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Author: Thomas Allen Glenn
Title: The Owen House at Wynnewood
Place of Publication/Source: Original document
Date: July 8, 1894
Extent of Work/Condition: Original copy of newspaper
Series Title/Volume:
Collection: Roberts
Notes/Abstract: Lower Merion Township, Colonel Owen Jones, Montgomery Avenue, Wynnewood Station, “William Penn House”, 1694, date of house, Cymric forefathers of following families: Cadwaladers, Wisters, Biddles, Dickinsons, Whartons, Lewises, Duke of Fife, husband of Prince of Wales’ eldest daughter, Robert Owen, Owen Ap Evan, Fron Goch (house name in Wales), Bala, Merionethshire, Berwyn hills, Pemblemere Lake, Society of Friends, Merion, land purchased from Thomas Lloyd, 1691 (442 acres), Ardmore, Evan Oliver, Welsh Barony, Robert Owen, Griffith Owen, Dr. Edward Jones, John Dickenson, Owen and Clement Biddle, General John Cadwalader, Cadwalader Morgan, Thomas Jones, General Wayne Hotel, Evan Owen, Jonathan Jones, Gainor Owen, Awbrey Jones, Esq., Owen Owen, Sarah Owen, daughter of Owen Owen married John Biddle, became parents of Owen and Clement Bddle, Hannah Owen, John Ogden, Ann Ogden, Hezekiah Niles, Niles’ Register, Joseph Wharton, “Walnut Grove”, Robert Wharton, Mayor of Philadelphia, City Troop, First Pennsylvania Cavalry, Dr. Thomas Cadwalader, Frances Cadwalader (daughter of Gen. John Cadwalader) married Lord Erskine, Maria Cadwalader (daughter of Gen. John Cadwalader), married Samuel Ringgold, Major Samuel Ringgold, Mexico, Cadwalader Ringgold, Rear Admiral in U. S. Navy
Call Number: R0107