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Also known as: Bonniview

Entrance porte cochére and front facade PHE5-BAR 02

Built: 1885
Demolished: before 1913

Architect: Benjamin Linfoot

Hazelhust to Bowman Avenues, Merion Station, PA; original owner: Mrs. Matthew Baird, Baldwin Locomotive Co. heiress; subsequent owners: Mrs. Annie Baird, George R. McAbee; original architect: Benjamin Linfoot; plot size: 27 acres; 1885;

Bardwold was demolished between 1908 and 1913 and the estate subdivided. Bonniview was built between 1908 and 1913 in Bardwold's footprint, still standing in 2020 as 611 Hazelhurst Ave.. Bardwold's carriage house and greenhouse were converted into Dindorf, 374 Baird Rd. in 2020.

Other Bardwold, Bonniview or Dindorf outbuildings survive at 354 Baird Rd., 364 Baird Rd. and 529 Heath Rd..

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PHE Binder 5 (Merion Station, Overbrook, Narberth, Penn Valley)

Data sheetPHE5-BAR 01
Entrance porte cochére and front facade8" x 10"; b & wPHE5-BAR 02
Road to entrance gate8" x 10"; b & wPHE5-BAR 03
The Home Buildings (view from the lawn)18878" x 10"; b & w; drawing by Benjamin LinfootPHE5-BAR 04


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