The Lower Merion Society for the Detection and Prosecution of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Horses

The Society Dissolves?

As a means of travel, the automobile was rapidly replacing the horse. At the 1926 annual meeting, Horse Company members decided that the usefulness of the Company had passed and it was agreed to terminate the Company. Luther C. Parsons and Richard J. Hamilton refused to accept the vote. They called an annual meeting the following year and kept the Society going without loss of continuity.

Why is the Society Still in Existence?

Though no longer pursuing stolen horses, The Lower Merion Horse Company still holds an annual meeting and get-together in November, celebrating its continued existence. In addition, the Society

group standing around a long table raise glasses
Two Lower Merion societies become one: the agreement was signed and a celebratory toast was made by the two societies.

The Lower Merion Historical Society Inc., founded in 1949, is the foremost local institution dedicated to the conservation of Lower Merion history through its support and preservation of local educational, charitable, and social organizations and their history.

The Lower Merion Historical Society, Inc. and The Lower Merion Horse Company were desirous of combining their efforts in a collaborative and mutually beneficial affiliation. An “Affiliation Agreement” was signed on June 21, 2016 by The Lower Merion Horse Company in which it became an affiliated entity within The Lower Merion Historical Society.

The Horse Company’s New Mission

To preserve and uphold the traditions, values and heritage of the Lower Merion Horse Company with humor and grace. To create awareness in the community of the historical roots and mission of this organization and preserve its memory and goodwill. This organization brings neighborhoods together throughout Lower Merion and Narberth for vibrant social, learning, and historical engagement.

is a qualified and accepted member badge that says 'vigilante' with blue ribbon
Certificate issued to new members of the Company in 1947; the “Vigilante Blue Ribbon” awarded for 25 years of service to the Company