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Roberts Family Collection

Author: Owen Jones
Title: Diary of Owen Jones of Wynnewood
Place of Publication/Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: Starting January 1, 1842
Extent of Work/Condition:
Series Title/Volume:
Collection: Roberts
Notes/Abstract: JANUARY; (1st) Price Newlin & Co., Cochran & Perry, Wm. Johns, Norristown, Hagys Mill Road, (2nd) H. Barr, C. Smith, W. C. Fisher, John Whiteman, (4th) H. Barr, (5th)Cochran & Percy W. Johns & Mr. Ford, Skuvey,Cary,Ogle & Watson, (6th) John Whitiman, Elizabeth Burns, Peter Tory, Litzenburgh, (7th) William Quin, (9th) Blockley Meeting, Mary (Jones), (10th) H. Barr property sold at auction, (11th) N. Latch, W. C. Fisher, Geo. W. Roberts, (12th) Mother Mary (Jones), T. Hamie & Son, (13th) J. Burns & L. Smith, Clayton, Sam Bennet, (14th) J. Paulin, Cousin Priscilla, (15th) Peter J. Brown, (17th) Kellys, (18th) Chas Smith,(19th) Saml Williams, S. Goodman, E. Roberts, (20th) Aunt Liddy and Sally, Uncle Algernon, Miss R. Humphries, (21st) H. Huses, Rebecca, Sally, (22nd) Winslow , Sam Williams, J. Warren, (23rd) Sarah the cook, G.W.R. ( George W. Roberts?), J. Ludom, P Jones, (24th) Elizabeth (Jones), G.M. Walker, (25th) John Fisher, C. Gruit, Patty Humphries, Daniel Smith, (26th) George and Sarah Walker, Aunt Priscilla Thomas, (28th) H. Ogle, N. Latch, Howard Simon Goodman, Dennis Kelly, (29th) J. Narew, (30th) Blockley Meeting, (31st) J. Libbey, Bank of Pa. failed, candlewick and tobacco. FEBRUARY; (1st) Peter & T. Brown, Jarratt, lard and tobacco for lice, (2nd) Rawle and Freely, N. Biddle, Cousin Foulks, (3rd) Plymouth Meeting, cousin Susan, Edward Foulks, Charles ‘Foulkes’?, J. Brown and Peter (Brown?), (4th) Levi, Mr. Morrises, Paulings, S. Grodman (Goodman?), Mr. Vaughn, (5th) Sam Caspar, Sam Ott, (6th)Uncle George, Cap’t Maxwell, (7th) St. Campbell, Naomi, (8th) Elizabeth Gillny, Chas. Smith, (9th) Rawle & Mdth (Meredith?), Clayton & Cooper, (10th) Leidoun, J. Stadleman, D.B. Smith, Charles Smith, (11th) Stephen Paschall, (12th) J. Burn, (17th) Mrs. Gaskil & Miss Price, (18th) Aunt Elizabeth, (19th) John Diehl, Goodman, (20th) Gainor (Roberts), Uncle George (Roberts), (21st) David Roberts, P. Tunis (?), (22nd) Hestons, (23) Moth (mother?) & Len, Warringtons(?), John Wistan (Wistar?), (26th) Jesse George, MARCH: (1st) Aunt Jane & Mary Mear (?), H. Hopkinson, (2nd) Chas(?) Smith, John Leadom, (3rd) John Fisher, J. Hansell, C. Leland, J. Wistar from Germantown, (5th) C. Smith, (6th) Gainor, (7th) John Smith, J. Whiteman, J. Fisher, (8th) Ralph Davis, (9th) Hallowells, Snyders, (10th) Hagys, (11th) John Bowman, (14th) West Chester Road, (15th) Wire(?) Bridge, (17th) Banks failed, (18th) Moyamensing Bank failed , (19th) Aunt Tacy (?), Hubert, (20th) J. McCollum, (22nd) Ellen Kirby, (24th) Jarrets, (26th) J. Morris, (28th) John Coates, (30th) Helen Kirby, (31st) Rose Darling APRIL; (1st) C. Whiteman, Thomas Reynolds, (2nd) Ellen Kirby, (4th) R. Lukins, Bill Leutz, Griffith Jones, (15th) Harriton, (18th) P. Jones, (19th) David Roberts, (22nd) L. Smith SEPTEMBER; (19th) Joe Ott, (21st) James Gowin OCTOBER; (1st) Fisher Whiteman, (8th) R. Lukins, END OF DIARY.
Call Number: R0165