Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 93 wind N.E. & overCast snowd a little & Cleard, spent 11d. at Streapers, at Streapers, at Rees, & Loyd Jones settld with him pd. me for Mary Pughs Coffin a poor, paid him 20s on Streaper acct Receivd him 14s7. the Balance so home & Cut up the 6 hogs & to bed, Partly interlined and in margin, apparently written on 2nd and referring to the evening before: “very Exstraornerry when I Came out I Could not see the road nor Could not all the way so that I Came round by Leverings for fear of being Lost nor never seen as well nor never shall the first time I known them fail.”

2nd wind S.W. Rain in the Evening at Bill Smiths Laying Slaughterhoues floor home Evening, at Streaper they got 7 Boarders that has begun on turnpike road,–

3rd wind N E & haild & raind Cold, at Bill Smiths at work home Evening very dark

4th. wind N.E & rain till noon overCast all day Robert here & we settled I fell 7L some odd in det, at home all day

5th Wind S W by W very fine pleasant day patching John Lewis’s barn, pegions very plenty flying without illegible at Rees’s Tommey & I drank some spirits & watter, at Polley Streapers a little while, so home & to bed

January 6th 93 wind S.W. & very remarkable fine day, with Bill Smith to Look at Peter Otts Barn, he treated me to ½ pint of wine at Stadlemans, so home remainder of the day paid Bill kilnealy 3s9 for one Day, reaping first day

7th- wind S W. & very fine day warm & thawing at Jos. George’s, made a bench & altered doors, afternoon at Zell’s to Look or Mend there Cuting box, home an old Inglishman & son here all night wanting to rent B Humphreys place by the Name of Gilber, been in Country 7 or so Weeks–

8 wind W & Butifuull day up to Buck spent 4d. the Englishman a vewing the place I at Jacob Humphreys, at Billey Thomas’s John Thomas paid me for Anvin anvil belonging to Streaper Est. 5L 16s8d from thence to Brades, he paid me 6L for Britsons Est. being all he owd the Est. at Esqr Jones paid him 4L 7s7d being a debt due from Streapers Est. to Towers & Evans, it was Sue’d for before he died, Calld at Cochrons, & at Streaper Stayd not, so home

9th wind about West at town, one Blanchard a frenchman Raisd a Balloon he with it, it was Supposd he went a mile high very Exstraordiary Under taking, but it is said he Landed Safe near opposite to Chester, he went aCross the river, Dinner &c 3s9, Syder 6d ferry 9d Stadlemans 11d- & so Home at Streapers a little while, 7s6d to Streapers old horse

10 January 93 wind N W. & high tho fell and was very fine day, went to Wagoners he died about 4 OClock this Morning, takeing aMiss 4 day agoo, had a number of fitts, very Great Loss to his family & 8 or 9 Childern, some young, I was very Intimate with him & work a great deal for him & paid me honestly, this day two weeks ago I was hanging his sign for him, very Jolley & hartly an awfull thing, death, who dare say he shall Live to see tomorrowd, Lord have Mercey on a sinner, paid Doct. Bensel 15s on acct of Bill Smith at Peters’s barn fetch home boys, aman at Jos. Georges that farm’d for him died this Morning with the Decay been bad some month, work till afternight

11th. wind S W by W & very fineday, finishd bouth Coffins & buried the man from Georges in Merion yard took Wagoners home & put him in stayd all night.

12th. wind N W & frozed prety hard home soon Morn & back by 10 OC & Buried him at the Church–long Sermon home got Dinner, & up to Linch & Lewis’s & Buck & spent 11d. at Streapers & — M— & so & so—

13th wind W. & fine Clear morn to Cathering Kite’s Burial at Merion yard, made a Coffin for Michal Smith (meeting while) Stillbornd afternoon took it down & back to Church dark by the time we buried it home & down to R Tunis’s Sup there & so home & to bed

14th, at R Tunis, morn Laying out stairs

14th January 1793

boys there at work, up to Sam Lewis’s he paid me 5 Dollars for Wood for B Humphreys Est. at Buck, Rented the Humphreys old farm to James Sturgis & spent 16½d at Sheets & old Millners at Streapers a Little while & so home hail Morn & Large flecks of Snow afternoon Rain & sleat—

15 wind, E morn then South & foggy thawd the sleet soon made feet for Zells Cuting box, afternoon Leatherd Mothers pump Evening at Moris’s, back & to bed we goo—

16th wind S E. & very foggy & warm, got to rain about noon & was very Wet alnight, up to Milners bought poplar boards aLong with J Righter, Sold him 5 dead trees of B H Est. for 15s at Robesons Got my horse shod at Holsteins, and drank tea at N. Jones—N—- home about 2, OClock—

17th wind N W & smart shower of snow & Cleard off & very fine & warm sawing white Oake for herse Evening at Hofman & at Streap, so home Boys at Tunis’s work, pigions flying very plenty

18 wind S.W. & very fine warm day, tho froze prety hard & white frost, Looking for 3 sheep Lost & at Mothers got 50 Rye batts from Moris, afternoon at Bears & old Bond to Look for money at Jonathan Thomas & at Streapers paid Polley 7s6 for one Ewe, paid 7s6 for Necessary by Rebecca George, paid Hannah 7s5– paid Walter 22s6 for Chest &cc

January 19th 93 wind S.W. & white frost dressing stuff for herse Robert & I to Righters ferry, Gilbert now to look at a horse, do. wanted to buy he road my Sampson Colt, the first She was Ever back, home Got Dinner Curwen dined here & at Stadlemans met the Society Brother John Balloted in as member & Robert Nominated very remarkabel fine day indeed

20th wind. S.W. & whitefrost overCast but warm day at A. Roberts & phines Roberts, & Leverings & so home being first day—

21st at Edward Georges at work fine day there all night

22nd at. do hanging Gates rather Cooler— do. do.

23rd Walter Joe Joe Walter Came for me to make a Coffin for John Jones, pumps Child, finishd & buried at Merion yard, Big Uncle Lewis Davis Buried to day, died very sudden about half or part drest & was found dead by his housekeeper

24th A Little shower of Snow, but a prety fine day at E. George’s work–all night there

25 at E George’s fine day, home at night—

26. wind N. & froze prety hard & raw day at Tunis’s morning. him & I guning with Jehu Roberts got none, Dine’d at Rees Price’s afternoon sold the old horse Left at Streapers by one Cooke 1 year ago for 7L 16s Spent 11d

27th. wind S E & froze prety hard at B Tunis in Morn

Jany. 27, 93

Dine’d at Mothers, very fine turkey, S. Gibson & Polly there, afternoon at home, overCast & begun to Snow about 1½ Deep by Morning

28th. wind W. & Cleard off, & very warm the snow most all gone, pigions flying plenty, Morris & I out a little while got none paid Morris 15 for 50 Rye Batts 2s6 for 2 Quarts of Whiskey up to John Bears at Sheets at Helembolts & Robesons ¼ Tobacco 4½d & so home—

29th wind N. W & froze hard, set off for town got horse shod at Wagoners & got 4 Dollars on acct of Wagoners Coffin, bout 12 pains of Glass 4s6, whip & stick 3s9 at Elliots wine 5½d Dyers 2s7 fery 4d & so home so home repeated

30th. Wind N.E. & Cold begun to snow about 10 OClock Got Mothers horses & Wagon & fetch two loads of boards from Milner, very snowe day, Evening at Streapers gave Polley 15 Dollars that I got for old horse.

31st. wind N. & snow blows about much about 5 or 6 I Deep, (at Mothers) & Little Crust on Snow afternoon Paul Jones & Loyds back to Morris’s. Got up our old slay took Molley Morris & M Streaper & Dewese went to Wagoners & as far as Jess George’s hill back to Wagoners Spent 7s2 & so home about 12 OClock work in shop

February 1st at R Tunis he up, at Lewis Thomas so home & posting up some Acct.–

2nd wind N E. & rain, pretty fast went to town Bought 6 yd Cloth at 10s per yd 3L Batting 9s

February 2nd 93

Stuff for Jacket 12s6, Lock hinges & nails 5s6 Sugar & Coffee 4s2¼d at Dyers 2s5 ferry 4d So home—-

3rd. wind N W pretty fine day at B Tunis Morn at A Roberts, Evening & home & to bed we goo—

4th wind S W fine day Set off for birdinhand Tavern meet the Oficers to Instruct them in there Exercise Spent 3s4½d returnd to Streapers spent 11d. So home Hannah to Town, Mr Evans make me Sutute an overcoat

5th. at Wagoners Praising his person Estate Got Done aftermidnight, there all night–

6th wind S.E & got rain very wet day home in Morning Choseing assistance to the sessors John Curwen & A. Roberts, but 3 of us there

7th wind N W & fine day up Widow Conrads Got 5 Dollars for work done her house at, Mothers Evening at Streap — Molley

8th wind N E & overCast, set off to Phinn Roberts– & from there to Saml. Gibson, there all night,–

9th. wind N W & a little shower ofrain, Cleard off went to town bought Glue 1s10½d Chalk 5½d, knife 16½d, Dyers 2s9 & so home T Roberts paid 2d ferriage for me, & Saml. Gibson paid 2d at Weeds for, me—

10th wind N W & prety Cool at Mother to breakfast there to John Roberts about Bill Lewis affairs home to Dinner John Jones here paid him 5 Dollars

February 10th 93

on acct of Fathers Est. Evening at Tunis Master Holgate along home about 10 OC & to bed we go

11th wind N E & very Cold froze hard, makeing a Draft for Paul Jones’s paper Mill Rees Jones here, afternoon meet at school house, & after in Evening at Widow Conrad, she wanting to make or Consult about her will at Streaper a little bit begun to Snow about 9 OClock as I Come home

12th wind N.E. and Large snow 15 or 18 I Deep & greatly drifted & Still at violent. B.Tunis Rees Thomas & self in the old slay to Widow wagoners, Ned Georges Cupboard, Left it there drank some Chery & back to Stadlemans I spent 11d for Chery so home broke the road, up the horses belley many places, no wagon nor Cariage traveld all Day by us Some few horse people

13th. Set off for Norristown up the buck, ½ pint wine 11d. no Road broke Gulph way, gave out, on the other thought Set out from buck about ½ after 11 OC & work on, with atrack of one or two horse some times, from Curwens Lain Rather better Come on aviolent Snow shower from W. arivd at ford Left our horses & Cross in Canew & up to Norristown, Cort ajernd till 3 OClock, meet & Broke up, spent at Roberts 11d ½ pint of wine, so back to horses, I paid 1s10½d horses at hay 11d ferriage 5d for Cyder, off to Bird got a Cold Cut & wine & oates 4s4 I paid 11d Latch the rest, off & arivd at Streapers after a Wethersome tramp. had to get off and Lead for want of path Spent 5½d Latch pd. at Streaper for syder, so home Near 11 OC.

14th wind N.W. & prety Cold, day, at Rees price’s, at Streapers 2 or 3 minutes, about home the rest of the day—-

15th wind N.W. more Moderate Snow Give a little at Morris’s he and wife to Wilmington in slay just Come home back & work in shop boys at Writing desk for Tunis slays & sleds gooing down without Number almost

February 16th 1793 wind S.E & overCast allday work inshop till noon after at Mitchel at McFee’s place Gist open Tavern spent 4d. at buck, 11d. on trust back to Streaper bargin with a man for a Bellows, & D.— got to rain & at it all night

17th. wind S & very wet day & fog Snow run away very much, Evening wind Shifted to N.W. & broke off at Mothers to dinner & part of afternoon S. & Polly Gibsons there whetherbound, first day–

18th- wind S.W & froze but trifling, took Polly Gibson & her two Childern home in there one horse Slay home repeated bad gooing, back Evening snow run very much

19th. wind S.E & got to rain about noon rain hard in & all night, work in shop

20th. wind N.W. & Cleard off very fine day work in shop & at Mothers, Master Holgate paid 5 Dol. on acct. of Board, I paid Jacob 2 Dol. for work Paid Peter May, 18s Intrest, at Streapers spent 1s Nehemiah along– home by 8 oclock

21 at home in shop till noon, at Catherin Wagoners Settled with her, pd me a Ballance of 12s at T Georges Settled with him, so home again—

22 wind N W & froze a little, Set off to town pd for 3 Lock 2s6 two Escuchons 2d. pd 2 for other locks for 2 other locks, &c 2s9 pd 3 boults 1s6, foure pair of butts 3s4, Centerbit 1s6 knife 1s1½d paint 6s8 sigars 5½d, at Dyers 3s9 at ferry 5½d at Wagoners 11¼d & so home Got 4 Dol of Jont & Rees Thomas

23rd 93 Feby. wind N.E Cold & snow smart for while got rain after night, wet night, at Rees Borrow paint stone ground some till noon then met the society at Stadelmans pd 1 Dollar & 2 Dollars for Brot.John towards the Borers and 1 Dollar towards perchising horse for Colflesh home about 10 OClock at night—

24th S.E & very rainey Morn at Meeting after at Morris’s & R. Tunis’s back & at Polley Strepars home soon,—

25. wind N E & Raw all day Cleand 3 B flaxseed in illegible R Tunis here him & I guning got 8 Pigions between us. Conrad hover Dead boys begun the Coffin hail & sleet

26th. wind N E Rain & froze, in Morn warmer after finish the Coffin & took it home, very Sloppy back home

27th wind S E & overCast, attended the funeral Buried at Merion Corner next road & stable, Borrowd 45L of ant Betty Roberts (so Calld) went to T Georges pd him abond of 83 he had against me, all but 7L 14s– so home again to bed

28th work in shop till noon then went to Wagoners finish’d praising home about 10 OClock at night ½ lb bacco 8d, very remarkable Cold morn

March the 1st wind S.W. froze hard Last night, prety fine day paint a Cupboard & work shop till noon then to Rees’s Borrowd 12 Dollars of Thos. Roberts up to Milners pd. him 5L 1s11d. for poplar boards at Streapers a Little while so home

2nd. Makeing a Coffin for Philip Hufmans Child took it home & Buried at Merion yard then

March the 2nd, 1793

after up to B. Humphreys the turn pike Begun to Quarry Stone there, Call at Mitchel’s Spent 1s3 then to Streapers, spent 6d. was at David Roberts & Look at turnpike men wind S W & very fine day overCast in Evening

3rd. wind S. by W. in Morn & raind in Night prety much, Cleard off & very fineday at Mothers in afternoon, Brother E up,– Brother John Left off going to school to Drake, Thomas Roberts says he heard frogs Crying–

4th. fine Morn, froze not wind S. & overCast begun to rain afternoon, rain very smartly planted 7 white pine trees got out of the orchard growd from the seed very small planted Some Chery trees 2 Enoculated, went to David Roberts to get walnut boards of Robert he not home so miss geting the frogs Crying as Rees & I Came home the first I heard this Season–

5th wind S. Morn smart Shower of Rain from W. & Cleard off very Blustery high wind finish turning Bannisters for Tunis desk at Streapers, afternoon a Little while

6th. N W & froze not so hard as to bear a horse Hannah at Market, work in shop & at Rees’s & at Streaper. Polley in town my Mare sold 1 Hhd of Sider for 50s, at Mothers Evening Very fine day,

March 93 7th wind S W & soft Morn overCast got 12 Dollars of Rees & Jonathan Thomas, at Rees Price’s puting up pens &c &c—

8th wind S W & rain, at Mothers Borrowd 8 Dollars, Mother Bond or Rather Jos. Bond pd 6L 1s10½d for Draws & Table pd T. Roberts 12 Dollars that I Borrod afternoon pd T Gorge 7L 14s5d being the last of an 83 Bond– at Robert Holland & so to Town ther all night

9th wind got to N W & a snow shower & very Cold froze hard about Day Bought Locks for Cupboard, & funerture for Book Case & screws for Coffins &c 16s6 2 Lights of Glass for Tunis 11d Broke to peices, horse 1s10½d Dinner 1s6– Lock for teatable 1s10½ Glass paper 5½d at ferry 1s10½d at Wagoners 5½d so home–

10th- being first Day at home Tunis here & Morris Meeting Evening at D Roberts back at Streapers a little while home by 9 OClock

11th. Wind S. & rain at Mothers got a walnut omission at Tunis took his righting Desk there

March 11th 93

he Come up with me, T Roberts & Rees here for Leather, L Young here to get Blocks Glud for Stamping, he & self to Sturgis’s & David Lewellins & at Buck pd 1s10½d half of it I had the 16 of February so back to Streapers, T Roberts there Stayd not 15 Minutes Drunking turnpikers

12 wind N.W after Breakfast Set off for Peters to finish Barn & Build hen house Robert aLong Evening went to town there all night, at ferry spent 1s3—

13th. Wind N. & very Cold Morn a Shower of Snow, Breakfasted in town Spent 3s10 Breakfast & horse, at Jacob Amoss at work the Remainder of Day, home Stopt at Wagoners spent 6d & Drank tea there, Bill Jones Shoemaker pd 15s that I Lent him a Long time agoo pd Bill Kilneyley, 7s6 for Dressing flax

14th wind N.W. & froze prety hard. set off to Peters Barn, work at hen house, stayd all night, spent 4d at Wagoners—

15th wind S W. & prety high but fine day at work at henhouse, Evening up to Wagoners mett Battis there & staid all night, Spent 2s1½d & k.—-B

16 March 93 wind S. & little rain, Drank a little Cherry 3d. & so home roads much Dryd– at Mothers Back & up Buck, Dine’d there ½ pint of wine spent 2s3 at B Humphreys turnpike Diging stones at prince of Wales, Doct. Shippen had his Stock there to sell, he’s Quit farming Township Election N. Jones & Jos. Wilson supervisors of highways Jones Esqr Jon. Rambo David Roberts & self Settlers Spent 11d & so home Spent 6d at Streapers

17th Being first day Makeing Coffin for young Henry Shoester, very fine day Tunis & self up Buck, Drank a glass of wine Tunis pd. Jonathan Miller pd Tunis for a Cart he Bought of him, afternoon Buried Shoester at Merion yard, Drank tea at Tunis & at Streapers Spark Mol. A while– paddy’s day great work Irish

18th Sett off soon, to Peters, Shingling his hen house Spent a 3d at Wagoners raind at night smart shower

19 wind N.W & rather Cooler finishd Roof & put 3 or 4 Locks on & set off for Wagoners spent 3d & so home

20th Wrote for Jon Conrad to warn his Tenants out at Rees’s puting yard Round front of house Doct. Shippen here, wanting to swap horses

20th March 93

Evening up to Widow Conrads, Drew John acct out against Wagoner for Cuting 52 Cord of Wood, went to warn or here what there Irish Tenant sayd he will not Leave the house he says—

21st. very Sharp Lightening & prety hard thunder, hevy rain before day & rain this Morn, went to Jacob Warners with Doct Shippens horse, he will give 19L for him back & up to Shippens he & I Swapt Dublin for his horse he gave me 20s sup at Cochrons & so home

22 wind N.W froze prety hard highwind & Cold took the horse to Warner’s & he paid me 19L so got 20L for Dublin. after at Jos George’s Repairing old house home spent 8d In company with I. Righter

23 Set off to town Bought 12¾ yd Fustins fustian at 25s6 horse whip 20s Sprigs & screws 4s3 powder & pomatium 3s8 Dinner &c 4s6 ferriage 4d at Society find fined 1s boards at West 3 Dollars, home about 8 OClock

24th wind N.W. Set off with David & Robert Roberts for Goshen. Stopt at Riseing Sun Tavern Willistown, Dined there on a poor Mess, Robert Swapt his Mare with Do at Morris’s Tan for bay horse, thence to West Chester at Webbor Taver went to Jail to see Bill Lewis Look fat & well, Left there & Came to one Phinnes Masseys taver there all night,

25 Drank some Jinn Morn & set off to old Mechems on Davids Land, David & Robert, the Lease from old Mechems that he Got of old Thomas Davie 10 years from this Spring, to give him 180L pay the first of April 1794

March 25th 1793

and they to have possession 25th of April 94 Left here about 2 OClock P.M. Come by Buck Met Curwen & his Brother, there Drank Bottle of wine & fed our horse, & so home, it Cost us 8s11d apeace Total 26s9d., & I gave the Horsler 9d. Bought a glove of a man that found it just as we where passing by him for 1s6—

26th wind S. W. & got to rain about noon & raind hard, at Huffmans to Get Chips for Tunis Cradle then ther & mended it so home, & work in Shop, Rode my Sampson Colt the first time, at Streapers With Morris, So home & to bed we go

27th. windy, Clear & fineday, at T Pratts begun frame his fatts, Tamzin Roberts there black Cloud to W. & Cold Evening spark P.Str.

28th wind N W & frozed hard & Cold Morn, at Rees’s & Set off to town at Wagoners Jill of wine & Tobacco 7½d fery 2d furnurture for draws 12s2 Lock 5 at 10d per 4s2 8 Escuchon 2s2 files 2s3–glue 1s 10½ Beese wax 2s6 saw set 11d Nails 2s2 Dinner &c 4s1 at Elliots, came by Germantown. Spoke to a Minister to Marry Polley Wagoner on the Easter Monday first of April pd 4d at ferry so home

29th. wind S.W. Morn & frost plenty at Rees makeing Gates, Evening at Moris’s Road a gray horse he has for sail to Wagoner, Brother want, to buy him Spent jill of wine 5½d. so back

back repeated to Moris’s & so home

March grafted Some Cherry & about home till noon Curwen Dined here, to the prince 30 of Wales to Settle Township Acct. back at Streapers pd 8d had some time agoo & so off

31st wind S.W. & fine day at Tunis’s Meeting wile Dined at home at Rees’s with Tunis, then road the Colt to Wagoners, one jill of wine & 2 some time before & 3 yds Tobacco 1s10½ so back Turnpike men very rude riping & swareing Much about Streapers

April the 1st wind S W & a Lovly fine day Down to Wagoners & took there Carriage & went Germantown fetch the Minister, over, performd the Serimony & pernounc’d John Pilkerton & Molley Wagoner Man & Wife. Dine’d there prety well servd, & With wine &c &c. Stayd there all night. I paid 2s6 for feriage & 3 Dollars to the Minister, & Pilkerton had pd. him 3 before

2nd wind S W & home very soon, back to Tunis’s helping him Load his wagons & so accompany him to town & his family in a house in fourth Street of De havans pd for 6 Q oats 1s6 at ferry 10d Wagoners 5½ so home, warm day

3rd wind S W & very warm day with Curwen along the rout of the turnpike road from below David Jones to the Buck

April the 3rd 1792

Dine’d at Mothers & so up the Buck Curwen Home & I Back fetch 2 ash trees from B. Humphreys & planted in the road to N of house & other by Shop

4th wind S.E. at Rees hewin the rails rown the yard & Bording End of shed over well home & Down to Pratt’s & home.

5th. wind about E set off to Phinn Roberts Got a ¼ of Shad at 16s10½. Viz 9 Dollars per Hnrd. home to Breakfast Very wet afternoon to Abr Foremans Vandue bought Leather Lines, 2s9 Jack plane 2s3, beach? 1s1 two Boxes 2s went to see John Robeson & so home. Moderate rain all night sowd plaster below barn

6th wind S.W. & foggy & heavy, sowd 1 peck of Clover seed far feild No.4 Got at Buck 15s afternoon at Pratts, & at at repeated Turnpike & Morris’s with Dewese a turnpike Master or overseer at Streapers A little while a smart rain from N.W. it was Clear after noon & very pleasant got 15s for Barrel Syder

7th wind N W & high with George Jerret at Rights he Bargaind with him to keep old Fimble & wife & finde the fire wood for 7L per Annum he will be pd for a year If he should Dye in any time within the year, afternoon Road my Colt to Supplees & to S. Gibsons & home againe

8th April 1793 wind S W & no frost at Pratts puting fatts R Tunis up, put 4 in & at Morris’s Evening & at Streapers & Mothers got 1 Dollar of Gills ½ Barrel Syder, 16½d. & 7s6 before for fulling Blankets so—-

9th wind S W & fine promising Morn peache & plumb trees out in Blossom’s, John Roberts & Morris & Self, sett off to Look at Bill Lewis Marsh, Dine’d in the Mash a Little house Calld the City Tavern, prety good fare, Rode to the Lower ferry & walk to the pesthouse & seen Mud Island where the fort, was, Stop at Leech’s Tavern & Downd some Syder so home, spent in the hole 4s2½

10th, Meet the turnpike road at 5 Milestone & run with them to old farfeild, Dined at David Jones’s & so home Curwen & fisher along Drank Coffee with me Cool–

11th wind N.W. & Whitefrost & Ice, set off to help Saml. Gibson Move to town arivd in Carters Alley, safe Except ther Dog the Wagon run over him & killd him, Bought bedScrews 3s6 Red Chalk 3d. bedpins 1s10½ layd out in hole 2 Dollars wanting a Quater & so home with the Chear,

12 Meet Curwen at B. Humphreys, place & run the Line of pike Roade to David Roberts Come on thunder Gust, & a Smart shower of hail Curwen & Fisher Dined at Mothers & then home

April 13th- 93 wind N W & Cool Morn, Jacob Begun to hall Dung I went to Dick Roberts to Look Shad, at Wagoner 1 Jill of wine 5½d afternoon at Deweses Quarry, they have run a plow for the track of Road, home to Streapers spent 11d. ½ pint wine- So to bed with Dewese—

14th. wind W. & prety fine Morn, at Algernon Roberts so home in Evening begun to Rain

15th Rain in Morn afternoon up to Curwens Drank tea back spent 11d. So home—

16th. wind N & cool morn went to town, Bought 5 Locks 4s2 Escuchons 1s3 brass knobs 8d. hinges & Lock safe 1s10 Red Chok 3d. Reckening 3s4 home in Company Polley Streaper.

17th Makeing Coffin Jonathan Thomas’s Child about 1 or 2 Days old, afternoon Buried it, Evening at Dick Roberts Got 100 Shad for one Hoghead of Syder so home been a fine Day 20L of Peters

18th wind S. Clean’d the Shad, & got to rain Smart till noon, went up to the Buck spent 5½d in order to meet Curwen about the Road he not there so home, paid Jacob Amos 7L 10s

19th. wind S W & fine day at Rees Price’s Raising the kitchen for a still house, afternoon meet Curwen at Humphreys place at Buck, Drank some porter Curwen paid

April 20th 93 wind N.E. thunder gust Last night & Dull & some rain to day at Rees’s Morn turn’d bed Stids, afternoon at Society, & so home Got 18 Dollars for Desk & bed Stids

21st wind N E. at Rees, breakfasted there got up the Cheair & set off with Tamzin Roberts to Valley, fed at Baymount, 1s10½ fed and Dined at Massey near Goshen Meeting 3s10 arivd at Jehu about ½ after 6, OC through a very bad Road, got word John Robeson dead just as set off

22nd wind N.E & rain & a little snow hardly to be observd, Left there about half after 10 OClock, fed Riseing Sun 1s7. boy 3d. so got home about 6 OC, got 50s for Conrad Hovers Coffin

23rd wind W. & frost find fine day at John Robesons Burial, paid Dickinson 40s for work at Peters’s paid John Evans Taylor 5L 11s1d for sundry work, at Pratts sinking fatts afternoon

24th wind W, fine Clear Morn & whitefrost at Pratts sinking fatts, afternoon at Bill Smith sinking squaring house for John Linch, & at Stadlemans Spent ½ pint wine & so home

25ht. A smart frost, white, at Pratts top planking of the fatts, home—

26th wind N E & Raw, at Pratts, finish’d before noon, with Curwen to Deweses & John Roberts Quarry & up the rout to buck

forming the Road above a mile & Stone’d a perch or Better I Roade on the formd part for the first time spent at Buck 7½d wet afternoon home before Darck—-

27th wind N. E. high & very wet, Blue the old Chesnut Down oppisit the Meeting house, many anut I have taken from it–but alas it is no More finishing a safe for Richard Tunis Phila– at Huffman geting pump handle Mended at Morris’s Evening & so home—-

28th. wind N E & Rain very Great storm. Cold & Disagreeable, the Clover in feild Comes on fine, at Mothers. Back to breakfast, at Meeting afternoon Morrises, & at Streapers—Cleard off

29th. wind N W & Clear & Cool & white frost no Ice as I seen went to town Bot a Barrel tar 17s6 Compasses 1s11 Boards 54 feet 11s3 Reckin. at Eliots 4s. horsler 5½d Bought for Curwen 509 feet Boards & paid 2L 16s0 2lb sugar 1s10½d

30th. Wind N.W Clear morn a little Ice on the top of Hogshead in yard up to B Humphreys place Sturges there now, Stakeing the Road through our old feild & David Roberts feild Dined at Davids & at Streapers Morris & Meclanacan spent 8d. so home–

May 1st home Turnin bed post & afternoon at Latches Tom Roberts along at Stadlemans pd 11d Due some time ago, & half penney for a grog With Tommy & at Morris a little while, at Rees, with Roberts & Drank wine with him & so home gave Hannah a gunie guinea Laid out for shirt &c

May the 2nd 93 about home till noon & then up to Widow Britsons, she Sude by Morris Lewellin for Damage, at Cochrons Drank Coffee there & so home—-

May 3rd . Wind S E & raining warmer rain than we had A good While at John Roberts in morn, Set off about noon for Town, to see Brother about marsh of Bill Lewis’s Dinner &c. 2s4 ferriage 4d at Wagoners 5½d & so home very wet hard rain

4th, wind S W. & very warm day, Makeing Coffin for Collins’s Child. Curwen & Fisher Dine’d here John Roberts & I down to the Marsh spent 11d for 2 mugs of syder

5th wind N E & overCast but not much rain Took the Coffin or and attend to Screwing it up Buried at Abbinton Abington by some Mistake they had Spoke a Coffin over there, & the joiner fetch it over in the herse but the Child was in Mine, so he had to take his back— home to Dinner one Jackson & wife Dine here on there way to Quarterly Meeting Brother & Tunis up at Rees’s & at Tanyard Tunis order where to put the Bark house

6th wind N.E & Cold at Wagoners puting A Roof on shed that Blue off. She paid me 34s10½ for work, Afternoon took my Colt & Roberts old mare to Mash, spent 5½d for Syder, at N. Jones to Look at his horse Puff, & so home

May the 7th 93 wind about S W & aprety fine day at home turning bed post. Evening at turnpike & Mothers & so home, Calf swelld. Cut a hole between the hip & Rib & it got better soon,

8th very foggy Morn, & warmday, set off to Curwens boys at work there, from there to Norristown, horse at ford & walk, pd. 1s horse & ½ jill, Dinner & bear 2s6 ferriage 5½d, paid for 3 supenias 8s10 for D Latch, & so to Streapers 5½d for jill of wine, Polley Streaper Got 1 Hd. Rum

9th wind S. W & very fine warm day at Pratts Laying out bark house killd a black Snake near 5 feet Long & work at the herse Evening Curwins Brother Fisher here & up with him

10th. Cloudy & a shower In the Morn work at floor at Curwens & so down in the Evening at Streap B— P– prety fine day in the hole–

11th wind N.E. & over Cast Mr Evans here makeing Casemear casamere Jacket, & Breaches, sent for Quart of Whiskey to Morris Gave Becca 1s10½ to Get it Got it Back Morris took no pay, set off at 12 OClock to town, Dinner &c. 3s6, went to see one Rickets Ride, a great horsman, Rode standing up, & performd many Extraonary pranks pd. 3s9 for ticket, pd. at fery 7d. so home

12th Brother & R Tunis up, Tunis & I up to buck afternoon, Meet Brother and Jarvis Rode down the rout of the pike road inpart Drank Tea at Mothers, Robert & I up to Britsons so home

May 13th 93 Set off with T. Roberts & others to Court Dinner & Club 5s horse 1s3 Evening to Esqr Jones all night. being summond on struck jury

14th Back to Cort, warmday Dinner & Club 3s9 gave Lawyer Chapman 4 D on Streaper and pd 26s6 on Britson acct. on a Case that Morris Lewellyn Brought against her for scandal & pd. 22s6 for Morris, that he’s to pay me again at Jesse Roberts all night—

15th wind N. & Cool a shower at Distance there till after Dinner hole Exspence to Day & Last night 8s6, Snyder, Layd the award we returnd between him & Molley Latch ajd. by proving that he was not present when all Molley’s Evidence was Examined, set off & arivd at home before sun set—–

16th wind W & fine day up to Curwens finishd there for a while & so home boys along

17th At Jos. George’s in the Morn after at Pratt’s hewing for his bark house Recd 2 Dol for bed stids of Ratclift—

18 wind S W. & warm hewing till noon then home to wash sheep, after Meet the Society at Stadleman’s begun a Coffin for old Widow Durnal, Down with T. Roberts Drank 3 Glasses of wine at Streap—S—-Mo

May the 19th 93– wind S W & warm day finish‘d the Coffin & afternoon took it to the Commons Marketstreet, at Isaac Roberts her soninlaws where she Dyed, prety Little Shower ther but none up here Spent 5½d. & so home

20th fine Morn & Little foggy hot Day I Dare say, set off to town there about 9 OClock, set off for kinsesin Kingsessing Church with the Corps Very Dusty & hot, Buried her and set off for home stop at oring Orange Tree, & spent 11d. for wine Polley Streaper & Betsy Wagoner along, pd 16½d for ferriage, so home & Sheard 6 of my Sheep—

21st. finishd Shearing Sheep & at Pratts hewing Evening at Rees Price’s Saray Dyer there very poorly, Planted 12B. Potatoes & Coverd them –plowd. Sarah Dyer is sister of Rees Price–b.1738, d.1794

22nd. wind S W foggy at Rees’s Hannay to town to the Burial of Hannah Kite, a young woman Up to Streapers Lott makeing fence & got my young Mare Shod. Small Shower & good Deal of hard thunder at Pratt’s & Morris in margin: “took 5 or 6 stroberrys out the garden to Sarah Dyer”

23rd wind N W & rather Cooler, three hands Mowing Middle feild No.3, (Shacklin about at Rees’s & at Pratts & at Mothers gave Hannah 2 Dollars, to buy Necessary’s for house, up to Widow Conrads & at Buck Spent Glas of punch 1s3 one Laskey Sets off home to Verginea Rode with him to Buck he relation of Mothers, Clover very good & just out in Blossom–

May 24th, 93 wind N W and Cool this Morn, at Pratts Leveling bark house & work at herse & Rackeing hay, Evening at John Roberts’s & so home

25th Cool morn & over Cast afternoon & Little rain Work at Pratts (& Cocking hay in Evening,)

26 Wind S E & fine Moderate rain at Meeting afternoon at David Roberts & Mothers at Rees’s

27th All of us at Pratts, Raisd the Plates warm over Cast Evening, at John Roberts home Moon shine

28th Set off to Town soon to see Brother about Wil. Lewis’s Marsh pd oats & jin 10d. ferriage 4d at Blue bell Tavern Breakfast & oats, 2s10d Down to Meadow & fetch my Colt home Stopt at one Boots, & Rented Bill Lewis Mash to him till the first of December, for 9L., & at Jacob Warners, & so home Thos Cochron here Drank Coffee, very smart Shower & several in night pd 7s6 to men for takeing Care of Colt

29th Wind N.E & over Cast with a little rain at times at, Rees Cuting Door in two & afternoon at Pratt’s Shingling Evening at Wagoners for Tobacco pd 16½d. & so home–

30th. wind N.E and Cloudy Still Clover out yet at Pratts Shingling, afternoon, at John Robeson’s Juner. Widows Vandue, Bought 7 plates 9s6 Skimer & fleshfork 2s2 old jacket & Breaches 4s0 gave them to David Loyd, & so home–

May 31st 93– wind N.E. & small rain & over Cast all Day at Jos. Georges hewing, home at Night rain Smart-

June the 1st. wind N.E. went to Pratts, but Raind so hard that we Quit before breakfast. Dull time for hay mine out Still. Afternoon at Alley Roberts & so home. wind to N.W & seen the sun hopes of fine day

June 2nd. wind N & the sun Shined Spread some of the hay, but Clouded up & Raind by 10 OClock & got to N.E & Raind all Day with Small Intervals, up the turnpike road to Humphreys, & so home—

3rd. wind S.E. & Raind Good Deal in night & Smart this Morning, pd Lewis 4. Dollars, raind till noon, sun shun out, this afternoon, give fresh Sperrits, at Hoffmans for 10 Rivets at Streapers puting Linnen on Safe, Drank Tea & home—

4th wind N E & rainny night & wet Morn straing spell of Wether, Got 1 Dollar of Master Holgate for Board, Clover still out, got 4 Dollars of Jonathan & Rees Thomas, work at herse, afternoon at Pratts Drank some Wine & so home not much rain the afternoon

5th wind N. this morn & a little skie to be seen Borrowd Morris’s Wagon, & took Sister Polly Gibson & her two Childer & Betty Roberts, Polly Streaper to town, Bought furniture for Desk 20s1 Nails 6d. Salt & Coffee musterd 4s 10½d Horses & wine 2s1 ferriage 1s- paint 3s- the sun shun out about 11 OC & prety fine day tho Cloudy, home Evening

6 Wind S E & rain again, work in shop & painting Begun a Coffin for Bill Warner, Dyed Sudden at Wagoners Eat Breakfast & Dyed before ten OClock

June 1793 Had very great Drinking spell, several days came or went there the afternoon before he died Eat Super, & went to bed, up in Morn soon & Drank good Deal of water, had formd aresolution for some Month that he Drank none, but some Little while he broke out again, & I beleive it was his End—

7th Wind N W once More, & fine Day Jacob & omission work at, hay much Damaged but Dry fine find to Day that in Coks most spoilt by far, finishd the Coffin & took it Down & was one of jury of Inquest, home to Dine & meet in afternoon & Buried him at Merion yd. at the hay after- & at Rees’s & so home

8th. Wind N.W. fine warm Day at James Jones makeing two Windowframes & Looking at the turnpike people Enter Heston’s Grounds he Cut ther lines & attempted plow there road up. home before night. boys got all the Clover in

9 wind S.W. & warmday up with Dewess Dine’d with him, at Eliots spent 5s9 and at the Bird 11d. Stop McClanigans smoke segars & Drank some Madaria wine with him & so home veri sick by smokeing—

10 wind S W & very warmday. at Jos Georges hewing Rafters for his Beamhouse

June 10th 93 home at Night, got 7 Dollars for Mother Dornals Coffin pd by Thomas Dornal—-

11th. wind S W & warm at Jos Georges, put up the Rafters & home to Dinner, after at Jacob Jones & Evening Linning asfe a safe for Polley Streaper

12th. wind S.W. & fineday at Do. Shingling beamhouse & hung two gates, & so home

13th at Do. wind S. & two or 3 shower but not heavy Layd all the shingles he had, & finishd Pratts & so home– at Hoofmans to get them to mow

14, wind W. & Cool morn & Clear at Stadlemans spent 2½d for Cherry, up to Sheets’s jointing board at Robesons 2 Cents worth of Tobacco, & at Cochrons sup there & so home, at Streapers with Polley

15th. wind N.W. & fine Clear morn Eate too hartly a Supper, not so well this morn, over at turnpike & at Jonathan Thomas’s & at Grimes Company, Insulted by his men beging for Money, home & afternoon at Society, but 3 meet paid 2s9 for the Society, home & went to Morris’s & back, & to bed,

16th wind W. & fine warmday Rich Cochron here to Dinner Rich Tunis up & Brother Edw up Evening at Streapers but not in the house so home & to bed bottle wine 3s9

17th wind S W. & fine morn, fine rain afternoon with thunder, at Sheets’s at Robesons, for ½ Doz. plates Bought at her Vandue at Sturges’s & at Mitchels Spent 11d & home, Morris & I at Hoffman

17 of June 93 and at Streapers Spent Glass of punch & home Glass of punch 16d. & so to bed—

18th wind W & very warmday, set off about 11 OC to one Enoch Enochs Tavern on the other sd. of Schuylkill to Elect a Colonel & 2 Majors, McClenagan & Shippen & Eqr. Jones & others along Dinner & wine 9s4 Horses & Drink, 5s pd. for McClanigan 2s9½d & at the Bird inhand 1s10½d at Torrances 5½d. so home Sturart Stuart Colonel John Pugh Major & Self Major for this side

19th wind W. had 3 Hoffmans & Herse Michael Hearce mowing, did not finish, as much as two hands will another day, was to give them 2½ Dollars but it too little, at the price they have per day (viz 4 they ask)– at Sheets Evening at Robesons & so home

20th wind S.W. at work at hay, Cloudy & Cock Rake & Cock

21- & Cock the hay that was not Cok yesterday, up to Sheets’s, afternoon, a heavy shower With thunder & heavy Gale of wind at Meclenaglans, Drank some wine, two young men there by the name of Dan Bell & Shaw home Evening

22 wind N W & Cool in Morn & fine Day at Work at Hay Got all made that was mowd & in Large Cock, up in Evening to Mitchel to Elect Company officeres, Spent 4s3½d & so home-

23rd Wind W. & pleasant day at Mothers & B Tunis Richard Tunis & John Warner Dined here

23rd June 93

afternoon with Tunis to Jess Thomas’s to see If he would Undertake to Reap Tunis Wheat & at Rees’s a great Fray at Polley Streapers with the turnpike men– spent a few Moments in Evening at Streaps & so to bed–

24 wind N.W. & a fine hay Day, got in 8 Large 3 horse Wagon Load, perhaps 7 tonn, & Gill mowd a peice in orchard below the stable the first time was Ever Mowd I beleive prety Good, Richard Thomas of Valley & Curwen Drank tea here Evening at Rees & so home & to bed–

25th wind S E & over Cast hall in remainder of the hay that was fitt. begun to rain about 11 OClock very smart, Hofmans finishd mowing all my Grass I filld two Barracks & barn & have as much as will fill another more hay by much than I ever had, the Effect of Plaster in a good part– very poorly Griping & somewhat of a fever

26th over Cast all Day & Little rain Jacob plowing at Streapers Lot I up there and at Rees’s & about home not well some rain went to bed Lee’s boys Calld me up to make a Coffin for ther Mother set off with them to town got in about 2 OClock at night went to bed Lay till 4 in Morn, the 27th up & Bought mehogeney 22s6 handles 5s9

27th June horse & wine 1s10½ & set off & Carried the Boards before Me on the horse got home about 8 OC. Set to work finishd & took it to Lees about 6 OC, put her in & set off about sun Down. Got in about 10 OC. at night put up the horses in Lees’ stable & Went to bed in some tavern below South Street

28th Up & walk up Market Street & bought a palate plate to Lay on the Coffin 8s6 for puting her Name on it (painted) 5s put it on & set off for home about 12 OC- pd 1s6 at ferry work at hay, up to Sheets, boys there & spent 5½d Wine at Streaps & to bed we goo– Morris’s Reaping Rye–

29th. Reaping Rye Bought of Tunis Smart Shower in afternoon finishd before night & home Got supper & to bed–

30th. wind S W & very warm at Algernon Roberts. Dined there & home at Mothers Brother up & Sall Wickersham & young man name Anderson at Streapers a While in Company with Molley Got the Last of my hay in

July the 1st 93 wind S W & very warm Reap all Day Rye at Mothers & my Potatoe Rye rye sowed in potato patch

2nd wind W & a little shower before noon warm Day, Makeing Coffin for Saml. Garrets wife Walter & self Ned at Morris Reaping finishd Coffin about noon & took it home & buried her at Merion Yard, a smart rain about 2. OC. & several showers after, got 8 Doll of Jonathan Thomas & paid 3 Doll. to Widdow Britson

3rd- wind N.E. & over Cast Jacob plowing pumpkins I pulling the Buckwheat out of them & Potatoes at Mothers got a Quarter of veal from there, afternoon got her hands, & Benj. Tunis & his boy & Reap the Rye that I sowd at Benj. 29 ½ Dozen

4. wind S.W. & fine day overCast most part Smart Shower Evening, Reaping my wheat 10 hands 114 Dozen far feild & 8 Dozen Rye very much Milldue’d well grown, went 8 throughs before Dinner Phila Troop of horse up to Buck to Dine, anniversity of Independence, pd Polley Streaper 34s for Whiskey & Rum for hay & harvest

July 5th 93 Wind S W & rain Bow & thunder in morn, a Gust of wind & little rain Evening Reaping at Mothers 12, of us Reap 10 Acers & shock it before night, very Light Crop half oats a most mild winter or it would all Been killd

6th wind S W & warm day Reaping at Rees Price’s very warm hot I shocking he had 18 hands & got done a little before night, I at Streap– all night,—

7th fine warmday being first day up to Righters & McClenigans with Saml. Gibson Evening at Streapers spent 16 ½d for wine Young & Holgate along, home to—

8th wind S W. and overcast in part very warm when sun shun, Halling Rye bought of Tunis 132 Doz. I shock it. Jonat. one Cane turnpike Jacob & Walter, Halling, halld 24 Doz. Rye 18 from B Tunis, & 6 from my Potatoe peice, & begun a wheat stack, at Streapers, Got 12d. Tobacco

9th over Cast up to Streapers Lot, Reaping there Rye Holgate Rees Jonat. & John Thomas Ned Walter & Self Cut it by Breakfast 14 Doz halld Remainder of my wheat & finishd stack

July 9th, 1793 Halld B. Tunis’s Rye 18 Dozen & put it in stable Barrack, halld Streapers 14 Doz home– Come on a verry Smarrt Shower, & one afternight, Some Little Showers through the Day but not so as to stop, halling

10th wind N.W. & fine Clear Morn, up with Curwen, about a seller he’s gooing to Dig under his kitchen, & at Morris Lewelling at Sheets & Robeson. got Mare shod, & at Streapers pd- 4s for Whiskey & 1 jill of wine got 17s of Phillip Freets for a Coffin & 20s6 for a Desk he Bought at Humphreys Vandue

11th. at David Roberts in Morn & after at Phila got 6½ Dollars from Bank that I pd Britsons, Brandy 4s horse & wine 3s0 Ricket performance of horse manship 15s– ferriage 6d, home (Mary Streaper along) about ½ after ten– a fine shower in Evening wilst at Rickets

12th Wind N W & fine Cool day about home till noon, after at T. Pratts Top planking fatts at Rees, spent 5½d for wine, at Mothers Evening

13th Wind N.W. fine Clear day, up at Sturges & Buck spt 17 ½d- there to Sheets & at Robesons

July 13th 93

at George McClenigans, he down with me at Streapers, & here Esqr Jones here, with Morris & McClenigan & self at Wagoners, jill of wine & Tobacco 11d– at Morris & blank— Violent Helliloo about my being Married to Polly Streaper, false alarm no Truth in it

14th wind N W & fine Cool day at & about home all Day being first day– —

15 up to Sheets Dine’d Cochrons begun a shed at Spring house for Wilson their all night

16 at Ditto– Jos Wilsons,

17th at Ditto– home at night very sick in night vomiting & Lax

18 not well up to Wilson & Dined at Curwens

19th At Wilsons finishd Shed & begun plow

20 at Ditto till noon home at Society spent 1s2

21 Tobias Hoofman took his Desk pd me work & Cash 7L for it John Roberts here vewing water Rees Moor & Richard Moor here

22nd At Jacob Jones in Morn At Rees’s & so up to Curwens, home in Evening spent 1s10½d at Mitchels– —

23 Up again made a Door Case there all night

24 at Curwens. there all night home

25 at Ditto home evening there all night

26 at Do. not very well home Evening

27 July- At Mothers, & mending a barrack up to Cochrons & at Abraham Evans Burial & at Torrences they Electing Officers spent 1s10½d Down to Streaps spent 16½d & Differd with Griff Jones, & so home Got 30 Doll of Sheets

28th. paid Gill. 10s6 for work. pd Robert 7L 19s3d for work, at Meeting after at Phila. at Betsy Wickershams Burial paid 2s10 at ferry Glass of punch had some time agoo, 4d at ferry Comeing home 1s8 at Wagoners for Bacco & wine & so home Brother up with us

29th up to Curwens at work there home in Evening, Enoch up to Inform me that Griff Jones was determind that one or the other of us should die & that they thought I was in danger, spt. 1s10½d

30th Jacob Amos up before day to get me to make two Coffins for two men killd by the fall of an arch of a spring house at Peters’ place, & Butler the Mason, had his thigh broke finishd them & took them down one of Jury of Inquest, Interd them in one hole by the ferry, Morris along & so home

31 up to Curwens at work at stairs.–

31st August 1st at Ditto’s at Cochron all night

August 2st nd 93 Got my mares feet Search’d & Shod Same by the probe of nail at Sheets for groveing grooving plains so back to Curwens, home in Evening

3th.rd up to Curwens work till noon Billey West & Wife, there, up to the Bird, spent 5s Elected Infantry officers McClenegen Capt. Hughes Luit Cochron Ens. went to Doct. Shippens Eate Bread & Chees & Drank Spirrets & water at Cochrons all night. illegible

4th Home soon and at home all Day

5th at Rees Price’s begun a peaza at Barn at Britson Robeson & home jill of wine at Streapers

6 at Rees work till near sunset Set off to town Brother poorly at Saml. Gibsons all night

7th paid for 1s10½d Set off home ferry 4d. Work at Rees Raisd & sold pigs to L Jones 16s8

8th at Rees Shingling fine Rain in night

9th at Ditto finishd Roof & up to buck Brother along

10th at kingsess to see arace Mat Jones horse & Bonsel spent 1s7½d to town Dinner &c 3s6 bought nails &c 5s home by bell Blue Bell Tavern by 10 OC Holstein all night with me

11th at home till Evening at Rees & Mothers at Streapers,-

12th up to Sheets Glassd 60 Lights at two words illegible & so home

13th up to Cort Spent 6s9½d & 2 Dollars gave Joe Walter for Harvesting

August the 14th wind S W & very warm Morn, set off to Antony Williams Burial, to Abington, went to Tavern at Jinkens town fed Mare. 8d, Dine at William’s Thunder & rain Left there 4 OC. spent at a tavern above Biggers town 11d. at Levering, Come up a very heavy rain, Borrowd a Coat, & Set off did rain & Lighten perdigiously, Loyd Jones Enoch, & A. Levering along, Crost Schuylkill & Stayd at Paul Jones all night, wet

15th wind N E & Little rain set off & got home about 7 OC. Hoffman’s mowed all my Grass yesterday, turn a Swingletree afternoon up to Wilson, made a bill for a Stable pd. Torrances, 16½d for wine, drank jill of wine at St.– a Smart Shower afternoon,–

16th wind. W. with flying Clouds, work in shop till noon after at hay, warm

17th. west & fine Morn up to Robesons, alterd a Door frame & then Dine’d at McClenegans, & Rode to Mitchels, Bought a Water Million, 1s10½d Sup at McClenegans, so home, herde of George Thomas’s Death, he died with the flux, about 4 Days Illness

18th wind. W. & fine day, & smart shower in Evening at Mothers Gibson & wife, & wickersham & Sarah Hays there,—-

19th.. wind N.W. up to Sturges’s sold Some Logs to Lee Spent 11d for wine home & at hay halld a good Deal in over Cast afternoon, & a small shower at Streaper with Fisher spent 1s10½d home got Supper & to bed we goo—-

20th August 1793 Wind N, & Cooler, at Paul Jones, Informing John Holgate to Meet Curwen Concerning bridge on turnpike, at hay, Curwen Dine’d here went along to Look at the place to build the bridge at Stadlemans spent not any thing so home Master Holgate & I at Rees’s

21st. wind N W & fine Morn went to Jacob Amoses boys Laying Barnfloor, Drank tea at Wagoners spent 11d so home,

22nd. wind N. W. & Clear Makeing Coffin for John Taylors Child dyed With hives, took up to meet at 3 OC. Carried to Haverford, & so home at Mothers, and at Streapers,— & so home

23rd, Wind N W halld two Loads of hay & finishd Stack the first put up too green, had Let it Lay open & Cut a hole in middle of Stack, afternoon at Nehemiah Evans to kill a Calf but had to joine it my Self & so Ended this day, boys bouth sick

24th Foggy, paid John Jones Gulph 12s5½d that Sibley left for him pd him 14s3½d for B Humphreys Est. Road tax– Hannah is in town with Calf, Brot. Edw. gone to York, very sick in town at home all day very wett afternoon Abram Lukens & Butler here all night-

25. wind N.E. & very wet day at Meeting afternoon at Mothers home in Evening, bed &c–

26. wind N. & Cool takeing with a Chilley fitt, went to turnpike about a bridg. home very much out of sorts, took a dose of Salts & kept my feet in warm water had a good Effect-

August 27th 93 wind S.W. over cast great part of the day Better today than I was yesterday, walk to turnpike & so home—

28th. wind S W. foggy morn but a warm day up to Robesons Ned there shingleing a necessary up to Cochrons Drink Coffee & up to Brades pd him 49s7d on the Widow Britsons, & so returnd home Sister Polley Gibson went to town yesterday, So alarmd with a putered fever, in town that she Movd out to day again—

29th. wind S W. and over Cast till noon, then Cleard off- up to B Humphreys Tenants Lentz’s got 20 D Rent, Down the pike & to Mothers & at Streapers & home

30th. Wind S W & foggy– Cleard warm, Begun a Coffin for old Mary Crain about 83 years old, at Mothers in evening– Jonathan paid 12s6 for Calf skin—-

31st. wind S W. & A shower about Day smart. went to town Bought hinges to hang Coffinlid 1s6 sprigs 6d. oats & wine 11¼d. ferry 4d. so returnd home finishd Coffin & took it Down put her in– 1 jill of wine at Wagoners 5½d & 2 jill some time agoo 11d.- & so made home, measure for Coffin for Thos. Roberts’s Daughter, was sent from town this putered fever, very Mortel they are flying

Augst. 31st 93

out of town on all Directions, a Stagnation of all kind of Business never did the people of that City Exspearance Such an alarm Set to work finishd it about 1 OClock in Morn to bed took a sleep

Sept 1st wind S.W Set off took the Coffin there did not go withing 25 yd. of the house & Used a spung & venigar rue & garlick to smell at, back & to Sleep– Brot. taken with afit at Stadlemans Enoch Thompson with him, took the Chear down & he Went to Mothers. R Tunis Drank Tea here on his return from Valey, George Thompson John Warner, &c. Drank Tea, at Streap. 1 jill of omission 5½d

2nd wind N W & Cooler home till noon then at Brady & Shippens & Cochrons and Streap 1 Jill of wine 5½ return about 10 OClock Boys Makeing a Coffin for Thom Roberts Daughter Dyed with the same ferver as her sister above, Layd too to & finishd about 2 OClock & so to bed

3rd Up & took it home went not near the house home, before the funeral helpt to Set her in the grave made use of Spunge Dipt in venegar Rue & Garlick, after noon Tunis here & several others walk to turnpike home & R Tunis here all night

Sept 4th 93 wind N W & very Cool morn at Mother for Chear R. Tunis took it & my old Mare to Valey with two of his Childern I up to Wilsons & at Curwens, then 1 jill wine 5½d & so home

5th wind N W. turnd bed posts & took herse to Hoffmans, & at Rees Price’s a little while meet Alley Roberts & Phinnes Roberts at Streapers Conserning the Est. pd for 3 Jills of Wine had at Different times 16½d 1 Jill of Whiskey 4d with askue—

6th at work at herse at Hooffmans & at Mothers, Brother at Rees—-

7th at Hoofman about the herse, Dine’d at Rees’s on fish home & at Paul Jones, Raising girders his new paper Mill Sup there & home —

8th wind N E. over Cast, at Meeting after at Stadlemans with Morris, to Look at Cattle Spent pint wine 1s10½, so home & at Rees home, again & to bed

9th wind N E. & rain, smart in Night. Henry Leach here to Get a Coffin for his Brother dyed with the fever

September 9th 93– Begun the Coffin about 8 OClock & finishd about 1 OC & took it Down they agreed to take it to kinsessing in the Cart so I returnd without gooing in the house, & went to Conrads Goodmans about apeace & at Bears & at Mothers they Mowing swamp Meadow, at Streapers with Dick Cochron, & Benjamin he Moveing from Bank for fear of fever, raing is much, Got 1½ Dollar of Holgate for Board all the money I got poor Enowf Live in hopes of more a kind Deceiver.—

10th. John Whiteman, Cuting Gears for herse Set off for town Bought plank for the Bridge, Bought sprigs, & Screws 7s6 Segars 11d. Dinner & horse 2s6 Campher 5½d at ferry 15 ½d so home pd. Edw Millner 8 Dollars for a Cherry tree & 2 Dollars on Streapers Acct.—

11th wind N. & Cooler. Up to Mill, pd. him 26s for one, barrel of tailflower, up to Wilsons, boys there. home Evening, R. Tunis here

September 12th 93 wind. W. Cool morn warmday, Down at bridge by Supplees, planking the foundations Dined at E. George’s, at Mothers home & at the Widow Conrads, at Streap– 1 jill of wine 5½d so home

13th. at work at herse, & at Hoofmans Cochron here to Dinner Jacob toping Corn at Widow Conrads, Witness to her will So home

14 wind N.W. & alittle Cloudy begun to fram the Canters for turnpike Bridge, afternoon at Bowers. Drank a glass of Wine with McClenachan, & meet the Society, so home at Streap– Ned Price & McClenachan Run a foot Race Ned Beat Spent Not. So home & to bed Brother Edw. up fever very Bad many Dy’d, Nathan Davis (Uncle Lewis son) Dyed 13 about 2 OClock & was bury the same Night. Dyed with the Yallow fever.

15th wind N W & over Cast, at Mothers Eate breakfast’d there & back again B & R Cochron here Edward & I up to Buck & Dine’d at T Cochrons with them, Brother heard of his horse at Yellow Springs, Enoch Thompsons & family Movd from Philadelphia & took Quarters at Streapers on acct. of the fever–

16 wind S W & very warm day at the Bridge till noon after up with Edward to Sary Thomas’s R Tunis & wife there, fed at Robesons at Peoli Got up about 8 OClock at night

17th Sept. 93 wind N. & high flying Clouds and Some like light scuds of rain Cool, breakfasted Jehu Roberts, back to Thomas’s & set off for the Springs, Roof rough road, arivd between 11 OC. & 12 it proovd to be Brothers horse, he pd 4 Doll. & the recking & we Sett off, Dined at the Warren tavern fed &c. Brot. pd all Richard Tunis in Company all the way got home about Dark a Cool Evening

18th. wind N W & Rees Price says frost R.Tunis Breakfasted here, over to the Bridg afternoon at Rees’s Guning with the Boys noo Luck at Streapers Chatting with Ruth Thompson & sons—

19 wind N W & Cool R. Tunis Borrowd my young Mare & set off for Valley I at work at Bridge, & at Mothers a little at Stre—-

20th wind W. over at the bridge Zells got 29 lb of Beef, at work at Bridge raisd the Centers & part Coverd them, Ruth & Molley Thomson here Evening walk Down with them Back—

21st wind N W fine Clear day at Mothers in Morn at Rees’s & Paul Jones’s Raising Papermill, at Streapers Evening & so home

22nd over Cast at Morris’s & at Mothers home to Breakfast,

Sept 22nd 93

reading meeting while, afternoon at Rees’s Drank tea there at Morris’s Brother E, & one Smith there I home one of Smith’s Childern dead to bed &c

23rd Sett off before day to Bill Smith took the Measure of the Child, & Back about Sunrise, begun the Coffin & finish’d it about 12 OClock Eate dinner took it home in Chear Buried at Church, thence to Mitchel pd. 11d for wine had Some time agoo & Spent 11d. to day, at Bowers about the Scantling for the Bridges, home, & walk down to Streapers, Spent the evening with Thomsons, home, overCast & a few drops of rain a great Mortality in Cyty, Bury a 100 & up to 120 in one day vast Number movd out–

24 interlined At kingsess to look for old Canters Spent wine 5½d so home

25th At Rees Price’s, Borrowd a horse & set ofto town, got Scantling for a bridge, Spent at ferry 1s3, at Wagoners Dinner tobacco &c 2s7 went to Germantown with Jacob Amos’s wife, & from there to Chesnut hill to Huston’s Got a state Warrent for him, for threting to kill her (wife) 11d for wine 6d ferriage & so home about 9 OClock at night

26th Eat Breakfast & Down to Supplees framing Centers for Bridge on turnpikeroad warm Day Dine’d at E Georges, Bought 20 lb of Beef at David Zells & so home

Sept 27th 93 wind N. & Cloudy & a little shower from. W. Cleard off, at the bridge, went to bank to See to get Brother up. Could not Come Spent with Curwen at ferry 5½d pd. at do Comeing out 9d so back to the bridge got one Bushel of wheat at E George, finishd Sowing Rye at B Tunis’s & begun to Sow wheat & rye at home a great Mortallity in town 13 Buried in freinds yard by 12 OClock to Day, most Serious time, the Doctors Confus’d wrighting & prescribeing Different treatment, pussels puzzles all ther Naterlisem for they dye away, without pain (Some of them) It’s allowed they Buri about 100 & upperds a Day and it’s thought there is two thirds, movd out, freinds held there yearly Meeting (tho Small) as usual, Sister Hannah in town 4 Day Wednesday, this week, what is very remarkable the Negros do not take it & are the only people, or nearly so that are imployd in Bureing dead & nursing the Sick, Brother Edw in town all week at Bank, pd 1s2 at Streapers

28th. wind N.W. & fine Clear day, at the Bridge and took Edwards Horse to ferry & walk home pd 5½d for jill of wine,–

29th. wind N.W. at Morris’s morn Little Tom very bad with the flux Richard Tunis Brought my mare home I at Rees with him

Sept. 30th 93—- Foggy Morning, Down to Lower Bridge work there Robert there—

Oct.1st Richard Tunis here all night, walk to Rees Price’s Tommy Roberts & Tunis to bridge I work there Evening Made a Coffin for Irish Woman Dyed in Streaper shop, Suposed to Dye with this fever, that Rages in town, they Buried her in the night, Spent 1s10– Tobacco & wine– at Morris

2nd At Hoffmans with Tunis, & makeing a Coffin for Jonathan Walters Child Just bornd, they Buried in Evening Down at Bridge & at Stadelmans, with Curwen, & at Morris’s his Little Tom dead, took Measure of him, he was a Natural son of Salters Phila. was to be brought up out of his Estate, Morris had very young & was very fond of him

3rd Made the Coffin & took it to the ridge Baptist yard, back & Drank tea at Morris’s & so home boys set off to Wilsons

4th Robert here & we set off for Willsons spent at Mitchels 5½d Got there before breakfast

5th at Wilson finishd Shingling barn & at town ship Meeting David Roberts Inspector & John Righter assessor paid 11d Club & spent 11d at Streap

6th Being first day makeing Coffin for Grand Child of old Brook’s the name of Johnson, Made it & took it home & to Middletown Prespetarian Yard, Back about 8 OC. night about 12 miles from here

October 7th 1793 Wind S W & a warm day took horse and rode to turnpike bridg for hatchet boys Left there, home to Dinner Curwen here to Dinner, afternoon at the Muster & got mare Shod at Hoofmans, so home—-

8th. wind W. & Clear & dry Set off to Election & Several others, I was Chosen one of the Judges, keep us till midnight Pawling Highest for Sherreff Mifflin beat Mulinberg almost 2 to one Stayd all night Got but Little Sleep—-

9th wind N W & frost, Stayd & got Breakfast, 1s6 & 6d for oats, and 11d to horsler is all I Spent, Judges & Supper Exspences is pd. by the County, David Roberts & I set off for home arivd about 12 OC– hall buck wheat after at Streapers Lot.—

10th wind N W & Dry & warm finishd tharshing threshing buckwheat at Streapers Lot at Jon. Roberts & at Mothers Brot. Edw up there home every night from bank, the fever Violent bury 150 in one day this week Owen Jones dead

11th at David Zells pd him 22s11½d for beef & Got 13s1½ trust, up to Streapers Lot Cleaning Buckwheat 71 Bushels & one peck they Got 28 & I 43 & 8 B. Raisd at home spent 17d for Tobacco & wine at Streapers

12th. Wind N W & foggy morn got 3 Dollar of Jonathan & Rees Bot 3 Quarters of flower 18s9—–

Made a Coffin for Jonathan Johnsons Child & took it Down boys makeing one for John Erwine’s Son, Stopt at Society Samll small meeting so home & up to Whitemans for herse gears Spent 1 jill of wine at Streapers—-

13th Set off with Coffin & Brought him up to Merion yard Rcd. 6 Dollars of Leach for Coffin for his Brother, afternoon, Rode to Grays ferry, Thompson & Price along, Coffee &c. 3s9. at Wagoners 5½—- So home

14th. about home till noon up to bares got 9L 15 on acct Rent fathers place, at Buck Spent 1s10½ and so home—-

15th wind & Cloudy Makeing Coffin for Robert Clark Dyed at Israel Davis’s place, took it & Brought him to our yard, Come up a smart rain & got Cold, Evening up to Shippens got him Down to Cut a needel out of George Thompson Shoulder, run in by Polley Streaper in play. So home wet & Cold

16th. went to town See after Brother in Bank prety well, Spent 1s4 & so home Diging potatoes,—

October 17th 1793 wind N W. & prety Cold up to Torrences to Meet the Battalion wrong day 11s10 & so home Made a Coffin for one Baymount Child at Wagoners Movd from town Lately & Makeing one for John Erwine’s Wife & one for old Wilm. Mcfee about 82 years old, Buried the Child & work’d till about 9 OClock at night—&c.

18th Finish’d Erwine’s Coffin & Buried her in Strangers yard, finish Mcfee’s & took it home at Bickings, at Streapers Sup, on Beef Stakes, Spent 11d & 6d Tobacco so home, Ned Price wund won the Stakes at foot Race

19th Took the Corps to Middletown & fed at Gibsun’s Righter payd all home about 8 OClock at night a light Shower from W & blue up Cool

20th wind N W & frost at Mothers & at Streap Turnpike man very poorly, walk to turnpike bridge & spent 11d– so home

21st Makeing Coffin Thomas Roberts grand Child, & took it home, made one for Moses turnpike man Dyed at Streap

October 21st 93

& Buried him, R Tunis here & one Coleman a taylor begun to work here Let him the place that used to be a store, McClenegan Drank tea here, Spent 1s10½ in Compy. Tunis & Thompson walk to Rees with Tunis Got ¼ of Beef of Morris Wt. 93 lb.– — 22nd wind N W and frost R Tunis here at Mothers Dine’d & went with Tunis to buck Spent 11d. at Sturges, about his barn & So home,—

23rd. Begun Coffin for Griffith Davis wife, went to town to Look for boards, paid for boards had Sometime agoo 29s2 pd. at ferry, 10d & so returnd home— Hannah to market Isaac Lewis dead (Steptfather to David & Robert, Roberts) with this prevailing fever, very Mortel yet in City—

24th took the Coffin home & put her in, & they took it off to town & I to meet the Battalion musterd few, up to the Bird & Dined 5s9 Dinner & Club, 1s10½ at Torrence’s & 1s10½ at Mitchels & so home–

25 At Mothers made a division of Bonds amongst our Sisters paid 200L to Hannah, 200 to Becca & 150 to Jane & 80L to Polley

26 Turning a Collum for my Porch at Germantown Bought Tobacco &c 11d ferry 1s11d Got Rawle’s opinion on Britsons

Oct. 26th 93

very fine warm Day, got home after night, Edwd in his Sulkey Enoch Thompson, to town says its much better

27th wind N & overCast & Cold Spit Snow at Mothers meeting while, at Streaper a little, home all the rest of Day

28th up to Widow Britsons & at Mary Robesons pd her 3s4 & gave her a recept for her husbands Coffin took a Coffin to Wagoners, one Baymounts Child Buried old graveyard, spent 1s10½, very Cold windy day—

29th wind N W. & Cold froze hard at Nehemiah Evans, boy Shingling Side of house home to Dinner, went to Wilm. Johnson, to Look for pay for Simons Coffin got none at Lees & at Sturges’s & at Streapers Spent not

30th wind W. froze hard mill race all over up to Cochrons, Shingling back Side of his house prety fineday home at night at Streapers spent not faverable Account from town as to fever

31st. wind N E at John Linch’s raising log house by the old Millstone, so Calld, begun to rain about noon Smart all day & night home

Novbr. 1st 1793 wind N E & wett the most rain had this many week perhaps never had such a Dry time at this Season, winter grain not half Come in ageneral way, Layin poor tax Jerret overseeor all the forenoon, at Zells settled & took up a bond of 62L been Long payd me a balance of 43s1½ so home dark

2nd Clear & Large whitefrost fine day, went to town the first time a good while that I went through it any, but the fever much abated, the disorder not Infectious now but several died Lately, Citizens moveing to back sprig 3s0 files 2s4½ Tobacco 5½d Recking 5s7½ horsler 11d. paid West 20L 2s8 Stuff for pikeroad, at Streap spent 3s9 sup there Enoch Thomson & T R along Enoch in town with me Got 20 Dollars from bank Britsons

3rd wind W & overCast. pd Mordica Davis 6L on wifes acct. 5L 4s6 for his Mother at Streapers & at Mothers Brot. up here Evening

4th wind S W a little rain night, very light tho warm So the Sow wollowed in the Mier

Novb. 4th 1793

John & I measurd Cross the near meadow & up David Roberts Line to Walters 206½ Cross 39½ bare home to Dinner, at Blockley School house gave a bill for New Roof & floor at Wagoners 1 jill of wine & one before 11d. so home Got ½ gallon of Whiskey at Streapers & husking Corn that had on shears of B Tunis—

5th wind S E & rain not fast all day at City Richd. Tunis along Load of boards for turnpike, horse &c 1s4½ Glass 3s– Wil Elliot movd to town again– home–

6th. wind N.E & high R T here to breakfast walk to Rees’s R.T. set off, raind so fast he turnd back, & Dined with me after at Streaper spent 1s10½ home, Sup, Loyd Jones Sent or B Tunis Gave us a pearch & one Rock fish for supper, put a Lock on for Polley Streap– wet very afternoon Enoch Thomson movd to town, been here or up 7 weeks

7th wind N W very fine Clear morn white frost, Calm– at David Zell, to Look at beef home to breakfast, over at John Linch’s to see If masons was there, After pulling Corn, at Streapers 1 jill of Brandy 8d.

Novr. 8th 1793 wind S.W. & very fine Morn Curwin here all night, up to Sturges, at Buck spent 11d. at Curwens & Wilsons, & so home, boys ther

9th. wind. W. & fine day, Cut up a bull Got of David Zell weighing 583 lb at 30s per Hd. went to Bridg & Raisd the Brackets home before night went to Jacob Jones’ Drank tea there & so home,

10th Prety fine day, at Streaper Settled with Jacob Smith Streaper was due him 3L 1s0 I allowed him 3½ Dollars that he owd me & gave him a Rect. Polley pd the rest at Mothers Brother up Sister Polley takeing with a Chill & some what Deraingd

11th wind N W & frost up to Sturges Layd foundation Log for barn home at night Spent 5½ at Buck & 8d bear at Streap–

12th wind S W & fineday up to Curwens makeing sellerdoor there all night

13th Raind about Day, then Snowd till afternoon Coverd the ground repaird a gate & set off home, Hannah gone to town Sister Polley very much out of her Reason

November 14th 1793 went to town with Robert about his Mothers affairs, stay all night Sat up with Polley; very wild Indeed

15th Got breakfast & set off pd for horse &c 5s7½ Got home, & at Mothers, boys made Coffin for old Crane

16th. up at B Humphreys Raising barn fineday had 15 hands & one gallon of Whiskey Sturges found provision Walter down to Screw Coffin, Society day fined 1s without a dout walk home at Streap a moment or 2

17 N E overCast rain afternoon R Tunis here at Hoofmans with him Dine’d with me Brot. also. afternoon at Shusters to Look his Daughter Daughter needed for housekeeping at JP’s while Hannah tends sister Polly.

18th. wind N W & very high for true, at Lenard Shousters to Look for Polley at Esqr Peters so home–

19th at home till noon then to Danels vandue at Saml Humphreys old place at prince of wales spent 11d. at Streapers– spent not

20th. along with Curwen Measureing turnpike bridges, Dine’d at Stadlemans 4 of us Drank two Bottles of wine they pd. I Clean at Morris’s pd 31s for Beef, & 29 for Mother her money, tho he pd me for his Toms Coffin So home I Come

Novr. 21st 93 wind N E & rain up to Isaac bond to Look at some work, boards wet & home I came at Mothers & at Rees, afternoon Makeing Coffin for Polly Erwine fine healthy Girl Less than 4 weeks agoo, a nerves nervous or fall fever–. Polley Shuster Came Last night, spridg sprigd the Lid of the coffin & so Quit for to night, Posted up 3 or 4 Day journ. pd Britson Daughter 1½ Doll. my money —

22nd finishd Coffin & took it home & buried her before Meeting I home to Dinner after up to Bowers Sheets got 1 Quirer of paper, at Sturges, at Mothers & So home Cast up the two turnpike Bridges made 1313 perches at 4s6 per perch John Holgate & one Cammel Irishman built them fine day

23rd. away to Cut Log Walnut got of Rees Jacob took a small Log and cart home makeing Coffin for George Horns Mother, Most out of Boards at Streapers Ned Price there Spent 5½d Tobacco 2d

24th wind N W & fine day finishd Coffin & took up Dined there & Buried her at Church at A Leverings & home

25 Novr. 93 wind N W & fineday Indeed, went to Rees & after to town got 3 Dollars of Jesse Collins 7 Dol. of Joseph George for a Coffin sprigs Screws & glue 10s10½ Buts & screw 1s11 2 hats 15s girth 4s2½ shugar & Coffee 5s3 Dinner &c 3s- ferry 8d. owd one feriage, pair of Sheets at Isaac Lewis Vandue 6s– home– 7s6 gave Hannah so home I Come

26th. wind N.W. but fine day, at old Linchs Shaving Shingles, home Evening Curwen here all night–

27. wind N W over Cast in part, at Morris mending pump, at Mothers & at Streapers vandue, Sold above 104L worth I bought wheel Barrow 9s, ½ Bushel 4s9 pott 15s6 7 plates 14s1– 8 or 9 Chairs, spent 16s½d Dine’d. & Sup there, home about 2 OClock at night Sold till near 10 OC. did not Sell Quite all

28th. wind N E at Streapers Receiving pay & giving out the goods Dined there begun to rain about noon Smart in night

29th wet up to Bonds, Jones’s place working boards for floor at Streapers Evening spent 10d Tobacco & bear so home

Novr. 30th 1793 wind N W & Cleard off very pleasant at A Levering about walnut boards, home to Dinner, up to Mitchels spent 8d trust, lookt out some old trees for him at buck with Lewelen Young, spent not, at David Lewellen & at Streapers Young along spent 16s½d had a little desertation with illegible

Decemr. 1st. wind N W froz a little very fine after rain at home till Evening walk to Rees’s with Brother Edwd back Sarah Dyer very poorly to bed &c—-

2nd wind N W white frost & very pleasant day at Mothers to breakfast killd a stear brother E shot at but missd killing Walter shot & killd him at old John Linches Shavd 500 Shingles & so home

3rd wind north and overCast killd 2 hogs illegible borrowd illegible, set off to Curwens got ther to Dinner finishd there Seller door & Stayd all night begun to snow about 9 OC. at night, rode up without a great Coat

4th- wind N in morn & snowing very much it has been a most violent storm of snow Cleard off about noon, & I set off for home very much Drifted no track along the rode but a few horsmen 4 or 5 wagons at buck Laying by Spent 11d on trust, got home about sunset Several wagons went up Evening bad going not froz much, roads full of holes, had to get off Lead my mare, up to middle In margin: “Snow I think about 18 I Deep great snow to be shure”

December 5th 93 wind N W & a prety fine day, at home all day Mending my Rule &c. Thomas Roberts heer Cut up two hogs, wirting writing minutes of Society at night

6th. wind S W. warm overCast at Rees Price’s helping to kill Bull, Rees shot at him mist, Round the meadow, over in Lain shot again no kill sett dogs on they good for nought, he fired at 30 yd. mist, Come up the orchard Rees fird again he Dropt, I, run up with gun he got up made at Rees Snapt, he still advancted fire’d & did for him & I cut his throat, dradg dragd him down skind him,– at Morris’s to See If his wagon was going to town Ruth Thompson up & wanted to goo to town with them Chated Little Molley & blank her a Little back & at Streapers a Little while– begun to rain about 10 OClock at night

7th wind N E & wet morn, snow melting brave at John Roberts Cartters he pd me for his wifes Coffin 50s & for his Mothers 50s & I pd him 10s10 Roadtax & 13s fathers tax so home &c

8th wind Got to N W & very high Seen Tobias Huffman had 10 Rabbits killd without a gun, Walter B. & ned ketch one Brt. John got 7 yesterday David Roberts, 26 that is mortal

December 8 time on poor Rabbits, at Jacob Jones & at Streapers Chated P— a little while—-

9th wind N W & very high to town with Ruth Thompson, bridg gone with the freash freshet pd 1s10½ for Dinner, 2s4½ for horse & wine pd 7s6 for 1½ B. Salt 4s for Coffee & Sugar 8d ferriage pd Ned Miller 1L 9s0 on Streapers Acct pd Hart & Remington on Do 3L 11s3d So home pd 11d for wine, at Rees’s & Streaper T Roberts Treated me ½ pint wine so home to unfinished Interlined:”Brother John went to town to assist B E in grocer store he’s rented mark(et) Str”

10th Up to Humphrey finishd Raising & framd rafters at the buck, spent 16½d home Evening.

11th At Jesses Thomas Got 38 lb at 1s6 ½ lb spikes & up to B Humphreys finishd Raising Rafters & Raisd Lath home at night

12 up again fine day Shingling home at night

13th at Rees Price’s killing 7 hoghs afternoon to town, at Tunis’s all night

14th wind N W and Cold Breakfasted Tunis’s Bot young illegible 57s3d. two Encyclopedia 40s horse 4s10, wine 5½d ferry 4d at Stadlemans Society day so home–

15th wind N W and Cold Morn froze hard Brot. John & E up from town– first day week

Decb 15th. 93 at Mothers & Morris’s fine moonlight

16 wind S. all day whitefrost in Morn, overCast Latter part at John Linches finishd Shingling his house begun to rain Evening pd I Roberts 3L14s bing being his Chaing out of 20 Dollars (at the newbridge) begun to rain before we got home,—

17th wind S W. & avery fine day trying for a Quarry in farfeild 6 or 7 hands came and spead spied? no Stone worth persueing home went to old frees’s to Look for slay runners & at Algernon Roberts & so home—–

18th wind N E. & begun to rain & avery wet Boisterous day at home all Day Cleard up in Evening, Morris here awile

19th wind N W. not very Cold fine day at Nehemiah Evans killing hogs, Bout bought one weighing 154 lb at 5½ per, he had one 240 one 202 lb & one 164 lb, at Mothers alittle while, at Polly Streapers a minute or two one foreQuarter of Beef of Curwen 165 lb one of Bill Smith hind Ditto at 5½ per lb weighing blank lb. all very good

20th Cuting Logs walnuts on Rees Prices ground, fine day Rees Thomas helping

21st wind N W high & Cold Polley Shoester at Market Sold 10 lb of Butter at 2s3 per lb Master Holgate & I at Streaper he got ½ pint wine

Decemb 22nd 93 wind N W prety Cold tho not so Cold as yesterday, Makeing a Coffin for old Mary Hoffman, was well & Eat harty Supper about 10 OClock & was Dead before 12 OC Last Evening this was first day took it home Evening spent 1 jill wine at Streapers so home-

23rd up very soon & killd 5 hogs & one Streapers Sent to kill made 6, Done before 10 OClock & at Burial, killd 5 at Mothers afternoon weighed 1075 lb

24th. at Bonds Laying floor, fine day to be shure home Evening 11d for wine Curwen all night here pd 15¼d for tub to salt meat

25 wind S. & wet Morn,– at the Mill blot Millings 15s home Cuting up hogs. wt 175, 163, 155, 136, & 110, one of Evans 154 & 2 before 275 total 1165 lb at Sibleys with Jerret about a Child that is wanting to Come on township Clear & fine afternoon salted hogs—–

Decemb 26 26th wind N W. high & very Cold at Humphreys fulling Mill & Aron Johnsons at Buck Spt 11d at Sheets, & home—-

27th wind N W very Cold froze Schylkill over, about home all day Evening at Streapers– Molly

28th wind N W & Cold afternoon got to S W & Moderrated alittle at Phila 2B Salt 13s1½ Saltpetter 1s10½ Hinges & screws for Table 5s6, Desk Lock 2s8½ paint 11d horse & Dinner 4s8½ pd for 3½ Gallons Rum to T. & Hugh Cooper 28s Got 6 Dollars of Baymount for 2 Coffins 4d ferriage So home

29th Wind S. W & prety fine day at Mothers, home being first day at Streapers ½ pint wine 11d. Dick Cochron along Evans & Edward bargaind for 10 Acer of Land at 10L per

30th wind S W & very fine day at pike bridge Covering it, & took up the hemp & at Mothers, at Streap Poll Colter, (Split,) vulgarism for Intoxtication Spent 5½d & ps 11d for Nehemiah Evans

31st. wind S E & very wet till noon then Cleard off. Evening at Streapers Settleing with N. Jones Stayd all night Salley Jones there Bundled them both—