw–

27th wind S W. & Cleard off before noon Sawing for Rees Jones Log 2 f 0 over afternoon up to Curwins, about the pike house that I am to Move- Spent 16½d so home Ben & Jake makeing tongue to Log Carriage–

May 28th 1796 wind S W & several Showers. Sawd till noon then went to town Bought a mill Saw 7½ Dollars, Gave Miller a fee for his opinion Concerning a basterd Child By servant girl of Jess Thomas’s whether Master or town must Maintain it Recking at Eliots 2s7. Meet with Bill Cochron & Spent 2 Glasses of punch 3s9 & I Gill of wine at Lewis 7d.- So home

29th- wind S. & Little Cool at home till noon then at Alley Roberts & at the falls 2 Glases punch 3s9 So home,–

30- wind E & Red to sunrise raind by 6 OC- very hard till 10 OC- & Light Showers in afternoon Sawd till near noon then Dress’d the finderposts & hung a new saw B Tunis helping Got 300 Catfish 25s- put in the Dam about half of them Died & had them Brought on Grass in a Cart–

June 1st May 31st wind S W over Cast in Morn to the West, Raind two or 3 Light Showers hall one Log & Begun a Coffin for Catherin Wagoner, & sawing Lath prety fine Evening at Streapers Spent 1s2 so home

June 1st Wind N.W. & very fine Morn finished the Coffin & took home back to Dinner after tended the funeral to the Church. home & begun a Coffin for Henry Shuster, Spent Glass Brandy 11d at Streapers

2nd. at work at Coffin finnished it & attended at the house set them off David Roberts & I to Darby mare to horse Spent 7s6 Meet Mat Jomes, Cause me

to Drink too Much Wine, Drank tea at Saml. Gibsons then I home about 11 OC- mare not horsing Been fine day–

3th rd wind S.W. fine day up to pike gate No 3 to Get hands to Move it back to Dinner, down to Alley Roberts’s Raising his Rafters hog house–

4th Wind S W & very warm day set off before sun Rise to Move the Gate Got the house on the Log Carriage & move’d it with 5 pair of oxen, prety heavy, Got house Gates & all Down & up before night anumber of people Collected–

5th wind S W & warm a shower or two at Meeting afternoon sawd 3 Cuts & Spent wine 7d- So home & to bed– found a torkel turtle with Brot Edwds name dated 1770

6th. wind S W & Rain in Morn Sheard my Sheep & sawd a Log &c up to Jarvis’s Evening & Drank some brandy with him

7th Wind S.E & Raind Some in Morn, work at sawmill till noon about house Little Jarvis & Uncle here, found a torkle with Brot Edwards Name Dated 1771 so 25 years old the one above Lookd very old,–

8. Wind S W aSawing & Cuting Logs, so about the farm planting potatoes Jacob Rain today

9th wind S. & very warm Day to town by Righters ferry, Bought screws 4s3 oile 2s5 Recking 4s7 horsler & ferry 1s2 so home– in margin: “planted pompkins”

10th. Wind S W Sawing & halling Logs B. Tunis & D. Roberts Broke the Axeltree of Log Carriage. They put a new one in at Peter Mays new house Streaper 7d- hard Shower afternoon & after night

June 11th 1796 wind N.W. & over Cast been a great Rain in Night Borrowd 10 Dollars old Evans to pay for Shingles Rain in Morn Sawing Lath for Whiteman & Peter May afternoon Jarvis’s so home before Night–

12th Wind S E. & Some rain in forepart day up to Cochrons to See William Cochron he badly hurt from afall from horse but I beleive he is Like to Doo well

13th Winnd S.W. Holget walling Chimney at pike I halling scaffel poles, & sawing the remainder of Day– Bought 1500 Shingles 10L 13s9d. B. Tunis part of day working Cornish cornice this has been a fine day

14th Wind S.W & Clear in Morn Gust arose from West, & had a hard rain till night Tending Mason & make a Coffin for Peter Conrads wife & sawd 150 feet boards & Bought Qt. Whiskey

15 Wind N E & overCast, Raisd the old Roff roof on spring house & took the Coffin Down, & Buried her at Merion yard; afternoon tending Mason Holget

16th wind S E & over Cast a sort of Scotch mIst till noon then sunbroke alittle while, a hard thunder gust in Evening from west

17th wind Clear Charming day & very warm Gill tending Mason, I about the pike & sawing people lively at hay those that had mowd, put my finger under the Saw Cut apeice Clean off a hollow or shallow trick to be hurt so Quick

18th. Wind S W & pretty fine day Little Shower Evening, sawing till near noon Tending Mason alittle, at Jarvis, & at Society at Black horse Spent Glass punch 1s10½ at Streapers & 8d at Society so home – & S–

June 19th 1796 Wind S W & fine day at home being first day Rote aletter to Brother in Georgia &c Read &c Sleep &c

20 Wind W & overCast in part tho no rain tending Mason till noon then to Gibson & at Bell tavern Bout. apair of oxen for 105 Dollars & spent 4s–Left the oxen at Gibsons so home afternight–

21st. Wind S W. & very warm, smart Rain in Evening tending Masons till got Dinner at Jont. Walters afternoon Sawing, Bill Streaper begun my Mowing

22nd- Wind West & fineday for hay, sawing very soon a log for D. Roberts, got Breakfast, for with him; sawing boards for Jarvis & Rakeing hay, at John. Recd 10l 10s of Peter May for sawing the first money by it

23rd wind S W. fine hay day, sawing till noon then Went for the oxen at Samuels, & at Darby mare to horse did not take him spent 3s- oats & wine & boy home after night

24th wind S W & fine warm day sawing till near noon then home & Raking hay till night, one Qt.of Whiskey of Molly.–2s- paid

25th. wind S W & foggy morn Cleard off Sawing till 9 OC then home at Hay halld 260 Boards for Jarvis with old oxen got in 3 Loads of hay Streaper finishd Mowing 1 Qt. Wiskey 2s- paid I was to Give him 7 Dollars & mowd it in 4 Days & the Negro & him till the 5 Day viz 5 days total

26 Wind S WW. & avery warm day thunder at a Distance but no rain here. R. Tunis here all Day on his way to town from Valley at Rees’s & about house all went in the Dam to Swim in Morn 1 Qt Brandy 3s9 being first day

June 27th 1796 Wind S W. & warm fine day for hay halld 7 Loads with the Cart & horses & 5 Loads with the new oxen the first I had tryd them they work very well Benjn. Tunis & Wilfong helpt all the Afternoon

28th wind S.W. & fine day very Warm halld 4 Loads of hay So finish’d this Meadow Not a Drop of rain on it Since this day week but Little Cut then Made a Coffin for Bill Smith’s Child about 2 weeks old (had fitts) Buried at the Church Made one for John’s Child still bornd Last night Buried it in Evening at foot of Hannah’s Grave paid Haus 3s9 for Diging the Grave & 1s10½ that Pearson Desired me so to doo that he might keep his Childs Grave up &c. Drank tea at Mothers 1 Qt. whiskey 2s- S

29 Wind w. & warm high wind & very dusty went to town Bout 500 feet Boards, Spent 6s3½ so home, before night

30th Wind N W & prety high mowing John swamp meadow J. Walter Jacob Wilfong & self twisted me very much got very tired did not finish 1 Qt. Whiskey 2s- pd.

July the 1st wind N W & fine Coll cool morning Breakfasted Joind the Mowing again got done about 10 OClock Tunis Came after breakfast helpt all Day, got all Rake up & 2 loads home,—

2nd Wind S W & warm & now no Due halling by sun Rise allmost got 3 Load by noon, & John 5 Loads So got it in without any Rain, B Tunis help till noon

July 2nd 96. afternoon to Catherin Wagoner vandue Bout Sundries to the amount of 48s– Spent 2s1 So home. it has been a very fine time for hay got all mine in without adrop of Rain Except the Day begun to mow a Shower in Ev. Never was a finer time for hay it made allmost as fast as we Cut it, Morris begun to Reape this day

3rd Wind S. & overCast rain before 10 OClock prety Smart several Showers through the Day made a Coffin for old Fimble been on our town 2 or 3 years I think he must be 90 years old Buried him at Church, at Morris Evening one Qt. Brandy 3s9 of Streapers—

4th Wind S W. & fine warm day very warm Jake Reaping at Morrises, I at Wagoners fetching my things home Bout. at Vandue, & got Able Thomas dog to my Bitch, afternoon Shocking at Morris’s Zell Reap Wheat the 1st of July Got unfinished

5th Wind S W & very warm day Sawing Lath afternoon be womans gun to Make a Coffin for Child at Valintine Smiths poor that Lives their, 1 Gallon Rum Knox, 11s3

6th. Wind S.W. warm Indeed Buried the Child before noon, afternoon sawing Lath John Reaping Rye holget their B.Tunis & Hofman their afternoon

7th wind old Course B Tunis & Self Set off by Sunrise to Move Bill Smith’s Barracks, got 2 Skids 24 f Long, one End on fore wheels of Log Carriage the other Dragd on Ground Shuv’d them under Barracks & movd 2 with 3 pair oxen Easy

halld a poplar Log from Bob Roberts’s place 50 feet Long 18 I over but, Dradged dragged a Dead horse from Evans’s Gate wich he agreed to pay Tole & treat with 2 Glasses Brandy so home before night

8th Wind S.W. & remarkable warm beforenoon a thunder gust before night bore to South another from West that Came aCross us, we finishd Reaping & Shoking Just as it begun to rain ketch us before we got to the house, B Tunis. John Holget Jonathan Thomas Wilfong old Jacob till noon & myself, Reap all my Crop– 2 Qt. Whiskey 4s–& 1 Qt. Rum 2s9– Dear Stuff– 77 Dozen Rye all

9th Wind N.W. & overCast Greater part of Day B Tunis here thatching Barrack finishd by Dinner, after at John Shocking he finishd before night went to dam & took a swim home & Drank ½ pint of wine at Streapers Holget & me

10th Wind S W & Warm at home all day Except at Morris’s & Streapers alittle While Settled with John Roberts for work at Mill paid him 51s6 & gave him a Note of for 8L 8s being an Order of B Tunis Last June paid him 16s- Intrest on it 5s2 of it Tunis must pay- alittle Shower Evening

11th Wind S W & over Cast in Morn, but Cleard off up with pearson to Lay out a County Bridge over mill Crick at or near the Sawmill home halld all my Rye & help John, & sawd some Lath Evening up to Jarvis’s mended his Rack & manger Drank some tea & Brandy so home sleep with—-M

July 12th 1796 wind S W & warm, Sawing Thomas Roberts & Georg Thomson their home with them 1 Qt Brandy 3s9 after Dinner Sawing again, Lath, Rain Several Showers but not hard.–

13th wind partly N W. & over Cast & rain Sawing by Sun rise, Horatio Came & sawd I to Breakfast after to Prince of Wales to See how many Lath to Shingle the Stable (B Tunis Makeing ox yoke & halld a warnet walnut log from Humphreys) home to Dinner Begun a Coffin for apaper Maker at Bickens. rather a Stranger, Consumped consumptive

14. Wind & very hot when the shun sun Shined out finish the Coffin & took it up, he Vastly Sweld the Coffin not near Large Enough Got Ropes & tide the lid on it not Come down by 6 I. or their about, Buried in Bicken yard afternoone verry Smart rain Sawing

15th wind S W & very hot up to prince of Wales to shingle astable home to Dinner Sent Rash Horatio up with Dinner to B Roberts B.Tunis & Wilfong I sawing afternoon, Came up from South a Most Tremendious Rain Light showers till night

16th Wind S.W & no rain to day Sawing till noon then met the Society. home Sleep—

17th Wind S W & warm up to Curwens, back & Dined Jarvis down with him young Marshal 2 others to Stadlemans Spent 5s7½ so home Smart rain after night

July 18th 1796 wind S W & warm day at Alley Roberts with an Irishman Ingaged him to keep School home up to prince wales, Shingleing up buck Glass punch 1s10½ 1 Gill wine 7d. at Stadleman Got ketch in a most Violent Gust begun when we ware were at the School house Bob & Jake on one horse he horse fell at the very time the hard rain Came very Luckey neighther Got hurt, it Lasted 20 Minutes I think

19th Wind old Corse thunder soon in morn & a Smart Shower before 8 OC. with School Master at a number of places Got 17 or 18 Scholers Subscribed home Dinner Sawing the afternoon two Sam’s Jarvis’s two Sam Jarvis’s here 1, Qt. Brandy 3s9- Robert & Jake finish the Stable at prince of wales—

20th wind S.E. & overCast begun to rain before noon very hard in afternoon Sawing till noon, then till maken a Coffin for William Roberts (Millstone) aged 96 years old American

21st wind S.W.& Cleard off fine day B Tunis took the Coffin home, & I went to town, Bought sprigs & file 5s4½- 1 Qt. oil 3s- two pound of white lead 2s6. Jar 6d watch key 6d Reckening at Eliots 6s7 ferry at Righters 11d. Came by Jarman town with John Eliot he Drank alittle Brandy with me & set off home

22nd wind S W fine day Buried the old Roberts & sawd afternoon Spent 7d Jill of wine Smart Shower in Evening. B Tunis whet the saw & hall Joysts for Lower floor Dragd 2 white oak Logs to Mill

July 23rd 1796 wind S. W. Sawing walnut boards for Self home to Dinner, then up to buck, Jury Laying out a road from Gulf road to pike Spent 2 Qt oats 8d not pleasd with the Jury Laying thee the road where they did home in Evening, Rain a light Shower

24th.. wind S W prety fineday, Dined with Jarvis, his Brot. in Law Gardener & wife their. home in Evening–

25th. wind S W & prety fine. a light Shower about 1 OClock but soon over Jon. Roberts stalld with Load bark on the dam Detaind 3 hours with them before he Got out sawing all the rest of Day. walnut board self

26 Wind S. & very Smart rain begun fore day, Raind till about six OC– broke off alittle while afternoon thunder Gust from west prety Smart Shower Sawing all day whiteoak for Rees Price Jacob halling Durt on dam

27th- wind West & fine Clear Morning, Sawing bedstids stuff tillnoon then to Esqr Linseys with Jesse Thomas Got a warrent for Joe Miley, so home in Evening

28th wind S W. & OverCast Jacob to town for boards I to town bout 5 lb nails 6s3 two CrossCut files 1s3 10 Dollars to West on acct of boards, 6 Dollars to Dillworth towards box of Glass to be 12 Dollars Reckening Eliots 3s9 & Horsler 11d ferry 5½ turnpike 3 Cents So home

July 29th. 1796 Wind S W & foggy Morning sawing till noon Curwen here to Dinner paid me 20 Dollars for Moveing turnpike house afternoon at andrew Fredericks pd. him 5 Dollars for Dinner for 12 men & 3 mens wages for moveing pike house Calld at Sheets so home at Streapers Gill of wine 7d very warm day

30th. wind S W & warm day Sawing till noon then meet at Streapers about the poor, Spent 3s2

31 wind S.W. being first day Thomas Roberts here George & Enoch Thomson Drank some Cherry & Cut of ham with, afternoon at Rees price & at Streapers Spent 7d. so home

Augt 1st. wind S W & warm day at Algn. Roberts with Joe Miley about his Child home to Dinner then to John Roberts Came on a Smart Shower with hard thunder & a great Gust of wind up to prince of wales trying to Sell 3 Lots on turnpike would not Sell above 8L per so not Sold— Armats Land in margin:”Borrowd to pay for One of Rees Price 100 Dollars”

Augt 2 Wind S W & fine day, makeing Coffin for Conrad Goodmans wife finishd it took home to meet at 2 OC Buried; & at prince of Wales Spent 2s4– so home planted Sallery— sold her a Churn for 4s2 referring to Mrs. Goodman?

August 3rd 1796 wind S W & fine 2 words illegible Day Sawing Siles Jones at Sawmill want me to make him a bill for a Stable, Evening up with Jarvis Stayd all night

4th Wind N W & fine Cool Morn & Day at Morris’s puting up siderworks B Tunis along, afternoon B Tunis Jonathan & Self to town in Morris’s wagon Bought Box Glass 12 Doll. 3 lb whiteing 1s- oyl 2s8, Butt hinges 6s- thumb Latches 4 pair 5s7½ Reckening & ferry & pike 2s4 So home Cold anugh for fire–

5th. wind N W & Cool day putteeing Glass at pike House & at David Roberts he prepaird in papraritive Meeting to pass meeting— with Isaac Walkers Daughter; Killd a pig Weighed 36 lb after it was Drest, I Give B. Tunis for his Moveing to Morrow–

6th-wind S.W. & over Cast all day puting Glass in & helping to Barbicue a pig Molly Streaper & me Ben. Tunis Moveing; Drank too much punch & Wine, Rattled agreat deal to Little Jinney & Jarvis, too much. Rain Evening & very Dark. went home with Robert about 12 O’Clock Stayd all night–

7th Wind N.E. & overCast home soon in Morn sorry I went on So Much to Jarvis, at pike Dine’d with Ben Tunis, home Jarvis here Robert & I to Silas Jones Drank Tea & so home being first day of week

August 8th 1796 Makeing a Coffin for Rebecca Collums Gran Daughter of Mother Road, Dick Roberts Motherinlaw, She was of bad fame, She died in abarn & had Layd under a Rock Some Nights the old Woman attended her through all trials She had a fine Child Left behind her took Coffin down Beaverrages, next barn above the uper Bridge & Buried her at our yard warm day Spent Bottle of porter 1s10½ & Gill wine 11d.. Sowd turnip Seed went to Ally Roberts Got him to Consent to be Gardeain for 3 of Streapers Childern Viz George John & Ann So home Jos Walter here all night– in margin: “Got 6 Dols Fimples Coffin paid Ant Betty 6 Dollars Intrest”

9th. Wind S W & very warm day up to Norristown Summond to Court on Strick Jury, Large Court. Got Ally Roberts appointed Gardean for Streapers Childern Quallify to W Wright praisment Jos George & I B Tunis applyd for License for Tavern at pike new frame I Built this Summer Dinner & Club 6s6 horse &c 6s3 Oats at bird Bird in Hand tavern & Buck 1s6 So home about 11 OC–

10th Wind S W & very warm. Sawing & at pike house &c &c Polly Walter at market pairs pears

Augt 11th 1796 wind S E & overCast alittle Rain in Morn Jacob Morris & I up to Jarvis’s. wanted us to vew view the place to see If tenant Liv’d up to Lease Mear Little Insignifficent Triffling Creater creature I beleve he would have the Tenant to do nothing but make fence & please him in puting the place in Order against Spring & then go off Sawing till night Horatio & I at B Tunis’s pike road.– home & Sup’t & bed—

12th. Wind S.E. & over Cast Sawing a light rain about noon David Roberts pass meeting at Merion with — Walker, Isaac Walkers Daughter Spent 11¼d at B Tunis pike road the first I have spent their home to Dinner afternoon at pike Spent 3 Cents, at Lees & Kaysley to Get him sink the well deeper. it Quit Dry. at the Widow Vaughen Drank Sume some Spirrits & water & at Aron Johnsons, have not been their this 3 or 4 years I beleive, home & Sleep—

13th wind S.W. & overCast & very Warm at Jacob Jones, puting up his Applemill home to Dinner, afternoon Meet the Society Drank Coffee their Brook & Warner spent 1s10½ So home Horatio at Market with Beckea, with pairs (Money all gone poor Indeed But I’ll run up) next week in margin: “pretty Little rain about noon”

August 14th 1796 Wind S E & overCaste, warm Close day being first day, Meet Johnson Vaughan & Aron Johnson, paid Vaughan 51L 5s11d being a bond of fathers John Roberts & Bill Lewis to Vaughan a legecy to his wife from Marsh her Fathers Estate been Long in dispute, Gave a Refunding Bond & Aron Security home to Dinner Mr Armat here wanting to sell me his turnpike Lots John Wilson here to tea Bill Streaper had my two Mares to fetch a Nurse for his wife, Got a young son

15 Wind North & Got Cool raind alittle Shower about 8 OC., seem brake alittle took up pomp pump at turnpike, Gave Rees Price a Personal note for 100 Dollars, Borrowd to pay for oxen at the Buck Spent 2s4½ so home by Bridge

16th Wind W & the Air Much Cooler over to pike takeing up the Well wall 2 hands Viz Tunis & Jacob winding Wilfong hemping Emtying Kasley & Self in well Loading begun to wind about 9 OC & finishd about 5 OC. Got water before night again Young & McClenechan their Spent pint wine they home to Coffee with me Little Jarvis here Drank 3 pints of Cherry sung &c till 1 OClock I was alittle heady one Qt whiskey for well 2s4

Augt 17th 1796 Wind N & Cool morn, Breakfasted Soon & to the Mill frame centers Tunis & Wilfong I home at Well Kasley Sunk near 3 f to Day water gains fast one Qt Whiskey 2s4– I winding young all day Young worked all day 1 gill wine 7d

18 Wind N W & fine day at well all day, Gibson Jones & Joe Miley their treated Gib ½ pint wine Jake & Tunis home No boards for framing Centers do. Tunis halld Log & begun to Saw, Cut 275 feet boards before Come here got the Oxen & had the boards

19th here gooing up to the bridge by the time we had got up, he work all night, he back with the Oxen took about 15 Minutes Sleep & up he Went & finish’d framimg Centers I up to Humphreys place Meet Cochron & Young & Brother John agreed on a place for road then to Mill helpt to frame Centers Drank tea with George McClenachan So home ½ pint wine at Tunis’s 1 Qt Whiskey 2s4 well

20 Wind East & smart rain before day & till about 7 OC then Broke off One shower about 12 OC then Sun Shun very hot again, at the Well Jacob & I hoisted from before ten till 12 Nothing but Water, I myself work in the well about 2 hours & throughd up a Great many stone a very tiresome Job

Augt 20th 1796

work till most night 1 Qt whiy. 1 Gill spirrits 1 Gill wine Tunis & Jake Raisd the Centers– & home Tunis drank tea here, I much fateaged indeed

21st Wind E & rain in Morning over to the pike Kasley Tunis, Jacob, Johns man, & Self, work from 9 OC till near 1 OC at Well, Leavel’d the Bottom & home to Dinner being first day afternoon at home Number of people here, Isaac Streaper Polly & Christopher Huzard A Tanner Foreman for Nicelson at Tunis old yard (Gets 500 Doll per Annum) Drank tea here Walk over to See Robert, home & to bed—–

22nd wind S E & over Cast at the Bridge helping to Cover the Centers, home halling Logs & sawing. Several Smart Showers Evening at Streapers Spent 5½ Jones pump here all night—Jones, the pump maker

23. Wind S. & Cloudy & two or three Showers Sawing & helping in with pump Jones put 8 feet to it. Spent on acct. pump 3s1 at Bens paid Kasley 15s– Sam Jarvis here to Tea

24th Wind S. with Jones at pump & Sawing till noon after at Jacob Balors he pd Me for his father & Childs Coffin 11 Dollars, I pd him 3 Dollars for well Rope at R Peters he not at Home at Johnsons & Garrets so home

August 25th 1796 Wind S & warm, Sawing till noon then at Jake Bares, his wife paid 6 Doll for her Mothers Abigail Loyds Coffin, at J Linchs at a mans by Adam Rodes, that I made a Coffin for no Money home to Supper

26 Wind old Corse & alight Shower went aguning Shot asnipe 1 Blackbird & 2 woodpeckers, Isaac Streaper along at the pike Spent Gill wine 7d & 1 Gill at Streapers 7d– Little Jarvis, Drank tea here say he is gooing to be Married to Jane Saint Clear

27th wind S W. & very warm Set off to town got 4 Dolrs of J Evans for board, 2 Dolrs. of Pratts Journeyman for a Coffin Bout screws files thumb Latches, Lock &c for pike house 20s10 3 pamphlets 6s- 2 lb spikes & 3 lb Whiteing 2s10 for Brushing hat 11¼d- To See the Elephant, 7s6 Tamzin Roberts &c along, 5½d to Get Brandy put it in abottle the Elephant Drue the Cork, with his Trunck & Drank it, it is avery grate Curiosity indeed, gave a ¼ Dollar to see a Painting, City of London &c &c poor Stuff, Reckening at Eliots 3s9 horsler 11d. ferry 4d turnpike 3d So home, I forgot 8s5d for a hat for Jake– — it is wonderfull how Money Slips from one; & I so Determined to hold fast & not squander it this day. Dined at Uncle T. Roberts so call him Bill Cochron home or up With me

August 28th 1796 Wind S.W. & warm Day Jarvis here meeting time forenoon, at home, after McClenechan here I walk to Morris’s with him Drank tea their home Jarvis here to tea walk to 8 Milestone with him So back and to bed, Sleep —

29 wind S W & very warm I think thee hotest day this Sumer, Sawing. all day & Cuting Logs, Spent 5½ at Tunis’s a prety little Shower & a great deal of Lightening at a distance, Cool the air, home to tea. Walk to Streapers Isaac there Just agooing to Set off to the West India Indies he’s smart Lad, 1 yd Tobacco, & 2 befor 6d & 100 segars 1s10½– Staid till near ten OC- home Jacob begun to Sow Wheat in far feild No4 Bout 2 Bushels of Nehemiah Evans at blank

30th Wind W- Halld 3 Logs to Mill pearson here to Dinner, Up with him to bridge propt Some of Centers &c. &c. home by Whitemans—

31st.Wind N W & very Remarkable Cool B Tunis & I up to bridge the Centers not Coverd, & they walld about half way up Obligd them to take a Shear Down stream, alarmd me very much, If they had afell I dare say it would Cost me 100 Dollars besides a Great deal of reflection

Augt 31st 1796

Tunis & I got them well Righted & Coverd he’s a determined fellow in the day of trial I was so Discouraged that I was not able to Exert my Self & I Beleve I Should frightend the Masons from Closing the first one, If it had not been for him & God knows they whare were afraid anuff; Never will I Build such Slity ones again, for I was in suspence anuff to bring on afitt of Ague, when I framd Centers on turnpike, the Managers & other people Said I framd them strong anuff to turn the aligani Mountain on, but Safe bind some find, If I ever frame any More I follow the old Maxum, & advise Every person to Do so, for the Masons are in a Dangerous Situation, for If they ware to brake it would be amediate death for they would have no Chance to Escape Polly Walter & Jonathn to town to see the Elephant–

September 1st 1796 wind S E & overCast, Sawing all day ash Log &c Brother John at hay.. Jacob Sowing got 1½ Bushel Wheat of John Zell, and half Bushel Rye of Morris—-

Sept 2nd 1796 Wind S E & Rain begun in Morning I halling the ash & warnut walnut boards from Sawmill home Several Smart Showers Jacob finished Sowing by noon, I at Tunis, afternoon —

3rd Wind SW & had two Smart Showers raind till about 10 OC then Broke off, I set off to Norris town Got Order of Court for Alley Roberts appointment Guardein for 3 of Streapers Childern paid 15s for it & spent 7s6, Agreed on County Meeting home about ten OClock—

4th Wind N W & fine Cool Morn Brother Edward came up. Just Returnd from Georgia Saint Mary’s River been away Ever since Last December Walk to Mothers with him at David Roberts & home had a violent Quarrel with Johns wife (& Sister Rebecca,) She’s alittle Devil in temper Johns illegible & they tear his Life out almost

5th wind— Sawing at Mothers & about home Ned Green turnpike man mowing for Me Meet at School house, the first time since this Master Came gave Polley Streaper old Masseys Close Left in Schoolhouse Alley Roberts paid me 7 Dollars for Work at his hog house—

Sept 6th 1796 Wind— Sawing &c and about hay all Day fine hay Day

7th Wind S W & fine day Sawing till noon then Halling & Rakeing hay till night Gave negro Ned 1s6 for helping– —

8 Wind S.E & Halld 2 Loads of hay I took the old Chair to Whitemans to Get new shaffs shafts to it begun to rain about 8 OC– Showers all day, Sawing afternoon, Several hard Showers in Evening alarmd me about my dam Watch it till about 11 OClock at night Got very wet Indeed,–

9th Wind S W & Cleard off Sawing very soon. then after Breakfast up to bridge knock some Studs out of the Centers home to Dinner afternoon Sawing Horatio Run the Saw in a Log had a great Deal of trouble to whet it up

10th Wind S W & warm day Sawing till ten OClock B Tunis helping to Make a Coffin for one Affee’s Child met the Society pd 5s fine Got 30s- of Widow Amos for Coffins. interlined:”She here all night” Brot. Edward up,–

11th Wind S W & very warm took the Coffin down & Buried it at Merion before Dinner after at Mothers,at Widow Bridsons in Evening home about ten oClock–

Sept.12th 96 Wind S.W & warm day Sawing till noon then Rakeing & halling hay pd old James Price 30s for Quarreing, pd Kasley 15s for Well Work

13th Wind S W & very warm Marking Logs & at Tunis, Spent 1s– afternoon at Streapers R Roberts paid me 5 Dollars for Rebecca Collums Coffin, Treated him ½ pint Wine 1s2 at Wilsons he pd. 15¾ Dollars for Work Mr Curwen pd me 9s4 Got of Carr that I had overpd him on pike Acct— so home

14 Wind S W & warm with omission up to bridge agreed to Give Pearson 15s to Strike the Centers & Carry them out, Dine at McClenechans at Robesons Mill, Come on a prety Smart Shower Lighten & thunder Stop at Streaper ½ pint of Brandy & bread & Chees 2s7. McClenechan along

15 Wind N W & Cooler been agreat Rain in Night Run over the Dam & tore it some Sawing Logs halld 2 to Mill, at Tunis Spent 11¼d–

16th.fineday, Set off to town T Cochron along went to see Richard Cochron he very poorly Dined at Tommy Roberts; to See Richard Evening he verry bad Indeed

Sept 17th 1796 wind S W & fine morn, Sat up with Richard Cochron all Night, (at widow Smith in Second Street, between arch & Race Streets) he verry bad alterd for Worse about 2 OClock in Morning held it till about or near 9 OC. this Morn & then Exspired, Very Scencable all night & as long as was able to Speak, appeard to be Quite Sencable told them he was agooing; he was perhaps 27 or 28 years old, went to town this Spring & Got in Shiping & hole sale Grocery, it was against the opinion of his father & family to Go to town, Sudden Chaing of air Diet &c perhap soon made aChaing in his health; he was oppress in his bowels & breast, Could not work apassage though Glister Vomit bled him Sundry times but no Effect I spoke ordered a Coffin David Evans, & araingd matters, & then Set off home, to Dinner, about 4 OC set off to town Got the Coffin & Carriage & set off about 7 OC. to bring him to his fathers, I stop at home, they, went on Got up safe I forgot, there Came up a NorWest Shower– in afternoon with wind not much rain Cool the air so that I rode to town with a Great Coat,

18th Wind N W & remarkable Cold up to Cochrons breakfast their, unscrud the Coffin he purgd a good deal therfore Screwd it up & Left none of them see him, back home at Meeting. Got Dinner, & up to Burial they ware to Meet at 2 OC. Buried him at Tompsons yard I went to house & stayd till Evening, then home

Sept 19th 1796 wind N & Cold. makeing bridg over Race & halling Log for apple beam, afternoon at Hagy’s he paid me 5 Dollars for 3 Coffins for Stophel Shubert at Widow Bridsons & Morris Lewelling so home A black Cloud from west Large Drops, not much rain

20th Wind about N W. Cool Morn not very well Cuting logs till noon then makeing a Coffin for a Child of of repeated the mans that Rented McClenachans uper Mill B Tunis helping

21st. wind W. & fine Morn B Tunis here & took the Coffin up I Dresst,& Set off for David Roberts Weding got to the meeting before them Walk Down to Isaac Walkers the Father of the Bride Drank a Glass or two of wine & walk up to Meeting in State had a Small discourse Deliver’d by Abnor More, soon after the young pair Rose & Declard in present of God & before this Assembly to Each other to be man & wife promising through divine assistance to be faithful to Each other Untill death Separate them, then retired to the house where we ware prety well servd with a Splendid Dinner, uperwards of 80 sind signed the Certivicate, & we spent the Remainder of the Day in Stroling about the Mead, & other Innocent amusement Consistent with the rules & regulations adopted by freinds, I walk home with 2 of Isaac Griffith Daughters back & assisted in Divideing the Bucks among the lasses the former be scarce, R.Roberts & I stade at the weding house, Robert Evans Daughter & the Brides Sister was all that Staid, we hug & Kiss them agreeable to Custom till about 11 OClock then retird

22nd 1796 wind S & a Serein Skye ARose before phebus Saunter about till breakfast, took horse & went to B Jones & Stephens Sundry Girls, & returned to the Weding house & Dined Spent till about 3 OC very agreeable amongst the fair then to horse for home Stopt at Eagle, I spent 3s6 so on to & 1s6 pikeage I pd., soon to Molly Streapers Spent 3s9 wine &c &c. Then went home with Ann George, (Joe George went with Hannah Jones) stayd & Drank Coffee & then home About 10 OC So Ended the Nupal nuptial party— had agreat Shower of rain & wind here we had none at valley–

23rd Wind N W & Clear Sawing Logs & hawling 3 Large ones & 3 small, afternoon at Mothers & at Buck Spent 5d. back to Streapers Spent 1s2, Beck Stephens their– Stay till about 9 OC so home— plenty white frost this morning–

24th wind W. & prety Cool they say frost, at Jess Thomas, Soon morn, Back Makeing a Coffin for Betty Roberts, near or about 80 years old– finishd before night & took it up. home drank tea with Jont Robeson,

25th Wind N W. & fine day meet at 9 OC attended the funeral to Merion Yd. by meeting time Stayd meeting home to Dinner after Robert Roberts & I up to Hughes to Look Lime, agreed with Peter Rambow for 2 Loads at 2 s- per Bushel to Deliver it at 6 mile Stone on pike Home about 11 OClock, at night, Spent 1s2– & Robert 11½

26th 1796 Wind N W & prety Cool makeing a Coffin for Conrad Goodman Child, it died at Bittles Brought it to Conrads Got my Dinner & off to Wilsons, he & I to Widow Britsons to Make peace between her & her Weaver Settled & so home–

27th Wind West & fineday at B Tunis Laying out a Stable Got 2 Loads of Lime treat the Carters 2 Grogs 1s10½ & another 11- Whet the Saw throwd boards of off at Mill So home

28. Wind S E & rainney Night, Hard rain till about ten OClock overCast all day but no rain after at Sheets’s Drank tea at Cochrons at Sturgis’s & at B Tunis Spent 5½, So home very dark—

29th wind N W & very fineday Sawing & halld 3 Logs, up to Humphreys Quarry turnpike filling it Jarvis along pint wine 2s4, makeing a Coffin for one Turner in the Swamp; Jake Wilfong took it home & Buried him at Gardners yd—

30th wind West & fine day B Tunis & self halling stones for Stable, 4 Loads from Knox & 2 from old Price’s, Gave Jake 3s9 for mowing Spent at Bens 1s4½

Octbr. 1st Wind north & rather Cooler Sawing till noon Tunis & Jacob halld 2 Loads of Stone Walters woods, then Broke the Axeltree afternoon halld 3 Loads of hay Swamp mowd by old Will, & weeds out the Orchard mowd by Soloman helpt to Lay a Road tax at Streapers (tea their)

October 2nd 1796 Wind N & over Cast, in Morn to See old John Zell, he a dying I think, he Set off this day 2 weeks up to Canistoga taken bad with the Gravel before he Got their, Sent down & David took a Carriage to fetch him Down, Last Second day the 26, he has not taken notice of anything this 3 Days he died about 10 OC-Soon after I Left him, not at Meeting. afternoon at B Tunis Spent 11d so home to tea Polly Streaper here to do.ditto, i.e. to tea had boild Chesnuts walk home with her, Spark her till about 2 OC- have not been so Late Since I Spark her before & that is along time a little rain

3rd wind N E & overCast Cold rain makeing a Coffin for John Zell– hired 2 men at 5s– & find them, sawing halling Sand & Meet at Schoolhouse, Evening very dark took Candle & Lanthorn, & took the Coffin down

4 Wind N W & Cleard off very fine- Killd a Sheep very soon Attended the funeral; Brother Edwd. up afternoon up to Buck, & at B Tunis & David Roberts, Rash sawing, Sent a load of Brackets to Bridge

5th Wind N W & very fine day Halling stone from out of Walters Woods Spent 1 Jill Whiskey 5½– afternoon at Mothers & at Quarry

Oct 6th. 1796 Wind N W. & fine up very soon whet the Saw by sun rise nearly at B Tunis’s & home up to Bridg Seting in Brackets, home before Night Dresst & over to David Roberts he Brought his wife home, Meet a Nomber of Girls Doct Davis’s daughters & others Coming to Look at my Saw Mill Drank tea with them at Davids then Robert Jont. Moor Brot Edward & Self along with Pol Streaper Pol Davis Bett Stephens Nance Walker to Streapers, they Stayd all night boys up & Stayd with me we Drank 2 Bottles of Wine,

7th. wind N W & prety Cool frost plenty at Saw Mill at Bens & at David Roberts 12 of us set off to falls to See Glass works, we Spent 7s6 per peice Viz 5 Men of us, Rode Evening up to buck Spent 3s9— home & Drank tea at D R high Life Indeed—-

8th Wind N W Sharp frost Set off to town paid 10 D. for board had some time agoo, 1 Jill of Wine & oats 1s6. Screws 4s9 Oile 2s6, ferry 4d pike 3d Meet the Society adjournd, soon & met at Streapers Township Election Loyd Jones Inspector Spent 1s4½ — so home Soon Borrowd 20 D of Nehemiah Evans—

9th wind prety Cool Mothers Morn Brother Edward home to Dinner polly abrod Polly Walter, JP’s housekeeper Evening walk to Ben Stayd all night with Little Jinney–

October 10th 1796 Wind- over Cast at Mothers Makeing Some Settlement 2 Masons bengun begun pike Stable Spent ½ pint wine not very well. bad Cold Brother Ned to town halling Stone

11th Wind S E & Over Cast whet the Saw & sawd home & Dresst & went to Election, Chosed one of the Judges, Confind all Day, finish Counting & Make return about 12 OClock at night, Eat Supper & went to bed,—

12th wind S W & foggy Morn, few drops of rain about noon Stay at Norristown Got Dinner & set off for home Spent 11d to Horsler & 11d for wine County paid the other Exspences. Came by pike Spent at Bens 1s10½ So home—

13th Wind S W & butifull fall Day tending masons halling Stone &c &c pumpt the water out the new well found a dead Rabit in it Gave the Water a Reached wretched Smell

14th Wind oll old Course Surtherly & very remarkable warm hogs wallowing in the water Cuting & Halling Scaffel poles, & Raisd them all Day Spent ½ pint Wine 11d

15 Wind S W & fine day finish Scaffeling hall two Logs to Mill & hall 5 Loads of Stones, Quilting match at Tunis’s Stayd their till 9 OC at night Spent 5½ d so home

16. Wind N E & begun to rain about 7 OC. Morn begun to Saw very soon, saw till night great

October 16th 1796 Storm of Rain & wind till noon then broke off, this was first day necessity oblige me to saw for had no Scaffell boards & Masons Could not work– Spent ½ Jill 5½

17th Wind N W & prety high & Cool halling boards & tending Masons till noon then then repeated up to Hagy’s to Consult about aford aCross the Crick So home Evening Knox & John Roberts along

18th. Wind N W white frost before day very fine tending Masons & about sawmill Spent ½ pint wine 11¼ Jonathan Walter halling stone

19 Wind W & very fine, halld Log to Mill & Girder & two ties to the house Spent 11¼ with Loyd Jones, attending Masons,at Streapers Evening Tarence Barnes treated me with Glass brandy

20 Wind N W. & fine day again halling stuff from Mill & put up 2 Lintles— Kill a Little Cow that I Gave 24 Doll. & a Calf with her Last year She weighed 386 lb at 6d would be 9L 13s; 54 lb hide 13s6; 38 lb Gut fat at 8d is 25s4– Total 11L 11s10d

21 wind S E overCast all day but no rain, set off to Meet the Batalion, but none Meet up to John Eliots horse Race their Dinner & Club 11s3 to waiter 11d. to a lad that ketch my mare 2s4. at the Bird 3s1½ So home paid Hughs 4L for Lime 40 Bushels

Octobr 22 wind S. fine day Raisd the lower part of the Joyst at pike Stable, at Streaper Evening—

23 wind S W & very warm Brot Edward up & Brout 2 Indian boys up that he fetch from Georgia, Afternoon up to Cochron, Molly Ogdon, Deb Scull, & Molly Streaper Along back,Spent not—

24 Wind S & fine day halling Sand & Stone & Joyst Jarvis here to tea walk with him Lane End Calld at Streapers Deb Scull Sung very well She &I Spard, She is a ruff one,

25 Wind S W up to Robeson paper Mill to Lay out Stairs, breakfasted with Jarvis so home Makeing Coffin for Dick Thomas, Wilfong at it, I halling Stone Sand &c home Evening & work & finishd the Coffin after night—

26th Wind S W & very fine took the Coffin up & Buried at Radnor Drank a Dish Coffee at Cochrons, Spent ½ pint Wine at Buck, home undrest & over turnpike

27th Wind S & very fine, halling Sand & one Load Stones. so home,—attempted to Leav off Chawing Tobacco, the Effect of habit hard to brake

28th Wind S W & very warm Jacob & Self halling sand & Stone my hownbitch ketch a Rabit the first She Ever Snufft- at Streapers

October 29th 1796 wind N W White frost very fine day as to Cold overCast but Cleard off without Rain. Makeing a Coffin for Ann an Irish man by Name of Sprout been an old pedlar Buried at Merion yd. Sloop sleep with——M

30th Wind N W & rather or partially overCast at Ben tunis home all Day T Roberts here John Supplee, Son of John’s Dine here. Invited me to his weding to Hannah Jones Daughter of Silas Jones, next 5 Day at Streapers Spark Molly alittle while,

31 Wind S W & overCast Like for Rain but Cleard off Evening, halld 13 Loads of Stone Knox at Neighbour Morris he poorly home & to bed—

Novemb 1st Wind high & Cold a violent Storm of wind & Little rain in Night. Winter Like to Day I halld a load Sand, & Load wood to Schoolhouse Jacob for Lime Tunis & Wilfong begun to board the bridge—

2nd. Wind N W & Cold but Clear, old Neighbour Crow, here to Breakfast he went to Look barn & sawmill & pike house treated him pint wine, afternoon up to Bridge & buck & Sheets’s Got 20 Dollars of Miller so home Sleep with M—

November 3rd 1796 Wind N.W & prety fine road very dusty set off with Polly Streaper & Hannah Jones to town, Put up Dunwoodys John Supplee meet us their, I Dined at T Roberts meet Supplee & with him Spoke a Minister & Got a Licence for him & Hannah Jones to Marry, about half after 5 OC- Calld on Parson Helmit No.144 Market Street, & he performd the Serimoney, & Declard them man & wife, Gave him 5 D & one for Licence 7s6 then we highed to the hotle hotel & Got a dish of tea & pint wine 4 of us– 20s–I paid 10s– at Rickets play 15s– back to Dunwoodys I paid 7s6 & Supplee 15s– boy 1s10½ So home we Set, Gone to bed ferry, Gate I pd 9 Cents so home we got about 12 OC– Hannah & her Man went to her fathers parted at Tunis’s 7 Mile Stone

4th Wind W & Fine Day up to Election to vote Electors for President & Vice, finished about 8 OC Stayd all night–

5th Wind W & Fine Santerd till omission for the other judges, then made out the return of the County

Novr 5th 1796

one to Governor & another Prothonertes Prothonotary’s office, Spent 1s10½, the County paid the rest So off for home paid Peter Rambow 22 Dollars for Lime. Spent at Streapers 5½d home 8 OC–

6 Wind S E & over Cast up soon & at pike breakfast with Ben– Brot Edward & Tom Roberts up in Chear. Tom & I to pike back to Dinner after at Rees & Evening at Morris’s he poorly, Low sperrited, home & to bed.

7th. Wind N W, & very Cold Ice plenty Set off soon by Hagy’s up to Wentsey’s to view a Line Indispute between Dehaven & Lutz Dined at their Exspence Spent 16½d home about 11 Oc at night Tompson Survayor home with me

8 Wind W & Ice but a pleasant day over to pike & Sawing at pike Evening

9th Wind S W & aremarkable Day Smokey Sun appeard Like the Moon noo no Rays Could Look at it without the Least effect to the Eye it appeard so dark that I thought it must be gooing Rain Look & you Would See the Sun

November 10th 1796 Wind S W & very pleasant day the sun Shun alittle but it appeard Like yesterday for the greatest part, Read red & round, a very Dry Spell Indeed hall one Log forenoon after Sawing Boards for D- Roberts at Ben Tunis Evening Spent 11d. & walk to Bonds with Little Jinney Spent 5½ at Streapers Bob Roberts their–

11th. Wind N & pretty fine up with Load of boards to bridge Got 13 B. Lime Left Gave 1s10½ pr B hald it to pike after at Sawmill puting Log on, & at Ben’s pike so home

12th wind W & very fine warm Sawing tyes for Stable & halling plates up, afternoon meet the Society Spent 2s– so home we Came

13th Wind S E & overCast Look like for snow only too Warm. about home till noon after at Ben Tunis, spent 11d. so back to Streapers 11¼ their Wine very dry Spell

14 Wind N E & overCast Like for rain non none Came up to Cort at norristown got Tunis & Poll Streapers tavern Licences & took in the Bill for Carpenter work bridge & Road 50?L in margin: “Spent 10s3”

Novembr 15th 1796 Wind S. & like for rain few drops about, Raising plates on Stable pike alittle Scud of Rain Evening Wind to N W & blew very hard in Night,

16th Wind N W & high & prety Cool up to Norristown to meet the Jury that viewd the disputed line Cort Broke up & we not pannel’d Dined their 7s1½ & 11¼d Boy so home by Spring Mill & Hagys Drank 2 Glasses of wine so home— ferry 5½ paid 3L 6s0d for B. Tunis Tavern Licence

17th Wind — at Streapers & B. Tunis forenoon afternoon halld two Logs Tunis along Got Stalld for along While. Home Evening

18th. Wind — up very soon & down to Alley Roberts about Miley’s Child, home by sun rise over to pike made a window frame for the Gable End next house, Got no Dinner Joe Miley Bargaind with the Grand Mother to the Child to Give her 25L in 5 Equal payments, & Bound the Child to her, So I hope we Have got Read rid of it

19 Wind S. W, & White frost, Set off to fox hunt to Lewis’s at Lamb, pet fox made a good hunt Dinner & Club 22s6—

November 20th 1796 Wind S E & a little mist, at B Tunis’s morning, afternoon R Tunis & Brother Edwd up in a Carriage, Spent the afternoon with them, Evening at Morris’s he been poorly Got better

21st Wind & overCast Set off to town paid for 2000 Cypress Shingles Ready Jointed 30 Dollars & 20 Dollars for Nails, Recking at Eliots 2s6 Borrow 80 Dollars of Old Will– home Evening

22 Wind S E & overCast heavy fog fell forenoon thunder to W Rain alite Shower afternoon & prety Little Shower afternight Set off to town, Supt on Oysters at Toms. Roberts & Lodg at R Tunis’s, took Dido for Edwd. but She run home after I Got her to town

23 Wind N W Clear & prety Cold Ice, paid 15s- for 12 lb Cut Lath Nails 24 Dollars to West for Boards for Bridge Spent for hors &c. 6s2. boy 6d ferry 2d Came by Gibson Polly very Unwell, Dined their, home about Dark– Jacob in town ½ Cord wood 5 Dollars Brother Ned to Set off this Evening for Georgia

24 Wind N W. & very Cold day Sawing & at Bens the Mason finish Gable End & went off Kill the Cow Bougth bought of Keythworth 400 lbs hide 59 lb

November 25th 1796 Wind N W & Snow Shower very Cold Day Dam froze over Wheting Saw &c. Jacob in town with wood 5 Dol for ½ Cord Brot.brought home 700 Shingles & 800 yesterday at Ben’s Jake at work their, Cleand 18 B. Rye all my Crop, Evening at Streaper Spent Gill Wine 7d So home—

26th Wind N W & very Exstreem Cold halld alog for Lath & 2 Loads of wood Slabs for fewel Got Dinner & Meet Edward George on a Reference between John Warner & Tom Wynn, Bill Cochron home with me high Dispute on politicks with him

27 Wind N W & Still Cold, Cochron Breakfasted, & Lent him the old Mare his horse haven runaway Last night (found him at his Fathers ) at Meeting, Bob Roberts Dined here walk with him to David’s Spent the afternoon Evening at Ben’s N Evans & I Chated till Near 8 OClock so home, Spent 11¼d so home

28th Wind S W. & White frost Sharp Morn But more Moderate, at Ben’s seting Jake to work cornish home to Dinner after halling Stones for Streapers Ice house 2 or 3 Men walk over the Ice at Righters ferry by the Rope I am well Informd

Novr. 28th 1796

Old Jacob & Gott Mending Roads Pearson here all afternoon, at Streapers Evening Poll Poorly

29th Wind W. & prety fine Whitefrost at Ben’s spent 5½. Went Down in his well found 2 Dead Rabits, & one I took out some time, they where were so much putrefy’d As to Made water Quite stink, Afternoon Polly Cut my hare & went to Edward George’s about Wynns & Warners affair. Saw mill froze–fast! Jacob & Oxen halling Stone for Streapers Ice house

30th Wind S.W. & over Cast & prety Cold at Ben’s he & his wife with Loyd Jones & wife to town, about noon wind Sprung to N W & Cleard off Jacob halling Stone for Ice house, the mill still fast– I at Rees Price’s makeing a bill of some boards he wants

December 1st Wind N.E. & begun to Snow about 8 OC. keep snowing all day but did not get ½ I Deep at Morris’s & at Bens They not Come from town, back to Dinner (Spent a grog at Bens) afternoon hewd 3 Joysts for Ice house & put them on, Cold Evening—

2nd. Wind N.W. & very Cold Set off to town Bought 1200 Cypress shingles for Brother John at 18 Dollars, Calld at Gaoil to See Taylor, Got 18 Dollars & 6s- of Mr Armit for Shingleing his barn, Got a gun Brother Edward Gave me fetch it home, horse &c 2s6 horsler 1s10½ ferry 4d so home, Lewis 7d- Brandy

3rd Wind N W & cold day went Bill Lewis’s was to have a fox hunt fox had got away had a Rabit hunt, Paid Michal & Zell 10s- for Equal Shears of 2 tickets in a Lottery Spent 5s7½ So home

4 Wind W. & prety fine not so Cold as has been, at home all Day Except at Morris’s alittle, Evening McClenechan here being first day; John Roberts hear

December 5th 1796 Wind S W & avery fineday Cuting Ice off the Water Wheel been froze fast Ever Since the 26th of Last Month, It was amaising to see the thickness of Ice on the wheel, Very fine at the Mill out of the wind Got the wheel Loos about noon, afternoon meet at the School house, as one of the Trustees Evening Cleaning my Gun, Given me by Brother Edward—

6th Wind N E & over Cast a little Round Snow, then the Sun Showd Clouded up again & Begun to rain about noon Got warmer & had a fine Moderate rain, begun to Shingle pike stable & put alog on for Lath Horatio Sawing, Spent 1s10½ Recd 13s1½ of Silas Jones for 2 days work for Jake, Rees Thomas here & went with me to pike on his way to Levi Lukens Came a first day Evening Got very drunk Last Night Jacob Too– I dined at Tunis not home till Evening

7th Wind N.W. & most tremendous Blusterous day Snowd about 1½ I. or perhaps 2 I Deep Last Night blue it all amost off the field, Sold a pided pied Cow that I got of Bare for 18 Dollars & took her over, took the gun but got no Game, home to Dinner after B Tunis & I sawd 7 Cuts for Lath, Ben Bout 35 Gallons of Whiskey at 5s6 per Gallon, I gave Ben 22 Dollars,

8 Wind N W & fine Clear day Ben Jake & Self (part day) Shingling, & Race broke under frost in 3 or 4 places I helpt to Stop them Spent 11¼d Dined at Jont. Walters home Evening

December 9th 1796 Wind N.W. & Prety Cold Shingling till time to Goo to Meeting preacher from England, & two Women from town one’s Name foulk a Great preacher indeed I was much Effected with her, afternoon Ben Tunis again

10th. Wind. old Course Jointing Shingles at Ben’s afternoon meet the Society at Stadlemans, home afternight Robert Shingle till noon

11th Wind N W & very Cold at Haverford Meeting an a Woman freind from England, Who appeard very Great in the Ministree I dare Say Spoke above near 1½ houre, very fine Sermont to be Sure, I home to Dinner, at home all the Evening Robert helpt to Shingle till noon

12th. Wind S W & fine day killd 7 hogs weighed 951 lb B Tunis got one of them 115 lb afternoon at Ben Spent ½ Jill Brandy 5½ So home– fell in the Broadway

13th wind about East & over Cast Jacob to town ½ Cord wood 5 Dollars I in Bout 1 Cask nails at Gaul 60 lb at 10d 2 Bushels Salt 10s6 Jacob home I stay all night at Rees Moors weding to Sarah Roberts Married by Eqr. Service, at Andersons Sarah Wickersham (that was) Husbands very agreeable party Spent the Evening till about 11 OC then Jesse & Isaac Moor & I went to Eliots there all night

14th Wind N. had Snowd perhaps ½ I in Night, Lost 5 Dollar note out of my Pocket all the Money I had with me

December 14 1796

went to Tommy Roberts Got Breakfast & Borrowd 2 dollars of T.R Recking at Elliots 8s6, boy 5½d So home to Dinner old Jacob Cuting up hogs & Salting I helpt not well pleasd at Ben & Jake for not Shingling

15th Wind N W & prety fine day Nehemiah Evans Riveing Lath, I Barking & spliting the Bolts, Robert helping to Shingle Dined with Ben on a Pig I sent him

16th Wind S W I Lathing Ben & Jake Shingling. Rain & thaw alittle, & hail wind N W before I went to bed & Cleard Spent the Evening at Streapers had not been their a great while

17th Wind N W & froze hard down to Wm. Lewis to a fox hunt a pett a poor hunt indeed he run in the Smoke house at ned Georges Place Carried him to Woods & he run perhaps a Mile, & they took him on the Ground I Dined With the Club 16s10½ Gloster Pack 22 Dogs was over, one Major Cristee was at it a Member of Congress for Maryland, & Several Phila Lads Gave Huntsman 3s9—

18th Wind S E & a rainney Morning at Meeting Mother & Jane Walter hear to Dinner I at Ben’s Spent 5d So back to tea Raind all day Smart the most rain this Great while,–

19th Wind to N W prety soon in Morn & Cleard off and fine day was a wet night tho not a great fresh at Nehemiah Evans helping to kill hogs, one weighed 311 lb do. 294 do. 289 & one do. 294 home & up to Mordica Davis’s to Get him to plaster the house at pike

December 19th, 1796

wind prety high & Cold towards night, home from Evans & up to Mordica Davis’s, to Get him to Plaster home afternight

20th Wind N.W & Remarkable Cold, froze as hard as any Night this Winter, Down to John Price helping to kill 11 hogs, Jacob & Gott, halling Sand & Lime to plaster with, over in Evening to Ben’s at pike Treated Jacob & Gott a Gill Whiskey 5½ home Evening Still transgressing

21st Wind West Moderrated Allittle a little Breakfasted & over to Bens, begun to Lath Sent for Make a Coffin for Richard Roberts, died with a decay about 40 years old, finished Coffin about Dark overCast Evening & Like for Rain it appeard so much warmer

22nd Wind N W, & had Snowd about or near 2 I. deep amost Remarkable Cold (Clear) day frozed Lumps of Ice to my Eye, Schuylkill frosed fast, Set off with the Cofffin up & Buried him at Merion yard the people Complain much, Relations & all agreed to warm at Streapers before we Interd him the poor Woman women was almost perished, afternoon at D Roberts; with Robert at David Jones, to look at some Acct as Executor of Thomas David Est.— home about 9 OC very Cold to be Shure

December 23rd 1796 Wind N West & very Cold to be Shure, (Sleep Cold had 2 Coverlids 2 blankets a Sheet & 2 Great Coats) at Streapers. was John Lewellin of Cuckelstown up to Breakfast with me Stayd till near noon, formd agreat acquaintance with him Whilst I was Concernd on the turnpike prety Intelegent man, after noon over at Bens Jonathan & I pint wine Stayd & Supt with Ben on pearch ½ Gill 5½

24th. Wind S W & white frost & very Sharp & Cold over at Bens & Stoping a leak in Dam, Evening 7 or 8 of us at oyster supper at Tunis Got in avulgar Exstream of Drinking Wine till I got very Sick, which brout Great Remorse on me Spent 10s3½ per peice I there all night S—- illegible

25th Wind West & rather warmer than it has been home in Morn Christopher Hussey along with Crank all day doing pennance at home all Day, Robert & Hussey Drank tea here Evening this is first day of week & what they Call Christmas day

26th Wind N W & Snowing Morn wind N W & Cleand off Snow not ½ I deep, with Nehemiah Evans up Esqr. Youngs he got a Warrant for his Brother in law Jonathan Thomas for Neglecting his Mother

December 26th 1796

I calld to See Widow Bridson She very Crusty to me, at Mordica Davis’s to Get him Plaster, Evans back & Drank tea with me after he went to Gate & I to bed,—

27th. Wind N W & prety Cold about home all day Evening meet Esqr Young overseer of poor at Streapers Pearsons Irish girl big by one Taylor She swore to him Spent 11d. So home—

28th Wind West & not so Cold as has been but thawd none or very little went to town Called at Hospital to Inquir the term of admiting any persons in, was Informd by 2 of Directors that persons belonging to townships in the state, was admited at 3 Dollars pr Week at present the Regalor form of applying was to go to Some acting Doct. belonging to Hospital or appointed by them he Gives a Certifycate that they are fit Objects to be admitted, Seting forth their Complante, then the Acting Managers give an Order to the Governor of house but some person, overseer of poor If they are on the town, must Give Security to find them Close clothes & Bury them If they dye, from their to City hunted a Constable from 1 OC till after sun Down to take taylor for the above Basterd geting Got him taken he gave note for 30 D. Set him

December 28

upon his Honour that he will appear again Off to Eliots Got Supper & to bed.

29 Wind N.W tho prety fine, up to Toms. Roberts Got Breakfast & walk over Delaware opposite Walnut Stt. to Coppers Cooper’s ferry on Ice Drank Some brandy back & stopt at a Tavern Viz ahouse about 10 by 10. or 11 perhaps, Erected on the Ice W. Cochron & Self In Lite Segar & Drank a Jill of Cherry So back to our Shore paid Recking at Eliots 9s9 boy 6d. ferry 4d home over at Bens & up to Buck, to meet Lewellin in order to Sup, but he had Got Tiered tired & was Gone I spent Brandy 11d. oats 6d- So home by Bens, Gave them 9 Pearch that I Gave 2s9¾ for a Dozen, so home & had afish for Supper. halling wood on Ice from Jersey horse & sleds wood hickory about 12 Dollars per Cord, Mordica Davis there Lathing

30th Wind S.E & over Cast. begun to Snow about 10 O Clock Got about 3 I deep, then raind alittle, Smokey after Night, I at Tunis’s Spliting Lath & Mordica Lathing Evening at David Roberts, so home about 8 OC at night, Spent mugsider 6d— Got 20 Dollars of Curwen that I overpaid Parker on pike Acct

December 31st 1796 Wind S W. for part & fine afternoon all W at Ben’s Spliting Lath &c &c. Jacob their Makeing plastering Mortar, Mordica Built a Brick Chimney from out of the Collar beams above the Roof for the pipe of Stove to goo in Stayd till afternight Phillip their & home when I Came he prety Gay fireed his Gun at old Molleys, it being new years Eve very little fireing to what it their was a few years agoo- I have not been well to day Sore throat, bad Cold—