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The Lower Merion Historical Society’s Photographic Library consists of several distinct collections housed at the Lower Merion Academy. The photographs are available to the public for use in the Reference Room of the Lower Merion Academy.

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  • The First 300 Collection

    This collection consists of over 800 photographs and lithographs reproduced from the Lower Merion Historical Society’s archives and those of other organizations in the area. These photographs were printed in The First 300: The Amazing and Rich History of Lower Merion, published by The Lower Merion Historical Society in 2000 (ISBN 0-7881-8500-4). The images in this collection are available online.

  • The Houses & Estates Collection

    This collection consists of over 800 photographs and fact sheets that encompass over 150 houses and estates in the Lower Merion area. The majority of this material was the research papers of William Alan Morrison, author of The Main Line: Country Houses of Philadelphia’s Storied Suburb, 1870-1930, published by Acanthus Press, N.Y. in 2002 (ISBN 0-926494-21-X). The book is available at local libraries. The images in this collection are not available online.

Due to the age and fragile nature of these images, patrons are asked to exercise caution when working with these resources. To avoid inadvertently marking this material, the public is requested to use pencil (instead of ink) while taking notes. They are considered Reference Materials and do not circulate without special permission.