Local Antique Maps

A Geological Map of the Serpentine Ranges of Radnor Township, Delaware County and Lower Merion, Montgomery County to Show Their Relation to the Philadelphia Belt of Azoic Rocks. By Theo. D. Rand 1887. Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, Annual Report 1886 Part IV. J.P. Lesley State Geologist.

 1681 A Map of Some of the South and Eastbounds of Pennsylvaniain America being Partly Inhabited. Sold by John Thorton at the Signe of England, Scotland and Ireland in the Minories, and by John Seller at His Shop in Popeshead Alley in Cornhill, London. First Map of Pennsylvania Under William Penn, 1681.

1687 A Mapp of Ye Improved Part of Pennsylvania in America, Divided into Countyes, Townships and Lotts. Surveyed by Thomas Holme. Sold by George Willdey at the Great Toy, Spectacle, and Print Shop, at the corner of Ludgate Street, near St. Paul’s, London.

1753 A Map of Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent by N. Scull and G. Heap. This version of the map was printed in London using black ink on white paper and included in the August 1753 edition of The Gentleman’s Magazine.

1851 Edition by John Howell Levering. Survey of buildings, names of property holders, boundaries of lots and farms. Levering was an employee of the surveying and civil engineering departments of the City of Philadelphia, and the Levering family was the owner of grist and saw mills in Lower Merion from the 1700s.

 1908 Edition. This map was based on the 1851 Levering map, redrawn by A.H. Mueller in 1908.

1934 Colonial Roads, Fords and Ferries near Philadelphia. Drawn by Dr. Douglas Macfarlan in 1934.

 1937 The Mills of Mill Creek, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania as They Were in 1776 with Certain Additions, etc. Drawn by Dr. Douglas Macfarlan in 1937.

“This creek was a hive of industry in the early days. Flour was ground, logs were sawed, paper was made, and gun powder was manufactured. Later many of the mills became cotton factories. Early in the last century [note: 1800s]steam began to supplant water-power for the mills.”

From the lecture notes of Douglas Macfarlan

1941 Detailed maps of the mills of Mill Creek in colonial times. Drawn by Dr. Douglas Macfarlan in 1941.

1942 Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Historical Map: Old Homes, Mills, Schools, Parks, Play Grounds & Public Improvements. Drawn by Dr. Douglas Macfarlan in 1942.

 1942 The Main Line: A Historical Map of Ye Outlying Regions. Made for Your Enjoyment by Sally Jean & Nancy Robertson & Drawn by Hugh Robertson during the very cold winter of 1942. Revised & Corrected 1946.

1920 Plan Showing Location of Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad (as Constructed by the State of Pennsylvania) from Columbia Bridge over Schuykill Rover to its Junction with Present Main Line of Pennsylvania Railroad at Anderson’s Lane, Later Athensville, Now Ardmore. Traced for John C. Trautwine, Jr. from T.H. Mueller’s reproduction of John Levering’s Map of Lower Merion Township, 1851 with data from other sources by Charles R. Barker, June 1920.

 1938 The Pennsylvania Railroad Philadelphia Terminal Division. By David C. Stump, 1938.