The First 300


The First 300 is an ambitious three year community project. Initiated by The Lower Merion Historical Society, the book has involved not only its members, but a cast of over 50 historians, educators, archivists, artists, photographers and just-plain-folks. The First 300 presents a panoramic view of the human history of a special Pennsylvania territory. I thank all of those who worked with me to devote their skills, their time and their energies to further the Society’s mission: Preserving our past for the future.


To W. Robert Swartz: A former President of The Lower Merion Historical Society, Bob operated a popular photo shop on Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore for 49 years. He soon began adding pictures to the Society’s archives. Customers knew of his interest in visions of yesteryears and would loan photographs for Bob to copy. The collection grew to thousands of pictures. Those images, and others, formed the basis of our local history as seen through the lens of a camera.

book cover: white text on black background; illustration: Edward Hicks, The Peaceable KingdomLimited Edition, Published in the Year 2000 by The Lower Merion Historical Society. Distributed by Diane Publishing Co. Copyright © 2000 by The Lower Merion Historical Society. All rights reserved.

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