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Independent Order of Odd Fellows Burial List

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Firstname Lastname (1888 – 1976)
1,308 burials; click lot number to locate burial
Last Name First Name Burial Lot Age Gender Comments
Aigeldinger Charles 31-Mar-1928
Albany Jesse D. 9-Jan-1970 82
Albany John Wesley 14-Oct-1924
Albany Lewis 20-Oct-1967 77 Male
Albany Mary Agnes 15-Apr-1952 61 Female
Albany Otto J. 4-Sep-1973 97 Male
Albarry Sarah Jane 18-Aug-1925
Alkins Catherine A. 21-Apr-1943 34 Female
Allan J.A. 21-Nov-1914
Allen Augusta Feger 1-Dec-1951 88 Female
Althouse Anna 11-Nov-1924 Baby
Althouse Baby 19-Mar-1940
Althouse Dorothy 26-May-1973 77 Female
Althouse Dorothy 9-Aug-1930 Stillborn
Althouse Dorthy 11-Sep-1993 87 Female
Althouse Earl F. 9-Feb-1971 78 Male
Althouse Elmer 9-Dec-1947 78 Male
Althouse Elmer E. 11-Oct-1985 85 Male
Althouse Emma B. 7-Jan-1927
Althouse Emma E. 7-Sep-1951 79 Female
Althouse Irene 20-Aug-1954 47 Female
Althouse Joan 11-Jun-1932 5 months Female
Althouse Mary C. 7-Feb-1998 92 Female
Althouse Russell G. 9-May-1991 87 Male
Althouse Russell G., Jr. 30-Sep-1976 48 Male
Althouse Warren B. 27-Aug-1988 90 Male
Anborne Franklin V. 24-Aug-1966 32 Male
Anderson Alice A.H. 28-Jun-1993 98 Female Cremation
Anderson Anne C. 5-Jun-1950 39 Female
Anderson Charles Oscar 2-Jun-1925
Anderson Edith 3-Oct-1974 70 Female
Anderson Gilbert George 15-Jan-1948 43 Male
Anderson John 8-Sep-1981 Male
Anderson Mary 30-Dec-1948 80 Female
Anhorn Edna Miller 9-Dec-1975 87 Female
Anhorn Emul Ward 15-Nov-1958
Anhorn Franklin A. 20-Sep-1954 43 Male
Arnold Clifford H. 12-Jan-1920
Asgnith Joseph 5-May-1917
Ashwell Baby 27-Jan-1920
Ashwell Carl H. 29-Jan-1920
Ashwell John William 31-Oct-1956 84 Male
Ashwell Rose Heberling 14-Jul-1967 88 Female
Asquith Herbert 27-Jun-1912
Asquith Julia 23-Jul-1906
Asti Isbafighen 15-Jan-1999 78 Female
Athertine A.J. 26-Jun-1901
Aurelia David James 30-Jun-1900 68
Ax Franklin 28-Feb-1902 68
Axe Baby 18-Oct-1925 Stillborn
Axe Baby 27-Aug-1928
Axe Carrie Chadwick 12-Jun-1935 56 Female
Axe Clair V. 30-Aug-1999 68 Male
Axe Cora E. 31-May-1962 57 Female
Axe Herbert Morris 11-Sep-1923 Baby
Axe John 21-Jul-1979 53 Male
Axe John May 13, 1890 Child
Axe John G., Jr. 1-Oct-1957 72 Male
Axe Jonathan Gillian, Sr. 3-Feb-1941 67 Male
Axe Louis 7-Jan-1981 89 Male Cremation
Axe Mrs. Daniel March 8, 1888
Axe Richard H. 8-Jan-1955 61 Male Cremation
Axe Ruth Anne 10-May-1932 6 months Female
Axe Sarah C. 14-Jul-1953 66 Female
Axe Sarah Jane 14-Oct-1935 72 Female
Axe Shirley Ann 9-Sep-1937 3 months Female
Axe Thomas Daniel 5-Jun-1966 35 Male
Axe Thomas Daniel, Sr. 31-Jan-1958 57 Male
Azzair Mr. (CR) 1-Aug-1997 Male
Backwood William 14-Aug-1901
Baldwin Clara Edwards 1-Aug-1953 90 Female
Baldwin Harlan W. 13-May-1940 75
Bally John M. 12-Apr-1907
Baltz Aelyn 12-Mar-1901
Baltz E. M. August 4, 1889 Child
Baltz Eliza December 17, 1898
Baltz Eliza 6-Dec-1905
Baltz Elizabeth 6-Oct-1943 86 Female
Baltz Elmer E. 30-Dec-1939 76 Male
Baltz George P. 10-Dec-1928
Baltz Ida Streper Vaughan 19-May-1958 85 Female
Baltz John E. 16-Dec-1977 82 Male
Baltz John M. 12-Apr-1907
Baltz Jos. 23-Nov-1927
Baltz Joseph M. 15-Nov-1927
Baltz Levis October 1, 1896
Baltz Mabel 19-Jul-1972 78 Female
Baltz Mabel 6-Jul-1991 96 Female
Baltz Mary Jane Shillady 28-Dec-1956 89 Female
Barker Alrve M. 28-Apr-1926
Barker Aubrey W. 15-Sep-1948 49 Male
Barker Baby 17-May-1926 Stillborn
Barker Barrie Ritchie 30-Jul-1975 67 Male
Barker Betty W. 23-May-1978 83 Female Cremation
Barker Charles F. 2-Oct-1918 15 days
Barker Charles J. 6-Feb-1950 62 Male
Barker Frank P.K. 25-Nov-1956 72 Male
Barker Helen K. 17-Feb-1996 94 Female
Barker Henrietta 22-Sep-1949 39 Female
Barker J. Conrad, Jr. 10-May-1977 70 Male
Barker J. Conrad, Sr. 13-Oct-1956 79 Male
Barker Joseph Thomas 8-May-1947 64 Male
Barker Mary Eleanor 1-Mar-2001 84 Cremation
Barker Mary S. 26-Oct-1951 75 Female
Barker Mary Virginia 24-Jan-1967 65 Female
Barker Rebecca 30-Jun-1921
Barker Sue 30-Apr-1961 44 Female Cremation
Barker Thomas Edward 24-Aug-1935 60 Male
Barker Thomas Henry 9-Mar-1964 66 Male
Barker Thomas Henry 28-Jul-1927
Barker William A. (Tony) 19-May-1901 58 Cremation
Barker William A.L. 7-Apr-1926
Barr Ada M. 18-Nov-1949 67 Female
Barr Elwood 12-Mar-1915
Barr Harry 6-Aug-1907 Possibly an infant
Barr Harry Lewis 29-Jan-1945 69 Male
Barr Horace 16-Jan-1984 71 Male
Barr Horace J. 7-Nov-1961 81 Male
Barr Mary J. 9-Dec-1936 53 Female
Barr Rebecca April 23, 1890
Barr Rob 13-Apr-1905 Child
Barr Robert Martin 16-Oct-1928
Barr Scott Lewis 21-Jun-1924
Barr William John 21-Jun-1924
Barrow Baby Girl 6-Aug-1958 5 hours Female
Barrow Baby Girl 6-Aug-1958 Stillborn Female
Barrow Edith A. 2-Jun-1947 59 Female
Barrow George 1-Aug-1958 68 Male
Bartisch Sarah 23-Sep-1901 82
Bartsch Albert C. 7-Aug-1970 56 Male
Baskin John Jones 25-Mar-1926
Baskin Revere H.,Jr. 1-Dec-1951 45 Male
Baskins Abigail 4-Feb-1944 18 Female
Baskins Laura 7-Sep-1989 86 Female
Baskins Revere 27-Dec-1924
Baylis Ethel 17-Dec-1940 33 Female
Bell George C. 8-Nov-1921
Bell Jame Alfred 28-Oct-1950 70 Male
Bell James 24-Feb-1906
Bell James A., Jr. 17-Feb-1964 52 Male
Bell Margaret C. 23-Mar-1950 65 Female
Bell Margaret W. 6-Oct-1954 87 Female
Bell Marion 29-Sep-1980 63 Female
Bell Mrs. Matilda August 14, 1895
Bell Sarul January 28, 1892
Benedict Thomas 4-Dec-1936 Premature Male
Bengaman Abner L 24-Jan-1929
Bengaman Silar 10-Dec-1956 64
Bengaman Warren C. 25-Jan-1946 56 Male
Bennett Kate 22-Dec-1953 86 Female
Berrgaman child July 10, 1893 Child
Beunett Frank 11-May-1931 70 Male
Bezold Alberta December 26, 1895 Child
Bickering Charles Fredrick 12-Jun-1930
Bickering Richard W. 3-Mar-1933 74 Male
Bicking Clark Wildey 29-Sep-1980 90 Male
Bicking Edna 13-Apr-1944 56 Female
Bicking Eliza 4-Mar-1928
Bicking Evelyn K. 3-Feb-1901 75 Cremation
Biggard Baby 27-Dec-1935 Premature
Bingaman Abner L. 30-Dec-1926
Bingaman Annie Elizabeth 9-Mar-1924
Bingaman Mary Louise 17-Jan-1958 83 Female
Bingaman William April 30, 1890 Child
Bingaman William H. 9-Nov-1942 80 Male
Bixler H. September 18, 1889 Child
Blackwood Elizabeth 21-May-1965 74 Male
Blackwood Henry 20-Mar-1903
Blackwood Isabella 1-May-1935 86 Female
Blackwood Jane 20-Mar-1903
Blackwood John 20-Mar-1903
Blackwood John 16-Jun-1919
Blackwood Margaret Jane 14-Sep-1945 64 Male
Blackwood William 20-Mar-1903
Boaregair Georgee 20-Sep-1911
Bodkin Crozier 7-Sep-1988 68
Bonnafon Charles A. 29-Jan-1920
Booth Eliza 21-Feb-1916
Booth James 24-Apr-1916
Booth Jane I. 1-Dec-1925
Booth William 24-Apr-1916
Bowman Richard 30-Nov-1992 40 Male
Boyer Annie May 2-May-1932 59 Female
Boyer Charles E. 2-Aug-1987 Male
Boyer Doris W. 18-Aug-1998 83 Female
Boyer Edith E. 22-Oct-1984 82 Female
Boyer Edna M. 30-Nov-1901
Boyer Elizabeth Marcella 9-Nov-1957 76 Female
Boyer Ella C. 22-Apr-1926
Boyer Emma F. 7-Jun-1901
Boyer George I. 2-Jul-1949 67 Male
Boyer Harry D. 27-Oct-1999 74 Male
Boyer Harry Frankfield 14-Oct-1949 65 Male
Boyer L. J. October 8, 1888 Child
Boyer Laura 15-Jan-1970 86 Female
Boyer Laura W. 6-Feb-1918
Boyer Lewis S. 16-Oct-1932 76 Male
Boyer Mary E. 17-Oct-1917
Boyer Myrtle 17-Jul-1903 Female
Boyer Norman 12-Jul-1984 75 Male
Boyer Rudolph F. 14-Jan-1943 77 Male
Boyer Ruth C. 13-Sep-1979 69 Female
Boyer Wally December 16, 1885
Boyle Martha 21-Jul-1924 Baby
Brangan Augie Grow 30-Mar-1936 69
Breen Anna E. 15-Jul-1982 85 Male
Breen George Harold 10-Aug-1918
Breen Harold M. 5-Mar-1963 69 Male
Broadbelt Mabel 11-Apr-1963 76 Female
Broderick Mildred 21-May-1996 85 Female
Broderick Pauline A. 11-Apr-1943 62 Female
Brooks Baby Girl 31-Jan-1942 Stillborn Female
Brooks Boy 24-Sep-1942 Premature Male
Broome Baby 11-May-1940 Stillborn
Broome Maurice B. 22-Mar-1901 92 Cremation
Broome Maurice, Jr. 14-Sep-1951 18 Male
Broone Katheryn Alice 5-Sep-1978 63 Female
Broson Edward L. 14-Apr-1929
Broughton Mary 22-Dec-1939 Possibly 2 months Female
Brown Alexander Stephen 24-Sep-1953 82 Male
Brown Mary Gay 18-May-1959 88 Female
Brown Norman B. 2-Aug-1920
Brown Thomas 14-Apr-1906
Brown Verra 14-Apr-1906
Brown Verra 3-Apr-1914
Brown William 18-Oct-1936 66 Male
Brown William 18-May-1905
Browne James F. 3-Dec-1998 82 Male
Browne Phyllis 10-Jun-1986 66 Female
Bryant Infant 12-Jul-1939 Stillborn
Buehler John 5-Jun-1948 74 Male
Buell Dorothy I. 23-Feb-1998 70 Female
Buell Dorthy I. 23-Feb-1998
Burgaman Violet July 2, 1890
Burgass Mary J. 14-Jul-1903
Burgers Pearl 18-Jul-1990 73 Female
Burgess Alexander G. 4-Feb-1970 56 Male
Burgess Alexander, Jr. 17-Apr-1997 55 Male
Burgess Annie M. 10-Jan-1963 81 Female
Burgess Benjamin H. 19-Jul-1937 68 Male
Burgess Elizabeth 5-Feb-1932 56 Female
Burgess Ella 25-Apr-1932 54 Female
Burgess Ellen 6-Mar-1928
Burgess George 6-Oct-1915
Burgess James M. 24-Feb-1938 74 Male
Burgess Mabel Claer 17-May-1958 73 Female
Burgess Robert Holland 11-Mar-1959 79 Male
Burgess Sarah G. 20-Sep-1937 67 Female
Burgess Silas 22-Jan-1918
Burgess William 22-Aug-1944 67 Male
Burk Edith 11-Mar-1918
Burk George G. 16-Feb-1917
Burk Samuel H. 7-Apr-1912
Burk William 4-Dec-1925
Burk William R. 24-Oct-1918 33
Burnes James M. 21-Oct-1906
Burnes Roy 19-Aug-1904
Burns Amelia 25-Nov-1902
Burns Amilia 17-Mar-1905
Burns Dora Coffman 9-Sep-1979 69 Female
Burns Edwin Bishop 5-Jan-1946 73 Male
Burns Elsie Marie 3-Sep-1954 40 Female
Burns Frank V.V. 8-Feb-1940 61 Male
Burns George 13-Nov-1905 Infant
Burns George W. 7-Jul-1943 73 Male
Burns Isaac J. 20-Oct-1902
Burns James G. January 4, 1897
Burns Mary Margaret 17-Apr-1942 72 Female
Burns Parker Worrell 2-Nov-1979 68 Male
Burns Randolph J. 14-May-1983 64 Male
Burns Sadie Louise 15-Jun-1946 73 Female
Burns Susan S. 22-Oct-1918 48
Burns Tysond Mary 30-Sep-1900 Cremation
Burns William 14-Mar-1939 41 Male
Burns William G. 9-Oct-1918 58
Cameron Elsu December 31, 1894
Cameron Richard 21-Oct-1918 35
Cameron William 9-Dec-1943 44 Male
Camoron R. May 4, 1891 Child
Campbell Mary Barr 28-Nov-1984 77 Female
Camuron Teresa 31-May-1901
Cannon Baby Girl 22-Jan-1939 Stillborn Female
Carfrey Albert J. 19-Dec-1915
Carfrey Annie 4-Mar-1944 57 Female
Carfrey Baby 7-Jul-1920 Baby
Carfrey Dorothy 18-Aug-1911
Carfrey Gertrude 28-Nov-1983 88 Female
Carfrey Gertrude Meine 9-Sep-1993 67 Female
Carfrey Harry 14-Jun-1955 59 Male
Carfrey James Francis 30-Jun-1970 61 Male
Carfrey Martha M. 26-Sep-1978 51 Female
Carfrey Morris 28-Jul-1906
Carfrey William 26-Nov-1905
Carfrey William J. 19-Apr-1938 33 Male
Carlton Horace 8-Sep-1962 Male Cremation
Carr Charles A. 26-Aug-1932 66 Male
Carr Clara 8-Dec-1929
Carr Martha 20-Apr-1902
Carr Mary E. 20-Sep-1947 83 Female
Carr Morton C. 30-Aug-1949 Male
Cartland Mabel 25-Mar-1974 87 Female
Cartland Robert James 19-Sep-1960 74 Male
Cearfrly Albert Lewis 30-Mar-1928
Cearroll Albert J. 17-Nov-1928
Cernnon Alvin 22-Oct-1917
Chadwick Clara 11-Dec-1901
Chadwick Edward January 10, 1886
Chadwick Eleanor 7-Jan-1916
Chadwick George 7-Jun-1901
Chadwick Lucy E. 22-Dec-1942 86 Female
Chadwick Namami 22-Jul-1905
Chadwick Robert 11-Jun-1912
Chadwick Sarah A. 1-Feb-1901
Chubbs John Thomas 13-Sep-1929
Chubbs Salome J. 23-May-1933 83 Female
Clark Joseph March 9, 1895
Clark Sarah B. Herbert 26-Jan-1906
Claypool Annie Dixon 19-Nov-1938 67 Female
Claypool E. Roy 27-Feb-1936 45 Male
Claypool Elwood Ward 22-Apr-1931 61 Male
Claypool Grace 20-Mar-1974 82 Female
Clemens Eileen 11-Dec-1943 24 Female
Coates Viola B. (Nellings) 13-Dec-1960 62 Female
Cocco Anthony J. 26-Dec-1988 58 Male
Cole Edith 22-Nov-1900
Collopy Jenne Whiteman 6-Dec-1975 84 Female
Collopy Joseph John 21-Jul-1968 79 Male
Collopy Joseph William 24-Jan-1967 53 Male
Corfrey Annelia 19-Sep-1905
Cormman Clarence 18-Jun-1955 74 Male
Cornman Hannah Jones 17-Feb-1940 93 Female
Cornman Harry D. 20-Apr-1931 50 Male
Cornman Henry D. 25-Apr-1929
Cornman I.B. 2-Apr-1904
Cornman Marcia 8-Jan-1985 Female
Cornman Mary S. 18-Dec-1938 84 Female
Cotee John 25-Jul-1995 Male
Cotee Sara Blackwood 8-Aug-1962 77 Female
Cottee Ezra 27-Mar-1948 65 Male
Creeley Hazel 18-Aug-1905
Creely Catherine 6-Oct-1933 48 Female
Creely Charles 20-Apr-1951 81 Male
Creely Charles M. 29-Aug-1903
Creely Frances Elsie 1-Feb-1951 70 Female
Creely Hans S. 1-Oct-1969 85 Male
Creely John J. 7-Apr-1947 60 Male
Creely Mary 27-Aug-1907
Creely Mary Carfey 6-Jul-1940 66 Female
Creely Theodore 30-Nov-1964 83 Male
Cruly child February 26, 1895 Child
Cummings Margaret 21-Aug-1929
Cummings Thomas 26-Apr-1943 64 Male
Cummings Thomas August 11, 1888 Child
Cummings William 21-Dec-1962 76 Male
Davenport Arthur 8-May-1946 52 Male
Davenport Clyde 5-Sep-1944 64 Male
Davenport Eleanor 7-Apr-1938 46 Female
Davenport Helen B. 15-Jan-1959 99 Female
Davenport Lena B. 29-Nov-1930 46
Davenport Thomas A. 4-Dec-1991 62 Male
Daves Belle I. 20-Aug-1966 70 Female
Davidson Alexander 24-Jan-1990 79 Male
Davidson Alexander 5-Apr-1958 80 Female
Davidson Isabelle 24-Mar-1962 82 Female
Davis David 8-Mar-1916
Davis Eugene H. 13-Jun-1981 85 Male
Davis Howare Eugene 21-Dec-1954 Male
Davis Sarah P. 30-Sep-1944 68 Female
Dean Baby Girl 31-Jul-1941 Stillborn Female
Dean George 4-Jun-1996 82 Male
Dean Irene L. 19-Dec-1985 69 Female
Decker Emma 30-Aug-1903
Dedrick Heuretta Jane 31-Dec-1931 Stillborn Female
Dell Baby Girl 29-Jun-1942 Stillborn Female
Dell Frank 19-Sep-1932 Stillborn Male
Deramo Richard L. 17-Jan-1900 72 Male
Dersirirs David 17-Oct-1912
Diltertin Charles H. January 13, 1898
Ditterhue Rebecca 5-Dec-1906
Ditterline Hettie 28-Jun-1942 79 Female Methodist
Dixon Daul January 18, 1894
Dixon Ernest 8-Oct-1964 54 Male
Dixon Ether Anhorn 10-Sep-1960 51 Female
Dixon James 2-Jan-1915
Dixon Mary H. April 18, 1898
Donaldson Florence 26-Apr-1995 86 Female
Donaldson George T. 23-Feb-1984 76 Male
Dougherty Charles January 31, 1892
Douholson Martha 26-Dec-1929
Doville Anthony 23-Nov-1924
Duffield Margaret Yarnall 9-Jan-1931 62 Female
Duffield 31-Aug-1922
Duffild Francis Marion 4-Nov-1943 85 Male
Dunn Elizabeth M. 1-Mar-1900 88 Female
Dunn George 26-Nov-1990 73 Male
Durham Benjamin W. 8-Feb-1968 33 Male Cremation
Durham Margaret 5-Feb-1988 89 Female
Durham Walter K. 2-Jun-1978 81 Male
Durham Walter K. (Jr.) 4-Jun-1987 60 Male
Earl Joane D. June 20, 1889
Edwards Carroll 17-Sep-1942 76 Female
Edwards Elsie M. 18-Apr-1944 57 Female
Edwards Elva Sumter Treas 9-Nov-1943 82
Edwards Frank G. 18-Nov-1928
Edwards George A. 20-Nov-1936 74 Male
Edwards George L. May 6, 1888
Edwards Hattie J. 19-Jul-1934 65 Female
Edwards John C. 24-Apr-1903
Edwards Mary Ann 6-Aug-1917
Edwards Wayne J. 22-Jul-1954 61 Male
Edwards Wms 8-Apr-1907
Elliott Alfred Young 16-Aug-1979 59 Male
Elliott Elizabeth March 31, 1899
Ellis James 8-Mar-1967 74 Male
Emers Susan 13-Oct-1923
Eners Albert 23-Jun-1915
Englebert Marion F. 5-May-1900
Faddis Mary A. 3-Jan-1913
Faires child October 1, 1889 Child
Feger Rachel 29-Aug-1910
Feiring Emily Belle 11-Dec-1973 74 Female
Feiring Jennie J. 12-Apr-1944 92 Female
Feiring John 6-Nov-1924
Feiring Norman John 11-Feb-1963 71 Male
Feiring William J. 7-Apr-1937 63 Male
Femimore Mildred C. 5-May-1925
Fenimore Edna Marie 7-Aug-1963 45 Male
Ferguson John December 19, 1888
Ferguson Robert 10-May-1924
Ferris child November 16, 1888 Child
Feyesa Deborah 10-Apr-1910
Fitzpatrick July 6, 1889
Flecher David 27-Sep-1900 58
Flechter Charlotte 12-Jun-1990 73 Female
Fleck Vernon F. 11-Jun-1928
Fletcher David Ralph 23-Oct-1979 66 Male
Foelker Hannah May 7-Aug-1932 51 Female
Foelkman Thomas 7-Sep-1919
Fox Charles 28-May-1922
Foyer Clara August 13, 1891
Frais Samuel 23-Sep-1910
France Baby 3-Nov-1936
Freas Alice 18-Mar-1910
French Dorthy M. 19-Mar-1974 72 Female
French Francis Raymond 10-Dec-1960 67 Male
Fryer Charles J. 27-Jun-1919
Fulber Valentine 10-Sep-1905
Fulbus Mary 22-Feb-1911
Furgeson Robert August 9, 1885
Galwaltz Alex 17-Feb-1913 Possibly a baby
Garhardt Coon 27-Oct-1904
Gay Alexander 1-Jun-1919
Gay Mary J. 24-Feb-1925
Geckle Harry C. 20-Dec-1949 79 Male
Geckle Ida 9-Jan-1942 72 Female
Geckle John Wesley 7-May-1927
Geckle Mary H. 1-Jun-1957 69 Female
Gerhart Jane Irene 16-Oct-1956 78 Female
Gerhart Olen S. 29-Sep-1944 66
Geris Emma P. April 1, 1889
Gibson Hellen F. 20-Feb-1985 87 Female
Gilbert Benjamin April 29, 1895
Gilbert Laura 3-Apr-1906
Gilbert Matilda January 23, 1896
Gillen Helen E. 18-Dec-1925
Gillingham Elizabeth R. 30-Dec-1932 81 Female
Gillingham Harry November 25, 1889
Gillingham Harvey 8-Apr-1933 79 Male
Gillingham Henrrietta H. 17-Dec-1934 77 Female
Gillingham Horace B. 8-Oct-1934 78 Male
Gillingham Mary 24-Aug-1938 60 Female
Gillion Cyril September 15, 1895 Child
Gillon Ada S. 28-Jan-1917
Gillon Emirton 11-May-1900
Gilton Earl 22-Apr-1918
Gilton G.C. 12-Oct-1918
Gilton Gordon 22-Dec-1903 Child
Gilton Helen 22-Apr-1916
Gilton Jonathan H. 12-Nov-1932 74 Male
Gilton Laura E. 23-Sep-1913
Gilton Richard August 8, 1896
Gmieto S. J. March 23, 1890
Goow 18-Jun-1912 Infant
Gosa Richard Warren 19-May-1976 48 Male
Gray Florence 27-Mar-1980 70 Female
Gray Harry B., Jr. 29-Apr-1993 85 Male
Green Charles F.B. 3-Jun-1932 74 Male
Green child October 31, 1891 Child
Green child November 13, 1891 Child
Green Ella M. 28-May-1937 76 Female
Green Margaret February 25, 1896
Greene Katharine 12-Feb-1973 81 Female
Greenwood Helena F. 5-Sep-1968 79 Female
Grey Thomas S. 15-Jun-1915
Grimes Charles O. 19-Aug-1974 67 Male
Grimes Dorothy J. 16-Nov-1994 79 Female
Groman Edward P. 11-Feb-1982 82 Male
Groman Hannah L 3-Dec-1981 89 Female
Groman Hannah L. 3-Dec-1981 89 Female
Grove Charles W. 1-Nov-1971 90 Male
Grove Clarence 26-May-1931 23 Male
Grove Laura V. 17-Sep-1945 62 Female
Grow Isaac February 26, 1895
Grow Sarah H. 27-Sep-1915
Gutchell Darlington 27-Sep-1916
Gutman Mathilde 31-Jan-1957 83 Female
Haffelfuger Sarah L. 15-Aug-1904
Hagan Hannah L. 13-Feb-1936 34 Female
Hagerty Anne E. 23-Mar-1950 70 Female
Hagerty George 21-Feb-1919 18
Hagerty Lhirza 3-Jun-1926
Hagerty Ross 26-Feb-1919 13
Hagerty William 15-Jan-1948 73 Male
Haggarty George W. May 9, 1893
Haggerty Harry W. 12-Aug-1937 71 Male
Haggerty William 23-Feb-1902
Haines Ida Burns 14-Sep-1949 68 Female
Halberstadt Anita 23-Jan-1901 86 Also spelled Halberstat; Cremation
Halberstadt Baby 11-Oct-1920 Baby
Halberstadt C.W. 17-Feb-1919 Baby
Halberstadt Charles 5-Jul-1910
Halberstadt Charles L. 14-Feb-1975 79 Male
Halberstadt Charles P. 14-Mar-1945 84 Female
Halberstadt child April 8, 1895 Child
Halberstadt Elenor I 2-Sep-1916
Halberstadt Ella Elizabeth 7-Apr-1951 74 Female
Halberstadt Florence B. 20-Sep-1960 65 Female
Halberstadt H. Spencer 27-Oct-1989 74 Male
Halberstadt Harry C. 22-Jun-1988 96 Male
Halberstadt Harry R. 13-Aug-1943 74 Male
Halberstadt Isabelle S. 1-Feb-1990 92 Female
Halberstadt Lewis 4-Feb-1950 74 Male
Halberstadt Lillian 25-Feb-1959 79 Female
Halberstadt Loretta Kendrick 21-Nov-1953 69 Female
Halberstadt Mary March 27, 1898
Halberstadt Mary D. 30-Jul-1931 57 Female
Halberstadt Mrs. Peter October 10, 1892
Haley Angiline S. 2-Feb-1916
Haley Florence E. 23-May-1938 75 Female
Haley Frances Ida 16-Apr-1963 66 Female
Haley Janice E. 18-May-1991 66 Female Cremation
Haley Roy 13-Oct-1968 74 Male
Haley Thomas H. 23-Sep-1918 57
Haley William H. May 19, 1899
Halligan Christopher 20-Oct-1961 93 Male
Hallman Laura E. 24-Sep-1959 75 Female
Hallman Mary B. 6-Feb-1935 59 Female
Halpin James 22-Feb-1902 62
Hampden Edward B. 26-Mar-1926
Hampden Emma May 16, 1893
Hampdon child October 31, 1891 Child
Hampdon child September 25, 1891 Child
Hampten Mary E. 30-Jun-1941 78 Female
Hampton Lewis Warner 5-Dec-1916
Hampton M. January 31, 1891 Child
Hampton Margaretta A. 4-Aug-1930
Hampton Samuel 14-Apr-1918
Hampton William Morris 3-Nov-1930 68
Hancock George 18-Mar-1936 75 Male
Hannes Willey 29-Feb-1952 76 Male
Hansell Jean 17-Feb-1988 66 Female
Hanson Anne S. 11-Jan-1980 83 Female
Hanson E. Frank 18-Dec-1945 51 Male
Hanson Elizabeth B. 14-Jun-1919
Hanson Elmer L. 27-Jul-1970 68 Male
Hanson Elmer L., Jr. 11-Jan-1999 78 Male
Hanson George Parker 31-May-1957 66 Male
Hanson George Parker 13-May-1944 75 Male
Hanson Jas 21-Aug-1907
Hanson Mary A. 8-Jun-1991 90 Female
Hanson Mary J. 6-Feb-1990 60 Female
Hanson Robert E. 29-Jun-1993 65 Male
Hanson Ruby E. 6-Jun-1978 53 Female
Hanson Sally 22-Jul-1944 37 Female
Hanson Thomas D. 23-Feb-1988 31 Male
Hardstaff William 3-Aug-1905
Harrar Betty J. Althouse 31-Jan-1989 63 Female
Harrar Elizabeth Shilladay 25-Jun-1941 67 Female
Harrar Elwood Newton 24-Sep-1943 73 Male
Harris George January 31, 1895
Harrison Garfield A. 30-Sep-1960 79 Male
Hart Frank 17-May-1929
Hart James 6-Jul-1964 85 Male
Hart Lueretia C. 1-Jan-1968 84 Female
Harvey Cecel 13-Dec-1979 82 Male
Harvey Doris E. 26-Dec-1900 97
Harvey Joseph Chambers 2-Sep-1972 71 Male
Harvey Lillian H. 10-Jun-1985 77 Female
Hatly Thomas 16-Sep-1902 79 Cremation
Hatton Bertha C. 28-Dec-1960 63 Female
Hawk Leona 27-Feb-1943 62 Female
Healey John M. November 26, 1885
Healey Joseph B. 18-Jan-1910
Heallman Ada J 20-Apr-1900
Heampton Centherine 10-Apr-1910
Heath Amanda 14-Mar-1922
Heath William June 11, 1888
Hefelfinger John 20-Dec-1918 74
Hefenfinger Louise 20-Mar-1926
Heffelfinger Mary C. November 20, 1897
Heilman John December 12, 1886
Heilmann Catherine 21-May-1923
Heller Mary E. 17-Feb-1951 81 Female
Heller Thomas Reading 25-Mar-1941 76 Male
Henderson Sandra 20-Dec-1939 Stillborn Female
Herbert Ella 21-Sep-1936 72 Female
Herbert Walter C. 6-Mar-1970 49 Male
Herbert William Frist 14-Sep-1940 77 Male
Herbert William J., Jr. 11-Apr-1951 63 Male
Herward Warren 3-Jan-1907
Hill Agnes 30-Mar-1936 78 Female
Hill Cora Morris July 15, 1898
Hill Laurell 22-Oct-1957 69 Cremation
Hill Matthias 23-Jun-1921
Hobart William July 26, 1898
Holland Baby 10-Jan-1925 Stillborn
Holland Baby 9-May-1929 Stillborn
Holland Betty Jane 8-May-1931 9 months Female
Holland Elmer V.A. 9-Dec-1928 Baby
Hollingsworth Earl 8-Aug-1924
Holmes Eleanor Florence 26-Nov-1951 75 Female
Holmes Ralph 10-Oct-1962 84 Male
Holmlund Charles 14-May-1929
Honocks Warren R. 19-Sep-1931 9 Male
Hood child December 3, 1885 child of W.W.
Hootman Joseph March 31, 1889
Horricks Gertrude S. 1-Dec-1993 98 Male
Horrocks John F. 6-Jan-1940 82 Male
Horrocks Martha J. 28-Jan-1936 81 Female
Horrocks Ralph 19-Aug-1920
Horrocks Ralph H. 10-Mar-1973 84 Male
Horrocks Rena B. 10-Dec-1970 91 Female
Horsley Mary Ellen 7-May-1949 78 Female
Horstley Frank 12-Mar-1916
Hubbard Mary 23-Jun-1900
Huff child November 4, 1888 Child
Huff Harry June 29, 1893
Huffington Harrison 24-Dec-1905
Hunter Elwood H. 20-Jul-1926
Hunter Horace 25-Apr-1958 59 Male
Hunter Irene M. 1-Dec-1972 76 Male
Hunter Jennie 9-Jan-1942 71 Female
Hunter John 22-Apr-1939 77 Male
Hunter John Ellings 1-Aug-1940 56 Male
Hunter Magdaleua 15-Nov-1938 76 Female
Hunter Margaret Jane 28-Mar-1940 65 Female
Hunter Mary G. 22-Jun-1945 70 Male
Hunter Sylvia 10-May-1922
Hunter Thomas July 3, 1899 Child Male
Hunter Thomas H. 28-Mar-1949 85 Male
Hunter William Sproul 8-Dec-1962 73 Male
Hurford Elwood Robert, Jr. 2-Apr-1930
Huston Marie Alice 5-May-1981 86 Female
Ingelbert George W.. July 27, 1895 Child
Ingram Mrs. Amy A. 14-Jan-1924
Irwin John 1-Sep-1990 Male Cremation
Irwin Mary Ann 30-Aug-1967 65 Female
Irwin R.J. Russell 6-Oct-1901
Irwin Robert J. 27-Aug-1990 83 Male
Jackson Mary L. July 22, 1896
Jackson Thomas E. 5-Sep-1901
Jacobs Eva B. 16-Nov-1924
Jaddas Virginia 20-Feb-1933 93 Female
Jaimmanls June 20, 1889
Jamerson Clarence H. 23-Jun-1921
James Aurelia David 30-Jun-1900 68 Female
Jamison Elizabeth Hellman 27-Nov-1950 80 Female
Jamison Harvey 25-Feb-1949 82 Male
Jammerson Emily 8-Jun-1906
Jaue Elizabeth 8-Apr-1931 80 Female
Jiltow John H. 20-Jun-1910
Johnson Baby 6-Jan-1930 Stillborn
Johnson Jesse April 10, 1892
Johnston Clara 11-Jan-1960 50 Female
Jones Anna M. 17-Sep-1968 81 Female
Jones Awain May 14-Feb-1990 72 Female
Jones Clarance R. 23-Sep-1923
Jones E. Ray 22-Jan-1918
Jones Ester Ashwell 13-Nov-1979 63 Female
Jones Evan 26-Feb-1946 86 Male
Jones Evan J. 30-Mar-1914
Jones Evan, Jr. 26-Nov-1976 91 Male
Jones George Grover Foelke 17-Jun-1913 George Grover Foelker
Jones Laura May Latch 27-Jan-1947 89 Female
Jones Leo September 1, 1890 child Removal
Jones Llewellan 31-Dec-1920
Jones Llewllyn March 13, 1890
Jones Margaret McMoran 10-Dec-1935 72
Jones Mrs. March 12, 1892
Jones Ross G. May 8, 1889
Jones Veronica Lawless 17-Jun-1964 50 Female
Jones April 10, 1895
Karr Elizabeth 26-May-1979 67 Female
Kay Nathaniel G. December 7, 1895 Child
Kearris Mary J. 13-Apr-1900
Keech Aaron 3-Apr-1917
Keech Anna Margaret 11-Jun-1968 83 Female
Keech Henry G. April 3, 1888
Keech Joseph L. 15-Oct-1918 39
Keech Joseph L. 2-Oct-1916
Keech Levis 9-Nov-1985 79 Male
Keech Levis 19-Jun-1926
Keech Lillian V. 11-Mar-1946 57 Female
Keech Loranzo February 25, 1896
Keech Marian Creely 9-Jun-1979 76 Female
Keech Mary 19-Feb-1927
Keech Mary E. 17-Jan-1907
Keech Mary Emma 21-Jun-1952 78 Female
Keech Milo O. 1-Sep-1903
Keech Sarah Milicent 3-Mar-1954 45 Female
Keech Sylvan April 26, 1891
Kehoe Alice 2-Jun-1914
Kehoe Edward 22-Feb-1963 81 Male
Kehoe Lulu 29-Nov-1976 88 Female
Kehoe Sarah 16-Mar-1915
Kehoe Wms 12-Feb-1906
Kelly Charles J. 12-Jan-1930
Kelly Margaret Delphine 20-Nov-1921
Kelly Merray 23-Aug-1913
Kelselman 13-Oct-1906
Kendrick Anna K. 5-May-1955 80 Male
Kendrick Clarance 28-Oct-1941 66 Male
Kendrick Frank 12-Jun-1923
Kendrick Jean 19-Aug-1902 86
Kendrick Loretta F. 6-Apr-1918
Kendrick William 3-Oct-1983 76 Male Cremation
Kenning Anne 29-Sep-1937 9 days Female
Keohe Dorothy 16-Sep-1921 Baby
Kerney Rebecca 20-May-1913
Kershaw Sarah 17-Oct-1939
Kincade Adam 28-Mar-1904
Kincade John 5-Oct-1930 70
Kincade Martha 2-Jun-1918
Kincade William J. 14-Jan-1933
King George 1-Sep-1917
Kingham Baby 3-Jun-1935 Stillborn
Kirk Harry Taylor 12-Mar-1946 60 Male
Kirk Hugusts 2-Aug-1911
Kirkpatrick Francis 13-Sep-1901
Kirkpatrick Margaret Stuart 3-Aug-1948 86 Female
Kirkpatrick Rebecca A. 8-May-1922
Kirkpatrick Thomas James 17-Dec-1937 72 Male
Kitselman Charles W. 19-Feb-1955 87 Male
Kitselman Clara Annetta 16-Dec-1942 72 Female
Kitselman Rose Ethel 5-Dec-1957 39 Female
Kitselman William Hamer 25-May-1978 70 Male
Kline Baby 4-Sep-1926
Kline Orion E. 21-Dec-1995 72 Male
Kline Thomas A. 5-Jul-1963 16 Male
Knabb Ronald A., Sr. 25-Oct-1966 56 Male
Koher Baby 30-Jun-1925 Stillborn
Kohl Ann Mae 23-Aug-1997 93 Female
Krause Felix A. 18-Jan-1962 68 Male
Krause Frances E. 31-Dec-1979 90 Female
Krier Della 2-May-1977 77 Female
Kunkle Babu 23-May-1933 Stillborn
Ladtard Ellea 1-Jan-1907
Lamb Marian 5-May-1961 44 Female
Lamous Bertha Serah 26-Feb-1913
Lang Helen E. 19-Jan-1968 68 Female
Lantz Anna 3-May-1929
Lather Helen M. Scarle 22-Apr-1991 71 Female Cremation
Laughead John D., Jr. 7-May-1981 64 Male
Layman Charles O. 19-Jul-1975 67 Male
Leamoron Richard 9-May-1927
Lear Ida G. July 26, 1892
Lear Mrs. November 13, 1888
Legge Eleanor 13-Oct-1906
Legge Hannah Gay 1-Sep-1953 80 Female
Lemming Martha 16-Aug-1921
Lentz L. Irene 1-May-1925
Lentz Perry 20-Jun-1928
Leutz Mary J. 19-Dec-1900
Levengood Marvel 17-Jan-1977 85
Lichbalt Erigen 29-Oct-1915
Ligge Albert Thomas 28-Jan-1924 Baby
Ligge Daniel 2-May-1928
Ligh Iarah J. May 6, 1899
Ligh James October 27, 1894
Lillard Sherman 4-Apr-1931 39 Male
Lillard Wilmer 31-Jan-1949 Male
Ling Elizabeth Y. 10-Aug-1901
Little Gertrude E. 15-Aug-1992 80 Female
Little Jacqueline 16-May-1938 7 Female
Little John C. 21-Apr-1995 86 Male
Little John H. 7-Feb-1995 53 Male
Little Mrs. January 17, 1888
Little Robert 30-Nov-1915
Llewellyn Mary Stalker 8-Jan-1979 85 Female
Lobb Baby Girl 8-Sep-1941 Stillborn Female
Long Alexander 1-Sep-1976 81 Male
Long Andrew 12-Apr-1927
Long Anna Claire 30-Aug-1952 73 Female
Long Anna May 2-Nov-1928
Long Baby 11-Apr-1929 Stillborn
Long Charles Grant 30-Oct-1946 67 Male
Long child June 3, 1890 Child
Long Elsie 5-Apr-1918
Long Elwood J. 17-Oct-1984 88 Male
Long Ethel J. 7-Aug-1969 73 Female
Long George Washington 25-Apr-1957 73 Male
Long Hannah May 19-Jun-1973 93 Female
Long Herman L. 23-Jul-1969 62 Male
Long Naomi Schaeffer 5-Oct-1951 92 Female
Long Samuel 7-Feb-1900
Loper Alma M. 16-Mar-1902 83 Cremation
Lowery Edwart T. 10-Feb-1988 54 Male
Lownes Annie 19-Feb-1932 55 Female
Lownes Baby 2-Oct-1930 Stillborn
Lownes Charles 10-Nov-1954 53 Male
Lownes Walter B. 30-Apr-1935 61 Male
Luff William 15-Dec-1900 26 Lot: ‘CR-1977’
Lwengston Mary Ann 5-Oct-1935
Lyle Dorothy Edna 3-Jul-1954 42 Female
Lyle Edith A. 8-Feb-1973 83 Female
Lyle James 3-Sep-1935 45 Male
MacGregor Baby 6-Dec-1940 Stillborn
Magaw Baby Frances 21-Jun-1941 Stillborn Female
Mahlin Jenice K. 15-May-1930
Margaree Baby Girl 14-Apr-1942 Stillborn Female
Martin Harry C. 11-Feb-1942 75 Male
Martin Mary Della 7-Jan-1946 47 Female Cremation
Martin Mary Della 1-Apr-1931 60 Female
Mathews Sarah P. 18-Jun-1913
McAllister Lenore E. 26-Jan-1983 62 Female
McCanley Mrs. 29-Sep-1904
McCausland Mildred 14-May-1998 95 Female
McCeone William J. 30-Aug-1928
McClure Baby 21-Jul-1935 Premature
McClure Elizabeth M. 15-Jul-1982 84 Female
McCone Agnes Blackwood 3-Sep-1915
McCone Hannah E. 13-Jan-1967 85 Female
McCone Isabella 5-Jan-1937 80 Female
McCone Jane M. 14-Feb-1906
McCone Laura 21-Aug-1967 83 Female
McCone William J. 17-Oct-1918
McConnell Park July 4, 1890
McCoon child July 28, 1890 Child
McCoon Mrs. June 10, 1890
McCrosson Helen 30-Dec-1995 68 Female
McCurdy E. J. March 13, 1890
McDuston Margaret S. 10-Dec-1990 88 Male
McElreavy Baby 24-Jun-1936 Stillborn
McGaun John I. 30-Aug-1938 69 Male
McGeehan William 27-Dec-1985 66 Male
McGinley Emma 26-Mar-1902
McGown Estella 22-Feb-1929
McGuigan Mrs. October 6, 1885
McManus Violet J. 17-Jul-1929
McMoran Caroline 15-Jun-1967 74 Female
McMoran Mabel 26-Apr-1930
McMoran William 3-Aug-1932 67 Male
McMorano Steward 1-Jun-1940 82 Male
McMoray Mary Elizabeth 20-Jan-1933
McMoron William J. 19-Nov-1918 62
McNutt Elizabeth Miller 30-Mar-1976 81 Female
McNutt Henry 9-Sep-1971 76 Male
McPeak Frank E. 23-Sep-1921
McPeake Earl R. 29-Mar-1962 75 Male
McPeake Ella May 6-Oct-1972 83 Female
McQuiston Alexander D. 17-Feb-1977 54 Male
McQuiston Dorothy J. 24-Sep-1902 77
McQuiston H. Alexander 23-Jul-1975 76 Male
McQuiston Hugh 3-Feb-1983 87 Male
McQuiston James A. 13-Dec-1947 Male
McRoberts Abbie 6-Jun-1912
McRoberts Walter 8-Jan-1923
Meadow Betie Anna May 6-Jul-1924
Megan Curely 20-Feb-1913
Megaree Baby Girl 7-Aug-1941 Stillborn Female
Megargee Baby Girl 28-Jan-1941 Stillborn Female
Mikalonis Anna 17-Jul-1922
Mikalous Emma 2-Feb-1923
Millar Dave 30-Mar-1992 61 Male
Millar David W., Jr. 28-Aug-1979 21 Male
Millar Mar Evelyn 30-Jul-1988 62 Female
Millar Margaret 10-Apr-1978 80 Female
Millar William F. 5-Mar-1996 61 Male
Miller Amuila August 12, 1895 Child
Miller Anderson 21-Apr-1917
Miller Baby 5-Apr-1918 Baby
Miller Baby Girl 10-Apr-1941 Female
Miller Charles 18-Jul-1911
Miller child August 27, 1888 Child
Miller Edward 20-Apr-1968 78 Male
Miller Elwood, Jr. 12-May-1901
Miller Florence R. 3-Sep-1915
Miller Henry 4-May-1900
Miller Howard E. 21-Apr-1901
Miller Isabella 5-Nov-1968 84 Female
Miller James Stanley 19-Jun-1931 50 Male
Miller Jennie Irene 24-May-1939 44 Female
Miller John G.H. 11-Nov-1932 73 Male
Miller Joseph S. 1-Mar-1956 63 Male
Miller Josephine 19-Jul-1900
Miller Leri 11-Oct-1910
Miller Marion W. 7-Mar-1934 74
Miller Mary 14-Apr-1907
Miller Mary 11-Jul-1911
Miller Mary Ann 22-May-1935 97 Female
Miller Mrs. George January 10, 1891
Miller Rachel 5-Aug-1903
Miller Robert P. 4-Jan-1956 Cremation
Miller Sadie S. 18-Nov-1936 60 Female
Miller Samuel 4-Jun-1939 Possibly 8 days
Miller Samuel 9-Aug-1904
Miller Sarah A. 17-Mar-1902
Miller Thomas J. 17-Dec-1934 69 Male
Miller William 6-Mar-1917
Miller William June 27, 1899 Male
Miller William A. 11-Nov-1905
Miller William F. 10-Mar-1954 80 Male
Millio Mrs. 24-Apr-1905
Milne Barbara A. 30-Mar-1999 70 Female
Ming Charles April 15, 1889
Missimer Charles 5-Jun-1996 78 Male
Moeller Minnie L. 23-Oct-1967 87 Male
Moore Daniel 24-Mar-1978 81 Male
Moore David Ward 11-Aug-1929
Moore Eva M. 1-Sep-1970 83 Female
Moore Irene 14-Apr-1921
Moore Janet 18-Jul-1992 92 Female
Moore Ruth 30-Jun-1997 94 Female
Moore Wilson 5-Feb-1964 69 Male
Moron John M. 24-Mar-1918
Moron Joseph 10-Apr-1904
Morris Jane 28-Oct-1922
Morse William 19-Jan-1976 68 Male
Mower George 23-Jun-1941 Stillborn Male
Mullaney Florence E. 3-Mar-1923
Muller Fredrick W. 7-Jun-1978 90 Male
Muller George 27-Aug-1938 75 Male
Muray John 20-Aug-1907
Murphy Allen 13-Mar-1990 80 Male Cremation
Murphy Eav 15-Mar-1956 79 Female
Murphy Edmund 16-Mar-1918
Murphy Evangekube 24-Dec-1925
Murphy Herbert A.A. 23-Jan-1965 80 Male
Murphy Howard Sibley 20-Nov-1940 64 Male
Murphy Sarah Margaret 21-Mar-1983 89 Female
Murphy William J. 11-Aug-1904
Murray Edward 2-Jan-1911
Murray Harry 2-Jan-1911
Murray Julia C. 13-Feb-1973 88 Female
Murray Raymond S. 24-Oct-1984 99 Male
Murray Sarah Jane 20-Oct-1941 71 Female
Murray Thomas Henry Haley 14-Sep-1973 61 Male
Murray William Thomas 9-Sep-1946 78 Male
Musumer Edith Lorrane 2-Apr-1981 56 Female
Narmore Florence U. 21-Jan-1963 72 Female
Nash Helen I.G. 13-Jul-1963 59 Female
Nash Norman Haskin 2-May-1981 81 Male
Nayephy Howard 10-Feb-1907
Naylor Wonda 14-May-1997 72 Female
Neely Deborah 23-Jan-1910
Neely William 1-Jan-1929
Neilsen Evelyn 1-Oct-1934 1 month Female
Neilson Florend A.M. 3-Aug-1926
Nellings George Boyd 4-Oct-1945 54 Male
Newberg Arnold R. 26-Feb-1926
Newberg Carl 18-Feb-1926
Newborg Frances Murray 1-Jul-1972 77 Female
Newborg Victor 30-Sep-1942 55 Male
Newborg Victor Robert 10-May-1958 44 Male
Newborg William I. 18-Sep-1948 23 Male Killed in France 7/5/44
Newman Clara E. 21-Feb-1952 66 Female
Newnam James C. 29-Dec-1952 74 Male
Nielsen Elizabeth J. 30-Sep-1935
Nigh Edwin Forest 19-May-1951 86 Male
Nippes Marion 15-Nov-1955 73 Female
Nippes Mildred Katherine 6-Nov-1980 Female
Nippes Russell T. 8-Sep-1975 74 Male
Nippes Sargent 16-Sep-1958 76 Male
Nischood (daughter) 24-Aug-1904
Noistiski Enoch 15-May-1949
Nolan Laura 30-May-1910
O’Keefe William 12-Nov-1906
Ogle William 16-Jan-1919 45
Olewiler George J. 3-Aug-1933 13 Male
Olewiler Grant M. 1-Feb-1984 84 Male
Olewler Mary R. 25-Oct-1966 67 Female
Olling Barbara Elizabeth 24-Dec-1912
Ottinger Evelyn 14-Jul-1999 86 Female
Ottinger Ralf 8-Dec-1994 84 Male
Outerges Annie E. 19-Apr-1912
Parks Matitason 10-Jan-1915
Pearce J. S. July 14, 1890
Penn Clarence H. March 14, 1896 Child
Penn Otto 1-May-1933 76 Male
Penn Otto J. 27-Aug-1973 85 Male
Penn Pauline 5-Jan-1944 87 Female
Pennypacker Nellie 3-Aug-1960 73 Female
Perks E. Henry 26-Nov-1945 75 Male
Perks Elizabeth 16-Sep-1906
Perks Ester 7-Jun-1984 87 Female Cremation
Perks Jessie McMullen 9-May-1951 75
Phillips John L. 13-Dec-1933
Pines Charles Welsow 1-Mar-1939 57 Male
Pines Margaret B. 5-Sep-1956 81 Female
Plank Baby Girl 5-Feb-1942 Stillborn Female
Price Charles E. October 28, 1890
Price William April 1, 1890
Priest Caroline 9-Jan-1911
Priest Elizabeth 28-Sep-1932 63 Female
Priest Sarah Jane 11-Jan-1925
Prist Howard L. 14-May-1962 94 Male
Purring Ida Frances 7-Mar-1967 70 Female
Purring John A. 2-Aug-1976 80 Male
Radcliff Benjamin July 27, 1899
Radcliff Elina S. 28-Mar-1926
Radcliff Jennie 21-May-1935 74 Female
Radcliffe Joseph C. 5-May-1924
Radcliffe M. 9-Apr-1937 68 Male
Radcliffe Naomi May 8, 1896
Ralhfelder Rossel 15-Jan-1999 73 Male
Randall Meta B. 10-Mar-1959 82 Female
Randall William E. 21-Dec-1949 89 Male
Raum George Earl 17-Feb-1960 41 Male
Reed Mary April 19, 1892
Richmound Mary B. 15-Jun-1931 39 Female
Righter Adda S. Righter 9-May-1988 88 Female
Roberts Clarance H., Jr. 17-Nov-1994 66 Male
Roberts Margaret 17-Nov-1950 Female
Roberts Mary F. 10-May-1989 91 Female
Roberts William 22-Sep-1975 23 Male
Roberts William 20-Oct-1990 62 Male
Robison Mary Ann 2-Oct-1927
Rodgers David W. 30-Sep-1942 77 Male
Rodgers Florence Smith 10-Jan-1967 84 Female
Rogers Catherine I. 22-Feb-1975 75 Female
Rose Elizabeth Stewart 16-Jan-1948 70 Male
Rose Frank Holliday 15-Apr-1954 74 Male
Ross Mildred 3-Mar-1916
Rossi Frank 6-Jul-1931 66 Male
Royds Myrtle Burns 16-Nov-1974 65 Male
Royls Horace W. 13-Oct-1990 84 Male
Rue Charles August 3, 1888
Russell Anna M. August 1, 1892
Russell Hesekiah January 11, 1885
Russell Mary December 25, 1888
Rutherford Harriet H. 18-Apr-1929
Sassaman Elsie C. 20-Mar-1918 16
Sassaman Emma C. 30-Jun-1964 86 Female
Sasssman Howard 23-Jun-1956 80 Male
Scharck Baby Boy 4-Sep-1948 Stillborn Male
Schicler Clement B. 16-Nov-1917
Schlicking Joseph 23-Sep-1949 60 Male
Schlikling Florida 13-Apr-1992 94 Female Cremation
Schnor Louretta C. 24-Feb-1901 93 Cremation
Schnur Paul N. 24-Feb-1901 95
Schrack Baby Grl 9-Jun-1945 Female
Schrock Jane Aquilla 15-Nov-1973 61 Female
Schrock Nelson 9-Sep-1969 50 Male
Schwarts Earns October 2, 1893
Scott Anna F. 12-Jan-1943 83 Female
Scott Elemora 22-Feb-1900
Scott James H. 21-Feb-1929
Scott Jessie E. 30-Jun-1932
Scott Marrow 30-Dec-1947 Cremation
Scull F. Emily 8-Oct-1990 80 Female
Scull Hannah M. 4-Nov-1971 89 Female
Scull John F., Jr. 20-Dec-1967 61 Male
Scull John J. 10-Sep-1945 79 Male
Seeds Belle 29-Sep-1924
Seeds J.F 9-Mar-1914
Seeds William H. 31-Dec-1920
Seigford Hannah Louise 9-Jan-1939 84 Female
Seigfried Georgia Edna 10-Jan-1917
Selirster Belle 27-Feb-1924
Seville Baby Joice 23-Mar-1941 Stillborn Female
Sguire Mary April 24, 1897
Sharp Baby Girl 12-Jun-1940 Stillborn Female
Shelden George A. 19-Dec-1901
Shelden Joseph 24-Jul-1902
Sheldon Elizabeth G. 18-Apr-1918
Sheldon George 12-Apr-1947 73 Male
Sheldon Hannah 23-May-1926
Sheldon Henry August 24, 1885
Sheldon John April 10, 1891 Child
Sheldon Mrs. J. January 12, 1889
Sheldon Robert E. 24-Sep-1940 46 Male
Shenabrough Emma M. 11-Apr-1964 86 Male
Shephard child January 8, 1894 Child
Shephard Marion 6-Oct-1900
Sheridan Isabella 6-Jan-1939 81 Female
Sheridan William 4-Sep-1975 84 Male
Shillady Sue Anna 29-Nov-1955 86 Female
Shimes Benjamin Wilson 7-Apr-1949 72 Male
Shiridan James 17-Mar-1915
Shisler Sarah E. 6-Mar-1914
Shorgis Augustus 20-Sep-1904
Sibley Frank W. 29-Nov-1900
Siegford Danile H. 9-May-1922
Singder Elizabeth 7-May-1910
Sipe Edward L., Sr. 15-Mar-1962 86 Male
Sipe Ella 18-Sep-1936 54 Female
Smith Anna 14-Mar-1929
Smith Beatrice E. 18-Oct-1918 34
Smith Bertha M. 19-Nov-1969 80 Female
Smith C. April 8, 1894
Smith Charles J. July 19, 1890
Smith Charles P. 30-Mar-1944 77 Male
Smith Clarisee 8-Mar-1939 81 Female
Smith Edward John 11-Nov-1936 66 Male
Smith George May 15, 1894
Smith Gladys C. 8-May-1973 76 Female
Smith Helen D. 22-May-1951 41 Female
Smith Howard L. 2-Apr-1987 71 Male
Smith James L. June 23, 1889
Smith Jautos 15-Aug-1912
Smith Maggie 27-Feb-1930
Smith Martha 3-Jul-1939 67 Female
Smith Mary April 3, 1897
Smith Mary F. 23-Jan-1903
Smith Mrs. Robert 31-May-1902
Smith Nepolian B, Sr. 2-Feb-1947 Male
Smith Robert Charles 9-Sep-1933 1 month
Smith Sarah 12-Jul-1944 76 Female
Smith Thomas R. 11-Jul-1943 78 Male
Smith William Joseph 6-Dec-1967 77 Male
Smith William L. 19-Jan-1918
Smyehe Edwin 13-Apr-1910
Smyth Mary H. 16-May-1900
Snell Louise Watkin 6-Dec-1932 82 Female
Snell Mrs. 26-Sep-1904
Snell William R. 10-Jul-1921
Snow Edward O. 6-Mar-1930
Snow Florence P. 1-Apr-1937 74 Female
Soley Nathan 22-May-1900
Soley Rachel 20-Jul-1900
Souoses Laura V. 13-Oct-1906
Speak Catherine 25-Oct-1916
Speak Harry September 12, 1892 Child
Speak Henry G. 11-Jan-1919 59
Speak John H. May 31, 1896
Squire Miss (Philr 8-Aug-1901
Stacker Saul F. July 2, 1893
Stalker Annie W. 28-Feb-1935 59 Female
Stalker Carrie Lee 19-Feb-1983 79 Female
Stalker Cliffore S. 14-Sep-1987 Male
Stalker Ella May 28-May-1955 84 Female
Stalker Ellsworth 20-Jan-1944 72 Male
Stalker Eva R. (Herbert) 30-Apr-1970 80 Female
Stalker George W. 23-Sep-1970 62 Male
Stalker George W. 2-Feb-1946 83 Male
Stalker Mary July 6, 1899
Stalker Mary Ellen 30-Dec-1938 78 Female
Stalker Sam E. 19-Aug-1903
Stalker Samuel J. 2-Nov-1972 75 Male
Stalker Sophronie W. 17-Oct-1953 84 Female
Stalker Theodore 22-Dec-1934 32 Male
Stalker Willard 20-Nov-1963 52 Male
Stalker William J. 16-Feb-1943 75 Male
Stallman George W. 11-Oct-1927
Starel Charles November 3, 1895 Child
Stellpflug Eleanor 3-Jul-1987 67 Female
Stellpflug Howard N. 17-Sep-1993 77 Male Cremation
Steven Evelyn 18-Jan-1989 85 Female
Steven George 3-Aug-1978 69 Male
Steven James 10-Sep-1984 58 Male
Steven James, Jr. 1-Dec-1972 91 Male
Steven Jessie Allan 16-Nov-1953 73 Male
Steven Thomas S. 17-Jun-1901 86 Cremation
Stevens James, Jr. 22-Nov-1988 85 Male
Stevens Susan Hemcher 28-Aug-1982 73 Female
Steward Mary G. 22-Mar-1930
Stolker George F. 2-Apr-1987 83 Male
Sturges Flora 27-May-1941 75 Female
Sturges George 6-Dec-1905 Infant
Sturges Lillie 4-Jan-1907
Sturgess Thomas D. 9-Oct-1943 86 Male
Sturgis Baby Boy 17-Jan-1942 Stillborn Male
Sturgis Campbell November 20, 1898
Sturgis Greata A. 28-Jan-1924
Sturgis Mrs. January 11, 1889
Sturgis Thomas November 4, 1895
Sullivan Helen 11-Dec-1986 90 Female
Swearer Iabitha 30-Jul-1940 91
Syndar Eunice 13-May-1900
Synden Mrs. 20-Apr-1905
Taylor Alva M. October 5, 1890
Taylor Baby 27-Sep-1929 Stillborn
Taylor Harry 6-Jan-1911
Taylor Katharine 12-Oct-1902
Taylor Maggis D. November 6, 1895
Taylor Marion M. 5-Feb-1953 67 Female
Taylor Martha Randolph Youn 16-Dec-1935 74 Female Martha Randolph Young
Taylor William J. 20-May-1913
Thompson Mary Ester 18-Jun-1960 47 Female
Timbler George 28-Dec-1934 75 Male
Titlow Bertha Roberts 22-Aug-1974 77 Female
Titlow Elizabeth C. 24-May-1967 52 Female
Titlow Frank C. 29-Jul-1990 74 Male
Titlow Frank S. 7-Mar-1980 88 Male
Travor David 4-Oct-1905
Trimber Florence L. 23-Apr-1986 76 Female
Trimbur Roy F. 30-Nov-1984 76 Male
Turner Mary 27-Dec-1943 61 Female
Tweed Laura M. 30-Apr-1945 53 Female
Tweed Lewis Everett 5-Feb-1951 72 Male
VanderVeur Ann 4-Aug-1997 81 Female
VanderVeur Elizabeth 1-Oct-1958 56 Female
VanderVeur Ella Louise 27-Oct-1960 71 Female
VanderVeur George 2-Feb-1950 62 Male
VanderVeur George Lewis 15-Apr-1934 10 months Male
VanderVeur Howard Paul 23-Apr-1983 Male Cremation
VanderVeur Roy 8-Aug-1969 55 Male
Vander Veur Irene Laidley 14-Nov-1930 32
Varney Baby 3-Dec-1942 Stillborn
Vaughan Currie March 24, 1897
Vaughan Edith 5-Dec-1989 99 Female Cremation
Vaughan Edward June 29, 1890 Child
Vaughan Jacst 18-May-1906
Vaughan James D. 12-Dec-1933 89 Male
Vaughan Susan M. 15-May-1933 74 Female
Vaughan Walter 24-Apr-1916
Vaughn Elizabeth 29-Oct-1925
Vaughn Emily 10-Feb-1921
Vaughn Jacob May 19, 1891
Vaughn James November 11, 1899 Male
Vaughn Lillian Floreace 26-Feb-1948 93 Female
Vaughn Mary Emely 22-Nov-1943 68 Female
Vaughn Theona Phrem 26-May-1938 21 Female
Vaughn Walter 31-Dec-1903
Vaughn Walter February 14, 1893
Vaughn Wchildn March 12, 1895
Vaughn Wchildn March 16, 1895
Wagenseller Mrs. 27-Apr-1905
Wall James L., Sr. 24-May-1965 80 Male
Wall Lyden E. 4-Apr-1979 79
Wallace Marthan E. 4-Dec-1923 Baby
Wallace Mary 13-Dec-1924
Walter Joseph E. 16-Jan-1930
Waltz John Thomas 23-Apr-1963 78 Male
Waltz Martha A. 27-Jul-1961 76 Female
Walzer Anna 15-Dec-1962 75 Female
Walzer Fred H. 31-Jul-1954 69 Male
Wanamaker Alan David 12-Apr-1945 Baby Male
Wanamaker Albrey L. 12-Dec-1919
Wanamaker Baby 6-Nov-1918 8 months
Wanamaker Clarance E. 4-Jan-1945 55 Male
Wanamaker Elizabeth 30-Oct-1920
Wanamaker Ella May 8-Mar-1961 76 Female
Wanamaker Ella May 18-Aug-1916
Wanamaker Emma 30-Dec-1944 60 Female
Wanamaker Harry 15-Jul-1916
Wanamaker Horace 17-Jun-1941 63 Male
Wanamaker Jennie 30-May-1990 89 Female
Wanamaker Morie 24-Nov-1995 78 Female
Wanamaker Ralph 20-Oct-1950 74 Male
Wanamaker Ralph, Jr. 13-Mar-1982 64 Male
Wanamaker Roseanna 2-Oct-1918 26
Wanamaker Tayler, Jr. July 24, 1895
Wanamaker Walter 10-Mar-1970 86 Male
Ward Charles Francis, Jr. 21-Aug-1979 62 Male
Ward Charles I. 31-Jul-1944 63 Male
Warrell Mrs. September 3, 1891
Warrington Baby Girl 24-Jan-1941 Female
Watkins Dolive 7-Jul-1998 Female
Weaver Carrie O. 19-Aug-1937 70 Female
Weaver George 19-Dec-1934 52 Male
Weidman E. 18-Jul-1996 Female
Weidman Robert B. 22-Nov-1979 79 Male
Weidman Stuart R. 6-Jul-1994 62 Male
Weikert Isabella 10-Oct-1966 82 Female
Welch Harry November 2, 1888
Welsh James 2-Aug-1917
Welson Frank 17-Nov-1906
Werkert Levi 15-Apr-1970 89 Male
Werner Harold William 1-Jun-1968 81 Male
Werner Margaret Sherdan 25-Mar-1961 74 Female
Westmono Joseph 25-Jul-1902
Whartenby Alice 6-May-1974 58 Female
Wharterby Baby 20-May-1939 Stillborn
Whiltman Thomas J. April 5, 1899
Whiteman Ellen V. 6-Feb-1941 72 Female
Whiteman Jacob A. 21-Aug-1939 81 Male
Whiteman John 20-Jul-1900
Whiteman Layton 20-May-1965 64 Male
Whitemans Mary P. April 8, 1896
Whiterm Hannah 28-Nov-1905
Wilcox C. Louise 1-Dec-1981 87 Female
Wilcox Edward H. November 29, 1896
Wilcox Ellen Squire 10-Oct-1932 76 Female
Wilcox Madeline A. 24-Jul-1968 87 Female Cremation
Wilcox Walter E. 26-Apr-1961 71 Male
Wilkinson Katherine 1-Jan-1922
Wilkson Manten 12-Nov-1917
Williams Emma Jane 26-Jul-1952 43 Female
Winbeck Emma R. 9-Jan-1915
Winter Christiana February 24, 1896
Wise Josephine C. 19-Apr-1957 77 Female
Wise William Henry 12-Dec-1934 57 Male
Wood Daniel 28-Dec-1962 68 Male
Wood Erminie A. 17-May-1960 79 Female
Worrell John L. 4-Jul-1921
Worrell Mary 28-Nov-1942 73 Female
Worrell Mary Emma 29-May-1935 79 Female
Worrell Mrs. Tayler October 9, 1888
Worrell Parker 25-Jun-1935 80
Worrell Sallie 25-Jun-1914
Wright Thomas D. 16-Jan-1915
Unknown (J.S. Pearce) February 9, 1893
Unknown Male Child 25-Feb-1943 Premature Male
Unknown Man 18-Sep-1929
Unknown 3-Dec-1938 Premature
Unknown July 14, 1890

The database is the work of S. Hamill Horne of The Lower Merion Historical Society. The listings come from Association records and transcription from the headstones. Questions about the location and nature of the sources cited may be addressed to The Lower Merion Historical Society at info@LowerMerionHistory.org. Updated December, 2002