336 Aubrey Rd

Comments: Formerly part of the Toland estate. See 332 Aubrey Rd for history.

The barn in these photos was rebuilt using the old stonework and foundation after the existing 1860 barn burned down in 1963.  Col. Owen Jones built the 1860 barn because he was interested in the latest improvements in the dairy industry, even though he was a gentlemen farmer who made his money in real estate ventures in West Philadelphia near the 52nd st PRR station.  He was known to say "I bought by the acre and sold by the foot." - from Bob McCormick

1999 and 2003 photos by Bob McCormick. 2010 photos by Ted Goldsborough. 2011 photos by Max Buten

Keywords: Wynnewood

1995 photo from Montgomery County Property Records

1995 photo from Montgomery County Property Records


1999 photo after renovation, but before additions. Wing on right shows kitchen door. Aubrey road side.

1999 photo showing 1873 addition after 2002 renovation.


2003 photo from garden. Barn storage with housing, 1963 barn, tool shed.

2003 photo of 2002 small addition

2003 photo of Aubrey Rd side

2003 photo showing 2002 addition on left

2003 photo. small 1873 addition

2003 photo. Wall and gate on Aubrey Rd.

2003 photo: Background: Original house (as remodeled) and post-1963 barn. Foreground: Tool shed.

2003 photo: entrance to tool shed

2003 photo: New wing added on left in 2002, in front of the 1873 wing.

2003 photo: truck (vegetable) garden, location of former driveway

barn and house, from Aubrey Rd

barn and house, from Aubrey Rd

barn and housing from Aubrey Rd, with 334 Aubrey Rd in left rear.

barn tower with windvane

chicken coop

cow stalls

from Aubrey Rd

From Aubrey Rd, the tool shed and barn.

garage, behind the barn

gate in wall on Aubrey Rd

grindstone in the garage

left side windows and vents

pool area

pool area gateposts

pool fence


rear; Bob points to his room

Tool shed and barn, from Aubrey Rd

Wall on Aubrey Rd, with post-1963 barn and housing behind.

weather vane peeks over the roof