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The Lower Merion Historical Society has been systematically collecting and adding to its vertical files information about Lower Merion Township, its history, events, life style and people. This compilation of more than 22,000 items consists of newspaper and magazine articles, letters, maps, family records, oral histories, photographs, drawings, advertisements, etc. dating from the 1700s to 2005. The material is catalogued alphabetically, by topic and item number, in about 700 folders in the File Room of the Lower Merion Academy. Topics include history, families, architecture, schools, trees, religious institutions, taverns, business, government and communities, notables, railroads, crime, landmarks, obituaries and almost anything one might want to know about Lower Merion Township and its people.

This on-line database consists of more than 22,000 records. Each record in the database shows, when available, the Author, Title, Source, Date, Folder and Item number, brief Abstract and Keywords for the particular record. There are more than 7,000 keywords. The hard copy of each document is available in the File Room for research purposes.

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