Joseph Price Diary


January the 1st 1791 wind N.E & spit a Little snow afternoon to. W. & Cleard Last night is allowd to be the Coldest night this winter & very Cold Day Equal to any, work in shop, about noon got word of David Harry’s Death to be Buried toMorrow meet at nine OClock, went to Rees’s & Fathers told them this is a Remarkable Quiet newyears, heard but Little fireing 3 or 4 guns perhaps, at Streapers Molly Comb my hair

2nd. Got up about 3 OClock Morning Called at Rees’s for Ned from there to Mill Left there about 7 OC Stopt at Hickerrytown 1 jill Cherry 5½d Got to Ben Harry about 10 OC Seen the Corps, interd at Northwales graveyard Stay meeting Dine’d at Ben Harrys Evening in Slay to Amos Roberts Back & Lodg at Ben’s very Cold white frosty morning

3rd wind S.W Left there about 10 OClock, Rode in slay with Polley Evans to Esqr Jany. Morris’s Left there about 12 OC Crossd at Spring Mill gooing & Comeing on the Ice arivd home about 3 OC. Evening at Fathers & Streapers Butifull Day thawd a good deal ground blot

4th. wind S.W. & Cloudy & warm thawd prety much helping Rees to kill 3 hogs Brother John Sold ½ Cord hickerry for 21s, hung Streapers Grinestone–

5th wind Surtherly & very foggy Snow went very much helping Father to kill 4 hogs afternoon got 1 Load of Corn in had to Rake it out of Snow, been under the snow Ever since the 15th of December Snow fell that night thawd none Since till now, it has been fine Sleding & Slaying Every the boys at Latches work turn set of Bedstids afternight 1s10½ for 4 bed screws

6th wind S.W & prety Clear & warm as Spring almost froze but very Little Last night, home all Day turning, at Streapers Evening– boys at Latchs

7th. At home finish turning Mathias Collflesh Come to Get a Coffin for old John Grover about 76 years old; Dyed Sudden Sick two or 3 Days finish’d between 10 & 11 OClock at night been a fine Day but Cloudy Did not froze the Snow Crisp Last night Snow gone almost without rain, strange. 1s10½ for Salt

8th wind N W. & prety Cool, took Coffin home & Buried him at Dutch Church home to Dinner Joe Curwin Came aLong. John halld 2 Loads of wood at Morris’s Evening—

9th wind N.E hailing pick up all the Corn in feild ground Clear of snow, Sheep had got to it through the Snow eat and waste’d a good Deal, Corn not Damaged otherways tho Laid near a month

got to rain & freezing & very slippery

10th wind S W & thawing off the house ground Coverd with Ice Dangerous walking, killd old Cow been feeding about 6 Wheeks on potatoes thin when begun had 35lb of gut fat, weigh’d 361 lb Quite Good Beef Robert helpt went to Meeting appointed for a Woman freind she was prety Great preacher Abraham Griffey & one Moll had a few hints to Drop–

11th at home work in shop. Evening Cut window Cases out at Alloways for John Lewis Cold at Reess

12th. Turning pins for Bedstids afternoon ut up to Wilsons & Curwins. Stop at Lisha Evans Spent 1s4 Stopt Streaper Spent 5½d home prety Cold—

13th. Wind to S.W. & Got warmer at Waggoners makeing troffs &c. Spent 1s on Co. Young & Taylor & Sep Coats, Come to Streapers Spent 2s4 on trust– Rediculous Custom

14th Wind SW & very remarkable warm at fathers Brother there Mother very Poorly afternoon to at Holston Ben Holland hunting money got noon none at Roberts’s Got ½ of flower flour on tick, at fathers Mother Rather Better, Robens very plenty Like in fall & Blue Bird Chirping very Lively

15 wind S. & very warm & foggy & Rain but not hard Meet the Society at Stadlemans horsler 9d went to see Mother rather Better

16th. Wind E & frost out much overcast went Myers his Father Dead, took measure home &c made the Coffin first day, finisht before Night Got to rain had fisting spell with Cato he prety stout

17 wind N.E & been astormmey night rain hail & Snow froze a Little took Coffin home & Buryed at Dutch Church yard, home & went to Alley Roberts squard his Barn very bad Rideing Walter Amos Showing some Capers fell off tickeld me much—–

18th wind S.W. froze prety hard Last Night, warm forenoon went to town took Polley Gibson in Moris’s wagon screws sprigs Lockhinges &c 11s2 & 1s for oil, 3s8½ for sugar & tea & coffee for Oats & Brandy 1s4 ferriage Polley paid, home finishd the Coffin for Casper Whitemans wife & took it home got Cold Evening

19 wind N.W Cold froze hard went to the Burial Dutch Church home to Dinner, Cato Sent away free to pay me 10 Dollars withing 12 Month took a pair of Newbedstids to Rees’s Got 3 Doll. for them, at Streapers Little while

20th. wind S W Rather warmer hung & Drest a Grinestone Cato Come & took his Chest, took Sash to Latches, at Ant. Tunis’s at Jacob Amos’s, gave him Order on Able Jones for 5 Dol., 4½ I owed him ½ Dollar he paid me,– Gave Robert ¼ Dollar to Buy 1 lb Glue

21st wind S.W. Clear thawing Day side of sole Leather & uper of Lukens two black grain shoulder of Calf skins Tunis

Spent 2s4 Went to T. Roberts at Sheets got 1 Quir of paper home,–

22nd wind N.W. high & Cold at Fathers John took Load of hickory ½ Cord to town for me 20s paid Irish David Miller for tayloring &c 23s, at Streapers Evening gave John 2s9½ ferriage 4d had 15s6

23rd wind S.W. fine Clear Day at David Roberts fathers at Streapers Evening, got 47s6 of Witemans for Coffin

24th wind N.E. whitefrost, prety Clear all Day Mr Curwin here went with him to Tunis’s & Ally Roberts home split wood paid Willm. Thomas 14s11 Cash & 3s he owed me made 17s11 County tax– Walter keend Sled Runners

25th Wind S-W E morn Dry & rain halld 42 Loads of wood 1 horse Levi Cart, at Streapers, helping to Lay road tax very Dark Evening,

26 wind S W. & Butiful Clear Day Doc. Shippen here petition to Asembley to Regalate Stores & taverns afternoon to town Stopt at ferry Spent 5d to Went the play, 5s. all night at Dyers, 11d to see a Couger, a Large wild Annimal biger than any Dog the head somewhat Like a Dog (or Cat for Ears small) very Strong Leg & big foot, flat rib & Long tail to the ground, they grow to very Large Size they Say, to Assembly to Congress Dined at Dyers Club at Do. 6s7, 2 pair Butts hinges 1s7 two Gimblets 8d knee buckels 8s6 gave 1s9 for my old one spent 9d at ferry & so returnd home bad rideing, 1s10½ for News paper segars 5½d for 25–Got 2 Dollars for my old Rasor that 2 words illegible then home bad Rideing frost out near 6 Inches

27th. N W Cold & froze very hard & Roads very ruff work in shop fathers Evening—–

28th Wind N E. morning & froze hard S.W Evening & Rather warmer, make Cradle Irish folks

29th. Wind S,W & overCast went to Abigail Loyds, Widow Pugh, old Robins widow (maintained by our town) Dead took her Measure, Came up a very violent Snow Shower from the west, Calld at fathers home at Streapers Evening, windy & very Cold

30th Made a Walnet Coffin & took it home, nobody but Loyd Jones (overseer) & Self at the accompanyed her to graveyard Merion, Loyd payd 11d for me Mother poorly, very Cold & high wind It appears likely that JP combined entries of Jan. 26 & 27, his trip to town, then misnumbered the rest of the month.

Febru 1st. wind W. & very Cold froze as hard Last night as any this Winter Makeing ary the Makeing Coffin for Griffee Davie’s Mother Uncle Robert Brakeing flax at fathers Mother Rather Better

2nd. Wind N.W. & high, overCast, most part Set off before sunrise with the Coffin got very Cold, Roads very ruff, breakfasted there, when I was about half Screwd her up Great alarm house took firer in the Roof Struk off good many Shingles I got through the Roof & they handed water & prety Soon got it out, set off stopt at Canady’s tavern warmd (people Compland much of the Cold) Got her Buried at Baptis Meeting valley Baptist Church in the Great Valley Returnd to Canadeys fed & home about Dusk Spent 3 fivepenney bits—

3rd wind N W & white frost warmest Day this Week after noon to Wagoners cuting holes in Doors Stopt at Stadlemans paid him 5s for 3 Quarts of Rum had some time agoo home &c

4th wind S. Snowd about 1 I, in night hall 2 Loads of wood, went to Meeting Longhstrow from Phila preach fine young man after makeing Coffin for Widow Grover, wife of him Buried the 8 of January, wind got to N E & raind Gave John 2s4 to buy nails finishd Coffin about 9 OC at night, at Morris’s hired a man for a month for 27s—-

5th Wind N.E. & Rain & Raw took the Coffin home Stop at Mr Cochrons, Got Some Breakfast & Chery illegible Buried her at Church 89 years old, home to Dinner young man Begun to work swingle flax—-

6th wind S W most Butiful warmday at Meeting after John Whiteman & Thomas Cochran, home at 10 OC paid Gibson 1 Dollar, gave Uncle Robert 1 Dollar for Brakeing flax Lent Levi 1 Dollar

7 Wind Southerly & warm frost Coming out Roads bad Hannah to town Gave her 1 Dollar Receivd 2s6 of Jacob Jones, Spent 6d Streapers

8th wind S. & very foggy & rain Hannah not come home Rodes violent bad, Sold pet Lamb to Hannah 2 Dollars Settled with Bill Smith Raind from N E & got Colder in Evening Hannah home

9th Wind N.W. & Cold froze prety Snowd & hail in Night froze to Trees Roads bad Not Quite bare went to Supplees & wagoners & Latches Spent 4d at Waggoners

10th Wind N.W. & Cold froze hard went to Wilson put up his Dresser &c Stayd all night

11th wind. W. got rather warmer finishd at Wilson & made troffs for Curwins Evening set offor home horse fell on Ice Straind rist Stopt at Jehu Roberts home afternight.

12th Wind S W. & pleasant Day halld 3 Loads wood & 3 of Rails Meet the Society at Stadlemans paid 6s6 for fines & Quarterly payments 2d horsler home— Got 2 Dollars for Rebecca Humphreys Coffin of Jesse Davis

13th. Clear Morning & whitefrost wind got NE & raind before night, went to meeting Isaac Potts Gave us a Lecter, afternoon at Fathers Brother up Stopt at Streapers Did not stay.

14. wind W. & Clear at D Roberts fetch Stuff to make Cart Weels Sent them to Whiteman Spent 5½d at Streapers Afternoon to Vandue Grovers Goods &c, Gave Note with Edw. to Brodes for 200L he gave an order of T & I Roberts on Downing for the money, at Esqr Jones had a fine party Miss footman Miss Brook &c &c Stayd till Most Day paid fidler 1s10½ Bad Traveling home froze hard & very Roof rough

15th N.W & Clear prety Cold prety fine, up to Brades’s one of the Jury on a Road, got 5L of Jones for Grovers Coffins home about 9 or 10 OClock at Night.

16th wind N W & High Raind in night but got Cold & froze hard Evening & very high wind ½ barrel flower 11s3 Sent last Rye to Mill Got a young Lamb at Alloways illegible Rees.— —

17, wind N W high & Exstreem Cold, Schylkill very full of Ice & sheet a Cross at the ferreys Breakfasted Tunis’s he & I went to falls in order to go to John Parmers Burial, Could not Cross So returnd home, Evening to Mattis Snyders Clock Case home, put it up, Coldest Day this winter had two Lambs this morning from 2 Ews

18th. Wind N.W. Not Quite so Cold, at Tunis’s puting funirture on his Desk, home, sow killd 2 Lambs Levi paid 7s6 that he Borrowd, at fathers Evening Cloudy Snowd before 10 OClock at night

19th wind N.E. & Snowing, turnd to rain About noon went to town bought handles & Locks for buerow 13s4, Lock &c for Rees 3s7 Lock & hinges, Clock Case 3s3, hinges Lock for Chest 4s3, sash saw 11s3 knife 1s4- Repair watch 9s3 Shugar ½ Doz. 4s3 Halter 11d horse & wine at Dyers 1s11½ at ferry 11d, hailing all night & freezing oil Glue & pressian blu Prussian Blue 5s7½ (Sum total 57s9) Tobaco 13s1½

20th wind N.W. Cloudy Snow about 4 I Deep & hard Crust, went aslaying in Gibsons Slay took Polley Streaper Molley Morris with us to the ferry Spent 11d. Back to Stadlemans Spent 11d it first time Gibson Slay run prety good going home 9 OClock night

21st. wind N E & Snow about noon Near ½ Inch halld 3 Loads of wood, at home all Day turnd for Clock Case, Cleard Evening Lent Streaper 15s viz 2 Dollars

22nd. Wind S W to S & be W Pleasant Day Snow run finishd Slaying in the Broken path Tunis & I to Dumpler Thomas’s to Look Cloverseed Crossd on Ice got none paid James Durnel 7s6 for Walnet boards he sent here Spent 11d at falls Tavern ride on Nehemias Sled to Titus Roberts

23rd. Snow Last night Near 1 I Deep, Wind NW & Clear snow run, at Rees’s painting at Paul Jones took Bill for barn Calld at Silice’s Silas’s at Streapers Little while

24th Wind N.W. & Clear. went to Silice Jones got a warnet Lodg log to make nobs, side of the hill Log (on sledg) took to rool roll overset horse & Sled as Quick as a Minute paid 4s3½ for the Stick, afternoon to Algernon Roberts about his Barn, Eat Supper there & home

25 wind N E & overCast, afternoon got to S.W. prety Clear and warmer made handle to Tunis’s saw, my Jarsey had cut a Large Lim of the Chesnut tree in the feild No 1, from this week from 6 to 9 Dollars per Cord the Smartest price that it has been this Winter, home wrote this—“Jarsey” refers to recently hired man, Bill Allen, apparently from Jersey. See 2/28 and 3/3.

26th. wind S W by W. & thaws much Hannah in town, afternoon at prince of Wales to Chuse assisdent sessors Gulf John Jones & Self Elected by Ballot spent 1s9½ paid for Curwin 7½d home John Brought 44 f Sap pine boards from West Phila—

27th wind S.W fine Day at Meeting afternoon at Paul Jones Drank tea stayd all night Disscours Sall—

28th wind S E & very rainny Started for home Got there tho very bad Walking & wet work in shop, Got pint of bear at Streapers Polley would not take pay, my Jersey man gathering in hand?

March 1st. wind N W in Night & froze hard fine Clear Day tho Cold went to Supplees tabel to be turnd Calld at Wagoners pint of Bear on trust. home Ruff Rideing–

2nd. Wind S.W. & prety Clear, up to Robesons Get 2 lb of nails home to Dinner. Got 2 Dollars & half of Levi Lukens spent 5½ for Bear Uncle here Brakeing flax

3rd. fine Day, at work in shop Meal Chest paid Bill Allen the man I had hired 18s & he went off—

4th Morderate froze but Little work in shop afternoon halld 2 Loads oWood, John Zell here made a bill for 2 Barracks

5th. wind S, (whitefrost) raind before noon at Tunis’s Made pins & put in Bedstids. T. Cochron Dine’d here, went to Esqr. Jones, Quallify as an assistent sessor, there to Lisha Evans arbritration arbitration between him & overseers of poor woman that Lay there had her Leg broke allow him 11s3 per Week Went with them to Jones to have the Woman Examined Stayd there all night Little Bety Branton— spent 1s10½ gave Jones Negro 1s4½ in margin: “got 12 Dollars for Slay”

6th. wind S. & fine morning home about 7 OC got to rain Jesse George Dead, went ther took measure Spent 11d to Day & payd 37s6 to Morris Rye Meal Brother up at fathers & Morris’s Evening—-

7th wind S W & frogs Crying before I was up over Cast frogs singing Like spring at work at Coffin & take took it home Lightening & thunder, 2 or 3 Light showers

8th. wind W. & froze a Little, went to Burial, had Meeting Longstraw preach’d, up to Brades, to Look at his Cows, Drank tea at Roberts, paid Tom & Jehu Roberts 5 Dollars— got 10 Dollars of Sheets for table & part towards Clock Case

9th wind N E & ground froze hard went to town paid 3s11 for paint &c, 5s for Carving roses, paid 20s1 for Boards 7s6 Glass for Clock, auger & Gimblets 2s10, Tea Coffee & pot 3s6 Recking reckoning at Dyers 2s9 horsler 5½d ferry 11d– rope 2s3 rain Evening

10th wind S W rain Morning Cleard & warm Hannah Radner meeting Rees went with me to Brades to Look at Cow, stopt at Roberts, home 8 OClock at night frogs & toads Lively turnd neck illegible

11th March turnd Bedpost for Joe Walter, went to Brades for a Cow to Give 13 Dollars, Drove her home, rain & Dull all Day

12th wind S.E & rain fore part, work in shop Ring 3 pigs meet the Society at Stadlemans, horseler about 3d paid Gibson 8s4 for Slay Runners

13th wind SW & prety fine Day but very bad Roads Tunis & I at Algernon Roberts home — &c—

14 wind S W & rain fore part Cloudy all Day halld 2 Loads of Wood Sold a Claf calf for 18s9 Reduces Cow to 3L 18s9 Mr Evans here Jacket for me man here takeing Down the Nob. of Inhabitants at Fathers Bill Cuting Ditch– yard

15th. wind S.W & rain in night & Cloudy at Father’s paid 7s6 for Beeswax got 1 lb of Butter, went to Lisha Eveans Evans Spent 8d. at Sheets at Curwins at Nath. Jones’s–all night paid John Evans 6s4 for jacket &— —

16 wind S. & very warm, went to falls, Bought 3 Doz. suckers 2s9¾, home & fryd 2 & to bed

17 Wind S. & Clear & remarkable warm at Lish Evans, Sessing tax old Mary Heller fast in mud helpt to pull her out, spent 2s6—

18 Wind S. very fine went to John Jones Gulph finishing laying tax all Day paid Krickbaum 4s8 for augers, warm Day grain & grass look green

19. Wind N. & rain, turnd to snowd, till near sunset then Cleard near 1 I deep at township meeting Spent 11d & paid for Curwin 11d. Able Thomas & John Jones Gulf Supervisors Settlers Righter, Curwen, Roberts,(Carter) & Self home bad Rideing Borrowd 12 Dollars of Rees–

20th March } wind N W & prety Cold froze Iceticles & the Ground at home till Evening, went to David Roberts back & Robert here

21st. wind high & Cold hald a Load of hay from fathers & Load of Rails afternoon to School Quarterly Day warnd Levis to Look anew School

22, wind N. & N.W. fine Day in the main at Caspher Frees’s Shingling one Side house

23rd. wind S.E. a Large White frost at Lewelling Youngs mending boat, Cloudy boys finishd Freases Roof planted two Spruce trees hannah in town

24th Wind S.W. fineday Mending fence afternoon to John Conrads, Laying out his house paid John Smith for Massoning masoning 15s thunder Evening hard Gust in night, gave a Cripple 3d — feetfroze

25th wind N.W high wind thunder & 3 or 4 Showers mending fence Evening to Wagoners got 3 Doll Spent 1 pint Bear Calld at Stadlemans–

26. wind N W & little whitefrost mending fence till noon then to town Lock for Rees 4s8 boxes for Cart 6s9. Ribbin 1s10½ Reckening Dyers 1s2 ferriage 4d at Wagoners 11d home

27 wind W & fine day Brother & B Gibson up Borrowd 12 Dollars of Edward paid Rees 12 Dollars Sent my horse to town

28th. wind N E. & froze Ice in Roads, overCast, James Jones Senr. Dead about 91 years welchman born went falls Widow Parmers Vandue bought Decanter 6d spent 1s home

29. wind S.E. & overCast at work at Coffin Thos. & Jehu Roberts Vandue Bought Hoged hogshead 3s

30th. went to Burial at Merion then went with John Roberts to Lawrence Howards, & John paid 600L Cash & Bonds for 100 Each without Intrest I Bound with him in them home

31st. wind N W. went to Town help to Move Saml. Gibson to Kingsessen stayd all night spent 9d.

April 1st fine Clear morning set off home and turnd bed Stids gave Hannah 1s2

2nd thunder shower in Morning Cleard off fine day up to Elisha Evans settle acct. overseers paid our own Exspences 1s2 per peice.

3rd wind N.W. & Cold Ice plenty went to black tom’s

4th at home painting bedstids for Jane Roberts

5th Went to falls Tavern Tacy Palmers’ Glassd 73 Lights Glass Robert along home up to Jehu Roberts helpt to Load Wagons froze ground

6th. up to Do he moveing to Valey 4 wagons & 3 Carts Stop at Peoley spent 1s5 Got up about Sunset Jehu & I Sleep on floor

7 Cold froze Ice put up Bedstids & went up to Mill town at Hunts Downing spent 1s10½ Back to Jehu Stayd all night

8th. wind N & Cool Left there ½ after 8 OClock Several in Company fed at Peoley Spent 10d arivd home about 2 OC, Seen a man at Cuckeltown that hung himself had been Deraing for somtime Went away second day found by his 2 suns 4 Day, had walk went up a Chesnut that Lodg between two trees 60 feet I suppose & snard a part a skene of yarn round the tree other part round his neck tyd 2 Ends together– his feet I supos’d when hanging about 2 feet from the ground, Got a french Crown of Sheets

9th- A Large whitefrost went to Benj. Humphreys Prais appraised grain of his Tenants he sese seized for debt, to Roberts old place. Milners put 3 Locks on for Drank tea at N. Jones

10th. wind S W. overCast. Cleard off about noon & fine warm Day Colt got fast between logs of barn & Like to killd it self at home all Day paid Uncle 5s7½ Spent 11d

11th Wind S.W white frost fine warm Day at Tunis Gibson helping make garden fence Robert & Walter at A Roberts, I there & Smith place Black Toms got 20 Shad of Jonathan Thomas fetch hides & took posession yard to have it at 10L he makeing Repairs to be Concluded on & to board 2 of them at 25L per yr turnd pins referring to tanyard owned by JP

12th wind S W Light Shower Morning, took Sash home &c got ½ B Cloverseed, omission along fetch his Chest from Tyler 2 showers afternoon Light, home after night

13th wind S. W. & fine little rain In Morning sowd Cloverseed on wheat at No.2, at fathers hall 1 Load wood two violent Showers with very hard thunder 2nd shower hard Indeed, wind Crost to N. & Cooler–

14 wind N.E Rain Morning, went to Becky Georges to work home at night

15. Wind N.W. prety fineday at Rebecca Georges

16th W. N. at Georges afternoon Stadlemans Society Day, got 20s. Stadleman hannah 7s6 paid Skinner 11s–

17th. Cool Day Brother up, David Roberts illegible at illegible Spent 11d. at Powels limekill at Brades Stopt at N. Jones, home about 11 OC paid Levering 22s6

18th. Plowing, & at All Roberts got 1 Bushel of flaxseed Bag untyed & Lost near half of it

19 wind N.W. Whitefrost Sowd Near about ½ Bushel flaxseed in Meadow, halling Rails Uncle Robert here & puting fence up

20th W. N.W. whitefrost up to Ned Milners at work

21st At Milners at Work home at night

22nd — at Do

23rd –at Do sowd 3 pecks flaxseed old potatoes pacth patch good friday wind S W & light Rain at Milners & Sheets

24th Do S W overCast Easter Sunday at home Brother up Apparently JP was making entries after several days passed and didn’t date his activities correctly.

25th. Wind S.W. & fine Day at James Jones. at Work Spent 2d at Wagoners at Latch Vandue Bought Several old Trompiry

26 At Alley Roberts, work at Barn fine Day home at Night

27th. at Do- fine Day Morning wind got to N E & Cold Disagreeable Sowd 3 pecks Sumer Wheat

28th wind N. & Light White frost, Cold Morning & Evening at Alley Roberts framing his Barn.

29th wind N & Cool at Alley Roberts Spent 5½d at Streapers

30th. wind N.E few Drops of Rain Cleard Off & Warm Alley Roberts paid 5½d for Red Chalk

May 1st. wind S.W. & heavy Due & warm Day, went to Saml. Gibsons took Colt to pasture Came to Wagoners Spent 11d.

2nd-. went to George Jerrets begun a shop afternoon home make Coffin for Siles Jones’s Child about 6 years old Nehemiah Evans had 12 or 14 sheep killd by Dog not known

3rd Makeing Coffin for Debora Perkins & took it home & at Silice Jones Child Burial &c Got 5 Shad

4th. went to fishing place got 6 Shad paid 7s6 for them took the hearse Down & Buried her partly against Streapers Stable on that Side, Betty Roberts here Movd here Settled with Wagoner went to town Stay all night, Bought 2 lb sugar 19d, screws & sprigs 7s6 Gimblets 2s6, 2 Quarts of Oil 2s8, Reckening 3s7, Ribbon 7d

May Set off home spent 5d at ferry & 3d Wagoners, hall Rails Evening at Jacob the 5 Jones’s a light lite shower of Rain & hail

6 wind N. very Cool & windy with showers of Rain & hail meet the Batalion 160 or 170 Rank & file Dineed dined at Bird in hand Dinner & Club 3s9 per Man Oats 6d Glass of punch 11d, Drumer 2s3, spent at Streapers 3s10, home about Dusk Gibson make a Coffin for Bartle Kenipple’s Kenwickel’s Child

7.- took it home & Buried it at Church, Got 2 Dollars Molley Miley, at Alloways Squaring house at Edw. George’s & Alley Roberts home &c—

8th wind N. & Cool frost (John Robeson Says) home Brother up

9th. Gibson & I at James Jones at work Cool Morning home at night

10th. at——Do very warm & Dry work Shop smokehouse &c

11th. wind S.W. & very foggy all of us at James Jones Shingling most violent fire in town Destroyed about 20 houses

12th wind W. Dry & warm at work at Cart at home

13th at Alley Roberts puting Joysts on barn Raind afternoon

14th fine moderert rain all night & till near noon Met Society at Stadlemans took Coffin home for Phillip Frets Child was Enoculated for pox

15th. went to the Burial at Church Dick Cochron to Dinner with me, at Rees’s Evening Drank some Brandy today with Tom

16th. at Alley Roberts Laying Joyst home at Night

17th at Widow Conrads framing Rafters planted Corn

18th– at Do— & at Loyd Jones’s Stayd all night

19th home Down to Alleys begun to frame for Roof

20th Down to Alleys, & at Leverings Mill Rain in Morning & Smart Gust afternoon with thunder

May 21st. at Alley’s Cool & Clear father washt Sheep

22nd, being first Day Cool & Clear at Loyd Jones Bill for his mill Recd. french Crown Sturgis’s Childs Coffin

23rd. warm Day at Alleys framing Rafters Robert Rule for me 2s6 Tobacco 2s8 Quick Silver 9d—-

24th Sheard my Sheep 9, had 24½ lb afternoon at Alleys

25th at Alleys warm Day at Thomas’s Fishing Got 3 fine Shad paid 1s for one & 2 they owe Me of half Quarter

26th. at Alley’s framing Roof & Ridge pole

27th at Do. very warm finishd Ridgepole &c.

28th at home work at Cart afternoon Cleaning Dam

29th being firstday at Mima Wurrel’s Burial at Springfeild, a young woman about 20, or 21 years old in good Repute a Large Geathering of people, Dine’d at West, the most upland Paster I Ever seen on 1 farm Clover & timothy 49 head Cattle besides horses, Spent 6d for wine very warm & Dusty

30th. at home, at Lewis Thomas’s Settled Molley Miley & Reced. 6L 18s9d for Board

1791 31st at Alley’s work, Hard Shower & Lightning killd a Large Ox for Thomas George, I was withing within 200 or 300 yard when it killd him Unkle Edward Dyed about 10 OClock

June 1st. wind N.E & Misty at Alley’s Raising barn shower afternoon got very wet

2nd at Uncle Edw. Burial, about 84 years Struck with the Polsey above 20 years not bean able to use one side since at Sheets’s afternoon & at Nathan Jones home &c

June 3rd went to falls got 100 Catfish 3s afternoon to Sheets got 100 Dollars on acct. of work very heavy Rain Evening paid 1s6 for ½ hundred fish for Tunis

4th Prety fine Day, Rees Thomas mowing Clover in Turnipbottom went to town Got 40L John Wilson on acct work Bought Linning 15s Lock 2s6, peper & Musterd 2s2 Dinner &c 2s2, paid for hat for Gibson 24s one for Ben Harry 36s. paid 2s6 Ben Davis for Boards at ferry 1s10, makeing Coffin for one of Hans Miley’s Daughters.

5th. wind & fineday went to Burial in Stranger’s yard Merion at Rees’s Evening Spent 3d. Old Sow 14 Pigs

6th.. wind N.W. & fine day Plowing for buckwheat afternoon at the Clover Evening at N. Jones sat up with David Gibson, Mol Miley movd her Goods

7th wind N.W. & Cool, Squard Nathans barn & home, at work at Clover fine day

8th. wind W. & fine Cool morning, tho warm day at Snyder’s paid him 50L.9s & took up a Bond the Principele of which was 44L– Calld at Zells helpt to Rais 2 Barracks, home & at the Clover, Cock the most it up Ned Robeson Come prentice

9th wind S.W. & very warm up to Nat. Jones, old David Gibson, Dyed about 5 OClock this Morning, home & work at Coffin paid Jacob Idleman 3s9 for Smithwork Gibson & Joe Walter fram’d 2 Barrack ready to Rais in 2 Days, Good working took Coffin home, got Clover in

10th- wind S.W. & warmday Thunder to west, at John Zell, at work, home at fathers Evening a little rain

11th wind S W fine Cool Morning & warm Day attend the Burial to Darby, Spent 11d at Smith Dined at S Gibsons, at Bartrams Garden home about Dusk, gave Samuels boy 5½d,– Society Day absent find fined 1s I Dare say

12th. Wind S.W. & warm David Roberts & Tunis & self walk to Algernon Roberts, home & to bed we go

13th Wind S W & warm at work at hay Rake & Cock it all paid Irish Bill 7s6 for work Tunis at Rees’s & Look T Roberts Rye I too—

14th. At Alley Roberts Lathing barn, home at night Nehemiah Evans Child Dead, at Streepers Evening tho Not in house thundering round but no rain

15th. Wind N.W Little Cooler but Dry still work at Coffin & John Conrad halling hay in- took it home & Buried it

16th at Alleys Begun to shingling. Evening at Anto Levering & so home Alley paid Nate Levering 2 Dol for me, for there Baptist meeting

17th at Do Shingling the appearence of rain at Distance

18th Makeing Coffin for Little girl Dyed at Roling smalpox, Daughter of ase Smith

19th. took Coffin home put her in (offensive Smell) & Buried her Strangers yard Merion very hot after at R. Tunis’s. smart Shower & Cool after.

20th at Alley Roberts’s Shingling, home at Night Cool Day

21st. at Do— Do.—–

22nd. at Do——– at Do Foggy & Light shower

23rd at Do. Nehemiah Reaping Rye & Morris Reap a little

24th at—–Do foggy & 2 showers went from there town Bought Mehogany, Childs Coffin footmans Brother inlaw Doct. Shippins, Set off about 11 OC back about ½ after 2 OC

Made the Coffin, took it to Shippen about ½ after 7 OC put it in fixt it in Chear & a Lad & negro wench Set off to town. & I returnd home Stopt a little at Cochrons Paid 7d for cord 2s11¼ for handles 1s3 Saddle straps, 2s8 for Nails & glass paper, 1s2 at ferry.—

25th wind S.W. 2 hands Mowing at Roberts Makeing Barndoors, 7¼ Dollars to Rebecca for Coate Stocking &c 3 Dollars for to hannah, got 6 Dollars of Hans Miley, 50s of Jacob Jones, Home at Night

26th wind S W went up to Tompson Prespetarion Meeting Dined at Jos. Wilsons Came a Butiful rain with thunder home before night

27th. wind S.W. rain till Breakfast time, illegible Fisher Rees & Cato Mowing fathers swamp, two or 3 Showers afternoon, paid Fisher 3s6

28th. Fine Cool Morning, Spread out the hay got it Dry & in cock, about sunset Came up a violent shower wind & rain Overset the Coks

29th.. wind.– — Coole but Cloudy, spread out some of the hay at home, & got 3 sled Loads in, 2 or 3 Lite showers, through the Day, never Medel’d the swamp

30th. wind S.W. & Light Showers till noon then sunshine plowing for buckwheat, Rees’s horse not tetch the hay

July the 1st. wind N W & Butiful Cool morning Set to halling hay, & by 10 OC. Clouded up & raind Several smart showers thunder at Distance, never was I so Disapoint

In the whether, old Lewis, was off in his prognosticateing was all the tokens of fine Day, raind till 4 OClock halled 7 Sled Loads in astack on the Island swamp Alley Roberts Reaping wheat, my 3 Boys helping him paid 6s8 for a Gallon of Rum, 4d for toddy 11d to Ballor for plowline my stuff, 1 lb &¼ of hemp he says he will make one at Alleys in Evening home, paid Lewis 4 Dol. Wilsons applemill

July the 2nd wind N. & N. W. fine Clear Cool morning, went to Alloways Got a girder, home at hay Swapt meadow, spread it out then begun to hall got it up about 4 OC. hall two Loads of my own meadow all I had, this was mowd this Day week, I have had a most Tedious time, Raind Everyday this week but toDay, gave father 6d to get a grog for spreading hay Tunis Reaping wheat Walter there

July 3rd wind N W. pleasant day Tunis & I in his Cheair to Bird inhand tavern spent 3s11 home at Night

4th. at framing Joyst at Alloway’s After at Nehemiah Evans helping to shok his wheat, Sup there & home Robert & I at Davids, Robert set offor off for Jehu Roberts

5th at Alloways till noon, then at fathers Reaping

6th at fathers finishd Reaping his wheat Walter Ned & self

7th at Rees Price’s do. Walter & Ned, (kept me much no illegible) Father got his wheat in & some Rye

8th Wind N W. pleasant Reaping my wheat 56 Dozen 3 of fathers boys Rees Thomas, Isaac, Enoch, Tom, & Charlye Price, Bill Robeson a while got Done & pull all flax

9th. S.W. & warmday, thunder shower at Distance to apearance halld in my wheat, Raisd a barrack bought of Lukens Meet the Society at Stadlemans, paid Quarterly Contribution 3s, fines 2s. paid for 3 Quarts of Rum 5s. Drank tea Tunis’s stopt at Jacb. Morris’s home Read the Newspaper &c paid Robeson 15s for whitelead had some time

10th. wind S.W. & warm, Brother up, at Fathers in Afternoon Brother & I wlak walk to Rees’s, home Eat supper, to Bed, got very sick on the stomack, puke hard, got Sleep about 11 OClock & Sleep prety well—

11th. Dry Like morning & warm Day plowing for Buckwheat from the sod; so very hard & Dry gave it up, at Antoney Leverings ½ barrel Rye meal 7s6, at Paul Jones, Squar’d his Barn Stayd there all night (Sparkt Salley)

12th. home soon morning, thunder Gust to South at Alloways Laying Joyst, halld in flax

13th. at do.–do.– at Loyd Jones, Back to Alloway Isaac Roberts Come for Coffin for Ann Rakestraw at Bonds a small Shower from S. Large drops so not much

14th wind S.W. & very warm finishd Coffin & took it home Buried her in merion, side of Dabora Perkins afternoon to Robeson, at Millners, at N. Jones

15th- wind S.W. & read to sunrise– the sign fails– went to town in Tunis’s Chair he along, saw & files 14s6 Tobaco 11s3 Jacket pattern 5s7½, stripe &c 7s6, Coffee 2s8. at Dyers 1s9- Dinner 1s10½, apracoks 5½d. Linning 1s10½ Rum 8s5 at ferry 11d home & to bed we goo “Chair” refers to a horse-drawn vehicle.

July 16th . at Alloways, then to Loyd Jones, to Rais his paper Mill, fine rain all the afternoon home &c.

17 Pleasant Day not so hot, at Alley Robert’s, Tunis along home being first day

18. wind N.W. Cool fine Day Plowing for buckwheat Grass sod, at fathers Evening, ant Betty mother Sarah Hase & Betty Wickersham at Lewis Davis’s Moris’s Waggon

19th. wind N W & Cool Morning, at Alloways Raisd floor Joyst Sent Ned for ½ barrel flower to Milners on trust, Stopd Rees John Evans finishd working for me, my Birthday 38 & in the Same State, as I have been of Late (frade no better)

20th. wind N W & fine Cool morning framing Garret floor 7 Masons at work, tombling fellows,

21st. Clear Morning, Breakfast soon & up to Alloway, afternoon put the Tyre on Cartwheels

22 at Alloways. Raisd the Rafters &c Dined at Alloways (John Lewis, Exspence) afternoon to Cochron & Mr. Thompson Stopt at Sheets’s Sup there

23rd plowd a little peice for buckwheat & harrowd some afternoon to Brades & Jones’s home & to bed Brother up

24th took Ride round to get a petition signd to Governor for Judge Dined at Birdinhand, spent 6s in the hole paid B Humphrey 13s3 County tax, Brother & Tod Dine’d with us

25th. at Paul Jones’s Laying out Entrys &c Mason begun the Barn home to Dinner & Sowd 3 Bushels of Buckwheat Evening at Algernon Roberts’s & Edward Georges

26 at Paul Jones framing Joysts warmday Stayd all night walter with me (Chitchat a while Sal).

27th at Do.— at work at Do work very hard masons hurrying

28ht at Do. Raisd the floor of Joyst, Girder 39 feet Long home in Evening

29th at Do. Raisd posts & studs in the sd. barnfloor home & took a Letter to A Roberts from Tompson to Governer back & to sloof JP mimics the German “schlafen” for “sleep”

30th up to John Lewis working Cornish cornice &c. takeing Suden with a Cold & Coff, breast & frame Disorder’d Look Likely for Rain But Cleard & warm Day very Dry grass & every thing Suffering

31st. Red to Sunrise & heavy to W. but no Rain to Day up to Sheets meeting while, afternoon to Brot. Gibson allnight

August 1st. to town very Soon Bought Lock Clock case & side glass 4d spent at Dyers 1s paid Jehu Jones at Erewins Market Street 5s7 & jill of peach Lickor 6d & 11d for wine Jones Call for Breakfast at ferry Spent 1s4, home, up to Alloways back & Raisd my Cart, up to alloways begun to shingle went to N Jones, Made Bill for his Barn stayd all night Nan Light Shower from. W.

2nd at Paul Jones framing Roof home at night

3rd at do– do— —- —–

4 at do— home at night 1 barrel Rye Meal Levering 14s

August 5th Wind S.W. & fine shower about Day 2 or 3 after Raind till about 6 OC prety hard. at Pauls Cleard off at Pauls & Raisd the Rafters illegible at a Candle to finishd Stayd all night Spark’d Sall a Little while

6th home, fine Shower in Night at Rees Price’s Prais’d Unkle Edw. Effects, afternoon Meet Society Quarterly Day paid 3s & Spent 9d

7th first Day & Little Cloudy, Light shower from South thunder but not near afternoon, Brother up home all day, only at fathers in morning

8th. Wind S W & foggy got 5 Bushels of Lime of Father to build oven Enock Davis built it, paid him 4s2½ Rees Thomas mowing turnip bottom ½ gallon Rum 3s illegible

9th. Rain Several fine Showers Cleard off about 10, OClock halld home a stick for applemill, up to Millners Got ½ barrel millings 9s4½, very heavy shower Stopt under wagon house, at Natn. Jones’s 2 words illegible home by 10 OClock, paid Uncle Holland 1s½ for work

10th went with N Jones by Hugh Knox found plank for applemill home, & went to Alley Roberts hanging Shetters Masons pointing

11th. Brought home plank at Morris’s helping to Load a beam for Syderworks, & work at Mill 2 or 3 Light showers throughout the Day

12th up to Sheets s with the Clock Case & Layd out a frame house, home & Rake up hay in turnip Bottom, paid N. Jones 15d

13th wind W. & Clearest day this week Spread out hay & Cock it up again & work at Mill Cato paid 8 Dollars for his time

14th at Meeting. afternoon to Wilsons home Evening

15th. at Nathan Jones’s Morning & fetch plank for Applemill at Thomas Georges & Stadlemans ½ glass of Toddy

16th. finishd applemill for Stadleman & begun Paul Jones’s peazzar piazza —- hug—Sal illegible

17th. at Paul Jones at work at Barn home at night

18th at Do— Do Do

19th. wind N.E & rain this morning abateed & Set off with Rees price & Tom Roberts to Esqr. Morris to prove the praisment, Call at Abraham Lukens spent 11d at Nate Leverings Rode the River goeing at Lewellings ford home at Leverings seen the Remains of the Greates herican That I beleve was Ever in Pensylvania, Apple trees 9 or 10 over, tore up & Carried some of them 100 yards some more house & Barn coppershop &c unRoof, tore all before very narrow

20th up to Robeson framing Rafters to Carthouse at Cochrons Evening there their horse got sick goeing to town got mine,–

21st. home forepart afternoon at fathers (he Bought new Irishman) at Nat. Jones’s home

22nd at Paul Jones’s shingling Squees’d—–Sal

23 at Do– til noon then to Robesons made a window fram at Morris’s & Tunis’s—

24th At fathers illegible widow Conrads 2 boys there, went to town Bought Rule 1s padlock 1s9 Chest do. 1s 4 lb shot 2s4 illegible pound powder 1s10½– Ribon 11d Binding for hat 4½d Cuting hair 11d, Dyers 11d., ferry 4d, hat 24s6½– to Enoch Tompson

25th August at home a Light shower. Cleand a gun & shot a black bird Evening at Tunis’s—

26th. Tunis & I in the Chear Set off for Jehu Roberts’s Spent 1s Tunis paid, at Baymounts newtown, Got Dinner at Wm. Hunters, Whilst there had a very hard Shower, Left there about 4 OC. & got up about Dusk, spent ½ pint at peoley ½ Pint fox Chase. I paid for both

27th fine Clear Duemorning, went a Squirelhunting killd 22, Tom Roberts G Thomas W. Hunter R. Tunis & Self it was agreat day of Sport,–gave the boy 1s10½–

28th. fine warm Clear day Left there about 9 OC. Stop at Peoley & fed, 1s5d Dine’d at Sorrel horse 5s6 Got home about 5 OClock

29th. Paid Robeson 32s5d Sundrys bought at his Sale went Loyd Jones Covering his Mill home at night

30th finish’d Tho. George’s Mill then to Loyds Evening at Pauls Cuting apples—

31st at Loyd’s A fine shower a Little hail & thunder

Sept. 1st at do finish shingling home Evening Paul Jones Begun to wheat Sowe sow wheat

2nd went to David Roberts for 2 pineboards he fetch from town for me up to Jehu Jones’s paid him 5s8 for beef at the buck spent 11d, Widow paid me 50s for her Mothers Coffin, at Curwins Sup there & home Cato trasht threshed 18 Doz he says, & had 4 B. & ½ peck wheat sent 2 B to Righters mill, Jacob Morris begun to Sow Rye

Sept 3rd.. wind N.E & Rain about noon tho not hard, boys at Alloways I at whitemans paid him 36s8 for Makeing Cartwheels I found all But spokes, paid him 2s5½ for to make a Cart pad, paid Cato 7s6 for work, at fathers his horse bad with bots gave him Indigo & sperrits & sundry other things he is got well– Bots is a parisitic infestation in intestines of horses

4th. Wind N.E & rain all night & all Day aright NE Storm the first we had in a Long time, at Meeting afternoon at Rees’s Nancy Roberts one Tremble & Sarah Thomas there

5th. wind N.E & rain at Rees’s Morning at Tunis’s home to Dinner set off for Curwins, Stopt at N Jones, very hard showers with thunder from N. by W. arivd mill Crick high arivd about sunset, stay all night Rees & illegible fetch me 3 gallons of Rum &c 18s new Cag 2s6

6th wind N.W. & flying Clouds but no rain, finishd Curwins mill & home, got a drink spirets & water at Sheets afternoon Went to Samuel Gibsons got applemill mold & returnd home

7th upt up to Robesons to shingling his Carthouse rather Dul hay Whether Stayd allnight

8th at Do. Bought two tumblers paid 1s10½ for them walk home- got a gimblet & 1 yd Tobacco, on trust

9th. wind N.E. Drisley morning broke off & sun shun Cloudyed up again horse run home, walk home after him illegible Jacob Amos’s along with his wagon Spent 6d at A S

10th Up to Robeson’s finishd Roof, & home meet the Society at Stadlemans, he paid Me 7 Dollars & 1 third.

Sept 91 11th. Wind N E & rain smart Shower about noon paid Able Thomas 3 Dollars for halling lime paid John Evans 7s6 that he paid the Clock Maker for a bell to my Clock, at Alley Roberts & Tunis’ being first day home & to bed

12th wind N W & Cool. paid Lewis 23s8½ for makeing Stadlemans mill, old Robeson gave me 1s to Buy files for him, settled with old Frees for Shingling Doc. Smith house, up to Sheets begun a frame house for a jurny Man, home at night Stopt at N Jones

13th Walk up to Sheets’s very Cool Morning they say frost, N Jones’s, Masons Came walk Down there, lay’d out the petition partition walls, home

14th up to Sheets’s Raisd the frame Raind before noon 2 or 3 showers sun shone out at Seting. Got 2 Bushels of Rye of T Roberts Rode home &c

15th Rain, smart till noon, sun shun, 2 or 3 showers from W- afternoon at Robesons Glasd a 6 Light sash home at David Roberts back & hald a Load of wood..

16th wind N.W. & Clear & Cool, David Loyd Blowing Rocks went to Shippens Commons to see a horse race, 6 horses started for 16? Dollars purse, run 3 heats Slim Brown horse took it, Spent 1s10½ & 6d¾ ferriage home supper &c in margin: “frost at Loyd Jones very light”

17th. wind N.W. Cool up to Sheets, work till noon, up to Esqr Thompsons, Look at a small job he had to Doo, walk home, Stopt to see N. Jones barn. Gave hannah ¾ of a Dollar

18th. wind NW from that to SW fine day Brother up paid Andrew Smith 9s1 for Nails Receivd 30s10

first of Jacob Matson towards his Daughters Coffins, Drank tea at fathers, Spent the Evening with Tunis old Jane Roberts there

19th. at Alloways work afternoon tyd Cornfoder & hall it home fathers begun to sow wheat, wind S W. & pleasant day

20th. wind S.W. & awarmday, at N. Jones’s at work at Barn Sup there & walk home, hannah Thomas, Rees’s sister here Ned took up the flax been out 2 Weeks & 2 Days

21st. at Do– fine pleasant day home at night

22nd at Do warm day home at Night

22nd. at Do wind N E & rain before night Stayd all night– prety hard shower in night Apparently JP doesn’t take his diary with him. When he makes errors in dating it’s usually after he’s been away from home and writing from recall.

23thrd Raisd peazar & sides of floor afternoon boys at Jonh John Lewis’s house I home & up to Sheets’s home mended my Bridle & shavd &c fine warm day

24th wind S W. foggy warm Morning went with Tunis to Northwales paid Ben Harry 31L 16s– & took up Bond, Borrowd 15L of Tunis–set off for home stopt at Hickory town feed Spent 7½d set off for home about 4 OC. feed at Wences 1s5½ Begun to rain Direct after we started, & raind till we got to Springmill most violent, the road all across was near to horses’ knees, never was out in such arain I think, wet to the skin, got home about 10 OC at night wet & cold & to bed I went paid 9d for ferriage

25th. Illegible N.E & Dull tho not any Rain worth Mention at fathers in Morning, after noon at Tunis’s, Spent the afternoon there in company with Jehu Roberts this the first day of yearly Meeting home & to bed

26th wind about S. warm & Dull self & all the Boys puting in post & rails fence between Streapers Lot & Mine

27th. wind S.W foggy morning but Cleard off finishd a Coffin for Abe Hardens Child took it home, attended funeral to Merion Yard, afternoon went to Widow Johnson got payd for her husband Saml. Johnsons Coffin ½ barrel tailflower at Brooks 11s3 home &c

28th Went to town Bought 1 Grosse of screws 4s hamer 1s. Jug 1s10½ Sweet Oil 1s10½ Coffee 1s5, oil & white Lead 5s6 paid for Rum & Cag 20s6 paid for board 6s Dinner 1s10½ punch 11d ferriage &c 11d– brush 1s Litterige literature 3d

29th up to Alloways painted sash &c Stopt at Rees Evening white frost. Lewis & Brother John Says, hannah town

30th Wind S.W & fine Day sowd 2 Bushels of Common wheat amongst Corn 8 Lands – Layd on plowd & 4 illegible all night

October 1st Wind S.W. & very foggy morning plowd 8 Lands and harrowd 4 do. all sowd yesterday, afternoon working moulding for Esqr. Tompson,—Hannah come home

2nd wind S W warm Morning, Little rain Evening Brother up Rebecca More & husband David Dine’d here Gave us a Short Exortation on Moralitey, or Religion illegible

Spent the afternoon at Fathers—

3rd. forepart painting sash for John Lewis afternoon at Esqr Tompsons with frame round chimney Stopt at Sheets & home Stopt at N. Jones’s & home

4th at Lewis’s painting afternoon plowing—

5. at Nat. Jones Morning, at Alloways, Evening at Paul Jones’s Stay allnight Sparkt Sarah-

6th home. soon went to N Jones (Enoch along to make sash for me) afternoon to Charles Thompson workt by Candle Light, home Stopt at Jehu Jones so home

7th. Morning at Fisher David Roberts’s Peter May’s Fathers & up to N Jones & raisd two Gable End Rafters afternoon to Tompsons finishd work & Stopt at Sheest Sheets Drank some Grog with him & home Bond paid me 50s for the old womans Coffin

8th up to Alloways Tommey Roberts & Robert helping me to Glass, afternoon had Rees’s plow Fathers plow & my owne plowing Corn Cutt off, Sowd 2½ Bushels of old Bearded wheat came from Newyour New York 3 years ago, Father takeing with a kind of fit forgetfulness viz Could not remember the names of any thinge Society day of Course fin’d, township Ellection Loyd Jones Inspector John Righter Assessor, walk home with N Jones back to Fathers Brother up, & I home gave Walter 7s6 2s for files, 7s6, Fisher & John Thomas Mowing

9th Large whitefrost, at Fathers he rather better this Morning at Peter May, afternoon father very Poorly, Evening sent for T. Roberts we sat up very Light headed paid old will 4s for work

October 10th.. John Thomas mowing old Mary Huffman makeing hay paid her 1s6, Father very bad, Sent Tip to town Brother & Dor. Waters up, I stayd all night Borrow 15L Peter May—

11th very Large frost a Little rain & four illegible words old Will & ned halling hay took Coffin for Stophel Shubert’s Child. Dyed flux, Carried it over Schuylkill, & they took it to Barrenhill I home– sat up with father, Election Day, not there–

12th wind S W & Rain Clear offd beforenoon, Cuting Buck wheat old will & Robert help, Father very bad, at fathers all night, very bad, paid Tunis 15L I Borrowd

13th Large frost ripened all the buck wheat, backward & forward to fathers all Day amost, at Alloways a little while Waters up, & Edw up at night Layd another Blister on father there all night he sleep & had a stool,– —

14th. Will finishd my buckwheat & Got the Last of my hay in Father better all Day, Layd two Blisters on Rist, home all night

15th wind S.W. Down to Fathers he better than he has been this week, it is amaising to See the odds in buckwheat between that plowd Some time & that fresh plowd, the Latter Scearse worth Cuting other very good, old Will pick apples, I put Latch to big gate at fathers all night

16th home morning, afternoon at Rees s & fathers Brother up, & sundry people to see him father paid old will 7s6

17th wind N E Rain & froze’d as it fell, trees ful of Ice, very Curious, went to Jarmintown to see hores race was best 2 Run of the first race, a frenchmans horse & another


the frenchman Lead very Easy, but his horse the second round, run out the Course, & throwd the Rider (Little Negro) & Lost the race, paid Gilbert 12s3 for Shad got Last spring & 9d ferriage, home & Boild Chesnut—-

19th wind N. inpart & plenty of Ice to the trees, at Rees’s at Alloway, Latter part of day at Work, Betty Conrads

20th at wind N. Cloudy & Cold Evening at Wards with John Lewis Stopt at Rees’s & home Freze Frees fetch me 50 B. lime gave his boy 1s

21st. wind W. & butiful Clearday, up to muster small Collection Dine’d at Birdinghand, paid Rambow 5s2 for Lime had 2 years agoo. Dinner & Club 3s9 paid for young 4s2½ horsler 10d. Spent 11d at Streapers, Drank tea at Esqr Tompson Got 5 Dollars of John Lewis paid Fisher for Mowing 3s6 Borrowd 2 Dollars of Jont. Thomas

22 Up to Millers Got ¼ & ½ of a barrel flower 8s5. home & begun to trath thresh buckwheat, at Rees’s helping to pull down his old kitchen, at fathers put watersider to Soake, been a blustery day several Snow showers from W. Got very Cold–

23rd wind N W high & Cold Brother up at fathers afternoon

24 wind W. at Rees’s Cuting stuff for Door frames two Masons begun his kitchen, went to David Jones s Shingling a Little house he has built for John Latch in the woods near his Ned George’s & Wagoners Corner home at night, Spent 3d at Wagoners

25th at David Jones s Stopt at Widow Georges & home, Cleand Buckwheat 36 heapt Bushels

Oct. 91

26. at David Jones finishd the house & Latch movd in it he paid me 7 Dollars for apple mill, repaird Becca Georges Mill & home

27th at Rees Price’s Set a door Case & Lower joyst afternoon made a Coffin for Skinner Websters Child paid Lewis 24s for makeing David Jones Mill paid Black Will 12s3½ for work, he beat 10 illegible of wheat had 4B. & peck paid for Boards 2s illegible took Coffin home Stopt at Tunis’s Jehu there, I sup there & home,

28th Down to Websters Back & Buried Child at Merion Spent 6d at Streapers, afternoon at Conrad & Alloway By Rees’s finishd 12 L windowCase, & went illegible

29th. wind S W & fineday at fathers, Sent 10 B of buckwheat & 2 of wheat to Mill; Jehu Roberts Tunis & tommy & self shuteing Robins I shot Rabit Morris’s hedge John Bought Glue Nails &c. for me 5s7½

30th- wind S by W. a little, warm & overCast part of Day very Dry time, Levi paid a Dollar he Borrowd, gave Gibson 7s6, Joe Thomas Dined here afternoon at illegible Roberts at Nat. Jones Stayd awhile with Nancy

31st. wind S.W. & warmday & Smokey, Sun illegible not affecting the Eye to Look at, appearence of Drye. Evening at Morris’s a man from Verginia by the name of Ashbey, (or Laskey) Inform me the Inglish Grape may be Grafted in our wild

Novb. 1st 91 grape to advantage, & Likewise the Inglish walnut in our natives to advantage—wind N.W and rather Cooler, went to town Bought 13 handles for Case of Draws at 1s1 per–is 14sl, 6 Locks at 8d per 4s. 6 Escuchions escutcheons at 3d, 1s6, 3 small handles at 8d. 2s 4 pair tablebutts at 10d with screws 3s4, 12 screws at 5½d, oats & wine 1s5, ferriage 4d.–

2nd. wind N & Cold Whitefrost & frozed the Morter at Rees’s framing joyst till noon, then to Alley Roberts Easing his doors, he paid me 24 Dollars, & 35s to Evans for Taylorwork Erwine’s Daughter Come here Evening to spin, home about nine OClock night— prety Calm to Day spent it in a illegible way. Except some illegible says fell through the Day

3rd. wind N.E Set off for Curwins, paid J.Jones for Beef 3 Doll. Begun to Snow about noon Snood snowed till afternight between 2 & 3 Inches Deep Glased 36 Lights & took the glass out of the old sash Jones’s (Baptist minister) son Morgan Jones & Daughter at Curwin’s sencible Chatty Girl, winter appearence—

4th. wind N W Clear & froze hard, Glased & made putty till 12 OClock at night, at Curwin went to bed Sleept prety well

5th wind about S.W. and not so Cold as yesterday prety fine Day in Mane, finishd about noon, walk home (horse run home) Calld at Wilsons, met the Society at Stadlemans, Quarterly payments 3s fine 1s total 4s Election day Chose our old Officers, paid Supplee 7s6 for Real reel home, pain in back 3 or 4 Days

6th wind S W fine Day attend the Burial to Merion yard paid Father 3½ Dollars for Crane he Bought at Robert Hollands for Me, he gave 29s for it

6th Novr Paid Robert Roberts 10 Dollars for work

7th. Wind S W. & Butiful warm Day tho’ froze, Morning fited up pen & put hogs up after to Rees’s begun to shave shingles, afternoon, meet the trustees at schoolhouse & home & made putty & to bed,

8th wind S W. & remarkable fine Day, Layd Second floor joyst at Rees’s & shavd 562 shingles Thomas Roberts jointed them, home Evening Gib finishing Draws for Bonds

9th wind S W, & raind before noon at Rees’s framing Rafters home to Dinner, halld 1 Load of wood Quit Raining in the night, gave Rebecca 22s6 to buy Shirts &c.

10th fine Star Light morning, wind Chaingable S E to various points, warm & Clouds about 7 OClock Evening wind Shifted to W. & a violent Shower of Rain hail & wind with Lightening & thunder, (no Damage) at Rees’s finishd the Rafters afternoon helping to hall Dirt Round the school house to prevent wall from underminding undermining 11th wind N W. & perty high & Cool at Reeses illegible A part that on the shed over the well & Raisd the Rafters on the kitchen, home Evening to Tunis’s Gave Gibson 3 Dollars, Monthly Meeting

12th wind N W, & froze hard most bear awagon, at Alloways Cuting out Sash Casings, Glasd 8 Lights at wards home Dinner, Cut 2 Walnuts trees at Rees’s & the limbs of the mulberry tree Meetinghouse yard, Tommy Roberts supt with me-

Novr. 13th wind S.W. & more Moderate overCast part Day, Not at Meeting afternoon R Tunis & I at Ant. Levering’s, I paid him 12s for 1 barrel of Rye Meal, home with Tunis & stayd till after night, Bartle Righter 20s7½ infull for his son Coffin Gibson set off for kingsessin to work with Samuel

14th. wind S W & Butifull warmday, overCast & begun to rain about 4 OClock P.M. hall’d awalnut Log to Levering under Cart, home. & took Jerrets sash home & fit them in stopt at Morris’s he gave me a 2 foot Rule that he found If the owner come to Give it up, Gibson begins work with Samuel Gibson this Day– makeing Coffin for Stophel Shuberts Child, prety hard rain after night

15th wind S W fine warm Morning & Clear, at Rees’s home finishd the Coffin, fathers old Durgin a horse Dead in Ditch, two, or 3 showers from W. & got Cold towards night, took Coffin home & Carried it to Barrenhill Church, at Wilson tavern bought 3d worth of Gingerbread, Down the ridge road to Snyders Tavern Spent 6d. Grog, Cross Taylorsford & stayd there till afternight, home

16th wind N.W & Cold froze hard Clear, at Rees’s set Robert & Walter to Work, back & work at Cradle, Down to Rees’s again Cuting Rafters for back Shed, spent 6d. at Streapers for Antoney Tunis for Cuting my hair

17th. wind about W, prety pleasant. Shingling Thom Roberts & I alittle spar, which made him very Grumpy, he condeming everything that is not a brat of his Geting — interlined above “getting”: “Starting”

18th. wind N.W. & froze’d very hard Cold morning made about 30 or 40 oake shingles & finishd the Roof. & Layd floor, Masons at Work there at Rees’s yet, Mr Tom alittle over his pet

19th Novr. a Wind W & froze hard, Clear & prety fineday tho Raw wind at Rees’s fitting sash &c afternoon Call at Gauchers- there to Samuel Gibsons, Stayd all Night

20th. wind N..W. & sharp Morning frozed hard Stayd Breakfast, set off with my Colt & John’s hard riding home about 12 OClock, Clear but Sharp air allday at Fathers Brother there,– —

21st. wind S.W. hung a door at Rees’s & to Loyd Jones’s makeing Shetters Gable End, prety wet afternoon & Dark wet night there all night

22nd wind N W & fine Moderate Day home at night at Loyds at Shetters —

23rd wind S W. & Large whitefrost at Fathers & sent Ned to Mill with 10B buckwheat, took 8 Light Sash to Rees’s, & to Loyds, went to Pauls there all night

24th wind S.E whitefrost & read to sunRise to Loyds work till noon home paid Britsons Daughter thirty Dollars for her Mother then went to Fathers & David Roberts they Surveaying there place home at night

25th Prety Cold Morning up to Nathan Jones’s laying barn floor, Gibson up to John Jones’s Gulf Daughters Weding yesterday, to one Dutton from Chechester home at Night

26th.. wind N W & very Cold, froze’d hard up to Jones at work at barn, Lent Nathan my horse to go to town, home Evening

Nov,b 27th wind N W & Large whitefrost at Meeting several freinds from town Niclos Wall, & a young man from town preach home all afternoon, old Robeson paid me 11s3 for work

28th wind S. & whitefrost fine warm Morning, but Raind before noon at Zells got David to Come kill my cow weighd 402 lb hide 55 lb hide & tallow 34 lb afternoon, went with Abraham Lukens to Levi Lukens’s very wet Abraham home & stayd all night with me—

29th. wind N.W. prety Cool up to N. Jones’s finishd his barn floor. Chatted Nancy till about 10 OClock & home to bed &c—

30th. wind W. & Clear fineday but froze hard Last night Made trapdoor at Alloways &c afternoon put Draw in table at Tunis, & 5 Glass in old Sash. Drank tea & home paid Jacob Idleman 14s3 for Smith work, Hannah 7s6 to go to town salt &c—

Decemb 1st Wind N.E & very Like for falling weather Rain before noon Cleand 17½ Bushels of Wheat all I Have, had total about 27 Bushels, Abigal Loyd Dead begun the Coffin

2nd. wind N.W. & Clear & pleasant finishd Coffin & begun one for Jane Thomas, Able’s Mother Rachel Bond married to young Leadom at Merion Meeting

3rd Wind N W & frozed hard & whitefrost Cold sharp took Coffin to Bears by 9 OC. & Interd her at Merion home to Dinner, finishd the Coffin & Meet the Society at Stadlemans, Walter took the Coffin Down & I went & unscrewd it Tunis along, walk home &c.

December 4th 1791 wind about W & whitefrost & hard black frost attended the funeral & interd her at Merion yard good number of people, went to Meeting, Moris spent the afternoon, Brother Edw & blank up in Evening I walk to Morris’s & back & to Fathers home &c

5th wind S E up at 5 OClock & set off to Paul Jones A Tunis & B. Scott along helpt him to kill 4 hogs 1 Weigh’d 365 & 325 & 323 & one 312 help Silas to kill seven scalded them with one water home & to Richd. Tunis put in 2 pains of Glass Alley Roberts there Drawing Rules for the school Jehu Roberts & Georg Thomas Came ther Snowd from about noon till 10 OC. at Night Gaind about ½ I

6th. wind N W & like for a fine Day but got overCast & Raw day at Rees put aseat in littlehouse home after dinner, Sent for Cart & halld load of wood

7th wind N W. & very Cold, went to Rebecca Georges made seller Door at Old house, Came home after Dinner went to Alloways hanging Doors

8th wind N W & most Remarkable Cold, work in Shop till noon then hald 3 Loads of wood—interlined: “froze Schuylkill over in tide water”

9 wind S W. or near W at Moris’s bought 20 Bushels of Rye at 4s6 with Tunis to Rees along with them to warn Taylor off, to Robesons at Sheets Spirrets & Water

9 Back to Rees’s Drank tea & so home

10th wind S W & pleasant day at Rees’s Shingled his Necessary & put up Dresser &c. Stopt at Streapers Thos. Roberts treated with 2 Glases of punch

11th. wind S.W whitefrost & pleasant Day, at Richard Peters, Concerning a barn he is agoing to build Dine’d at Alley Roberts home & Down to Fathers, brought the Copper up, (firstday)

12th wind N.E & rain a little while & Got to snow before noon, meet at school house as trustee killd 5 hogs 1 Wt. 191 lb 194 lb 121 lb 85 lb & 72 lb total 663 lb snow till I went to bed & blowd & Drifted, Got 1 Quart of Whiskey of Rees

13th Wind N W overCast till near night but snow none to Day, it 4 I Deep & prety Cold, at fathers home hooping tub for pork, at Streapers, paid 8d for Glass of toddy had in Company Last week with Tunis & N Evans, got a very Sore boile Jonat Thomas fetch 3 Gallons of Rum from Siters at 6s9–per Gallon (not paid for)

14th wind N W high but not sovery Cold thawd prety much middle day Cut up hogs, Jacob Griffee, Came here Evening & helpt to salt the hogs the snow Drifted very Much in Fathers laine at home, very sore with my Boyl most made me sick

Decemb 91 15. wind S.W & very fine pleasant day Jacob Griffee begun to work hald 9 Loads of wood I work at Jerrets Chradle, Nancy Roberts & Billey Hunters Daughter here, Got 2 hogs of Curwin Wt. 303 lb

16ht. wind S W. sun shun & very pleasant day at Fathers helpt to kill 4 hogs Rees went with me, home to Dinner, old Robeson & Jonathan here left what yearly Rent Jonathan should pay his father for 109 Acers where he lives that he made a deed this Day to Jonathan, to Tunis & self illegible 17L. Cut up the hogs, some Boddy fired a pistol or gun Just by the house, as I was reading Maloncolley Letter of Genl. Saintclear of his defeat by Indicans Indians, whereing Lost 40 Officers Killd & as many wounded & about ½ his arme. he says before attemped a retreat, some acct says 600 tho not officially Confirmd—

17th wind blue up Night & froze but afine Moderate Day at work at Cradle &c afternoon Cleand well out, water had got to stink so scearce drink it, went Down & to be shure there was a Rabbit so putrifyd that the hair began to Come off Easyly, & sundry frogs or todes, there about hour on the one sind side I had left a place for a box, which however Neglected being put in, & Coverd with a flat stone under which was a vaconcy, that I suppose he Desunded descended. Gave a man from Jersey (that had house &c burnt & son by Lightening in April 91.) 11d. all the money, not 1 penney Left. Draw part of a bill for Peters barn & to bed we go

18th. wind S W & raining & very foggy Like for a thaw went to Neh. Evans Drank tea there

Decemb 18 & so home being first day wet Night

19th wind SE & wet went to Nehemiah Evans helpt to kill hogs Cloudy but not much rain

20th wind N W. & prety Clear at Alley Roberts making troff to water his Chattle in stayd there to supper & so home–

21st wind N W & Large whitefrost to Rebecca Georges soon home Cut up hog got of Nehemiah 143 lb Ant Betty ½ & I half, afternoon to Rebecca George’s Repairing Banderman house help to Cut up 4 hogs David George there home about 10 Cl. at night wind N W & snowd a Little & Cleard up towards morning,

22nd wind N W & Clear & Cold froze hard & high wind at James Jones Laying Barn floor

23rd at Do. wind S W & white frost Sharp night moderated a Good Deal finishd floor & made a Door home at night David Loyd Cuting ant Bettys wood got flax up yesterday —

24th. wind N. & Cold Day, went to Casper Frees boys there Building little house, there to Stadlemans spent 1 pint of Bear 3d to James Jones put Lock & hung a Door Calld at Bonds & so home Set off to Loyd Jones

December 24- had a supper of fish & oisters, & wine, Enoch had my horse, went to Pauls and stayd there all night,

25th wind about S W, home soon Morning at Ben Tunis he paid me 5L. on a Note home & to Fathers With Tod & Brother to Buck & to John Jones illegible Back to Buck Spent 2s4 home about 10 OC night, this Christmust.

26th wind S W. & pleasant day at Leverings to Get harthstones Back to fathers Morris & Evans here paid Moris 4L 10s for 20 Bushel Rye, Evening at Tunis—

27th wind S.W. & Butifull day warm, at Alloways hanging Doors Dine’d at Rees’s at John Zells, afternoon aputting strips barn floor. Spent 5½d at Streapers — —

28th. at Rees, Breakfasted there, Tommey Roberts & self to Righters, & Sheets’s at there old place Roberts’s got a work bench, & bed stuff I Bought of Tommey, home back & Dine’d at Rees’s, home tommey along Drank some spirrets & water Hannay at Market prety warm Day, Remarkable for season

29th wind Sprung up to N W, and Cooler went to David Jones before sunrise, to make a Draft for kitchen & parlor Stopt at R Georges & at Zells they killing hogs home Coppyed


a bill for Richard Peters barn, took it there Stopt at Neddy Georges, settled he paid me 3L 8s7– home & down to Rees’s Eat asupper offish with T Roberts Back & to bed we goo–

30th wind about W & white frost fine day forepart but got OverCast, killd my old sow, that killd 3 Lambs Last spring– weighd 145 lb (killd the Last of her pigs from her 3 day) Last up to Alloways makeing seller stairs hung a door at Rees’s Drank tea there & home— Cut up old sow &c &c &c—

31st. wind S.W & was a few drops of rain but afine warm day at Alloways at seller stairs, then at hanging Little house door &c &c– Eate oisters with T Roberts he home with me, & Drank some Grog & way he went– he gave me 3s9 towards schoolhouse Door– over Cast Evening, spent the Evening at Morris’s