0 Anderson Ave bridge

Year Built: 1917

Comments: Bridge carrying the railroad over Anderson Ave. Built 1917 in Lower Merion by the successor to Pencoyd Iron. Repaired, with sign and lighting added, 2010-2011.

Keywords: Ardmore, No number

2010 (1) Pre-construction

2010 (2) Pre-construction rendering of the outcome

2010 (3) Open for pedestrians and bicycles

2010 (4) All the steel is painted.

2010 (5) Supporting deck for concrete on the Montgomery Ave side is painted but rusty.

2010 (6) Reinforced rusted beams under the platform on the Lancaster Ave (inbound) side

2010 (7) Detail of a rusted beam under the platform and its double replacement

2011 (1) two square "strike beams" with tenons at each end await the season's work.

2011 (2) The strike beams are in place, with chains to prevent them from dropping on car, bike or pedestrian if a truck knocks them loose.

2011 (3) Lights are installed under the bridge.

2011 (4) New sign, with lights below the letters

2011 (5) All done - day

2011 (6) All done - night.
Another photo by Douglas Muth

Letters have been damaged or removed on the Lancaster Ave side

2015 Letters taken down for repair

Plaque on the inbound side. (Spotted by Bruce Reed)

Plaque on the outbound side: "American Bridge Company USA 1917" American Bridge was not only in the USA, it was in Lower Merion.