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Built: 1889
Status 2020: extant

Architect: Hazlehurst & Huckel

Montgomery Avenue & Wendover Road, Rosemont, PA; original owner: Joseph F. Sinnott, president of Moore & Sinnott Distillers; subsequent owner: Rosemont College (1922); original architect: Hazelhurst & Huckel; plot size: 42 acres; 1889;

12 Items

PHE Binder 6 (Rosemont)

Data sheetPHE6-RAT 01
Artist's rendering - Country House for J. F. Sinnott 8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 02
Original front elevation8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 03
Front elevation - present day view8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 04
Side view and entrance porte-cochéreThree similar views; 8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 05
Side and rear viewsThree similar views; 8" x 10"; one 5" x 3"; b & wPHE6-RAT 06
Great hall8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 07
Great hall fireplace and mantle8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 08
Great hall looking up to stained glass windows8" x 10"; b & wPHE6-RAT 09
Main Line Mansion Number One1981Newspaper article from the Main Line Times about "Rathalla" and the Sinnott familyPHE6-RAT 10
Rathalla Revisitedca. 1981Article from the Rosemont College Quarterly by Sister Mary Elfreda Smith telling about the acquisition of "Rathalla" from the heirs of Joseph F. Sinnott and its conversion to Rosemont CollegePHE6-RAT 11
Biographical data - The Sinnott Family1905Exerpt from Annals of the Sinnott, ..... and Allied Families by Mary Elizabeth SinnottPHE6-RAT 12


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