Lower Merion Historical Society

The Lower Merion Historical Society

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The Lower Merion Society for the Detection and Prosecution of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Horses

horse rider with pitchfork shouts 'Stop thief', circle border, top half blue with white stars, bottom red

With over 200 years of continuous, uninterrupted existence, the Society, also known as The Lower Merion Horse Company, was organized to fulfill a real need in a time and place so dependent on the horse for transportation and labor, before the establishment of a professional police force.

Today, no longer pursuing stolen horses, The Society’s mission is to preserve and uphold its traditions, values and heritage with humor and grace, to create awareness in the community of its historical roots and mission and to preserve its memory and goodwill. The Society brings neighborhoods together throughout Lower Merion and Narberth for vibrant social, learning, and historical engagement.

The Society’s Story

letters L, M connected, forged in silver metal
A Brand containing the letters L.M. shall be procured, and kept by the Treasurer for the use of the members; but no one shall hold the same in his possession longer than twenty-four hours, under a penalty of twelve cents and a half for every day in which it shall be so retained. —Constitution, Article XI