1920 Edition

Atlas of Properties on Main Line Pennsylvania Railroad From Overbrook to Paoli.

Compiled From Actual Surveys, Official Records and Private Plans by Ellis Kiser and J.M. Lathrop, Civil Engineers and From Original Surveys by Milton R. Yerkes, C.E.. Under the Direct Supervision and Management of A.H. Mueller, Publisher, 530 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1920

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Index Map

Ardmore R.R. Station (Plate 11)
Bala and Cynwyd R.R. Stations (Plate 6)
Berwyn R.R. Station (Plate 30)
Bryn Mawr, Rosemont R.R. Stations (Plate 15)
Bryn Mawr West (Plate 21)
Belmont Hills (Plate 7)
Daylesford, Paoli R.R. Stations (Plate 31)
Devon R.R. Station (Plate 29)
Gladwyne (Plate 17)
Gulph Mills (Plate 26)
Haverford (Plate 13)
Haverford College (Plate 12)
Haverford R.R. Station (Plate 14)
Manoa (Plate 1)
Merion (Plate 4)
Mill Creek area (Plate 16)
Narberth R.R Station (Plate 5)
Overbrook and Merion R.R. Stations (Plate 3)
Penn Valley (Plate 8)
Radnor R.R. Station (Plate 24)
Rosemont, Villanova R.R. Stations (Plate 20)
Spring Mill & Conshohoken State Rd. (Plate 18)
Spring Mill Rd. & Montgomery Ave.(Plate 19)
St. Charles Seminary (Plate 2)
St. Davids, Wayne R.R. Stations (Plate 25)
Strafford North (Plate 28)
Strafford R.R. Station (Plate 27)
Villanova West (Plate 22)
Wayne West (Plate 23)
Wynnewood (Plate 10)
Wynnewood R.R. Station (Plate 9)