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Roberts Family Collection

Author: Letters and invitations to Mr. & Mrs. George B. Roberts
Place of Publication/Source: Original documents
Date: 1872 to 1897
Extent of Work/Condition: R0103A, November 11, 1872: ‘Thank you’ from President Benjamin Harrison to George B. Roberts. R0103B, September 13, 1887 Mrs. George B. Roberts, from The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, F.D. Stone, Librarian, Academy of Music, Mrs. Cleveland (Grover ), Mrs. J. Dundas Lippincott, Chairman Charles Henry Staub(?) R0103C, January 19, 1892: Invitation from President and Mrs. Harrison to meet the Cabinet R0103D, October 21, 1892: Complimentary Pass to the World’s Columbian Exposition Dedicatory Ceremonies, Chicago, Oct. 21, 1892, signed, T. W. Palmer, President of Commission, comps of Hon. George Massey R0103E, February 12, 1895: Letter acknowledging regrets and begging him to change his mind R0103F, May 17, 1895: Thank you letter from Daniel H. Hastings commending the appointment of Gen. Wistar to fill the vacancy due to the death of Mayor Vaux R0103G, June 1, 1895: Percival Roberts to George B. Roberts thanking for the use of his railroad car R0103H, June 12, 1895: Letter from Chauncey M. Depew introducing John Winfield Scott R0103 I, 1896: Miscellaneous letters from Charles C. Harrison, Directors of Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Alexander M. Fox, Thomas Kennedy, President Grover Cleveland, Charles F. Warwick, James Speyer, B.S. Cunningham R0103J, January 10, 1897: Letter from Senator John Shjerman regreting Mr. Roberts retirement
Series Title/Volume:
Collection: Roberts
Call Number: R0103A to R0103J