The First 300

Police and Fire Protection

Our Protectors

Suburban police and fire protection have always been led by the concern and kindness of local volunteers. Herewith, a charming collage of photographs from the Society’s collection that seem to show their spirit and camaraderie years ago.

The Col. Owen Jones Fife and Drum Corps, Bryn Mawr, c. 1903.
Lower Merion’s police force, established in 1900, wore Spanish war hats and uniforms. They got around on bicycles and on horseback. Photo c. 1904.
In 1901, space was leased from the Merion Fire Company for a lockup in the rear. of their Lancaster Avenue firehouse. The escape, in 1904, of a prisoner led to a scandal that involved their police chief.
A big parade, winding through Lower Merion, was held on June 1890 to demonstrate the emergence of the Merion Fire Company. This 1905 photo shows their headquarters in Ardmore.
The Lower Merion Township Pumping Station, c. 1905, located in Ardmore at Lippincott and County Line Avenues.
The volunteer Merion Fire Company of Ardmore poses for a photographer c. 1907.
The Lower Merion Police, Department, c. 1910, gets wheels!
1914 photo demonstrates the company’s Simplex Machine.
The Merion Fire Company relaxes on July 4, 1916.
The Merion Fire Company parades in 1915.
The Township Police Force with autos, 1926.