Joseph Price Diary


January 1st 1790 wind N.W. Clear morning & white frost ground froze a Little not so as to bear Cat. Remarkable bad Roads, at Rees to Borrow auger, paid Ben. Jones 16s3 for 2 sets of plow Chains Plowed the Lain by the Shop that goos to the Barn, no frost, & warm as Spring, A Lukens & wife here he paid me 2s3 for mowing, turnd bed posts, at home all Day

2nd To town very fine day Carpenters the N side of Large house Shingling without Coats, Bought Screws 4s Nails 9s2 Locks 3s6, bolts 1s6 Buts 4s Glass 7s6 Salt 2s3 box 9d Almanack 1s10½ oats bear 11d frerage ferriage 1s2 Newspaper 15s

3rd took Coffin Brades’s place Frys, there to plymouth Good preaching, Dine’d at John Harrys Drank tea at Samuel Evans’s (paid 5d for ferriages) & home Robert here Inform of Some Uneasing at P.J.`—-

4th wind S.W. & remarkable warm no frost in grownd, at fathers turnd part of a stand whet went Robeson Saw Hannah Tunis here, made me go home with her, to Dicks afternight, told me that they say I am too Great with Mol Miley, which gives me no uneasyness illegible ancious

5th Wind N. and Rather Colder, snowd a little wind got more to west & Cleard off, helping fathers to kill 4 hogs & a Beef, finish’d turning post for Stand,

6th Wind N. Cold frozed hard pool bair the boys, at Moris’s went with a Dutchman from NorWales to look at Jones’s Lain Some Notion of undertakeing to Mend it, at T. Roberts & home before night paid 7s6 for boards brought up by Brother John wind got to S.E. & Cloudy snowd before I went to bed & turnd to hail

7th Rain Wind to W Cleard off Shower of Rain & wind in afternoon from W. but Cleard moderate, Evening at Rees Price’s Cut holes in shutters finishd a veineer Chair been near 2 years since got the stuff out

8th Wind S.W been a Shower of round Snow in night & Cloudy & thawd in Day, at fathers in Morning Work in Shop David Jones of Radner Buried, at Radner 9th Cloudy, wind N.E. (Sow got nine pigs this Morning) a Little Shower of Snow got to W & Cleard off moderate Hannah poorley takeing in night Stiches in Side Brother came up after night at home

10th Wind N.W. & Clear Brother bled Sister Rather Better, at home all Day, very Cold froze hard

11th. Wind about S. & Cloudy Snowd all Day Except some little Intervals, all from South I think it was near 2 Inches Deep, Evening got to rain Hannah Tunis here (Molley Came back) Hannah Sister very better

12th. Wind Got to N.W. Cleard up & froze prety hard, went to Phila. Bought lock for Clock Case 1s5 for paints blue ½ lb 2s6 white Lead 2s oile 1s6 viteral 3d. glue 2s plain bit 2s7 files 1s10½ Lock saw 1s3 oates &c 1s2 hosler 5d

ferriage & Drink 10d — Roads Ruff, moderrated a Little home after night hannah Tunis for horse got none

13th Wind S.E & Cloudy went to Nathan Jones’s Came and bled Hannah, Seems better since bled, got to snow & rain afternoon More Moderate– sold soled Gibsons Shoes after night

14th- Wind S.W. and thawd much went to Robesons bought ½ Gallan molases 1s5. bought boards of T Roberts 1s8 bed stids 2s6, fetch a Load of poplars from Do- Mother to town sister Polley got a young Son yesterday (forenoon) Call’d at Sheets Got my plain sister very Poorley yet pain somewhat abated

15 Wind N.E Rain in night then hail & then snow hail again then Rain and thawd, at fathers in Morning, at home, makeing Brackets, wet Day

16 Wind S W very foggy Cloudy all Day with 2 or 3 Showers at Hofman’s Lewis Thomas’s & Peter Mays hunting a girl got Susana West, Robert here all week till to Day went to town

17 Wind S.W. & Clear fine warm Day at Meeting Brother up Loyd Jones & wife here sister Rather omission

18th. Father poorly, mother Came home from town, at Ned George’s about his kitchen, very Sloppy Cloudy & Misty wind S.W. blot bed & So

19 wind S.W. & very foggy broke off a Little, wind got afternight north & raind hard Shower, up to Wilsons & Curwins, very bad rideing, Intire thaw Roads Exstreem bad, very remarkable Warm

20th. Wind N.W. Clear up in the Night frozed hard almost bear the wagon not Quite which made very bad traveling work in Shop Evening at fathers he’s got well

21st. Verry Cold Wind N W. Rodes hard frozed Tom Durnal Married to Ruth Nealey, went Sibleys told me a quere cure for pain in breast & Coff Viz two Indian turnip Asrebeca (or wild Ginger) 2 or 3 Roots & twice as much snake roote put to a pint of Rum take about the fourth part of a gill Evening & Morning

22nd. Wind SW. & white frost went to town, bought hinges for table 2s4 sprigs 4d Cloth for Gibson Jacket 8s4 Plush for Breaches 2½ yd at 10s is 25s oats 6d & ferriage 8d 1 Quart Rum 1s6 home and &c warmer thawd a Little sheepskins for lining & buttons Silk & mowhair 7s6

23rd Wind S.W. and pleasant Day Mr Curwin & I to see a new Constructed Mill by the falls Spent 1s5. Dine’d at Al. Roberts, Meet the Society at Stadlemans (boys took book Case there) the Mill above has no water wheel

24th Wind N.E. and thaws a Little & snows a Little Read some in Stephen Hails, Ventilators, his account of the Ill Conciquence of spiretous Liquor from page 193 to 218 which is whother worthy of attention

25th. Snow just so as to Cover the Ground Last night, Wind Got S.W. Cleard towards night Makeing Coffin for McFee’s Wife been Long Sick,– went to Rees’s

26th, very Ruff Roads this Morning up to McFee’s with the Coffin from there to Phila. Burie’d her in Christ Church yard Spent a 11d at ferry Wind to S E & very Sloppy Comeing home

27th Wind about N. & Snowing (Raind till towards morning) (Last night) Snowd all Day Cleard up about sun set Deepest this winter near 4 I. bad foundation Strange Preacher here, Simpson a very good Discourse he made

28th Wind about W & thawd a Little Large white frost went Loyd Jones’s hunted fox Raisd him by Righters ferry & holded holed him above Loyds beet the bush below Al. Roberts, Could not Rais another– so Came home

29th Wind N.W Clearr and prety Sharp at home all Day Jhon John Evans makeing a pair of Breeches 4s6 for makeing they stand me in 37s total paid him 10s6 besids tho

30th. Wind S.W. & Clear & thawd a good Deal paid father 3s for 1000 Sprigs paid 1s for the Butter the first I bought since I keep house at fathers in Evening & Streapers

31st Wind about S.W. & a Butifull morning though frozed pretty hard Last night, at John Jones this Morning at home all Day, Hannah to town, Gave her 7s6

February 1 Wind S.E. in Morning at fathers Got his horses Went to T. Roberts for poplars & Walnets boards wind got to South & raind fast all Day from 11 OClock got 2 Bushels of Rye Ground for horses– Bettey Humphrey Dead this Mornin She verry old & Childish a Long while

1790 February the 2d Wind N.W. & Cloudy, makeing Bettey Humphreys Coffin & took it home frezing hard as we Came home paid Sucke Susanna West 7s6 for 2 weeks Labour, Receivd 2s from Hannah went away—

3rd Wind N. by W. and very Cold, went to Burial Dind at Nathan Jones’s Calld at fathers Lewis poorley, went to Streapers Jos. Wilson there Spent 1s. Gave him a bill of Scantling

4th Wind N.E Rain & froze’d a great Sleat but Rain’d so hard took the Cheif away before night Wind W & Cleard off

5th Wind N.W. & froze’d hard at fathers Lewis Better went up to Benjamin Humphreys to Buy walnet trees Dine’d at Jehu Jones’s Calld at Mcfees at Goodmans old Jones sent me there persaived persuaded? him back walk home got supper & to bed

6th Wind N.W. high & Cold froze harder Last night than it has this winter & this is allowd to be the Coldest Day by Odds at home in Shop

7 wind about S.E morning got to W Cold Day Brother up & Brother Gibson too at fathers John Supplee & David Roberts Dined here

8 wind N.W. Clear & Cold Shilkill frozed over up at Righters first time this winter John Righter of ferrey Buried on Ridge this Day Bin Long sick

went to Phila. at orphans Court Bought 2 pair of Hinges Dining table 2s6 2 pair small ones 1s2, 1 lb of Glue 2s6 Lock for Desk 19d– 2 Sheets Glass paper 6d oats & jin 9d tobacco 1s11 ferriage 4d & so returnd home

9 wind N.E & Snow ½ I Deep & Cleard up about noon, went up to Sheets’s (very Cold Evening Roads geting verry Good) Came home rote this

10th Wind N.W. & very Cold & Clear at work in Shop made a bill for B. Humphrey him to Streapers Spent 8d. Gibson went to town to work with Saml. Gibson Gave him 4s10

11th. W.N.W. & remarkably Cold pump frozed up only run at top Sold soled my Shoes puting Latches on at Streapers Spent 6d

12th. Wind NW. thin & Clear air, up to Sheets Glueing &c, stopt at T Roberts, paid Rees Price’s 2 peices of Glue that I Borrow Enoch at Monthly Meeting

13th W.N.W. & Clear, knock nosel out the popm pump froze 2 I against the End it froze up never so since it was put up, I think it has frozed harder than this time Last year, thawd Little to Day Sharp air tho a little moderrated went Nehemiah Evans, partly agreed for 3 Sheep Came home Rote this

14th Wind S.W, & snowing about ½ Inch got to hail & Rain. William Rees of Newtown Buried to Day, prevented from going by appearance of wether


illegible rain Scearsly, Cleard up after night took walk fathers & Morris’s in Evening

15th. Wind S.W & whitefrost, a pleasant thawing Day the Cold spell broke, the River Delever Delaware & Schuylkill froze over, the first times this winter went to Nathan Jones’s begun to Rain about 7 OClock at Night, Stayd till Morning

16th Wind S.E & rain very foggy thaws very much roads very Sloppy got 3 yds. Coating of Mother for Gibson went to fathers

17th Wind S.E & rain Road very mierry mirey Hannah in town with Pigs & Robert at Work here went Rees Price grind Broad ax, home work in Shop Cleard up afternight warm– no frost this 3 nights Schuylkill Broke up

18 Wind S.E & Cloudy Tunis & I to Wil. Wiest & Jos. Davis’s, Dined at West Got to rain Evening very Wet Comimg home & Misrable Rideing

19th. wind N.W. Clear & froze a Little old Ewe Got 2 Lambs at home Lewelling Young here went to Streapers with him very Pleasant Day in’deed the Road bad

20th. Read red Morning & wind S,E framd Slate &c Meet the Society at Stadlemans Got very wet going Raind very hard Settld with them for book Case 3L. paid the Society fines & Quartly payment 12s out of above acct– paid Jonat. Supplee 4s for turning paid horsler 5½d Roads Exstreem bad

21st. wind E. & Cloudy at fathers in Morning Mathias Moris here from b’altimore on his way to ridge, I beleive I have not seen him since the year 77 at Camp to Gether went to David Roberts’s Betsey Moore here been at Market, Jacob Johnston here afternight

22nd Wind N, E. Cloudy & Misty went to brades Calld at Thoms. Cochrons, Came home by Tolberts very miere roads frost Chefly out—–

23rd Wind N.E. hail Some & raind no traveling roads so bad, Sold 2 Inch auger to Nehemiah Evans paid me 6s, at fathers in Evening

24th. Wind N E very foggey & rain, Sun Shun out about noon wind got to W. not seen the sun 4 days before, a smart Shower Evening from W, tunis & I up to Roberts s walk

25th. High wind from N.W. & froze a little at work at home Spent 6d at Streapers with Bill Moore, at fathers in Evening—-

26th Wind S.W. & Jacob Amos Calld Informd me of the Death Amos George a Valuable freind who I was very fond of

sencesable sensible & Communicative & Improveing when acquainted he was only takein Ill after Supper & was Dead about 3 OClock in morning, Left 7 Children, & wife very Like for another, very great Loss to the family & trying time to them, I do very feelingly Condole with them, & Lament his Lost as a Neighbour in Whoos Company I spent many hours to satisfaction, went there took measure home got the Stuff out, & went to Lewis Davis’s to Inform them, & Stopt at Nathan Jones’s & so home.

27th wind N.W. & prety fine Day, froze a Little in night, spent 6d. finishd the Coffin for Amos George Evening took it home & Layd him in it, Drank tea there & so home a molincoly time on them, full of Sorrow

28th wind N.W. & Clear day froze in night but pleasant as to Cold, meet at the house at 9 OC & the corpse was attended by a great number of peopel to Merion Grave yard & Interd (we Spread two Bundles of Straw over the Coffin to prevent the Sound. had a good Effect the first time I ever seen it Done) had a good Discourse Delivered by Saverry Pots & Howel, West & Son Dined here

March 1st Wind N. E Raw went Righters Vandue got to Snow, & Rain afternight home. Witness to Lease from Aron Jonston to John Lynch Paid Gibson 1 Dollar & half on acct of Chest—-

2nd Wind S.W. & Cleard off pleasant at home Jon. & Jos. Wilson here Concerning there Building

3rd Wind N.W & very high went to Curwins & Wilsons Broades & T. Roberts very Cold Day froze very hard—

4th Wind N W Clear & Cold went to Phil. bought bed Screws 1s6 Cuting knife 5s sugar Coffee & Chocalate 2s6 paint & oil 4s6 oats &c 1s6 horsler 5½d feriage &c 8d. went to Sherreffs office Concerning Streapers saile sale home afternight

5th wind N W & pleasant fell 3 trees for Sawmill went with Rees to Gilberts home & Evening to Rees’s took Drink of Sider home & to bed we goo—

6th. S W & Rain Got West & Cleard at Streaper Constables sail of Myers goods Bought a 8 Day Clock 3L.1s gave 20d toward Stoping another Debt of Myers made up 20s5 & cleard him had Supper of Suckers at Streapers

7 Wind N W. & froze a Little at home all Day first day wind raisd high 9 or 10 oClock at night & Snow shower and froze hard

8th Wind N.W. & Cold halling wood & halld 2 Loads in the Road, father & Broades at offins orphans Cort wind high & very cold, Schuelkill froze over in tide water

9 Wind N.W & very Cold frozed Ice to my Eye’s after sunrise going to fathers, it is allowd to freeze harder than Eigther night this winter

went to hoofmans & Morris’s, at work in Shop at Bedstids Shomaker here at worke one Jones

10th March wind N,E & Cloudy & Cold Nathan Levering only son perhaps 6 or 7 years old Dead & Buried to Day, at the funeral a great deal of Ice in Schuylkil very Cold & Got to Snow a Little before night paid 2d ferriage spent a Glass of Toddy on trust at Streape blot

11th. Snowd till about 9 OClock wind got to N W. & Quit, the Snow was 11 or 12 I. Deep went to George Fimple’s vandue bought Caske for 7s6, Spent 3d pint Sider trust

12th N W wind & Clear & prety Cold thaw Some about noon went fox hunting Dradg dragged one to Rock at Loyd & Paul Jones’s & home walk to Mathias Snyders, back &c

13th Wind S.W. & raind a Little Cleard up before noon the Snow Melted much work in Shop Evening went to Stadlemans Mattis Hoofman paid 40s for his Fathers Coffin Spent 6d

14th. Wind S.E & Raind a Little & thawd much wind Got in Evening to W & sun Set Clear, went to Mattis Snyder got 15s12 of him paid John Roberts millwright 7L 10s10, had it above 12 Months would not have any Intrest for it Rare to meet Such frendship at this Age

15th wind S W & Large white frost & froze so as to bear a footman pleasant Day worked in Shop at School house Quartily Day Morris’s in Evening he paid me 10s for Stand– Mathias Morris Calld on his way to Baltimore

16 Wind N E & read red to Sun Rise Raind & haild about noon Morris & I at Rambows Looking for Lime Stopt at Bird in hand Spent 1s6 part of it Viz 8d Due Last fall, home about 3 OClock very bad traveling Bridg paid me 9s for Brake at Tunis’s Drank tea there hearde blot frogs in Morris’s Meadow first I heard

17. wind S.W. at Rebeca Georges puting top plank to vats? pleasant Day with Several Showers frogs Crying pleanty, the widow is very Sorrowfull, and I sincearly Condole with her for the Loss of Such a freind; in vewing the poor Little Children & there Loss it softens to tears allmost Spent 4d for Sider–

18th Wind N.E. & Cloudy & Raw Streapers youngest Child Dead, makeing the Coffin went to Morris’s to help to Settle between Lynch & him Sup there & Came home

new page: “March 90” paid Wil. Jones Shoemaker 16s for makeing Shoes finishd, paid 7d for Little hinges for Sheets, Cleard off & the new moon to be seen

19th Wind N W Clear & froze Quite hard & not thawd all Day in Shade at fathers in morning at Rees’s Cuting warnet Logs, at Streapers Childs Burial it was about 2 Months old, went to fathers

20th wind S.E & Clear froze hard at fathers got about 3 hundred of hay put Morris’s Spouts up hall’d 2 Loads of stone at township meeting overseers & Settlers Spent 11d for father & self 5½ apeice

21st- wind S.W. & a most Butifull Day went to Big Uncle Lewis Davis’s wifes Burial at Springfeild, Dined at ant Becca Lewis Stopt at the tavern Spent 5½d sider frogs Crying Butifull at Streaps–

22 wind Southerly & very warm halling 3 Logs to Jones Got to rain several Showers went to Morris’s with Linch, Morris begun to plow

23rd wind S.W. & Driselly Master Jinney mare & up to Court paid 9s6 for Recording my Deed paid 2s3 for Dinner

paid 6d for mug Syder 9d for hay 8d. Brandy grog 1s for Searching Recording Office for Morgage Stop at Bird in hand & so arive’d at home Borrowd 3 Dollars of father

24th wind S.E & rain turning bedposts at fathers at Streapers in Evening Spent 3d on trust Lewis Jenney my horse in Cart to Ridley

25th. wind S.W & Clear & Little frost very pleasant Day like spring frogs mery, at John Jones for 10 pounds of hay at 2s6 Stopt at Rees’s Lance a large boyl for little Sal, Squaring seller for Rusel on Streapers Lot, Makeing Coffin for one Philips Child at widow Colemans Give us wrong Measure most made one throwd it by & made the Second

26th wind E. & rain & raw, took Coffin home & up to the freind yard Merion & Interd it turnd bedpost over at Levi’s the Child got better it has ben about a week pronounced to Dye by all that Seen, its Recovery is Next to Merical

27th wind S.W & foggy & a few Showers set off a foot before sunrise to Owen Roberts, met Mattson & scowerd the hills Raisd two foxes, brush’d them rownd the hills Several times Seen fox twice one Dog went Down & the rest went up Matson followed up, & I Came home Met the Society at Stadlemans, was Quite warm Dogs illegible

28th. wind N W. & Cloudy & rather Cooler, Borrowd 14 Dollars of Morris. Got 4 Crowns 33s4 of Rees Price on acct., Begun a Coffin for Jesley Giger, he had been hurt in afrolick by Rees Nanny at Sorrel horse, they where were in Liker it is Said & they were playing he throwd the old man against the door which Cause him spit blood & brought him to his End he Live’d about 2 weeks after–his wife was takeing Ill nursing him & Died with 4 Day Illness & was Buried 27th

29,. wind N.W. & froze a Little finish the Coffin, went to Jones vandue home took the coffin up Got there after night went to Curwins staid all night Sup there & Settle & sat up till 1 OClock paid Mathias Snyder 15 Dollars & 10d

30 Wind N W. & frozed the Ground walk to Wilsons with Bill of Scantling Breakfast at Curwins Jehu Roberts Bought 150 Bushels of White & the Bearded wheat at 11s4 Whilst I was there went to the funeral house & from there to Dutch Church

Curwin & I Dine’d at Fathers he staid a Little while at my house. Tunis & I at John Jones Drank tea at Rees Prices, home paid father 3 Dollrs that I Borrowd, paid a boy for Leading hearse 1s10½ Receivd of Giger 45s5—

31st wind N W. went to town bought 13 handles is 13s7 Locks at 9d, 5s3, 13 Ecuchon escutcheons- decorative shields for around keyholes 3s3 bed Screws 1s6. Quart of Oil 1s3, thousand Sprigs 2s9, 500 Do. 1s9, 1 lb Coffey 1s3 1 lb Sugar 7d oats & Jin 9d ferriage & Sider 7d 4d at Wagoners home before Dinner turnd bed pins & Hoald a Log for Sill old house

Apri 1st Wind W. & froze’d went to A Lukens he moveing over Schuylkill, took bed stids there & help them to Load, at John Jones he moveing to town painted bed stids & puting funerture on Case of Draws

2nd wind. S. Breakfasted at Fathers Got horse there to Robesons Got 50 apple trees, Borrowed great Coate Jehu Roberts Stopt Rees’s Rain very hard all afternoone Gave a Negroman Quarter dollar towards freeing his wife from Adam Syler?

April 3rd wind N W & Clear & windy Planting appletrees in the Brickel feild at 6 feet part 3 Row from South Side planted 4 Grafts next to the yard first row put 2 Grafts uper end, went to Nathan Jones fetch a Load of Scantling, planted about 26 peach trees rownd the house– pleasant Day

4th wind Southerly & very Pleasant– Birds & frogs Jirping Grass vegatateing, all Nature Seems Gay, being Easter sunday & I at fathers Drinking of tea, for Breakfast (bohay) – begun a Coffin for John Hailey’s Child Evening at fathers Joseph Walter Came prentice

5 Wind S.W. & very Pleasant. warm, finishd Coffin took it home the other sd. Schuylkill (where Culp formeley Liv’d) Cross in battoo Swim 2 horses over Buried it, at Haverford. Head of the Child as big nearly as half peck Lump on it’s back it broke waterry Matter run out. & a Lump on the open of it’s head as big as one’s fist fell when the other broke, went to John Jones put 6 Long walnet boards & 6 Short one on the fence Stopt Rees’s A Light to the South token of Storm

6th Wind N.E. & Rain all Day & Little hail or Snow Andrew Smith my horse for I had got 13 for Streaper & 2 for me went to fathers work in shop got very raw Evening, paid Philip Hoffman 7s6 Smith work

7th April Wind N.W. & turbelent Clear & froze hard the Ground & Ice most bear a Cart, Some peach & aprecoks blown, went to Ruth Dernals Moveing, Thomas Longstraws place, very Ruff Crossing Schuylkill, Thomas Says he has Exsperance’d that by Moisting or weting plaster 4 Bushels Dry will make 5B & recommends to wet it for Sowing & mixt Clover Seed with it, answers a very Good perpose he haveing try’d it & Likewise informs me that he think by hanging old Iron hoop or old Sizes scythes in pairtrees has prevented from blasting, acct. thus that it is the Neighter niter, & Iron being atracting Convais conveys it, he says he saw it fall on a willow tree one night & next Day it blasted–paid 3s for tablehinges for R Tunis

8th Wind N W and frozed a little, at tunis Move’d his Beem house the other Side of yard got two Saplins Bark them & Grees them & it slid very Easey home Cut two trees for sills for E.P. Edward Price went to Rees’ Prices Grafted pair plum & Chery fetch Warnet boards from John Jones’s–Call at Streapers–

new page: “April” 9th wind S.W. went to R Tunis’s Cuting out window frames, Obe Wiley Came to have a Coffin for Frances Lees wife to be mehogame mahogany, Set off about ten OClock to Phila. Bought 25 f 6 I, at 9d per foot a set of handles at 6s6 Rule 1s6 2 pair Compeses 1s Sider & oates 9d ferriages 6d, Bear 4d– Cakes 1d Polly Gibson Came up with me I Carried her son John Ross Gibson before me on a pillow not Quite 3 Months old, and was very pleasant & warm, paid 5s for pine Boards at Wests planted 12 plum trees paid Durnal 1s6 for halling boards

10 Wind S W & Lightening pleasant Morning thunderd & a heavy Shower with hail finishd the Coffin & took it home Evening Layd her in it, Left the herse Call at fathers & Eate Supper & home to bed &c—

11th wind Pleasant a Squal of wind & black Clouds, went to the funeral house Left there half after 9 OClock began to rain at very jist as we set off and had

Avery smart Shower from S.W. Several people turnd home, abaited in about half an hour & remainder of Day Very Pleasant. Stop at Weeds about 5 minutes, Got a Drink of Bear, thence to Jos Ogdins took Corps in and move’d from there at 2 OC agreeable to the Invataon invitation, attended by a great number of people to Doffel’s Meeting in pine street Returnd Dine’d at Irrvens paid 1s6 for it & 5½d for wine, 5½d horsler, stopt at ferry Drank some bear, Mr Lee haveing order’d them to Let the people have what ever they pleas to Drink–T R & I at Stadlemans Jill of wine 5½d arivd at home & went to fathers, back & to bed—

12th wind S.W. & Cool & pleasant, Tunis & self to town Geting Shingles, Do . paid April all Call’d at T. Georges he Looks poorly but better, home helpt to unload 145 Bushels of Lime on my feild Ground not plowd up, treated Carters bowl of grog 1s. Rees Moor & Little Brother here all night

13th W. S.W. Moveing Streapers old house up to his Lot for James Rusel Lease for Life

pull it Down & Carted it up, & Raisd it again Call at Rees’s & home got very Cool in Evening Wind S.E.

14. Wind E went Ned Georges to work begun to rain about noon haild & very rawd raw home at Night Stroke my Eye against aboard on fence at Shop & had avery black Eye, spent 3d for bear at J Wagoners old Jehu Jones here all Night

15 Wind N.E. & rain at Ed. Georges staid all Night, they have move’d to his place by the Road

16 Wind N. & Cool air but very pleasant in the Day at Georges finish’d & Call at Wagoners Spent 3d for bear–

17th Wind N E & unpleasant, at Richard Tunis’s Raisd Joysts & Rafters beem house, went to Wagoners a bill for hoghouse begun to Snow and Snow & raind haild all night

18 wind N.E. the snow Covering the Ground about one Inch, & rains & blows very much went to fathers Got 1 peck of Cloverseed has not froze, but am Doutfull peach trees & Chery & pairs will be hurt as they are

almost out in bloom a most violent NE Storm Evening wind shifted to NW & a very Great Shower of Snow, Moore Maloncoly melancholy time I think had not seen, things being forward

19th wind N W. & snow covering the Grown’d & it froze into a mast of Ice, sowd Clover Seed where I have Barley, went to N Evans’s & Jacob Conrad Got a Jointer took to Tunis’s home & hung against futher Door to fence My wood in up to Tom Roberts Concerning a frame he’s going to put up for Plaster

20th- wind N. E & Rain went to Rees’s borrowd 2 horses fetch 30 B. plaster, 12 father, 10 Rees 8 self, afternoon very Great rain yoke my hogs made Great freshet took Bridges

21st. wind W. & foggy Sowd 2B. plaster on the Lot over Dam (wanting 3 Quarts) it is not a ¼ acer, Sowd 2 Bushels orchard, small Shower afternoon at Tunis’s Lathing his beam house at Streapers Evening— J Johnson here all Night

22stnd wind S.W. at Tunis’s Shaveing Shingles Several Showers & one Smart Shower of hail, thunder & Rainbow raw unpleasant old Doct. Franklin Dead & Buried yesterday Near 80 years old bean a great Statesman–

23rd wind W. & rather Cool at R Tunis’s Shaveing Shingles at Streapers Evening

24th wind N.W. & whitefrost at R Tunis’s till noon then meet the Society at Stadlemans, prety Cleaver Day a Little rain Sent french Crown & 1 Dollar to John Jones for Boards, Gibson Came from town

25 wind N E. & Rain in morning & raw Cold wind Got 30s8 from Samuuel Gibson, went to Morris’s Drank tea there Brother there, home & to bed

26th wind S.W. & pleasant Day at R. Tunis till noon Borrowd horse of R Price went to Jon. Supplees & Ned George’s the Mare folded foaled a Mare Colt with a Large white blase in face Got by Samson took Rees’s horse home back, bed

27th wind N W & spit snow very Cold Disagreeable Day, went to John Taylors Tolberts, Curwins Got a Bushel hemp Seed, bag untyed Gulph road about ½ fell out geatherd it up as Clean as I Could Stopt at Sheets home Spent 1s6 for Coffee

28th wind N. by W. & snowing Quite smart the grownd all Coverd very alarming no Grass & most people out of hay, begun about midnight & snowd till about midday & a shower of rain & snow afternoon. It is believed had it not Melted it would been 6 or 7 Inches Deep, went to Sloons Got 7 Dollars for sons Coffin, paid Tite Titus Roberts 17d for 2 shad paid Dick Roberts ¼ Dollar for 2 shad & one Dollar (Sametime) for 13 Shad home & Cleand them Stopt to see Uncle Holland & wife she illegible

29th wind N E & Little Cloudy but not froze as was Generally Exspected went to town 50s of Edw. for Betty Humphrey’s Coffin Bought 2 lb Sugar 1s paid 15d. for hay & Syder 5d hosler 25s6 to Sidney Jones for Boards & 4d for ferriages

30th wind N. & Clear white frost paid Morris 14 Dollars Borrowd, & walk up to Curwins makeing trunks, pleasant Day at T.R & J Wilsons

May wind S. W white frost at Curwins seen it make trunks there, he paid me 5 the 1st Dollars Stop at Wilsons, got ½ glass at Streapers This has been the warmest Day this Spring, sowd ½ Bushel flax seed, wheat feild

May 2nd wind S.W went to Phin Roberts’s Got a Quarter of Shad, 2 Dollars, first Day afternoon Buckmans See his horse N Jones Drank tea, & home fine Day K—t N—

3rd. Wind S. Smoke & warm Zells & T George Ned George & David Jones, David Roberts along paid T George 2s6 for him to get Cow for John Erwine his haveing got mad 3s9 paid for David toward the same

4th wind N.W. & rather Cool raind a very trifel set plow to go, went to Zell hung a gate home & went to Ned Jesse Georges Set up with him he being very poorly paid 9 Dollars for lime

5th Wind N. E Came up to Wagoners spent 3d for Chery sherry Sowd some plaster Long side Streapers lot. planted 4 or 5 water Beach about the yard, went to David Roberts got 3 lbs of hay, got 1 peck salt of father Cato diging garden Cloudy & thunder to W. been very warm about Meriedione Meridian

6th. Wind N.E & very foggey Sow the remainder of 2½ B. plaster on the Lower lot Calld turnip Bottom, Cloudy all Day raind, With thunder & Lightning Clever rain in night

7th. Borrow fathers horse & meet the Battalion Bought 2 lb Sugar 1s4 Spent 7s Dine’d at Bird in hand Wind N by W. & cool home in Evening Small Company

8th Wind N W & White frost I Seen it after walking Down there Ned George’s Moved his Smoke house, Cato Came for me Coffin for Mary Ann Lewellin, man Brought Measure Coffin for Saml. Johnson had Got Bottle Rum at flemings & Supposd to Drink about pint got about ½ way home was found Dead about 9 or 10 OClock to Day Left tavern yesterday afternoon about 3 OClock, went to town a Little before sunset got handles 5s oats 9d Syder 3d ferriage 4d home about 10 OClock at Night

9th wind S.E. & Cloudy till towards Evening Cleard off took Lewelin’s Coffin home May & Buried her at haverford finish’d Johnson took it home put him in, being first Day, my Dog & Tunis’s killing sheep for J Zell 15 all he had, killed 4 for Levi Lukens & wounded 2, my Dog about 9 months old very valueable pup Cato hung him Robert here all night Brother up Saml & wife up Enocalated Lukens Children

10th wind S.W & very warm Day meet the funeral at 9 OC & went to Middletown May Prespetarian meeting house & after the Burial Came to Edwards Tavern fed our horses (took oats with me) Drink 3 mugs of Syder Robert & George Dun in Company (paid 1s for 2 mugs, Came to Saml.s Late Dweling & there Dine’d & thence returnd home & Settled with Latch Gave him an order on Tunis for 5L 3s0

11th wind S. W & very warm Day went up to Rusels Building back & marking out for Corn–thunder Shower but very Little here up with Lewis Jenney to his place home pint Syder at Streapers– Looking at ground for buckwheat

12th Little Sprinkel rain this morning wind E got to S & Cleard off very warm up to Russel house home Down to T. Georges with seed Gibson at work there back about Noon, Came on a thundergust from N & Good deal of Large hail till most Coverd the grownd, it was a violent rain, Sowd after the rain about ½ Bus. Barley, harrone harrowing Gust

13th. wind S. & warm Sowd Near a Bushel flaxseed in Clay End of brickel field, sowd about 1 peck hempseed wind got N.W. & Colder finished marking out for Corn & Begun to plant uper End wet plaster among it

14th. wind N.W. & Cool Breas up to Rusels, home & Shav’d monthly meeting here to Day, Cato planted Corn soaked in the Steeping from Dunghill all night & up to Rusel’s & fathers Evening home sup & to bed we go Cut the pet Ram David Roberts held him fast Old Levi Cut

15th. wind N W & Cool morning Cato finished planting Corn Lower End without soaking, I plowing for pumkins. afternoon Cato Washing Sheep, I went to Hugh Knox agreed for 5 B. potatoes at 2s per B. at Bill Smiths

16th wind N W. & Cool Drying winds walk up to Rusels & round by Fathers breakfasted there home Abram Lukens there, afternoon Rode to fathers Brother up home, & walk’d to Rees’s stopt at A S—

17 Cool N.E wind part of Day But to N W. Sun red & Dry plowing Brickel feild finished to see the boy at Rusels

18 wind N.W & Cool, sheard my Sheep 6 all got, 4 Lambs Cut my old Ram & 1 Lamb, grass very short winter grain poor went to Hugh Knox N Jones’s Settld with H.Ellis for Building Barrack Recvd 18s.9 took mare Buckmans would not take horse home

19th wind S.E. & raind a little up Lish Even’s spent 4d. at Wilson at Curwins, at Sheets & Robesons, paid Streap 7s6 Borrowd & ¼ Dollar Borrowd of his wife

20 wind S. & a moderate rain fouund 4 young wood Coks They Look the Collor of Leaves hard to Discover turnd foot for fathers Stool up to Russel pd. Tobacco 1s4½ Cut 2 trees & bark Raind afternight, moderate

May 90

21st. wind about N. Morning, Clear & vegatating, morning took Log to mill to make pails fence pales fine Day, Got 1 Bushel of Corn Morris 5s6 Dear buying about sunset went to Lewelling Youngs about Lime, Drank some Rum & water with & home about 11 OClock at night A Little Shower of rain, & saw a butifull Rain bow, I suppose 11 OClock at night occation by the moon tho not full by 6 Days

22nd wind N W Cool & Clear, went to fathers at Luken’s see his Childern Enoculated by Brot. up to Russels, & then to plow for potatoes afternoon meet the Society at Stadleman’s, paid 3s9 for Quarter Contribution Viz 1L 2s a year is the fixd Sum, went to Johnsons to Look fish home at fathers

23rd wind N W. & Cool Brease, Cato & John went for Shad got but 12 I got 2 of them, afternoon at fathers Brother up, at Rees Evening home

24 Wind about S West & a Little Shower in Morning Cleard off warm day,Got fathers horses & my 2 fetch 42 B. Lime from Youngs put on Indian Corn, Borrowed Morris’s Wagon & hall 170 f Boards from T. Roberts, Spent 9d for Sider

25 wind N.E & Cool morning went up to Rusels, & mended plow & plowd for potatoes 4 furrows together, took the mare to Buckmans horse hoppold hobbled & had her Coverd, Colt 4 weeks old–

26th wind Easterly & Cloudy, begun to hall Dung for potatoes 20 Loads, 5 B. hogs, 3 Bushels of apracot & 1 Bush Red,

4 Rows of hogs, 8 Rows white, 2 Rows Red put the Dung under Rees More here at Dinner illegible of hay 2B got of Morris between Corn

27th Wind S.W. fine light Shower in the Night thunder & Lightening, & Light one this morn about sunrise Spent a grog on trust Streapers, hall Dung & Coverd the potatoes Bill Robeson Cato 2 horses 1 cart & Self Dung & planted the whole as above in two Days, (Near a peck of the Last 2 Bus. was Left, planted 4 potatoes in garden got out of Hellenbolts Cart made 20 peices of them say they come from Ierland, a smart Shower about sunset, sowd 2 Rows hemp seed, Dung’d

28th N.E. wind very Little Rain, Raw unpleasant day went to town, got Scantling & boards for Jos. Wilson, 6d oats, jill of Brandy 6d ferriage 4d had butt ¼ Quarter Dollar Farthin or 2 when I Left home Never so poor to town before, Cato planted 5 Rows of Corn,–potatoes Coverd them with Harrow Got 2 B. Red Do. & 1 white of Curwin & 1 Bushel Malt

29. wind S.E. & Light Showers all Day makeing David Davis’s Coffin, plant Cabbage in feild Dung Like potatoes, plastered 922 hills of Corn Lower end of feild with 1 Bushel 5 OC. afternoon Sowd hemp over again, the hens haveing Effectually Dun over the first

30th wind S E. & Drisley day took David Davis Coffin home & Bury’d at Haverford afternoon to the buck, Got Rule that B. Humphreys gave me Last winter Lost it same Day Jehu Jones found it gave the boy 15d pence, David Roberts Brother illegible in Company, David & I go to R Humphreys Drank tea with the Lady, stayd till Near Eleven OClock Raind Smartly David Reaching to pull fence Down got Saddle turnd & Down he Came not much hurt

31st wind SE & Smart Shower about Day & foggy. Cleard off before noon, halling Dung for pompkins (8 Loads) John Lewis here Bargaind for to Doo the Carpenter work of his house for 34L Cash

June 1st Wind N.W. & Cool, went up to Sheets got 1 Quir of.paper Scantlimg for Bidstids fetch 1 B. of Malt Came & planted pomkins, took the mare to horse Staid all night at Jones—

2. wind N.W took Mare up horse Coverd her again home hall’d 5 WagonLoad Dung in Corn & Spread lime

3rd. wind N.W. & Cool & Clear, finishd spreading lime went up to B. Humphreys. Calld at T. Roberts Rain afternoon, Not very well

4 wind S.E & Drisley Day halling Dung on Cornfeild Corn up put ½ B plaster on

42 hills which is near 1 jill to the hill fine Lime planted Near 2 B. of Red plaster potatoes in 3 Rows. those are planted the right time of the Moon. the rest all in rong time- 2 Rows without cuting the Lower one cut all alike no great Crop

5th- Wind S.W. & foggy Cleard up & very warm went to Schuylkillmill got 40s. of N Jones- Bought firnuter for Burow 10s6, Lock for Rees Price 2s6 Dinner &c 4s. ferriage 4d. Brandy 6d- home took Lock to Rees Got 2s6 for the Lock, paid for Boards to West 16s4 & home & to bed we go

6th- wind S.W. Clear & very warm till about 12 OClock then afine Breas, went to Ross with Samuel Gibson to ingage some work, most Butiful Gardens Stroberrys plenty, & Dwarf Cherry trees with frute on, they are naild against wall & spread Like afan –Drank Some wine & water with the old Buck, returnd to fathers & saw uncle Lewis Davis there above 80 years old, mounts his horse & very active yet. Brother up, took a walk to Streapers, home & to bed

7th. Wind S.W & apleasant fine warm Rain went to Rebecca George’s put grapevines in two boxes in order to get some of the kind, after went to Fathers whet 2 Saws plow some Rees’s put illegible on

8th– went Ross’s at work ther very warm day, home at night

9th wind N.W & Cool fine day to work at Ross’s all day

10th wind N. E & Rain inmorning till Evening at Buckmans Mare Did not illegible

11th Wind W. & fine Clear Day, framimg Rafters Springhouse at Ross’s– home & Supt at fathers paid old Sauley 10s. for 5 B. potatoes

12th wind SE & rain’d all Day Cleard in Evening it has been afine Rain Soke the Ground prety well hall’d 5 Loads of Dung in Cornfeild wich finish the feild, I have put 187 Bushels of Lime & 33 Loads of Dung on it on the feild Next to the Meadow No.2 I put 22 Loads on Brickelfeild No.1, for potatoes which make 55 Loads of Dung & 8 Loads of Shuvelings for pomkins–June the 1st John Hibbert Jur. was killed by an Irishman with a Club Hibbert was Collector Man was going off he followd him had not use’d any Roff means but they say went to take a hankerchef of Close, took standerd out the Cart & Broke his scull Dy’d in few minutes he had Married Nat. Davis’s Daughter a Second Cosen of ours about 12 Months agoe

13th wind S.W. & foggy morning sun shun a little Come on about 2 OClock most violent Shower with thunder but not very hard it Lasted 3 hours with some Little Intervils, Enoculated about Dozen Cherry Stocks, went to fathers, Brother there—

14 wind N.W Clear & Cool went Morris Lewilling With a peice to be wove to Brades to Willsons Curwin, the Masons begun Wilsons house, Stop at T. Robt. gave Durnal 2s for Bringing boards from town the Air Butifull Elumanated with fireflyes

June wind S W. & warm Day Robert & I mowing Clover in the turnip bottom, viz.

15th below Streapers Got 1 Quart Rum of Stadleman 1s6–very much Down fine Crop the first ever was there turnd nibs for A Smith at Streapers Evening

16 wind S.W. & warm Day up to Robesons heading pails 118 late when begun Staid all night–

17 Sleep very hard Did not wakeing till after sunrise, wind S.W. & Cloudy but soon Cleard off to a very warm Day Cut 88 pailheads plaind 18 Rails & Bought 1 leave Butter- 5½d home at night (4 mowers & boy Drank 4 Quarts of Rum Mowing, good hands at Robesons most of them prety Gay) Levi & Enoch had another fight Enoch Came for to acquant me of it

18 Wind S E Sometimes S.W. at Robeson’s put up all the Rails & posts, thunder soon in the Morning. Raind a little before noon seldom fails prety Shure token Got the most of the Clover in, walk home very like for Rain and Raind after Night Lent Streaper 7s6 Drank a pint Sider

19th. at home made a Corn harrow, wind S.W. & a little Cool than was YesterDay Got all the hay in of the Bottom meet the society, at Stadlemans home & walk to fathers at Streapers and so to bed

20th wind N.W. & Cool & Clear went to Nehemiah Evans back & to Fathers Breakfasted there, went to Lukens home, Receivd 4 Dollar of Bartel Righter for aCoffin, paid Gibson 1½ Dollars that I Borrow went to Buckmans, Drank tea at N. Jones home Paid old Robeson 15s for Apletrees—–

21st. wind N.W. Clear & Cool Young Cow got a Claf calf, Broke in & calf’d in Streapers Lot & Damage’d it good Deal up to Robesons finishd his gates & bought ½ gallon of Melasses, 1 gallon Rum 5s2 Settle & paid him 23s10d Spent 8d for toddy &c–

22nd- wind N.W. Cool Harrowing the corn fathers one Ey’d mare, turnd Evening in feild Came out & attemp my pails Got fast Sawd the Rail to Get her Loose not hurt so much as might be suposd, Abraham Griffeth’s wife Buried Radner, she Strang Charceter its said she Gave Credit to that Vulgarism pint, being a pound & Gave some person a pint of Shot, illegible

23 wind S.W. & raind a Little prety fine afternoon makeing Coffin Ann Robeson old John’s wife about 75 or 6 year, Evans Jeams wife Buried to Day old Settler Radner, took Coffin home, turnd my horse in there & sat up with polley Cochron & Betsy Grover at Day Light, Jehu Roberts gave me a whinding Sheet Lost it Drove most to house before Misst it took horse went back found it by upper Mill

24th- wind SW & Dul hay Day Cloudy, Verry Dull heavy mySelf went to fathers help him at hay, paid old Shearer 3L 0s3d for County & illegible tax & 1 Dollar Last Summer,–

25. wind S.E & rain went to the burial of Nanny Robeson illegible peopel it was very wet Raind oncommonly for this Season, staid Meeting Moll John preach’d after noon abated went to Buckmans with fathers Mare Jumpt her twice, Raind violent & Raisd the Crick that I staid all night at N Jones paid him 7s6 paid Cato 7s6 Receivd 15s. Robeson L— A—

26th wind S.W. tho fickel Cloudy a little rain forepart of day & smart thunder Gust in the Latter had 4 Mowers Wood & Robert Lukens & Catto, Did not Cut all (3 hands have cut it) what they Cut), Borrowd 2 Dollars of father & went to town Bought furnerture for Buearow 12s0- Quart of oil 1s3 two lb of Rice 6d- ferriage &c 10d.-

27 wind S.W. & sunshun makeing hay at fathers being first Day the first time I Recolect them to Ever made hay on that Day, had all the apperance of a Shower but keep off, went with Samuel Gibson to Ross’s Seat, Dine’d at fathers & home-

28th- wind S.W. & raind a little in Morning at Becka George’s Shingleing part of carriage Shop, home after Dinner & made hay Sheets here to get his upper floor layd

June 29th wind N W. not Quite so warm as yesterDay, & a great many Clouds which makes it not a very Good hay Day finishd harrone the Corn Rest of the Day at the hay Got it all in Lukens horse & Cart helpt us put it in Barrack, one Load in Barn, got about pint Rum of father

30th wind S & S W Got Mare & Colt & went up to Jos Wilsons & Curwins, followd Swarm of Bees in a tree Wilsons woods, from Curwins, stop Sheets Returnd home & went to fathers Grate fray some fellow with Bill Smith Lick’d Henry melato fellow, he Cut Brother John Badly with the Size scythe, my Cato, playd Hero Struck him with pitchfork the fellow Struck him Down with Rake, such a Scear time for mowers I never seen, Wilson’s wife got a young son, Masons sent away till next week—

July 1st went to Rosses to Shingle spring house & Lay floor Gibson mett me there from Wilsons wind N W fresh Breas, best hay Day had the week home at night

2nd- Wind S.W. & Butifull Day at Ross’s at work, butiful Day for hay warm, not hot, Misr. Ross & Daughters up at Contry Seat,

3rd Wind N.W. at Ross finishd there about noon home & halld a little Cloverhay over the Dam Drank tea at fathers went to Morris’s spoke Mowers to mow fathers big swamp

4th- Wind N.W. Smoke the Sun round to vew without Effecting the Eye, the appearance of Dry in my Hay– this is first Day, old Robeson here before meeting told us that he thought Bettie would not be Long with him as She was often poorly, If it happend I must make here her a good Mehogame Coffin, all she’ll get besides a Little Linnen’s, Redicous ridiculous Idea for Such an old man, for to all appearance She may outLive him, for I beleav she is not older than him It is said he wanted his wife Dead, It’s not Likely to make such a Change perhaps as he had formd, I am afrade the weak old man wants her Dead to see something new, went to Buckmans, Drank tea at Nat Jones’s blot back stopt at Streapers this the anniversity of Independence

5th wind got S.W. had Wood Kinneely Robert & Self Cato mowing Swampmeadow peace in newpatch got Done about 5, OClock afternoon, Rake Cocks about half of it Drank 1 Gallon of Rum & had several haymakers to help

6th. wind about S. at hay got 4 Loads in Spread & Rake the most but Cock very Little got to Rain had a Smart Shower about noon prevented the Remainder of Day from any progress at hay 1 Quart of Rum 1s6

7th. Wind N.W, Cloudy for awhile blue off had a fine afternoon for hay, Got 12 Slead Loads in stack 5 to barn, part Cock the Day it was mowd never opend till halld in, green anuff, 3 Wagonloads to barn

July 8th Wind N.W. & Cool fire feels pleasant Enoch Down at the fishing Dam Last night, brought us 1½ Doz. Catfish (2 Billfish the first I ever Eate,). hall 3 Loads of hay 1 of them to the Barn finishd the Stak, Lewis, Hired man & Sip up Reaping Rye at fathers, afternoon painting Chest Brother John mov’d Joe Wood to town, paid him 5s7½d for mowing & haymakeing Sister polly Gibson up in Waggon She poorly– Brought me from Bates’s 15 lb Tobacco on trust the beginning of my Storekeeping, Who knows what a Small Begining may Doo, without money,

9th- N.W. wind & Remarkable Cool went up to Wilson set off before Sunrise Colder than pleasant Gibson had Raisd Rafters Came Back to Dinner finishd Jacob Zell’s Girls Buerow & Sent it home Rain Begun to Run furrows round Corn–

10th W.S,W & Cloudy finishd Running furrow round the Corn Cut the winter Barley, took the mare back to Evans, took walk to Church Jones Girls—

11th wind S.W. first Day boys all at home Read some George Foxs history at fathers with Morris back Saml. Gibson up Receivd 15s10d Robeson on acct wife’s Coffin thick to West & raind a Little

12, wind S.W. & raind a triffel Cato puting another furrow Corn went to Russels Stopt prince of Wales spent 4d. up to Wilsons Shingling’s house Cleard off, Roberts’s Reaping

13th. at Wilsons very foggy Cleard off Warm Cato Reap Rye

14th. at Do.—& Do.— & Do. Wind S.W. at Curwins mended his Cart Came home to harvest

15th wind S.W. foggy. Cleard off Cradle peice Rye in No.1 halling Barley– 8 Doz. & 7 Doz– Rye in Meadow sowd 2 B. buckwheat. at Lewis Jenneys–

16th. wind S. Red Sun & Rainbow In Morning at Morris’s shoking, Eat Dinner there Got to rain had a Smart Rain prevented any Reaping in afternoon Gave Rebecca 1s4½

17th wind N.W. & Clear Cool brease, Reaping at fathers self & Gibson Goodmans 2 boys, John Thomas (Rees’s Son) Cato, Will, John, B. Humphrey & Tip after Breakfast 10 hands in all, Reap the Long feild fore Door 12 or 13 Acers

18th. Storm of wind & a little Rain in night & Cool morning with a flying cloud from N,E, went John Wilson up to Joseph, back & Drank tea at Fathers, Robert & I to Ben, Tunis’s, he Stayd & to goo to work with them

19th. foggy & Cloudy smart Rain in Night, Got one Gallon Rum of Stadleman 5s.6 Bill Kilneyly here to Reap Reap all myne by noon 25 Doz of wheat 28 Doz.8 Sheaves of Rye in all, some wheat plowd small Lands some harrowd in & some Bearded all very poor not much

odds in it the Common taller than the Bearded, the fly, not Done it any hurt to speak off of Rather more of the Common fell by them, the Lice & winter & Dry season Last fall Ingerd injured it, pulld a peice of flax in the feild very green, Several Light Showers throughout Day– I Beleive & they say that it will not milldue this I know that it Ripens Sooner–

20th. Wind SW halld in my wheat, & flax home & shok it, afternoon to Mcfee’s & N. Jones Spent 8d. at L. Evans got very sick at Stumak & headake puke & Drank a Little Dittenony dittany, variety of mint tea & went to bed

21st- Wind S.W. & up to Wilsons & Walter, finishd Shingling, Gibson Reaping at his fathers Better most well—

22nd. wind S.W. very warm Cloudy Evening at Wilsons work Gib & Walter at floor boards

23rd- wind S.W & very Warm a little rain thunder at Distance & rain at Wilsons

24th wind. W. foggy morning & warm Day at Wilson till noon met the Society at Stadlemans fine’d 1s. for being too Late– spent 6d. Extra that is above our Shilling which we are Limited to

25th Wind. W. & heavy thunder Gust off to the S. at John frees wife’s Burial Betty Lukens, neas niece married about 1½ year, Buried at haverford, Spent 8d on Cr. at A Streapers got 3s9 to pay for Bond being part of 7s6 Lent him

26, at home turning bedstids &c. Cato plowing stuble for buckwheat, set off for Wilsons stay all night at T Roberts

27 sett off Soon to Wilson makeing sash, thunder Little Scud of Rain, prety fine Shower Down heare–

28 at Wilsons at sash, Rather Cooler. sowd 2 B 1 peck Buckwheat in wheat Stuble

29. at Do.——& Do.

30 at Do.——- Do. made 24 Lights mortices for 54 more

31st wind S W. at Curwins Raising Shed that we frame’d Last fall after Dinner home very warm walk, met at Tunis Concerning a Difference between Lukens & his boy Robeson agree’d for them to Gooback

August 1st being first Day & pleasant Brother up Dine’d at fathers afternoon at A Roberts with Young & at Wagoners Spent 8d. home & put my horse in fathers feild

2nd wind N. E at Robesons puting joysts under his Room floor, he paid 24s2 being full wife’s Coffin afternoon to Wilsons at Sash—

3rd. wind N. E & raw & a Little rain home at night Cloudy & pretty Dark– paid T. Humphreys 6d for Mending Chisel

4th Wind S.W. & warm walk up to Wilsons stopt at Lish Evans paid 11d. stopt B. Humphrey Drank Some Cherry sherry finishd makeing sash

5, Went to Curwins makeing apple Mill not well had a fever

Drank Some Camamile tea & to bed Sweat much

6th wind S.W. warm and had three Claps of thunder hard but Little Rain Sceard Curwins Irish much, Receivd 57s6 of Ross

7th at Curwins got to rain pleasant Shower & hard one here till run in Roads finish’d at Curwins Came to prince wales Spent 1s3 got 2 Dollars & ¼ & note 30s9 on B Humphrey for Mcfee’s wifes Coffin home Cat kill Molley’s Bird

8th Hugh Jones Dead 85 or 86 years old Boys at Coffin I to town Got firnuter 7s6 Screws 3s6 (grosse) 2s6 Sarah Dyers, 1s8 at ferry, 1s6 Black will paid Skinner 26s3. paid for Tobacco 13s1½ 2d to begger home work 10 OClock at night near, finishd Coffin

9th. wind N.E & heavy rain waited till near 7 oclock abated a Little set off with Coffin Came on & got very wet set off from house ½ after 10 OClock took him to Radner Church had a sarment sermon Deliverd by Mr Clay, very favorable as to rain till we got back, but rain violent Evening as I came home with hard thunder (Negroman 1s6½)

10th. wind W. went to Rees’s, Got a tree for Sweep wellsweep part hewd it, sent for to make Coffin for Old Jos Sill, had fits, prety well stricken in years

11th. wind S.W. & very warm finishd the Coffin about noon, took it up, put him in walk Down- very warm, old Robeson preach a Little, Drank part of pint of wine John Young paid 5½d for me went to Rees’s finishd his Sweep home, father & Mother here, Buried at Merion

12th wind S.W. & Mist of Rain Cleard afternoon at Tunis’s hanging real reel to Riddlebark through, after to Wagoners put his Mill up

13th. Wind S.West. & very warmday. hotest this Sumer put Morris’s Mill up at Tunis hung a Door, At. Alley Roberts put up his troff & Mill home Turnd bedstids, hall Clover from turnip bottom mowd above a week Most spilt spoilt, Old Will here gave him a good Scolding for not puting his Childer out—

14th. wind S.W. & Clear & hot went up to Sheets’s to Lay his Syder works had got it Done, so Came back again overhalld walnet boards at T Roberts finishd a bedstid for Curwin, put Lock on Secetary Meetinghouse

15th wind old Course. & Very warm, went to Caspher Frees’s Look a tree to make apple mill breakfasted there home Brother up at Fathers afternoon

16th took Elizabeth Evans’s will to her & got it Signd A Tunis & David Roberts & self witness to it, from there to Wilsons, altered the Draft of Stairs, Dined there after to Curwins Cut a tree for sill and post Syder mill Borrowd his horse home Nehemiah Evans Came with me, stopt at Lishe Evans spent 5½d Grog

17, to fathers to get Lewis to Come up got to Curwins before Breakfast hewd beam most Remarkable hot Sweat till Most blind bought 3 Sheep Curwin

18 at Curwins at Syderworks, John Wilson up Sent for me to Consult about Stairs Settle the plan & back to Curwins blue up a great Squal of wind & some rain from N.W. & got Cool

19 at Curwins pleasant Day got sill & post up—

20th at do– do Cool Day—

21st at do wind N.E. & very Cool fire pleasant got Done before sunset & march home stopt at Wilson Thomas Cornac Dead Suden bury to Morrow Baptis Meeting, John Evans Made me Coate

22 wind N.E. Cool Cloudy father poorly Brother up, at Lukens up at fathers, A Lukens here afternoon had word of Joseph Lukens wife’s Death Dyed very suden was Dressing to go meeting & Dyed a medeately allmost Buryed to Morrow

23rd. hunted a tree for Apple Mill, Cato spilt split it falling Lewis here makeing mill for Frees, I went to Wagoners, to Right his sider troof trough finishd in Evening Stopt at Stadlemans, home, went to Lukens A. Jones there P. Streaper here and still here

24. Cut another tree for Mill prove bad set off to Wilsons at prince of Wales ½ Jill 3d. got about 2 OClock

25 at Wilsons at Stairs fine raind a triffle

26 at Do. at Do. pleasant Day–John Wilson & Captain Flicker up there

27th at Do- prety warm Came on Evening aViolent gust of Rain & wind from N.W. & almost Continnual flash of Lightening but no hard thunder

28th wind N W. & very hard Shower about Daylight Set off about six OClock & arivd at home about 8. Evening– Gibson went to town Gave him 7s6 4 plainbits 3s4 Dozen Gimblets 2s6 Rest gave Gib–

29th Being Sabath went to N. Jones & Rufus Lees with Saml. Gibson Dine’d at fathers he poorly up to Benj. Humphreys, home Drank near pint of Sider Cato Made yesterday & so to bed Betty Jacob Zells Girl paid 50s for Buerow

30th. Went to B Humphrey’s Cut walnut tree for 2 Mills Crack, would not make any, after fetching home went Roberts got stuff for Crib, Drank tea & up to Wilson, Mrss. Curwin got young Son— pint rum 11d at Lish Evens Grog at Streap 6d

31st at Wilsons Garret Stairs, wind SW & Dull hay whether, Chalkline 9d Chalk 4d

September 1st. at work Wilsons Cloudy but no Rain Joe Walter. Came to tell me Walnut trees would not make mill, home at night

September 2nd. Wind S. W Cut a tree my woods being the 4 tree & 1 was to make 2 which made 5 before 1 would doe, will Discorage me from makeing apple mills– meet at Schoolhouse being Quartly Day 5½d for stick of permatum pomatum thunder gust but very Light Cato & Will mowing

3rd, wind N.W. & fine Cool breas, up to Wilsons pining up Sash &c

4 at Do — got Cloudy & very little rain Evening at Wilsons Curwins afternoon Welchman there from Noviscotia Prespitarieng parson– home at Night–

5th- Wind N W. Clear & Cool Breas being firstday, went to fathers afternoon he got Rather Better,

6th. Clear up to Cochron’s Look at Stick for applemill to Breakfast to Wilsons—-

7 at Wilsons. Home at Night &c

8. up to Wilsons. Gave Hannah 7s6 went to town

9th at –Do–

10th at Do got very warm again

11th at Do Light thundergust & hot

12th wind S.E. & Light Shower at Sunrise Cloudy all Day but no rain, B Tunis poorly with fever there in Evening home &c Saml. Gibson & Brother up

13th. Wind S.E & Cloudy, went up to Wilsons Rode

14th at Wilson Walter home Rode the horse at Sider press overCast but no rain of Consiquence Receivd 6L of John Wilson on acct of work at Joseph Wilson’s

15 Wind N.W & Little rain at Wilson plastering there

16th. W, N.W. & got very Cool at Wilsons afternoon at Lewelling Youngs at an Entertainment & Stopt at Dot Shippins, Back to Wilsons

17th. W. N.W. & Cooll cool Thomas Cochron told me he Seen frost at Wilsons all night

18th. Left Wilsons about sunrise Calld at Brodes & at Cochrons, home Shavd & meet old Doc Smith at old Frees’s, went over Schuylkill to pamers Palmer’s Doc treated me to Dinner punch bear &c Meet the Society at Stadlemans, paid two fines & 1 Quarterly payment 5s paid ferriage 5½d horsler 5½d

19th. Wind N.W & Clear been a Little Scud of rain night paid father 2 Dollars Borrowd, Sent Brother to the ferry Stopt at Wagoners, horse run away, (Samuel Jumpt out) from Center to Sixstreet polley & Child in, ketch by a negroman

20 N. & Cool at James Jones’ Concerning work home at Buck spent 8d. In Company with Nehemiah Evans there to Curwins & to Wilsons Gave Enoch 3 Dollars to Give to Anto Levering

21st. At Wilsons finishd his Siderworks home in Evening

22nd Begun to sow wheat 1 Bushel got of father old wheat sowd Better than half

23rd. A Little Shower Last night so as to Lay the Dust sowd the remains of Bushel, Viz 12½ Lands and the head Land, went to town with Wagoner paid 6s for Boards, horsler 2¼d at ferry 3s4½d

24, N W & whitefrost went to work at falls for Doct Smith Spent at the tavern 1s6— home at night Cato got Corn foder in

25. Wind N W. a Little frost But a verry fine day Got one Bushel wheat of Morris & Cato plowing it in Levi Bought ½ Glue 1s– Spent 11d at Streapers Evans makeing Brea? this is a very Dry time, no rain to speak of since 9th of august

26. Wind S.W in part first Day Yearly meeting Breakfasted at fathers, at Meeting, Robert Dined here hannah to Town a Little shower, gave Hannah 4s4d & 1 Dollar, fine Moderate rain in Night

27th, wind Southerly pleasant rain Spent 6d for Bitters not very well, plowd 5 Lands in to Day which makes 25 Lands of Morris’s wheat (John Zell’s Breade breed), then fathers Sort old wheat 2 Lands Ground moist & rain all Day light Showers,

28th wind N. Morning, very heavy rain all night too wet to plow Broke off, Esqr. Jones’s Child Dead Boys all home, John Jones Bottle Child Dead made the Coffin & took it to town Got in at Lamp Lighting Bought a set of handles for Esqr Childs Coffin 2s6 Sprigs 6d Nails 2 lb 2s2, at ferry 1s3 wagoners 5½d Got home about 10 OClock at Night, Sister in town, out of Meat, Bad housekeeping without woman work’d till Eleven OClock & to Bed

29th wind N.E. & Cloudy up about Day & Set off with the Coffin Breakfasted at Esqr then I Carried it to Radner Church returnd to Curwins there Dine’d in Company with Doct. Shippin & Lady there to Wilsons & home Hannah home from Meeting—

30th at home Raising my Syderworks Been a very Great rain last night till 8 OClock to Day then Cleard off very pleasant Cochron Came for his Mill paid 40s3d Lewis got it Raisd a Syder post Sill & beam for Self

October 1st. Wind N. & Clear at Wagoners hewing paid 4s3 for a ¼ Rye Meal at Leverings hannah 3s3—

2nd. wind S. rainbow at Sunrise few Drops rain Clear off had a very fine Day Sowd 12 Lands with wheat at Wagoners Shaveing Shingles, Black Jake Struck yallow Ish, stund him, John Amos, ordering Jake to stop, he not stoping Direct he fire’d on him say put

Some Shot in him which was very Rash in him as most as bad as the Conduct he was Reprobateing. for Ishmel was not Dead- allow he was, man to have an Impartial Triel by his peers Gave Durnel 1 Dollar & 1 french Crown,

3rd A very pleasant Day at Meeting A discourse Delivered by a Stranger from the Eastward at fathers in Morning

4 wind S. & S.W. at Wagoners Shaved 600 Shingles at fathers in Morning, Sowd about 9 Quarts of wheat.

5th at Wagoners— very fine Day—

6 at Do– thunder & Shower at noon another Violent Shower & wind from N W.— 7 Clear & frost Cato Cuting buck wheat at Masters I, at home at Syderworks– John Evans finishd Coat & Jacket

8th At Home Siderwork Clockmaker puting up Clock that Bought in Spring paid him 3 Dollars, rain in Evening–

9th Wind S.E & Rain all Day at our township Election was Choes Inspector John Righter Sessor Spent 1s Borrowd 11d of Evans

10th. wind N E & very wet & Snow for a ½ hower, I belev pretty Large flaeks, at home begun a Little Coffin for Jacob Smiths Child, being first—day

11th. Wind N.W Cold frost & Ice on top of Hogsed hogshead but a very pleasant Day Makeing Coffin for Matthias Snyder’s wife, finishd Smith & took it home buried at Garderners by the Middle ferry home & took Snyders home & put her in Spent 6d at Wagoners on trust

12th. Wind N W. & plenty of frost, Set off to Norristown Quallify’d as Inspector & Servd to best of my Skill the first Under the New Constitution, Viz 3 branches of Ledgislative Governor, Senetors & house of Representitivs, finishd Counting at about 12 OClock at Night Buried Snyders Wife at Church—

13. wind N.E paid 1s6 for horse 6d for bed 6 for bitters & set off Breakfasted at ford Jesse Roberts 1s6 Lent George Savage 9d. Stopt at Wilsons, at prince of Wales Spent 3d Got to be a very wet Day home about 2 OClock

14th wind N.W. Clear finnishd our Sider works afternoon to Ross’s & Buckmans paid him 3 Dollars for horse to Mare Borrowd them of Mother at N. Jones N—-

15, N.W. ashower in Morning went to Rooses Rosses work all Day no Vittuals– home at night—-

16 wind N.W. & very high at Ross’s at work all Day Cato begun to Trash thresh buckwheat home Night

17th. wind Calm & Whitefrost Lite, Likely for settle wheather Brother up, went to John Righters, home & so

18th. wind N.W. went to Casper Frises Stript back side of the house boys all 3 there a Large white frost at T. Georges Evening

19th. wind N E & White frost went to Caspers & with Brades to widow Britson that was, about are leas our lease & Back to Caspers Cloudy at times More favourable in Evening for a fair Day tomorrow

20th Octbr. windy & prety Clear went to T. Georges to mend his Mill home boys & Robert at Caspers, Set off & met Maj’r Grays Detacthment detachment, after perrade at Millers Spent 3s4 & Calld at Wagoners Spent 6d

21st. wind N. at Morris’s puting Bottom in still tubs Evening up to Sheets Got 10s10½ of him Got 7s6 of Ben Holland, so Call at Streapers Drumers & fifers there Spent 1s. home, 1 Quart of Rum of Stadleman 1s8

22nd. wind N & Clear & Cool Drums, & fifers Beete the revellie about Day at my Hotel,

Gave 4 of them Breakfast Set off to meet the Battalion Spent 5½d at prince of Wales munoverd the Batt. about 2½ hours, had 150 Rank & file, went to bird in hand Dined, Shippin Eqr. Jones & Several Gentleman in Company, Dinner & Club 3s9- oates 6d Drummers 2½ Dollars, (to pay at Streapers 3s6 for them) (Brandy Grog Morning 6d) Supper &c 1s6 horsler at bird in hand 5½d, 6d for Sider in feild A total Eclips on Moon, Clear but Darker than a star Light night. The Prince of Wales was located on Montgomery Avenue, Ardmore, at site of present YMCA; Bird in Hand was in Upper Merion on Gulph Road above the Hanging Rock.

23. wind SW part of Day & very pleasant, Carried Little John Gibson before me to town Spent Brande 3d. oats 1s. 2 lb. Shugar 1s4 lb Coffee 1s4 ferriage 6d— home

24th.. wind S. W. & white frost but pleasant Day Brot. up, after went Garmintown with Gibson knee to Doctor Bensil, Came by Leverings Great Baptis Meeting first in there new house Rode the ford

25th Walk up to Wilsons pleasant Day, home at Night

26 Wind N.W. a Shower in night, & Blusterry Cold day at Rosses piging box, home & went to Tunis’s Glassed 30 pains Quite Cold, Lost pocket Hankercheif

27th. wind N W & plenty Ice & ground froze’d puting Morris’s stilltub up, then walk up to Wilsons spent the Evening at Curwins Supt there

28 Wind sourtherly & Rather Warmer painting sash at Wilson, very Cloudy in Evening

29th Wind S.W. & pleasant Day at Do. walk home at Night Cato & new Irishman picking Apples

30th. wind S. & rain about 11, OC at Wagoners made window frame, then to town bought Locks &c for Wilson paid 3 Dollars to E Tompson for hat, got them of Mary Miley for board Spent 9d for oats & Brandy, 4d for ferriage wet afternoon

31st. wind N.W & very pleasant Day at Nehemiah Evans Drank tea there & home to bed-

Novemb. At Jacob Morris’s repair Applemil at Rees’s, went to Wagoners (boy Came 1st for me) raisd his frame pleasant Day, home

2nd at Rees s puting Shelves for apples, set off to Wilsons, Glass’d 18 S.ash & to bed fine Day

3rd at Wilsons wind N.E. & raind begun before noon, Great Deal of Lightening & hard rain, thunder not very near

4th. Wind N W. pleasant in Morning but wind Rais’d & got Cold, finishd Glassing & went to Curwins put Glass in for him back & walk home Gib too

5th. wind N.W & Cold & high at Streapers plates on Sheds Evening put up the Stove– made a Light frame for Latch at Night

6th wind N W high & Cold at Latches framimg Rafter at Wagoners in Evening, learn about 70 french people & family gowing back to Settle our new Contry–

7th wind N.W. went to (Calld at prince of Wales) David Lewelling ther, to N Jones & home Spent 8d. Glass Toddy

8th. at Wagoners Shingling pleasant Day home at Night

9th at Do.—Do. &c. Do.—Do.

10th. went to Wilson Robert & 2 boys Shingling barn over Cast & unpleasant, a Great Squall of wind & Snow Shower from W–

11th. at Dto. wind N W. & froze very hard windy & very Cold Shingling 106 lb of Beef at 3½, 30s5½

12th at Dto. hard frost & Cold wind S.E Cloudy

13 at Do. white frost & Clear & pleasant Day Left there about 2 OClock meet the Society fined 1s & Spent 6d & 2d Borrowd of Curwin, home—

14th. wind E. & rain went to Meeting afternoon Robert & I to N. Evans home

15th. wind S.W. & Butifull fine warm day, set off to Kinsesing to make a Sluse sluice 6 f wide & 30 f Long for S. Gibson begun & Evening went to town Layd out 4d for ferriage & 4d for Drink Stayd all night

16th- paid 1s6 for horse to hay, went to work at Sluse got a wrong saddle, wind N E & rain all day

17th wind N.E & very wet Day, horse run home Last Night illegible by & paying for our board Board at Wil Hill, BrotheringLaw to Gibson

18th wind N. & Cloudy allday But no rain after breakfast, got 1 Side Cover’d & turnd it over heavy work, had a teakel tackle, & 3 or 4 more men helpt us or we Should have Given out, it took better than 300 Inch pins, very high tide was 5 or 6 Inches up the Sides of the Sluse while at work

19th wind N. & Cloudy but Did See the sun in afternoon, got Dun about 3 OClock & set off home arivd about 7, OClock had a teachous tedious time been 5 Days Dooing about 3 Days work

20th wind N.W. & high but a very fine Day, hall’d 2 Loads of wood before breakfast, & stick 500 f ½ Inch walnut boards Gave the boys a holliday, Cato & I took up flax finishd makeing syder Exscept a little water Syder Evening at Morris’s

21st wind S.W. & white frost & a Butifull Day Breakfasted at Rees price’s uncle Edward Quite Childish not know me– afternoon to look at a Stone house begun on a place of Roberts’s once it was Confiscated, Stopt at Rees’s paid Rebecca 3s9d for trimimg for Cato & tea 1s6 to dark will for work 3½d for ½ jill of Rum

22nd wind S.W. & afine warm Day, Diging potatoes without my Coate till night, a very poor Crop

23rd. wind. W & over Cast in part not Cold Diging potatoes, went to Antoney Levering, the Sherrif trying Selling to sell the place it went to 830L put off

24th. at fathers killing Bull, home & Cleard Rye went to Rees Price’s, Drank tea there home Read in Museum gave a Negro woman 5¾d towards her freedom—

25 Wind N W. & frozed, pretty pleasant Day Make a 4 Light Sash for Jacob Jones at home

26th. wind N.E & Snowing very prety begun after Day Snow all day With Small Intervels, Evening hail at Fathers, home at sash, Read till near 11 OClock to bed 27th wind N.E & hailing & Little rain made a sleat, Dull overCast windy & hail, very Smart Spell for this Season finishd Some Sash

28th. Wind N W & Cold at Meeting Evening at Rees’s & Streapers–, hard Crust about 3 I. Sun makes very Little impressen

29th prety fine Day pulling Corn, afternoon Do.– Canaday took a fellow up that had Stole went with him to Esqr Jones Constable took him

Chester County, Jones paid me 4L 5s for Coffins Gave Tom Robeson ¼ Dollar towards bareing his Exspences in Conducting the theafe to Chester Sup at Cochrans

Novbr 30th Wind N. & Cold Day work in shop took sash home to Jacob Jones, Back Cosen Bridget here

December1st wind N. & white frost paid Irish Bill 7s6 for work paid Sadlers 1 Dollar & ¼ for Collar &c- at Morris’s in Evening Home Read some & Sleep &c

2nd. Wind N E went to Amos Sturgis’s Raisd a Barrack that we framd at Haverford for Nathan Jones snowd a Little hail & Raind home to Dinner I Dined at fathers very wet afternoon & frozd trees ful of Iceticels Butiful guilted with transparrent blot

3rd. Wind got to N.W. raind in Morning but soon Cleard & thawd, work at Sheets’s Clock Case home got 2 Dollars of Molley Miley, Gave a Beggar 5d. I sent by Cato 10 Dolars to Tom Roberts on acct. & got ½ barrel of wheat Meal various Different hands in these Memores but infact are the Same Referring to the fact that his handwriting is very different from time to time; apparently he’s experimenting with script styles.

4th. wind N.W. pretty moderate at Work inshop Boy Covering Barrack, Nehemiah Evans finishd makeing syder here took Down my Mill, Sent for sugar & tea 1s10½

5. wind N W & Cold at fathers in Morning got Leather Breaches of John to Give him 2 Dollars at home being first Day Master Levis schoolmaster Dined here at Streapers in Evening Spent 8d. Mr Evans in Company

6th wind N W & frozed very hard at Rebecca Georges put top plank to 2 vats afternoon to the Sale of Antoney Leverings Mill & 50 Acers for 830L one Ben Leavering

7th. Wind NW. & Cold spent 3d at Wagoners went to Billy Hills for Coate & Sadle paid 6d for tobacco Calld on James Jones & Ned Georges, home very Cold froze hard

8th. wind NW & Exstreemd Cold went to Nathan Jones put sills understable; from there to Bill Thomas & home—

9th Sun Shun out but wind got to East & Cloudy at Sheets’s Glassing Calld at Roberts’s very Cold Morning Schuylkill froze over at ferry

10th. wind S.E & snowd about ½ I Deep Last night at Ned Georges Laying old floor a Mellow Day to what has been back, begun to Rain

11th wind S.E at Georges, sent for, old Thomas Warner Dead Rain all Day Robert helpt me to make a Coffin finishd 9 OC at Night kill 2 hogs, 1 Quart of Rum 1s8– David Roberts 112 lb hay

12 verry wet went with Coffin He Died at Tom Roberts wind to NW & Cleard before noon Buryed him at Merion Dined at home at Streapers Evening home

13. A Large whitefrost went to Edw Georges Ruff walking a moderert day tho over Cast inpart spent Egg nog on trust at Wagoners, workt till 9 OC at night finishd & came home

14th. wind N.W. & not very Cold– Cato pulling Corn at home to David Roberts got 168 lb of hay, took a pair of Cradle Rockers to Becke George’s put them to & Sup there home

15 wind N W & froze hard very Cold Morning got fathers horses hall 2 Loads of Wood & finishd husking Corn new page:”Decemb. 15″ Gibson fetch a pair of Slay Runers from his fathers Got 10 Bushels of Corn Buckwheat of David Roberts at 3s per B Got it 13 forgot to set it Down

16th Wind N.E & Snowing about 5 I Deep Cleard off about noon, went to town, bought Glass & ½ lb Chocolate 3s2, bought ¾ Screws (a grosse) 3s6, files 2s10, bed screws 1s6, knife & sprigs 1s5, Lock & hinges 2s, paid for 13 lb of Tobacco at 10d–11s3, paid 30s for 100 feet Ceader & 102 feet pine (boards), paid 1s6 for oats & Cherry, paid 1s10½ at ferry, paid 11d at Wagoners, paid 1 Dollar to Enoch Tompson for hat, home about 10 OClock at Night Clear & Sharp

17th. N.W. & keen at home work at Esqr. Jones Slay went to David Roberts to Look Stuff home Hannah & Levis to see Abraham Lukens in slay at Streapers home to bed–

18th wind N W, & very Cold, went to Morris Lewellyn & from there to prince of Wales on a jury to value the Isshue or Clear inCome of Lewellyns Estate & how long Brodes must have it for a Debt Due to him of 90L with cart judge it for 1 year Spent 1s10½ besides 2s wages the Sherrif allow & paid Exspences, stopt at Streapers & Sign’d a Carrecter character reference for Yeakam

19th went to fathers Borrowd 6L of him to pay Evans paid him 17L 13s part a Note for 10L & Intrest for 4 years & 9 months the rest was for work, Dick Cockron here to Dinner went to Rees’s Back Stopt Bill Lewellyn & Sister, Nancy Jones, in Slay stop at Streapers spent 1s10½ in Company with them bed about 11 OClock

20th Wind S.W. & begins to thawd at work at slay paid Ben Davis 2 Dollars for Walnets boards, paid 2s9 for 1 B. Salt Money all Gone but 6¾d, poor anoff, But its made to surculate so I do not pine for get more some time, poore Rambow afronted Irish Bill he fetch 1s6 I had overpaid him, Robert here all night

21st. wind NE & Snowing work in shop at slay, paid Black will 2s for Diging potatoes Snowd all Day, fine time for wood hallen 3L a Cord they say– but since find it about 50s-

22nd. Wind N W. & Clear & Cold, Snow 8 or 9 I Deep & Drifted a good Deal in some places work in shop Hannah in town Got 3 Dollars of Brot. Samuel Lay out for me 3s for screws, 2s9 for Oil 10d for Literige Literature &c 7s6 I got rest for Necessarys—

23rd, Wind W inclineing to S., Sharp Morning but fine Day Thawd a Little in sun, at fathers helping to kill 3 hogs, after to Brodes’s Jury on Roads But did nothing, at Robesons got ½ Cag of white Lead at T & Jehu Roberts. Drank tea there Tunis too, home & made big swingletree for slay

24th. Wind N E thawd a good deal in sun. got Cold towards night at work at slay Evening Gibson & I to town in slay Titus Roberts & Polley Streaper in another slay, George Wiede & Ruth Varnan Georges ant got up there slay went to town–us, got 1 Pint of Wine in town, mist finding Brother

so Returnd without him, Stopt at Weeds they Came up with us to Streapers, Drank some wine Spent in whole 7s6 Got to bed after midnight– very Cold & spit snow

25th Wind N E & Snowing did not gain above 1 Inch all Day, finishd Slay & painted it Streapers in Evening, this Christmas day so Calld– I felt but so-so after my Antics

26th wind S,W & be W. & Clear the Snow Gained about 3 I in whole, went to town in Slay Cato Drove took Isaac Streaper to town, Brought sister Polley Gibson & aboarder of there’s up Brother up too Dine’d at fathers on a very fine turkey Evening took them back & Polley Streaper, Wiede took ther Slay & went to town Drove a mile below town to a tavern & at widow Johnsons, was Snow shower & got very Cold Left town at 10 OClock Came Drank shear share of pint of Wine but spent not anything Came home by myself Lost the Bur of the pin & plage’d me, for it keeps working out

27th wind N.W. killing 4 hogs David & Jacob Zell came up to help me for they wanted Coffin finish about 10 OC then took Jones Slay to Robesons to be Iron’d & up to Broades’ Where 4 of the jury meet Concerning Road But did not anything home, got 2 old Deeds & 1 new one from Brode’s 2½ gallon apple Licker 1s10½

28th Wind N W. & very Sharp took a Coffin for Amos Sturgis’s Child (Stillborn) & up to Robesons Concerning slay home & Cut up 3 hogs & Salted them Down

29th wind S. W. & warmer than it has been this Week makeing Coffin for Rebeca Humphreys, Dyed at Tom Wiley’s helped by Meeting, Wind got to N.W. & Cooler

30th. wind N.E & very Sharp set off with Coffin, took her to Haverford yard back & Dined at fathers home at Streapers polley tye’d up my Hair. Cochron paid 2 Dollars towards the Coffin

31st- wind N E & very Cold set off to the Burial of John Roberts (no hands, so Calld) Dyed at Birdinhand Tavern meet them at Gulph Molley Streaper aLong Sit at Bridgres & warm’d then followd the funeral & overtook it, & Company’d it Radner Church, a short Sermon by Clay Came to Sorrelhorse, pint of Wine 1s10½ oats 1s horsler 5½d & reach home before night, it has been a remarkabel Cold Day people stoping to warm Brigs Like to run his Slay against Molleys horse Drove like a Madman, gave Hannah 1 Dollar to Subscribe for Bible