Joseph Price Diary


January 1st. 1809 the Wind S W & most W at noon & soft morn George Jos. & Self at Meeting we had a fine turkey for Dinner, all alone no Stranger at home all the afternoon Reading a treaties by J I Wells of Connecticut against War a shower from W. & hail about 9 or 10 OC- night

2nd. Wind N.W. high & Cold froze hard, at Jane Prices Jane Walters & Bevans, 1809 Dined at Walters Bevans wife Much Destrest about his Selling all his Wood I home in Evening Pugh Sent me word he would rent my turnpike house, Loyd Jones here till 9 OC- nearly, been at I. & Tom Price’s killing their Bull & Wilsons, Prices heaviest by 45 lbs

3rd Wind N.W. & hard frost & Clear Cold & Clear about home at Yerkus, very Cold–

4th Wind N. & very Cold at Isaac Price’s made & hung a Celler door Snow Shower from West in Evening very Cold, home in Evening

5th Wind N W. & Clear Cold Morning at Isaac Price’s finished the Door & gate home to Dinner then at Widow Amos’s Vandue Bout. Dung fork &c

January 6th 1809 Wind N W & Cold morn w.ind got more S & moderated a little at Jane Price’s in Morn then at Isaac hung his gate home by 12 OC Thomas Price & Zells team halling Ice for Yerkus William & Felix help Bout. 1 qut Ice Whisk for them Jacob Morris here Isaac Youst here paid him 20 Dollars & had paid Jacob his Brother 20 Drs before Jont Jones here, walk home with him & Drank tea their So home about 9 OC- rather not so Cold–

7th Wind W Clear & hard frost Roads & Cornfeilds dusty, froze dry about house till noon then off to Savages Settled between her and her son George got them quite reconciled to Each other or Nearly So, Settle their acc’t to Bouth their Satisfaction or nearly So had a teagious time with them John Elliott along– 8th Wind. W by S fine day at home being first day Except at Jacob Morris a little Loyd Jones Saml Pugh here wanting to take my Place on turnpike not at Meeting

January the 9th. 1809 Wind N E in Morn & Clear & Cold noon Wind Near S & over Cast Like Snow, John Evans & Self at Charles Bevan, I put in 18 Lights & hung Shetters &c Evans pind up Doors &c Eat 2 Meals apeice So home by Jane Walters Rebecca their Been at Darby Simmeon Matlock buried at Radnor to day Begun to Snow about 2 OC at night

10th Wind N W. prety Cold Snow about 1½ I deep, I at Yerkus Spent 3 Cents off after Breakfast for Norris Stopt McClenaghans, then at Widow Savadge Dine their then off by Harrys at Spring Mill Schuylkill all froze over Could not Cross a number foxhunters their & had Caut afox in Schuylkill, we on to Swedeford took Widow Savadges acct as admx. & filed them for Settlement, then Back & Calld at the fuller Custle and Got peices Cloth & Blanketing paid 4 Dollars 97 Cents George Lent me 2 Dollars & pd 4 qts Oats 12½ Cents Glass Gin 12½ ferry 12½ & Glass Gin at ferry 12½ I say I ow him $2:37½ Cents Clear off about 9 OC. & Got Cold, this a Election day for Member of Assy. Instid of Beauleou who is made Secretary of State one Leach is Elected

Januy. 11th 1809 Wind N W prety hard frost up soon made a ovenpeal for T Price then begun & finished a Coffin for David Bambridges Child 3/6 Long- a Nomber of people here Stoping me did not finish till 9 OC- Mat Coats was to Come to Day to finally Settle for my house on turnpike He never appeard and I think I am at Liberty to Lett it

12th Wind N W & very hard frost & Cold off about 9 with the Coffin Interd it at Church & back about 2 OC- Torbert here about Tom Robesons affairs, I after at Stadlemans Verooses vandue of Cows hogs & Sheep it all over before I goot got their Spent 12½ Cents with Jont Jones at Yerkus Walk with him to Lippins Got 6 Cents of Tobacco & paid them 50 Cents so home No Coats appeard to Day– a lump of Ice froze to my Eye Lashes a great token of Cold I think it froze 3 or 4 times before–

13th Wind N W & Calm & Clear has froze as hard as any night this winter I beleive– I at Yerkus to Consult about what I Shall doo with Coats not Comeing & I had promised to Give pugh an Answer, Here he Come & Say I am under promis to him as Coats did not appear

Jany 13th 1809

Pugh & I off to Loyd Jones He up with us Loyd thinks I am Clear as Coats did not appear agreeable to promis on the 11th, They off to Drakes, & I off to town, Lippins & Little George Bout Mehoganey Boards for a Coffin for Lanehoff 26s9- ferry 20 Cents Clout cloth & Linspin linchpin 25 Cents whip 12½ Cents Gin 25 Cents

14th Wind W. & S W variable, but quite a pleasant day John Evans help at Coffin & Lippen & Lippens boy Mended the wagon we Broke out a spoke out & finished the Coffin & took it up Lippin Evans & Self Carried it, up waited up till they finished the Shroud then put him in. He died at Weist Store dropt down dead without a strugel or grone Drank tea their then walk up to See John White He Exstreemly Low Cant Hold it but a few days I think walk Home about 9 OC- John Evans took Himself a wife on the 12th one Hannah Thomas, a sister to G Latch’s & Joe Evans wife they Say a good working girl

15th Wind E & begun to hael hail about day & got to rain hard before & keep at till after night then quit Cold & froze to the trees awhile, so hard rain it run off

Jany 15th 1809

& made a smart fresh in the Little Crick I Started with the wagon about 9 OC- & attended at funeral house till 11 OC- then Carried him to dutch Church, took him in & had a dutch & Inglish Sermon after interd him 7 feet I think at Least hard rain all the while, Colbert & Lippens took home the Wagon & I dined at Jont Jones, on a very hanson handsome Rack & a Leg of Mutton, John Elliot & Self was all the Strangers, Dinner supurb plenty for 12 or 15 Drank 4 or 5 Glasses wine So home about 4 OC- hard rain all the way & the roads in one Glip of Ice very Dangerous gooing

16th Wind N.W. raw Cold day thawd none most tremendous gooing all one Glib Ice neighther Man nor horse Could Get along without being Roff Shod I helping to Settle with between George Hansel & his daughter on the one part & Abraham Tunis of the other Loyd Jones Gave me a Check on Bank for 40 D. & they had agreed to take 40 Dollars in hand & 60 in 4 Equal paymts but When it Came too to it, they would have Security for the 60 & he Could

not Get that Loyd Jones Instructed me to offer 80 Drs down & would Give me a Check which they agreed to take at Last & I am to pay it on Seventh day the 21st After blot Loyd & Pugh took dinner with me & after when went to the pike house, Pugh has agreed to take Drakes Lees for the 2 years to Come on the Same terms Except I offer him 36 Drs for the 5 Cords of wood instead of the wood after the 2 years I have gave him a grant for 5 years at 300 Dollars without any wood– I back in Evening & walk down with my good Freind Jacob Morris his Eat mins pye & drank Cyder with him his wife in town so home about 8 OC

17 Wind E in Morn & N by E all day & over Cast a little Spittle of snow thawd Little or none, Colbert & Wm Cleand 21½ B Wheat, about 10 OC- I. Warner here to Get a Coffin for John White, he was much Respected as a good honest man & pleasant but Intemperate He is the 3 Son that has died 2 within 4 or 5 Month the other perhaps 2 yrs. all by Whiskey & the 4th from appearance not Long the old man the Father & the Mother intirely Sober & remarkable temperate I have allways understood & the son quite the reverse Got John Evans, & the sd on & the top Cut out 1 qt whiskey 20 Cents

January 18th. 1809 Wind N E in Morn but got to South and thawd a good deal about noon finished the Coffin & took it up about 12 OC- then Interd him at the Church, John Evans & I walk to Rees Tavern & Got a Cold Cut & 2 Glasses and I owd him 25 Cents before Totall 75 C- treated Evans to Glass gin at Yerkus 12½ & Gave Green 7s6 toward his freedom, Polly Yerkus Lent it me afterwards went to Charles Bevans He Been out 2 days on a frolick– Begun to Snow about 8 OC But derect turnd to rain had a very wet night a good deal froze to the trees, it has been the most Icee time Since first day that I have Seen this great while neighther man nor horse Could Scearsly move without being very Roof roughshod

19th Wind S E & a very wet Morning I intend to Set off to Curwen’s but it is too bad that I give it out begun a ladder for turn pike Ice house not quite finish it by noon, kill 6 pigs from the young sow her first Litter, very Cleaver pigs 4 Weeks old, Isaac Price over at pike halld all the Scantling & boards out the Ice house then back & drew them on his acct- & walk down with him to Tommeys Drank tea their & then home–

20th Wind S W illegible & a very fine day thawd much Felix ½ day Cleaning Ice house Colbert most a day Self 1 Day bare Got it Cleand & Lay a floor & begun to thatch so home

January 21st 1809 Wind N W & prety Cold up Soon & off to Felix helping him to Kill his Big hog 302 lb had such a small tub, made it very troblesome Scalding Eate dinner their then him & Colbert up & thatch the Ice house, Got 25 Rye Batts of Charles Bevan yesterday he very Cleaver Been in frolick 3 days, at the taverns, was nearly Sober, I home & at the Widow Price’s She & I was to go to Amoses But She Concluded it was too Late

22 Wind N W Cold & Icee at Meeting had a little preaching, afternoon at Jacob Morris’s he Complaining drank tea their home about 8 OC

23 Wind W. & prety Cold about home till noon then at Widows She & I at Widow Amos’s & I at Lainhoofs they Praising their I stop at Jont Jones Drank tea Stayd till 8 OC- the Mare Broke her Bridle & run off I walk home She got in Sibleys Barn yd. did not get home till morning

24th. Wind N W & Cold Cricket here & Pugh, Cricket & I at the Widows, made a memorandom of a bargin Between him & Jane Price, Eat Dinner their Came Evans press for me that Charles Bevan had Jumpt out of the Garret Window I off on the widows mare & found alive But he died about 3 OC- a half hour after I got their He Jumpt about 12 OC- Had Broke his Scull very much the Doct opened the Sculp scalp & found it very much fracterd But he was dead by the time he Came or nearly I think he Breathe once or twice as he Came I home about 10 OC.

Jany 25th 1809 Wind N W & very Cold Pugh & 5 teams halling Ice to pike I their awhile then home & John Evans & I begun the Coffin took the Little bench in house so Cold in shop got an order of Drake on John Vaughn for 30 Dolrs I intended to get Mehoganey for his Bevans’ Coffin But had no Cash Conclu’ded not

26th Wind N E & Snowing very fast made between 3 & 4 I & quit about 10 O’C- here they Came for old widow Grows Coffin we got Lippens & Loyd to work at both I off about 2 OC in Slay with Jont Jones to town Bout. 1 qt Oyl 25 Cents & I did Spend not a penney back about 6 OC- & Lippens & Evans done very illegible much nearly finished Both I Sprig the Lid of Grows Set off about 9 OC- & took Bevan‘s home & put it in, home about 1 OC-

27th Wind N W & very Cold Lippens & Evans in J Morris s wagon with Grow Coffin & I off for Bevans & they Interd her at Church & we Interd him at Haverford Graveyd I dined at Bevans then home & had a Childs Coffin for Enoch Holgates Child John Holgate School master and or Mason Buried yesterday He about 56 yrs old near about my age It is said his intemperance kill him Soke the whis & Brandy

January 28th 1809 Wind S by W. I thought it would be warm but their was a Cold air; I Joind the Coffin John Evans promised to Come But did not Yerkus Came & help me, Lippins Step in & helpt Got done between 11 & 12 O’C- Yerkus put his young Mare & my Poney in Slay, & off He & I went to Badgsters to Look at a Spining Mashein, it was Movd to town, we off By Charles Bevans Widow, Her Brother from Trentown, They at Me to administer to the Est. Back to Yerkus meet the Society after put the horses in slay & up to David Humphreys, at Eliots, & at Rees Tavern Drank Some hot Toddy, & so home–

29th Wind S W. & a very fine day thawd in front of hills faceing Sun they Said there was white frost, off with Coffin to John Taylors place in the Slay Lippens & Little Ann Roof rough road, Got Dinner their off from their about 2 OC- & interd it at our Merion old yard; took the Child & Jacob Morris & went to Jane Prices, took Hannah Zell & Jane Walters home & Stayd & drank tea their & some of Abrahams peach brandy then home took J Morris home. Great Circle round the moon Be alteration in weather before morn paid Barney 10 Dollars

30th Wind N E & Snowing fast & had gaind about 3 Inches, Jonathan Jones pd me 30 dolrs Drake order on Vaughn he paid it to me the 28th

January 30th 1809

Wind N.E & N. & Snow most Violent till 2 O Clock then Sun Shun & it abaited about 3 O’C & was a fine Clear Evening, I over at D Roberts & him & I at Bevans had some Conversation about apraisment, Back by 12 OC- about 2 OC Yerkus & I Geard up the Slay & set off to Esqr Curwens, about their Baptist meeting house Back to Buck & Elliot Prince & Self was on on repeated a reference between David Humpy.Humphreys & John Phillips about Carpenters work Settled it & off about 9 OC– I Spent not a penney

31st Wind W. & a very fine day Yerkus Got poney & the Slay, & took his wife & Lady Rosses Widow Ross & daughter to town, I drawing out Isaac & Thomas Price A/c after Got Jacob Morris Slay, & took Blare McCleneghan & Morris, Rees & Benny Jane Price’s sons my George John & Joseph up to Jos. Hays to Theos minded Calld at Gigers Store paid him 2..62½ Cents old a/c & B.ought 2 lb Sugar 1 lb Coffee, 2 lb Tobacco 2 qt. whis 1 lb ammons Gloves Total 1..90 So home & rode to Felix’s & Jane Walters, back & took the Slay home Eat Supper at Jacob Morris–

Feby 1st Wind N W. Isaac Price my Slay took his Father & Mother tp Loyd Jones Jane Price Got it after & went to T. Cochron I about home till noon Then at Bevans praising Balor & Leadom praisers I was Clark clerk home about 8 OC. Copyed it over

Feby. 2nd 1809 Wind N W or rather S.W. for it thawd a good deal in the Sun Side, David Roberts & I off about 7 OC & Calld on A Roberts, and to the new bridge and over to White Marsh to one Phif’s near Jesse Jarrets Mill & Layd out a road, Stadleman Latch & Loyd was the other 3 & all attended I pd 37 Cent gate & wine So back by 8 OC-

3rd Wind N W & fine day Set off with David Roberts Mary Bevan Bealer & John Leadom for Norris to get a letter of Admr. out, all 5 in one Slay meet Jont Jones & Leanhoof gooing & I got in his, So went on & did our Business I pd 1..36 toward the Letter of Administration & D.R. paid the Rest & all Expences they off about 3 & J.J & Self Stay till 5 OC & arivd at my house at 7. J.J fetch me to the door I did not Spend one Cent to day–

4th Wind E & N E & over Cast mostly, I say Snow then rain White frost this morn, I off by Sun rise to Bevans a man from Bucks County wanting rent the place, He is to give 65L pay all Taxes & put all the rails up that is Split & all the timber that is fitt for rails, So back to Dinner Geard up the Slay & went to Lobbs Jacob Morris Peggy Colbert & Polly from their to Buck took a glass Lobb pd so back & home about 8 over Cast fine Slaying Begun to Snow & hail about 10 OC.

Feby. 5 Wind N E & had haild 2 or 3 Inches deep I dare Say but turnd to rain about day & raind & thawd till near noon then abaited but did not Clear afternoon at Jont Jones, about Pugh’s Tavern Licence the roads in one Slush water & Snow up to horses keen knee in places, I drank tea their & after home at 9 OC- Isaac Price fetch my note I gave old Leadom for 500 dolrs. on Big Neds acct, and I gave him his Note & he burnt them Both so I am totally Clear on that acct. Except to the Expence on prosecuting him which Cost me about 30 drs

6th Wind N.W. & Cloudy froze a little, But thawd in day, at Yerkus’s all day about a draft for their Meeting House, dined their, Evening at Alley Roberts, about Robeson papers in the Slay Titus’s horses Wind N W & blue prety Cold in margin: “pd Wilson 7½ drs for wood” The Meeting House is Lower Merion Baptist Church.

7th Wind E & over Cast Like for snow or rain Titus & I off in my Slay his horses, to Saml Gibsons in order to Get Some infermation how he framed Darby Meeting house Dined their home by Zells & black horse Spent 25 Cents Snowd fast awhile from S. the roads Coverd with Water very like a thaw;–

8 Wind N & prety Cold froze nearly so hard as to bare a horse, the Widow Price her 2 sons & my Ann up to widow Amoses & at the Buck Bout 1 B. Cloverseed for 5 dollars home to Dinner, after Meriba Morris Polly Yerkes & Titus & Self & Mary in Slay up to McClenechan’s Mc Yerkus & Self up to Curwens back to Mac Snow Shower from W

February 9th 1809 Wind N.W. & a very Cold morn froze very hard said to be the Coldest night by Several Degrees this Winter, I about home till noon, then Edw. George Sent for Me to take Measure of Abraham Widows & make him a Coffin, he died this morn about 9 OC- Said with pluresy, back & got John Lippens & Joind to work at Coffin, work till 9 OC-, got the sides on & Lid Cut out, 3 pints Whis 30 Cents, Some scuds of snow wind got S warmer

10th Wind S.W. prety hard frost but not so Could cold as yesterday morn up & finished the Coffin & Set off about 12 OC- Lippens & Ann along dined their & Started about 2 OC- & interd him in old graveyard, after took Joseph & Lippens & went to Edw Georges for Ann She Stayd their; Tom & Jesse went with us to Saml. Pughs, Tom treated to pint of wine the Stod ? of old Slay Gave way at Last we home about dusk, great time for Slaying but give a good deal this afternoon

11th Wind N W thawd some in Midday Titus Jacob Morris Wm. Jones & I Set off Morris Slay Yerkus’s horses to Pennepack Baptist Meeting house, & from their to Bussel town Bustleton Dined their paid 3s9 apeice then back over the great bridge on penneypack Back to Miles town Spent 12½ Cent then on to falls Spent 12½ Cents So home about 7 OC– Old Pennepack is Lower Dublin Baptist Church today.

12 Wind W. & give Sum at Meeting fore after at Morris’s then back & at Bevans & Jane Walters Borrow 10 Dollars, I Lost a 5 Dollar Note Yesterday, I know not how for I Lapt it in paper Spent 5½ to day pd Polly 25 Ct

Feby. 13th wind N E or E. in Morn & Snowd about ½ Inch the trees all hung with Iceticles or frost over Cast till 11 OC then Cleard off & thawd more than it has this many days Titus & I off in Slay to Norris, I paid 1 Dolr 25 Cents for Licences for Pugh 4s3 for Dinner Eleven dollars for Savage’s Settlement in office 25 Cents ferriage 11 Cents at turnpike gate so home about 9 OC- gave Lawyer Frazer Griffee David‘s Bond & Mortgage it Lighten’d very often as we came home afternight Stopt at Curwens awhile & Drank tea at John Elliotts took Jont Jones home Drank Little Brandy, 5½ at Yerkus So I goo on paying for other people

14 Wind N E & froze Smart again & over Cast & begun to hail about 8 or 9 OC- & haild till night– at Toms. Prices unhung & hung a door got a drink So home to dinner, after at David Roberts to See if he got a Cryer, at the widows haild very much as I came home gaind between 2 & 3 Inches & very Cold Cryer is for Bevans’ auction.

15th Wind N.W. up Soon Sister Rebecca Polly & I Set off about 6 OC- to Market in Slay with our Calf, I went to Owen Jones he paid me 10 Dollars on Acct, Bought fish 7s6. Sprigs 3s9 thumb Latches 3 pair 3s3, Gimblets 3s9 Spriging alls ? 6d Drink & horse 5s7½ Butt. hinges 5s- ferry 20 Cents pike 14 Cents So home Brought Abnor Evans in the Slay with us to Cry the vendue tomorrow, I off to Johnson vendue

back & at the widow prices Rented her buck place to one; blank from plimoth Cricket haven having give it up today home about 9 OC- thaw not much fine Slaying–

16th Wind W prety Cold day, Abnor & I off in Slay to D. Roberts, Sent William Back with it & we walk to Bevans, Dined their & I gave Abnor Supper & Breakfast & Lodging Begun the vendue about 2 OC- Sold about 800 Dollars worth or to that amount ½ Gallon Whiskey & paid Abnor 3 Drs for Crying Drank tea their & walk to D. Roberts their Titus meet us in my Slay he had it to take Lady Rosses & Sister Rebecca to Jont Jones very Slippery walking–

17th Wind N E amost & Cold Sett off with Jacob Morris to Esqr Linseys he got 20L Butler had pd Rent he sued for Back to Bevans attended their to delever the goods sold D.R. their also Jacob Morris got a bad fall hurt much walk home Evening very Sliperry-

18th Wind S & avery foggy morn with rain run the Snow much & very hard rain in Evening & wind got west Smart Shower about 9 OC with hail & Blue up hard wind at Bevans Recd about 38 drs. from Sales their all day Rees Benney & George Came their attempted to drive Calf I Bout their give out Left it

Feby. 19 1809 Wind N W & high & froze prety hard at Jacob Morris he very bad with his Side from the fall I their till noon home to Dinner after at Yerkus’s Spent 5½ Evening at J Morris’s he no worse it thawd a good deal in Some Situations being first day very windy in Morn & froze hard not at meeting to day

20 Wind E in Morn then N. Like omisson then Clear & thawd Some about, after Clouded up wind N E & Snow Smart about 4 OC till gain near ½ Inch at Bevans all day home in Evening prety Cold Settled with Jesse Pawlin

21st Wind N W & Cold morn but more milder in day, John Evans & I at Thomas Price hanging Shetters in Spring house & made 3 & hung them in Stable, I put in 8 Lights of Glass the Shetter Broke in kitchen worth 7s6 I think John was near a day

22nd Wind N by E. & over Cast in part John Evans & I over to Bevans in Slay to hang doors he work & I off with Mary Bevans to Richard Humphreys & Leadoms back to dinner then She & I at David Evans gate to get their Light wagon to move her to Shaminey. they would not Lend Settled with Isaac Ellis, Wm Smith for Beef & with Finance so; Movd all my tools home in Slay, & 2 wedges & 2 flat Irons I Bot their I Bout Dung for 3s9 & sold it 5s7½

Feby. 23rd 1809 Wind N E & Snowing has Snowd about 6 Inches deep in the night it got N.W. & Cleard off about 10 or 11 OC- & blue up Cold & Snow drifted prety much, John Evans & I over to Bevans, Shee movd off J Leadom took her goods & David Roberts took her & Mother in Slay I home to Dinner, Evans & I up to Lainhoffs Vendue, I Bout. not Spent 25 Cents So home–

24th Wind N.W. tho prety fine day not much thaw, halld 3 Loads wood on sled after with David Roberts at Torrence & Curwens & Wilsons & widow Amos’s So home Spent 1s4½ Slay wore out on some of the hills–

25th Wind S & Snowd about ½ Inch & at till 8 or 9 OC- then got to W & broke off, I put on thumblatches on 3 of the Stable doors, Nathan Lewis Brought the Slay home Joshua Lainhoff paid me 18 Do for his Fathers Coffin I treated to 1s4½ at Yerkus s Shaved & put Abraham‘s horse & poney in Slay & took Isaac & Tommy Price & went to Loyd Jones, then to Rees’s Tavern Eat Some oysters & drank a little wine Sangerree So back to Leanhoff, & fetch a Clock & Case Tommy Price Bout. at vendue 52..50 Cents, after over with Abraham to Jane Walters, drank tea their had a great Sparr on Politic with Isaac & Tommy- made up & so home

26th Wind most N. & over Cast it thaws a good deal most dun for the Slaying I not well got more of a pain in my Breast than I ever felt, I think the Effect of blank I hope I shall to be Strengthened to Stop

Feby. 26th 1809

at Jacob Morris he Better I took 4 Andersons pills Jane Walter Rebecca Price & Mary Abraham drove them in Slay to Jacob Jones, he seems brave Can here better they think; tho cant walk without a little help I Suppose he is about 97 or 8–

27th Wind N. in Morn but got more or S for it thawd very much in Sun tho fine Clear pleasant day felt very warm I at Jacob Morris’s he Better I at Jane Price’s, & Little Joe Recd for Bevans Est 42 dollars for Colt & 16 D 75 for Desk– I Lead Eckrod to See or talk with J Morris Tom & Isaac Price got my sleigh & went Levis’s Springfeild I was to took widow Ross & daughter to Judge Jones but Such Bad Slaying & I so unwell give out had Snowd in night ½ Inch

28th Wind S & over Cast snowd alittle in Morn I Expected rain but keep off all day I at work alittle at Stepladder afternoon at David Roberts & at Bevans Place, to See If any persons was geting wood they had no Right to & Judging how much Less hay than we Sold it, I am of the Opinion that their is nearly a third Less, tho the Man that Bout. it had a Colt their from the 16th. to 26th. & he Bout. the hay So the man’s hay & horse But I think we on on repeated point Justice we Should make off one third He gave 18 drs & Charge him 12 Drs, Stopt at Widow Price & drank a glass wine I have not Drank any Sperrits Since 25 nor I hope I never will–

March the 1st 1809 Wind S by W & very foggy morn the Sun Broke out about 10 OC- & was amost delightfull day the Snow run most Perditiously, quite warm I finished the Step Ladder in horse Entry Spent 2 pints Bear, at Jacob Morris’s he Better

2nd Wind S & has froze prety hard Sun Shind alittle While, then over Cast dose does not thaw much, took the Cow to Widows to the Bull, Back & gave John Thomas a Certifycate that I made Widow Campble Coffins & I beleafd that Campble pd for it I not very well much alarmd about Repairs at turnpike house, at Leanhoffs vendue Bout not nor Staid not Calld at Jont Jones, dranke tea and 3 or 4 Glasses wine home Bad gooing frost Coming out

3rd Wind N W or W. froze prety much thawd Some in day I heard Pugh much displeasd I have not got on with repairs I at turnpike & Evan along Makeing a bill of Repairs, afternoon at David Bambridge to See If he would help me at pike Cold & froze good deal in Evening

4th Wind S by E & had Snowd ¼ Inch over Cast all day but keep from rain Except alittle mist alittle while I off to town bought 10 lb ¼ of Spikes dinner 25. horse & wine 37½ bear & Gill wine 16, Pughs 23 Cents ferry 4

March 5th 1809 Wind S.W & west in Evening over Cast but no rain at Meeting & at T. Prices & Jacob Morris’s. Spent 12 Cents 2 Jills wine drank no whis & nor Sperrits Since Last Night week– the Democrats had a great Procession on their geting their President Maddison in, had a ship on Wheels, & weaving Jenney &c in parade yesterday. Bout 500 f plank at 15 D 3000 Shingles at 39 Dollars 11 lb ¼ of Spikes at 1..50 Cents

6th Wind N E & Snowing very hard & had Snowd in the night it had gaind near 2 Inches, out to Cut trees & at Drakes, to Look how much Glass wanting John Evans & Colbert along afternoon Cleard off very fine Cuting & Sawing Logs Colbert & Abraham help alittle Pugh up at Jane Walters with them to Look at Sign, Back in Evening

7 Wind W. & froze hard Last night Bear a horse, Thomas Price Brought 4 horses & help me hall Logs to Edw Georges we halld 1 first 3 horses then 4 Logs at 2 Loads 4 horses, Spent at Hipples 30 Cents ½ G- Whiskey from Weist 31 Cents Got 5 Logs their

8th Wind S. & Raind prety Soon & keep at it with Some Intervals till noon, then Seem to Clear but had a smart rain in Evening the Snow run as much to day as any day halld 1 Log to E G & fetch 1010 f plank from McIlvains

March the 9th 1809 Wind W froze prety hard Sett off about 10 OC to Smith to devide John Smith Est amongst the Heirs 7 of them it was part of Evan James Est. veiwd the Land and ordered a devision dined at Thomas Soleys, So I back Stop at Jont Jones drank tea He been 3 days Settleing the poor house acct. Spent 5½d

10th Wind S.W. & froze hard up soon at T. Prices, He Brought 3 horses & I 3 put in E.G. Logs Carriage & hall 5 Logs to E G & 2 back Loads 3 trips through turnpike home the old Road Spent 12½ Cents John Evans & Colbert Layd Stable floor turnpike So, Evan Evans sign post

11th Wind N.W. & froze hard took 3 horses & took over the plank for troffs to pike Back by noon at Jacob Morris to Get him to Send another ¼ wood to School the old Lady treated to Mulld Cyder back & went to widow Amos’s & at Rees Spent 6 Cents I was to had the widows horse at 70 D. She was here on the 9 & Left word must Come up yesterday or to day but to my sirprise She had Sold the horse yesterday so home I come without illegible Seeing here her

12th Wind S W. prety fine at Meeting in Morn afternoon at John Horns to Get him to Seize on widow Amos for rent to morrow home in Evening

March 13th 1809 wind N E & over Cast & begun to Snow before 10 OC- John Evans & I at pike maken troffs, I walk up to Widow Amos s Horn meet us their She Jane Price took an order on Reuben Morgan for 27L 1s6½d & we did not Seise So back to pike the most tremendous Snow storm I have Seen this Longtime one Could Scearsly See through it, John Evans most Lost Comeing from pike I walk home prety Calm, but was Exceeding bad faceing it keep at till mid Night I think

14th Wind N W & Clear tho prety Cold thawd Little or none, the deepest Snow this winter it was 14 or 15 I. deep & drifted very much a remarkable dry Snow John Hagy here about 9 OC- to Get a Coffin for Jont. Robesons wife taken Sudden of the Evening of the 12th & died Evening of 13 Lived about 24 hours after taken John Evans & I Joind it finished at about Sunset & took it up in Slay–

15th Wind S by W & begun to Snow about 8 OC, & keep at it till 12 OC- tho some hail & Rain Set off to funeral house about 8 & Buried about 12 OC- very wet & disagreeable Spent 2 Jills wine 11¼ Evening at widow Price’s John & Evan & Lippens over in Slay to Rees’s I road to Jones & back with them

16th Wind S W & delightfull day John & Evan & self at pike makeing troffs, I at Jones in Evening drank tea their, home about 9 OC. Mary Yerkus Delivered of a young Son named for Richard Ecrod without doubt

March 17th 1809 Wind E & begun to rain by 7 OC- I up soon fed much Concernd about my repairs at pike Geard up J. Evans horse & my two & off to E Georges halld to pike 35 Rafters, Got Janes old Dick & Abraham along, & Loaded up 2000 feet Lath Broke one wheel, by D R gates then home & went to township Election spent 12½ Cents Sun Shone out about noon warm a great fogg

18th Wind S.W. & very warm the Snow most all run off to day Abraham & I went to town in Carriage Bout. ½ Roseglass 8..50 oyl & jug 67 Cents. Whiteing 82 Cents spikes 1 D; nails 5..70 Tobacco 20, Dinner & horse 50 ferriage & pike 34- Pughs 6 Cents So home very bad roads, home at Dark fine Shower Evening

19th Wind S W. a light Shower in Morn amost butifull day after at Meeting afternoon at Jacob Morris s being first day, I felt Low & meek

20 Wind– fine day halling plates & sign posts to pike & hall’d 3 plates out the fare far woods John Evans finishd the troffs & work Splist split the plates 1 qt Wy. 1s2 So & pint gin 12½C- Evan Evans hewing after breakfast

21st Wind W. & prety fine day Evan Casper Colbert & Self framing Rafters & put the plates up Colbert ½ day

22 Wind N W & Cool day I off soon & halld up with 2 horses 1700 Shingles, after took the nails glass &c over J. Evans E. Evans & Casper Raisd the Rafters & Lathd interlined: “pint bear 5½”

23 Wind N.E. & Raw I off about 5 OC. for Shingles halld up 1300 Shingles Spent 2 Jill wine, the horses Run me against the fence, the hoof knock me down & hurt me much the horse stopt or perhaps the hind wheel might hurt me much, I feel very thankfull for it seemd as If their was an interpersion intervention of Providence as to astop the horses so Suden when they were gooing at Such a rate when the fore wheel knoct me down as to Stop before the hind wheel took me in margin: “John Evan Casper (illegible) Lippens ½ day”

March the 24th 1809 Wind N W & very raw & unpleasant 2 or 3 Light Snow Showers, Good morn J.& E. Evans & Colbert Shingleing the Shed, Jacob Yost begun the Smith hearth but so Cold he quit at noon I up at Jonathan Jones’s Owen & Charles Whister dined their, I also, & drank Several Glasses of Excelent Madary home Stop at Thomas Price Isaac Price their He had took to himself a wife yesterday; Viz Sarah Jones a daughter of Silas Jones

25th Wind N.W. & froze very hard & Cold J. Evans & E. Evans & Goodman at work at pike John Jones Pump Maker Drew my old one up I Dined at Jont Jones I home and Meet the Society a great Supper at Rees Tavern I invited my thigh so bad thought not prudent to attend Sent a dollar & Stayd at home in margin: “Dined at Jones Evan & John at Jones”

26th Wind N W & Cold day, not at Meeting at home till afternoon then at David Roberts & Leedoms about a note of Bevans Drank tea at Leadoms

27th Wind N.W. & avery remarkable Cold day at pike Bill Gill Cleaning well Pugh up Raising Sign Posts, Great time 14 or 15 person & Got the Stud very Windy & asmart Shower of Snow, Got it up, I Convicted my self by Geting in a passion at my well Cleaner

March 28th 1809 wind N W till noon after Got more S & rather warmer, John Evans Casper Goodman & Self Glassing, Colbert planted 4 Posts for a troff, Dick Jones & man Bore the top tree & put the pump in again then Back to Jont Jones, I dined with J. Jones & Likewise Sup with him the Sisters in town Capt Weist & R. Morgan Sup their Also, home about 9 OC- the dam froze all over Last night

29 Wind W. & a raw day at pike finishd puting in 90 Glass want 10 Lights yet, of 8 by 10 & several 10 by 12 M Drake their yet She & I a little Spar not much Godfrey Sent the pump Irons, Jones & son put them in but Some Leak in it would not hold their & try to find it till after night

30th Wind N. by E in morn Cold air but fine day, Set off about 7 OC- to Isaac Leadoms wifes Burial Started about 9 & arivd about 11 OC- at Merion yd. then I off to turnpike Samuel Pugh moving to my house where Drake keep School I dare say there was 50 or 60 people their that Dined I Sup their I home about 10, OC- very fine day No Since writing the above they Say their was 80 Dined their

March the 31st 1809– Wind S W. & a very fine day over at pike Casper their all day at work John Evans their from about 11 OC- till night puting up Shelves & makeing Drawers for Barr, Goodman hanging doors &c I pottering about, and at the Buck to See If he would give up Leadoms note He Bout of Bevans Back before night Spent 12½ Cents at Rees Mason finished the Smith Shop harth

April 1st. Wind S W & avery fine day more Like Spring than any day this Season, at pike Mason begun the oven I made Morter & a troff for Shed dined with Pugh, then with Jones hunt tree for pump after at Kuglar’s to Settle the township acct- had a good Supper Spent not Calld with Jon. Jones took alittle Brandy So home John Holland here He been away this 9 or 10 years & not been heard of this 7 or 8 years went out in Philadelphia frigate But Got off & been working at taning this 6 or 7 yrs in Massechusets & Connecticut States I Spent 5½ Brandy not very well

2nd. Wind S W & little rain in Morn but stood off till most night, then raind very Smart Showers tho not hard, at Sister Rebecca She had a fall off the horse hurt her much rather Better, not at Meeting at Yerkus’s a little while

3rd Wind S W & fine Spring Like a laylock Bush most out in leaves, at Pike Mason Came about omission OC- & finish’d the oven, I tending him Evening at Buck paid Miller 100 for John Leadoms Note He Bot. of Charles Bevans

April 4th. 1809 Wind S.W a fine Little rain in Night & some Lite Showers this morn or a little rain rather off to Pike John Evans finished the dressor meet at Yerkus’s about their Lott money I their about Tom Robesons Est. I Spent not old Young & others their J Evans worked But ½ day

5th Wind E heavy fog & Over Cast Lite rain before noon not any after over Cast & Raw N E Wind Yost finish’d Gable End of Sheds & other Jobs John Evans made Shop door &c I tending Masons 1 qt whis & 3 pints Cyder treated D Roberts He halld my Pump trees up to pike, Felix Washer movd from my woodland hutt yesterday The first Warning He gave me was the 17th of March and at Least Should Gave me 3 Months Warning–

6th Wind N.E. Raw & Cold, fine Shower about day Up Soon & off to Jacob Morris’s to Look for Hay then Back to Breakfast then off to pike & help to omission with pump & hung Shop door &c &c

7th With Wind N.E. & raind Several Showers thunder in Morn, Esqr Curwen & M. Drake their we made a sort of Settlement, got Ready went to Lower the Bottom tree in 23 f Long it Slipt through the Chain & fell to Bottom & split it 5 f. had to take it out & Splice it I very wroth or hurt at it

8th Wind N W. & white frost fine Clear day over at pike put the pump in & it works very well at Jont Jones’s Tom Heston along at Yerkes s Spent 12½ Cents

9th Wind N W fine day rather Cool at Jacob Morris awhile Mary Bevan & Brother here in & Stayd all night

April 10th 1809 Wind N Ice this morning Got a ton of hay Jacob Morris, Gave M. Bevan 5 Dolrs over at Bevans place & at Pugh’s & Casper Goodmans to Get him to work Spent 6 Cents So home a pleasant day–

11th Wind I think S by E rather Softer Morning up Soon & over at pike Calld at Jane Price’s, Casper & I fixting fixing troffs &c. I over at Ann Bond to Measure her Mother for her Mother‘s coffin, Back to Pughs had his Mare then home about 10 OC- Lighten’d much in Evening & hard thunder with Smart Showers about midnight —

12th Wind N & Cloudy & Cold all day Casper & I Joind the Coffin, Yerkus Bout me 2 Set hinges & a pair overhalls, we finished & took it home before night, back Raw & Cold

13 Wind N. & Snowing had Coverd the Ground on the Grass, the Sun most Shind about 9 OC- when I set off to Burial But got to Snow & keep at it till night, so fast when we Came by the Church & all the way one Could Scearsly See any distance interd her in Merion yd. about 12 OC- Drest a little Better & off to Rees Prices, his son Isaac Brought his wife Sarah home, Loyd Jones & wife, Paul Jones & wife, Isaacs wifes 2 Sisters & Brother Cad, & Thomas Price & wife was all the Strangers He gave us avery hansome Dinner &c & a good glass Isaac behavd very genteel very hansome & his wife behavd very hansom

April 14th Wind N W & winter like Ground Coverd with Snow over to pike Goodman their puting up Bellows down & up for Abraham & Covering well Cold till noon nearly then more pleasant Snow all gone Meet in Evening at Yerkus s & Settled the Poor Overseers acct George Latch, the Last overseer we are have or Shall have will be Maintaind by County, as we have Got a County poorhouse Supt on a Schuylkill Shad the first I have tatsed tasted Eat too harty

15th Wind W a small whitefrost rather windy drying day took the Cart & hall’d 3 by 4 to pike Casper & I makeing stalls, in big Stable Pugh in town & sent 509 feet Sap pine Boards from McIlvains I Spent 25 Cents home about 4 OC. & went with Jacob Morris to Schuylkill I Bout. 2 Shad 50 Cents & J. Morris gave me one so got 3 fine Shad–

16th Wind N.W. & a little frost fine Clear day at Jacob Morris’s then at meeting; Dined on Schuylkill shad at Morris again he and her Drank tea with us —

17th Wind W. & alarge whitefrost, fine day at work at pike without my Coat, Mary Drake Movd her things away & I Settled with her & She paid ¼ Rent due Last Jany. & the Last qtr Cheated me out I might say for She gave me warning She would give it up at new years tho keep Possession till the 30th of April, I Bout ½ B. Glass & want 20 more & Curwin made me Loos lose all & pay her for 1 B. Cloverseed besides so She made me work me up to her Likeing She is an imperious proud woman I wish I had never seen them as tenants, I Spent 16 Cents with omission & Lost 50 Cents

April 18th 1809 Wind S W & fine day Casper & I at work at Pike Viz at the Grove at Will Penn’s Spent 6 for Cyder, I went to Jane Walters & Got a Cut of vituals I got faint Lippens Evan Evans & N Lewis, their & stayd till dark Evan prety high

19th Wind N by E & Raw rather unpleasant day I Borrowd Yerkus’s young mare & set off for Old Chester Court, Enterd a deed of Rowland Parry’s to John Davis of Haverford Executed in 1762 to be Recorded & got a Rect. but did not pay for it Dined at the Widow Ingle Dinner 50 Cents & Club 20 C- horse 12½ Do i.e. cents 1 Jill Brandy 12½ C. Pint Cyder 6 Cents Off about 3 OC- by Darby 2 qts Oats & ½ Glass Brandy 12½ Cents at sign Ship Smiths daughter home before Dusk, begun to rain, fine Little Shower before 12 OC- I fatuaghd fatigued Riding

20th Wind S W. over at pike Cuting out Doors & Shetters for Stable, I dined with Pugh Casper too very Sore rideing did not so mind when younger

21st Wind S.W Prety fine at Thomas Prices blot & at pike for tools home to dinner off at T Price’s begun a grind Stone for him home in Evening–

22nd Wind S.E & rain with intervals all day at T. Prices finished & hung his Grind Stone & home to dinner then meet the Society Spent 22½ Cent Edw. Price Back, been away about 8 Mo

April 23rd 1809 Wind W. & Seemd to Clear at meeting while in Meeting Came up a Very Smart thunder Gust raind hard when Meeting Broke at home all the afternoon Except at Yerkus for Tobacco 3 Cents–

24th Wind S W & rain’d soon had Several Showers with thunder, Cleard off in Evening took the Mare & went to Jane Walters & Pughs Spent 12½ Cents, home about 10 OC John Holland & Isaac Roberts Fetch me, 25 Shad & Titus 100 they ketch 130 at a hall

25 Wind W by N fine day Casper & I at Isaac Prices after Breakfast making Gate by the Corner of house finished about 3 OC. So home worth 6s- Spent 12½ Cents home & work at Brackets for Thomas Price

26th Wind N E & rainey Morning Got to Snow for half hour very Raw & Cold Henry Owloi ? here him & I went over to pike Cleard off about noon Casper work for himself

27th Wind N W hard frost Ice Plenty at pike Casper their hung the Shetters &c I at Jonathan Jones’s drank tea their then home after night

28. Wind N W & Ice Ground froze hard Borrowd Yerkus’s Little mare & Calld on J Jones & went on to Shibleines in upper Merion on Road Jury J. Elliot W. Thomas J. Wagoner P. Pegion J. Jones & Self they Gave us a very Good Dinner &c & we Layd out where the first Jury did We Sup with Peter Pegion. Jones & I Calld at Elliots Perty high all page torn

April 29th 1809 Wind N Cold & frost Ice up Soon took Yerkus’s mare home & hunted up our horses they was out, found them in orchard Pugh over at pike Casper make a Coopers’ horse for himself dine at Pughs home then over & got Beccas old horse & went to buck on a differance between J Elliot & Marker Jont Jones did not Come So we did not goo into it I home about 9 OC a Smart Eclips on the moon visible

30th Wind N W & Still Cold but pleasant in day– at meeting & at Jane Price & old Saw Mill drank tea at Neighbour Morris’s Alley Roberts & wife their I Spent the Evening their & drank Some Cider their

May 1st. Wind W. by S Sowd Better than ½ B. flax seed in new orchard Willm. Harrowing it I at Yerkus’s Seeing them Muster John Evans Joind the horse & meet at Weavers Tavern I gave him my Cap 18 or 20 Miles from here I Gust guess Spent 3 Cents

May 2nd Wind S by E over at pike before Sun Rise got Casper & took down the old Barrack & made a gate for the front yd. Settled with Nathan Lewis for work at Bevans & gave him my Note for 38 dollars including 12 D for measureing the house Bout 1 qt whiskey of Pugh on trust

May 3rd. wind S E fine warm day foggy Morn heavy due Casper here Cleard away the old barn I at Meeting 2 women freinds from Ohio State preachd at D Roberts with Ecrod

May the 4th 1809 wind N W. & Cool drying day Sent Isaac Price Shafts & wheels & Rye home & then went to Jane Walters & Pughs, dined their & Spent 12½ Cents Nathan Lewis Sold his horse to Pugh & his Saddle to Jane Price; at Yerkus N. treated to 2 mugs Cyder Loyd Jones their I spent this day improdent imprudent

5th Wind N.W. & Cool morn they say frost after Breakfast begun to mark out for Corn in new Orchard, all been plowd up & harrowd this Spring william Coverd up Some dung halld in feild

6th Wind N. & a Smart Whitefrost fed the horses & over to Pughs before Sun Rise 14 Wagons their back to Breakfast & Geard up & finished marking out for Corn in new Orchard about 10 OC- Borrowd 3 Cents of son Jos. for Tobacco. afternoon at Mordica Davis in order to Get 2 Shears of Bridsons Childerns Money, they did not meet off to George Savadge’s he not at home at Gygers Store alittle while so home to tea after at Jacob Morris alittle while–

7th Wind S by W up prety soon Spent 5½ took the Sheep & 4 young heffers to Widows old feild back & to meeting William Ashbey Preach’d & Kimber‘s wife– it was a waity weighty time with me over to Jane Walters & Pugh the master along

8th. Wind S.W. over to Jane Walters Hired a negro man for her named Aaron, at Jont Jones’s he with me to Pughs hung the big gate for Jane ½ Glass Brandy so home afternoon Marking out in far feild No5. for Corn the boys burning Brush. Settled with William & Gave him Note for 60 D. & off he went

May the 9th 1809 Wind S W & fine warm day finished Strokeing for Corn & begun at new Land, home Evening Georg & John his sons & Benny & Rees nephews helpt to cut Briers and burn. The widow Lent me 15 Dollars to pay James

10th Wind W prety fine day planted Corn in new orchard Been Steept in Cow water all night the up end about ½ way Down then planted 3 Rows dry without Plaster Stakes at 2 of Rows the Lower sd. has been in the Steeping from about 12 OC. Rold in plaster I over at Pughs 1 Jill wy. & 1 qt 25 Cents

11th. Wind S E over Cast Like rain broke off before noon after noon thunder & Several Light Showers. planted the Backfeild finished before night up to the gap that goos in widow’s feild Steept in Cow piss all night & plaster round, the remainder planted dry got from the Widows Evening at Pughs & Jane Walters Cut 3 pigs for her the Negro Comes on very well good plowman

12th Wind N E & fine morn been Lite Showers in night at J Morris, off with Bowman & Eliot Runing the Line between Morris & Bowman I dine at Bowmans E George their after home & Measurd my Barn Isaac Youst Mason work made 121 perch at 2s4 per & 4 days work at 4 shillings total amount 72..75 Cold & a Little rain

13th Wind N.W. & hard frost Lumps of frost on the Clover as Big as Shot & Ice on fence I up to Bridson & got a Check on Bank for 220 Dollars for 2 Shares & and repeated a Recept from Elenor Davis for her Share after noon Mending fence at Sawmill at Oughs Spent 9d. Got my Boots from Finance new footed 22s6

May 14th 1809 Wind N W & white frost being first day turnd out my Cows to Grass But very Little Paster, Such Cold Spring Many of apple trees only Just in Blossom 2 Weeks agoo, it was Said & appeard as If their would not be a Blosom the Leaves all out & not a blossom to be seen, those observing them Say they do not recolect to have Ever seen the Leaves out So & no Blosom, I at home till noon then over with Jacob Morris to Pike Back & Drank tea with Jacob Raw Could cold a smart hail Shower–

15 Wind N W very Cool morn & no doubt but frost but up soon feed Got Ready to Set off in Chare with Titus Yerkus to Norris town, arivd their about 11 OC- Got Panneled on the Grand Jury & had 5 Bill before us we got through them & visited the Jale & Got Discharged I dine at Jesse Roberts 4s1 Jill wine 13½ for I gave him 5s7½ & he keep all above for the Jill of wine, yd. Tobacco 2 Cents Jill Brandy at wells 12½ C- Horsler 6 Cents, Gave Pawlin 4 Dollars to get a Guardean appointed for McGees Childern Recd one Dollar as Grand Jury man, or an Order on Treasurer I Passt it to Levi Pawlin, my wages Cleard my Expenses & 4 Cent Good gooing we Left their at Dark & arivd about 11 OC very Cold made up a fire warmd well & went to bed

May 16th 1809 Wind N W in morn & white frost widow borrowed my 2 horses to hall dung I over to pike for my Coulter, home to Dinner after went to wash Sheep Jane Price Jane Walter, Pugh & my 4 Casper Goodman & Ben & George 2 Black men went in & washd them about 30, So home old Amos Moore here with us harty & active on foot near 84 years old, wounderfull instance of Longivitivty longevity, he had Live Low & poor in his young Days he was a near neighbour to Father in my young Days a number of Childern and a poor occonemist economist of a Wife therefore always Poor of Course– the finest & warmest day this Spring

17th Wind W illegible fine day at Rees Prices to tell them Bowman would sell the Lott Joining Cline Johns Meadow for 300 D. back to Breakfast then at W. Smiths to Sell a Cow & Calf he Came over & Bout her 22 Drs treated him to 1 B wine he sd I Lost on McKanes Election

after at Jonathan Jones then home fed & to bed we goo

18th Wind S.W. & prety fine day, at Bowman with Latch & Titus, Latch was gooing to Sease seize for Exempt fines But he Lock the door & we Could not get in back & went to plow new Land home to Dinner afternoon plowd finished one Land So very trying So many Stumps very tiresome

19th Wind S E very foggy misting morn Sheard my 4 Sheep all I had dogs killd 2 in winter then down to Bowmans, John Elliott He gooing to fix Corners at or Round Thomas & Bowmans place, I with Bowman He Drew an article agreeing to sell the peice of Land below Darby Road Joining Rees Prices Meadow to Rees for 300 D they Elliot & Several of them Runing Round Meeting Ground, then down & Run & put Stakes along the road for the peice Bowman sells to Price So home, & with Elliot to Yerkus

20th Wind S.E. warm day off to town paid Bridson daughter Sarah 41L 6s- her Share of 160L 7s10½d detaind for her Mothers third, Bout gross Screws 6s- Lines 11¼d- tea 2s9½ Dinner 2s4 horse 2s9⅓ ferry 4d pike 3 Cents Castner 1s2 so home, George Latch Colector took Henry Bowman to Jail yesterday for Exemps fines

May 21st 1809 Wind S.E. & a heavy Mist & fog Several Light Showers till 3 or 4 OC then Cleard off, Yerkus J.Jones & I set off to Jont Roberts Burial old man 78 yrs old Buried at Little Valley Meeting had a good Sermon by Jesse Kersey, Jones & I dined at John Elliotts number of us we drank 3 B Madeira Wine I pd 50 Cts home with Jones drank alittle Gin so home about 10 OC- been fine rain about the gulph–

22nd Wind S.E. & overCast got to Rain about 9 O’C with thunder at distance 1 Clap prety near, Rain Several Smart Showers rather from S. very fine one about 12 OC wind W by S. & blue up & Cleard off & Cool Daniel an old man plowin Corn in new land I Cuting Post & over to Pughs drank tea their Set a pair hinges for front gate– Spent 3 Cents with John Jones Pump & 6 at Pughs So home–

23rd Wind S.W. & a prety Shower about day up soon fetch Cows & horses & fed the horses went to Jacob Morris’s his Sister their from Jersey very Stout woman, then Danniel & omission Plowing new Land for Corn & for Buckwt He finished all but newland I over to Jane Walters for Saw Spent 6 Cents had a great deal of Conversation with one Bowlding that Lived on the North River home about 10 OC

May 24 1809 Wind W & very Cool morn I think Cold enough for frost but Seen none Last Evening, the Carters Sat at the Stove at Pughs, as If it was Winter halling wood from New land till omission Mary Bevan & Sister her to Dinner, I at David Roberts & Pughs, Spent 12½ Cents it was to See If David would goo to Look Some of Bevans money He not at home, So I back–

25 Wind N W. fine Cool morn. I up soon & off to Isaac Price’s & hung a gate Eat Breakfast then home & at David Roberts Mary Bevan their home to Dinner She wanting Money off to John Rudolph Got 15..14 Cents for Straw &c he Bout at Bevans vendue Spent 16 Cents–

26th Wind N W & remarkable Cool off at 4 OC or near it to David Roberts Left their for Mary Bevan 12 Dollars then at Pughs Spent 6 Cents so home to Breakfast mending fence between Morris & me horses broke down Daniel Plowd the head Lands in far feild then Mark’d out for Pomkins I help James Jones to Lay out a necessary for the Women at Meeting house then took poney & went to J. Johnsons to Look Shad back by 9 OC- Spent Pint Cider 6 Cents

27th Wind N.W. & Remarkable Cold Neighbour Sibley Gooing from Market at 11 OC- with a Cloke on Sd She Could bare it very well or to that effect halld 6 Loads in

meadow of Shoveling for Pumkins & Planted 12½ Cents worth Bout in Market about 210 seeds very dear, Planted Corn over in Orchard, the hens dug up after Shaved & meet the Society, with Rees & Thomas Price Eliot & Esqr Curwen to Bowmans they make a deed to T. Price for that Bit Ground below the Darby road Joining their Cline Johns Meadow & Thomas Paid them 300 dollars. Henry Bowman Paid Elliot 5 Drs for Deed & Esqr 50 Cents for acknowledgeing Deed & then Thomas Price paid Elliot & Curwin for it as Custom has Established that the purchaser Should pay, so Elliot Gave Bowman Cr. for the 5..50 on acct or infull for his Exempt fines that he owd him since 1806, that He never would pay on acct Consioncious conscientious Scruples Back to Society & then home geard up Poney & went to Johnsons, got 100 Shad Jane Price 25 Jane Walters 50 & self 25 on acct old debt–

28 Wind S E & sometime more W. took the shad to the 2 Janes Spent 5½ at Pughs back Cleand the shad & went to bed & Sleept till after 12 OC walk to feild & drank tea with Jacob Morris So back & at Yerkus’s alittle while Spent not Raind about noon fine little Shower, thunder at a distance & one or 2 Claps prety near a lite shower in Evening a great Gust of Wind with I think hail (& Lite Shower of rain) tremendous black & hard wind about 10 OC P M

May 29th 1809 Wind N W black flying Clouds up Soon & took my Mare to Hansils, He gave her Leap home & Lent my Cart to Isaac Price to take Edw. Prices Chest to town, He gooing off to Sea Bob Elliot John Elliot’s Son gooing with him at John Thomas’s Vandue He movd to Phila to keep a Livery illegible Stable, back & Stopt at Jacob Morris’s a little very Cold the people Shevering shivering with the Cold & Complaining

30th Wind N.W & Cold I thought frost but was not Cartain certain Daniel & I Sawing post till I Begun to plow in Corn, in orchard afternoon I was half a day Cuting Rafters for necessary at Meeting house & they got 3 Rafters & plates & Joists of mine Rafters about 30 feet So ended

31st Wind N W & E sometimes & Rain Several Lite Showers I planting Corn over in orchard the hens Dug up & planted pumkins yesterday; afternoon at Pughs Spent 12 Cents did not pay to day at Jont. Jones, & at Owens Seen his new wife Eat Supper with Jonathan Judge Jones negro Came with a letter that his sons wife had Come from Carrolina with 3 Childern & one the oldest was dead so home about 10 OC-

June 1st. Wind S E & over Cast & Several Lite Showers through the day dragging Posts out of the new Land in order to plow it for Buckwheat afternoon Alley Roberts & I at Pughs Expected to meet John Thomas & Jont Jones in order to Settle the pardnorship of Joseph Walter & Thomas But neighther of them Came Spent 2 mugs Cyder 11½ Roberts paid for his horses oats home in Evening & Alley went home

June the 2nd 1809 Wind N.W. & very Cool day & no rain to Even Moisten the plowd ground, I got the Widows plough & begun the newland far feild Broke the false Coulter off to pike & got Abraham to Mend it, Meet J. Jones & spend 12½ Cents so back to plowing made a poor forenoon’s work home & fed, after at it again & hung to well, bad work Stumpey Tryed me much, I do not know how our forefathers Bore it, they where were very hot headed, it made me Commit my self Sundry times–

3rd Wind N in morn heard Loyd Jones falls or Dam Right N. off about 7 OC- to plow the Newland made prety well out to day, finished about 4.OC. P.M. then after at the widows got a drink Cyder, at Yerkus in Evening Esqr Young Alley Roberts & J.Robeson their– so Cold at noon I had to get to the fire a most remarkable Cold Spring

4 turnd animals in my Cloverfeild viz the Stuble feild, the 2nd in Evening for the first & nothing to Compare with Some Spring, at Jacob Morris’s turnd his Colt to my mare back to Breakfast at Meeting, afternoon Mary Ant Becca at Sl. Pughs I Spent 12½ Cents So home in Evening

5th Wind S by E all day & over Cast Several Lite Mists in day in Evening alittle heavyer Ben & I halling Dung for Potatoes, Daniel Came Back at Dinner time & help after we halld 14 Loads in Cart, I over at Pughs in Evening to Borrow his mare Spent 6 Cents

June the 6th 1809 Wind S E & fine Little Shower at 5 OC- A.M. I up before 5 OC- intending to goo to Norristown, Such a Shower at 5 OC. as to run prety Smart out of the Spout at barn off to Saml. Pughs Got his Mare & Set off for Norris arivd their about 12 OC- Got a Coppy of the Settlement of Robesons Est pd a one dollar Got an Order of the appointment of David Lukens, a Guardean for John McGees 2 Childern Grand Childern of Thomas Bridson, Paid him 40L 2s Principal & 24s- Intrest, & He paid me Back 4 Do. 67 Cents what I had paid for Geting the Guardean out, drank tea with him, Dinner & horse 62½ Cents ferry 6 Cents at Pugh’s 12 Cents So home about 10 O’C- it raind not any after the Shower But Cloudy all day, the Mare Blunder in Schuylkill & filld my Boots, or one wet my feet–

7th Wind N Cool Cloudy Got up potatoes & Planted about ¼ of Acre and at Thomas Price’s took down their Clock back & at Potatoes Sent for 1 qt Whiskey on trust, took the horse away & at Jane Prices, to Look Seed Potatoes She said She would See in morning, & I dare Say She has 20, or 30 B. So I home in Rather in repeated a pet–

8th Wind S E & Over Cast most part no rain at T Price’s Put Brackets to his Clock and put up home & planted potatoes till


noon then begun to Harrow Corn in orchard it was very feeble owing to planting on Sod & the Dry weather & Cold, & the grub worm is very bad on it, It has been the most remarkable Cold dry Spring almost remembered, I have Note of 1789, of Ice the 27th of May but Come on very warm the first of June, & had great Crop of Grass But this Season for is the reverse for it Continues Cold & Grass & winter Grane the Latest so illegible, Cant get on– planted Corn over

9th Wind E & over Cast all the appearance of rain in Morn off to Thomas Price. Got 15 Potatoes, and planted in garden weighed Basket included 5 lb, say Basket 1 lb planted 12 I. apart in 2 first Rows, I begun at freinds Necessary over at Pughs for my plains, back at work till noon then help Colbert to kill a Calf at Jacob Morris’ after he help to Dress Mine Isaac Price Stuck it. Mary very Sick with head ake & I at J Morris to See If I Should goo to Market with him he in bed I back & Shaved, then to bed, a Most Tremendous thunder gust & Lightening but not much rain Prety Warm

10th Wind S E & avery warm day, the most the so of any this Spring off about 2 OC- to Morris him & I off to market in his wagon, arivd about sun rise had 2 qrts quarters of veal Sold it for about 5½ lb made 9s3 off the Shinn 1s per lb. & 12s4½ off the 2 qrts & Yerkus gave 7s6 for 1 hind ¼ & forequarter at home So made 29s1½ out of 3 qrts. Spent 1s9- Eggs 1s3 a doz. & Butter 1s3 & 1s2 per lb So This is but the 2nd time I have been at Market this 20 yrs. or more, then the Clark took 2 or 3 lb Butter from Me it was too Light

June 11th 1809 Wind S W. & fine day being first day, off in Morn at David Roberts & Pughs. Spent 12½ Cents So home to Dinner afternoon at Jacob Morris’s Drank tea their, not at Meeting-

12th. Wind S W. & fine day Shingleing necessary till noon then off to Esqr Curwen, & Esqr. Youngs to get an Order to remove Henry Gorden to poor house & at Savadges home about 11 OC

13. Wind S warm at work at necessary, Evening at Alley Roberts, about John Thomas & Walters affairs, walk down & up about Sun Set

14th Wind S & blue prety Much Leaves turnd up at work at necessary drank tea with Tommy Prices Came up a smart thunder gust about 6 OC & another about 9 OC- the most rain we have had this 2 months, at one time it run very Strong in the road

15th Wind N.W & very Cool, at work at Jamb Caseing for Necessary, Titus took old Henry Gordon to poorhouse Smart Shower about 11 OC- raind hard, afternoon went to Schuylkill afishing, Caut 3 Catfish & one sunfish Raind in Evening a little, drank Some whisy. at Latches

16th Wind W. & over Cast raind alittle about 10 O’C- work at Necessary, then off blot fishing with Capt. Weist I Caut 17 Catfish & he Caut 23 I home about 5 OC meet Alley Roberts & John Thomas on Business, I Gave Weist 13, all he would have Spent 12½ at falls & 18½ Cents at Yerkes on acct. of Jos Walters & Thomas firm Lippens Lent me 50 Cents

17th Wind S by E & over Cast John Pawlin finished Cuting my orchard before Dinner begun About 10 OC- yesterday I to give him 1..50- put up facers &c at freinds Necessary at Pughs in Evening John Evans along & David illegible Spent Supper &c 50 Cents So home very dark & Rain

June 18th 1809 Wind S E & been a Drisley night of rain & wet this Morn till near noon tho not hard not at Meeting Dined on Catfish & Seupe & fryd Catfish with Jacob Morris, at Daniel Bares & Jobe Evans, back & drank some Whiskey with Neighbour Morris, so home my Mare not in Season She kick me on the arm

19th Wind W. prety warm day, at John Evans for an Ovelo ovolo, a convex molding work the Mouldings & put them up then made or rake up the hay in Old Orchard & at Pughs Spent 12½ Cents home about 10 OC-

20 Wind S W & fine hay day Spread & turnd our hay, at Pughs with my Log Carriage Wheel John Evans here makeing a door for Necessary at Morris’s Evening Righting up Barn Door–

21 Wind N & Cool morn John Evans finished & hung the necessary door at Meeting the house Knock the hay about & turnd it & Got Ben White by name But by in Color black & halld it all in 5 prety good Loads work hard Master & I walk to pike S. Pughs

22nd Wind S.E & over Cast Several fine Little Showers through the day Casper Goodman & I at Thomas Price’s boarding sides barn floor & begun a Chaff house prety good days work

23rd Wind W. & fine day Price’s begun to Mow I their at work at Chaff house after Breakfast quit before night a good ¾ days work 24 Wind S.W & warm day hung a little gate to goo in barn yard &c went to John Evans Borrowd his horse, & road up to Jont Robesons he paid me 9 Dollars for his wifes Coffin Calld on B Holland, got none meet the Society R Peters Colonel Johnson’s page torn

June 25th 1809 Wind If any S very warm so Close Scearsley any air to be felt J. Morris & I rode to Pughs I paid a Glass & 2 yd Bacco So home to Dinner afternoon walk to Jacob Zells & Got some Tobacco, He has opened Store at John Thomas old house John Movd to town–

26th Wind N by E most of day very foggy morn & did not Clear off till afternoon I at Toms Prices Boarding & Laying floor in Chaff house finished alittle after dinner & home hunted the Mocking birds nest but did not find it back in Evening to T. Price fetch the remainder of tools Spent 12½ Cents with Torrence He County Colector for our Town I am Taxt on 35 acres

27 Wind S.W very foggy morn but Cleard off about 10 or 11 OC- 3 mowers at it all day J. Pawlin undertook it at 5..50 & find his whiskey very fine hayday Rake’d a good deal up & Cock Some of it, Holland Daniel & self & Little George help some in margin: “1 Qt Whis Pugh”

28 Wind S W been a lite Shower in night & dull appearance in morn for hay Cleard off prety fine Spread out turnd & knox work it about got a fine parcel fit to goo in Daniel off in Morn Got Evan Evans, Mary at Market Cloudy about 4 OC to N & W, Got John Lippens about 5 OC- & Geard up Ponney & halld 3 Smart one horse Loads of hay in then Came up a Smart rain thunder but not near Stop us for this Evening John Evans help to rake one or 2 windrows, Gave them a good dish of tea & whiskey Plenty & they seemd well Pleased we were too week handed or might Got much more in

29 Wind S.W. foggy morn but Soon off I up soon & begun to run furrows to Corn till 8 OC then Joind the hay

June 29th 1809

it Prety much wet Evan Evans & Self Spread & work it hard till noon Rake out of Swaht swath &c Got John Evans at Dinner & begun to hall in hall 3 & ½ Loads then Come on a smart Shower from W. alittle Cloud Seemd to have no appearance I did not minde it till it thundered over our heads allmost, Stood under tree Expected but a few drops, but it disappointed us much for raind hard till it run along the road drove the Cart with ½ Load in barn & was dun, Good deal not Rake we Should got nearly all in had not rain 2 or 3 hard Showers after & wind got N Evening–

30th Wind N. & remarkable Cold put on winter Coat & Sat by fire Joined the hay knoxd about & got it dry & begun hall before noon finish’d before night & 6 Loads & halld one for Morris so

July 1st. Wind W. fine hay day, Pawlin & John Wells Mowing the remainder finishd about 4 or 5 OC- we Raked all the bank part in windrow & then help Lippen in Morris Meadow he making on Shares then fetch Cows

2nd Wind W. fine day Jacob Morris & I at Pughs & Jonathan Jones’s Meeting While home to Dinner Lippens halling in hay first day as it is I Looking at them awhile

3rd Wind N.W. Cool no due up Soon & halld 1 Load of hay before Breakfast, halld 7 Loads got dun about 5 OC- & Road to Jane Walters & at Pughs Spent Glass 12½

4th Wind S W. had several Lite Showers forenoon after fine Runafarrow round Corn in orchard with one horse

July 4th 1809

after dinner took horse & went to Wm. Hagy, wanted him to go over Schuylkill to a man that owd Sibleys Est. but Hagy would not, we drank about 3 pints of wine & tea & Cat fish, and He gave me 50 or 6 about 50 to fetch home, He is a Noble Generous man in his own house & I think Consciously Honest man But Strong Passion that had not been Rightly Corrected in his Youth, therefore He thinks it a natural Cause & must give vent to it I often Lecter him on the it, Say it is as necessary to prune or Subject it & keep it down as any other Evil we are addicted from to, that we ketch from immitation or indicted to by mans falling State

5th Wind S E. Over Cast Shower plowin in Corn till noon then Colbert got Poney & halld his hay in I off to Fimples & John Leadoms & Pughs, Spent 12½ Cents so home

6th Wind S E over Cast poor hay day Smart rain in afternoon hard plowing banks in Corn, Got dun most dun raind about 4 OC- Left 4 Rows Went to Jacob Morris & then He up with me, had a great Scare in Morn Put Jn. Evans horse in Stable & He forst the door & got out, Evans was gooing to Set off to Brandy Wine where He has run when he get out, & Little George said He seen him in Cornfeild I very glad for it would Cost me 2 Dr besides Loss of Day I dare Say not much Less

7th Wind N E & over Cast till 4 OC. I think but no rain here thunder at a distance I finished the Corn & pompkins Stuck Close all day Finished Little by sun no haymakers

July 8th 1809 Wind S W & Little foggy tho the appearance of fine hay day & it was so a very fine day I off for Raising of Baptist Meeting at Thompsons they had finished before I got their, I Stopt Elizh. Goodmans, to State her acct. of the Sale of 8 acres of Land She Sold by order of orphans Court Could not make it out Calld at John Elliots to get his acct. Dined their then on to Raising but they had dun as above Stated, at their singing School alittle while, then at George Savadge & got a Coppy of his Mothers Settlement of Personal property in office So home about Dusk–

9th Wind S W & a butifull morn & fine day being first day Posting or Stating Elizath Goodmans & Bevans Acct to Settle at Court afternoon at David Roberts & Pughs

10th Wind N by E. up & sowd ½ B. Buckwheat in Corn & harrowd it very warm Little rain & thunder in Morn but none here after but Smart thunder & rain al to appearance to the South, at Alley Roberts, afternoon & help to Shock his wheat he got nearly done I sup their & so home He Promised to Buy Leadoms Note to Bevans to pay in 3 months-

11th Wind, blank I at home till after breakfast then at Jacob Morris he had 16 hands Reaping Reap all but 2 Little peices of wheat was not Ripe Job Evans, & I Shock’d Come up a heavey Shower from N. about 4 or 5 O’Clock I home & went for Cows in Ruff meadow at the Widow Prices old Quilla their Aquilla McVaugh

July 12th 1809 Wind N by E Dull misting morn 2 or 3 Smart Showers before noon, not much after but Dull, off Soon to Betsey Goodmans got her Acct. & set off about 12 OC for Norris Pass her acct & mine for Bevans Est Spent 25 Cent horse &c in Norris & 5 Cents Boy 6 Cents at Torrence & 6 Cents at Kuglar & put up advertisements so home Tired Rideing

13th Wind N by E Sometimes dull morn misting Drive the pump Boxes & Got Titus to put 2 advertisements at his house & he & Jacob Morris Rode to Kuglars 2 their then to Pughs & put 2 their I Spent 1s4½ So home to dinner after at A Zells Shocking he had above 30 hands nay 40 Shockers & all had a very fine Crop of Rye

14th Wind N W. fine day the Clearest this week I had 8 hands tho Pugh Straind his Rist & gave it up soon I had 2 Gallons whisy. one from Pugh & 1 from Zells I had 151 dozn their was Scearsly 7 hands Reap for Solomon Last 2 throughs & Evans but I Reap Several so they Reap 21½ Doz per man & dun a good while before night, Eat Supper before night & they tusseld & playd a good while, & went away in Humour

15 Wind N. prety morn I Polwing plowing Potatoes about ½ of them then on about 1 OC- the Greatest Shower we had this good while, tho it broke off about 5 OC- at J Morris drank some wine Cellers illegible their

July 16th 1809 first day hard Shower afternoon

17 wind E Leatherd my Pump & 4 or 5 of us off to Jane Walters, got our Breakfast Reap none at Pughs Stayd till after noon several hard Showers, with thunder, but not Cleard

18th Wind E hard rain in night & this Morning wet dull day much alarm about the grain Prieces Prices was to Reap but none Come & they went off afishing I was their, Examined my Grain begins to Grow about home mending Bridles &c

19th Wind E & been great Showers in Night & fore noon, afternoon dull & misting Some Colbert & I at Jane Walters in Order to Reap but so dull Reap none Mended a grid Iron Spent 25 Cents, So home

20 Wind N in Morn then S. in half an hour clear Skye to West, Sun most shun about 7 OC then overCast Wind Got W. before noon & the air begun to be dry, Colbert & I unshock & put about the Sheaves it Stopt growing & dryd the tops finely, the wheat Savd much the Best Grew none But 2 heads as I seen the Rye prety bad

21st Wind N W & a delightfull day added Joy to the Counteness countenances of all that has Grain out off to Jane Walters sent 3 black men their to Reap her Wheat, She much out of humour for sending Rye, John Evans, Casper Abram Pugh & Self, I home about 10 OC- & opened my Rye & Wheat, Aquila, Colbert & Lintz help to open it, they Reaping for Jane Price John Jerrit help me to hall in 50 dozen

22 Wind N W & a delightfull morn got Jacob Morris s Isaac & halld all mine in by noon the widow Sent 2 men & Cart & halld 1 Load of wheat & help to tye it then I off for Pughs

July 23rd 1809 Wind W, & fine day being first day, not at meeting, Look out a place to dig a grave for Abraham Hastons Child, put it in Tunis Row, Willey More dug it, Colbert Sick, I at Jacob Morris’s & walk to grave yd. with the funeral–

24th Wind. W. Sent 3 negros to Jane Walters to Reap, her Wheat, I went Evan Evans Abraham & Colbert Came, She much out a humour for sending 2 Strange negros their, I home to make a Coffin for Phillip Fritz’z Child, Lippens help me & finished by 4 OC- Smart Shower, I over at Jane’s & Join’d Reaping finished & got all in, Calld at Pughs, Smart Shower after night, so I home Spent not

25 Wind S W & fine day off soon with the Coffin, had a Sarmon sermon at the house by Horatio Jones interd at dutch Church Stop at Pughs & Spent a Glass so home at J. Morris, He not well

26th Wind W & warm Negro & I Plowing bucket buckwheat Ground new Land, I Plowd Some & he some afternoon Jacob Morris & I off to Warrels to Look a Sheep a Broadtail Ram Morris very Bad with the gripes or Laks Lax back & Like but one he ask 10 Dollars ¾ blood not a thoroughbred

27th Wind W. off soon to Plow & Harrow & sowd 2 Bushels of Buckwheat Some in good ground & Some Poor, the Widows Ben help to Harrow in afternoon, had a smart Little Shower the Sun Shind all the while with us, Rain Bow I said I Give him 3 B page torn

July 28th 1809 Wind W & warm Harry Plowing Potatoes I off to Pughs got Poney Shod Wm.Smith their I Spent 25 Cents with him, afternoon at Isaac Roberts, Laying out a Barn 46 by 30 feet Calld at Pugh’s Spent 12½ Cent with J Evans & old Adam a Carter I knew when I Livd on pike

29th Wind N.W. fine day, Joind to make a Coffin for Andrew Myers, who Shortened his days by intemperance Sent George for Casper Goodman, He Came about 9 O’C & we finished about 4 & took it down & put him in hung Lid, back to tea & walk to Yerkus’s tho not in the house

30th Wind N W & very fine Morn off about 8 OC- and attended the funeral to dutch Church back to Pughs Spent 12½ Cents, after about home & Join’d a Coffin for Wm. Stadlemans Child 3 weeks old, Lippens & J. Evans help hung lid & took it down

31st Wind N W & fine day, Set the Negro to plow for turnips I off to Burial interd At the Church He paid me 2 Dollars, Stop at Ch Pughs, Owen & Jonathan Jones I treated to ½ Pint Brandy 25 Cents So home after at Jacob Morris & at Bowmans to Look at his Sheep– so home

August 1st 1809 Wind S W Cool morn but warm in Mid Day Pugh & I Set off for Grubtown where Ben Tunis Lives, went over falls Bridge Gin & toll 16½ Cents Pugh paid, off to Nice town ½ Pint wine 1s4½ I Paid, York turnpike 3 Cents Pugh Paid arivd at Tunis’s had Nothing to Drink He Seemd very Quiet, off from their about 12 OC- went through Frankford Stop Glass Brandy Pugh pd 12½ Cents, turnpike 3 cents, Pugh pd– on to Eliot down point through Kinzingston Kensington Calld at Wilson, Gin 12½ I Paid at Elliots Dinner & horse 75 Cents Wine & horsler 12½ Cents Each of Us, then off to John Thomas,½ Pint wine Pugh pd. ferry Each Pd. Pike 3 Cents I pd. So home with 7 Cents I let of left home with 1..75 pair Shoes for Mary two year old daughter 44 Cents So Pugh Paid 12½ Cent more than I, I must give him 5½d & then we Should be Square–

2nd Wind N. & Cool morn & heavy due & Clear up soon at Corn feild &c off about half after 7 OC- to Jos. Williams Wifes Burial or went to house & seen them over Schuylkill they interd her at Plymouth, I Down the Crick to Harrys then to Aquilly Bargaind for Cow for Beef on to Pughs Spent 1s4½ so home this Woman was avery fat Woman She went off almost in a pop, felt unwell walk to get a smelling Bottle turnd round to Come out fell & only Surviged survived a few hours perhaps 6 or 7, Spent at Harry 6 Cents

3rd Wind S W. about home makeing sash for meeting &c at made a draft & Bill for Isaac Roberts Barn, & drank tea Coffee at Jacob Morris s it had a very Straing Effect on me I Could not Sleep, it was so strong till I was illegible out & then dose’d some

August 4th 1809 Wind S W. & afine warm day at work in Shop till noon for Meeting then off to Doct Hydricks meet Owen & Jonathan Jones, on to see the flat Rock where they are gooing to Build a bridge tremendous Rude place Henry Grow has Built a very deacant 2 Story house intended for a tavern, Strangest things Come to pass in this Age, for this is one of the most remout & out of the way places almost in this Country, the Randivues for foxes not a trace of Human Art, nay not a Spot for a garden near or at it Tremendous Rocks and my Idea is it Cannot take any Concourse of People, on to Hagys Drank Coffee & had a delitious Dish of fryd Catfish & A Chearfull Glass Brandy & wine a very Generous Noble Man at home & abroad but Strong Passion & the vulgar often insult him which He Cant Brook well He would Been happy from his wealth before the Revolution But Such a nothen notion of Equallity in this Age hurts the feelings of the appolant affluent, for welth dose does not give that Conciquence in this Country in margin: “Sowd turnips the 3rd”

5th Wind S.W. & fine Brease all morn at work at necessary for freinds till Esqr Young up with me from Yerkus s. Ddined dined then off with him to Thoms Prices for Bind Willy Moor a negro Boy home & at Yerkus in Evening, a great dish of Polliticks with Young & Ecrod, Leadom was to acalld on me to goo to A Roberts the Troop meet at Norris to day

August 5th..

Came up about 4 OC- a most Delightfull Shower from N. with much thunder at a Distance I Spent 1s4½ on trust

6th Wind S W avery fine Morn off to Pughs a Carter with Broken arm a llb barrel of flower fell out the wagon on him in town over Cast by 9 OC look like rain John Evans Taylor Brought me a homemade Coat manafactered about German town Calld Cassamer cassimere, it is Cotten & whool wool at Meeting in morning after at John Leadoms & at Pughs–

7th Wind— at & about home work at Necessary–

8th Wind. N.W. at work till noon then at Pughs John Jones team halld from Hughs kill kiln 100 Bushels Lime at one Load, at Alley Roberts with John Leadom yesterday Sold Leadoms note to Alley 126 dollars for, I paid Doct Hydricks 26 Do–

9th. Wind N. at & about home till noon then off with Jont Jones, to send John M. Price to the falls, back–

10th Wind E. by N. at Work at ne for meeting house, till noon–

11th Wind E. & over Cast & heavy Rain I Looking at Turnips &c till noon after at David Roberts, & widow Goodmans & Jont Jones, drank tea their so home

12th Wind N E & over Cast most part off about 10 OC- to Owen Jones the Sherrif & Jury Meet on the Line between McClenechan & Owen did not do much

Dined at Owens very handsome Entertainment indeed, then the whole off to Jonathan Drank alittle Gin So home

13th Wind E & over Cast till noon then fine off about 9 OC to Jones & Elliots Got him to write a petition for a guardeain for Conrad Goodman & a petition of valuation of the rail Est. real estate then back & dined at Jont. Jones, Judg Wilson John Wister & Lawyer Hopkinson after at Jacob Balors to get him to be a guardean to Bevans Childern So home in Evening

14 Wind S W. very warm Close Morn off to Norristown pd 9..83 Cents to Registrer for Passing our Acct as Adminisrs to Bevans Est. Got Jacob Balor & Allen Lippencot appointed Guardeans to Bevans Childern Got an order to Sell 15 Acres of Land Dinner & horse 8s6 & horsler at Wells 11¼ at Pughs 5½d Heavy Rain Evening

15 Wind– about home awhile then took my Cart to pike Got bands put on hoob hub Robert Holland along treated to pint of wine So home to Dinner after Pugh & I & Jacob Morris, at Werrills Peters Tenant & Got a broad Tail Ram to Run with our Sheep so home in Evening

August 16th 1809 Wind N.W. about home till 12 OC- Isaac Yost Sent a dunning Letter I inclosed 20 Dollars to send him, then took the Cart & Carried Dinner to Morris’s men Cleaning fishing Place Schuylkill Rain so much that they Could not work back Evening & Drank tea at Morris

17th Wind N W Cool night warm Days at omission Cut illegible &c for barn floor at Widows in Evening Got some Papers Respecting Line between J Jones.–

18 Wind N & so Cool I put on my Cloth Coat. off by 6 OC to widows & then to McCleneghans then to Norris town about this Line Court over when I got their back to Judg Jones & Dined, Several their home before night horse & wine 25 Cents feriage & gin 12½ Do i.e. cents

19th Wind N & Cool morn & warm in day at work at barn floor Casper help about ¾ day I off at 4 OC- meet Society Quartyly quarterly payments & fine 4s-

20th Wind N.W. Not at Meeting about home Evening at Quarry & ant Janes drank tea their & home fine day turn all the hay in orchard

21st Wind N.W. Layd 5 plank in barn floor after noon halld 5 Loads out of orchard of hay thunder to west but no rain

22nd Wind N.W. & fine day, John Righter here to get a Coffin for his Son Charles I at it Casper help awhile finished about 4 OC & took it home, Knox mending Road before the door horse & Cart & Harry on the Road

Augt. 23rd 1809 Wind N.W. Cool morn warm till noon then over Cast, Set off at 8 OC- & attended funeral arivd at 12 OC & interd him. Hagy & wife hear here I back & dined at the Funeral house number of people I home before Night–

24th Wind S. by W. & fine warm day finished Laying my barn floor & Sowd Turnip Seeds at Yerkus the Carolinea Gentleman treated to A glass Spirrets–

25th Wind S by W fine day Settle with the Little Negro Harry & pd him 3 D. & 3 I pd him before & off he went I at Pughs Spent 12½ I Lent G. Streaper 25 Cents got the pump Iron mended

in margin: “26th Went to town to See John Thomas”

27 Wind S.W. & foggy morn & very warm day after breakfast at John Elliots, to Get him to Meet on Arbritation arbitration between John Thomas & Jos Walters Est. they where were Partners in Store Dined at Elliots, Ruben & Jos. Morgan blot and down to Rees Prices & at Yerkus s I treated to a jill 12½ Cents so home–

28th Wind bore to S. over Cast in part fine Little Shower in night, with much thunder & Lightening not very near Viz Last night Slepe very bad Abraham told me Pugh would Move off without I Built Sheds I up about 11 OC- & got writeing Stayd till near 2 had a wonderfull bad night of it nerves very week, Easy shook at widow Smiths & John Fimple at Lewis Knox Spring & took a drink with him He very Freindly now has been very Shy owing the part I took with Bevan about the Land they wanted to take from him

Augt 29th 1809 Wind N W Cool morn warm day off & halld Load of Sand to pike then Stone from Jane Walters Coffin Quarry afternoon had an arbitration on Walters & Thomas Partnership in Store keeping Algernon Roberts & John Elliot the 2 Men, I Spent Pint wine 25 Cents, they Brought Walters Est 100 D in debpt debt I object to them makeing their award

30th Wind– fine warm day Harry & I halling Stone for Sheds from Walters Quarry hall 15 Loads took feed & Dinner along Bout 1 Qt Whis 1s4½ so–

31st Wind N W halld stone at pike all day

Sepr 1st Wind Wind repeated N W Harry & I halld 4 Loads of Stone finished I home with Jont. Jones & Dined Martha & Ann in town Saml Rutter very Ill Drank a bottle of wine him & I I home Got a very bad Cold–

2nd Wind– I about home till noon helping to hall dung &c after at Algernon Roberts about Walter’s & Thomas affairs Evening had order to make Margret Cochron a Coffin

3rd Wind S E & misted & raind alittle Cleard off before noon fine Sett off about 4 OC A.M. to town for Mehoganey board for Coffin Harry along Got them & pd 4 Drs home about 8 OC. John Evans & Lippens helpt & we finished about 3 OC. Evans & I took it home

4th Wind N W & Cool Evans under took to tend the funeral & I off to Chester Calld on Joe Hoskins He went along to answer Colberts Summins to Settle my adminisrs acct on Walters Est Dinner &c 15s

Sept. 5th 1809 Wind. N W & remarkable Cool Geard up after breakfast & halld 16. Loads of Stone from Knoxs Quarrey, Saml Pugh & 1 horse help I Spent 25 C- John Evans Exchanged horses with Joe Thomas, I had keep him all summer & now I wanted him he is gone

6th Wind N W. & Cool very Cool frost about the Lime Kill Hansel says, I over to pike & at Jones to See how the family was, for Saml Rutter was Buried the night of the 2nd in Phila with yellow fever his Widow & Childern is at her Brother Jonathans, he was very open friendly man & attentive to his Business & family at John Leadoms & Isaac Youst he Promised to Come on 11th to Build some Sheds at pike so home

7th Wind W Cool morn warm in day Makeing a Coffin 2 ft 4 for widow McKnights Grand Child, finished about 11 OC & took it up Buried at Church I help to dig the Grave, then down to Pughs Meet Alley Roberts & John Thomas, I off for Elliots he Came down with me. They went into the acct did not finish adjournd to the 11th dish of tea &c 1.50 I paid 75 Thomas 75 I paid former Meeting 25 C- & at 2 others about 25

8th Wind N W. & fine day halld 6 Loads of hay in Jim Read mowd Cut out boards for Meeting &c at pike Got a man to dig out for Sheds Spent 5½ so home

September 9th 1809 Wind N W Cool morn warm day off to pike Layd out the Sheds & set man to dig off about 10 OC- to Goodmans to devide their place into 5 Shares made Some Progress & adjournd to the 22nd they gave us avery Good dinner at Kuglars & treated us very hansome I Spent not, heard at Pughs Sister Mary Gibson was dead & to be Buried to Morrow She has been Several years out of Reason Sometimes very much So

10th Wind W by S. Cool & foggy morn but warm in mid day, Geard up my Mare & Janes old Dick in Light wagon took Jane Price Lidia; Rees, Georgee & Polly & Self & off arrivd their about 12 OC- Eate dinner, Left the house about 3 OC & Buried her at Darby, had afternoon Meeting a young Woman preachd very well, by name of Garrigous I was very much humbled– Jane Walters & Rebecca whent in the Chair, She has Left 1 Son & 1 daur. Bouth Grown up, I recolect the day of their marriage their was a most tremendous hailstorm & the greater part of her matrimonial Life has been distressing S. Gibson has behavd with patience & prudence & Great Philociphy my Sister Hannah who was sencible Said he had the most patience with her & the best under this Great tryal

September 11th 1809 Wind S W fine day I over to pike Masons begun the Sheds I paid Finance 15s2 for Quarriers Shoes, I dined with S Pugh, home & meet Ally Roberts & Elliot on Walters & Thomas’s Acct.Gave a Bond & Mortgage to Jont. Jones & Wm Hagy for 400L paid a pint of wine for the audittors so home

12th Wind N W Cool morn & warm mid day hall’d Sand for Masons & attended to them put Joyst for the troffs & Evan help me good willing hart but not a man of Business I home Evening Dined at Pughs–

13th Wind N by W over to Pughs after breakfast Got Saml Pughs Mare & Set off to Chester & fild my acct as adminisr. to Jos Walters acct. got their by 12 OC- Gave the Mare 4 qts oats 12½ C. & ½ Glass 6¼ Cents horsler 6¼ off for home arivd about 4 OC- Ben & widows Cart been ½ day halling Stone from Knox’s my Cart & 2 horses at it drank tea with Neighbour Pugh So home

14 Wind N W. & Cold Jacob Morris Say Abe Robins Says plenty of frost Ben the Widow Prices farmer here him & I halling Stone Knoxes 16 Loads. Spent 25 Cents, with Hydrick & Jacob Morris so home in Evening–

15th Wind N Cold, Isaac Yost yesterday at Yerkus puting up his oven Yesterday I halld 1 Load Sand & put the upper hooks in Wall for the Doors for Sheds Eat dinner with Pugh & Spent 11½ half Glass with Smith & half with Abe Tunis in margin: “Smart white frost this morning Yerkus & I. Yost Says”

Sept. 16th 1809 Wind N W Cool & Remarkable dry my Meadow Mowd Last Week Seems to be burning up, I off to pike, made a door Case for the old barn, the Masons finish the Sheds about 9 OC- the Shed 59 feet Long 17 feet wide, home to dinner & Meet the Society, 13 Members Meet had some Conversation with Saml Break about his telling me Jacob Yost was Comeing up to Dun me–

17th Wind Most E in morn & over Cast all day nearly but no rain Moon Shind pleasant in Evening, at Meeting afternoon Jacob Morris & I at David Roberts & drank tea their So home feel very Low & Meek

18th Wind S by W over Cast Great hopes of rain but Cleard off without Ben & widows Cart helping us to halld hall dung, we help her ½ day–

19th Wind– dry wether Polly & Rebecca at Market, I off to Goodmans Place in order to devide it, Elliot Survaying it Elliot & I Joind dined with Jont Jones Come on a fine Shower with thunder at the pike & D. Roberts Made it too wet to plow & at Locust hill it hardly layd the dust it was not even ½ Inch, meet afternoon & finish runing round the place

20th Wind N W I off to town Got Check on bank for 1066..66 D Drew 400 out Paid 6 Dolr for hat, 1 Dollar for nails Horse & dinner &c 62½ Cents pike & omission 7 C- gave Yost 20 D. Quarry man 5 D- home by the Wm Penn

21st. Wind N W. geard up horse off to pike Ben Tunis along to hew we cut 7 or 8 trees to hew hall 7 with Pughs mare & my horses

22nd 1809 Wind S W fine warm day off Tunis & Goodman hewing till near noon I halling tyes off & Dined at Kuglars & devided Goodmans Place into 5 Lotts, their till night So home by pike

23rd Wind over to pike David Hunter halling Stone hall 23 Loads Tunis & Goodman hewd till noon then Goodman help to Load Stone & Tunis to town paid him 15s- for work more by half than he Earnd he got his Dinner at Pughs, I must pay that Elliot & I Eat dinner their I pay 1 dolr. David Roberts Elliot & I off measured 15 acre Lott off at Bevans So back Drank 2 B. porter Sangerree David pd one in margin: “2 fine Showers with thunder & Lightening”

24 Wind W. being first day James Simpson at Meeting. I makeing a Coffin for Steels Child 7 or 9 yrs old dyed with the flux Lippens & Evan help Evan & I took it home and put in & screwd it up, Pint whis 9d Brandy 25 Cents, Hagy & son & son inlaw here

25 Wind N.W. off to pike Layd out sheds & set Jim Gill to dig Cap Ben Tunis ½ day hewing I back Geard up & to funeral & Carried the Corps to Newtown Evan along Spent 12½ at foxes Fox’s Tavern, so home to Pughs about 4 OC- Spent 6¼ Cents their so home

26th Wind N.W. Poney in Prices Cart Hunter Came with 2 horses Got S. Pughs mare & we halld 23 Loads Stone Pugh my mare Plowing, I help to Load Jim Gill help. Little negro help till noon I home Borrowd Jacob Morris s Mare & off to West Chester road, to See a lawyer from Chester they had a Cort court, but they had gone had my ride for naught. back to Pughs Spent 6 Cents no Masons yet

27th Wind N W I up & got to plowing negro Spreading dung. halld in Corn fodder & pumpkins had 6 Loads I over to pike with Coulter blade of plow

28th Wind W & fine day up Soon plowing about 10 OC- Sent for Mason Came I off to pike, diging out &c halld 2 Loads Sand Cap help & 2 trees for divisions I off to Buck, to Settle with Elliot & Marker did nothing so home

29th wind S W a very fine warm day we have had such few warm days this Summer that it seem pleasing to See it, I attending to Masons, Lippens & Evan hewing till noon, home to dinner then to township meeting & I back to pike, the first Election I have Mist for inspector this 30 years perhaps

Sept. 30th 1809 Wind S W & dry plowd awhile in morn then at pike Cut & halld 2 Saplins for devisions in Sheds home at noon dined at pughs, tharsh thrash & Cleand the Buck wheat Sowd amongst the Corn had but 4 B ½ Sowd the 10 of July & Cut the 24 of Sepr.

October the 1st Wind S W very warm day being first day, Makeing a Coffin for Robert Steels Son 2½ years old died with flux Lippens help me got dun by dinner & after took it over & put Child in drank tea their so home–

2nd Wind S.W & like for warm day & provd So, I off about 8 OC to the Burial in the widows Chair & Carried the Corps on it to freinds yd Newtown, arivd their about 2 OC. Stop at Baymounts Glass Ginn & 4 qts Oats 25 Cents, Stopt at Vodges’s tavern ½ pint wine 25 Cents So home about sun Set, not very well all day, in my Bowels

3rd. Wind S W & very foggy morn been 3 foggy mornings & warm days at Isaac Price’s Soon Grinding apples a small Cart Load home to Breakfast, after at pike, one Mason their & tender home to Dinner then over again with Jacob Morris Spent 12½ Cents

4th W. S. Like for Little rain in morn Sowd 2 B Wheat in orchard took Poney & Cart & took Load of Sand page torn

October 5th 1809 Wind S W fine warm day Evan Evans 1 day helping to digh dig Potatoes Casper ½ day we dug all but 4 Rows Red & the omission turn out bad, but the others turnd out finely finally fine

6th Wind S W & fine day finished diging Potatoes by Breakfast, Evan help, then I at D- Roberts & at Pughs Abraham Tunis their He took to himself a Wife yesterday Polly Hansel I off to Andersons Gate Got his soninlaw to Come Cry the 15 Acres of land we are to Sell to Morrow back & killd 2 pigs & a sow weighed about 40 lb, Casper begun to Cradle Buckwheat He sd he Cut it for 7s6

7th Wind, S E. & raind before noon I off to Jacob Balors, back to Pughs Eat dinner tryd the Lott but would not Sell 10 of us Eat supper at 3s9 per I pd the Cryer 15s- so home Lite rain in night

8 Wind S.W. being first day at home till noom Hagy J. Morris & Self at Alley Roberts So home Evening drank tea their, about the Election Hagy very Sanguine that 3 party will Carry If they the federals will turn out

9th Wind S W warm day, off to pike Layd out Abrams Smith Shop. Kelley Calld on me to make a Coffin for Cricket Child 5 months old been overly week Complaining always or nearly So home & made a flat Lid Coffin took it their & Buried at dutch Church after sun Set, Calld at J. Jones drank tea He not at home

October 10th 1809 Wind S.W. warm very, I off to Jones, to Spur him up to Election, then Meet Balor & D Roberts, went to See Bevans Lot If we Could not put water in the 15 Acres that we had an order of Sale but Cannot without Spoiling Bouth pieces of land Back to Pughs their Horn Ketch me to Come & be Clark to Election, I arivd & got at Business about 1 OC- had 234 voters, Democrats had 127 & we had 107 So beat us 20 votes Last year we had in township 359 voters, democrats beat us 13 votes so so repeated worse & worse I Spent not nor drink any but alittle omission & water home about 11 O’C

11th Wind E & over Cast George Jarret here Soon for a Coffin for Bartle Righter been Long aleing intemperate but been perhaps 3 Months or good while that he Could not take any kind of Sperrits Casper Goodman & I Joind the Coffin finish’d & took home in Evening so back about dark

12th Wind & very Like for rain driseled a little about noon All prownonced wet afternoon & night at the pike in Morn afternoon attend the funeral had much preaching but no drink of any kind Last night nor to day the first dutch Burial I beleived I was at without whiskey Somthing I hope it may Continue

October 13th 1809 Wind E & no rain wonderfull up soon & sowd near 1 B. Wheat in potatoe & turnip patch turnips haveing faild & harrow it in foggy morn & Misting at times through the day at the pike halld 8 white oak Saplins to Convay the water from pump dined their then home & kill four Pigs for Market and asmall Shote weighing 43 lb- so moon to be seen & Stars before 10 OC-

14 Wind S by E foggey morn Sun Shind & was very warm at pike Laying down the Saplins to Convay the water from pump dined at pughs Come up a great rain about 2 OC & Continued till most night we have not had such a rain Since the beginning of July, nay we have not any in Comparison, it was a great rain without wind I home in Evening Spent 1s4½ & a pint whis 12½ Cents So home John Evans along

15 Wind N E Cloudy & thunder Soon in Morn hard Shower about 9 & 10 OC- abated at 11 OC at Meeting, after Jacob Morris here & I their with him drank a good dish of tea their So home at dark asmart Shower Lasted about ½ an hour I Read Wm Penns no Cross no Crown & had a good time

16 Wind N by E. & Cloudy off Soon & paid Morris 6 Dollars 3 I Borrowd Last Evening to pay Yost man &

3 Dollars I paid him for ½ Cord of wood for School So back Derect & off to pike for Cart tho first C back for dinner Enoch Jones here till 8 OC-

17th Wind N E & over Cast till noon then Broke off at Edw. Georges to Get them to Saw, up pike 3 Cents Cut 6 pigs for Jane Walters, & drank tea their Spent 6 Cents so home

18th Wind W & very fine day Janes old Dick Pugh mare & my 2 horses halld 2 Long Logs to E G. paid pike 3s9 & owe him 12½ Cents Spent oats &c 62½ Cents So home Ruben Morgan here to tea walk down to Yerkus’s He treated to Glass Brandy so I home

19 Wind N W & white frost Saml. Gill on the Road for Me, on our Road, I off to pike Got John Evans horse and to Chester Got a Settlement of Jos Walters Est Gave Betsey Conrad Bond against Wright & Lutzingburg to Thos B Dick to Recover the Money Back by David Latch paid him 112 dolrs drank a good dish of Coffee I was very hungry had no dinner back to Pughs about 8 OC- hole days Expences 5s7½ T B Dicks says Duanes party will be the first to Cry up a new Convention 4 qt Oats in Chester & Jill Brandy 25 Cents 12½ Cents at Cochrons 20 Cents at Pughs

October 20th 1809 Wind East & Like for rain but Cleard off afternoon Jane Walters horse Pughs mare & my 2 horses & halld 2 Loads 4 Logs to Edw. Georges & one Load Rafters 40 back debt to pike 3 trips Loaded & one Empty 87½ Cents narrow Wheels Spent 1s4½ dined with Pugh home Evening Harry thrashing Buckwheat, got all in Barn Some of it growd bad buckwheat harvest

21st Wind E again & over Cast over at pike finished a guter from pump & Eat Dinner with Pugh home & meet the Society

22 Wind S W & a fine warm day, Job Evans & I Sett off to Townsman Thomas Dined paid him 276 dolrs for a 100L Bond Hannah James had against me Dined at Beaumonts oats &c 75 Cents
at Pughs 37 ½
Boy or horsler 6
so home in Evening 118

23 Wind N W fine day off to pike then Back Casper along made a Coffin 2 ft 6 for a Child at the falls Eat Dinner at home back & made window & door frames

24th Wind– Eat Breakfast & off to pike at work at plates &c 1 qt whis–

25. Wind N & Cool at pike at Wm Whites with Ann Ennis White gave her 20½ omission flax for Mary Bowen He Could not pay any Cash I gave her 4 Dollars for Mary Casper away at Survaying their Lotts Kuglar throwd a stone at the old Quarry man & Cut his head

October 26th 1809 Wind S W fine day at pike Raisd the Plates &c Evening at Jont Jones’s drank tea & witness’d his Will so home he gooing to Start tomorrow to York

27th Wind S W. prety fine Casper & I framing Rafters for Sheds back Evening Henry Ollis & wife here all night

28th Wind E & begun to rain about Sun rise had a very Wett day at home all day, only at Yerkus Spent 6¼ Cents paid Ollis 8 D on Tom Robesons acct & 10..18 for Work he had done for me

29 Wind S. by W foggy & Like to Clear but did not afternoon Sun Shind alittle & then raind in Evening took the lite wagon & Carried Henry Ollis & wife to Woners Ridge road, went over at Righters H pd. & Came home over the falls Bridge Ann & George along paid 12½ Cents–

30th Wind S E & wett most all day Ben & Harry halling dung I at pike Got Pughs Mare & went to Edw Georges to See If they had Sawd up the pike to Pughs Spent 11¼ so home very dark West & others their

31st Wind S W & a very fine warm day Borrow Jane Prices mare & went to town Bout nails 16 D. files 62½ Rule 50 So

November 1st 1809 Wind S W. fine day Jane Walters begun at Potatoes I their to Borrow her horse Horatio at Pughs home to Dinner Back again to Cut Logs Miller their to try to If I Could Settle between Marker & Elliot, did not 25 C-

2nd Wind S E Sun Shind alittle over Cast afternoon & raind alittle, halld 2 Logs to E.G. & Load home, then fetch 2 Logs out of the woods, & left them at Pughs, I to Jane Walters Ben Harry & George their diging Potatoes 50 Cents

3rd Wind S. & blue much in Morn & Raind alittle Casper & I framing Rafters ½ day Pugh & I at Georges 2 Logs & a Load of Lath &c Back

4 Wind N E & very wet till noon blue hard in Night & raind much– afternoon makeing a Coffin 2 ft 9 Long for Titus Roberts Grand Child Come by Chance John Evans help

5th Wind N W & hard frost Ice plenty the first I Seen tho their has been some about 10 days back, at Meeting after at the Burial Spent 5½d

6 Wind. paid Jim Read 15s for work over at pike

7 interlined framing Rafters most part

8 Wind framing Rafters Dined at Jones after at Yerkus Spent 12½ Cents

November 9th- 1809 Wind N.E & over to pike J Evans Lippens Casper & Self Raisd all the Rafters on 101 feet of Sheds it Snowd & Raind Owen Jones Sent for Me on their Line between McClenechan & them a Jury their I dined at Saml Pughs then Back & Sup at O Jones it was dinner for the Jury, Rain in Evening very dark & muddy walk home–

10th Wind N W & Cleard off Ben & Rees & I off to See the Jury on the Line Dined at O. Jones then home– they had agreed to Leave it to men

11th Wind W & fine day off about 5 O.C.- to Market had a Shote wt. about 50 lb & 3 pigs Sold the pork for 7d per lb & 2 Suckling pigs for 112½ Cents per– I Drew 300 D out Bank Bout 3000 Cypress Shingles to be Jointed at 33 Do

12th. Wind W fine day not at Meeting & at home all d at the Widows & after at Jont. Jones drank tea their back to widows Could not get her to appoint a man on Line

13th Wind N E & rain Smart off to Jones meet Owen Jones, at D Roberts Dine at Pughs at the Widows She agreed to Alley Roberts up to O Jones Drank tea their

Novr 14th 1809 Wind N.W. prety fine off about 6 OC- for Norristown Call for D.R. & Owen Jones Petition the Court for 5 Acres more of Bevans Land the first would not sell it was granted. Got advertisement printed, dinner & Club 87 C- 1 Glass 12½ horse 12½ boy 6 A R Lent me the 6 Cents so home– Casper & Right Wright Lathing

14th. 15th Wind N W fine day Right Lathing Back & Sowd about 1 B Rye afternoon took the Cart went to town Bout 500 Lath 7s6 nails 94½ Cent 7 lb So home ferry 12½ Pike 7½ two ½ G. 12½ Cents So

16th Wind N W. prety Cold hard frost Right & self working boards & boarding hips & Layd a floor 1 day Pint Whisy. 12½ Cents

17th Wind S W. & prety fine finished at Meeting at noon, off to pike, Snow Little & Smart rain put washboards in kitchen home Wet Seen Casper He better was Ill a day or 2 back 18 Wind W & fine day or rather Windy Right & I Shingling, put nearly all the shingles Spent 25 Cents John Horn pd my Supper

19th Wind N by W Cloudy Morn then very fine about noon & before night rain at Goodmans to Get Felix Gravell to Joint Shingles at Pughs Spent 12½ So home

Novr 20th 1809 Wind N by E & the Ground Coverd with Snow & keep at it till noon very fast 2 I deep I think very winter Like made an Ax handle & put the Stove up in kitchen Lobb heare Doct. here I at Lippens Several times He very Ill, Doct say Dangerous–

21st. Wind N.E & Snowing very fast I up with Lippens, about 3 OC- Seen the moon began to Snow about 5 OC- two Claps of thunder to S.W. perhaps 2 miles off Lippens bad night till 3 OC- after more Calm & Sleep A Robins their with Me, I hope to put a period to Dram drinking in my family Thomas Price here Soon to Get a Corn Crib off to D. Roberts & Pughs got Jane W horse & Pughs mare my 2 & Pugh & Right along fetch Lath & Plank down the Old Road & up Pike– Gravel & Goodman at Shingles

22nd Wind N, W- Cold Like winter Snow 6 Inches where it had not Melted, Right & I Begun to Shingle Back side Cypress prety Cold– I dined at Pughs

23rd Wind N. & over Cast for most part I puting up Washboards &c in kitchen at Pughs Peter Jones & illegible their I work some at the illegible Came for me about 3 OC- to Make a Coffin for Old Henry Helembold Right & Goodman then help me till about 8 OC-

24th Wind N E & Snowing most violent & very Cold drifted much J. Evans help me finish & I took it down

Novr 24

to what used to be Calld Marshel Mill now Sellers Interd him at Baptist Meeting at Supplees had Sermon Spent 25 Cents at Stadlemans home in Evening & Sat up with John Lippens He very bad and about 3 O Clock the 25th He Expired unexpectod unexpected to me at that time I thought He would Stood it a few days tho rather had hopes He get up Got John Evans & work at Coffin

26 Wind S W & a very fine day finished the Coffin & put him in & Got him down stairs about 12 OC- after Buryed him at dutch Church Great Concourse of people

27th Wind S.W over Cast not Cold Smiths boys Kill my Aquill Cow cow bought from Aquilla McVaugh wt 371 very old & not very fat after Potterd about & at Thomas Prices Bias their hewing for Corn Crib, at Jacob Morris drank tea their old Lady very pleasant

28th Wind N W prety Cold, off to pike back about 10 begun T Prices Corn Crib Bias & Titus Came about 12 OC- & help me

29th Wind S.W & pleasant day Bias & I at work at T. Price’s Crib Got Ready to Rais Titus help perhaps 1 hour or 2 Layd the Sills but not Rais

30th Wind N E over Cast & Little rain at Price’s till noon Borrowd their horse & off to GillChrist & at Bickens vandue at Hagys so home

December the 1st 1809 Wind N E. & over Cast & Constant rain after noon Cold, off Soon in morn And Got Casper Goodman to help me make a Coffin 4 feet Long for one Adams Child at the falls a stranger, finishd about 12 O’C I set off illegible interd it freinds yd. Merion Cold wet afternoon

2nd Wind N W fine pleasant day at Toms. Price’s till omission at work after at Pike Selling 20 Acres of Bevans Land Jacob Balor Bout it for 36 Dollars per Joining Haverford Road opposit 8 M– Stone or nearly So payd Cryer 2..50 & Expences 50 Cents

3rd Wind S W & very Pleasant day Jacob Morris & I after Breakfast at Hagys I Bout perhaps 900 f walnut Boards for 16 Dollars home to Dinner Jont Jones here I with him to Yerkus’s So–

4th Wind N E froze a little & over Cast then Cleard off & very Pleasant work at T. P. Crib with my Coat off all the afternoon J. Goodman & John Right their also

5 Wind S E not as cold no frost Rain bow & Cloudy then very Pleasant at work T. Prices Crib without Coat finished Right their also, Raind prety Smart in Evening as went to pughs paid Right & Goodman 4 D & paid Right 10 Dollars before

6th December 1809 Wind S W & raind a little no frost at David Roberts & Pughs home to Dinner after Jacob Morris & D Roberts Praising at Lippens & I destraind for Rent–

7th Wind S.W. & Blue hard in night & this Morn wind Shifted to W & Smart rain Shower at widows 2 of her horses & went to Hagy for boards got Stalld & Left half of them horses would not Pull Brout but 420 feet ½ Inch walnut

8th Wind N W fine Morn Sun Shind very pleasant about then Cloudy W.ind N E or most E Raind Evening Ringd the 2 old Sows Abraham made the ring Stuck the walnut boards at J. Morris Evening

9th Wind S E & been very wet night & all day off to Pughs then widow Goodmans gave her the Settlement in office, at Buck Spent 12½ Cents their to Savadge he not at home at Phillip Fritz he paid me 6 Dollars for his daughters Coffin their to Hagys Eat Supper their So home about 9 OC

10th Wind N W & blue up Rain & hail about noon Loyd Jones here all meeting While at Yerkus J Morris & I Spent 6 Cents at Lippens awhile in Evening

11th Wind N W. hard froze off to Philadelphia Bout. one dozn. Brass butts 5s9 Gross of Screws 5s6 1 Gross doz 3s3- Glass paper 1s9- Dinner &c 120 that is I did not pay the Last time. therefore had 2 dinners 2 books 2s4- ferriage pike & Ginn 21½ Cents

12th Wind S W & White & black frost at pike Got Mare Shod, after at Balors 6 traces 7s– drank tea at Jos Georges

December 13th 1809 Wind E & over Cast White & black frost Like for rain J. Morris killing hogs at G Latches paid him 4:80 Cents for 2 three dollar prise in Somertown Lottery paid 13..60 for tax County tax 9..7, Poor tax 4..53 total 13..60 I ow him one dollar of it I had not money Enough to pay, home to Dinner after

14 Wind. S.W. & bad roads Thomas Plowing I about home; begun Rack for horses at Jacob Morris

15th Wind W. N about home begun & at Rack &c till noon Wm Hagy here to Dinner & Stayd all afternoon pint Brandy 1s10½ Jacob Morris along froze hard

16 Wind N & over Cast & Spit snow, Saml Gill here about day to get a Coffin for Tommey Alleson from about Downings town kill with horses in the Wagon, they attempted to run away he Caught them He got down they trod on him So he died in an hour or 2 after at Hipples, I sent off for Casper, & Evan Evans Came we Joind the Coffin had nice board but green had great perplexity to plain or get it any how Passable, nay we Could not took it over to Hipples & put him in & off they went in 2 horse wagon for Downing town Cold day & night they paid me 8 Dollars & I gave Even Evan & Casper 1 dollar apeice, back & meet the Society, Spent 7s6 so home

December 17th 1809 Wind W Geting Little more Moderate to day, not at meeting, sent 12 dollars to Old Paul Jones John Jones Gulph Gave me 10 & 2 I ow Jones for halling I put and made it 12 & Sent it with the School master He said he gave to Paul Senr. afternoon Jacob Morris & wife Self & ditto went to pay visit to Ally Roberts

18th Wind S W & very fine day thawd a good deal John Evans & I Set off to Norris Got Pughs Mare ferriage 12½ C- Evans & me at norris Lent John Evans 4 D. to take a letter of Administran. on Lippens Est I paid 13 dollars for Lottery tickets 1..92 order to Sell Bevans Lott, paid John Hughes 6..50 for 45 B Lime halld by J. Leadom, Paid George Holstein 2..73 due for Lime from Last year He Building Barn, our Dinner &c 8s10 I paid 5s7½ Evans 3s9 I pd Boy 5½ Evans Brandy at the Bird 12½ Cents at Pughs 37½ Cents so home in margin: “they Finished Shingling I. Roberts Barn”

19th Wind S.W. very Pleasant day killd 5 hogs & 2 for Yerkus his two weighd 404 one of mine 200, 185, 182, 85 & 170 total, 822 1 qt W. Bias, Ben Steve Goodman & Evan Evans help finish’d by 1 OC- Except weighing & carrying down in margin: “Evan & Steve had alittle Scrammage Steve gougd & Evan Bit poor fellows”

Decr 20th 1809 Wind S thawding thawing fine day at Tom Prices in Morn back & cut up hogs after at John Evans to get him to Shingle, then at Goodmans to get Wright, & at Caspers, & at Pughs Spent 1s4½ so home pleasant night for the Season

21st. Wind S.W. & very fine day off Soon helping J. Evans to Shingle Anthony Zell’s C/ow Stable back before night Ground hatchets & at Tom Price put in 2 pains Glass drank tea their so home Spent 5½d So–

22nd. Wind S W in morn & over Cast John Evans, Evan Evans, John Right & Self at Isaac Price’s, in order to Shingle his kitchen, so dun dull, did not begin, I put in Glass for Isaac & hung one of the waits of Clock then up to Thomas Price’s put fastenings to his Shetters & dined then home, Snow Shower from W & blue up

23rd Wind N W & hard frost & Cold day all 3 of thee the men that Came yesterday Came to day but I thought it too Cold So Evan & I Joind & made a rack for my horse Stable & finished about 2 O’C I went to Jacob Morris’s for the horse He Just Come from Market Butter 2s4 took a drink & So home–

24th. Wind W & White frost Got more soft fine about noon, John Evans here Wrote several advert for his Selling John Lippens Effects he got a pint whis & he dined here after him & I walk to pike home to feed G Streaper off & prety high

December the 25th 1809 Wind in Morn about South up about 5 O’C Moon Shind but before 6 OC it Raind weather quite Moderate John Evans & Evan Evans Came about Sun Rise & off we went to Isaac Price’s & Stript part of his Kitchen & Shingled till about 2 OC- then raind so fast gave it up Jacob Morris Came their So home, I went with J. Morris & took a Christmas Drink so back wrote alittle & off to bed before 9 OC-

26th Wind S.W. or S by W a very foggy morn froze only alittle on fence’s off very Soon to Isaac Price Write Wright John Evans & Evan & self stript the remainder of Roof & finished Shingleing by 2 OC- so home & off to the pike Spent 12½ Cents so home, J. Evans afronted me Some Little, Some of them presst him Sing I Says John Sing Quick (or to that meaning) for you know I have to goo to Isaac Prices, He Replys pert I suppose I may doo as I please I dont Care where you’r gooing it Ruffel’d me I Sd. I Carde cared not a D— whether he Sung or not So no More of it & home we Came– in margin: “J. Evans Shingling without Coat”

27th Wind N W & blue up in night & Snowd very fast from N. quit about noon boarded between the Sheds & put in a tronk So home & went to Isaac Prices put in 1 pain Glass drank whis

December the 28th 1809 Wind N W & froze hard, Jobe Evans here soon to get a Coffin for Mordica Frees’s Child I off to Pike write Wright heir to work at Sheds, Told Pugh He Should Stay for 200 Dollars If he would Stay He sd He would put Hake off & would Right & I off home to Make the Coffin finishd it & took it down, walk their & back dark ½ Gallon Whiskey, 50 Cents–

29 Wind S.W. White frost froze hard but more giving to day Started on the Bevans mare to the Burial house Left their about ten OC- & arivd about 2 at newtown back to Foxes Tavern fed & Eat a bite Spent 50 Cents so home about dusk–

30th Wind N & Snowing fast till near noon did not gain 2 I. Got to rain Smart in Evening, Right Heare to Breakfast & then to pike hall 2 Sapling & Post so quit I Spent 25 Cents Pugh gave me warning He would move to fork of Road So, So–

31st Wind S.E & wet most all day Snow Melted much, after Breakfast at David Roberts to meet Mary Bevans Brother meet him at Pughs, & went with to Balors Got 20 Dolrs & Sent it By him to Mary Dined at Balers, then home & Rode up to Jont Jones Drank tea & Stayd till 9 OC- Spent 5½ Gave Abraham 7s6 yesterday & He gave it to Hall & Sellers to Advertise the Stray Cow–