332 Aubrey Rd

Year Built: 1818

Comments: Wynnewood mansion. Demolished in Dec. 1939 because it was vacant 5 yrs. and costly for repairs. It did not burn in 1858 and the site is now an open field behind and to the right of 315 Fairhill Road. The two stone pillars and old driveway went through 315 Fairhill Rd. Tolands live at 315 and 309 and there is 4.4 acres left of the old Wynnewood estate. The mansion was said to have been built in 1818 by Jonathan Jones; his son Col. Owen Jones (1819-1878) must have improved its appearance to the Mansard style in the 1870's. - Bob McCormick

In 2011 the field is for sale.

Keywords: Wynnewood

"Wynnewood" - Residence of Col. Owen Jones (from 1874 PRR booklet)

demolition, 1939-11-30

Photo from page 169 of "The Wynnes: A Genealogical Summary of the Ancestry of the Welsh Wynnes" by T. B. Deem

Photo from the Deem book, filtered using FFT, by AV Chirokov. Artifacts removed, some detail lost.

field in 2003, by Bob McCormick

Lot Line Change Plan
--Planning Commission December 2, 2013

To Our Neighbors
This field has been granted as a conservation easement to the Lower Merion Conservancy by several neighbors. LMC will ensure that the land remains undeveloped in perpetuity...
We hope you enjoy the view, but, please, respect our privacy by not trespassing.
January, 2012

Right of way of Fairhill Rd on old maps