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Russell Byerley Memorial World War II Collection

During World War II, Russell Byerley, a shop teacher and coach at Lower Merion High School from 1928 until 1951, continued to be in touch with his former students. This collection consists of more than 2,000 letters and pictures, most from Lower Merion High School alumni, sent to Byerley over the course of the war by 1,392 individuals.

To share the hundreds of letters he received, Byerley edited a series of wartime newsletters, and enlisted the help of the Girls’ Service League at the high school to mimeograph, fold, address, and mail them to hundreds of service men and women. When the project became overwhelming, he persuaded local newspapers, including the Main Lines Times and the Ardmore Chronicle, to publish his newsletters.

The Historical Society had only a few of Byerley’s newsletters and photographs until his son David, a LM ’46 alumnus, generously donated the original letters, which number in the hundreds. He had saved them for over fifty years.

Ted Goldsborough interviews David Byerley (4 videos, 12-13 min. each) in 2012

See the index of the materials as a PDF document

Last Name First Name Initial Letter(s) Photo Remarks Class Service
Abrams John x Lt., Navy, 1943-5
Abramson Joyce x LM ’39 Lt., 1943-4
Adam, Jr. Albert C. x LM ’44 1945
Adams Paul R. x x LM ’42 1943
Adelhelm F. Raymond re Wm.Adelhelm LM ’36 Navy, 1943
Aiken J. Marvin x LM ’37
Albany John W. x x LM ’42 Army
Albany Walter C. x LM ’33
Albrecht Richard F. x LM ’40 Air Corps, 1943-5
Aldred, Jr. Warren M. x LM ’43 1943
Alexander Howard x x Navy, 1943-5
Alexander M. Donald x 1943
Alexander P. (?) x Navy
Alexander, III C. Clinton x x LM ’38 Air Corps, 1945
Allen A. (Andrew?) W x LM ’43 Marines
Allen William (Bill) B. x LM ’44
Allen Gilpin x LM ’41 Army
Allen James x LM ’44 (?) Navy, 1943-5
Allen, Jr. Ralph M. x x LM ’35 Army, 1942
Amadio Lawrence (Lorenzo?) x LM ’40 Navy 1943-5
Ammon Al x driver 1945
Ammon Jacob A x 1944-5
Ammon John Raymond x 1942-3
Anders James M. LM ’34 Lt., Army
Anderson x Air Corps
Anderson Bill (Andy) x BB coach LMHS 1945
Andrews William x LM ’44 Navy
Andrews, Jr. Thomas W. x LM ’38 Officer, Navy
Andy x Miami Navy, 1945
Angelo card Atlantic City 1945
Angermayer Frances x “Conversion” 1945
Ankenbrand, III Frank x Navy Seabee, 1945
Armistead William (Wilie) M. x LM ’36 Army, 1942
Armstrong John x 1943
Arnold Clifford Hood x x LM ’07 Med.,1942
Arnold Henry Harley x (elsewhere) Collection LM ’03 Forces
Arnold N. Wayne x x LM ’41 Army, 1943
Ashwell Charles x Air Corps, 1943
Ashwell William (Bill) Army, 1943
Augustine Frank A. x Army, 1942-3
Augustine James x Rome,NY Army 1943
Austin, Jr. John Byron x Navy, 1942-3
Awkerman, Jr. Thomas Freeman x LM ’37 Corps
Ayers Walter x Army, 1941-3
Aylor Russell R. x LM ’43 Navy, 1942-5
Bach George K. x
Baffa Victor x x
Bailey Bette x
Bailey Guy x
Bailey Robert x
Baker Chandler x
Baker Charlotte x x
Baker Don x
Baker James x
Baker John A. x
Baker J. (Joe) F. x x
Balaity Harold E. x
Balaity Joseph x
Baldridge Ralph x x
Baldridge Richard (Dick) x
Baldridge Tom x
Baldwin Eugene William x
Baldwin Joseph C. x Mrs. Frances
Baltz Bette x
Baltz J. Herbert x
Baltz Linwood Rae x
Bargetrever R. A. x
Barker Frank x
Barnett, Jr. James x
Barone Mariano x x
Barone Michael x
Barrett, Jr. W. J. x
Barth Luther x
Bartlett Fred x
Bartlett Ned x
Barto Al B. x
Bartram Jim x
Basile Anthony x x
Basile J. (James) G. x
Bathelo C. x
Battersby Robert x
Baylor Warner x
Beals Bill and Ethel x
Beals Bill x
Beals, Jr. William J. x Article
Bechtold, Jr. Charles x x
Beck Dick (Richard) x Article
Becton Julius x x Article, 2 photos LM ’44 Army Air Corps
Becton Rose x
Beggs Jim x
Beirne Jim x x
Belber Hank x
Beltz Richard x x
Benisford John x
Benkert Charles x
Bennett Mrs. William J. x
Benninghove Norman x
Berglund Richard x
Berglund, Jr. Ernest x
Berry John x x
Bessey G. x
Betts Charles x
Beukert, III William x
Bianco Arcolino x
Bianco Marco x
Biles Don x x
Bill x Navy
Bing Clarence x x
Bingham Joe x
Bingham William (Bill) x
Binney Bob x
Bird Jack x
Bird John B. x
Bisignaro Joe x
Bisignaro Leonard x x
Bisignaro Domenic x
Blackledge William J. x x
Blair Branch x x
Blair George x
Blair Grace x x
Blair J. H. x
Blake Helen x
Blakeman Paul x
Blue Dick x
Blunt Bob x
Bock Gary x
Bodkin Crozier x
Bohem Paul x
Bolender Ted x
Bongiovanni x
Booda Charles x
Bostwick J. x
Boswell Lincoln x
Bottoms Mrs. George x re Robert Bottoms
Boucher Michael x x
Bowen C. x
Bowers Ed x
Boyd Edwin x
Boyle Leo x
Boyne Bob and Helen x
Bradford Gregory x
Bradford Jim x
Bradley Dallas x
Bradley Harold x x
Brady Pat x
Brandt Bill x
Braun Bill x
Brendlinger W. F. x
Brennan Margie x
Brennan Tom x
Breslow George x
Breslow Morton x x
Bressler D. x
Bressler R. x
Briggs George x
Briggs Harry x
Briggs Norman x
Briggs William x
Bristoll T. K. x
Brooks Marshall x
Brophy Bernard x x
Brophy James x x
Brown Allyn and Doris x
Brown Edward x
Brown Harry x
Brown Ivan x x
Brown P. x
Brown Robert x
Brown Roger x
Burdo Joe x
Burdo Sal x
Burgess George S. x x
Burgess Silas x x
Burgstrem Richard x
Burgstresser Richard x
Burne Jim x
Burns Andy x
Burns Joseph x x
Burns Loyal x x
Burns Orion S. x
Bushnell Arthur x
Butera Thomas x
Bye Richard x
Cairns, Jr. Michael J.J. x
Calhoun Jack Article
Callow Gordon (Rusty) x x 2 photos
Callow Keith x
Calvert Sam x x
Cameron George x
Campbell Arthur x
Campbell Dave x
Campbell Tom x
Campbell Willard x
Campbell William x
Campli A. x
Canfield Browning x
Canfield Robert x
Cannon John x
Capelli B. x
Capelli V. x
Capoferri L. x x
Capoporo Louis x
Cappelli Thomas (Tom) x
Cappelli Tim x
Carey Dick x
Carfrey Harry x x
Carinelli Stephen x
Carlin William J. x
Carlson Elston x
Carr Dave x
Carr John x
Carroll Robert x
Carter Frederick x
Caruso John x
Casavecchia Helen x
Casavecchia Justin x
Casavecchia Rose x
Casey Thomas x x
Casey W. J. x
Cassidy Miles x x
Cathcart Bill x x
Cavanaugh W. x
Cerio Ray x
Challen Henry x x
Chandlee William x x
Chilton John x
Chollen Henry x
Cianfrani Joseph x
Cirrito Anthony x
Claffey Peter x x
Claffey Thomas x
Claghorn Allan x
Claghorn Donald x
Claghorn Eugene x
Clark Gibb x
Clark Hugh x
Clausen Gordon x
Clay Joseph x x
Clayton Edward x Navy
Clayton Leon x x Navy
Cleaver Charles x x
Cleaver Helen x
Clements J. W. x
Clipham Sue x for Bill
Clothier. Letter
Coates Bill x
Coffman Bernard x x
Coffman Frank x x article and 2 photos
Cofiell Amos Bill x
Colehower Jack x x
Coleman P. x
Collins James Ted x
Collins Ross x
Colucci Anthony x
Conley Thomas x
Conner Ken x
Connor Tom x
Constantino Thomas x
Conti S. B. x Mrs. Conti Navy
Conway George x
Cook Kennison x x
Cooke A. L. x
Cooke Nancy x
Corino Frank x
Cornelius, Jr. Robert J. x
Cosentino Angelo x
Cosentino Dominic / Domenic x
Costello Jack x
Costello William J. obituary notice
Crafft W. M. x
Crawford Hillman W. x
Crawley Jack x
Creadick Dick x
Creen Thomas x
Crowley John x
Crowley Joseph x x
Cugnini Joe x x
Curley E. x
Curley R. x
Curran Philip x
Curry Leonard x
Curry Norman x
Curtello William x
Cusack William x
D’Ambly E. (?) x
D’Ambly Jeanne x
D’Amora Hector x
D’Aubert Irvin x x
Daniels Domenic x
Daubert Drew x x
Davie James W. x
Davies Bob x
Davis George x x
Davis James x x
Davis Ralph x
Dawson Charles x
Dawson Clarence x x
De Bona Charles x
De Bona Ernest x
De Bona Rocco x
De Felice Joe x
De Haven Jack x
De Haven, Jr. Carl D. x
De Soto Harris x
Deacon David x
Dean Kenneth article
Deery H. A. x
Del Orefice Frank x
Del Villano x
Della Rezza Anthony x
Dennis Betty Lou x
Derbyshire T. x
Derr Phaon x
Di Batista Leonard x x
Di Batista Richard x x
Di Candilo Mike x
Di Carlo John x
Di Carlo Louis x
Di Fabio Anthony x x
Di Fabio James x
Di Fabio L. x
Di Felice J. x x
Di Ferdinando John x
Di Ferdinando Pat x
Di Filarama Vincent x
Di Joseph John x x
Di Joseph Paul x
Di Lella Nick x
Di Lella Vincent x
Di Lello James x
Di Marcello x x
Di Paolo Jim x
Di Pizzo C. W. x
Dirks Elsie x
Dixon Eddie x obituary
Doherty A. O. x
Dolen John x
Donahue Ray x
Dondrea Lew x
Donnell Carroll x x
Donnelly x
Dooner Ed x
Dorenzo John x
Dorsaneo Frank x
Doster J. x
Dougherty Charles x x
Doyle J. M. x
Drakeford Oliver x
Draper William C. x
Drexler Stanley x x
Drinker Dick x
Drury Larry x
Dubin x
Dubois John x
Dugan Joseph x
Duncan David x
Duncan Dick x
Duncan G. P. x
Duncan R. G. x x
Dunigan F. x
Dwyer Thomas x x
Eakins Alan x
Eakins D. x
Eaton Jim x
Edwards R. G. x
Egan Robert Knox x
Egolf A. T. x
Elia George x x
Ellis M. L. x
Ellsworth Harry x x
Eltwyn Stanton x
Ely B. E. x
Emlet Winfield x
Emmons William x
Employee of
Engelhardt John x
Ensinger Bill x
Epps Ted x
Estel Donald and George x
Ettarre E. x
Ettinger Stan x
Evans Charles x x
Evans Don x
Evans Horace x
Evans Jack x
Everhart Robert x
Everhart William x
Ezichson B. D. x
Fabiani Fred x
Falconi Felix x
Fanell James x
Farmer Bill x
Farrell James x
Farrow Eleanor x
Fast A. x
Faulk Charles x
Faulk James x x
Faulk William x
Faussett John x x
Faut (Fant ?) Jack x
Feracco P. (Pasquale) J. x x
Ferguson William x
Ferry Hugh x
Fickes Les x
Filippani V. x
Finan Bill (William) x x
Fischer Hal x
Fitch John x
Flaherty J. P. x
Florant John x
Flynn Jim x
Flynn John x
Follmer Frank x
Foot Arthur x x
Foot Bill (William) x x
Ford Jack x
Forlano Dominick x
Forsyth Thomas M. x
Foster Herb x x
Fox John x
Fox Russ x
Fraim William x
Francis George x
Francis Jean x x
Francis William x
Franklin Bill x
Frazier Thomas obituary
Freeman H. x
Freeman S. x
Freemann John x article
Freemann Richard x
French Gordon x
Fretz Virginia x
Friel James x x
Fries Leonard x
Fritz Charles x
Gabriel John x
Gallagher Charles x
Gallagher Hugh x
Gallagher James x
Gammage Christine x
Gandy Harry x
Gane Doe x
Gane Frank x
Gane Frederick x
Gane F. Randolph x
Gane James x
Gane Robert x
Gary x
Gaspari Lou x
Gatenby W. x
Gauthey Louis x
Gavin Eddie x
Geare I. H. x
Geary Gordon E. x
Geary Paul x
George x
Gerber James and Jay x
Giangiulio Frank x
Giangiulio Jan x
Giangiulio Peter x
Gibb Jack x
Gibbs Leland x
Gibson Bell x
Giersch Herman x
Giersch Walter F. x x
Gilbert James x
Gilbert Robert x
Gile Ben x
Gilkeson B. x
Gilkeson Jack x x
Gill N. Bruce x
Gillette Louisa x
Gillette Ruth x
Ginene Lou x
Giorno Natalie x
Giuliana Ernie x
Giuliani Quinton x
Goos Guard x x Audrey and Guard
Graham J. F. x 3 photos
Graham L. K. x
Graham Loyal Young x x
Graham Robert x
Gratzinger Michael x
Grauch John F. x
Grauch Robert R. x
Grauch William F. x
Greco R. x
Green Francis x
Green Herman x x
Green John H. x x
Greenlee James x
Greenwell Jack x
Greer x
Grey George B. x
Griffis Clarence x x
Griffis R. x
Griffith Joseph x
Griffith Pane x
Griffith T. F. x
Griffiths Richard x
Griffiths W. x
Grigg Edith H. x
Grove Herbert x x
Grundy James x
Hackett Bill x
Haenn Joe x
Hager Bob x x
Haley Edmund x x
Haley Tom x
Hall Charles x
Hall Harry x
Hall Katharine x re Harry
Hallinan Edward x
Hallinan R. x
Hammonds J. x
Hammonds Reds x
Hammons Spike x
Hand George x
Hanger Elizabeth x
Hanger William x
Hanna Ted x
Hannum George x
Hannum Vernon x
Hansell E. E. x
Hansell Frederick x
Hansell Howard x x
Hansell William x x
Hanson Earl x
Hanson Elmer x
Hanson Frank x
Hardie A. Brunner x
Hardie David x x
Hardie Robert x x
Hargrove Marion x
Harmon Alice x
Harmstad Frank x
Harp Ted x
Harris Edward x x
Harrison Bill x
Harry Coleman Tily,
Hartenstine Ray x
Hartnett Walter x re Frank and Bob
Hartnett Robert x
Hawkins Mrs. H. L. x
Haws Harvey x
Hawthorne Thomas x
Hayward B. B. x
Haywood Bill x
Heard Robert x x
Heindel Greer x
Heller (Paul) x
Helveston Harold x x
Helveston Howard x
Helveston William x x
Hemmons Palmer (Spike) x
Henderson Bill x
Hendricks Bill x
Hennessy Steve x x
Hennessy Tom x
Henry Charles x
Henry Fred x
Hentosh Harold x x
Henzy Bill x
Hepburn Bill x
Herndon Richard x x
Herpst Robert x
Hess Judy x
Hewitt Charles x
Hickman Howard x
Higgins E. J. x
Hill Dan x
Hill Elmer x
Hill Eugene x
Hill G. H. x
Hill Ralph x x
Hilliard Andy x letters and obituary
Hilliard William x x
Hinchey John x x
Hinchey William x x
Hoffman Elizabeth (Bette) Mary x
Hofmann Norman x x
Hollenbach Joseph x x
Holt Dewitt x x
Holtz Harold x
Hooper Adrian x
Hope Robert x
Hopkins George x
Horkan George x
Horner J. x
Hornling Ed x
Hornung E. G. x
Horvath Stephen x
Huff Tom x
Huffine Herbert x x
Hughes F. x
Huston James x
Huston McCready x
Hutchinson Albert x x
Hutton James x letters and obituary
Hutton Bill x
Iacovelli M. x
Iademarco Joseph x
Iademarco Nicholas x
Iannotta Francis x x
Iannotta Rose x
Ingebrightsen Kjell A. x
Irwin Howard x x
Jackson James x
Jackson Van x
Jacobs M. x
Jarden Richards x
Javoronok Bill x
Jefferson Theodore x x
Jefferson, Jr. Fred x
Johnson Frank x
Johnson J. x
Johnson Thomas x
Jones James x
Jones (C.) Leonard x grave and marker
Jones Wilson x x
Junker Jules x
Kacy James x x
Kairer Marion Riley x
Kaleh George x
Kane Thomas (Florence) x
Kanzinger Courtland x
Kaplan Jerry x
Karcher Mrs. and Daniel x newspaper article
Kavanagh Mary x
Kavanagh Stan x
Keally James x x
Keating x
Keavney Jack x
Keech Doris x
Keech Marion x
Keegan Frank x
Keegan Robert x
Keeley F. x
Keeley Jerome x
Keene H. x
Kelly Charles x
Kelly George x
Kelly Lowell x
Kempf George x
Kennedy Kathleen x
Kennedy Mary x
Kennedy Tom x
Kennedy William x
Kern Francis x x
Kersch Alan x
Kerwood Charles x
Ketterer Richard x
Ketterer Robert x
Ketterer, Jr. Ted x
Ketters Theodore x
Keyser John x
Keyser Richard x
Killian Marjorie x
Kincade Thomas x letter about him
King Elaine x
Kinsey Robert x
Kistler Richard x
Kistler Robert x article
Kistler W. E. x
Klink Carl x
Klink Harry x
Kloss David x x 2 photos
Kloss R. x
Knapp George x x 2 photos
Knapp Robert x x
Knox William x x
Kocher Alwin x x
Kocher Donald x
Kohlhos David x
Kohn (“Mom”) x
Korszniak Walter x x
Kott Hunter x
Krasnoff Howard x
Kromer Franklin x
Krug Louis x
Kurtz Arthur x
Labowitz Frank x x
Laird R. x
Lamb Jerry x
Lamon John x
Lane Hank x
Lappin John x
Laville Sally Ann x
Lawler x re John and Pat
Leach Bill x
Lechentre Raymond x
Lee Kendell x
Lee Sib x x
Leech Milton x
Leech Noyes x
Leech Robert x
Lentz Merritt x
Lentz Robert x x article
Lepera Samuel x
Lerner Marvin x x
Lester Bill x x
Lewe D. x
Lewis George x
Lewis John x
Lewis Marcia x x 2 photos
Link D. x photo w/ C. Mariano
Linn Walter x
Lipman Roy x x
Listino Duino x
Littlewood Jay x
Littlewood Wallace x
Livingston Alfred x
Livingston William x
Lloyd H. x
Lockhart Jack x
Logan James x
Lomas John x x
Long Helen x
Longaker William x
Longhrey Charles x
Loosley Murray x
Loosley Ralph x x article
Loughin Harry x
Loughrey x
Loughrey Charles x x
Love Berry x 2 photos
Love Charles x
Love Donald x
Love John x
Love Matthew x
Love Mortimer x
Love Tom x x 2 photos
Lownes Joyce x
Lowrie John x
Lubin Phil x
Ludlow Alden x
Ludlow J. P.C. x
Lueders David x
Lundberg John x
Lyle Art x x
Lyle Earl x x
Lyle Ken x x
Lyle Stewart x
Lyons Nicholas x
MacDonald George x
MacFarland Hamilton x x
MacFarland Richard x
MacFarlane John x
MacGregor N. x
Mackenzie James x
MacLachlan John x
MacLees H. x
MacMullan Katharine x
MacNeill Stephen x x
Macomber Helen x
Mahan Charles x
Mahony J. x
Malickson Ephraim x
Malloy A. x
Malloy Joe x
Malony Martin x
Malson Russell x
Manni Joe x
Mantz Frank x
Marchesani Carmen x
Marchione Americus x article
Mariano Joe x
Mariano Lou x
Mariano William x
Markle Ed x
Markle George x
Martin Canada x
Martin Daniel x
Martin David x
Martin Ellwood x
Martin Elva x
Martin John x
Martin Robert x
Martin William x x
Martindale W. M. x
Mason D. Lynn x
Mason Paul x x
Mason Richard x
Mason Robert x x
Mason W. Richard x
Mastvilli Sam x
Matlack J. x
Matthews x
Matthews Hugh x
Mattioli Domenic x
Mattis Charles x
Maxwell Gene x
Maxwell Harry x
Maxwell Q. H. x
Maxwell Ted x x
McAfee Mildred x
McAllister Albert x
McAllister Lloyd x
McAndrew Mrs. William x
McCabe James x x
McCabe Jean x
McCabe Tom x
McCarthy Charles x
McCarthy Jack x
McCarthy Joseph x
McCarthy, Sgt., Jr. x
McCarty J. J. x
McCarty John x
McCarty x
McCarty Mrs. R. x
McClelland J. x
McClintock Alex x
McClintock Robert x
McCollough James (Jim)
McCollough John (Jack) S. x letters and article
McCollough Jim and Jack x x article
McConaghy James x
McConaghy John x
McConnell Donald x
McConnell H. I. x
McConnell Horace x
McConnell John x
McConnell Richmond x
McCusker Helen x
McDanaugh D. x
McDermott James x
McDermott J. E. x
McDermott J. F. x
McDermott John x x
McDermott Joseph x
McDevitt G. R. x
McDonough Tom x x
McDowell Sherwin article
McErlean John x
McFarland Joseph x x
McFarlane Thomas x
McGarvey Bill x
McGrath Alfred x
McHenry George x
McIlroy J. x
McIlroy James x
McIntire Charles x
McIntire Jim x
McIntire J. L. x
McIntosh Owen x
McIntyre Carol x
McKelvy J. S. x x
McKeon E. M. x
McKeon Jack x
McKeon John x
McKeon James x
McKeon Ted x
McLachlan John x
McLaughlin J. R. x
McLean W. J. x
McLendon H. x
McMahon James x
McMahon Tom x
McMahony John x
McMillan Larry x
McNally James x
McNally John x
McNally Joseph x x
McNally Vincent x
McNutt Sam x x
McNutt Tom x x
McPherson H. x
McQuiston Alice x
McQuiston Marie x
Mead Byron x x
Meigs Jack x x 2 photos
Melchior Charles x
Mellor Clinton x
Meyers Helen x
Meyers Lew x
Middleton Harry x
Middleton John x
Miller Charles x
Miller Earl x
Miller Edward x
Miller Edwin x
Miller E. E. x
Miller F. x
Miller Harry x
Miller James x x
Miller John x
Miller Paul x
Miller Richard x
Miller Robert x
Miller Stuart x
Milligan Roy x
Mills Stuart x x
Mincarelli Ray x
Mingus Bob x x 2 photos
Misell Bradley x
Mitchell John x
Mitchell Joseph x
Montgomery Robert x x
Montgomery William x x
Moody Charles x
Moore Jack x
Moore William x
Morgan John x
Morris W. x
Moss Ralph x
Mosteller Guy x
Mosteller John x
Moton Robert x
Mowry Robert x
Moxon Leslie Neil x x
Moyer Harold x
Mullen William x x
Munro Don x
Munro Elizabeth x
Murphy George x
Murphy Joseph x
Murphy Ray x
Myers Nick x x
Nadder Jeanne x x
Nafe Malcolm x
Narrigan Richard x
Narrigan Robert x
Nash Harv x
Nash Stanley x
Neill Don x
Nelson Walter x x
Nevin J. x
Newborg Paul x
Newborg William x
Nicholson John x
Nickham x
Noble John x
Nordblom Harold x x
Nordblom John x x 3 photos and article
Nordblom Ray x
Nordblom Robert x
Normington Leonard x x
Nussbaum Allen x
O’Brien Jack x
O’Connell Francis x
O’Connell Henry x
O’Connor Joseph x
O’Neill G. P. x
O’Rourke William x
O’Sullivan W. x
Odonisis James x
Odorisio Charles x
Odorisio James x
Oister William x
Olson E. A. x
Olson Harry x x
Orcutt G. x
Pace Charles x x
Pachioli John x
Pachioli Michael x
Paden N. C. x
Paine George x
Palvino Russell x
Panaccio Joseph x
Paniels P. x
Papaian Harry x
Parent Kenneth x
Parke James Roy x x
Parker Lawrence x x
Parkhurst Mary x
Parkinson Eddie x article
Parkinson J. x
Parkinson May x
Parkinson Rose x
Parkinson, Jr. James x
Parks Troy x
Parrish Hugh x
Parsons Horace x
Parsons William x
Patton John x
Paules George x
Pauxtis Bob x
Pavillard Pete x
Pavillard William x
Paxson David x x
Peacock Stan x
Pearsoll Jake x
Pennypacker Charles x
Pennypacker John x
Pepe Bernard x x
Perkins William x x
Perotta Herman x x
Perotta Priestley x
Perri Gene x
Perry Barbara x
Perry David x
Peters James L. x
Petrellis Anthony x
Petrellis Francis x x
Pflaumer Wally article
Pfzeinmayer Jack x
Phillip Mrs. R. W. x
Phillips Mary x
Phillips Robert x
Pierpoint Thomas x
Platt H. x
Polk J. x
Polvino Anthony x
Polvino Russ x
Poole Alice x
Poorman Sturgis 2 articles
Potter Wesley x
Powell Harold x
Powell John x
Powell Pat x
Power Alfred x
Powers Eddie x
Powers J. E. x
Powers Jeff x
Priestley Ambrose x x
Pruitt Don x
Pruitt Samuel x
Pugh Lewis x
Punessen John x x
Punessen William x
Purring A. J. x
Purring Eck x
Purvis Florence x
Purvis Harold x x
Quinlan John x
Quinn William x
Racy J. W. x
Rafetto W. J. x
Raife P. x
Raimo Casper x
Rainey C. x
Rainey Sheldon x
Ramsey Dave x
Ramsey Denise x
Ramsey John E. x
Raser John x x
Reading W. B. x
Recchiuti Domenick x x
Rechmond James x
Records Jack x
Redfern Joseph x
Redfern Robert x
Redfern Tom x
Redmond Lawrence x
Redmond Robert x
Reed Bob x
regarding Capt.
Reichelle Fred x
Reilly Edward x
Reilly William x x
Reinhart Richard x
Reinhart Robert x x
Reynolds Earle x
Reynolds Fred x
Reynolds Marvin x
Reynolds, Jr. Marvin x
Rice J. x
Rich Ira x
Richards Harold x x
Richards Len x
Richardson Clair x
Richmond James x
Ridgeway Ruth x article
Rielly Joseph (Walt) x x 2 photos
Rielly Ruth x
Rinehart Frank x
Rinehart Louis x x
Rinehart Tom x
Rini C. x
Rittenhouse Bus x
Rittenhouse R. L. x
Rittenhouse W. x
Roach Robert x x
Roberts Cliff x
Roberts Kent x
Roberts Roy x
Robertson Charles x x
Robertson Lawson x
Robins Jack x x 2 photos
Robinson Theodore x x
Rocky x
Rodgers Tom x
Roens Burt x x
Rogan F. x
Rogers Bradley x
Rogers Dick x
Rolli Marino and Reds x
Rollins Ralph x
Rosengarten x
Roser Charles x
Roser Gordon x
Roser Herbert x
Ross Chuck x
Ross Ralph x
Rossetti Al x x
Rossetti Frances x
Rossetti Frank x
Rossetti Joseph x
Rossetti Louis x
Rossetti Quinto x
Roth Wayne x
Rotondo Frank x
Rotondo S. M. x
Rowley Bob x
Royds Ralph x
Royer Wilson x x
Rudderau Tom x
Rudrauff Raymond x x
Russell G. x x
Russell S. x
Russell Vincent x
Rutty Tom x x
Ryan Charles x
Ryan Jack x x
Ryan Bob x
Ryan Robert E. x
Ryan Tommy x
Rypzyaski x
Sacchetti Gloria x
Salerno Ralph x
Salvo Frank x
Salvo Joe x x
Salzer Mrs. Herbert x
Sandlof John x
Sangmeister Henry x
Sangmeister John x
Schaefer Herman x
Schenck John x x
Schmaly J. x
Schmidt Carl x
Schofield Jim x
Schroder George x
Scotland x
Scott E. W. x
Scott Edna x
Scott Ella x
Scott Peter x x
Scull Falwell x
Scull Paul x
Seals Patrick x
Sellers Dave x
Sellers John x
Severs B. (Ben) C. x x
Severs Eleanor x
Shafer Katharine x
Shafer Ray x
Shakespeare Ted x
Shand William x x
Shaw Annie obituary
Shaw Charles x
Shaw Donald and Warren x
Sherbondy Harry x x
Sheridan John x x
Sherwood Dave x
Sherwood George x x
Shewell Clyde x
Shihadeh William x
Shillingford Harry x x
Shillingford Harvey x
Shinn Russel x
Shippen Thomas obituary
Showell Norris x x
Shubert Jane and Tom x
Shull Dorothy x re Peter Scott
Sica C. x
Silverio Al x x
Silvert Frances x
Siman Julius x
Siman Robert x
Simmons Walt x
Simmons William x
Simms John x
Simon Melvin x
Simons D. x
Simons Walter x
Siter William x
Sivertsen Charles (Dutch) x LM ’41
Sivertsen O. G. x x
Skey Ed x
Skillern Porter x
Skillern Ross x
Slater D. x
Slater Edna x
Slaw Charles x
Sloan Richard x
Slocum Stephen x
Slocum Walter x
Smills E. x
Smith Adrian x
Smith Don x
Smith Edward x
Smith John F. x x
Smith N. A. x
Smith Richard x
Smith Robert (Bob) x
Smith Sidney x
Smith Vin x
Smoogen Paul x x
Smyth Wallace x
Somoza James x
Southgate Jack x x
Southgate Norman x x
Spady R. x
Spahr Jackie x
Speed Hugh x
Spezza Thomas x
Spinelli Frank x
Spinelli Michael x
Springer Ralph x
Sproule Charles x
Stalker G. C. x
Stalker Richard x
Stanley Ray x
Stechenfinger W. x
Steve x
Stewart A. T. x
Stewart Wendell x
Stewart William x
Stewart William H. x
Stewart William x
Stillwagon A. B.R. x
Stillwagon Lawrence x
Stillwagon Ted x
Stingle G. x
Stirk John x
Stirky x
Stoncett Charles x
Stoudt Charles x
Strawbridge and
Streeper Charles x
Strong William x x
Strothers Harry x
Strothers James x
Stuart Mack (Gitch) x x
Stuart Marshall x
Stuart William x
Stumpo Anthony x x
Stumpo Carmen x
Sullivan John x x
Sullivan William x
Summers James x
Swartz W. Robert x 2 photos
Sweetser Philip x
Tabar R. x
Taylor Mrs. Donald x
Taylor Harry x
Tease Sam x
Terry Franklin x
Tharan Elmer x
Thomas Clifford x
Thomas George x
Thomas Gil x
Thomas Jay x x
Thomas Robert x x
Thomas Stan x x
Thompson C. x
Thompson Clarence x
Thompson Ed x x
Thompson M. Grover x
Thompson Noel x
Thompson Robert x
Thompson R. S. x
Tifft John x
Tily H. C. x x
Timm Charles x 3 photos
Tinaglia John x x
Titlow Frank x
Titlow Howard x
Titzel John x
Toebe Jack x
Tolan James x x
Touchton M. B. x
Townsend A. x
Treen Charles x
Trill Edwin x
Trivaglia John x
Tronce Rudy x
Troutman H. F. x
Troxell Harry x
Tscherfinger R. x
Tschoepe Harold x
Turcotte L. O. x
Turnbull Tom x
Turnbull William x
Turner Ed x x
Turner Elmer x x
Turner Stan x
Twaddle W. x
Tyson George x x
Tyson James x x
Tyson Reg x
Unger Agnes x
Unger Eleanore x
Uranson Norman x
Vagnoni Gabriel x
Van Horn Howard x
Van Meter Dwight x
Vanallo Ed x
Vance Carroll x x
Vance James x
Vander Veur John C. x
Vander Veur Waldo B. x
Vangieri George x
Vangieri J. S. x
Vanguini John x
Vassallo Eddie x x
Vassallo Marty x
Veeck Walter x
Viguers C. L. x
Vito Daniel x
Vogt Carl x
Voller Harlow x
Volp Karl x
Volp Walt x
Wagner Robert x
Walker Alfred x
Wallace Harry x
Wallace James x x
Wallace Robert x
Walleigh John x x
Walsh Jim x
Walski Frank x
Walters Joe x
Wanamaker Lynford x
Wanamaker William x
Ward Bob x
Ware Richard x
Warner Mrs. Frank x
Warner Gardiner x
Warwick Paul x
Waters Claude W. x x LM ’40
Watson Esther x Chick Betts
Way Robert x
Way William x
Webb Jack x
Weggins James x
Wehmann John x
Weideman William x
Weir Jack x
Wells Carl x x obituary
Welsh Johnney x
Welsh Lewis x
Wheeler Lawrence x x
White Charles E. x x Eddy/Eddie White?
White Don x x
White Howard x
White J. J. x
White Robert x
White Samuel x
White William x
Whiting William x
Wickham Conrad x
Wiggins Jimmie x x photos
Wiley John x
Wiley Bill x
Willey Myers x
Williams James x
Williamson Walter x x
Wilmot Bob x
Wilson Gordon x 4 photos
Wilson Woody x
Winthrop Jack x
Winty or Wintry Bill x
Wintz William x
Witte Howard M. x x
Woerner Gerald x
Wolf Clarence x
Wolf Horace x
Wolf Walter x x
Wolf William x
Wood Allan x
Wood, Jr. Walter x
Woolmington S. Parker x
Wren Bill x
Wynn John x
Yeakel Jim x
Yellin Harvey x
Young James x x
Young John x
Young Vernon x
Yow, Jr. Jones DuBignon x
Yowell Herbert x
Zeisler Karl x
Zelov Randolph x
Zelov Victor x x
Zengel Mike x x
Ziegler H. E. x
Ziegler James x
Zilenziger Albert x x
Zimmerman L. W. x
Zlotnikoff Harry x

Longtime Historical Society volunteer Farilyn Leopold organized every letter in alphabetical, then chronological, order. Eliza Reiss compiled a list of the veterans for whom we have photos. Thank you to all concerned with the preserving and sharing of the artifacts related to this project.