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Old Haverford Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

235 East Eagle Road
Havertown, PA 19083
Old Haverford Meeting website

back to back markers, names carved on top, Mary and Israel Morris
rough stone marker lying flat on ground inscribed 'J. W. 1814'
view of many low grave markers in the burial yard
The meeting house, a plain stone building with wooden covered porch

In 1688, money began to be raised in order to build a stone Meeting House, which was completed in 1700. It is believed that the southern portion of the Meeting House, with its rougher masonry, is the original building. The northern portion was added a century later in 1800.

An early necessity was the establishment of a burial place. A burial ground was laid out in 1684, on land that is believed to have belonged to William Howell. The first interment in the new cemetery was the body of William Sharpus, which occurred on the 9th month (November in the Quaker calendar), 18th day in 1684.

A Glossary of terms used in the database is available to explain some of the Quaker terminology used in the original records.