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Roberts Family Collection

Author: James J. Levick, M.D.
Title: The Early History of Merion and An Old Welsh Pedigree
Place of Publication/Source: The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
Date: 1880
Extent of Work/Condition:
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Collection: Roberts
Notes/Abstract: A possession of Gainor Roberts, 267 South 19th St., Philadelphia. Mentioned: Berwyn, Bryn Mawr (great hill), old Welsh home of Rowland Ellis, Wynnewood, Radnor, Haverford (aber-fford, the ford at the confluence), Merion (Meirion, modification of British prince, Meyreon, Meirion, Meiriawn, ruler of part of Britain in early 8th C.), John ap Thomas and Edward Jones purchased 5000 acres in Pennsylvania for themselves and 17 families, named Merioneth, then Lower Merion– — –extending from the Schuylkill River near the Falls towards the Meeting House and extending west. (Holmes’ Map of Province of Pennsilvania gives the boundaries: bounded on north by lands of William Sharlow and John Roberts, On the east by the Schuylkill, on the south by the Liberty Lands of Philadelphia, on the west by lands of Charles Lloyd, Tho. Llowod, John p John, Richard Davis, John Bevan. A little to the northwest is land of Rowland Ellis.) Names and acres of the 17 families: John Tho’, 1250 a., Hugh Robt., 625a., Edd Jones 312 1,2 a., Robt. David, 312 1,2a. ,Evan Rees 312 1,2a., John Edd, 312 1,2a., Edd Owen 312 1,2a., Will Edd 156 1,4a. , Edd Rees 156 1,4a. Will Jones, 156 1,4a.,Tho Rich, 156 1,4a., Rees John W.,156 1,4a., Tho Lloyd, 156 1,4a., Cadd Morgan, 156 1,4a., John Watkin 156 1,4a., Hugh John 156 1,4a., Gainor Robert, 156 1,4a., total 5000a.
Call Number: R0095