56 Fairview Rd

Year Built: 1826-1828

Comments: Penn Valley Womens Club, originally the Fairview Union Sunday School.

Small vernacular schoolhouse constructed 1826-28 by the Fairview (Penn Valley) community to serve as weekday school & a place for Sunday religious gatherings. --Historic Inventory Class 1 no. NA002

This building was the school from 1826 to 1876, when a new building was built next door. That building served until 1916, and was torn down about 10 years later. In 2007, its foundations were still visible; see the Next Building.

Keywords: Penn Valley



Garden Club

left side

plaques at top of front:
Penn Valley /1951/Womens Club
Fairview/School House/Re-Built 1876

Plaques, including 1826/Fairview/Union/S S



right rear

Sign, with plaque: In Memory of Emily & Henrietta Deubler