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Lower Merion Joint Task Force Study and Review of the Lower Merion Library System 1981 027.6 LOW
The Lincoln library of essential information 1926 031 LIN
Carey, Mathew The American museum [1787] 051 AME
Burcaw, George Ellis Introduction to museum work, 3rd ed. 1975 069 BUR
Kyvig, David E; Marty, Myron A; American Association for State and Local History Nearby history: exploring the past around you c1982 069 KYV
Bloombury Auctions J. T. Snider Collection 11/19/2008 070.5 BLO
Spahr, Boyd Lee Philadelphia: its historic position as a publishing center. An address 1952 070.5 SPA
Fonzi, Gaeton; Annenberg, Walter H Annenberg: a biography of power 1970 070.924 ANN
PA Historical Survey; PA Historical Commission A checklist of Pennsylvania newspapers 1944 071 PEN
Wynnewood Valley News 1948-64 071 WYN
Hoffman, Elizabeth P In search of ghosts: haunted places in the Delaware Valley c1992 133.1 HOF
Adams, Charles J., III Montgomery County Ghost Stories 2000 133.1097 ADA
Penn, William; Bronner, Edwin B William Penn, 17th century founding father: selections from his political writings 1975 153 PEN
Bunyan, John The pilgrim’s progress from this world to that which is to come: delivered under the similitude of a dream n.d. 244 BUN
Trapp, Maria Augusta Around the year with the Trapp family c1955 264.021 TRA
Episcopal church The Book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church 1977 264.03 EPI
Father Divine The Marriage of Father & Mother Divine 1948? 267.1 DIV
Father Divine An Introduction to the Teaching of Father Divine 1955 267.1 DIV
Father Divine The Condescension of God as Revealed by Father Divine 1957 267.1 DIV
Father Divine Father Divine: His Words of Spirit Life & Hope 1961 267.1 DIV
Father Divine A treatise on overpopulation 1967 267.1 DIV
Father Divine Father Divine’s sermon before the verdict at Mineola, L.I., N.Y. 1970 267.1 DIV
Father Divine Father Divine and the Peace Mission Movement: Index 1974 267.1 DIV
Father Divine The New World of Rightiousness as Lived and Taught by Father Divine c. 1964 267.1 DIV
Father Divine The Peace Mission Movement as explained by Father Divine c.1955 267.1 DIV
Father Divine Here’s the Answer c.1962 267.1 DIV
Mother Divine The Peace Mission Movement: founded by M.J. Divine…as explained by Mrs. M.J. Divine, better known as Mother Divine c1982 267.1 DIV
Father Divine The New Day: an introduction to Father Divine and the Peace Mission Movement 1965-1974 267.1 NEW
Mosheim, Maclaine, Coote, Gleig An ecclesiastical history 1834 270 MOS
All Saints’ Church (Wynnewood, PA) Prepared for us to walk in the history of All Saints’ Church, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, 1911-1986 c1986 272.83 KRA
Magee, James Francis; Magee, George Washington An American student abroad from the letters of James F. Magee 1932 274.811MAG
Wilson, Robert H Philadelphia Quakers, 1681-1981: a tercentenary family album c1981 280 WIL
Barrett, Joseph P; Grimes, Edwin T The sesquicentennial history of Saint Denis Parish, 1825-1975 an Augustinian suburban parish with roots deep in the past 1975 282 BAR
Centennial Committee St. Colman Parish Church—1907-2007 2007 282 COL
Faris, John Thomson Old churches and meeting houses in and around Philadelphia 1926 282 FAR
Coordinated by Ceane Rabada Church of St. Margaret 1900-2000 100th Anniversary 2001 282 MAR
Edited by Mary Curly, Gerald Francis, Denise H. Francis Saint Matthias Parish—Our History and Our Heritage 1906—2006 2006 282 MAT
Blimm, Miriam Quinn Our Mother Of Good Counsel Parish Community—1885 A Century of Faith and Service 1985 1985 282 OUR
St. Denis Parish St. Denis Parish—A Community Built on Faith and Tradition 1825-2000 2000 282 STD
Archdiocese of Phila; Fr Philip G. Bochanski, general ed. Our faith-filled heritage: The church of Philadelphia bicentennial as a diocese 1808-2008 c2007 282.74 OUR
Horowitz, Gwen, ed. Lower Merion Synagogue—The Story of our First 50 Years 2004 283 HOR
Our Lady of Lourdes Church Our Lady of Lourdes Church Centennial 1894—1994 1994 283 OUR
Roberts, Joan Church The Church of St. Asaph: our first one hundred years, 1888-1988 c1992 283 ROB
Walker, Gavin Morton Lower Merion Baptist church, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania [1808-1933] 1933 283 WAL
Pfaff, J. Alfred, photographer Through a Glass Lightly—Our Treasured Legacy of Stained Glass Windows 2008 283.1 PFA
Poorman, Don First Presbyterian Church of Ardmore—Our Heritage, Our Life 2008 283.1 POO
Coates, E. Osborne An historical sketch of the Church of the Good Shepherd: Rosemont, Pennsylvania, 1869-1934 1934 283.748 COA
Pleasants, Henry The history of old St. David’s Church, Radnor, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania c1907 283.748 PEN
Reid, Legh Wilbur History of St. Mary’s Church, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, 1887-1937 1937 283.748 REI
Willoughby, Anne E. Overbrook Presbyterian Church: the church at the crossroads: a history of the building and community 1989 283.748 WIL
Gough, Deborah Mathias Christ Church, Philadelphia-the nation’s church in a changing city c1995 283.7481 GOU
Warner, Robley A. Historical sketch of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. Paul’s Church, Ardmore, 1765-1915 284.1748 WAR
Wilson, David L. Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, Ardmore, Pennsylvania, through two hundred years, 1765-1965 1965 284.1748 WIL
Best, Hugh Spirit of a century: 100 years of The Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 1973 285.1 BES
Minchin, Lester W., Editor The place where thy glory dwells: the story of Overbrook Presbyterian Church, 1890-1958 1958 285.1 PLA
Pollard, James A. Zion Baptist Church 100th Anniversary, 1895-1995 1995 285.1 POL
Perry, William Graves The old Dutch burying ground of Sleepy Hollow in North Tarrytown, New York a record of the early gravestones and their inscriptions 1953 285.7747 FIR
Hinke, William John A history of the Tohickon Union church, Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania with a copy of church records 1925 285.7748 HIN
Ashbridge, Elizabeth Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge c. 1800 289.6 ASH
Comfort, Tolles, Barnes, Bronner The Quakers: a brief account of their influence on Pennsylvania, Rev. and reissued with additions 1986 289.6 COM
Irish Manuscripts Commission; Eustace, P. Beryl; Goodbody, Olive C Quaker records, Dublin: abstracts of wills 1957 289.6 EUS
Committee of Arrangements Bi-Centennial anniversary of the Friends’ Meeting-House at Merion, Pennsylvania, 1695-1895 1895 289.6 FRI
Garrett, Alfred Cope A short life of Stephen Grellet (1773-1855), Pocket ed. 19— 289.6 GRE
Hires, Charles Elmer A short historical sketch of the Old Merion Meeting House, Merion, Pa. 1917 289.6 HIR
Loukes, Harold Discovery of Quakerism 1960 289.6 LOU
Merion Preparitive Meeting of Friends 1695-1895, Bi-centennial anniversary of the Friends’ Meeting House at Merion, Pennsylvania 1895 289.6 MER
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Silent witness: Quaker meetinghouses in the Delaware Valley, 1695 to the present 1997 289.6 PHI
Warner, Ernest Jordans: a Quaker shrine past & present; with a brief outline of the faith, doctrine and the practice of the Society of Friends 1921 289.6 WAR
PA Historical Survey Inventory of church archives Society of Friends in Pennsylvania 1941 289.67 PEN
Weisbrot, Robert Father Divine 1984, c1983 299.93 WEI
Weisbrot, Robert Father Divine and the struggle for racial equality c1983 299.93 WEI
Speer, Margaret Bailey Recollections of Miss Speer / edited by Trina Vaux c1990 305 VAU
Sharp, Joshua Bailey’s Washington almanac, for the year of Our Lord 1823?—1835? 310 BAI
Ramage, Michael S., J.D., compiler 1890 Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) Veterans Census Index c2003 317.48 RAM
United States Bureau of The Census 1850 census, Lower Merion Township 1850 317.48 UNI
United States. Bureau of The Census Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790, Pennsylvania 1908 317.48 UNI
Gale, Augusta Raymond Those incredible years c1987 320.9748 GAL
McCaffery, Peter When bosses ruled Philadelphia: the emergence of the Republican machine, 1867-1933 c1993 324.2748 MCC
Klett, Guy S; PA Historical Association The Scotch-Irish in Pennsylvania 1948 325.2 KLE
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus An accompaniment to Mitchell’s reference and distance map of the United States 1845 327.48 MIT
PA. Dept. of General Services The Pennsylvania Manual 1998 328.748 PENN v.113
O’Mara, Margaret Pugh Flight or fight: metropolitan Philadelphia and its future 2001 330.97 OMA
Sullivan, William Arnold The industrial worker in Pennsylvania, 1800-1840 1955 331.09748 SUL
Ashbrook, William S. The Provident life and trust company of Philadelphia, Pa Incorporateed third month 22nd, 1865 1915 332.14 ASH
Philadelphia Stock Exchange Souvenir history: Philadelphia Stock Exchange 1903 332.6 PHI
Lief, Alfred Family business, 1st ed. 1968 338.761 LIE
Veale, Frank R Family business 1981 338.761 VEA
Lewis, John Frederick Thomas Spry, lawyer and physician: the first attorney admitted to practise under English law in the Delaware River settlements 1932 340 SPR
Wurts, John S. Magna charta, Crown ed. 1945 342.42 WUR
Bryce, James Bryce The American commonwealth (New ed., completely rev. throughout, with additional chapters) 1910 342.73 BRY
Township Planning Commission The Development of Real Estate in Lower Merion Township 1936 352.96 LOW 1936
Lower Merion PA Township Planning Commission A plan for Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, April, 1937 1937 352.96 LOW 1937
Leswing, Christopher; Natural Lands Trust; Campbell Thomas & Assoc. Open Space & Environmental Resource Protection Plan for Township of Lower Merion 2006 352.97 LES
Lower Merion township Planning Commission A plan for the growth of Lower Merion Township 1954 352.97 LOW
Lower Merion township Planning Commission Background Studies and Comprehensive Plan 1979 1979 352.97 LOW
Lower Merion township, Montgomery co., Pa Ordinance no. 640 The Lower Merion zoning ordinance of 1927, as amended 1939 352.97 LOW 1939
Lower Merion Township Planning Commission Issues Report: Relating to the preparation of a comprehensive, preservation, infill and redevelopment plan 2010 352.97 LOW 2010
Smith, Allen H. A new look at Lower Merion Township 1955 352.9748 SMI
Hope, Melissa Bala Cynwyd Story: Development of a Suburban Landscape 2006 353 HOP
League of women voters An inside look at Lower Merion and Narberth 1981 353 LOW
Yellow Book Yellow book community telephone directory—Merion-Narberth, Penn Valley, Bala Cynwyd 1968-69 353 YEL
Yellow Book Yellow book community telephone directory—Merion-Narberth, Penn Valley, Bala Cynwyd 1969-70 353 YEL
Yellow Book Yellow book community telephone directory—Merion-Narberth, Penn Valley, Bala Cynwyd 1969-70 353 YEL
PA The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: as established by the general convention held at Philadelphia, July 15th, 1776… 1776 353.9748 CON
Smull, John Augustus; Smull, William P., Cochran, Miller, Baker Smull’s legislative hand book and manual of the state of Pennsylvania [186 ]-1921/22 1860s -1922 353.9748 SMU
Bureau of municipal research, Philadelphia; Lower Merion Twp Commissioners The government of Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania 1922 353.974812 LOW
Montgomery County Commissioners Montgomery County, a governmental picture 1942 353.974812 MON
Becton, Julius W. 1926- Becton: autobiography of a soldier and public servant / by Julius W. Becton, Jr. c2008 355.0092 BEC
Hawkins, Alexander, Col. Tenth Pennsylvania Voluntary Infantry 1898-1899 1963 355.09 HAW
Gropman, Alan L. Air Force integrates, 1945-1964 1978 358.4 GRO
Ferrell, Frank; Ferrell, Janet; Wakin, Edward Trevor’s place: the story of the boy who brings hope to the homeless, Rev. ed., 1st Harper & Row pbk. Ed 1990 361.7 FER
Berry, Theodore Joseph The Bryn Mawr Hospital, 1893-1968 c1969 362.1 BER
Berry, Theodore J A country doctor’s dream c1992 362.11 BER
Reed, Robert Carroll Train wrecks: a pictorial history of accidents on the main line, 1st ed. 1968 363.12 REE
Teeters, Negley K. Scaffold and chair: a compilation of their use in Pennsylvania, 1692-1962 1963 364.66 TEE
Cassia Lodge No. 273 By-Laws of Cassia Lodge No. 273 F. and A. M. June, 1924 366.1 CAS
Winter, Louis R. A history of the first hundred years, 1853-1953: Cassia Lodge No. 273, Free and Accepted Masons held at Ardmore, Pennsylvania 1952 366.1 WIN
The Merion Cricket Club, 1865-1965, being a brief history of the club for the first hundred years of its existence 1965 367 MER
Reilly, Charles E. Memories of Merion: a personal prospective, 1st ed. 1990 367 MER
The Officers and Directors of The Overbrook Golf Club History of Overbrook Golf Club, 1900-1975 1977 367 OVE
Board of Govenors, Philadelphia Country Club The history of Philadelphia Country Club, 1890-1965 1965 367 PHI
Beever, Jane Alles The history of Philadelphia Country Club, 1890-1990 c1990 367 PHI
ThePhiladelphia Club Philadelphia Club, founded 1834; charter, by-laws, officers, members 1980 367.528 PHI
The Philadelphia Country Club Philadelphia Country Club- charter, history, by-laws, officers and governors 1961 367.53 PHI
The Philadelphia Club Philadelphia Club, 1834-1984; being a brief history of the Club 1985 367.530 PHI
Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society One Hundred Years of the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society c1949 367.58 PHI
Swedish Colonial society Proceedings of the Swedish Colonial Society at the annual meeting … 1929 1931 367.9748 SWE
Swedish Colonial society The Swedish Colonial Society: Its accomplishments — its plans for the future 1944 367.9748 SWE
Insurance company of North America American fire marks: the Insurance Company of North America collection 1933 368.1 INS
PA Hall Association, Philadelphia; Webb, Samuel History of Pennsylvania Hall which was destroyed by a mob, on the 17th of May, 1838 1969 369.1 PEN
Compiled and edited by Josepine Kerrick Schilling, State Historian Pennsylvania state history of the Daughters of the American Revolution 1990 369.135 DAU
Develin, Dora Harvey Merion chapter: Daughters of the American Revolution, 1895-1919 1919 369.135 DEV
Harvey, Margaret B. Real Daughters of the American Revolution 1912 369.135 HAR
Philadelphia Union League Chronicle of the Union league of Philadelphia. 1862-1902 1902 369.15 PHI
Lower Merion School District Public Schools Directory 1923 371.2 LOW
Goldsborough, Ted Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School 1994 Alumni Directory 1994 371.21 GOL
Goldsborough, Ted Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School 1999 Alumni Directory 1999 371.21 GOL
Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School 2008 Alumni Directory 2008 371.21 GOL
Goldsborough, Ted Narberth Public School 1995 Alumni Directory 1995 371.31 GOL
Administrative staff, Teachers College, Temple University School District of Narberth 1953 371.31 NAR
Neel, Joanne Loewe Miss Irwin’s of Philadelphia: a history of The Agnes Irwin School [c1969] 372.97 NEE
Hoekstra, Frances Stokes; Shipley School (Bryn Mawr, Pa.) Courage for the deed, grace for the doing in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Shipley School, 1894-1970 1970 373 HOE
Baldwin School Baldwin School Alumnae Directory 1997 1997 373.748 BAL
Johnson, Elizabeth Forrest Addresses by Elizabeth Forrest Johnson 1938 373.74812 JOH
Neal, Heather; Hammerschmidt, Judith L A preposterous extravagance: the centennial history of the Baldwin School, 1888-1988 c1988 373.74812 NEA
Brown, Miriam Jones Friends School, Haverford, 1885-1985 c1985 377 BRO
Farraday, Clayton L. Friends’ Central School: 1845-1984 1984 377 FAR
Friends’ Central School Friends’ Central School: 75th Anniversary, 1845-1920 1920 377 FRI
Latham, Charles The Episcopal Academy, 1785-1984 c1984 377 LAT
Lawson, Edward The Haverford School: a century of service, 1884-1984 1983 377 LAW
O’Donnell, George Edward St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia: a history of the Theological Seminary of St. Charles Borromeo, 1832-1964 c1964 377 ODO
Finch, Edith Carey Thomas of Bryn Mawr, 1st ed. 1947 378 FIN
Haverford College Alumni Association Biographical catalog of the matriculates of Haverford College, together with lists of the members of the college faculty and the managers, officers and recipients of honory degrees, 1833-1922 1922 378.748 HAV
Haverford College Spirit and the Intellect: Haverford College, 1833-1983 1983 378.749 HAV
Mother Mary Christina Mother Mary Cleophas of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, president of Rosemont College, 1939-1946 1950 378.9748 MAR
Baumgardner, Mahlon J. The Allegheny Old Portage Railroad, 1834-1854 1952 384 BAU
Beebe, Lucius Morris; Clegg, Charles Hear the train blow: a pictorial epic of America in the railroad age, 1st ed. 1952 385 BEE
Bernhart, Benjamin L. Pennsylvania Railroad in the Schuylkill River Valley c 2006 385 BER
Burgess, George H; Kennedy, Miles Coverdale Centennial history of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 1846-1946 1949 385 BUR
Messer, David W. Triumph III—Philadelphia Terminal 1838—2000, 1st c2000 385 MES
Schotter, H. W The growth and development of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company…, 1846 to 1926, 2nd ed. 1927 385 SCH
Scribner’s-September 1888 Railway passenger travel, 1825-1880 c.1962 385 SCR
United States Congress Reports of explorations and surveys: to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean… 1853-56 1856 385 UNI
Alexander, Edwin P The Pennsylvania Railroad: a pictorial history, 1st ed. c1947 385.065 ALE
Davis, Patricia Talbot End of the line: Alexander J. Cassatt and the Pennsylvania railroad c1978 385.09 CAS
Jensen, Oliver Ormerod The American heritage history of railroads in America 1975 385.09 JEN
Wilson, William Hasell The Columbia-Philadelphia Railroad and its successor 1896 ; 2nd printing 1992 385.09 WIL
Alexander, Edwin P On the main line: the Pennsylvania Railroad in the 19th century, 1st ed. 1971 385.097 ALE
Jacobs, Timothy The history of the Pennsylvania railroad 1988 385.0973 JAC
Phillips, Lance Yonder comes the train 1965 385.0973 PHI
Ogburn, Sugar, Nat’l Geographic Society (U.S.); Special Publications Div Railroads: the great American adventure c1977 385.0973OGB
Bernhart, Benjamin L. and Bernhart, Dr. John L. Reading Railroad Pictorial Lines G—M c1999-2009 385.314 BER
Jonnes, Jill, 1952- Conquering Gotham: a Gilded Age epic: the construction of Penn Station and its tunnels 2007 385.314 JON
Potter, Janet Greenstein Great American railroad stations c1996 385.314 POT
Harding, George McKlean Main Line by Rail 2011 385.97 HAR
Shank, William H. The Best from American canals c1980-c1984 386.46 BES
Hahn, Thomas F The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal—pathway to the Nation’s Capital 1984 386.48 HAH
Hahn, Thomas F The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal lock-houses & lock-keepers c1996 386.48 HAH
Harlow, Alvin F; Lowell, Orson; Hoffmann, Philip J When horses pulled boats: a story of early canals c1983 386.48 HAR
Hoffman, Philip J. A picture journey along the Pennsylvania Main Line Canal, 1826-1857 1993 386.48 HOF
McCullough, Robert; Leuba, Walter The Pennsylvania Main Line Canal 1973 386.48 MCC
Shank, William H The amazing Pennsylvania canals. 160th anniversary ed. 1991, c1981 386.48 SHA
Hahn, Thomas F. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Old Picture Album 1976 386.52 HAH
Knickerbocker Club, Inc. Club Book of the Knickerbocker Club, Inc. 1989 387 KNI
Philadelphia Dept. of Wharves, Docks and Ferries Port of Philadelphia; its history advantages and facilities 1926 387.1 PHI
Curro, Evelyn Malone The American eye of Evelyn Curro 1970 388 CUR
Foesig, Harry Fox Henry E. Trolleys of Montgomery County 1968 388. FOE
United States. Bureau of Public Roads. Highways of history 1939 388.1 UNI
Shank, William H Indian trails to super highways, 3rd ed., rev. 1988 388.1097 SHA
Shank, William H Vanderbilt’s folly: a history of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, 2d ed 1973 388.12 SHA
Reist, Arthur L. Conestoga Wagon-Masterpiece of the Blacksmith c1975 388.3 REI
DeGraw, Ronald, 1942- Red Arrow: the first hundred years, 1848-1948 / by Ronald DeGraw c1985 388.4609 DEG
Strong, Sturgis and company Seventy years of America’s greatest railroad, the Pennsylvania, 1846-1916 1916 389 PEN
Musick, Ruth Ann The telltale lilac bush and other West Virginia ghost tales 1965 398.2 MUS
Hìtakonanulaxk, The grandfathers speak: native American folk tales of the Lenapé people 1994 398.2079 HIT
Bierhorst, John Mythology of the Lenape: guide and texts c1995 398.2089 BIE
McGuffey, William Holmes McGuffey’s new first[-sixth] eclectic reader c.1885 428 MCG
Heilprin, Angelo Town geology: the lesson of the Philadelphia rocks 1885 557.4811 HEI
Lapsansky, Emma Jones Black presence in Pennsylvania”making it home” c1990 572.96 LAP
McBride, David; PA Historical and Museum Commission Blacks in Pennsylvania history research and educational perspectives 1983 572.96 MCB
Darlington, William Flora cestrica 1837 582 DAR
Groskin, Horace Chimney swifts roosting at Ardmore, Pennsylvania, 2nd ed. 1945 598.899 GRO
Baumbach, Robert W Look for the dog: an illustrated guide to Victor talking machines, 1901-1929, 1st ed. c1981 608 BAU
Johnson, E.R. Fenimore His master’s voice was Eldridge R. Johnson: a biography 1975 608 JOH
Pepper Testimonial Committee The monument to William Pepper, M. D., LL. D.: its inception, completion and presentation 1900 610.69 PEP
Sotheby’s Collection of John T. Dorrance, Jr. 1989 610.9 DOR
Leo-Wolf, William Remarks on the abracadabra of the nineteenth century: or on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s homeopathic medicine 1835 610.9 LEO
Marion, John Francis Philadelphia medica, being a guide to the city’s historical places of health interest c1975 610.9748 MAR
Powell, J.H. 1914- Bring out your dead: the great plague of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793 c1993 614.541 POW
Tantaquidgeon, Gladys Folk medicine of the Delaware and related Algonkian Indians 1972 615.321 TAN
Weslager, C. A Magic medicines of the Indians 1973 615.89 WES
Eastern Railroad Presidents Conference New York World’s Fair (1939-1940). Book of the pageant, Railroads on parade 1940 621.13 HUN
Zacher, Susan M. The covered bridges of Pennsylvania: a guide 1982 624.33 ZAC
Beebe, Lucius Morris; Cleg, Charles The age of steam: a classic album of American railroading 1994 [1957] 625.2 BEE
Westing, Fred; Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation The locomotives that Baldwin built, 1st ed. 1966 625.261 WES
Gabrick, Robert Autocar—1950 Through 1987—Photo Archive c 2002 629.1 GAB
Gabrick, Robert Autocar Trucks—1899-1950 Photo Archive 2004 629.2 GAB
Holbrook, Stewart Hall Down on the farm: a picture treasury of country life in America in the good old days 1954 630.1 HOL
Wainwright, Nicholas B. History of the Philadelphia Electric Company, 1881-1961 1961 658.09 WAI
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & company Du Pont, the autobiography of an American enterprise, the story of E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company 1952 662.2 DUP
Eckhardt, George H Pennsylvania clocks and clockmakers: an epic of early American science, industry, and craftsmanship 1955 681.1 ECK
Grafly, Dorothy; Philadelphia Print Club A history of the Philadelphia Print Club 1929 686.2 HIS
Roberts, George; Roberts, Mary Howland Triumph on Fairmount: Fiske Kimball and the Philadelphia Museum of Art 1st ed. 1959 708.148 KIM
Milley, John C; Leopold-Sharp, Lynne A Treasures of independence: Independence National Historical Park and its collections, 1st ed 1980 708.4811 MIL
Art in America The Artist in America, 1st ed. c1967 709.73 ART
Faris, John Thomson, 1871-1949 Old gardens in and about Philadelphia and those who made them”First Edition” [c1932] 710.22 FAR
Hylton, Thomas Save our land, save our towns: a plan for Pennsylvania c1995 711.4 HYL
Hylton, Thomas Save our land, save our towns: a plan for Pennsylvania; photography by Blair Seitz c1995 711.40 HYL
American Institute of Architects, Philadelphia Chapter Sixteenth annual architectural exhibition, Philadelphia, 1910 1910 720.5 SIX
Feaver, Jane Seventeenth century survivors: pre-1700 buildings in the five county Philadelphia area 1982 720.9 FEA
Thomas, George E; Cohen, Jeffrey A; Lewis, Michael J Frank Furness: the complete works c1991 720.924 FUR
Seebohm, Caroline Boca Rococo: how Addison Mizner invented Florida’s gold coast / Caroline Seebohm 1st ed. c2001 720.924 SEE
Hildebrandt, Rachel and the Old York Road Historical Society Phildelphia Area Archtecture of Horace Trumbaur c2009 720.924 TRU
Feilden, Bernard M. Conservation: Historic buildings: the work of the conservation architect, Rev. softcover ed. 1994 720.94 FEI
Richman, Irwin Pennsylvania’s architecture 1969 720.97 RIC
Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. Selected Projects 1996—2008 2008 720.973 ARC
Blumenson, John J.G. 1942 Identifying American Architecture ; a pictorial guide to styles and terms, 1600-1945 1981 720.973 BLU
Maass, John The gingerbread age: a view of Victorian America 1957 720.973 MAA
Cousins, Frank; Riley, Phil M. The colonial architecture of Philadelphia 1920 724.973 COU
Wallace, Philip B. Colonial houses, Philadelphia, pre-revolutionary period [c1931] 724.973 WAL
Ludy, Robert Borneman Historic churches of the world 1926 726 LUD
Rines, Edward Francis; Colonial Dames of America Old historic churches of America: their romantic history and their traditions 1936 726.5 RIN
Wolgemuth, Rachel West Laurel Hill 2008 726.8 WOL
Harkness, Rosa; Harkness, Stewart B. A history of West Laurel Hill Cemetery [1990] 726.809 HAR
Wallace & Warner Architects The work of Wallace & Warner, Philadelphia 1930 728.23 WAL
Lewis, Arnold; Sheldon, George William American country houses of the Gilded Age (Sheldon’s”Artistic country-seats”) 1982 728.3079 AME
Shoppell, R. W Turn-of-the-century houses, cottages, and villas floor plans and line illustrations of 118 homes from Shoppell’s catalogs 1983 728.3702 SHO
Morrison, William (William Alan) The Main Line: country houses of Philadelphia’s storied suburb, 1870-1930 2002 728.3709 MOR
Ludy, Robert Borneman Historic hotels of the world, past and present 1927 728.5 LUD
Dille, Robert C; Nowlan, Phil; Calkins, Dick; Yager, Rick The collected works of Buck Rogers in the 25th century c1969 741.3 DIL
Naylor, Maria, editor Authentic Indian designs: 2500 illustrations from Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology c1975 745.44 NAY
Mrs. Sarah J. Hale// L.A. Godey Godey’s Lady’s Book 1863 746.92 GOD
Rawlings, Eleanor Hasbrouck Godey Costume Plates In Color / 24 plates printed one side only 1979 746.92 RAW
Courtney, Julie Points of departure: art on the line 2001 759 COU
Bye, Ranulph The vanishing depot 1973 759.13 BYE
Carter, Alice A The Red Rose girls an uncommon story of art and love 2000 759.13 CAR
Oakley, Violet A Sacred challenge: Violet Oakley and the Pennsylvania Capitol murals c2002 759.13 OAK
Ruggieri, Nick T; Baer, John M Pennsylvania …. a commemorative portrait 1975 759.13 RUG
Gilreath, James; Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Div The North American Indian portfolios from the Library of Congress, 1st Ed c1993 769.499 NOR
Library company of Philadelphia Made in America: printmaking. 1760-1860 1973 769.528 LIB
Rau, William H. Traveling the Pennsylvania Railroad: The photographs of William H. Rau c2002 779.96 RAU
Daly, John Jay A song in his heart [1951] 780.92 DAL
Claghorn, Charles Eugene The Mockingbird: the life and diary of its author, Sep. Winner 1937 780.92 WIN
National Society of the Colonial Dames of America; PA; Kelpius, John; Aston, Anthony Church music and musical life in Pennsylvania in the eighteenth century 1926-47 780.93 CHU
Reformed church in The United States. Das neue und verbesserte gesangbuch, worinnen die Psalmen Davids samt einer Sammlung alter und neuer geistreicher lieder 1799 783.9 NEU
Magriel, Paul David Chronicles of the American dance from the Shakers to Martha Graham, 1st paperback ed 1978, c1948 793.2 MAG
Mc Fadden, John J.W.F. Racquet Club of Philadelphia, 1889-1989 1989 796.35 RAC
Lippincott, Horace Mather History of the Philadelphia Cricket Club 1854 to 1954: Published upon the centennial of its founding 1954 796.359 PHI
Bryn Mawr Horse Show Thirty-Second Bryn Mawr Horse Show Official Catalogue 1928 798 BRY
DePiano, Margaret; DiAddezio, Stephen Devon—A pictorial history showing over 475 images 2007 798 DEP
Hyde, Christopher S. A week down in Devon: a history of the Devon Horse Show c1976 798 HYD
Ransom, J.H. Who’s who and where in horsedom: the 400 of the sport of kings [c1954] 798.4 WHO
Dix, Irving Sidney Poems of Pennsylvania, and other verses 1943 811 DIX
Jones, Mary A collection of elegiac poems: devoted to the memory of the late virtuous … Martha Thomas, late wife of Rees Thomas… 2nd ed. 1837 811 JON
Kerigan, Florence Far horizons 1984 811 KER
Read, Thomas Buchanan The wagoner of the Alleghenies: a poem of the days of seventy-six 1863 811 REA
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 Profile of genius; Poor Richard pamphlets, edited by Nathan G. Goodman for the Franklin Institute [1938] 818 FRA
Magee, George W.; Byall, Evan Bruce Hand-press papers: a selected anthology of essays 1935 824.040 MAG
Mitchell, Edwin Valentine It’s an old Pennsylvania custom 1947 909.7 MIT
Harder, Kelsie B Illustrated dictionary of place names, United States and Canada c1976 910.3 HAR
Webster’s New geographical dictionary 1972 910.3 WEB
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