The First 300

The Haverford School

In 1882, several prominent Main Line families, including as the prime mover, Mrs. Alexander J. Cassatt (wife of the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad) felt the need to establish a fine boys school in the area. The following year, Mrs. Cassatt and her followers offered to build a schoolhouse on the grounds of Haverford College. It was then agreed upon that the school would be directed by the college managers and used as a feeder school to the college. The new boys preparatory boarding school was opened on September 13, 1884 as The Haverford College Grammar School. Mr. Dean Sharpless was appointed as the Manager and later that year Charles Summer Crossman was named the Headmaster. By 1903, the school withdrew from the college and became an independent nonprofit school still known as The Haverford School.

Early photo, c. 1916-1917, shows the new gym at left and The Oaks on the right.
Aerial view, c. 1930. Haverford College at upper left with Haverford School in the foreground, including Wilson Hall, the new Junior School and the Gym (at right).
The Haverford School Class of 1902, c. 1899 photo.
1906 school play. Bill B., a one act entertainment, and an opera, Laya Krachina. Performances were at the Merion Cricket Club in March.
The Omega Club, 1931.
1990s photographs featuring various fine arts and sports activities around campus.
Haverford School football players.
Taking a spring break with buddies, c. 1995.