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Green Hill Farm

Front and side views PHE5-GRE 02

Built: 1863
Status 2020: extant

Architect: Mantle Fielding

Lancaster Pike & City Line Avenue, Overbrook (now Wynnewood, PA); original owner: Israel Wistar Morris, president of Locust Mountain Coal Co.; subsequent owners: Charles Morris Wood, Friends' Central School; original architect: Mantle Fielding; plot size: 170 acres; 1863;

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PHE Binder 5 (Merion Station, Overbrook, Narberth, Penn Valley)

Data sheetPHE5-GRE 01
Front and side views10" x 5"; b & wPHE5-GRE 02
Biographical data - Israel Wistar MorrisPHE5-GRE 03
"Green Hill Farm," a.k.a. "The Old Homestead"PHE5-GRE 04


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