Joseph Price Diary


January 1st. 1794 Wind N. W & prety Cold, Set off for Phida. Dined at Enoch Tompsons, Gimblets 3s- files 2s3 Coffee & Tobacco 1s10½ horse & wine 1s6 & 7s6 to hannah to buy Cloth for Jacob, 4½d ferriage R.Tunis Paid me 20s for Joe Walters 5 Days work home about 9 OClock paint blue 3s oile 2s9 segars & black ball 11d

2nd wind N.W. & prety high not very Cold finish David Jones table & painted it at the bridg & Ned George & Stadlemans Spt. 11d. Wine so home, at Streapers Settled John Whiteman Drank tea there & So home, S

3rd wind S.W. at David Latch’s at a petition partition & at Stadlemans, Mending Table & home Getting stuff for Slay, at Rees, begun to rain home hard in night

4th wind. W. & Clear remarkable fine day up to fox hunt McClenegan along so warm that I left my Suttute at McC. poor hunt Dogs Lost him at Bill Thomas got 25 lb Nails of John for things he Bout at Streapers pd 3s4 for mowing at Buck wine & oats 2s4 ½ pint of it had before So home & at Rees Sary Dyer Rather Better

January 5th 94 wind N W & prety Cool at home all day Brother John & Edward up, N Evans here Finishd my 3 Gallons of Rum

6th. wind N W prety Cool at work at bridge after noon begun a Coffin for John Ervine Daughter Jane —

7th Wind N & over Cast prety Cold took the Coffin down & buried her afternoon went up to buck meet Fisher & Dick Cochron Drank wine that do Fisher & Will had Layd about turnpike, turnd on me & made me sick went home with Dick Stayd all night

8th wind N W & Large white frost Left Cochrons before Sunrise, went & begun the Shinglin Blockley schoolhouse very fine day as warm omission ½ jill Cherry 3d. at Wagoners home at night Dine at Ned Georges–½ jill jin 4d

9th wind S W & very fine day So warm Could Shingle without Coats finishd one Sd at noon, to David Jones Measurd his Mother for a Coffin, home & at Rees at Streap a while a little Desertation with M– so home

January 10th 94 wind S W arainey Night Dull all Day finishd Coffin & took it home back & Supt on our pet Rackcoon very fatt Indeed T. Roberts here Holgate & I to Streap with T.R. & Drank pint wine they pd. Chat M— a While & so—-

11th over Cast & bad Riding frost out almost attended funeral & at Meeting John Pemberton Preach’d R. Crain Dined here at Streapers Bound with Holgate & others for the performance of Bridges Built on turnpike; after meet Society at Stadlemans pd 10s fines & Quarterly payment So home found 11d in Road, Rcd 14 Dollars of R Crain for his father & Mothers Coffin 32s3 of A Roberts advancd for Books for Society So home; 9 OC. at Night Wind begins to blow from N W — & got Cold

12th wind N & Very Cold high wind at Meeting afternoon at Mothers, been in town to help Polley she Is very Delerious, Evening at Rees’ Sally Dyer poorly, at Molleys a few Minuts So home & to bed we goo—

January 13th. 94 wind S.W. & more modert over Cast & begun to rain in Evening alittle hail & Snow at work at Slay all day. Solomon here thrashing

14th wind to W fine Snow about 4 I Deep, prety Cold & Clear, at work at Slay. at home all day at Rees in morn for Cumpers compass saw at St.reapers 11d bacco & Bear

15th wind W. by N & Clear & prety fine not much thaw, at Streap Evening Spent 16½ for wine B Tunis & Loyd Jones–

16th. wind S W & very Fine Day Clear at work in shop at Slay at Streapr Evening for bacco got none so home McClenegann here paid Solomon 3 Dollars for thrashing wheat 30 Bushels about 100 Dozen poor

17th wind S.W. took a bite of breakfast & set off to blockley achool house Shingling back Side Sharp morn but very fine day overCast in afternoon & thawing at Wagoners 1 jill of apple Brandy, helpt E George & J George to put in Glass at the Schoolhouse till 8 OC. at night then walk home—

18th. at home work at Slay, afternoon at McClenegens & at Michels Spent 2s on trust, home

19th wind S W & avery fine day at Meeting & at Mothers Brother E there & up with me at Streapers Sp– M,

Jany. 20th 1794 wind S. W. & thawd much, went to town 4 lb Read Lead at 8d per 2s8 & 2 ownces of Ber Million vermilion 2s– Brandy tea sugar & Musterd at Brot. 15s horse & porter 2s3, horsler 11d Sloppey Rideing Curwen & Fisher along Supt & stayd all night– See Dec. 9, 1793: Brother Edward had rented a grocery store in Market Street and Brother John was helping to man it.

21st. wind S E & raining they stayd Breakfast & off, work at Slay, & at Schoolhouse valuwing old Stove jill off of wine 5½ paid little Powel 15s on acct schooling Rcd. 2 Do of Holgate for Board John Erwine son David dead being the 4th & Last Child all the Family dead but Self very Extraornary waht what it was, he Lay a Great while,

22nd wind S W. & overCast work Coffin finishd & took it Down Buried him afternoon at Merion up to Bickens about Lath for Bridge & so home

23rd N W & Snow in night Cleard off about noon Boild oile for to paint at Rees’s got T. Roberts paint stone grinding paint, at Mothers

24th wind N.W & high at Cochrons & Youngs & at Norristown Chuesing Colonel, Pugh spent 9s10½d home with Curwen he abad fall horse fell

January 25th 94 wind N W & very high & Cold froze hard stayd Breakfast & so home painting Slay not very well–

26th wind N E Cold & snowing a little about ½ Inch Clear afternoon, at Meeting in Morn at Mothers & David Roberts & Rees’s Holgate along—-

27th at Hoffmans to get Irons for slay at Stadlemans with Table Leafe at old Wills he very Poorly, gave him a Dollar home fisher here all night—

28th. hewing tongue for Slay, &c. after at Bill Smith Laying out Barn so home, at Streap & Morris’s–

29th wind N.E Set off to town Rees along pd Coleman Taylor 3L 12s6, pd E P Edward Price Rum &c 27s6 pd for watch 11s3 for paint & brush 8s9 pd Screws 1s6, pd for Boards 41s8 pd at Elliots 4s8 horsler 5½d at ferry 4d got 50 Dollars of Peters begun to Snow about noon Snowd verry fast, home about 6 of Clock

30th. wind N W & Clear finishing off my Slay Roads Beat prety fine snow about 9 I Deep but Drifted much

January 31st 94 wind N.W & snow shower from W, got swingletrees Iron’d & fixt them Robert, Polley Morris & Poll Streaper & Curwen In Slay Robert Road his horse, went up to Curwens, Drank tea there, Back to Buck Fisher & Dick Cochron in Compy. Drank 2 Bottles muld wine & 1 Raw & 4 Qt. oats 24s2 I pd. 7s6, this the first time my Slay Run home about 10 O’Clock at Night

February the 1st wind N W. & Clear & Cold, at Mothers Brot Edward up, Bob Roberts put his horse in Slay & him & I town, he sold his horse for 100 Dollars, got one Smith to put his Mare in & I fetch Molley Tomson & Hannah Holland up, Stopt at Streapers McClenegan there in Slay, Robert pd all for me but 11d took Molley to Rees’ Moll Morris Moll Streap & Han Holland, went with Mac to his house, I home from Rees’s

2nd wind W. & thawd, first day of week, ned Price & 6 others in one slay, from town up to his fathers Several of them had to walk George Thomson T Roberts & Brother Ned Dine’d here, Evening sent Brother to ferry & took Han Holland home Polley Shuester along home about 9 OC at night Ned Price is son of JP’s cousin Rees.

3rd wind S W Large wihte white frost & warm Day went with Righter to Myers he Seaze on 2 Cows & a Cart home & mending my slay Runer Richard Tunis here in slay

Febry. 3rd 1794 at Rees’s and back at Streapers, settleing Lewis acct against the Estate, there all night– a great fray with Enoch Jones & an Irish man

F 4th. wind S W. & thawd very much work in shop till noon then met about a settlement between Aron Johnson & Lynch, N Jones & self where were the men the arbitrators

5th makeing Coffin for our old Will, he has been poorly all winter, he left 7 Childern (I think) finishd it Buried him afternoon, I went to Myers Evening & Streapers & walk with Polley Morris home. Chated alittle while & so home wind N W & prety Cold

6th wind about North & froze hard, at Latches & Myers, to Look for a Cow that run away, that Righter had Drove here of Myers to sell, begun to Snow, About 4 I. & rain before Morn made a Crust,—

7th over Cast but no snow or rain thawd at Rees helping to rais a horse that was kick at Streapers, spent 11d. & so home—-

8 wind S W & thawd a good deal, at Rees’s paid Righter 21 Dollars to keep the two Cows he took of Myers up Alloways Got a fall the mare broke in & threw me back & mett the Society, spent 4s– so home

9 wind S W & snowd all day amost at Mothers & Rees & Streapers 1 jill of wine so home

Feby. 10th 94 wind E & very foggy, with several showers went to town, sugar & teay 3s6– Timothey seed 1s– Chalk 9d. Glue 1s10½ horse &c 1s6 ferry 4d So home very Slopy, Curwen & Fisher Sup here & then set off home— Enterd for hall & Sellers paper 7s6–

11th- wind S W & fine warm day work at Cradle till noon then went, to Neddy Georges he pd. me 9 Dollars for work & I pd. him 10s for a Bushel of seed wheat– pd. Wagoners 1 jill of wine & Tobacco 1s3 so home

12th. wind S.W at Pratts boarding Gable Ends & repair his Mill home at Mothers & at Streapers, a few Minuts home Read some to bed

13th wind W. & Snowd about ½ Inch Last night paint Slay, & at work at Clock Case for self at Rees’s Evening & at Streapers Polley Thomson their, home soon—

14th wind S W. & white frost fine day overCast afternoon & few snowdabs, at work at Bridg till omission, N Jones & I trying to Settle Aron Johnson & Linch’s Acct in afternoon N.J. been at Monthly Meeting so Came here to Dinner, at Streap Evening Settled Lewis Scathorns acct & Chat Polly awhile

February 15th 94 wind N W. & Clear froze prety hard, fine Clear day at boarding the Bridg afternoon at Sturges s & Buck, Spent not, home, snowd in night about ½ I. deep

16th wind Nor.W. prety Cool at Mother afternoon paid David Zell 9L 17s6 for Beef pd old Will for Cuting wood for Dunwoody 8s5– pd Solomon 7s6 for Dressing flax 4d Tobacco-

17th wind N W & prety Cold Ruff rideing to town bought Compers saws 5s screws 4s6 Chisel 1s4, Spanishbrown 1s8 Segars 1s6 Dinner &c 4s1 Coffee & sugar 3s9; ferry 8d- Supt at Ned Georges, Curwen along, Stayd all night with me–

18th wind N W & Clear Curwen breakfasted here & Set off home, I at Supplees to get board to Cover the bridg at E Georges, A Roberts Old Wills Widows & T George’s so home, at Streapers, Spent 1s5 Tobacco & wine, so home

19th wind S W & warm overCast, work at Clock Case Jonh John Evans at Work for Jacob & made a Greate Coat for Curwin here

20th. wind S.E. & raining & got very foggy & snow run away work at Clock Case, at Mothers Evening Shower from N.W. & Cleard off before Morn at Polley Streap a little while So home pd Isaac Price 4s1½ for halling boards

21st wind N.W. & very high & Cold, working Shop pd David Roberts 7s6 for halling boards for bridge at Lewis Thomas to git him to Rig up a wagon for Me

22nd wind N W & Cold work in shop till noon then up to buck to get Stones Valued T. George & A Roberts home, & overCast about 9 OClock at Night to bed we goo pd 3s9 for wine Stone to be valued was that used in turnpike construction.

February 23d 94 wind E. & Snowing very smart went to Meeting Snowd about 6 I Deep & turnd to rain prety much Robert & I at Streapers Spent 5½ so home

24th Wind S.E & froze some Got slushe about noon wind Shifted to N W & brought up the most violent Snow shower (perhaps Ever was Seen here) & wind, I could here it a considerable while before it Comeup Lasted about one hour, Done a good Deal of Damage to vessels that were in the River at Streap— all night—M

25 wind N.W. & froze violently Schuylkill froze over at the ferreys, Set off to town in slay Hannah Price, Molly Tompson M. Streaper, M. Morris & Self. waited good while till they finishd Cuting or Clearing a gangway arivd in town very late. put up at Davis’s oats & hay & one jill of wine 4s6, horsler 6½ Molasses 3 Gallons 15s0 tea Coffee & Sugar 7s6 plush for Briches & Stocking 20s6– M Streaper & M Morris home with me at ferry 2s10½ home about 9 OC at night, Jacob Got Drunk while I was away & hurt his Eye bad, very Cold & froze hard very Cold I was by the time got Morris’s Got 3L of Rees & Jonathan Thomas

February 26th 1794 wind N W & Cold Day tho More Moderate than yesterday, at Mother’s the two unhappy Sisters seem to be rather Worse, afternoon up the buck Sheaff & Fisher Meet me to to repeated Measure the Stones that Came off B- Humphreys Land Spent 3s9 Call at Streapers, several there Bob Roberts & Enoch & two Girles Road with them to Latches & Back Spent not– in slay

27th wind S. W & overCast Snowd a little & thawed work at Clock Case at home all Day my Dog pluck Streapers pet Sheeps woll wool all out, She Just Ready to Lam worried her so that she died without Biteing her atoll killd the Dog So much her wanting frolick

28th wind N W Morn & froze prety much Master Holgate walk over the Ice at writers Righters, 4 Days agoo the Long Boats went down with wheat one had 600B. at home all Day finishd Clock Case at Pratts he pd me 13L 11 for work at fatts & Bark house—

March the 1st 1794 wind S.W & overCast & very giving at home till noon at Mothers Cosen Ben Davis there, went away with the British in the year 78 not seen him Since, before to Day, Been at Jamaca & noviscotia; at the fullers for a peice (half Cloth) paid 9s3 for Dressing it so home at Streapers, Spt 4d for Bear—interlined: “2nd.. wind S.W. & fine Moderate Morn Blue birds Chirping at Mothers & Rees’s Brother up”

3 4d at home till noon at Supplees, & John Roberts & so home at Streap pint of Bear so home again wind North & geting Cold

4rdth wind N W & very Cold Jerret pd 15s for a Coffin one Moses a turnpike, I pd him 9s7 poor tax, pd Joe Walter 20s8 on acct of Jacob Amos, at Mitchels spent 5½d; at McClenegans Sup there, so home Cold very Cold.— Boys Makeing Coffin Nelley Thomas, or huver– Bargaind with John Conrad to Quarry me In Knox’s Quarry 300 perch at 1s2 per perch; 1s6 for a pair of hames

5 wind N E & overCast took the Coffin to Nelley Hovers & then Buried in Merion yd. begun to snow before noon, very Cold indeed Evening at Rees’s Sarah Dyer very poorly at Streaper pint bear 4d so home & to bed we go

March 6th 1794 wind N E. & rain & hail freesing as it falls, afternoon raind hard & thawd John Evens here made me a pair plush Briches him & I at Streapers, settleing his acct against the Est. home to tea, Made Ned overhalls & Horatio jacket 9s6 he allowd me 5s7 for Board whilst he work for other people I pd him the Ballance—-

7th Wind S. & pleasant Sun shun some time Rain a little Geting very Muddy at work at Bill Wagoners Cuting Box afternoon at Mothers, so back spent 5½ at Streap,

8 wind N W & froze pretty much Set off to town, Coffee & Sugar 4s6 horse &c at Elliots 1s4½ at ferry 1s4½ Met the Society jill of wine 5½, Got 27 Dollars of Dunwoody to pay, John Lewis for 11 Cord of wood & Choping, so home.

9th wind N.W. & froze in Morn prety fine day tho very Muddy, Makeing a Coffin for Edw George’s Daughter Hannah at Rees’s Evening, first day ofthe week

March 10th 1794 wind S. W. & very fine day took the Coffin home & Buried it before Dinner afternoon at Robesons & Sheets, & Back to Streapers Meet Algernon there Settle some Matters with Poll Coulter, or Streaper,– Sp, M—- & so home

11th wind S W & fineday triming apple trees & Loading stone, at home went to Knoxes Quarry 4 Men Diging Stone for Me at 1s2 so home, word came to Make a Coffin for another of E Georges Childern begun it

12th. wind S.W. & fine, work at the Coffin most made it, frad afraid it was too small. sent illegible to see & it was too Short, had to make another, from about 10 OClock till 2 OC. took it Down & Buried in afternoon frogs Crying & heard a peevee to Day, Boys working Boards for Lower Bridg, pint of Bear 4d–

13th wind E & overCast all Day Alley Roberts & self at Willm Thomas to Buy Cattle Alley Bot. 2 Cows 17L a pair of old working oxen, (not Large) 22L 3s0 at Curwene, then at our place in Harverford & John Morris’s place, Corry’s vandue Cows sold 8 & 9L per peice so home

March 14th 94 Wind N W & fine day up to B Humphrey Marks & I marking trees for to Build a little house for Quill McVaw at the Buck spent 1s3 at all the Tenents so home

15. wind South & warm Grafting till noon then to Bob Roberts vandue of his place not sold, rainney afternoon spent 1s1 at Streapers & 8d the day before at Mitchels

16 wind S W & very fine day pd Bensil 22L 6s9d on Streaper Acct, at Rees’ & Mothers being first day Sarah Dyer very poorly

17th wind S W. & a very Butiful day Cuting & halling Logs to build a house for Aquilla McVaw Dined at Buck & bear & oats 2s6 home at Night at Rees at Streaper ½ jill of Brandy 5d infestation on head——

18th Wind S.W. & fine up to Hump Estate finish halling Logs & home Down to Bridg & at A. Roberts so home

19th wind N W. & froze alittle at Bicking to get Lath for Bridge at Rees & Mothers & David Roberts, at Streapers 1 jill of wine 5½ plantin peas & gardin some

March 20th, 1794 wind N W a little Cool in Morn, very fine Day, at Rees’s Sary Dyer is alive & that seems to be all, Set off to town, Bout Brandy & Coffee 7s9 hinges & Lock book Case & two pair of small Butt hinges 5s3 Chees 16lb¾ at 16s9 at Eliots 1s9 horsler 3d at falls Tavern 11d So home & Rees’s Sarah Dyer yet alive Brot. along

21st. wind S W & fine day at Mothers Brot E & I went to Rees Sary Dyer bad Indeed up to B.H. Est Layd Bottom Log of house so home & at Bill Smiths Settled with him & fell 22L 4s2d In his Debpt Andrew pd. me 3 Dollars for work So home smart Showers & thunder at Distance went to Rees, stayd all night— Sary Dyer Dyed about 2 OClock this morning

22nd verry hard Strugeling from about 12 O’C till a few minutes before She Exspired, Went for boys to Bridg Bot 6lb bees wax of Stadleman begun the Coffin & up to Rais AQuill house finishd & at the Coffin hung the Lid with hinges took it Down about 10 OClock at Night

March 23rd 94 wind S W & foggy morn fine afternoon Buried her before Meeting R Tunis Dined here at Rees Evening at Streaper a ChitChat —so home

24th S W & very fine Sowd No 1 all over with Cloverseed, Jacob in town the 22. Bot 8 Bushels plaster for 52s Clover Seed ½ B.– 3 Dollars, afternoon to Jacob Amos’s Vandue, Bout. old hammer &c 1s4 spent 1s6 so home — sowd flaxseed on Corn near one Bushel

25th at Mothers, Balor here Softing hemp afternoon, at John Erwine’s & old Wills Vandue, Bout 6 plates 7s4 old Dish Spoons &. 2s4 bag 1s6 &c total 15s6 Bout Sundry old articles at Wills Spent 1s6 so home—-

26th wind N W & prety Cool at David Roberts, Afternoon at Mitchel’s Laying Road Tax, N Jones & Wilson Supt their the hole 9s11½ they pay it N Jones Horse run home went with him & Stayd all night–Mitchel’s was Prince of Wales tavern, located at Montgomery and Anderson Avenues today.

March 27th 94 Wind N W & frost plenty painted the Herse & in garden Rakeing &c– afternoon at Bill Thomas’s for Nails for bridge & at Mitchels Vandue Bout. 6 Barrels So home

28th wind N W. & prety Cool took Nails to Bridge & at Duns he pd me 36s3 on acct of Fraley a Coffin I made at Young & Robesons & Lints’s at Bairs at Streapers 1 gill of wine & ½ Gill before 1s2 so home,

29th wind S.W. & foggy. Jacob Sowd 8 B plaster in far feild No.4 I to town 15 lb nails for turnpike at 11¼d a lb 3 lb sugar 3s 3 lb Do nails 2s6 at 11d at ferry 8d. Met at Streapers Settle township Acct. Spent 11d., R Roberts Sold his place to J. Pearson for 655L half Down first of June the remainder 2 years without Intrest, then 3 annual payt with Intrest, so home to bed we goo

30th wind S. W. pretty fine helpt Robert a bill of Scantling for barn at Goshen, first day this, at Mothers Evening So hone home wrote a Letter to John & another to Edwd Price thence to bed

March 31st 94 wind S W & Light Rain Battes here pd 5s7½ for Tobacco had several years agoo Set off to Curwens Smart shower from W. & thunder at Lee to Borrow Carriage to hall Log at Streapers Spt 5½d Geting Cold

April the 1st wind N W high & Cold froze Set off a foot, Boys too for Curwens at Work Raw Day–

2nd. wind N W Cold Ice on Curwens Dams till ten OClock fine Middle Day, work there

3rd wind S.E. & rain very onExspected wet the Boards, Broke off about noon afternoon thunder Gust from W prety Smart did several little jobs till sunset then set off home bad walk of it

4- Wind N W Clear & no frost as I Seen at Mothers afternoon, at Alley Roberts at Polley Streapers,– home

5th Wind N W & rawday about home R.Tunis & Brother Edward walk up Jon Holgate runimg measuring boundaries round Zell place make them come up went Down their with them–

6th. wind N. & Cool Morn Clear till noon then overCast Sent E.P. & R. Tunis far is as Black horse so home— this first day

7th. wind N W Cold Ice up to Mitchels he moving to town Bout. Barrell 4s6 Chairs & 2 Cleveres cleavers 15s– up to buck

Dine’d their ½ pint wine total 2s9 Brandy at Bill Lewis 10d- so home Pratts wife & Polley Miley Drank tea here

8th. Wind N W & Made Ice Set off to town pd 15 Dollars for boards, pd 7 Dollars to Edw for Cloverseed Rum & Salt at Eliots 1s2 Dined at R Tunis’s 4d ferriage 2 lb Coffee 2s10 powder 11d

9th. wind SE & rainney Day at home all Day

10 up to buck made a bill for Peaza piazza & addition to the house, home David Lewellin dead, went to Leverings & Jacob Jones Chated awhile, & so home.

11th wind N Ice plenty at work at Coffin finishd it & took it home, another Came for an old Garmin German, Dyed at Sheets—-

12th. Wind N & hard frost Buried Lewelling about 81 or 82 years old home & attended & Buried old Calley at Church, then meet the Society, finde fined one Shilling being absent at Rool roll Call home. & at Streapers spent 5½ Soldiers their

13 wind N Large white frost at A Roberts he up with me helping to State Streapers acct of our administrator ship

14th 94 wind South & pleasant Morn got 4 Dollars of Jonathan went to town pd Edward 1 Dollar for things out of store 3s6½ for tea & Sugar for Fimple, at Eliots 5s7 ticket to go to play, Curwen along 5s7½ paid 11¼d for ammons almonds at play poor fun Mear stuff one half of it, pd Dick Cochron 12s4½ being half the Exspence for waiting Polley Morris & Polley Streaper, to See the play, so much for play— my Mare rune away from Dunwoody, Door 12 OClock at Night watch man took, & the horsler followed us with her to ferry, gave about 7s6 so home in jerk, Dick stayd all night with me

15th wind S W & very warm day Holgate up to build a Chimney & Seller at Quill house Spt 11¼d for wine & 9d for Brandy at Bill Lewis so home– Dined at Buck

16th wind N E & prety high. Road up took 21 lb of nails Dined at Buck so home by saw mill, at Streapers Settle with David Latch Streaper fell 5L, in his Debt interlined: “spark Polley the Last time”

17th Wind N E & rain went Down to Marsh Spent 1s8 Stopt at Jacob Warners & Drank tea so home

April the 18th wind S W & fog (white frost before fog Came up Set off to Quills house Raisd Rafters & Dine at buck, Lent my Mare to Polley Streaper the first time a woman Ever Road her home 1 jill of wine so home

19th wind S W & fog & heavy Due old ant Bettie Roberts, Movd Back to Robesons old house, Meet Jury at Streapers Landlord & Tenent Case Viz Snyder & Latch, Snyder Cost Sherriff & Court Cost 5L 7s6d, Judge But 6d Damages the Expence of house Divided between them, I spent 1s2 so home

20th Wind S E. fine day at Mothers Brot up at Mothers again & sent Brot. Down to Jesse George&#821#8217;s hill so home

21st wind N E & Whitefrost Light, to Jesse Thomas’s got Nails 11¾ for Humphreys at Jos. Georges about work, at Wagoners to set their Cuting box to goo so home & at Mothers Repairing theire pump then Down to Dick Roberts fishing place & at Phinnes Roberts’s got 2 Shad 2s6, wind N.E. & Spit Snow hard to be observd tho, Lighting & thunder & raind hard just as I got home, good Deal in night

April 22nd 1794 wind N.E. wet, two or 3 smart Showers before noon, up to Quill house & Buck 1 jill wine 5½ at the Coopers no Money at Rights 25s11 for goods Bout. at Streapers vendue, Bout. 3 poplartrees & 2 Bark Logs of Jacob Bare 42s6 at Jonathan Walters Dinner their so home, walk Down with T. Roberts Broke the sun—– with housk—-r

23rd. wind N E, Morn & a little Mist Cleard about Noon & very warm work Jos Georges, old Barn & Stables & pulld Down the old kitchen house

24 wind S.E overCast in part up to Quill house Dine’d at Buck home & at Streapers, a little while— Rain evening

25 Wind N E Drisley Morn, took a Coffin to Warners place Grand Child of old Lippens & buried at Church at Mothers severall smart Showers from the South at Streapers Evening back & to bed wine 5½d

26th. Wind S W & fine day up to Norristown Jon Walter a long, to Settle Streapers acct, did not doo it Polley must goo, took John Zells deed to be Recorded Got a Rect for it

April 26th 94 spent at jail 11d at Davis’s 1s10½, at Moors Dinner & Club 6s7 & 9d Boy Call at Matsons Got 4 houndpups 2 near 3 months old, he give them, 2 6 Weeks old 8s3 & 8s4 Cash for them, one I Left at McCleneghan Jonathan Walter the other & 2 old ones I keep my self, home about sunset– at Streaper for a few Minuts so.—-

27th wind N W pleasant day at home till noon at Morises, with R Roberts to Algr- Roberts, he road my Sorrel Colt the first time he had a sadle on, home soon in Evening—

28 up to AQuill’s house to work at buck to Dinner & horse Quart oat’s, Meet Fisher at Buck he pd me 80 Dollars on acct of work at Bridges, I pd 15 Dollars wanting 6d to Humphreys purse that I had Borrowd pd 4s3 that Jon Robeson had Bout, at Richard Tunis’s Request so Charge’d Tunis with it, 15s6 over pd the Estate

29 wind N Morn but pleasant afternoon up to Quill house Shingling ½ jill of Ginn at Bill Lewis

April 30th 1794 Wind. Westerly & A fine day up to Quills house ½ Gill of Ginn at Streapers with Hufman Shingling & Dined at Buck 1 Gill of Whiskey at Lees to Look Carriage so home at Dick Roberts to Look for shad so back & at Streapers 1 Gill of wine home B. Tunis along– drank tea with me—

May 1st. wind S W & very fine warm day, very uncoming uncommon nights Sleep Could not get to Sleep straing Ideas– perplexing, Polley Streaper & I up to Norristown Settled our acct as Administrators to Streapers Est in office’s home about 9 OC– at night- Jacob & Walter for shad this morn Stayd all day & got 72 Shad, Walter a Coffin for Jacob Balors Jr. Child

2nd Wind W. I finishd Coffin & took it Down & Buried at our yard ½ Gill of Brandy 5½ at Streapers after up to Quills house illegible. at Sheets & McCleneghans So home at Streapers Drawing out acct

3rd Wind S W & Warm day pd 7L 5s for boards turnpike Curwen & Self & for Humphreys paid 16½ at Elliots sprigs & files 6s11 25 Nails for Humphreys of Brother & 7 lb for Streapers Estate

paid 1s4 at fery 1s was for the night was at play, Polly Morris & Polley Streaper I pd for 5½ at Black horse Neighbour Morris in Company

4th Wind S W & fine warmday at Meeting at home after till night at Streapers Spr. Poll till about 10 OC then home

5 Wind N E Morn Like for rain blue off helping to Right Shed at Streapers pd Holgate 10 on acct Streapers Est Cow Lost I found on turnpike Drank tea at Streapers & so home

6th Wind N E & Light small rain all day with small Intervals, at Bill Smith about his barn, home & at turnpike meet James Jones Thoms. George & Alley Roberts, up with them they valueing Stone on Humpy Est. takeing for pike we Dine’d there Knox David Roberts & I paid 6s per peice which was the hole, home afternight—-

7th wind N & Cooler than pleasant up to Quills house pd Miller 10s2 for Dinners & Drink since I have been at work at Quills house Layd the Sleepers in Lower floor, so home

May 8th 94 wind N. & white frost Cool day at Bill Smith to Look at the hewers so home before Dinner, afternoon Got my Sorrel Colt Shod, Spent at Streapers 11d. John Eliot Henderson & McClenigan home with me Eat bread & Chees so away

9th Wind N & smart frost killd beans in garden in som places up to Quills house Glassing & makeing seller door Dinner & Bear & oats 1s10½ Layd out a new End of 18f by 30 for Millers house so home spent 5½ at Streapers—

10th wind S. W Dry & prety warm day went to town Bought hat 35s five pair of Butt hinges at omission & Screws 4s10 hansaw 15s three Locks & 3 bolts & Escuchons 6s9 paid for Encyclopedia 20s for Society Dinner horse & 1 jill of wine 4s10– then Meet Society at Stadlemans, & home.

11tn Wind S- warm gave patt a Dollar to get a gourd Clover (very backward) She been here all winter wants 2s6 per Week not Give it so she gone home, fine Little Girl I was fond of her May be referring to Polly Shuster.

11th May 94 old Amos Moor Came to Get a Coffin for Abner Evans Child, begun & most Made it Meeting time Ricd. Tunis & B. Edward Dined here finish Coffin & took it home back & at Streapers Spark Polly a little while—-

12th Wind S W & very warm, set off to Norristown by the Buck Left tools there boys begun to Work at a New End arrive at Norris town by 10 OClock blot Quallifyed as a Jurry man & begun business, prehaps perhaps 6 or 7 of us Dined at Davis, & the rest at moors & other places, home at Night Doct Shippen our fore man he Came along with me as far as his Lane then alone I was,– a shower very Light, Cool the air

13th wind S W & overCast set off for Norris town Calld on the Doct & breakfasted with him arivd at town before 10 OC Got Discharged before Dinnner all Dined together 6s8 per man & 10s3 for horse & Dinner the Day before & 11d to horsler total 17s10 so home 5½ for Brandy at Streap

14 May 94 wind S. & very hot till then a thunder Shower not very hard Coold the air Some at Millers Laying Lower Joysts walk home at Night J Jacob, planted Corn

15 Wind S W & warm at Britson & put a lock on for Quill at Buck oats & sperrits 13d. boys there at work; home to Dinner, at Stadlemans, so home at Streapers a little

16th. the Wind S W. at Stadlemans Shingling his springhouse home at Night—

17th wind N W & Cool at Ditto finishd his spring house & home Down to Wash Sheep, Drank tea at Nehemiah Evans so home & at Streapers Polley Thompson there– —

18th wind N & very Cool they say frost but I seen none at David Roberts & Mothers, Brother Up– home R. Tunis Hughes & Cochron here— afternoon at Streapers a little while

19th wind about W. to Bill Smith fouls Folts begun to work for me at Smith barn thence up to buck begun to hew a girder 3 Q oats at 6d home at night

May 20th 1794 wind S W. at buck warm day finishd girder & walk home after night-

21st. wind S W. & fine warm day, but very dry at Russels Shingling Springhouse, home before night went to Bill Smith. Dickenson makeing Pool fence for Me planted pompkins yesterday—–

22nd wind S. W. up to buck Cad Evans runing a line between Miller & Humphreys Brot Edw & R Tunis & T. Cochron there Jont Miller pd Cad & I pd Bill of house 27s3 Rais’d the girder 2nd floor thunder gust, not much, very hard with hail in town & up to Stadlemans tho not so hard as in town at Millers all night Spent oats & wine 2s– fisher Stayd all night

23rd Wind S W & warm finishd Raising Joyst & so home prety Little shower not Soke much, at Myers about Cows, so home Evening at Str- Drank a little Brandy with McCleneghan & home Spent not margin: “23rd turnd Cows in Clover”

May 24th 94 Wind N E & overCast Set off for town Rownd by Bill Smith Bout of Edw. tea 9s6 Coffee 2s10 Loaf sugar 15s pd for Bottoming 8 Chairs 16s porter for Carrying 1s10½; Tobacco 1s5 horse 1s10½ boys 5½ ferry 4d Dined at Tunis, gave Hannah 3 Dollars for Stockens, bought of Brot Jack So home take a Sup Bro E Sold out in the Store Got 5 Dollars of Rees & Jonathan—–

25. wind N E & a light Mist, at Mothers in Morn at Meeting Evening at Rees Price’s & home– —

26. wind Still about N E but no rain at David Jones Raising Centers for Holgate then at Bill Smiths work at Barn home Evening Calld at R. Georges got some fine peas Jacob finish’d planting potatoes

27th Wind N E over to Bill Smiths & up to Buck Dine their & at Nathan Jones to Get old Will to Make Shingles so home spent 4½d Mr. Fisher here D.drank tea & off, pd. Able Thomas 5s for halling boards

fine rain this Evening not very heavy at Streapers a little while with fisher

28th wind N by E over to Bill Smiths foules Folts their helping me mist before noon some, afternoon very wet indeed makeing window & door frames & so home got weat wet

29th wind N E & been a very wet night & till noon, afternoon not Quite so much Morris & I to Righters ferry to goo to see the horserace, heard their it was put off so returnd home at Streapers McCleneghan & T Roberts spent 1s1½ with them & so home

30th wind N E overCast little rain to day, up to Buck & Curwens Dined their at Wilsons & Saml. Jones to get him to Measure the turnpikebridges So home at Mothers & Rees Price’s, So home—

31st wind N E & Rain all day but not hard finishd Alley Roberts Cupboard, after Road to John Davis by Schuylkill it very high greatest freshet this many years they Say; at Alley Roberts so home Drank tea & at Streapers Chated Polley till about ten OC– so home

June 1st. wind N.E. & still Misting at Meetung after at Mothers & at Rees Moll Thompson there so home—

June 2nd 94 wind N W. & fine Day at Bill Smiths at Work at Barn, home in Evening a Shower in Evening not heavy

3rd. Wind N W & rather Cooler at Smith till noon then home & at Germaintown to See a horse race Grand race over before I got their, several Little races Layd out. 2s5½ in all so home, Seen Brot. Edw. their

4th. wind W. & pleasant Day at Smiths at work home Evening–

5th wind N E & rain set off to Smith, home to Make a Coffin for Jonathan Supplee Daughter Prissey Dyed in a waste it is sd. but has not been aMiss or so as to Complain but a few Days, rain till night by Showers had two Mowers in Clover feild No 4. till noon then mowd some in Meadow between Showers

6th wind N & Cleard off took Coffin Down & Buried her in yard at Merion Dined at home & over to Smiths, 6 Mowers their, begun to frame rafters, home in Evening; pd. old Mother Fimple 2s9¾ for spining 3½ Doz. of two yarn, owe her 8 pence, not work the hay to Day Jacob poorly

June the 7th 1794 Wind S W & warm at Smith till noon met the Society, & after meet Hugh Knox & Jos George as arbitrators between Pratt & John Miller we soon agreed, pratt to pay agreeable to what the bank Measured at yard & not in the Woods & half the Exspence—

8th. wind N.E. & overCast & hard rain Evening Dined with McCleneghan, one Janivary & Underwood & Henderson their also, home in Evening & at Morris’s back & to bed

9th. wind N E till noon with Light rain broke off at home boys too working shop Jacob in town Brot. Edward Rode the horse up. Drank tea here walk to Mothers with him so back & to bed

10th wind about W. & foggy Sun broke out about 10 OC. warm, raind about 2 OC very hard Shower at Smiths till about 3 OClock then up to buck, 3 Quarts of oats 6d, wine 6d home hard Shower with Lightening Dickenson begun to put up fence

11th wind W. & fine day at Smith Raisd the Joysts & home Jos with A little Shower

12 wind S W. & very warm at Buck & at Aron Johnsons Jacob Humphrey so home & got My Clover &c

June 13th 1794 wind S W & warm at Buck Raising Joyst home & got 1 Gill of wine at Streapers

14th wind– & overCast set off to John Wirts about turning out 515 Militia In our County the Officers Drew by lot who should goo, pd 5s2 Dinner & Club 5½ to boy & 1s10½d at Jail, 1s at Moors for oats &c. 4d at Terrences so home about 2 OC in the Morn of the 15, had 3 Mowers in Meadow yesterday

15 Wind N W & pleasant Cool day about home & at Mothers at Streapers Evening Dick their Drank Bottle bear Ditto pd for it, home & to bed.

16th wind N W in Morn overCast before night & Raind in Evening at Work at Buck Stayd all night,– Spent 8d at Buck

17th wind about W & Cleard off about 12 OC framing uper floor Joysts, home afternoon & helpt to Cock hay, Evening 2d for Tobacco at Streapers blot

18th wind N W & avery fine hay Day Got all hay Dry that’s Cut–at Streap in Evening no Stay

19th. wind W. & a fog few dropts of rain thunder soon in Morn I up buck Raising Rafters Smart shower about noon Jacob & Rees halld all the hay before the rain Came I home

stopt at Streapers illegible Polley awhile—–

June 20th 1794 wind S W & warm day, set off to town Bout. hat for Horatio 6s1½, 2 Chisels & plain bit 3s Shugar & Coffee 3s3- tea & sugar for Fimple 3s8, horse &c 3s 1 Gill of wine at Wagoners 6d. Dined at R Tunis’s 4d at ferry, so home, 7s6 for a sash plain

21st wind N W & Cool & fine, up to Buck work Cornish cornice home after Dinner at Streapers Drafting Militia, spent a glass punch 1s3 wine 1s — Quarter of Veal 5s8, So home Got a Check of Lee for 16 Dollars for his wifes Coffin

22 wind N W & Cool at Meeting at Mothers & sent Saml Gibson to ferry almost at Stadlemans, pd him 8d for oats had at Society & 4½ for wine so home & at Streapers a Little while but no stay

23 wind N W. & fine day, Samuel Jones down to Measure bridges at my Request, Viz Centers & Covering, back to Streapers & treated him 1 gill of Brandy 11d. so home Got Dinner & over to Smith so back & to Slope sleep

24 Set off for Buck Seting Cornish &c. Fine day Stayd all night

25. wind W. & warm at Buck till noon then Walk home and went to Bill Smith’s & raisd plates & Rafters –S— so home

June 26th 1794 wind S E & over Cast up buck working boards for Gable End wet afternoon Hard Showers in Evening the bigest fresh in the rouns runs we had this spring– Stay all night

27th walk home wind N E wet all Day went to town, Nails for tunis stable 9s6, sugar 1s10½ horse & Dinner 3s7 horsler 5½ frerry ferry 4d so home

28th wind E & overCast all Day Solomon Mowing Ned & self Shingling Tunis Stable– finishd before night at Mothers at Streapers no stay

29 wind W. & fine day R. Tunis heire Dine’d at Mothers & Rees Price’s back & Drank tea &c walk with Brot. to Mothers I at Streapers Stayd till 10 OC. so to bed Morris Makeing & halling hay all Day, being first day many others at it they say auther Arthur Howel at our Meeting & at Haverford afternoon

30th Wind S W & rather over Cast Brot. & I settled Fathers Acct with Streapers, afternoon up to buck & Curwens drank tea & at Wilsons, So home about 10 OClock night

July 1st up to Buck Boarding Gable End & Shingling their all night I Lost a Glass of punch with Marks

July 2nd wind S W & warm Rain about noon Smart at Buck & at Lees sawmill no Lath, set off Stopt at Polley Streaper 1 Gill wine 5½ Stayd awhile & so home—

3rd. wind S W at Buck Shingling one sd & part of the other, home in Evening

4 Wind S W. & fine warm morn Set off for town uperferry punch &c 1s8½ great perade on the Commons Infantrie the Anniversity of Independence Dined at Eliots Dinner &c. &c. 7s5½ Set off for Grays ferry Mr Fisher along Come up a very hard Shower wet us much before we Got their, great number of People their Brt Ned their in a Company of horse newly raisd Call’d the Greens Spent Glass of punch 1s6 Fisher pd. a Dollar for Coffee for 3 of us Viz Brot . Ned himself & me— set off rain all the way Fisher Stayd all night

5th wind S E & Dull & weting all Day at Buck 5½ for wine at Curwens Settle he pd me Ballance of 15 Dollars Back & met the Society at Stadlemans so home & to bed 9d for oats

July the 6th 1794 Wind blank fine day, at Mothers, Brt. Edw up afternoon at Buck, Glass punch 1s4½ 17 Indians their, on their way to the Presendent President Mountain Leader they Call their Cheif home at Stearp Streap— Spent 1s3 so home

7th fine Cool day Reaping Rye & part of the wheat had 3 hands from Mothers Tanner & Holget, Tunis boy, Colbert Jacob Self & Robeson—

8th at Bill Smith beginning to Shingle his Barn, home Evening not well vomited in the night & got Better

9th back to Smith, work all Day

10th at Do– till noon then home to make a Coffin Lid‘a5s now Holland Tinleys Child had by Tom Durnal at Paul Jones Evening, & at Streapers McClenachan their we Drank 4 Bottles of Bear I pd. 2s6 So home

11th. wind S E & overCast took Coffin down & buried the Child, & about home all the afternoon Evening at Streapers & Morris & back to bed Soon,

July the 12th 1794 wind N E & very Smart rain allnight at Mothers in morn, abated raining & set off to town, ½ after 11 OC. Dined at R Tunis’s Bot bought plainbits 2s5 three table buts 3s6 2 lb Tobacco 2s9 oats 1s- at ferry 1s11½ news paper 6d, so home finishd Cuting wheat 11 Doz. I Left poor stuff

13th wind W. & fine morn but overCast went not to Meeting Jos Warner here all the afternoon most at Rees’s Drank tea & Eat Catfish at Streapers at Mothers Kate very poorly with the flox flux

14th wind S W at Bill Smith Shingleing very warm, walk home, at Mothers

15th wind old Corse & very hot, up to Buck, made a bill & Layd out Seller for a house for old woman, then to Smith, finishd Shingleing about Sundown Stopt at D Roberts & Mothers & so home– katy very bad with flux

16- at Linches hanging doors & at buck home — —

17th set off for buck at Mothers Girl very bad, Rain in Morn begun to Shingle paint house, most violent Shower for near 2 hours in Evening

July 18th 94 wind S W. & very warm at buck at the painthouse Spent 3s9 yesterday for Porter in Company with Fisher home Evening at Mothers Girl very poorly at Streaper A little while spentillegible

19th wind S W & foggy Soon to Mothers Little Cate Firman Dead about 10 OClock Last night, home & made the the repeated Coffine & buried her in Evening very fine good Child, I very much unman’d at their taking leave of her Hannah much Affected at it– My Birth day, & not reformd a poor sinner the Lord help me & Enable me to work out my many transgressions by humiliation & prayer, the Lord keep, me Righteous;— at Streapers A Little while with Polley–

20th at Meeting Morn afternoon at Buck Spent 1s– at Benj Brook’s to get an order to Move a Child to blockley, 2 or 3 Smart Showers got very wet, back to Streapers Spent 11d I. Roberts & B Tunis their home before night

July 21st 94 at Rees Prices, to see Tom Roberts, at Mothers Brot- Edw. their so up to Buck at work their all night—

22nd at the Buck fine day warm their all night

23rd at Buck still at work Got in stage Evening & rode home, Gave him some brandy & off he Set for town, I to bed

24th Took horse & set off for buck work all Day home at night Jacob sowd Buckwheat in stuble ground at Colberts at Mothers all pretty well, Calld at Streap. ½ gill Brandy 5½ so home & to bed

25th. wind S W & warm morn, Jonathan Thomas pd me 40 Dollars on acct. of Board, & I pd Molley Shoester 30 Dollars for keeping house so set off for Buck work all Day, home in Evening. Rain about Sunset & I Beleive all night at Streapers Spark Poll till 10 OClock— then home– the Last time I think I shall Ever keep her Company, haveing been somewhat attatch to her I have got Clear, without any Remorse or Leaveing place for any Reflection on her—

26 Wind S W & very rainey Day Set off for town got very Wet got in about 8 OC–

July 26th 1794

Bought files & 2 Copeing gague’s gauges 3s– plain Bits 1s6 hand vice 3s & Gimblet 4½ Recking at Elliots 4s– ferriage &c 1s7½d Wagoners 11d, so home,–

27th Wind S.W & a little Misttey this Morn at the Joe Hollands Childs Burial Leadom made the Coffin John Roberts B Tunis Leaveling watter for a Saw Mill, walk to Stadlemans & Treated them 2 Bowls of punch 5s6 so home

28th Walter Amos Get a Coffin for Jacob Amos, set to work Got Done about 4 OClock & set off to Commons with it put him in & went to Elliots, Stayd all night Recking 7s1 horsler 1s–

29 Breakfasted at Tunis & up with the Burial to Merion yard at Morris’s Repair Siderworks & at Mothers at Streapers spent for Bear 1s3 wine & Ginn had before 1s8

July 30th 1794 wind N W & fine Cool day up to Buck at work their all night

31 wind N & Cool at Buck at work pd him for oats &c 8s10 so home

Augt 1 wind S W & very warm sawing Eves eaves at the Upper Bridg, Rees Thomas helping me at Streapers Polley Ogden their

2nd wind S W & very warm at the bridg till noon then met the Society paid Quartily payment 3s fined 1s boy 5½d so home & Drank Coffee at Streapers–

3rd wind old course & very hot being first day at Paul Jones’s papermill & at Loyd. he & B Tunis with me to the place I Intend puting saw mill treated them to pint wine 2s4

4th. Finishd Cuting the Eves at Bridg & walk up to Buck ½ Gill Brandy

5th at Buck at work walk home 1 Gill of wine 5½, Glas of Punch 1s3

Augt. 6th 94 up to buck Rain, yesterday & fine & Cool to Day not Much rain John Zell up to buck to Get me to make a Coffin for Jacob son walk home again–

7th at the Coffin finishd by noon meet at 2 OC. & Buried the Child Sherriff here to aquaint me had Sirefacious or Somthing Else; Sute of Thom Roberts against Streapers Estate I as administrator Set off about 5 OC. to town pint of wine 2s4, at R Tunis allnight

8th Bout Screws 6s for a grosse horse &c 3s boy 9d, Set off about 6 OC for home at ferry 1s1 Got home about 8 OC Got Breakfast & up to Buck home in Evening–

9th wind S E fine Shower about day bought about 40 f walnut boards 5s & up to buck, work all day, Light Showers all day home at night Sowd turnips, at Streapers, Gill wine 6d Chated poll awhile

Augt. 10 1794 Wind S W & fine Clear Morn, over Cast after & sultery walk with Morris to Rusels Sick man in his barn, first day Makeing a Coffin for Isaac Bonds Child died of the flux, finishd about 5 OClock & took it up– Back & ½ pint of wine at Streapers 1s — Enoch along—

11 Wind N W has been a grate rain in night flooded the Springhouse & Lost all milk &c &c Set off for norris town Court Walter along to Shippens he poorly arivd & Petition Court to sell part of Streapers Land Dinner &c &c. 7s7 set off & got home about 9 OC P M. Esqr Young.–along

12 Breakfast & set off for Court, Dinner &c &c 6s3 Get Business Done returnd home about 10 OC at night.

13th at Buck work all Day– home Evening

14 at Ditto ————- home Evening

15 at ditto Walter poorly home Do. & work till 1 OC at Coffin for Jacob Zell Child

16 finishd Coffin & Buried afternoon verry wet smart Showers

16th Augt 94

Richard Cochron here afternight to Get a Coffin for his Brot- Benjamin, no mehoganey set off to uper ferrey where he died & Counsel’d consoled the old Man, & went to David Evans & spoke one ordered a mahogany coffin made Back to ferry about Midnight

17th Up about day & to town to hurry on the Coffin Brought out about ½, 10 OClock, put him in Set off Got to his fathers got their about 2 OC home much fateaged, took a little sleep & walked to Streapers, Back & to bed—

18th wind N W & pleasant day to Burial at Harrison School house yard– their to Dinner & home & Made a Coffin for one Shivers Child—

Augst 19th wind N W. took the Coffin to Isaac Warners from their to Buck at work home Evening Walter very poorley

20th Up to Buck at Work Cloudy & rain afternoon not hard, Spent 3d at Bill Lewis & so home

21 wind N W. & fine Day, Jacob at hay in Turnip Bottom, Solomon Mowd it yesterday & Day before Self up to Buck, work hard & home in Evening Meet Little Jinney in the Road—– Got 40 Dollars of Fisher on Acct. of Bridges on turnpike & 8L for a Cow got of Myers from Jonathan Walter,

22nd Wind– up to Buck at Work all day home Evening Walter rather Better

23- Up to Buck work till noon then at Curwens & township meeting spent 11d

Augst 24th. wind S E & rain, finishd a Coffin that I had (made for E Georges Child & was to little) for Shrivers Child & Ned took it up I at B Tunis & Nehemh. Evans home & at Streapers spent 5½

25 I set off to town wind S. W & warm pd for advertiseing Streapers Lot 9s4½ pd for paint for turnpike 33s6 paid 8 Dollar for Cary Geography oats & wine 1s4 ferry 11d Hankerchife 2s3 home, by wilfong about takeing his son Prentice as an apprentice Esqr Young Robert Roberts & David at Frayleys Geting Releas from Bettey Evans to David & Robert at Streapers Robert Makeing Deed to Pearson &c &c

26 Up to Buck very soon Panneling doors walk home in Evening,

27 up to Ditto Rode home Evening

28 Makeing a Coffin for Robert Tilleys Child. & took it to Bickens place &c at Buck afternoon Evening at Cochrons all night

August 29th 94 wind N W & overCast at Buck soon home to Makeing Coffin for Joe Hollands wife begun about 7 OC & finishd half after 2 OC Burried about 5 OC Mr Fisher Drank tea withe Me—

30 wind S W & foggy morn Set off & Breakfasted at Esqr Jones, he a long to Norristown I pd Streapers Licences, & 21s6 for an order to sell a Lott of Streapers thence to Jos. Tysons tavern & meet committees from several Townships & agreed on 5 Men to represent the County in a conference With Bucks North hampton & Chester to fixt a ticket for Congress, & Senators, Dinner & Club 7s6, at Wentz’s tavern 11d. at Moors Supper &c 3s2 left their about 10 OC & got to Jones about half after one tired anuff, to bed

31st wind illegible overCast raisd about 7 OC Breakfasted with the Judge & set off home about 10 OC– at Mothers R Tunis & wife their Brot been with Jane Tunis to the Valley, Meet Richard he turnd & they all Came to Mothers

Sept 1st Wind I forget where set off to buck afoot work all & their all night

Sept 2nd 1794 wind S W & fine warm day Laying Lower floor at Buck Jos Walter Road my Mare up, he begun to Work a little been Sick above 3 Weeks I went to Esqr Young I Sued John Fisher not the person JP calls “Mr Fisher” for Rent Due to Humphreys Est Drank tea with him & so Home

3rd wind S W. & very Warm up to Buck very Soon work all day by Lentzs, to Look for Seed Wheat at Streapers, spent 6d Gill of Wine

4th wind S. & over Cast, & Serveral several Showers throughout the Day, home in Evening Meet Little Jinney in Road——- Contracted with White & fouls Folts to Dig a race at 3s9 per Rod—-

5th Up to Buck work all day & home Evening–

6th. wind S.W & warmday went to town Bought 2000 Sprigs at 10s screws & Butt

Sept. 6 1794

Hinges 7s0 an Encyclopedia for Society 20s Horse & wine 2s6– up to Streapers & sold the uper Lot Rusils house & 1½ acers for 50L the other 15½ acers at 10L 0s6d per Acer paid Abner 15s for selling & so home & to bed

7th Wind S. by E. & smart rain several Showers at Mothers in Morn & Looking at Race begun to Dig for sawmill afternoon at Morris’s, one Auther Graham from Carrolina ther he & Drinker home with me, harty Batchlor very Quear & Drole

8th wind N.W. & Cool up to Buck tho first to Morris’s Makeing a plug for his Still, home at night–

9th at Ditto & home at night harrowd & sowd 3 Bushels of wheat 2 from Robeson

10. at Dittos & their all night

11th at work at Ditto. home in Evening meet Little Jane— walk—- Gill wine at Streapers 6d—-

Sept 12th 1794 Wind W & warm day paid Britson daughter 10L 9s part of her Legacy then up to Buck at work their all Day, Stopt at Streapers Spent not & so home—

13th. Wind S W & set off for town Bought Hinges for Buck Doors 17s7½ Segars 1s10½ Leather Breaches 45s oats &c drink 2s4½ horsler 5½ fery 4 Stadlemans 11d so home & run out to Streapers Lotts that we sold to peter May & Russel Spent 1s10½ & Spark Poll awhile—

14th at Mothers in Morn Brother Edwd. & Self up to Cochrons Poll Ogdon there. Dine’d & Drank Tea & so home & to bed—-

15th wind S W & up to buck walk their home in Evening Peter May & wife heir here paid 100L for the Lott, in hard Dollars

16th wind S. & overCast up buck begun to rain about 8 OClock several smart Showers & Cleard off about noon with Jos Wilson to Lee’s sawmill & then home & at Streaper spent 5½ for wine & back to bed

Sept. 17th 94 Set off to buck, framing Joyst for old womans house & home in Evening Clear & very windy,– —

18th wind S W & fineday up to buck Leveling first floor Joysts old Womans house home Evening—-

19th wind S.W & very warm Making Coffin for Isaac Warner, Sett off after 3 OClock to Norristown the Governor their Haringen haranguing the Militia to turn out, against A riot in 2 or 3 Countys in this State, against the Excise Act. Spent 2s7½ home about 11 OC. at Night

20th Wind S W & very warm Set off about sun rise with the Coffin & Buried him here R Tunis & John Roberts Dine’d here at my hay, Robert & I Look at my sawmill race, at Streaper but no stay, thunder & a great Gust of wind— old painter 8s3

21st Wind N W & Cool at Mothers in Morn Linnen for 3 Shirts 31s2 sugar &c 6s1– afternoon at Cochrons Drank Coffee & so home at Streapers Gill of wine 6d—

Sept 22nd 1794 wind I forgot where Thoms. Cochron & Dick here there boy Jacob Run away, with them to forks of road, found Jacob at the Camp ready to march they Give him up old man took him home I to town hansaw 15s– paint for bridg’s 2L 4s0 Reckening 3s. Ribbons 2s– Cag for oile 4s6 pine board at Wests 3s6 ferriage 4d— Grate many Troops Marching to the West

23. Up to buck helpt to set windowframes & home at noon helping to hall hay at Streap — Spent not

24th Finishd halling hay after at prince of Wales, Militia Meet their Spent 1s10½ home Makeing Coffin for Johnson Vauchens Wife

25 Finishd Coffin & took it up Buried at haverford & home to Dinner overCast & a little rain Set off to buck smart Shower Spent 5½ back at Streapers Spark Polley awhile Gill of wine 5½- not pd–

26 Wind west Up to buck framing second floor old woman’s house Mr Fisher their Evening we Drank Bottle of wine he pd, I home paid fuller 19s.—

Sept 27th 94 Wind S.W & over Cast set off for buck after breakfast very smart Rain as I went & several showers through the day Did not work much at Sheets’ got blot, possibly a sum of money owed to Humphreys Est.& 5 Dollrs. on my acct so home paid Foules 3 Doll, for work at Smith being all his Demand–

28th. Wind S W & over Cast at Pearsons Looking at his house Pulld out the Gable End John Roberts Squaring my Sawmill Walk most to Stadlemans & so back John Warners stepson Topleat Dead it is sd with the yellow fever prety great alarm about it, Several have died it is said with it pd Jacob 2 Dolls. pd Tobias Hofman 4s6 for one Days mowing Capt Henderson bought a Carterage box 7s6 not pd., pd. Jon. Thomas 6s for nails—-

29 Wind S.E. & foggy or Misting up to buck at work a warm day home in Evening at Streapers Sup their & 1 Gill of wine & one sometime agoo. 1s.—

Sept 30th. 1794 wind N E up to Buck Seting joist at the old womans house, begun to rain at noon fine Rifle Company Commanded by Taylor from Philada. going against the insurgents the Motto on their Caps. Let the Laws Govern Republicans, at Buck all night

Oct.1st fine day at buck at work home Evening

2. at Buck at work — home Do.

3 at Do—

4. wind N. & Cool to town 2lb sugar 1s10½ horse &c 2s6- tobacco 8d fery 4d at Stadleman Society day fined 1s & paid 11d Exspences so home— —

Oct 5 wind N. & Large white frost at Mothers up to Shippen Dine’d their Dick Cochron along back & spark Streaper

6 Up to Buck 1 Gill wine 6d work home Evening-

7th. at Buck at work hard frost home at night

8 at Jonat. Walters morn then up to Norristown an appeal for Militia Sup at Esqr Jones a little rain home about 10 OC spent 7s6

Oct 9th 94 wind S W & Clear walk up to buck at work there all night-

10th. Wind W. & high work at buck spent 6d home in evening at Streaper a little

11 at buck till noon then at township Election Cochron Inspector Saml Evans Sessor, Spent 1s10½ home work till 10 OC at a Coffin for Richd. Peters Irish Girl

12 finish it & took it down thence buried her in Merion Yard before noon pd Sollomon 31s6 for mowing. pd old Will 14s Makeing Shingles at home all the afternoon

13th finish a little Nut for my appel mill & went up to buck then home & to bed

14th. wind S W & fine day up to Norristown the General Election, Chose one of the Judges finishd Counting about 11 OC got Supper & Drank some wine to bed about 4 OC- in Morning

15th. Wind S W & fine Morn up & pd 11d & 5d to Boy Set off Spent 1s at krickbaums breakfasted Cochrons & so home

Oct 15th 94

helpt to Clean buckwheat 30 bushels Sowd with one plowing Clover up to the beam of plow, & 25 at Colberts

16th Wind W & pretty windy up to Buck Raising uper floor & Rafters old womans house home Evening

17th- Wind omission & fine day went to town paid Brinton for Tom Roberts & Cost on Edw. & Father Acction 39L 10s4½d & paid him 60L 9s7½d for Sickel on acct Streapers spent 2s9¾d Sprigs & files &c 7s6 Sugar &c 3s6 at Stadleman 7d. so home–

18 at Morris’s Make bedposts for Neighbour Morris Drest them out & took them to A Foreman to be turnd up to the bird in hand several gentlemen their to try to rais a Companey all aback– Sup at Bill Lewis 1s10½ & paid for N Evans 1s10½ so home Stopt Moly. Streapers 11d—-

19 At Mothers & Meeting about home the rest of the day– pd John Thomas 4L 9s for Nails he had Made for turnpike

October 20th 1794 at Jacob Jone’s paid 5 Dollars for 2 Shingletrees swingletrees? afternoon at James Russels he meet me at Streapers & settled for his Lott Spent 11d home about 11 OClock at night Smart shower

21st Up to buck & finishd Raising Rafters so home by mill & Rees Thomas Roberts up with me & so to bed

22nd Wind Fouls here Leveling the Race & paid him 14 Dollars & 20 before makes 34 Do for diging 68 perches of Race 4f wide top 2f6 bottom & 2 feet they Acknowledg to have made 5s7½ per day I dare say they made 7s6, afternoon at Supplees pd him 12 Dollars for Board while at work at turnpike at James Jones Jehu Roberts & wife there Spent the Evening & so home

23rd. Drest & meet the Batalion on the East Sd of Schuylkill, Small Dined at Peter Mathers seven stars Spent Drumers & Cloub club 2½ Dollars, so back to Streapers Spark Polley till about one OClock then home—

October 24th 1794 wind N W & Prety high up to buck work till most night home by A Foremans Got bedstids for Morris he turnd for me at McClenechans & so home pd 10s for turning

25th Wind East begun to rain about noon very wet after at the City Bout. a Ledger 9s6 Rect. Book 1s10½ Inkstand 1s10½ Quills 1s10½ Sugar 1s10½ Reckening 1s10½ horsler 5½d ferry 4d So home

26th Wind E. & avery stormey day at Meeting after at home Spent the Evening at Streapers Mc Their —– Polley aWhile—-

27th Wind still about East wett night & like for wet day— raind all day work in Shop & Bargaind with an Irishman to dig my tail race for 26 Dollars, Peter may here pd. the remainder for the lott,

28th. wind S W & very fine day work in shop till noon then went to Stadlemans to Lay out his barn meet Mr. Fisher & McClenechan got to Drinking wine, spent 6s3 per man & so home I was very sick– drank to much, I hope never to Drink so again

29th. Wind S W & warm day up to buck Setting Cornish, tho not quite well there all night

30th 1794 October wind W & very fine day at Buck seting Cornish & begun to Shingling– home at night–

31st wind old Corse & very pleasant up to buck Shingeling home at night. Signd two deeds one to Russel & one to Peter May at Streapers Spent 11d so home

Novr. 1st Wind W. & fine day work in shop till noon Judge Jones here Acknowledg two deeds afternoon meet the Society Annual Election Peters, Richard Peters prest. Curwen Vice Algernon Roberts Treasr. Self Secrty.—-

2nd at Meeting finishd Table for E George

3 Interlined at Moris’s Spliceing bedstids & about home

4rdth went to Phila. To See the Lawyers about Streapers affairs, Horse & Dinner 5s. Sugar & Coffee 3s3 & 1 lb of Candles at 1s5 the first I Bought since I keep house home in Evening

5th about home till noon at prince of wales 1s10½ 5 Goats to be Sold offerd 5 Dollars for two, home without them

6th fine day about home till noon, at Doct Bensyl for Polley Streaper She very bad with a Swelld face, got a jar of ointment 5s ½ pint of wine 11d ferriage 8d So home

7th. wind N. W & a little Raw Rode to the warren General Warren Tavern Tom Roberts along Dine there poor anoff, 4s– then up & measured aturnpike Bridg Drank tea at Richd. Thomas & up to Jehu Roberts all night

Novr. 8th 1794 Breakfasted at Jehu’s & meet Curwen & set off for home was to have Measured abridg at warren but put it off, Dined at Robesons Peolea good, Curwen pd all, Settled a dispute between Curwen & Penington that ownes the bare Tavern about some sheds that the turnpike pulld down ordered them to pay 68 Dollars arivd at Curwens Drank tea & so got home about Dusk. the boys Makeing a Coffin for young Irishmam that Came in Last Spring, Brother to Samuel Mason that keep school at Blockley

9th Wind N W & frost but fine day took the Coffin & Buried him before Meeting at Mothers & about home Rich Cochron here

10th. Robert Roberts & I go to Norristown Court got May & Russels Deeds Confirmd by Court Sickel sett the Sherreff to serve a writ for a debt against Streapers Est I as Admr. Spent about 7s6 so home afternight

11th Up to Buck begun the peaza, back in Evening to David Roberts Stayd all night up to buck

12 Robert along work at peaza home Evening at Streapers polley Better Spent 5½—

13th Walk up to buck prety fine tho a little raw Robert & I walk home in Evening Stopt at Mothers Curwen & Fisher here

Nov’ber 14th 94 Wind N.E & overCast & Cold froze’d prety much begun to Snow about 10 OC Geathered about 2 I Deep Got to rain Evening work at Buck Stayd all night

15th At Buck rain & winter like morn Cuting a truss for Mantle all day, Set off home, read the newspaper & to bed- Joe Walter Freed this Evening has been a good boy Joseph Walter was an apprentice.

16 Wind W & very fine Morn Georg Thompson here from town, along with him to McClenechans Dined their Lewl. Young & Cochron their all got Prety much Snapt drunk, Young & Dick along to Streapers Young & I Quarreld it terminated without any blows, owing to Mac in a great Degree–

17th Wind N.W. & frost, head not right or my feeling a Smart Remorse on Me– took horse & set off for buck Meet Young he being Moord at Strap Streaper’s all night, talk it over, but he not rememberd a word of our Differance, so bury it in Oblivion, Irishman up to buck before Breakfast, Get me to make a Coffin for his Brothers Child on penns place, home made it & he pd 12s7½ for it & he took it home, & afternoon Buried here Little yard

November 17th

at David Roberts to Get Robert to Go buck & at Mothers had a letter from Brot. from Washington Near pittsburg Dated 31st. Oct—

18th. up to buck Raisd the Peazza Robertheritoo Robert there too prety fine Day– Fisher there Spent 5½ home Evening—-

19th Wind S W & soft & raind Intervals thruout theday up to buck illegible north Sd all day home Evening Mr Curwen here all Night spent 5½d at Streapers

20th Wind S. up to buck work at Peazza rain Light through the day, Smart Shower in Evening & great wind, went home with Curwen & Fisher Dark gooing

21st Wind N W & Clear & Cold Back to buck very soon in Morn got 2d of Tobacco at Clines Store Lath & begun to Shingle, home at Night

22 Wind W & White frost up to buck Shaveing Shingles fine day work without my Coat home Evening husking Corn Raisd at Colberts ½ Gallon of apple Whiskey 3s9—

23 wind N W & frost prety hard being first day morn, not at Meeting Making bill for Samuel Davis

November 23rd 1794

afternoon at Jont. Pearsons, he Building some adition to his house, back at Streapers a little Spent 11¼d. so home & to bed

24th. at Rees price’s & to buck after breakfast wind N W & prety Cold home Evening

25th Wind N W & Cold Set off to buck Round by by repeat Ben. Humphreys place, heard they Cut trees on his Land but found it none not so at buck, drove of Cattle from the Eastterd there I Bout one yoke gave 65 Dollars home Evening

26th wind N W been a Shower of Snow in night & very Sharp morn & rawday– Robert bout. a pair Oxen we Drove bouth pair home at night, my boy Jacob & Amos Pearce had a fight last night, Swelld Eye so he had to Come home Quarreld Ned much about it, & was very angrey work at buck all day home in Evening—

27th wind S W & fine day at Rees Price’s framing Joysts & Rafters for Carthouse. Evening Tommy Roberts & I at Streapers Spent 9d So home

28 wind S W & fine day at buck Work, Several of our Philada. Light hores horse returning home the Company Brot. went in went down but illegible to stay there awhile

November 29th wind S W & overCast most part tho pleasant at Rees Price’s Raising his Carthouse. afternoon meet the Society, & so back Jacob Tryd my Oxen somewhat orked irked

30 wind S.W. being first day at Mothers in Morn John Wilson here Afternoon at David Roberts, Drank tea at Mothers, Evening at Streapers Polley Morris their Georg McCleneghan he Sp—- sparked Do. & I Polley Streaper had a brave seen—

Dec 1st Wind S.E. & rain at David Jones to Look Money, home Antoney Tunis & Evans here killing my Cow, weighed 458 lb hide 58lb Tallow 42½ lb very good

2nd.. At Hugh Knox to get Salt Got all he had 1s– after noon at Buck Spent 11d so home

3rd wind Nor.W prety Sharp 2 or 3 showers from West Holgat & I up to Curwens & from their to Warren Bridg & measured it Dine their Spent 7s6 for Holget & Self Left their about Dusk Stopt at Curwen & Drank tea

December 3rd. 1794 & arivd at home about 11 OClock—–

4th wind N.W & prety Sharp went to Bill Smith Ned & Jake their home, & begun to Calcalate the bridg–

5th wind N W & prety Cold, Set off to buck work at brest home in Evening at Nathan Jones Spark Nance till about 11 OC so home Long time since I was their, near 12 Months in margin: “6” about halfway through entry, entries following are one day off.

7th wind W. & white frost, Up to buck, work at Breast home by Knox Bout 1 lb Coffee 2 lb sugar & ¼ Pepper total 4s4 Call at Streapers Lewelling Young & I Brandy 11d pd old score had at Sundry times 3s4 so home—

8th. Wind S.W. & over Cast latter part fine day at Meeting R. Tunis here after dinner walk to Race for JP’s projected sawmill & at Rees’s Rode with Tunis below Wagoners & walk back to Morris’s Drank Tea their, walk Down with Polley Streaper got 1 yd of Tobacco & so home

December 8th 1794 wind S.W & overCast & Raind alittle but Blue up from N W in Evening Helping Rees Price to kill hogs, Got one of him wt. 272 lb afternoon to Prince of Wales helping N Jones & Peter Evans to Lay Road tax they pd Reckening 12s5 & so home we Came I found Bouth books

9th wind N W. & white frost with Jacob & Rees Cuting Logs for My Saw Mill paid Sary Bridson by order of Mary Bridson 10L part of Dower–John Curwen here want me to put 2 Gates on turnpike road Evening cut up the hog & salted it–

10th wind N W & fine day down to Levering got the Log Carriage & halld one log, & put another on–

11th wind N W & fine Morn Started about day Light & hall 3 Logs to Levering’s mill–

12th. wind N W & fineday Started & halld 2 Logs to Humphreys & 2 small ones to Leverings at Boyers & at Streapers T Roberts treated me to ½ pint of wine so home had a Stake Drest Supt & Read the paper & to bed &c &c &c

December 13th. 94 wind W. & very fine Day up to McClenechen he attemp to hall alog Got it Most up twice & then Gave it out & went home without, he no woman to cook for him he & I Drest a Stake & Eat Dinner he Down with me to Streapers pint wine 1s10 & Tobacco &c 3s–

14th wind — fine day R. Tunis here to Dinner at Rees home Drank tea Polley Streaper Drank tea the first time here, at Streapers Evening had a prety Great Slash with Old Poll Colter She illegible home—

15th Wind W white frost at Rees Price’s Shingling his his repeat Cart house afternoon killd my Read Cow Wt. 460 lb Evening husking Corn in barn ½ Gallon Whiskey 3s9-

16th Wind S W & fine warm day up to Curwens Rode with him to Spread Eagle to Measure Road put Glass & Locke on at Curwens there all Night, Mr Fisher his Last night he gooing for England– rain & Dark

17th Curwen & Wife & Fisher to town I too Curwen Informd me I am appointed assistant to turn pike

December 17th 1794 Bought Salt 5s9 Glass 6s–Lock 3s– Hinges &c for Jonat. Walter- 3s2– 2lb Sugar 1s10½ Recking at Eliots 10s6 Ticket to play 5s7½ Dine at R.T–

18th Stayd all night at R Tunis blot Thom Dewese told me he seen Brot Edw at Buck on his way home from the Westward very much Rejoist to here of him Set off home arivd about 11 OC B. Edw here indeed, Morris’s Negro Girl Dead Sudden I work at Coffin till Late at night–

19th W. N E & overcast finishd Coffin & took it Down over at turn pike by Jont Thomas’s & up to Curwens he Some Instruction & Rain very hard I Could not Come home, one Parke a young man from valley that had work on turnpike their

20th wind E & hard rain till near 12 OClock abated & off I set arivd to Dinner Rec’d of Curwen on acct of turnpike 1755 Dollars, Road up to Nathan Jones he hurt by fall ahorse Getting Better, home & to bed

December 21st 1794 Wind N E rain & snowshowers at home all day Brother Edw. & Curwin here from town Curwen Stayd all night, Jos. Fisher set sail this day for England

22nd Wind N W & prety high but very fineday with Curwen about a Mile above the Spreadeagle & payd several people for work Done on turnpike, home by Carrons Drank Coffee & home about 8 OClock at Night Spent 1s2—

23rd wind N W & a very fine day at Pearsons helping to frame his Roof home Evening Tom Roberts & Savage a great Quarrel at Streapers I Down & pasifyed them so back & Drank a dish of tea &c &c– —

24th wind S W & Butiful day over to the turnpike & down it to forks of road pd 9 Measurd David Jones Stone & pile of stones at Wagoners Spent 5½d Jersey troop of Horse & 20 prisoners (Whiskey boys) at Stadlemans so home, at Streapers Stayd not

December 25th 94 wind S.W & fine day Brot Edward & self up to T. Cochrons Dine’d their & Praisd his son Benjamins Effects amounted to about 450L He was a saving young man Except in dress Little Extravigant, but he was but a few years in town & had but Low salerrys home– rain in night

26th wind N W & Clear & very fine Set off to turnpike & by the lower ferry to see a fox hunt but they had set off & so mist them went to town & bought Scantling & boards for turnpike Gates & 2 lb Coffee 3s & ½ Tobacco 8d & 4d ferriages so home

27th Wind N by E & white frost & overCast & Raind a little Evening Blue up Rather Cooler Brot Edward & Nehemiah & I up to Buck warnd Sturges Bare & Marks off all Tenants on B Humphreys Est. Spent 1s10½ at Buck Stopt at Wilm Lewis Edw. pd 11d their & so home Master Holgate Treated ½ pint of Wine at Streapers so to bed we goo-

28th Wind N.W. & froze the troff over & ground some the Coldest day had this good while Horatio barefooted all about yesterday Brt Edw. & I at Nehemiah Evans, his Mother altering her Will Brot. Dined here walk with T Roberts to Rees’s Drank two Glasses of wine With him & so home being first day

December 29th. 1794 wind S W & fine day Holget Building a dam for me I their a good While with them, then Down the turnpike pd Ninety five Dollars, & so home before night, & pd Mary Bridson 50L 8s11½d part of Dower left her by her father then down to Dam & so home, Curwen here all night

30th wind N.E. prety Cold Sett off before sunrise with Curwen, & Breakfasted their then Measured several Rood Rods turnpike that was Graveled Dined at Curwens begun to snow then to rain Stopt at Buck & spent 5½d so home Drank tea Down to Streapers & Chated Molley till about 12 OClock home & to slope sleep

31st wind N. E. & over Cast very Little rain Down to town, Brt & Dick Cochron along Quallifyd to praisment of Benj Cochron’s Effects Bought Rum ½ gallon 4s8 sugar & tea 4s8 Reckening 4s2 hosler 4d fery 4d at Wagoners 10d Bear, Brok my Bottles Lost my Rum & Spilt 3 lb sugar Eat Oysters with Jack Zell Carnarven Jake’s & home I came & soon to bed George McClenechan along