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Roberts Family Collection

Author: Various
Title: Assignments, Notes and Briefs of Title
Place of Publication/Source: Original documents
Date: 1790s-1801
Extent of Work/Condition:
Series Title/Volume:
Collection: Roberts
Notes/Abstract: (No. 1) Assignment from William Smith, D.D. to William Poyntell, July 11, 1799 –amount of transfer: $5,295.66 (No. 2) Bond, John Nicholson, Esq., to William Smith, D.D., Dec. 11,1795, Interest on Bond (No. 3) Bond John Nicholson, Esq. to William Smith, D.D. on Dec. 11, 1795 (No. 3, also) Deed from John Nicholson, Esq., to Michael Heligas, February 10, 1798 and April 20, 1799 (No. 6) Bond by William Poyntell to Anthony Crothers for $3835.38, on April 20, 1799, witnessed by R. Atlee and John Palmer, embossed by official Pennsylvania State Seal for 75 cents (No. 7) Obligation from William Poyntell to Dr. William Smith March 8, 1799, embossed by official Pennsylvania State Seal for 75 cnts (No. 8) Bond of Indemnity, Rev. Wm. Smith to William Poyntell, December 2, 1799. (No. 11) Received March 7, 1800 of Wm. Poyntell for two notes $1917.69 payment in full to Anthony Crothers (No. 12) Brief of Title for 79 acres purchased by Algernon Roberts from William Poyntell in 1802 (No. 13) William Rawls answers legal questions of William Poyntell regarding transfer of property, November 26, 1799 ( No. 14) Note regarding property line between William Poyntell and William Smith. Signed by Samuel Wheeler on February 5, 1801
Call Number: R0048