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Roberts Family Collection

Author: Algernon B. Roberts
Title: Personal Cash Book of Algernon B. Roberts
Place of Publication/Source: Original document
Date: 1897-1900
Extent of Work/Condition: Special notes beginning February, 1897; Journal starts Jan. 1, 1900; The Journal ends here, July 23, of an unspecified year. There are several blank pages followed by stubs of pages which have been removed from the book
Series Title/Volume:
Collection: Roberts
Notes/Abstract: (Page 1): Received legacy Feb. 1897, $10,000, Income: G.B.R. estate, 1897, $5350, ditto 1898, $12,502.28, ditto 1899, $11,345.81, Cash Legacies from Rebecca Roberts estate and Gainor Roberts estate (combined) $3993.20, (Page 2): Debit, Year beginning Jan.1, 1900: D.E.W. & Co., West End, E. & P. (Erie and Pitsburgh stock, (Page 3): Credit, Ill. Cent. Ry Stock, Princeton Club, Choctaw, Ill. Central, Red Point Farm, Republican Club, Helena Montana Bonds, Princeton Club, West Chester Lighting Co., (Page 4): Erie and Pittsburgh, Lumbermans Ins. Co., Harrisburgh Ports & Mt. Joy, Choctaw coupons, Newark Gas, Toledo W—-, Cambria & Clearfield, Piedmont & Cumberland, Te — R.R. — of St. Louis, Illinois Central, Fairmount Park Tract, Erie and Pittsburgh, West Jersey, Phila Electric, St. Louis Merchants Bridge, West End, Mary R. Jones estate, N.Y.S. & W.C, West Chester Lighting Co., Newark Gas, Erie and Pitts, (Page 5): Fairmount Park Tract, P.C.C. & St. L., St. Louis Bridge, N.Y.S. & ?, West Chester Light Co., S.H. & W., Consol N.J. Tract, Consumers Board Co., Phila Elec, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, Toledo & Walhonding?, City of Helena, Cambria & Clearfield, Piedmont & Cumberland, Trans? Ass of St. Louis, West ? Trust Co. of Penna, Ill Cent, Ground Rent (R. Wilson), Ill Cent, B. & E. Con–, West End Trust, West Jersey & SS, PRR, Lumbermans Ins. Co., Erie and Pittsburgh, Harrisburgh ?— & Mt. Joy, Newark Gas, Girard, West End Trust, Illinois Central, F.C. Morgan, Jersey Collateral Trust , (Page 6): B & O, Helena, Consol N.J., Choctaw, West Va & Cen Pitts, Cambria & Clearfield, Newport & Cinn Bridge, Harris Prts & Mt. Joy, Brian ?, Lumbermans Ins. Co., U.S Steel, Girard Trust, Piedmont Cumberland, Ill. Cent., Piedmont & Cumberland, Fairmount park Trans, W.J.S.S.?, Buff & Roch & Pitts, Phila Elec, West End Div, Merion Title & Trust, Ground rent – Wilson, J.S. Rosengarten, N.Y.S., N.J. Consol (Page 7): 1901 Girard, Merion Title and Trust Co., Princeton Pub? Co., Harisburgh & Lancaster Ry. Co, Bala & Bryn Mawr Turnpike, Cambria & Clearfield, Newport & Ann Bridge, Toledo, W. Sh? & O, Chi. St. Louis & Pitts, S.H.& W., Buff. Roch & W.,West Virginia Coal & Pitts, Princeton Gym, A.M. Tool, Shamen (?)ticket , Life Insurance, Drexel & Co, (Page 8): 1901 Westchester Lighting, St. Louis Bridge, Newark Consol Gas, Chicago, St. Louis & Pitts, LH. & W., Jersey Cent & Reading, PCC & St, R. Stockton European Trip, P.R.R. Div., Erie & Pitts, (Page 9): Condensed statement for 1901: Mary R. Jones, Girard Trust, Princeton Gym, Merion Title & Trust Co. (Page 10): 1902: T.W.V.& O, West Va Caent, Cambria & Clear, New Port & Cinn Bridge, Toledo & ? ? , Choc. Ock & Gulf, City of Helena, Lumbermans Ins. Co., GBR estate, Harrisburgh Port & Mt. Joy, N.Y.S.& W., Pied & Cumberland, Illinois Central, Erie & Pitts Div, W.J. & SS Div, Buffalo Roch & Pitts, Fairmount Park Tract, Pied & Cumberland, Phila Elec, P.C.C. & St.L., C. st. L. & P, Read Co. (Page 11): 1902 Tacoma Wash , CSL, Girard Trust, Prestin Baker, Baker & Dallett, architects, Girard Trust, R.A, Morris, Lower Merion News (Page 12): 1902: Mortgage Trust Co., Merion Title Div., West End Div, Jr ? Slaw, P.R.R.Div, N.Y.P& W, & West, Neward Pars?, City of Tacoma, West Chester Lighting Co., M.R. Jones Est. from City condemnation for Filtration Plant, Hps Port & Mt. Joy, Lumbermans, T.WV & D, Cambria & Clearfield, G.B.R. Estate, Harris & Lan?, Peid & Cum, St. Louis Tr? ?, Ill Cent, (Page 13): 1902 continued: Ill Cent, Lower Merion News (Page 14): 1902 continued: Erie & Pittsburgh, Phila Elect, West End, Merion Title, Mort Trust of Pa., Buffalo Roch & Pitts, Cambria & Clear, S.H.& W., C. St. L & P., P.C.C. ? L., Norf & West Por? Coal, West Va Coal, St. Louis mer Bridge, Ches & Ohio? Consol Gas, West Chester St. Co, Choc Ock & Gulf, City of Helena, Reading Co, City of Tacoma, Piedmont & Cumberland, Sale of Red Point Farm ? (Page 15): blank (Page 16): Statement of 1902 credits (Page 17): Statement of 1902, debits (Page 18): 1903: Harris. Pitts & Mt. Joy, Cambria & Clear., Toledo & Wal Vy RR, Kules (Nules?) Carr, City of Helena, Toledo & Wal Vy, Choctaw, West Va Cent, Newport & Cinn Bridge, Pied & Cumberland, Chesp & Ohio, Fairmoumt Pk Trolley, Buffalo Roch & Pitts, Lumbermans Ins Co., Erie & Pits, Ill Central, McElhaney, Consumers B—? Bond, ?Slair & Slairck?) Stelwgon, West Jersey, Phila Elect, Ill Cent Warrants, West End Trust ( 2 loans) (Page 19): Girard Trust, E.B.E.R, William McElhaney, Lower Merion News, E.B.E.R., Wolfe, on account of house, Batler & Dallet?, E.B.E.R., Girard Trust, Makin Hrahing?, Girard Trust, E.B.E.R, Girard Trust, E.B.E.R., Girard Trust, Emerson (house), Wolfe (house), Lower Merion Pub. Co., Supplee, Klander, Harch, E.B.E.R., Norristown Trust Co., E.B.E.R., Girard Trust Co., Atlantic City Trip, Girard Trust , Fidelity Sh?, Girard Trust (Page 20): 1903 continued: S.H. &W, PCC & St.L, St.L N? Bridge, Reading Co., C St.L & P, West End, Merion Title, S.H.& W>, City of Tacoma, Norf & West & poc? C?, N.J. C?, Newark Gas, West Chester Light, P.R.R, West End Trust Co., Norristown Tust Co. Erie & Pitts, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, Cambria & Clear, West Va Cent & Ptts, Toledo & Wal Vy, Newport & Cinn Bridge, City of Helena, Toledo & Wal Vy, Cambria & Clear, Harris Ports & Mt Joy (Page 21): Wolfe, Class Assessment, E.B.E.R., Cassia Lodge subscription, Sharpless & Watts?, Miss Bisman (nurse), Girard Trust, Emerson Plumbing, Evans (papering house), E.B.E.R., Duncan & Crosby, Wolfe, Baker & Dallett, Dr. Davis, Dr. Dercum, Evans, Sharpless & Watts, Girard, E.B.E.R., Lower Merion Pub. Co. (Page 22): Lumbermans Ins. Co., Consumer Br?, Peidmont & Cumberland, Trans R.R. of St. L., Ill. Cent, Fairmount Park Tract, Buffalo Roch & ?, C & O, J.G. R & A.L.?, Phila Elect, West Jersey & ?, P.C.C.& St.L , C. St.L & P., Reading Co., St. Louis Mer Bridge, S.H. & W Bonds, C. & O, Lower Merion Pub. Co., Mort? Trust Co., West End ? , Merion T & H. Trust?, Lower Merion Pub. Co. (Page 23): Girard Trust, Gray Bros. stable, Shooting Trip, Note of Lower Merion Pub. Co., Girard Trust, E.B.E.R., Shooting Trip, E.B.E.R., West End, Baker & Dallett, Dikes (bill for house), D.E. Williams for coal, Girard Bank, ? to fire Co., E.B. E.R. (extra for house) W. H. Clark (horses), E.B.E.R., Gray Bros, Lower Merion Pub. Co., A. D. Hallman Brothers, E.B.E.R., Lower Merion Pub. Co, Cam? (Page 24): City of Taco (Page 25): Girard Bank, Baker & Dallett, Hartman , E.B.E.R., Trip to Cuba?, Wolfe, Lower Merion News, Cuba trip, Girard, ma, West Chester Light, Newark C ? Tract, Norf & West & Pr Cal?, Consol Tract N.J., P.R.R., Erie & Pitts (Page 26): Notation of Actual income for year 1903, (Page 27): 1903 Expenditures (Page 28): Starting 1904. Ches & Ohio, Harrisburgh, Port & Mt. Joy, Lumbermans Ins. Co., Norristown Trust Co. City of Helena, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, Toledo Wal. Vy?, Cam & Clear, Erie & Pitts, Pied & Cumberland, Tram Acs of St. Lewis?, Newport & Cinn Bridge,Ill Cent., West End Trust, Erie & Pitts, Fairmount Pk. Trans, M.J.& S.S., Phila Elect, B.R. & P., ReadingCo, P.C.C & M.L., St. L. & Mer. Bridg, C. St.L. & P. (Page 29): Girard Trust, E.B.E.R., Lower Merion Pub.Co., West End, E.B.E.R., Girard Tust, D.C.Gotbury? (Lower Merion Casse), A.L. Fowler, Girard Trust (several entries), E.B.E.R., ditto, West End, Lower Merion Pub. Co., E.B.E.R., ditto, West End Loan (Page 30): Merion Title, Mortgage Trust of Pa., West End, N.Y.S.& W. , Newark Consol Tract, West Chester Lighting Co., City of Tacoma, Norf & West & ?ock Coal, Penna R.R., ?Eni & Pitts, ?Consol N.J., Cam & Clear, T.W.V.&O., City of Tacoma, Norristown Trust, Choc Ock ? & Gulf, T.W.V.&O., Cam & Clear, West Va Cent & Pitts, Lumberman’s, Harrisburgh & Pitts & Mt Joy, Newport & Cinn Bridge (Page 31): Lower Merion Pub Co, Girard Trust, EBER, Girard Trust, 3000 Japanese Bonds, Girard Trust (4 entries), EBER, L.M. Pub.Co.EBER, Gi Money, Girard Trust, West End, Lower Merion Pub Co, Trooper & Sauderton Electric Ry Co (2 entries), EBER, Jap 0%Bond, L.M.Pub Co., Ins Co of N.A. sub to AllIance Ins co, L.M. Pub Co, Alliance Insurance Co. , Girard Trust, EBER, Republican Club, Alliance Ins. Co, (Page 32): Pied & Cumberland, Tram Association of St. Louis, Harrisburgh Ports & Mt. Joy, Erie & Pittsburgh, Ill Cent, B.R.&P., West Jersey, Fairmount Park Trans, Girard Trust Co, Phila Elec, Reaading Co, C.St.L.& Pitts, P.C.C.& St.L, St. Louis Mer Bridge, Jap, West Jersey ?, West End, Mortgage Trust, Merion Trust, Merion Title & Trust, Wilson (mortgage), Ill Central, P.R.R. (Page 33): Girard Trust, Skippack Trolley, L.M. Pub Co (Page 34): Norf & West, Newark Gas, City of Tacoma, West Chester Lighting, Consol Tract of N.J. (Page 35): blank (Page 36): 1904: Recap of income for 1904, Value of Securities, Life Insurance recap (Page 37): Expenses paid, Debts outstanding (Page 38): 1905: Camb & Clearfield, J.W.V., Newport & Cinn Bridge, Choctaw Oklahoma Gulf,T.W.V. & O, City of Helena, West Va Cent & P., Cam? & Clear, City of Helena, Pied & Cum, Tram A? of St Louis, J.W.R., Ill Cent, Fairmount Pk Tract, Buffalo Roch. & Pitts, N.J. & SS ?, 4 Jap, Reading Jer Cent,Phila Elec, Jersey Cent Reading, C St. L & P, St. Louis Mer Bridge, P.C.C.& St.L (Page 39): Girard, EBBR, Mitcheson for Rickam et al, Lower Merion Pub. Co., EBBR, West End (Page 40): Mortgage Trust, Merion Title, West End, P.R.R., West Chester Tract, City of Tacoma, Newark Gas, Norf & West, ? N.J., Noristown Trust, Newport & Cinn Bridge, City of Helena, Choctaw Oc & Gulf, T.W>&V., Camb & Clear, Lumberman Ins (Page 41): Micheson Peckam et al, West End, Lower Merion Pub Co, EBER, West End, Girard Trust -2 entries, L.M.P. Co, L.M.P. Co, EBBR, Mitcheson Peckam et al, O.L. Knehl for ?, West End, EBER, Princeton Club, L.M.P. Co, West End Trust, West End trust, L.M.P. CO, Girard Trust, EBER, L.M.P. Co, Dr. Davis, Gray Bros, EBER (Page 42): Ill Cent, B.R.& P., Fairmount Park Tract, N.J &St, Pied & Cum, Trans ? of St Louis, Phila Elec, G.C.G., Reading, Pied & C, Jap (2 entries), C. St. L & P, St L Mem Bridge, P.C.C.& St. L, Merion Trust, West End, West of Pa, P.R.R., C ? N.J. Tract, West Chester , New Gas, Norf & Wet P.C., Tacoma (Page 43): Spring Lake Cottage, Funeral of little R.B.R., Rev. Me. Wright, West End, EBER, West End, L.M.P. Co, EBER (for nurse), Spring Lake Cottage, ? to Canada, Funeral little A.R. , EBER, L.M. Pub Co, L.M. P. Co, EBER, L.M.P. (4 entries), EBER, Dr. Henson,Dr. Senico, Dr. Griffith, Burial Lot @ Ch of Redeemer (Page 44): no entries (Page 45): West End Trust, L.M.P, West End, M? Co, EBER, John Wanamker, L.M.P. Co. (Page 46): Accounting of Receipts for 1905 (Page 47): Accounting for funds paid out in 1905 (Page 48): 1906: Newport & Cinn Bridge, Norristown Trust, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, City of Helena, Toledo & Wal Vy, Cambria & Clear, West Va & Pitts, Camb & Clear, T.W.V.& O., City of Helena, Lumberman’s Ins Co, Ill Cent, Alliance Ins Co, West End, Piedmont & Cumberland, Ill, Fairmount Pk Trans, M.J. Ess ? (Page 49): EBER, Montgomery National Bank, L.M.P, Penn? Water Co, West End (4 entries), EBER, L M. P., D.C. Gil? Manayunk work, EBER, L.M.R., Penn? Water Co, L.M.P., Painting of A.R., EBER, West End (Page 50): Phila Elec, P.C.C. & St.L, C. St. L. & P, St. L. Mem Bridge, Jersey Club, B.R. & P., N.J. & SS ?, N.Y.S. & ?, Merion Title, West End, Penna Mortgage Trust, P.R.R., Ill. Cent, Consol N.J., West Chester Lighting, Newark Gas, City of Tacoma, Norf & Wash, West End Trust, Norristown Trust, Mont Bank, Newort & Cinn Bridge, Cambria & Clear, T.W.V. & O, Choc Ock Gulf, City of Helena,Camb & Clear, West V & Pitts, T.W.V. & O (Page 51): L.M.P (2 entries), EBER, West End, Phila Life Ins Co, L.M.P. (Page 52): Lumberman’s Ins Co., West End, Pied & Cumb, Tran Ass of St.L, West End, Pied & Cumb, Wst End, Fairmount Park Trans, W.S. & S.S., N.Y. Real Estate Syndicate, P.C.C., C. St.L & Pitts, St. Louis Mer Bridge, Reading Co. Jap C, West End, Morgage Trust, Merion Trust, N.Y. S & W, Montgomery Bank, P.R.R. (Page 53): blank (Page 54): West Chester Lighting, Newark Gas, Tacoma, Norf & West P ? (Page 55): blank (Page 56): 1906 Assets Listing (Page 57): blank (Page 58): 1907: West Va Cent & Pitts, City Of Helena, Choc Ock & Gulf, Camb & Clear, Newport & Cinn Bridge, Norristown Trust, Camb & Clear, Lumberman’s Ins Co, Fairmount Park Trans, N.J. & SS, Phila Elec, sale of wagon, PCC & W.L, C St. L & P, St. L Mer Bridge, Reading (Page 59): blank (Page 60): Merion Trust, N.Y.S. & W., West End, Mortgage Trust, N.J Consol Track, City of Tacoma, Norf & West Pock ? Coal, Newark Gas, West Chester Lighting, Newport & Cinn Bridge, Norristown Trust, B.R.& P., City of Helena, Choc Ock & Gulf, Camb & Clear, T. Wal Vy & Ohio, West Va. Cent & Pitts, Monty Nat Bk, Toledo & Wal Vy, Camb & Clear, Lumberman’s Ins. Co. (Page 61): blank (Page 62): Pied & Cumberland, Trans Ass. of St. Louis, B.R.&P., Piedmont & Cumberland, Fairmount Pk Trans, W. J. & S.S., Phila Elec, P.C.C., St. L. Mem Bridge, Reading Jersey Cent., Merion Trust, Penna R.R., Mortgage Trust, Penna. R.R., West End Trust,Sale of home, P.R.R., Mort Trust Co., Behn Com., West Cheser Lt. (Page 63): blank (Page 64): blank (Page 65): blank (Page 66): Norristown Trust, West Va. Central, City of Tacoma, City of Helena, Toledo & Wal V?, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, Montgomery Nat, Lumbermans, Alliance ?, Phila Life?, Peidmont & Cum (2 entries), Trans Ass. of St.L. , Nixon Paper Co., Fairmount Pk, B.R.& P., West Jersey, Phila Elec, Penna ?, Chic St L & P, P.C.C.& St. L, Tifer? Mining, Consumers B?, Reading Co (Page 67): blank (Page 68): West End, Merion Trust, (spent month of May in Europe), Norf & West, Newark Gas, West Chester lt., City of Tacoma, P.R.R., Noristown Trust Co., City of Helena, Toledo Walh???, West Va Cent? & Pitts, Choctaw Ock & Gulf, T.w.V? & Ohio
Call Number: R0185