The First 300

The Humphreys’ Pont Reading

Pont Reading, on Haverford Avenue, dates to 1683. The earliest part of the dwelling was built of logs and was home to the Humphreys for over a century. A 1980 photo shows three sections, built in 1683, 1746 and 1813. Here lived Charles Humphreys, notable member of the Continental Congress and Joshua Humphreys, who designed the first ships of the United States Navy. His famous warships included the Constitution (Old Ironsides) and the Constellation.

Joshua added the handsome Federal wing of the house in 1813. His grandson, born here in 1810, would gain fame as Chief of Staff to General Meade after the Battle of Gettysburg. So many Humphreys gravitated to the Township that Bryn Mawr was originally named Humphreysville.

grand mansion with smaller humble back section
Side view shows three sections, the original 1683 part is at right.
2-story house on street with fence
Front, facing Haverford Avenue.