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Edward Holyoke Snow (1890 – 1977) was a native of Maine who became an Ardmore resident and a Lower Merion leader. “The famous and forbidding principal of Ardmore Junior High School” (1923 – 1956) established a scholarship to honor local men who died in World War II, and a founder the Lower Merion Township Memorial Day service and parade and the Lower Merion Historical Society. Snow was even the president of the venerable Lower Merion Society for the Detection and Prosecution of Horse Thieves and the Recovery of Stolen Horses from 1955 to 1972.

well dressed adults arranged in two rows
Ardmore Junior High School first faculty, 1923-24. Snow is in the back row, #4 from left. First 300 Photograph collection

The Snow Collection contains editions of textbooks that may well have been used at the Lower Merion Academy during its years as an active school. It includes Lower Merion’s Lost Books, stumbled upon in 2002 in a locked drawer when the Lower Merion High School library replaced its half-century old circulation desk.

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Author Title Pub.
Wright, Henrietta Christian Children’s Stories in American History 1906
Ward, Edward G. [?] National Method in Reading. Primer Part I – Reading by the Word Method 1907
Dilworth, Thomas Schoolmaster’s Assistant: Being a Compendium of Arithmetic Both Practical and Theoretical 1790(?)
Bullions, Rev. Peter Select Orations of M. Tullius Cicero, With English Notes for the Use of Schools and Colleges 1859
Hale, Edward, G. History of the United States; Written for the Chautauqua Reading Circles 1887
Blackie, John Stuart Self-Culture; Intellectual, Physical and Moral. A Dade Mecum for Young Men and Students 1874
Parker R.G. Progressive Exercises in English Composition 1851
New National Fifth Reader. Barnes’ New National Readers 1884
Allen, William F. & Myers, P.V.N. Ancient History for Colleges and High Schools. Part II. A Short History of the Roman People 1899
Watkins, Mildred Cabell Literature Primers. American Literature 1894
Sanders, Charles W. Sanders’ Union Fourth Reader: Embracing a Full Exposition of the Principles of Rhetorical Reading… 1864
Young, J.W.A. & Jackson, Lambert L. Elementary Algebra – Twentieth Century Text-Books 1910
Geographical Present: Being Descriptions of the Several Countries of Africa… 1831
Perrin, John Grammar of the French Tongue; Grounded Upon the Decisions of the French Academy 1819
Morse, Jedidiah American Universal Geography; or a View of the Present State of All the Kingdoms, States and Colonies 1819
Swinton, William School Composition: Being Advanced Language-Lessons for Grammar Schools 1875
Intermediate Arithmetic
Barrington, A. Treatise of Physical Geography, Comprising Hydrology, Geognosy, Geology, Meteorology, Botany, Zoology… 1851
Morse, Jedidiah Geography Made Easy: Being an Abridgment of the American Universal Geography to Which is Prefixed … 1813
Olney, J. Practical System of Modern Geography; or a View of the Present State of the World 1835
Brookes, R. Brookes’ General Gazetter Improved; or a New and Compendious Geographical Dictionary… 1806
Morse, [Jedidiah ?] Geography Made Easy c1798
Smith, Roswell C. Smith’s Geography; Geography on the Productive System for Schools, Academies and Families… 1839
Bullions, Rev. Peter Analytical and Practical Grammar of the English Language 1856
Woodbridge, William Channing Woodbridge and Willard’s System of Universal Geography, on the Principles of Comparison and Classification… 1833
Gow, Alex M. Primer of Politeness: a Help to School and Home Government 1883
Thomas, Charles Swain Teaching of English in the Secondary School 1917
Brown, Emma E. Children’s Hour at the Old South 1881
Smollet, Tobias Adventures of Roderick Random 1810
Johnson, Samuel Johnson’s English Dictionary 1839
Davies, Charles School Arithmetic. Analytical and Practical 1883
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart Gates Ajar 1869
Greenleaf, Benjamin Key to the Introduction to the National Arithmetic, Exhibiting the Operation of the More Difficult Examples… 1861
Davies, Charles Arithmetic Designed for Academies and Schools; Uniting the Inductive Reasoning of the French With the Practical… 1849
Cobb, Lyman Cobb’s Spelling Book Being a Just Standard for Pronouncing the English Language 1835
Mitchell, S. Augustus System of Modern Geography, Comprising a Description of the Present State of the World, and Its Five Great… 1864
Gentleman of the Bar Pocket Lawyer, and Family Conveyancer…to Which is Added an Abridged Law Dictionary and the Fee Bill 1835
Parker, William Henry Introductory Lessons in the Grammar of the English Language Based Upon an Analysis of the English Sentence 1866
Smith, William W. Speller’s Manual, Being a Collection of Words Usually Misspelled, Promiscuously Arranged in Convenient Lessons… 1852
Vogdes, William Elementary Treatise on Mensuration and Practical Geometry Together With Numerous Problems of Practical… 1861
Greene, Samuel S. Elements of English Grammar; So Arranged as to Combine the Analytical and Synthetical Methods… 1861
Emerson, Frederick North American Arithmetic. Part Third for Advanced Scholars 1856
Davis, Pardon Davie’s Modern Practical English Grammar Adapted to the American System of Teaching 1845
Alsop, Samuel First Lessons in Algebra, in Which the Elements of the Science and Familiarly Explained 1859
Baldwin, James & Bender, Ida C. Reading With Expression. Fifth Reader. Eight Book Series 1911
Bartholomew, John Handy Reference Atlas of the World With Complete Index and Geographical Statistics 1887
Mitchell, S. Augustus System of Modern Geography, Physical, Political and Descriptive; Accompanied by a New Atlas of Forty-Four Maps 1870
Leete, C.H. Exercises in Geography 1902
Naylor, Benjamin Naylor’s System of Teaching Geography Adapted to Pelton’s Outline Maps… 1850
Brigham, Albert Perry Students’ Laboratory Manual of Physical Geography 1905
Haggard, H. Rider She: a History of Adventure
Physical Geography
Chisholm, George G. & Leete, C.H. Longmans’ School Geography 1903
Smith, Mary Cate Worl and Its People. Book IV. Life in Asia 1898
Chase, A. & Clow, E. Stories of Industry. Volume I 1891
Hall, Mary L. Our World; First Lessons in Geography for Children 1873
Warren’s New Primary Geography 1886
Swinton, William Introductory Geography in Readings and Recitations 1882
Olney, J. History of the United States, on a New Plan; Adapted to the Capacity of Youth… 1844
Bradford, T.G. Abridgment of Universal Geography, Modern and Ancient: Chiefly Compiled From the Abrege de Geographie… 1835
Mitchell, S. Augustus System of Modern Geography, Comprising a Description of the Present State of the World, and Its Five Great… 1847
Woodbridge and Willard’s Universal Geography Adapted to the Present State of the World for the Use of the Higher… 1833
Naylor, Benjamin Naylor’s System of Teaching Geography Adapted to Pelton’s Outline Maps… 1857
Cornell’s High School Geography. Third Book in a Series.
Badlam, Anna B. World and Its People; a Series of Geographical Readers. Book VII. Views in Africa 1896
Primer of Geography
Goodrich, Charles A. Universal Traveller, Designed to Introduce Readers at Home to an Acquaintance With the Arts, Customs and Manners… 1838
Cornell, S.S. Cornell’s First Steps in Geography 1876
Keyser, Charles S. Fairmount Park and the International Exhibition at Philadelphia. Centennial Edition 1875
Mitchell, S. Augustus Mitchell’s Primary Geography. an Introduction to the Study of Geography Designed for the Instruction of Children… 1855
West, Willis Mason Ancient World From the Earliest Times to 800 A.D. Part I. Greece and the East 1904
Trego, Charles B. Geography of Pennsylvania: Containing an Account of the History, Geographical Features, Soil, Climate, Geology… 1843
Ritter, Carl Comparative Geography. Translated for the Use of schools and Colleges 1865
Von Engeln, O.D. & Urquhart, Jane McKelway Story Key to Geographic Names 1924
Knickerbocker, Diedrich History of New York, From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty… 1824
Mitchell, S. Augustus Mitchell’s Geographical Reader: a System of Modern Geography, Comprising a Description of the World With… 1840
Brigham, Albert Perry Geographic Influences in American History 1903
Payne, Frank Owen Geographical Nature Studies for Primary Work in Home Geography 1898
Harris, Alex Geographical Handbook: or a Description of the Different Countries With Their Several Subdivisions… 1864
Rupert, William W. Tarr and McMurry Geographies. Supplementary Volume. Pennsylvania 1911
Rocheleau, W.F. Great American Industries. Third Book. Manufactures 1900
Primary History of the United States for Intermediate Classes 1885
Martindale, Joseph C. History of the United States From 1492 to 1866 for the Use of Schools 1866
Speaker’s Garland and Literary Bouquet. Volume III. Combining 100 Choice Selections, Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 12 1880
Greene, Samuel S. Greene’s Introduction. An Introduction to the Study of English Grammar 1863
Lowry, Rev. Robert & Doane, Howard Royal Diadem for the Sunday School 1873
Jones, L.H. Jones Readers by Grades. Book Four 1904
Alexander, Georgia Spelling Book 1906
Stevenson, Robert Louis Child’s Garden of Verses 1903
Lennes, N.J. & Jenkins, Frances Applied Arithmetic. The Three Essentials. Book II 1920
Gordy, Wilbur Fiske History of the United States 1922
Hall, Jennie Viking Tales 1930
Swinton, William New Word-Analysis or School Etymology of English Derivative Words 1879
Lossing, Benson J. Common-School History of the United States From the Earliest Period to the Present Time 1867
Carroll, Clarence F. & Brooks, Sarah C. Reader for the Fifth Grade 1911
Blaisdell, Etta Austin & Mary Frances Child Life Fifth Reader 1913
Greenough, J.B. Select Orations of Cicero 1897
Gummere, John Elementary Treatise on Astronomy in Two Parts 1837
Collar, William C. & Daniell, M. Grant First Year Latin 1901
Davies, Charles Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry From the Works of A.M. Legendre 1858
Lynd, James First Book of Etymology Designed to Promote Precision in the Use and Facilitate the Acquisition of a Knowledge… 1866
Gordy, Wilbur F. History of the United States for Schools 1912
Willson. Marcus Fifth Reader of the Popular Series 1881
Miller, Fred R. Progressive Problems in Physics 1910
Montgomery, D.H. Leading Facts of American History 1899
Brigham, Albert Perry Commercial Geography 1911
Richards, James A. (ed) Outline of Knowledge: Geology, Biology, Zoology 1924
Swinton, William & Cathcart, George R. (ed) Golden Book of Choice Reading 1881
Blaisdell, Albert F. Stories From English History From the Earliest Times to the Present Day 1897
Richards, James A. (ed) Outline of Knowledge: English Poetry 1924
Mitchell, S. Augustus System of Modern Geography, Physical, Political and Descriptive… 1874
Wells, Webster Algebra for Secondary Schools 1906
Buntline, Ned Buffalo Bill
Sadler, P. Petit Cours de Versions; or Exercises for Translating English Into French 1868
Hicks, Warren Champion Spelling Book for Public and Private Schools. Part Two 1909
Swinton, William Primary Geography 1879
Sweney, J.R. & Kirkpatrick, W.J. & Gilmour, H.L. Winnings Songs: for Use in Meetings for Christian Worship or Work 1892
Dryer, Charles Redway High School Geography; Physical, Economic and Regional 1912
Farrar, W.H. Arithmetical Problems, or Questions in Arithmetic for Use of Advanced Classes in Schools 1853
Parker, Richard Green Questions in Geography Adapted for the Use of Morse’s Woodbridge’s, Worcester’s… 1854
Mangnall, Richmal Comprehensive Summary of Universal History With a Biography of Distinguished Persons From the Earliest Period… 1851
Mead, Charles School Exercise; Containing a Course of Lessons in Which the Various Branches of Education are Introduced as… 1825
Cyr, Miss Ellen Children’s Primer 1902
Carroll, Stella W. & Clarence F. Around the World Geographical Reader. Primary. Book I 1897
Heath Readers. Fourth Reader 1903
Comly, John Comly’s Spelling and Reading Book
Carpenter, Frank G. Carpenter’s New Geographical Reader. Europe 1922
Baldwin, James & Bender, Ida C. Reading With Expression. Sixth Reader 1911
Werner-Spanhoofd, Arnold Lehrbuch der Deutichen Sprache. A Practical Course in German for High School Academy or College 1910
Fish, Daniel W. Robinson’s Progressive Practical Arithmetic; Containg the Theory of Numbers… 1877
Philips & Anderson Silver-Burdett Arithmetics. Complete Book
Strayer, George Drayton How To Teach 1918
Hodgdon, Jeannette Rector First Course in American History 1908
Gordy, Wilbur F. American Beginnings in Europe 1912
Elson, William & Runkel, Lura E. Elson Readers Primer 1920
Mitchell, S. Augustus System of Modern Geography, Physical, Political and Descriptive… Fourth Book 1865
Key to Green’s Algebra Containing the Entire Solutions of all the Questions and Problems 1856
Porter, Ebenezer Rhetorical Reader, Consisting of Instructions for Regulating the Voice With a Rhetorical Notation… 1848
Swinton, William New Language Lessons: an Elementary Grammar and Composition 1877
Durell, Fletcher & Robbins, Edward R. Advanced Practical Arithmetic 1901
Sheldon’s Primary Language Lessons 1895
Hamilton, Samuel Primary Arithmetic for Graded Schools 1907
Wentworth, G.A. & Hill, Rev. Thomas Practical Arithmetic 1882
United States’ Spelling Book With Appropriate Reading Lessons…
Maury, M.F. & Simonds, Frederic William Physical Geography 1908
Richards, James A. (ed) Outline of Knowledge: The story of Religion and Philosophic Thought, and The Personal Romance of History 1924
Peterson, R.E. Familiar Science; or the Scientific Explanation of Common Things 1852
Straubenmuller, Gustave Home Geography of New York City 1905
Hammond’s Handy Atlas of the World 1913
Gibbon, Edward History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire 1826
Arnold, Sarah Louise & Gilbert, Charles B. Stepping Stones to Literature. A Second Reader 1902
Webster, Noah Webster’s Primary Dictionary 1860’s
Webster, William & Wheeler, William A. Common-School Dictionary of the English Language…Latest Edition of the American Dictionary of Noah Webster 1867
Hervey, Walter L. & Hix, Melvin Horace Mann Readers. Introductory Fourth Reader 1917
W., A.L. Mabel Lee; or the Way to Make a Thorny Path Smooth 1865
Kerl, Simon First Lessons in English Grammar 1868
Rand McNally & Company’s New Handy Atlas… 1896
Bullions, Rev. Peter Greek Reader, Selected Chiefly From Jacobs’ Greek Reader Adapted to Bullions’ Greek Grammar 1858
Duncan, William Element of Logic In Four Books 1770
Montgomery, D.H. Leading Facts of English History 1901
Richards, James A. (ed) Outline of Knowledge: The Romance of the Arts 1924
Smith, Roswell C. Practical and Mental Arithmetic, on a New Plan in Which Mental Arithmetic is Combined With the Use of the Slate… 1841
Geikie, Archibald Science Primers. Physical Geography 1889
Reed, Alonzo & Kellogg, Brainerd Higher Lessons in English. A Work on English Grammar and Composition in Which the Science of the Language… 1883
Richards, James A. (ed) Outline of Knowledge: Drama 1924
West, Willis Mason Ancient World From the Earliest Times to 800 A.D. Part II. Rome and the West 1904
American Tutor’s Assistant Revised, or a Compendious System of Practical Arithmetic… 1810
Halleck, Reuben Post History of English Literature 1900
Hughs, Mary Boy’s and Girl’s Library. XVIII. The Ornaments Discovered: Story Founded On Facts 1833
Brooks, Edward New Normal Mental Arithmetic: a Thorough and Complete Course by Analysis and Induction 1873
Muller, Margarethe & Wenckebach, Carla Gluck Auf. A First German Reader 1901
First Book of History: For Children and Youth 1842
Swinton, William Outlines of the World’s History, Ancient, Medieval and Modern… 1874
Freeman, Edward A. General Sketch of History 1876
Adams, Daniel Arithmetic, in Which the Principles of Operating by Numbers Are Analytically Explained and Syntheticall Applied 1848
Parker, Richard G. & Watson, J. Madison National Pronouncing Speller: Embracing a Strictly Graded Classification of the Primitive and the More Important… 1865
Clarke, John Corderii Colloquiorum Centuria Selecta or a select Century of the Colloquies of Corderius With an English Translation 1801
Wentworth, G.A. Text-Book of Geometry 1897
Sanders, Charles W. Sanders’ New Speller, Definer and Analyzer… 1861
Illustrated Pronouncing Pocket Dictionary of the English Language on the Basis of Webster, Worcester, Walker… 1868
Sanders, Charles W. School Reader. Third Book. Containg Progressive Lessons in Reading, Exercises in Articulation and Inflection… 1853
Wright, Julia McNair Nature Readers. Sea-Side and Way-Side. No. 3 1893
Hall, Mary L. Our World Reader. No. 1 First Lessons in Geography 1890
Literary and Scientific Class Book
Eggleston, Edward Hoosier School-Master 1871
Greenleaf, Benjamin Introduction to the National Arithmetic on the Inductive System Combining Analytic and Synthmetic Methods… 1860
Youmans, Edward L. Class-Book of Chemistry in Which the Principles of the Science Are Familiarly Explained and Applied to the Arts… 1860
Eaton, James S. Intellectual Arithmetic Upon the Inductive Method With an Introduction to Written Arithmetic 1868
Guerber, H.A. Heath’s Modern Language Series. Marchen und Ergahlungen 1899
Brooks, Edward Normal Written Arithmetic by Analysis and Synthesis Designed for Common Schools, Normal Schools… 1869
Wentworth, G.A. Grammar School Arithmetic 1893
Wooster, Lizzie E. Wooster Fifth Reader 1907
Wooster, Lizzie E. Wooster Fourth Reader 1907
Mecutchen, Samuel New American Practical Arithmetic 1886
Wentworth, G.A. Elements of Algebra 1888
Olney, Edward First Principles of Algebra. An Introduction to the Authors Complete or University Algebra 1882
Mitford, Mary Russell Works of Mary Russell Mitford, Prose and Verse 1846
Standard Encyclopedia. New Edition. Self Pronouncing. Unabridged
Native of Pennsylvania Letters From Europe During a Tour Through Switzerland and Italy in the Years 1801 and 1802 1805
Commercial Arithmetic. A Practical Text-Book for Use in Business Colleges. Peirce College Edition 1891
Bishop, Coleman E. Pictures From English History by the Great Historical Artists 1883
Emerson’s Arithmetic
Barnes’s One-Term Series. Brief History of Greece; With Readings From Prominent Greek Historians 1883
Watson, J. Madison National Fourth Reader: Containing a Simple, Comprehensive and Practical Treatise on Elocution; Numerous and… 1867
Myers General History c1898
Baldwin, James School Reading by Grades. Fifth Year 1897
Key Adapted to the Questions for Grimshaw’s History of the United States (cf S215) 1836
Hamilton, Samuel Hamilton’s Standard Arithmetic. Book Three 1917
Gerrish, Rev. Theodore Army Life. A Privates Reminiscences of the Civil War 1882
Allen, Charles, H. et al Indiana State Series. Fifth Reader 1889
Anthon, Charles First Latin Lessons, Containing the Most Important Parts of the Grammar of the Latin Language… 1857
Jenkins, Rev. O.L. Student’s Handbook of British and American Literature, With Selections From the Writings of the Most Distinguished… 1897
Emerson, B.D. First-Class Reader: a Selection for Exercises in Reading From standard British and American Authors in Prose and Verse 1854
Ryan, James Elementary Treatise on Arithmetic in Theory and Practice Adapted to the Instruction of Youth in Schools and… 1827
Grimshaw, William History of the United States From Their First Settlement as Colonies to the Period of the Fifth Census in 1830 (cf S207) 1836
Anthon, Charles First Greek Lessons, Containing All the Inflections of the Greek Language Together With Appropriate Exercises… 1855
Johonnot, James Neighbors With Wings and Fins, and Some Others, For Young People. Natural History Series. Book Third 1885
Elson, William H. & Keck, Christine Elson English Classics For Seventh and Eighth Grades 1914
Greenough, James B. et al (ed) Caesar’s Gallic War 1898
Rowland, Arthur J. & Creagmile, William B. Experiments in Applied Electricity 1905
Bolenius, Emma Miller Boys’ and Girl’s Readers. Fifth Reader 1919
Goodrich, S.G. Pictorial History of the United States With Notices of Other Portions of American North and South 1868
Hart, John S. Grammar of the English Language 1881
Brown’s Grammar
Greenleaf, Benjamin Introduction to the National Arithmetic on the Inductive System, Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods… 1863
Harley, M.E. History and Geography of Montgomery County, PA., Together With County and Township Government… 1883
Didot, Pierre & Firmin Oeuvres de Boileau Despreaux. Tome Premier. Edition Stereotype 1800
Goodrich, Samuel Griswold Peter Parley’s Rambles in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland 1839
Thackeray, W.M. Ballads and Tales 1869
Constitution of the United States of America With the Amendments Thereto: to Which Are Added Jefferson’s… 1867
Frost’s History of the United States
Lytton, Sir Edward Bulwer Zanoni 1867
Lossing, Benson J. Our Country; a History of the United States From the Discovery of America to the Present Time 1905
VanNorstrand, Frances Post Blossoms by the Wayside or the Children Among the Poets 1888
John L. Stoddard’s Lectures. Illustrated and Embellished With Views of the World’s Famous Places and People… 1849
Evans, George G. (ed) Visitors’ Companion at Our Nation’s Capital. a Complete Guide for Washington and Its Envions… 1892
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. December 1860 to May 1861 1861
Mitchell, S. Augustus New Primary Geography. Pennsylvania Edition 1884
Fitch, George W. & Colton, George Woolworth Colton and Fitch’s Modern School Geography, Illustrated 1859
Warren’s Primary Geography – Pennsylvania Edition 1886
Hinton, John Howard (ed) History and Topography of the United States of North America, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time 1834
Hinton, John Howard (ed) History and Topography of the United States of North America, From the Earliest Period to the Present Time 1834
Frye, Alexis Everett Frye’s Grammar School Geography. Part II 1917
Brocklesby, John Mitchell’s New Physical Geography 1867
Mitchell’s New School Atlas 1874
Warren’s Brief Course in Geography – Pennsylvania Edition 1887
King, Charles King’s Geographies. Primary Geography. A Text-Book for Children 1921
Putnam’s Handy Volume Atlas of the World With an Index of Cities and Towns Giving the Complete 1920 Census… 1921
Houston, Edwin J. Elements of Physical Geography for the Use of Schools, Academies and Colleges 1890
Mitchell, S. Augustus New Primary Geography: Illustrated by Twenty Colored Maps… 1876
Woodman, Joseph Edmund (ed) et al World Flat-Globe and International Geographical History of the World 1919
Leonard-Stuart, Charles Standard Atlas and Chronological History of the World… 1912
Shepherd, P. Geography For Beginners 1922
Thralls, Zoe A. Geography of Pennsylvania 1924
Dodge, Richard Elwood, et al City of New York Geographies. United States, New York State, Other North Atlantic States…Grade 5A 1932
Dodge, Richard Elwood, et al Dodge-Lackey Elementary Geography. Book One 1927
Harper’s Introductory Geography 1888
Harper’s Introductory Geography 1882
Brigham, Albert Perry, et al Essentials of Geography. Second Book 1920
Benziger’s Elementary Geography for Catholic Schools 1912
Dodge, Richard Elwood, et al City of New York Series. Home and Local Geography. Grade 4A 1929
Roddy, H. Justin Elementary Geography 1902
Brigham, Albert Perry, et al Essentials of Geography. First Book 1916
Frye, Alexis Everett Primary Geography 1898
Dodge, Richard Elwood Dodge’s Elementary Geography 1912
Brigham, Albert Perry, et al Essentials of Geography. First Book 1920
Redway, Jacques W. & Hinman, Russell Natural Introductory Geography 1913
Morton, Eliza H. Morton’s Advanced Geography. Pennsylvania Edition 1901
Warren, D.M. Elementary Treatise of Physical Geography to Which is Added a Brief Description of the Physical Phenomena… 1873
Roddy, H. Justin Complete Geography 1902
Warren, D.M. Common-School Geography as Elementary Treatise on Mathematical, Physical and Political…New England Edition 1867
Sheep, James W. & Daniel B. Shepp’s World’s Fair Photographed Being a Collection of Original Copyrighted Photographs… 1893
Thomas, J. & Baldwin, T. (ed) Complete Pronouncing Gazetter, or Geographical Dictionary of the World… 1855
Butler’s Complete Geography 1887
Everybody’s New Census Atlas of the World… 1901
Quackenbos, John D., et al Appleton’s American Standard Geographies Based on the Principles of the Science of Education 1887
Redway, Jacques W. & Hinman, Russell Natural Advanced Geography 1901
Appleton’s American Standard Geographies…Higher Geography Embodying a Comprehensive Course With Many… 1896
Maury, M.F. New Complete Geography. Pennsylvania & New Jersey Edition 1917
Reynolds, Francis J. (ed) New Encyclopedic Atlas and Gazetter of the World…Latest Maps of the War Zones 1917
New Ideal State and County Survey and Atlas of Pennsylvania 1912
Linguae Latinae Compendiarii. Pars Secunda. Vocabulorum Latinorum Notationes
Ripley, George & Dana, Charles New American Cyclopaedia: a Popular Dictionary of General Knowledge 1863
[Civil War Era Public School Speller]
Tales Uniting Instruction With Amusement: Consisting of the Little Rambler; Playing With Fire… 1808
[Reprint of The New England Primer]
Cobb’s Toys, Third Series. Stories About the Bear, Zebra, Lynx, Wild Boar, Walrus, Sloth and Anteater in Words… 1835
Walker, John Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language…Observed by the Natives of Scotland, Ireland and London 1840
McGuffey’s New Eclectic Spelling-Book: Embracing a Progressive Course of Instruction in English Orthography and Orthoepy 1865
Porter, Miss Jane Scottish Chiefs, a Romance 1827
Doddridge, P. Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul; Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses; With a Sermon on the Care of the Soul 1844
Olney, J. New and Improved School Atlas, to Accompany the Practical System of Modern Geography 1831

Inventory prepared by Gerald A. Francis, Lower Merion Historical Society, March 1997.